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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
Twitter IDs
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Vicky - 8 d 18 h ago

Hi Honda I need a Honda Japan staff to assist me thanks

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May - 6 d 20 h ago

anybody reply? i need their staff assist too.

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Mrs. Shropshire - 14 d 9 h ago


I purchased a van Monday9/1/2020 to accommodate our beautiful daughter who is in an electric wheelchair.

I have been a proud and loyal Honda owner since 1997! I have purchased 4 Honda vehicles . I have always had positive experiences with Honda until 9/1/2020.

Our daughter is in a wheelchair; therefore, we were shopping for a new Honda Odyssey. Sunday I purchased the 2021 Honda Odyssey. I also own the 2010 Honda Odyssey. My 2010 is very reliable and accommodates my daughter and her electric wheelchair very well. Based on past experience, we decided to purchase a new Honda Odyssey.

I explained to the sales manager and sales person that we wanted to buy the new van for our daughter who is in an electric wheelchair. They were very helpful in getting the van for us.I got home and the wheelchair could not enterin the van. There is a track in the floor that will not allow her to get off the manual ramp and drive into the van. I didn't notice the tracks at the time of the purchase.

I immediately called Mr. Aymman Rahman, Nalley Honda, Union City, GA and informed him of our concern. I informed him that I will be returning the van 9/2/2020. Upon my arrival and conversation with Mr. Rahman, he told me that he could not take the van back. Mr. Rahman saw that the van could not accommodates nor could any of the Honda vans on the lot. I had the car in my possession less than 24 hours.

I believe that the Honda employees at Nalley Honda, Union City, GA should have been familiar enough with the product to immediately inform me that this van could not accommodate a person in an electric wheelchair. The van was only purchased to accommodate my daughter in her wheelchair. In good faith, they should allow me to return the van. I left the van and both set of keys with Nalley Honda, Mr. Rahman. I have phoned them to get them to return my $6000.00. I left a message for the sales manager to call me back and I submitted a complaint to Honda. I need to proceed with getting transportation. The general manager finally told me that they would take the van back but I would have to pay $4,000.00. Now, is that a way to treat anyone or loyal customer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Please provide an update. I can be reached at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 21 d ago


Dear sir madam

I request to you i have 4 years down syndrome #SarahMazari Daughter she looks car clapping kiss a car and touch the car and happy but i m not purchasing of any car im jobless can u gift any car for my daughter donate or low installment without advance give me a car any car uswd new no proiblem sir its request my whatsapp no (hidden)3365only

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Reggie - 22 d 10 h ago


I would like to know how they can try to sell a car for more than the advertising price. Telling me it has extras on it well it should state that. Car is listed for 32,000 but tell me 34,000

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Honda Owner - 55 d 7 h ago


We've purchased 7 Hondas over the decades. They're fine cars. However, we won't be purchasing another one until you announce in public exacting what you consider to be hate speech you want Facebook to censor. We get the impression that you are hostile to traditional American values and to those who consider themselves to be political conservatives. You can accommodate the mob if you wish we're not having any of it anymore.

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Teresa smith - 41 d 25 s ago

If I owned it you be treated like royals

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Anonymous - 41 d 9 h ago

worst company

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Patricia Ann Kelley - 55 d 9 h ago

Never received the survey in reference to the HRV I purchased. I was anxious to fill it out. Please advise!

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Jude Apollon - 78 d 11 h ago


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this email to explain to you why I am no longer a Honda customer. I have own 2 Honda Pilots a 2016 touring and a 2019 Elite. I was very impress with the 2016 touring and I was thrilled to upgrade to the 2019. A month after getting the 2019, I started experiencing issues with the infotainment system, where it would reboot several times for no apparent reason. I took the Elite to the dealer ship, Hillside Honda in Queens NY, seven times. The first 3 times I was told that they could recreate the issue and therefore took no action, even though I presented video and photo evidence. The fourth and fifth time the battery reset and radio factory reset of the radio did not fix the issue. The sixth time the infotainment system completely drained the battery and the car had to be towed to the dealer ship. The seventh a part was ordered and installed and still the infotainment reboots. This week I traded the car in for a rival. I actually liked the pilot a lot, with great driving dynamics and just enough power. I could not tolerate or trust the fact that any point and time I could be on the road with no navigation, radio, or speedometer. Quite a shame.

