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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Scott and Christine Brown - 18 h 21 m ago


My wife and I just got our third new Honda. We bought this one from Hall Honda in Virginia Beach, Va.. Our salesperson, Richard Rahmer is the best. He answered every question we had, gave us different choices of cars,and did not pressure us at all. We were on our way to a Toyota dealership to get a Toyota and just happened to stop in at Hall's. We are so lad we did. My wife loves her new Civic SI. We had been to Hertrich Honda in Easton, Md. and we were not treated very well by a salesperson there. We will be back when we need another car to Hall Honda in Virginia Beach. Again Richard Rahmer was fantastic, THANK YOU RICHARD AND HALL!!

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EV - 2 d 4 h ago

I am a 5 time Honda car buyer. However, if I receive one more pop-up on my computer I may never buy another Honda again. EV

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Ocalakid55 - 3 d 22 h ago


Currently there are 350,000 Truck owners in the USA

You have the Tech knowledge of a high mileage Plug-in hybrid with the Honda Clarity. You are currently building one of the best Trucks on the road with the Honda Ridgeline. Why not combine the best features of both to make the perfect TRUCK. America is screaming about the high prices of

Gasoline. Building a Hybrid Plug-in Truck would have people rushing into the dealerships to buy them like the days when Chrysler came out with the first Mini-Van.

You would also get a jump on the competition like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon. The Plug-in Hybrids are here to stay. As an owner of a 2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid , I still love my 2004 Toyota Tacoma double cab but would trade it in a New York Minute for a Hybrid Plug-in truck. I hope you will consider building one.

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CHunt-Childers - 4 d ago


I leased a new 2018 Honda Accord LX my 2nd new car in my lifetime. My car is now 5.5 months old and it started acting up, flashing warnings for everything from steering, to braking, to ACC you name it. 6,000 miles on a new car. Called the dealer who I lease it from, they told me to take it to my local Honda Dealer to check it out. I did. They had the car for 4 days took it in the 9th of August and received it back on the 14th. Ran fine, no warnings. Started the car for work on the 15th, same deal, all the warnings flashing, but now the car would not move forward, acted like it was out of gas, barely made it out of the driveway. Called Honda again, told me to bring back in. My husband took the car to them and they gave me a loaner. Received a call today at 4 PM. I have been told that one of the cylinder sleeves had slipped, hence the loss of power and warnings. 5.5 months old. 6,000 miles. I am so frustrated as I needed a very dependable car as I travel a lot with the bank I work for. I told the dealer that I think they need to take the car back, and give me a new car as this should not be happening on a brand new car. I am 60 years old, I take very good car of my cars, I had a new Mercedes that I purchased in 2006 that was nothing short of a huge lemon that I ended up spending thousands of dollars on before it was even paid for. I am not doing this again. How many out there have had this happen to them with a Honda ? I would like to know as I thought I was getting a car that would last me as long as I am able to drive. Any advise from other Honda owners would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Angela - 5 d 8 h ago


I purchased my 2015 Honda Accord Sedan on 02-24-2018 at 22 Honda, Hillside New Jersey with a little over 57, 000 miles on it. July of 2018, I heard grinding from my brakes, so I took it back to Honda service department and they said to me that the rear brakes are bad and needs to be replaced as soon as possible, they said I would have to pay out of pocket for that expense. I said to the service department how is that my responsibility since your company just sold me the car. They told me it was nothing they could for me. I thought when you purchase a car that should be checked and fixed before selling.

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Anonymous - 16 d 17 h ago


Taking advantage of a FEMALE BUYER...

OMG with this dealer, I keep regretting leasing anything from them...

My sister decided to buy her lease, She went to the dealer and the sales rep mentioned to her, registration will be paid by Honda, and she signed the contract according to that..

Well a month later, DMV send her registration form with $250 bill, My sister called Honda, left a message, she never got a call back, it's been about 3 weeks, well today she decided to go to the dealer and confront them and their answer was, the rep is mistaken, we don't pay for it.. Like really...

This dealer is the worst place to purchase or lease or to do anything with them, I tried leasing, purchasing and service, all they wanna do is take your money...

