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Gold's Gym International, Inc.

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX
(214) 574-4653
(214) 296-5000
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KIM - 1 d 9 h ago








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Kendra - 5 d 12 h ago

Just left the gym in del city ok and by far that gym has the worse customer service. The lady was not helpful at all and was very rude and short with me. I asked for a Gm she told me that they didn't have one at the time.

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Tom Mcgrath - 8 d 14 h ago

I visited the golds gym in Del City Oklahoma as a business you should be ashamed that is the worst Golds I have been to in 40 years I wouldn't even call it a golds the lack of equipment and weights are obvious I mean this gym has like almost no decent weights or machines I walked in and within 3 minutes I was grabbing my gym bag and left looking for a better gym to attend the desk attendant told me the lack of equipment was because of the low membership maybe if you had better equipment your membership would go up wont ever go to location again as a business get it together......

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Raul - 11 d 23 h ago


I am going to the Brownsville, Tx location and have to say it is horrible. Cleaning products are not available on some days, machines are constantly broken due to lack of staff walking the floors, people constantly stealing the clips from the machines. The worst was last month I was hit a late fee on my due date. I brought it up with the manager, and he acted like he didn't really care. I am really dissatisfied over the issues of this gym and know they won't do anything about it.

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Lisa - 146 d 10 h ago


Well after reading all these reviews I think it's time for a Class Action lawsuit. I'm having the same issues with this company that you all are. Anyone who is interested in joining this let me know.

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Anonymous - 120 d 14 h ago


I'm definitely interested in joining you. Please contact me at: (hidden)

Thank you

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I was going to Waxahachie TX location and I got a really bad fungus from the hot tub and I went to complain with the manager Daniel Garcia and he didn't do anything and showed him my Dr's bill and prescription and still nothing. this place is a joke. I'm with you

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Derek - 111 d 7 h ago

Agree and needs to be done

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JD - 110 d 9 h ago


Curious if anyone is feeling misled about the "bundle membership training package." Im up for a legal consult.

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Harlee Dunlap - 109 d 16 h ago


They keep taking out my memberships and it's been canceled three months ago

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Anonymous - 36 d 9 h ago

File a dispute with your credit card. Tell them you canceled and have not been going. Explain to them what's been happening. You may get a refund.

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DL - 107 d 7 h ago


I'm right there with you and good luck getting anywhere with corporate as they never answer the phone.

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Anonymous - 99 d 7 h ago

Also interested how do we go about doing this

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Johnnyne Lugo - 93 d 13 h ago


If you do go through with this i would also like to be contacted for help. They took out $120 out of my account on "accident" and not giving me back my money instead telling me that i will get "free" months. ITS NOT FREE BC I BASICALLY ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!! I am Angry. I work hard for my money 8 hours a day, after work i take out my stresses at the gym, How ironic that my biggest stress right now IS the gym its self. I went into over draft fees bc the money they took out was supposed to go to my Bills. My email is (hidden) i will give you my number if you email me. thank you.

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Roy - 90 d 10 h ago


If you do start a Class Action lawsuit, I would like to be add my name.

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overrated - 28 d 13 h ago


Im in on the lawsuit. not looking for anything in return but i think golds needs to be taught a lesson.

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Kim - 19 d 6 h ago


I agree. But I do need my credit repaired as I am in collections since I had the credit card dispute the charges and was issued a new card.

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T - 72 d 8 s ago


I'm interested in Class action lawsuit. Nothing but a nightmare since joining.

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Crystal - 68 d 19 h ago


I am interested in joining ! Please contact me at (hidden)

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Wilson - 64 d 13 h ago


I am interested in joining the lawsuit...I've been a member for years and my daughter recently became a member in June...They were supposed to sign her up on a separate account and bill her...but I just found out they were billing me for both accounts since July...Which they weren't supposed...$18 for my account and $38 for hers...She hasn't been using her membership and I never authorized them to take money from my account for hers...and they are refusing to refund my account which was their mess up to begin with

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Bruce - 34 d 7 h ago


You can count me in to class action. They've just screwed me out of $252 and who knows how much more will come. The background is too long to get into but involved their personal training program. I more than completed the commitment and then had to stop due to surgery. I provided a doctors note. I gave more than enough notice but they took the monthly charge out anyway. I was going to continue training after recuperation but now I don't even want to go into the place.

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Katir - 34 d ago


Please add me to the class action lawsuit if one is pursued, I'm having trouble as well.

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Anonymous - 30 d 14 h ago

Count me in on the lawsuit

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Sam - 26 d 6 h ago

count me in!!

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Sharon - 21 d 13 h ago


I am interested in joining you. I signed up for a one year membership I sent written notice and emails to them one month before or not two months before canceling the membership saying I did not want to renew paid them in full they kept on trying to take money out of my credit card my husband had to getinvolved. We cancelled the card and Gold Gym refunded money because I took too much out and now I am getting letters from a collection agency. I have never been treated this bad by any company.

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Anonymous - 19 d 6 h ago

Sure, I am interested in joining you.

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