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Gold's Gym International, Inc.

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX
(214) 574-4653
(214) 296-5000
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Liz - 1 d 15 h ago


I have had the absolute worst experience with the golds gym in South Boston. I joined over a year ago because of the ease of walking to the gym, especially during our snowy winters. First off, I gave my information over the phone and was promised that the membership would not begin until I came into the gym to finalize everything (I was traveling for work, and there was some pressure to do it over the phone). My main reason for joining was for the classes, specifically the spin classes. After I saw the charge, while I was still away, I was upset so went immediately to the location to cancel. I was told just to try it out for a month and I have no obligation to the one year contract. Furthermore, while I was there, I learned that the classes are NO LONGER part of the gym. Again, I was reassured that I can cancel any time with no penalty. I do not workout without classes, so after a few months, I moved to Dorchester, and was not using the gym, so I decided to cancel. Almost one year later, I am still being charged, and no one has gotten back to me as to WHY this is still hapenning, and I am extremely frustrated and disappointed that I am now owed 9 months credit.

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KB - 2 d 10 h ago

I love working out at golds gym. What is hard is allowing myself to be tortured by the loud music. As I am walking up to my local gym I hear the windows buzzing from the painful loud sound. That is when I put on my maximum protection shooting range head gear. It helps a little but I can still feel my skin crawling from the noise. I notice that most other people are wearing ear protection. Any talk between other customers is impossible. I often try to escape by going into the cinema room and hope that the movie is not a shoot em up with lots of silly explosion noises. Every day I find what sounds like the same 3 songs played over and over in my head. The rhythm sound just like a pair of sneakers going around in the clothes dryer. If you have ever been awakened in the middle of the night by a batch of cats scrapping and screwing outside of your window you know what the song sounds like. So why do I still go there? They have really great equipment and the place is clean. I may go deaf or crazy from the noise but for some reason I keep going. Seems like they would get a bigger share of the business if so many people did not go away to escape the unpleasant noise. I am about ready to look for a more pleasant place to go exercise. Seems like they could at least turn the volume down.

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Long time Member - 6 d 13 h ago

I have been a golds member since the early 80's, at 3 different locations. All I have heard in the last year is CRAPPY rap/hip hop "music" playing at my gym. Not all of us are 25 years old!

Whatever happened to diversity? Music comes in many forms, and not everyone on the planet is addicted to their cell phones or headphones while working out.

Might want to rethink your business model on this one.

I belong to North Hollywood, CA. location.

All of the desk personnel that I have asked about this just say "we can't change anything"...What is that! Complaints from long time members just get ignored...really sad.

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Fred - 9 d 9 h ago


They lied to me at signing. They had me sign blank signature sheets (with no contract -- which is illegal and violation of state laws). They billed at higher rate. They engaged in misrepresentations in sales which renders the contract invalid. After I canceled, getting cancellation approved, and signing paperwork in process over Gold's fraud, the manager who misrepresented the sale to me charged out of the gym, threatening me. He has been charging my card ever since. Again and again and again. I dispute charges., get amount credited, and then Gold's charges again. They have no compunction about doing this either. Let me tell you why.

Arnold Swartengger (sp?) became a key leader in this franchise. Once he became governor -- or maybe before -- he became very corrupt -- in the usual system of spoils where opportunists are using our government to enrich themselves and shield themselves from prosecution. Remember Arnold was "Kindergarten Cop?" He's in with the national police federation and is using law enforcement as a weapon against consumers to protect this criminal operation. They act with impunity because they can.

Arnold was involved in national federal of police -- many of whom got involved in this franchise as an "entrepreneurial" activity. You have a lot of stupid cops who want to make money and work with these franchise to line their pockets. What that involves in getting as much money as they can while investing as little as possible in employees and the franchises, which are all going to hell.

