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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Chuck tramont - 1 d 8 h ago


For the 1st time ever I was charged $6 to trim my mustache when getting a haircut. NEVER! MY SON'S AND I HAVE BEEN GOING TO THE SHOP IN TWIN OAKS MO SINCE THEY WERE KIDS! Today I went to the shop in ballwin mo and they charged me $19 For a cut and to trim my mustache...ridiculous. I am furious!

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Shocked - 2 d 31 s ago


I went into my local great clips to get a hair cut just like always. The lady told me it would be a minute and that "he" would be right with me, to cut my hair. I said well I would prefer a woman to cut my hair. Unfortunately I was discriminated against because I asked that a woman cut my. They refused to let me get my hair cut by a woman. WOW what is this world coming to?!!

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Kim from Clayton CA - 2 d 4 h ago


A couple of months ago my son and I went to get a haircut and noticed there were 4 names ahead of us on the online check-in display with one person in the waiting area. We waited approximately 15 minutes during which the person waiting was taken for his haircut. Only we remained in the front of the store. Just as we were to be called, the four people that checked-in online showed up. They were to be taken ahead of us who were already there and waiting patiently. I immediately and politely reminded the employee that we in the store and had been waiting ahead of these others and would not wait for another hour. She agreed and took us first. I could tell she was not happy about having to do that but understood my reasoning.

The second time this happened was yesterday, June 22, with two people on the "online check-in list" who were not present and one person was present ahead of me. I mentioned this and the girl said that if the online check-in people arrived before I was called they would be first. I waited and was about to be called when the two people walked in. The girl I had spoken to said "See, this is how it works". I told her Great Clips had just lost two loyal customers, and walked out. My son and I do not plan to ever go back to any Great Clips again. We found a very nice independent hair cutting salon within the same block.

I would suggest the online check-in system be done away with before you lose more customers.

The Great Clips salon we had frequented is in Clayton, California. I made a point of letting the girl whom I spoke with know that I understood it was not her fault that such a system was set up even though this second time the employee was not polite about the whole incident.

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Do customers matter....? - 5 d 19 h ago


Tonight I took my two grandsons to the Syracuse Great Clips, we always go there, we got there at 4:00, right after school, the lady who checked us in said that there would be about a 16 minute wait. She said she was leaving as soon as she finished cutting a young girls haircut, but but someone else would help us. We waited and waited, other customers came and went. An hour later they called a man up who had been there five minutes. When I told the girl at the counter that we had been there an hour and we were told it would be about 16 minutes...she just said SORRY....! If I had been told that there would be an hour wait......I would have been fine....and I would have come back another day!

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LOSING CUSTOMERS - 7 d 14 m ago


Online Check-in :-(

I get there 15 minutes before open to be one of the first in line. I was number 3 this time. Door opens at exactly 9am and there were several stylists inside already. We check-in and have a seat. They continue to check in people and by the 7th person, who also has a child and gets to be number 3 and 4 to sit down and they stylists start cutting theirs. There are only 4 stylists. So I'm left there along with all the other patient people getting skipped.

Your check-in online policy is a joke. The people who are all standing out front who clearly have been waiting and the stylists can clearly see get skipped by the guy in the back of the line using his phone to check-in. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

The 1st guy of the day says to the lady cutting his hair about the policy sucking and all she can say at least 6 times is "We try to open early." Well, I'm always there early and its happened once during the back to school promo you have. And I spoke up and called BS and told her to schedule it then. The guy who brought up the issue had formally worked for great clips for 17yrs and they would be losing him as a customer. And I'm next....

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BadHairDay - 8 d ago


So I walk in and thinking, awesome, the only customer here. Three stylists are standing at the register chit chatting. They asked if I had an appointment. I said nope. They said it would be at least a 30 minute wait. I look around at the empty shop. I ask "30 minutes for what?" Their reply was that online check ins are priority. I said some colorful things and went across the street to Super Cuts. In and out in less than 10 minutes. This is how you go out of business, one customer at a time.

