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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Nelson - 2 d ago


I own a Honda Pilot and for the second time have had tires missing bolts and lugs. Not only is this a safety hazard, who isn't checking these things when the balance and alignment is being done!!! The first time I was on my way to Florida from SC and this time I had a brand new FULL set of tires put on and have been driving around like this since Dec 1st. RIDICULOUS!!!! I should have stayed with my Nissan

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Joshua Landry - 6 d 8 h ago

On December 7th I was heading to Beaumont, TX from Houston, TX for an interview at the Federal Prison. This is about an hour and a half drive. While in route, I noticed in my rearview mirror a smoke trail coming from my car. There were not any maintenance notifications at the moment, so I thought nothing of it. After another 15 minutes of driving, my car gave me a maintenance warning stating "Oil Pressure Low". I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and began to assess the situation. My first step was to call Gillman Honda and talk with someone in the service department. I briefly explained to the service agent what was going on. The gentleman rushed me off the phone stating "oh , you will just have to bring the car in." I did not feel like he was trying to help me in this situation or explain a certain process. So far this is unfamiliar to me especially since this vehicle only has 8,000 miles on it. I was asked if there was any oil in my car so I checked the oil dipstick to see if there was any or determine the level of oil. From what I can tell it looked like my vehicle still had oil. I asked the service agent, can this be a computer glitch situation because I really don't want to mess up my car? He stated he didn't know and proceeded to attempt to get off the phone. As I continued on my way and proceeded to head to my destination, the car completely shut down. I called the Honda Roadside Assistance Line. They provided me with a tow truck. As the driver was reeling in the vehicle on to his truck he noticed a lot of oil flowing under the car. We brought the car to Mike Smith Honda in Beaumont, TX. Mr. Stephen, the Service Manager, started the process of diagnosing what could have happen to the vehicle. Once Mr. Stephen finished analyzing the vehicle, he brought me into the garage and asked, "who was the last to change your oil?" I told him that Gillman Honda in Houston changed my oil, it was my first oil change since purchasing the car. The oil change was complimentary. He then stated," well your oil drain plug is missing." Which meant that all the oil had drained out. I asked him, how was that possible? He stated either I hit something or whoever did my oil change didn't properly assemble my oil drain plug and it worked its way out. Since the car was lifted, I showed Mr. Steven that I hadn't hit anything under my car there was NO damage to the oil pan so that eliminated that idea. I took pictures of the bottom of the vehicle and also had someone send me a video of the parking lot that my car was parked in prior (my apartment complex). There was no signs of oil. Mr. Stephen then continued on stating, "I've never seen this before due to the fact you got your oil change a few weeks prior and its going on 2800 miles since then." I informed Mr. Stephen that I only had ONE oil change and that was from Gillman Honda. I've never had this problem happen before.

We proceeded to contact Gillman Honda Service Department and inform them of what was going on. Mrs. Kelly Goldsberry, the Service Manager, called me back and informed me that she would be sending a tow truck to Mike Smith Honda to pick up the car at 6pm that evening. On December 8th Mrs. Goldsberry called me informing me she had no idea of what took place with the vehicle. Her statements pointed towards the time and mileage behind the vehicle prior to the oil change and stated "things like this happen a few days after getting your oil changed." The employees went on account to even state that the car could have been tampered with. Mrs. Goldsberry then began to state that I needed to contact my insurance and get them involved so they could do an "investigation" of the situation since she had never seen nothing like this before. Mrs. Goldsberry and the other agents had not taken any fault to the situation, they just kept saying "we never seen this before" and what normally could've happen. My insurance State Farm then informed me that they will not be involved in this process due to this vehicle not having any damage or even being in a collision for this drain plug to come out. Mrs. Goldsberry, once informed of what the insurance said, then informed me that this situation wouldn't fall under warranty since in fact the drain plug came out which cause ENGINE DAMAGE.

I need some assistance especially since the service providers are trying to pass blame and they were the only ones to EVER do any work under my car. I'm not sure if this is a manufacturer defect or even an error on the service agents who changed my oil, all I know is the drain plug that screws in came out and emptied all my oil out and now my car has ENGINE damage to my BRAND NEW 2018 HONDA.

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Sonyainlouisiana - 10 d ago


Waited 2 hours for an oil change when I had an appointment. Tried to cancel and just reschedule because my blood sugar was dropping because I'm diabetic. They refused. I was shaking and panicked and they still refused to give me my car. The worst experience!

