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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 620
Chicago, IL
Andrew Mason
CEO and Director
(312) 676-5773
(312) 676-2728
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Take a stand - 201 d 9 h ago

I am planning a law suit against Groupon. I need other witness to proceed and make my case stronger please respond to this if you want your refund back or just feel they are a bad company to del with

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Heather in Minnesota - 199 d 12 h ago


I'm game. They sent me a Bluetooth that no one Im speaking to is able to hear me. It arrived this way! I paid for a product that was not delivered to me so technically, they took my money but never delivered what I paid for which is a properly working Bluetooth!!

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Sue Grouopn - 198 d 8 h ago


I'm in! I'm a Groupon Merchant who owns a company. People have been coming in to my business and redeeming their Groupon Voucher and then call Groupon and get FULL refund, so I am giving away freebies. Groupon NEVER asked me if ANY of the "refunds" they gave out of my account (MY MONEY THEY GAVE THEM) were legit, they just took ANYONE'S word for it if they called for a refund. I have lost hundreds of dollars. I have called numerous times to get help with this and let them know what is going on and NO ONE will return my emails and calls. The customer support techs say I need to speak with my account representative with Groupon. He ignores me. I'm screwed out of so much money. I also have a "no show" policy that if people don't call and cancel their appt, they are charged (it's on my website) and they no show (at least two a week) and call Groupon for a full refund. I have PROOF as people fill out forms and sign when they come in (proof of service) and I have an online scheduler, (proof they book their own appts). GROUPON OWES ME MONEY!

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Jeff Michael Hoss Johnson - 173 d 7 h ago


Sue, can you please explain how Groupon can do that, after three days a person can not get ANY kind of refund, what you can do is if there is a date on there, is explain to the prospective customers that you can not honor the coupon because of what people are doing, but because Groupon also treats it's clients who legitimately ARE due refunds the same way as they treated you, I think people are NOT asking for refunds and Groupon is LYING to you so they will not have to send you the money owed, and keeping the monies screwing everybody, as I said in a post above they lost millions in a law suit and may be going under.

Post all over the internet and get a class action suit with other merchants (whom I am sure will be many) against Groupon before they declare bankruptcy and go out of business.

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Anonymous - 156 d 11 h ago

This is not true. I as a consumer have gotten a refund after 30 days. Anyone can get their money back. Groupon is all about the concumer buying.

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NYArtist - 131 d 12 h ago

How do you get a refund if you've used the coupon? (hidden)/

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Gloria - 103 d 8 h ago

If you are having trouble with Groupon contact your credit card company speak with a rep the credit card company in the mean time will place a credit back on your account and they will contact Groupon on your behalf.

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Anonymous - 130 d ago

Know that everyone has a different exp. You can't say what's not true for someone else. Maybe you had a better exp. than others. If we can respect your exp., respect ours.

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World Traveler - 111 d 5 h ago

That doesn't even answer the question.

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Richard McMonagle - 86 d ago


Do you have a magic wand ? I can't even get them to respond after a merchant refused their Groupon .

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Daisy. - 85 d ago

Daisy, Well I haven't get my refund. It have been over three weeks. I sent an email. My rate for Groupon is 0 bad company. I will stick with Amazon. I returned and item and on 2 days got my money back.

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Anonymous - 78 d 23 h ago

What exactly did you do to get your money back. Seems to me you're the only one

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E. Barnes - 1 h 9 m ago


A "consumer" without an identity testifying to support the company? I think you're part of the scam.

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NYArtist - 131 d 12 h ago

File a complaint wth the BBB and Attorney General's office.

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Linda-California - 88 d ago

I have checked with the BBB. They are NOT BBB accredited.

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Daisy. - 85 d ago

I will go to the back tomorrow and I will let them know about Groupon no refunding my money.

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Anonymous - 100 d 33 m ago

Hi Sue I would love to talk to you I also have been getting screwed by group on

give me a call\


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JMR - 193 d 5 h ago

I'm with you

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Daniel Camarillo - 187 d 6 h ago

I'm in. I haven't seen a dime from them and they won't remove my ad! (hidden)

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Kathy Bondy - 79 d 15 m ago


Continue to run expired campaign without paying out.

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Liz - 187 d 6 h ago


i just want them to stop emailing & texting me. It's been five days. I feel harassed. I don't think it's grounds for a lawsuit, but I was hesitant to try Groupon & am so sorry I did.

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Jeff Michael Hoss Johnson aka Jmhj - 173 d 7 h ago

Just unsubscribe or put a block for the texts and emails.

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Dolores - 95 d ago


I think it is, perhaps it time for us to put a stop to this misuse of the customers. I think we need a o consider a class action on behalf of everyone they are taking advantage of

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ANGELA C - 186 d 18 h ago


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Anonymous - 179 d ago

Going through that right now. So disappointed

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Jasmine G - 178 d 7 h ago

Me too . They will not refund my tickets made by a minor

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