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Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

225 Brae Blvd.
Park Ridge, NJ
Mark Frissora
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-2000
Twitter IDs
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Otis - 10 h 40 s ago


In previous years when I had the need to use a rental car for an accident or for personal use I always chose to use Enterprise Rent A Car for the reasons of great customer service and guaranteed vehicle type/class. After I was contacted by State Farm's claims team and they recommended Hertz instead, I was shocked but still willing to use them because I value the brand of State Farm insurance as well as the outstanding customer service and the personal touch they consistently deliver.

After receiving all my claims information from State Farm Claims Team A, I was later contacted by a representative from Hertz Rent A Car and they were able to set up the reservation date and time I wanted. At that time I asked if they could make sure I received an SUV similar to the same size as my GMC Yukon. They assured me it would be a large SUV, but may not be the same vehicle. I was fine with that but I called the branch at 2919 Capital Blvd. on Friday Aug. 10th to double check and make sure they would still honor that and they also reassured me they would have that size of a SUV for me. On Saturday morning I called the Hertz branch on Capital Blvd and talked to Jeremy and he said they didn't have a large SUV for me at the time but they were expecting some returns soon. I then asked if they were expecting a large SUV and he said I don't think so but let me check and I'll call you back. I said that's fine but I need to hear from you within 15 minutes at the latest because your branch closes at noon and if I need to make other arrangements I need to know within that time period. Jeremy agreed and assured me he would call me back and when he did he said he had a large SUV for me. When I arrived at the branch on Capital Blvd it was very crowded and it seemed the building was too small for an apparently increasing growing business. There was 4 chairs available for customers which were taken and another 4 people standing in line waiting to be helped, as well as 1 customer being helped by 1 Hertz employee. The 2nd employee came in to help after about 15 minutes. After arriving at 10:40am on Saturday Aug. 11th, I didn't get helped until about 11:10am and at that time I was informed that I would be driving a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder. This vehicle looks like a crossover vehicle which is definitely NOT a large SUV but the Hertz rep was really trying to convince me it was in the large SUV class. This is a lie and it seemed he was just trying to get me in the vehicle and out the door because they were overloaded with customers. I was then told they would try to find me a large SUV from the Wake Forest office. Of course they didn't have anything available. I suggested trying the airport office because I know they have a lot of SUV's and he said he would check. After about 15 minutes they told me they could get a Nissan Armatta which I was fine with driving. They told me that vehicle was up the street at the dealership and they just needed to run and pick it up. During this waiting period the time gets to be 11:45 am and no word on how soon the Nissan would be there. Most rental car offices close at noon on Saturday's so I made the decision to check with Enterprise next door to Hertz and found out they had 1 Chevy Suburban reserved for someone but they did say I could take it if no one showed up for that reservation. Enterprise called that customer for me to see if they were coming in and they came outside to let me know the SUV was mine if I wanted it. I immediately called the claims department and asked them to transfer my reservation to Enterprise and by noon I was in the SUV and on my way. The sales associate from Enterprise allowed me to rent that SUV for the State Farm rate even though the Enterprise rate was $10.00 more per day. This is the same type of customer service and personal touch I feel when I come to any Enterprise office.

I think Hertz Rent A Car and the executive staff need to be aware of the type of service being rendered in the Raleigh are especially for insurance replacement since this is a new niche Hertz is eager to enter. I think the gentlemen at the Hertz store on Capital Blvd did what they could or allowed to do for me while I was there but those guys were completely overwhelmed and understaffed to handle that customer base on that day. I don't know a lot of things but one thing I do know is the rental car business. Enterprise is the golden standard when it comes to insurance replacement and I think Hertz jumped into a niche they were not prepared for or didn't do all their due diligence before entering the insurance replacement business. Maybe you can find out where the struggling areas are and staffing issues they have to increase revenue, perception and customer service so that loyalty will follow your company the same way I feel about Enterprise Rent A Car. Mr. Frissora I have to say with the level of service I experienced on Saturday Aug. 11th I will definitely not be renting a car from Hertz again unless something drastic changes. I hope these comments help the company but I can tell this area needs leadership at the Vice President/ President level of Insurance replacement. I hope this email finds you, your staff and your families doing well.

