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Hibbett Sports

451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
(205) 942-4292
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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J Patricks - 31 d 13 h ago

Home off in AL. No thanks. Won't be visiting my local store any longer. Thank your politicians for that.

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CONCERNED - 33 d 11 h ago


Your store in Gateway in Jacksonville, Florida is horrible the staff is rude and very unprofessional the manager Ishlah is stealing and allowing others to come and steal they are getting high in the parking lot and selling drugs at the store this is ridiculous something needs to be done and fast they are loud and very disorderly and the manage was using profanity

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Antonio - 34 d 10 h ago


I order my shoes and I got an email saying that the shipper refused the package. So I called and was told that maybe the shipping label could not be read so they will contact me to figure out what I will want to do. The money already came out my account and I just want my shoes at this point. they tell me that I have to wait 6 business days just to get any information on this which is crazy because you got the item back before the six business days. I order shoes online all the time and this was my first time using this company and I will never do this again with this company. their system is not up to everyone else. Please if you thought about getting shoes from here or order online from here do not do it. They say the ship overseas because that where I am and they not telling me anything about it. good luck if you do buy anything from this company.

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Hannah - 51 d 19 h ago


I have had nothing but trouble trying to return a product I purchased online. I have had every person I talk to say that my return was credited and that a supervisor would have to push refund through. After talking to multiple supervisors saying they issued the refund that would take 4-7 days. I call 7 days later just to be told the same thing again with another supervisor! 3 and a half weeks later I still have not received my refund!!

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Patricia Scott - 57 d ago


I Patricia Scott had very very good experience on returning a pair of shoes that I returned for another pair for the same price to the store in Demopolis Alabama Hibbett Sports store and Ms. Regina was extra super nice and I were satisfied with the results and I would recommend anyone I know to shop at Hibbett Sports all over the world thank you Regina God Bless

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Anonymous - 69 d 19 h ago


I am so disappointed with all my sneakers I have purchase I purchase 7 pair of sneakers they all have defects I don't know what type of Warehouse they're coming from or if they're are defected and they're selling them they should be at like Gabriel Brothers or Ross's not coming straight from the store trying to sell them at full price

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Jordan3 - 89 d 9 h ago

I will never return to Hibbets in Decatur Alabama River Oaks Mall. You could not even hear yourself think the music was so unbearably loud. Then I requested 2 different sizes in 2 different children's shoes. We went through several pair and the guy kept coming out saying we don't have a size 2 or an 11 in kids. I said y'all need to stock up. He said we just got a stock in yesterday. We left I went right down the mall to another athletic store found the shoes we wanted in stock in a peaceful quiet environment. What happened to Hibbets? Your quality of staff has gone down tremendously and your stock in horrible to say the least. I won't be returning!

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Anonymous - 93 d 12 h ago


I am an employee at Hibbetts Sports, Gloucester, Virginia. We had an incident today where my Manager called the cops on her ex boyfriend. We had cops in the store with customers and that is very unprofessional and inappropriate by the overseer of this establishment. Its very hard to work under these circumstances

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James - 93 d 13 h ago

Gloucester, va hibbetts is the worst shoe store i have ever been in. The staff is horrible not to mention the manager sade king, stays on her phone and very unhelpful. I even got word from one of her ex employees that she had sex with her boyfriend on several occasions inside the bathroom of the store and that she brings her drama to work. I just think the store would definitely run better under better management

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I live in Breckenridge, Texas and I am very upset to find out that the local store has been closed effectively immediately. I will never shop at another Hibbett Sports store again; I will not support any company that treats their employees the way you have. I do not understand why the employees of the Breckenridge store were not given at least 30 day notice, so that they would have time to find another job. I hope the company is at least going to give them severance pay, in order to give them time to find another job. I understand that businesses have to close if there are not enough sales but with as many stores as you have seems like you could have given the employees notice that you were having to close the Breckenridge store. My grandchildren play all kinds of sports and I will be speaking to the parents of the children on their teams and notifying them how you treat your employees. My daughter shops at Hibbetts all the time but she won't any more. This is poor business and especially in a small town where there are limited jobs. How would it affect your life if your boss walked in and told you effective immediately you do not have a job? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!

