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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago


I have yet to receive my birthday coupon , my birthday was November 4 th . Many emails saying the coupon was being sent via mail ?

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Key - 9 d 17 h ago


I tried to order some shoes on 11/29/2018 when they offered the shoes online at 40% off clearance shoes. Well, the had a pair of shoes that I wanted that match a lot of my exercise gear and so I tried to order the shoes but couldn't finish my order. I called once and spoke with a lady at (hidden) at 6:31 p.m. CST.

The rep/lady tried to help me but her computer was giving her major problems-call lasted 32 minutes. I told her not to worry and I will call back. I called again at 7:04 p.m. CST the gentleman tried to help me purchase the shoe but it wouldn't let me order the size that I needed which was a 7 versus the 9. I contacted my local store and a young lady advised me to check the store where she grew up which was Thomasville, Alabama. They had the shoe in a size 7. The manager gave me the sku number for the size 7 and she put the store on hold for me. I called back to customer service (hidden)) at 7:41 p.m. CST. This time I was on the line with the rep for 44 minutes. I took screenshots of all my calls to them just in case. The lady was really nice and she tried all she could to help me. She looked at other clearance Nike Airmax 270's that the offered on sale that day and the price changed and she even attempted to check me out and the system would let me. The rep was trying to see if it was an issue with that just shoe. So, the rep went back to the shoe that I wanted and she tried to order in a 9, it would let her order that but she backed out because I wear a 7 and not a size 9. I even added the manager from the Thomasville, Alabama Hibbetts store on the line to verify they had the shoe. The store had the shoe and the no one could figure out the problem. The rep tried to get to a manager but they told her they were busy and to take a message and they would call back within 24 hours. I never received a phone call. So I called on 12/06/2018 to only be told that they cannot honor the 40% off this item. I asked why and they told me they couldn't verify which shoe. I was like look at the note that the rep but in about the issue. They came back and offered me 20%. I am nike no, the shoe was 40%. I told the manager to go back and read the note, she came back and said on yeah your right but I can only give you 30%. Again, I was like I do not understand why you cannot honor the price when the rep put in a note about the issue and was very detailed to include price of shoe, sku number and and the new price of the shoe once it was added to my cart. I contacted corporate and they transferred me to customer relations. I told him what happened and he was like she offered you a percentage off and I'll transfer you back so that you can complete your order. They new rep that I got today was great. She tried to help me but management wouldn't honor it. I told her thank you but I will go to Foot Locker and to let her know the Lebron 16 shoes that I bought for $160 grade school size would be returned and I wouldn't rather pay more rather than give money to Hibbetts. These stores have some good employees most of the time but the customer service managers are the worst. They are not sensitive but a liers. Lastly, any time I have shopped at a store and an issue was beyond the customers control, the managers honored the price. I.E. belk. Hibbetts is no longer my store. I spend lots of money in Hibbetts but not anymore.

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Rhonda - 152 d 12 h ago

We are not allowed to use the restroom

At Hibbitt in Covington, Tennessee even when making a purchase. Because of the acts of past customers they have adopted this rule. We shop in there so much they know us by name. But not anymore. My son needed a pair of cleats and the ones he needed were 200 dollars. My daughter and I needed to pee and were told they couldn't let us use the bathroom because of past customers pulling the alarm. We left and went next door to pee and bought the cleats online at Nike. We will

Not be back to Hibbitt.

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Anonymous - 98 d 31 s ago

Well the inventory is in back why would you be able to go back there?? Do you use the bathroom in footlocker? No

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The TRUTH - 9 d 17 h ago

This is so not true. I have been to several Hibbett stores in my town and they have let me use the restroom. If that was a policy post it on the front door. Also, when you have children we always say use the restroom before you leave home but what usually happens. Sometimes they use it and sometimes they don't. Also, I shop and footlocker too and they let me use the restroom. Your point is really not validate. Bye Felecia!!!

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Lisa - 10 d 31 s ago

They suck. Been 12 days and no 0ne still got back to me why my order isn't shipped or cant cancel it but they sure took my money. Worst place ever.

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VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER!!! - 13 d 12 h ago


