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Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Larry Page
CEO and Director
(650) 253-0000
(650) 253-0001
Twitter IDs
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Chanequa Reid - 10 h 39 m ago


Hiy me is chanequa Reid I am very unaware and afraid for the Google +that was not accusing at this time in Google business and or persobal corporation,also not mention the up comingg and businesses that are with Google+ has lost their member worker friends partner,,,,,Is there a way to get it back or to be heard...

General profile image - 17 h 48 m ago


Google is amazing and has sympathy for for the all struggling businesses , they really had and continue to put my one man operation on the world map right next to the major corporations of the world:www.essences of of Washington DC).,helping me promote my organic cosmetic body butters from around the world.Google is no.1.

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K - 11 d 18 h ago


I am locked out of my account. I recently changed my number. Therefore, I can't get a verification password sent to me. Also, I can't recall my old password. I have called Google, At&T, and Apple. How are you supposed to reset your password to access your account. Due to this, I have lost everything. I'm locked out of apps, my backed up pictures, and e-mail, etc. I have had this e-mail address for years. The website is no help. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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watsinaname - 3 d 11 s ago


File with your state's Attorney General for fraud, I am.

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Melvin Walker - 1 d 16 h ago

I am getting a message after I attempt to sign in forgot password with no option to reset my password! Then I an asked to enter my recovery phone number that I no longer have and would like to update my Phone Number. I have several G mail accounts and have updated my Phone Number for each account and would like to up date my recovery Phone Number for (hidden)

Thank you

Melvin Walker

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Go fuck - 2 d 13 h ago


What is up with your constant badgering of people with phone calls - Stop the harrassment!

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Melvin Walker - 1 d 17 h ago

What's up with the message "Go fuck"?

All I am attempting to do is recover my g mail account that has a wrong Phone number and recovery questions.

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David Shaw - 2 d 14 h ago

For the past 8 to 10 years we've been getting calls wanting to update our Google listing. These calls use a verity of numbers on our caller ID. We have repeatedly asked them to stop, yet they continue each and everyday. I have to stop the machine at our small business and answer then hang up. The earth will fall into the sun before I pay this scam company money to update something I care nothing about. I assumed google had nothing to do with this, but since your company had not stopped it while using your name then I can only assume your endorsing their bast ard phone tactics. Please let me know who I need to speak with to remedy this problem.

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Ron G. or (but I have no access to it. - 10 d 13 h ago


I have been trying to recover my account for over a month. The phone recorded guides are no help in my case.

I need a live person to call me. I have been blocked simply because I could not remember a new password. I type in old ones as asked but get a note that google has no way of knowing I am really me. About a little courtesy.

I can prove who I am over the phone. But you cannot get a live human being. I have gone through all the prompts several times. I had important responses related to business and non profits I help with. I am sure many are trying to reach me.

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watsinaname - 3 d ago


I'm having this EXACT problem. Google as a multi-billion international corporation with much of it's income coming from selling inferior Samsung phones, thd company sells a device, locks your accounts, accounts for no reason, accounts have data and services irrevocably attached to them, and the device is unusable without the accounts, so you lose all your data, your device, because it is no longer functional, and all the money you put into it. Then google gives you no remuneration, and is completely unaccountable. And the thing is, all that's necessary is BASIC LIVE TECH SUPPORT. Why the fuck is there no fucking technical support offered from a billion dollar company??? What the actual fuck??? I have too much paid data tied to my accounts to lose it. I'm filing with my state's Attorney General for fraud. I suggest you and everyone else do the same. They need to be broken up. Monopoly much? Lols

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Charlene - 5 d 11 h ago


I am trying to get a refund for a wrongful purchase,the transaction took place 6/10/2019 for .99 .but on 6/11/2019 google took 99.99 this was very wrong and dishonest, ,can't get in contact with no one now but Google took the money now want answer.I have been scammed for 99.99

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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago


Google INC Very frustrated. We get anywhere from 6 to 12 calls weekly about our google listing. Many times 2 to 4 times a day. We have done everything from hang up, push do not call number, even waited to speak to someone and ask over and over again to please PLEASE PLEASE take me off your call list. I have been told that you (Google) have thousands of companies doing these calls that even if one particular call center takes us off the calls will continue. We are so very tired of this. It is a waist time that takes us away from doing business. However, I do use google on my phone.The one good thing.

Also, notice that to the left of my screen are complaints by people to many organizations. Is it really appropriate to show

nasty vulgar language. Complaints are fine, but trash should not be on here for the world to see.

Prime example:

Geico Corporation


That just shows what kind of company you are.

