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Former employee - 4 h ago


My complaint isn't much about Greyhound but about Salt Lake city, Utah management. In order to keep your job the manager has to like you, if he doesn't like you he doesn't even help you. I was a night CSR Lead for about 1 year and 3 months. Morning management seem to be the managers favorite and they always say they were doing better job than the night crew when the supervisor that worked at night who was brought from Vegas to take this position. As her employee in my opinion she was the only one that really cared about employees, drivers and passengers. She was very passionate about her job and proud to work for Greyhound but the morning management disliked her and they were harassing her pushing her to quit her job at the end the manager played her wrong and she was laid off, which I think it was a big mistake because she was the only one who truly cared for us as her coworkers and passengers she would always go above and beyond. After all this they give the supervisor position to a ticket agent again biggest mistake, he was always inviting me to his car to make out with me, I would explain to him that I was a married women and I couldn't do that, he also gives free things to pretty female passengers in order they have to hang out with him or do inappropriate things. Greyhound has a lot of sexual harassment and employees that take advantage of their positions they don't act professional. The time I worked there I noticed employees being very rude to passengers. Honestly a lot of Greyhound costumers complaint a lot because Greyhound has poor costumer service and management. When I worked there passengers were always happy with my service. I feel like passengers deserve to be treated like paying costumers, even if they don't look decent or if someone else pay for their ticket they are costumers and they deserve to be treated fair. I loved my job there but I didn't liked the fact that I was never treated like part of the team and I was not even offered a review. Drivers are treated unfairly by management as well. I feel like Greyhound needs to teach their management to treat employees better. Greyhound wouldn't have all the problems they have if they would have better training and would keep the people that really love their job.

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Forced to quit driver - 52 d ago

Greyhound do not pay us drivers, I've been with this company for 12 years and it is shitty. They fired a young man for getting upset with his supervisor over the racist comment he made, I had to fight for my paycheck because they ARE NOT PAYING US! The shitty equipment where mechanics make more than drivers and fix not a damn thing! Cooperate do not care, malemanagers using their power to get sex from women on company property, oh and get this I had my letter of resignation thrown in the trash because GREYHOUND is loosing drivers by the numbers! They can't keep them! So the reason why you guys are stranded at stations is because drivers are not boycotting they're going to other companies. Next they're leaving because of management, they lie and use drivers and we are fed up! They do NOTpay us and they brush our complaints against management off and it puts a target on that drivers back. No matter how good your work is and how safe you are they will fire you for nothing knowing they're taking people's hard earned money and they will leave hours late and make excuses and blame us drivers.

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Anonymous: - 48 d 4 h ago


As I said before contact the labor board, consumer affairs, and HR. Even try to get in touch w/your senators and congressmen/woman. I would have made this go to a hearing with the labor board and bring plenty of witnesses. Or better yet go on strike siting bad management at all stations and at the management level of the whole company. They would have to do something that is government mandated at the federal level.

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Jackie - 33 d 13 h ago

Will do thank you.

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Ariel - 11 d 5 h ago

Yeah, let's call OSHA highway patrol, public works, our local gov and the states . Labor board, better business organizations, Yelp, air quality control, CALTrans her in CA. I can see how drivers and other employees are upset. My bet is Greyhound is out of business and collecting as much $$ as the top dogs can steal before they collapse. You will not get refunds and if you're buying tickets you won't have a way to get where you need to be, and your money will be lost. That's consistent with these miscreants' approach so far. They probably put this site up to appease authorities and buy time. America, we have to take our country back from greedy swine like these for our kids sake.

