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HMS Home Warranty

1625 NW 136th Ave, Ste 210
Florida, FL
(888) 682-1043
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will never be burned a second time - 8 d 17 h ago


HEED ALL WARNINGS ABOUT THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!. Purchased home on 1/31/2019 and had a pipe leak on 2/09/19.My home was built in 1956. Through investigating we figured out the drain pipe underneath the kitchen sink was leaking. We contacted HMS and a plumber was sent out the same day. The pipe is a cast iron pipe and was denied because they said it was pre existing because of rust on the pipe. Can you tell me what cast iron pipe is not going to rust? Almost every cast iron pipe has rust on it and continues to function properly. For those of you that read this and need to seek legal action against them the fax number is (hidden) for your attorney to contact. They take your 500 plus dollars for the premium coverage which is their best coverage and deny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreement: 10680927.0 Service Job: SCCM2X9NCD-3 Dear We have had the opportunity to review the claim for your General Plumbing that was initiated on 2/10/2019. While we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, coverage is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined within your Agreement. The technician reported: the water line under the sink is leaking due to rusting. Piping is cast iron. After careful review, and in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of your Agreement, we must respectfully decline coverage for the following reason: Warranty is 11 days old. Claim is considered pre existing and is not addressed per section II. Basis for coverage. Kindly refer to the following excerpt of your Agreement: Section 2, paragraph 1, wherein it states: We agree to pay the covered costs to repair or replace the items listed as covered on your Agreement Coverage Summary if any such items become inoperable during the term of this Agreement due to mechanical failure caused by routine wear and tear, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. We regret that at this time our decision cannot be a more favorable one and we look forward to serving your needs in the future. Sincerely, Claims Authorizations Department /EM Home Service Agreement is issued by HomeSure Services, Inc., except in the following states where it is issued by the identified entity: in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming by HomeSure of America, Inc.; in California by HomeSure Protection of California, Inc.; and in Virginia and Oregon by HomeSure of Virginia, Inc. Services are provided by independent tradespeople/contractors.

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Dana P. - 20 d 16 h ago


HMS Home Warranty is a complete joke and a waste of money. My home warranty came with the purchase of my home. I contacted them on 1/11/19 about my furnace not working properly. I returned home from work to find it was 55 degrees in my home and my furnace not blowing hot air. They claimed they listed it as an emergency. They assigned it to a local preferred provider who when I called, did not answer and did not have an outgoing message that identified themselves as an HVAC company. Nor did they call me back. I had to call them the next day and of course they did not answer. I finally got a hold of the vendor and scheduled an appointment for later that day. Their technician arrived an hour and a half past the scheduled appointment time. He spent less than 15 minutes in my home "diagnosing" the problem with my furnace. This was a Saturday afternoon. He said he would have his manager call HMS and provide their suggestion. I bugged HMS and the provider all weekend long for information and got nowhere. Finally on Monday, 1/14/19, I get an email saying that HMS was approving the replacement of my furnace but there were non-covered additional charges from the provider totaling $1,399 in addition to my $100 deductible. The provider was even charging me for removal of the old furnace. I flat out refused the additional charges and had another HVAC company, who will not work with HMS or any home warranty company, come out and give an estimate. Showed them the email and they said I did not need one thing quoted in the "non-covered" additional charges, which included electrical modifications, flue modifications, other related charges, etc. I am still being harassed to approve the additional charges by HMS and now have to pay out of my own pocket to my own chosen provider to replace my furnace. I thought having a home warranty was supposed to provide peace of mind. is just another area of my life I have to prevent scams. Thank goodness I didn't pay for this and I will NEVER renew the policy or recommend to anyone to purchase a home warranty from HMS or any home warranty company.

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Jordan - 43 d 19 h ago


Echoing the comments below. Horrible company that should be avoided at all costs!!

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Tom D - 54 d 15 h ago


Absolutely the WORST company on the face of the earth. Every dollar you spend for a home warranty with them is a dollar WASTED. You have been WARNED !!!

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Angry - 58 d 17 h ago


Have had issue with this company since 2014....I wonder if we can start a lawsuit against this company...reading the comments on here and it looks like this is a common issue with this company

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Jenny - 79 d 16 h ago


I am a homeowner who has had this warranty since 2015. For the most part, I have been satisfied with it until this year. It took 2 months for a $20 heating element to be replaced in my 2 year old oven which was also provided under the warranty. Why someone would purchase an oven that would only last for 2 years is unbeknownst to me but HMS provided it pursuant to their warranty. Each time I called regarding status with the service provider (Young Appliance Repair), I was given one excuse after another. Death in family, baby born, over booked with another emergency and missed appointments altogether. Yelp reviews confirm this is the norm for this company yet every time I called HMS, I was told that I had to wait for that service provider. Finally, after 2 months, HMS sent a new provider who also diagnosed the problem as the heating element and told us we could have purchased it at Home Depot or Lowes for under $20. Then we had to wait until HMS re-ordered the part for the provider to be able to schedule it in. Two months without an oven is unacceptable.

