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Giant Industries Inc

23733 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Frederic Holliger
Chairman of the Board
(480) 585-8888
(480) 585-8948
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

Horrible service angel at st. Mary gas station is always rude threw my change on the counter as I had my hand out don't know what this guy problem is but very bad customer service and I ask him for my Receipt he also threw at me I simply tell him if you don't like ur job u should find another he began to say he was gonna reprt me to my job because I had my shirt on from work but for him to fellow me to my car talking shit was crazy something should happen to this guy that's crazy

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Tim - 5 d ago

Absolute bullshit Jamie at the 7310 store should be fired. Banner out front of store says 12 pack budlight 16oz aluminum bottles $9.99. Jamie charged me $11.99 and when I confronted her about the banner she basically told me to fuck off and call corporate. I own several businesses in the Farmington and surrounding areas and I have never been met with such disrespect. If that was my employee they would have been fired the second they argued with the customer. Absolutely unacceptable and I will now be taking my work trucks and personally vehicles to another gas station. You can take my beyond platinum membership i get every month and shove it up Jamie's ass. You lost a customer for life!!!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago


Whitecone az.

Handsoap in restroom has been missing for 2+ years.

Manager/ownee it was a woman refuses to fix air machine because "we the customers don't deserve it" one cashier has a child with them while working.

Horrible customer service. It seems as if they play favorites. Conflict of interest. I would deeply appreciate it if Giants HQ would look into this store

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Anonymous - 22 d ago


I was charged two times for a gas fill up. Please email me:


I have a tumor that has affected my voice

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Lori - 32 d ago


Return those crosses for those people. What is wrong with you. If you don't I will tell everyone I know everywhere not to buy from giant ever again. Such as long cruel and disgusting

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Gene - 32 d ago


I feel the same and I just let them know in my comment above, I am boycotting their business and will be spreading the word asking as many people as possible to do the same. I am retired and have plenty of time to join others in a protest of that business if they decide to do so. I do not know anyone in that family but the way this company is treating them angers me into action.

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Gene Moore - 32 d 44 s ago


I just watched a news story on April 23, 2018 concerning a family whos memorial for their daughter was removed by Giant corporate office and has not been returned. According to the news report the family was given permission to have that memorial placed on Giants property on the corner of Coors and Quail NW. Their daughter was killed on that corner by a fleeing bank robber. Your company needs to do the right thing and return that memorial so they can place it somewhere else or you need to compensate them for the cost of that memorial. I am a retired veteran who has no relationship with that family nor have I ever met anyone from that family. But the the disgusting action of your corporate office has angered me into action. As of April 23, 2018 I am boycotting your business and will spend as much time as possible spreading the word encouraging others to do the same. As I am retired I have plenty of time to devote spreading the word through many different venues until your company does the right thing to this family who has lost enough already. Return the memorial or compensate them for the cost of it. Otherwise I will do my best to make sure your business has as many people boycotting you until you feel the pinch.

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Angry in Albuquerque - 32 d ago


Heartless. Last place I would ever spend my money. Never again!

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KB - 34 d ago


Could you please fix the Captchca on your "Contact Us" form so we could send in contact forms. I would rather just send in a form and not post my issue. For the most part I like the Giant stores in my town. :)

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Antonio Valencia - 43 d 18 h ago


Tonight I went to a giant/shell gas station on April/12/2018 at 12:30am at 2075 W Ruthrauff Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705. I was told I can not get gas from here by Keegan the employee because the doors are locked and they don't open til 3am. When clearly on the door it said open 24 hours. He had told me he needs to power wash and when I asked him when were they no longer 24 hours. He got angry at me and told me that the store is closed and that it wasn't important for me to know and said he needs to finish power washing. As I tried asking him the nearest shell/giant gas station near, he put back in his headphones and jus told me to leave.

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Karla - 63 d 8 h ago


Last night 3/22/18, I went into the store at 2320 E Main to use my birthday gift card. I went inside the store because the clerk said my card would not work at the pump. The clerk took my card and held it while I pumped the gas. The total was $50.02. My folks paid for $100.00 to be on the card. The card reader did not work when I went into the store. The clerk who helped me, ask for help from the other clerk who was on her cell phone to her sister. Her attitude was that she didn't have time for my problem, she was busy on her call. Right away she ask for another form of payment. I said I wanted to use my Birthday money. She tried the card at least 20 times, yelling at the machine, cleaning the machine, finally calling her manager. She said her manager said I needed to use another form or payment. I ask if we could call the card company and straighten this out, she said she did not have any phone numbers for the card company, and there were no numbers on my card. The clerks never apologized for the trouble, they were not helpful, the one that had to hang up her cell phone to help me was very rude. I have lived here 32 years and have shopped at this gas station since it was built. The unwillingness of these two clerks to help figure out this problem did not show any regard for customer service.

