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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Greyhound is the worst transportation company ever!!! Bus driver falling asleep while driving, picking up random people and dropping them off way out the way, missing stops turning around to redo what she missed, my seat was flooded going through a state while raining and the emergency exit leaked and I took pictures of my seat and the bus driver told me if I said anything else about the seat being wet or if I take one more picture I would be thrown off the bus, I had to stand for an hour and a half... At our stops for a layover we was told not to get off the bus or we would be left. One driver told us if he could hear us on the phone or music or movies he would collect our phones and throw them out the window.. one bus driver cussed us when we complained about the bus not having any air conditioning. She didnt check tickets and two people snuck on the bus and one guy sat next to me snorting meth and xanax and asking passengers if they want to buy any.. and I was 11 hours late to my destination. I called when the bus driver was falling asleep and they told me I have to wait to give complaints until I was at my final destination.. i called the following morning and here it is 15 hours later and I'm still being hung up on.... SERIOUSLY!!!! I want a refund. Who makes passengers sit for that long without stretching their legs or getting food or something to drink... I felt like I was a prisoner on this bus. I am in so much pain for having to sit for consecutive hours if I am not better in a day i will go to the doctor, I documented my entire trip and everything

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago

My daughter was literally left standing on a dark highway in Exmore Va at 12am. The bus was supposed to stop but instead flew right past her. She was told that was the only time buses left that area. Fortunately she was able to walk to a small hotel. Will never use greyhound again.

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John - 5 d 17 h ago


I needed help and they give you a run around they keep giving you all different numbers

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C. Rachal - Louisiana - 6 d 7 h ago


Firstly, does someone from Corporate actually read these? Secondly, I would like to speak to someone, other than customer service, who are reading responses from a card.

If anyone gets a class action suit,,, count me in - I don't want to publish any names or numbers, but I do want a refund from a round-trip ticket that I'm NOT putting my son back on that bus for.

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Oluwatosin Komolafe - 17 d ago


Greyhound Baltimore should be looked into. Nobody picks call at this station. Worst treatment and my shipment can't be located

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Dana Potgieter - 19 d 14 h ago


My son accidentally purchased a ticket in my name since I was the one paying: NON-REFUNDABLE AND CANNOT CHANGE NAME!!

Mind you he is a new college student and it was his first bus pass purchase.

Repurchased ticket in his name, and since I am still paying they charge a $20 GIFT FEE BOTH WAYS!!

Thoughts? Is this taking advantage of college students or is it just me?

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Jaqueline Harris - 24 d 9 h ago


I am going from A to Z on Greyhound period the customer service is unprofessional they need retraining courses because what they forget is if we didn't travel they wouldn't have jobs and a pay check my worst experience is the RICHMOND VIRGINIA STATION i am writing eveyone connected to Greuhound I got to NYC yesterday and my suitcase wasn't on my bus because of the unprofessional attitudes of the workers

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Jem - 31 d 8 h ago


Email forward to you I wrote to your VP. This is going Public.

Dear Mr Parish;

I sent you a message via Facebook Messenger regarding Greyhound Route 1002 Bus Number 60531; Washington DC on June, 9th.

I am Disabled (ADA) and your driver(s) were in fact unprofessional, rude and had unacceptable behaivor. Made me look for my luggage under the carriage, refused to assist me. I know it is against policy to have any customer, to retrieve their own luggage. (Among Safety issues)

There were customers on board at that time as witnesses. The driver took off with my luggage and I did not have it for about a week. Due to her behind schedule, which was not my responsibility, she should have taken the time to get my bag.

I will be seeing compensation for the horrible experience I had. And vochers being sent from the manager of Tallahassee FL is not proper after all. (The manager received an email forward from Mr Leach, I wrote to him.)


Only received part of refund still waiting on another$60 it has been 2 weeks.. Vouchers from Tallahassee as per no Customer Service nor Common Cuortisey? Have not received them as well? This Co is appalling! Needs to revamped from top to bottom!


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Fuck Greyhound - 34 d ago


It's time to start a class action suit against First Group America as well as to publicise all the unpublished names, numbers and email addresses of those who work for Greyhound. The physical, mental and financial injuries caused by the willful neglect by FirstGroup/Greyhound needs to be reciprocated.

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To F- Greyhound. - 33 d 10 h ago

That's called Doxing. This is a new domestic terrorism ploy the millennials have started using. Americans don't publish individuals private personal information. This is not how we settle issues in our country. There are many ways to get your point across doxing people is not one of them. Grow the hell up.

How would you like it if someone posted your personal information online? You wouldn't. Your comments are ridiculous. Physical, mental & financial neglect?????? Absurd!

