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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
(513) 419-3394
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Mary Hraham - 1 d 14 h ago


Tonight my two sons traveled back to Indianapolis, IN. It poured and my sons got soaked onboard due to a damaged roof which was duct taped together. Their grandfather is being taken off lifesupport tomorrow, May 26th and they were here in PA to see him one last time before having to return home. This is outrageous. Greyhound would not do anything for them, nor would they bring in another bus! So my sons are riding the rest of their journey soaked! Their grandfather's military pictures were made wet as well in their overhead bag! Your customet service leaves a lot to be deserved. Greyhound!

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Helen Frye-Gallaher - 7 d 15 h ago


I went on your website and was so thrilled to see that Tuesday and Wednesday 40% off was a deal being currently offered as your website plainly shows and so does the mobile app. I went to book a ticket and was frustrated that the app didn't work. No discount. I called customer service twice and both times I reached agents that could not understand me and I could not understand them. I told them that the website was clearly offering 40% and they insisted that the website hadn't "been updated" and that promotion was no longer valid. One agent was so rude they refused to put me to a supervisor and refused to acknowledge that the offer was clearly on line and should be honored. There are laws about that. I have since tried to call corporate and keep getting connected to the same customer service people that clearly are not fluent in English and clearly do not have any ability to understand that the website offer is still on the site and therefore MUST be honored. I am still going to pursue this with whoever I can because it is not okay to offer a deal on a website and them make it impossible to get the deal! Horrible first experience.

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Reply Helen Frye-Gallaher - 6 d 23 h ago

Chances are the agents you are receiving are in another country. When this happens to me with other companies, I request a person or phone number to call in the U.S. I have also requested someone who speaks good English - this is a risk but worth a try. Good luck!!

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Jacquelyn - 6 d 11 h ago


My husband and I paid four hundred dollars to ride a bus with no air conditioning.actually feels like the little air we do feel is heat. So everyone on the bus is having a hard time breathing.

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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago

Worst service I've ever had in my entire life. I'm never riding with grey hound ever, I'm lost in a new state trying to call costumer service an I get no answer I want a refund or get me home. I'm taking flights from now on

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 m ago


i called davenport greyhound bus station to as about transferring tickets and she had the nastiest attitude why work with the public if you act like you hate them and i asure you i was very polite

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Carolyn - 7 d 15 h ago


We waited almost 2 hrs for our bus only to be treated like trash by the bus driver and the worker that loaded the bus with our bags. They refuse to understand that we was unhappy with their service. Our bus was suppose to leave at 7:40 p.m. we board at 9:30. #86206.

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Angela Preston - 8 d ago


My luggage containing my laptop and highly important documents, was stolen. Saw employees taking it off of bus, thought they were putting it with luggage transferred to bus#2. No sign of luggage upon arriving in Los Angeles CA.

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jj - 11 d ago


Greyhound sucks

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Erin - 12 d 4 s ago


A greyhound employee literally let 5 people skip me in line. He saw that I was in line to get on the bus way before them. The passngers didn't have priority boarding or anything. one more person tried skipping me by entering on the side of the line. The driver was their the entire time and saw the entire thing happening. I showed him my ticket in a way to which he would notice me and stop letting people skip me. The driver then went on to talk about me in Spanish to the person trying to skip me then he told me if I don't get my ticket out of his face he will not take it. Mind you I never put my ticket in his face or anywhere near it. I simply held the ticket up so he could see me. After the horrible experience I am highly unlikely to ever us this company. Megabus has better customer service.

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David Trosclair - 32 d 20 h ago


Greyhound lost my luggage. It was everything I owned. I filed a claim on 1-19-17 and to this day I'm still getting the runaround.

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Ben - 12 d ago

Gday.They lost my luggage too.Please how have you gone about yours in getting it back? Or a compensation?

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Sister Sharif - 13 d 36 s ago


It's a human shame that your corporation have been allowed to submit devoted customers & for many the only option of cross country transportation a unsuitable lounge area.

Your seats are not fit for our seniors & those who must wait for your late buses. Your TV/ cable connection is deplorable. In today's society we should at be able to watch a TV that works.

LasVegas is a major artery for many of us.

You should be held more accountable for better customer services. It's not cheap riding yr buses & appreciate that we have u here. However, your corporation must stand up & give us respect & peace of mind as we wait to board your buses.

I look forward to your follow up in this matter.

Sister Sharif * other's.

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Rmbeeler - 15 d 20 h ago


Person working at Knoxville, Tennessee, is extremely RUDE!!

She answers the phone with "hold on" and NEVER returns.

She refuses to give her name... Fearing identification to corporate. This women was working 5/11/17 approx. 5:10.PM.

Because if this rude woman, I rated Grayhound 1star .

