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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
Twitter IDs
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Unhappy - 8 d 7 h ago


My email from Honday today, subject line, "Get your car road-trip-ready." Time to turn off the automated emails and think about the messages you're sending out.

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Angela - 9 d 15 h ago

To whom it may concern

After I retired I needed a car. Friends and family told me the only car to get is a Honda. I bought a 2016 CRV Touring.

In December 2019 after coming back from shopping the car wouldn't start. The battery was dead. The dealer told me that happens after 3 years. That is not in the manual. In February the outside temperature sensor stoped working. I was told by the Honda dealer that happens after 36000 miles. That fact is also not in the manual. What can I expect in the future or maybe I should only drive my car only around the block.?. My car has 36500 miles on it.

I am looking for a new car but it will not be a Honda. Maybe Hondas best car was before 2016.

A very unhappy customer

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Brooklyner12 - 10 d 9 h ago


Such place seems like a complaint board without any Honda corporate employee's comment. My Q is why you people still leaving here your emotional distresses with your Honda vehicles here ? I see Honda Motors cumulatively has 1,5 stars rating out of 5. Why is that ?

All dealerships are privately owned companies and Honda Motors just cannot do anything to improve their customer service or attitude or standardize the prices for services or parts. I own Honda Ridgeline and I also have many complaints to its performance but my idea was to have a place to submit such ideas about how improve or change something in later models such bad things.

I cannot find the way to reach their tech.department, conceptual marketing department, engineers or designers to discuss such out-performances ; to find a way to fix it for the 2021 year model. But I could not. Anybody knows how to knock down into their door ?

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Harry - 21 d 15 h ago


DCH Honda of Nanuet NY is reprehensible. I at my regular mechanic suggestion brought my car to the dealer as he thought that the issue with my car should still be covered under the warranty. Not only was it not covered but they presented me with a $5,000 estimated repair fee. I called my mechanic and he said drive away. He repaired it for $1100. Honda also charged a $ 150 diagnostic fee for making me wait 2 hours and doing nothing.

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Dawn - 58 d 12 h ago


I love my Honda CR-V but I don't like the feature of the Window's opening please forward this complaint to the Engineers this is not a good feature this has happened 3 time thank God it was not raining. do not like this feature.

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Margaret Comer - 22 d 16 h ago

For the pain I have the same problem and it is happened seven times. I took it to the local Honda dealer and they said they had never heard of anything like this happening before well during the night time we got three and a half inches of rain I went out and check my car and all the windows were down in my car is just filled with rain my seats are soaked my Honda Civic is a 2018 and I only have 8900 miles on it where do I go from here I'm not a happy camper

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Raymundo M Gavina - 29 d 15 h ago

I ordered a new 2019 CR-V EX through Members Auto associated with my bank Clark County Credit Union, why is the Title ," AS IS," instead of NEW, thank you

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Johnmnz - 34 d 15 h ago


We are getting truly lousy service from Apple Tree Honda in Asheville. They sold us a "Certified Used" Honda Accord. When a large chunk of filler fell out of the door sill, we reported it to them. We have since provided photos and gone to Apple Tree only to find the person we were scheduled to meet wasn't there. They have ignored us completely. If this is Honda's idea of customer service, we have bought our seventh and last Honda.

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Henry - 47 d 10 h ago


wow just seen your new commercial. I couldn't understand a thing they were saying I thought I had a brain tumor

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William S. Barfield (Bill) - 57 d 9 h ago


I am a five itmes buyer of Hondas.. Also I will be 92 in Aug. I went back to Long Beach Honda last week because of the great buy of a 2017 CRV xxl with navigation. A t the time I met everyone jncluding the Gen. Mgr.. I was completely happy with purchase. I made a decision to upgrade to a new same Honda for the security of warranty fo/r my much younger wife. I I paid $34,195.00 for the

2017Veh. with navigation. A after 4.5 hrs, I felt weak, tired etc. I realized I had been taken advantage

the next day when discovered the new veh.. did not hsve navigation and the total cost was $36,6556.21, resulting in an increase of $2,361.21 more than the 2017 Honda with navigation. $34,195.00. A cost of $2,361.21 without navigation I would even prefer taking back the 2017 Honda, the $15,860,69 down payment and find another dealer who would treat us Fair

Reminder.. Both vehicles were the identical same models. I retired from Long Beach PD in 1981. I was a supervising Sergeant in the Organized Crime section for 12 years, This deal has a familiarity about it of things in my past,,

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Joanne Kinn - 60 d 12 h ago


I would like to apply for the job of Color Stylist. There is an obvious need! Please - if not me then someone from Volkswagen / Damler Chrysler. They have the most beautiful depth of colors with their pearlized classy tones.

