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Mr. & Mrs. Robinson - 2 d 9 h ago


(*This Is The Robinsons'*); Everybody That Has And Will Ride Greyhound Buses Are Really Disappointed In Greyhound The Way They Service The Customers Your Services Stink Too Low Hell And You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself On Your Corporate Offs Level; Your Corporate Offices Are Not Riding These Buses You Don't Know The Harrashment And Total Disrespectful The Total Lack Of Disregarding Situations' We As Customers; Consumers; Ticket Holders; Of Greyhound And There Affiliates Of Greyhound Corporations; Enough Said You Need Too Fix Your Issues; Ever Since The Strikes' Of 1990; Your. Problems Have Gotten Worst Not Better;

(*Thank You/Sincerely; (*C.S.M. Or Mr. & Mrs.Robinson*)!!

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Tammy - 3 d 5 h ago


Hi everyone, I have read the comments about greyhound and I wished I would have read them before my one way trip to Colorado Springs on June 5th was supposed to take me 36 hrs to get there..that's about a day and a half +/- a few took me 3 days..on those 3 days, I had to wait hours and I do mean hours (6-8 hrs) waiting on my buses..then due to one of the connection buses that I was on running late, we had to basically jump from one bus to the other without our luggage or even watching to see if it got loaded.. unfortunately mine did not get put somewhere in St. Louis, MO is my bag or wherever it is now going on 2 months and still no word on my bag..I have to call them everyday or every other day just to have them tell me they don't have it..did I put in a claim?..what this and what that..I called greyhounds corp office to get some information and asked about my claim..they are only going to give me 250.00 because I didn't get their insurance..I told them I didn't know and they told me it is their POLICY not to tell you about their don't you think that they should tell you so you would get it even if you don't want it? I mean how can you get something if you don't know..on top of it all I couldn't bring all of my meds because I'm a disabled veteran with me so I had to split my meds.. they alone cost me $400.00..that is not counting my clothes, shoes, makeup and everything else that I took with me that equals up to $950.00 plus/ minus $ they are telling me that they are going to keep looking but it will be 90 days after they receive my claim before I get anything, so it's now going to be 3 1/2 to 4 if it was not for my doctors, I would be dead right now..they refilled my meds as soon as I got back home, but I had to prove that I didn't sell them in the 1st meds are not the ones that you can get over the counter..these are strong meds that I can't get filled for 30 days at a time..but again my doctors are Saints and they did, thank recap..3 day trip that was supposed to last 1 1/2 days...6-8 hrs hold overs because of no buses..lost luggage with important stuff in it..90 plus days to get anything..and a policy that can't inform ppl of their benefits..well no stars from me..they suck 100%

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Christina Osborne - 3 d 15 h ago



