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Gold's Gym International, Inc.

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX
(214) 574-4653
(214) 296-5000
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Elizabeth - 1 d ago


I started attending the Gold's gym in St. Charles, MO in February, 2018 using the Silver Sneakers program. After my second visit they asked me if I would like to get a free full body scan and of course I say I would like to have one. Well, when we finished with the scan the trainer worked out with me a little bit and they we went to his desk and we talked about using a personal trainer to get in a program where I would be training properly. I listened to his spill and decided to give it a try, I am a retired 65 year and never really had much experience on how to train properly. The trainer told me that I should do a program that train me first in agility, stability, and last but not least strength. He talked about several options such as once a week, twice a week and so forth. I opted to do the once of week for each of the categories. He explained that I would have to pay four weeks in advance for each category and if for some reason I could not complete the program I could cancel. Well, what he didn't tell me is that if I cancel they would continue to charge my card is what they are currently doing. I spoke with my trainer about suspending my session on strength training for about six months because I was experiencing a financial crisis with my mortgage that I needed to take care of which was more important than strength training. He told me he would see what he needed to do to get it done and since I am in the gym everyday he would let me know. He never came back to me and said anything and the next thing I knew they were charging my card. I went in to the gym and talk with him he told me that he didn't know what I wanted to do but he would take care of it. Well needless to say he did not take care of it, they not only charged me the payment in April they charged me in May and another $20 in May I'm not sure what that was for since my membership is through Silver Sneakers. I decided to write this blog so if someone is thinking about joining a gym please do not consider Gold's because they prey on the seniors and they are a very dishonest organization. I would never recommend anyone to join Gold's gym because they are not right. The body scan does not work properly, they steam room has been closed for the last month because of a mole issue, although they hired a women to clean the women locker room I have not seen her in the last week and you can tell because the place is getting back to the same conditions they were in before they hired her. I am going to write the Corporate Office to see if they will refund my money but I will be sending a copy of the letter to the BBB to see if I can get some help from them in getting my money back.

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FRAUD CHARGES - 3 d 13 h ago


My cards were fraudelantly accessed and charged 5/18/19 I dont have an active membership with golds gym. I havent had any communication with Golds Gym for 3 years now. My husband purchased my membership for me. 3 years ago. one year expired and cancelled in person. 3 or 4 years ago at least. I dont know how they got my current information. FRAUD. I made a police report. I have a claim with the BBB, I called the number for Golds Gym Customer Service. The sales rep denied being GOLDS GYM which the system clearly states Thank you for calling GOLDS GYM. Press different number keys for different departments. The person in sales claimed not Golds Gym. Only make equipment for them. Called corporate headquarters. Accounts payable voicemal for Ms Reimer or Rimer says any personal accounts questions will not be answered. Go back to Gym your membership is with. LOL whatever. Ill be calling Monday.

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Johnna - 3 d 10 h ago

The same thing just happened to me too. My card was charged yesterday and now they're giving me the runaround. They keep telling me I have to come up there to talk to them.

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Javier McClain - 5 d 9 m ago


I was told by a sales associate that if brought a new pong member, I would be given a couple of T-shirts when he enrolled, well it just so happens my brother enrolled. Now I am told that I won't get the t-shirts, just what kind of games being played. This happened at the gold's gym in Brownsville TX, the sales person is named Javier. I am really disappointed in this gym and I promise I will never ever recommend this gym to any one, in fact I am going to go on social media and let all my fellow veterans just what a dump this is and that a scam is being run.

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Wendy Derrick - 5 d 11 h ago

I have been a member of this gym for 5 years but it only changed to Golds a little over 2 years ago. I signed a new contract with Golds a year ago, which was much easier thank canceling one. That is what I am now trying to do. I called and was told that I would have to come in. I have now been to the gym 2 times and was told both times that there was no manager there for me to speak with. I find it odd that I was never told this when I went in to sign a new contract. On my last visit I was given a card and told that the corporate number was on it, when I told her that it wasn't she just looked at me. I called corporate for assistance and was immediately transferred to my gym as soon as I pressed 1 for current member. I understand that the longer Golds draws this out, the more money they make. I am really sorry that your company seems to be falling on such hard times but I would really like to cancel my membership.

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Trouble emplyee - 6 d 11 h ago

I can vouch thst golds gym is bad. I work there and they have cut my hours and then hired another two people to take my house. I am the only person in my house thst works and I was working full time befor they cut my hours saying it was due to budget cuts. If it's budget cuts why are you hiring more people for my department and giving them all more hours when I have been there the longest. I have been trying to call my HR and no one ever answers. I'm just trying to make ends meat and I'm sorry 157.00 will not cut it.

