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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago


Great clips should be named no clips.burlington WI store is never open and on the occasion that it is only a stylist is on duty.What a waste of time.STAY FAR AWAY!

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Lynn Adkins - 3 d 10 h ago


I went into the Great Clips store in Minerva Oh this morning at 9:05. I went in to get a trim and was met by one of the rudest stylist that I have ever encountered. I informed her that she was rude and had an attitude problem. I have been going to this business for at least a couple of years and they have now lost my business. I know that I am only one person but the way I was treated this morning was simply uncalled Go and you as corporate would be wise to address this matter.

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Unhappy - 7 d 7 h ago


Well, I have been a customer for the last 5 years at the store on FM 2920 in Spring, Tx. Today, my family was treated with such disregard and rudeness that I will never again return. I have tried to talk to the manager who refuses to return a phone call. When we tried talking about the haircut to the stylist- who cannot speak or understand English- another stylist jumps in and starts an outrageous situation.

Very unprofessional.

Manager Johnette will not return calls. Same unprofessional behavior.

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Anonymous - 9 d 13 h ago


Had a great time! They were very friendly and welcomed me. They gave me great advice about the length and style for my hair. They were wonderful to talk to. I would go back when I need a haircut even if it is a little long of a wait. It is worth it. Thanks great clips! :D

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Anne Marie Llewellyn - 11 d 3 h ago


My wife and Ive been a customer for 10 yrs. Your online check in is insulting to me. If I was there waiting and someone walks in that has done online check in, they go first. If I do online check in, they tell me I can wait up until a half hour. Your system is flawed and I will never return as a customer IT SUCKS!

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

Bad customer service. I have a pic of this person

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago


Sucks wait time way off talk to much at Klamath Falls Oregon branch

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Chad - 18 d 11 h ago


My family and I always try to go to the Great Clips in Mount Repose. We always try and get the same Stylist Danielle Sears. She has made our haircut experience just great she is very pleasant to have a conversation with while cutting or Styling our hair and we always know that we will have a great Experience. Now we do not know her outside of Great Clips so this is an honest review . I just wanted to write this review to say thank you for all that you do and to say good job Danielle you put the great and great clips.

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James Compton - 22 d 7 h ago

Rudest people ,I have ever felt with, Pell City Alabama! Never consesent in what they time they tell you one thing the next time it's totally different.

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CathyBlount - 34 d 10 h ago


I was a stylist for Great Clips,I feel that i was treated badly,when working for Great Clips.The other stylists picked on me a lot,about my clothing and shoes.I also was working and i stylist told a customer,that i was not able to do a certain haircut.I have alt experience and i am a good stylist.I also feel that your so protective over clients,how about being a little protective and nicer to your stylist.

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Colleen - 23 d 12 h ago

Cathy, My daughter has been at Great Clips for 3 years, her store has a new Manager, who thinks she has to prove something. She is being treated poorly, she is 19 weeks pregnant and yesterday worked the 3-9 shift and she got absolutely ZERO breaks. She was told, no breaks if there are clients waiting! I am so outraged by the treatment of good stylist, such as your self! I hope you find a company that appreciates you! Good Luck!

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Alex C. - 24 d ago


At 7:20pm, Wednesday May 30, 2018 I walked into Great Clips location 72 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105 and was told by a elderly male Asian stylist that great clips won't be taking any more customers for the night. Even though the sign on the door says Walk-ins welcomed and they close at 9:00pm. He was rude and hostile towards me when I asked why not when the store is still open for another hour and a half. He said if you didn't check in online the store is done for the night and screamed to just come back tomorrow. I am horrified by this instance and will never come back to this location or any other Great Clips establishment. It was a waste of my time and other customers time to come if this store does not take walk-ins by 7:00pm. Great clips and franchise owners really need to audit their stores more regularly and have better customer policies. There is obviously a issue or lazy stylist a turning customers away.

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Rina - 24 d 9 h ago


Okay, who hires these people. There was some younger Asian girl with blond/light brown hair and bangs who did my hair. I have hair down to my butt and all I asked for was a trim. First, she didn't spray my hair to make it damp, but was chopping my hair dry and it hurt so bad and I kept telling her and she didn't even blink twice. She chopped my front layers and called it "long bangs" LOL. I never asked for "long bangs." And it was super choppy not blended, just ugly. Then she was confused what she did wrong. She said she has been doing hair for 7 years.... ummm dog hair? You don't just chop someone's hair when you don't ask... then a lady named Donna came out to "try"and fix it... and she could barely get it even... now i have choppy side bangs. Worst place on earth.... I cried so hard when I got home. I'm just so sad that they ruined the front of my hair and gave me a chunk of choppy bangs. They need to hire normal stylists with normal experience. I will be writing to the owner until I get that Asian out of there that doesn't know how to do hair. Ahh I'm just so upset she did her own thing without consulting me.