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Jeff - 11 d 14 h ago


Honda is more interested in selling new cars than keeping existing owners on the road. I had been a grand believer in Honda products until this fall. My 2013 Accord was held hostage at my local dealer while Corporate Honda would not release a part for 10 weeks! One of the brake caliphers seized while it was at the dealership. It wasn't driven or moved and we had a record wet fall. That repair was an added bill for me. Corporate Honda and the dealership refused to cover it.

If my local dealer service pro had not found the part at another dealership that wasn't claimed by another customer, my Accord would still be there through at least February. That would have been 22 weeks or more. When I emailed and called Honda of NA Customer Service, I was rebuffed, told there wasn't an issue, and any repairs or parts were not covered by warranty. Just call them back if I had a problem again and they'd see what they could do.

Honda, don't worry. I'm getting rid of my 2 Pilots and 2 Accords, my son's Acura, and my mother's CRV as soon as I can swing it. I can't rely on your vehicles or their maker. Any company that takes 5 months or more to get parts and damages your car while at their dealerships does not deserve anyone's business. Your Customer Service sealed the deal. Horrible.

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Lily - 15 d 15 h ago

Hi Honda Company,

I send this message from Vancouver, Canada. As you know, we have huge rain in our town most of the time. I have a new Honda- CRV 2018; I believe my Honda wipers are not suit for Vancouver rain. It is better to have one more level in their wipers.

Thank you,


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Gloria J. White - 16 d 14 h ago


I would like for somebody who is higher up in the 100 organization to read this.

I was a very proud owner of a 2017 Honda HRB went home for Thanksgiving on Sunday on my return to Where I live Locus Grove Virginiamy Honda broke down. The icon Said brake system. Had the car towed to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg Virginia they called said it was a sensor that they would have my car ready by Wednesday the service manager name Kevin called on Wednesday tell me the car would not be ready because it needed a transmission. I asked how did it go from a sensor to needing a whole transmission never could get an explanation for that.

This man has not been helpful to me in no way I had to call and get the number and give him to my gap insurance and my extended warranty. Make said he will call when he get time. Munyu I am a single woman who works at only has one car. N very calls on Wednesday to tell me after I gave him the information That the rental car has been set up and waiting . I have to drive from Locust Grove Virginia to Lynchburg which is a 128 miles To get the rental because you was not willing to set it up for me to pick up one in Fredericksburg.

While driving to Lynchburg I call and a prize they tell me they had no car waiting for me. To after a few choice words the man said, but funny something and that's what he did found something a Nissan versa. I went to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg tooth get something out of my car they did know where the car was had to look out over the place to find the car and then there was a guy in their following me around like I was still in something the manager of family showed his face Kevin and just lied to meet in my face about the whole situation. Still no explanation why I need the transmission and 2017 HRV. I am so disgusted right now to I really don't want the car back The treatment I'm getting some Billy craft Honda no one deserves to be treated that way I was a Loyal Hondacustomer now I am rethinking this thing I might just get me a lawyer and Sue

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago

Dear Honda CEO... or whoever is in charge of the "helpful moments" I know is a commercial, but do you really go out and help people in need of something ? If so, I would like to participate by letting you know my wishes. 1) to have a Honda vehicle one day.... 2) I wish you help this grandma who wants to take her grandchildren to Disneyland parks (all 5 of us) in April 2019....I work part time and cannot afford to pay for their entrance to the park. It breaks my mended heart see them asking me to go to this place. My son cannot make it either cause he works too hard and he cannot afford it. He is having a hard time paying all the bills cause he is the only provided to his family. If you really want to help me with 5 tickets to Disneyland, then I will believe your kindness is beyond this world...would you?! Please reply to: grandma Haydee at: (hidden). Thank you for your help.

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Odyssey fan - 18 d 14 h ago

I loved my Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Loved, loved, loved. Sadly, we moved to New England and it did not perform well in snowy conditions. I traded for a 2018 AWD competitor. I wish I had known about the snow mode feature. I would have bought a 2018 Odyssey in a heartbeat Honda is missing a huge audience by not advertising this feature more robustly. I can't tell you how many fellow Odyssey lovers said they had no idea about the snow mode. If they had, they would have bought the Odyssey too. (please pass this on to your VP of Marketing)