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Brandon - 114 d 13 h ago


Went to Hibbett sporting goods store in Orange Texas to purchase some items. Get to the register to pay and my card was declined. They do not take Discover. They just lost my business and I will be spreading the word about this stores workers as well. Customer service was rude.

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Gardnersrus2019 - 130 d 17 h ago


Yes hello my name is Gardnersrus2019. I have been a customer at Hibbetts for many years now and have spent thousands of dollars with this company. I have three sons and to add the three have played basketball all through Elementary School and High school. One of them played Football and baseball during Elementary School and also played all through Middle School and in High School is continuing.. So we have went there on many many occasions.. I order online from Hibbetts and have 4 Christmas's now. Ok. My issue is on Friday February 1, 2019 I noticed almost $96 missing from my account upon further investigation it was discovered that this money was for an 8/10/18 to Hibbett Sports # 5941 store number Birmingham,AL. I went inside my bank and discussed why almost $95.00was pulled out of my account from back in August 2018.. I was in my bank approximately one hour and 15 minutes trying to get to the bottom of why my money was missing from six months ago since apparently I already purchased an order and paid for it once and now for some reason and being charge for it again . The bank told me that the money was not taken out of my account in August best of 2018 . And then she asked me if I match my monthly statements with my checkbook ? In which I thought was a very stupid question ... I I ask her do you not do that do you not keep up with your bank statements and your check book? She looked at me and stated yes ... she said apparently there has been a miscommunication and a purchase she made it on August 10 of 2018 was not pulled out of your account I asked her where my money went then ? Because I keep up with my checkbook and my monthly statements very carefully ... I told her I was not happy about this situation and I wanted my money put back in my checking account ...I have tried to reach out to Hibbetts store number 5941 in Birmingham Alabama that I cannot get anyone to except my calls I am called the corporate office trying to reach Michael Newsom (the chairman of the board) without any luck what so ever ! Even when I called this corporate office receive an answer machine that the only option it gives me is to put in The person's extension number . It doesn't give me an option of a directory of people who work there I tried calling Mr. Newsom's phone number posted online and I receive the same message as the other number if you know your parties extension please put it in now . Of course I do not know the extension so it gives me no other options and then the call Says nothing else and hangs up ! This is for out to me !Every purchase I have ever made from Hibbetts sports or any other store I have to pay for with my credit card or my debit card number before I receive a product! Has ANYONE found any FREE well known sites , such as hibbett sports ; that gives you free NIKE, UNDERARMOR , or ADIDAS merchandise ? No..Me EITHER!! If have please notify me .I would last like to ask ANYONE else out there if they have had the same problem from Hibbett Sports ? If so please post your problems ... because I am not going to take this lying down !! I suppose I am going to have to take them to civil court along with my bank as well in Greeneville, TN 37743 .. please anyone that's had any problems with Hibbett sports taking money from your account without you ordering anything please post your problems . Thank you very much .. i'm tired of being taken advantage of by these big well known , over priced ,

companies .. and also The BANKING SYSTEM. ... I refuse to take this lying down ! I don't know about you but $95 is a lot of money to me and receive nothing in return ! Hibbett sports I want my money back in my account ! ASAP MAD IN GREENVILLE TENNESSEE 37743 ....

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Anonymous - 134 d 17 h ago


Yesterday, in Independence, Kansas I walked into to hibbett and before I got in the door the young lady clerk said May I help you? I replied, Yes in a minute I will need help in the shoe department. I browse for just a few seconds and went to the shoe department. The young lady clerk continued to ignore us and talk to the coworker behind the register. I turned and looked at her to get her attention and she starred at me and finally said WHAT. Then I said I needed help with this shoes and she looked at my picture and said we don't have those. We turned and walked out and the young man said thank you for coming in. I won't be back. Don't want to inconvenience this rude young lady. This is a small community and it won't take long for people to not shop there. If that hasn't already happened. It would be better to say nothing at all than to ask a question and Not Listen to your answer. I know she was listening to her coworker and just standing here getting paid for doing nothing but being RUDE.

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Anonymous - 150 d 12 h ago


Last week I bought my son a pair of shoes when I got home and he tried them on he didn't like the way they fit. So I go to return them. They tell me they can't do a return for $65 bc they don't have the cash to do a return. This is the first and only place I've ever had trouble with on returning an item. With that being said I will never purchase shoes or anything else from here ever again. Horrible. So if you shop here and shopping for someone else make sure they go with you are you'll have to run around to each store just to return a pair of shoes!

