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Harp's Food Stores Inc

918 S Gutensohn Rd
Springdale, AR
Roger B Collins
(479) 751-7601
(479) 751-3625
Annual Sales Est
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Eric Ferraro - 21 d 4 h ago


Can we get a Harp's Store in Gravette Ar, 72736. As Walmart is closing. They came to town and chased the Marvin's Store out. We need a good store badly. Thank You Eric Ferraro

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Ruth - 99 d 20 h ago

Please you are going to have to put a stoplight in Bellefonte store there will be back ups and accidents galore. They were thinking of putting one in years ago but fell thru. There has been several wrecks out there please make it easier and safer for oeople

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Ron Garner - 287 d 10 h ago


I am with the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway ar, we have inside stores sales in all of Harps except Mayflower, the manager at the Mayflower store told us that they are contracted to the Ar. Democrat - Gazette and can not let us sell there, I just want to find out if this is true, I would appreciate a response back.

Thank you,

Ron Garner

Log Cabin Democrat

Circulation Manager


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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Any updates on the Bellefonte, AR store just out of Harrison. i drive by it every day hoping to see some equipment on the property. I am hearing all kinds of rumors- water line issue; deal fell thru; and even possibly opeining at a location in Harrison instead. It would not only be a place on the south end of Harrison to grocery shop, but it will give us another option for lunch, and picking up something for dinner.

The sign is still up, so i still have hope.

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ann - 1 y ago


This company has some issues that need to be addressed. they put food coloring in their meat and the meat dept. is very dirty , when i went to my local store to ask the meat manager why when I cooked my meat there is red color all over that stain my cooking utensils I could not get anyone to come out of the meat dept I stuck my head in and seen the lil guy there it smelled of alcohol, the man was standing there in a very dirty room. I am contacting the proper people on this matter ......again and again.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Been going to Grove, OK store for long time now, and know alot of the employee's that work there. Alot of the employees have complaints of a department manager there, yet feel they can't say anything, nor go to the store manager cuz the manager is in his back pocket (just like with the old store manager). I've heard my self as a customer this manager screeming at their employee's in the back, even with foul language. I've heard this manager talking to other employees about the other employees in that department. The employee's I know there feel and have said they can't say anything to this manager because if you make them made or stand up for them being in the wrong, this manager will suttlely mess with their hours and do what it will to make them quit. Why should an employee owned store let their employees feel like that, and feel like they have no where to go to talk to someone. Especially when their manager is the worst. I've never heard any manager be that loud that us customers can hear them yelling at their employees before, even how they talk and treat them. Really who would me or these employee's contact about this. Who would the employees go to for help or complaints.

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Anonymous - 1 y 176 d ago

We are excited about your store opening near Harrison, AR. We were hoping you would be selling diesel fuel?

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anonymous - 1 y 250 d ago

Welcome to Sherwood. Hurry, anxious for you to open. Do you have a target date for your new store?

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Anonymous - 1 y 268 d ago

would like to see a store go in at des arc arkansas we are a small town but we need a place to by grocerys insteed of having to drive out of town

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