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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Scott - 3 d 12 h ago

My family and I used great clips when we lived in Marion Nc and the service was awsome very short waits and very prompt service. My job has transferred me to sc. I used a North Charleston location while on business and again it was perfect. We live closer to Columbia so we have been this way more so I have used a Lexington location that was awful and now I'm at the Harbinson location and it is even worse. The place is full and people are setting around ready to leave. You have 4 girls on a Friday night one is standing on side walk on her phone one is standing in the middle of the isle talking to a customer Friend for the past 15 min. About personal stuff one is cutting someone's hair and keeps stopping to talk about her week and only one girl pumping out customers. Don't know who owns these locations but the two locations in Columbia that I have been to so far are not at company standards. Very very very poor customer service. Have to search for another location because I want be back to this one ether . I was told 25 min and that was a hour and 15 min. Ago. And they need to work on there on check in

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Matt - 4 d 11 h ago

They need a new system, corporate clearly does not realize what kind of money they are losing. I check in online with a 36 minute wait, 20 minutes later I am sitting here and it is saying 52 minutes. No point to having an online check in if you are still waiting for that long. Your system should be set up to show how many stylists you have and when they are on breaks or leaving for the day. This has gotten a lot worse in the past year and is quite ridiculous.

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No Phone Number? NO HAIRCUT! - 7 d 12 h ago


I was refused service twice at two different Great Clips locations for wanting a haircut using just my name. The first time was at the South Medford location. I had been going there since it opened and enjoyed the Veteran's discount. I always just used my first name. A number of months back I went in for a cut and the "lady" told me she couldn't give me a cut unless I provided my phone number. She was amazingly rude from the start and appeared almost pleased that she could refuse to allow me to get a haircut. She explained that if they didn't get a phone number it would appear to the owners that they were not getting repeat business and that she could get fired for that. I just left and went to Supercuts, but decided that I was no longer giving Great Clips my business. Today I decided I would give them another chance but I would go to the other location in Medford. Just my luck, the same women was at the other location, now several months later. She asked me for my phone number and I said it's not in their system, could I get a haircut using my name? I could tell at that point she recognized me. She instantly aired a pretentious pleasantness and told me they have to have a profile on everyone in case they contract some sort of disease. I said, I can't get a haircut using my name? She said, No, it's Oregon Law. I asked her her name so I could call corporate. Stephanie. So I left and went to Supercuts. I did try calling corporate, but it's Presidents Day, so no one was available. It doesn't matter at this point though, that was their last chance. However, I would like to know the truth. Does Oregon Law require a phone number to get a haircut, or do the workers require a phone number so they don't get fired? You know they're both BS. No one else "requires" a phone number. And yes, I do have one. But they're not getting it.

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JW - 35 d 34 s ago


Is it right for the franchise owner to fire a stylist because they had to deal with death of a loved one? That's what the owner of the Great Clips in Lees Summit, MO on Woods Chapel. Was hired to work every other weekend since I had another job. I began helping them since they needed help and cant keep anyone worthwile. They had me on full time when I had to go home, so I was fired! Couldn't believe this. I have been a good employee sincell day 1 and did not deserve this treatment. Horrible franchise owner!!

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Tamra - 9 d 6 h ago


I was told I couldn't go to the back and take a few sips of water without punching out. I am a diabetic who is insulin dependent. I have an appointment with an attorney.

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Tamra - 9 d 6 h ago


Does anybody ever wonder why they are ALWAYS hiring?

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Irated customer - 9 d 13 h ago

Great Cilps on loose and tropical. N. L. V. Nv. Manger Nannette Nichols is one of the worst !! Made my mother wait 40 minutes before her stylist could place neutralize, For a perm. On her hair- claiming she was allergic to the smell. My mother ask if she would receive a discount . But was told no. If she is allergic to chemical smells why is she in this business!!

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JP - 19 d 19 h ago


I just had the worst customer service that I can remember anywhere. I went in at 10:50 today to the Brighton Park Store in Frankfort KY. The woman that attempted to check me in was scowling, angry, sarcastic. It was the worst customer service i've received anywhere ever. She'd stranded her co-worker at her station with four customers waiting. One guy walked out after seeing the way I was treated. I said I would go elsewhere and she said "good". I went down the street to Super Cuts and had a great experience. I'm going there from now on after 15 years with Great Clips. I told the Super Cuts woman the story and she said,...."i used to work there that is just (Name Deleted), she's often like that." You just lost a 15 year customer, although from what I've seen you probably couldn't care less either.

