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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 400
Chicago, IL
Rich Williams
(312) 676-2728
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Brenda - 5 d ago

What brought my attention to wine insiders 15 bottles of international red blends was the free shipping. Website indicates - 60.00 - +4.80 shipping . When you click to visit site, it changed to 29.90. It would seem to me that is similar to a bait and switch tactic. Very disappointing.

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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago

Bought a laptop a Dell inspiron 11 it was the lousiest laptop I have ever owned...hardly any memory at all got a 3 year in home warranty... Had McAfee on it and it did nothing but battle Microsoft... Went to clear memory and called Dell...Dell lied and said my warranty was over but for courtesy they would reset it back to memory settings for me... It did not work screen went black called back Dell and they said I would have to have money for any more assistance after the call... Well they gave me google chrome only and when I folded it down and went to open it back up 2 magnets blew out at me from the hinge and the hinge broke on one side... Dell informed me that the computer did not have enough space to rest it back to factory settings... Why sell such a horrible product and not back it... I am sitting with a 200 dollar plus lousy now broken laptop... So I went online to Groupon after many attempts of calling only to find out they want you to go online... So I did and they wanted another 5 bucks for technical support...after being duped for over 200...I would not buy any products from a company that can't answer the phone..

Groupon I want a full refund for you not complying to your warranty... And selling me such a lousy laptop...

I have placed a complaint with the better business bureau against your lousy laptop and warranty

I want a full refund


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Angela - 7 d 13 h ago


Paid money for gutter cleaning and cleaning services they took my money with zero service d always an excuse and refusing my refund. I'll be contact the attorney Generals office with all my information. And it's ext hard to reach these folks

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Jude - 7 d 17 h ago


I made a purchase for a trip to Vegas and it came up with the wrong date. The expiration date was the same day I purchased it so it was going to expire before I even got to Vegas. Because I viewed and printed it (which is when I noticed it was expiring that day) they would not let me cancel or change the date. Really? you can't even change the date?? So basically they just took my money and said "TOO BAD SO SAD" that you gave us 100.00 for nothing. There customer service sent a bunch of garbarge all at once and at the end said I was idle. He did this three times and ended my chat making it look like he was sending me stuff but I wasn't responding, but it was sent within seconds, just long enough to copy and paste and send and then say I was idle so he could end it. Extremely bad Customer service. I am only giving this one star because after 6 hours of non stop trying to get my money back, they gave me a 20.00 credit. I am still going after the entire amount.

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Dave in Redmond, WA - 8 d 40 s ago


Scam. Misleading, sad, dishinest. Groupon misrepresents prices. I've seen watches with a $1900, slashed with a $99 next to it indicating a cost savings od $1801. When in actuality the watch manufacturer does produce a watch for $1900 but the watch you are looking at originally costs $120. Same with computers. I saw a Dell, Groupon shows a $2400 slashed to $540......false. The computer you would be buying in actuality is probably originally $600. Groupon, you mislead the public and ought to be ashamed. I will never buy from Groupon again and I would encourage people to not buy from Groupon.

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Datrice Weathers - 10 d 16 h ago


TERRIBLE Customer Service!

I browsed a few reviews and see they too have similar complaints. Your "customer support" agents are giving you a bad repetition and you seem to care less.

I was out of town when I learned the Groupon Getaway I purchased was not acknowledged by the Hotel. After 6 phone calls , 2 hours of waiting and being hung up on by your supervisor, my Groupon was refunded into GROUPON BUCKS and I am not able to be refunded. They are able to do this because you have taken away all credibility and contact agents who care. So disappointing. I've been faithfully using your service for over 5 years

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Michael D - 12 d 10 h ago

Hi, i have trying to purchase a trip on thr groupon website for the past 5 days and no one has been able to assist me in getting my purchase to go through. Mind you i have discussed this with my bank and the money is there and there should be no issue. Every rep i have discussed this with has given me multiple answers none consistent with the last and no one has been able to resolve this. One agent said it was a security alert by groupon and said it was sent to escalation dept. Then i asked for a supervisor and he said it was never sent. Finally an attempt was made on my card and i got a security alert from my bank. I confirmed the purchase and the bank said it was ok to recharge the card. I asked the supervisor to recharge my card and he said he couldnt and we had to start from scratch. So i redid the purchase and got the same security alert from groupon. I asked the supervisor how do we fix this fast as the trip has a deadline to book by 6/12. He kept telling me to give him 24 hrs but i was told that before and nothing happened. No one at customer support seems to understand the time sensitivity of this transaction or know how to fix it. After getting upset, he hung up the phone and said he will not help me. Is that customer service no. Yes i am a disgruntled customer but rightfully so since no one seems to no how to fix this. situation, i would like someone to contact me asap to assist in fixing this situation or i will go to consumer affairs and the better business bureau to report my dissatisfaction and this lack of customer service

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago

I like to add when i mentioned calling headquarters, posting on social media, and contacting better business bureau that is when the supervisor hung up the phone

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MO - 15 d 13 h ago


You do not have anyplace on your website where it should what groupon select is charged and your customer service hung up on me when I asked them for the navigation path to this. YOu have been charging me $4.99 a month for something that I did not have any way to know what you were charging me for or cancel with out contacting customer service. Your customer service HUNG UP THE CHAT WITHOUT Helping me.

