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Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc

110 6th Ave S
Birmingham, AL
Mark Mc Cutcheon
(205) 323-6161
(205) 458-7335
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Kelly - 37 d 14 h ago

I bought a variety pack of the Golden Flake chips yesterday at Piggly Wiggly in Foley Alabama. I bought the one that has 20 bags of the different flavors due to the fact that it had 3 bags of the Nacho chips in it and because you can't buy the big bag of the Nacho flavored ones in my area I was very excited that I found this, however when I got home there were only 17 bags of chips in the pack and of course it was the 3 bags of Nacho Cheese flavored one that were missing. I was very disappointed. Can you tell me if I can order these Nacho flavored chips online or if there is somewhere close to me that I can purchase some. I live in Fairhope, Alabama. My contact info is: Kelly Warren email (hidden)

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Greg - 51 d 10 h ago


I collect the Goldenflake Alabama National Championship tins. I have the one with Bear Bryant and Gene Stallings and all the others. Wish you would make a tin with Nick Saban on it!!! Please make this happen.

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Catherine Jane Neumann - 74 d 10 h ago


Brought a bag of the super strips at my local dollar general..opened the bag n reached in to get a few out..felt something stick me in my thumb...emptied the bag out n found a sweing needle in it

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Laurent Randall II - 123 d ago


man i bought a bag of chips and the chips were way at the bottom, like the bag was 75% air, like wtf? if i wanted oxygen i could just walk outside and breathe

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Mary - 140 d 4 h ago

I purchase your Curly Q's fried pork skins that I normally buy each week. The code is (hidden). These pork rinds are so hot that you cannot eat them. They are extremely hot. Try done for yourself.


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Ms. Stephanie - 148 d 7 h ago

We Loved the zesty ranch chips . Can't find them anywhere. Please help. (hidden) . Would like a lot more. Please reply.

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Monte Perkins - 154 d 8 h ago

I have used Golden Flake products in my small bar for about 6 years. I usually buy about $150 a month in chips etc. I recently got a text from my supplier ( delivery man ) saying that he would no longer service my bar because there was not enough money in it for him. Like I said I have been buying from Golden Flake for about 6 years and I find this appalling. How would your yearly income decline if many small businesses were cancelled and refused service. Anything that can be done to help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Monte's Idle Hour

516 1st ave nw

Winchester Tn. 36398


phone: (hidden)

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