They need to replace her immediately!!!;!;;

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Joel McNenny - 16 d ago


I purchased a bus ticket from Ukiah, CA to Los Angeles on May 8, 2017. A friend dropped me off at the small open bus stop at 1:15. The bus was due to arrive at 1:35. It never showed. I waited three hours. According to their "bus tracker" the bus simply drove by the town of Ukiah without stopping to pick up me and the four other passengers.

I then had to make all my own arrangements to get home including renting a car and staying a night in a hotel.

When I called Greyhound's customer service center I received the standard corporate runaround and was placed on hold twice for more than fifteen minutes only to be mysteriously disconnected.

I left messages at the corporate headquarters, the calls were never returned.

I spoke to a director Mark (1496) who informed me this kind of thing happens so often their is a corporate procedure to handle the complaint should a customer of the audacity to make one. There is no corporate procedure in place to handle the circumstances should a paid customer be stranded in a potentially dangerous situation.

I can not believe the complete lack of ethics by Greyhound that they would take money, not provide the service, and then refuse to even give the money back. Shame on Greyhound for its corporate greedy arrogance.

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Mad Af - 16 d 19 s ago


I never experienced anything in my life until last night. Last week I took the greyhound bus at 2669 Davis Blvd down in Naples,FL. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. I purchased another ticket 3 days later and on the ticket it said 2669 Davis Blvd. I purchased the ticket for May 10th 8:35 pm we should be departing. Got there at 7:45pm. Oh let me not forget to mention the area where the bus station rubbish! Nowhere to sit! Anyways got there at 7:45 pm by 9:00 the bus didn't come. So I called the "greatest" customer service ever. The representative told me that the bus location had relocated. I asked "how is that possible,when the itinerary states I have to be here at 2669 Davis Blvd?" He she goes "oh ma'am I'm very sorry for that but you are in the wrong location" and then I said "well seems like it's yal problem there was no sign no nothing letting me know you guys relocated tf...can I speak to your supervisor?" I was on hold for 10minx (not bad) here comes the simpleton "sorry about what happened however we cannot refund your money due to the fact you were at the wrong location" that's where I lost it and I went crazy so I said calmly (at first before I escalated) "I should be refunded because I didn't know that you guys relocated on my itinerary it shows 2669 Davis Blvd, how in the fu*k was I suppose to know when there's a huge fu*king sign that's says Greyhound. So I deserve that money back because you simply don't give a rats ass about your customers. I've been using greyhound for 6 years and this is the worst I ever seen you guys done. Before you was a supervisor your ass was a customer as well acting like you give a fu*k when you don't give 2 sh*ts about the customer. All I'm trying is to make you understand there was no sign,the paper didn't show that address on the paper and I demand a refund" this piece of mud bucket in her monotone voice " I understand your frustration but I'm sorry I won't be able to refund your money because thats not the correct location" I lost it! I missed my flight for them fuc*ktards. No more riding with you fu*k piece of shit! Horrible ass company. Never in my life I heard such foolery. Never been so irate in my life. As much as Naples,FL has money I don't understand why they can't afford to make a decent nice building for greyhound making us civilians stand outside under the hot weather where there's no shade no seats. Tf I look like! So over with Greyhound!

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Anonymous - 44 d ago

G. Banks

I boarded Greyhound Bus from Newark, NJ to Maryland, on Tuesday, April 11th at 8:25 a.m. Before reaching the next stol, Mount Laurel, the entire interior of the bis, from front-to-back, smelled of urine. Said odor did not seem to emanate from the convenient to my restroom at all. It seemed to permeate the bus along with and in the manner as the air conditioning. It turned automatically on and off. I was only able to bear it by keeping my trench coat over my face and head. It was disgusting. I pray not to board Greyhound ever again.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

I'm a chick but if I had a cock Greyhound would suck my cock and pay me for the hear that?? You cock suckers?? Suck a dick...

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Grace - 17 d 16 h ago


Greyhound is absolute trash! These people are very unprofessional and their fleet as well as driver's are out of date. I experienced over a 14hrs

delay with this company and all they could offer me was a $70 refund. I spoke with Supervisor of Customer Care Hinbama and she was absolutely distasteful. She thaught that her reiterating what her customer service agent stated prior to me requesting the call be escalated to her was good problem skills. This company lacks severe integrity and should be ashamed at the disregard they have for travelers. I missed worked and was stranded in Philadelphia, Dayton Ohio and NYC on the weekend of my college graduation. Someone needs to shut these slums down and make them disappear. One of their drivers attempted to steal my phone and instead of turning it in to lost and found they attempted to hitch it behind the bus. It was a nightmare. Luckily one of the Port Authority officers was decent enough to ensure that I got my phone back. This is completely distasteful. I stopped riding Greyhound a lonnnng time ago and I should have never started back.

