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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


Manager Shay in Gadsden is always friendly and will go out of her way to help! She's always working hard when I go into the store. Good customer service and good environment. Nice store

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Dissatisfactied customer

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Amanda - 23 d 17 h ago


I was in the Union City, TN store this afternoon to purchase my son a pair of cleats. Needless to say we left with no cleats because the 2 employees were to busy shopping for themselves. I've always purchased all of mine and my kids shoes at hibbets but if the employees can't help the customers I won't be back. Normally the customer svc is great but was in there for about 30 min and the lady came and checked on a pair of shoes for us and told us they didn't have the size needed so I told her we'd continue looking and she walked off to finish her shopping leaving us setting there waiting for about 10 minutes before realizing we needed more help. Brought us the next cleat we asked for and instead of waiting around to make sure they fit or to at least come back to check on us I got tired of standing there watching her pay for her items so we left. If it were busy I would completly understand but we were only ones in the store until right before we left. I've worked In customer svc for many years and normally don't complain, but that was the worst customer svc I've had. Now I know why that store was empty and the store we wound up making our purchase at was busy.

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Bill - 25 d 22 h ago

Your local Chanute, Ks store doesn't even stock KU baseball hats with the KU team colors. KU is one of the top basketball programs in the nation and you have a large selection of OU hats. There are other sports besides football. You need to get a new buyer that understands teams by state.

General profile image - 27 d 40 s ago


I have purchased from Hibbett Sports before but was because of my 12 year old grand neice needing to use the bathroom but they said no. Now, I complaining that I went back to the Hibbett sport store in Idabel and what a pair of underarmor shorts and they said know they couldn't order them from any other store. I called another store

and they said that they could. I called back to the store and said I would have to come in to the store to order. I told them I would give them a credit card and they said no. What kind of service is you company promoting.

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Jessica Hinds - 38 d 18 h ago


Recently stopped by the Anniston Al hibbets sports store and customer service was very rude when I asked for a shoe in a certain size, rolled eyes and told other employee to bring shoe, I will not be shopping at that location anymore. Badge said Judith.

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Anonymous - 46 d ago

i went to your Augusta location off Windsor spring rd in augusta and the store was not busy your employees were standind aroung talking no one never waited on me i stood there for 15 minutes and i thought that wasvery unprofessional so i left.

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Megan - 46 d 18 h ago


I was in hibbetts today in bolivar, TN trying to find some all black shoes for my job at the prison. I was very disappointed because I was waiting on my service representer who was helping me by the name of Michaela to return from the back. I wasn't in a hurry so I told her to take her time and I was on the phone when I could hear the manager "akia" or Nokia in the back of the store hollering at this girl by her name and talking just ruthless to the poor girl. I was so disgusted with the way the manager was treating her employees who are on her team I told the other manager I was leaving in disgust before I told that woman her what fors. That is just unacceptable. I will be following up with calling into this akia girls head manager. I'm fully disgusted and will NEVER buy anything from this store ever if that means supporting this bullying and unprofessional behavior while a customer is in the store!!!!!

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Cristi - 49 d 21 h ago



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Susan - 55 d 4 h ago


Yesterday I went to Hibbett Sports in Chadron, Nebraska, and had a totally different experience from other reviewers I see here. I asked to speak to the manager to ask for support for a local literacy program whereby participating businesses would help the local library give away free books. The manager, Hans Wegesser, immediately agreed to help us and in fact, went several steps beyond by suggesting other businesses and individuals in the community who might also participate in our promotion. He also called over two employees and asked them to help us as well. He couldn't have been more courteous and helpful. If you want a good experience at a Hibbetts Sports store, come to Chadron, Nebraska, and visit with Hans.

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Bill Price - 56 d 21 s ago


I was in the Harrisburg Il locations on Saturday with my wife and 3 kids. I was going to buy a softball glove for my 9 year old daughter a Mizuno about $60. We were also looking to buy a bat and cleats, we didn't get that far however. At the same time my wife had in hand several T-shirts off the sale rack. While we were looking at gloves my 4 year old son came to me and expressed the need to use the bathroom. I took him by the hand and approached the gentleman working and aked if he could point us in the direction of the bathroom because my son was nearing accident stage. He told me they didn't have one. I asked him where they go, and he said that they do have one but not for public use. I then turned to my wife and told her we had to leave. So I understand the policy of no public bathrooms but this was a 4?year old who was obviously needing to go and was about to poop his paints. In a town of only a couple thousand you'd think you would want to hold on to as many customers as possible. I subsequently will not be going back and bought the same glove $9 less on Amazon. My sale might not be that important to you but I try to buy local when I can. My family of 5 will not spend another $1 there now over not allowing a 4 year old access to a toilet.

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Anonymous - 69 d ago

My name is Olivia Hernandez .I was writing previous note.we shop Hebitt store in Big Spring texas.your manager Kaylee .was overcharging me .I mentioned it to her and she said it's just a dollar

I told her it may be only a dollar to you but it's a lot to me.she looked at me and rolled her eyes.I said what is your name.she picked up her

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Mark - 61 d ago


I went to the hibbett in was a terrible experience...I tried to exchange some shoes that I had worn previously for an hour...the guy I talked to before I went in store told me come in store and exchange the shoes...once I got in store, there was problems...they need to get there policy together...two different policies with two different workers...