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Allison Palyok - 9 d ago


Today I signed up for a haircut for Robert at hamilton market place in hamilton new jersey. When signing it was a 63 min wait. They got there sat for 30 minutes and then was told addition 1 hr 30 minutes til he get seen. I have been coming here for a long time and to be told that is not good business. They got up and went someplace else. I am due for a haircut and I'm thinking twice about going to great clips. I might have to take my business else where because customers should not be sitting and not get seen with in the time frame. It's one thing if I walked in but I signed on the internet. If they are short staff then they should have stopped taking people. My husband and I like the workers there. I'm just not sure

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Sharon - 10 d 4 h ago


I have been a GC customer for years and have just met the worst person for customer service ever. Anthony GC#0411,started attacking me verbally from minute one. I started telling him what I wanted (a mini trim) and he said "Don't tell me what to do. I know how to cut hair!" ...I've been doing it for 11 years ...etc. Then later in the process, I asked him to move the part about 1/8 to 1/4 inch to my right. He started telling me that would not be the middle and more arguing ensued but I finally got him to move it. I tried not to converse with him because i didn't want to spend my time arguing but I couldn't say anything that he couldn't just ignore. I was not hostile or rabby and stupidly gave him a tip but this man is chasing customers away , I'm sure. He may be the manager as he seemed to be telling other employees what needed to be done. So I'm sending this your way so the company can take any action they want. My haircut was decent the

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Bob - 10 d 6 h ago


Having frequented the Great Clips, Mankato, Minnesota - Raintree Road location for well over a decade, I had, quite possibly, the worst customer service experience of my life there several months ago with a stylist (and I use that term loosely) named Kim. Not only did she complete my beard/mustache trim and haircut in less than ten minutes, but also tore through my hair with the care of a ninja swordsman, and did a great job on my beard (if you like yours crooked/uneven.) That being said, the manager of that location (sorry, her name escapes me) did everything possible to "make-up" for the experience. I just returned from another beard/moustache trim at that location and felt compelled to write a review to compliment her and virtually every other stylist at that location, not only for their stylist skills, but also for their interpersonal/customer service skills. No business can achieve success on one-time visitors. It's all about return business for long-term survival/success. The attention and response from the manager and her staff is exactly what will keep me coming back for another decade. I hope the stylist Kim, who apparently left soon after, found her niche in a career that she is suited making french fries at McDonalds! To the Mankato-Raintree location...well done!

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Pat Haley - 22 d ago

I have been a customer of Great Clips for many years and I used to get coupons for haircuts all the time, but I have not received any for a few years now. Why don't you send them out anymore?

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Mplly - 16 d ago


Me too, with 4 boys and a husband.

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Molly Runyon - 16 d 45 m ago



Goodyear, Arizona on Cotton Lane.

I just spent $48. on 3 haircuts.

One I wasnt happy with.

It was not the haircutters fault, though when I expressed my feelings, she got involved with my conversation with my Grandchild! I asked her to bud out, her mouth kept going. The girl in charge (Nikki)

asked her to go in back room and she refused! Im not one to back down, but that was totally out of line in her case. Her name was Elda! Totally out of line. Thats out neighborhood haircut place, usually have 4 boys. We been going there for the years we've lived here, about 7. Again, usually not taken aback, by a SMARTASS hairdresser. I never cussed. Asked her to backoff. She didn't!! I told her "its not your fault, but she kept going on!!"

Rude, rediculous. Ive never complained in my life. Im 64. Lots of new haircutting places just popped up. I like to stay with my usual. Support neighborhood stores!!

Molly Runyon


16194 W Williams St

Goodyear, Ariz. 85338

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Irene Teesdale - 22 d 12 m ago


I don't understand- please explain to me... I was just told that a wash and blow dry is $5 - UNLESS you want it blown DRY then it costs $24!! Seriously?? What the heck is a wash and blow dry then? A wash and style is NOT the same as a simple blow "dry". What am I missing here?

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Anonymous - 23 d 6 h ago


Yesterday Afternoon I dropped off my 17yr old and 7yr old boys for a haircut. I told my 17yr old son to wait for me to return and I would pay for his haircut. He chose to pay for the haircut himself. I think he did it out of spite. No matter. I came to pick him up and he told me he was charged 49$ for 2 haricuts. i was floored. It turns out he left a tip for Tawny for 12$ and a tip for Thomas for 10$. My son said Tawny was the one checking them out. What appals me is that they, seeing a teenager, didn't want to double check the tip amount. They took advantage of my son. That torques me. Lack of courtesy, integrity, and professionalism were all displayed. We have frequented that specific branch several times. Unfortunately we won't go again. I don't blame Great Clips I blame the employees.Now I know that the employees lack integrity I can't trust them to help us see a possible mistake but rather take advantage of us and keep money they didn't deserve. Both my boys had mistakes on there haircuts and neither were happy with the way it went down. I DON"T WANT ANY MONEY BACK. My son made a bad choice out of spite so he will deal with his choice. He made the choice and he got taken advantage of. That is part of life. I am just sorry he had to learn from 2 people who pretend to be professional. Please feel free to forward to both Tawny and Thomas they may appreciate knowing that people notice the little things. Hopefully they will think twice before they take advantage of teenagers again. Inv#497371

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Emma zollner - 23 d 13 h ago


