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Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Larry Page
CEO and Director
(650) 253-0000
(650) 253-0001
Twitter IDs
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Melike demir - 3 d ago


What is Larry Page mail adress?

Very important

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Polynesian - 3 d 12 h ago

I got this email message from Google Foundation. Is this authentic?

Original message

From: Google Foundation (hidden)]

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 6:45 AM

Subject: Google Notification

In this month of February Google Foundation wishes to commend you for being selected as a major customer, for further information on how to obtain your grant, kindly view the attached file for more details.


Jacquelline Fuller

Director Google Foundation



General profile image - 6 d 5 h ago


dear good morning

how can i get documents from google inc when i get hack

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San Carlos - 10 d 13 h ago


Thank you for speaking out against the racist and illegal policies that Trump is trying to foist on us in the name of "Security" Thank you to employees and the company and CEO for opposing the ban on immigration from whole countries because of religion. We are all immigrants from one time or another in America. The hate and fury of some people should not keep us from doing the right thing.

I and my family fully support you. Thank you and keep speaking for justice.

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Craig Keuleman - 20 d ago

Way to go Google the ads at Super Bowl were terrific and show its all about acceptance !


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Jose; Lolital - 11 d 19 h ago


Fuck you asshole. He will clean up the shit that has been piling up in this country because of the black turd who just left (with billions of our dollars) wake up asshole.

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Markus William Farley - 12 d 12 h ago


(hidden) Dear Sir Or Mam, I am Mark Farley and I have been trying and trying to help my brother Nathan Farley out by setting hem up an email address for hem but I am getting no where at all. So I didn't no who else to come to for help. So if you could do this out of the goodness of your heart. Could you please set it up for hem on your computer or on your computer at your home on the Google gmail site. Thanks. Here is his email address and password: (hidden) Password: passwordnew1974 And after this. Please email me back his email and password so that I can see if we can acsees it from his computer on Google Email. Here is my email address again. Thanks my friend: (hidden)

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Patriot - 18 d 19 h ago


I am no longer able to support your company due to your failure to embrace President Trump and his efforts to secure our national defense. Furthermore, my employees will be directed to boycott your products & services due to your favoritism toward America's enemies.

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A True Compatriot - 18 d 16 h ago


You are a complete idiot.Trump is a fascist pig

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max bialystock - 17 d 17 h ago



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Corporate - 17 d 17 h ago


Google can leave USA if you like.

New administration needs all our support.

Go get cheap labor in India or Ireland if you like.

Act accordingly.

Mx Bialystock

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Hugh Danielson - 18 d ago


Curiouys what you thought of this.

Any thought?

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Azhar - 19 d 18 h ago


Larry Page,

My name is Azhar Bhatti from Toronto Canada i called one of your office at 1(hidden) and person name Adam answered the phone,i told him that i would like to place add and i would also like to know the cost for using call engine,because i would like to open up a call center

in India

Adam asked me ii was an Indian and told him no i am a Canadian,then he said that no Muslims are allowed in Canada and India,because

we are kicking all the Muslims out of India and he used four letter word and hung up.i called back and asked to speak with his supervisor but person name Lee said Adam is busy and no supervisor or Managers are available and hung up

I request Google Management to look in to it Immediately,and if i dont get any response with in 48 hours then i will have no choice but to contact my attorney .

Your Truly,

Azhar Bhatti

416 716 9108

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James Bond - 20 d 21 h ago


I called (and of course no one answered) because I heard that Google was one of the companies who filed a lawsuit to stop Airports from doing their job.... Asking Questions To Foreigners, people we don't know. When does a software company GET POLITICALLY INVOLVED. Bad move on Google's part!

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Chef - 20 d 18 h ago

I want to create a unit cell phone that gives face recognition, so that I always know who is in my circumference.

Donnell Jones

347 426 7897

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Gabriel Anthony Vasquez - 22 d 17 h ago

Can i get submit form or number to reach to report all my email being hacked into 14 total

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australiansofarabia - 30 d 18 h ago


Sergey Brin Larry Page have a rat inside Googleplex

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Anonymous - 41 d 6 h ago


Valaki megtudn adni a google elrhetsgt itt az email cmre gondolok.

