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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 400
Chicago, IL
Rich Williams
(312) 676-2728
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Spicy - 17 h 18 s ago


I would like to say how very disappointed I am with the service that I received and no help due to the hurricane. It appears that we will not be honored a change of dates due the flooding that we encountered and lose our money. It was an act of God, yet the hotel AGM was willing to accept change with problem, if only Groupon would send an email saying the date change. But due to GROUPON policies they will not do anything...whoah really Groupon?Groupon you have no sympathy...what if it were your family or friends that were hit with this act of God....horrible and not good customer service and helping in time of need.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago

They are using my picture for products without!! My permission!!! I need a lawyer

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Geoff Blair - 4 d 13 h ago



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Bud - 7 d ago


Groupon is the worst customer service I have ever experience. It borders on the criminal how they treat customers. Never again will I use the service and I will work dilligently to communicate effectively to as many as I can in the social media relam to warn consumers of the problems working with Groupon

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Sally - 7 d ago

Groupon sent me a defective item I've been trying to return the item and get a label for two and a half weeks now every time I call them they say that the it has escalated to the the next apartment but I'm still not getting anywhere I still can't get them relate a label to return defective item and they keep giving me the runaround right now I've been on the phone with half an hour waiting for a supervisor to come and get on the phone because customer service was not able to help me nor give me a label to return the item this is my last time shopping at Groupon I will never shop with them again I asked him to remove me off the email list it's the worst customer service i've ever had with anyone company..... I WILL NEVER SHOP IT WITH GROUPON AGAIN.... AFTER WAITING 30 I MINS TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR,SHE TELL ME SHE CAN'T GIVE ME A LABEL BECAUSE I NEED TO SEND A PICTURE SO THEY CAN SEE THE ITEM IS DEFECTIVE... DON'T KNOW HOW THEY CAN TELL IF THE ITEM IS DEFECTIVE FROM A PICTURE.... THE ITEM WAS 20 DOLLARS, YOU WOULD THINK THEY HAD TO REFUND ME 100 DOLLARS OR MORE.... SO I GUESS GROUPON NEEDS THE 20 DOLLARS MORE THAN I DO...... I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SORRY ASS RIP PEOPLE OFF COMPANY..... AS FAR AS A RATING GOES, GROUPON GETS A ZERO......

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Mel - 7 d ago


Impossible customer service. No phone number to call. Tried email. I have been trying to activate purchase for weeks. Charged my account months ago. Customer service (not much English here) supposed to resolve. Have not heard from them in weeks. Tried live chat, going to get back to me in a few days....right! If I could give negative stars I would.

Groupon not worth the few bucks you save if there is any issue.

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago


The representatives told me lies. I ordered 2 pictures that you transfer to glass at a price of 29.99 each. The email i sent to groupon was (hidden). the pictures were ordered under my old email (hidden). they told me that i could not get a return but would get a groupon credit which i have not received. I wil be reporting groupon to the BBB. Martha smith. Or maybe get an attorney. I would like an answer at the (hidden) immediately. I would not recommend groupon to anyone

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Dt - 9 d ago


Groupon has terrible customer support. I had tried to contact Groupon related to an issue I encountered with the purchase of a concert ticket. The first time I tried to buy a ticket it took all my information and then when I clicked buy, it said it did not go through. I started the process again and this time it took the information. The problem was it also charged my credit card for the first purchase also. So now I had 2 tickets. When going through the arduous process of trying to get a refund I was told there is no refunds and it states so in their, 'Fine Print' and I could always give the extra ticket to a friend!

Was on my way to the concert when Rascal Flatts posted on Facebook that the concert was canceled and refunds were being given. Once again tried contacting Groupon and was told that they will look into the matter.

I have no faith in this matter with Groupon. I am a teacher with a very large district and will warn all teachers, staff, and principals, to always avoid this site. It is worth a few dollars more to go with a more reputable and reliable company where you can actually call and talk to a real person.

Now I see why they have no 800 number!!

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Nemi - 10 d 16 h ago


Groupon stinks. They solicit the public however they make it impossible for the public to contact them to lodge complaints, how are they allowed to do business with the public. I paid for two online classes and never received a link to take the classes. I can't contact the vendor because i have to go through Groupon. I wasted both time and money attempt to resolve the issue with Groupon and they don't even give the courtesy to respond back. You don't have to worry about me again wanting to trust Groupon again. I want my money back. The public should be on alert of your extremely poor customer service.

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Agree customer - 11 d ago


Groupon now has no customer service other than online help and emailing them hoping they call you back. They truly have one of the worst customer services in the world. I am doing online help with some guy a half a world away and they can of course never help me. He told me to mail them a letter?????

They are losing customers and I hope they fail!

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Karen M Rothman - 12 d 16 h ago

I bought five fat freezing sessions a Groupon for $226. When I complained that the merchant doesn't exist, i.e., cannot be reached by e-mail or phone, the person from Groupon customer service I was "chatting" with told me she'd give me a credit towards other Groupons. Only when I said that would be cheating me, did she say they would credit my credit card, and then she abruptly ended the chat. I will get a reversal of the charges from my bank, but I will NEVER use Groupon again!

