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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 400
Chicago, IL
Rich Williams
(312) 676-2728
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Sara Collins order#1139289439 - 1 d ago


Re: Order# (hidden)

Kiran K and Fabian A were completely helpless!!!!! I will never order from Groupon again!!!


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sara collins order#1139289439 (5 orders of lavender) - 1 d ago


Groupon's customer service SUCKS!!! By mistake, I ordered lavender plants on 2/15/2019. They are not due to be shipped to my climate zone until 3/11/2019, almost a month later but when I tried to cancel, Groupon customer service would not cancel my order!!! Why can't they cancel it? They won't ship it for another 3 1/2 weeks!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER USE GROUPON AGAIN!!!!

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Andi Anderson - 2 d 5 h ago


WORST customer service EVER!!!!!! Your employees cant fix a thing, cant help, ask for the same information 5 different ways to distract you, still have no resolve then..THEN have the audacity to say this has been escalated and someone will call back..only to NEVER get a phone call. Just spent 32 minutes on the phone with your "support team". Im literally trying to GIVE money to you guys and you wont take it, cant tell me why you wont take it and then push me aside... what in the actual fuck... Ive wasted fucking HOURS on you people and "why?????" is my only question to myself now. Not you dip shits.


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Anonymous - 1 d 31 m ago

Your lucky to find someone to talk live with.

There is no customer service because they don't have any

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Joan Crighton, Ottawa, Ontario - 2 d 3 h ago


I have spent hours trying to get a credit for a restaurant that is closed.

They try telling me things to do which do not work. I have also received twongroupons which I Did not work

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Kenneth King - 1 d ago

Don't waste your time

I placed an order and was charged 4 times on my credit card.

The only way I got some of them removed was my credit card company got three removed.

So I tried to use the last one and only got another charged. How I have 2 charges because I talked to the live rep on line and did what they told me to do.

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LuisVillanueva - 2 d ago

Does anybody have a phone number. I ordered some wine 8 days ago and nothing. But they sure charged my card same day. Please advise. Thanks.

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Kenneth D King - 1 d ago


If you find one please let me know.

If you ask me don;t waste your time tring to work with this company. You will never get any satisfaction.

customer service is none.

I do wish you luck

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Anonymous - 3 d 21 h ago


What has happened to Groupon???

Not worth it anymore!!!

Customer service is a JOKE!!!

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Irina Khaimov - 5 d 8 h ago

They got bunch of morons working there I have 7 businesses and one of my groupon deals have been closed without any explanation trying to reach someone for past two months get nothing but a reply I will hear from us in 72h this is bs I will report u to BBB and gladly close all my other Campaigns I was bringing Groupon net 30 k monthly bunch of losers and morons answering phone !!!

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kathys - 8 d 8 h ago


just got an email that someone is using my account which I did not even know I had. I can't reach anyone to find out what the hell is going on. Now I will call all my charge card companies and let them know. What a horrible company.

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Brittany Baker - 8 d 10 h ago


Never will I use groupon again it's the worst customer service I have ever received. Not only that two charges made through my card that I didnt authorize and I called immediately and informed I was to wait until i receive the items and ship them back. They should of never shipped for one. Especially since I contacted immediately after the charge to my card was posted. Then the supervisor informs me there no escalation beyond her.

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Camille Smith - 10 d 7 h ago


I purchased food at Vegetarian Express two times and I was not shown howmuchI saved.

What happened? how much did I save? Why doesn't your app show much I saved


Camille Smith(hidden). (hidden)

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Kim Skeen - 10 d 10 h ago


Dear Mr.Williams,

I have tried to reach someone about this matter and no one seems to know how to handle it. I own a Company in the St. Louis MO area called A Mothers Touch Cleaning Services, LLC. I keep getting phone calls claiming that your customers are getting our name from your sight saying that they have bought coupons for our services. I want to state that we have never signed on to Groupon to set up a service with you. I have people calling me and when I tell them that we are not with Groupon, I am getting yelled at for not holding up our end of this mess. I need to know exactly how to get my Companies name off of Groupon immediately. Please and Thank you!!

And I'm just curious from the others below me... have you had any success in reaching anyone or is this just a waste of my time and do I need to contact my lawyer??

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Gwen Coakley - 11 d 22 s ago


I, Gwen Coakley purchased 2 Toni Nraxton concert tickets for Friday, February 8th 2019.