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M.J. - 32 d 12 h ago


Yes let's get started ASAP!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 12 h ago

I want to file a complaint and a lawsuit against Greyhound for going past deadlines, not doing the appropriate job they are scheduled to do.

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Tia - 36 d 6 h ago

First of all the bus driver was late, she was supposed to be in Saint Paul at 12:45pm she didn't pull up until 1:10 pm. When we finally pulled up to the first stop, a passenger went into the McDonald's to use the restroom and the bus driver left him. She seen people get off and she stated that if they weren't on the bus that she would be leaving like it was a joke she didn't even ask if everyone was on board, I believe that is really insensitive. That is not her job, She couldn't make it to pick us up on time so why did she make it seem like waiting a few more minutes for a paying passengers to use the bathroom would make us any later than we already are. She was late and not everyone wants to use the bus bathroom he paid for a ticket he shouldn't have been left. Also His things are still on the bus while he is in Eu Claire . He tried to flag the bus down, a few of the passengers laughed but I didnt think that was funny at all so I called and complained here is the case number. 830717

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martin kane - 42 d 12 h ago


Worst Service Ever !!!!!!!!

I first tried to schedule a trip from the Poconos in PA to Atlantic City NJ

First of many issues the ticket agent over the phone told me there would be a fee of approx $15 if I booked over the phone or on line. Not true I told that to the agent. They told me to do what I want. Really ???

I booked on line with a $2.50 not $15 I was picked up on time at my place of origin and drove to a connection point in Lehighton PA When we arrived the bus driver informed us the bus that was to pick us up there had broke down and there would b a 2 hour delay. After over 2 hours the connecting bus picked us up and continued on to Philadelphia. When we arrived in Philadelphia I asked how can I get a connecting bus to Atlantic City since my original bus to AC had already left The driver asked a Greyhound employee what can be done. A Greyhound employee said I can get on the next departing bus. That bus was scheduled to depart at 2.30pm

We lined up to depart at 2;20 By 3pm other bus routes lined up. Boarded and departed while we just stood in line and waited. At 3;30 an hour later we began to board. When I was about to board. I presented my ticket to the driver and told him I was scheduled for an earlier bus but my connecting bus was 2 hours late. He replied in a very derogatory tone that I could not board and that was final. I was flabbergasted. I said this was beyond unacceptable and I would not tolerate this. I then went in to the terminal and requested a manager. The only person I was able to speak with was a supervisor at the gate. I explained my frustration and the supervisor went out and discussed my situation with the driver. I then boarded and made it to Atlantic City my final destination

A trip that was to take 5 hours took 9 hours. Greyhound promotes their busses have electric outlets and Wi-Fi

Two busses I were on had neither of those options. A disaster trip. It just got even worse when I tried to get answers from customer service. I called the customer service # I was put on hold for over 10 minutes and greeted but an outsourced representative who I could barely understand. After explaining my concerns I was just transferred to customer care with a long wait and another outsourced representative. After I explained my situation

I t seemed the agent was trained to take no responsibility only to make excuses for everything and anything.

They tried to talk me around in circles. I asked them to stop talking and just get me someone who actually knows customer service and show me the paying customer some empathy. They hung up on me.

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Jacqueline Kinebrew - 43 d 27 s ago






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Angel - 44 d 15 h ago

Dear Greyhound personnel

To whom this may concern:

What happen to your company. With all due respect the stations use to be clean, well functional, good customer service, with security.

We need a solution. maybe a new team in office. People that care about the future of Greyhound.

Please help!!! I'm in Richmond and it's horrible

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Mona - 50 d 24 h ago


On Sunday, 06/02/2019 I called the Greyhound Bus Depot in my town--Missoula, MT-- just to find out what a bus ticket would cost from Omaha,NE to Missoula, MT. He never gave me a price, just kept asking me stupid questions. It was very frustrating when I just needed a price. He was very very rude. I will never use Greyhound again!!

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L. Freeman - 53 d 5 h ago


You all offer the WORST TRAVEL SERVICES I have EVER EXPERIENCED ... & Then to make a complaint you are transferred from Department to depathment and no one ever answers...

VERY TERRIBLE SERVICE... Will b contacting the Better Business Bureau, CNN & other Media outlets

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Andrew Simmons - 53 d 9 h ago


I road you bus from Clarksville Tennessee to Goldsboro NC. Some how my bags were taken off the bus in Nashville TN and I could not even get a phone number to your Nashville terminal to speak to anyone for help on this. Yes I can understand. You are a large corporation but what about the little people that do take your buses.