Friday, 11/30/18, I detected a leaking water heater. I immediately called HMS who assigned a provider who just happened to be available immediately. The provider said that the unit had to be replaced and he would notify HMS immediately. I confirmed that he had so notified HMS. When I called to check status, I was told that it would still take 72 hours for an approval or notification from HMS. Meanwhile, water continues to leak out of the water heater and despite numerous calls, there was to be a wait. I have ruined flooring and have utilized tons of electricity and gas to keep draining and drying towels and blankets. My family has had to shower at others' homes. We have had to boil water for washing dishes. My water heater will not be delivered until Wednesday 12/5/2018.

I emailed customer service this morning and was advised "thank you for contacting HMS Membership Services. We have forwarded this information to our claims department..." I am complaining about claims department, HMS protocol and you refer me back to the same claims department.

At some point, protocol should dictate what an emergency repair is and actions governed accordingly. There is NO WAY that a homeowner should have a home warranty and be both inconvenienced, patronized and disrespected as I have been throughout this process. After one representative told me that regardless if it is an emergency or not, it would take at least 72 hours to process this claim. He even told me that he was without hot water for a year. (Really?)

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Jenny (con't) - 79 d 15 h ago

and let me add that in addition to the $125.00 deductible, I am being charged an additional $200 for disposal and expansion tank fees. I could have purchased the hot water heater the same day and had it installed but for warranty.

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Anonymous - 78 d 19 h ago


I feel your pain this company sucks!

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Unhappy customer - 91 d 5 m ago


Isn't it funny when you call to sign up for the warranty, they are so helpful and then when you call Customer Service, no one knows anything. We have not had an oven for a month, they are making us be the go between with their third party vendor, will not fix our oven, and will not allow us to speak to a manager. Their third party vendor is subcontracting this to another vendor and there is no one managing this process and have no one to give us information for when this will get fixed. The last remaining part they are waiting for isn't even needed. It's completely ridiculous.

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Johnetta Hardin - 155 d ago


This company is terrible. I have needed someone to check on my water heater and filed a claim on 9/10/18 and I have yet to have someone come to my home. It is not 9/19/18!!! I have been asking for a supervisor to call me since 9/14/18! I don't think I should be charged for this month.

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Phyllis Dennis - 97 d 14 h ago


I am having so many problems getting my washer fixed. It's been since the 3rd of Oct 2018. I have been hung up on so many times, ask to speak to a supervisor they are to busy to speak to me and I leave a number for a supervisor to call back that does not happen either. The first time the part was not ordered, the second time ordered but I was told three times when it would come to sears and two parts did and the three did not, Called today Nov 15, 2018, and was to my washer needs approve for a new one and that is pending, I never get a call back to tell me what's going on I must call HMS I have made 15 to 20 calls on this issues. I have been looking for a phone number to corporate headquarters and cannot find one if any has it please post it here. Thanks

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Janita Gonzalez - 98 d 12 h ago


I first called HMS because my washing machine was leaking. A service company came out pretty quickly October 4 2018. They ordered the part needed. All the parts that needed to be replaced were replaced, the service company came out 3 different times to replace damaged parts. The third time they came out it was discovered the tub has a whole in it and the washing machine needed to be replaced ( the service company recommended the washer to be replaced). All of this info was in the service report I received from the contractors who worked on my machine, a service report HMS claims they have not received. Long story short it is now November 14th 2018 and guess who still doesn't have a washer? The way we have been treated by HMS is horrible no one seems to care and no one seems to be able to help the customer service is a joke. We would have been better off buying our own machine. We will definitely not be renewing at the end of our contract. I will never recommend this company to any one else I know.

They need to change their motto because I don't have peace of mind at all!

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Janita Gonzalez - 98 d 12 h ago


I first called HMS because my washing machine was leaking. A service company came out pretty quickly October 4 2018. They ordered the part needed. All the parts that needed to be replaced were replaced, but then it was discovered the tub has a whole in it and the washing machine needed to be replaced. All of this info was in the service report I received from the contractors who worked on my machine. Long story short it is now November 14th 2018 and guess who still doesn't have a washer? The way we have been treated by HMS is horrible no one seems to care and no one seems to be able to help the customer service is a joke. We would have been better off buying our own machine. We will definitely not be renewing at the end of our contract. I will never recommend this company to any one else I know.

They need to change their motto because I don't have peace of mind at all!

