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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


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Jennifer Shepard - 4 d 7 h ago


Your store in Pell City is one of the most PREJUDICED stores I've ever been in!! While doing a return your ass. Mgr. was on the phone which was ok cause he came on over to do my return!! While he was finishing up his conversation I noticed 2 white ladies shopping that NO ONE was watching as if they were gone steal something!! NO WORKERS OTHER THAN MGR who as I said was up front on the phone while they were in the back.Then my daughter and her daughter and my other granddaughter walked in and WORKERS APPEARED FROM NOWHERE!! One guy kept his eye on her the WHOLE TIME!!! Matter of fact as I finished and was walking back that way toward my daughter the ass. Mgr was calling him and had called his name ETHAN 3 times!! I walked up on him and told him he couldn't hear his name being called because he was watching my daughter to hard!! Yes I'm PISSED TO THE MAX!! ALL BLACK FOLKS DON'T STEAL!!!

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Sonya B - 15 d 4 h ago


I visited the Hibbetts Sport store on Schillenger Rd. in Mobile, AL and the manager was horrible. She made me and my child feel like a criminal. My daughter stated "momma she was watching us like we were going to steal one shoe". Because all was out was a display shoe. We browsed around and saw the Jordan Retro burgundy suede shoe that caught our attention. We told the other sales person that we would come back. After returning to the store she stated she could not give a discount for the last display shoe that was in the size we needed. It was her tone of voice and body language that was very displeasing as a manager. We signed up for rewards points in order to be able to use the discount for the purchase. She stated you can't use this it's for online only. We proceed to attempt to find another coupon and it was as if we were worrying her on her job. We ended up leaving the item on the register because her attitude smelled horribly! !

Needless to say we purchased the item online. One monkey doesn't stop the show!!

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Tim - 22 d 12 h ago


My son received 3 gift cards last November for his birthday totaling $90. We went to the local Hibbett's store 2 weeks ago and found out that all 3 balances were at $0. We live in Illinois, about 20 miles east of St. Louis. The cards were all used on August 5th in Miami, FL. Now, when I call customer support or anyone for that matter, I can't even leave a message, much less speak with someone. I have never and will never buy from Hibbett's, I just want this matter taken care of, but it's hard when the website and customer service is awful.

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Nicole - 25 d 14 h ago

I was at store 218 shopping in Destin FL and I walk to the door to leave as I approach the door Manager Ricky blocks the door and accuse me of stealing. Proceed to tell me to give him What in my purse or he was calling the cops. I ask him what the heck was he talking about, he goes on to say well I seen you holding your purse down by your side. I told him a woman and I sure was holding it by my side because it's heavy. You are welcome to search my purse. Well he check my purse and found nothing!!! I was I wasn't headed to work so that I could have waited for him to call the police!!! He didn't have the morals to apologize!!!

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Susie Williams - 29 d 12 h ago


Great job, Sadecia Thompson!!!

I had a less than pleasant experience at the Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, TN 37411 store a couple of weeks ago. I had a return for some Jordan's that I had purchased at that store. This store is about 40 mins away from where I live so it isn't convenient. That store carries more selection of Jordan's than the one closer to my home. I had my receipt for the shoes with me. And the shoes, clearly, were NOT worn often. The manager was not on duty. The sales associate let me know that, "Hibbitts says it's all about customer service but it really isn't. And that if he were to exchange the shoes for me he would be in all kinds of trouble for it". I wasn't asking for a refund, I had my receipt, the shoes were NOT badly worn and I had come a long way for this. Not to mention I am a VERY loyal customer. I purchase my boys shoes at Hibbitts, only. I called customer service and spoke with Sadecia Thompson who had it cleared up swiftly. So...Thank you, Sadecia

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Concerned - 88 d 14 h ago

Good morning to all this concerns,

I'm a bit disturbed by one of my family members that are employed by your store in Louisville.

It has been brought to the supervisors attention about him not getting a physical check stub, that he may keep up with what we all like to keep in our files, what we made and our hours worked.

She has an excuse, but no legitimacy to the answer given to the question.