Emma zollner...I have visited the shop in north Versailles Pennsylvania after I received my haircut I had to have them recur my husband marks hair. I went to a social gathering a few days later to have people comment on my haircut .my ears had been cut out one rounded a d one straight lots of humor that nite! The manager offered to recur my hair but why should I have to go twice for him and myself.I asked for the gratuity I gave the hair stylist back they said no but offered a 2$ off coupon....let's face it they are a bunch of second graders cutting hair in a horrible fashion I'm so dissapointed in the way they wanted me to come back again for a haircut they couldn't do right the first time for either one of us I would not recommend them to anyone as a matter of fact I've told everybody about our experience and they won't be returning there either

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Irene - 28 d ago


My 17 year old son, has autism, goes to the salon for a wash and blow dry. He pays for it with his own money from is one day a week job. they have always charged him $5. Today he went in for the wash and blow dry and after my husband completed grocery shopping he went to pick him up and our son was under a hair dryer. My husband asked why he was under a dryer and didn't get a low dry (he has long hair). First the female stylist said that they have gotten flack from corporate for taking so too much time drying his hair. Then the man behind the counter said they were going to charge him for a wash and style, an additional $24! My husband said that they couldn't do that and they stated that our son never tips and they aren't going to waist their time on him. I am livid!!

Venice Commons

(Next to Publix)

1435 E Venice Ave

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Leah brewer - 30 d 16 h ago


So I took my 8 year old daughter to the great clips in superior, Colorado for a haircut. I struggle to get her to brush and so it's easier to just cut it so she can manage it. I believe the women who cut her hair was the manager and women of about 60 something with gray hair. She sat my daughter down and asked how much I wanted off I said 5 inches and she then started to asking me if I'm sure and tried to convince me to leave it longer. She asked my daughter if the length she was showing her was ok(a length other that I asked for, " I told the lady my daughter doesn't get a choice I'm her mother and this is what I want." The lady then proceeds to ask me why and then the looks at my daughter in the mirror and asks her"well what would you like?" I told the lady I want 5 inches off and frame he face. The lady did a horrible cutting job on top of trying to talk over what I asked for and talk with my child. I don't appreciate this, it put me on the spot and completely made me look like i was a horrible parent. I also got my son his first haircut there and the gentleman who rung us up handed me the receipt and said "there is a place for a tip below" I just looked at him and thought did he just tell me to make sure I tip? Well I decided to tip $7.50 per hair cut because it was horrible(I shouldn't of tipped at all) and when I handed him the receipt back he said "you only tipped $7.50 each" and handed me the receipt back asking for a higher tip. I was seriously outraged I signed the receipt and left. This is by far the worst service I have ever gotten and this place should be shut down or I should sue this place for the issues they caused.

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Anonymous - 32 d 5 h ago

Great Clips on Broad St in Reynoldsburg has a great stylist but unfortunately you will wait abd wait while online check ins go ahead of you. I walked in and signed in, attempted online sign in but it was not cooperating with my phone. So upon sign in I was told 20 mins. After 20 mins someone was called up for tge stylist I requested then after waiting another ten a woman walked in and requested the same stylist and was told it will be a few minutes. I inquired about my wait and was told online takes priority we will get to you as quick as I can. I waited a few and left disgusted ans won't return to any Great Clips.

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Nasty place - 40 d 9 h ago


On 9/6/2017 took my 6 year old grandson for a haircut at the Great Clips located at Katy Highway, Houston Texas.Bunker Hill shopping center). Upon entering we sat down and waited. After about 5 minutes no one approached us. I proceeded to the counter and asked the tall skinny hair dresser who was busy cutting someone's hair, "how long the wait would be". Her nasty reply was, have a seat I'll be with you in a minute to check you in. There were 3 people waiting ahead of us and only 2 people working. After about 20 minutes she still hadn't checked me in or given me a waiting time. In the meantime an elderly women had just finished getting her hair done. Walking with a walking stick she was made to stand at the counter. The person that cut her hair stated to her that she has to wait until her co-worker(yes the one whom I was still waiting to be checked in by)will be with her to coleect her money. After another 10 minutes the elderly women finally sat down and waited to pay. The whole time being totally ignored. Finally feed up with the rudeness and lack of respect we left. Upon leaving I asked for her name, and she totally ignored me. Upon leaving another customer was waiting outside on the bench. Says he has been waiting 50 minutes and still wasn't attended too. Said that the female with the long hair is a nasty and arrogant person, and doesn't want her cutting his hair. I said I'm not staying here, ended up going somewhere else to get my grandsons hair cut.(another Great clips about 2 miles from here). She refused to give me the managers name or the owners name.

