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Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Larry Page
CEO and Director
(650) 253-0000
(650) 253-0001
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Kris - 16 h 1 m ago


I have had nothing but problems with google ad. We used the free promotion to see how it would work. After it was done we stopped our campaign. I don't know how they got one of my credit cards it's one that I don't use very often and it is not my business credit card. They charged my cc $86.71 and then told me I had a credit for the same amount on my google ad account. When I tried to call customer service to have it removed it was India's call center that picked up. I told them my story and she said their was nothing they could do and I couldn't get a refund. I couldn't understand her for most of the conversation. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she told me it wouldn't help. I was persistent so she said hold on and I will transfer you to a supervisor. I waited for a very long time I was never connected. I hung up and was going to try and call again. She called me right back and said you need to hold on and i will transfer you I told her I waited a long time the last phone call. She said I'm transferring you right now. I waited again and no one ever came on the line. I hung up again and she kept calling me after the third time I finally answered and told her I'm trying to call google and talk with someone else. She said hang on and I'll transfer you. I told her to quit calling me she's harassing me and to stop.

The next day I call Google and again I'm talking to India the service agent looks up my account and says you called here a few days a go and spoke with a supervisor. I said I did not. She told me she can't help me that I need to talk to the last person that helped me.

I still have the charge on my credit card and I do not want to spend any money on google ad. This is appalling to me because I always heard how wonderful google was in Mountain View. I am so glad I didn't buy stock in the company.

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Scott Berndt - 1 d 16 h ago

A Google representitive from phone @ (hidden) called me on the 14th of December 2018 at 1346 Hours concerning my google account. When I told him not to call me again concerning this matter "Mark" began making rude comments and called me an "Asshole". I truly doubt that this is the way google wants to do business, thus I demand an apology and to have this individual terminated. Thanks, Scott Berndt, CHMM, CEM MIVET LLC. (hidden) (hidden)

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Anonymous - 2 d ago



more detail

Flagged for review. 
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BRANDI KAPRIE FOX - 2 d 15 h ago


My name is Brandi Kaprie Fox and I no longer like GOOGLE. I my emails have been hacked so many times and EVERY TIME I contact GOOGLE they deny me access to my own email account. Even though MY emails are registered in MY name, with MY cell phone number, and have MY pictures are saved to the GOOGLE photo gallery, but when asked to verify my accounts, its a BIG MYSTERY NOW!!!!!!!! I should file for a lawsuite because GOOGLE has possession of SOOOOO many of MY Pictures, private and family piux. THIS BULLSHIT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE> FUCKING CROOKED AS FUCK!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago


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Barron Bliss - 11 d 13 h ago


I have a twitter account called @barronbliss I am being stalked harassed and abused by Larry Page he is part of a group of people on the Internet including Jack Dorsey founder of twitter involved in stalking abusing and harassing women and abusing kids, and they targeted me and have been harassing and abusing me with hate and violent threats for over 2 years I only found out in the last week that Larry Page is instigating encouraging and participating in targeted abuse towards me and prejudice towards white people, white women, I spoke to the police about Jack Dorsey just last night and will bee speaking to them about Larry Page as well, let everyone you know know because these people are a danger to women and children particularly, and probably the reason lots of abuse occurs has been able to go on and not being stopped on the internet.

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago

You Kno you can move it or and record all invasive fuckers right???

General profile image - 11 d ago


Respected sir ,Larry Page

I want to stay something on Google maps app....and it's useful information for your company...