Kind Regards

Otis Tucker

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Joyce Brown - 1 d 12 h ago


Mr. Mark Frissora. Chairman and CEO,

My husband and I live in Texas and some summers the Grandchildren come to visit us. Others summers we visit with them in North Carolina. We decided to use Hertz as our sole rental company. For the last three summers we have booked a van or SUV for our family of six to move around and travel from place to place. We often take a long trip or two when we have our grandchildren. We always reserve our van/SUV around February and I always request that the vehicle has enough luggage room for at least three suit cases. We have had so much trouble trying to get a descent van. This year we picked up the SUV in Raleigh, N. C. and it was a Nissan Pathfinder. It had virtually no room for luggage. We had to stack the luggage in back all the way up to the windows and were unable to see out of the back windows. We also had to put luggage in between the seats where our Grandchildren were riding. My complaint is that if my request goes in I should be able to get the van/SUV that has luggage room enough for us. I make the same request but nothing changes. The lady,in the Raleigh Gold Plus rental office said in order to get a different vehicle, we would have to pay about $105.00 extra per day. I may have to change rental companies. You may refer to my husband 's Hertz Gold Plus number. It is 64930145. We would appreciate if someone in the Executive office would check on making sure customers get what they request. We have been faithful customers and really like using Hertz as our principal rental car provider. We look forward to receiving a response soon. Thanks so much. Joyce Brown

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MsTiffanee - 8 d ago

Memorial blvd location in Lakeland, FL associates neglected to notify me that my Insurance carrier stopped paying the rental claim on 8/1/2018. Sadly, this could of been avoided with all the calls I placed to them ranging from 8/2/2018-8/9/2018; not to mention I was in-person on 8/4/2018. Consequently, this resulting in out-of-pocket expenses of $290 paid on 8/9/2018(the original rental coverage date)

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Sharon Linscott - 13 d 18 h ago


on 4/16/18 my husband and I rented a car from Thrifty at the airport in Punta Cana, Dom. Rep. The agent was polite and discussed insurance which we declined since our credit card covered us adequately. The agent marked declined, we signed and paid the 2-week rental in full. When we returned the car on 4/30/18, the agent, Daniel Santana asked us to pay $605.60 for insurance. We explained the contract, he pulled the copy out and it clearly stated declined and paid in full. He still insisted we pay and that he wouldn't close the acct. if we didn't. He was extremely rude and wouldn't even provide us with a copy of the signed contract saying "its our company policy to only give you an unsigned copy." Needless to say, we disputed it and didn't have to pay it through our credit card company. But you should know we will never rent from your company again. and I would hope your company would do something about this employee who obviously was trying to "pocket" the money and cheat your company. No management was around and there's no company I know that would try to collect for insurance AFTER you have driven the car for 2 weeks.

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sarah - 19 d ago

I rented from the Atlanta location this weekend for a one day trip. Headed back to Atlanta I looked out the window and say the back side panel flapping. When I stopped to investigate, the bumper was almost dragging the ground. It took 3 hrs. to get a tow truck and I had to go back to where I came from in order to get another car. once the car was loaded on the wrecker and we started the journey, the tow truck driver called may attention to the from panel on the care that was also flapping. Then we noticed the markings on the front panel indicating that there was a problem with the car that apparently did not get fixed. I missed an event that I was trying to get back to. All of the agents were apologetic to my experience until I got to the manager who gave me the name Kevin. I later found out the name for Kala. He continued to talk over me, spouting Hertz policy for fixing cars that had the mark on it and that the markings was a clear indication that the car was fixed. He accused me of have done some type of damage to the car when there was no damage at all. If the car was indeed fixed the bumper would not fall off nor would the front panel be flapping.

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Pat - 19 d 15 h ago


Your company is the worst for customer service. I received two certificate s for 50 dollars for renting a car that almost killed me which I only received 100 dollars for my horrendous experience and no one would help me. Spoke with a supervisor named

Clint I'd number 1492 and he said I can't do anything about the certificate expired June 30th when it was issued in November.

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Javy - 28 d 13 h ago


very unpleasant rental experience upon returning vehicle. I couldn't find a ride back home upon returning vehicle, so I called the Tampa Brandon HLE location and explained my situation. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and was forced to hang up. I called back and when the guy heard my voice he quickly placed me on hold again. Then the 15 minutes line forced me to hang up again. I called one last time and quickly asked to speak with the manager. I spoke with Todd who said he was the manager, and rudely told me that they can only give rides as far as 5 miles only. I explained to him that I live in Riverview. He then said sorry there is nothing he can do. I said to the manager that I just need a form of getting home. Thats when he responded VERY RUDELY and said YOU KNOW WHAT? I WILL BE HERE 15 MORE MINUTES and I will see what i can do. I responded to him by letting him know that raising you voice at me is not appropriate. Then he lowered his voice.

If the manager or the staff would have been more helpful, I could have avoided the extra day charge and the future cessation of doing business with Hertz.

