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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Ann - 1 d 9 h ago


I have been a customer at great clips in Bellingham WA for years. For the last two years I have been going to a stylist who is also a manager and her name is Jenny. This woman encompasses the ideal of professionalism and she is always dressed so nice. She is polite, she asks me what I want, discusses any concerns related to my requests and I always leave happy with the results. I like that she gives me the cut I want and that it looks good. I get many compliments and I am not shy about telling people where I get the service from. It makes me feel good inside and some days I need this sort of pick-me-up. From what I can tell Jenny runs a tight ship and keeps her salon in great shape, nice and clean. Most of her staff seem professional and nice. I have not always had positive feelings about salons I have been to.

One day, while I was in the salon getting a cut, I realized that she has an adult brother who is disabled who she takes care of. I know I was prying but I asked her about her situation. She seemed reluctant to discuss her personal life but I finally got her to open up. She told me that her brother had been stuck by a drunk driver in the early 2000's and he is slowly dying from cancer. For a moment I felt deeply struck not knowing what to say in such a moment of genuineness. I had never considered the fact that this woman would have such a burden to deal with because she is very well put together and very professional. I could see tears forming as she spoke about her family and she changed the subject. I pushed and maybe I shouldn't have but I went on time find out that her brother also has autism which one of my grandchildren has. I felt I connected to her because she is real. Jenny kept the very sad issues as upbeat as possible and I felt honored that she disclosed any of this to me. I can tell she is a private person and I respect that. We spoke about our whimsical cats and how much joy they bring us. I smiled a lot as we spoke. She seems like a deeply caring person. I was very surprised to find out that she had worked in hair 23 years as she don't look old enough! I now understand why she is so good with her job.

After the cut was done I paid and left a tip. I walked out of there that day and felt at peace regardless of the conversations that I started. This woman should be given an award for the service she performs both in and out of her salon. Often we as people get so caught up in things being about us that we can't see things in others. I said a small blessing for her and her family and told myself that I would write this email to her corporate people so that maybe she could get some positive respect. I felt compelled to get her noticed for good reasons!!!

I know more often than not that people only write to complain but I think there should be room for positive comments too. I think she should be highly commended. She is a compassionate person and so often the stylists I have meant seem to be less than genuine and distant. I never developed a sense of connection to other stylists, even when they spoke with me in friendly tones about light subject matter. The truth is i do not want to talk about sports as an older woman that is not what I am about and many of the stylist tend to do that. It was nice to talk to a real person about things that matter.

So this one is for Jenny! Good job and never give up. The service you give can help others to feel a sense of worth on down days. Thank you for reminding me just how good people can be!

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Jason - 1 d 9 h ago


Damn, yeah, give this woman a community service award. I have a younger brother who has autism and that is a lot to deal with. Cancer wow that sucks. I lost a grandma to that condition. Anyone who could have made me feel better at those times of my life would be people that I see as heroes. Soul warriors...those doing good everyday to make others feel a bit better. We see war heroes as worthy of aggrandizing but those who help in little ways each day are often overlooked.

I get the same thing... people think I want to talk about sports just because I am a guy. I agree many of the stylist who work on me seem to be cloned to talk about things that I could give a rip about. They do focus on me but the assumption about dead wrong. But consider what Great Clips invests in....they do a lot with sports and not enough with community building/worthy charities. Maybe your average guy my age is bent on self-motivated shallow types of events, idolizing sports figures? Not everyone is shallow and for the most part sports events are not about helping those in need but tend to be like a form of self-gratification. So if a guy can play ball well we offer him a PHAT contract for millions but we pay teachers in schools is pretty backwards.

All the people that I know who are wrapped into sports are pretty selfish types and vanity based people. And most are men who do not want to be saddled with responsibility of any sort. Maybe this is the corporate target and we just fall outside of that? I'd rather invest in protecting the earth but true most guys my age are far from responsibility (maybe cause that isn't fun to them)? People in general could be more responsible and caring. So I hope this person you nominate gets something positive from your efforts.

Connection is hard when you do it in less than 20 minutes but it sounds like this person got it right.

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Alexis - 1 d 9 h ago


Yeah enough with the sports HAWKING. Do something that matters and changes the world for the better.

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Jeff - 1 d 8 h ago


I also don't care about making wealthy sports people wealthier. So let me give you the modern day John Wayne answers (true to to the point). The corp sponsorship is bogus but it just tells you the values of the companies involved. So they would rather promote FUN than responsibility...maybe cause the people with money want that. They are a business without my service dollars they go broke. So they try to climb into my bed to satisfy me as a typical single male (or a young family man).

