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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 620
Chicago, IL
Andrew Mason
CEO and Director
(312) 676-5773
(312) 676-2728
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Anonymous - 1 h 25 m ago

Atrocious, atrocious customer service! Tried to purchase a versace belt. Description also has Prada listed. No size listed. Spoke with 5 different reps. No one able to help. Horrendous. Incompetent people working there and unable to reach corporate office. Hands down worst experience ever. Never again ordering from GROUPON!!!!

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Joseph Atkins - 1 d 16 h ago


I received the wrong size!!! I had to wait longer. Nobody knew what was going on! I Should get credit for my account.

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Scott - 3 d 12 h ago

You have GOT to be kidding! "CUSTOMER SERVICE"? Obviously a Proud Oxymoron with this company. Just the idea of the amount of time it has taken to contact someone has been insane. Last night I went to log on and couldn't despite the fact that my email and password come up automatically it said "Incorrect login. Try again or reset your password." I retyped both email and password and still got the same response. I finally requested to reset my password and even after doing that it still says the same thing so I tried changing it again and still the same result. I'm so annoyed at the amount of time this is taking all I want to do now is close my account and shop with a more efficient company to do business with.

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Marinee - 6 d ago


Wow -- didn't expect to see this whole thread here so I'll keep it short. ADD ME TO THE LIST OF VERY, VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS WITH GROUPON'S NEW OUTSOURCED CUSTOMER SERVICE!! And I guess -- and this makes me sad -- with Groupon, period. There is ZERO resolution beyond "send it back when you get it" -- and that does little good when the problem is that I can't seem to get the item!! I won't go on and on -- just know that before, when they actually had a real customer service department, the lovely American man on the phone immediately resolved my issue and gave me a $5 credit for my trouble. I've spent thousands and thousands over the years with Groupon, was a very satisfied customer who recommended them to EVERYONE, but no more. Corporate greed has kicked in, and at the expense of the consumers. Well, no more. I'm done with Groupon, with the exception of deals I can redeem right here locally. NO MORE GOODS - EVER! It's a shame. My refund was such a simple matter -- and considering I've done about 85% of my Christmas shopping on Groupon, it's just a shame.

I'm giving a "terrible" rating instead of "poor" because they told me to re-order when the first one never processed, and now that I did what they said I'm over a month into this, no item, and no possible refund... unless somehow it finally shows up and I can return it -- and then I can wait three weeks until I get a refund...

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Karen - 10 d ago


I purchased one groupon for two facials to Toscana Medispa in Baltimore Maryland. I had difficulty making contact to schedule the first facial, which was finally unprofessionally done. And then I was never able to make contact by tel phone or email to make the second appointment. Apparently other people have had problems trying to contact this vendor to use their Groupons. I contacted Groupon customer service who simply said they cannot refund after three days and that was it. I got the matter escalated and was sent an email saying that "I no longer wished to use the groupon", but one refunds after three days. I explained that they are mis stating my claim. The vendor is not redeeming so I want a refund. Groupon doesn't care! I have lol be filing a complaint with the BBB and State Attorney General and whoever else I can find!

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StacyW - 8 d 4 h ago


I have had a similar experience and Groupon's resolution for the problem is they can call the vendor for me. They apparentky don't understand, I have done this numerous times & the vendor doesn't return calls or show up for the scheduled appointment. Prior to this experience, I loved Groupon and had great experiences. As I pointed out to the Groupon representative, I have purchased other groupons I ended up not using by my choice not the vendors, so at least they could do was refund my money. Disappointed it took them two weeks to provide a pathetic resolution like this. it is also very apparent they do not screen merchants very well which is an even a bigger concern. The number listed for the service I purchased doesn't even given name the auto detailing company I purchased the Groupon for The merchant also marked my coupon redeemed before I called to schedule my appointment then gave an excuse that she did this to offer customers.. Too sketchy for me!

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AnaB - 11 d 18 h ago


I purchased two tickets for Disney on ice on December 4 and since then I haven't been able to print out my tickets and I was suppose to give them away before December ended and now almost 4 weeks later still trying to get this resolved. At this point I just want a refund for what I have not received. I have talked to more than 8 customer service representatives about this issue and no one seems to be able to resolve this. They keep saying they'll contact me back but no one ever does.