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Split Em Up.... - 8 d 7 h ago

Fuck Google & their Liberal company YouTube. You will be broken up and forced to have conservatives as part of your Board. You censor the Fuck out of conservative Republicans and they've had enough. I don't blame them one fucking bit. Opening your asses up for litigation will make you think twice before taking a political side & censoring conservatives views. I don't use Google or anything related. Making them more wealthy won't help the fucking situation. Wake up people they have failed the American people on equality rights for citizens of this country.

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Nasty mouth - 7 d 18 h ago

Um, I wonder why they think you may need some censoring?

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A. Wood - 6 d ago


@ Split Em Up.

They are Judeo-Masonic-Communist. The beast that walks like man.

Know your enemy.

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Mary - 6 d 4 h ago


Announce to everybody few days ago, Found out what's going on about system causing issues give u a website

miss u!

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Anonymous - 6 d 11 h ago

Well we'll start with an FBI investigation as well as World news media of world access to your experiment that went way wrong n how human rights and our constitutional laws as well as every lay in our nation's spectrum that has been violated ! And you did this with total disregards of laws and ethics further you never got my approval too do such acts of barbarism! this is just a thin lawyer of what has taken place wait a till you get a detailed list it's on its way to you as we speak the public stay tuned

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Ginger - 6 d 12 h ago


Your sales people call my business over 5 times a day 7 days a week It is very disturbing to my business when I try and report it to your company I get the number for the do not call list which this phone number has been on since 2009 . This effects my desire to even answer the phone for my own clients. You company uses spoof numbers to make it appear it is a local caller. I have even talked many times to your sales team who promise to take me off the list which does not work. If this is not google then google needs to do something about it because every other business I know has the same issue

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mat haymei - 6 d 19 h ago

I would like to propose to organize an occasional movement that will allow people around the world to meet who, despite everything, feel uncomfortable and need much more peace ..

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Anonymous - 9 d 18 h ago

I am so tired of getting multiple calls everyday that says do not hang up, this is important...then goes on to tell me people will think I am no longer in business...and finally press 2 to be removed from calling list.

So when the hell do you stop!!??

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K. Jones - 9 d 18 h ago


I'm offended that the African American Soccer player is the only one with colored blue hair and her head is very small. I feel like this is very racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More thought should of been put into place.

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The truth cards - 10 d ago


It his is JamesWade kent ,lm writing this letter to you hopefully with some form of encryption or privacy. I would like to inform you that I have had some issues with your service that will require your immediate attention .Ive recently had some personal issues that to say the least have concerned me and concerned everyone who cares.My daughter has had to change schools as from your networks at Google and other vendors of your corporation.My daughter ,at a sensitive 13 years old is at the beginning of all the social violations and degradations of her and I.Our caracters have have been slandered to the point of biblical preportions.Leaving at the least her and I with no escape here or anywhere in the world.The memories are not escapable and the nightmare is never ending leaving us both scared for life and with no end lm deticated to getting out of this shattered lifestyle that precedes the slander brought by major industries such as yours,therefore if you would like to be straight up with our dalimma ,I'm still willing at the moment to accomplish and come to a final conclusion to this account between you and I in writing via a physical confrence with few associates,as apposed to letting all of your employees,clientel and most of all your character taking any low blows.therefore I'm still willing to represent myself with a single attorney. Please contact me we may conduct our business under the radar for our convienence.please consider this your final opportunity to rectify!sincerilly James Wade Kent (A.K.A). God bless our solders,artists,and all Americans who stand up in the eyes of terriny.God is deserving of all that's good and condemns those who curse him and his followers,may he bless all who walk with him on their journey to the heveans.And may God bless all the working class for keeping our country on top.our government must be doing a great job! Thank you president Trump and congress for your support.God bless the world and all his children.Love you California Rose Kent and family. 06/06/2019

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American citizen - 10 d 14 h ago


Stop playing with our access to everything Trump, conservative view and the truth. May you be reduced to a small piece of the internet.

Flagged for review. 
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American citizen - 10 d 14 h ago


Stop playing with our access to everything Trump, conservative view and the truth. May you be reduced to a small piece of the internet.

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Patriots - 10 d 19 h ago

Hundreds of thousands of American military died saving Europe.... Not one mention of this 75th Anniversary !!

History is HISTORY. We are proud of this!

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Anonymous - 10 d 18 h ago

It's nice to see others notice this. Unbelievable miss. This is something that should not be forgotten!!! There is no one in corporate that has served in combat that stands up and says something!!!!

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