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Annie - 12 d 17 h ago

HORRIBLE service! I've been waiting 3 whole weeks for a refund !!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 h ago


My husband is always ordering off this website. Sometimes things come in the mail he never ordered he chalks it up like no big deal. Well two weeks ago he ordered three pair of shorts. Wore one pair last week to a football game, the belt did nothing . This weekend we went to another game ordered drinks an food. I than proceeded to put wallet in his pocket. Well it took us till half time to realize he had lost his wallet. We found it after running all over the stadium. Someone returned it with less the money that was in it. Didn't worry about the money, maybe they needed more than us. We were leaving an he happened to feel back pocket an realized there was indeed a hole in the back pocket. So glad it wasn't my fault. But I do hold Groupon responsible . For a new pair of shorts to have a hole in back pocket, not ok . I would hope in good faith you refund the money my husband paid for the shorts. (hidden)

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seema kothari - 16 d 20 h ago


I am not happy with your sevice they suppose to refund my money its only for $19 dollars

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Yuka - 18 d 19 h ago


Hi Groupon Corporate:

I hope you're well.

Please explain what this is and what is going on with the inefficiency of your website.

Your website did not allow me to purchase this specific gift item; much less two purchases.

I demand a prominent superior email a detailed explanation of this ridiculous transaction immediately. I am NOT authorizing this purchase. Please remove this now and confirm.

Once this is corrected, please also confirm that my information is completely removed and voided from your mail listing.

Awaiting ~ (I am copying this message to whomever will listen and respectfully handle this matter immediately. I am not interested. I just need my full refund now).

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MR. S - 24 d ago





Seeralan K 11:08:40 AM

How to verify it?




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Jennifer - 25 d 17 h ago


HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! I have filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will not stop there. In the last few months, I have purchased Groupons only to have the merchants either 1) not honor the Groupon, 2) not answer requests for appointments, or 3) not exist entirely. I asked for a refund OF MY MONEY and have been told that they will only refund in Groupon Bucks. I don't want or need Groupon Bucks. This company is worthless! I bought the Groupons with money that I earned and I want that money returned to me and credited to my financial institution. Customer service is terrible and when I asked for the supervisors name and/or employee number, I was denied this information.

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John xxx - 41 d 16 h ago


Soumya B Groupon Customer Support: Regrettable. l doubt if you even took the time to read my email and l question whether you even opened up the attachments/pics. I bought my merchandise through your company and now you simply dismiss any responsibility for abdicating fair practice on behalf of your customers. I have one voucher remaining for a different product, that will be the last dealing I'll have with Groupon. And then will close my account. Further, l will also escalate this matter and will forward my concerns to the executive level. But l also suspect that I'll receive a similar response. Small wonder that your company stock listed on the NYSE has been performing so dismally. Of course I'll make the proverbial comments online and tell all friends of my personal experience. Cordially

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ccben70 - 27 d 13 m ago


Good luck getting a corporate address.

I just got letter returned that I sent to above address. Was marked "return to sender...wrong address"! Could not find anywhere on Groupon website where a corporate address was given. Had to search other websites and found address above.

So, not only no phone # available for complaint resolution but CEO's address/corporate hdqtrs is nowhere to be found on their website. also could not find a live chat option to ask for address.

Next step may be to register complaint with State of Illinois and Better Business Bureau.

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Donette L. - 36 d 12 h ago


I just had a virtual conversation with a Representative and a Manager from Groupon and I must say that I was not impressed by either. I purchased a Groupon over a year ago for a Diner called Strathmore which was closed by the Health Inspector and attempted to get a trade in as I have always done after a fashion. This process was originally relayed to me by a Groupon Rep. who noticed that I had a few expired Groupon's that qualified for trade ins. and was more than helpful and assisting me in sorting everything out.

On this occasion when I remembered this one I called and spoke with a Representative who did his job and called the Restaurant in question as I told him it had been closed. He had allegedly started the process for the refund and to fair I forgot. However, upon realizing the error I attempted the process again and was sent a list of instructions on doing this Representative's job. I asked to speak with a Manager the conversation was cut off. I attempted to connect again and I spoke with the Supervisor Marrianya on duty and was told that after a year Groupon's policy is no refunds. I asked for a copy of the policy and I did not see that caveat in there pertaining to the time frame in question. I have always enjoyed buying Groupon even put up with the change of not being able to call someone directly but this....? Where is the number for Corporate!!! How can you have a business and there is no Corporate/ Head Office telephone number???

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Aline A - 35 d ago

Contact Rich Williams Role CEO Fax(hidden)

Groupon, Inc.

Address 600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 400 Chicago, IL60654

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ccben70 - 27 d ago


I just got letter returned that I sent to above address. Was marked "return to sender...wrong address"! Could not find anywhere on Groupon website where a corporate address was given. Had to search other websites and found address above.

So, not only no phone # available for complaint resolution but CEO's address/corporate hdqtrs is nowhere to be found on their website. also could not find a live chat option to ask for address.

Next step may be to register complaint with State of Illinois and Better Business Bureau.

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Irene Bynum - 31 d 1 h ago


Just ended a campaign with GROUPON and having major discrepancies with the adjustments. They are taking money that they can't explain where the adjustments are made!!!! We have countless unanswered emails (some they have tried to answer but don't give us sufficient information, like for example.....what groupons are they adjusting, they just give us a lump sum less than amount owed to us based on their own terms and it doesn't match our spread sheet and they expect us to just take it!!! ) Then they just pass us onto another young thing that doesn't have a clue and then no returned phone calls. Been going on for months! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. REALLY? We were going to launch another campaign as it did generate volume, but not when they are robbing us monthly of hundreds of dollars that they won't explain why!!!! Looking for numbers for corporate and it is like a vault! Can't get to anyone! Will stick with TravelZoo, they are diligent and very communicative and above board.

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Gerry - 31 d 17 h ago



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Ang - 32 d ago


a phone number is basic to having a company. We need someone to talk to, not robot people or robots.

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