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Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

225 Brae Blvd.
Park Ridge, NJ
Mark Frissora
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-2000
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Anonymous - 62 d 15 h ago


I reserved a car online. When I went to pick it up I was told they don't accept Visa Debit cards. I left and went to Enterprise and rented a car from them and they accepted my card, gave me a deal on my rat and took great care of me. Hertz had no customers at their location and Enyerprise was packed. I guess they care about their customer and that's why they where busy . I will never use Hertz again. Good luck with you business. I won't be back!

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Ashley Gillens - 38 d ago


This also happened to me thanks for posting so people know not to use Hertz

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Ashley Gillens - 38 d 33 s ago


Had the most horrible experience. My car is in the shop so I made a reservation with Hertz and paid for it on my debit card. When I get to the airport to pick up the car they don't accept my debit card that I already paid for the car with because I'm a resident of the city that the airport is in. Take it I don't have a vehicle so I had to pay Uber $40 to get to the airport and because it was Valentine's Day, I paid $60 to get back home with because I couldn't get the cat I had already purchased. Now I have to get a car somewhere else and wait for my $211 refund.

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Kathy Donohue - 72 d 13 h ago

We rented a car from Pleasanton Ca on Hopeyard. First let me say Marcus is fantastic! But the office is dirty, the girl in there did not acknowledge us at all. The car we got was a piece of crap. The first one he showed me the seats were stained! Gross!

The car had no power so I took out extra ins. It was not worth $30.00 plus tax a day oh and all the doors and trunk had been taped. You need to know this.

Kathy Donohue

(hidden). kathykkd @

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Ricky Garza - 74 d 8 m ago


Not very happy with Hertz rental in Plano, TX

3 day renal and my card is charged almost $400.

I will never rent from Hertz again. Just be aware you call and speak to someone to get help and they could care less because it's not there card be charged. Rent a car somewhere else.

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sandra Becker - 115 d 19 h ago


I rented the car from Dollar not Thrifty as you indicated

I told the agent behind the counter that I pay all my own tolls and gas and he told me as long as I pay them at the toll booth and as long as I return the car with a full tank of gas I will be in great shape.

I paid all of these tolls in cash each time I went thru toll booths

I have received three separate notices from your company with three different reference ID numbers: 18414731, 18408912, 18411767

I dispute all three of these reference numbered invoices that you all sent me

Show me pictures that the toll authority would have taken of my car going thru the paid in advance/pass area as opposed to what I did which was go thru the change lanes to pay cash for my tolls.

Tried to dispute thru your website and after finishing up I clicked the button and it says "try again later"

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Versietta Williams-Garrett - 117 d 17 h ago


I rented a family-sized van online from Dollar Car Rental Company (who was acquired by Hertz Global Holdings) through Priceline for a trip we were taking to San Diego. We arrived at the airport and we were directed to take a shuttle over to the Dollar Car rental lot (which is owned by Hertz Global Holdings). Well, we arrived about an hour late to pick up the van because we had to get our bags and wait for the shuttle. When we got to the van we were assigned to, it had scratches and dents all over. However, being jet lagged, hungry and too tired to fight, we all decided to succumb to the poor state of the vehicle. Upon returning the vehicle to the airport we arrived an hour early and noticed a large dark man with slits for eyes. His shirt was buttoned so tightly over his large stomach that his buttons were screaming for relief. The Ogre's shoes were so run over, he looked to be walking on the sides of his feet. I will never forget how he reminded me of an Ogre. I noticed a couple walking away from him with their faces directed to the floor and a look of despair. The Ogre approached another couple with a child as we were gathering things from our vehicle. He whipped off a piece of paper and handed it to the couple after spewing out some words I could not make out. The couple looked surprised after looking at the piece of paper he handed them and looked as if they were trying to reason with the dark Ogre, but they too walked away slowly as if they had been just given bad news from which they could not recover. The dark figure walked away from the family with a smirk on his face, as if he had accomplished some great deed. He was walking as fast as his run over shoes would allow to approach our family. He began writing on his pad, as he approached and all I could see was the slits of his eyes and the mysterious smirk on his face, I knew we would be next. He told us first that we were late bringing the car back, and we would be charged extra for that. He also stated we would be charged an additional $100 for not filling the tank to full. Something rose up in me, but then it subsided, and I decided I would not give this Ogre anymore joy in what he was doing. I told my husband don't say anything more, I took the receipt and told him to have a nice day with a smile. He had this strange bewildered look on his face and for the first time I saw him walk away with his head down. First, the car was not late at all but returned an hour early because we were an hour late picking the car up. Second, the tank was not on full when we got the car it was on half full. All these things were marked on the receipt that was given to us at the beginning of the rental, however the Ogre continues to pursue the innocent and overcharge people illegally. This company is clearly in financial trouble and will not be in business much longer. They seem to be using desperate tactics to stay afloat and that is certainly not a good sign. They should be reported to the attorney general for bad business practices, breach of contract, poor customer relations, etc. If you like having a feeling of great disappointment and despair, then, rent a car from this company. Enjoy the experience you will get on your return of the vehicle. My ratings would be in the double negatives if there were such a thing.

