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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
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Anneliz - 5 d ago


Harps in Bella Vista has been my grocery since it bought out Phillips. The employees are all good people and they work hard. If you took a poll you would find they dislike the manager 100%. I know that I do. He is arrogant, smart-aleck and does not stock the shelves as did the previous manager who you would find stocking them himself and helping people and even doing cashier work. I average $200 weekly at that store, but with a list of 20 items, 6 were not stocked. They are always out of Mrs. Baird's Bread. Obviously, if the bread sells out the first or second stay it is stocked, it should be apparent they need to buy more. Also, out of Hills Bros. Double-Mocha Cappuccino, but the other flavors sit on the shelves for days with no sales. Doesn't that tell them something? I used to purchase 3 to 4 jars of Herring in sour cream. Don't order it anymore because meat dept. says it doesn't sell, yet the ones in wine sauce are lined up with not one empty slot, so have to go to another store to get it. i was recently waiting at the beauty salon for my appointment when I overheard a lady complain about the BV Harps shelves being empty of product. A couple of others chimed in with the same complaint. I observed the current manager several weeks ago being asked to take a handicapped lady's basket to her car. He displayed displeasure, didn't say of course he would be happy to or display any friendly tone. He pushed the basket full to the brim of groceries to her car, left it there and walked off without loading her groceries or without offering to help her down the slope to her car. I observed her come back into the store and ask his name. She was very upset and I understood from one of the employees that she purchases several hundred dollar a week there. I do not intend to change stores, but something needs to be done about the manager which affects the patrons and morale of the employees. When I rate my experience it will be solely rated on the MANAGER.

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


Ruth, I know that with the on going epidemic of opioid deaths that everyone is on alert. HOWEVER I am on pain management for a SEVERELY injured leg & foot. Recently had surgery to help correct. To the point I see the PM DR once a month for meds. The pharmacist treated me like I was a drug addict. Wanted to know what I was doing with my drugs & why I needed them. None of his DAMN BUSINESS will not fill for me with out calling my Dr. Has filled for me for 8 no. He needs reigned in.

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Katy - 11 d 13 h ago


The Rogers Harps on 2nd street has shown a complete lack of good customer service to me. I was driving from Bentonville on a weekly basis to visit that Harps because it carried Best Maid sour pickle slices. I would buy several jars each week, and then they just disappeared. I asked a manager, David, about it and he said to come back after Tuesday because that's when they got their deliveries. I made the special trip-no pickles. I couldn't find a manager, so I called the store. They said they would order some for me. I called ahead to make sure they were there. The girl said they were and that she would hold six for me at customer service. I made a special trip to get them--wrong pickles. She says she will check on it the next day and volunteered to call me. No call. I call the store, and the closing manager said that he couldn't help me at all. He advised me that I would have to call back tomorrow to talk to someone. I told him no. I was trying to support a local business, but you won't work with me. Make me waste my time and gas repeatedly! I told him that I'll just get my pickles from Amazon WITH ONE CLICK! You can bet if they are treating me like that there, others are being treated that way too! I've interacted with five different people there who failed me. That's a culture problem.

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Irate customer - 16 d ago


very irate customer, 10box of springdale employees treat other employess like crap. Type 1 diabetic employee keeps getting phone calls from other meat dept employees when he is late or is unable to work due to the severity of his type 1. Non manager employees call constantly telling him he is faking, when there have been documentation and witness to his episodes of too high or low glucose count. About to file harassment charges because the store manager allows it to happen. I believe manager types should only contact this Diabetic employee not regular hourly. when this employee shows up even if he is late he does his job and has been left in charge multiple times while the managers leave early and leave him to close by himself. The treatment of this employee is unfair and been dealing with it for 6 months. If this continues going to corporate and getting a lawyer for discrimination and harassment charges to pre-existing "invisible" disease that this employee was born with.

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Jim Moser - 52 d ago


I wanted to comment on the local store here in Calico Rock, AR.

We have found numerous items that are on the shelf that are out of date. This is not only bread and short shelf items, but canned goods, boxed cereal, packaged luncheon meats, and just about all the items in the store. This must be a management plan to sell older out of date products at full prices.

We have lived in this community for decades, and have shopped at this store since is was built many years ago. Like many people, our household is spending hundreds of dollars a month in this store, but we are done. We will drive to somewhere else to buy our groceries whenever possible. There are many in this community that have supported this store for years, as we have, and the customers deserve better. People of Calico Rock should not be treated in this manor.

I do not believe it is a local manager issue, as this has been going on through different store and department managers. It appears as a management decision to put inferior products on the shelves at full prices. I have been to other Harp's stores in the area, and do not experience this.