They violate state statutes, contracts, and even the law. In my case, my manager threatened and assaulted me when I canceled. When I told him I'd report him to the police, he laughed. Guess why? The police run Golds, thanks to Arnold. They make you sign an app to collect and market your information and track you. All of this information is shared with the police. Since they are tied into the government, they know your income, value of your property, lifestyle, etc. who is easy to exploit, who would put up a challenge and then target people they consider to be easy marks. They also don't need your permission to charge anything. Once they get your card, they just charge, randomly. You might get billed three times in succession within a few days, find random $200 or $500 charges at time. If you catch them in time, they will tell you they will reverse charges, but may or may not follow through. They hope they get past the 60 day window in which you can contest charges -- then you have to take them to court to get your money back as they won't act with integrity, admit their error, and refund the money. THey consider it rightfully theirs. Guess what happens when you take it to court? Their police have ins with the judges. Guess who the judge is going to side with? Where do you think all that money is going to? Bribes. Cover ups. All the people they have on the take.

This place is a nightmare to deal with. Their entrepreneurial business is not about delivering excellent customer service in exchange for profits and repeat business but getting you to hand over your cc number through fraud and deception and then bill indiscriminately. There is no stopping them. It's been six months. They are still billing me even though my contract has canceled. Random amounts in the hundreds of dollars. This is a nightmare to deal with. They know what they are doing. Tell them to stop. They admit the error, promise to refund, but then don't ...only to charge again....I have never seen anything like tthis.

Golds is run by police, corrupt and not to bright police. Many trainers are police officers. Managers are police officers. They are meatheads on the make who think running a business means ripping off customers. They further betray the public trust by ensuring the judges, state governments, police turn a blind eye to this as everyone is in each other's pockets. They are a weird combination of dumb, corrupt, and greedy.

I personally am going to have to cancel my credit card and take a hit on my credit. There is no end to the billing. They act with impunity. They are criminals. Thanks Arnold. He joined Celebrity Apprentice, reflecting his ties to the White House. That's how far the power of these people go. They want to be rich through pay to play schemes like Hillary Clinton and this is what we get. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Avoid Gold's. IF you can get a class action going, do it!

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Mr. GSE - 30 d 9 h ago


What a disaster, the staff is able to act with impunity. They are able to be indignant and belligerent, and there will be no repercussions. Without question the worst customer experience I have ever had, and for what? a gym premiership? The corporate office pushes all customer service issues back to the location where the issue took place, which in turn yields more customer service issues. The way to reduce customer service issues is 180 degrees the opposite of the way Gold's Gym does.

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GG member - 30 d 18 h ago


I joined our local gold's gym (East Windsor NJ) when it was brand new. As with all new businesses, it was nice for the first couple of years. Since then, it has progressively worsened. The weights section frequently has equipment that is broken & can sit like that for months. There is a large room for Body Pump & other classes where there are bars for adding plates, sitting on a stand that has bars sticking out for putting the plates. Several of these bars are missing so there is always a mess on the floor. The sound equipment they have needs to be replaced, often times breaking down. The instructors, many of whom are very good, have to supply their own head sets/ batteries, etc. That's like me having to supply my own computer @ work, & makes no sense. A while back I found out that @ other Gold's, there are member appreciation things done to increase member enthusiasm. We have nothing. They used to make the "launches" (of pump & body combat) an event. Now they do nothing, & it's not the teachers' fault. We've also lost many a great instructor because of the ridiculously low pay for them. Many of us remain only because it is conveniently located. If it weren't for that, we'd leave. Are there no site visits by corporate? This particular location does not do much, if anything, to maintain the prestige of the Gold's brand name, quite the contrary.

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mark bond - 31 d 15 h ago

WhI do you call. Horrible Music in the gyms. Sounds like some real trash most of technology time. Hard enough getting there. The music makes you want to quit. No wonder everyone wears headphones, earphones. The music playing is real trash

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Anonymous - 31 d 7 h ago

What is technology time?

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Mr. Obvious - 33 d 6 h ago


Capital heights Maryland location has very poor customer service

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Kate - 33 d 14 h ago


Suffered trauma that precluded me from attending the College Station gym at Tower Point. I called and called to tell them to cancel my membership. EVERY TIME they insisted I had to go INTO the gym (the same one CAUSING me trauma) to sign their form. Meanwhile, they continued to bill my credit card until it got hacked and the number changed. Now they've sent my account to a collection agency??!! I finally went INTO the club, signed their form, and asked for a refund for the months I never attended. NOTHING. Meanwhile, the simple act of walking in there caused me so much anxiety that I had to sit in my car for over ten minutes, sobbing, before I could drive. AWFUL service here.