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Anonymous - 154 d 6 h ago


Last week I visited store number 476 and the store manager was being rude and disrespectful to his employees. This man was is showing a bad example to these young kids. Me and my family left the store because of how nasty this man was talking to these employees. I asked another employee of that man name, and they said his name was Terrell. He was a big, light skinned man. I will never shop there with my kids after experiencing that happening from a store manager. Something needs to be done. I will be reporting this issue to the Hibbett Sport corporation.

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Anonymous - 162 d 7 h ago


Good shopping trip gone bad! Was faced with racial profiling when in a store today in Fulton, MO! What made the whole situation worse the young lady that was rude and out of line claimed to have been an assistant manager! Maybe I'm just old school when it comes to customer service but today's incident not only proves that most young people in today's society have no values, morals and slim to no home training!!! If you are in a position of authority you should be required to carry yourself in such manner!!! I give respect to those who show me respect no matter the age, but once those lines are crossed respect goes out the window very quickly!!!

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Mary Maxwell - 163 d 14 h ago


On December 10, 2018 I tried to place an online order. I entered the payment information at checkout and used two gift cards I had to pay down the balance. One card had $25 and the other had $30 on it. I went to checkout and pay the remaining balance via paypal. When I submitted the order the website crashed and the order was not placed, nor did I receive a Hibbett Order number. Paypal authorized the Net Balance due but since Hibbett never processed the order Paypal never sent the balance due, however, the $55 total on my gift cards was processed and both cards now have a zero balance for an order Hibbett never placed due to the website crash. So basically they stole the money on my giftcards for an order they couldn't place. I have tried to contact their customer service number multiple times but they can't even understand the issue. Customer service transfers me to corporate and then corporate transfers me back to a call center that has no clue. I have loved Hibbett in the past and spend tons of money here but this is ridiculous. No one there seems to care at all about customer service.

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Wendy P - 179 d 8 h ago


I order some pants online when I got them the sensor was on them took to the store they couldn't help at two stores in Alabama they told me to take them to Goodys they couldn't help so I tried to get it off a hole got in them now I have wasted pants I will not be ordering anytime else from Hibbett's.

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Anonymous - 189 d 15 h ago


I have yet to receive my birthday coupon , my birthday was November 4 th . Many emails saying the coupon was being sent via mail ?

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Key - 192 d 15 h ago


I tried to order some shoes on 11/29/2018 when they offered the shoes online at 40% off clearance shoes. Well, the had a pair of shoes that I wanted that match a lot of my exercise gear and so I tried to order the shoes but couldn't finish my order. I called once and spoke with a lady at (hidden) at 6:31 p.m. CST.

The rep/lady tried to help me but her computer was giving her major problems-call lasted 32 minutes. I told her not to worry and I will call back. I called again at 7:04 p.m. CST the gentleman tried to help me purchase the shoe but it wouldn't let me order the size that I needed which was a 7 versus the 9. I contacted my local store and a young lady advised me to check the store where she grew up which was Thomasville, Alabama. They had the shoe in a size 7. The manager gave me the sku number for the size 7 and she put the store on hold for me. I called back to customer service (hidden)) at 7:41 p.m. CST. This time I was on the line with the rep for 44 minutes. I took screenshots of all my calls to them just in case. The lady was really nice and she tried all she could to help me. She looked at other clearance Nike Airmax 270's that the offered on sale that day and the price changed and she even attempted to check me out and the system would let me. The rep was trying to see if it was an issue with that just shoe. So, the rep went back to the shoe that I wanted and she tried to order in a 9, it would let her order that but she backed out because I wear a 7 and not a size 9. I even added the manager from the Thomasville, Alabama Hibbetts store on the line to verify they had the shoe. The store had the shoe and the no one could figure out the problem. The rep tried to get to a manager but they told her they were busy and to take a message and they would call back within 24 hours. I never received a phone call. So I called on 12/06/2018 to only be told that they cannot honor the 40% off this item. I asked why and they told me they couldn't verify which shoe. I was like look at the note that the rep but in about the issue. They came back and offered me 20%. I am nike no, the shoe was 40%. I told the manager to go back and read the note, she came back and said on yeah your right but I can only give you 30%. Again, I was like I do not understand why you cannot honor the price when the rep put in a note about the issue and was very detailed to include price of shoe, sku number and and the new price of the shoe once it was added to my cart. I contacted corporate and they transferred me to customer relations. I told him what happened and he was like she offered you a percentage off and I'll transfer you back so that you can complete your order. They new rep that I got today was great. She tried to help me but management wouldn't honor it. I told her thank you but I will go to Foot Locker and to let her know the Lebron 16 shoes that I bought for $160 grade school size would be returned and I wouldn't rather pay more rather than give money to Hibbetts. These stores have some good employees most of the time but the customer service managers are the worst. They are not sensitive but a liers. Lastly, any time I have shopped at a store and an issue was beyond the customers control, the managers honored the price. I.E. belk. Hibbetts is no longer my store. I spend lots of money in Hibbetts but not anymore.