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p arvizu - 63 d ago

nogales az friday 2.30 pm 2017 walked into stire no greet or help at all was very suprised thant even the mgr guy with a pony tail-never greet or asked us for help,even more dissaponited i saw 3 more workers and none of them helped us on nothing we felt very bad like walking out of the store!!! wrel anyway i went into the front counter to pay some shorts and baseball pants mgr and girl kayla were still talking by the front door when they decided to take care of me after day talked,i felt like they were pissed because i interrupted there conversation!! guys on the back never helped me or my sons it was a very bad feeling i tried to call these customer service number and talked to thse lady to complaint and got treated bad too like they didnt wanna hear me or nothing!!! i hope somobody in these company reads these message and talked to the people of these store!!! i even went back later on the day and even felt worse same workers were talking in the front of the store!! check the cameras and see for yourselves that this os true!!! these stores are nice and deserve nice people that will like to help you!!! never going to these store again!!!

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Jozetta - 64 d ago


I am a customer that had a return on some shoes that was the wrong size. I went to the Clinton Ms. store and the guy that did my return was very rude. He was huffing and blowing as if he didn't want to be there or he didn't want to do it. His I'd number is #39945. Didn't get his name. I think if he didn't want to work or help me he should have let someone else help me

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Christina Beale - 64 d ago


On March 23rd I went to hibbet sports in South Boston, Va where I spent nearly 2 hours, half of which "debating" with the supervisor who had absolutely no customer service skills at all and was extremely rude until she had it her way. Everything was great until I checked out with my 102.16 purchase of which I had to PAY FOR TWICE! Even though the credit card machine said approved on my end apparently their computer messed up so "it didn't go through ". I pulled my bank account up on my phone and showed that it went through and I needed my stuff. The supervisor refused to give it to me and told me I had to go get cash for my stuff before i could leave with it. I had no choice but to do it because this is a small town and this is the only place to shop for soccer gear. So now I spend over 200 bucks when my purchase was only half that. I even called my bank in the store and proved i paid for my stuff and she was still denying me my purchase. I want my money back! I have proof it came out of my account and you can call the store and verify my cash purchase, but I want my money back. It has been 4 days and the transaction was not cancelled as promised on my account and I am highly upset about this!

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Anonymous - 65 d ago


Have you guys ever stop to wonder why you have a 1 star rating because 6385 old national hwy customer service stinks and they are about to pick up a law suit if I don't get my money back.

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Anonymous - 67 d 24 h ago


I went to the store in Livingston Tx. Not one person asked if I needed help or they would assist me shortly. Both employees that were working were but 3 ft away from me. I walked right out. No acknowledgement when I walked out either.

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Olivia Hernandez - 68 d 15 h ago


I was reading the comments on the Hibett stores,and it seems that Big Spring ,Texas stores aren't the only ones with bad customer service.we live 45 minutes from Midland Texas where there is another Hibett I think I'm going to take my daughter to buy my grandkids their Under armor clothes at Dillards in Midland ,Texas.there customer service is better and I wont have to see rude managers like Kaylee in Big Spring Texas Hibett sport store. You need to hire adults who have customer care I told the rude Kaylee at big spring texas Hibett store.I don't have to shop at your store .to be tended to by rude person who rolls their eyes at customers and try to overcharge customers.I'd rather travel an hour more and get better have lost a good customer who buys her grandkids clothes and shoes at your store.I will be telling family and friends about my bad experience at your big spring texas store.Olivia Hernandez

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Kaylee a manager at big spring texas hebitt storeally very rude person - 69 d ago


Olivia Hernandez from big spring texas.the manager Kaylee is very rude.she rolled her eyes when I mention she was overcharging me one dollar more.she said it's only a dollar.I said it's a lot to me.I adk her name and she showed her badge.I ask for manager and she showed me her badge.I told her you don't have to be so rude young lady.she rolled her eyes again.I told her I'm calling the corporate office she saud call them I don't daughter is a good customer of your store.she has three teenagers and buys their clothes there.and socks,shoes.etc.but from now on we are not buying big spring texas don't have to be rude and then be childish and roll ypur eyes at have lost a very good customers.Olivia hernandez,phone number .1-(hidden)

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Anonymous - 69 d ago

Prevost note of olivia.the manager at big spring texas hebitt is very rude.she rolled her eyes at me cause she

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Olivia Hernandez - 69 d 23 h ago


I went to but sports socks for my grandaughter.when I was paying the cashier was overcharging me $1.00 more.I mentioned to her that they were $8

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Rude manager - 69 d ago

The Merrill road store assistant manager young lady is very rude. I am a very loyal customer and this young lady is very rude .

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U lost my business - 74 d 17 h ago


I wanted a refund for a layaway and had to come back ton the store three times on the account there computer system was new and kept freezing. The staff are nothing but children with no respect for their customers on the store. You should have heard the language. I had to tell them to get someone on the phone cause I was getting very angry. Finally they gave me my money with a manual refund. Yall had to at least lose a dozen customer because I had to wait so damn long and you just lost one more. Me!

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Annoyed - 74 d 18 h ago


Something going on in the Norfolk VA store. They have a credit card reader that is chip enabled, but don't want customers to use the chip reader. Instead, they want it swiped. My credit card has a chip, and the bank that I use declines the transaction if there is a chip reader. When I called to ask why, they said that there is a lost of fraud out of that store.

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