So I go in for my daughter's birthday present was spending $200 on her.. The nice associate tells me if I sign up online and use buy & pickup option I can get 20% off. Ok great who wouldn't do that right?! Keep in mind we are ONLY at the Greenwood Mall for a b-ball game that starts in 30 minutes. So AFTER placing the order she tells me that it could take up to 90 minutes for the store to receive it. Ok my daughter has to be at a game in 30 minutes, I've placed the order by the time we get out of the game y'all will be closed... So the nice young man then calls his manager to see what can be done... He says have her go ahead and pay for it again and once the order pops up we will just cancel it and her $$ will go back on the card. Ok so I do just that. So the night goes on and NOTHING. No confirmation of cancel or anything! So I call today and talk to them and they tried to tell me that it was cancelled already, but I tell them that it hasn't sent an email... Well it normally doesn't she said. So I call my bank to see if it was still pending and it wasso I then call the store again she calls her manager and he says for me to call the 1800 number. As I am thinking why did order not show up for them. Well I call the girl back and ask her if the size is out in your store will it not pop up for you to see that you have an order waiting? Guess what the only size shoe they have in the store is the size I paid twice for so that is why my online order is not showing up in the stores system! So she then tells me to call the 1800 number and she may be able to help me. So I call them. First call I was explaining to the person what had happened at the store and she puts me on hold then hangs the phone up on me. So I called back talked to another woman and she transfers me to someone else. This lady tried to help me but says there is no way that I can cancel my order!!!! Ok so how do I get my money back?!? She says in 14 days it will automatically refund and then it could take 7-10 for it to show up on my card!!!! They said there is absolutely NOTHING that I can do. So I have $200 floating around not knowing if I'll wvsr get it back.. Not to mention tomorrow is my daughters birthday and that & that $200 was supposed to go toward the rest of her things! This all bc I listened to the associate in the store!! So I am pissed to the MAX!! I have bought from Hibbets probably the past 8 years I will NEVER recommend them again!

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Carrie - 15 d 19 h ago


After getting my confirmation order number, 12 hours later, my order is cancelled. No explanation as to why. I called their customer service for "further questions" and the representative looked online for me. He couldn't tell me why it was cancelled. Said it can be because maybe their not in stock or for other reasons. I asked did their site not update as shoes are being sold and he said "no". Their site doesn't update as shoes are being sold online at the time. Amazing to me what I read when I googled about Hibbett cancelling an order. Sounds like this is a common thing. Done with Hibbetts.

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Anthony Quinn Crist - 17 d 13 h ago


Yes i bought a pair of shoes at the palestine store and cant get my refund back

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Unsatisfied Customer - 31 d 1 m ago


HIBBETT WEATHERFORD, TX. I will NEVER shop at Hibbett again! I ordered some clothes for my son online, two of which were UA pants and a sweatshirt. He has the exact same pants in a different color and they were both way too small. Upon trying to return them was told it was an online only order and could not return in store 45 minutes later. Got home and called customer service which told me was not online only and can take back in store. Went back and 3 hours later they finally were able to take back. However, I wanted a gift card for my son since this was a gift. All they could do was put money back on the card used. So now we have NOTHING and they weren't willing to do anything for our troubles or loss. NOTHING NOT EVEN A SIMPLE 10 or 15% OFF NEXT PURCHASE. Horrible experience!!

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Angela Shuttlesworth - 51 d 22 h ago


I have been there for fmsix months and i have 17 points because i had to deal with dhr and i told them before hand like they told me to do and they still pointed me. I miss about 4 or 5 half days because i got hurt on the job and they niglected to do what the doctor said and i had to leave because knee and leg swollen and hurting and they pointed me. I had to leave and go to court because dhr was fixing to send my child to foster care and i was told maybe hibbetts aint the place for you. Now because i have reached out to higher people certain leads and mangers are being really rude and ugly to me. Im a hard worker but i have kids i have to take care of by myself with no help. With jobs like this you will never keep a job cause they dont care about nothing but what goes in and out of the warehouse thats it. Employees dont matter but if it wasnt for us nothing would go in or out the warehouse and no money would be made at all. I dont know what to do. Losing my job with three kids is horrible and its mostly hibbetts fault

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Angela Shuttlesworth - 51 d ago


Been trying to get in touch with the coorperate office. I work at hibbetts spkrts distrubution center where you dont get treated with respect at all. When you have important family issues or anything important going on it doesnt matter to the company. Where mangers xan talk to you any kind of way and get away with it. Where you get hurt on the job and its like nothing ever happen. Then when you say something about it they try to make you quit or point out. I never in my life worked for a company like this ever in my life.

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Brian A - 81 d 18 h ago


I am very concerned about about your lack of security at your Smithfield NC store. My had her wallet stolen from a nearby Walmart and the thief used two different credit cards to make purchases. Both cards had my wife's name and signature and neither purchase the card wasn't checked for signature or identification. Since your store does not use security cameras it makes it difficult to track this person down. Hopefully you adjust your security measures so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Brian Ahearn


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Anonymous - 84 d 19 h ago


We are at Hibbett Sports in Jacksonville, TX. Sign says the store opens at 10 am and there are two employees sitting in their vehicles and the store is still not open at 10:10... There is no sign on the door stating otherwise or that there is an emergency, which would be understood.

Such a shame because we were going to make some purchases and we chose this store because of the convenience to our house. What happened to customer service and being on time?! What a lazy generation we are catering too.