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago

rich williams i ordered 2 mascaras and havent been recievied yet. they got dispatched on the 21st of may i would like a refund or would like to get in touch personally about the transaction. as they havent been delivered between the dates as listed...

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Lisa - 17 d 9 h ago


Awful Awful Awful. I have been a Groupon customer since they started and spent thousands of dollars on the site. They have taken away their HELP phone number and don't reply to ant texts or emails. If you want help then call the Dept of Consumer Affairs. It is so wrong when business's take advantage of Customer then screw them over!!!!

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JJ - 19 d ago


awful, awful, awful. The most demeaning, Demoralizing and insulting experience I have ever looks like all bad reviews goes on deaf ears, so what the point, except to keep posting bad reviews until they get new management and Employee training so their Staff has an I Q above my pet rock.. In the mean time Maybe someone wont be too likely to use their services after reading review like this.

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Need details - 19 d ago

Your review didn't tell us what they did wrong.

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Betty Cole - 33 d 8 h ago

I'm trying to use a voucher for Image glass. And they said it was not valid. Grpglx3ku6259 I have tried to sent email to support and would not let me print please explain and fix. Thanks. Betty Cole (hidden)

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S - 33 d 14 h ago


I brought 15 classes as gift for my son.

So I drive in the pouring rain to be blackmailed to Groupon merchant partner notify me if front kid that my kid cannot participant unless I buy the required uniform gear total package $185. Tht part of was never in fine print or explained beforehand. See images

So I had to buy uniform bc I drove the during downpour rain and I did not want disappoint my kid since he was already excited for his class during the drive in. My gift I purchased for $70 just went up another $185!!!!! How is a groupon deal

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Anonymous - 34 d 12 h ago


This seems to be a scam people that are advertising are not interviewed on honest policies

you cannot bait and switch a coupon once the customer has paid for it !

I bought a reflexology /detoxify they're supposed to do reflexology on the bottom of your feet for 60 minutes and the detox is to take out all your toxins where your feet are in a little tub and the water turns dark colors

considering my eating habits the water should've turned dark brown instead it was crystal clear

the older man that was doing the reflexology spoke no English he was doing was rubbing my legs up and down he did not do any reflexology on the bottom of my feet either they did this intentionally because I had a Groupon and I didn't pay full price or they simply or unskilled

either way I should've gotten my money back because I paid for something I did not get

Groupon refused to give me my money back I even said I'll take a credit for the full price towards another service they refuse to do that as well

apparently anyone could advertise saying certain services will be done and Groupon doesn't care as long as they get their money from the vendors that's all they care about

they also own LivingSocial so before you buy one of those coupons be aware you'll get the same poor results you did from Groupon this Hass to be the worst company of any business out there they need to take lessons from Amazon on how to give good customer service or they shouldn't be in business at all there's a reason why they don't have a phone number that you can call anybody they call you after 3 attempts.

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Unhappy Customer - 48 d 14 h ago


The worst company to deal with, their customer support doesn't care about customers at all, I have e-mailed about my account about 4 times now have got ZERO reply, i purchased groupon deal for 500 the next day i was completely locked out of my account and now it says i don't even have one, I had an account to take my credit card info but now no account to retrieve it, or know at all what is going on. Their deals are bs, just like the whole company, save your money and your nerves. This company needs to get sued.

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Christy - 38 d 16 h ago


I agree 100% and I hope someone files a class action suit against them.

We need to unite and post it all over social media to warn others.

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taylor v marshall - 36 d ago


fuck this group, u have to buy something to get any and all customer service, i just wanted to ask a question before i bought but no

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Tammy Townsend - 70 d 21 h ago


I'm trying to contact the corporate office to handle my situation with in item that was purchased from Groupon without my authorization they took it upon themselves to save my information which I didn't authorize once again I have not received the item they do not want to refund me my money they keep saying return the item that I haven't received I have ordered things from Groupon before but with this situation in here I will no longer be a Groupon customer because Because this situation is not being handled properly

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Martha - 41 d 15 h ago


I went to Corporate and no one there could help me. All they did was give me a phone number 1(hidden) that does not work.

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Christy - 38 d 16 h ago


I just found a number and it didn't work either.

I am shocked and disgusted with groupon.

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Christy - 38 d 16 h ago


I am in the same position. I was shocked at what a horrible company is! Two things were purchased on my account without my consent. I've written them several times and they they couldn't care less!


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Martha Montanez - 41 d 15 h ago



I have been trying to purchase a spa treatment since Thursday and it's not going thru. It's my fault because the e mails I enter was not going to my stuff. So I kept changing the e mails thinking that was the issue. The e mail I am using now after deleting all the others. Since Thursday they say it will be fixed in 24 hours were on Monday the 6th of May still not working they also say someone will call me back again no call.


I still can't purchase the spa treatment the Chat department gives me different answers the supervisor does not know what she is doing. They tell me it's going to be fixed I even went to corporate on Chicago Ave they could not help me . All they did was give me a number to call 1(hidden) the rep comes on and you try to press the button and it won't go thru. You don't even list a technical service or a phone number to call. The reps are useless !!!

Very Poor Service and for a new customer . I don't even want to deal with this awful.

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Anonymous - 53 d 18 h ago



I am having trouble logging on. The is no longer phone support! They refuse to help without credit card info which I refuse to give to a person overseas.

How can a corporation do business without a phone number?

When you call their corporate number, they direct you online.

Stay Away!!!!!!

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