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Gold's Gym International, Inc.

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX
(214) 574-4653
(214) 296-5000
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Yvonne - 6 d 10 h ago

I am a member of gold gym in Washington, DC. For the past two weeks the temp in DC have reached upper 90's with 100% humidity. If you've lived on the east coast or visited the area in the summer you will realize the heat is oppressive. As a member of the gym at 19th and L St NW over the past two weeks the AC in this gym has not been working. When I go to the gym I do want to sweat but not from the unbearable inside heat from lack of AC. I've lodged a complaint with the front desk each day and they can only apologize as they sweat along with me stating that they too have reported the lack of AC. I will be going to the gym within the next hour. If I find there is still no AC I will request a refund for the month June. I'm sure you are not sitting in your offices in Irving sweating. Your customers deserve better. At least I do.

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Carolyn McGhee - 12 d 24 s ago

My name is Carolyn, called Golds Gym in Shallotte, NC. I was very interested in finding out all about the gym. Wanted to get started ass soon as possible. . Had to have an appointment with a fitness trainer named Kristin, made the appoint today at 4:00?and she said a little after. I got there at 4:05 she was gone. They called her and she said she wouldn't be back for another 1/2 hour . I of course was taken back somewhat. Filled out papers. The girls that were there were very nice. Kristin called me with an attitude, I don't know why, gave me prices and they were not the specials she was telling me about. It says on internet free 7 days and 0/ enrollment and 20.00 a month. She told me no 7 days free and 20. A month with 359. Down for 25 months. She was even rude about it. I told her she had completely turned me off of Golds Gym. Why did she have such an attitude. She didn't care. I know I'm just one person but what if she is like that with s lot of us older people. Well, I just started going somewhere else for awhile that was nicer.

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Theresa - 33 d 7 h ago


Need to reach payroll/corporate concerning info I submitted about one on your cleaning crew Anthony Womack. Important

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Jay P - 38 d 6 h ago


Please consider opening a facility in Danville , Virginia. It would be a sensation

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esther Loflin - 61 d 7 h ago


I find it incredibly irresponsible, for Golds, out of Irving, Texas, to charge my credit card $120.00 for personal training I did not receive, make it impossible to talk to a real person at corporate, to get a refund, cause me to pay my cc bill with the charge still on my card (undisputed), then take more than 13 business days to get a check to me as a refund!!! BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE! How well would this work if I did that to GOLDS GYM? As a Silver Sneakers member, Im anxious to inform the company paying my membership about my experience, as well as beginning a search for a "New Gym"!!

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Anonymous - 81 d 18 h ago

If Gold's Gym wants to keep up their brand overseas, they need to do a better job of vetting their people in charge. I know of one branch in Egypt where the guy running it isn't even certified in the classes he teaches. I know of numerous clients he has injured. He claims to be American but he sounds Russian to me. I'm sure it is hard for Gold's to watch every branch, especially the ones overseas, but the company really needs to tighten up because people like that are giving them a bad name. A lot of people I know have already switched gyms.

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Anonymous - 100 d ago


Not very happy about recent price increase without ANY notification. My son is a high school student, goes faithfully and I don't think that was right to raise the cost for loyal customers!

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fommer - 2 y 178 d ago

Golds does a good job yo

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Karlie - 2 y 302 d ago


Love the Gold's Gym that we recently joined. Very friendly folks, clean place (although is smells a bit like rubber-- guess that's because it is new). All the equipment is brand new, and what a variety.

The pool is great too. Use it a lot. Today I got in the pool and noticed it was dirty (had some stuff in the bottom). Mmm - mental note to tell the front desk about it. While I was still swimming laps, the staff came in and cleaned it up. Awesome. Keep up the good work folks.

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tryingtobeachamp - 3 y 76 d ago


Golds gym is having problems in several areas, The latest is the rule in our gym is that you cannot pose for competition. I Thought that Gold's was founded as a bodybuilders gym, but one of my friends was told he couldn't pose for a competition.

It's too bad that we're trying hard to be a fitness center rather than a GYM!

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Fernando G - 4 y 258 d ago


I agree. Golds still is using that 'special for you today only' pricing model that I really dislike. With that said, they do a good job otherwise. This is something they should repair. Just go to a month to month thing, guys!

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Carol - 4 y 296 d ago


I recently joined Gold's Gym after several years as a loyal TMCA member. Mainly, I am a swimmer. The Y has just fallen down on their facilities upkeep to the point that I figured, hey why not give another place a shot.

So far, Gold's has been a great experience. The staff seem to be very helpful and always responsive. The facility that I use is brand new, so every piece of equipment is state of the art. They took over an old Randalls grocery store that had closed and by and large did a fine job in repurposing the space. One thing I would say that is not great is the odor. Everything being brand new, there is a distinct smell of rubber in the place. Not really overpowering, but it is enough that you are immediately noticing it whenever you walk in.

Also, I will say that Gold's policy of varying their cost structure is a bit annoying. They really make it complex with all the options, and I just think this makes the experience more like you're buying a membership from a used car salesman or something. Golds executives, if you are listening, drop this practice and you'll do a lot better.

Also, just make everything month to month. I was walking out the other day and a nice African American couple were arguing with a staff member because they needed to break their contract and the staff person was saying "you owe us for the rest of the year". So, yes that's what they signed up for, but you are REALLY pissing off people who already have had to drop a workout program for some reason (probably financial) and this just rubs salt in the would. At least the YMCA ie better about having a simple monthly fee for individual / couple / family that you can change at any time. If only they kept their pools a little cleaner. ;-)

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Piece2009 - 4 y 310 d ago

I love the fact I have a new motivation!! Gets me pump!! @GoldsGym #stack45 #GymLife

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CungLe185 - 4 y 310 d ago

RT @ErictheTrainer: A Vietnamese chiropractor just informed me that @CungLe185 is his national hero -- Kaboooooooom!! @ufc @GoldsGym

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ErictheTrainer - 4 y 310 d ago

A Vietnamese chiropractor just informed me that @CungLe185 is his national hero -- Kaboooooooom!! @ufc @GoldsGym

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aztimtoth - 4 y 310 d ago

@GoldsGym Blasting Bi's & Tri's #LetsGo

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Marine3531 - 4 y 310 d ago

@goldsgym on forest dr. Sold parking spots to a bank no one uses. Next idea, keep selling memberships to a sold out lot. #goldsgymsucks

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kayjay588 - 4 y 310 d ago

Spin spin spin @GoldsGym

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ArielFrances_ - 4 y 310 d ago

Eat , Nap & Then @GoldsGym Bound.

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Arrington_Actor - 4 y 310 d ago

Getting swole at @GoldsGym

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phxhousehunters - 4 y 310 d ago

@GoldsGym I was told by the Peoria manager, things will get fixed when they get fixed. And if I don't like it find another gym.

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