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Tina Johnson - 143 d 12 h ago


BEWARE!!!!! If I could give a negative star rating I would. I went online on Oct. 25th to reserve a luxury SUV for a one day trip on Oct. 31st. I choose the car, put all info in and all done I thought. No one had called me so I gave the Hertz Parker location a call to make sure the SUV would be there and no problems would arise. I spoke to Joyce who had no clue of my resveration. She gave me some story about switching screens to find my reservation. She then proceeded to tell me "yep everything is good, we will see you tomorrow". At 5:01pm I get a call from Micherke(the apparent manger there) and she tells me they do not have the car I reserved and I should of read small print and they feel a Ford Expedition is similar to a Rover/Infinity. I told them it is not and they are selling teaser rates luring a customer in when they are going on vacation and don't have time for finding another car. They said that is perfectly legal and fine that they do that. Joyce and Michelle were rude, unprofessional, uncaring, unknowledgeable, lying. I then said I would call corporate and Michelle hung up on me. She wouldn't give me her managers name and said a manager would call me, which no one to this moment has called me from Hertz about my experience. I then looked up their reviews, which match my experience exactly. Reviews state cars dirty, smell, old, scratched etc. Funny their corporate reviews are a one star also. Guess it comes down from above about how they run a business. I then went online put in a reservation at Enterprise in Parker. Had a call back within 30 minutes, had an Infiniti SUV for me that was brand new with 2,000 miles on it. Enterprise made our trip that Hertz ruined and shouldn't be in business. And my next stop is filing a complaint with the City of Parker, State of Colorado and BBB. Thanks Joyce dnd Michelle and Hertz for the terrible service. Good thing I called a head of time! You have been warned.......Do Not Go To Hertz to Rent or Buy Car.

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Acrazyhun - 137 d 12 h ago


Same type of story here,For a vacation in Las Vegas I reserved base Corvette which is an exact model reservation, in July. frmo San diego airport .followed up in Sept for a Oct 27th reservation, on the 25 th, 2 days before arrival I called to confirm , and was told they no longer rent base Corvettes, just the !00th annv edition at almost double the cost. I flew to San Diego just for this rental. so I ended up flying to San Diego for no reason at all. Had they informed me when they pulled them from the fleet I could of rented elsewhere,.

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Francine Cribb - 147 d ago


I rented a car from Hertz this morning because State Farm Insurance sent me there. The car is dirty smells like cigarette smoke and has scratches and dents. I could never be so dissatisfied. I wanted to go with Enterprise but State Farm sent me to Hertz I have never been with Hertz before and I can promise you I will never go with Hertz ever again at the Cadillac dealership on Route 450 in Landover Maryland.

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Tony very unhappy customer - 146 d 19 h ago


I rented a car in Montclair ,Ca on 10/23/2018 early evening and service was horrible . Their was a gentleman named Anthony who was the only asset to the company who helped me out and made my experience a better one . The rest of the guys were in the back room laughing and listening to music while 10 customers sat waiting to be helped . The truck I rented was dirty it smelled and trash in the back .

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The exposer - 163 d 20 h ago


Hertz reginal managers are corrupt lying stealing assholes. Branch manGers steal sales from employees who make them. Seen first hand what they do and will expose them for the corrupt thiefs they are. Only in Massachusetts.

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mtnindian69 - 164 d 21 h ago


Terrible service, I was told that the car was new and clean. The car was filthy and 2 years old. When I called the manager it took three times and I was kept on hold for over 20min. The Manager that I spoke to was Carlos and he still could not resolve my charges. Now he says that the director will call me on Monday. Its now going on 5 weeks and no resolution.

Well after calling 4 different times for the Hertz center in San Antonio I finally just called my credit card company and reversed the charges. Extremely poor customer service. I have a copy of my receipt that even shows a negative for what I owe and they still charged my credit card.