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Donna beshara - 14 d 14 h ago


I had the displeasure of scrolling through Groupon website and inadvertently hit the name of the merchant I was looking at and the nightmare began

I was billed and never ordered the meal and was charged 30 days later and According to their policy I'm on the hook for something I never ordered and the constant response has been return the voucher

No idea what they are talking about

Of course not ..the reps in the Philippines hardly speak the same quality of English I was communicating with them except to offer some worthless perfunctory lip service

What a scam and total fraud organization

Try calling their corporate headquarters in. Chicago and the line is busy day evening,lunch hour. You name it and forget getting through

It won't happen... corporate executives hiding behind their low level phone reps reading from a script.

Anyone who purchases anything from

This scam company is not dealing with a reputable company and just try getting a problem solved.

It won't happen and hours devoted to this situation is not worth it but the principal of letting anyone and everyone know just how bad they are

Save your money pay a little more and deal with merchants you know and can trust

And then I find out the merchant has been given the money and they could care less

A Middle East restaurant in West Roxbury


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Anonymous - 19 d 12 h ago


If I thought your outsourced customer service was bad, you U.S. supervisors/managers are worse. I had a problem with a Groupon I purchased yesterday where it was for a dollar amount and after I made the purchase it change to a lesser amount. I have the proof, a printed copies of the offer and the actual Groupon.

Your very arrogant and disrespectful manager in Illinois actually stated it was a human error on my part. I have made as many HUMAN errors as the next person but this was not one of them.

You will lose business because of your service without knowing why, there is competition for everything your offer and many with superior service.

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Tlee - 14 d 14 h ago


Sounds like the smarties pants I spoke with today

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Tlee - 14 d 14 h ago


Groupon has shown me over the course of several months what customer service SHOULDNT be to start the representatives and managers are very rude the hold time to even speak with a manager is about 25-30 minutes. The managers over talk you very argumentative they don't follow up with what they promise they notate the account to accomadate their errors because of course you'll never be able to speak with anyone to have the calls replayed because they hang up in your face won't give you any managers names Groupon has changed tremendously and with behavior as such I can guarantee it won't be around for long.

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Dana Sia - 14 d 19 h ago

I purchased a Groupon and was not able to contact the Vendor I called Groupon 8 times, still to this day they insist on not refunding my voucher considering there is a LONG LIST IF COMPLAINTS about this Vendor - Orchid Nails in Dallas - Groupon says their policies have changed and believe me their customer service has too!!! BUYER BEWARE

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TLee - 14 d 14 h ago


Yes they have horrible horrible customer service. Rude representative and ever ruder managers.

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JMAS - 15 d 20 h ago


I am very disappointed in Groupon. I had purchased a several hundred dollar event to use for my girlfriend and I, but due to a unforeseen medical circumstance , I had to undergo a spinal surgery and am no longer able to participate in the event. I spoke to several reps, who only issues half of the groupon bucks, then several hours later, had to get the remaining voucher sent to groupon bucks because the agent failed to fulfill the request the first time. I could not find anything to fulfill the bucks within 24 hours, and one of the groupon bucks expired, before the other, creating a difficult situation for me. I called back the next day and was denied to fulfill the groupon bucks again, asked to speak to a manager and was disconnected, called back and again went through the disconnect. The manager finally called back,. At this point, I was yet disconnected for a third time. She called back and couldn't fulfill a refund or my groupon bucks, despite my documented medical spinal surgery. The only option she left me with was to gift the several hundred dollar vouchers away. I attempted to contact headquarters, but the line was busy for over 3 hours.

I am very disappointed in this business and the inability to accommodate a customer.

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Anonymous - 18 d 20 h ago


I am very disappointed. The system was malfunctioning and a purchase was made in error. They refuse to refund me. I've spoken to 8 different sales reps and supervisors and none of them have he ability to correct errors on customers side. My family and friends are ever using Groupon again.

General profile image - 20 d 20 h ago


To whom it may concern:

I have ordered from groupon only once and have had the worst experience ever,,

I have spoken or e-mailed at least 8 - 10 times to your customer service talked to reps, supervisor, etc. I can not understand how this problem can be so difficult to resolve, simply speaking I ordered through groupon as a gift for a friend the Tampa FL newspaper to be delivered Thursday through Sunday !!!!! Simple request right! However foe about 4 weeks now they have received only the Sunday paper"

SIMPLE!!!! But after talking to everyone and maybe their brothers I can not get this resolved" I called the newspaper and they told me Groupon sent them a request to deliver only Sunday paper. NO one seems to be able to help just oh we'll send u a e-mail which states we will get back to you???????? I will not advise anyone to order through groupon. This simple order has turned into a nightmare""""""""" AT this point I want my money back! GRoupon needs to review your problem solving process" I can do a better job!!!!!!

