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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
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Upset - 10 d ago


I was in and overheard that an associate transferred to a different store and didn't stay working there and when he went back to the doniphan store got his hours back and the other people got shafted on there training and hours

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Samantha Estes - 15 d ago


I dealt with the worst employee today, Jeannie, she was working at the Harps customer service counter at the Siloam Springs location. Was told I couldn't cash a WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDER at a WESTERN UNION. The lady was so mean, I walked out crying while my daughter is asking me "what's wrong momma?" Will never come back to this Harps and I really hope the re-evaluate who they allow to work at the 201 US 412 Siloam Springs, AR location.

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Email: - 29 d 4 h ago


Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

She received a 150,000 dollars check from the fedreal government.

Contact me for more explanation.

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To Mr. Kim Eskew, C.E.O. - 30 d 22 h ago


I am just shocked. All the reviews that I've read, nothing apparently gets fixed. As a Inola customer, I would rather drive father to get my groceries. If I would have had my cell phone...I would have taken a picture of the quart of milk that I saw for sale. It was all bent up...out of date and someone with a marker wrote $1.25 on it. Seems like every time I have gone shopping...there are different cashier faces. What's up with that? I mean why does this store have such a big turn-over. On a different day to the store, I took my very small dog in with me. She sits in the cart seat on a towel and is very content. I have medical issues from severe PTSD. My dog had been going with me for approximately 1 year. Nothing was ever mentioned until that day. I was asked by a female employee if I had dog papers allowing me to bring her into the store. I said she is here for my comfort. The employee asked me 3 different ways if I had papers. I told her that I have severe PTSD. She finally said, the next time you bring her in...bring papers. I was so upset...I went to pay for my groceries and the cashier asked me if I was alright. I didn't explain other than I said, it's just been a rough day for me. By are NOT ALLOWED to ask. There is no sign at the front entrance of the store. You, Mr Kim Eskew along with other corporate people seem to just care about your pay checks and not checking up on the stores and fixing employee issues. Do your job.

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


I do not like the way western union customers are treated...I am STILL a customer and i was just told We'll be open soon...we are waiting on customers". What does that make me??????

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Very Concerned Customer - 96 d 4 h ago


Dear Corporate;

I live in a different state and have visited your Inola store more times than I can count. It was so clean and the employees were wonderful. I always enjoyed shopping there. But your new management really leaves something to be desired. I wish I could post the pictures that I took on my last visit. The bacon was out of date by 2 months with white slime inside the packaging. There were tobacco spit spots in the floors and several bags of salad in a basket at the end of an aisle. Overflowing trashcans are in some of the aisles. But the real kicker, was an employee stocking shelves while drinking a beer! I didn't get a picture of him drinking, but the picture is of his beer in the basket he was using. I really wish you'd get rid of this manager. He ruined your store in Salina, now he's ruining your Inola store.

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starphish - 41 d ago

Hey That manager did not ruin the store in Salina. and I think you making half of this story up.

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starphish - 41 d ago

He did a good job in Salina I live there only when he left did the Salina Store go down hill. And he was the best manager .

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Phillip Needham - 41 d 14 h ago


Overall im pretty happy working at Harps. But i have had enough of my "manager. " I set up a display of party trays, taking correct temperature recordings because the cases gage is broken. The next day he turned the temp up to 50. 3 days later i found it. When i confronted him he mentioned the cases gage as to why he turned it up. When i told him it was broken he quickly changed his story that he used his "taylor made thermometer" and probed the meat. None of the seals were broken. Honestly its not that much product. But it goes to show his character. And what gets me more upset is he is salary and i see him go home early every single day. He hardly works 30 hours a week. All the while we are told to look out for shop lifters when he is taking 18 hours of unworked pay every week. Lets not even get in to the sexist/and overtly racist comments he makes on the clock. I have even heard from others that he guesses at part of his completely feed up with doing all his work while he rakes in the money.

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Phillip Needham - 41 d 14 h ago


I work at the Cabot Harps #114

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me - 61 d ago

This will be my first paycheck from 10 box will it be a paper check and will it be at the store or mailed to my house?