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Isaac Williams Jr. And Trina Daniels Williams - 165 d 16 h ago


Hertz Jefferson Parish Community Development fair Housing Alliance Direct TV witnesses Booking Buddy list State Farm next generation total life finanal expense Gold seal of Transparency American Chronic pain international studies fbi victims Whistle blower witnesses protection pain killers statement forwarded To (Martam)Jefferson Parish Alliance of concerned Citizens forward claims to National fair Housing Alliance Help in uncovering unfair tactics used causing family personal injuries , Hardships, identities theft victims blocking IMAX difference VR complaints forward To Byron Lee Overviews on Louisiana Fair Housing Discrimination Act acknowledgements evictions lawsuit verification filed by Isaac Williams Jr married to Trina Daniels Williams in Eastern District federal Louisiana fAIRHOUSING discrimination act Reference # (hidden) Bank of Better Money Habits GSA United States Rentals Wells Fargo Banks of America Citizens Health Food And Utilities lines main outage Broke on Trina Daniels

Sent from my iPhone Trina Daniels Williams and Isaac Williams Jr

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Georgette Hartsell - 166 d ago



When people receive bad customer service there always quick to complain but it's very rare we hear about great customer service so I felt I needed to send this email as to pass along the great customer service I received from your Garners Ferry Road branch.

I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Chase Carter, for the excellent service he, along with his entire staff provides every single time I visit their branch. However, Mr. Carter's professionalism far exceeds my expectations. He is always incredibly helpful. I often ask the person who's helped me if they can point me toward their manager before I leave the store. And on my first visit, I was amazed to find out that the person helping me actually was the manager.

I visited this location several times, and I have to say that the entire staff's attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile has always made the experience even better than I expected. I would hope that more customers have taking the time to let you know about the customer service they've received at the Garners Ferry Road branch. I believe in being honest on surveys, but I also believe that is it more personable to directly contact supervisors.

I've told many people in my circle about the experiences I've had at this location, in hoping that it would bring future clients to the establishment.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with Garners Ferry Road branch for years to come.

Kudo's to Mr. Carter and his entire staff!

Warmest Regards,

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Annette - 167 d 20 h ago

I rented a car in Illinois and it was a rainstorm that evening. They are now claiming engine damage and charging me almost $3000.00. Be careful with Hertz! I refuse to ever rent from them again and I am taking them to court on this.

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Poorly Treated Customer by Rude & Arrogant Employees - 170 d 15 h ago


I will never use Hertz again! This afternoon (10/5/18) at about 4:45-5:00pm I took my son to the Hertz at 1100 Easton Rd. in Horsham, PA. When we arrived we spoke to Shannon (the Assistant Manager). My son asked her if they met competitor's pricing and she said that they didn't. I quickly reminded my son that the lower price we were quoted for the weekly rental was actually from another Hertz. Shannon asked us which one and I told her that it was the one in Colmar, PA. She arrogently said then why didn't you go rent from them? I said to her that their Horsham, Pa location was along our route. I asked her how can they charge a different price for the same rental arrangement and she said different locations can charge different rates. I said that I didn't see why since they were only about 15 minutes apart and both Hertz. I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the assistant manager. I said then you should be able to giive us the same rate or an equivalent discount. She said she couldn't because she didn't know the codes. So I asked her again to call her manager. She said that he (George) probably wasn't available but she would call. She reluctantly called and I guess he told her not to meet the other Hertz location's price or give us an equivalent discount because she got off the phone and told us the same thing. I told her that I didn't like the way we were being treated and that I was going to take our business elsewhere and make a complaint to Hertz's corporate office. She immediately called her manager again, but went outside the building to talk to him so I couldn't hear what she was saying to him. After about 10 minutes she came back in and told us they weren't going to rent to us! I'm sure she must have lied and exaggerated the situation to her manager! At no time did the manager ask to speak to me to see what he could do to make sure I was a happy customer!! I told her I would never use Hertz again! She was so rude!!!!!! So much for them providing the highest level of customer service as their Facebook page states! I hire people everyday and I would never hire someone that treated customers this way!!!! I couldn't believe the arrogance of Shannon or her manager! They truly didn't care how they treated a customer!!!!!!! I wish I had read some of these posts before wasting my time!!!! I will also be contacting the corporate office! Both Shannon and her manager George should be fired !!!!!!! Apparently this must be the norm for Hertz based on the other posts I've read!!! It's a wonder they are still in business!!!

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Tabbitha - 171 d 22 h ago


Lemar thompson & Natasha of the RVC NY location screwed up their paper work& due to their screw up they robbed my bank account of 1050.13... believe me they will be going to court & if I have my way will lose their jobs over theft & incompetence

