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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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Karen - 1 h 11 m ago


What a fubar this company is. I paid for a ticket for my daughter to leave Chattanooga yesterday morning. She changed her mind and decided she wanted to leave this morning, so I paid the change fee. I also scheduled a cab to pick her up at 6am. She texted me at 6:15 saying the cab hadn't arrived. By 7:25 she was frantic as the bus was to leave at 8:20 and the cab had not shown up. By 8:05 it was hopeless as the bus was leaving in 15 minutes and still no cab. Finally at 8:40, 20 minutes AFTER the bus left the cab arrived. So I called Greyhound requesting a change to tomorrow and was told no. I would have to pay for a NEW ticket because no changes were allowed today. I advised this was not my daughter's fault as the cab did not show up. TOO BAD!!!!!! For what was spent on 2 bus tickets and another night in a motel, I could have bought an airline ticket with no 10 hour ride. This company is a joke!!!!!

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Barbara - 9 h 10 m ago


OK here Is another Horror story for you~ after trying to pay for a ticket for my Nephew on Line ~ The reservation was put in my name! I called GH right away and they told me they do NOT CHAGE NAMES ON TICKETS when a mistake was made and beware~ There are NO REFUNDS~ FB post tell you they will fix problems but they DO NOT, they make it look like they will fix the problems but they do nothing. $161.00 Lost ~ Ok rest of story, so my Nephew goes to Austin GH station and buys ANOTHER ticket for $161.00, they put him on the WRONG bus to San Antonio instead of DALLAS !! so now he is STRANDED in San Antonio from Sat to Mon afternoon because the next 2 busses are booked. So now we are into a Hotel charge. He leaves San Antonio 3 hours late at this point, The Bus Tracker was down all night, it said his bus was in Texarkana and bus was Canceled. I call Texarkana and she tells me the bus is in Memphis. He text me and he is in Little Rock Ark NOT Memphis. As of this point 9:08 am his bus is 4 hours late , and the day is not over and this is Tues, he has been trying to get here since SAT. Your Love Ones BETTER be able to Text because that is the only true communication you will have.

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Barbara - 6 h 17 m ago

and the Saga continues~ it is now 12 noon, the bus should of been here and it just left Memphis Tenn. .over 200 miles away. The Bus Tracker is a lie it is telling me he is already in Nashville Tenn. NOT now he won't even leave Nashville until 6:45 he won't get in until 9 pm and a snowstorm is moving in. And I have to get up at 2 am for my job, what a real screw up Greyhound is, most of the layovers are over 2 hours because the Drivers are not showing up and passengers are missing the scheduled busses and having to catch a later bus. Never AGAIN Grayhound

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Amanda Hernandez-Garcia - 8 h ago


I was planning on a trip and at last minute my dad passed away. It's been over a month and still haven't gotten my money back. This is rediculos. I will not EVER use Greyhound in the future. They can take it out in seconds but takes months to get it back. I have begged them to hurry up and process my refund so I can pay the payments left on my dads grave site. They just absolutely don't care.

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unpleased - 8 h 13 m ago


They lost 5 of my bag 1 year ago this march and I am still trying to fight with them about my paying me. I am wondering if anyone has a physical address for the corporate office so I can serve them with certified mail.I have called over 15 times, faxed them emailed them and still no response. I tried to make a claim with the BBB and i couldnt. If anyone out there has an in with an attorney everyone one here should banned together and do a huge wrong doing claim in court against them. (hidden)

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DC - 10 h 19 m ago


My son was delayed 4 hours in Mobile bc a driver didn't show. .on his trip from Dallas to Orlando a week ago. We thought it was just a fluke but low and behold, on his way back he was delayed 13 FREAKING HOURS in Atlanta AND ANOTHER 4 HOURS IN MEMPHIS!!! WOW. Then my mom had to go rescue him in Dallas bc the Dallas to Denton trip was delayed ANOTHER 5 HOURS!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is the most horrible company ever, I can't even wrap my head around how it can even exist with how horrible their service is. Never using Greyhound again and I hope their corporate leadership all gets fired.

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Rhonda - 12 d 3 h ago


The worst bus service ever. They never refund you. The customer service is absolutely terrible. I don't know what happen them. They really should get out of this business. This is a nightmare company now.