On February 5, 2019 we received notification of a family members untimely death and funeral wake and burial set for February 7 and 8, 2019. I, Mrs Coakley notified Groupon of this matter and the rep and supervisor stated that there is nothing they can do for me! I requested a change of date for another show and was told to give the tickets away as a gift...very poor customer service interpersonal communication skills, unprofessionalism and unsympathetic for what I'm going through. I will never ever buy ticket or anything ever again from Groupon. I really appreciate being a customer of Groupon but this kind of treatment to a customer is unacceptable. Groupon Reps and SSupervisos should never just brush a customer off, telling them to take your tickets as a loss!!!

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Isolde Bailey - 18 d ago


Has anybody been successful in contacting Groupon with a complaint? probably to many or they would provide a contact number or have people on their Charline that stay on an talk to you rather then keep disconnecting you before they answer any questions.

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Frustrated EX Groupon customer - 47 d 14 h ago


Impossible to get ANY Customer Support for a problem if it can't be solved online. After a long time searching for a phone number (which I NEVER found on the Groupon website), I called Customer Service to be told NO PHONE support is offered. Go online to Live Chat or send an email or request a call back from Customer Support. That would have been OK but frustrating if it had WORKED, but when you get the information on the Groupon site for hose options of getting support, the FAQ article says to click the link below to perform one of those options, but there is NO LINK!!!! So I have a problem with an order I received which was shipped incorrectly. It doesn't fit the scenario presented online and there is NO WAY to contact Groupon by phone, by email, by Live Chat!!! Any reasonable website has a Contact Us link that works and allows Customers to actually contact the company. I've had problems with Groupon orders before and was not able to resolve them. I didn't use Groupon for a long time becasue of that. I recently FOOLISHLY decided to try Groupon again only to have the same problems and no way to contact Groupon to resolve the issues. I'll go back to my practice of NOT EVER BUYING anything from Groupon because when there is a problem, there is NO WAY to resolve it! I advise you not to use Groupon as they do not care at all about customers and make it impossible to do business with them when there is a problem and inevitable there will be a problem eventually if you use them enough.

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Christina - 37 d 6 h ago


Customer Service CAN be reached through Merchant Phone at Groupon. It is 1(hidden). They also are manipulative and deceitful and billing does NOT answer calls. Good luck. worth a try but in my experience this company has turned to ROT.

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Sheila Owens - 18 d 5 h ago

The same thing happened to me

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Tom Schiff in San Diego - 32 d 4 h ago


DITTO and they do NOT seem to care !

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Isolde Bailey - 18 d ago


Will never use Groupon again. This is more trouble then it's worth. Last time services were no longer available, this time they sent the order to am addresses not mine. There are no phone numbers to get a hold of anybody. Shipping is outsourced and Fed ex or USPS wash there hands of anything other then claiming it was delivered call them if you have a problem. Call them where?????

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Isolde Bailey - 18 d ago

Your Charline disconnects me. The phone line refers me to the Charline. How on Earth can I get some help with my order that shows delivered but was never received by me

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Geraldine Clements - 18 d 8 h ago


I have no way to have a groupon voucher issue resolved, groupon says it was it reedemed, it was not, tried contacting business directly, business no longer there,

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SG - 20 d 4 h ago


Groupon is not what is was. I received a gift and have to spend more than the gift giver did in order to receive a fruit basket / fruit bouquet!!! Because $39.99 doesn't reach the $40 value and I can't purchase anything below the value of $40.00. My gift cost my kind friend $20 and I have to spend about $30 to get it (with shipping and the fact that it has to be at least a $49.99 item). I am not spending thirty dollars to get a gift and my kind friend just lost $20 that Groupon will not refund.

Groupon is not being wise in choosing the businesses they represent. It reflects poorly on Groupon. Consumers are being scammed left and right. It is unfortunate because Groupon was a great platform before. I don't trust them anymore and I feel the BBB should be contacted in the proper fashion. Customer Service gave me their own department address to contact HQ. Thanks for the fax number!

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Zulma- - 29 d 16 h ago


Have been in some endless loop in your HELP page. When I try to use the email,option. Your "send" button does not work, does not activate, how convenient to avoid answering questions after payment has been submitted.

Horrible customer service

Referring to Better Business Bureu next if no contact. And local news

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Anonymous - 23 d 8 h ago

I agree I too will reach out to the news.

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