The Reason I'm Sharing this to make sure it doesn't happen to other people, don't believe the sales rep, cause all they wanna do is make money..

And I'm sharing this maybe Poway Honda could own their mistake and have some pride and honesty with their work, cause this is a new low for them, let's do anything to sell a car, it's a girl, she doesn't know a lot about buying cars, let's scam her

Poway Honda has no more honesty or pride, I guess they are so good at selling that they sold their pride and honesty on the way...So Poway Honda thank you for proving over and over again your the best in scamming people...

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The Marine Honda left stranded - 6 d ago


I can not even begin to tel you how aggravated Poway Honda makes me! They do not care about the lives of their customers- literally - and they take no responsibility for anything. All the can say is it is what it is, figure it out and oh well the court of law backs us up. We should really band together to show Honda what they are Doing to their brand.

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Becky - 6 d 4 h ago

We recently bought a "certified pre owned vehicle from honda north butler pa. We made the mistake of buying the car (as is) since we assumed the used car from a dealership would be checked over before being sold unlike say buying from Craig's list. Well before buying we asked that the air be fixed. They kept car @2 weeks and said it was fixed. One week after buying car the muffler and the exhaust pipe fell off. Now how did that pass inspection. Took it back and they fixed it. Another week goes buy and air stops completely. Take it back and a week or two later we get car back supposedly fixed. We drive the car again and this time the car overheats and air stops. Take it back they check it over said it's the air conditioner compressor and a blown head gasket. They are nice enough to fix air but wont touch the head gasket. We asked if they would buy back car since it has been in their shop more then out and we would even buy a newer vehicle and where told they would not. So now we are having to put 3000 into a vehicle we have only made 3 payment on. "Certified" yeah right, more like a "Certified piece of junk. Never again Honda will I buy a car from you and I will tell everyone I know every where I go.

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ASHRAFA HOSSAIN - 6 d 4 h ago


I bought a new honda odyssey 2018 on june of this year and with only 73 miles in it we went for a family vacation,and when we reached a city 250 miles from my home the van stopped it wont move, it was getting late so we checked into a motel and had it towed to a dealer next morning there they informed us that the transmission of they vehicle was defective, and they have to replace it, and they had to keep the vehicle for almost two week.not only our vacation ruined but all the expenses we had to cover the only reimbursed $300.00 and when we tried to talk to their regional manger Mr Larry he was extremely rude and said that is the best honda can do,when asked for his supervisor he said i am the boss and his decision is final, like it or not

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Marilyn E - 6 d 4 h ago


Absolutely the worst customer service from the Case Manager Tony that I have ever seen. I cannot believe you have this person in this role talking is such a rude and offensive way as Tony. a total disregard for customer service, lack of empathy and you could tell he could care less if the issue was resolved. Not sure I will be buying another Homda anytime soon.

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Michael Clark - 6 d 12 h ago


I have a 2018 Honda Civic Type R which has squealing brakes since day 1. Service department at Penske Honda (Indianapolis 96thstreet) has replaced the brakes, although they didn't want to do anything, only to find the squeal like a pig. They have also replaced the seat carrier only for it to last 1 day. Now the service (Josh) is condescending about I bought a race car and that's the way it is. I have had many cars with Brembo brakes that don't squeal.

What will Honda do about my brakes and seat? 35,000 dollars for squealing brakes and a seat that wont adjust!

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Cheryl Stosser - 7 d 18 m ago


I would like to give a shout out to Honda of Escondido CA. I took a stranded Honda owner into the dealership. Her battery died on her key fob and rendered her car useless. She was frantic with a trunk load of groceries during the peak of heat in a heatwave. YIKES! The gal in the parts department was johnny on the spot with a new battery. When the stranded lady asked how much, the Helpful Honda Gal said, "no charge". I'm not a Honda owner and was impressed by this action...So Whoo Hoo Honda

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Erica Finch - 7 d 10 h ago


I have a 2014 Honda Sport with 70,000 miles and need a starter already. I did not have problems until this battery recall issue. There is no reason why a 2014 should need a starter period. No one at Honda Sevice could offer a valuable reason of why I would need a starter on a brand new car! I am very disappointed and I will definitely tell my family and friends to never buy a Honda again!

