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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Windy - 10 d 15 h ago

Chico ca great clips

Just a lil advice for you next time you have a stylist come do a hair cut you should have them bring a model and not a doll head that swivels on a stand that they trip on oh and " long layer you might want to provide them with clips for separating the hair not have them fight with that horrible doll hair ... Take it from a professional of great clips .. yes I was a manager in Sacramento and 5 star salon owner .. . This was very frustrating . And teach your girl to be more inviting to people that enter your salon, as a district manager you should know all of this

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Windy M Carlson - 11 d ago


Can someone please tell me why it's ok for owners to black ball you without explanation . I have been with great clips and if you look me up I was a manager with the fastest hair cuts with quality always had happy customers.

If there is jeliousy going on that is not to be talerated . I have had nothing but issues and have been treated porly . I was called for a interview and was denied because of the owners issues that have not been explain from years ago .I am not understanding and can not get a answer when I have basically begged and pleeded for a answer . Also I would like to know how I can get my 401k please .. I'm do disappointed and hurt that this is now a act of discrimination . I remember a small issue and it was very much a good reason to not be able to make it to work. Who do I talk to about this issue

Please let me know please

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Arielle Allen - 11 d 11 h ago

Is there an hr department? I need to speak with someone about how I am being treated as an employee

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 m ago

I currently work at on of your stores in Oregon. This is my 3rd great clips franchise owner. NEVER have I been made to feel so.poorly about myself or seen coworkers trated so bad as I have until working under this District manager . I am now looking for a new salon to go to. When I started at this shop it was my first one back after brain surgery in August. My manager and I discussed my limitations and made an agreement on how much I could handle. I feel discriminated against by my district manager and assistant manager. I do not need to be spoken to in a condescending way. Its embarrassing. Good stylist are hard to find and I truly hope this District manager doesnt ruin the great clips experience for many more stylist.

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Anon - 11 d 18 h ago

Um, same here on the east coast! It's so devaluing as a human.

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Anonymous - 106 d ago

Im want talk with H R about Discrimination in my salon work Great clips

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G - 19 d 15 h ago

what state are you in?

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Anon - 11 d 18 h ago


Me too. The franchisees contract saids they need to follow all laws, and they don't.

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago

Very poor set up for customers who walk in, and when told amount of minutes if you aren't there you wait some more.

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Gary Wagener - 18 d ago


How do I get my money back for the worst hair cut I've ever gotten from great clips . I have pictures from today's haircut

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First and last - 19 d 5 h ago


Got my hair cut today At Hamlin Winter Garden Fl . I will never go back.... I asked for ears trimmed, didn't get done. It seemed like I was an intruder when the place was almost empty. What indifference, I don't need this.fortunately for me other places to go

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Walk in beware - 32 d 9 h ago

My mom who is 82 yrs old goes in great clips in Drexel hill pa . So far twice she has walked in and they say 20 minutes or more and no one is in there . The sign said no appointment but no clients r there but they say to her there coming . She can never just walk in than right . She will always have to wait if she doesn't make appointment on her phone that's how it works .

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Michael Busby - 38 d 7 h ago


I would like to leave a review for a stylist as well as a location. I get my haircuts at the Great Clips location off of Hargraves Dr in Austin, TX. One of your stylists at that location, Jackie, is great. I have been seeing her for a while, and she is very nice, personable, attentive, thorough, and she remembers the little things. The stylists workspaces are always very clean, and the office is very well run. I will continue going to this location as long as I still have hair to cut.

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Pat - 50 d 16 h ago


I had a haircut by a wonderful lady, Lisa was her name and this probably was the best haircut I have ever had and it was with a scissors, and hand-cut and it was just snipped, snipped and the best cut I ever had. It was in Ocala, FL by the Publix store on SW 42nd St. It is so short and light and lays so nice. Thank you, Lisa!

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Blase 763 754-8360 - 51 d ago

Earlier this evening I went to the Great Clips in Coon Rapids Minnesota which is right next door to a TJ Maxx store. I did the online check-in and I thought everything was going fine and then I went into the building and here's what happened. At the front desk was a curly haired lady kind of dark brunette definitely curly hair short curly hair I don't know her name I don't know her name she didn't look happy right off the get-go. I could plainly see there was one other stylist that was busy cutting a man's hair that lady's name was Tiffany and that's the one I usually like to have cut my hair.

