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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


I have had multiple issues in scheduling on-line appointments at the Hendersonville, TN Main Street location. I arrived about 10 minutes before my scheduled time only to find out that I was not in the system. This is the third time I have had an issue with this location. The previous two stated I had a 12 - 15 minutes wait on the online check-in. I arrived within the allotted time only to be told I have another 15 - 20 minute wait. If they cannot schedule properly, maybe they should cease taking online appointments. I am rating only the on-line check-in terrible, I typically receive decent haircuts for the price.

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Sag - 3 d 3 h ago


Am not writing this to harm any one but it's just an experience which I want to share so that great clips can improve.

I reached great clips at Roxbury mall at 6 20 pm to have a haircut for my 7 yr old kid. The lady at front office politely asked if I have an online check in for which I said no. She asked me to take a seat and another lady ...( Not mentioning her name ) from inside came over and told me ...not in a polite manner that they cannot take us in as they will close at 7. She said they have 4 online check ins and one in waiting. So I went out and tried checking in online. I got a call back saying that I should reach the salon quickly before closing. I reentered the salon and said I just checked in online and it's allowing me to. The same lady then started arguing rudly that it doesnt mean I can have a haircut today itself. I asked if it's worth to wait so that I will have a chance if some one doesn't show up. She hesitantly said yes. After 2 minutes the same lady was free and no one was in line..She still kept us waiting for some more time and then she had to finally let us in . This really was a bad experience for me. ...since the employees there and online system gave me two different answers.. and the employee could have told me in a more polite manner that they cannot admit us today.

I just wanted to bring to your notice that such experiences would really make us think twice before coming to great clips next time. The lady did a good cutting though...

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Stop complaining! You knew the salon closed at 7!!!! Why wait that long to go in???! Rude on your part.

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none - 3 d 4 h ago

Bad bad bad bad bad Customer service from employees and bad bad bad skills amateur whats the point if getting a hair cut then have to go home and trim or go to another place to get fixed? You guys at Corporate need to do a lot better than this, I dont care if its cheap, you in the market then you need to compete with others that are doing a great job

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago


I went into Greatclips in Bradenton, Florida, they call it Braden River and received the worst customer service ever by Bella. She shouted at my husband and i from across the room that if we didnt want her to cut our hair come back another time when our preferred stylist is there. Never came to the front desk to assist us or to speak to us more professionally. She could have assured us that notes were in the computer and she was well capable of cuttig our hair. Nope, she yelled leave and come back if you're not comfortable with me. Her tone was horrible, she is nasty and very rude. How could you dare trust someone like that to run your establishment.

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago


I just received the worst haircut of my entire life from Marilyn at GC in Wellington. Not only was it asymmetrical but she had attitude and was extremely rude, as if it were my fault she did not know how to cut hair. I will definitely report her to corporate. They should really be aware of employees who are destroying their business and my hair.

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George - 8 d 9 h ago


I think you people are making a big mistake with the manner of your operation. I went to Great Clips some months ago but very disappointed with the haircut I received. For that reason I went to Sports Clips for several of my next cuts. Today I went to Sport Clips for a haircut but there was only one person working and several people waiting. I was in a rush so I decided to go across the street to Great Clips and try once more. I ended up getting one of the best haircuts ever. I asked the person who took care of me if I could ask for her for my next cut. I was told.... the store does not take appointments and a customer can not request an individual. The employees have to take everyone on a rotating process. There were approx. eight employees working on this date. My chance of getting the same person next time is very low. So unfortunately I will have to continue with Sport Clips in the future. I find it a shame that a customer can not request a person of their choice!! Again, you lost me as a customer. I do pass on my compliments to Stacey who gave me a perfect cut today.

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W - 17 d 16 h ago


I only worked for great clips for a short time. Great clips shore drive in Virginia Beach has by far the worst management I have ever witnessed. Besides a power hungry motor mouth manager Kim her two assistants are by far not qualified, they can't deal with any type of confrontation and one is lazy and whins all day long. As far as the employees there, I've witnessed the selling of weed in the break room, they are all lazy. The general manager Andrea must be bipolar because you can ever tell what kind of mood she's in, very unapproachable and always has a contact bitch face on. But goody she's bffs with the manager and few other girls there, there's so much favoritism it's pathetic. Classy to party with your employees! Run far away from this place unless you like being treated like a child with no respect. A store starts with management! Train these people better! Get people in with experience!

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BP - 10 d 10 h ago

Experiencing an employee who says she's the manager but she holds a key to open the door. She is very unprofessional and I am going to corporate to make a complaint. I have been a Stylist for 10 years. I had a little set up in my home raised 6 kids decided to work for a corporation. I wonder if I made a mistake because I just wanted to enjoy people and do quality service.