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Disgruntled - 8 d 4 h ago


I have a 2003 9.94 stroke Honda outboard on a small pontoon boat. I have had it into the shop at least three times and worked on ourselves at least three or four times and cannot get it to run consistently. As far as I know there are only two Honda dealers in the entire state of Colorado that will work on this. I drove two hours last summer to leave it at one dealership and when I got it back and ran for a couple of weeks and then stopped again. I find it hard to believe that a company that used to have such a highly rated name in the business has sunk so low. No one will work on this and if they do they don't know what they're doing.

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Larry Katzman - 10 d 22 h ago


I leased a 2016 Honda Accord sedan from Advantage Honda in Manhasset, NY. This was my 4th lease of an Accord & have been happy with the vehicles. That changed a few weeks ago when I noticed that the air conditioning was not working properly. Since the car was under warranty I was confident that it would be fixed properly for free. I received a call from the dealership a few hours later after dropping off the car. I was told that the condenser had a hole in it, probably from a rock I had driven over. As a result, the car was not covered by the warranty & would cost about $1,000 to fix. Needless to say I was outraged. I did some research & found that a repair like this should cost no more than $400. I feel that the warranty should cover this repair & feel strongly that I have been ripped off. I have been a loyal customer of Honda & this dealership for many years & now I feel taken advantage of. I may never drive another Honda. Please advise if you can be off any help to me. Right now I am driving in a hot car through no fault of my own.

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Carlene Myers - 35 d 7 h ago


The first month of 2018, I bought a used 2014 Honda CR-V from Round Rock Honda, Round Rock, Texas that came with a Certified Pre-Owned Honda card. I have taken the car back to dealer several times to fix issues, i.e., front door falling off, multiple dash lights coming on, car pulling to left, car struggling to gain speed between 25-35 miles an hour. Plus very strong chemical smell in car. One by one they fixed, managed, or dismissed the situation. The car pulling to the left in to traffic was dismissed as roads being uneven, even after a tech drove the car and said it was ok. Same with car struggling and studdering to gain foothold and speed between 25-35. Then tire light came on. Dealer said tires needed air. Sent me off again.. Tire light came on again. This time I made them put car on rack and run machine exam. They found that the front left tire had a plug in it!!!!!!!! Dealer sold me a car with a plugged tire!!!!!!!! They said they don't sell cars with plugged tires. I said I hope not! But they must have because I didn't do anything to car or tire!!!! I'm lucky it was found. They said they would give me a quote on a new tire. I bought a car in good faith. Why should I have to buy a new tire after 5 months of ownership when I did nothing to damage or plug the tire????? This was either traded in with a plug tire and person did not disclose or plugged tire got past dealership prep before they put can on used car market. Yes, tires passed the thread test but one had a plug in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to file a formal complaint against dealership.. I want them to pay for the tire(s), not me. Please help me. No one will call me or get back to me or talk to me about a leaking tire that could be making my car and personal safety a serious issue. If something happens to me in this car related to these tires, that's on this dealership. I'm letting family and friends know what has happen so everyone is aware of situation that ongoing. I'm on a limited budget and can not afford the expense of tires! Thank you.

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Judy - 32 d 7 m ago


Terrible experience with Honda not honoring paint warranty on a year old Honda Accord Sport, paint bubbling. Customer service just gives the runaround, circle talk & pass the buck! Will never purchase another Honda...worst experience ever!

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Anonymous - 14 d 7 h ago

Honda doesn't care !

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Theresa - 11 d 6 h ago


Hi,i am to having premature paint failure also called American Honda for help they gave me the run around and then David @ ex87149 said good news my Supervisor said we would be able to help i was happy i have been a loyal honda customer this is my 4th one sent many people to buy hondas this past fri aug 3rd 2018 David Called and said they Declined to help beacuse i take my car to be serviced at a small shop so much for helpful honda will not be buying another Honda Beacuse of they dont help with paint problems and the car has always been garaged very sad they cant help Loyal people

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Liz A Donahue - 11 d 12 h ago