I once worked at Harps while in high school, my first real job. Doesn't seem like the company that I remember.

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Ann Dunn - 73 d ago


Helo! I spend $200.00-300.00 every month at my local Harps in Clarkaville. I wanted to switch from buying my animal (3 cats 2 kittens) foods at Walmart. I bought two kinds; Meow Mix and Best Choice. I put out a cup of each. They wont touch the Best Choice ( too salty? Sour?) and Im upset that the store manager said I may not exchange it for the other brands... I cant afford to buy more (tastier) cat food again this month.

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Roger collins - 78 d ago

There are a lot of people hoping your company is going to build a store in Richmond, missouri. We have no place to shop except Walmart and we need a store like yours.

Your future customer Linda yallaly

309 n Thornton st

Richmond, missouri. 64085

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Diane M - 78 d 18 h ago

I was very disappointed that a "district manager" made the Bella Vista Town Center store TAKE DOWN the schedule for the Bella Vista Community Concert Band. He/she said it looked "tacky" taped up in the front window and said it had to be taken down. Aren't you interested in the arts or community activities? Goodness! I think that's horrible.

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Sandra L - 83 d 13 h ago


We have a store in DeSoto Kansas. I was excited about finally getting a grocery store back in our town. Today was the last straw for me with your company. Here are the reasons:

1. I bought skinless boneless chicken breast. When I cooked them they were tough as a boot and had no flavor. Some with the boneless pork loin chops.

2. My husband bought a large bag of classic salad. He brought it home. It was all brown at the bottom of the bag. He took it back. All the large bags were that same way. The expiration date was 5 days from that date. He advised a manager of the this. He ended up buy two small bags. A week later, we both went to the store. I again went to get a big bag of salad. Same story, none were good. Again, they said they would tell the manager.

3. Today I went down to buy something from the deli. I bought 2 pieces of fried chicken and a small scoop of mashed potatoes and small spoon of gravy. Went to pay for it and they told me it would $10.92. For two pieces of chicken. They said the potatoes make it heavy. That is totally ridiculous.

I have lived out in this area for over 40 years. I do my business in Desoto when ever possible. You can't expect business to come to the city if you don't do business with them. I will not do business again at Harp's in DeSoto. Enough is enough.

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Daniel - 89 d ago


I was in harps on garland a few minutes ago noticed that there was 7 50lbs bags of play sand o.k. the top shelf of a display rack i thought to myself this is a safety problem that's allot of weight on a flimsy shelf what of it collapsed on a child. I addressed out with an employee who only wanted too help me get something off the shelf.

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Anonymousm - 91 d 17 h ago


I would like to say that I worked for harps for 2 years. The job at first was really fun, if you closed you left when you closed and the store manager was the perfect balance of boss and friend. Recently, the store has gone down the drain quite a bit. It's quite obvious harps only cares about looking good and beating walmart, they no longer care about the happiness of their employees, which in return makes us get bad secret shopper reports because it's hard to fake happy when you're truly miserable.

The store in Harrison also goes through store managers like a new pair of underwear. They moved our first boss to open another store after him being there for 8 months. Apparently he is the best opener harps had and they had no one else. We are now on our third boss who made the store feel like it was being death gripped by corporate. You can no longer take schedules, apparently they can't afford printer paper. If you close you don't get off at 10, you have to face the entire store before you leave and do all the chores that come with closing, making you stay till 11:30 or 12:00 which is really hard for the employees who are still in school. Did I also mention that you only have 2 people closing from 9-10? They did this because they couldn't top stock and order things right so they were losing money, so instead they decided to cut 7 hours a week. This made closing a really fun job. Oh, you also can't do trash by yourself now because they think we're stealing.

Harps used to be a small time chain that's goal wasn't to beat walmart, but to be the best grocery store in the area. This has changed a lot. Harps moto is "an employee owned store." Well it should be, "Harps, an employee owned store that doesn't feel like an employee owned store."

This would have been the best job I've had, there wasn't all cons. Unfortunately, the store has lost its magic and is fairly obvious due to the overall misery of the employees there. Good riddance.

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Sam - 98 d 14 h ago


There is an extremely , bold , arrogant , & provocative harps kitchen employee named LINDY T. who works at the gentry store # 109 , ph # 479 - 736 - 1396 who needs to be either fired from the store , or severe reprimanded at the bear minimum . this woman is harassive and Extremely Disrespective of customers which i have on video and may even post it on facebook & U - Tube as well . And there are other government agencys i will contact as well until this issue is resolved with remedy . This woman does {{ NOT !!! }} need to be working with the public . She may be ok opening boxes in the rear of store not visible to people in the buying area . The better business bureau will be contacted as well concerning this Atrocious person !!!