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kristy - 1 d 8 h ago


They told us they were going to rwfund me some of ticketwaa just wondering if they told you that too

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Worst experience ever.trying to get a live person to .make ticket get home...

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Rose D - 5 d ago


On 3/7/2018 I traveled from Escanaba, MI to Flagstaff, AZ. This was absolutely the worse trip I have ever been on. I know you have already heard from fellow passengers about the problems that occurred on bus 1351 and now you going to hear it from me. Our problems, your customer the passengers, began in St. Louis, MO. At 1:30 AM passengers are tired and just want to get back on the road. We were told departure was delayed till 2 AM, which later we were told a 2 AM departure was never said, yes we all weren't happy about the news. However we didn't go ballistic about the delay and knew it wasn't anything we could do about it. Security personal of the station approached our group as we stood at the door hoping to hear a boarding announcement and really came at us with a serious attitude problem. One officer, young black woman, early 20's, stayed in the boarding area and got extremely belligerent with all of us, yelling obscenities at certain individuals, getting up in their faces and did her best to instigate a fight. She told us we were all poor trash that couldn't afford anything better than to travel Greyhound and none of our opinions mattered and we were not in Chicago anymore.

I know that this is not the fault of Greyhound nor do the passengers blame the company for that behavior. The reason I'm telling you this is to hopefully give you a better picture as to how events unfolded.

At around 3 to 3:30 the driver arrives and boarding begins. When he got on the bus and made announcements it was obvious he was lets say in a foul mood. No one said anything to him, we were happy to finally start moving. The driver did try to make up some of the lost time and when we stopped in Joplin, MO he announced the stop was only going to be a 10 minute stop. Passengers were back on the bus and we waited and waited for the driver. Even I had remarked while we waited, "So much for the 10 minute stop". I think we were there close to 30 - 45 minutes when the driver finally returned. A couple of rows behind the driver was a small petite lady from Jamaica. She was not trying to be rude or start problems with the driver when she asked why it had taken longer than 10 minutes and at that point the driver got extremely hostile towards her and threatened to kick her off the bus. She told him she was getting off the bus in Tulsa, OK and the reason she mentioned anything was because she had people waiting there since 9:30. The exchange was heated on the drivers end and she was trying to end the situation but he just kept on until I guess he realized it should just stop. I guess he also felt the passengers needed to be punished and left the heater turned up. We all later complained of how miserable the heat was to a supervisor.

Then we arrive in Tulsa and all hell broke loose. The Jamaican lady asked the driver what time it was and he went off on her and told her to get off his bus. She grabbed her things and yelled back she was getting off his bus and when she tried to exit he blocked her. She told him to move so she could get off his bus and again he blocked her. It was obvious to us all that the driver was instigating a situation and finally she tried to get him out of her way and the driver grabbed her and was punching her. Passengers ran to the front to assist her and get the driver off her and at the same moment employees ran out of station and pulled them both off the bus and repeatedly yelled for the driver to let her go and was trying to pull him off her.

There was a few of us that was traumatized by this incident. Myself, I got off the bus the first chance I had and quickly headed inside away from fight. I spent several minutes in bathroom trying to calm down and eventually left the station to walk around the block and stay gone for as long as i needed. A simple 1 hour stop became a 2 1/2 hour fiasco that would have been even longer. One of the supervisors approached us and told us there was 2 options. We could wait for another driver to arrive which would put us back on the road around 6 PM or we could allow the previous driver to continue on and get us to Oklahoma City a lot sooner. We were not happy about it but feeling like we had not much of a choice we agreed to let the driver back on the bus and continue on. What shocked me was the driver returned with his bad attitude but his supervisor did make sure the AC was turned on.

For the rest of the trip almost every stop was delayed and I was suppose to arrive in Flagstaff at 6:20 AM but we didn't get there till around 10:30 AM. Things were so bad I am requesting a refund and I hope you will do this for the passengers. The Jamaican lady has a good case and it might work to your advantage to consider refunds.