They preach certain things and they often fail to live up to the ideals. You never see them promote charities...point and match! WHY bother, how will that get them a long term audience or money in the bank. You see car racing and monster truck events...this is male entertainment aimed at the average low brow Joe's because we are the ones with disposable income. So those are the realities not so nicely packaged with corp gift wrap as window dressing.

I figure you probably nailed it... guys my age don't want responsibility we want fun so whatever caters to that is what gets our service dollars. It is shameless and true but I can't ever see those facts changing for the fringe idea that we should all be do-gooders. Maybe we SHOULD be but I do not see it happening because you guess it most people are selfish. Unless you find a way to shame us into responsibility we will continue to be what we always have been. Selfish means we are seeking pleasure or fun as it is called. Things that do not give us that gratification or reward are not things we'll gravitate towards.

I do like the haircuts they are okay...and I usually do not want a chatty Kathy type polluting my airspace with some dribble that I find irrelevant. I don't want to hear about the best pointer about new sports bras (I'll be saddled with that later in life when I am ball-n-chained). I also dislike hearing stylist bitch about how hard they have it because they are a single mom with three kids. I am neutral to being loyal to any company. I admit I find the stylist I see a pinpoint part of the equation. If they do not look good than I do not want them touching my hair. If they look like a wreck that would not be pleasant for me.

I did hit it off with one stylist but she was easy on the eyes and the ears...she like motorbikes...chick bikers are cool. Not many of those, wasn't crazy about the walled tattoos though. A few nice, tasteful, but to many is just to much.

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Matty - 1 d 8 h ago


Jeff, that all might... well be YOUR truth but it is the most sexiest bunch of bull and it is just repulsive. Guys with your values should not get the chance to procreate and make the world worse-off. My sincerest hope is that your gay with no ability to spread such views to a new generation.

I come from a very military active family and we understand values! If you want the right to blow things up and be crazy behind the wheel and that is your idea of fun join the military where it will benefit others-- for you to be 'that way'.

I would hope most of what you have said is not based on truth as this business (great clips) states it is family oriented...meaning women matter and so do children. Family values.... not selfish values. Great Clips should be more proactive in charities so that they as a corporation promote the image of family value without the political down-side/ or alignment with churches. You can be charitable without any encumbering alignments. Meaning you can be charitable without being attached to any religious organizations which could leave some of the populous feeling alienated.

It is an opportunity missed that great clips only partners with sports events in the spotlight --as it gives people misperceptions of such misalignment (as you stated in your diatribe). I understand that it never leaves people 'feeling good' to see PSA's about abused animals or children or homeless people. But a family-oriented business should care about it's community. If not, it leaves the misperception that the business is there only for corporate greed...this is why I say it is a missed opportunity. All businesses should partner with relevant helpful organizations --if they want to integrate into the community and build a sense of loyalty. I image it helps the longevity of the business.

I happen to know the stylist who the OP is attempting to raise up in her post. She is a good person I worked with her at another location. She is a very gifted stylist and I assume a good manager as her location seems top-notch.

She deserves positive recognition for those skills that help her build her business. Hopefully the corporate heads will give her a moment in the spotlight and hopefully her GM understands what an asset she is.

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Bill & Bonnie - 5 d 8 h ago


I will try and keep this simple. We have been going to Great Clips for ten years now. Since the inception of online check-in it has worked wonderfully. Today, however, was the worse of the worst. We checked in, as usual. We were 10 & 11. Pretty soon they started calling the person at the top of the list over and over again. We waited 1-1/2 hrs for our app. In walks #1 who had just come from next door having a pedicure and manicure. That just does not seem fair. Some people have figured how to abuse the system. Online check-in has taken off so now they need to set some ground rules. Also there were only 3 stylists at this location today. In the midst of snowbird season this is unfortunate. I wish I had a dime for everyone who walked away, not wanting to wait 1-1/2 hours. Plus the receptionist only works 3 days a week so this took time away from the stylists.

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Judy Kackley - 6 d 10 h ago

My mom loves great clips but is unable to check in online due to a brain injury she doesn't use computers and she says that it is frustrating and unfair that younger people come in after her and leave before because they check in online and I agree it is discrimination against people who are unable to use or afford a smart phone or computer. I have told this to the local Henderson nv location but they they can't do anything about it. Please respond. Thank you

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Lori - 10 d 6 h ago


After checking in online today for my son Greg, I took him to the Davison, Michigan, Kroger Plaza to get his hair cut. He explained how he wanted it, and the stylist indicated that it wouldn't look right. Since Greg has mild autism and a cognitive impairment I approached and re-explained. He has had his hair cut in the same manner for at least the last two years without an issue.