My name is Christina Osborne. I reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am emailing you regarding two recent trips I took between Friday, July 14, 2017 as well as Tuesday, July 19, 2017. First of all let me say normally I enjoy the service from Greyhound. I usually get to my destination on time with no problem. On the date of July 14, 2017 I was due to go to Chicago, Illinois and arrived at the bus terminal for my trip. The time came to board the bus and there was no bus for about 45 minutes. Ordinarily someone would come to us as the consumers and let us know something. No one came to give us to give us an indication as to what was happening. A young lady got out of the line and inquired about what was happening. She was told that the bus was stuck in traffic. Mind you I was waiting for someone to come to us and let us know what was happening. No one came to us, no announcement as to what was happening either. As about 40 minutes passed a bus finally showed up for what I can only imagine was the next set of passengers to get on the bus for Downtown Chicago. Still no word on what was going on from anyone at the bus station. There was never an announcement as to what was happening either. I have worked in retail for a number of years and it is always best to let the consumers know what is happening if it is different than the original plan. Now mind you, I understand that buses end up in traffic, I also understand that a bus can break down. Not sure what really happened in this instance. The driver arrived inside the building and explained that he would be allowing us to board and given my boarding number I am sure myself and a few others should have been on the bus. I will say that at this point it looked like it was about two and a half bus loads of people in line. The driver allowed the people in the first line to board. All of them were not on the boarding manifest for that bus. At this point we were finally told that we would be waiting for another bus. The first bus took off approximately 40-45 minutes after originally planned. We waited for the second bus. The second bus arrived an hour later. We proceeded to downtown Chicago and missed our connecting bus to 95th Street and the Dan Ryan in Chicago. I asked an employee what to do and they directed me to the area where I was told that they would find me a ride to 95th Street. I was sent in a taxi to 95th Street. The driver was paid for the trip. He ended up short some money for the trip and proceeded to ask me for the difference. I figured this metered trip was accounted for already and I didn't have the difference to give him. What was that about? Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 I was on my way back to Wisconsin. I made it to downtown Chicago with no problem within a few minutes. When the boarding time came for my connecting bus, there was no bus again. There was no announcement again, no one came to tell us anything. Someone inquired about what was happening and was told that we would be waiting an hour the bus was in traffic. After about a half an hour a gentleman came from the information desk and explained that Greyhound had no idea where the bus was and we would be waiting for an hour. An hour later, no bus. The gentleman from the information counter came back and said that the bus at that point would be there at 7:00 p.m. The buses original time for departure was 5:00 p.m. People are wondering what is happening at this point. The bus show's up a little before 7:00 and the gentleman explains that the driver (HAS) to take the 7:00 p.m. people before us 5:00 p.m. people. Excuse me!!! I have been in the downtown Chicago station since a bit after 3:00 at this point. Why should the 5:00 people have to wait while the 7:00 people get on the bus??? Something about that situation isn't something I would do knowing others had already been there waiting to get to their destinations. The bus shows and luckily we all made it on the bus but I'm wondering is there an issue with not having enough buses or are you all losing buses? I make sure that I am on time when I show up for my agreed upon time to get to my destination. Once again I am aware of traffic, possible accidents, and other issues that may happen. I'm more worried about the non-communication that is running rampant where Greyhound is concerned. Is there a procedure you as Greyhound has in regards for being compensated for trips that end up several hours after the time it is supposed to be? I understand that not every bus is going to be on time and there will be problems along the way but, I'm concerned that when I tell someone that I am supposed to be there at a certain time that I will be there 3-5 hours later than my time. What good is a set time for a trip that states one time and the time is pushed way back several hours. Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois are just a couple of hours from each other. I am also curious as to why there isn't a bus that goes directly to 95th and the Dan Ryan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at least 1-2 times a day? Would it be possible to eventually have that given the two states are that close?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from someone that can hopefully answer my questions and concerns.


Christina Osborne

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Tracey Gonzales - 16 d 9 h ago


As we speak my son is riding on a bus at a 105 degree weather and as bus with no AC and they can't get him a bust of the name c they weren't offered cold water for the bus ride or anything to help keep them cool now my son just sent me a little video clip of kids crying because of the heat they had their stopped in Indio hopefully they'll get a bus soon with an AC and then my son tried to open the window and the bus driver instructed him that he couldn't open the window it is Greyhound property they said ridiculous I think they might have a lawsuit on their hands for heat exhaustion

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago


(hidden). This confirmation number. I want my money back. The worst bus ever. The worst trip I've ever experience. My name is Ismael East Carlo. Look me up. Everybody on the bus is upset.

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Jen - 3 d 17 h ago


I'm going threw it right know i got charged for a five year old child when my grandson is only 1 it should of been free then they made my 18 year old with a one year old wait in Richmond .ca for 4 hours because there bus was three min late and the bus that she was supposed to be getting on at Richmond had left right befor they got there i been getting the run around to get my refund back for a supposed 5 year old when he's not even 5 ugh never going threw greyhound again this is crazy

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

...this is the worst bus trip on the worst of buses. Lights for reading don't work. The racket of noise from this bus it's old and rickery. I would like my money back. Wherever I go I will dedounce your operation... I can go on but for what....

