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Hibbett Sporting Goods Inc

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael J Newsome
(205) 942-4292
(205) 912-7290
Annual Sales Est
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Sandra - 3 d 5 h ago

I went to the New Iberia , La., store for volley ball knee pads for my grand daughter today June 20,2018.... there were 2 employees who made not a sound when we walked in. We found the pads and one of the pkgs were able to be opened so she could try on... well those were too small...we are still on our own at that point!! So we picked up a pair of m-l, which could not be open, so I went to the woman and asked if we could open them so she could try them on and she said no, we could NOT... I said well if I buy them and these are too tight can I return them; she said no I could not... I told my grand daughter lets go... as I was walking out I said I bet that policy cost yall a lot of missed sales! She no Mam it sure doesnt and I said it just did, and forther more I won't be back and I will tell everyone that I meet about this incident... she hollered some smart Alec remark which I missed cause by then I was already halfway out the door... also I'm calling corporate office even if they don't care... no wonder there's never anyone there!!!

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David - 88 d 7 h ago


Came to your Morristown Tn location. No one in your store never came and ask if we needed any help. They stood the cash register playing and cutting up with each other. Lost my business

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Jimmy R Shelton - 161 d 43 m ago


We were at Hibbits sports store in Carbondale Illinois at University Mall .. There was a Cubs jacket with a 30% sale on the rack An the clerk wouldn't sell it to usas it showed I work in s retail store An we honor or mistakes ( but this one was clearly marked An I took a picture of it if u want to see phone number is (hidden)

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Never again - 255 d ago


I was looking for a pair of basketball shoes for my granddaughter she had seen the pair online at the Hibbetts sports store in Trinidad. I entered the store and there were two employees just standing there and I told them what I needed They were not welcoming or helpful I was just told that what Hibbets had online might be different than what they had. no alternative no other information. Clearly not interested in

helping me or making a sale. After I talked to my granddaughter on the cell phone I went back in the store to see if they had another alternative she had told me about. they did not even go with me to the shoes section to look. they just both stood there pretending to be busy. When I left one of them did halfway mutter "have a good day". I always wondered why that store seemed so empty and now I know. I would never go back there nor would I recommend anyone else to shop there.

bad management and no customer service.

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Anonymous - 3 y 270 d ago


I just visited the Hibits in Clermont Fl. The sales man asked if he could help and my 11 year old son told him what he was looking for. The reply will shock you. Dan told my son that and I quote " I do t want to call you a lier but I have not had those in over a year" Then when my son asked about a particular sock Dan the manager said that he did not have them and that they were the stupidest thing he has ever seen. We'll Hibits my 11 year old son is your primary market and wears only Nike and Under Armour however we will be shopping at Dicks in the future.

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Jencraft - 1 y 179 d ago


Jencraft I didn't mean to be anonymous

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Angel M. - 4 y 55 d ago


I visited the Hibbett Store in New Albany, MS 38652 on April 30, 2014 around 1:35 in the afternoon. When I entered the store 3 employees were standing together talking. No one looked up or spoke. This was my first visit to this location and I did not know where the baseball pants were located and I expected one of them to notice that I was searching but no. No one offered help or assistance. I found the item I was looking for walked to the counter. One of them finally broke from their conversation to check my out. They did not say hello or is this going to be all just asked about the reward card. No thank you or come back. I will not be returning to this location.

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