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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Robert - 3 h 37 m ago


Gloucester ma. Closed again at 4:30 pm. Have tried to get a haircut for a week always a 90 min or more wait . But there is nobody in the shop. Will make my complaint at the next city hall meeting.

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Samantha - 1 d ago


Great Clips is Surrey BC Canada is horrible service the owner is so rude. My family and I stopped going there

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Sjm - 1 d ago


Sorry about typos . That nasty auto corrector at it again. meant deal with public you best put a smile on your face .

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Sjm - 1 d ago


The Manager at the Timacuan , Lake Mary store is so rude . Not a pleasant person at all. When you deL with ou Liz you beat put a smile on your face and speak nasty to your customers.

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Leslie S - 1 d 7 h ago


Have not had a decent hair cut the last 2 times, even after letting the stylist known exactly what works for my hair - which wasn't done, they spent 5 minutes tops on my hair, had to get her to trim stray hairs after she was done and she acted like it was inconvenient, will not ever go back, spending $40 at a nice salon is worth it! You get what you pay for.

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Maria R. Thomas - 3 d 4 h ago


I went to Great Clips in Clayton, NC on the 17th of July to get the bottom of my hair in the black clipped, that was all, just the bottom of the back of my head. When I got home I looked at the back of my head with a mirror and saw that a large section of my head was cut so short that I can see my scalp right through it. I don't have enough hair to cover it up! I'm outraged. I was going to this place to get one of the "Great Clips" the place it's named for. The next day, on July 19th, I went back to talk to Ashley, the girl who had cut my hair and, of course, they wouldn't let me confront Ashley. The young lady at the cash register said she would try to fix my hair. She tried but there wasn't much to do unless I wanted it cut real short over.

A couple of days later, I got a call from Mary who said she is the manager. She had read my review and gave me an apology. She asked if I could meet her at the Clayton store the next day. She said she'd be there between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. When I got there at 11:30, the girl at the cash register told me that Mary had told her to tell me that she couldn't be there that day. Mary had my number, why didn't she give me the courtesy of calling me or having the store call me. I am a busy person, yet I applied make up and got dressed, and cancelled another appointment, to meet Mary at the store. The girl behind the counter gave me a STUPID COUPON to use for a future haircut!! I don't need a STUPID HAIRCUT, I need hair. I will never set foot in Great Clips again and will mention Ashley's name to anyone I have an opportunity to.

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Terry - 3 d 6 h ago

Tanya at laburnum in Richmond does a grate job :)

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Micheline - 5 d 6 h ago


Micheline. I previously complained when a fill in employee at my Hair Clip Salon # 5919 was totally disrespectful, and incompetent while the owner was out of town.

The owner called me immediately upon finding out, and apologized profusely, and sincerely. I went back and Gino cut my hair himself, and did a fantastic job. He was very professional as most of the Great Clips employees. More than compensated for my disappointment. with the other "stylist".

Happy Customer

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Disappointed to the Nth degree! - 8 d 12 h ago


Went to Kinston location. Worst haircut I've EVER had!! Told her to leave bangs long, they're halfway my forehead! Wanted it layer, feathered, and it looks like she sat a bowl on my head to cut bangs!!! Will NEVER GO BACK!!! Grandson said to just cut the top a little more, was in there a couple weeks before then, she cut it all over and now it's too short!! Where do you find these people?? They need to go back to school all over again!!!

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Tatie - 9 d 15 m ago


My cousin went in to the salon in Phoenix on 19th ave and Union next to frys.... the manager at the store is the one that cut her son's hair. The haircut was absolutely awful! And all the manager could do is complain that she had been working 60 hours that week. This is no excuse to give a bad haircut! I am a manager of Great Clips as well! I am absolutely livid!

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KATHY - 11 d ago



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sharon weber - 13 d 4 h ago


i went to get my hair cut today at great clips independence, ky.. signed in online. no one waiting should of been my 1st clue, not to go. but i didn't listen. so i go in and take the picture with my how i want my haircut and tell her if you can't do it fine just tell me. her response oh sure i can. i say do you want this picture. no! i don't need it. so she spray my hair a little and starts cutting. 5 minutes she's done. i say wait this isn't like the picture at all way too long. she says oh, you want it shorter, ugh yes like the picture. so my husband brings the picture to me and i show her ,she says ok we can go shorter. i ended up with no hair hardly at all. i will never go there again. while i will miserably wait for my hair to grow out. how do these girls get there liscense? i pay more for a haircut from now on gladly.. 1st and last time there.

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Anonymous - 14 d 32 m ago

I've been an employee for 6 months at the Great Clips in Elizabeth City,NC....I have been doing hair for 32 years and my numbers according to them are right on track....and I'm still making just above minimum wage...was promised a raise after 3 months an didn't get it..went thru the academy and still no raise....6 months later just offered my first raise .....and still have to wait till end of the month to get my first raise.....something needs to be addressed on this matter ....franchises can obviously do what ever that want!!!!