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Tim D - 1 d 23 h ago

Anonymous I posted My name Tim D Thinking about Filing Class Action any body please let me know

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Monshanda Evans - 2 d 49 s ago


I had a problem on 10/22 with a bus breaking down and an incompetent and rude csr in Lake Charles la selling me a tickey knowing full well the bus wasnt coming. I had to pay for a hotelnroom because we already have tp travel 45 min to yhe nearest greyhound. I was told they could give me part of my money back but i had to wait 14 business days. Of course on day 14 nothing. When i called on day 14 i was told wait till day 16 and hung up on. Call back the next day only to be told i have to wait 5 more business days so they can figure out whata going on. I normally travel with greyhound at least 5 times a year. I also used greyhound often for clients who need to travel to events close by to the tune of about 500 tickets a year depending on where the festival is. All that has ceased. I will never use greyhound again in life for either business or pleasure. Greyhound doesnt care about their customers in any way shape or form..all they care about is keeping your money and doing everything possible to give you a bad travel experience

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Tim D - 1 d 23 h ago


Thinking about filing class action Law suit how can I contact you, are you Interested anyone Interested in contacting

Me I am looking into Filing a Class action Law suit !!!!

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T. Baron - 1 d ago



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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Go any way besides greyhound they r absolutely horrible, I truly don't understand how they stay in business. Do not I say not go greyhound. They don't refund even when it's there fault.

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Mamediarra mback - 10 d ago

Well mamediarra mback is very naste shit spit on me and saying no one can stop her

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Treated unfairly - 30 d 9 h ago


I was a passenger on greyhound from Atlanta to Richmond in the middle of my trip i was put off the bus at a closed greyhound in the middle of the night after I was cursed and police were called. I wasn't allowed to get my things off the bus I contacted greyhound and they were not informed of the incident nor was i compensated. Greyhound informed me they were not responsible for my things. I will be suing the bus driver for the value of my things.

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Ariel - 11 d 5 h ago


Yeah, I believe you. I saw them do it to a lady outside of Gaberville, CA and all she did was ask why the bus was using a route she thought was counterintuitive, and you both should sue these people because the drivers and other workers are very unprofessional and nasty, which is worse than cussing. I've seen cops cuss. We all do when things go wrong and everything is wrong at greyhound.

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Charles Warrior - 11 d 5 h ago


Hello, my experience coming off a business trip serving the city of Houston, Texas after hurricane Harvey as Disaster relief worker with Greyhound bus line was fine until I reached Dallas, Texas. There I had a 4 hour layover on my original purchased ticket which I understood. I waited until eleven thirty hearing announcement of customers waiting on that bus which is scheduled to depart at eleven fo4rty-five to go customer service desk. Apond reaching greyhound representives which all where ladies was informed there is a problem with the bus I was waiting on now for the whole four hour layover that included being re-routed which is understandable my biggest concern is that notification of a change not just in a ten minute process is good especially when I was communicating with people handling a box which I purchased in Houston's greyhound terminal to secure smaller bags combined. Also, tools of my work/trade hand tools. So, that's why my concern is so intensed with commutation. So here I am going to Texarkana instead of Oklahoma City which I have relatives that where coming to the grey terminal to visit with me before my departure to Kansas City and they drove eighty miles in route to Oklahoma City before I made the call to them. So another sad/bad, experience now my luggage has my attention because it not on the bus I am. On..The grey driver assured or tried to of it will be there at Kansas City terminal. Again the people who greyhound employ from the Dallas terminal not to professional and to me it's seems to me that luggage that where on the luggage cart to be loaded on a particular bus with the customer and less chance of a complaint such as this, hopefully it's where the destination on the box and baggage states in Kansas City, Mo. GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL. I don't believe I was negligent in my purchase paided in full in the ball park figure of almost three hundred ticket and service canteen, taxi, and poor customer service. WOULD APPREICATE A RESPONSE THANK YOU.