If my advice is greatly for batter features options..then after appreciate me


Your's lovingly

Vishnu joshi

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago

Zero in and float those waves for an eye 0pening sound experience.I can pirate a peak at anyone illegally too mofos

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Ronald E Lehmiller - 4 d ago

Your Onl8ne Only Setup Cannot Help Me The Software Systems Operators And Your Design Engineer Suck The Problem I Have Cannot Be Answered By Your Online Help Jackwaggons This Is Why You Need To Actually Call Someone Before They Send You A Certified Letter With A Court Date Whhat Has Been Done To Me Personally By Your Company Is Vindictive And,Meanwhile My Facebook Account Is Open To Attack By Scammers And Hackers Because Of Your Stupid Sync This Setup It,Has Interfered With My Long Distance Communcations With My Family You Got,My Phone Number ! I Suggest You Call You Incompetent Morons Or Be PREPAIRED To,Go To Court As You And Facebook,Have Comitted FCC Violations

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Katina Stinson - 3 d 13 h ago

I " hear " you. I met some Google people in Tucson. Call me if you need to talk to you someone about things. Auditorily speaking I am 45 and used to this. My whole life, I hear people. Loudly! I have special blood and am monitored by government and others except for last 2/3yrs. Past knull and material. I need info....2O9 8I85273 I may have been closed minded and unable to think but not now. Sorry Elon and friend. I hope we can all work for a better future now.

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TJ - 3 d 17 h ago


I have been on the phone on hold for fourty five minutes now. After the recorder said it may take up to a very high wait time of thirty minutes. What a waste of time sitting here.

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Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago

I know you received permission from the Beatles to use the song "Help" for advertisement on your own product but don't you think it's just a little disgusting and poor taste to do that. There are some bands and songs you just don't play around with even if they gave you permission find something else even if it is the stones or The Who oh, you just don't do that. I think what you did was disgusting and in bad taste.

why don't you try using something else like hiring somebody to write you a little Google song. That's why companies don't touch Beatles songs I like I said the Rolling Stones are the who. These are two classic and you just made cheese out of what you've done. Should just take the ad off you're nothing special. I know I'd appreciate it and I know this about 30 million Google users that are probably upset and I wonder what that can happen out of that energy.

the ones that brought you up and bring you down as well always remember thatI

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Borsi - 5 d 6 h ago


Szeretnm megtudni Google Kzpont cmt,email elrhetsgt

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

Mountain View, CA


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$450 is a lot of #$%@@%$# money to me - 5 d 14 h ago


$450 missing from a google pay transaction. I had a friend send me $450 using google pay. I never received the money and it's been a week!!!

No phone number to call!

I love most things google. This is a bad, bad experience. :(

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VERY unsatified customer - 5 d 17 h ago


CONSTANTLY harassed by phone calls from "google representative" wanting to update my business address.

Have asked nicely to be removed dozen's of times. Have also removed myself by pressing 9 over a dozen times.

Tried to speak to representative - ALL whom claimed to be supervisors - generic names of course - James, Daniel, Diendra ALL


Really???? Is this the way Googpoe does business?

Really pathetic. Switching all my search engines away from Google, having all friends and employees do so also.

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Wanda Raterman - 5 d 19 h ago

My name is Wanda I have a problem with google I dont know anything about it they had both of my phone and tablet I use my tablet for fb.and now my phone is.a mess and my tablet was in phone so I could only use phone please contact (hidden) thank u.Google good not.a.good as it be.a dissatisfied customers

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Sundar Pichai is a FAG - 8 d 8 h ago


GOOLAG doesn't give a shit about America. They have LGBTQHIUFDDHNKSDJCBNIUXIUC Day but nothing for Pearl Harbor day?

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Arthur Greenberg - 9 d ago


I am extremely disappointed that google did not remember Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941. The day the Imperial Japanese Navy air service attacked Peal Harbor. It is not really surprising though, considering the liberal mindset of the people you have working for you.