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Elaine - 14 d 7 h ago


Rachel @ Caldwell Crossing is the absolute best!Kindness and quality!!!

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Anonymous - 14 d 11 h ago

What use to be a great place to get a haircut has failed tremendous. Poor management every week it's someone new. Great Clips Lightfoot Market place they work the very few stylist to shreds stylist come and go. The lady that is the manager now Kathy has no respect for customers and over charges told me it's a dollar per minute to do my hair. I will never go back to this Great Clips

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Donna - 20 d 12 h ago


So went to my local Great Clips ( Mishawaka, IN) and received a fabulous haircut...So of course I wanted to go back to my same stylist...well come to find out if you call or walk in to the studio they can not tell you if and when your stylist is working...stated it was their policy! Stupid policy! Why would you not let your customers know when your stylist was working? I wanted my hair cut from her...NO One else!!! So great clips just lost a customer!!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago


I experienced the same thing. Every three months I will go for a cut and the same stylist are never there. Not sure if they quit or get fired but I appreciate consistency with my stylists. It's a shit show through and through.

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Michelle - 18 d 6 h ago


I've been going to GC for 2 years for my haircuts and have never had a bad experince until today.3 girls were working, none were friendly or happy in the least. No pleasantries or hello...I felt like I interrupted an argument. A lady named D'Andra came from the back room and scolded me for giving her my phone number before she got to the computer. I almost walked out there and I wish now that I had. She was very abrasive and rude. She stared hacking away at my hair like Edward Scissorhands. I tried to make small talk to no avail. I looked over at the other girls sitting waiting for customers. They had frowns on their faces. Miserable as hell. The one girl with multi coloured hair has been my stylist before but no recollection what so ever. The tension was very thick and I will never go back! I've always had a laugh with the girls and a pleasant experience. NOT Today!

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Kim Ranson - 20 d 24 h ago


I was at the GreatClips store in Farmington, MI about two weeks ago. A stylist named Paris when I asked, was arguing with another lady on the floor she was screaming very loudly and swearing in front of the entire store, my children were with me sitting in the lobby at the time and I asked her to stop swearing in front of my children she wouldnt stop and kept screaming. This is HIGHLY unprofessional I am so utterly in disbelief that this store would have a stylist that swears and disrespects customers. She should be fired immediately I will NOT return to the Farmington store, you have lost my business and any friends that also go there thanks to me.

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Unsatisfied Customer - 20 d 21 m ago


Great Clips - Katy Reserve in Katy, Tx

They need to get rid of Norma. She does not follow Great Clips policy. She does not know how to cut hair either. Last time we were there she did a horrible cut on on my husband not only that she rubbed her fake boobs all over my husbands neck and back, totally inappropriate. NEVER going back.

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FRA - 20 d 10 h ago


Rhoda Olsen,

You destroyed the Great Clips check in system! my wife and I used it for years! No more!! it's awful! Terrible! I'm not inputting all that information! We have gone to the Sheffield Village Store for years! 3/4 mile from our house! The staff is great, Mirta the Assistant Manager has been awesome! She knows us and our family and is a great leader there! I Staff greets you and always welcomes you with smiles. just got my hair cut today (Mirta) was off and unloaded on a stylist how you trashed the Check In System! My wife may stay but I'm looking down the road at another barber! if not fixed. Shame on you for destroying a good thing ! It was convenient for many, I've talked to other customers and neighbors and they are ticked off too!

Why I have your attention I have another issue with Great Clips Corporate Management. I noticed one evening that that the closing staff has to exit at night thru the rear door. How do you make females exit out to a dim dark lot? I inquired with property owners and they have a problem with parking in the DAY time with UPS Store, Weightwatchers on either side and soon to come Mr. Hero. I understand that part of shared parking in a small area and employee's park in the back. However let the closers move their cars to the front after 6 or 7 PM so they exit out to a brighter lit and much safer lot. The lot is at front of building and main drive to shopping center and main road visible to many. I have thirty years in Public Safety. We live in a crazy world and the Verizon Store a few hundred feet from the Great Clips has been robbed in evening hours. This is a heads up and I'm an advocate of Public Safety issues in our community. Thanks for your time, please correct the check In back to a fast process again and protect our Women in the shop. Waiting to hear if you care! FRA.

