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Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc

110 6th Ave S
Birmingham, AL
Mark Mc Cutcheon
(205) 323-6161
(205) 458-7335
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Patricia fuehr - 12 d 16 h ago

Bought two bags of cheese corn puffs that were not sealed properly and so we're stale. Bought them on the eleventh of February this year so I know they should have been good. What happened to quality control? I think I need to be reimbursed for the product because we really love them. I would appreciate a reply!

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Patricia fuehr - 9 d 16 h ago


When I sent the bar code evidently was not supposed to use the numbers on either side of it. This is the number on bag72080 03280. Experiation date is April 0320. Other numbers under that are 10:07(hidden)..... These are under exp. Date. Ibelieve my other address was on one of the other sites that the company has.

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Julia Tuvell - 31 d 17 h ago


I just tried the dill pickle flavored pork skins for the first time. They were good. But as a die hard dill pickle lover, I think they could use more dill flavoring. They tasted like vinegar to me. I couldn't taste the dill.

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EFD - 54 d 19 h ago


bag of Golden Flake pork skins - brown sugar, maltodextrin, msg -- not good for Keto diet at all - or for anyone else for that matter. Pork skins should be seasoned ONLY with salt. Will get pork skins from Dollar Tree from now on!!!

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Stephen - 63 d 14 h ago


I got a bag of golden flake sweet heat and there's hardly any chips in it it's mostly air I paid 1.75 cents for a 5oz bag didn't know I was paying for air my name is Stephen my e mail address is Stephen. (hidden)

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Dennis - 75 d 11 h ago




I'd give 5 stars if y'all bring them cheddar pork rinds back ! I'll drive to y'all if y'all got some of them hiding someplace

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Sandra - 78 d 15 h ago


Golden Flake me and my family are very disappointed in the poor change choice you have made with the Chicharrones Super Strips Fried Pork Skins. The cheap too hot seasoning taste awful it makes the breath stinks after eating, it took the taste out of the product, plus the product is far to hot to eat and enjoy. I can't understand why you think your customer want you to decide what to put on their food. We can buy hot sauce, lemons, garlic, bar-b-q and flavor our own foods like we want it. This product is no good now we returned 2 boxes to the store the other day due to customers complaining and wanting their money back. We have stopped purchasing this product, no longer worth the money it cost.

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Bonnie - 91 d 19 h ago

PLEASE TELL ME that you are not stopping the HOT CHIPS!!!! Cannot find them anywhere in Mobile Alabama!!!! We love the thin and crispy hot chips!!!! Please redistribute to us PLEASE!!!! please email me at (hidden) and let me know some good news!!!

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Tabatha Thompson - 104 d ago


I have a old advertising sign that lights up and on it is a saying, tater chip time is golden flake time! With a clown , I was curious what year it was made I can't find anything about it.

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Kimmy - 111 d 16 h ago


Almost broke my tooth. Most of the strips in the bag that I purchased were so hard that they were impossible to eat. Just chewed out the flavor and spat the hard core out.

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Hosea Jose - 112 d 19 h ago

Can you please make the the cheese curls Krispy krunchy hot!!!

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Anonymous - 117 d 18 s ago

Im trying to find someone to deliver products to the store I manage. I tried contacting customer service but I get busy signals. I have a distributor in my area who won't bring me chips. I went to his warehouse and he said he would come next day. Two weeks later he said he would come but didn't. I saw him delivering to business across the street from me so I approached him. He said he was trying to get to me. He said if I was gonna be at rhe store rhe following day he would come. I made a point to be there and still no chips 5 days later. I heard from a third party that they wouldn't come because a foreigner bought the store. However they own this route so noone else can deliver to us. They go to the store on side of me and across the street regularly. Any ideas how I can get them to come back here?

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Deborah field - 118 d 20 h ago


I love salt and vinegar pork rinds. these are the WORST I've ever had. If I wanted to eat PLAIN I would of bought that. THERE IS NO FLAVORING AT ALL on them. I will NEVER be wasting my money on these again! AND WILL BE TRASHING THE REST OF THIS BAG..

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Brandon - 139 d 18 h ago


Your Salt and Vinegar chips dont have enough twang to them.Its not to much taste difference than plain chips.We want more vinegar taste please..

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Helen Haley - 143 d 19 h ago


My husband is disabled and loves Golden Flake thin Barbecue chips. I went to 4 stores including Wal Mart and was not able to find any. I hope you are not discontinuing them.

Thank you.

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Lois casto - 159 d 15 h ago

I love,love your cracklings strips,is there a way to make them a little less hard,

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Monquita Carey - 160 d ago


I have purchased 6 bags of Salt & Vinegar Fried Pork Skins in the past month (trying to find 1 that was seasoned correctly). I have had to throw 5 of them away because they had no salt & vinegar on them. I do not eat plain pork skins. 1 out of 6 of the pork skins that I purchased actually had salt & vinegar on them.

Please do better, I don't like to throw money away.

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Sandra Black - 163 d 14 h ago


I'm writing about the super pork skin strips. I want to know why you think we want you to put seasoning on our food we buy from you. Dont you know we can do that our selves. The Super Strips would be delicious without the cheap tasting red pepper seasoning. PLEASE PLEASE STOP putting seasoning on our Food. RESPECT us and not want us to buy your product and you tells us how you want to season our food.

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ANDREY BOGOLIUBSKY - 168 d 3 h ago


(L) It appears that all governments on this planet are filled with unscrupulous, incompetent jackasses, all trying to put one over on the other fellow. Such a bunch cannot be a tyranny. It is a very unstable and dangerous affair but we did ask for it.

It looks like our major growth industries are DRUGS, PROSTITUTION AND INCARCERATION.

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Anonymous - 168 d 18 h ago


Bought a bag of plain pork skins for my diabetic grandma, and it says it has 0 sugars added, however, this snack raised her blood sugar 250 points, and in the ingredients it reads "brown sugar" in the ingredients. Be aware!!! False advertisement!! What else are they lying about!!

When I contacted the company with my concern they brushed me off like I was trash and took so little interest in my email they responded "I understand your concern for your mother" ..... it's my grandmother, thanks for caring.

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Yas - 169 d 18 h ago


I bought three bags of pork cracklings strips. They were stale and tasted very old. Nasty

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Lesson learned! - 183 d 20 h ago

I bought a bag of pork crackln strips & their like eating cement strips. Seriously! There's no soft fat strip on the side just a hard strip. I won't never buy these again! I should've sprinkled spice on a brick & start nawing !!

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candy ostuno - 184 d ago

I bought a few bags of the Golden Flake pork Cracklin Strips. One of the bags was 1/2 of bag was spice's, no strips it was horrible, the chips were so hot I couldn't eat them and normally I love the spice but there was just too too much.

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Patty - 188 d ago


I purchased a bag of Golden Flake Hot BBQ chips and I am very disappointed that they only taste like regular BBQ chips. I have purchased these for years and sad to say that with this disappointment I will no longer purchase any chips made by Golden Flake because they are not utilizing the flavor they are putting on the bags. Lack of flavor.

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Anthony Stover - 188 d ago

I buy a bag. Chicharrones super strips every day been doin this for a long time first time I ever got a bag that was stale

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