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Former driver R - 23 d ago


I'm a former driver and first my apologies to everyone who had a bad trip with GH. As drivers we try our best but

The schedules are late because we have a driver shortage, and we can't get our rest on time if the schedule is late. We try our best and we want you to understand that we try but we are human, and we deserve some respect. We do our best and sometimes we don't have enough buses or not many drivers in a city where the schedules start or switch drivers. We can only work 15 hour days Doug a trip takes 10 hours and change and we've been waiting for the connecting bus for 6 hours, it is against the law for us to go. Also you have to take I. Traffic and road failures, we love our job and it's a stressful time for us all! Let's make best of what we have and please understand we are giving the best we can with what little we have!

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Ariel - 11 d 5 h ago

I know it's hard and most travelers are like me. Why are we being abused and cheated?

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L Clark - 15 d 7 s ago


with all the complaints I have read and mine is next how are you still in business or do you corporate higher ups really care about CUSTOMER SERVICE. I'll make this sort girl friend made the mistake of buying round trip ticket from San Diego Ca, to prescott valley AZ on the return trip which was suppose to leave prescott valley at 5:50am the bus was a no show, waited and hour no bus,called the rudest customer service operator call hardly understand her (the result of out sourcing too much) and told me the ticket was broken (What!) I no corporate would say read fine print, but not at 5;30AM, never received cancellation call or email notification just a lot of sorry sir, I ended up driving her to SD about 7hrs so she would not miss work thanks a lot GREYHOUND!!!