This is the second pay period without a stub to show how much made and hours really worked.

Please help me in this delimma.

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Datrius - 65 d 7 h ago


I worked for hibbetts and paycheck stubs have to be downloaded from online.

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Irritated - 44 d 19 h ago


I just went to a store to buy a pair of tennis shoes and they charged me double of what our state tax wise so instead of 6.5 they charged me 13% looks like a shaddy company

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Sara - 66 d 4 h ago


The website ordering has some real issues!! I placed an order and a few days later I placed a second order only to find the first order had been cancelled. I call customer service and they tell me they don't know why the order was cancelled. Had I known this ahead of time this was how things were going to go I wouldn't have placed that second order, but hindsite ya know. A few days later I speak to another customer service rep about the first order and they say it was cancelled because there was a discrepancy from the warehouse to the website in the quantity. Ok, it happens. My second order says it will arrive sept 8-13. I receive a email that my order partially shipped. I contact and am assured the rest of order will be sent. I receive half the order. On the 12th I still haven't heard about rest of my order. I email. They say it is still currently processing and will receive a email when it ships. Ok, great. Today is the 17, 4 days past when I am to receive rest of my order. I contact again, and am told it is processing. I contact again to tell them it's been so long since I placed order (sept 2nd) That my bank has since cancelled my debit card due to possible fraud, as the bank did with most customers, and I received a new debit card so they would probably need the new card information to finish my order. They say no as long as it's same bank they will be able to process my order, but oh by the way rest of your order was cancelled because the store that was attempting to place your order is out of stock!! I won't be ordering again!!

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Jamie Fish - 67 d 17 h ago


I am currently at the Hibbetts you in a Morristown Tennessee the store was to open at 10 o'clock on Saturday and it is now 14 after and no employees in sight .my daughter has a soccer match so we were here before it opened to be sure to get where we need it to on time this is very disappointing no excuse poor management

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Allen - 89 d 14 h ago


Zack needs to get his stuff together and yteat his employees with respect intead of degrading them! Show up more Xack Manager instead of taling so much time off! You have to earn respect!!! K Hill store elkhart In!

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Allen - 89 d 14 h ago

I work at Hibbetts Sports at store 1355 in Elkhart IN my boss is Zack Holgrem. His boss is Allen . i have only been employed fo a little over 2 a CIT in training. All that I have received the last few weeks is vetbal abuse as well as mental. I feel that he is too young to carry this position! I an 58 & don't need to put up with his constant daily verbal abuse! He says I am stupid and that nobody lukes me or wabts to work with me! How funny because since I have been there 2 have quit 2 fired & myself!!! Kristin Hill Store 1355

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Allen - 89 d 14 h ago



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KSanders - 91 d 11 h ago


I placed an online order with Hibbett Sports for two youth football helmets that included chin straps. I received an email later that the order had shipped but with only one item. The email did not include which helmet had shipped. I tried several times to conact Hibbett sports to find out why only one helmet had shipped and which helmet was shipped. I went through all of the option for my type of order and either received a voicemail or I was disconnected. When I was finally able to get through several days later on Monday, the customer support rep was not sure why one of the helmets did not ship. Ultimately, I received an email that their stores were out of stock on one of the items. Wow! It took from Thursday until Monday that they never had the item in the first place. Subsequently the shipped helmet arrived at the intended destination without a chin strap!! Really!!!!! I called customer service again and they told me that the helmet did not come with a chin strap...WRONG!!!! Eventually the rep corrected himself and proceeded to state that he would not be able to do anything about it until the mext day. The following day, I received an email from customer support that we would need to return the helmet because they could not ship out the missing chin strap!!!!!! What kind of company makes the customer do all the work as though we don't have anything better to do!! I am so disgusted with hibbetts and their customer support who don't seem to take ownership of errors created by their staff snd then make the customer do all the work!!! Never again!!!