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Diana Shaw - 6 d 12 h ago

If you have a choice of gyms, stay away from Gold's. We signed up in Valencia, California for $19.95/month,$39/year, all facilities including a guest. A great deal - which is why we signed up. After we attended classes for 9 months, got points for attendance, gave the instructors tickets (I say this because they clearly knew we had accepted the offer they gave) they told us they made a mistake, and could no longer give us that deal. And, they curiously couldn't find the post card that I had replied to with the offer. For ANOTHER sign up fee of $19.95 and ANOTHER annual fee of $49, (recall the earlier fees hadn't been completely used), they offered us $29.95/month. I took it because I didn't have a choice if I wanted to continue. I called corporate to complain, but they transfer callers to their home gym. This is a big corporation taking advantage of consumers. I can see why they have one star from the Better Business Bureau and half a star on this site. I'm going to file complaints every where I can, because the way I see it they make out like bandits. Their equipment is good, their instructors are good, but their business model sucks, their bottom line is money not good will of the consumer.

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago


They steal your money by not canceling Gym memberships when you ask and hoping that you don't notice. Then, just ignoring you as you keep trying to solve the problem.

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

Even after reading bad reviews about Gold's Gym near me, I got a membership. It was a 3 month contract. I was paying for the 3d body scan. The scan NEVER worked for me. After my 3 month contract was over. I requested to change my membership because I was paying for something that I wasn't benefiting from. I was originally told I had a couple of options, and to come in. I go in to see what my options were. Basically I would have to cancel my membership and pay another $25.00 to rejoin. This is a joke and not very good customer service at all. The employee who helped me with the 3d scan originally told me he was going to talk to his manager to see what she could do. I never heard back from him. They claim their hands are tied.

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

Even after reading bad reviews about Gold's Gym near me, I got a membership. It was a 3 month contract. I was paying for the 3d body scan. The scan NEVER worked for me. After my 3 month contract was over. I requested to change my membership because I was paying for something that I wasn't benefiting from. I was originally told I had a couple of options, and to come in. I go in to see what my options were. Basically I would have to cancel my membership and pay another $25.00 to rejoin. This is a joke and not very good customer service at all. The employee who helped me with the 3d scan originally told me he was going to talk to his manager to see what she could do. I never heard back from him. They claim their hands are tied.

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Genine Perschbacher - 11 d 16 h ago


I am sending credit card statements to the Gold's Gym in O'Fallon, Il today as they have been double charging me for months and I would like my money back. I have spoke to them and one gym in O;Fallon tells me one thing and the gym in Fenton. Mo another. Apparently they can't look at each other's stuff which is stupid. I have loved going to the gym, had surgery in March and my membership is put on hold, but the other membership I am still being charged for. I don't understand they don't know what they are doing or something is really wrong.

I am planning to cancel my membership now because this place is bad business.

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Farah.B - 12 d 14 h ago


I am not going to say much, besides the fact that they have taken $600 and told me that I have to reinstate to be able to use my sessions that I bought for over $800, I have used a couple and could not finish because of medical reasons. I do not want to hear any of that, all they want is to STEAL money anyhow they can, they dragged it for a while and then told me that I was suppose to use it, HOW? I couldn't finish with the gym. The manager there kept promising me that he will let me know after he speaks with them, he never returns my calls until I call him and then he says oh they latterly just contacted me, what a coincidence...every time that way. At the end, they say SORRY but NO, they will not refund the money. Now if we don't get a monthly bill paid, guess what will happen....collections, so I guess with them it's a loose loose situation. Unless- a lawyer comes on the way!

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Townsend - 13 d 4 h ago


After reading the reviews on this page, I have come to the conclusion that this site is just to vent. The corporate office does not read the reviews as there are no responses from them. I am going to proceed and report them to the American Disabilities Association. Sweet.

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago

Hello. Any chance Goldsgym will come to Buda TX. This city is growing along with Austin. There's currently no big gyms here in our town. Just curious if there are any plan projects to build in Buda. Thank you!

KN - (hidden)

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Anonymous - 13 d 4 h ago

You don't want Gold's Gym.

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NoHelpIok - 19 d 12 h ago


Never set foot in the gym. My other gym closed and I guess passed my membership over to Golds without my knowledge. They billed my silently because I never received a bill until it went to collections for $778.72. I've tried to reach any type of customer service outside my area including calling the HQ in Dallas. I've contacted the gyms here in my local area but never get a response back. my calls never make it past the front desk girl.

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Reed - 13 d 4 h ago


Go to small claims court.

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Bert - 13 d 6 h ago


My old gym shut down on April 30th. There were several other gyms for me to choose from but I went and visited Golds Gym on Memorial Rd. in Oklahoma City on 5/07/10 late afternoon. Took the tour and signed up for a 3 month contract. Today (not even 48 hours later), I received an email for a $50 dollar gift card for signing up. I called the gym and without hesitation, would not honor it. To me, this is bad customer service and in my business, we would have honored something like this. I've heard bad reviews about Golds Gym billing system but I took it with a grain of salt because I do understand the cancellation process. But something like this should be taken care of. I would've waited a day to sign up and receive the $50 dollar coupon!! Who wouldn't!

