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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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A. Reese - 1 d 17 h ago


I drove 3 hours to lucedale ms. For a shoe that I was told they had!! But.. I was not told that Tupelo's prices was different!! The ass. Coach or Ashton wasn't happy or helpful to see us in the store!! Ass. Coach won't say why the shoe was a different price she said nothing!!! I still purchased a shoe and they still wasn't happy!! Help please!!

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Mary - 6 d 27 s ago


Local employees are helpful and nice.

However, after I signed up for your Rewards Card and tried to register I've had nothing but trouble: my Password wouldn't work then the one you sent won't work, there is NO EMAIL at the bottom of the FAQ page, like you said, and apparently your phone number is also a lie. What kind of service is this? How am I supposed to resolve this?

For having over 500 stores and being "one of the fastest growing companies in the country," your website and customer service certainly detract from the good name you have given yourself.

If you have any employees working in customer service, you have my information. I would like to get my account working. If not, then I will be more than happy to shop elsewhere.

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Gracie - 6 d 31 m ago

I went in to your store in Dickson, Tn and there was two works in the store. No one even spoke or ask us if they could help us. The young lady that was in there stayed along the wall as if she was hiding. I have had two bad experiences in this store and I use to buy all my shoes there but now I want be going back and I will tell everyone that I know what happen to me and my daughter at your store.

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago

These stores need to be boycotted. My son's girlfriend tried to get a job that the store in Eufaula AL. They told her they weren't going to hire her because she is not African American. I do plan to spread this everywhere and I'm directing her to a lawyer.

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Joel avants - 8 d 15 h ago

I went back in your store in Brookhaven, Ms to see if they could replace some workout gloves I purchased a few months ago for 25.00. Even though the exact glove was on the shelf the asst.manager said he could not take care of me because I didn't have the proof of purchase & the associate on duty when I purchased them had not processed it though the rewards program. I have been a customer of Hibbets for almost 20 years but I will not be back in this store if this is not remedied. I have Nike workout gloves in better shape that are ten years old. He truly made me feel as though my 25.00 purchase didn't matter. I'm not trying to get over. I just expect the product to hold up better than that. Customer satisfaction should always be foremost. Thanks for your time & God bless.

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Joe Luchtefeld - 15 d 16 h ago


I am post this to someone that I hope can do something ... The head manager Chris at the Vincennes office is a very rude to the other workers there ... My family members work there and he is rude and very unprofessional .. one of the employees had drill for the national guard and it got changed and Chris responseds I hope they send him to Iraq... I was in the service and that is uncalled for ! I will refuse to go in when he works and is talked about around town ... Please do something about it !

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Anonymous - 19 d ago


I don't understand how the location at Campcreek Marketplace can decide not to accept credit cards. I was extremely inconvenienced when I attempted to make a last minute purchase from my son and could not use a credit card. Due to the fact that I did not have my debit card I had to go to the bank to complete a withdrawal and come back to use cash. This was such as disappointment. The customer service representatives were extremely helpful!!!

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Concerned Customer - 26 d 19 h ago


To the Chairman of the Board : Michael Newsome

Mr. Newsome,

I'm writing to express my concern regarding a local Store Manager in Hugo, Ok. I have been in this store to shop several times and I have yet to have an interaction with the Store Manager. Is there an explanation was to why the Store Manager is always no where to be found?

I have been told by former store employees that the Store Manager does not work a lot and calls in sick almost on a weekly basis?

Please explain to me how a Store can be operated when the main person in charge is never present?

The other employees do a good job with reference to customer service and are extremely helpful.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


A Concerned Customer

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Anonymous - 31 d 18 h ago

I was at my local Hibbett store in Waynesboro VA to buy my daughter a pair of basketball shoe we found a pair we like but when we got to the counter the shoe we wanted rang up $10.00 more than what say on the box the price that was on the box and all of the other boxs on the table was $34.95 and the manager on duty say there was nothing that they can do once the price is in the system I don't think that far or ok it is not my fault that they price the whole table wrong that is called false advertising.... I will be calling Monday to speak to the manager and if they can't help then I will go over there head. This is my first time shopping at hibbertts and my last...

