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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Veronica Quinn - 2 d ago

At Great Clips in Sterling Heights, Michigan at 19 and Schoenherr Rd, the Great Clips have two employed hair stylists in the afternoon, one is Romanian with blonde hair. She was SO rude and mean to us; she yelled at us when we talked, when we provided details, she didn't listen and ignored what we had to say and the way we wanted our hair cut because of her opinions. There is also another blonde lady that works there who is tall and wears glasses. This lady was very rude to us; she didn't cut the hair the way that we wanted it and the way we described it to her. Both employees didn't listen to us and they cut our hair the way THEY wanted. I am very dissatisfied, I wish I never went there because this was the worst experience of my life. If you want a professional, decent, or EVEN BEARABLE HAIRCUT, DO NOT GO THERE!

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Rose - 2 d 5 h ago

Today I went to your hilton head island store for a haircut. There were 2 beauticians working.. I had to wait which was alright. BUT from there on it was not good. The beautician never introduced herself. I told her how I wanted my hair cut, trim on the bottom and layered up. Well she cut 4 inches off the bottom and my layers are all choppy. To me a trim is less than a half inch. She cut herself, so there was blood on the counter and the check in station. The other beautician said something to her, but she made no effort to clean up except to put a bandage on her finger. She told me how the state inspector was just in and they lost a number of beauticians because they were not licensed in south carolina. If you are the owner of this place, do you want your customers to know this. By the way the "beautician " name was Kelly.. never again will I go to this location.

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Ron C. - 3 d 3 h ago


i can not believe how I was treated on Sunday July 14, I arrived at Great Clips Wickham Park commons at 10:04 I followed one of the employees to the door. she was let in and the girl that opened the door, Michelle who has cut my hair before, told me she had 4 not so nice a tone She then close and locked the door. I have been a loyal customer of that location for 4 years. I will not be returning to Great Clips again. I will let my friends know I do not recommend visiting that store. There are plenty of other places in the area with nicer employees.

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Frank B - 6 d 16 h ago

Frank B. Went to Great Clips on jog and Okeechobee yesterday for a hair cut and got the worst hair of my life. I asked for number three on top and nu.ber 2 on the sides.

I got #2 on top and the sides .. I left looking like a kemo therapy patient. She wasn't thinking about what she was doing. I wish I knew her name blonde hair her scissors looked like they broke and put back with duck tape.

If you want to get a good hair cut don't go there. A dog groomer would have been a step up.

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schuyler guy ross - 10 d 13 h ago


Where to begin?? so much for being a loyal customer. evidently this business does not need my money. this on line check in is ridiculous. tried calling, was told not an option. tried checking in for a specific time, not an option??? seriously? 3 days in a row i tried walking in. 3 days later my hair is still not cut!!!!! I purchased a $100.00 gift card as i do every year. I would like my money to be refunded, and sever ties w this business. I and my family will just spend our money elsewhere.

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Customer no service - 12 d ago


So I went in for a haircut at your Jackson store in Oshkosh wi about 10:30 on 7 /10/19 a customer was ahead of me with a little girl. A older lady with short white hair waited on them and turned around and asked the other employee to take them. So now it's my turn I thought she was looking for something but she was looking at her news paper I waited didn't say anything by this time the other customer went outside when she did the lady reading the paper look up because the doorbell ring then she looked down and kept reading her paper. I couldn't believe this. Your other employee even look over at me. I hope you have cameras because you need to see miss customer NO service.

I'm all to happy to take my business elsewhere. I've been a customer of yours over two years now and been satisfied.

