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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Accr89 - 24 d 8 h ago


Went to store in Zeypher Hillls Florida very rude staff don't go there if u want to be made fun of

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trueblue - 41 d 9 h ago


As an Human Resource representative, I called our local store to verify employment. I was told they didn't give out any of that information. I said I am just asking for dates of employment and that is information that should be given. I said who could I talk to and she said the District Manager and he is here today so she laid the phone down to go get him, came back to the phone and said he was busy. I said do you have a number to your Human Resource Department and she gave me a seven digit number and I told her that's not enough numbers so she asked me to hang on and she laid the phone down again. I could hear people talking and I heard her say "Oh, my god, who is this person" so I spoke and asked if anyone could hear me because I can hear what you are saying and it got quiet. Finally the District Manager picked up the phone and I repeated what I heard and then he gave me the number I needed. Very unprofessional.

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Anonymous - 52 d ago


Store manager at hibbett sports in north gate mall is racist! Him and another "coach" are sitting there talking about white people. Never will go there again

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Unsatisfied. - 62 d 5 h ago


Worst experience i ever had. Just becuz someone has tattoos on there face doesnt mean there criminals. Couldnt even browse in the store becuz they whete rushing me out. The manager was the rudest of them all. It doesnt take 3 employees to help one customer. When i first walked in i told them i was just looking right now, Then when i pick up a pair of shoes on sale amd continue to look. They treat me likw i was trying to steal them. Horrible customer service. Im a manager at a local resturant we would never treat are customers like that. Will never return here again.

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So the store in Columbia, new at first I thought they needed sometime to get it together but that's no excuse.My first experience was terrible it was Saturday Show Me state games in town the store was packed and only 2 people were working a associate and asst.mgr.I was told someone called off so they only had 3 people scheduled?? So why didn't the store Manager come in?? Myself and several other people had to wait just to get a hello I had my 4 boys with me ready to buy but never got waited on this time so went across the Hall to finish line were their was 5 people working just didn't have the sizes available then I go to Footlocker 6 people working bought 2 pairs there then decided to go back to hibbetts this time less people the young associate told me he could only give me 1 shoe cuz he had 4 pairs of shoes stolen I've worked retail and you never just sit a box down and walk away..So whoever trained him and the store Manager needs to be trained as well..Your inventory is continue walking out the door and customers if you don't pay attention to A.your customer's and B money will be spend elsewhere..I went back a few days later and the Manager just handed me a pair of toddler jordans and walked away ..i was excited to have this store but please train your staff...A friend of mine has been trying to get a job there has a lot of knowledge on managing the store and selling shoes but can't seem to get a call back or a straight answer when asked if their hiring - 64 d 8 h ago



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Former Employee - 65 d 10 m ago


I started working for Hibbett Sports before the holiday season in 2017. I was promoted to an assistant shortly after. Their turnover has been the lowest I have ever seen, beyond belief!! Our general manager is out for an extended time due to health issues. We have an employee who was hired, without an interview I might add. This kid has a reputation in town for not being able to hold down a job and the joke was on us having to put up with his shenanigans while our GM is out. He has been there approximately 1 month and has called in weekly with no consequences. He started working a second job at Walmart and said he wanted to keep his job at Hibbett as well. I was in charge of the scheduling. After yet another shift that he failed to report to on Friday, I was advised by the interim GM to pull his hours from next week's schedule. He called tonight (03/19/18) to ask me when he was working next. I told him that the GM had me pull his hours off of the schedule due to excessive call ins. This employee called me a faggot, and told me that we needed to fucking understand that he had another job. He then ended the call. Shortly after I receive a text where he continued to call me a jackass along with other jabs. I simply replied that it was beyond my control and I am too mature to respond to such behavior. I reached out to our District Manager, Tracye Morris, and asked her to call me. I did not receive any call or text. Instead, I spoke with our interim GM who said that they asked him to come to work in the morning because we were that short. When she told me this over the phone, I was completely taken back. I can not believe that any company would back such behavior and a complete lack of respect for management. I have been helping the best of my ability to do what has been required of me while our GM is out and this was a complete kick in the face and ass. I told her that I would not be returning back to work.