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Anonymous - 20 d 8 h ago


This company is really getting worse and worse. Very dissatisfied and won't be back. Every review I've seen about working there or a client's experience all are terrible

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JDS - 21 d 17 h ago


Well services is not bad, I went to great clips in shiloh crossing, morrisville, yesterday and my stylist name was Angie and is really frustrare heard from your stylist make comments or look upset about each client, and she refuse take one customer and prefered took me because she have long hair to work on. Is another white or Hispanic lady handle the situation in professional way. Thank you for let me express my self..

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Candy - 31 d 12 h ago

I find it finny how everyone has something negative to say but keep returning lmfao obviously you can't make everyone happy but some of you people are ridiculous ok Mr/Ms I'm leaving because I'm inpatient and want to be put in a chair immediately hello nope that's not the way it works you big dummies plus that's what clips note are for stupid asses so you dnt have to repeat yourself about what you want if you're obviously not happy with your cut say something dnt be a missable little piece of shot about it and come to the internet with it be adult and address the issues at hand in the store duh but anyways sorry not sorry you welcome

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Cindy - 22 d 9 m ago

Excuse me Candy. I did say something with no results.

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Cindy Anzalone - 22 d ago


Extremely poor, rude, disrespectful & extremely bad haircut.I was a District manager,over saw many salons & opened many(different co.) In other states"Always" in management since 80's. She never knew of my past credentials,wasn't a need for me to tell her. Your salon GreatClips Cottonwood, AZ: dealt with manager. No receipt given, service on 2/4/17 What happen to Customer always right? Does she not understand she works in a service base industry?!! She was in a hurry last 2 times,about time to get off work. She really messed up my H/C. Can't fix it,was already 1" to short. Baby fine hair,certain way to cut my hair any mistakes of H/C easily shows. Bck a blunt cut straight across"certain way to comb back & hold hair while cutting"not done right it will show. She was to left of bck to cut a blunt cut, I ??? her. Admitted left is longer,notched cut to fix(can't do with my hair it shows& not a blunt) she refused check per my request so I can see. She snapped;she loudly rudely said no don't have to it's straight(my husband noticed as soon as I walked in). She went to front yelling louder at me don't have to cut my way she only does cuz "I USE TO BE A STYLIST"(always cut as client wants)I'm disable can't work I do family & keep up education still licensed,also in 2 other states. I feel she wanted to show authority,look good,bad ass! If I was her District manager I would've given her 1st & last write up. If she's had complaints in pass,she'd be"Fired." This is Definitely unacceptable behavior, Not a good role model for her stylist & clients(+ children)to see, & hear. I most likely won't return. I definitely think action should be taken, & possibly update me of such action,just to make me somewhat happy. Customer is always right!!!! I'm an Irate customer

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Joe - 22 d 17 h ago


Received a horrible haircut for a stylist at the shore drive location. She wasn't friendly, and just did her own thing. She was talking to another employee about having to order products, I can NOT believe this girl would be a manager of any kind! Very unprofessional & didn't look like she even wanted to be there. I won't be returning

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Luke Cage - 23 d 15 h ago


Beacon Hills on Fields Ertel in Cincinnati Ohio. I think this is the 1rst Great Clips ever! As u enter u see dirty carpet, dirty looking chairs and chip paint! I got locked in the bathroom only to look up and see a sign that says jiggle the door. I then go to sit down and the stylist had to switch out two rusted old chairs so she could raise me up to her height but that even was epic fail. I Iike the haircut but when i ask for a shampoo. I quickly regreted that decision because the sinks were too low as if they were for kids only. Will not be going back to the 1rst Great Clips ever...

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Jessica - 33 d 18 h ago


Olathe, KS - SantaFe and K7

We just left the most horrible haircut experience EVER! The "stylist" all but scalped my 3 year old son. She just kept cutting shorter and shorter because she couldn't get it blended on the top. She basically "buzzed" him with the scissors. And then as he got out of the chair and turned around his neck was bleeding. She nicked his neck with either her scissors or the clippers. On the other side of his neck were 3 long scrapes...appeared from the clippers as well. When I asked her did she cut him and what happened she says "Oh he must've moved" blaming it all on my son who sat AMAZINGLY still through the whole thing (she even commented in how good he was being during the haircut). TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! She didn't even say sorry for that. It is NOT my son's fault you nicked him! Then she still made me pay for his crappy scalped haircut EVEN though she cut him. UNBELIEVABLE! I have called corporate and they tell me the owner of that franchise will be contacting me. I'll be looking forward to that call and have taken pictures of his neck.