She physically abused me by not stopping when I told her that she is hurting me. I need an answer because I will take matters to the next level. That is psysical abuse and I need to be compensated for it.

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Vijay s - 25 d 11 h ago

I am a past client of great clips stonefield square in Louisville my and I say past client because I have been a client there for the past. 10 years and never in my life have I been treated so rudely and embaressed by the manager alone.. Being from another country I think sometimes they feel we don't understand what the are saying but.. We do.. I came in about a half hour before closing and she said to me do you know what time it is?? What have you been doing all day while we have been working? Watching netflix?? It was so embaressing that me and and my child left.. This is not the first time in the past few months with the same manager!! Rude and very unprofessional. Me and "my people" as she put it will never be back.. Something needs to be done

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Joshua A. Collins - 26 d 7 h ago


HI I went into your Niles location earlier today with my son who is autisic. We get his hair cut there regularly with no problems. Being only 2 years old and being Autistic the staff knows that the his haircut will be a little tough. My wife and I always leaves a genorus tip. This time though as my wife just sat down with him he started to act as usual the manager comes over and tells they wouldn't cut his hair and that we need to leave. We were both shocked and upset by this and we will be speaking to Autism support groups about this and will never go into another Great Clips again and make this known to other Autism families and post the video on facebook.

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Sherry - 28 d 10 h ago


I went to Great Clips in West City, Il on 05/08/18. Horrible service. I checked in and was told by stylist "Courtney" I believe that she would finish the one she was working on and there was one more ahead of me. I waited about 30 minutes, not a problem. The computer screen showed me as number one. She and the man's hair she was cutting talked about getting thrown out of bars and their experience with getting drunk. Still waiting, when 2 men walks in and she turns to them and said "I'll only be a minute guys". I said excuse me I'm next and she said no they are. I told her what I thought and will never go there again. She said she was the Acting Manage. I have been going there since they opened and have always had Marcus, that has left there. Very bad for business to obviously prefer to cut mens hair so you can discuss your bar room me its a small town and I will spread the word. I was also informed that they have new owners.. New owners you might want to reconsider your choices on who you hire.

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Sanjeev - 28 d 18 h ago


I always go to Great Clips to cut my hair from one old white guy but he is retired now then i had another white old lady but this time i went there 05/23/2018 Wednesday i always go Wednesday i checked in my self from my home @ great clips web site it was telling me for 1 hour i went there i could not find that white old lady then one another Asian old lady came to me she said my number is first i went with her and sit down on chair but chair was dirty i took small towel and clean my self even she did not ask me to clean then she was going to cut my hair i told her make it small from side and back and leave 3 to 4 inchs on top so i can comb but she messed up my hair she maid so much short on top and back do not look same one side small and one side big i told her you mess my hair she said do not pay

she piss me of even she did not say sorry or apologize to me i wanna say something to her but i just quite because it was woman if you like i can show you my hair picks How you hire these type people who do not know how to cut hair even i think she can not understand English.

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Anonymous - 29 d 3 h ago


The experienced stylist who cut my hair did a terrible job and pulled on my untangled hair (ouch) with her comb. It was a simple cut request but she didn't listen or take the time necessary to do her best and should be retrained to cut hair. Total time spent with stylist was less than five minutes. I had to call a friend to come over and even out length of long strands of hair she overlooked. I did call stylist back to let her know how dissatisfied I was with her hair cutting techniques. Even though she did apologize and offered to re-cut hair, but I did not want to go through the horrible experience again or have the time to go back to get my hair cut the right way as it should have been done in the first place.

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Anonymous - 29 d 8 h ago


Happy with the haircut, great atmosphere, friendly. Never had a problem, looking forward to my next haircut and I love talking to the Girls here because they listen and make time for me. Always Pleasant and good customer service.

Poinciana, FL 34759 is the online zip code we use.

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Mark W - 32 d 2 h ago


We have left appropriate reviews for this location. The owner and manager have refused to contact us. I have filed a dispute with my Credit Card. Great Clips has a terrible reputation and boy did they earn it!