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Kreed - 79 d 11 h ago


I am very unhappy with the service Hibbetts displayed this weekend i only get my shoes from Hibbetts but from now I'll shop at finish line or online i won the raffle for shoes that came out this Saturday late Friday night i get a message saying that they gave out to many raffles and i wouldn't get my shoes and i will hear back from them Monday with a gift card i don't want a gift card i want my shoes i could've went else where to but my shoes and by them saying something last min it was to late to go anywhere else i called corporate just for them to say yea i suppose to tell people we pick to many people and there's nothing we can do very unprofessional all the money i have spent with company and was treated with NO RESPECT

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Life's not fair - 73 d 5 s ago

Shitty that it happened but I don't get u saying it was too late to go somewhere else. I'm a sneaker head and they come out Saturday morning around 7-9 am usually. So by them notifing you Friday night u had plenty of time to set an alarm and wake up like the rest of the sneaker heads and get them somewhere else in store or online. I usually am able to get mine by sitting in bed and logging on online. I was actually able to get 2 pairs of the Jordan 3s recently from 2 different sites. 1 pair I got 1 hour and 40 minutes after the 9am launch time. So yea it sucks they shorted ur raffle win but u still had time to cop those kicks elsewhere if u really wanted them.

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Kolton - 87 d 2 h ago


I just went to Hibbets in the university mall. One of the employees was rude to me. I will not go back in there.

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Anonymous - 91 d 7 h ago


Hibbetts in Broussard, La was the best store ever.

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Beverly - 92 d 12 h ago

So I have asked the Okeechobee Florida store employees for 4 plus days to pick up the empty boxes behind the building. Still hasn't been done. Asked the manager about it he said he will tell them. I am manager of little Caesar's right next door and I have been picking them up for days. My employees never leave garbage outside and if they did I am not better then to pick up garbage and boxes myself and walk it the ten feet to garbage can. I also called corporate Friday about and still 15 plus. Boxes blowing around trashing up our property we work in same building it's pure laziness and I am very upset about this as I go around daily and pickup customers trash everyday in front and behind our store this is just unbelievable. Signed GM of little Caesar's Okeechobee Florida

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Jailee - 94 d 7 h ago


Just left hibbett in Upper Deerfield Nj and the two employees working were as lazy as they come. When we first walked in one of the girls did welcome us and ask if we needed anything in particular, but then stayed behind the counter while we looked around. We had to yell across the store to ask if they had a certain size in diff sneakers. Insted of checking to see if they had my size she says im not sure and then tried to get me to change my mind on what i wanted. When we did finally pick something else we went to checkout and noticed they have a rewards card. When we asked she totally ignored us. What kind of service is that? Ill never shop there again!!

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Juanita Luse - 96 d 18 h ago


Visited Hibbett in Byram, MS last night and checked out at 7:39, while in the store I decided to buy my husband a pair of shoes and transferred the money from my cell phone in the store. After leaving and making it home, it was discovered that that I had left ,my cell phone there; we immediately started driving back to the store which is about 5 minutes from my address. I will say, after I checked out, I spent about 15 minutes talking to the two store employees so it had to be around 7:45 before I left the store. We called and the employee who answered the phone after 8 showed no regard to a cell phone valued at over $1000 being left in the store. It now 4:54 am central time and I'm writing this review because of the disappointment I feel toward Hibbett's personnel regarding this matter and the fact that someone who works there could possibly be a thief. First thing this morning, I will be heading back to Hibbett with the hopes of this simply being an employee who didn't care to see if it was there and find it verses it being someone I have to press charges on that works there because they tried to pocket it.