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mbhogal - 27 d ago


Very Bad experience with Certified PreOwned I wrote the following email complaint to the Executive committee of Honda (on Oct-30, 2018) in anticipation of some action. Looks like they don't care about the customer experience and encourage their dealerships to rip off the customer's wallets. I hope someone responsible in the Honda management chain will investigate the case below and provide an update. My contact info is as follow email: (hidden)" Cell: (hidden) -------------- Dear Honda automobile executive management team, I'm loyal Honda customer since 2001 have had a very good experience buying Honda vehicles until this year. We started with Honda in 2001 with Honda Odyssey van and ever since then have been upgrading our Vehicles with Honda and Acura (MDX) until 2016. Since 2014 we have bee working with Hamilton Honda of NJ and bought a new 2014 Honda CRV. We had a very good experience with our 2014 CRV buying, hence we came back in 2018 to buy a preowned certified vehicle for my son from Hamilton Honda. This turned out to be a nightmare as I ended up paying about additional $850 for the things which should have been not required to be done on a certified pre-woned vehicle First of all the battery died within a 2 months of buying the vehicle and when Honda Roadside assistance was called, they were of no help. My son needed up paying $159 to get the battery replaced by a local shop in North Brunswick, NJ, where the car stopped (did not start) around Sep-18 2018. Second, My son went for a regular Oil change service at the Service department on Sep 4th and was recommended to get the Tires rotated and was asked to change the front and read brake pads. My son went back to the dealership on Sat Oct-13th and after tire rotation, the service personnels scared him saying that the brakes must be changed and its not safe to drive with the current brakes. They finally stick him with a total bill of $670.35. This is totally unacceptable as the service department is misleading the young kids and are just worrying about the bottomline numbers for their department. On Tuesday Oct-16, I went and challenged their charges and the Decision sales head Carl, who got one of the services guys to explain the charges. The arrogance and deniability of the service rep was totally uncalled for and he was juts stuck on saying that we did our job and your son might be lying (in other words, the customer is lying). I tried to settle down the matter locally but the Hamilton Honda service department was no where near getting a solution. They offered me $100 credit for future in lieu of the $670.35 charges (which were unnecessary and not needed). I can provide all the paperwork if needed. I look forward to the Honda leadership team to investigate the issue with the dealership as to why instead of being a trusted advisor to the customer, they are more focussed on selling their services and misguiding the clients. I came back to Honda for safety and reliability and at this time, it seems that I made a wrong choice wither by chasing Honda or the Hamilton Honda dealership. Appreciate any help that you can provide to restore back the confidence in Honda

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jim - 20 d ago

what is their e-mail address? Trying to find it on google.

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Lisa Robertson - 25 d 17 m ago


People let me warn you the stock rooms on the Honda 2015 are known for manufacture defects. I went to the Honda dealer in Lancaster off 10th start W and K4 was told after insisting they replace it at their cost it was a defect Haha informed me they spoke to head quarters and would replace it at no cost either I am one of the million to 1 ratio or they patched the room and put it back onto my CRV now I drive in Los Angeles Angeles fire kept going flat again not good if I would have lost control of my vehicle due to this I finally had to buy new rims no not from Honda but they just smiled said it was not their problem so I strongly suggest you do not buy from this dealership or buyers beware they will cheat you on repairs yes I have the room and documentation to prove what I am saying

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DontKnowWhoCares - 30 d 16 m ago


I own a 2013 Honda CR-V was very happy with my car until my recent flat tire. Does anyone know that the TPMS (low tire sensor) is connected to the brakes? Me neither. Recently I had flat tire and had the spare put on until I could get it replaced. Only a couple of days to the weekend to wait, so I didn't have to take time off of work. Had the tire fixed and all was good; TPMS warning light off. Well, that's what I thought. About three days later my brakes started failing as I was driving. There was a loud noise and jerking of the car when I pressed the brakes. I slowed to about 20MPH and it stabilized the car. I slowed down to a crawl and happened to be a couple of blocks from a dealer which is on my way to work. Got the car there without incident and told them what happened. The result after their inspection and fixing my car was: Faulty TPMS Sensor. According to the dealer, the TPMS sensor failed which caused my brakes to go out...WHAT, the TPMS sensor is connected to my breaks. So. what your telling me, Mr. Dealer, is that if one of four TPMS sensors goes out, the brakes on my car will FAIL. What the hell Honda. This is a safety issue as far as I'm concerned. No only did my brakes fail because of the TPMS but the dealer charged me $500 to replace this sensor which runs on a battery and is likely to happen at any time X4, because I have four tires...Nice. Tied calling American Honda to report this, the girl on the other line was not helpful and really didn't care. Nor would she forward me to someone in charge.

