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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Gerard - 14 h 12 m ago


I was so disappointed with Honda not honoring a defected motor over an issue with the title .

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Rick - 4 d ago

I love the design of the Honda Civic! I am in the market for a new car and wish that Honda had a hybrid or electric version of the Civic!

Rick Baldwin


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J Chambers - 4 d 9 h ago

Why are you airing tv ads in Spanish on American English speaking tv shows? It is irritating and counter productive.

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Former Loyal Honda Customer - 4 d 17 h ago


I have owned at least 11 different Honda vehicles over the past past 25 years. I have advised both of my children and many others to buy Honda, but no more. My daughter recently bought a used Insight from a dealership in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She was told it was in great shape and should not give her any trouble. Within a few weeks the sparkplugs blew out and ruined the engine. She has since found out this is a common problem with sparkplugs in these cars and several others. Examples are all over the internet. There is no way that this dealership did not know they were selling her a product that was going to fail. These sparkplugs should have been replaced before the car was sold. The least they should do is repair the problem at no cost. Instead they are refusing to pay anything. My daughter used her last savings to buy this car. She is a single mother with three teenagers to raise on a nurse's salary, plus going to school to get a better degree. I am done with Honda. This is fraud. If I could afford a lawyer, I would try to seek justice for her. She is not asking for anything but a car that will run and be dependable. That is what Honda is supposed to be known for. I will be selling my Honda and buying from another company. I certainly couldn't afford to be treated this way.

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Barbara L. - 6 d ago


My car is a 2014 Honda Accord. I have spots all over the car and two discoloration marks on the front hood. The paint is peeling off around the rear window. The district Manager of Parts and Sevice, Ken Menard, looked at my vehicle at Baron Honda in Patchogue, NY on February 21, 2017. I was told that the peeling paint would be fixed but the spots and two discoloration marks on the hood would not be addressed because they were caused by outside factors. I contacted Customer Service at 1-(hidden) and after the Honda representative gathered all info was told that was told that Mr. Menard's decision was final. I asked if I could speak to someone else and was contacted by a case manager from American Honda the follwing day. After he gathered all information again I was told that Mr. Menard's decision is final. Basically all the fact gathering was a waste of customer time.

Ultimately, we have other newer as well as older vehicles at our home that have not sustained the same blemishes on the paint. Please be aware that my father worked for General Motors for many years and I have purchased 7 veehicles from GM during the past 30 years. I decided to bypass the GM discount for family to buy a Honda. Due to Honda's run around and lack of product support, this will be my last. I am greatly disappointed in my purchase.

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K. Sturg - 6 d 6 h ago


Hello Roger Fowler,

My name is Nekeisha Sturghill, I brought my car into the Orland Park Honda multiple times over the last year because I suspected an oil leak. Two oil consumption tests had been completed. Each consumption test required approximately 5-6 visits and hours of my times. I was told that the car did NOT require any repairs and that the car was within Hondas Specs. No repairs were advised or required. However, last week on January 26, I brought my car in for service and was informed the car has a Vtech solenoid front head leak. I am very upset that a thorough assessment was not completed at the time of my initially complained of an oil leak.

The lack of professionalism has cost me unnecessary time, excessive costs and a delay in car repairs that have led to a damaged alternator. I am very upset that the problem was not found until a complete assessment was made on my car the last visit due to a failed alternator. It seems that after removing certain parts the leak was located and the leak damaged the alternator. I do not plan on returning to the Orland Park location in the future. I am very disappointed that a loyal customer, such myself, is subjected to such poor service.


Nekeisha Sturghill

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Dissatisfied - 8 d 19 h ago


I am deeply dissatisfied with the Honda service department at the S. Van Ness Ave dealership in San Francisco.

I took my 2008 Honda Civic to replace a recalled front passenger airbag. Immediately after the service the airbag indicator light went on the dashboard display. After inspection I was told that it was the bag on the passenger's side and not the one they had worked on that was causing the problem, and that it would require $1000 to replace it.

I strongly suspect that the Honda technicians triggered the malfunction of additional airbags. My Civic had been a faithful car up until the point that I brought it to the Honda dealership. I understand that the airbags can no longer be trusted to perform in an accident, or potentially worse, that they can be activated without warning. After visiting the Honda dealership, my car is now unsafe to drive and requires more money to repair than the trade-in value.

I am infuriated by this experience and will no longer consider purchasing another Honda in the future.