As she began to cut his hair, Greg asked her thoughts about our President. She looked irritated and said "No comment". I quickly reminded him that we did not discuss politics with people we don't know.

When the cut was finished, it was lopsided and not blended well. It was also not scissor cut finger-tip length so he could comb it over. I was trying to speak quietly with Greg to see if we could figure out a solution or to make it look better in some way such as with a "high and tight" style. She was irritated, and curtly said "I told him it wasn't going to look right!" I still tried to figure out what to do with Greg's hair as he was going to see the "Nutcracker" with his grandparents that evening and his hair did not look nice at all. I had spoken to him quietly for about 1-2 minutes when she told me I needed to hurry up because he was "still on her clock". I approached the counter and quietly told her that I was trying to work him through it, but that he had mild autism and would she please give me a minute. She said "I understand that, but you are taking my time, he's still on my clock." At that point, she was so incredibly rude that I said I thought it would be best if someone else fixed it. She said she thought so too, as though taking an extra five minutes to allow me to work with Greg was a terrible thing. I asked for her name and she refused. She told me "You don't need it." Again, I repeated the request and again, I was told rudely "You don't need it." This was witnessed by Melissa, the stylist who fixed Greg's hair after the incident.

Melissa (a stylist that has cut Greg's hair before) took him to her chair and straightened it the best she could. She worked incredibly (both socially and as a stylist) with Greg. She said it didn't take much to trim it up, but it looked better, and Greg was happy. The other stylist approached and told Melissa that decided to put Greg's cut under Melissa's name. I can only infer that this was so that I couldn't get her name from the receipt. I later learned that her name was Jasmine.

I am very upset for the lack of concern, poor customer service and the rude way that Jasmine treated my special-needs son and me. Her lack of compassion and professionalism were uncalled for today. I immediately called corporate customer service from the parking lot and left a message. I called again about 15 minutes later and spoke with a representative who said that she was writing down the notes and would be forwarding it to the owner.

After making the call, I felt it necessary to also type this letter, given the dynamics represented by Jasmine today. Although I have four children who have had there hair cut at that establishment several times since Great Clips has been in the Kroger Plaza; I have never encountered this type of treatment. However, her behavior toward my son and me would be definite cause to not return as well as to share the information with other people if not addressed properly.

As a mom of a child with a disability and as a Special Education Teacher for a local school; I would ideally ask for training for Jasmine in the area of disabilities whether visible or invisible.

I would like request an apology to both of us, but specifically to Greg from Jasmine. No person, regardless of challenges, should be treated in this manner.

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C.S.C - 11 d 7 h ago


I wanted to let this office know what an incredible experience I had at the Great Clips in Sorrento, Fl . The Hair Stylist did a excellent job , I usually do not mention names on these sort of things but I feel she deserves a lot of credit, She was very professional in every since of the word , answered all my questions with great accord, very courteous to my needs all of this while the place was packed, Because of her I will be returning to great clips, in my eyes from that day she gave 110 percent and that's rare from my past experience at Great Clips !! So i wanna thank Debbie for the incredible experience at your store in Sorrento!!

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Holly - 11 d 10 h ago


Great clips in Addision i very unprofessional. They tend to get rid of good stylist mostly the black ones. I feel i was discriminated against for being so called rude. They are not a team a will always be at a stand still because of jealousy.

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Rude manager - 12 d 10 h ago


Went to get hair cut, place not busy. Colonial Promenade,Alabaster,Alabama. Manager Melinda Jones one of the rudes persons I've met, told if I wasn't happy don't come back. I won't be back. I didn't get my hair cut that day the woman who usually cut my hair was out. But due to how the owner of Great clips let's their manager treat paying customers I will Never go there again and I fell sorry for anyone who had to deal with that person. Sorry for the girl hair stylish that work there and lose customers due to her.

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Shirley C. - 12 d 14 h ago


Your Great Clips on 5th St. in Atlanta, a good place to get my hair cut, and it's convenient, except every time I get my hair cut there by a certain stylist she never cuts my hair the way I ask her to. For instance when I ask her to layer it she doesn't do it. Also once she asked me didn't I want to look more FEMININE. That's a Discriminitory Remark. I didn't appreciate it.