Former Customer

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Erica - 100 d 7 h ago


I visited a Honda Service location in New Rochelle, NY and let me start by saying do not go there! I made an appointment for 9:45AM online about a week prior, I arrived on time and when I spoke with the Service Rep (man at the desk), he told me the current wait time was 5 hours. So although I made a appointment, I had to leave my car there for 4-5 hours. I would think if your location is doing APPOINTMENT ONLY, you wouldn't overbook your establishment. I received a call at 3PM saying my car was ready... I arrived at the Honda Service Center and waited in the office to finish the process. I waited between 5-10 minutes before someone even acknowledged me. Another elderly lady came in shortly after I did. It appeared that ALL representatives were busy but one fanned the lady to come up to the desk, I stepped up and said Sir, I was waiting... He STILL did not acknowledge me. He hung up the telephone and proceeded to say "Ma'am" and fanned her up to the desk again! The lady now explained to him I was waiting first and he looks at me and says "Who helped you" ... "Well that's who you're waiting for". Now maybe if i received a "Hello"/"Thank you for coming to Honda"/"HOW MAY I HELP YOU" from anyone maybe I would know that I would be waiting for the same person that helped me. I do not walk around thinking people judge me off the color of my skin but in this situation at this establishment in a town that's filled with racist people I left with the opposite feelings! I am black, the representatives were not, and the lady who came in after me was white. I wasn't helped by even the original man that took my information until after the lady was being helped. Its so hard to function around people that have a hatred for minorities. I wont be returning to this Honda service center under any conditions.

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polly o - 79 d 15 h ago


its a scam

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Barry - 80 d 12 h ago


I purchased a new Honda from Honda on grand in Elmhurst,I'll and their finance man took me to the cleaners - so much so that the Bank they used saw that and rewrote the contract at a much lower rate of interest. This was the 5th car I purchased from them. Honda does not want to hear about this- beware of this dealer!!!

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Judy Brown - 85 d 13 h ago


This place is something I arrived for my appointment for 10 am and I arrived at 920 plenty of people walked by me and just looked at me and kept walking if I hadn't got out and asked for help they would of kept walking by me like I am nothing. My life matter just as well as the next person I am a frontline worker in Nursing and if I treated my patients like I got treated today I would hate myself for that. No one and I mean no one deserves to be treated like shit. To make things worse I didn't see anyone like me working for this company and that says a lot

I will nvr come to your dealership again. My daughter loves Honda's but for me not ever

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Dan Russell - 94 d 7 h ago


I purchased a new 2019 crv doesn't even include the correct owners manual

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Ashlee - 96 d 12 h ago


I had to get a key made at Honda which they ate a prickly and we're very nice about at the one in Stuart Florida. But they had left my sunroof open and it had rained very hard the past 3 days and now the whole top interior of my car has water damage I went there this morning to see if they could help me and they said that there's no way they could do anything that had to have been there for months and it was never there before it had previously been there and opened the 2 to 3 days prior. I really wish someone from Honda would have helped me with my car but unfortunately I'm going to have to bring it somewhere else to get help.

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Not Relying On Maintenance Minder System - 97 d 7 h ago

To Whom It May Concern: In Your "Maintenance Minder Maintenance Main Items" it states, "If the message ''SERVICE''or ''SERVICE DUE NOW'' does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the engine oil every year." Can you please elaborate its context, does this mean, am I supposed to change my motor oil every year? I owned a 2014 Honda CR-V EX AWD 2.4L 4-cyl and use full synthetic fluids products, I understand they have a little longer intervals miles than regular oil replacement. I average driving approximately 100 - 200 miles per month, and to this date I'm about up to 62,000 miles. In addition, when using full synthetic transmission oil, with my monthly miles driving calculation as stated above, and not relying on the vehicle's computer Maintenance Minder system (Never received any Transmission Oil Maintenance Minder intel), what do you suggestions in miles will I be due until my next both Motor and Transmission full synthetic fluids replacement? Thank you in advance - FFJr

