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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
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Sam - 5 d ago


There is an extremely , bold , arrogant , & provocative harps kitchen employee named LINDY T. who works at the gentry store # 109 , ph # 479 - 736 - 1396 who needs to be either fired from the store , or severe reprimanded at the bear minimum . this woman is harassive and Extremely Disrespective of customers which i have on video and may even post it on facebook & U - Tube as well . And there are other government agencys i will contact as well until this issue is resolved with remedy . This woman does {{ NOT !!! }} need to be working with the public . She may be ok opening boxes in the rear of store not visible to people in the buying area . The better business bureau will be contacted as well concerning this Atrocious person !!!

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Dolores Proubasta - 10 d 7 h ago


I have been spending more than $9000/year at your Crossover & Mission Store in Fayetteville. No complaints ... until now, when a live-Lobster tank has appeared by the meat and fish department. Animals in distress, wating to be killed on request is not "appetizing" in Western Culture. It is more likely to turn off customers than to attract new ones. The tank of suffering Lobsters is unlikely to produce the $9000 you stand to lose with my business.

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Paul - 11 d 5 h ago


My family and I have been going to Harps at Butterfield since 2002 the ladies there work hard to do great customer service the manager won't even get up to talk to a customer about a store policy!!! Guess he is too good to face the public we won't be back!!! Sad a employee store is got a guy like that running a store!!!!

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R.J. Otto - 16 d 18 h ago


4/7/2017 brought items for a family BBQ, to include tomatoes and lettuce. All items were rung up and paid for however upon arrival at home to prepare dinner NO tomatoes and no lettuce. I call the store in Batesville, AR and told the employee the problem and was advised I should have checked the plastic bags prior to leaving the store. This has happened 5 times in the last year. The arrogance towards me for not checking contents of each bag will make the long trip to Wal-Mart worth the time and gasoline. Perhaps Customer Service should be a factor in Harp's employee program and an ongoing condition of employment.

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vesta - 20 d 3 h ago


Why have Harps in Noel gave Aaron Williams his rasie he has been there over a year? and why dont they gave him more hours he drives 24 miles round trip to work and they will not gave him any more hour he is a good worker, and why can he not work in the one in anderson mo he does live there i am not doing this so they can get rid of him he needs the job bad he needs more hours to work and he needs his rasie to and health inc.

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Jerri - 23 d ago


PLEASE!! Get rid of those plastic containers for the Deli in Rogers, Arkansas. People with arthritis CANNOT open them. It took both my husband and myself plus a knife to pry it open. I have told them I cannot open them and the answer I get is a shrug as if that "is your problem".

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago

I found out that this IS NOT the website to get in touch in with Harps with. It is not run by or checked by Harps. Go to the Harps website.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago

My name is Jim Willis. To whom it may concern .issue is MRS. BAIRDS BREAD. Was told that your store in Inola Okla is discontinuing this item. Very sad your store has every thing. PLEASE KEEP THE BREAD ITEMS YOU HAVE NOW. SIGNED JIM WILLIS INOLA OKLA

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LADONNA BRIGHT - 35 d 2 m ago


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Anonymous - 35 d 3 m ago


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i use to work for food 4 less an i would like to sell my stock before i loss any more money i have went from 17,000. to 10,000 so please sell it thank you LADONNA BRIGHT

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Anonymous - 36 d 6 h ago


Doesn't it concern you that you only have a two star rating? Your store in Hot Springs on central is not producing well. Several people that shop there are having the same issues. Borderline rotten fruit,request for products that are never ordered, so we are forced to go to Krogers. We want the store to survive. Yet your management is turning the store into a oversized quick stop convenient store. A shame

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David Dempsey 479-981-4253 - 143 d 2 h ago

I went into the Harps Grocery in Seligman, MO. last week to buy a few items of groceries and a six-pack of beer. The young clerk asked me for my driver's license even though I was attempting to pay cash for the purchase. I am 63 years old and certainly don't appear underaged for buying beer. I told the clerk my driver's license was in my truck. The truth is I didn't want to have go out and get it. The clerk said something to her superior who told her in front of me that scanning the driver's license was necessary or there would be no sale. I have bought beer at that store before without showing a driver's license. I felt like I was being singled out for some reason so I left the merchandise on the counter and went to another store. Was I being singled out or is it now Harp's policy to require presentation of a driver's license? Either way I don't like it. Harp's does not make any laws regarding the sale of beer and I certainly won't be subject to spur-of-the-moment whims of clerks or managers. I will do business again with Harp's again when this practice (regardless of its reason) is discontinued.