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Judy clark mountainhome and bullshoals area - 71 d 3 s ago


Really loved the prime kc steaks ,i dont mind paying more for prime,the taste is incredible and the meat was so tender.hope you carry more of this

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Anonymous - 252 d 3 h ago

I think harps is doing a great job in gentry.arkansas there very friendly there .I don't have to drive along way to buy milk or eggs.and their veggies are fresh and fruits are great its a well cleaned shop at I lost alot of weight just by eating their $1 bags of vegables.thanks harps keep up the good work

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Jessica Bald Knob manager. Suck my dick bitches - 74 d 12 h ago


Fuck you too buddy

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Larry Prentiss - 112 d 3 h ago

Mr. Roger Collins, President

Mr. Collins my name is Larry Prentiss and my neighbor, an employee at Harps store #146, has a very unsettling story about her employment at this store that you should hear personally. We would appreciate an audience with you or some one in HR at your earliest convenience.

My phone number is (hidden)

My email is (hidden)

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Stephanie - 187 d 33 m ago

Hello Mr. Collins. My name is Stephanie, I have worked for and with Harps Food Store for many years. I became the scanning coordinator for Harps #164 at the end of 2016, due to the current coordinator being terminated due to theft! Our current store manager was desperate to fill the position, I stepped up! I was the 6 am cashier Monday thru Friday, weekends off. Which was offered to me by Payton a couple years earlier when he was the acting store manager due to Shannon being fired! Payton said he needed someone he could rely on and trust! Long story short. I want you to know that I was the strongest cheerleader for the new store Grove Oklahoma was gifted with! On July 17th I arrive for work, after being granted Monday the 16th off to go with my husband to Tulsa for two medical appointments! Sent my boss a thank you text Monday evening and he replied that he was glad I went and that it was a slow day on Monday all was good! I showed up Tuesday with the last thing I expected! Here's my short story, Payton told me that he rehired Jean as scanning coordinator and that there was nothing for me! I got my purse and left! Jean started the next day so I assume he had this plan. Yet due to his false statements I have now been denied unemployment! What's up with that? Oh by the way I was associate of the year in 2016! You should watch the tapes and see what really happened! Also watch the manager throughout the store and watch where he spits his chew! I gave back everything I made by shopping daily at Harps, my fun stuff was I work for food! Lol not so much anymore! I miss not being there and shopping there for quality products, but I guess all other places are enjoying my dollars! Thank you if you actually read this message! Stephanie

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Josie Sue (aka Sharen Jo Popplewell - 203 d 1 h ago


Please help me per Posting below. I am on Social Security taken early, and I cannot make it, if the change described below is not done. I do not have a car to even get assistance help...and my Electric will be shut off. My phone is (hidden).

Flagged for review. 
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Josie Sue - 202 d 14 h ago


It is my comment and I want to delete it. I do not want any one in the Store to get mad at me.

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Anonymous - 202 d 14 h ago

Please cancel all my comments. I got carried away.

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Josie Sue - 208 d 15 h ago


Boy...was the Harps on Sunset & Vineyards Road in Springdale, Ar in a bad mood tonite! I went in about 7:30 pm to buy food, get a Money Order and Cigarettes. She had to come from her Office to the front so I could get the M. O. & Cigarettes. I could tell she was frustrated & in a hurry about something.

So, then I went to do my Shopping of Food. Then, at the Check Out..she apparently was short of help tonite, so she had to come up front, and work the check out for a while. I asked her to put my groceries on my Food Stamp card, & the remaining non-food items on my Social Security Card. There was only a few of those. I had $104 on it (the Fd Stamp card) for the month. And, had out my SS card for remaining non food items....which was only a few items. She, the Mgr, took it all off my SS card, and only $4 off my Food Stamps card. I did not know this until I got home. Now I do not have enuf money to run on for the Month.

I called her when I got home & said were suppose to put the majority of Food on my Food stamps card.of which I had $104 on..and NOT my SS card. I need you to reverse the Food Items off my SS card and put on the Food Stamp card I wondered why she had put my receipt in my purse I wouldn't see what she did.