I have always been loyal to Hertz for Miami and Ft Lauderdale travels. Sadly to say the staff was unprofessional.

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Smith Jared - 87 d 10 h ago


I was a previous employee of hertz PHL location. I must say the location is HORRIBLE I do not recommend anyone to work there. Management is horrible, communication is bad and not only are they unprofessional their extremely rude! I was employed for about 8 weeks when I finally decided to put my 2weeks in.

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Anonymous - 35 d 14 h ago

I just had the worst experience with a " MANAGER" and when i called to talk to a General Manager i was put on hold for 15 nin when i called back they gave me the run around to get in contact with him... glad your not in that environment

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

I will never rent from HERTZ again!!!! They charged my Credit card, even after they received a check from the insurance company. this was back in April. I called customer service several times, gave them proof of the check that they received and cashed from the insurance company. they still have not reversed the charges to my card. All i hear is it will take 10 business day's. almost 3 months later, they have stopped responding to my emails......


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UnhappyMOR2 - 53 d ago


Due to my insurance, I had to rent from Hertz. Picked-up the car on 6/11/18 and they kept putting a different name in the rental agreement. After 1.5 hours of it getting fixed, after they asked to run through a credit check, I was able to drive away. The local branch (Chicago-Lincoln Park-Diversey/Clark: TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY NEVER ANSWER THEIR PHONE) had an agreement with the location who fixed my own vehicle to pick-up the car. I dropped of the car on 6/13/18, they didn't pick up until the 25th of June. They have charged me $576 dollars so far even though it is a direct bill to insurance company. The local branch still will not close out the car rental even though my insurance company has paid for the actual charges of $77. The 800 Number for Hertz is completely unhelpful and nobody seems to know what they are doing.

I would never rent from them again. I would suggest nobody else does either.

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BertoBytesBack - 59 d ago

Predatory sales coercion at the LAX rental counter. Avoid Hertz.

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Tanesha - 63 d 21 h ago

Hertz is exactly what it's name says HURTS... DO NOT rent from this company... u cannot get in contact with anyone when something goes wrong on their end. They aren't so quick to give you your refund but are quick to take a payment... oh and by the way... They do not know any numbers to corporate or anyone else.. so they say... haha shocked they are in business this long... take heed to the reviews MORE BAD THAN GOOD ... Do NOT take a chance with this company!!!

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PCCAPO - 66 d 13 h ago


THe Rental from Hell

reservation number H(hidden)

All ok till check engine light came on on road from lake cherokee to Henderson Texas. Also low power engine reduction.

Limped back to my daughters. Called Hertz Roadside Assistance and after 12 minutes got connected. Asked to have car picked up and reserve another car. Had to call customer service- took 6 calls total on hold 1 hour 12 minutes to reach a person. No cars available except at Dallas Fort Worth Airport- 3.5 hours away. I could ride in tow truck to pick up new car. This was at 7Pm. I had to be in Houston the next day. Finally had car picked up and towed to Dallas and asked to have rental reservation cancelled. No one at Hertz 800 numbers could cancel reservation- only when tow truck delivered car to airport could reservation be cancelled.

The next day to checked on line to get to see if reservation was cancelled and re billed for 3 days instead of 7. No record of reservation. Call counter in Dallas Airport- The confirmed car was returned.

No email received for recalculated charges- No record of reservation on WEB or Mobile APP.


Contacted CC company to dispute charges.

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Jeff - 68 d 19 h ago


Funny try emailing Hertz customer support and it doesn't go through, and has an error..... my story pasted below

I am a disabled veteran and am a Hertz Gold Member, I had booked my rental car for Denver weeks prior, also called the day of before heading to the airport for my flight, to MAKE SURE that my car would be ready as I was getting in late and didn't want to wait around while looking for a car with HAND CONTROLS. As I arrived to Hertz gold, my name was on the board, however there was no car with hand controls in the gold members area, not only that but there was NO CARS WITH HAND CONTROLS available at ALL! Not only am I annoyed by this, but I am even more angered by the fact that HERTZ tells me to pay for an uber to get to my hotel (40-45 minutes away) and that they would reimburse me... Well if you couldn't get my reservation properly, I am not trusting you to pay me back for an UBER when I had a scheduled (AND CONFIRMED) hand control rental car. Finally at 3:00am I was able to get Hertz to provide me with (A LYFT DRIVER) that HERTZ apparently has a contract with for doing such drives??? WHY WOULD I BE TOLD TO GET AN UBER WHEN YOU HAVE A CONTRACT WITH LYFT? I do not wish to waste my time being annoyed at the person who answers the phone before getting to a manager, as I am sure I would take my frustration out on someone who ultimately can't do anything for me anyway and would need to speak to a manager afterwards.... So please lets avoid this and have a manager give me a call please, otherwise I Will be cancelling my SCHEDULED rental car for Sacramento later this month, as well as my membership and any future traveling.