Karla Robson


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Long story short we went to walmart where I then realized I forgot my wallet at home... My gas light popped on on the way home to retrieve my wallet so we pulled into the giant/shell gas station on Rio Grande just south of the I-40 in Albuquerque New Mexico. I hardly use cash but what little cash I do use whatever change I get, I put into the little coin separater (place for quarters, place for dimes, place for nickles, ect) in the center console of my car. My husband stated we'll be fine go home and get your wallet and we'll stop on the way back. But as soon as that light pops on I panic! I'm gonna run out of gas. Its late (7pm) dark. So I pull in, start counting the change, I have to put a little bit of gas and travel 2 blocks east of the gas station....

My husband goes in to put the $3.05 in change i have. Rude cashier name ANGIE stated that our change was filthy (which was in my coin saver in my center console) so ok! ANGIE then refused to let my husband use the restroom. ANGIE then started making racial slurs when I told her I would be notifying the manager.. Rude ANGIE ruin our night! Made it home, got my wallet went to the same intersection but went to the Chevron on the north side of I-40 and Rio Grande to spen my hard earned money where it was appreciated.. Not only was it 20 cents cheaper per gallon. I filled up my tank with $70. Then took my stressed out husband for a blizzard at DG.

Don't support business's that make you feel like shit... ANGIE because of you I will not be stopping at your location. And I will be letting all my friends, family, and coworkers know about my experience. The word of mouth is strong.

I hope corporate sees this and reaches out to the store manager. Get it together people without customers you don't have a job!

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Linda Davis - 67 d 4 h ago


I bought 5 cheladas from the Giant in Bosque Farms, NM the first week of September, 2017. I was charged 4 times for one purchase. I spoke with the store manager, Monica, who spoke with the Regional Manager, Susan Montoya. The overcharge was refunded. Then, near the end of October, the refunded amount was again debited from my account. My bank was supposed to dispute charges and/or contact their fraud department. It was not done. So, I filed a complaint with the BBB. They got no response from Giant. Now I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office and am waiting to hear from them. I was going to this particular store pretty much on s daily basis. I will not go there again. The unauthorized debit amount was $45.27. However, it caused me to have overdraft fees of $108, for a total of $153.27. After seeing how much money your corporation makes in a year, it almost made me sick! With all of your millions of dollars, I can't imagine why such a huge corporation would want to cheat me out of a measly $45.27! I am a senior, disabled and on a fixed income. Please have some compassion.

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Tammy Allen - 79 d 5 h ago

A grave mistake has happened in Tucson, AZ. A disabled employee has been let go at Store 6616 unjustly. I don't know the exact circumstances, but Carlos is a stellar employee. Customers love him including me. I have been an almost daily customer for 5 years. I don't know when Carlos started, but he was immediately approachable, super friendly and accommodating. Even with his disability he would go into the cooler to retrieve a product I wanted to buy that was not readily available on the shelf. Yes he was slow, he has a disability and he is worth more than most employees you will ever have.

I would have put 5 stars if I wasn't so disturb abou this.

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Justin - 81 d 6 h ago


David at the location on Academy and McKinney in Albuquerque, NM needs to learn customer service! If you hate life and people that much switch jobs. This dude is depressing. This guy doesn't 't greet you, he doesn't say a word when you walk up to the counter. Management should review him. Horrible service.

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Unhappy Customer - 99 d 23 h ago


This is a formal complaint.

My husband, son and I were at your Store #6078, 1 Romeroville Rd, Las Vegas, NM tonight 2-15 @ 7:46 pm for gas, restroom and coffee on our way to see one of our children in a medical facility in Denver, Co. The manager popped the register clerk on the backside and the clerk threw out the "Fbomb" like it was common conversation. The manager laughed and said something I couldn't understand. I told both of them they just got busted, but they laughed it off. Not cool for customer relations. Surely you don't approve of that kind of behavior from your employees, especially in front of paying customers.

You may contact me if you want.

Laura Carpenter


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A concerned Husbsnd - 128 d 8 h ago


For store 6628. You need to get workers that DO NOT talk about or behind their backs. Or a acting Assiant Manger that call 2 workers WORTHLESS. They also need to train the new employees before they work alone. Fix the gas pumps right their is always 2 out of order. Also hire employees that can deal with the rude customer instead of call the Police .