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Ken E Fosdick - 8 d 15 h ago


I agree 150% that Google should have done something to commemorate December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day. This is a HUGE day of mourning and remembrance in the United States. It will forever live in the hearts and minds of the brave service men and women who lived through the horrific ordeal, and the surviving friends and family members of those who lost their lives. Shame on you Google! If I were in charge of the United States Government, this act of negligence on your part would force me to pull any and all contracts which you currently hold with the Government, and make an extraordinary effort to ensure no further contracts were entered in to with you or any subsidiary under you.. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Graciela F. Martinez / Jennifer Marie Frankie Herron - 10 d 8 h ago


Every person alive in Tulare County , Ca., as of 2001 are equally crazy. Our elders turned us inside out after they were stewed in Monsanto chemicals. They pretended in front of us - for payoffs -just to kill us so big chemical companies could get away with keeping their industry poisons in the area. I wont tell anyone. The elders are as crazy here as we are diagnosed to be (see Tulare County mental health statistics). Nobody here can help anyone help each other, so please kill us. Every last one. There are at least 250,000 residents around the Visalia area. We can't help ourselves. We're dying to live. #Google, THAT MEANS #YOU HAVE TOP STOP PLAYING GAMES AND REPORT YOUR PART or EVERYONE WILL KEEP DYING TO LIVE- TOGETHER -FOREVER. WE have no means of escape. And since our local authorities were told that both parties who are in a domestic dispute have to go to jail together, no 'sorting out 'who dunnit'".. then its GOOGLE HEADQUARTERS RESPONSIBILITY TO RESPOND WITH CRITICAL RESOURCES and tell TRUMP WE'RE DYING OF CHEMICAL MADNESS FROM WHO SELLS THE MEDICINES **AND** also CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND. THAT'S YOUR BLUE FORD CAR OF VISALIA, CALIFORNIA / OLLIEMYERS/ ORANGE - VERIZON- XFINITY - A CHARTER CITY WITH A SHARED FACILITY that hosts a Quaker community and a Universal Unitarian community in the shared town cities covering Visalia/Goshen 93227,93291,93277 i My name i Jennifer Marie

herron, once called frankie .

i wont try to spread this report any further. get U.N. trucks here. i wont help ANYONE BECAUSE NOBODY CAN HELP OURSELVES OR EACH OTHER, ANYWHERE IN OUR COUNTY. imminently FAILED and in a collective gas chamber of the WORST products and supplies in the state of california. Were a collective risk to ourselves and each other. disabled "2-Larry" county and we refuse to be divided. killing to die . the adults were all masonic and went crazy to buy they're, and our way out by selling pre-damned kids. Sorry for the sloppy report. Our elders and Tulare County force brain inflammations with the cheapest tobacco, wheat, red meat (pork), toxic chicken (they call it "talks ick")..and they're so damaged themselves, they wont stop. Please get help. we dont have a national 911 to the federal government so you're responsible to communicate for us.

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SLK - 11 d 16 h ago


Dear Google Headquarters, Mr. Larry Page:

Thank you so much for your email and browsing support. I have voluntarily paid toward your free product for the past 2-3 years. My husband thinks that Google is a great account. But he seems to rarely check his google email. There are 4 of us, but only 3 of us mainly make use of Google email. We make used of education purpose and too I heard there are offered Google classroom from school. I have not yet learned much about it. So far the email is great, however, the email do not seem to be stable consistently while signing on for use. On my sign on, I have experienced flicker on the screen without knowing why which can make a person feel sick. But the email consistently stay connected which is great! And that the display information from that I have access via Google do not seem that professional. But the sounds are great. Lastly, I have enclosed $50 check to Mountain View, CA Headquarter for allowing us to make a useful tool of Google account.

Keep up the good work Google! Working on your side...


SLK (2018)

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pauline - 11 d 17 h ago


Just received a call from "Local Search" Tracy (hidden)

When I told her I was on the DO NOT CALL LIST - SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!







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pauline - 11 d 17 h ago


I do not have a store front - I do not receive customers!!!

I work from my home, there is NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION!!!


I have asked this information be removed through Better Business Bureau and your response


I will have my lawyer go through DORA to force you to remove me and I hope they shut you down!

I called your Ads Specialist - Jason - he hung up on me after telling me to call my lawyer

I then called your assistance line - Donna - can do nothing without an account - OMG!!!

I now sit on hold or should I say ignore - YOU SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

Reading the rest of the reviews - cant reach a manager or Mr. Larry Page - GOOGLE DOES NOT CARE!

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