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Harold Coyle - 107 d 10 h ago


In July of 2018, as a part of my home purchase, I obtained a home warranty agreement with HMS Home Warranty. During the first week of October I started have problems with my side-by-side refrigerator. The temperature in the freezer started fluctuating by several degrees. It got to the point that after 60 degrees I threw out the food. After contacting HMS, they dispatched A&E (Sears) to make the repair. On October 5th the tech diagnosed the problem was with the front door control panel. He also ordered and replacement motor for the ice maker. After a couple of weeks, the parts arrived. The tech that installed the parts said that the real problem was the master control board. Fortunately, he had a control board on the truck. In addition to replacing the board, he ordered another board and a solenoid for the icemaker. After restocking my freezer, it went out again. On October 26th, A&E came out and replaced the board again. Now, as of November 1st, the freezer is dead again. Now comes the fun part. I called HMS and was told the soonest I could get service was the 6th. They then assigned the call to Expert Appliance Repair and asked that I call them to schedule an appointment. When I called Expert Appliance (hidden), it was answered by an unmonitored voice mail box. I then called HMS again. After they couldn't reach the service provider they assigned the call to National Home Alliance and said they would be here today (November 5) and would contact me to confirm. Never got a call from them or HMS. I did get a call from Universal Appliance Service who proceeds to tell me that the soonest they could get someone here would be November 12th. Not going to work! I called HMS this evening and after being transferred 3 times over the course of 45 minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, none was available. So, I asked for a department manager. I was then hung-up on. Needless to say, HMS has no clue on how to do customer service. Their warranty is worthless. They can't even track who is going to perform the service. I will do everything in my power to make sure as many people know about HMS and pitiful service. Don't buy a warranty from them!

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Janel Burdette - 118 d 19 h ago


DON'T BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY! DON'T BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY! I only needed my refrigerator repaired. I asked that it be done quickly because I have needles for a medical condition. Here we are 6 days later and STILL NO FIXED REFRIGERATOR! They went from "we waiting on the company" to "we need to order a part" to "it's in processing" to "you need 2 parts" to "it was shipped today" to "1 part was shipped today" to "its coming from Canada" to "it will be there today" to "1 part "should" be there tomorrow" to "the other part is coming next week" to "I'm not sure what day, but early next week." RIDICULOUS! So I check these tracking numbers and NOTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED! DON'T BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY! DON'T DO IT!

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Severly disappointed - 135 d 19 m ago


I am a first time homebuyer. My husband and I requested the seller to purchase a home warranty for 1 year. HMS was selected for our home warranty. We recently had to use them for a gas leak in the home. They sent out a plumber who did nothing but waste my time. Fast forward 3-4 weeks without gas and that same plumber requested a second opinion thru the home warranty company. I spoke to HMS and discussed my frustration and the gentleman on the phone gave me a new service provider. He placed me on hold and gave me the contact info. He even reached out to this guy and spoke to him about urgently coming Monday, as this was Saturday and like I said, 3-4 weeks without gas. Monday comes, I call the new service provider and he agreed that this was TOO LONG to go without gas, but needless to say, he was unable to come out. He assured me that his technician will call me Monday (same day). NO CALL. When I tried to reach him and see what the status was, it went straight to voicemail! We then got re-assigned to another service provider who again, did not have time to come out. When I spoke to him on the phone, he requested pictures. He also agreed this was TOO LONG to go without gas. After seeing the pictures, he stated that he couldn't do the job. So, I am extremely upset at this point because it's now approaching week 5 and no one they sent can do the job.

Finally after many, many, many, many, many calls back and forth they finally agreed for us to find our own service provider. However, it doesn't stop there. They also cap labor off at a certain price. So they decided to DENY a service provider we had out and actually looked at the gas line. They also tried to deny a second provider we had out. We have to agree to cover part of LABOR COST when they should already have provided the service and COVER THE COST!!!!!! They only have 3 service providers for plumbing in our network who are all unwilling to do the job. They take forever to schedule because they are in no rush.

This company so far, is BUYER BEWARE! This has been the absolute worst experience. I see other comments about HVAC needs in homes with this company and they also say it's been weeks before they complete the job for these people. Clearly they need help in this area and it's not fair to families that are stuck working with this company for these needs. The message that comes on when you call them states "we make home owning easy." I laugh every time. Because so far, that's a false statement.

It is true that they send an email stating 5-7 business days for the job, that is false.

It is true that they are cheap and don't want to cover the cost of the job when they themselves have NO CLUE what the job entails.

They are not good at communicating. They tried to give the same plumbers that didn't contact me, complete the job or even call me again after I already dealt with them the first time.

There is NO URGENCY.

There is no compassion with them besides robotically saying "I understand you are frustrated."

This will not slide with me and I will keep reaching out until someone hears me and fixes this. it is not fair for this company to let a family suffer through this. It has been horrible and the worst experience of my life.

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V. Rich - 148 d 22 h ago


I received this warranty from my buyer's agent for the purchase of my home in December 2017. I have been trying to get the company to resolve an issue with my HVAC system since April 2018 & it is almost October. I have sent numerous emails to the company and even went as far as contacting the my agent to get a contact & have had no success. I receive confirmation emails every time I send an email stating they will get back to me in 3-5 days but it has been over 2 weeks since the last contact and still no resolve on my HVAC system. I believe they are just waiting for it to expire at this point. I recommend not utilizing this company AT ALL. That means for agents, home buyers, or home sellers. I am now exploring options through a Federal Consumer Regulatory agency because they are headquartered in Florida and my home is in Maryland.

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