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Dolores Proubasta - 104 d ago


I have been spending more than $9000/year at your Crossover & Mission Store in Fayetteville. No complaints ... until now, when a live-Lobster tank has appeared by the meat and fish department. Animals in distress, wating to be killed on request is not "appetizing" in Western Culture. It is more likely to turn off customers than to attract new ones. The tank of suffering Lobsters is unlikely to produce the $9000 you stand to lose with my business.

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Paul - 105 d 27 m ago


My family and I have been going to Harps at Butterfield since 2002 the ladies there work hard to do great customer service the manager won't even get up to talk to a customer about a store policy!!! Guess he is too good to face the public we won't be back!!! Sad a employee store is got a guy like that running a store!!!!

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R.J. Otto - 110 d 11 h ago


4/7/2017 brought items for a family BBQ, to include tomatoes and lettuce. All items were rung up and paid for however upon arrival at home to prepare dinner NO tomatoes and no lettuce. I call the store in Batesville, AR and told the employee the problem and was advised I should have checked the plastic bags prior to leaving the store. This has happened 5 times in the last year. The arrogance towards me for not checking contents of each bag will make the long trip to Wal-Mart worth the time and gasoline. Perhaps Customer Service should be a factor in Harp's employee program and an ongoing condition of employment.

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vesta - 114 d ago


Why have Harps in Noel gave Aaron Williams his rasie he has been there over a year? and why dont they gave him more hours he drives 24 miles round trip to work and they will not gave him any more hour he is a good worker, and why can he not work in the one in anderson mo he does live there i am not doing this so they can get rid of him he needs the job bad he needs more hours to work and he needs his rasie to and health inc.

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Jerri - 116 d 15 h ago


PLEASE!! Get rid of those plastic containers for the Deli in Rogers, Arkansas. People with arthritis CANNOT open them. It took both my husband and myself plus a knife to pry it open. I have told them I cannot open them and the answer I get is a shrug as if that "is your problem".

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Anonymous - 122 d 23 h ago

I found out that this IS NOT the website to get in touch in with Harps with. It is not run by or checked by Harps. Go to the Harps website.

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Anonymous - 128 d 14 h ago

My name is Jim Willis. To whom it may concern .issue is MRS. BAIRDS BREAD. Was told that your store in Inola Okla is discontinuing this item. Very sad your store has every thing. PLEASE KEEP THE BREAD ITEMS YOU HAVE NOW. SIGNED JIM WILLIS INOLA OKLA

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LADONNA BRIGHT - 128 d 16 h ago


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Anonymous - 128 d 16 h ago


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LADONNA BRIGHT - 128 d 16 h ago

i use to work for food 4 less an i would like to sell my stock before i loss any more money i have went from 17,000. to 10,000 so please sell it thank you LADONNA BRIGHT

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Anonymous - 130 d ago


Doesn't it concern you that you only have a two star rating? Your store in Hot Springs on central is not producing well. Several people that shop there are having the same issues. Borderline rotten fruit,request for products that are never ordered, so we are forced to go to Krogers. We want the store to survive. Yet your management is turning the store into a oversized quick stop convenient store. A shame

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David Dempsey 479-981-4253 - 236 d 19 h ago

I went into the Harps Grocery in Seligman, MO. last week to buy a few items of groceries and a six-pack of beer. The young clerk asked me for my driver's license even though I was attempting to pay cash for the purchase. I am 63 years old and certainly don't appear underaged for buying beer. I told the clerk my driver's license was in my truck. The truth is I didn't want to have go out and get it. The clerk said something to her superior who told her in front of me that scanning the driver's license was necessary or there would be no sale. I have bought beer at that store before without showing a driver's license. I felt like I was being singled out for some reason so I left the merchandise on the counter and went to another store. Was I being singled out or is it now Harp's policy to require presentation of a driver's license? Either way I don't like it. Harp's does not make any laws regarding the sale of beer and I certainly won't be subject to spur-of-the-moment whims of clerks or managers. I will do business again with Harp's again when this practice (regardless of its reason) is discontinued.

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Anonymous - 230 d 12 h ago

It is harps policy to scan Id of all customers

Don't feel bad it keeps the cashiers out of trouble

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Anonymous - 138 d 18 h ago

It's a state law that ID's are supposed to be scanned. The state does random anonymous checks. If you get caught not scanning the store can get fined. don't know how often that happens though.

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