I am now on my 30- ish Honda and would love to have a color that matched the quality. The Tidewater Blue that was on my 2011 Fit was beautiful but of course was discontinued for an ugly yellow. I know there are many Design Artists who need work. Contact them - have a contest - do Something!

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Timothy Rudowski - 63 d 18 h ago

I bought a new 2019 honda accord sport 1.5t about 4 months ago, I was driving normal in pa. Doing 65 mph, and a truck driver was flashing me, I thought he wanted to pass. So I ignore it, I drive about 5 miles and hes still flashing, so I move over, he passes me and cuts me off, he jumps out of his truck with a fire extinguisher, I thought I was gonna get beat up or something, I look at my dashboard and all my lights start to flash and all my flashlights come on,, so I try to row down my window and I cant, I try to open the door, I cannot, he runs over and starts to pull on my handle, I'm still not sure why, I also try to get out I cannot, he finally opens the door and starts to yell my cars on fire, I started to panic, he says run away, so i do, he said i was driving and the whole underneath my car was sparking and on fire, and I'm lucky it didnt explode. The car went up in 2 minutes, if my kids were in the car in their car seats, they would've been dead. Thank god i was alone.i didnt notice the fire because i was on the highway and the wind was blowing it under my car. I call honda and they said basically I'm shit out of luck, they wont help me. I lost alot in this accident, i didnt sleep for almost a week, i lost 6500.00 deposit . They wont replace my car or work with me. I could've been killed and they dont care... they said the only way they could help is if I got hurt, its 4 months old. This is crazy. I worked hard to save for this. And to be taken away like this is insane.

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Rosella Ganoudis - 65 d 12 h ago

Today I found out that my pistons were bad in my 2013 Odyssey. I had just had my points, plugs and wires changed out in late November early December. I was surprised to see that this is a common problems with the Odysseys. I had taken my Van to auto zone to have it diagnosed and it said Code P0302 indicates that Cylinder 2 had to many misfires same code that is in the extended warranty for this issue. I was told that my VIN number was not on the list to serve. WOW. I asked why and the customer service representative stated because that No one had complained with that VIN number. Well if you ask me the VIN number is different for each car, or am I wrong?? How would I complain if the problem had not started as of yet? Knowing that this is an issue with the 2013 Odyssey Vans. It should include the ones that you built for that year. Not just the ones you had complaints on. It is ironic that the same issue is occurring in my Van. When the tech called me this morning he mentioned 3 different cylinders that were misfiring. If this was a problem shouldn't processes been put in place to check the pistons regardless if there is an issue to make sure this is not problem in that particular vehicle. I now am paying for not only all of the pistons seals to be replaced but also another points, plugs, and wire replacement that is only a few months old. I am very disappointed in HONDA right now. If you had asked me last week what my next car would be I would have said another HONDA but after today not so sure on that.

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FUCK HONDA - 65 d 15 h ago


After you denied Alonso a chance at the Indy 500........... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA.

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Margaret - 71 d 4 h ago


On 1/21/2020 my 2014 6 cyl. Honda Accord ( Crosstour) with 36,000 miles accelerated suddenly causing an accident.I stopped at a kiosk to pay for a car wash at Costco, Boise ID.When I put the car in gear it shot forward very fast. I had no control of the car.It sped through landscaping and hit another car. All this happened in a few seconds at great speed. My car was totaled and the other car had major damage. There were two passengers in the other car.I reported the incident to the NHTSA. NHTSA has had several reports of the same acceleration problem with the same model.

We were "Honda" people. We have had several Acuras and Hondas. We are now going to start our car replacement shopping with Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda.

I believe the accident was caused by a mechanical defect.

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MM - 71 d 9 h ago


I purchased a 2015 CRC Touring at Pensacola Honda. I have taken it in and had all recommended services done each time it was recommended. I have paperwork from the service department showing that they rotated my tires 4 times in the 4 years and 3 months I have owned it. All of the paperwork shows that the tires are wearing evenly. I recently noticed that the front tires are completely slick. While the back tires have 4 to 5 mm of tried. The service specialist tried to convenes me that they had been rotating the tires and the fronts were worn because of how I drive. I took my car to 2 tire specialists who both said the only way this could happen was that they had never been rotated. I am requesting a refund for the rotation charges and reimbursement for the 2 new tires I had to purchase.

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Disappointed - 77 d 16 h ago

It doesn't serve the Honda Corporation well when their signahe is on a flatbed at a Theater X.

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Kevin Donnelly - 78 d ago


My wife and I purchased a 2017 CRV in September 2017 we have had heating problems ever since we bought it I have taken it to the Dealer that we purchase it from no one's willing to help they say everything is fine it's not I don't get any heat when it's cold I can't even clear off the windshield can somebody please help me

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KT - 80 d 6 h ago


I want to start a claim on my 2019 CRV. It can't sit for more than 3 days without the battery going dead. Just had it towed for the 3rd time back to dealer. Looking through the paperwork you need to send a certified letter to the manufacturer. There are so many addresses. Does anyone know the main Honda manufacturer address? This is unacceptable for a new vehicle and I want to start "Lemon Law" claim.