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Blitz - 98 d 17 h ago


I ordered C-flap item online where they DID NOT give the option of which batter flap I wanted so I figured they were selling the one shown. They sent me the wrong one. I called and spoke to someone from customer service, was on the line FOR AN HOUR, nothing got resolved and they hung up without saying anything. HORRIBLE customer service. Never encountered anything like that.

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local shopper - 128 d 43 s ago


Your Livingston store with Leslie Morgan as manager is a piss poor store never have a felt so unwelcome by a store I spend a lot of money at I will never buy myself my wife nor my children's clothing and shoe apparel from a hibbitts again Leslie is Rude disrespectful sorry but academy will receive my business as long as ms. Morgan is manager of the Livingston Texas location fire leslie

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Another Livingston shopper - 102 d 15 h ago


On going to your store in Livingston Texas today

9/4/2018. Your store manager is very rude

Needs quite a bit of training.I have been a manager before.Treating customers the way this one does will lose you a lot of business

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Edward - 129 d ago


How they are still in business I will never know. Website stinks when you try to place an order. Terrible customer service. I called the headquarters and they said they did not handle internet complaints. They do not care if you buy from them or not. They said someone would call me back and they did not. Needless to say, I will go elsewhere.

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Gloria - 129 d 10 h ago


I returned some shoes to Hibbett at Eastdale Mall well it had been two weeks and the money has not been refunded to my account When I call customer service to ask where is my refund they could not give me an answer

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Jorae Patrick - 130 d 15 h ago


The store in McAlester Oklahoma is a piece of crap from the manager to the workers. They dont like to help people, talk to us like we are dogs, and act like it will literally kill them to help customers. Their stuff is over priced and I'll never go back in there.

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Here I Come Academy! - 131 d 16 h ago


I have been a customer of the Livingston, Texas Hibbits Sports store for years. In the last year, the turn over rate us horrible. When they get good employees in the store, the store manager runs them off because she does not like them. I find it very unprofessional that a store manager talks bad about her employees to other employees in front of customers, or even reprimands an employee with customers in the store. Leslie is very unprofessional, she needs to be trained as a real manager and not act like her high school employees. The district manager Cliff is a joke, he does not ensure that the store runs properly, and let's Leslie just keep running off her good employees. I'm waiting for the store to go belly up because of bad management. I will be taking my business to Academy in Huntsville, Texas for now on. Good bye Hibbits!

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Chris Quesenberry - 133 d 9 h ago


I had an awful experience at the Beckley, WV location today and with their manager Ronnie. Took my 8-yr old son school shoe shopping and on the wall display was the Nike Kyrie 4 Laser Fuschsia shoes. My son's eyes lit up as he was able to try on a pair. After debating on two different sizes he finally selected the size he was comfortable with and we headed to the front of the store...eyes sparkling with a huge smile as he couldn't wait to pay for them and show them off. When the employee entered them into the system, he immediately yelled for his manager Ronnie to come over. She then proceeded to tell us that the shoe can't be sold yet because it hasn't been released. Another employee happened to walk by and said that he sold 2 pair of the same shoe on Thursday. She made looked at something online then told us that we can't get them until August 25th and if she sold them to us then she could be fired. I asked why they were on display and she said she wasn't sure. Then I asked about the two pair that had already been sold and she said it was a mistake. I asked if the same employee that sold the other two pair could sell us this pair as well since he's already sold two and she said that she was not selling those shoes until August 25th. So because of her mistake and not monitoring her inventory closely, my son has to get his hopes up then endure a huge disappointment and they couldn't do anything to fix it...not even offer a discount on them or hold them for us. His school year begins August 15th, and he wanted those shoes for the first day of school. What poor customer service!!!

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R Holt - 139 d 11 h ago


I have been in the Hibbert Sports Store here in Clarksdale,Ms several times lately and have noticed the employees don't even greet customers when they enter. Also, they don't come to you and ask if they can help you find what you came in for. I went in again today and had to run someone down to ask if they had what I was looking for and of course they didn'the and never do. When I was told they didn't have the US sports socks I wanted she didn't offer to see if I would be interested in any other type. No I'm sorry we don't have them just NO. I will never go in that door again.

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Thompson - 140 d 16 h ago


The Tell City, IN store needs to fire Mary Grace! I was in this store about 2 weeks ago and bought a lot of clothes and received great customer service and was advised upon my next visit I would get a 20% discount due to the amount I had spent. When I returned yesterday to buy school shoes, I was told I will not get the discount, maybe next time. I advised what the previous clerk said and she said "ITOLD you maybe next time." so i proceeded to pay with a debit/credit card and was told I had to use debit not credit and " if you don't like it, you can call corporate" Needless to say I will not spend another dime in this store. She was the rudest clerk I have ever dealt with.

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Former employee - 142 d 12 h ago


Store 1149 manager there is very discrimatory towards others on who they vote for as well as race I happen to know for a fact she never looks at nor interviews certain race and gender due to not liking them

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