Please have someone who knows what they are doing contact me at my but I ordered and live in FLORIDA

General profile image - 27 d 22 h ago


The same complaint as many others. Terrible customer service. Was on competing website Living Social. Received a pop up from groupon offering a 25% discount to use their site. I switch over and was going to purchase a dining offer. The coupon code didn't work. I corresponded with Groupon's customer service and he gave me every excuse under the sun. 1st saying it was only for travel. When I disputed that by going back to the offer, he than said the code was expired. How could that be when they just send me the pop up today. When I just trying to call the (hidden) phone number all I got repeatedly was a fast busy signal everytime. Groupon is not the company it used to be which could be trusted to be honest.

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Raymond.Welch @ - 28 d ago


Deals good but refund policy is horrible don't ask for refund takes at least 10 plus days to receive still not put in my account over 13 business days

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Anonymous - 31 d 11 h ago


Absolutely horrible customer service!!! Worse than Comcast and I didn't think that was possible. On 11/5/16 I placed an order, the code did not work and the company offering the bag refused to help. Groupon was supposedly working on it but still no resolution. Now they won't give me my money back. I don't have the product I ordered and they are just going to keep my money??? Horrible, horrible company!

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Leonard Hartley - 32 d 19 h ago

I just experienced the worst customer service experience ever with @groupon. I was hung up on during the initial phone call, I called back a second time only to get the same individual. When I asked for a manager I was placed on mute for an extremely long time and then ultimately hung up on a second time. I called a third time got a young lady this time who put me on hold and a person named "Jared" who sounded an awfully lot like the guy who hung up on me twice. He refused to allow me to speak with anyone else and I still am without my purchase. I will recommend that all my family and friends cease to do business with @groupon if this is how they treat their customers.

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DGM - 32 d 19 h ago


I too have had the worst (and that is putting it mildly) customer service ever. After pulling teeth, they offered me a $10 credit instead of $10 CASH when they overcharged me because of a promo code that the WEBSITE said would do it, but then when they charged my card, they IGNORED the promo code.

When I call customer service, they claim knowing nothing about this particular code and I get different answers when I called twice. Their support email does not work even though they asked me to send screenshot and then my email bounced back TWICE. So they won't accept emails via that address apparently, and thats just ridiculous!!! I tried calling corporate # in Chicago and the line busy (today is Saturday, but I shouldn't HAVE TO wait). Good Customer service dictates the customer is always right, and they say their customers are wrong apparently from reading this site.

Ugggggg, supposedly someone is calling me back within 1/2 hour, but I'm not very optimistic....

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Benita - 33 d ago


On November 26th I purchase a black bag on December 2nd I received a red one so I sent it back had to reorder on December 3rd and today December 17th I received another red bag I called customer service and they're like there's nothing we can do we don't talk to the warehouse I can give you $5 what kind of service is that I will never buy another item from Groupon and I will make sure I tell everybody not to buy from Groupon because you may not get what you pay for since she said that they have no control over what is sent to you and it's not guaranteed that you will get the item that you want or the color.

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Another disappointed customer - 35 d 20 h ago

Absolutely terrible customer service. Rep hung up on me after telling me he couldn't help me. Would not give me any further phone number or reference to resolve my problem. Item ordered was poor quality and I saw it yesterday for 50% less at another store. They just want to dump the junk that they sell without any concern for customers. Have used Groupon many many times for deal but will never again. The first time I have a problem and they will not do anything to help resolve.

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Anna - 39 d ago


Need to speak to corporate regardibg unauthorized charge on my card. Customer service supervisor Cherlyn was rude and arrogant. Raising her voice to me,a senior citizen, and telling me that's the way Groupon operates. Charging customers cards without authorization.

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Anonymous - 39 d 19 h ago


I would like to speak to someone at headquarters regarding a issue I have a customer service representative have not give me any word in edgewise refunded my money to a non-existent bank account when I directly wanted other gift cards please reach me at my email address thank you very much

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