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Kyle David - 83 d 7 h ago




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Reginald LaBare - 84 d 4 h ago


My name is Reginald LaBare from Fort Pierce Florida. I purchased a 2019 Honda Ridgeline from Vatland Honda in Vero Beach. When I spoke to my sales person, I let them know I needed a truck to tow a boat I was going to buy. I was shown a 2019 with a trailer hitch and I took the vehicle for a test drive. That's the vehicle I settled on and it appeared to be what I wanted and needed. It was purchased at the end of October and the finance person told me there were no incentives for a better interest rate for 72 months. That was my initial red flag on my purchase but it's also buyer beware so, that's on me. Next, when I was ready to buy my boat in late November, I realized there was no wire harness on this truck. Why anyone would gear a truck with a hitch and no wire harness makes no sense to me or to any other person I have spoke to, including people in the car business. When I took the truck back to Vatland, I tried to get a straight answer and even the service department personnel seemed baffled by it. Then, I was told if I wanted the wire harness put on it would cost $225 for the harness kit but I would also be responsible for labor. I decided to take it to a small company to have it installed elsewhere instead. An independent trailer service business ordered the kit and installed it for a total of $120. Once I took delivery of my boat it appeared everything worked BUT I later found out the running lights didn't work. The brake and signal lights worked but not the running lights. I took the truck back where it was installed, they ran some diagnostics and decided maybe the kit was bad so, they ordered a new kit and installed it again. Only to realize the running lights weren't working again. After some lengthy diagnostics they informed me it would be best for me to take this back to the Honda dealer. I did on 01/14/2020. When I took it in, they told me they would have to run their own diagnostics and then they would repair it but I would be responsible for the initial $130 charge plus whatever they may use to fix the problem. After a couple hours I was told they could not identify the problem but they could put in their wire harness and this way it would be guaranteed for a year. I reluctantly said yes. They explained to me in advance the price would be $640 for a wire harness and even though I felt this was price gouging, I also felt like I had no choice at this point but to have it done by the dealer. I'm thoroughly disgusted with Honda for 3 reasons: 1) my sales person should have alerted me to the fact this vehicle was not equipped with the wire harness. 2) the finance person could have done more to get me a MUCH better interest rate based on my credit rating. 3) The price Honda service charged for the new wire harness to be installed was more than excessive... BTW - the other issue is this, I took the vehicle from the service department and my plan was to go fishing the next morning. The service individual never mentioned to me the only way I could use the trailer hitch for a 4 prong adapter is to buy a 7 to 4 prong adapter. My vehicle is absolutely amazing and I would never say anything negative about the vehicle itself. No one should ever have to pay $640 for a wire harness which in many opinions should have been with the vehicle to begin with. I'm writing to see what Honda Corporation feels about my situation and how would you or one of your family members react to this scenario? HONDA VATLAND thumbs down...

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Reginald LaBare - 84 d 4 h ago


My next recourse will be to contact Corporate Honda personally.

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amelia rosen - 94 d 6 h ago


Purchase my 2019 CRV-EX in August just turn 1000 miles, as of today no calls from customer service. Right before Thanksgiving I left a message for the service writer to call me......still waiting. As for the CRV, not happy with it at all. Seats are not only uncomfortable but they are already showing wear, the passenger seat is so low (can't adjust the hight) my sister that is 5'8" can't see forward because its so low. I got the price I wanted but the car is "almost" striped of any added features, it did come with a steering wheel and 4 tires. I do not recommend this car. I'm going to Honda North and see if they can resolve these problems. BTW I got an email on 12/18/19 from Honda informing me that its time for a service.............What the heck car only had 900 miles and already needs service, what a rip off.

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RJ - 97 d ago


I have a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring edition that clearly has a manufacturing defect with the Pearl White paint that is peeling off in large sections. We are being told by a local dealership that corporate is refusing to cover the defect for the 2012s, as the recall only goes to 2011. I'm looking for others who are being told the same thing.

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Jeff - 99 d 13 h ago


I own a 2011 Pilot with 73,000 miles on it. Love it more than any vehicle I've owned. Like the way it looks and performs.

By now I would have traded it in and gotten a newer Pilot. But I gotta tell you , the new Pilots look like everyone else's mini-van. Not the look I would buy.

I've heard similar comments from several Pilot owners I know.

The look I'm after is more like Kia Telluride or VW Atlas.

You had a winning style and look. What brain trust created the new styling?

Sorry to have to leave Honda.

Jeffrey Davis

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