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

This is the best car we have ever owned 160 thousand miles later it is still a great car and without a doubt I will buy a Honda again!

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Afraid - 31 d 18 h ago


Short and sweet. As customers we expect honesty, truthfulness, and integrity. Customers need to have faith that the service you receive and expect to receive is actually performed. This is not the case of the Florence Kentucky location. The service I requested, verbally, with the service coordinator, was not performed. When asked following my "service request", he stated that the "brake pads", were fine. Upon a near accident, when my brakes almost failed, I contacted the dealer. The service coordinator stated that I never asked that my brake pads be examined., He continued to say that he never had this conversation with me. Clearly a blantant lie. It appears to me that a cover up is in place. The liability on the part of this dealership, is in question, they know it, and have created these lies. Honda corporate should look into this incident.

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Anonymous - 33 d 21 m ago

Hello my name is Chala Delacruz i am a huge fan no i am the number one fan od Honda and i lost my car due to a title loan and i am so so hurt I've jad my car since 2005 and my Honda never failed me and my kids I'm a single mom and I'm asking for ur help at this time i honestly can't afford one but i see all that u do for people if you can find it in your heart and here my cry to assist me and my two children in another Honda old used or whatever on God i would be so greatful no other car amounts to Honda and i feel so lost with out my Honda I'm disable but i work part time and go to school both of my kids r AB enrolled kids they inspired me 5o wanna go back to school and my Honda got us every where now were catching busses i do believe u would be truely blessed in doing so I'll keep u in my prayers to do so i know its asking a lot but i feel lile if i dont ask i wont receive so i humblely ask you to at least consider me and my kids in a no any Honda they r the best cars I've ever drove or even been in and i at a lost without mine rigjt now it was our rock never gave me any problems i used the money to send my kids to Mexico and for school cloths and i tell them if they had a great time in Mexico seeing there dad im ok but between us I'm really not lol i dont even know if anyone will even read this or not but I'm trying my nimber is (hidden) i live in Dallas Tx. and I'm a Homda girl for life thanks for letting me share my storey your truely Chala Delacruz with much love

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Rajat - 33 d 10 h ago


Today, I bought a new Honda CRV 2018, from Hillside Honda dealership, NYC. This is my life first car and I am writing this sharing my overall customer service experience dealing with HONDA overall. At the end of the day today, I feel that there was fraud done to me with false charges, and lies told by dealership representatives. Today, I got to know how Honda is making a scam, and how unwanted prices are added up to your car cost, and when asked for an explanation from representatives, they are the worst rude persons. Today, my cars initial price decided which was $28,500 turned out to be $32,300 at the end of the day. Extra charges were not explained, and when I questioned, the representative they tried confusing. Here I am talking about a representative named Mohammad from Hillside Honda. After deciding the final of $28,500. he brought me the paperwork to sign and completing trusting the name of Honda, and their representative professional behavior, he did fraud with me. When I did sign all the paperwork. I found the extra cost applied to my total amount. When asked for clarification, he tried to fool me. I told him not to submit this paperwork, and I need to review this again, he asked other sales agent to confuse me more, meanwhile, he did submit all the paperwork, without my final review. Later, when asked, again and again, he gave me a printed copy of the bill of sale(not the original), saying the paper are already submitted to the dealership and no changes can be made. When asked him to explain me extra changes, and stop the process, he blamed me for disrespecting him and moved without explaining anything. Later when I had a bill of sale in my hand, I found that they charged me $28,500 for car price, he told me he will putting extra 5-year Honda warranty + Lo Jack service with which Honda will keep a track on your vehicle and it will cost you $2,800 for 6 years. Now here is the trick he played, when I got a bill of sale in my hand I found 4 different charges on my bill.

car price- $ 28,500

Lo-jack- $ 750

GPS- $ 750

they falsely charged me separately for Lo-jack and Gps installation he never even told me that they are installing it. overall I had to pay for extra accessories + 8.85% ST + 8.50% rate of interest on this unwanted accessories for 6 years. Later when at the end I asked Mohammad that now I knew where you falsely charged me, now I owe a complete explanation why you charged me separately for LO jack and GPS without even informing and then he turned his back on me and left. Overall my life's first dream started with a bad memory because of Honda. I know its just a matter of extra $1,500 that I have to pay, but this has resulted that my trust and further all contacts was broken by Honda. You guys are a pioneer, people trust in you to buy their dreams and therefore your false policies shatter them. I know writing this will not result in anything, as the deal is already done, but I just want to raise a voice that, how there was a fraud done to me by one of your representative and dealership also. Initially, I felt bad when your rep told me that I being disrespectful asking so many questions, but now feel like I was a fool and he fooled me, I should have asked more clarification. In the end, this trade was not crystal clear trade and will post it to every single forum and place, so that others learn from my mistake that to review all the documents before signing, and never trust a salesperson, they look professional but their profession is to do fraud.

