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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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Lori Toretta - 16 h 30 m ago

I have a good friend that works for Greyhound as a student driver. They have been working their shifts like all the full time drivers and they are NOT being paid.

Greyhound has paid them I believe about 100.00 for over 40 hours of work, over the last two weeks, and their meals aren't paid for either.

These people have families and responsibilities just like the people in the corporate offices, that are getting paid.

Greyhound makes millions of dollars a year and they have chosen not to pay their student drivers. Pay them their earned wages #greyhound.

Maybe, people should boycott Greyhound?

#greyhoundbus #greyhound #greyhoundcorporate #slavedrivers

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SallieP - 1 d 2 h ago


I will never ride Greyhound/Southeastern bus lines ever again! The buses have the hardest seats ever! The customer service reps lie through there teeth and very, very rude! If they don't like there Jon no matter what hour , then leave it! We are paying customers and don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect!

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago


Worst services in the world... Panhandlers trying to rob u at each location... Customer service is the worst... Even the ladies that pass out tickets are full of s#$!... I've been on a bus almost 3days and my trip was less than 1day.

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Mary - 1 d 12 h ago


There. no air on bus 9994 no one cares.they are just out to get your money.But treat you like a dog no air.

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Shirley - 1 d 13 h ago


There is no air on our bus we have old people and babys and small children on This bus. This is just sorry. We need a bus or our money back

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Dsvis - 1 d 14 h ago


Why do you all have a bus running with no air on it we have old people kids babys on this bus this is no right.someone need to do something.This is just sorry. Bus number 9994 park it or fix it

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Teresa - 2 d 17 h ago


I was a first time buyer of a ticket online @ I was buying a round trip ticket for a friend of mine, and did not see anywhere to put a passenger name in . I called your Customer Service and they were no help in trying to help me as a First time Buyer to fix any of My problems . I must get my passenger to his destination by Tuesday and I can't afford another ticket. Can you please help me get the Name changed on the ticket I bought for them? They said I would have to but another ticket within 24 hours from the time I purchashed the first ticket. I can't afford to buy another ticket and wait 7-14 days on a refund. Thank you Teresa

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Lakisha Smith - 1 d 19 h ago

I am still waiting on a refund from 22 days ago

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


I have never in my life seen a company run so poorly! My son was on a bus that broke down and it took 5+ hours for them to figure out how and where to get a replacement bus! This is so unacceptable for any company let alone a company of this size.

His bus didn't get in until 3AM and was due in at 9:55. Really?????

You can't get anyone on the phone that 1) understands anything 2) speaks English well enough to comprehend what the issue is.

After two hours of speaking with different ppl she was going to find out where my sons bus was broken down. Omg it's 2017 ~ cell phones, app trackers ( I knew where he was ) I was asking where the replacement bus was.

You can't get corporate on the phone ~ I will never ever let him travel on this company ever. I rather pay the extra money and fly him in!

At least if he is delayed he can be in an airport not in the middle of nowhere for hours!

Heads up to all ~ this company is horrible.

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 s ago

Daniel Brown

Want to talk about bad customer service??? Get this crap..... I have been waiting on my effen bus for two days now... 15 minutes b 4 they closed the terminal, I get informed that there is no driver!!!wtf?? Tell me to get out & he will be flown in @ 5am... Lmao!! He must be coming by way of stork!!! Got to wait another day!! My bag wS stolen didn't get the job I was two days late for & I'm still not there!! Wow!! Go greyhound & take cooperate with you!!! Thanks but I think I'll take my chances with a mule from now on!!! Wow!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 1 h ago

These people are aggressive. Stupid,

And incompetent.

They are the worst company ever

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Kerrie Green - 11 d ago


ABSOLUTELY WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! This isn't customer service, it is a RIP-OFF!

I was told by an agent named JUAN, they won't give you a last name, that I had to buy a ticket for my brother over the phone in order to set up a password for him to pick up the ticket. I bought the ticket, they charged me an extra $19 for purchading it over-the-phone.

I called 36 hrs. BEFORE THE TRIP to cancel the ticket and get my money back.

I was told that I couldn't get my money back!

I spoke with a "supervisor" EDUARDO I.D. # 3173. HE TOLD ME NO REFUND. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said, " I don't have one, I am the boss."

I told him THAT was nonsense, he doesn't OWN Greyhound.

I called the Corporate Office and was told that "someone" would get back to me within 48hrs!!!


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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Please do that . This is the worst company out there.

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Brad - 2 d 30 m ago


I will never travel with grey hound again

The employees are aggressive, inhuman

And not very competent.

I arrive 12 hours late. There was no place to eat. I ate once, the only option was vending .

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Tallon - 4 d 8 m ago


GreyHound is the worst in guess that's what happens when you are allowed to have a monopoly on cross-country and innestate travel. Saw a bus driver put off and call the police on a passenger who was a disabled vet ,

The only reason he had was when we came to a rest stop the passenger asked to used the rest room .