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Chris Williams - 105 d 7 h ago


I'm trying to make Honda payments no one is answering dam phones; We need humans to talk to : Stop all this fancy website BS

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ANKIT SINGH - 112 d ago






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Marcos Popal - 116 d 8 h ago


Hi we bought a Honda Accord hybrid 2019 with now 15,000 miles. It is under warranty and break likes keep coming on. I have taken it to the elk grove Honda 7 times and they always sent it back unfixed. I have called the corporation and told them to take the care back because of how unsafe it is but they refused to take back the car.

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Falta de profesionalismo - 119 d 10 h ago


Buenas tardes

La semana pasada fui al dealer de honda brickell en Miami Florida mi novio quera cambiar el carro el que nos atendi se llamaba mario Seplveda le pidi los datos y firma a mi novio para correrle el crdito le llevo los papeles a la financista que se llama Gretel luego mario llego me pregunto que cmo estaba mi crdito le dije que estaba en 630 y nos dijo que estaba bien que porque mi novio nesecitaba un consigner y me dijo a mi que le diera mis bank statement paystubs y mi Id esperamos all cmo 4 horas para que nos dijera que no podamos hacer negocio al otro da nesecitaba un reporte de mi crdito y me di cuenta que me bajo 61 punto me corrieron el crdito 4 veces y yo en ningn momento firme nada y el tampoco dijo nada de que me iban a correr el crdito fui y hable con el sales manager el cual no me resolvi absolutamente nada solo fue y busco a mario para que yo hablara con el mario me dijo que yo no tena crdito que era un fantasma como es posible que si no tengo crdito y soy un fantasma para que correr el crdito 4 veces si supuestamente soy un fantasma yo nesecitaba mudarme y ahora no puedo porque me daaron el crdito es ms yo llame al dealer y deje mi informacin para que me llamaran y di informacin sobre mi caso y no me llamaron. que falta de profesionalismo de las personas que trabajan all porfavor espero que me respondan este correo aqu les dejo mi nmero y el de mi novio

Y hasta el momento no e encontrado un correo de corporacin para enviarle el correo

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Anonymous - 120 d 6 h ago

Hello! My Name is Judith Moran; I purchased a brand new 2013 Honda, Accord 7 years ago. Purchasing a Honda was a dream come true. At this moment I am battling COVID-19. I am 62 years old so this is the battle of my life. A small issue with my Accord at the beginning has turned in to an issue ridden with anxiety and with my health being what it is at the moment, I have no recourse but to ask for your help. My Accord has not been starting every time like it should. I went on to Facebook to see if other 6 speed Accord owners were having the same issues and it seems that it has been an issue that has been gaining attention. I also spoke to an associate with USAA that had the exact same issue. She and I are joining together with these other Accord owners to ask for your help with this problem. She has just decided that with a growing family that it was too much of a anxiety ridden problem and decided to trade her Accord in for a Toyota, Tundra. I am at my wits end and with my COVID19 struggle I ask for your help. Please help me find the reason for this issue. I had previously had a recall with my Accord repaired after much struggle with Fiesta Honda here in San Antonio. I would greatly appreciate your help as a Honda Owner. This is my first attempt at remmading this issue. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

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Lazar Toshkin - 139 d 7 h ago


After opening case with Honda USA After our car got on fire while driving no call from dealership for 3 weeks and tons of NOTHING as help from the Manufacturer!

NEVER AGAIN ACURA OR HONDA. GO Ahead waste not only money waste your time !

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Jim - 146 d 12 h ago



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Unhappy - 176 d 8 h ago


My email from Honday today, subject line, "Get your car road-trip-ready." Time to turn off the automated emails and think about the messages you're sending out.

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