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B Grobelny- Colagreco - 12 d 4 h ago


I have just written to the President of the company asking for my money back. I will not be going back either. I was visiting in the Glenn Mills area of Pa, outside of Philadelphia and stopped in. The stylists were rude and I paid for a two minute trim with no shampoo or style. I am interested in seeing if I get a response and do feel better now knowing I am not the only one with a poor review

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A FORMER CLIENT - 44 d 11 h ago


I am still upset over my experience yesterday with Kelly, the General Mgr. at the Great Clips in University Commons in Sarasota, FL. Thanks to the extremely unprofessional way she treated me I will never set foot in ANY Great Clips. She did not follow the sign-in procedure and even the customer that she called ahead of me said NO, you can go. Kelly's behavior upset me and she said, "I don't have to take your attitude" in front of other customers and if anybody had an "attitude" it was her. She told me she had never cut my hair before and I had been going and requesting her for the past year. You should be a little more selective in your employees. I would suggest you send someone to observe her inappropriate behavior.

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Beyond Frustrated - 12 d 10 h ago


I had a very similar experience in the Southington CT store. I went in, there was a 40 minute wait, they put me on the list and I ran out to do an errand. I returned back in approximately 30 minutes and I was first of four on the list. The manager heather came over and took the person at position #4. SHe did a quick touch up and then she was on her way. No problem, I get it a guick fix to keep a customer happy. Heather then went asked the #2 and #3 person who would like to go first? At that point I said why do you have a check in procedure, Heather said I thought you wanted another stylist? I said how would you know that if you didn't ask? It just got real stupid and Heather who is the manager got extremely unprofessional. She smiles at me and says I don't feel comfortable cutting your hair, obviously because I was very busy that day and had rearranged my schedule to get a haircut and was now frustrated that I was being skipped over without even being acknowledged. I have witness at least three other occasions in this store with this same employee where she ahs been completely unprofessional when dealing with customers. Now I get it, you cant please everyone all the time but you can certainly handle EVERY situation in a professional manor. Heather is incapable of doing that and I believe she takes some pleasure in being completely rude to customers. I did get my haircut from another stylist and asked for the name and number of the district manager. she gave me the name and number of a Jeff, (hidden) and I have left him two message 2-3 weeks ago and have not heard back from him. It seems like a common theme with this chain to not have a high regard fro customer service or even following the rules in place ( sign in list) to keep everything going smoothly. Beyond disappointed in the way I was treated.

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Mimi - 12 d 12 h ago


Called your Dent, Ohio store on Monday July 8th to check when Catherine works informed that she would be in a Tuesday but had meeting in morning but she would be available in afternoon, so arrived Tuesday around 2:30 to be informed not in today. Asked when she would be in again informed at 10 on Wednesday. So checked in on line before 10 arrived at ten to be informed not in today but works Wednesday, informedAmanda that it is Wednesday, she said sorry then informed me she doesn't come in till 2.. very very upset re this seems to be the norm, as in past sitting waiting for my turn to have someone ask about a person only to be told not-in, this person too was very unset re bringing her Mother for hair cut, no more said. Amanda just looked at me with this interaction having her there by herself will dive your business down. Now I know I could go to another place make an appointment but love how Catherine cuts my hair. this made me feel somewhat better and as a large company it falls on deaf ears, but people get tired of unfriendly service and look somewhere else.

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Anonymous - 16 d 7 h ago


July 6,2019

Great clips waterman boulevard, Fairfield Ca.

Today I took my daughter for a haircut but instead it turn out to me the biggest mistake I made for trusting this hair salon. I have been coming for the last 5 years, bring 3 of my children for regular haircuts and trust their system where they keep their notes about the style, length and notes from any of the stylists. Today was different, the staff was not as friendly as they usually are and took my 1st child in the chair, as I'm waiting there waiting for the stylist to address me and ask before cutting as " they normally do"

I realized that that was not happening so I decided to check what was the hold up. I saw my daughters face ready to cry when I discovered all her hair on the floor, already cut. I asked the stylist why did she do that without consenting me first.

She blamed my child, a minor. My daughter was going for a trim one inch the most and instead her hair was cut all the way to her ears. I asked to speak to their manager because I was so sadden and angry that they didn't consult with me. Instead the manager and the rest of the staff that was there said I was acting to upset and didn't want me to raise my voice to speak up. Instead they wanted to to just walk away. They are so unprofessional and never asked for an apology to my daughter. I know it's hair and it grows back but just the fact they made a mistake and couldn't admit was so upsetting. Never trust this salon or bring your children here. The service here it's horrible.