but I really didn't feel like waiting for Tiffany to get done with the customer she was helping so I asked the greeting lady the curly haired lady I asked her if she would cut my hair she gave me a flat out no I thought oh okay I thought to myself well maybe she's going to take a break maybe she just wants to sit on something for a while so this curly haired lady ducked into the supply room of the Great Clips that I was at she jumped into there and I sat and I sat down in the chair in the customer waiting lounge. I sat there for about a minute or two and I got up out of my seat because I was thinking I'm going to talk to this lady to find out why she doesn't want to cut my hair so that's exactly what I did. This curly haired lady that I am describing to you she said she didn't want to cut my hair because she recalls a conversation that I had four to five years ago with the stylist that now turned into a manager and is hardly ever there I was having a conversation with that person cuz she was cutting my hair mind you for 4 to 5 years ago. The lady cutting my hair back then was a very nice lady named Suzanne. Her and I were chit-chatting a little bit and Suzanne was talking about herself. Suzanne said about herself that she thought she was kind of a little bit fat. Of course I looked at Suzanne and I said you're not fat isis you've got a nice figure Suzanne is not overweight I've never ever thought that ever about Suzanne. I simply told Suzanne if she wants to see fat people she should go into a Walmart or a Kmart that I thought there were a lot of obese people there. I am one that I call things the way I see just so happened to be that the curly haired brunette lady that I saw tonight she was also working the same shift four to five years ago when I was having a conversation with Suzanne. So this stylist this lady with the curly hair that I saw tonight refusing to cut my hair brings up some this incident that happened four to five years ago claiming she took offense to that and I told her I wasn't directing the comment to her but she took offense to that so I don't know how to fix that I never was trying to offend this lady that took offense to a conversation I was having with Suzanne and the curly haired lady just happened over here it I wasn't tripping on her but evidently she took it that way. like I just said this curly haired lady short curly haired young lady refused to cut my hair tonight I thought and I didn't say nothing and more I simply walked out after she brought up this whole deal from four to five years earlier I thought this is b******* I'm out of here I will never return to that Great Clips again I thought it was just ridiculous this gal is clearly holding a grudge from 4 to 5 years ago because of something I said and she happened over here at she wasn't even in on the conversation. I sincerely hope that this lady that I would talkin about tonight I hope she gets reprimanded because I am a truck driver and I treat customers with the utmost respect. I learned many many years ago that the customer is King and that's how the customer should be treated and I still believe that should still role in today's society.I'll tell you what you have just lost one heck of a customer I would go to that Great Clips location once a month for the past 12 years and when this happened tonight that is absolutely the last straw.I am definitely done getting my haircut at Great Clips all together regardless of any of their locations.

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Sandi - 56 d 9 h ago


Ok so I visited the Tustin legacy location in CA 2nd time , 1st time my daughter had woman , Marlene she did great job with haircut but customer service was not there . I decided to give the place a second chance . I went on a Sunday afternoon not too many people there . After I told the women named Laura, to cut her hair 3 inches she shows me 2 inches and I continue to say one more inch, please . After I sat down she says with an attitude I cut 2 inches and this is the second time can you tell me what you want ? I continue to say pardon me , but I think you misunderstood but I asked for 3 inches, and she goes on rudely to say no you didn't . She was extremely unprofessional , you don't argue with customers ever !!! Emoloyee needs serious training on customer service and learn to leave her personal problems out of work place. Will not be returning.

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Leon - 65 d 11 h ago


I went to get my hair cut today and this was the second time this week the hours said open at 9 am no one around and when they showed up at around 10 they said it would be 11 before they would cut my hair. I have had trouble like this before. It is one place in Elkhart ind the other one I didn't try but this one location always has a excuse.

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Gary P - 84 d 8 h ago

I need to share that I received the worst haircut ever. I was at 144th and Maple, Omaha. Stylist talked about living an hour north and snow. Got home and realized she had not trimmed the left side of my head. Asked 41/2, don't even think right. Worst ever.!!!!

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Carol Bush - 96 d 11 h ago


I would like to tell Great Clips about a wonderful employee that I met last month. Her name is Tiffany England and she's the manager at Great Clips in West City, Illinois. My husband needed a haircut and it was late...almost closing time when we discovered Great Clips. One of the women cut his hair while I talked with the manager. I have wild, frizzy and horrible natural curly hair and I hadn't been able to find anyone that could do a good job on it. I told Tiffany that and she said, "come and see me." It just happened that I had lost 50 pounds within about 6 months and we had a wedding to attend. My husband hadn't seen me dressed up since I gained the weight related to medication. I remembered her saying she could cut natural curly hair and I felt it was worth a try. I told her about losing the 50 pounds and that I wanted to look really nice for the wedding for my husband. We've been married 40 years but the weight loss and the new dress were exciting and I wanted my hair to look awesome too. Tiffany listened to the story and told me that's why she had started cutting hair, to help people to look awesome and she was very genuine. She showed me how to style it and picked out products that I could buy to combat the frizz that you get with curly hair. I was very impressed with the personal service and I definately have a permanent beautician now. Thank you for such a caring employee.

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B - 121 d 9 h ago


I filled out the applications so that Great Clips would send me discount coupons for hair cuts, But I received no response to my requests for the coupons.

I am

Joel B. Schaperow,

100 Thames Street,

New London, Ct 06320


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Sur - 97 d 12 h ago

Same thong here.

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Carlsson - 102 d 10 h ago


I don't know where that "unhappy" person goes, But it most certainly ~ is not the Great Clips ~ out here in New Hampshire. They are the Best ! Very Professional, Polite, and a darn Nice place to go.

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Angela Rakowski - 113 d 15 h ago


I just got the worst haircut of my life and I'm ready for legal action!! I can't believe you would hire someone with zero skills!! I have pics and am contacting other avenues as to how to fix this!!!

Do not go to the salon on telegraph Rd in Bloomfield hills Michigan!!!

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Anonymous - 119 d 14 h ago


They really need to tell a stylist to quit talking about herself no body liking

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Diana Lee - 126 d 16 h ago



I have been going to the great slips salon #4337 for about 12 years now. I am glad I can request the same hairdresser all those years as I have gotten a very good haircut every time. Great to have a long relationship with your hairdresser. Makes the visit more personal and not like a factory. It is also nice to go to a salon where there are other people that have worked there for many years and to see friendly, familiar faces. When a company keeps good people and treats them well, the business is a success. Ask Costco about that. Too many companies have lost their personal touch and the country could use more human kindness. I hope that is incorporated in all of your salons. Thank you.

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