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Lost: for words I never in my life that I would lose personal belongings that meant so much to me on a trip to Arizona for short stay to visit my sister I can't believe my last medical devices Madison pictures jewelry gifts that I bought for my family gone in a short period of time but I will get Reimburse one where another I will never ever step foot on a Greyhound bus again - 7 d 7 h ago


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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

My luggage was put on a bus to be shipped to me through greyhound package express, from Toledo Ohio on 2/13/18. Was sopposed to arrive at St Paul Minnesota on 2/19/18. For SEVERAL WEEKS IVE BEEN CALLING all the stations and customer service numbers you can even imagine, NOBODY knows where my luggage is. GREYHOUND PACKAGE EXPRESS LOST MY LUGGAGE AND REFUSES TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Here it is, 3/12/18 a month later, and my luggage is still no where to be found. The employees DO NOT care about you, your belongings or your well being.

I paid almost $100 to be shipped to me. None of your employees know what they're doing. I have or should sad HAD, because at this point, who knows if my belongings are even there anymore, valuables and parishables inside my luggage that cannot be replaced.

I filed a lost claim A WEEK ago though their emailing system and you guessed it, nobody responded to my email. The employees are rude, carless and often hang up on you.! This is THE WORST experience I've ever had to deal with shipping a package in my life. If I could give 0 stars I WOULD. USE THE LOCAL POSTAL SERVICE if you're going to ship something to a loved one because this company and this service is a JOKE. I was told my luggage had arrived at my local bus station last week. So I drive 50 minutes to the location , and the RUDE employees at the front desk we're eating Cheetos and on their phones. NOT providing great customer service as expected!! And my luggage WAS NOT EVEN THERE as I was told over the phone the day.waste of time. Waste of my gas. This is rediculous and absolutely unecceptable!!!

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Review - 8 d ago

You need to train your employees on line my ticket was 154.00 plus a fee if u buy somebody's I was piss I ask The employee if go to grey Hound Would my Ticket be Cheaper she said yes i went to grey Hound My ticket was More I wasted travel as and money

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Mary - 8 d 9 h ago


Terrible experience on march 8th at union station.

Had booked a 5:15 am to new York with 4 friends a week before. Get there and there are cancellations signs on Windows for all buses. The young lady at counter stated all buses was cancelled. She wad np help as she stood there flirting with a guy and provided no assistance. Spoke with a guy who apparently worked there and he said the same thing except he was like the bus might come just not sure. I requested a refund for our bus trip anf askef to make sure my trip back from new york stayed tge same. End up buying a ticket from Megan is for 9am. At 7 am seeing people lone up for greyhound and asked a passenger where they going and found out it was ny. Told the young lady tgat had no idea. Now we trying to get on this bus. End up paying more money but got there. Do not understand how greyhound don't know if their buses is coming or not. And this bus driver said he had been in D.C. since Tuesday. Bad customer service. Didn't know I didn't have a ticket back until that night. The young lady cancelled my whole trip

Had to pay additional money to secure a trip back home when tried to cancelled cause I wad overcharged. Nonrefundable. Trying to get my money back since booked and came home on megabus much cheaper. Will not use them agsin.

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Julie - 8 d 11 h ago


I can't wait until this bus ride is over it has been the worst ever bathrooms at terminals are disgusting, dirty, no toilet paper, soap, etc. the bus drivers are extremely rude the emergency window came open while they were driving and it stayed broke from New York until I got of in Jacksonville they used baggage sticky's to stop window from opening the driver I have now keeps beeping the horn absolutely nothing around and he's been doing it since he started driving he's turning the lights for the whole bus on and off waking everyone up acting like he's a tour guide telling us we can't use the first 4 rows because it was nighttime and it just goes on and on

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Hakeem coleman - 9 d 8 h ago


I thought I would never say this but this is the worst bus company ever they are never on time and changes times of arrival every 5 min so you don't know what time to be there like wtf

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Maraki Aemero - 9 d 10 h ago


GREYHOUND is the WORST bus company EVER.

So I was supposed to leave Jackson at 5:00am. Then they said there is a delay. Sure that happens right but their dumb a* can't tell us the exact time we supposed to leave so we just sitting there wondering. Then 5 hr later we depart. we arrive at bermingham then we were told to leave the bus as usual.We were supposed to rebourd with the other new coustemors but u know what they do, they told us to take our luggage and wait at the bus station for the next bus. It was 9:30pm( the time I was supposed to arrive in Atlanta)when we arrived there. So the next bus comes after like 4 hour or something then they say the bus only have 7 freaking seats. The next bus comes and it only has 3 freaking seats. We look like homeless people laying in the floor with no appropriate food or drink, cold, frustrated and angry because We have officially waisted a whole 24 hours of our life. Some are taking cabs to Atlanta while others are just waiting. I was supposed to arrive in Atlanta at 3:00pm on March 10 but now it's 8:06 am March 11.

