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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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local shopper - 10 d 13 h ago


Your Livingston store with Leslie Morgan as manager is a piss poor store never have a felt so unwelcome by a store I spend a lot of money at I will never buy myself my wife nor my children's clothing and shoe apparel from a hibbitts again Leslie is Rude disrespectful sorry but academy will receive my business as long as ms. Morgan is manager of the Livingston Texas location fire leslie

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Edward - 11 d 10 h ago


How they are still in business I will never know. Website stinks when you try to place an order. Terrible customer service. I called the headquarters and they said they did not handle internet complaints. They do not care if you buy from them or not. They said someone would call me back and they did not. Needless to say, I will go elsewhere.

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Gloria - 12 d 25 m ago


I returned some shoes to Hibbett at Eastdale Mall well it had been two weeks and the money has not been refunded to my account When I call customer service to ask where is my refund they could not give me an answer

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Jorae Patrick - 13 d 4 h ago


The store in McAlester Oklahoma is a piece of crap from the manager to the workers. They dont like to help people, talk to us like we are dogs, and act like it will literally kill them to help customers. Their stuff is over priced and I'll never go back in there.

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Here I Come Academy! - 14 d 6 h ago


I have been a customer of the Livingston, Texas Hibbits Sports store for years. In the last year, the turn over rate us horrible. When they get good employees in the store, the store manager runs them off because she does not like them. I find it very unprofessional that a store manager talks bad about her employees to other employees in front of customers, or even reprimands an employee with customers in the store. Leslie is very unprofessional, she needs to be trained as a real manager and not act like her high school employees. The district manager Cliff is a joke, he does not ensure that the store runs properly, and let's Leslie just keep running off her good employees. I'm waiting for the store to go belly up because of bad management. I will be taking my business to Academy in Huntsville, Texas for now on. Good bye Hibbits!

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Chris Quesenberry - 16 d ago


I had an awful experience at the Beckley, WV location today and with their manager Ronnie. Took my 8-yr old son school shoe shopping and on the wall display was the Nike Kyrie 4 Laser Fuschsia shoes. My son's eyes lit up as he was able to try on a pair. After debating on two different sizes he finally selected the size he was comfortable with and we headed to the front of the store...eyes sparkling with a huge smile as he couldn't wait to pay for them and show them off. When the employee entered them into the system, he immediately yelled for his manager Ronnie to come over. She then proceeded to tell us that the shoe can't be sold yet because it hasn't been released. Another employee happened to walk by and said that he sold 2 pair of the same shoe on Thursday. She made looked at something online then told us that we can't get them until August 25th and if she sold them to us then she could be fired. I asked why they were on display and she said she wasn't sure. Then I asked about the two pair that had already been sold and she said it was a mistake. I asked if the same employee that sold the other two pair could sell us this pair as well since he's already sold two and she said that she was not selling those shoes until August 25th. So because of her mistake and not monitoring her inventory closely, my son has to get his hopes up then endure a huge disappointment and they couldn't do anything to fix it...not even offer a discount on them or hold them for us. His school year begins August 15th, and he wanted those shoes for the first day of school. What poor customer service!!!

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R Holt - 22 d 47 s ago


I have been in the Hibbert Sports Store here in Clarksdale,Ms several times lately and have noticed the employees don't even greet customers when they enter. Also, they don't come to you and ask if they can help you find what you came in for. I went in again today and had to run someone down to ask if they had what I was looking for and of course they didn'the and never do. When I was told they didn't have the US sports socks I wanted she didn't offer to see if I would be interested in any other type. No I'm sorry we don't have them just NO. I will never go in that door again.

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Thompson - 23 d 6 h ago


The Tell City, IN store needs to fire Mary Grace! I was in this store about 2 weeks ago and bought a lot of clothes and received great customer service and was advised upon my next visit I would get a 20% discount due to the amount I had spent. When I returned yesterday to buy school shoes, I was told I will not get the discount, maybe next time. I advised what the previous clerk said and she said "ITOLD you maybe next time." so i proceeded to pay with a debit/credit card and was told I had to use debit not credit and " if you don't like it, you can call corporate" Needless to say I will not spend another dime in this store. She was the rudest clerk I have ever dealt with.