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Ripped off - 171 d ago


Rented a car from Hertz at Bush International in Houston. Everything went fine until I received my emailed bill. On the bill I was charged $23.70 for a fuel fee. I called, thinking it would be an easy fix because I had turned the car in with a full tank. Also, the plain math did not work. I was given the vehicle with a full tank. I only drove 127 miles. I was charged $23.70 at $2.60 a gallon, which would have meant I used over 9 gallons of gas. Which would have meant the Chevy Impala that gets 22-30 mpg was getting a whopping 14 miles per gallon on entirely highway traffic. BS...right? Not according to Angel, the person I spoke with in Hertz customer service. My only option was to produce a receipt for the fill-up. When I asked for a supervisor I was put on hold for 15 minutes, she come back to inform me that the charge was "accurate and I needed to pay it." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put into a queue that lasted for an hour before I hung up the phone. This is not the first time I have had this issue with Hertz. My experience has been that you charge these fees on business cards and assume it will not be caught and paid as part of "normal business expenses". Now I have to take time out of my life to prove to Hertz they are ripping my company off. I am going to make sure the word spreads on these fees and I will be filing a formal complaint with CPP and the Federal Trade Commission.

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Ron - 175 d ago


I rented a car well in advance of a vacation into Canada that my wife and I were taking. We arrived at Buffalo airport. The attendant gave us the keys and told us where the car is. We took our luggage to the car and left. It wasn't until I drove a short distance that I realized that the car had no navigation. The attendant had not offered any other car considering where we were going. It started raining pretty good and I turned the wipers on. The windshield became very smeared with something on the blades. I turned on the washer and it made it worse. I had to get out of the car while it was pouring and had to wipe clean the blades and clean the windshield. The wipers worked okay after that. When we reached our first destination, I had to flush the washer reservoir. We had to get a GPS so we could reach all of our destinations. When we returned the car back at Buffalo, I told the attendant what happened, he didn't seem to care or respond. I accidentally left my expensive 35 mm camera in the car when we left to catch a flight to Washington DC. When we arrived in Washington DC I realized that I had left the camera in its case behind the drivers seat. I called two different numbers and no answer. I called a third number and was told to fill out a lost and found report. I did. And still no camera. It's now been three weeks. How could an attendant not see the camera and turn it in? Attendants should be held accountable for anything left in a vehicle especially when it's a large item. So now I don't have my camera with extra battery and charger and all of the pictures that I took for most of our trip. Thanks Hertz for making our trip memorable!

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Sharlene - 178 d 18 h ago


I made reservations for a car for 1 day to drop off at other location.

When i got to hertz there were no economy cars in the lot .

The attendant said id have to wait , the cars come in all the time..

I asked for an upgrade she said she couldnt do that.

Then another lady working said oh go ahead she only got it for 1 day.

Then she ran my card and twice which caused the bank to freeze it for strange activity.

So then i need another credit card ,so i have been charged four hundred dollars for a 34 $ rental .

So i called to talk to customer service and she says yes she can see the mistake and that she would fix it and i would receive an email.

I have NOT seen it yet.

Due to my awful experience today I will not rent from hertz again..

They give wrong information and then change it all when your there to get your car.

Too much stress when there is four other companys in the airport.

Then they tell me because i booked online with priceline that drop off at lansing airport would cost me 200$ .

I could have taken a limo for cheaper than that.

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Ron Nussbaum - 193 d ago


Hertz said that I would have to return the rental car that Amica Insurance rented for me after an accident. They claimed they could if I was a body shop? I am a Navy Veteran, 71 years old I can not recommend HERTZ, it HURTS.

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Keith b - 195 d 19 h ago


I made a reservation and paid for a rental on Hertz we site on Saturday night and was called just before my pick up time on Monday that they have no cars. Wife is flying in to meet me in Bremerton before I leave for an extended deployment. Thanks Hertz

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Sharon Linscott - 232 d 18 h ago


on 4/16/18 my husband and I rented a car from Thrifty at the airport in Punta Cana, Dom. Rep. The agent was polite and discussed insurance which we declined since our credit card covered us adequately. The agent marked declined, we signed and paid the 2-week rental in full. When we returned the car on 4/30/18, the agent, Daniel Santana asked us to pay $605.60 for insurance. We explained the contract, he pulled the copy out and it clearly stated declined and paid in full. He still insisted we pay and that he wouldn't close the acct. if we didn't. He was extremely rude and wouldn't even provide us with a copy of the signed contract saying "its our company policy to only give you an unsigned copy." Needless to say, we disputed it and didn't have to pay it through our credit card company. But you should know we will never rent from your company again. and I would hope your company would do something about this employee who obviously was trying to "pocket" the money and cheat your company. No management was around and there's no company I know that would try to collect for insurance AFTER you have driven the car for 2 weeks.

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Anonymous - 196 d ago


I think it's hertz in general I'm Jennifer Herrera from phoenix az and it sounds like they want to get the money also could be alot of bad representation but God we are from such a far distance I'm currently being charged for a rental that didn't turn on and had it over the weekend because of the rental location being closed I've tooken what ever procedures on my behalf to go about the issue when it was happening and ended in a nightmare

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