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Giant Industries Inc

23733 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Frederic Holliger
Chairman of the Board
(480) 585-8888
(480) 585-8948
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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JAY S. - 6 d 26 m ago




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Tyler Shirley - 41 d 5 h ago


I went to a Giant Gas Station in Cortez, CO (Giants #7260) on Feb 2, 2019 approximately 1:10pm for a money order of $377.98 but the cashier told me it wasn't going through, she then asked me to try it again, same thing. She tells me I have to go try somewhere else and I did. I later learned I had a balanced of $0 when I had $496.22. I went back to the same store and asked where my money went. I have the manger tell me she VOID the transaction. I called my bank they tell me the money went through. I still have no idea where my money went and I did not receive a paper money order from them and they have not done anything to get my money back. I'm still upset about it. I don't know what actions I need to take nor the Giants Industries Inc. will do get my money back.

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Anonymous - 54 d 18 h ago

Why does giant gas station want to scan my ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes they say its company policy ...since when do you have to

scan a an ID to confirm someones age never going back to Giant again


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tim - 129 d 12 h ago


AJ at the 6663 store has very low human relation skills i dont see how he got his job i simply went in for propane and he said it was too dark outside which it was not and the tank has a large light over it anyway but hs manager at the next register told him to go fill it anyway so when we got outside he somehow faked a mechanical problem and said it wouldnt fill up but had only put in half a gal so i said oh well i'll go in and pay that so when we got in he said dont worry about payng it just leave and i said what and he said yeah i can refuse anyone service for any reason i couldnt believe it and asked him for his managers number and he said gladly please do call but it was only the number for his 6663 store,such a rude and cruel cashier in think he should be reprimanded.

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Tim - 308 d 14 h ago

Absolute bullshit Jamie at the 7310 store should be fired. Banner out front of store says 12 pack budlight 16oz aluminum bottles $9.99. Jamie charged me $11.99 and when I confronted her about the banner she basically told me to fuck off and call corporate. I own several businesses in the Farmington and surrounding areas and I have never been met with such disrespect. If that was my employee they would have been fired the second they argued with the customer. Absolutely unacceptable and I will now be taking my work trucks and personally vehicles to another gas station. You can take my beyond platinum membership i get every month and shove it up Jamie's ass. You lost a customer for life!!!!

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Pissed! - 214 d 16 h ago


I just went to my farmington nm neighborhood store, as I have daily, for years!! Sometimes 3 times a day! Spent all day cleaning and took a break to go buy cigarettes. Since we were having company, I called my husband to confirm whether or not he wanted an 8 pack of beer, as I was not going back again later. When I got to the counter, a new clerk said he could not sell me the beer because he had just heard me asking my husband what he wanted me to pick up...THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I have every right to call my husband regardless of what's on the shopping list!! SO ITS BETTER TO APPEAR THAT IM DRINKING ALL 8 BY MYSELF??!!! I am a regular customer, spending hundreds monthly. All previous clerks know me, as well as most of the new. I left, pissed off, and will NEVER spend another cent at this store! You need to read your reviews because none are good! I have to say this is one policy that better get thrown out! Word of mouth spreads faster than fire, and this business will soon sink! I have stood and waited in long lines of people buying bottles of vodka, whiskey, and add another variety of shooters to their order. If you are having a problem with alcoholics in your stores, maybe you should do away with the liquor.. we NORMAL PEOPLE do not need to be treated like shit over a NORMAL purchase! Wake up and take care of your customers!!

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Delovery driver - 174 d 15 h ago


I was banned and thrown out of a gas station for simply asking for air!

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Delivery Driver - 174 d 15 h ago


This company hires people that are seemingly inadequate with customer service skills. Yelling at the customer is absolutely incorrect.

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idiot policy hater - 215 d 15 h ago


I resent being asked for id simply because a manager demands that all clerks request id from everyone in spite of being well past 21. You do not have the right to swipe my id for the other information it contains. I think everyone should boycott Giant for invasion of privacy!

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Delivery Driver - 174 d 15 h ago


It's on store site discretion even though it is suggested that everyone gets carded. But they all don't I understand!

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Karla - 1 y ago


Last night 3/22/18, I went into the store at 2320 E Main to use my birthday gift card. I went inside the store because the clerk said my card would not work at the pump. The clerk took my card and held it while I pumped the gas. The total was $50.02. My folks paid for $100.00 to be on the card. The card reader did not work when I went into the store. The clerk who helped me, ask for help from the other clerk who was on her cell phone to her sister. Her attitude was that she didn't have time for my problem, she was busy on her call. Right away she ask for another form of payment. I said I wanted to use my Birthday money. She tried the card at least 20 times, yelling at the machine, cleaning the machine, finally calling her manager. She said her manager said I needed to use another form or payment. I ask if we could call the card company and straighten this out, she said she did not have any phone numbers for the card company, and there were no numbers on my card. The clerks never apologized for the trouble, they were not helpful, the one that had to hang up her cell phone to help me was very rude. I have lived here 32 years and have shopped at this gas station since it was built. The unwillingness of these two clerks to help figure out this problem did not show any regard for customer service.

Karla Robson


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Pissed! - 214 d 16 h ago


Such bullshit with this company!

Turn them in to the better business bureau, EVERYONE!

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Delivery driver - 174 d 15 h ago


Oh, I just left a BBB report on a location.

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Delivery driver - 174 d 15 h ago


Wow, that's ridiculous. It seems as if this company doesn't properly train their employees.