I purchase my certified used Honda 2010 civic in 2010. There had been a coupon in the main to save 500 on a new or certified used honda. When it was time to finish the paperwork, no one new about the coupon. My salesman apparantly had left the company. Strike one! About a month later I brought the car in for an oil change and was told I need new front brakes and tires. They wanted to charge me. I fought with the manager and FINALLY they took care of it. Over the corse of the next 18 months I noticed my paint peeling. It looked like someone took a briilo pad and tried to make clouds with it. Not once when I brought it in did anyone from the service department say anything. I finally asked about it and they scheduled the parts of the car that were affected to be repainted. Now 2 years later all the areas that were not repainted are all peeling. I brought it in to Honda, they took pictures and six weeks later called me to say Honda would not fix the paint. He said the recall had expired!!! RECALL! WHAT RECALL??? I was never notified of a recall nor did one person at the Honda dealership ever say anything about a recall and or a time limit to have their shotty work replaced. Honda uses an inferior paint and won't fix it??? I wrote a letter and sent an email to the corporate office but they never answered. I will NEVER buy another Honda.

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Donna - 11 d 10 h ago


Liz, I have the same problem with my 2010 Honda Civic. I have contacted Customer Service, Customer Service assistant manager and wrote letter to Customer Service manager. I can get roof and trunk painted for 800.00. Honda says they are offering some assistance but you have to take it where they say, that estimate comes up to a little over 2100.00 and they say I need to pay 650.00. It seems to me that me the customer is getting screwed. Not happy and would never buy a Honda again. This is my fourth and last Honda. Good luck By the way, my car only has 55,000 miles on it, would have a difficult time selling it due to pain but they don't care about the customer.I was never notified of recall and I am original owner.

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Jud10989@ - 12 d 43 s ago


I purchased a CRV on September 21, 2016 in Nanuet, New York. After spending the winter in Stuart, Florida, I brought the car to Johnson Honda of Stuart to change the oil, rotate the tires and check the light on the dashboard for tire pressure. I was told their was a nail in the tire and they would patch it. I was then told that thelockong lug nut on left rear hub was cross threaded on the stud. The nut was removed and replaced which I was told took over an hour so they wouldn't damage the stud and then needed to wait for the part.. I was charged $315.38 for this. Yesterday, the tire pressure light came on again. I drove to the mechanic I have used for over 20 years. He is a former Honda mechanic . He told me I had a nail in my right rear tire. I showed him the paperwork from Stuart Honda. He checked all the tires and no other tire had been patched. He patched the tire for me for half of what I was previously charged. His opinion is that the tire was not patched only the light was turned of and a light coating was placed over the nail. He also didn't see any sign of the lock nut having been changed. I am appalled at the thought that I was so obviously cheated at this dealer. I am an older woman and I guess I looked like a person who would be easy to convince the all this work needed to be done. I will never use this dealer again and will not ever purchase another Honda.

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Dorothy Monn - 14 d 8 h ago

I am so mad at Honda my husband always buys a Honda I wanted a pearl white color will we got a Honda Pilot 1913 will the paint is peeling of the roof I have am shocked that Honda is doing nothing about the complaints . Is this how you do business? Word of mouth is better then any advertisement will l am telling every person how Honda does business .

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PEC - 16 d ago


my 2003 pilot just turned 400,000 miles orig engine and transmission. just curious what the record is for this model?

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Jerry Steiniger - 16 d 3 h ago


In 2014 I purchased a 2014 Accord Touring for $ 35,000 had everything especially a lot of problems. The car eats batteries. I just had one replaced and 2 days later got stalled 75 miles from home. The road service folks couldn't get it started. The dealer says we started it 12 times and it started every time. I guess that's their diagnostics. When the car was new it failed at a very inconvenient time. I called the dealer and the dealer didn't have a loaner but called a rental car company for me but then advised later, I had to pay for the rental car. I guess I should have been glad to get away home. On my call today I was told the dealer should have covered the last battery and I should tell them. I also learned that something called battery management sensor has been replaced previously. This car is past the 36000-mile warranty. Over time some minor issues have not been covered. This is a major issue that occurred during the warranty period but will they acknowledge that? How comfortable does one feel not knowing when this car will fail?

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