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Toshia Heil - 31 d 19 h ago


Me and my husband just spent almost $400 on shoes for us and our kids and we tried to take my husbands shoes back and the fat guy behind the counter in Conyers,Ga was extremely rude and wouldn't take my husbands shoes back nor would he exchange them for him so we are done with Hibbitt Sports and we are telling everyone to stay away from their stores because they are so rude and their customer service skills really suck and on top of that their shoes aren't worth the money you spend!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


I am a customer who was inside the Hillsborough location yesterday 11/5/2016 approximately about 230-330pm while I was there I experienced very poor customer service from both young ladies that was working not to mention the one young lady with the glasses very thin she used profanity the whole time I was inside and Im almost sure that I witnessed both young ladies allowing credit card fraud for 2young ladies right Infront of my eyes what's surprised me more is that slim young ladies with the glasses I believe her name was Zay she was the manager who allowed the cashier (short dark complexion with short red hair) to ring up the young ladies without the identification matching the card to do the transaction in return of a pair or shoes I then heard them talking saying that long as they got items in return that they will allow it to go on only when working the same shift.

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mike - 46 d 6 h ago


hello I wanted to say I was not a very happy customer when I went to your gallup store and was followed around by one of your manager like I was a thief now I know why that store did not have no customers in there do to being followed around like every one that came in was a thief, I watched her go up to her kind of people natives am Spanish I was treated different then they were like she was races to me and white people how do you have some one working for you like that .she should be making you money not judging us for who we are or what we look like her name was tonisha moore no customer service

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SMH - 54 d 29 s ago


The North Augusta store would be much better with different management. It's absolutely ridiculous. I would NOT recommend this store whatsoever!

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Anonymous - 58 d ago


Not an honorable company! Closed the store in our town without notice to customers or employees!! Many people have recently bought giftcards & the nearest location is almost 3 hours away!!

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JW - 102 d 18 h ago

They got a lot of dumb managers in the Minden Louisiana they need to be fired!

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Anonymous - 121 d ago


I have been trying to get a hold of someone in the HR department for days. I get sent to a voicemail and no one ever calls me back. I just need a simple paper verifying that I no longer work for this company. Getting a hold of some who's job is Human Resources should not be this hard.

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Fuck Hibbetts - 1 y 239 d ago


I truly hate this company!!!!!! They treat their employees like trash and expect us to sell 10 secs for them. They dont care about our well being. The only way that your are safe in this company is if your a favorite employee , head store manger, or anything above!!!! I hope this company never makes a penny!!!!

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SIMPLY" PISSED" - 1 y 306 d ago


This page is designed to write reviews, but upon what I've experienced and seen this cooperation really don't care about their employees or consumers. Just a simple call back to an employee needing to know how to obtain a paystub should not be a two week process. Indis Terry, whom I've been constantly referred to must financially have it made. Mr. Rosenthal need to pay you and your whole staff a visit. I wish I'd gotten the name of the receptionist who answers the phone, most impersonally rude. Whoever you are never assume what a phone call is concerning without using the very organ on your head to hear it first. Your high volume of calls does not concern me or any other employee or consumer that calls that office. Plain and simple, you're very unprofessional and may need to find another profession.

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Jacqueline - 2 y ago


My son is 13 years old. My grandson is 6.

I have been buying Jordan's for both of them at least 7 pair each during a year. As far as the 80/20 rule I am truly in the high percentile bracket. Here lately I am so disappointed in the raffle off of the Jordan's. If it was done fairly I could understand but Just this afternoon my son and I witness the Manager of Sports Addition in the back of the mall accepting money from a guy who buy and sell Jordan's at a higher price. I hate my son had to see this. The man had just said that he could not get them but he came in behind us and went right up to the cashier without a ticket and purchased another pair of Jordan's.

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sally - 2 y ago


I think its kind of sad a chils feet is blisstered,and noone at this corporation is concerned,because i have spent thousands of dollars at hibbett,and sports addition;according to my bank statement,but not anymore,because my daughter-in-law is taking matters in her hands.

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