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Anonymous - 136 d 19 h ago

It is harps policy to scan Id of all customers

Don't feel bad it keeps the cashiers out of trouble

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Anonymous - 45 d 27 s ago

It's a state law that ID's are supposed to be scanned. The state does random anonymous checks. If you get caught not scanning the store can get fined. don't know how often that happens though.

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Anonymous - 234 d 17 h ago


Does anyone from Harps read and respond to these complaints? Hey Roger, do you care that your customers are having awful experiences in your stores?

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Anonymous - 221 d 6 h ago

Appearantly not

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Anonymous - 136 d 18 h ago

I am wondering the same thing

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Disappointed - 134 d 14 h ago


Harps seems to have fallen prey to the foolish notion that they can take on the competition by becoming more like the competition. People do NOT desire more Walmart, or Dollar General, like experiences. Huge mistake; unchecked corporate ambition will result in an overall decline of a once promising enterprise. The negative observations of both customers and employees seem like they are being ignored. "Smiles in the Aisles" cannot be maintained in an atmosphere of fear and mistrust. The bottom line will eventually suffer. Treat your employees poorly and they will treat customers poorly. Treat customers poorly and they will shop elsewhere. Proceed along this perilous path at your own risk. Go ahead and Ignore the rumblings of Vesuvious.

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Stu - 108 d ago


Apparently they do not because I am still waiting for a response about moldy Provolone cheese purchased at their Bryant store. No problem, there is a Kroger down the road.

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Joe - 45 d 40 m ago


I don't think this a Harps website. It's some generic website. I'm going to post on Harps own website. Not this whatever it is thing...

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Tb - 50 d 19 h ago


Im not sure if I will shop at Harps again!!!!

They had a meat sale so I purchased drums. Got ready to cook and the package contained big piece of fat and some piece I'm not sure what it was except put there to make it weight more I'm refuse to pay for fat and bones.

Very disappointed customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Warren and Judy - 62 d 6 s ago


I had a unexpected experience at the bakery in your Backus store in Springdale on Tuesday at 2:30pm. My wife asked the young lady behind the counter who was working alone, if possibly she had any donuts left. None were in the display counter. The easy and reasonable answer would have been "no, we are all out." However, this customer service-minded employee asked my wife what kind she wanted and if she could wait about 10 minutes -- she would make her some. I was astounded! That is customer service and it came with a smile to boot.

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Disappointed long time customer ! - 66 d ago


Our Gentry, AR Harps opened last fall and was awesome. WAS being the key word. They started out with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. In the last 3 weeks, something has changed. There is almost a complete turnover of staff coinciding with management change. The new employees all act if you are bothering them if you ask a question or need help. They are not careful with bagging groceries and I have had more broken eggs and squished bread in the last several weeks. When I ask them to please be careful, they look you right in the eye and slam the food into the bag! I complained to the manager and she asked me the name of the employee. I did not see the name, but she had blonde hair and I when I told the manager she had blonde hair, but so many of them in the store did, she said I was rude and actually turned her back on me and walked away!!!!! SERIOUSLY! I have witnessed some of the young female employees group together and point and laugh at customers in the store. What the Hell has happened to this company! We were so excited when they opened in Gentry, AR, but now we will no longer shop there and will drive the additional mile to go somewhere else!

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Nobody - 99 d 39 m ago

The so called manager name Brad at the harps location in hot springs ar off of Thornton ferry rd is the rudest person to deal with. Looks like a tweaker as is and assumed I stole something which he was wrong. Never apologized or even thank me for finding the women's purse. Then when I talked to him on the phone he yet again never once apologized or admit wrong doing. I would never have someone in his stature and the way he carry himself manage any place I own. It's sad that this is what people have took thier standards to. I know nothing will be done is whats even more sad.

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