Instead of lettering the gentleman off first , who by the way was in a wheel chair the drive started off loading other passengers . After the HERO HAD SOILED HIMSELF he got upset as did several other passengers at which time the driver called the police and they put him off the bus.. funk greyhound another dirty dog

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Giselle Torres. - 4 d 17 h ago


This company has hit the bottom, the Salt Lake City manager in Salt Lake is rude towards minorities because he's bigger than them. I frequently pass through this station and last week one of my drivers named John Dean made a sexual comment and his supervisor named Milon( They're so dumb they forgot about their name tags) laughed about it and said "well your clothes are revealing"! This company has done nothing when I complained and I'm informing the news of this nasty behavior. There is also a employee named Carlos who multiple times offered to give me a free ticket if I had sex with him on one of the buses while I wait! HORRIBLE AND WILL NEVER RIDE AGAIN!

General profile image - 6 d ago


As I sat at one of your stations in Las Vegas, Nv waiting for a 1:30a:m bus, that got cancelled due to the factor you had no driver. Though sadly I won't make it home till the 18 at midnight being they put me on a bus leaving out at 2:30pm Saturday. Now that disappointed me Though what upset me was to listen to your janitor George a black man curse , yes curse potty mouth another worker out. What made it even more horrible it was a young black security girl, whom you pay to do security and the lobby was full. And what made George look more like as a boy is it was about a wet floor. He rant at her over 45 minutes with us hearing this even as she extended an olive branch and sad sorry and said "I didn't know you mopped bathroom floor when he went in"repeatedly he cursed her. I finally got tried as I seen none of your employees would stop George display of inapporate behavior and said something. He stopped. I told him he is old enough to be her daddy and how dare he speak to a black woman in this way and how he is causing issues he can not fire see. This lady had tears in her eyes by the time I stopped him. Jesus. If people see him talking to her this way what do you think they can do to her. She handle herself well by pacing and kept saying ok to George though George potty mouth Lord is horrible. If he talks to co worker's this way I can only pray for those whom he has personal relationship outside of work. Greyhound I have come to accept the abuse you have done to me over the last 6 years and last night not even having a bus with no tears. Though last night after I went to a hotel to stay to wait for my 2pm bus , I cried and prayed for this young lady , please Greyhound don't allow women to be abused this way. Please don't teach this young lady that it is ok for a man to verbally abuse you for money, then it will boil over to her regular life. Please don't allow men to feel they can do this in public to a woman and say as George say I am going to talk to so and so about your . As if man run this I can say what I want take it or lose your job. Greyhound please check this situation out by George actions last night , one can tell he rants and rave in this way alot by the other employees response to his behavior. It's not acceptable at no time. If I was to act like this that same security girl would have put me out and called Vegas finest on me and I be in jail for inducing panic in public places, interfering with official business, threaten under the 911 act, domestic violence, menacing. And these are all the acts and laws George violated and broke in public with witnesses and should be held accountable for his actions.

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Very dissatisfied Customer - 7 d ago


I traveled to Raleigh NC from Baltimore MD, on Suday Sept 10th and still have not recieved my luggage, I have been given the run around by rude employees each time that I call. One employee

in the durham station told me his name was John Lennan which sounded crazy. I need some assisting on this matter or I am going to file a compliant with the BBB

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Vanessa - 7 d 18 h ago


Its so hot.on this bus. We told me bus driver but no change. From downtown Dallas, stops im Austin, to San Antonio. Iits the old bus in summer September 14th 2017, its truly ridiculous

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Roland - 8 d 1 m ago


I have bought a item on eBay that the seller decided on shipping through greyhound it was shipped from Florida to Las Vegas it is expressed shipped I am nearing a month waiting on item and when contacting customer service I can never get exact location or expected arrival date initially told 10 to 11 working days should expect item then told after 14 days that I was misinformed if you are considering sending anything through greyhound i would highly recommend NOT DOING IT I was even told by one representative that the item had arrived but when went to pickup employee knew nothing about item and could not locate where it was at was told maybe TX or maybe AZ not sure glad I'm not a business owner working with a customer how could you explain you'll get it hopefully by the end of the year NEVER AGAIN greyhound I will pass on anybody telling me they are shipping greyhound!!!!!!

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Yvonne - 8 d ago


I'm going to report this to the Better Business Bureau and news media. Greyhound has located the luggage in Dallas, but has not sent it yet to Detroit. Luggage been in Dallas since July 21st.

I keep getting promises from different operators that the luggage will be sent back to Detroit.


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Jackie - 8 d ago


You are the WORST company to deal with!!! I'm so pissed right now!!! Trying to track a missing person that was on one of your busses. If you ever answer the phone you send me to baggage claims!!! What a freakin joke of a company!! Police are now involved and lawsuit to follow up!! GUARANTEED..SCREW YOU GREYHOUND.