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Dee - 148 d 9 h ago


Dear Frederic, I wanted to tell someone hirer up about what happened to me on Friday Dec. 22, I was on my way to Chandler, AZ from Payson, AZ and decided to get a carwash. A large dark haired, dark eyed man in his 30's took my antenna off, that was fine, but I never saw him remove my Christmas dinner food box I was taking to my kids for Christmas from the back of my truck. it was wrapped in plastic, I knew it was there, and didn't mind it getting wet. But he removed it without asking me or telling me he was removing it. I went through the wash, and stopped in the back for a fully 10 minutes to dry windows & the truck off with my husband, and I didn't notice it was gone, and no one brought it out to me. I got down to Chandler, and No box. My daughter called them, they said yes they had it. She said well it will probably spoil, so you can eat it. He laughed and said, no we won't do that. But when my husband & I drove by there on our way home the very next day, The man went inside the storage room & brought out my empty glass baking dish. I would like to be reimbursed for the food. It was a chicken enchilada casserole-$15.00, 1 can olives-1.97, 1 bag of tomatoes-1.50, and a large box of donut holes-$6.97. I would really like to be reimbursed for all the food they ate. $25.44 total. It wasn't right. Please mail me the check to P.O. Box 11, Taylor, AZ 85939 Attn. Dee Saline Thank you!

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Anonymous - 205 d 19 h ago


The station in Bisbee on highway 92 is the worst gas station I've been to the employees all have attitude and they don't know how to do basic things, I was over charged for gas at the pump and i went in and asked for a refund and they said they didn't know how to do that, when i asked to speak to the manager i was accused of not being smart enough to use the pumps and should just accept it. I sincerely hope the employees there either learn to act like civilized people and can get trained properly or I hope the station gets closed because its only a matter of time with the amount of ineptitude that is shown at that station on a constant basis.

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Dude looking for work - 240 d ago


WIFE OF EMPLOYEE, THE STORE WHERE TJIS SICK FUCK WORKS IS 3030 w El camino del Cerro that's the store with the pervert manager.. he's a sick fuck! I apply there and he told me that they weren't hiring, and a week later surprised! He hire a chick! He didn't hire me cause I'm a guy!! There's a lot of fuck up things at this store, so I hope he gets caught and fire!! That's what he deserves for being a pervert!!

Flagged for review. 
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Wife of employee - 240 d 10 s ago


By the way this gigant store is located at Ruthruff just off the freeway.

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Wife of employee - 240 d 51 s ago


I am the wife of an actual employee at gigant gas station, and i am disgusted as The store manager chooses to hire only females. (all female's hire by the perverted manager) every women at this place is sexually harassed by him and customers (homeless and bumps that hang around the store at all hours of the day) the way it works as I observed on my visits to the store is that the girls compete for promotions by FLIRTING with this nasty and sick manager. I think this have to be taking care of because of this man that represents this store is giving gigant gas station a very bad name and character. I hope that any of this girls come foward and report this type of behavior to their superiors. The other thing i saw at this place is that the females in charge are useless and they dont work at all because the lack of discipline at the work place, and the favoritism for the girls. They are much more issues at this store and i hope an investigation gets done at this point.(They are reports of employees having intercourse in the restrooms and drug use there too. This have to stop, SEXUAL HARRASMENT AT WORK IS NOT OK IT NEEDS TO BE REPORTED AND INVESTIGATED, DRUGS USE AND PROSTITUTION TOO. IT HAS TO BE ASSESSED ASAP. THE STORE NUMBER IS 6632.


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Margaret Slaughter - 245 d 4 h ago

The Giant store in Sunsites Az is the only place for fuel.....there are people who can't drive a distance to get it....please reconsider and stay open.

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Tax Payer - 249 d ago


OK, now for the truth !!!

There is a leak in one or both of the tanks and GIANT is NOT going to fix it ...

That are just going to pull up stakes and leave their mess in the ground ...

They sucked the town dry and have NO intentions to FIX the problem!

Bye bye, adieus, see ya later, don't let the door hit ya in the ass, GIANT IS OUTTA HERE !!!

Oh, do not expect that station to ever open again because who going to throw away $$$$$$$$ for GIANTS crap???

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Seattle - 250 d 17 h ago


I moved to this podunk town November 2013 and I didn't think much of this area at first but this place grew on me after getting to know some of the locals, especially all the workers that is currently employed at your Sunsites store.

I think it is wrong what your company is doing to this area and to the hard working employees, I understand a company is constantly looking at their bottom line but closing this store makes no sense because it is the only gas station in the area. It is always busy and you can't say it doesn't make a profit well maybe not huge profits but it holds its own.

Please reconsider closing this gas station in our town because it is a lifeline we desperately need

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