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Mimi - 33 d 13 h ago


Very sad to state that Honda does not live upto it's name.

They don't give you the right advice. Only know how to dupe people into spending their hard earned money. On a car which should have been discarded . I would never ever recommend Honda . Please be careful you can get duped . M

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Barker - 40 d 12 h ago


Just wanted to say that our 95 Honda accord just hit 500,000 miles, and it still runs beautifully!! We took pictures of the odometer when it did.. Great little car....thank you... Satisfied customers.. Janet and Cecil barker

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Steyn Pretorius - 42 d ago


Brake shudder. Is the disk of infirior quality. The dealer told me that I have to skim the disk at only 40 000km?

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Anonymous - 42 d 6 h ago


Terrible I hate Ron Tonkin Honda they have screwed me over twice and sent me to collections for money the messed up on and keep saying I received a check I never got I even went to my bank to verify but they don't care they sent to collections either way. Also sold me a car that was precious wrecked that I couldn't use for my daycare after that and because there was a recall they didn't have he parts for. Then when you complain no one ever calls you back or gives you a number u call.

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Dave Thompson - 42 d 15 h ago

I bought a 2017 brand new Honda side by side for 1400. The day I bought it the salesman told me if I would bring it back for the first oil change, that they would check the values all CV boots fluids. Well the way I understood it is all I would have to pay for is the oil change and that all the other checks would be part of the maintenance for the first oil change, I could understand if it was the 2nd, 3rd and so on. well for 268.68 I got my side by side back. I would really I to talk to either the company president or CEO about this The is the 3rd Honda product I have purchased from Honda of Covington Powerhouse located in Covington, LA

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Patti - 45 d 17 h ago


Unfair business practice?

This past Sunday noticed an '07 Ridgeline on the Pre-Owned Inventory list at Kuni Honda in Centennial, Colorado. Went to look at it but it had a Not for Sale sign in the window. The sales person told us that it just came in and after an inspection and detailing it would be on the sales lot. It never made it to the lot. The sales person called today to say it was already sold. Apparently, someone knew someone or an employee purchased the vehicle. There are many vehicles out there so we will look elsewhere. Somehow these situations always end with a positive outcome. I'm sure it is a warning to avoid Kuni dealerships and never buy a Honda.

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Jenny Chaney - 51 d 5 h ago


I have a 2008 Honda Civic, I am 5 foot 4. The problem I have with my Honda is, when I'm driving I can't look straight on to the spedometer I have to lean up to look over the wheel, or been down to look under the steering wheel. I love my Honda, all but this minor problem.

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I have a 2016 Honda CRV with 50,738 miles on it, have maintained it properly with timely oil changes, etc. I have had a Honda Pilot 2006 and has 198,000 miles on it. When it came to buy a new car it was a Honda without thinking. This CRV (which was purchased in November 2015) has died on me twice, jumped and then brought to my mechanic (have had for 20 years). I had to replace the battery and ALTERNATOR). I have NEVER had to replace an alternator with less than 100,000 miles on it. Most cars that I have had the alternator lasts for at least a minimum of 5 - 7 years. After speaking to many people (also google), I called the service department dealership where I purchased the car (far from where I live) and they said it happens once in a great while. I said this might have had a bad alternator when purchased. This doesn't not seem right. I just spent $1100 on a car that is less than 3 years old. I had the 3 years 36,000 warranty and did not extend it due to never having any problems with new cars when purchased especially honda. After this experience I WOULD NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN. I always buy my cars new and have them last, put faith into what I am buying that is why we came back to honda. As I said I have a 2006 Honda Pilot 198,000 miles and probably will last a few more years. When it came time to buy another car I didn't think twice as I said before. I am truly disappointed in this. Thought the dealership wouldve had made an effort to say "we'll take care of it", I know it was past its warranty but honestly never thought I would have to replace an alternator with less than 3 years......

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Jerry Hanks - 54 d 15 h ago


You may have a design error because my finding on two 2016 and 2018 that the engine will run higher rpm and car drives faster on its own with I fine myself helpless and brake to stop and one other observation is when it's cooler weather .

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