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RVelez - 21 d 3 h ago


We visit Great Clips monthly, and we have for the last 2 years - specifically the store at Stonecrest, Charlotte, NC. Today we had a very disappointing visit, and even when everything has been relatively good in the past, today's event will prevent me from visiting this store ever again. Today I took my kid for his usual haircut, which is always the same. We had different barbers during these years and we always get what we request. When I requested the barber this time (never saw him there before) for the same haircut and showed him a photo of what my son always get, he began. A few minutes after, I noticed that the haircut was not looking how he always get it and I showed him the photo again and requested him to cut his hair a bit shorter. At that moment, the barber said (while touching the photo): "I cannot cut the hair like that because the person in the photo is white and has white man's hair and this is not white man's hair" - referring and touching my sons hair. My son heard that. I replied to the barber that that comment was not appropiate and he smiled and continued cutting my son's hair. I paid in full and even tip him. It was completely OUT of contest. Race has nothing to do with a haircut. My son gets the same haircut every month by anyone there without a problem and this barber said he couldn't because my sons hair was not a white men hair. Incidents like this are unnaceptable and I will be writing further reviews about it. I have a photo of the haircut we always request and a photo of my son's haircut. Hair wasn't and never has been a problem. Race was, in this case, I am afraid. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 21 d 7 h ago


Great Clips in Parsippany, NJ. Hair stylists are friendly and professional - good haircuts. Not enough staff. Used on-line check in. Arrive on time and have to wait 20 minutes after my wait time. Not enough staff - very busy location. Only 1-2 stylists at a time.

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Douglas Clarke - 21 d 13 h ago


Great clips in Gibsonia, Pa is awesome! I regularly go there for my haircut, done by their Stylist Lindsey, who is incredible, professional, and her attention to detail...immaculate!

Last night my 7 year old daughter wanted to take a big step and cut 8 inches off, but she didn't want to wait until Lindsey worked the next day. We went to the shop and Jessica, the Salon Manager, did an awesome job. She treated my daughter like a queen, making her feel like it was her special day, and her haircut was perfect!

I shouldn't be surprised, that shop runs like that everyday. Recently, I stop by to see if Lindsey was working. I was half way across the parking lot when Cassi, the asst manager, greeted me at the door. She immediately identified me as one of Lindsey's customers and had Lindsey's schedule available. Impressive that her awareness, attention to detail, and customer engagement are peaked at maximum level.

That's why my family and myself remain loyal customers to that shop!

Thank you...Lindsey, Cassi, and Jessica for being the best!!!

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MsBarber - 22 d 5 h ago

These corporates need to learn the hair business is about relationships and good cuts which you cannot do in 10 minutes. When you treat staff and clients like human beings and not money making machines, believe me, your results will improve a 1000%. I'm a master barber and believe me clients pick up on everything. Go get your priorities fixed Great Clips.

General profile image - 22 d 8 h ago


Zero wait time should mean zero wait time. Ten minutes maybe, but not after one has sat for about 16 or 20 minutes be find out that one is not next and will have to wait 20 to 25 more minutes. Mr. President or CEO of Great Clips, what does zero wait time mean to you? This is the third time my wait time has been longer than promised. I work by the hour on-line, you owe me $20.00 minimum for the time I lost driving down to you store to wait. I'm not charging for the anger or the email. (Store located at 6315 North May Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 72112...I've had a different barber every time, so it is not this guy's fault for the other times. Who sets the time for waiting?) Difficult to sign in, too.

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Geno Zamiska - 22 d 11 h ago


Quit improving things which are not broken. This morning I was unable to sign-in on my computer (I do not have a Smart Phone) since the improvements made to your web sites are not improvements at all. I have had no problems in the past - so quit fixing what isn;t broke.

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Geno Zamiska - 22 d 11 h ago


Quit improving things which are not broken. This morning I was unable to sign-in on my computer (I do not have a Smart Phone) since the improvements made to your web sites are not improvements at all. I have had no problems in the past - so quit fixing what isn;t broke.

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Breanna - 31 d 11 h ago


I worked at great clips for a few months and let me tell you it was a few months too long. Never have I worked for a corporation that was as disrespectful as that one. They are so concerned about being fast and keeping their time down when they need to worry more about customer service and giving a quality haircut. No sick days, wasn't allowed to take off for a weekend because only one stylist can at a time. They had problems keeping employees because the boss doesn't know how to manage a company and the pay is just humiliating.

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Welch - 22 d 13 h ago

I will NEVER work for this Corporation again. All franchisees are the same. Very uneducated in the industry and some are OBVIOUSLY race and sex driven. Its very humiliating for me to admit that I worked for such an embarrassment of business. When the doors close on the cheapest known Corporation it will be due to your choice of investors.

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