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Jerry Livingston - 19 d 4 h ago


I find the relatively new Great Clips located on Main Street in Springfield, OR has the worst waiting time I've found. I love Great Clips because we travel and I can find one just about everywhere we go. However, I have avoided this location because of the slow service, in fact, many times I drive across town to avoid this particular location.

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Irene - 19 d 9 h ago


Got the worst haircut ever at your business in Marion Iowa a couple weeks ago! You need to train your stylist better!! I will never return there again and making sure everyone knows what a terrible job they do!!!

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Kellie D. - 23 d 13 h ago


Seriously, the best hair cut I have had in a long time! Wow your girl Rachel rocked it at the Jackson, Mi store! Your staff is so nice there on Boardman Street. Way to go with great value, great stylists and great customer service!

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Unhappy again - 28 d 11 h ago


I went to Great Clips in Thomasville NC and this is the second time I was not happy with the cut. They send you out with damp hair so you can't tell until you get home. My hair is short I told the girl not to cut my hair at the crown. It will stick out. I told her last time I was in I told the girl the same thing and she cut it anyway and made a all over mess of my hair. Today when she was working on the back, I said again. Don't cut the crown. She said she was not cutting it. So after she finished my hair was still damp and I really couldn't tell the overall cut. So I go home and shower and dry my hair and

the crown was cut short and sticking out. So now I will have to go to work tomorrow with my hair sticking out. How many times do you have to tell the stylist the same thing to get what you want. There has been only one stylist to do what I asked and that was Samuel. Unfortunately, he has not been working the last two times I have been in. I guess that I will have to find somewhere else to go because this is really upsetting me

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Joey - 32 d 6 h ago


Just called one of my local Great Clips salons to ask if my stylist was working tomorrow and was told I can't get that information until tomorrow after 9 a.m. Wow. If this is a corporate rule, it's not very good for those of us who like a particular stylist. My next favorite person is working at the Hair Cuttery tomorrow so that's where I'll be in the morning. (I know because they told me)

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Worst haircut EVER!! Odenton, MD - 33 d ago


No matter how many times I ask for a 1/4 inch off - it turns into 1/2 or 3/4s. Today was no exception. I came in to get my week-old cut (butcher job) fixed, and came away butchered again.

Seriously, scalp showing on a woman's short hair cut?!

Not to mention the woman who cut my hair did not want to listen, continually chastised me as I tried to see what she was doing with my cut, and generally did not give one single s*** about me as a customer.

Where do these people actually get their training?

Never again Not-so-great Clips....never again.

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Terrible - 35 d 5 h ago


Salt Lake City 9th east 4th south and 5th east and 4th south both dumps. Terrible service, unprofessional employees, and awful stylists. The last thing I want to hear about is several workers getting lipo, their mentally ill kids, and their morbidly obese husbands. Most of them belong in a fat farm. How many times can one person get the disgusting fat sucked out of their ass before realizing they need to stop eating donuts and go to a gym? Nasty people. Rude and idiotic. What a shame to have pig filthies working ( or eating ) in what are otherwise good areas of town. Lazy lazy. Stay away or risk uneven haircuts by employees who trash talk people who are unhappy with their hair. Better to put a bowl over your head and let great grandpa cut your hair than let these great clip dump trucks get anywhere near you with scizzors.

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patricia radke - 35 d 6 h ago


I have walked into your store(you know the sign out front) and been asked if I have checked in on line. I said "no" and checked in . While waiting a man with 3 children came in and said he had checked in online. He and his three children went to the top of the list and the people who actually came to the store and were waiting went behind him and 3 children. I think this is very rude and I would never cut in front of people who were waiting. So since I won't sign in online and be rude enough to do this I won' be using your store again. I know you don't care about one customer but let it be known this is WRONG.