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Delivery driver for 5 years - 174 d 15 h ago


I don't normally go to the Giant gas station but I visited this location at night time on the date of 9-27-2018 right before I clocked out for work. I literally paid for someone's gas as I am a good Samaritan.

Well on 9-28-2018 I walked in and asked for air. He said that I had to purchase something. I replied back to the attendant I was just there getting gas for the restaurant vehicle not even 35 minutes ago coming from across the street. He was very unpleasant and very rude. I asked for 10 seconds of air. I told him to contact his manager because my bike was flat and I wasn't going to walk all the way to Chevron. So this guy was being a real pain in the ass. Hold on there is more than went on the next day!

On 9-29-2018 I drove up in the company vehicle and seen it was the same guy from the night before. I walked in and he saw me and made a face towards me. He finished up with the customer before me and as I approached the counter I asked if I could get gas for the company vehicle or was he going to deny me that as well? He replied back 'what' very loudly and told me to leave the store. I told him no I need gas and he didn't want to give me gas nor air! He called the cops on me and so I waited for the cops to show up shortly after. Pretty much the cops told me I had left the premise. I felt that my rights were not taken into account and will now be pressing charges!

But then on 9-30-2018 approximately after three am I rode my bike to Wal-Mart on Ave B. After leaving Walmart location I walked my bike physically to Giant located on 2381 S Ave B. I walked inside and I left my bicycle outside the door and asked the gas pump attendant ' how much is the air'? The fuel pump attendant replied, 'It's free'! I felt so happy after he had told me. At that point, I knew that 2900 S 4th Ave was the specific issue and should be reported.

The gas pump attendant on 2900 S 4th Ave was being negative and refused me air even though I was just there 30 minutes before that in the company vehicle. I came back 30 minutes later to get air in my tire and was denied.

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Anonymous - 199 d 23 h ago

It's 9/7/18 9:36 am went into the giant to put gas n by cigarettes i use these giants alot all over my town n to be treated the way i was treated this morning by a cashier n her manager did not do anything about the situation he listened to this girl have an attitude it was uncalled for! U all lost a good customer

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Mikey - 199 d 6 h ago


Hi I work at gaint and work 3rd shift and got to say for 8.50 hour is not worth working here and i do alot i even have to train ppl and they quit

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Richard siminski - 201 d 15 h ago


New employee at bernillio location Anita 2 nd day what a superstar personality that girl treats you like a wash location....

Thanks Richard siminski

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Anonymous - 226 d 8 h ago

I went to giant gas station in santa Fe New Mexico on siler Rd it was around 9:20 pm and I was gonna purchase a 4th pack of beer when the cashier a "white boy" asked me for my id I showed to him and he kept looking at my picture he asked me to get it out of my wallet wich I did I gave it to him and he started asking for my address something new for me and of course I asked him why did he need to know my address and I told him is there u can read it in my id he kept asking the same question and he told me that was a new policy for the store and if I didn't answer to him I wasn't gonna b able to purchase the beer wich I didn't believe him so I asked him to give my Id back and I just walked away without my 4th pack few more block ahead I stopped to another giant on cerrillos rd and I asked the lady in there about all that and she was so surprised about that she didn't have idea why he was asking for my address if they only check the date of birth the expiration date on Id and picture I really feel discriminated I'm a citizen in this country yes my last name is a Spanish one this never happened to me before white people think they can treat us how ever they want I used to work for giant many years ago I now some of their policies but asking for your address to buy beer and confirm that that's you on the picture that's unbelievable....

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Elyse - 245 d 6 h ago


I went into the giant at 5200 menaul in Albuquerque and was denied a sale for tobacco even though 2 people in my party provided government issued identification. I feel like we were profiled because of the time of the night we went.

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Nicola R - 271 d 33 m ago


Went to get a money order and the cashier hit some wrong buttons..... Cleaned out my bank account, FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 271 d ago


It's been almost a week now and the fucking thieves are holding the money still. FUCKING THIEVES!!!!!!!!;

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Arleen Trujillo - 274 d 13 h ago


I went to a giant gas station in Albuquerque, NM. Worst experience ever. My son who is blind went in and did a purchase. He could not find his way out. I had to go in and help him because your staff had no compassion and let him bump into aisles trying to find his way out.

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Barry J Eastman - 276 d 9 h ago


Hello Giant Company

Recently I had won a $100.00 Gift Card in June 2018, during the first or second week.

Receiving the printed receipt between 9-10pm the attendant tried to contact the store manager

for the procedure of issuing the store gift card. Since the manager could not be reached I

decided to return the following day. Unfortunately the receipt was left on the dash-board in the truck

and being a heat transfer print it was faded so bad that not any information could be read.

Speaking with the store manager of store #6656, Giant 5217 S Highway 92, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 and other

Tucson managers, it was said that if the winning original receipt was not presented then they could

not issue the $100.00 gift store gift card. But other management also mentioned that the $100.00

gift card would be still on computer record until it is issued.

Although I have not received the $100.00 gift card my name is listed on the winner's Giant store's

notice on their door for the month of June 2018. I request assistance in this matter on how, if possible,

to receive this the Giant store #6656, $100.00 gift card, I do have the scan rewards card that was used.

Thank you

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Gerry - 291 d 12 h ago


Your stores in Payson, AZ have told us here that they have been told to continue selling fire wood and charcoal during this extreme fire danger in our area. ALL firs are banned and forests are closed by the Forest Service until we get some rain here. Fires are being started by people that buy your products. The majority of the other stores from Walmart to other convenience stores have pulled all of these products. Are you so greedy that you don't care if a community is destroyed by careless campers using fuel for illegal campfires they bought from your stores?

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