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HMS Home Warranty

1625 NW 136th Ave, Ste 210
Florida, FL
(888) 682-1043
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Jason - 7 d ago


Your company is aweful! You do the bare minimum to basically get me off the phone instead of actually repairing things. You claim that my water heater leaking all over the floor, which caused us to cancel our thanksgiving was a emergency yet more then 24 hours later there is still no one out here to fix or inspect it. I was told someone would be out here between 8-5 today. The company you scheduled will not answer and phone calls from your company or from me which means he is not showing up. A "manager" named Kimberly if that is even her real name stated that this was a emergency, and she would contact us back ASAP but that was 3 hours ago, and no call back we must really be import to you as a "emergency" customer. She also said we would be out on a list to find someone ourselfs to repair it and they would contact us back. Well we had no trouble at all to find a actual professional to do it. Not really surprised just required making a phone call. Now that we found someone we can not get a hold of this manager "Kimberly" coincidence I think not. We where also given "Kimberly's" direct extension, but was told by multiple people that they can not contact her and that there are no notes at all about this situation. While trying to contact "Kimberly" your agent stated that she can not be contacted even though she gave us her direct extension, and that someone would contact me in the next 24 hours from when that phone call was placed. Which would make this 72 hours with no hot water or gas to my stove. Which again your agents and manager "Kimberly" stated was a emergency. I'm just glad your company doesn't handle 911 emergency calls. So my question is why waste everyone time with the run around? Just tell people From the start that this company is a scam, and will not fix or replace anything and your best bet is to find your own help to fix or replace anything you have a concern about. I honestly will be reporting this to anyone that will listen to ensure that anyone I even meet or talk to will never use your company. I also will be reporting this to BBB because other people need to be protected from your company. Your people are aweful, and have no interest in helping anyone. The lady I talk to yesterday put me on hold multiple times to answer her cell phone which I could hear ringing in the background multiple times, because that was more important than helping the customer, the job that is paying her so she pay her cell phone bill and talk on while she puts customers on hold.

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Maria M - 16 d 17 h ago


Horrible!! I've been waiting for over a month to get my money from an appliance. I was "guaranteed" it would be here by October 15. I've made numerous calls and have been told that the check was mailed out, not yet mailed, escalated, mailed, and then again, not yet mailed. To get a manager to call you back is next to impossible. I was again promised that I would receive my check by the latest, today. Surprise, no check. I called. After almost an hour on the phone, my $2,000 check was not even mailed. They once again escalated my claim and supposedly a supervisor will call me tomorrow. The whole process is beyond frustrating. When my appliance broke, they gave me one option that had different measurements. Since their one option didn't fit, they told me I had to take the claim money. Save yourself months of aggravation and go to another company.

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Judy - 17 d 44 s ago


Nothing but good experiences. I've had multiple claims and all were repaired quickly and efficiently. That last claim was a broken 12 year old GE Profile microwave. They replaced it with a brand new GE Profile- installed and hauled away old one. Couldn't be better.

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Keith Furia - 23 d ago


Your company is a shame! When I got my policy over three years ago I asked the agent what was covered and what wasn't. I paid extra for services and when I needed that additional coverage I was denied. The situation is this, I had a routine inspection of my septic system (that I paid extra to be covered) and the inspection showed issues. I called your company for coverage and your company could not send a vendor our in a timely manner so I was informed that I could use a third party vendor for these repairs. I was told to submit a paid invoice with the details of the repairs and that I would be covered. After 3 months I finally got denied without so much as an email or phone call to tell me I was denied. When I called the agent "could not make heads or tails of the gibberish written in the notes". From start to finish your team has been nothing but unprofessional, uninformed, and not helpfull. I paid your company every month for what? To be denied when I needed to be covered. As a result I am out 3000 that I was told would be covered and I will be forwarding these comments as well as the email correspondence to every real estate agent I can find, posting it on every social media site I can find. So the your customers and future customers will be informed on the lack of service that your company (HMS or Cinch) provides and not to get caught up in the lies.

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none - 25 d ago


is there a corporate office to call?

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M fasoli - 46 d 24 h ago


Terrible customer service. Tried to cancel policy and was told I couldn't without paying 300.00 for services that were covered. Terrible company do not buy policy they tell you , you can cancel at anytime. I paid for 6 months used service once paid 99.00 but they won't cancel without charging another 300.00. Never again will I recommend this company

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A - 142 d 43 m ago



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Rick G - 104 d 17 h ago


I feel your pain! I have been trying to get my boiler repaired since April 15th, it is now AUGUST 23RD. Three providers... The Sears guy they sent 1st was totally incompetent, then the next guy East Coast Mechanical has strung me along since May 3rd... OMG WORST COMPANY EVER!

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Anonymous - 66 d 19 h ago

The worst place

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Richard Guthjahr - 104 d 17 h ago


This is the worst company! I had an emergency where I had NO WATER in my house. The provider they placed on the job simply no longer was in business! They had no other providers in my area. It took them 3 weeks to finally allow me to get an outside provider. They then proceeded to harass this plumber left and right about the cost, his methods, the timing, you name it! He finally was able to do the job that took all of 15 minutes. They had him on the phone for at least an hour!

Then it took me 8 WEEKS!!! That's 2 months! To get reimbursed... What an absolute joke of a company!

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Vicki - 105 d ago

Watch out for this company... they will charge renewal fee to your credit card without notifying you. I did not renew my home warranty two years ago and noticed a renewal fee charged to my card a day ago. I quickly notified my bank and disputed the fee.

