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HMS Home Warranty

1625 NW 136th Ave, Ste 210
Florida, FL
(888) 682-1043
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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


HMS/Cinch will do everything possible to not perform the repair/replacement. They will delay the service call, arrange for a second opinion and try everything possible so that you run out of patience and get the repair/replacement done on your own.

No body should buy warranty from them. This is a scam.

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Mark Stephens - 13 d ago


The following is the current experience my fianc Dottie Niewald and I (Mark Stephens) are having...

We haven't had AC for over a week now and sweating to death in the summer heat. My AC unit is 27 years old and we have had our policy for almost two years. We bought the premium package so we would have the best coverage for when the unit finally broke. As soon as the unit broke, I called and they sent the repair man out the next day. He said the unit was old and called it a "rust bucket". He told the warranty company that we needed a new unit. Too old to fix. The warranty company is disagreeing with their own repair guy and claim all I need are replacement parts but since the unit is so old, I am responsible for the rest of the parts in order to upgrade the whole unit to brand new. Some of the parts that they say I have to pay for are things that my policy covers. It's obvious that I need a whole unit, and that's why I was encouraged by my realtor to purchase the warranty when I bought the house. I've paid the warranty policy on time every month for almost two years and not when it's the middle of summer, I need a new unit but the warranty company won't pay to replace the unit. Only to replace parts and I have to pay for all the extra "upgraded parts". That is just bad business and a scam for homeowners. When I needed them the most, they won't pay what they should and it's impossible to speak to anyone in customer service that I can understand. I've called countless times and been transferred to numerous departments but no one will help me. They have agreed that those are covered items on my policy but it's somehow not covered because my 27 year old "rust bucket " just needs some parts replaced and I have to pay for all the others parts so it can be "upgraded " to a new unit. This is soooo frustrating!!!

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JD - 15 d ago


I had HMS for a number of years, and they were outstanding in all aspects, promptness, fairness, listening to the customer, getting it done quickly and correctly...but no longer. They are totally worthless now, a complete and total waste of time and money. DO NOT go with this company.

I've been without A/C for three weeks, and at the end of being assigned to four separate vendors, one of them openly fraudulent, they finally told me, after I had to call yet again after not hearing from them for days, that they were not going to cover this A/C repair and had closed the ticket. This, after three weeks of runaround and payment of the $125 deductible.

Their formerly outstanding service is gone. DO NOT go with this company.

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ejm - 35 d ago


I WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY...EVER!!! I was transferred 5 times to people I could barely understand. We have been without a dryer for a month now (they say the parts are on order). We have 6 people in our household and had to spend $60.00 at a laundromat.

This is THE WORST warranty company ever!! Stay away.

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dss - 38 d 18 h ago


Worst company EVER!!!!! Terrible customer service, terrible plan, terrible leadership, terrible EVERYTHING! Don't waste your money or time! It is cheaper to buy a new appliance, and you won't waste time you can never get back! I have never experienced such incompetence and disrespect in my life.... and this from a company that wants my business?!?! Go anywhere but to HMS!

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Rick H - 141 d 12 h ago


Worst home warranty experience in my life. Purchased as part of our new home purchase. Made a claim for a fireplace that would not ignite - denied. Then a refrigerator stopped working. Paid $100 for the technician visit, concluding the issue was due to mechanical breakdown of the insulation and not fixable. HMS denied the claim stating terms did not cover damage due to rust, we appealed with technician clarification that the rust was a result of the failure, not the cause. No help - on appeal, we were told they only covered damage due to mechanical issues from normal usage. We explained that this was exactly that. We were told that "mechanical issues are the ones with wires coming out". Seriously? We commented that wires are electrical not mechanical, and that insulation failure was mechanical. No help - claim denied. We have concluded that HMS is a sham operation that will find any excuse to deny a claim, regardless of how legitimate. We are out the $500 paid for the HMS warranty, plus the $2500 it will cost for a new refrigerator that should be covered. Avoid dealing with this company at all cost. Google home warranty companies and you can fine dozens with better ratings- I wish I had, rather than take the realtor's suggestion. The only reason this 1 star is that lower ratings are not a choice.