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Christina - 35 d 7 h ago


Camden de location sucks. They made us wait ten minutes before taking the person who came in after us and after acknowledging we hadn't been waited on asked if she could help us. We stood up and said we'd go to the Dover location and the young rude blonde said help yourself. Rude. And horrible customer service.

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Anonymous - 50 d 7 h ago

Hi Great Clips Corporate office , I was told that coupons in the mail never expire is this true statement? (hidden). Micheal Ramirez 4380 w mary ave , Visalia,ca 93277.

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Disgusted customer - 50 d 10 h ago

I have been going to this particular salon for years where I went last week to get a shampoo and the girl who took care of me put hand sanitizer in with the shampoo when she put it on my head and now my hair is like straw and I don't ever use any kind of product on my hair except to just shampoo it so my hair was in excellent condition until she did this to me. I will never let her touch my hair again and am going to report it to their corporate office. She should be fired before she does the same to someone else.

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Some girl in TN - 53 d 8 h ago

Today I had a disturbing revelation about this company. These people that run this company are socialists and I will never spend another dime at this company ever again. What kind of salon discourages customers from asking for a specific stylist? A hairstylist builds a clientele by being GOOD at how they do the job. If you are not good, you will not get requested, its as simple as that. Not everyone is good at cutting hair. Those that are, will make more money at it because they will get more requests. That is how it is supposed to work in a free, capitalist market. You get rewarded for being GOOD at doing something. If you aren't good at it, then maybe hair styling is not for you and you should look for another career doing something you ARE good at, so you can be rewarded properly too. This company thinks bad stylists should still be rewarded equally and apparently do not want any stylist to stand out from the rest of them. I don't know why any GOOD hairstylist would WANT to work for this company because these socialist policies keep a good stylist from getting ahead and making more money, which is what happens when you are good at what you do. Instead this company wants the customers to reward all stylists equally and that is not fair, because not everyone is good at this skill. I am not a stylist, I WAS a customer of this salon UNTIL today. But I will never be back, ever again. I had found that stylist I was talking about, the one GOOD one that understood how to cut my hair, exactly like I wanted it. I called the Great Clips store, before going to see if this particular stylist would be in. She had a rather unusual name, so it never occurred to me that there might be two working there with the same name. When I called, and I called 3 different times, trying to catch her there on any day I could come and whoever answered the phone would say whether she was working or not. Today they said she was, and I never gave a last name, just first. They should have asked me which girl I was talking about because there are 2 girls working there with the same odd name but they NEVER once disclosed that. I got there and realized the girl there at that time with the same name was not the one who had cut it last. They knew this because that info is in their computers. I should have turned around and walked out but I let the other one with the same name cut it anyway while she schooled me on policies about how asking for a certain stylist is not encouraged but people do it anyway. I guess if the haircut had been good, OR, if I had gotten the actual stylist I wanted, I would not be posting this right now. But it WAS NOT GOOD. It was nothing like the last time, which is WHY people ask for a specific stylist! You get rewarded for being good at your skill. If you are no good at it, you need to change careers,but in this society where we PAY to have things done, you don't get rewarded if you aren't any good. Keeping this socialist way of thinking in your company is precisely why it's mediocre and will never be more than that and it took today for me to figure this all out. I will never be back. Lesson learned.

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Anonymous - 51 d 4 h ago

They don't want you to build a huge client base and then open up a salon across the street from them. I used to work for them years ago. They don't like when you request a stylist which is wrong, but that's just there policy haha.

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F. - 54 d ago


Went to Collinsville, IL. location today, the girl I got had a back brace on, asked her what was wrong ,she said I have bone cancer and hurt real bad. I told her how sorry I was but she said oh it's fine I have been in remission 10 years . I could not believe how high she was. On pain meds I suppose. Terrible haircut I got. These stylists are not good at all as I have tried numerous ones. I will not go back. Not we!l trained at all

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