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Rhonda - 1 y ago

We are not allowed to use the restroom

At Hibbitt in Covington, Tennessee even when making a purchase. Because of the acts of past customers they have adopted this rule. We shop in there so much they know us by name. But not anymore. My son needed a pair of cleats and the ones he needed were 200 dollars. My daughter and I needed to pee and were told they couldn't let us use the bathroom because of past customers pulling the alarm. We left and went next door to pee and bought the cleats online at Nike. We will

Not be back to Hibbitt.

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Anonymous - 281 d 24 h ago

Well the inventory is in back why would you be able to go back there?? Do you use the bathroom in footlocker? No

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The TRUTH - 192 d 15 h ago

This is so not true. I have been to several Hibbett stores in my town and they have let me use the restroom. If that was a policy post it on the front door. Also, when you have children we always say use the restroom before you leave home but what usually happens. Sometimes they use it and sometimes they don't. Also, I shop and footlocker too and they let me use the restroom. Your point is really not validate. Bye Felecia!!!

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Lisa - 192 d 19 h ago

They suck. Been 12 days and no 0ne still got back to me why my order isn't shipped or cant cancel it but they sure took my money. Worst place ever.

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VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER!!! - 196 d 10 h ago


So I go in for my daughter's birthday present was spending $200 on her.. The nice associate tells me if I sign up online and use buy & pickup option I can get 20% off. Ok great who wouldn't do that right?! Keep in mind we are ONLY at the Greenwood Mall for a b-ball game that starts in 30 minutes. So AFTER placing the order she tells me that it could take up to 90 minutes for the store to receive it. Ok my daughter has to be at a game in 30 minutes, I've placed the order by the time we get out of the game y'all will be closed... So the nice young man then calls his manager to see what can be done... He says have her go ahead and pay for it again and once the order pops up we will just cancel it and her $$ will go back on the card. Ok so I do just that. So the night goes on and NOTHING. No confirmation of cancel or anything! So I call today and talk to them and they tried to tell me that it was cancelled already, but I tell them that it hasn't sent an email... Well it normally doesn't she said. So I call my bank to see if it was still pending and it wasso I then call the store again she calls her manager and he says for me to call the 1800 number. As I am thinking why did order not show up for them. Well I call the girl back and ask her if the size is out in your store will it not pop up for you to see that you have an order waiting? Guess what the only size shoe they have in the store is the size I paid twice for so that is why my online order is not showing up in the stores system! So she then tells me to call the 1800 number and she may be able to help me. So I call them. First call I was explaining to the person what had happened at the store and she puts me on hold then hangs the phone up on me. So I called back talked to another woman and she transfers me to someone else. This lady tried to help me but says there is no way that I can cancel my order!!!! Ok so how do I get my money back?!? She says in 14 days it will automatically refund and then it could take 7-10 for it to show up on my card!!!! They said there is absolutely NOTHING that I can do. So I have $200 floating around not knowing if I'll wvsr get it back.. Not to mention tomorrow is my daughters birthday and that & that $200 was supposed to go toward the rest of her things! This all bc I listened to the associate in the store!! So I am pissed to the MAX!! I have bought from Hibbets probably the past 8 years I will NEVER recommend them again!

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