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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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MR anthony marzolla - 42 d 4 h ago


I have exhausted my patience with a greyhound bus and advise anyone who needs to travel by bus against using them ever. WE are in the middle of a war here with this virus and I booked a bus ticket just before this pandemic hit and as the day got closer and closer I decided not to use it and canceled and they would not give me my money back just a voucher which now 2 months later I cannot use do to the pandemic and they canceled the route anyway so now I have no need for it and they refuse to give me a refund. How in the world would any business at this point refuse a refund to anyone is beyond my pay grade.

General profile image - 60 d 17 h ago

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Rosetta M Jenkins - 61 d ago


My name is Rosetta M Jenkins and I want to make a complaint about the lost of my luggage on 12/27/19 and I went on 01/03/20 and made a claim and I told them that the claim ticket they had given me on 12/20/19 I had lost it and was told to wait 90 days but today I call and spoke to a suppose to be supervisor and was told there was nothing they could do my question is why did they make a claim when knowing that the claim ticket was losted and on top of that making me wait for 90 days to tell me that there's nothing they can do

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Anonymous - 63 d 18 h ago

I'm so disappointed in greyhound doing this time that I world is in crisis I went to book a ticket online it kicked me out I refreshed it I thought it was the same information it had the city that I was going to as the department city so then I realize that it was a mistake I called them customer service was very unprofessional he asked to speak to the supervisor and he was just unprofessionally I'm so beyond upset with greyhound and this will be the last time any of my family drive a greyhound

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No Comment - 64 d 6 h ago


No Comment.

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Pissed off disabled man - 66 d 6 h ago


Ada violations and racist employees

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Holt Dawson. - 76 d 16 h ago


Schedule from Pensacola,Florida. Too. Ft. Walton beach,fl.

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Zoe Manadier - 79 d 19 h ago


Very angry and disappointed in the unprofessional customer service while trying to get a refund not of my fault during the cancellation of an event that was taking place in another city that I was to attend. I was refused my money even though I explained that the event was cancelled indefinitely.

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Anonymous - 81 d 7 h ago

Very bad when it comes to schedules from Washington to New York. Many delays sometimes for two hours or more. This happened not once or twice but many times and the employees do not care the ask you to buy a new ticket.

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Kendra S. - 82 d ago

I bought a round trip bus ticket so that I could go and pick up my son but because of the Coronavirus I don't want to risk bringing him here or is traveling on a closed up bus for 10+ hours. They refused to refund my ticket because it's non-refundable, eventhough the reason I'm avoiding travel is out of my control. They can't guarantee the health and safety of passengers traveling on those buses so why not allow people to cancel their trip?

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Roger Sanderson - 83 d ago



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Neal - 85 d 18 h ago


To Greyhound Bus Station, we purchase a bus ticket today, bus was suppose to leave at 1:30 Greyhound changed it to 4:30 then at 4:30 changed it to 10:30 then told me we would have to buy another ticket. That is not right, I thought Greyhound was a good company I just want my money back. Reference number is 56772507 thank you

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Angela Davis - 93 d ago


Mgn and female security guard at the San Aontonio Terminal. This duo is very professional and they keep the guest or should I say passengers safe and welcome. The female security guard is amazing the way she conduct herself in unsafe situations i myself would be scared of. She does not abuse her authority nor take her position lightly. The MGM of the terminal is also amazing. Like I said this duo needs to be commended for their professionalism and hard work. I visit this terminal at least once a week going to Dallas for work.

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Grace Romprey - 97 d 1 s ago

Three generations of my family took the bus Trailways from Concord to Boston clean bus bathroom excellent ride then we got into the airport and the driver help this was very helpful great personality we flew to Miami and once we hit Miami a whole nother story the bus was filthy the actual bus station in South was disgusting the bathroom wasn't fit for an animal and then we proceeded to get on our bus to go to Key West and the bus was even worse than the bus stop definitely needed some Shock work done and the driver was not the friendliest and I can strongly see why people will pay the extra to fly and not ride a bus anymore it was very fun enjoyable thank you and have a great day

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Donna - 98 d 14 h ago


Damn I am impressed Greyhound!! Whenever possible I will be supporting your business and it's new policy to deny INS agents entry to a bus without a warrant. We need to stand together strong to Make America Great Again, when we gave safe harbor to refugees, were humanitarian forces in the world, and striving to make our country the best it could be. Not a play house for the morally corrupt and those too spineless to act in the name of decency.

Yes, I'm loving your moral compass and strong backbone. May the Force be with you.



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Nelle - 103 d ago

According to many reviews, you need to clean up your act (literally) on cleanliness.

That being said, I totally support and am impressed by the fact that you have protected the rights of ALL your riders. It is not in the spirit of our great country that its citizens and visitors are stopped and asked for ID indiscriminately. And, yes, ICE officers HAVE been doing this with a heavy hand..

You have received many mean-spirited comments. This is not one of them.

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Greyhoundsucks. - 103 d ago


I will never use this business again. Your support of our law enforcement, or lack therof, is an atrocity. Shame on you for not protecting U.S. citizens first and foremost.

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Done with you! - 104 d 13 h ago


Shame on you Greyhound! You are going to lose many customers with your support of drug cartels and illegals, My family will never ride on your buses again. I don't want to be in a confined area knowing you don't care about my safety. So long.

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American - 104 d 19 h ago


Greyhound is a friend of drug cartels and human traffickers, and an enemy to Americans. Shame on you for interfering with law enforcement!!

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Trader - 105 d ago


Gray Hound owned by FirstGroup America a British Corporate Company, This is the gratitude for saving your asses in World War two. Gray Hound your governed under the Department of Transportation, I can only hope they Revoke your License to Operate in the U.S. and end this Company once and for all, Gray Hound needs to go your day has come and gone, Go like Peerless Bus Lines.

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Veterans of america - 105 d ago



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Margie - 105 d ago


What a disservice the the American people, you are assisting in deconstructing the Constitution. How does it feel to make America a less safe country for the citizens of the United States, I will be sure to spread the word that you do not support Americans. What a disappointment, using forms of transportation other than greyhound is not a problem for me and will be a policy for me and my family going forward.

Seriously ...Shame on YOU

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Wayne - 105 d 4 h ago


I hope you go bankrupt for what you did to the ice agent's shame on you for that

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JD - 105 d 6 h ago


SHAME on you!!! Your stance on not allowing ICE agents to board your buses is insane. ICE protects everyone. By stopping them from boarding your bus fleet you've given the all clear signal to those willing to bring in illegal (yes, illegal vs undocumented!) immigrants and saying they are safe to do so and that you value the profits made by transporting these people over the safety of the USA population. Again, I say, SHAME ON YOU

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M Wroblewski - 105 d 12 h ago


Just want to say go screw yourselves for your anti American anti law enforcement stance on ICE agents doing routine checks on buses AND how it's terrible that Greyhound has turned into a cheap nationwide distribution system for coyotes and illegal aliens ..... Your corporate cowardice is disgusting

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