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Lisa Daniels - 8 d 4 h ago


On September the Ninth, 2017, I boarded the Grayhound Bus fro. Victorville CA. going to Las Vegas NV.. I am Disabled, I have my Service Dog me.I suffer from Degenerative Joint Disease, Osteo Arthritis, Fibromyaliga, and Depression.

After arriving in Bakers CA.on our way leaving Baker CA., the bus was bucking, as if I were riding a bull.

When the bus first started to buck, the driver kept driving. I thought perhaps there was a vehicle in front of the bus causing the bus to tap the brakes often. But after I looked to see, I realized, we were in trouble.

My Grandfather was a Macanic as well as many other family members. I knew something was wrong with the buses transmission. Under the circumstance of the bus situation, I along with other passengers wanted to know what was going on. While the bus was still in motion I said from my seat, " if the engine is running hot, you might consider turning off the air conditioning. A man who seemed to be giving instrucktions to the bus driver said, " Its not the problem. I walked to the front of the bus and I asked the driver if he knew what was wrong. He said it had to do with the oil. I asked if it was an oil leak or does the bus need oil. I knew if it was an oil leak, that could be very dangerous. The man who seemed to be giving the bus driver instructions, he explained, they had everything under control. I asked the bus driver what was his plans? The same man who was giving the bus driver instructions said, " You need to go sit down and let us handle this". I said," I know something about the bus Macanics, all I am trying to do is help. I am a passenger, and I have the right to know what is going on. We all need to know". At that point, the man who was giving the bus driver instructions said," I am his trainer, and I want you to go and sit down before you make everyone panic". I said, "someone behind me is already panicking big time, and I am not feeling safe with him nor the bus situation. You need to let everyone know what is going on please,". The trainer got onto the intercom and said something like this, he told us who he was and that they are having trouble with the bus, and that that was the reason they pulled into Bakers. He said they knew there could be something wrong with the bus, so they stoped at Bakers to do a check. Not to worry, and if we wanted to get off the bus for a break, we could, 5 people at a time.

By the time of our being able to take a break, the bus had stopped a few times due to it's trouble. I went to get off the bus. As I entered the step way, the trainer was standing on the stairs. I asked him to move so I could go down the stairs, he told me to go behind him. I expressed to him that I did not want to brush by him.

He still insisted for me to go on behind him. I then said," I have my dog in one hand and my hips are not narrow enough for me to pass you without me brushing up against you, please go down 3 stairs and let me pass.

He did. I was very uneasy about that man after that. After he got off the bus, I approached him and asked him, why was he upset with me. The driver said, we don't want any problems, he was defending the trainer as if I was being rude. I went on my way. At that time, I was the only one off the bus with the driver and trainer.

They went to the back of the bus.. The bus driver was able to get oil for the bus. It gave us hope, until the bus again but much harder bucked and bucked. It pulled over again unsafley parked. I went up to the front and said I wanted to get off of the bus because I don't fill safe. I asked if they called for another bus., the trainer explained that they were doing what they could before calling for another bus..

I told him that it did not matter to me how long I had to Wait. I needed to feel safe, please may I get off of the buss. The trainer told me to go sit down.

I then went back to my seat and said, " enough is enough,. I picked up my dog and I got off the bus, I walked to to phone box. When I was walking to the phone box, I could hear the driver yelling for me to stop and come back to the bus. I ignored him.

When he reached me he said, " You can't do that, I am responsible for you. Its not safe, get back to the bus," I said," Or what? I am not safe. My nieces were killed while being in the same position as we are. I am not getting back on that bus." By the time I said that, the operator on the phone responded. She told me, the bus driver called in and reported the situation and a note bus is on the way. I asked her could she tell me when the call for help was called in. Because, the driver knew the bus was having trouble when we were in Victorville. She said she didn't have that information.

Two Highway Patrol Men arrived. They instructed the bus driver to pull closer towards the dirt. They questioned me. They said I had the right to get off of the bus any time I felt unsafe.

They were pleased I contacted them. They brought peace to an unstabled situation.

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un fair TREATMENT.I - 8 d 20 h ago

Birmingham Alabama Greyhound is not an equal opportunity employer. They hire Family members only. Brothers, sisters, neices,nephews, 90% of the people work here are related. This is not fair and corporate office should know of this.A lady missed her bus and they tried to charge her an additional 20 dollars instead of just letting her catch the Next bus gong to her destination. How awful. She hitchhicked the rest of the way.

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


Greyhound Bus I'm getting pretty pissed off with your company. I've called several times multiple numbers your employees are giving me for customer service, I've been placed on hold multiple times for over 15 minutes to keep getting the run around. I've Facebook messaged, instagram message, emailed and I have not received any useful information/ any information at all.

Your Newark penn station location was supposed to be open at 6am this morning and I arrived at 6:30 to catch my bus home.

I was told by the rude information desk that you don't open that location till 7 so I was pretty much screwed and could not pick up my ticket.

This is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Someone needs to step up and do something. This is literally stealing !

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