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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Stephanie at store #165 - 1 d ago

Hello, wondering if you ever reply to posts? I have a lot to say of good and bad with my time at Harps Food Company!

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Customer complaint - 5 d ago


I had a simple request from the Lincoln location. I emailed the store manager and she ignored me several times. I will not return.

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AES - 18 d ago

I'm currently employed at store 117. I have worked for Harps off and on since 2011. I have kept coming back because I loved working for Harps. Started as a cashier, then went to CSM, then back up cash office, and currently CSM / closing manager. The managers have always cared for their employees. Did their best to work with their employees and recognize their hard work and effort. I've worked under 3 different managers. And am under my 4th. I've tried to be patient and adjust with her. Just like I did with the others. There is always adjustments made with each change in management. However, this new one has taken the joy out of the job. Not just for me, but several other loyal employees. She has come in and cut hours of people that have worked 40 a week for years. She "counsels" with employees, but does not listen to their concerns or helpful ideas. Bottom line is, she's the manager, it's her way, or no way. I was told that. I've called 3 times at least, because she leaves the manager till out but doesn't leave the code to get it out. No answer from her. Until, I was beyond frustrated for this happening not only to me but other closing managers repeatedly. And I left a frustrated voicemail and messages. She calls me, yelling. I knew I hit a nerve. But, something needed to be done to protect our assets. I tried. But got counseled for being insubordinate and disrespectful. She thinks I'm upset because we can't have the password. That's not it, at all. I'm upset, because its an unwanted liability placed on closing managers, because "she's too tired, and had a rough week and accidentally forgets to pull it." If she doesn't want us to use it, that's fine. Just please remember to pull it before you leave. That's it!!

Recognize reliable, hard working employees. She recognizes some for coming in on their days off with a gift card. Others get a verbal, "thanks for the help." She schedules people even when they've requested to be off, or put on their applications they're not available certain hours. And then gets upset when they bring it to her attention. And still expects them to be there. Even though it was her mistake.

I don't know what to do. I have never before wanted to or even thought of walking out on a job. Until now. Some helpful advice please?

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


How can Harps Food take over Country Boy we're people's been shopping for 20 years and change everything force people to change their bank account they must have interest in the banks in Norman pink and the other town they take checks from I'm calling News 4 for help in this matter I shouldn't have to force to give up a bank account I've had for 20 years just a shot 3 miles away that just don't make sense I never had a complaint when it was Country Boy

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Travis Reed - 94 d ago


To who ever bought the store in Norman Oklahoma. You are a complete idiot. You have jacked up the prices in a small town just to fill your liberal pockets. People like you dont care about the customer shopping there. The store in norman Oklahoma will go under soon. Cause you have made allot of people really upset. And those are the ones that have shopped there for years when it was Country Boys. I hope you go broke and lose everything.

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NEED NEW MANAGMENT... - 65 d ago


You have that correct, Travis, I can't believe a store with the same employees, can go downhill so fast,,, They need to go in there and put someone in management that is not their BRO.... cause they will tell you, Im not getting fired,,,, just one big family, friends, family of friends,,,, I shopped there everyday and did my weekly shopping probably about 300 a week,,, not now.... They are rude dont care how they give you your deli, better to stand around talk about their dates, what they are doing.... WELLL why not work... SO tired of walking the store 5 times to find something... What is with cutting the milk and eggs.... Wait until winter... and storm coming... If handled correctly possibly be a good store,, but not as it is... SAD it was a busy busy store... not now...

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james thompson - 26 d ago


I agree with you I went in there and been shopping there for 15 years had the same bank account since 2010 the cash one check for me then I went in three weeks later they told me they can't cash the check because it's out of area it's City National Bank during Oklahoma City Shawnee they tell me well so you're telling me you're forcing me to get a bank account in Norman so it must be Norman owned and I'm with you you're going to go under Harps I know a hundred people that's upset with you guys and we're all going to get together and file petition I'm on your side the shutting down

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Anonymous - 26 d 50 m ago


i am 64 and disabled I moved from Oklahoma City out to the trumps area I bank at City National Bank my checks are directly deposited in there but I can't shop at harps because my bank is out of the area got One Bank in Shawnee One Bank Oklahoma City and I'm out of the area Harps needs to close down and get somebody else come in there do us people that have bank accounts in Oklahoma City and she can shop I don't believe that's right that's going to be unconstitutional some way what Harps is doing by doing this is telling me I have to Bank in Norman pink or the other City they named I can't Bank where I want to in shop with them to use check that's not right that's in Morley wrong I'm going to get a petition and hopefully people will stop shopping there and close you down

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


this is james thompson again one more thing when I explain to your employer I cashed the check for you guys on the 28th of June 2018 CSN you 18 I was lying about it I'm getting the check from my bank I'm suing you for defamation of character slander belittling me all this was done to me at ur store on hwy 9 i am getting a copy of the check i cashed on the 28th of june 2018 to prove i cashed the same check with a different address as the one i tried. to cash to day and was not allowed to cash explain that to the courts