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Serenity Daniels - 97 d 11 h ago


We went to the commerce location in Brownwood TX to get my son cleats for football. We waited several minutes to be helped but the store had no one in it. The boy came to help and took several minutes to come out with the shoes my wanted. They did not have his size in that shoe. He then rolled his eyes at us talking about another choice then told us if you need another shoe or anything else let him know as he walked away to the counter and no one else bothered to come help. So we walked out obviously the company does not need our service and i promise i will never ever spend another dime at that location. We will go to Abilene at Academy or some other place from now on.

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Neala Thigpen - 99 d 9 h ago


Standing in the Cabot AR store with manager Colby that is extremely rude and will not give out the corporate number. Also associates do not know of any sales and very non educated. Do not greet when coming in the store. PLZ CALL ME BACK AT (hidden)

Neala thigpen

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Ariel - 99 d 15 h ago


I am at a Hibbet sports location in Orlando Florida off of OBT in a shopping plaza trying to exchange a shoe for the right size and the store manager isn't present but waa contacted because the associate couldn't complete the exchange. I was told I can't exchange the shoe come back tomorrow and I can't. I think a manger should be present on all shifts to handle this type of issue or any that may arise. Ciera who was assisting tried everything but waa told it was an error on there in that something wasn't entered on the system to support exchanges. I've never dealt with this issue before.

Flagged for review. 
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Kathy - 102 d 13 h ago


I order a gift card thru PayPal for Hibbett on 08/08/2017 for $55.00. When I went thru your web-site, I received a message that the gift card had already been used. My Transaction from paypal have already been completed & funds have been paid for.

I have contacted your company more than 5 times to get this problem solved, I am tired of all the excuses your company keeps giving me. I just wanted my gift card fixed or a new gift card, I was trying to order a pair of shoes for my niece birthday, which now is going to be late.

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Anonymous - 105 d 16 h ago


I would like to report the store in Cleveland, Texas as being dirty and report a spider problem. I was looking at shoes and saw spider webs all over and a spider crawled in a shoe as I was looking. The women employees there do not care to help the customers and they are just sitting around all the time. They need to be cleaning if they are not busy. The only employees that were helpful was a guy named Ron and Drew, the ASM. I think this is a health hazard to have spiders running rampant and no one seems to care.

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Unappreciative employee - 108 d 9 s ago


I work for a hibbett in Georgia and I'd like to know why it's fair for me to have extra responsibility of shipping items since we are now also a distribution plant and not get anything for it? The new website is raking in the money and it's all staying in Corporates pocket. We bust it all the time for this company and as managers that's hold keys, ship items, get yelled at by crazy customers all day because we dont have what they want, and run the store everyday we dont even get paid 10 dollars an hours(I make 9). That's starting pay for low level employees at countless retail outlets. Why is it ok to ask so much out of your employees and give them nothing for their work. This company is insane and greedy!

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Anonymous - 113 d 5 h ago


An Employee by name of Lorena Sigala in your San Antonio Store is stealing merchandise.

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Anonymous - 113 d 13 h ago

I would not have an employee like Max Lopez or Claudia Franklin working in my Hibbett Sports store, because when I went in there to shop they were both sitting down and laughing and talking, did not greet me coming in the store. They were cursing out loud, I just cannot believe that you would keep them employed in Aransas Pass, Texas and this is not the first time that this has happened too me. I will not go back to any of the Hibbett Sports stores, my friends, family and myself will go to Academy for now on. You are going to lose money at that store for sure if you don't get rid of the troubled employees that I have mentioned. I would have to say that the only time that I was treated like I should have been was when the Manager was there, I think her name was Michelle. I haven't seen her and what a "HUGE" mistake if you transferred and/or got rid of her, that you made. WOW, you get rid of the only great person, but keep the "SO-CALLED" good ones. HAHA IN YOUR FACE. I truly feel sorry for your stores. Well good luck on this matter....

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Suzie Ochoa - 120 d 6 h ago


Filing theft charges against store manager in Waco Texas

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Hibbettsports - 122 d 11 h ago


I need to know how to report someone? The Hibbett sports in my area there are 2 girls who just stand around and don't do shit (excuse my laguage) but talk to each other. I come into this store all the time. They NEVER greet me NEVER asked me if I needed help NOTHING!!! I know their names and I want them fired asap!!!!

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