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SS - 148 d 13 m ago


ridiculous. I have had many issues with this company. they are know for giving you the " run around". Rude customer service reps and nothing is don in a timely manner.

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Kim - RVA - 159 d 24 h ago


Horrible. I plan to cancel with them ASAP.

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Anonymous - 214 d ago


This is a company that can't appreciate your business.

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Angry - 1 y 203 d ago


Have had issue with this company since 2014....I wonder if we can start a lawsuit against this company...reading the comments on here and it looks like this is a common issue with this company

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Anonymous - 1 y 106 d ago


If we can sign me up. They should be out of business

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Sign me up on the lawsuit! I am having the same issues! Sitting in a 90 home for 6 weeks with no resolution of fixing my AC

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Shane - 1 y 76 d ago


We should start a lawsuit against this company, it is a SCAM. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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VF - 1 y ago


I would like to join in if possible. I HATE this company

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Super Angry - 1 y ago


We would like to start a lawsuit as well. They sent a fraudulent fix it company to our home, not registered in the state we live in, the business was forfeited years ago. We have not had hot water in over a week. Our water heater has been flooding our basement for months. It has been in emergency status, we can never talk to managers, and they act dumb with us, so we never get anywhere. But, it's apparently always our fault, when my husband can't answer his cell at work.

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Bernadette Freeman - 216 d ago


Please sign me up

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Jason - 228 d ago



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Maria M - 237 d 18 h ago


Horrible!! I've been waiting for over a month to get my money from an appliance. I was "guaranteed" it would be here by October 15. I've made numerous calls and have been told that the check was mailed out, not yet mailed, escalated, mailed, and then again, not yet mailed. To get a manager to call you back is next to impossible. I was again promised that I would receive my check by the latest, today. Surprise, no check. I called. After almost an hour on the phone, my $2,000 check was not even mailed. They once again escalated my claim and supposedly a supervisor will call me tomorrow. The whole process is beyond frustrating. When my appliance broke, they gave me one option that had different measurements. Since their one option didn't fit, they told me I had to take the claim money. Save yourself months of aggravation and go to another company.

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Judy - 238 d ago


Nothing but good experiences. I've had multiple claims and all were repaired quickly and efficiently. That last claim was a broken 12 year old GE Profile microwave. They replaced it with a brand new GE Profile- installed and hauled away old one. Couldn't be better.

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Keith Furia - 244 d 5 s ago


Your company is a shame! When I got my policy over three years ago I asked the agent what was covered and what wasn't. I paid extra for services and when I needed that additional coverage I was denied. The situation is this, I had a routine inspection of my septic system (that I paid extra to be covered) and the inspection showed issues. I called your company for coverage and your company could not send a vendor our in a timely manner so I was informed that I could use a third party vendor for these repairs. I was told to submit a paid invoice with the details of the repairs and that I would be covered. After 3 months I finally got denied without so much as an email or phone call to tell me I was denied. When I called the agent "could not make heads or tails of the gibberish written in the notes". From start to finish your team has been nothing but unprofessional, uninformed, and not helpfull. I paid your company every month for what? To be denied when I needed to be covered. As a result I am out 3000 that I was told would be covered and I will be forwarding these comments as well as the email correspondence to every real estate agent I can find, posting it on every social media site I can find. So the your customers and future customers will be informed on the lack of service that your company (HMS or Cinch) provides and not to get caught up in the lies.

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none - 246 d ago


is there a corporate office to call?

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M fasoli - 267 d ago


Terrible customer service. Tried to cancel policy and was told I couldn't without paying 300.00 for services that were covered. Terrible company do not buy policy they tell you , you can cancel at anytime. I paid for 6 months used service once paid 99.00 but they won't cancel without charging another 300.00. Never again will I recommend this company

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A - 1 y ago



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Rick G - 1 y ago


I feel your pain! I have been trying to get my boiler repaired since April 15th, it is now AUGUST 23RD. Three providers... The Sears guy they sent 1st was totally incompetent, then the next guy East Coast Mechanical has strung me along since May 3rd... OMG WORST COMPANY EVER!

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Anonymous - 287 d 19 h ago

The worst place

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