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Reed - 14 d 17 h ago


Gold's Gym on Walton Way Ext in Augusta, Georgia has had the same broken equipment for several years now. I keep being told replacements are in the works. I had the need to shower before work today at this location. I usually go to the Bobby Jones location in the morning. It is a shame how nasty the women's shower is. One shower, however, was clean. The handicapped shower. I found out why. It is never used as it has no hot water. All showers were dry so it is not as if they were in hot demand. I imagine the the folks that oversee the American Disabilities Act will be interested in finding out about the discrimination of people who have mobility challenges. Address this in the next few days or I will report it.

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Anonymous - 15 d 5 h ago


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Damon - 16 d 14 h ago


First let me start by saying that I have been a Gold's gym member since 2007. My base gym is in Pasadena, MD at Marley Station Mall. Up until now I have been moderately satisfied. However, I have come up against a situation that has left me very unsatisfied. My children have track practice 3 times a week in the evenings in Columbia, Md. There is a golds gym not too far away in Elkridge, MD. So, I figured instead of missing workouts I could shoot to the Golds there and get my workouts in while they are at practice. WRONG Seems that the Golds in Elkridge is a corporate location and the one in Pasadena is a franchise location and the two do not cooperate with each other, which is just SAD!!! I tried to work something out between the two, but I was only given 2 options 1 - cancel my membership at Pasadena and join Elkridge (but then I would not be able to use the gym closest to my house). 2 - increase my gym membership to $60/mo to be able to use the Elkridge gym. I currently pay $30/mo and cannot justify why I should have to double the cost of my gym membership to be able to use 1 more gym. For as much as they say and try to promote that they are into or care about your fitness asperations and goals I do not find this to be the case. During this whole experience it became very apparent to me that they were more interested in my money and increasing my monetary commitment to them than they were about my fitness goals. Because of this my fitness goals have suffered tremendously because I am missing workouts and no one cares enough to find a workable solution. I think it is ridiculous that the so called "franchise" and "corporate" locations do not work together when it is the same darn company! And maybe this situation should be explained fully to new members before they join. I am really upset that they were unwilling to find a workable solution. If there is not a workable solution given soon I am just going to cancel my membership altogether!! So ridiculous if anyone would care to reach me to resolve this matter, I can be reached at: (hidden)

Damon Braxton

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John K. Harris - 18 d 10 h ago


Please allow gyms to change channels at local level. Half the gym TV's are on golds gym advertisements. You go to a gym and they do not have TV's on sports. Total waste. I have been asked this once a month on surveys and nothing changes.

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Bhavesh Vora - 18 d 13 h ago


Me and my wife had horrible experience with their Arcadia location in Souther California. Both me and my wife called in March to cancel the membership. We were told that it is taken care of and that we will be billed for April. Come May and we got billed again. When I contacted the club, first they said that I need to give 30 days notice. I explained that I had called mid march to cancel so how come I got billed in May. After 2-3 rounds of same dialog, they switched the story saying that I need to personally go to club and cancel. Why in this world of digital age, where one can accomplish everything by a phone call or email or going online, one is forced to go to club. It is beyond me. But then again that's their scrupulous way of operating.

My wife also called to check that her cancellation was in effect. We were not surprised when she was told same story i.e. to personally goto the club and fill out a form giving reason for cancellation. Why should we do this? Why do we have obligation to do this. Stay away from this fraud company.

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Rebecca - 19 d ago


No A/C in the Kids Club at Gold's Gym at Evans Road in San Antonio!! As a KC Associate in that Gym it is Unacceptable at this Point! Our A/C has been OUT since February and Nobody is Doing Anything About it and Parents are complaining to us on KC Staff and we Ourselves on Staff are Struggling to even be in that room with NO A/C! Either Help Us or Close it until it is Fixed

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Cancelallservices Please - 19 d 15 h ago



Why is it that you go in person a few times to cancel your membership, you request confirmation that you did so, you get the confirmation and they still continue to bill you? I cancelled my membership with the general manager and kids club service with the operations manager, on time, and they still continued to bill me. Now, I am still having to follow up and beg them to stop billing me? This is truly sad and unprofessional! If someone does not want to continue services and contractually they sign off on it and you provide them with proof of cancellation, all final payments are made in person, there is a $0 balance, respectfully and legally abide by the contract, and let them out of their membership! You never know what the future holds, that person may return back to the gym some day and refer others. Stop taking advantage of people because you do not care to properly service them. Treat them as you would want to be treated. GOLDS GYM PRUE RD, San Antonio, TX

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Anonymous - 19 d 13 h ago


I am going through this right now!! I am so frustrated I don't know what to do!

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