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Milt - 13 d 9 h ago


This is the worst place to have your hair cut if you are male and care enough about your appearance! If you are on of those men who do not care how you look it's ok. I have given several different Great Clips stores a chance to cut my hair. I wear glasses and really can't see how bad the cut is until I get home and look in my own mirror. I just got in from Great clips a few minutes ago and this is one of the worst yet, I want my money back, I called the manager but she's not in. The chick that messed up my hair answered the phone. If I don't get my money back I may take them to court. I needed my hair cut for an engagement tonight and did not know where else to go. I will now try to find a barber to cut my hair, no more Great clips for me. In closing, here's what I think one of the problems is most men don't care about their looks, so they go to a meat market like Great Clips and some sorry chick cuts their hair as she feels fit and they are satisfied! But men, who care about their appearance and want their hair cut the way they instruct the barber to do is another story. These women seem to think they can cut your hair as they feel fit after being told how I want my hair cut. Other men take this crap and it's ok I guess because all I ever had were women cutting my hair at great clips and it been an awful experience. I want a male barber to cut my hair all the male barbers I ever had did what I asked. My last male barber died so I started going to great clips. My experience has been that they employ lazy woman that are not really good at their craft to begin with. Great Clips, is about getting as many customer in and out of the chair as soon as possible. Men, those of you that care about your looks steer away from this place!

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Jose garcia - 14 d 5 h ago


Bradley park crossing in columbus ga, this is a horrible place to be a walkin, when i went in there were 4 persons already in queue so when the person whi vreeted me said it would be a 30 minute wait and since i cut my hair at ither locatiin before without issue i sat and waited patiently, after a while i noticed people kept coming in and getting ahead if me, the after 50 minutes and 4 people who came into the store way after i did, one in particular had just come in get their name called and moved ahead of me, i decided it was time ti say something. To my amazement i was treated with ni respect and told "well we have you next", i wonder if i had stay sitting and someone else walked in would i still be waiting si i told her to cancel my appointment and there reacttion was like who cares, so that sirt if really bothered me so i said i would file a complaint which was treated with complete ignorance toward what is suppose to be this compa y logo of " because your time matters", was about as disrespected to me as to the company those folks work for. Dont go there as a walkin, its shameful, i rate this location below poor

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disappointed - 16 d 8 h ago

I was at jeffersonville Indiana great clips one was there to unlock the door at 9 a.m. It was around eight after when someone showed up. As employees came in customers still could not get waited on as someone went in the back and another employee was counting out money...another employee came in later than that....the first person was not called back until 13 minutes after nine....I find this unprofessional to not open on time.

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C. Thompson - 17 d ago


This is the haircut from hell I received at the Great Clips at 3914 Center Street in Salem Oregon. The stylist asked me if I liked it and I said it looked off, she then proceeded to argue with me. Said it was perfect. I was horrified! She cut a little more then said it's all fixed. Meanwhile the manager, Carl was showing co workers photos on his phone and completely clueless. She said I'm going to shave your neck. I declined, I told her I would go elsewhere to have it fixed. She said if I didn't like it she could fix it. Mind you she already took an inch more off then what I wanted and totally butchered it. I was not willing to let her cut anymore, for fear I would walk out bald! I've never had a stylist so rude and argumentative and a manager who was so clueless. By the way, it was supposed to be an a line.

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Unsatisfied Customer - 17 d 12 h ago


you are responding to your employees on Glass ceiling site but not your customers on this site. Something is definitely wrong with this picture, it is very clear what is valued: $. Your employees do have flexible schedules but many times not enough stylists are scheduled during periods of time when one would expect to be busy, e.g., school breaks. The result is that even employees that start with good attitudes get overworked and become bitter. New people are frequently left with little to no supervision. When a store starts working smoothly, such as Square Lake Rd in Troy, MI you transfer everyone with experience and leave only people who butcher hair. I told the stylist FIVE times I did NOT want my hair cut short like i wear it in summer. I don't let unfamiliar people cut it that way but she did it anyway. Once she took a 3 inch cut off the top of my head, I was sort of stuck, what else could i do but aCCEPT . I now have hair that is sticking up like a devil horns in the back of my head, razor burn on my neck, etc. Not Acceptable. Bring Lori or is Laurie, the manager back. Rating i am giving reflects last 2 haircuts since experienced people left the store

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Barbara - 17 d 13 h ago


I had my hair cut on November 14th at the Chisago City, MN Great Clips by Tia. It was absolutely the worse hair cut i have ever had. There is no rhyme nor reason to the length. I can grab a bunch of hair to culr and the length runs anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches long. I asked to have 1/2 cut. One side is an inch long and the other side is 3 inches long. I though after a week or so I would be OK with the hair cut but it is impossible to curl with a curling iron and when i do curl it it looks awful because of the different lengths. Tia spent the entire time while she was cutting my hair telling me how she had 29 years of experience and knew what she was doing. Heaven help us!!!!! I think she is the worst hair stylist i have ever had been too.