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mc - 45 d 16 h ago


When open my page I saw Google candles brought a little happiness to my heart because last year my husbands' father passed away..and he suddenly needed to feel free and left me... and my heart has been so very unhappy what keeps me strong are my two babies one is 14 and 21 every year for my birthday I would get breakfast in bed because my husband would quietly arrange it with my babies and also is not just my birthday is our wedding anniversary today... my babies are sleeping and my partner is not with me I am feeling so sad so when I saw your candles it sparked a little happiness so I thank you for that


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Petruci - 50 d 3 h ago

He refused to take a morning-now to read all.

Good morning ! 02.17 min. I did never thought that Google may be one of the companies where people with disabilities can be left injured at a level more difficult. I enjoyed the beginning of your existence, but after decided to go to so many things I met the Romanian-language and additionally stress because they are forced to visit the doctor. I'm pretty receive medication that morning and evening. Definitions are now forced to receive. At first many did not know and now, thanks to the Accounts Manager at Microsoft, explained that the whole system of running a company understand so many things are cun. If last morning, 01/06/2017, at around 09.30-10.00, company Facebook search an affair with me where I had taken out of the normal state, to the truth that not everyone likes what Google Bucharest involved. To help their colleagues? Not once have had their cases when Google employees were blocking me not to have access to Browser.Ca I go to another site, and all sorts of adventures subhuman. I want to know and take measures to ensure that competent bodies to handle this case. There lie detector where I'm ready, to be held liable for moral damages sky to respond properly. Trust and understanding attitude towards Ms. Elizabeth Moraru, but understand that working with people, not with animals. I'm studii.Colegiu, then university. From 1982 till last year I worked professor at Pedagogical College. I'm human and dignity. I never felt higher than the Company's operators. The truth is the power. Wait to take appropriate action. Thank you. Regards Peter Ursu.

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Urgent! I am locked out of my gmail account due to not remembering my password changed 3 months ago (I recorded the password in my cell phone which has been lost). Please contact me, Cindy at Phone: (hidden) as soon as possible. The cell phone company is trying to trace my cell phone asap. Thank-You!

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HELP!~ We have been the victims of a CYBER ATTACK... My iMac... My iPad... My iPhone.. as well as Bills have been targeted and the photographs - files - documents - etc.. have been wiped from our machines.

They also managed to access our Gmail accounts and have deleted nearly every photograph - every mp3 - every mp4 and personal e-mails from THE BEGINNING OF GMAILS USE IN MY LIFE.. WHICH HAS BEEN OVER A DECADE...

I AM FREAKING OUT!~ I have spent more than four weeks at this already... Apple Senior Techs say that there is nothing that they can do.. It is not a virus and is there fore something which is not a part of their systems.;. their company.. or their interests...

I have contacted the F.B.I. - but they have not responded and it has been over two weeks since contacting them.

Bill is a Senior Vice President for Wells Fargo Bank and I used to work for a subdivision of the United States Department of Homeland Security.. I have no clue if they are trying to hack into the bank... or maybe get some file from over a decade ago when I worked for Homeland and I don't think that I even have anything proprietary that would be of interest.. but regardless.

We are so screwed... is it possible for GMAIL or GOOGLE to restore our gmail accounts at least? I AM LITERALLY PRAYING AND BEGGING THAT YOU CAN. Please help.. the house phone number is (818) 886-8075.

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Not a Review but info for Google . - 65 d 6 h ago


Hi Mr Page. I am either notifying you of a fraud or claiming a prize. I received an email that my email address is one of 10 "category B" winners selected in relation to a " beta test" ran by Google in affiliation with Visa, MasterCard and a few others. We would love the prize if indeed there is one but this sounds like another too good to be true situation . One red flag was that it said to email Mr Schmidt whom I believe was a prior administrator for Google and why would the boss be put down for the contact for contest winners. Please give us some resolution, either way. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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No More "Kill" - 68 d 2 h ago

After searching on Google and trying to load a non-responsive web-page, I was offered the choice to "Kill" it. REALLY?! Get rid of this wording! It is absolutely inappropriate. Google doesn't need to promote killing, or even the use of the word as juvenile slang. OFFENSIVE!

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vivian allen - 68 d 17 h ago


to whom this concern purpose talk about charges . have never heard that google charges anything .

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