1st review

I've been going to this Great Clips location for several years now and usually get good results. I went in on 5-10-18 and got Cat (according to the name on my receipt, not really sure who it was) as my stylist; just my luck. Even before she came over to get me, another customer waiting made the comment that if the place caught on fire, she would never make it out alive. She seemed dead inside, no smiling, no talking, moving like a sloth. She looked at notes on how I like my hair cut, verified them and started cutting away. I tried to show her a picture on my phone of what I wanted but she just threw the cape over me and my phone like she could care less. She never talked to me again until she was done, then asked if it was ok. I asked that she take more off the sides and she seemed irritated; made a few more snips with her scissors and then glared at me in the mirror. I wanted more taken off the top too but was afraid to ask, fearing her attitude would leave me with a worse cut than I had. And NO, I didn't leave a tip. My husband, who doesn't normally notice my hair cuts, even said something about how it looked off. I will not EVER have Cat cut my hair again. I hope she was just having an off day because if she is like that everyday then she needs a different job.


Response from the ownera week ago

We're sorry to hear this was your experience, Nancy. If you'd like, please call us at 1(hidden) ext 3 or email (hidden) with the details and location so we can best assist you and follow up with you. Thank you.

2nd review

My wife visited this location several weeks ago and the stylist (If you can call her that) was rude and did a terrible job cutting her hair. My wife left an online review for the terrible job and was contacted by Great Clip's customer service. Customer service promised us the local store would reach out to us and they have not. It has been two weeks and we expect a call from someone or we will dispute the charge on our credit card. I called the store today and spoke to April (absolutely no help) and she refused to share the owner's name or phone number. I asked her to have the manager call but as usual we haven't heard from anyone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION! Their reviews should be enough to scare anyone away!

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Anonymous - 36 d 36 m ago

I was a stylist for great clips for many year and have a great following but when you put people in management that talk about their cilents and staff there's an issue. Plus you have managers going outside to get high while ont the clock is wrong.. Many of the customers are Indian people and they are not stupid but for a manager to lock the doors 15 minutes before we close its not right..and to holler at them for coming in late.. Everyone is short staffe but it's not right to treat people that way.. I don't say much beacause I was a stylist but this has got to stop.. The franchise owners need to get more involved to see what is really going on.. Great clips is a great place to work but when you have management that doesn't care there's a problem

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Les - 37 d 10 h ago


Hi, I am from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, I have been to their salon here four times, the first three times were great, the stylist talked to me about my hair and how I wanted it trimmed, made notes on the computer, and the following visits were ok. then the 4th. time, she called my name, said"same as before" I replied "yes", and never spoke another word again, she sheared up both my sideburns like a buzz cut, didn't taper off the back of neck, again like a buzzcut. I called the following day, left three messages, no call back, finally got to speak to someone two days later, and she hung up halfway through my call, something should done.

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Anonymous - 39 d ago


I visited the State College, PA today at 1890 N Atherton Street and I am furious. I will NEVER go there again and this was my first visit. So, Arlene was my "stylist" today and did a POOR job!! I had to explain to her 5 times during my visit how I wanted my hair cut. The directions were VERY clear. I patiently told Arlene what I ask the nearby competitors do each time that I have been going to for over 10 years as part of my explanation of 5 times and she screwed up!! If I had not asked how much hair she was going to take off, I would be BALD and now I have a BALD SPOT on top my head and I am ALMOST BALD on the front half of my head. Arlene blamed her misunderstanding on me and said it was my fault for not explaining it right!! Arlene needs to be TERMINATED AT ONCE!! Please terminate her immediately. I am SO DISGUSTED AND FURIOUS at the lousy job. Thank you and please send me a reply on the outcome of this report.

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OHA - 40 d ago

I took my daughter for a haircut at one of your locations Avondale in Redmond WA 98052.

The stylist name is Tammy & Ticket # 272332. She was so insanely rude who kept hosing my daughter with water & endlessly digging comb in her head. I asked her to stop & she kept saying "DON'T tell me what to do". I had to come & stand next to my daughter to tell her to STOP cutting her hair. This woman couldn't even open her eyes properly & kept telling my daughter that her mom is crazy and over reacting. I tried to look around for a manager but didn't see any. I told my daughter to get up and Tammy pushed her down. My daughter is lucky she didn't end up bald but she did end up with THE worst haircut. I don't know why it is ok for you to have such stylists who are not just insanely rude but can't even open their eyes.

I will NEVER EVER go back to this place again because Great Clips is clearly focusing on quantity than quality.

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Anonymous - 41 d 9 h ago


Willmar mn greatclips is the worst. The staff is slow and stand around and talk while people are waiting for haircuts. Then decide to make an order for caribou across the parking lot. Seriously!!! Maybe get some staff that are fast and want customers to keep coming back.

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