I had told her the few non food items can go on my SS card (that I use to pay my Bills).. She took all the Food off of my Social Sec. card, and only $4 off my Food Stamp Card to make it look good..and shoved the receipts in my I wouldn't see them til I got home. !! Now, I do not have enuf money to run on.

I called her and asked if I could come back in so she could reverse that, and put the food items on my Food Stamp card, and talke off my Social Security card. She said NO! I don't do that. (Boy am I ticked off.) I said but you didn't put but $4 on my Fd Stamp card, and used up my SS card money.) She said NO....I'm not gonna do that. I THINK SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!!

I called her and she said she could not reverse the charges to the other Card. I am ticked off! If I see her at the check out stand again, and no one else to go to...I will leave my Food and Cart, and walk away. And, come back when there are more Clerks to go to.

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Sharen Popplewell - 207 d ago

Oh! - My Phone number is (hidden). And, my Email is (hidden). (Josie Sue is my nickname).

If any one at Corporate office can help me, I would very much appreciate it. I do not understand why ..and when it was her mistake, the Manager, in what she charged on the wrong card, and not the Food Stamp card...why she won't let me come in and correct which Card the Food should have been put on...aka My Food Stamp card! Now my Social Security Card has very little money on it due to her not putting the majority of food on my Food Stamp card!! I am soo Depressed. You would think she would correct the amount that should have been put on my Food Stamp card, and take off my Social Security card. The Social Security card is for my Bills and misc items...NOT MY FOOD! She has got to know that. I told her, and have been going in their for about 8 yrs.

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Stephanie at store #165 - 214 d ago

Hello, wondering if you ever reply to posts? I have a lot to say of good and bad with my time at Harps Food Company!

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Customer complaint - 217 d 17 h ago


I had a simple request from the Lincoln location. I emailed the store manager and she ignored me several times. I will not return.

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AES - 230 d 16 h ago

I'm currently employed at store 117. I have worked for Harps off and on since 2011. I have kept coming back because I loved working for Harps. Started as a cashier, then went to CSM, then back up cash office, and currently CSM / closing manager. The managers have always cared for their employees. Did their best to work with their employees and recognize their hard work and effort. I've worked under 3 different managers. And am under my 4th. I've tried to be patient and adjust with her. Just like I did with the others. There is always adjustments made with each change in management. However, this new one has taken the joy out of the job. Not just for me, but several other loyal employees. She has come in and cut hours of people that have worked 40 a week for years. She "counsels" with employees, but does not listen to their concerns or helpful ideas. Bottom line is, she's the manager, it's her way, or no way. I was told that. I've called 3 times at least, because she leaves the manager till out but doesn't leave the code to get it out. No answer from her. Until, I was beyond frustrated for this happening not only to me but other closing managers repeatedly. And I left a frustrated voicemail and messages. She calls me, yelling. I knew I hit a nerve. But, something needed to be done to protect our assets. I tried. But got counseled for being insubordinate and disrespectful. She thinks I'm upset because we can't have the password. That's not it, at all. I'm upset, because its an unwanted liability placed on closing managers, because "she's too tired, and had a rough week and accidentally forgets to pull it." If she doesn't want us to use it, that's fine. Just please remember to pull it before you leave. That's it!!

Recognize reliable, hard working employees. She recognizes some for coming in on their days off with a gift card. Others get a verbal, "thanks for the help." She schedules people even when they've requested to be off, or put on their applications they're not available certain hours. And then gets upset when they bring it to her attention. And still expects them to be there. Even though it was her mistake.

I don't know what to do. I have never before wanted to or even thought of walking out on a job. Until now. Some helpful advice please?

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Anonymous - 239 d ago


How can Harps Food take over Country Boy we're people's been shopping for 20 years and change everything force people to change their bank account they must have interest in the banks in Norman pink and the other town they take checks from I'm calling News 4 for help in this matter I shouldn't have to force to give up a bank account I've had for 20 years just a shot 3 miles away that just don't make sense I never had a complaint when it was Country Boy

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