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Cindi - 21 d 7 h ago


Great Clips Pittsboro NC. DO NOT go there. New to keep stylist wanted to dry cut my hair. My hair is longer and naturally curly so I know dry cuts dont work. I asked her to please wet my hair. She kept saying "all stylists are different " and wanted to do it her way. She soaked my air and then proceeded to part it wrong and when I questioned it said her all stylist are different line. She then accused me of trying to tell her how to do her job. My reply was I'm 56 years old and know how my hair gets cut. She said she would have to cut it twice, once wet and once dry. I dont think so. I usually get wet spray, cut, dry and pay. I finally said I had changed my mind and she came back at me with I couldn't tell her how to do her job. I had to leave with soaking wet hair and a poor opinion of great clips.

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Furious!! - 22 d 8 h ago


7911 Southtown Center

Bloomington, MN

Do not go here!! So unprofessional and the stylist was rude to me!! I wanted to go short and i showed him a picture of the hair i wanted. He couldnt improvise nor did it look like the picture. He wanted to cut my hair this way and that way and what he thought was best for me. He also dried cut my hair when my hair is naturally dry, frizzy and curly. And since he dried cut my hair, he couldnt blend my layers at all! He knew he messed up because he didnt give me a mirror so i wasnt able to look at the back of my hair. He refused to wet my hair and do a precise cut. Apparently if he wets my hair to cut it, he needs to charge me for styling it. No! How is wetting my hair to cut my hair more accurately be part of the styling service??? Instead of apologizing, he had the nerve to be rude to me and asked "are you a stylist?" I may not be a professional stylist, but i know style! Wasted my time and energy arguing with him. I do not recommend this place. They look down on their customers! Train your employees better!!! So unprofessional! Come on! Most of their negative reviews are about their staff!

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Brenda Bauldwin - 24 d 8 h ago


A lady in your Haslet TX sore was rude. Hung up on me while i was on the phone asking if i need to make an appointment. No need for that

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Scheduling elsewhere - 25 d ago


Went into Barnett Shoals, Athens GA shop - waste of time. I walked in as the sign on the sidewalk encouraged me too. Tell person I want a haircut, ask what is the difference between the $13 haircut and the $16 style. She doesn't know, ought to be a basic bit of knowledge you'd think since she's going to be first line customer contact. It's 7:40 PM, close at 9:00. Can't fit me in. I say you close at nine, silence on her part.

I see multiple areas for improvement but I'm thinking you don't really care. How are you still in business?

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Unhappy - 59 d 6 h ago


Well, I have been a customer for the last 5 years at the store on FM 2920 in Spring, Tx. Today, my family was treated with such disregard and rudeness that I will never again return. I have tried to talk to the manager who refuses to return a phone call. When we tried talking about the haircut to the stylist- who cannot speak or understand English- another stylist jumps in and starts an outrageous situation.

Very unprofessional.

Manager Johnette will not return calls. Same unprofessional behavior.

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Disappointed Customer - 28 d 1 s ago


Bridgeland Great Clips in Cypress, Texas same situation....terrible customer service and unprofessional

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Steve W - 28 d ago


Great Clips Bridgeland located in Cypress, Tx is definitely not very professional. The majority of the stylists there do not have good customer service and do not go above and beyond to give you an awesome haircut. I went there to get my hair cut as usual every two weeks and Rhonda was the one who always did my hair. Let me tell you she is a great stylist better than the rest of the stylists there. To make this short I called about a week ago asking if she was working that day and was told that she was off. I called the next day and asked if she was working and I was told that she was already gone for the day. Two days passed and I called and asked for her and I was told that yes she was there. I get there and request for Rhonda to cut my hair and I was told that she did not work there anymore that it had been about a week that she was gone. I am not sure why you gave the run around I just wish that ya'll had not wasted my time and been honest from the beginning. I will not be returning to this location. I am glad I saw her at the store a few days ago and now I can get a decent haircut elsewhere from her.

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Billy Smith - 28 d 28 m ago


While waiting for a friend to get a haircut at the great clips on mill street Westport location, there was a stylist I believe her name was Amelia. She passed over my friend and took 3 other cuts. We are African American, she never acknowledged us. When my friend asked how much longer, she became very rude, irate and unprofessional. I could not believe what I was hearing. She said, she doesn't do BLACK PEOPLE'S HAIR!!! HOW DOES SHE HAVE A JOB. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IF SOMETHING ISN'T DONE. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

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Joe - 28 d ago

Billy, I've seen lots of comments like yours about lots of different companies. Many of those comments make me think that African Americans are sometimes seeing racism where there is none. (Yes, I'm white.) However, this is NOT one of those cases! You should pursue this, and Great Clips should be held accountable for the way that you and your friend were treated!

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Leigh Ann Arnold - 28 d 8 h ago



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Disappointed - 29 d 5 h ago


The Elk Grove Village, IL Great Clips is a joke!

The women in there are just gossip queens. They don't care about customer service or cutting your hair. They just care about talking crap about their customers. What this Great Clips needs is some hard working, caring, descent and HONEST people working at this location. As well as people who REALLY know how to cut hair.

They think nothing about keeping a customer nor do they care about lying to customers.

They need to be told to have some morals!!

Stay far away from the fake employees and go somewhere where your haircut will look descent.

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Matt A Marshall - 34 d ago


Fix your online check in it is so stupid it really makes me want to go elsewhere. People check in online don't show up then there name still gets called three or four more times then you think it's your turn then they show up late and still get called ahead of you. It should be first come first serve. Please fix this or myself and many others will be going elsewhere. It maybe the dumbest program ever.

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Semter - 29 d 7 h ago

On line check in is stupid and not done correctly.

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