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GJ Sammy - 7 d 8 h ago


I purchased a one way ticket from Manchester, New Hampshire for the 3:25 PM bus. Confirmation number: 41799789. I am a senior citizen. I didn't realize that Manchester had two different stops, and I was told by someone oversees that I couldn't get on at the airport, I had to go into the city of Manchester, because that is what my ticket said. I was given a number in New Hampshire, which was not in service, then another that was busy. Tick tock tick tock. I was told by security at the airport that some drivers would let me on at the airport, yet others would not. As this was the last bus to get me 150 miles, I hired Uber (another 15 dollars) to take me to the city of Manchester from the airport. I was told by security at the airport that some of the Greyhound drivers would let me on at the airport, yet others would not. The representative at the city location was courteous and apologized. The first driver we had was congenial and a good representative for your company,and he actually smiled. Your lack of customer service by phone, will make me think a lot before ever boarding another bus.

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Megan - 11 d 15 h ago


First I would like to start off with a customer service claim number that I have. It is Reference number 489655. Confirmation number for my tickets is 36763914 Back in the beginning of June 2017 I purchased round trip tickets to Manchester Tennessee. Departure was from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I had a theme wedding that I was officiating in Tullahoma, TN on July 1, 2017. My best friend was getting married and asked me to officiate it. So I went online and got my Ordained Minister license. We figured the easiest way to get me down there was by bus. What a HUGE mistake that was. June 26th I got on the bus at 9:55 pm in Harrisburg, PA. We stopped at the RS in Sideling Hill, PA and continued to Pittsburgh, PA arriving around 2.10 am. After an hr and a half layover, we continued to Columbus, OH. We arrived there at 7am, June 27th. This is where that trip went HORRIBLE and the last time I saw my luggage for 8 days. We were supposed to depart from Columbus, OH at 7:30 am on June 27th. Upon getting to Columbus, passengers were informed that their bus was running behind. My luggage was sitting on a bus with the destination in the window being Dallas, TX. How do I know that? I sat on the bench at the bus stop, staring at it. My luggage was a navy blue suitcase with 3 bright lime green items connected to it. A luggage tag (with my name, address, email, and phone number on it), a green luggage lock, and a green bandanna. I put all these on it so that I could pick it out from very far away. I went up to the customer service desk and asked if I should get my luggage off that bus, and keep it with me. They said no and informed me that the luggage would arrive at my final destination as marked on the luggage tag that I received in Harrisburg, PA. Final destination, Manchester, TN. So I left it there, believing that Greyhound would do their jobs properly. Well again, that is the last time I saw my luggage for 8 days! The passengers ended up having to wait 5 hours for our connecting bus to finally arrive at Columbus, OH for us to finish out trip. We were told at the Columbus terminal that a driver called off and that all other buses were already over booked. We then proceeded to Cincinnati, OH. Once we were in Cincinnati, we were advised to go to Customer Service to get our tickets changed, since we ultimately missed all of our connecting buses. That is were I found out that I would now not being getting to Manchester, TN until the 28th. (6:40am departure out of Nashville, when I was supposed to originally be there at 6:30 pm the 27th) I would be sitting in Nashville, TN at a bus terminal for 10 hours. So, due to no fault of my own, only Greyhounds miss doings, I was going to be sitting in a bus terminal, which everyone is telling me is a horrible part of town, for 10 hours by myself. I got to Nashville, TN around 10:45 pm. Upon arriving there I had made plans with my friend, for someone to come pick me up in Nashville, so that I did not have to wait at a bus terminal for 10 hours, by myself, WITHOUT any luggage. My ride had to drive a little over an hour to pick me up, and take me back to Tullahoma, TN. Nashville once again informed me that my luggage would be waiting for me at the Manchester, TN bus stop. I had called then before arriving at Nashville, and they informed me that it was not there. Therefor my luggage was MIA. I never did end up seeing the Manchester, TN bus stop. Only talked to their rude employees. June 28th I started calling Greyhound Baggage number, Manchester, TN bus stop, Nashville Bus terminal, Cincinnati bus terminal, Columbus bus terminal, even Texas bus terminal. Looking for my luggage, This is when I got the "tracer number" 28878400 and was informed that the number would go to EVERY bus terminal Greyhound had. When my luggage was located, they would call me. I called that baggage claim number twice a day for every day that I was in Tennessee. I had to go to the local Walmart to buy some necessities, that were originally in my luggage. The Theme wedding was on July 1st. I had to officiate the wedding in a t shirt that I bought from Walmart and a pair of shorts, because my outfit for the theme was in my luggage. I was not included in the wedding pictures, because I did not have my outfit. Basically, Greyhound losing my luggage ruined my best friends wedding. (I couldn't just go out and re buy this theme wedding outfit. I ordered most of it offline or made it. Could not be redone in 3 days. So thanks for that. My best friends marriage was ruined because Greyhound is in-complainant, and over books trips. (Passengers were informed at the one terminal that Greyhound over books and runs 2 buses to each location over the summer) I had to make a few trips to Walmart to buy necessities as the days went by without Greyhound being able to locate my luggage. I spent around $100 on stuff that I needed, that was already in my luggage. That was only a few things. I also end up borrowing a lot of items from my friend. Thankfully, she was female and we could share things. For the rest of that week, I called baggage claim, with my tracer number, two times a day. No luck on finding my luggage. This was very stressful on me. I stupidity put a folder in my luggage that had important documents in it. My carry on was already heavy enough, and I thought it would be ok in there. So I was stressing out the entire trip for this wedding, stressing because my theme wedding outfit didn't show up, stressing my best friend out even more over her wedding, stressing so much, that I made myself sick. On July 4th, I got back on the dreaded bus to go back to Harrisburg, PA. I had already spent the money on purchasing tickets, and couldn't afford any other method of getting home. I boarded that bus, almost crying that I just needed to get back home and find my luggage. I arrived at Nashville, TN bus terminal. Mind you, I called that baggage claim number that morning, and gave then my tracer number, AGAIN. No new information. They STILL had no idea where my luggage was...... Low and behold, I was walking over to the smoking section of the bus terminal, with my heavy carry on bag, with all my possessions crammed into it..... AND THERE IS MY LUGGAGE!!! Sitting on a cart. Navy blue bag with three lime green items sticking off of it. I ran into the customer service desk, freaking out that they had my missing luggage. About 15 minutes later, and an almost missed bus, I had my possessions in my hands again. After 8 days!!!!! Needless to say, when I switched buses, my luggage never left my side. If I got off a bus, so did ALL of my stuff. I made it back to Pennsylvania stressed and exhausted. Vowing to NEVER take another bus trip in my life.

