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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
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David Dempsey 479-981-4253 - 18 h 27 m ago

I went into the Harps Grocery in Seligman, MO. last week to buy a few items of groceries and a six-pack of beer. The young clerk asked me for my driver's license even though I was attempting to pay cash for the purchase. I am 63 years old and certainly don't appear underaged for buying beer. I told the clerk my driver's license was in my truck. The truth is I didn't want to have go out and get it. The clerk said something to her superior who told her in front of me that scanning the driver's license was necessary or there would be no sale. I have bought beer at that store before without showing a driver's license. I felt like I was being singled out for some reason so I left the merchandise on the counter and went to another store. Was I being singled out or is it now Harp's policy to require presentation of a driver's license? Either way I don't like it. Harp's does not make any laws regarding the sale of beer and I certainly won't be subject to spur-of-the-moment whims of clerks or managers. I will do business again with Harp's again when this practice (regardless of its reason) is discontinued.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago


I went to the Harps store in Lincoln and was planning on having them slice me a Beef roast so i could make my son some beef jerky. I like to shop in my home town and support the stores in my town. But when i asked them to slice the roast i was told that i would have come back when the butcher was in. I find it interesting because it was not the butcher that sliced it for me last time. And it was like 3:30 in the afternoon, i guess you have work the same hours as the butcher in order to get service there. (If this is the case you need to post when the butcher will in.) The closing manager said she would ask the grocery manger, one Athena Reed, when she return she informed me that Athena said i would have come back when the meat dept. people were there.

I have defended our local harps when i herd others talk bad about it, because i have always been treated with respect when i went in there. And i think R.C. is a kind and caring man and really goes out of his way to help his customers. BUT NO MORE!!!!!! AS LONG AS Athena Reed is in a manager position i will tell everyone i know what a sorry experiece i had, will take my business to somewhere that is not Harp's. I'm not asking for her to be fired because everyone has a bad day every once in a while and everyone needs a job, but i think maybe she needs to be reduced in "rank" until she learns that the customer comes first. Above your bad day, above if you like them or not, above if your busy or not. The customer makes your business, i.e. NO CUSTOMER'S = NO BUSINESS. And YOU JUST LOST ONE MORE!!!!

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Anonymous - 9 d 15 h ago

I went to the Westville store to buy a few groceries. My daughter was practicing softball, so i wasnt in a hurry. I sat in the truck and was texting my son in college. When i was done i went in and got some groceries. I came out got in my vehicle and tried to get ahold of my daughter. Only to have local law enforcement knock on my window and tell me the store employees had called in on me. Had to show liscense, insurance and title. Very embarrassing and uncalled for. I have been employeed at the same job for 27 years and am not a thief or a noer do well. I will not do business with any harps again, until I hear of some changes, Preferably drug testing. The store is nasty , and service is bad. Maybe they should do their job instead of harrass paying customers.

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James - 19 d ago


I always thought pork steak was about the same price but apparently not at all stores $6.27 a pack of 2 porksteak at your store where Town & Country has a pack of 3 for $4:12

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Jim fields - 43 d ago

Employees in deli of store 127 Walton Blvd bentonville appear to be high on drugs do you drug test employees really

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Anonymous - 23 d 13 h ago

Doubtful jason in gravette looks like he does an 8 ball a day

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Darrin Carnahan - 82 d 5 h ago


Thanks for opening a location here in Gravette Arkansas. As a family of four, we average purchase $400.0 to $500.00 per month since you opened. Recently, I submitted a request to your store manager about "sponsoring" a fundraising event for a local man who is dying of brain cancer. It is scheduled for this upcoming weekend .It's a burrito Fundraiser /Yard Sale. Local news media is covering this event and needed to know who was sponsoring? I called everyday and was told to call back the next day " I'm just too busy right now", was his common answer. So I went down on Saturday and asked for the manager. I introduced myself and asked if he'd had a chance to review or request to sponsor about, $50.00 worth of groceries for the event. He was condescending and said" the only thing I can do is give you a $15.00 store credit". Serious? He makes me wait nearly 5 days for that kind of answer? I am very disappointed and will likely not do business with Harps in the future .

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Anonymous - 23 d 16 h ago

He is One of the worst if not the worst store manager i have ever dealt with. So sorry to hear about your situation. You would however be better off talking to your electric pole. It will have more personality and it does not look like it wants to punch your face in. Please get rid of this guy harps come on! I bet you have people that are working their tails off trying to get a store manager position and you have this guy representing you?

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Former Gravette Harps shopper - 23 d 16 h ago


I wanted to write a review on thr harps in gravette arkansas. The town was so happy to get a harps after wal-mart decided to shutdown. The store employees seem to be very friendly. The only thing that brings this store down is Jason the store manager. He is rude, he looks like he would rather fight you than talk to you and on more than one occasion I have witnessed him yelling at store employees on the salesfloor. Harps has got to do something with this guy. With the new cvs opening up right down the road literally a half-mile away you cant have a manager like this driving customers away. I will never shop there as long as he is employeed there.

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Ken Nash - 31 d 1 h ago


I live in Green Forest AR. I am handicapped and go to our Harps store on my powerchair. The employees at that store are very helpful and courteous. I understand

you are breaking ground for a new Harps store. I talked to one of your corporate office employees, Joe Holmes and he told me I was correct. I am looking forward to see the finished project!