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Disappointed - 9 d 6 h ago

I'm wondering why Honda can't keep up with demand. I would like to buy a 2017 Honda Civic coupe exl lunar silver. I live in Minnesota. So far it has been 6 weeks talk to dealer now it maybe another 2 to 3 weeks till it shows up to dealer. At this point of time I'm thinking I will look in to other vehicles and spend my money somewhere else

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Frank J - 12 d ago


In todays society there are very few car dealers that can rival Regal Honda, Lakeland, Florida and Mr. Tony Cooper Operation Director for the excellent service he provided for me in getting my Honda Car fixed. On their sales card they have a wording ......A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE..... Yes, and that is what I did experience.......It wasn't well maybe we can do this or that and again maybe not leaving you with a unknown feeling that what was coming next. Tony took charge and handled it in a way that would make you want to come back to Honda Regal without a hesitation for all your car needs and recommend Regal to your family and friends. Kudos to the dealer Regal......If there is a service certificate of appreciation or award of customer appreciation Regal should receive it.

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Theresa - 12 d 16 h ago

I bought a 2016 Honda Civic EX Sedan last year in May 2016. I have no idea what the front bumper is made out of,

but I do know by May 2017 (1 year) my car will look like it's at least 3 years old.

I haven't anywhere except to work and back (55 miles a day), and the front of my bumper is full of knicks.

I also have a Honda 2007 hose bumper looks better than mine. I'm not including the recall that was made for the

bad paint job (and it still looked the same around 6 months later). I'm wondering if I'm the only one with this problem?

I do know I'm not thrilled with the amount of money I paid for this car. I'm sure Honda won't consider this to be their

problem, even though they're supposed to stand by their workmanship.

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PA Kelly - 16 d ago

Hi Honda. I just want to tell you about an idea I have for you. I think that if you designed and marketed a small light hatchback (like Fit) to be all set up and made easily towable by a RV. You would sell them to a large and growing customer base. Like me. It's a big problem finding a suitable flat towable vehicle. Just look at the rv forums. I think the rv community would go nuts over it. I'm still searching because I really don't want to settle on some inferior compromise, pulling fuses and voiding warranty etc. just a thought

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Judy Lux - 16 d 19 h ago


I went to Huntington Honda, Huntington Station , NY, as I thought my one year old battery, which was purchased from them, was going. I sat there for two hours and they told me that the battery readings were fine. I explained to them that my husband had put the battery on charger overnight not to get stuck in the morning. They told me to bring it back. A few days later I notice that it was hard to start so I brought it back to them immediately. After the tech diagnosed the problem he said it was the alternator for a fee of $750. My husband was flabbergasted over that price so we brought the vechicle to my local mechanic- Oakwood Car Care- they diagnosed it as the starter. I am so happy that I got s second opinion as I would never trust there service department again and will always go for the second opinion.

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le - 17 d 17 h ago

I went to dealer to fix my honda fuel problem the gas guage stays on after driving for a few days it drops from 300 miles to go down 40 or 30 miles to go.the dealer said there nothing wrong g with the fuel system. Sam linder honda

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jed - 19 d 28 m ago

I would like to see Honda offer different handlebars on cruisers, especially the new Rebels.

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Iris gonzalez - 19 d 12 h ago


Dear Honda Motor Company,we bought a Honda Civic 1015 for our son that is attending Grad school in Oklahoma (USA) the car is under bumper to bumper guarantee with an extended 72 moths guarantee that we bought at the time from the Dealer to have a good ,reliable car for my son to son had an small accident with an animal .he needed to have the bumper fix .

the night of accident he had the car towed to the dealership for repair .well that's when the nightmare begins the management send the car with out let it my son knows for bumper repair to an outside mechanic and damage the engine ,cathalisc and other parts .the mechanic called my son to pitk up car,my son didn't know why another mechanic was calling but went to get car.drove to his apartment about 3 miles park the car.the next day drove car for abaut 10 miles and car stopped running.have the car towed again and the car have been there for 4 months and the insurance refuse to paid because the inspector claims that the Damaged of the engine and other parts were done by the mechanic that Honda use.we are berry desapointed and angry to see how disrrecpecful this particular dealer is towar us the coustumers .they do not represent the values of your company.

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Allan C. Panas - 21 d 12 h ago

Unlike most car makes, Honda Motor Cars doesn't give out an e-mail address. Why is that?