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Louisa - 11 d 17 h ago


I purchased a ticket at the Dallas,TX Greyhound station for a trip to my granddaughter's graduation in St. Louis, MO. The bus was due to leave on May 31st at 12:10. The bus did not arrive until after 1:00 p.m. and finally departed at 1:30 pm. The bus driver was fresh out of training and had not driven the route to Oklahoma City. She could not find the bus station and ended up soliciting help from the passengers and calling in for help. We were taken downtown OK City and eventually ended up making a u turn heading back in the direction we had just came from where she finally found the bus station. We were at this point 2 hours behind schedule. After much confusion, another driver took over and drove us to Tulsa,OK and then on to Kansas City, MO (which by the way was NOT the original route schedule). Guess the schedule was changed to try and recover some of the time lost. This driver got us to our transfer station in KC but because we were 2 hours late arriving, we missed our connecting bus to St. Louis. We ended up spending the remainder of the night at the bus station in KC, MO. Some of the passengers actually had to rent a hotel because they had small children and they were not going to be able to get their bus connections until later that evening on June 1st. My heart went out to these folks. After numerous complaints from passengers who had missed their connection, Greyhound gave us all a $7.50 food voucher for breakfast. The bus to St. Louis was suppose to leave at 8:25 a.m. but we were told that the bus was going to be late again. (actually, we later found out that they could not find a driver and had to fly someone in to drive the bus). This created another delay. By the time we finally loaded the bus and backed out of the terminal it was 9:30 or so. My bus was initially due to arrive in St. Louis at 3:30 a.m. on Jun 1st but due to all of the incompetence and mistakes in scheduling I didn't arrive until 2:00 p.m. (11 hours later). How does a trip that was only suppose to take 15 hours,15 minutes end up take 26 hours? Needless to say, I missed my granddaughters' graduation that started at 1:00 p.m. This trip is one that I will not forget. Greyhound should be ashamed and refund everyone their monies back, and I WILL be requesting mine. I don't know what has happened to the Greyhound service but it certainly is NOT what it use to be. There was a time you could count on Greyhound to get you to your destination on time and you felt they valued their customers but now it seems to be all about revenue and they don't won;t to be held accountable. They definitely have a shortage of drivers and a good number of them are not properly trained. This should never have happened and I for one will never take Greyhound again..One unhappy customer.

