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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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Darryl - 4 d 9 h ago


Gray hound should be ashamed of themselves.i purchased a ticket online and after i purchased the ticket online i called to verify and was told everything was OK. i get to the buss station in Temple TX. at 6.00 am.and the there was no one there come to fiend out the Temple station had been permanently closed REALLY!! . So I began calling Gray hound to fiend out if the buss was coming and to track the buss The only someone i could talk to was someone in a call center in India that barely spoke English and was told that the buss could not tracked because the buss that Gray Hound sold me a ticket on belonged to a company named Arrow Transportation and had no way to track the buss REALLY!!!!!. they gave me Arrows number and they never answered the phone, and the buss never came.I had to pay a cab to drive me 75 miles to the airport I missed my flight, and i Missed being in my sisters wedding. I arrived at my sisters wedding during the wedding. untill this day i have yet to talk to anyone at greyhound about compensation i will never ride Gray Hound as long as I live

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Michele Harper - 5 d 17 h ago


I was going to a funeral. All i waunted to do was say goodby to my sister. My buss was supose to leave the Columbus station at 2:40 am. The bus was well over 5 hours late. I missed my sisters home going service. To add insult to injury greyhound stated that in order for me to get back to my home i would have to purchase another ticket even tho it was their fault i missed the funeral. So now stranded in colombus the customer service (customer not care) department tells me i have to wait 24 hours for any resolution in real time and no they are not going to pay for my hotel. Never made it to my destination the driver never showed to drive the bus. A suposed super visor in the Philippines said they could give me 13 dollars of the 55 i spent. Really really i will be contacting th BBB dep. The dep of transportation their corporate head quarters. ( which by the way the customer care department refused to give me a number for.) This has been an ordeal i will never forget.

Greyhound's slogan " Leave the driving to us" exactly what driver are they speaking of. Oh " we will get you there on time"

Stop lieing to customers. Stop treating people like this totally unacceptable. They give you a complaint for form to compleat and mail to their company but you are still stranded and the customer care reps are extremely rude and their is a language barrier as well but they get upset when you say you dont understand what they are saying.

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KATRINA L TARMIN - 7 d 15 h ago



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Travis - 38 d 10 h ago


It is with a very heavy heart that I write this compliant. I am an international student so I don't know much about the Greyhound bus system so please accept my complaint as being genuine and objective. I really hope that some actions are taken against this company. This company operates with absolutely no regulars to customer or customer service. They believe that they are not and cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience even if its 100% their fault. My name is Travis Wilson and I started traveling at 4:00am the morning of Sept 11 to Wisconsin. The most horrible experience I have had to date while traveling was about to begin. I was at the station at 4:20am hoping that the bus Would leave on time. To my dismay the bus only can 6:00am. I was very unhappy with the wait but I boarded the bus anyways. Please bear in mind that the representative at the station in Columbus is very rude and unprofessional. As I black man I was very saddened because she was black too. The bus got to the second station (two hours late) and we waited like for 1.5 hours before we boarded the second bus. About 25min in the driver announced a lunch stop. Little did we know that that stop would be a 5 hours stop. The driver notified us that we need to leave the bus and go get comfortable because it was going to be along stop. The air conditioning was not working and so he had to request another bus. We got no further information. He only informed us that he had reported the issue and he has no idea what our wait time will be. I immediately called the customer service number they said they could not help, so I called the ticket number they could not help and so I called the corporate number and they too could not help. We just sat there and waited in vein. Like I wished this information was open to the public so that I could know not to travel with this bus. We finally got the Chicago and my last connecting bus had already left 5hrs ago. They informed me that there was nothing they could do and that I had to wait for the other bus at 11:30am. They merely offered a 7$ food voucher and again the black terminal manager was very rude and disrespectful disingenuous and duplicitous. I tried to board another bus that was going to Milwaukee (only two hours away from my final stop) and because I had been calling the corporate office so many times and they kept contacting her she was mad at me. She lied to me and told me that the bus was full, when the driver spoke to me he accidentally told me the bus was not full but that he had to pick up one passenger at some other stop and that was the seat they had intended to give me. I wrote this complaint while sitting inside the bus station. I informed everyone at all levels and offices that I could not spend the night in the station as I had a heart condition and I had to be home to take my medication. The terminal manager informed me that the ambulance are very close by. This is one of the most inhumane ways I have ever been treated in America. I still cannot believe that the government of the USA allow this bus company to continue like this. I hope that this complaint will get to someone someday that can do something about it. Whether you are a foreigner or an American you certainly should. Not be treated this way. Greyhound is violating people's human rights. People are being treated like products! Please someone please put a stop to this !