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Kenneth .H - 9 d 12 h ago


Tickets are being sold to bus riders and there is a shortage of drivers my bus suppose to left at 7:00p.m but didn't leave until 9:40 p.m and arrived in Jackson,Ms at 4:40 a.m and pulled off at 10:50 a.m and then got to Birmingham, Al around 3:30 p.m and there where only room for 7 or ,3 people's on each bus and shortage of there are people sleeping on the floor and there is no place to eat here or vending machine with chips or anything to eat there are only drink machines.

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foto in colorado - 11 d 4 h ago


This has been a terrible experience. I shipped a package from Denver to Des Moines on Wednesday. Now, no one knows where it is. It was worth $500 and was incorrectly valued at $100. I called customer service and was told no one from customer service or corporate has been able to reach Denver and that they do not have an email for the Denver station.

What? I repeat. What???

What kind of a corporation has no contact information for one of its hubs??? At this point I'm praying this package gets delivered.

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Nina - 15 d 5 h ago


OMG!!! What a lack of inter corporate communication !!! The Greyhound bus station in ATEHNS, AL closed as of Mach 1st, 2018. Yet the web site and ticket agents (as of this morning) still show it as open !! Sent my granddaughter there yesterday to be told they do not sell tickets and no longer have a bus come there. Tried to get her to the Huntsville Al station... OH MY what a surprise.....they are closed on Sunday !!!! A 45 minute drive turns into an 8 hour round trip drive!! This morning talked to 2 ticket agents only to told YES Athens Al is a bus station and bus stop !!! Got the number to the Athens Al location and spoke with the owner of the restaurant there to discover they had closed out their Greyhound franchise on March 1st. GRRRR totally irrated and ticked off.

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Georgie crain - 13 d ago


My son and i took greyhound from reno to Sacramento the ride was fine at first she went over rules one was no smoking weed on bus you will be kicked off if you smoke ,. When we arrived in Sacramento she said it smells like marijuana you will be searched if you smell like it. Well no one on the bus smelled it or complained of smellong it . So the driver and two security officers watched people get off the bus. So they pulled a man with a bit of a hippy look and the only two Mexican Am we icans on board two the side,all three where sitting by us they did not smell like marijuananor did they smoke it .without consent they searched all three ,found nothing . M yuu son was videoing it they mad him turn his camera off witch by law they can not do.they broke a lot of laws ,threating us saying they could do what they wanted it was Federal land and we had no rights .so thisd is how we all were treated as customers. Thanks for noghing greyhound.

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MeowKiTTY - 14 d 3 h ago


Whatever happened to PROFESSIONAL(ism)....??? I know Americans would not like to address the ism's of today because the blame would directly be forwarded to our current President,..Donald Trump!!!! During a recent visit to the Greyhound to receive an online ticket purchase the Representative was irate and extremely rude from the initial impression of "customer service" per say. I do not necessarily care for introduced formalities, but perhaps customers of Greyhound should be informed when habitual formalities should be addressed. Interrogatively....When is it appropriate to pick up your Greyhound ticket when you "being the customer" have purchased the ticket? This is why I was asked to exit and not given permission to load the Greyhound bus for departure on the 3rd day of March 2018. Now, I am not into complaining so I am not going to recite the incident by order but I will inform you I was told the purchase of the ticket was not even listed by my name, address, or phone number. Readers...researching any confirmation as I have done billing services you have several routes to receiving the information searched. Then secondly, I was told I need to use someones phone....oops when I own a phone and WHAT!!! So I nodded addressing the representatives frustration and proceeded to use the payphone near the exit to the loading buses of Greyhound arrival and departures. O.K....I received the information and guess what the representative did...exit for a cigarette break!!!!!!! Lousy mannerisms. Yes the ism's again I must say. So I took a seat, awaited for the representatives return and guess what happened next. Upon approaching the counter he stated No ma'am, you may come back and receive your confirmation printed ticket at 2:30 a.m. This statement was appalling for the bus was scheduled to leave at a departure time of a minute time increment meaning he would have to basically expedite the ticket to me. Again, a ludicrous statement but I received the information and followed instructions by taking a comfortable seat on the cow covered blanket seat,!!!!!!!!!!