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Former employee - 25 d ago


Store 1149 manager there is very discrimatory towards others on who they vote for as well as race I happen to know for a fact she never looks at nor interviews certain race and gender due to not liking them

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Former employee 15 - 26 d 20 h ago


I recently worked for y'alls company and loved it but you hired a head manager in my store and she was awful she kept pestering me about who I voted for and then when she found out called me a racist and kkk member she also let an assistant manager close your store five minutes early each night.

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OnePissedOffCustomer. - 29 d ago


Thomasville, NC Sales associates are awful!! Showed up 30 minutes before closing with every intention on buying shoes for my mother and on the way to the door the associate working runs and locks the door right as we get to it. Needless to say hibbett sports has lost my respect and they WILL NOT get anymore of my money.

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Rhonda - 35 d ago

We are not allowed to use the restroom

At Hibbitt in Covington, Tennessee even when making a purchase. Because of the acts of past customers they have adopted this rule. We shop in there so much they know us by name. But not anymore. My son needed a pair of cleats and the ones he needed were 200 dollars. My daughter and I needed to pee and were told they couldn't let us use the bathroom because of past customers pulling the alarm. We left and went next door to pee and bought the cleats online at Nike. We will

Not be back to Hibbitt.

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C18 - 38 d ago


Terrible customer service in the Murray Ky store. Rude manager. Refused to honor the return policy as stated. We have always shopped at hibbett for school shoes and backpacks. Sadly we won't be shopping here anymore. We will be finding a new sporting goods store to purchase all shoes, backpacks and accessories from.

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LanaJ - 47 d 4 h ago


Nasty and lazy customer service.... That's why I don't shop with your store....It was no one in the store customer wise. I come in no greet, When I came in the second time to see if they wear name tags....Nope not one.... then they ask how can I help you....I said I stood there for about 10-15mins to see if I can get help.... One at the register and the other young lady that worked there were over talking me saying what they are going to do when she takes a break.... Never came down off the ladder to see if I needed help with the shoes. It's okay. Shoe Mountain beats Hibbet Sport with their customer service, loyalty & all way help their customers. Not like Hibbet. More customer service needed or your going to loose business!!

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SomeoneWho WantToMakeA FutureForHimself - 47 d 15 h ago


Hello people and founding owners of hibbet sport/sports addition I have a few things I would like to say. First of I love hibbet sports/ Sports addition. But is it just me or that not one business is actually hiring. Cause I've been to pretty much all of them in New Iberia, Louisiana they claim to be hiring but I've been putting applications out for a while now and been calling bout them still til this day. Always the manager isn't there or just walked out. Lately I've been stuck with this one business that keeps telling me they haven't received my application but I can clearly see that I sent one and it's on the hibbet sports website with the exact store number. I had to turn to the HQ, who told me that they could see I have an application out for the store I'm looking to work for. Now this one manager who seems to have a problem with me seems to not want to hire me and keep telling me that I have to call HQ that they would be the ones to hire me (AS IF I'M TRYING TO WORK FOR THERE HEAD QUARTERS?) Than why am I putting and application for that specific store? Many of people are in need for a job, we (as in the people who really need this chance) have people and bills we have to take care of and really don't have any times to waste. For the Head Quarter you really should look in on that many of your managers are playing with peoples future, that and homes and familys are really at risk.

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Nyitecka Evans Burden - 66 d 10 h ago


I'm a faithful customer and Saint Petersburg Florida and I always shop at hippetts on central Avenue South the customer service air is OK it's just that the store manager never does its job I ordered shoes for my child paid in advance he needed them for football and they never called to tell me that the clique's were in When Ida check on them that weekend Saturday the day before Friday which was 14 days later when I said something had to be wrong cause I had no received a call stay in they were in I want to the store there was no storm and J there the employee tell me that the assistant manager have been fired the employee that was there was doin stuff in the store she didn't possess I key to the build and so why was she run in it she didn't know how to do things have me in the store for over an hour just on figure out what we were going to do about my sign cleek's that the store manager and up Box in up to ship out for another customer after me weeks after me that came along and eat it the same size and clean and paid after me that's horrible when you are a regular customer at least spending 400 plus a week that includes order and shoes lay a ways purchase in out the store whatever I'm always spending over $200 my shoes alone be a 100 hours plus I'm sick of the poor service and I'm gonna start using chat rewards and they're just lose in a great customer I will move my Great personality angry spin and habit to champs or another store I have yet to hear back from the district manager which I call corporate filed a complaint in no one has yet to call me to discuss this matter now looking at everyone else's complaints on this site seems as if this company is just about money it doesn't care about its customers feelings making things right within the customers as always spending and given the owner money is pocky and given the employees a job so I will take my services and money elsewhere signed a no longer happy customer from Saint Petersburg Florida

