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Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Larry Page
CEO and Director
(650) 253-0000
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Alane L. Sullivan - 2 h 12 m ago


Hi Google,

This not a review but a question. Today is August 19, 2017 and it is the 134th birthday of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. I was in complete shock when I realized that there was no Google Doodle for Coco Chanel. Why? This is very unlike you. I have learned so much from your Google Doodles commorating significant dates in history. Why was this day over looked? I may be directing this question to the wrong department. Please feel free to point me in the right direction.


Alane L. Sullivan

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Jason mwlancon - 2 h 38 m ago

My admin is tacking my accounts from me I download a app and he takes it.he sets up settings that it's mixed up with my settings.This would be the third account he wouldn't work from me he is in my house I don't know why or for what. It's about two years this been going on we need to do something about this THANK YOU

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Anonymous - 14 h 39 m ago

Reinstate Salil Mehta's accounts at once. Only a spurious reason could cause to to cut him off. He is a fair and very learned man.

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Anonymous - 16 h ago

I wanted to let you know you have scam artists in Afghanistan, stealing from elderly people in Maui, using phone numbers you gave them. Thank you for that, it was super special. phone #s 1-(hidden) and 1-(hidden) are being used to run scams. Its been reported to Interpol, FBI, and HPD. Now im telling you. Fucking do something about it please before its your elderly parents that they hit. Unless of course your getting kick backs too.

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clarice feldman - 17 h 36 m ago


I criticized your shutting down of the very civil and accurate statistician Salil Mehta--and my comment is now missing. Are you censoring his proponents now as well?

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Vicki Weir - 17 h 38 m ago

Reinstate Salil Mehta's accounts immediately! What is up with all of your censoring activities lately?

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

They're someone constantly hacking me. In my opinion . I maybe wrong. It's coming from TENNESSEE. Hacking from your company.

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A friend - 3 d ago

Dear Mr Customer Service,

I am trying to log into my google account and for some strange reason I am provided a code to verify that this is my account but it still does not recover my mail.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Like my account it is now being used by someone overseas ... They wanted to charge me to shut down my account ! Customer service said don't call them any more !

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Anonymous - 1 d 23 h ago


Yeah I hear you . I had 12 hackers using my email account.. bull I say. But it is what it is.

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Anonymous - 1 d 23 h ago


I hate do I take you off of my coumputers of 3 ! All you bug people.

So get off my computers. Tell me how to do it.

I feel sorry for people that use it.

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Jessica - 1 d 5 h ago


I'm extremely upset over the "help" I've gotten from google. I was requesting a refund(s) from an in app purchases that were a scam and false advertisement. Not only was the app unwilling to help but so were you Google. After a week of talking and emailing back and fourth you decided it wasn't worth your effort to issue a refund and then take back from that app, which I looked in your terms and agreement with the developer and it was well within your right to issue my refund and back charge them. And after a week I had to call in to find my request was denied the supervisor didn't even call me back like he said. And you guys are allowing this app to contiune on your platform after knowing all that its doing. After being a loyal customer for years and being treated so badly I'll be switching everything over to Apple. I'm sure they treat their customers better. Ill also be opening a better buisness bueara investigation into you guys AND Scooley.


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Allie P. - 2 d ago

google. you are a leader in all things internet etc. Please keep your focus on your company and stay out of political matters and the practice of censorship of people or ideologies that you disagree with. I am just a concerned American seeing a disturbing pattern of censorship and over-reach of biased narratives! Thank you.

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Wendy Comar - 2 d 3 h ago


I am being hounded and robo dialed by someone who is claiming to be Google. The people on the phone a rude, pushy and will not take no for a answer !!!!!! I've been hung up on twice. If this harassment continues. I will be contacting the States Attorney as well as the Attorney General of VT.

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Mary Reyna - 3 d 3 h ago

Google is evil and controls free speech through censorship.

Flagged for review. 
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LINDA - 3 d 11 h ago

Google Enterprise Operation London Google UK Ltd Belgrave House 76 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9TQ United Kingdom MICROSOFT GOOGLE CUSTOMERS AND USERS AWARD 2014 A Copy of Our Microsoft Google Customers and Users Award 2014 Letter is Attached for your Immediate Perusal and to Congratulate you on emerging the Second (2rd) prize winner in our Microsoft Google Users and Customers award for 2014. You are advised to contact the Payment Consultant immediately for the release of your cash prize. Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of Microsoft Google Networking United Kingdom. VP. Matt Brittin, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Google United Kingdom. IT THAT TRUE

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Allan Knox II - 4 d ago

Please delete any previous job applications from me you might have on file. Please do not contact me for future jobs. I am also requesting that no recruiter I work with send me any "opportunities" with Google or any of it's subsidiaries. I will also advise anyone I work with to not consider employment of any type with Google.

Your handling and resolution of the firing of James Damore is a national disgrace. Shame on you. Maybe it's time to regulate Google after all.

Flagged for review. 
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Terry Smith - 4 d 6 m ago

How strange that you would fire an engineer over his opinion about a woman and yet be able to use your search engine to find women being "raped" on the thousands of porno sites you give the entire world access to...some of the most disgusting porn in the world...through "Google" fucking hipocrites

Flagged for review. 
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Terry Smith - 4 d ago

I apologize for being so rude...i just wish you would have given the guy a chance for an apology and gave him a second chance..maybe reorient him...everyone has opinions,,,was it worth firing him over

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Barbara - 4 d ago


For shame! Google is showing its' left wing biases in their firing of someone who "dared" to make a statement that did not ahree with that bias...FOR SHAME!

Flagged for review. 
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Mum n Dad shareholder - 4 d 17 h ago

I am a small shareholder.and I have an issue that i need to discuss and resolve.

I have spoken to Computershare,.I have spoken to State of Delaware without success.

I have had my solicitors write to you and received no response.

Wiould someone at Google please contact me to resolve this matter.

I live in New (hidden)

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Tony - 4 d 17 h ago


Zuckerberg wants to be president . . . you got to be kidding.

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Tony - 4 d 17 h ago


The firing of James Damore is a national disgrace. Google managers who are responsible for his firing should all

have their asses kicked.

Google is on top right now, but someday, somehow they should pay a price for being in-American. Shame on them.

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Totally disgusted by Google's ban on free speech and diversity - 4 d 18 h ago


Very disappointed in Google thinking that they get to decide what free-speech is acceptable and what isn't. Very Orwellian. I will not use Google ever again until this is fixed. James Damore wrote a well thought out paper and opinion and should not have been fired. Is that the kind of atmosphere that is at Google? No diversity for/or freedom of speech? This is a lawsuit waiting for to happen and I hope that James Damore wins! I for one, am encouraging the government to regulate Google as the public utility that it should be.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

He just caused conflict with outdated ideas.

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