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Groupon, Inc.

600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 620
Chicago, IL
Andrew Mason
CEO and Director
(312) 676-5773
(312) 676-2728
Twitter IDs
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Sarah - 7 h 40 s ago


The worst ever customer service! Disconnected 2 times this morning and still waiting on my third attempt to get through after dealing with a Groupon getaway issue for 14 days. On hold now for 23 minutes. They said they'd have a supervisor call me back yesterday - never happened. Sent emails back and forth and had to keep sending the same information over and over again. Good thing all I have is time to waste this morning.

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Maryanne - 1 d 1 m ago


This is the third time I have experienced price changing or bait and switch tactics on Groupon. A few months ago I wanted to purchase a security camera advertised at 2 for $86 when I would click on View Deal the price changed to $198. Yesterday I received a super Monday deal that said it was for a laser treatment for dark spots and the price was advertised as $39 but when I clicked View Deal once again the price changed to $119. I have called Groupon each time and they are rude and do not give a darn that they are falsely advertising goods for a different price than advertised. I also tried to call Groupon Headquarters and to no surprise to me it is a constant busy signal so no one answered that phone I am done with Groupon but do feel they should take responsibility for false advertising.

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Stacey G - 1 d 5 h ago


This is a non working number to corporate. I have spoke with 6 different so called customer service reps in the ast week and got 6 different stories. I cannot believe Groupon has been in business as long as it has with all this poor service. I used a coupon this past weekend and the restaurant gave me less then the coupon was for and said when they had time they would look into it but that didn't do me any good because I lost money on the deal.

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The flowers I ordered for my wife through Groupon for Valentine's Day never arrived and the company (ProFlowers) I ordered them from has no record of my order. There is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER LISTED ON THEIR WEBSITED and the corporate number is always busy. YOU CALL THIS CUSTOMER SUPPORT??? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Who do I talk to to make that happen?

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Ed j - 7 d 4 h ago


No amount of savings on this planet can make it worth the pain of using a groupon .The customer service is horrible when there is any .The phone numbers posted just go to a busy signal . They cover there behinds by saying fine print and in the mean time you as the customer are the one that is stuck I am the victim of misleading site telling me the deal no direct words about codes not allowed on this group-on .I put in a code and it says it purchased it.The system says i picked a date when i did not .Iasked for a refund told no read the fine print but i can gift it to someone else. I finally said ok then got told sorry i cannot have that after all .THE LEFT HAND DOES NOT KNOW THAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING. ALL I CAN SAY IS IN THE FUTURE GIVE SERIOUS CONSIDERATION BEFORE USING GROUP-ON IF THE DISCOUNT IS REALLY WORTH THE PAIN.i DARE SOMEONE AT GROUP-ON TO ACTUALLY CONTACT ME ON THIS WHICH I ALREADY KNOW I WILL HEAR NOTHING (hidden)

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Anonymous - 34 d 8 h ago

Atrocious, atrocious customer service! Tried to purchase a versace belt. Description also has Prada listed. No size listed. Spoke with 5 different reps. No one able to help. Horrendous. Incompetent people working there and unable to reach corporate office. Hands down worst experience ever. Never again ordering from GROUPON!!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 12 h ago

This seems to be their standard operating procedure! Everything is low quality, especially the customer service!

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Searched for "Phila Airport Parking"....Jiffy parking came up ASSUMING IT WAS phila SINCE THAT IS WHAT I SEARCHED FOR. purchased it and when printing out the coupon noticed it said "NEWARK NJ." Spoke with customer service, customer service supervisor (Karmen K in Chicago). Was on the phone for 40 MINUTES...then was told sorry there's nothing we can do for you after having purchased the groupon a few days before. I will NEVER USE GROUPON AGAIN....I wasn't asking for my money back, just wanted to buy parking at the airport I chose on the website....this is called bait and switch....When the ad came up for parking there was no city indicated, and having just searched on PHILA AIRPORT PARKING I could only assume it was Philly. Now I am out my money and there was nothing they could do for me. THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU TREAT A CUSTOMER....THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU RUN A BUSINESS. You'll never see me again as a customer and I will tell everyone I know how GROUPON SCREWED ME...I WILL BE SURE TO POST IT ON FACEBOOK.....