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John - 67 d 1 h ago


The customer service I received from store 1042 in Decorah, Iowa, from the store manager Renae Snyder was extremely poor. I contacted 3 times about exchanging a pair of shoes bought on May 7, 2018. The first time I stopped in and she barely look at the shoes and only asked if I had the receipt and I don't. I asked if she could look it up and she said no, that she would have to contact her district manager Jarrett McCoy. 1 week later I called to ask if she heard any thing and she had not. The 3rd time I called she said no they can't be exchanged because the tear did not hinder the performance of the shoe according to Jarrett. Each time I spoke with her I barely got 30 seconds of her time. In fact the last time she said that she was extremely busy and couldn't talk. All I want to do is exchange the shoes. I spent over $100 for pair of shoes and I can't exchange them? This is extremely poor customer service. I will not shop in this store again and will suggest no one else does also.

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Kendy Love - 67 d 7 h ago

If you win a pair of shoe from a raffle is it a free win

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Tia Abner - 73 d 31 m ago


Extremely poor customer service and lack of communication . I would highly recommend that the customer service center needs to get on one page !!!!! Telling a customer different things is very unfair . I will never order from them again let me make that clear ... I would love to share but it's just tooo much bs to type !!!!! One of the worst online experience ever

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Heather - 84 d 6 h ago


Extremly disappointed!! I am a faithful costumer of your Emporia ks store. We have three kids that are heavily involved in sports. We spend a lot in this store. I had spent over $400 in a three day stretch to gear up for baseball. My last purchase was a pair of cleats for my daughter. I took them home for her to try and they were to small. Went to exchange next day with box packaging and recipet. Was told they were not in sellable condition.(I have pictures and times and dates) I was extremely upset. So I sent a email complaint with no response, as. Made a phone call that had me on hold for 20 min. To end up with a offer of a 15% coupon. I told them that was not going to work. They said they would have another person review my situation and would contact me the next day. Well 3 weeks later nothing. So I will never shop at a Hibbetts again. I am not done with this. I ha e been keeping records on everything and plan on taking this higher. I have never made any kind of business compliant before on any business, but this is uncalled for. I own my own business and would never loose a long time coustomer over $40. Very disappointed.


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Brandon - 79 d ago


I know exactly what you mean. Nobody in customer service has ever called me back.

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Brandon - 79 d 42 s ago

On 5/28/18. I tried ordering a pair of shoes online. The order said it did not process, try later. Then I noticed my paypal account had been authorized for $75.74 and I had also used 2 gift cards. 2 hours later I get a completed order charge for $75.74. When I check my gift cards they are zero. I have spoken to 8 different people for a total of about 5 hours and no resolution yet. They say there is no order and it's only an authorization. Paypal says different. I have received the worst customer service I have been given. They rush to get off the phone saying a supervisor will call. 4 days still no call and a loss of $200.00

The worst possible experience ever with a site.



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Anonymous - 181 d 2 h ago


Hibbetts in Broussard, La was the best store ever.

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Anonymous - 81 d 10 h ago

If the store is so great why don't you share who you are? Why anonymous?

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Former Employee - 82 d ago


Hibbett Sports in Kosciusko, MS management sucks. The current manager there is nothing but a fake. She's always getting smart with certain customers only because she did not want to help assist them. She used to put in lunch breaks for us when we couldn't even take one, because we was so busy. She used to take numerous breaks and stayed on her cell phone in the back, but kept telling us about the cell phone policy. If we didn't talk to us, she would cut hours. There were many customers that didn't visit if she was there. She even was getting free eyebrow waxes from the local nail shop, because she let them use hibbetts trash can until our DM caught her. She used to bring her makeup kit to work and do her makeup on the clock while we work. I would NEVER work at another Hibbetts again.

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Anonymous - 82 d 22 h ago

Might I add, she was always on Facebook!

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