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 h ago

I can't figure out why it is so difficult for any of your stylists to do a decent! Why is it so difficult for your stylists to listen to the customer in the chair. EVERYTIME I sit in the chair I tell them exactly what I's NEVER what I have told them. Your stylists do their own thing, not listening to the customer at all. I am surprised you are still in operation. I have recieved the worst haircut last time I was there, 3 days ago. I think I will give your stylists another try and then when I walk out, I always regret it. I am astonished that you still have a business. Sign everyone up for a communication class, they do deserve it and could benefit from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Julie S - 37 d 12 h ago


Walk ins are no longer welcome at great clips. Put yourself on their online waiting list or be prepared to wait wait wait.

I brought my handicapped son in and left after 30 minutes. I took my cash money with me and went elsewhere and got my son an excellent haircut in half the time.

Too bad for you, Great Clips ! You're not so great and we're never coming back.

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Richard - 39 d 17 h ago


Never will I ever go to another great clips again. I am actually still at this place waiting for the past hour waiting for a haircut. They have two employees working, and I have been third on the list since I've got here. First off they told me my wait would be 25 min when I got here and now it's been over an hour. It's like there way of trying to keep me here. You knew it would be longer and honestly should be your policy not deceiving your customers. I will never recommend this place! This is a disgrace.

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Gramma - 40 d 15 h ago


My family and I used to go to Great Clips all the time but they sure have changed. I went to the one I usually go to today and the lady who cut my hair was very rude to me. I had to tell her 3 times how I wanted it cut and she said she ought to charge me by the once because I can't make up my mind. Then they were very rude to my grandson and granddaughter. They said some pretty crappy things to them. My family and I will never go to another Great Clips again.

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willie - 43 d 16 h ago


went to great clips ashland va. Was told a few minutes. Then someone shows up with three kids. Then they start

telling people it will be one hour. I left never to return. Poor company

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Anonymous - 43 d 16 h ago

St louis mo. Telegraph store: me and my son walked into store no one was there but one other customer standing waiting for service. We both stood there for a few minutes then I sat down waiting then finally a worker walks up so I stand back up and wait my turn to check in. The worker finally checked in the lady in front of me and brought her back for her sons haircut and she ignores me and the other workers that I can see sitting in the back drinking a soda did nothing but being rude I will never go back to any great clips they are a waste of time and money and there haircuts are the worst I have ever had it is just convenient but not any more will I waste my time or MONEY what a joke called a company wakeup corprate

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Ed Ellison - 45 d 14 h ago


Worst hair cut in history. Want my money back will never go there again and ill do my best to make sure everybody that will listen to me won't go.

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Anonymous - 46 d 18 h ago


Mathews NC , Sycamore Commons

I was in Great Clips in Mathews sycamore commons yesterday getting my hair cut when what appeared to be the owner started yelling at a stylist right in front of all the customers. What I heard was I care about the customer and the customer is always right but if he really cared about his customers then he would of taken care of that matter somewhere else and not in front of the customers. I am in customer service and I know this is very unprofessional behavior. I don't know what it was about but I did not need to see that when I am getting my hair cut. I felt so bad for the stylist she looked as if she was about to cry. I will not be back to this location I felt this could of been handled in private. I hope that stylist files a complaint with the corporate office I would.

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Anonymous - 49 d ago


Elizabeth City

I have always gone to Great Clips to get my hair cut. This location is very convenient, however, it has gotten to the point where I hesitate to even go there anymore. Whoever is managing this place speaks very poorly of her staff when they aren't around. I believe her name is Jess or Jessica. Several times while I was there over the past few years, waiting in the seating room, conversations spoken about her staff to another stylist seem downright unprofessional and very immature behavior. Also, this might explain why since I have been going here, there is a revolving door of stylists that come and go. Being such a small town, I can't imagine someone giving up their job so quickly, which are hard to come by around here. So why is there such a big turnover of stylist? It's hard enough to find someone you really like the way they cut your hair. You get comfortable with one and the next time you go for a haircut, they have disappeared and left. Please take a closer look at management in this location.

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