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Anonymous - 54 d 8 h ago


Worst im in wheelchair driver didnt strapp me in turned charp corner me and wheelchair flipped over and they dont want to do anything and then my luggage dissappear

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Trina Williams - 54 d 11 h ago


The worst company, customer service, and supervisors ever. I purchased a round-trip ticket leaving from Richmond, VA to Newark, NJ for $110.00 to make it up for a surgery my mom was scheduled to have. The bus was scheduled to arrive in Richmond late, with another bus ahead of us 4-5 hours late. I waited a little while and spoke with an agent there that told me he had no idea on the arrival of my bus, and they were not focused on my bus, but was focused on the bus that had just arrived (4-5 hours late). I waited a little while longer and decided to rent a car to make sure I arrived in NJ in time for my mother's surgery. I called the same day and was told a claim was put in for a refund (by supervisor Mr. Ortega) and I would be notified, but here it is a month later and know one has contacted me. I called and spoke with a supervisor that said a claim was never put in and that they can't give me a refund or give me an open ticket (supervisor Bernard). I will never ever travel with Greyhound again, the worst company wonder why everyone travels by the Chinese bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very Disappointed Customer - 60 d 7 h ago


Last Saturday, May 18th, my flight from St. Louis to Dallas was cancelled. I was rerouted and took a flight into OKC airport. From there, I then took an Uber to the Greyhound Bus Station on E. Reno Ave. I must say, being a professional, never having ridden the bus before, but traveling all over the country by every other means of transportation, that was the ABSOLUTE WORST experience I've ever had. I booked my ticket online, which I will say was an very easy process. Once I got there, the monitor read that my bus was on time. When I went to check my app to see the status, it only read that it couldn't give me any information. This worried me a little. So, I figured I'd wait it out. So, as I sat in the bus station, the conditions were poor. Very dirty, there was a smell that I would never want to remember. My bus from OKC to Dallas was supposed to depart at 8:55p, at this time it was 8:35p and nothing had been said at all. At 8:45, I finally went to the front desk. The agent was not at all accommodating. I was told, that there wasn't any information besides the bus wasn't coming. I asked when she thought, she said she had no idea and I probably couldn't get out until morning. Well it's 8:45p. There was absolutely NO WAY that I was going to spend the night in that part of town. I had bought a non-refundable ticket, so this was very unfortunate.

I truly believe that due to the demographics of individuals that ride the bus, this is why the service is so unfortunate. I was stuck with a $40 bus ticket and the worst service ever known to man. Others in the waiting room were already waiting 5-20+ hours b/c bus breakdowns, driver's over their DOT hour regulations, or just had no clue when the bus was coming.

Ideally, I do think I should get a refund if you sell me something, knowing that you cannot offer the service. If you cannot help me, please let me know who I can escalate this to. I'm so disappointed in the company and how their business is run. I will never, God willing, patronize Greyhound again.

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Anwar - 69 d 6 h ago


Unfortunately like most, I did not find this website while looking for a place to praise Greyhound or its offices, terminals, employees nor it's overall customer service. I do not find many reasons to condemn the company past the issues that are written in the other reviews here and on many other major outlets of information; whether print or online. My situation is not unlike many others and I think that is the disappointing part. Customer Service is not all about smiles and promises. It's about the ability to manage and navigate through the many intricacies of scheduling, taking into the account the importance of its customers' schedules, personal obligations such as work or child care, as well as having answers in challenging situations. The laughable situation is the nonsensical parable told by the operators of Greyhound is that they are a TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Being on the road is how Greyhound makes its money. The amount of breakdowns in vehicles on the road pales in comparison to the numerous breakdowns in the management, supply, and customer relations chain that has to occur throughout EVERY day. This is more than a refund, this is a state of emergency as it relates to the business. These things must be addressed.

Initially my trip scheduled from Richmond, VA - Atlanta, GA on May 12th was scheduled to leave the bus terminal at 11:00 pm and to arrive at 8:45 am. Upon arrival to the bus station the signage required that I speak with an agent regarding the trip. The trip, a continuation from a bus in New York City, was going to be extended in time because "Greyhound had no idea if the bus had left New York City on time to make the 11:00pm scheduled arrival time." The agent let myself and about 20 other ticketed passengers know that if it was not going to be on schedule, that there was another driver and bus on hold to be able to complete the next leg of the trip. This was a connecting bus and new driver that would take over the bus and travel to Atlanta as scheduled. We waited in the terminal for a half an hour and then were lined up to be put on the bus. An hour into the trip, we pulled over and the driver let us know that the windshield wipers had stopped working on her driver side and that she would no longer be able to continue the trip. She said that she had tried to trouble shoot the issue as much as she could. An hour outside of the Richmond terminal we were told that we would have to wait for 4hours for a new driver and bus to arrive, at 5am in the morning.