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Nichole - 12 d ago


The bus driver did not let my son on the bus he already bought a ticket for. I had to drive 7 hrs to pick him up. Discrimination if you ask me! Still haven't heard from anyone after filling a complaint. It seems that they should treat this in a important matter.

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Sonny Seneker - 13 d 21 h ago


I purchased a ticket from Greyhound on Saturday July 8, 2017 for a friend to travel from Savannah to Macon, Ga. This was my first experience with Greyhound and what a nightmare it has been. The first thing I found shocking was that I had to pay extra because I wasn't the rider. The fee was $18 and was called a Gift Ticket Fee. Question: What extra cost does Greyhound incur from someone else paying for the ticket that justifies this fee? On the morning of the scheduled trip, July 9, 2017, my friend tried to print the ticket and his printer failed. He called the station to ask if he could show up and show them the ticket on his phone? They told him no. (Seriously? This is 2017! We live in a paperless world) He asked them if they had a printer for him to print the ticket? They told him no. He asked them what his options were for rescheduling? They told him none. He called me very upset and disappointed. I then called Greyhound customer service and spoke with someone with broken english who kept putting me on hold and telling me they could not understand what I was saying and to please speak clearly. I found this to be hilarious since they could barely speak english. I told them what occurred and why my friend missed his bus. I asked them if we could reschedule and I was told "NO" that it was a non-refundable ticket and therefore rescheduling is not allowed. He then told me to call the local bus station in Savannah and maybe they could help. So, I called the local number several times and no one answered. Last night I went to the Greyhound website and learned that you can reschedule a non-refundable ticket by paying $20. (See link and copy of the website below) What a nightmare, I have no idea what to do. I have contacted my credit card company to determine if I can dispute the charge since I have been given false information from Greyhound.

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Anonymous - 14 d 12 h ago

You are the worst bus company EVER! You rip people off. Please people never use a Dirty Dog.It hasnt even been 30 hrs and im a week away from the trip and they wont refund the tickets! Fuck you assholes!!!!

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N/A - 15 d 17 h ago


your help line the live chat isnt helpfull at all they rush you respond back and when you do they do nit reply back its a waste of time . linda and minnie were my two live chats for my help i did not get and i do not feel as tho they were andy help at all.

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Julie O'neal - 16 d 11 h ago


Was yo leave new Carrollton Maryland st 545am this morning July 7. The bus finally showed at 620 so we are late from the begin. Here I made it to Columbus the driver told the re-boarders what they need to do and the rest of us must go to inside to find where to go for next bus.myself and a guy that was on the bus with me went to the counter. The girl said told us to go to gate 12. We did but there was no one there so we go back to counter to verify she said that busy one. I then told her you said go to 12 Now you say bus gone? Said she announced at 515, 525 but we were still on the bus at that time. Now I have to wait 4 hours and get yo Louisville at 315 in the morning instead of 1130. They were late from the begin why am I stuck??????

Then no apology no I am sorry I messed up the bus was gone before you all arrived.