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Popeye Doyle - 25 d 18 h ago

Next thing I'll hear is that it's Trumps fault. Traveling across country by bus went out in the 90's.

What kind of employee do you think a failing industry like that will pay for? Additionally, the customers are generally nasty and rude themselves. You get what you pay for. (ever hear that saying?)

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago

My reply is to POPEYE DOYLE. you should apply for a job w GH, sounds like you fit right in maybe will be hired on the spot bc I know a for sure thing that with that nasty attitude there's no way that you can hoops a job. Get well soon!

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago

Hoops a job??

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Shawna walters - 18 d 20 h ago


Yeah that I have heard that saying you get what you paid for but you know what a lot of people can't afford some of the other ways to travel okay and just because it's a cheaper way to travel does not mean that unreliable ,,rudeness, lying and just absolutely being unhelpful and lazy at their job should just be ignored because it is the cheaper way to travel it's like being treated like s*** because you're poor that's not right..

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago

This will come to an end... it always does. Did you file a complaint w the Better Business Bureau? I did.

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C. Rachal - Louisiana - 95 d 19 h ago


Firstly, does someone from Corporate actually read these? Secondly, I would like to speak to someone, other than customer service, who are reading responses from a card.

If anyone gets a class action suit,,, count me in - I don't want to publish any names or numbers, but I do want a refund from a round-trip ticket that I'm NOT putting my son back on that bus for.

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Furious - 82 d ago


I'm thinking about it. My driver never showed and they cooked the books and the dispatch report showed the bus was 10 minutes late but the driver never showed. So I'm fighting to get my refund now.

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debra - 77 d 9 h ago


i bought a ticket over the phone for my brother who is travelling from dallas texas to los angeles, agent told me about a $18 fee for buying a ticket for someone else and i ask the reason why? agent put me on hold and came back saying its for security purposes from fraudulent transactions and i ask if the purchase is not fraudulent would greyhhound refund back yhe $18 he said he dont know tsktsktsk.. so got a ticket brother his departure date anad time was 08/03/19 at 11:45Pm 1pm my brother was alteafy at the terminal and infront of the gate and he ask the lady in the gate and was told that he can check in later on and was able to check in.. still he sat infront of the gate.. around 11pm my brother was getting ready and fix his self up and ask the lady if the bus is ready. lady told him bus already left around 10pm and shes now asking for a fee of $20 to get him in another bus to l.a. it says on the website to be there 15mins prior to dsparture time if you dont have a check in baggage!!! never again i will use greyhound services!!!!!

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Helen Keller - 25 d 17 h ago

How could he miss something as big as a bus. Couldn't have been too many coming and going at 10:00pm.

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Lorri - 73 d 19 h ago


Greyhound did the same thing to me. I was unfamiliar with Greyhound and I was in an emergency crisis. Greyhound booked me fro departure from Dallas, not where I was, though asked for that ticket. I realized due to the large travel distance I accidents got AM and PM mixed up. I immediately let them know II could not use that ticket and to cancel it. Several hours later they processed it and now consider it a refund that they claim is just tough shit for me. NOBODY SHOULD EVER USE GREYHOUND. I'm out $400 for nothig.