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james thompaon - 27 d 23 h ago


i will never shop at ur store I guess you check it harps on June 30th 2018 I went in your store today July 22nd 2018 and they wouldn't cash how can you catch one one time for a person that don't have the same address on the check their ID and not cash it till next time I think you all don't be put out of business and I will drive to Shawnee to Walmart before I shop with you guys again the manager who ever on duty was disrespectful I'm going to check with an attorney see about suing you I was embarrassed and made ashamed up by your employee and if you want you can contact me at 4:05 765-4290 I am getting for what I went through today it was ridiculous

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Unhappy customer don't want stoned out people - 36 d ago


Really, are going to let your employees use medical and smoke weed on the job? Your stores in Norman and Harrah has went to heck , the same employees but rude No Management, just kiss hiss butt and all good. You need to change management in Norman,ok. Get tough on random drug testing, especially in receiving, and office and older employees that have been there forever. If u change a few things and have someone us. The people has someone to to talk to with power now it isn't passed on. If not u would be in business long heck even food stamp people don't shop at much anymore .

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Anonymous - 31 d 23 h ago

I would never have suspected this reviewer of being anti-drug based on their sentence-composing abilities.

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Joe - 31 d ago

Anonymous, was your comment mean? I think not. Was your comment hilariously appropriate? I think YES! I believe the correct acronym is LMAO!

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Anonymous - 39 d 7 h ago

I think harps is doing a great job in gentry.arkansas there very friendly there .I don't have to drive along way to buy milk or eggs.and their veggies are fresh and fruits are great its a well cleaned shop at I lost alot of weight just by eating their $1 bags of vegables.thanks harps keep up the good work

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Robert - 73 d 11 h ago


Hello , we are a Canadian company that offers a Healthy Choice Snack bar. We offer 45% margins and have been in business for over 25 years. Please contact us with the steps to become a supplier. (hidden) or (hidden). Thank you! Respectfully, Robert

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Anonymous - 79 d 20 h ago


Are you still planning to build in Sherwood at hwy 107-Oakdale?

Everyone hoping we are still in your plans to put in a store there.

Other businesses are going up there but we need a grocery store.

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Anonymous - 81 d 22 h ago

I would like to know, I have asked the harps store in Gentry Ar. If I give them three Purple Heart Combat wounded parking signs would you put them up.

I have not heard one word back from them. So now I am sending you the same request. Please let me know it no cost to your store other them a pole to place the signs on

SFC Robert Staats

Wounded Warrior

Purple Heart Veteran

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CRemler - 81 d 11 h ago

Your new 10 Box Store on Grand Avenue in Fort Smith is the most chaotic nasty mess i've ever experienced!!! trip there was enough for me!...Harps should be ashamed!!! Thank goodness that a Walmart Neighborhood Market is nearby and I don't mind driving across town to Harps on South 74th Street!

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So disappointed ! - 85 d ago


What a disappointment. .. We waited so long and were so excited to hear we were going to get a new grocery store in Richmond Missouri, after walmart closed our long time grocery store. From the first day it is a cluster, so small everything jammed together. The deli could be nice but can't get to it because the displays are in the way same with produce all jammed up, can't get a cart through it.They stock the shelves during the day and there is no room. This town is a meat and potato town.The meat department is terrible. The meat case is cluttered with products that aren't meat. The packages of "cut" meat look messy and hacked up. Presentation is very important. You will have the business but improvements need to be made. When I go there to shop the parking lot never looks full, it is a small lot and it should be full. Walmart parking lot is packed. Its nice to have the pharmacy in Harps but the space could have been utilized much better. So sad only been open since Feb 2017.

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Do the numbers - 86 d 9 h ago

Your missing the boat by not building in Sherwood at the end of Brockington! First grocer to build will gain big time! Don't be scared..

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claremorita - 129 d 9 h ago


I wish you'd return to adding your sale flyer to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. We no longer get it in our Wednesday newspaper.

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Frustrated with lack of choice, please come to NLR - 114 d 4 h ago


I wish tbey would put a stor in North Little Rock!! Lakewood Village, the shopping center area where the Furniture stores are, Anywhere near Lakewood. I have been to the one in Cabot and love it. After the recent changes to my local store, I no longer enjoy shopping there, it's a mess.

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Anonymous - 117 d 1 h ago

Harps in Waldron Arkansas has the rudest checkers . They don't acknowledge you I absolutlyunless they know you or they want to flirt. Theres no Hi Or Thank you. I have worked with the public and I didnt care who you were I always made sure to thank the person.I absolutely hate shopping there . Its sad thats the only grocery store in our town .

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Patrick DeMent - 148 d 8 h ago

I and many citizens view your new gun sales policy is an attack on the constitution of the United States..and law abiding citizens..and it is NOT acceptable..

As a law abiding gun owner and 2A defender...I will limit my Harp's purchases to those items which I absolutely MUST have that I cannot find at a competitor..

I will NOT purchase ANY type of sporting item nor gasoline under ANY circumstances...EVER.!

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Anonymous - 123 d ago

Get over it....Go buy a gun and ammo at a GUN DEALER

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