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Bob - 18 d 12 h ago


Fed up with local store and their policy. My husband walked in for a haircut, no clients were in the salon, woman working there said there are four people a head of you. My husband said where? I'm the only one here. Response was there are four people a head of you, call in's. My husband has been told before that if he's there an no one else is they should take him right away. This is not the first time this has happen, but I guarantee it will never happen again.

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago


Great Clips in Madison Heights, Va! The manager there has a bad attitude toward customers! Her name is Abigail Burton! She is hateful and mean to toward other stylist! They can't keep help there cause she runs them off! No one want to help out from other stores cause she is hateful to them! She also is the most laziest manager I know! On down time she stays in the back room playing games, and watching video on her phone when there stuff that can be cleaned in the shop! I've had customers complain to me that that salon was dirty, and there was unprofessional attitudes coming from other stylist, and managers! There should be a investigation in that store! They need another manager that is mature, professional, and some good etiquette!!! She likes to show favoritism with other stylist! She bullies other stylist! I have lived through hell the last 3 months, to the point it had made me sick! All I did was cry after I started working there! Lori the district manager and Abigail told me lies to get me to transfer there! They even bribed me a 200 dollar sign on bonus to work there! Abigail begged me to worked there cause they were short staff and they had no days off! And it worked! 1/20/2017 I messaged Lori the DM about my bonus, her responds was "what bonus?" It all was told verbally at the beginning, and I have no proof! They lied and said I wanted to transfer, no they bribed and begged me! I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life!!!

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Bill - 25 d 29 s ago


Great clips and new infectious disease law -single use tools. Great cut and great people especially Moua in Onalaska Hwy 16 lacrossse area.. great personality and haircut as always!

Thank you

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Carla Trainor - 31 d 4 h ago


My husband, a veteran went to a local (Kansas City) Great clips today for a haircut. They asked him if he was a veteran and he responded yes. He was charged 15.00 for the cut. He also noticed they were charging everyone who identified themselves as veterans. Were only select locations participating?

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Nancy Maine - 30 d 12 h ago


I had a real slap in the face, figuratively speaking, from Great Clips, at 5905 High St W Portsmouth, VA 23703. I asked the Hair Dresser when I went in if this location was participating and was told "Yes." I told her I just wanted the hair cut and that I just washed and conditioned my hair. She said she had to cut it wet and took me to a sink where she soaked it fully and applied leave in conditioner. She cut it and did a satisfactory job. It was just a blunt cut. When she finished and we went to the desk, I had a five dollar bill out to tip her, she said, "That is $30." I said that is why I asked if you were participating in Veterans Day. She said, "Well, then you'll have to show your ID." Ok, so, no problem I showed her my ID. She said, " then that is $15. only the hair cut is free." It really made me feel terrible because I was looking forward to a good experience and the intent and nature of the "free haircut for Veterans" was not honored. I could have gone to a lot of places that would have given me a haircut for $15. She was really smirking and sure she felt great knowing how she got away with this demeaning, humiliating treatment.

General profile image

Carla S Trainor - 29 d 13 h ago


This sounds like what my husband experienced. He showed his retired ID, and the other veterans there (in the Mill Street Kansas City location) also had their IDs. I did just check with him, and they wet it down with a spray bottle. The other thing was this. When he was told the fee was 15.00, he attempted to use his debit card and was told they were taking cash only. But, there was no sign advising cash only, and no explanation (example: reader down, etc), given.

I'm very unhappy with this, and hearing about your experience confirms this was happening across the country. They should be ashamed.

General profile image

Anonymous - 31 d 12 h ago


Just want to say thanks went to get a hair cut to day Nov 11th had no idea u guys was giving vet a free hair cut at all so when i went to pay the girl ask me if i was a vet and i said yes she said no charge i was shocked i still gave her a tip just saying thanks

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