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Michele - 42 d ago


This was posted on Facebook. You should address the bullying going on in this salon. Terrible terrible people bullying a child!!

It's Sunday September 3rd at 11:15 and I Just went to great clips in Fort Wayne, to find a girl who was depressed and had mats in her hair. Instead of treating this little girl with compassion, they talked down to her, while her mom ran to ULTA to buy an expensive product to help them. When she got back, they decided they didn't need it and had an attitude with mom. The manager also came out and started arguing with the mother and escalating the situation to a whole new level, instead of apologizing. I guess this little girl had been depressed over the summer and her mom had just picked her up, so instead of helping her to feel better the manager and other stylist made her feel worse by talking down her, this was a LITTLE GIRL! What a shame that these people lacked empathy, and compassion and instead decided to belittle a little girl and her mother. Nobody who is depressed deserves to be treated like that! Please share this so that Great Clips can see what they have done to this little girl's spirit.


I'm looking for the mother that i talked to and your little girl so I can connect you with stylists here in fort Wayne who are reaching out to help you

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Anonymous - 41 d 13 h ago


Yeah that is very typical for the managers to talk down to customers... happens almost in every great clips.... the truth will come out and it's already starting to .... one of the most horrific experiences of my life to date ... it is still affecting me mentally a month later

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Grateful in Arizona. - 42 d ago


Maria Murillo from Great Clips Sierra Crossroads, Fontana, CA. saved the day! I went to Maria's store just before closing time and asked her for help to fix my hair and shared what happened a week before at a competitors shop. Maria was kind, listened and most of all was honest about the growth time it will take to get my hair back to where it was. After 3 separate visits to Maria in Fontana CA I am on my way. What that other Person did to me at a contracted store within a major nationwide retailer by chopping off my hair that resembled a bowl cut changed my expectations in the future. I shouldn't of been so trusting when this she turned me away from the mirror and directed my vision toward a line of cashiers and customers checking out while behind me she was texting and saying what Beautiful curl I have....more like had.... This Person cut off all my curls both top and bottom and said I was due for a cut. Thank goodness she didn't razor cut the rest only because I stopped her. I guess I was lucky to escape the chair of the butcher cuts, this was my first and last bad cut I assure you because I won't shop at a superstore for groceries and use their contracting stores ever ever again. Funny thing is that this Person normally doesn't get many complaints according to their management, she must of had a bad hair day herself that cost me plenty. Thank goodness for Professionals like Maria, I will be traveling to see her again very soon with confidence. I know Maria has been Great at Great Clips for 20 years and is solid at her job. Maria takes her time and doesn't cut corners while taking pride in her work to never short change the customer with a inferior cut. Maria's a true Professional in her field. My Husband is my Colorist, he is great but doesn't cut my hair so next trip to Cali I'll be calling Maria at Great Clips!!

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Disappointed - 42 d ago


At the Rocklin Commons Great Clips, my son and I were walk-ins and were told that the wait would be no more than 15 minutes. My son was taken right away and began his haircut. While I was waiting my turn, a family of 5 came in who had used the auto-checkin. While I sat waiting my turn with 3 hairdressers working, they took each of the others. After I was bypassed 4 times, I paid for my son's haircut and left never to return again. What made it worse is not only to have to wait for a long time, but I was totally ignored by all their staff. There's plenty of other places who value my business and time.

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Bob - 43 d 19 h ago


I usually go to Great Clips in Columbia, MO, and ask for Becca. I called to find out her schedule, was told what days and hours she worked. I come in on Monday, and was told she left early, she would be back the next day from 11-6, came in the next day at 1:00pm, told she went home sick, came back one more day, got checked in, waited for almost 20 minutes, saw her going in and out of the bathroom multiple times, finally she comes up to the counter, says "oh, I'm so sorry, nobody told me you were waiting " then proceeds to tell me she cannot cut my hair today, as she has to go pick up her child, so I decide to let one of the other stylist cut my hair, rather than make another wasted trip into town. I drove 20 minutes each time to have my hair cut by her. As the other stylist was cutting my hair, I can hear her in the backroom cutting up, giggling, then as I'm checking out, she comes to the front counter and says "I'll catch you next time." Why couldn't she cut my hair, she obviously didn't leave like she originally said she needed to do? And the stylists cutting my hair had to leave me several times to answer the phone and check other customers in. Not sure what was happening in the back, but I don't think it was customer service.

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Anonymous - 45 d 5 h ago


The biggest mistake Homewood, Alabama EVER made was allowing BABS to leave. When she left, all the class left with her. Now its a bunch that dont know how to cut or style. Never going back and now Im looking for BABS

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