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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


Jenny fink is rude, treats her employees like they are horrible people. When asked for information on working for great clips she refuses and makes up lies and tells them to people she has made my experience working for great clips an absolutely aweful experience

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Carolyne - 7 d 22 h ago


They are not a good place to work, when I was there all I heard was I'm not your nigger and there skin isn't black

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Susan T - 9 d 11 h ago


went in to Great Clips about two weeks ago .I sat in Reneika's chair , I am sure I spelled that wrong .As soon as I sat in the chair I immediately expressed to her that I needed for her not to be scissor happy .That was the first thing I said when I sat down .I came in with three inches of natural curly hair .So I had no hair to waste .I showed her the style I wanted which I had plenty of hair to pull off .I told her I wanted it stacked in the back she told me stack and a fade was the same .Even thou I knew that was not true I also knew she had the pic right in front of her .This lady cut all my hair off and gave me a fade .The same hair cut my son gets .She cut it all off the o the point where my hair couldn't make any curls in the back and front .She only needed to stack the back and cut a little off the top and sides .I left with one inch of hair and a fade .No curls .There is no doubt that she did it on purpose.I couldn't get anymore clear on what I wanted .There was even a point when she said I look nervous and I said that's because I am afraid of you cutting to much she told me to trust her two times and I did .Worst mistake of my life .She cut it all off .I felt so ugly and I know that's what she wanted .When I came in the shop my hair was longer than the pic I showed her but when I left my hair was shorter .I had a fade but I wanted this beautiful cut that I had more than enough hair for .Do not sit in that chair she is scissor happy and purposely cut my hair off .She wanted me to feel ugly probably because she does deep down inside .She cut my curls off as she told me they were beautiful even though I told her I wanted them .This was at the Love Joy location in Ga .

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Susan Michelle Luksa - 12 d 4 h ago


I was at the hillview kentucky location on Wednesday Dec 3rd and a stylist there told me to shut up... I will never go back to a great clips again. Connie cut my hair but the stylist that told me to shut up had dark lipstick on and her hair was burgundy. This kind of behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE.......

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

I went in for an interview at the Great Clips on Industrial Blvd. in Covington, Ga. The manager didn't even look at me while she was doing the interview. She was so busy watching the tv screen in her office to see what the employees were doing. She is rude and disrespectful. Other stylists have told me that she is a terrible person.

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Kyle Nicole - 23 d 16 h ago


I went to a NOT so great clips for a hair cut , and the stylist RUINED my whole head of hair !!!! I cry daily as I look at myself in the mirror . My hair was shoulder length and I stopped in and just asked for it to be inverted , since I was getting sick of the growing out process .. the stylist cut chunks into my whole head so bad unfixable horrible. Everyday of my life now until it grows out I have to try and stage my hair the best I can .. I talked to the owner of that chain and she had nothing to offer .. I've been through 3 haircuts to try and help fix the disaster, still awful and looks as though Edward scissors hands cut my hair .. niagara falls ny

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james douris - 28 d 16 h ago


I will never be going back, The person who was going to cut my hair did not sweep up his area before he asked me to sit down, so I had to wade through hair to get to the seat. Then his work station was filthy, hair all over everything, dirty cutters, I told him he was not cutting my hair with the filthy workstation. So you don't want me to cut your hair, I said not in this filth, so he told me to wait on the other person and did not clean up the area. I asked him his name Fernaldo if he told me the truth. This is Tuesday night at 6 pm on November 20th at the Boswell Marketplace location. Then he commented my boss's number is on the card, yes rude as heck. Lynn cut my hair and did a fair job, as did the person who cut it two weeks ago, but because of this rude person I will not be going back.

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Jennifer - 38 d 5 h ago


I am involved in church and now music ministry. I've been working for great clips since July 2014 under several franchisees and love everything great clips stands for! it's now a problem... No longer am I able to get hired because my religious preferences get in the way. If I get hired into a store and then tell them about church and the ministry they tell me they cannot accommodate me. There's just no way I can take Sundays off for the Lord! I love great clips but as corporate... You should really work with franchisees to help them to be able to accommodate religious freedom! I actually have enough for a legal case with my latest franchisee! That's just not the Christian thing to do.