The new bus arrives with a new driver and we are on our way. A 9hr trip turned into a 16hr trip but this is the part that gets personal for me. I was on my way back to Atlanta for a 1:00pm investment meeting with my new company and the City of Atlanta at City Hall. I have been working on gaining funding for over a year. I quit my day job to make it all make sense. I lost the funding opportunity and the ability to resubmit my information for the round of investment next year. They don't want me. If you can't be on time to a meeting, how can you be on time for payments? Back to the drawing board.

I am certain that some will read this without any attachment to it. My thoughts are with those that have missed medication, meetings, mussed up travel and transportation arrangements; those that had jobs give them issues and only to receive an, "I am sorry, these mechanical issues are bigger than your issues." Or the fact that once payment is made, the consumer literally has lost all control over the transaction. This is not fair. This is not right. This is not how we do business.

On numerous local roadways, interstates and highways in many major cities, there is a number to call if there is a breakdown or mechanical issue with private owned vehicles. Dial #511 and soon enough a big yellow rambling truck comes down the road to provide non-emergency roadside assistance. You mean to tell me, that with the scope and coverage of Greyhound and it affiliates that there can be no way to implement their own measure of roadside assistance? You mean that with over the countless articles and reviews that I've poured over and found that broken windshield wipers are a MAJOR and significant factor with these vehicles and no one is prepared nor is the company able to identify worn wiper motors? Boeing Aircraft are finally being moderated in a way that they have to sit their crappy planes down so they are not risking the lives of their precious cargo, US, the customer. Greyhound, in my opinion, should follow suit or hand the reigns over to another transportation line while they figure things out, because Greyhound can't seem to figure out how to combine customer service and conflict resolution without seemingly wanting to cover their ass first.

The fact is, the bus should've never left the Richmond Terminal. It should have waited for the New York connecting bus to arrive. The trip was overbooked and the amount of people waiting in Virginia wouldn't have fit on the bus coming in. The bus and driver that did take off to cover Richmond to Atlanta, piled us in and moved about 20 customer service issues down the road a few miles. Greyhound left her and the customers stranded while the new shift came in. There is no way that in inclement weather any bus would've left with some type of mechanical issue. If it does, then shame on you Greyhound for risking the lives of many. Oh and to sew it all up, when I went to get proof of the new trip, Greyhound has shown CANCELLED, across the screen. So not only were we stranded and late for important things in our lives that we entrusted the company to do as advertised, Go Greyhound and Leave the Driving to Us! there is no record of our issue. In the financial field we call that CYA (Cover Your Ass). Not good.

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Mary Jane Medlock - 72 d ago


This has then the worst experience that I have ever had with Greyhound or any other commercial travel agents or agencies in the future I will consider different means of travel or other than using Greyhound bus I am sorely frustrated Pepe's could happen if there were not enough drivers available tickets should never have been sold for this route for this time frame my feet and my ankles are swollen I am a heart patient I had enough medication to go on my trip which my last dose of medication would have been for Sunday morning because I am not making it home on time Sunday morning I am not able to take that dose of medication I am also a cancer patient that cancer medication dose will be missed due to the fact that there's no driver to get to my destination on time I am sorely disappointed with this trip & that I chose Greyhound as my source of transportation

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Mary Jane Medlock - 72 d ago


Dear Sir or Madam I am a passenger traveling from Montgomery Alabama got on the bus about 5:10 p.m. got to Birmingham about 6:30 p.m. have no driver for continuing travel going to Nashville with a layover there and on to Pontiac Michigan we have children traveling and people with disabilities and medical conditions there is not a driver to continue our travels they're only vending machines for snacks soda water some people were going short distances possibly to Nashville and whatever else is close to where the bus stops tensions and frustrations are high people wanting a hot meal as if the bus had continue properly we could have had a hot meal somewhere along the way as I stated before this is very frustrating I understand that things do happen but when these things do happen what type of accommodations do you give your customers the depend on you to get to a destination in a timely manner to not have to worry if they didn't bring enough medication to go 300 miles or enough money to buy food and whatever else we may need this has been a very frustrating trip very inconvenient trip and a trip that seems that no one cares I paid $116 for ticket that did not state a layover from 7 to whenever they get a driver they say maybe around 12 a.m.I don't speak for everyone for another everyone else is having the same frustrations as I am your prompt attention and concern for this matter would be greatly appreciated and thank you I am including my phone number which is (hidden) as well as my address which is 183 South Edith Street Pontiac Michigan 48342 my name is Mary Jane Medlockand you're teaching to this situation would be greatly appreciated

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