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Charlie Miles - 50 d ago


My name is Charlie Miles, and I work at the Marion County Library in Yellville, Ar. I personally am a loyal customer of Harp's, and so is the library. I recently ordered a full sheet cake from your Bakery, and was overjoyed when I saw how beautifully decorated it was ! Way to go, Kim Hodges !!! This particular cake was for a monthly birthday celebration held at a local nursing home, and the residents there were so appreciative of such a personalized, beautiful and delicious cake. This party was the first ever for the library to sponsor, and I wanted it to be extra special. Thanks to the enormously talented cake decorator (Kim Hodges), we were not disappointed . I would also like to add that deli manager Christie is always very friendly and accommodating, as is store manager Jeff Sutterfield. Harp's truly is our hometown grocer, and more :)


Charlie Miles

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Anonymous - 58 d ago

Kevin who is the store manager at the Vilonia Harps is always nice, has a smile his face, always willing to help, and you see him working on the floor all the time. He's not just a manager sitting in the office.he works on the floor.

With that said, there is a manager by the name of Kristen who I am very disappointed in. There was a young lady with 3 small children trying to check-out and had her hands full. The oldest boy was around 7 and has special needs you could tell. The smallest was just a baby and crying. The checker was doing her best to help the young lady out as fast as she could. The young mother gave the little boy a couple of grapes to try and help him while waiting because he was definitely having issues. Kristen came over and spoke very loudly so that the other customers could hear her and said.You know you can't just give him grapes like thatIt's considered theft. I don't think the cost of 3 or 4 grapes is going to break the store. I felt so sorry for the young mother, because she was so embarrassed. Instead of helping her in a bad situation she made it even worse.

I do have to say that the checker put a closed sign on her checkout and let the young lady know that she would help her out with her groceries.

I was very disappointed to see a manager (Kristen) make a customer feel that way, but was proud of the young checker that stepped up and helped the customer.

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Larry Williams - 67 d 19 h ago

I wanted to contact you in reference to the new store being built in Vilonia, Arkansas. I buy groceries in the existing store located nearby.

My concern is I noticed the new store will be selling gas right next door to Keith's Service Station. Keith and his family have served the people of Vilonia for many years through good times and bad.

I don't feel it is right for a grocery store in a small community such as Vilonia to take business from other community businesses. I hope you reconsider selling fuel at this particular location. My family and I will not support this store with any business if fuel is sold there.

Sincerely, Larry Williams

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Barbara L. Bearden - 75 d 19 h ago


The onlyHarpts store in Fort Smith that carries Rholdes frozen biscuits, which by the way are the best, was the Harps on Grand avennue, I ususally shop at the Harps on south 74th, but they have stopped carrying this item months ago, having just stopped at the store on Grand avenue, I was delighted to find 3 packages, all having the date, best if purchased by July 16, 2015, what??????, According to my calandar the date is September 18, 2016. I took all 3 packages to the check out, as I was leaving I heard the checker say, over the loud speaker, pickup on register 3 and return to stock. I can;t believe a compnay, whom I trusted, would operate their business in such a manner.

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Anonymous - 92 d 10 h ago


Does anyone from Harps read and respond to these complaints? Hey Roger, do you care that your customers are having awful experiences in your stores?

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Anonymous - 79 d ago

Appearantly not

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Eve - 86 d 12 h ago

I would like to apply for a position in the new store that will be in DeSoto, Kansas. I have worked for Wal-Mart for 10 years and would really be interested in working for Harps.

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Hello - 80 d 12 h ago


Stay with walmart. You'll regret going to harps.

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capted - 82 d 45 m ago


Moved to Joplin for business and live near the new Mercy hosp. Enjoy the Harps at Bentonville walnut store . Needing same type of store on south side of town and you would be surprised at the good clientel you will get with a higher end store there . But please make a trip to Milwaukee Wi to see what you should be doing and visit Sendiks and Woodmans for your learning experiance.I do hope you will read this and pass it on to your upper management.

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Missy - 85 d 16 h ago


Went into the Anderson, MO store today. I asked the cashier to please check the prices as the sausage and bacon were not marked with the current sale price. There were a lot of items in the sale ad that were not marked. The ice cream that was in the sale ad also was not even in the store. Very disappointed in the store and the cashier. She was just short of being rude. Never said thank you, she just handed me my receipt and turned around.

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randal baughman - 90 d ago


I fell in the produce dept in a big puddle of water I had a employee on both sides of me messed me up and no one would help me get up I'm older and have a hard time getting up from floor lm reported it to managerand it was like no big deal it was lt happen at 10:15 Sept 3 feasta square this is not right

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Anonymous - 97 d ago


Watch out for out of date products. Bought shampoo from Fayetteville store. And was dated 2/2016. It is now 8/2016?

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wbs// mea,mba,med;;;;;; - 154 d 12 h ago


billion dollar company pissin in THE WIND


Flagged for review. 
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harps meat dept - 99 d 18 h ago


Every single son of a bitch in the office needs to be beaten. They're all crooked bastards.

Flagged for review. 

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