Greyhound suck I mean the worked are rude and don't car. Don't even try to get you out on another bus. You got to wait all these hours.

I will think twice about greyhound will never ride with them again.

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Cynthia - 19 d 10 h ago


My bus reaches its destination at 10 50 the bus I connect to leaves at 10:45 NOW I have to wait 5 hours because the bus can't wait 5 minutes I don't feel like a valued customer is there anyone doing the scheduling can figure out how to make the buses connect I can wait 5 hours but they can't wait 5 minutes and they make sure there is no-one to talk to about this I will not be going greyhound again and make sure my friends aren't eother

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Julie O - 16 d 12 h ago


I don't mean any harm because I myself is s woman of color. But you dealing with black people and they rude they are no help and always late. This is what it is

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Myrtis Moliere - 17 d ago

Greyhounds package express is at an all time low for me. I sent a package out on Monday evening, ask when can I expect the package to arrive? Was told Wednesday, well no package. Spoke to an customer service representative who said the delucery could take up to 14 days. The tucket has a tracking number which can be used to as you know track package. Well guess what cannot do that because the tracking number was not entered into the system. The last call I made on yesterday (7/5/17) the representative transferred me to a recording so that she could clock out and go home. Eventually the recording notified me the office is closed and will reopen at 5am on the next business day.

Yes, I held on for the purpose of tracking holding time and poor customer service etiquette. Ok today 7/6/17 called at 5:00am, 5:30am and 6:21am and was notified after pressing 3, then 1, and then entered the tracking number, after which I got the nice little message stating they are closed and will reopen at 5:00am central time. STRIKE!!!!!!!!

Finally called again at 7:34am was connected to a customer service representative who asked where are you getting this number. STRIKE!!!!! I politely told her from the slip issued at the station where the shipment was initiated.

Again, what good does it do if programs designed to make business more operable, devised to help the customers as well as reduce customer call time if packages tracking numbers are not entered into the tracking portal. If I had the opportunity, I would turn it around making customer service ratings increase.

I have had a few bad experiences with Federal Express and The Postal Service but the customer service for me is rated at 95%.

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Isabel - 17 d 17 h ago


Worse company ever .... didn't even let a 4 years old sit with his sister so 4 year old had to sit with a stranger .. bus driver did nothing about it. Called corporate office and all they have to say is we will talk to the driver and sorry!! Bs company

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Donna Kristosik - 19 d 15 h ago


I was at Greyhound in Raleigh NC on July 3, 2017 at approximately 2:30 pm. I had already been on the bus since 9:00 pm on July 2nd. I waked in and went to the little food part. There was approximately 6 people in the entire station. The extremely rude woman behind the counter informed me she was taking a 20 minute break. I told her all I wanted was a cup of ice. She replied "in 20 minutes."

After over an hour I went back and was the only one there. When I walked up she said "that's the wrong end" in a very hateful tone. Now, I was the only person there and there were no signs that said enter or exit. When I took a picture of the area only, she then told me I couldn't take pictures. Nowhere does it say that. When I asked about the enter/exit signs she told me customers tore them up.

I have worked with the public for over 25 years, both in customer service and in the legal field. I've never encountered someone so rude in all my time.

She is NOT an asset to Greyhound. Besides her horrible attitude she was extreme dirty and disheveled looking. I wouldn't have bought food she touched if I was starving.

Greyhound used to have excellent customer service. I can understand why more and more people fly.

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Anonymous - 21 d 9 h ago

I hope I never have to use Grayhound bus service I think there bad people and racist

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Andrea Archambeau - 22 d ago


Best custumer service I have had in a long time!!!!! This story starts with a mistake on my part that could have cost me alot of emotional and finamcial angst.v Short version is that I got on the wrong bus. Express to NYC making no stops , instead of the local making all stops. I realized quickly that my destination Hartford Ct had not been mentioned and asked the driver if I had not heard properly. He informed me that I had gooten on the wrobg bus. Totally frustrated went back to my seat thinking that I would need to go NYC and fly back to HATFORD; even so I would miss my cousins wedding by the time I got a flight and it would cost me $637 one way!!!!!. Was upset with myself and really sad. Next thing I knew I was being called up frontto chat with the driver.He contactef the bus I was suppose to be on and arranged for a personal transfer, luggage and all.