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Anonymous - 53 d 19 h ago


If I thought your outsourced customer service was bad, you U.S. supervisors/managers are worse. I had a problem with a Groupon I purchased yesterday where it was for a dollar amount and after I made the purchase it change to a lesser amount. I have the proof, a printed copies of the offer and the actual Groupon.

Your very arrogant and disrespectful manager in Illinois actually stated it was a human error on my part. I have made as many HUMAN errors as the next person but this was not one of them.

You will lose business because of your service without knowing why, there is competition for everything your offer and many with superior service.

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Tlee - 49 d 22 h ago


Sounds like the smarties pants I spoke with today

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


How did you get thru to Corp?

It's always busy.

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago


I bought a Groupon for a Christmas gift it had a misleading fine print charge that was more than the Groupon itself? When I requested a Groupon Bucks refund (not my money back), I was told it's 3 days after and it's in the fine print "NO". I requested the issue be escalated and heard nothing back???

It's issues like this, that negate any savings.

Order #: 637690231

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Cc - 12 d 38 s ago

Groupon pulled a bait and switch on me with tickets to a kids event. I spent all week talking and emailing to some idiots overseas who consistently lied to me.

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Chris - 14 d ago


Horrible site to order from. Problem after problem. Then when you try to rectify the matter you sent over seas and they even mess up the order and process further. I went through this several times.

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GFB - 22 d ago


Groupon is a joke. No one in their customer service support can give you a correct answer. They are always having problems with their internet and their corporate phone number is always busy because they probably take it off the hook. Why doesn't the CEO provide his customers with the service they deserve and quit hiding. Groupon is like AT&T they take your money and leave you high and dry.

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MADASHLL - 22 d 4 h ago


The biggest problem with Groupon is their outsourcing customer service to overseas agents. Why should I as a paying consumer have to dumbdown my English sentence construction and have to spell and respell simple street names or city names. BRING BACK OUR JOBS TO NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH.

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


Horrible. They've made it soo bad that basically your SOL if something goes wrong with your order - they do not care, they will lie to you and then send you an email with a different answer. You will never get your money back. Never ever get your money back. be 100% sure of your purchase before you buy. Otherwise its money thrown away.

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Anonymous - 23 d 30 m ago

experiencing that now. its disgusting...

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Zee - 23 d 31 m ago


I am extremely concerned and upset that after years of buying with groupon I dealt with a spa and salon that was very shady! I am trying to get a hold of someone here at head office with no luck. Does anyone know how to get in touch because this place is clearly doing shady things and they redeemed my groupon took my money and now i can't get a hold of anyone..Great experience until you have an issue then none is around...

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Anonymous - 26 d 5 h ago

tarrible customer service. i dont know why would one advertise with groupon

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Pissed off - 27 d 4 h ago


Here's one to add to the lack of service vault. I have talked to 31 people and was sworn at by a supervisor. Then I call the corporate office... Busy signal for 2 weeks! What decent co. Has a busy signal any more? Keep my $12.99 groupon...done! Morons.

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Anonymous - 30 d 4 h ago


Horrible customer service!! Without customers there is NO business! Customer service refused to update my mailing address or help me with a shipment purchased from a groupon. I was unable to change it in "my account". I have updated it in my credit card information but it still shipped to the wrong address 2 years later!

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Anonymous in Hudson Valley,NY - 30 d 9 h ago


The deals on Groupon are on the events and products I like but the service and support are horrendous! Lack of standing behind company and deals when anything goes wrong. I liked the individual companies that the promotion was for. The vendors are Mom & Pop stores or big companies and are willing to do what they can OUTSIDE of Groupon Support. This has happened with me 4-7 times. Awful Groupon support and Excellent individual company support. I will not be using Groupon again.

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Anonymous - 34 d 7 h ago

I contact 9th times customers service to receive a refund of a gate away charge. I spoke with 3 supervisors. I still waiting for two weeks, and nobody can help me

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