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IcalledandNopickedUp - 43 d 10 h ago


Lehigh Valley Locations:

As a previous employee. I would like to know who oversees the franchises and ensures they are within employee rights and meeting some of the expectations of Gold's Gym franchise or corporate. I currently work for a franchise, and I feel they not only neglect passionate employees they also abuse their positions as owners. I feel they do not uphold the company values at all and have no level of integrity in what it means to own a business that's built around health, and wellness and community (including its employees). You can't set membership expectations, club cleanliness, and positive customer service with minimal staff all just to save a buck. They allow the club to become dirty not hiring the necessary staff (instead, force front desk staff) to maintain cleanliness without concerns for things like ringworm and MRSA. Employees can sometimes expect almost up to a week before they will receive their paychecks, due to whatever reason. Commissions were recently taken away from fron desk employees, on new memberships basically offering NO incentive to stay with company so there is a high turn over. That is money taken away from staff who only get $8-9 an hour. Owners create a toxic environment by threatening one's position, bullying staff, and demanding extra expectations outside of their signed job descriptions. Decisions are made on a whim and then either changed with no notice or at times completely drops the ball with disregard for how it impacts its employees and even members. While I express this information as to speak for my colleagues and staff, I have also been impacted by the scenarios listed. This company had me ill with anxiety, and very distressed.

I took this position believing in what I learned about the company prior to my employment. I believed I was getting involved with a company that was about positivity and encouragement, but also support and growth. Honestly, I would never step into a Gold's Gym again franchise or otherwise as an employee or member. In fact, I would not recommend it for anyone as a future employee or even member as the business owners are absolutely not supporting their staff and basically taking money from it members with no "real" plan to invest in its clubs.

Mind you Bethlehem was the 3rd location it closed abruptly leaving its employees without jobs and its members angry and disappointed.

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Lisa - 1 y 148 d ago


Well after reading all these reviews I think it's time for a Class Action lawsuit. I'm having the same issues with this company that you all are. Anyone who is interested in joining this let me know.

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Anonymous - 1 y 122 d ago


I'm definitely interested in joining you. Please contact me at: (hidden)

Thank you

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Catherine - 68 d 12 h ago

Include me (hidden)

General profile image - 1 y 114 d ago


I was going to Waxahachie TX location and I got a really bad fungus from the hot tub and I went to complain with the manager Daniel Garcia and he didn't do anything and showed him my Dr's bill and prescription and still nothing. this place is a joke. I'm with you

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Derek - 1 y 113 d ago

Agree and needs to be done

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Patricia Berruete - 1 y ago


Agree! The gold gym iis a joke

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JD - 1 y 112 d ago


Curious if anyone is feeling misled about the "bundle membership training package." Im up for a legal consult.

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Ben Samimi - 261 d 4 h ago


I have a small service dog, the stupid General manager let in every service dog walk in golds Venice.

This asshole guy don't let my dog in I think because I am from Middle east.

Anyone can help me?

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Mathew - 190 d ago


There are organizations that will help you. Call your local news they might help.

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Harlee Dunlap - 1 y 111 d ago


They keep taking out my memberships and it's been canceled three months ago

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

File a dispute with your credit card. Tell them you canceled and have not been going. Explain to them what's been happening. You may get a refund.

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Clyde McCall - 235 d ago


Lol yes Golds is a joke. My son pays for himself , myself, & my wife and they have over charged 3 months straight and they say they can not refund on the over charge even though each month they acknowledge the issue.

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B - 95 d 17 h ago


I did that and just got a call from a debt collector that I owe them money. Ridiculous. Ill never go back to that S... hole

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

The same has been happening with my wife...shes even went to the gym in person...after it was "frozen" several times, and then they told her they'd cancel it ...its still up..still paying while not attending.....a pitiful set up.

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DL - 1 y 109 d ago


I'm right there with you and good luck getting anywhere with corporate as they never answer the phone.

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