Workung the hoospitally businees for the past 3 decades, I know first hand how small things can completely change someones experience, but this was no small thing

. Thank those two gentlemen from me; They made my weekend memorable for all the best reasons

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Dissatisfied customer Fay - 22 d 16 h ago


The greyhound employees at the Atlantic City bus terminal are rude, not helpful, and unprofessional. The bus to Baltimore showed up late with only one seat. There were 8 people trying to get on the bus. The bus driver said it wasn't his problem and to wait for the next bus which was 5 hours later. The service agent said it happens all the time and she could not help. She also said there was a chance the next bus would be full and we would have to wait until the next day. This is unacceptable. Why would they sell me a ticket without seats in the bus? Then be unsympathetic to my situation. This was my first time riding the bus in years and now I remember why I stopped riding greyhound. I will catch a train next time. Btw the employees in the Atlantic City bus station needs some customer service training. My first bus was 06/29/17 1:00. I didn't catch the agents name. Look at the schedule.

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former rider - 25 d ago


grahound sucks big time. three hour wait to get to .then they overbooked bumping me. then more wait. from now on im getting a refundable ticket or better yet takeing amtrack

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Sarita - 32 d 15 h ago

I'm getting sick and tired of greyhound, I've been waiting on a refund for over a month now. I purchased two tickets to Atlanta ga, my daughter wasn't able to leave that day ,she wanted to change the day on her ticket and was willing to pay the $20.00 service charge to do so. They wouldn't do it so basically I just gave y'all a free $80.00 .Thats bs, I want my money I work to hard to just give my money away! On top of that , the bus was suppose to depart at 8:15am. It didn't get there till 9am which threw the whole trip off,, I was suppose to arrive in Atlanta at 11:00 pm, didn't get here till 3:30 am. I had to work that night had to call off because the bus was late!!! I want my money I paid for a service that was not met!! Greyhound, you are a joke , I would have been better off walking to Atlanta, y'all just taking people money I'm keep complaining, every time I call the customer complaint & refund line I keep getting the run around, GIVE ME MY MONEY, YALL ARE A RIP OFF WITH HORRIBLE SERVICE YALL NEED TO CLOSE DOWN!!! SAD CASE!!

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Michael - 31 d 17 h ago

I bought a grey hound bus ticket 4 months ago from Gainesville Florida since then I have contacted Greyhound five times over the last 4 months and am constantly getting a run around about corporate office they have held my money for 4 months and as of today when I made yet another call I was told yet again that I'm waiting for clearance on my refund from the corporate office is there no standard for businesses to pay back money owed to customer this is just another way of theft

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Chris - 30 d 8 h ago


I bought a ticket for my son via the app. Received the email to print the ticket... Instead of an 8 day trip, the ticket was for roundtrip same day. As in get on a bus for 13 hours, get there wait 40 minutes and get back on another bus to return home. Apparently, customer service over the phone can't change the ticket. They can refund a ticket with your refund what they say will take 7-14 business days (but apparently others haven't received theirs, so not holding my breath. ), and they can book a ticket, but they can't change a ticket. But I was told I can go down to the station and they will change it out for me...for $20. This was not a user error. The dates specifically stated July 8th-July 16th, but the ticket I received was for July 16th-July 16th. I contacted them within 30 minutes of booking and getting my ticket. After reading all of these reviews, I say someone should form a class action lawsuit. Currently, I am still on hold waiting for a supervisor. The employee keeps getting back on the line and asks me if I want to call back or keep waiting. When I say I will keep waiting he sounds so crushed, lol. He doesn't want me to talk to his supervisor. He tried very hard to persuade me to either call back (supervisor is taking other calls), or just go down to the station and pay them $20 to change my ticket.

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