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Giant Industries Inc

23733 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Frederic Holliger
Chairman of the Board
(480) 585-8888
(480) 585-8948
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 40 d 11 h ago


The station in Bisbee on highway 92 is the worst gas station I've been to the employees all have attitude and they don't know how to do basic things, I was over charged for gas at the pump and i went in and asked for a refund and they said they didn't know how to do that, when i asked to speak to the manager i was accused of not being smart enough to use the pumps and should just accept it. I sincerely hope the employees there either learn to act like civilized people and can get trained properly or I hope the station gets closed because its only a matter of time with the amount of ineptitude that is shown at that station on a constant basis.

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Dude looking for work - 74 d 14 h ago


WIFE OF EMPLOYEE, THE STORE WHERE TJIS SICK FUCK WORKS IS 3030 w El camino del Cerro that's the store with the pervert manager.. he's a sick fuck! I apply there and he told me that they weren't hiring, and a week later surprised! He hire a chick! He didn't hire me cause I'm a guy!! There's a lot of fuck up things at this store, so I hope he gets caught and fire!! That's what he deserves for being a pervert!!

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Wife of employee - 74 d 15 h ago


By the way this gigant store is located at Ruthruff just off the freeway.

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Wife of employee - 74 d 15 h ago


I am the wife of an actual employee at gigant gas station, and i am disgusted as The store manager chooses to hire only females. (all female's hire by the perverted manager) every women at this place is sexually harassed by him and customers (homeless and bumps that hang around the store at all hours of the day) the way it works as I observed on my visits to the store is that the girls compete for promotions by FLIRTING with this nasty and sick manager. I think this have to be taking care of because of this man that represents this store is giving gigant gas station a very bad name and character. I hope that any of this girls come foward and report this type of behavior to their superiors. The other thing i saw at this place is that the females in charge are useless and they dont work at all because the lack of discipline at the work place, and the favoritism for the girls. They are much more issues at this store and i hope an investigation gets done at this point.(They are reports of employees having intercourse in the restrooms and drug use there too. This have to stop, SEXUAL HARRASMENT AT WORK IS NOT OK IT NEEDS TO BE REPORTED AND INVESTIGATED, DRUGS USE AND PROSTITUTION TOO. IT HAS TO BE ASSESSED ASAP. THE STORE NUMBER IS 6632.


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Margaret Slaughter - 80 d ago

The Giant store in Sunsites Az is the only place for fuel.....there are people who can't drive a distance to get it....please reconsider and stay open.

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Tax Payer - 83 d 16 h ago


OK, now for the truth !!!

There is a leak in one or both of the tanks and GIANT is NOT going to fix it ...

That are just going to pull up stakes and leave their mess in the ground ...

They sucked the town dry and have NO intentions to FIX the problem!

Bye bye, adieus, see ya later, don't let the door hit ya in the ass, GIANT IS OUTTA HERE !!!

Oh, do not expect that station to ever open again because who going to throw away $$$$$$$$ for GIANTS crap???

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Seattle - 85 d 10 h ago


I moved to this podunk town November 2013 and I didn't think much of this area at first but this place grew on me after getting to know some of the locals, especially all the workers that is currently employed at your Sunsites store.

I think it is wrong what your company is doing to this area and to the hard working employees, I understand a company is constantly looking at their bottom line but closing this store makes no sense because it is the only gas station in the area. It is always busy and you can't say it doesn't make a profit well maybe not huge profits but it holds its own.

Please reconsider closing this gas station in our town because it is a lifeline we desperately need

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Greg Attaway - 89 d 5 h ago

Would you allow a local in Sunsites to run the gas station without charging a fortune in rent?

Maybe a break even proposition where we would still buy the fuels from you and you "GIANT" would save a town!

Thanks ...

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Greg - 89 d 6 h ago


Closing the Pearce/Sunsites Store ????????????????????????????? You at the ONLY GANE in town for FUEL ... WHY ??? When we travel we USE GAINT stores, heck even have the tag ... Please reconsider ... !!! Rating you at 5 stars because you "HAVE" been ...

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Candi Moyer - 89 d 12 h ago


Please don't close the store in Sunsites, it is important to everyone here. It is always busy, and you make alot of money from it. Your can send the money to fix it.

It is needed here!

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Zerah - 89 d 13 h ago

The Giant Store and Gas station is very necessary to the community.

Please reconsider closing this location. It is always busy and the people who live there will be impacted beyond the work needed to keep this store open. We are more than numbers on a spreadsheet!

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Deb Fisher - 89 d 14 h ago


Please do not close in Sunsites- Your store is an important part of our communities in this vast rural area.

Repairs are indeed very expensive- part of doing business adding that this is a very busy store please show that your company is dedicated to the people and also to the environment of SE Arizona!

Thank You!

Blessings ahead to all,

Deb Fisher

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Anonymous - 131 d 3 h ago

Sheri Arvidson ,The Employee ,I Suppose This Would Be Discrimination Against Him ,We Will See , April Your Manager At Payson Store Told Her To Falsify ,But Did Not Allow My Grandson To Be Hired For Telling The Truth ,No , Not Right , TB From Payson ,Drug Test Advised On Sheri Atvidson !!!

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anonymous - 125 d 12 h ago


Drug test her for pot.She uses daily.

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Hacking out my lungs - 1 y ago


The employees are always standing in front of the door smoking. It is disgusting walking in to the store. I frequently the one in Rio Rancho NM on Loma Colorado and Northern.

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Kman - 1 y ago


This is for store number thoreau the team needs to be re trained in courtesy training....the team was very UN polite. ..and erratic...

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