General profile image - 105 d 18 h ago


By far this is the worst experience, my AC broke down during a heat wave, and till now haven't got fixed yet, I just can't understand why it is so hard to approve the job. Why they need to send three different providers to look at it?, I don't know what to do and how long I have to wait, I have been paying them for 5 years, and when I have an emergency they never help at all. They should be out of this business.

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Anonymous - 129 d ago

Any able to reach corporate office to make a complaint? The number above is not for them....

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Angry - 1 y ago


Have had issue with this company since 2014....I wonder if we can start a lawsuit against this company...reading the comments on here and it looks like this is a common issue with this company

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Anonymous - 250 d 16 h ago


If we can sign me up. They should be out of business

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Anonymous - 129 d ago

Sign me up on the lawsuit! I am having the same issues! Sitting in a 90 home for 6 weeks with no resolution of fixing my AC

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Shane - 220 d 2 m ago


We should start a lawsuit against this company, it is a SCAM. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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VF - 185 d ago


I would like to join in if possible. I HATE this company

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Super Angry - 156 d 16 h ago


We would like to start a lawsuit as well. They sent a fraudulent fix it company to our home, not registered in the state we live in, the business was forfeited years ago. We have not had hot water in over a week. Our water heater has been flooding our basement for months. It has been in emergency status, we can never talk to managers, and they act dumb with us, so we never get anywhere. But, it's apparently always our fault, when my husband can't answer his cell at work.

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LeeN - 150 d ago

I have been trying to get my AC fixed for over a month through HMS. Vendor one, took $75 deductible (cashed immediately). Result... AC still not working. Called back for a recall, and scheduled an appointment. DynoMike (name of the company) never returned and never answered phone calls or texts. Contacted HMS again. They assigned yet another vendor. Made an appointment, and guess what? They didn't show up either, nor did they return ANY phone messages. Spent another entire day waiting for these folks. Call HMS again, told them they need to take these horrible vendors off their list. No response. They offered to make an appointment for me with Sears Home Services (which surprised me... didn't know that was an option). However, that would be another week! First appointment on a Saturday from 8 am until 6 pm. If I wanted a sooner appointment, they would have to send to dispatch... probably another horrible company. So now I wait! Not to mention it takes a significant amount of time to get through the HMS voice prompts. My HVAC system hasn't worked properly since the first time HMS sent a company ut. They replaced a blower motor, and I'm convinced they replaced it with a bogus part. Haven't had the same air flow since that repair, and it has caused consistent issues with heat and AC.

HMS was part of the deal when I purchased the home, and was talked into keeping the warranty. At this point, I'm ready to end this relationship, and look into another company. There are several top rated warranty companies I found with rave reviews. The majority of reviews for HMS are horrible, as noted on this page. I that Douglas Stein, HMS President, is monitoring these complaints, and willing to look into improving customer service.

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Teresa M - 151 d 3 h ago


Closed on a home 6/12/19. Nobody is living in it yet, however we are ripping out carpeting and installing hardwood floors, painting and cleaning. Broke down and turned the A/C on July 1st. July 4th the A/C unit stops working. July 5th I call HMS. They tell me what company will be coming out on Saturday July 6th. July 6th I get a call from a different named company, the man states his company will be coming within 30 mins and I must have $100 cash for my deductible before he will start looking at our air conditioning unit. I questioned paying $100 before he even looks at our unit and he stated they have too many people writing bad checks and they don't except credit cards so it had to be cash. I basically had to agree otherwise he would not come. So he's on his way I get on the phone with HMS Who sings that yes this was the person who agreed to come and yes I had to pay hundred dollars upfront for my deductible. The man shows up I pay him his hundred dollars and in less than 10 minutes he tells me that air conditioner unit is fried and we also need hey condenser unit. He tells us this will cost $6000-$7000. He stated he would submit the paperwork to HMS and would be in touch with us once they gave approval for that job. Within one hour I received a call from HMS Claims stating that they would not cover the air conditioning unit due to us knowing about pre-existing problems with it. I explain to them how could there Was pre-existing problems with that when we just closed on the home June 12, 2019. I also stated that we had a home inspection done and that the unit passed inspection and therefore we had no concerns about the unit. Now HMS says we have to send a copy of our home inspection report to them before they can "escalate the claim". After Reviewing and reading literally hundreds of reviews about this company, and most Claims is dealing with air-conditioning units, I feel that this company is a scam, and we are never going to get anywhere with them. Shame on the reality companies who continue to give this sorry ass warranty company any business!

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VF - 185 d ago


I placed a claim back in March 2019 for my washer. I have also paid my contract up for the full year. The outsourced company referred by HMS has yet to fix my washer. HMS has failed to follow up on this issue. I have had to place several calls with HMS regarding this claim. HMS has reached out to the outsourced company "Intech Appliance Solutions" Regional Manager back in May 2019 regarding this issue and the failed service job and still awaiting a response back. I am unable to get a refund on my contract because I paid the contract in full for the year. I have contacted HMS on several occasions with no regards to my situation.

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Brian - 197 d ago

This company is the worst! Customer service sucks! I had an issue with my wall oven, they repaired the same issue in 2017 now they are telling it isn't covered. Have asked to speak with management and no one has call as of yet. I have been without my oven for almost a month now. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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pissed off - 238 d 20 h ago

They are the worst. I agree with all comments below.

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Mk - 250 d 16 h ago


Horrible company. Terrible experience. Terrible service partners, horrible customer service. Would not recommend

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