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Jim - 21 d 15 h ago


When is Honda going to lose the television commercials with the annoying doorbell chimes at the beginning? If the purpose is to get my attention, it does. When I hear the chimes, I put the television on mute and walk away until the commercial is over.

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Robin - 22 d 14 h ago


Dear Honda,

Why did you have a funny commercial explaining why you were not going to do a Super Bowl commercial, instead giving money to charity and Today I saw a Honda commercial during the Super Bowl. Are you no longer giving money to charity? Was the charity commercial a scam?

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sathvik - 23 d 18 h ago


I had worst experiences with honda Service for CIVIC 2016

I need to know few things about service

1. If costumer states there is a rattle noise in the car who need to find out the issues Is it done by the costumer or Honda service

2. If Honda service didn't find the rattle noise while they are road testing then what costumer should do and what can honda service do? "they simple states that couldnt fine any noise"

3. If costumer repeated visiting on rattle noise who need to take care of costumer.

Please let me know what should costumer do?

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sathvik reddy - 23 d 17 h ago

This for honda if you guys want to solve my issues for my civic 2016 you can contact to my email: (hidden).

if you guys want to suffer the costumers just leave it this will be the our last Honda in my home

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Louis - 27 d 16 h ago


The experience I had at Priority Honda in Huntersville NC was the worst I ever recall.I spent seven hours to finalize a deal I had agreed to online.The sales department was unresponsive and the finance department made numerous errors on the paperwork.I think the Honda cars are great but this negative experience left me with a bad opinion of Honda car dealers!

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Ashely sime - 28 d 13 h ago


Going to a car dealership should be a journey full of discussion and negotiation. I very appalled at the service we received at the Old Bridge NJ dealership. As my husband tried to negotiate with the Manager, he ripped the documents in front of his face and yelled loudly as I heard him accross the room where I was sitting with my 4 year old. His name was Gericino and I will make it my point to make sure everyone in my town and consumer reports knows not to go to that dealership if that is the attitude and service they will receive.

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Vashod Burks - 29 d 2 h ago


I recently purchased a car from Priority of Chesapeake on Battlefield Blvd and turned into a nightmare! I have had the car for almost 30 days and was told this past Tuesday there's a problem with financing. First, I wasn't contacted by the financing department but the used car sales manager. However, when he called he stated had great news my car payment was going down but had to switch cars. To make a long story short they have been very unprofessional and insulting towards me. My original salesperson had no clue to what was going on in this matter until last Wednesday which was also baffling. I've been told my contract means nothing in Virginia, they was going to have the car picked up and they ran my credit a total of 28 times 20 of those times was after the date I signed my contract and without my knowledge up until last week. I was already approved for a loan and they had my credit information on January 9 the day I drove off with the contract. I would have been more understanding if I was contacted the same week they found out but they chose not to do so but instead insulted my intelligence and acted as if the Honda Accord I purchased was to much car for me. This was actually stated to me by the Branch Manager. Will never recommend anybody to Priority Honda in life.

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Joan - 29 d 11 h ago


I loved my first FIT enough to trade it in (at 79,000 miles and a Takata warning) for a '16 model, same color,

same features. It's now six months old, and while I feel "great affection" for this little beauty, I find myself

a bit edgy driving around town. There are two blind spots -- one at each side window -- that have created

two near-misses (one for each window), and I wonder who thought these barriers would contribute to the

attractiveness of the car. ???? Trading it in would cost a lot of money, even for a used car, and I seem to

have no alternative but to keep praying while behind the wheel!

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Louise - 29 d 16 h ago


I'm a middle age woman who has bought a lot of cars and pickup trucks in my life, even my husband's many company cars. I love cars! What I don't like is going to a dealership and getting a salesperson who doesn't know everything about the vehicles they are selling. I do a lot of research before I start shopping, and most times, it seems like I know more than the salesperson about the car/truck I'm looking for. However, yesterday when I went to the Curry Honda dealership in Chamblee, GA, with my daughter and her husband to help her look for a new CRV, (she has an older model) the salesperson, Larry Calbert, whom had contacted me online the night before, was exactly what I like in a car salesperson. His knowledge, and the information he was able to give us, was awesome, and I so appreciated that! We haven't bought the CRV yet, although we will soon, but wherever we buy this vehicle, (we didn't actually get around to talking $$), I will sing Larry's praises. It's so nice to come across a truly great salesperson. Oh, and we love the 2017 CRV touring!

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