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Frederick Walker - 19 d 17 h ago


I will never never use Greyhound again after paying almost $300.00 to get a ticket home from Las Angeles, my son had the worst experience with the rude, nasty, unprofessional Mr John Stanberry that made derogatory statements and use profanity the entire trip. I call several of Greyhound employees to report the hostile actions of Mr Berry to try and get some help after repeated calls I found out from a employee whom I spoke with that said Mr Berry gets a lot of complaints. John Stanberry (Greyhound Employee was offended when he got to Abilene Texas he told my son he would have police at terminal where he would have son thrown off, Stan was mad with my son because my son ask him to refrain from using profanity when speaking with him and when he got to Abilene Texas employee who we talk to previously before they arrive say when bus got to terminal he saw. how respectable I people were saying that's a grown man. I had to wait 6 hours for another bus and was charged a extra twenty dollars. This all ready was a 4 day trip and The bus driver Stan Berry whom implied the same thing happen on #United Airlines he would have done to my son. Mr Berry is a lose cannon waiting to explode and Greyhound knows of his behavior and allows the action of Stan Berry who is bitter, anal, derogatory and the subject of many complaints. He argue with several passengers This mad has serious anger issues and use profanity the whole trip run the tape.

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cindy - 24 d 18 h ago


my son was to catch a bus from Beckley west Virginia to wheeling west Virginia today at 7:35 and arrive at 1:30 pm. the bus broke down and it took 7 hours for greyhound to send another bus. of course the bus missed the connection in Charleston west Virginia and my son was left in a parking lot of a supposed bus stop that the building was closed for the day and told he would be stranded till 9 am tomorrow. now my son is missing and I cant locate him anywhere or get any information from greyhound cause their so called customer service says they don't track buses. if something happen to my son because of this companies lack of open bus stations and the length of time to get a replacement bus or the lack of caring about customers safety you better believe I will be coming after greyhound and hold you and this so called company 1000% responsible for my son. you people should be out of business

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Jacie - 25 d ago


My mom bought me and my husband greyhound tickets from rock springs,Wyoming to Salina Kansas. We was supposed to leave at 12:05 am on April 28th,2017.That Bus Never came supoosedley due to snow and semi accidents, Then my husband called greyhound and was told we would be on the Saturday 11:20 am bus, that one never ever showed up either. There excuse was they had no relief driver. Well not my FING problem.Then my husband called again and they told him we would leave Sunday April 30,2017 at 12:05 am. That bus did NOT show up until 6:20 AM Monday MORNING AT 6:20 AM!! THEN when we get to Denver we are told we have to sit in Denver,Colorado until 9:00 AM Monday Morning May 1,2017.We did NOT GET HOME UNTIL 6:00 PM LAST NIGHT.THEY NEVER OFFERED US A FREE HOTEL ROOM OR ANYTHING THE WHOLE TIME WE WAS STRANDED IN ROCK SPRINGS,WYOMING!!!WE ARE NEVER EVEE TRAVELING GREYHOUND EVER AGAIN


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Tiana - 25 d 45 m ago


I've dealt with Greyhound for over 20 years and it's been ok up until now. All I want to do is get to my Brothers funeral and I can't because they won't change my ticket. You'd think under the circumstances that they'd help a little bit, instead I'm getting nothing. So now I have to deal with the fact of now saying my final goodbye all because they can't change everything a ticket...... Thanks a lot

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Alicia - 26 d ago


Alicia Herrera

I'm going through a divorce,so when I left I packed up a medium size blue bin that had thick black tape around the lid.Las Vegas NV is where I check in my bin that had what little life I had on March 19,2017 at 8:30 my blue bin was over the required weight ,35bls more so I played an extra $40.00 more.i boarded bus 6361 rode it until Flagstaff,I told the workers that my blue bin comes with me their reply was cause of the weight it has to stay on bus 6361 go to Texas then the last stop for that bus was alburqure nm.has I loaded on bus# 1346 feeling sick and worried I proceeded on with my trip to alburqure nm I was told that I blue bin will arrive with in 24- 48 hrs. I called greyhound station 3 days later so March 22,2017 still NO sight of belonging.insided contained all my memories my treasure my world also every piece of clothing except for the clothes on my back so here I am left and lost without the things that meant and was well needed to continue on with life as a single women but NO your company and the ignorance of the employee in las Vegas nv and the loaders of luggage handlers and yes the bus far I've gotten no answers from anyone they want me to do the leg work for something they get paid 4 .the phone tag has pop my vein and did nothing but cause me stress , that I didn't need to spend on clothes and shoes to look 4 work. So your company is unreliable and trust there is none .my phone # is 505 204 1457 im taking this all the way straight to the court house .

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Michael - 26 d 18 h ago


I'm on the now ( bus # 86560) heading from Jackson,Ms to Dallas,TX. It has been bad since I came to the greyhound bus station. 1st the bus was like 40 minutes behind it's leave time. When we finally got on the bus it smells so bad on here. I paid free to have wifi on the bus but it wasn't working either going are coming. Unless I get a free ticket I will never use greyhound again...

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