Now you know when additional employees arrive at the workplace you share to get caught up to what is going a brief meeting. This guy calls me to the counter and informs me I need to come and give him my confirmation number or I am going to be put out of the Greyhound waiting area because of no ticket. If....If....If!!!!! If is a conjunction and this means more than likely the latter is going to occur as a when...then if statement. So lets type this as he should have stated..."When customers do not have a ticket and are awaiting within the Greyhound station, Security personnel will remove you from the premises until you are attain a tangible ticket to remain in the building until further notice.

I appreciate the notification but a cell phone notification is not given on a "if" conjunctive clause when a ticket is not attainable IF THE REPRESENTATIVE HASN'T TAKEN THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER YOU ARE READING BY COMPLETING THE PURCHASE ONLINE.

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HiH2O - 15 d 36 m ago


Dealing with Greyhound's customer service is the WORST experience I have ever had, don't even know where I should start. I am a first-time customer who decided to ride with Greyhound during my Spring Break vacation in Canada with my son. Without any prior knowledge, I noticed that all tickets were not available online. Realized then that I needed to book on its Canada site. Ok, went on and couldn't find proper information. Called the customer the first time but couldn't communicate well because the rep kept asking me the same questions and gave me wrong answers. So tried again on the website and was able to find the info at the end. When booking, I noticed that there is an international student discount that students with "a valid student ID in either Canadian or American secondary or post-secondary school" would qualify." Very happy and booked my son with that discounted fare (not to mention that I had to do it separately because the website didn't allow a family book with different fare codes). Since our second trip will be crossing from Canada to US and the discount fare on its website said "Canada only", so I called the customer service to ask how I should proceed with the student discount for my son because we will end in the US. Then I was told that in order to get the discount, I am supposed to purchase a membership card, which costs $20-$99/year, so I asked why the website didn't say it. I asked that since the website was misleading and I am willing to pay for a full fare for my son in this case because I didn't intent to pay more for this membership card, if I could be given a consideration for a refund and I will just purchase a regular fare. Was told a cold "NO" and the rep name Hector Gonzalez specifically told me "Ma'am, sorry, you purchased the non-refundable fare, so cannot give you money back". I asked that because it was not my fault for misleading info on their website, could he give me a consideration and I would pay for a full fare. He said "No, we are following the policy. It is YOUR fault to book the tickets on line." I then asked "is this Greyhound's policy that even if its the company's mistake, us customers have to swallow?". He said "Yes Ma'am, for our mistakes and for your mistakes, it is always your fault". So I purchased an extra ticket and then called the customer service line to make a complain. The lady rep repeatedly asked me to give her the same information several times, after nearly 40 mins on the phone with her, she told me "I am only an agent, NOT customer service!". I was still patient enough to ask her if I could then have the right number to call. She insisted to transfer me but guess what, after being on hold for about 5 mins, I was cut off and the call was discontinued. So... after this whole long story and my worst experience, I will never ever use Greyhound again after my upcoming trip. Never ever!

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Jeff - 28 d 10 h ago

This is the absolute worst company ever. My daughter took a bus from New York City to Norfolk Virginia and the bus broke down and stranded her in the middle of nowhere. She was able to get a refund in the form of a voucher for future travel after much heartache and hassle. She again needs to travel from New York again but the voucher may only be used at the terminal where the price of the ticket is almost triple the price online. The customer service located in India is rude, obnoxious and unafraid of telling the customer to go to another company if they do not like the way this is. The supervisor even Jassir even admitted this was a way to get around people using vouchers and that he was the highest authority at Greyhound. He plainly informed us that either we pay the more expensive price or find another way home. Well Jassir, as I told you on the phone, since your company does not care about it's customers and pushes us to use other companies, I have taken you up on your offer and I am taking my business elsewhere. I hope everyone else does as well and puts this horrible company out of business.

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helper - 27 d ago

I highly suggest contacting the corporate # on this site and ask to be transferred to the executive corporate offices of Greyhound in the US. When you get to the automated, just press buttons in hopes to connect with an employee and ask for their help to get connected to the right person! Hope this helps!!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 7 h ago

What is the corporate # on this site? I will contact them for sure this is the worst company ever

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