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Ariel B - 11 d 5 h ago


Let's do this and exert our power as the people! .She was so distracted and dismissive, she didn't tell me much at all except that I was basically an idiot who touched the wrong button, when I AM SURE I DIDNT BECAUSE II have no printer. I have gone through this will call vs. printer hassle every time I travel and these people will not print one up for you on one trip I made it from Humboldt to SF, checked in my luggage for a staggering $20 during a 5 hour layover, which I spent with my son who is studying there, when he and I said so long in the station, he managed to take my ticket accidentiy after retrieving the suitcase from the same lady I put it with and went to when I realized he had it.he was on a bus headed to his dorm and these swine told me too bad, I had to buy another $100+ ticket and I would have to wait until the next day to go because this bus was full. Naturally I tried to reason with these people. They acted like I was screaming profanities and waving a gun when I said, what is wrong with you? You saw,me and my son, you saw my ticket too. The bus driver, security all joined the clerk in telling me they would not let me buy a ticket for the next bus and I he would have to leave at 10 pm in a city where a room is easily $200 in the dodgy areas. I have been around enough bullies to know them when they gang up on me. I realized arguing would likely land me in serious trouble because three or four of them would say I was the one being abusive and none of the passengers were going to risk their own behinds to come to my rescue. I was very offended, and this time had tainted the first of leg of the trio as the bus driver got on her mic and dressed down the passengers in a way that was so rude and unnecessary, I assumed she was a bad egg. As it turns out every single driver gives a tactless. Speech that sounds like a prison guard reading the riot act to some new inmates. They all make threats! The never use words like please and thank you and they literally bark orders in a way that I plan to record from here on out because I suspect there are a number of people willing to join me in a class action lawsuit for discrimination and harassment in these stations and on the bus. To make matters worse , on every trip I have taken, there were profound problems. The bus out of SF that night broke down at 4 am as we were coming around the grape vine. The bully bus driver could not get it to start and I knew he wouldn't because the carburetor wasn't working at all. We were all stuck in the dark, the toilet reeking with excrement the moment I came aboard and that stench escalating as we wearily fell in and out of fitful sleep. It was hard to believe how nasty the bus driver was when one man asked to get out of the bus, as he wanted to smoke, it was claustrophobic, hot and frustrating but passengers were not complaining or acting out. The bus driver acted the way cops do when in charge of a large group of anti social criminals. Actually, when I worked at the peripherals of court houses as a legal assistant , the baliffa were much less acrimonious and more professional. The driver was clearly upset, which was kind of ironic because he wasn't paying nearly two hundred dollars to arrive late after sitting in a smelly hot box with a lot of strangers in the dark while the guy in charge treated them badly as he tried to figure out what he was going to do. This cluelessness is pretty much a norm just like the vile attitudes. Some are much more extreme but no one is nice or helpful. I suspect this is company policy, and I don't blame you for assuming I'm embellishing this review. T(e next time I took the bus was about a week later. Again,, there was no explanation of the bus itenary in the papers or from employees. Again there was a deliberate effort to mislead me and others who had annoyed the workers iwith questions. They all believe we are morons, nutters and miscreants. Somehow the lady driving an LA city bus with people stuffed in like sardines and traffic aggressively impeding her all the way managed to be helpful and nice as she spent her Sunday carting around the area's undesirables for at least 8 hours. But when we heard the Bakersvile creeps behind the counter announce a train was delayed and our 2-3 hour lay over was going to be. Six hour ordeal, we were stuck. By the last hour, I was getting sick from not eating and being warned not to leave because the busses were going to go if and when the train showed up. There are machines full a overpriced garbage in the station where passengers were so clearly unwelcome we stayed out side as did the bus drivers who made a circle so if we tried to ask them any questions they could ignore us. Finally I went inside and told the chunky obnoxious fellow I needed to eat something . He told me to buy some cookies. This made me angry but I merely noted that when these buses and trains are breaking down every time ( or close to it ) I ride them, there is an issue with the company . Any ethical company Servuces it's machinary regularly and is prepared to accommodate the occasional disaster when passengers are held up. Airlines, which have also lost their ability to function efficiently and treat customers with respect, have good intercomes that allow us to know there's an issue. They urge the fliers to come to. The stations and have some soda and snacks as they try to put together an alternative. The airlines know of someone with hypoglycemia, diabetes, HBP or any condition ( many I see are elderly, unwell, and disabled) gets sick or dies, they may sue the company and law suits are incredibly unpredictable. When I pointed out that the people who run Greyhound and Amtrack are obviously not very committed to operations that are practical and probably mandated by laws, this guy screamed at the op of his lungs about how I wa going to walk from Bakersville to my destination. Every single employee reacted the same way. My criticism and questions , as well as problems, were met with an immediate hostility followed by threats that were very viable and related to me walking home in the middle of the night.alone. Each time I was convinced this was going to happen. At least the guy in Bakersfield was including my refund in his affront to customer service and chivalry, "Greyhound and Amtrack are public transportation, " he repeated as he verbally abused me. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I rather doubt it. The public may be forced to rely on these companies for transportation but Amtrack and Greyhound are long standing private sector businesses with murky reps. Just for the record, the train is much better and costs less than the bus, but the schedules are deranged and the employees who aren't working for Tips are generally just as unkind and deliberately confusing as the bus line. When we left LA the large woman yelled at me for running out to grab the bus as her coworker urged me. She yelled at me then acted like I was brain dead when I told her the guy who checked me into the gate told me I may miss the bus. She told me what I was thinking, I had time . But them the bus shows up and I am chastised for being late which I wasn't . She screamed if you say one word you will walk. Now I wouldn't have to walk as I have many friends in LA who'd come for me and I wasn't headed all that far. It takes the bus four hours but a person in. Car needs a couple hours if that. But I didn't speak and she got her little victory like all the other rumpled, uneducated thugs doing their boos, bidding . I wrestled with myself about making an issue about this because I know I may need to travel again through those stations and if these employees see me, I'm not sure what they'd capable of. Clearly they are entertaining themselves at customers expense. How pathetic is your life when th sadistic practical joke upon frazzled travelers is all you have to look forward to? The bus driver on the trip made som many threats about throwing people off the bus if the drank or used illegal drugs she was hoarse by the time I got off. What is ironic is how well behaved and quiet the bus full of travelers was. Everyone at my stop stayed seated until she yelled at me in the very back. I was gathering my things and she knew I was going where we were after a chat with her fellow fascist at the LA station. At that moment a half dozen folks scrambled to their feet and did as I was in a hurry, Arne route goes into Vegas and I could here the engine missing all the way through the desert. I have driven many beaters in my day and I could tell that bus driver was irritated because the beast was lacking. She didn't have enough sense to baby it up the hills even though we were on time and her remaining obligations that Sunday night were not very complicate or urgent. As we came to hills she did a weird thing and ecceoattrated suddenly as if she were punishing it for serious mechanical issues the mechanics and managers are likely unable to or unwilling to deal with. I am 80% sure this is the big shots at Greyhounds fault because they obviously want as much money as they can get for as little as they can give. This means they're endangering their passengers and people who are on the road with their busses. Our health and emotions are also exposed to unnecessary and heinous threats thanks in large part to this neglect and an overtly malignant policy. As the Greyhound bus is often the only option for Poole without a lot of money, and theirs a lot more people with a lot less money thanks to unethical businesses like Walmart, Greyhound, BofA, Sallie Mae, and possibly Amtrack ( I have had many lovely times in their trains and was glad about efforts to restore the lines until my ordeals with Greyhound which shares routes with the trains). As consumers we need to understand our real power is in how we spend our money.