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victoria louis - 99 d 10 h ago

hello my name is victoria i am writing this review because i always shop at hibbett sports in waveland ms Mr bob knows that. there is this one girl name tyrenika at the store she is very aggressive and rude to her co workers i watched this in play numerous of times i know she is new but the rudeness is out of hand she takes her co workers sales she just budge right on in when no one ask her anything, i remember i asked to speak to a manager and she said she is the only head manager at that store so i asked where is bob the look on her face was shocking because she didnt think i knew he was the head person lol but i dont like it and i wont go back i rather go to another store that is so rude of her i promise i will never go back she is definitely not the type to be there and if this store wants there customers to keep coming i suggest they have a talk or let her go

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Angry - 105 d 13 h ago


I bought Christmas gifts from you the end of 2017. My check cleared the bank a few days later. Your check cashing services Ceretgy has now sent me a letter stating my check has been returned. I have had my bank send letters and has even spoke to someone to advise that the check cleared. Here over a month after Christmas I still can't get it taken care of. I get the run around. You didn't put this on fax or you didn't put that on the fax even though these things were on the fax they just are not looking. Then when you call and give them their file number they still want you to give them your DL number or checking account number. You already have it from your file number. Here 6 weeks later I can't write checks and I have never in 50 years bounced a check. I won't be purchasing anything else from you nor will my family or friends. Enough business lost you will close. My next step is to get an attorney and when I do I will sue for all the aggravation and loss of use from my checking account.

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B Brown - 110 d 4 h ago

How can we get in touch with the Corporate office concerning donations to sports teams? Thank you!

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Trenton - 110 d 14 h ago


it would be nice to have a hibbit's in Dexter cause im sick of going to Malden

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Jennifer - 112 d 15 h ago


Visited the Evans, Ga location last night (1/29/18 @ 6:30) to take my 11 year old to get some shoes. An employee comes from the stock room smelling like marijuana. The smell on him was so strong it lingered in any area he walked. Will not be doing business with that location ever again!!!

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Anonymous - 111 d 8 h ago

you want some

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Anonymous - 111 d 8 h ago

that was jimmy stephens dexter mo

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alex - 110 d 14 h ago


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Papa - 131 d 5 h ago


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Anonymous - 111 d 8 h ago

why you do that

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anonymous - 111 d 11 h ago


I am a current employee with hibbit sports. In the va area. I took the job at hibbit sports because I desperately needed an income and I was trying to get back on my feet. But my store manager/ has turned out to be a real Jerk. He doesn't care about anything but the store. I had to call out because of a health emergency in my family. I called the store the following day. And because of having to take a day off I am now getting a write up. Because it's not my responsibility to make sure someone is OK and it's not my responsibility to make sure someone that I'm not married to takes care of themselves. .. this coming is the absolute worst company I have ever worked for. ..I'll be so happy when I can leave

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Jennifer - 125 d ago


Very disappointed in quality of product. I am very loyal customer to your company up until my friends daughter cried on her bday bc she was so excited and waited so long to get the shoes and finally got them and when removed from box the back of them had red clay and the shoe strings were stained like they were preowned, we looked up the store hours to exchange it said open til 9 pm so we drove twenty miles to the store which was closed at 6:15 so we looked up another store drive another ten miles and they were closed at 7 pm but advertised on the home page open til 9pm. I had to watch my friends daughter cry on her 16 th bday bc all she wanted was the shoes and had patiently waited and she is an awesome kid and got a pair of dengy shoes that she couldn't return. Seems to me that the staff is irresponsible and lazy bc not only was the shoes dirty but the store closed two or three hours earlier than its suppose to. This leads back to management not hiring quality staff members which reflect back to cooperate bc they allow a management team to manage the store. It reflects your entire company. Maybe you should reavaluerate the employees of your company. I would think it's a mistake that shouldn't be made often and I think the female friends who bday was spoiled bc of should be given a gift to compensate her for her bday and the gas and time spent. I know you will show your appreciation for our business bc yal stand behind ypur product and customer care thank you and i hope your day is better than yal made hers

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