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Gregg Woolman - 39 d 19 m ago


I have never been more upset, my girls have gone for multiple cuts with no issues and always good service, last night my daughters went for cuts and my youngest daughter of 11 had asked for an under cut around the back below the ears and too keep four or five inches of her curls on top. The young stylist proceeded to shave he'd entire head making her cry for the next four hours last night and periodically today, what stylist shaves a child's head without a consult or clarity. I have not approached the store as I'm still fairly livid with the pain they have caused my girl, I hope to have some clarity soon. #pissedoffpapa

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I for the first time in my life visited a Great Clips ....The Grandville Michigan Location... and was nothing but pleased and wowed!!! I myself have been doing hair for 40 years at a full service salon. I had a Stylist by the name of Ashley Schell.... she was up beat kind and made me FEEL like i Matter....Ashley truly listened to me...and did exactly what i asked and wanted...she did more than what i wanted ... She treated me like Family....Ashley gave me the best haircut i have had in my entire life and that isnt an exaggeration... She even took the time out to blow dry my hair into a style because she knew i was going shopping afterwards... She is an Amazing Stylist... who goes above and beyond ... She deserves a raise...She was made for this Industry and Career... Ashley to me is a great definition of Impeccable. She made my day ... actually my week. JUST WANTED HER TO BE RECOGNIZED.... ASHLEY THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I WILL BE IN SOON FOR MY NEXT HAIRCUT ... AND FOR ALL FUTURE HAIRCUTS!!! - 51 d 13 h ago


Marcia Groters

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Annonymous - 55 d 10 h ago


Unfortunately, i hv worked for Great Clips over 15 years in different cities in Texas for the owners at the locations in Waco Texas that I worked for are so rude and nasty they never give employees that work hard come to work on time raises it seems as if they want to hold you down and slave-driving we work hard I worked at one of their busiest locations and they always had an excuse as to why I couldn't get a raise they also punished you if you called in sick or needed a day off or called in for any reasons then you would lose hours within the next week as if we were in school or kids or something even though there are times when we cannot request off they refused you when there are times when it's not doing the blackout. These are the most horrible people at any Great Clips I've ever work for you guys should Screen the owners before you let them open a Great Clips franchise then when there are complaints about the owners from employees Great Clips Incorporated does nothing you don't even investigate to find out if there are other disgruntled employees for the same people or how high their turnover rate is they don't offer insurance and if they do is too high no one can afford it then they have it to work we are allowed a 15 minute break if you work in 6 hours or more but as soon as you go out to take your 15 minute break they call you in to do a haircut you don't really get it so it's like your slave working

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Denny - 104 d 17 h ago


I have been a steady customer for about five years of Great Clips in Hawks Prairie Wa

The haircuts have been anywhere from good to outstanding, but always worth the price.

Sadly, last Sunday I was in bad need of a haircut and running late. While I was speeding to the shop, my wife called to ask for a little grace on the closing time, because I was going to be one or two minutes late.

We were told that no, they couldn't serve us, that it was a corporate law to stop receiving customers at closing time.

I understand the need for rules, so okay, that is how it is. I don't plan to go back to Great Clips because I want a more human experience.

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Stylist - 85 d 17 h ago

Great Clips gives ample hours each day for folks to get a hair cut. Yes, Great Clips has a closing time and as stylists, we look forward to it so we can go home to our famly.

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PME - 71 d 18 h ago


As a stlist I totally agree with you and NO closing hours are closing hours period! We have lives also and how would that customer like it if we went to his place of businss 2 minutes after they closed? I can assure you they would not open their doors. That is why they invented days off so people can get their errands done.

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Anonymous - 57 d 4 h ago

You have to Consider the fact that Great Clips is a very busy Hair salon. When closing time comes we Can breathe again and maybe sit down for the first time in eight hours.

We have Business hours for a reason.

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Jon - 57 d 4 h ago

I frequent the Great Clips in Mequon Wisconsin often.. I have always had great service. Saturday October 20 2018 was the exception.

My stylist, Jessica was TERRIBLE!!!!

Unprofessional. She absolutely destroyed my hair. I would think as a man, I have a pretty easy haircut. Obviously, that's not true.

I am in awe that none of the other stylist could not see she was struggling or cared to offer any assistance to the situation. I believe the manager was cutting hair right next to her. That woman was talking so much I could see her clients eyes glazed over with the hopes that she would close her mouth and just cut her hair. The manager had no idea what was going on and in hair salon because she was talking so much.

Needless to say I will not be returning to this salon in Mequon anytime soon if these are the kind of Silas that you hire.

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Anonymous - 67 d ago

I dont like the fact that I was the only one in waiting area and still was forth in line.wat happens to first come first serve? This appointment on line is a bunch of C***, Sorry to the Employees that had to deal with me walking out. That means my Family and I will find a different place to get our Hair cuts & Styles. It will not affect Great Clips with me and my Family leaving them since they make 1.3 Billion a year,it won't be none of our Monies,and now Great Clips is last on my list.