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Tammy - 78 d 3 s ago

I looked a reservation 3 mths ago for my vacation in wilkesbarre pa. I called 8 days before to confirm, and they put in the wrong date for 3 days later. They told me in order to get the vehicle that I wanted on that date I would have to drive 2 1/2 hrs to get it and then drive it back, or I can call in a couple days to see if they had 1 available. I called and now they don't have my reservation at all. Called Head quarters to problem solve and got no where. Shame on this company. Do not trust your reservations with them.

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Yolanda - 83 d 16 h ago


Hertz location 229 SE 2nd St. Miami, Florida 33131

I rented in Fort Lauderdale airport and the service for a Gold Member was excellent, I returned the car back to this location in Miami, the place was dirty, it was a parking garage had to drive to the fifth floor to drop off. No resource to pick up your car and go like the Fort Lauderdale location.

Came back from the cruise, waited for over an hour to be picked up, soaked in the rain. Three Hertz van passed us by filled with people. Said they had 3 more vans coming. Called 3 times, I was hangedup 2 out of the 3 times.

Picked up a car at the gold member section and the girl wasn't friendly, didn't really look she wanted to be there. Reserved mini van, they didn't have it, although we saw one there, excuse it might be reserved already, didn't bother to check. Gave me a sequoia, tank 1/2 full although it said it was full. The parking was dark, and this big truck was crammed between another car and a pole. What happened, the mirror was hit by the pole. Went downstairs to gold member desk, upset and stood there listening to one of the guys talk about his college experience and asked if he wasn't doing anything can he assist. His answer, didn't someone take care of you already, no I'm standing here for my health. Had an attitude problem through out the entire set up of the claim. Asked me if I still wanted to rent from there, really!!! Yes, we need to drop off friends at the airport and need a car. They gave us yet a bigger car which we had to go back down to exchange for pathfinder.

The entire ordeal took 3 hours before we got on the road.

Asked for a manager he was upstairs, nowhere to be found.

This location is in need of an overhaul, they are in a parking garage cleaning cars, dark for customers to get out. I work, consult, trained in customer service, these employees do not value us as customer and our company has them for corporate discounts for our employees. Horrible experience, will file a complaint as soon as I get home.

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PastorJoe - 89 d ago


Let everyone know about the lack of customer service on the Never Hertz Facebook page!!

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PastorJoe - 89 d ago


Let everyone know about the lack of customer service on the Never Hertz Facebook page

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Antonio S - 89 d 15 h ago


I rented a car( 581541240) in Atlanta this weekend 5/19/8 to attend my nieces graduation and while driving from the airport to my hotel. I was met by an infestation of spiders coming out of the headliner down the windshield. I am wrecked the (2017 Jeep Compass) suv trying to kill them as they were coming out. I made it to my hotel and called 800CARGOLD and was handled by an extremely unprofessional agent. Being upset about the danger I just overcame. This guy took me to another level. He had the car towed from my hotel and did not provide me any additional options. I am seeking legal counsel at this point.

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RK - 107 d 14 h ago


went online to ret a car for 290 and were charged 695. Bait and switch.

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Marie - 170 d ago


Why is it that so many will completely disregard their God-given ability to reason and have it supplanted with the nonsense of "experts"? This is what happens to many college people. They call it "education" but it is really indoctrination. Once hooked, you are then little more than a ZOG serf.

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Claudia - 170 d ago


You have my business !

Thank you for the courage to break ranks with the NRA. This is a trend that Hertz and others are leading.

Bravo !

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Boycott Hertz Rental cars - 172 d ago


I call on all NRA members, their families, and all responsible gun owners in America to boycott Hertz Rental. The buffoons that run Hertz are sure losers. The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer. Hertz has now managed to piss off at least half their customer base.

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Jeff - 172 d 4 h ago


I have hunted for this video because it keeps getting deleted off of Youtube. When you see this, you will understand why.

There are many good reasons why I never entertained the notion that the patsy did anything at all, and here is another one. This was taken from an NBC news broadcast of an interview of a teacher who actually saw the shooter as the shooter was shooting. She said he was in "full metal garb" including helmet, face mask, and full body armor. She identified him as a police officer, because it was the type of outfit SWAT would wear. There is a good reason why there was no surveillance video!

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