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago




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Ariel Bonzai - 11 d 5 h ago


Good plan, let's form an alliance.

I am going to piecemeal my wordy review beneath you guys.

It's unlikely anyone is going to be very clear given the way things operate, but yesterday I actually dealtt with workers who were trying to amuse themselves at my expense by telling me to hurry when I handed them the boarding pass. I believe I had more time, but the pass read 25 minutes sooner than the departure time I had. In fact the booking machine refused to print it out as it has every time and the clerk told me it was my fault

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Ariel Bonzai - 11 d 6 h ago


Recently, My son and I began to travel by Greyhound regularly . We travel,separately, but use the same routes and while the quality of travelers has greatly improved since I took. Buses all over the nation, the service and savings are now extinct. I can empathize with bus drivers, ticket counter workers and security workers. It's not exactly a cakewalk and there are still a few nuts , jerks and a lot of catastrophes to deal with.

In my dozen or so trips since September, I've yet to come across one helpful or happy employee in Bakersfield, Victorville, San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento, or Los Angeles.

The bust stations are grim spots with ancient fixtures where everyone is confused, exhausted and on edge because the minute you arrrive the employees make it clear they're not interested in helping you. They resent it and have a pervasive contempt for customers.

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Audrey Taylor Tito - 11 d 17 h ago


Im a disabled person and i was sitting in the bavk of the driver and the druver said that we couldn't use any phone tablet etc while sitting behind him or in those 4 front seats. Its totally bogus. My number is 252 907 5155 and i except a call bk asap today

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Daniel Rice - 12 d ago


Greyhound should not be a way of transportation, none of the greyhounds I've been too are clean and the people who work there are complete ass while and are rude. I'm currently waiting at the greyhound station in Nashville TN on my bus that should have been here a hour ago and me my 2 year old son and my wife are still sitting here and none of the workers know where the bus is. How do you not know where a bus is? Over a hour since it should have been here and left an still no one has heard anything?. Complete Bullshit. I want a REFUND. I will never be taking this bus again an will tell everyone i know to not take the greyhound. Greyhound should be shut the fuck down.

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Michelle Cheadle - 13 d ago


Greyhound is a joke. The employees all need to be on the same page. I left Ohio with three kids and rode the bus to Arizona. Tried to purchase tickets back to be told by 4 reps that I couldn't do that per company policy. Two reps said I could do it if I paid adult fare for one of the kids. Last rep said I could pay adult fare for one kid but bus driver didn't have to let us board. The drivers on the trip down all complimented me on how well behaved the kids were on a two and a half day bus ride. I will never travel Greyhound again and will not recommend them to anyone. Very poor service with unintelligible call center reps.

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Anonymous - 15 d 31 m ago


An employee was really rude to my boyfriend in lakeland florida

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