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PME - 71 d 18 h ago


As an employee of Great clips, I love the customers in our area and co-workers, tips, etc. however our owner is the worst I have ever worked for. She does not EVER back us up on anything, like a customer acting in an inappropiate way or letting their kid run around the shop tearing it up, etc, also peple standing right next to me as I am trying to do my job and breathing sown my neck! She sai they are allowed to do wahtever they want without any recourse, icluding violating my personal space. Now I dont mean a parent cannot hold a child's hand if they are fussing or scared, that is different, I mean not leiting us move around the chair and moving one of the empty chairs right up next to us in the way and watch. She keeps saying its a great clips rule. Baloney! its her rule. I love how she keeps changing the rules on us too like No blow dry styles if there are only 2 people working cause it slows wait times. Now she say take them because it improves productivity and customers wont walk away and shop doesnt lose money. Do shampoos, then dont do God! which is it??!! Shes crazy

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michelle - 73 d 4 h ago


i got a perm at the great clips in ankeny at the one on ankeny blvd . it was orintel lady who gave me my its flat on top and its frizz . the girl that use too work there she gave me a perm it turned out better . i was very desdpointed with the perm i have now my top is flat and my hair is frizz. . ankeny iowa

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Mike, Hartland, WI - 73 d 20 h ago


I have been going to the Great Clips location at 3146 Village Square Drive in Hartland, WI for several years now. Today, I went in at 2:20 in the afternoon and there were no customers in the store. The store closes at 3pm and there were 4 people who signed in online. I attempted to do this before I drove over there and the app said walk ins only. With an empty store, I was told I could not get a haircut because there were 4 people who checked in online. I asked if they were serious since the store was empty and no cars were nearby. She insisted they could not serve me. I went back to my car and took 7 minutes to call a few other hair salons. No other customers showed up before I left. I will never go back to this location again. What a lazy, incompetent, and rude staff working there today.

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A friend - 74 d ago


I changed from Tommy Guns to your east hills location a year ago, in that time I have really enjoyed getting my hair cut, and beard trimmed, I do have a relationship with all the girls at that location. I know that nothing will ever be done about the problem I have as you stand behind your franchises, the owner, has had clouded vision over the manager at east hills because her district manager completely hates the manager. The district manager has been going behind her back for the whole year that I have been going to great clips, the manager there has been an asset, with having grown that store, without the support of the owner and or her district manager, about 2 moths ago she approached the owner and asked to step down from management as she had lost all trust, and was not getting support, I do believe the structure of the whole great clips Corp would be teamwork .....I think in a year I have been there 40 to 50 times, but I will not darken the doors of any great clips again my rating would be 5 stars for most of the employees at East Hills and negative to the owners, and district manager

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Pamela Allen - 75 d 15 h ago


I experienced an unusually kind gesture at the GEAT CLIPS in Gladstone, Missouri today.

Pollie my regular stylist, who is a dream woman to work with, noticed my level of angst because my hair is falling out due to chemo treatments. She offered a sweet, sincere hug and made quick work of a shearing to whisk away a my fears and start my next level of living. Then she said it was called "clips of kindness" and your company graciously absorbed my bill.

Thank you for being so kind to me and the many others you have helped. Please know it's appreciated. Not forget to thank Pollie. Everyone adores her and she remains the consummate professional laced with a special spirit.

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Cal gruening - 76 d ago


Beth at chathan rd. Springfield, awesome tell david hands owner in an email for me how delighted i was to go to his store and meet beth for the second time cal gruening (hidden)

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Amanda - 76 d 16 h ago


I had a horrible experience today at the Warner Robbins location.

I asked for a stacked bob cut. The girl said "ok". I sat down and the girl started cutting on my hair. After she cut on my hair for 10 mins she walks away and asks her manager "Miss Candy" as she called her if she could help her because she didn't know how to cut that style. Candy walks over looks at the back of my hair and says "didn't you learn how to cut a stack in class?" The girl said "yes but I don't remember." Candy told her crudely, "you aren't doing it right". Candy tells me that if I want it cut correctly I would have to go back and sit in the waiting area until someone else could do it and my wait would be about 30 mins. I was surprised and didn't know how to react. I quietly got up and went and sat in the waiting area. She then says that the other people waiting were now ahead of me. I said that's not right, I was already in the chair, why? Candy said that if I didn't want to wait I could just leave. I said NO, my hair is only part of the way done. So of course I sat there and waited. A gentleman next to me made the comment to Candy "what do you need a break?" Finally a different young lady told me to come on up to her chair. As I sat down she asked "you want a stacked bob correct?" I told her "yes please". She then explained that since the girl had already cut on my hair that in order to fix it, it would have to be cut shorter than I wanted!! "Ok, I guess that's what has to be done" I said. So yes in the end I got a stacked bob cut, but I had to have it way shorter than it should've been and I had waited 30 more mins. And yes I paid the $13 for it. Candy made comments "that I had been rude, she laughed that it was shorter than it should've been and told another customer I was just being a problem and didn't want to pay"!! NO that was not the issue, I am very unhappy with the service and DO NOT recommend for anyone to go to this location!! Candy as the manager should not have acted that way nor talked about me, period.

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Anonymous - 77 d 19 h ago

I received coupons for 7.99 haircut was very happy since I'm a regular customer just received them and came to use them at the place on las estancias in Albuq New Mexico and they were expired. I was not a happy person.I was the 3rd person who came in with the coupon. I feel since I patronize this business with my family at least 5 times a month it should have been validated.. I will take my business else where after this. Thank you Mary Bencomo (hidden).

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