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Anonymous - 20 d 13 h ago


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Annie B - 20 d 13 h ago


NOT SURE HOW THEY ARE STILL SERVICE! THIER SERVICE MAY EXPLAIN WHY THE MAJORITY OF THE TRAVELERS THE VERY LOW INCOME AND HOMELESS or first timers like ourselves. Why should GH be aloud to get away with treating these people or anyone this way?!?! First off, all they charged me three times, called and got a refund for two after all. My daughter arrived at 7:30pm 1 hours early to check in. But was late, at 10Pm they started to issue refunds in the middle of refunds they offered to take in the nest bus 11:00 s she stayed. guess what? that bus was late too. She ended up leaving at 1:45AM!!!! She waited SIX HOURS to get on a bus that smelled of URINE!!!! Finally gets home misses her event because she arrived 1/2 a day late but we were happy she was home. Unfortunately we just thought it was bad timing and we had purchased a round trip so the following day Sunday evening she set to leave at 7:30pm. Got to the station 6:45pm got to the front and there was no one there, we waited 15/20 for a rep. Give him the confirmation number and he says it's been canceled. I explained I was charged three times and thatch waited 6 hours in Tally for a bus. LONG story short. We both called GH - After two reps on the phone that couldn't help me my daughter got through. The actual BUS driver SAM was standing there when we were going through all this, I said please don't leave yet (which it was still before departure time) and he says hurry up I'm leaving, in a nasty way as if.... I just continued to get help on the phone we finally got a confirmation number, the front desk reps says go to the bus I'll go print your ticket. We walk to the bus and SAM the driver says she can't go, she has no ticket I say yes she is going, the rep just told you that he is bringing ticket now. Sam tries to close the door and my daughter is standing there and the door is pushing her. up against her UNREAL!!!!! The rep comes back with ticket now the driver Sam says NO I'm not taking her, I don't have too. UNREAL, here we are going through all of this trying to get on the bus with a ticket that has been paid for and now this????? WTF??? The rep had to beg this driver to take my daughter, where are we what is happening to our society and costumer service? This is the shortest that I could keep my story. GREY HOUND REFUSES TO GIVE ME A REFUND. The second time I tried I spoke to a supervisor MRS.Rodriguez and her excuse was that because Im not the passenger that they are unable to help, but they surely charged my card and I paid so go figure... PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF PURCHASING A GREY HOUND TICKET! I have contacted cooperate via email and the Better Business Bureau. It is all the worth the time, they should never be bale to make us the consumer fell they way that they did. My daughter was left on that bus crying for a 9 hour trip. SAM THE BULLY BUS DRIVER and MS. RODRIGUEZ THE COSTUMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR that coolant help me although I am the one that purchased the ticket.

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K. Ellington - 28 d 17 h ago


Well where do I start me and my husband have been traveling greyhound since May of this year 2019 new experience for the both of us. Staff not to people friendly at all at the terminals we use Tallahassee, Fl. , Tranfer point Orlando, Fl. and final stop Ft. Lauderdale, fl. most of my rides went smooth but my poor husband he was delayed in Orlando back in July for 4 hours. But the trip that started last night 09/20/19 at 11:20 arrival time is still going on as I write this he's stuck in Orlando Customer service is a lost cost cause they're no help at all customer agent not either. the service is terrible horror at it's best. if you guys really had competition you would run your company better more professional. hell pay me I would get it back to Forbes best!!! any who improvement to the schedule the workers n company. you guys not supplying the demand that's bad on all company n customers

. You guys been around to long to be falling off like you are. I want something to satisfy my husband harshness for the agony he went thru on this trip and the sad part nobody is on one accord its despicable. I need to share this abroad. social media the world needs to know how bad you guys service is!!

Mrs. K. Ellington (hidden)

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Nat King Cole - 25 d 17 h ago

Are you the Duke's wife?

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Anonymous - 21 d 12 h ago

People know how disgusting Greyhound is but they dont care enough to call and report it. If they did as you did, then and only then will Greyhound change.

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Anonymous - 73 d 10 h ago

Why do I have to wait 12 hours on a bus because the bus driver was late and bus driver tells me I need to go get my tickets r renewed and when I can down the bus was gone now the front desk tells me me and my family and my newborn grandson have to wait til tomorrow to get on bus and they have buses leaving Port authority bus station my daughter has seizures my wife is a diabetic why I don't understand

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George Jefferson - 25 d 18 h ago

You got bigger problems than the damn bus service.

General profile image - 54 d 14 h ago

Greayhound lost all of my bags in Atlanta. Containing me, clothes, laptop, personal items, birth certificate, social security card, etc. Now I'm in South Carolina facing very difficult times as a result. No one at Greyhound seems to care to listen or help me recover my possessions.

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Anonymous - 28 d 18 h ago

Your bags contained you? Dang I bet it is hard to breathe in there.

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Bob Barker - 25 d 18 h ago

So it seems they found you in South Carolina...

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago


Atlanta greyhound is the worst greyhound the greyhound employees and security guards threaten you and attack you

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