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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Richard Boecher - 2 h ago


2017 CRV. Bought New.Thought it was going to be the best car ever, but I have a couple peeves. 1) I don't use a smart phone, so when I use the GPS, You can't hear it, Unless you shut off the Radio and the Fans, Its turned all the way up and still just barely hear the directions..(thought there was going to be a fix for this , but None so far,WHY?... 2) No Glove box Lamp, 35K vehicle, has a place for a lamp , but No lamp, Wow! .. 3) Suppose to have a 15 gallon tank, but runs out of gas at 13 gallon...Two more gallons adds 60 miles, is the manual wrong? at empty can only put in 13 gal. Where's the other 2 gal? 450 range is much better than 390...

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Ishwar Khatri - 13 h 9 m ago


I have purchased 2017 Honda CRV from Honda of Clearlake Houston in Jan 2017

The AC is not working. It just blows like a fan.

I brought to the notice of service department since I purchased but as per them the reports are OK.

I m not at all satisfied with the AC

It just like a fan. The service engineer told me that it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to get the vehicle cool. This is not my first car. This is my fourth vehicle. The least expensive vehicles gives good results for AC as compared to this.

This seems to be defective AC.

The showroom people are just interested in selling vehicles and not willing to fix problems.

I request to kindly look into matter and help to resolve the issue.

Thank you

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Thomas Beaver - 1 d 8 h ago


I just bought a 2017 Crv in 8/17 and it has stalled with no power 3 times when driving and my kids are in car.Death trap

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leopard spots - 1 d 9 h ago


Why is my Honda 2011 4dr. Civic shedding paint on the top of the hood. I see a lot of Honda's that the paint is in spots on the hood, the trunk or roof top. looks like leopard spots on our cars.

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Chris - 1 d 13 h ago

I'm sure no one cares, but I am very upset. I have been leasing a Honda Civic since 2012. I was told they would make my payment similar to my lease payment of $265. Also they told me buying is cheaper than leasing. I was asked if I could put a payment down $265. Things changed. This is how it ended. $2500 down $340/mo 5 years. I bought not leased. I won't deal with them again. I'm very disappointed.

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Baljit Singh - 4 d 24 h ago


Hi, My Name Baljit Singh i bought a honda civic in Nov. 2017 from autonation honda in Fremont California they cheated me selling vehicle protection plan out of 2595 dollars. Now i am trying to cancel that plan but no body is listing to me .I already submitted all the paperwork since two months back. As an leading and responsible car manufacture you might take care of my problem. .

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Patti - 4 d 11 h ago


Below you will find a dealership complaint sent to Mr. Jeff Conrad, (hidden) on May 7, 2018 as directed by your website. As of today, 11, days later we have had NO RESPONSE. Mr. Jeff Conrad, Crest Honda, Nashville, TN April 26, 2018, Thursday, approximately 5:30pm, XXX and her Dad, , met with Jeremy Smith to discuss possible lease option. Once options were discussed a FIT was chosen. The FIT signed for was not at the dealership, Jeremy stated it would be there possibly Friday, if not Saturday. There was a similar FIT at the dealership, it was "parked in" making it unavailable to test drive, XXX and her Dad looked at the FIT, check out the options, but no test drive. XXX was told she needed to sign that evening to secure the price. XXX and Dad felt the deal was good.. XXX did hope for a black vehicle, non were available, she compromised on a white FIT. XXX signed the lease, anticipating receiving the keys to her FIRST vehicle, Saturday 04/28. The FIT finally arrived WEDNESDAY, 05/03/2018 -- ONE SOLID WEEK LATER. UNACCEPTABLE XXX was more than discouraged. Jeremy stated her FIT was in transport and he would let her know the second it appeared. XXX asked if she could speak to some one higher, Jeremy suggested she call Mr, Robert Holley, GM. Mr. Holley did not return her call. Monday 04/30, still no vehicle. I, Mom, called Crest Honda, finally was connected to Mr. Rick (last name escapes me) Mr. Rick was aware of XXX dilemma, he stated he tried to locate her FIT. Mr. Rick told me "It was out of his hands and he could not control what Honda does" he agreed to call me the next day with an update. I'm still waiting for that call. I did leave Mr. Rick two voice mails. Tuesday 05/01 I called Mr. Robert Holley, he was out, the receptionist, nice, professional and kind, stated she would have Mr. Holley call me as soon as he got in, about an hour. I made it clear I was XXX's Mom, not Jamie. She assured me she would explain that to Mr. Holley. TWO HOURS LATER XXX called to say her FIT would be at the dealership Wednesday morning. Mr. Holley had personally called her. I called Crest Honda, asked for Mr. Holley. When Mr. Holley picked up the call he told me he thought XXX number and mine were both Jamie's. Mr. Holley told me he had food poisoning and to bear with him. I asked why it took one week for the FIT to appear, he told me there is a new transport system and dealerships are not able to track vehicles as before. I told Mr Holley I felt in light of the frustration and disappointment XXXX went though waiting for her vehicle the dealership should compensate her. I suggested lower her payment $20.00 a month, a few free oil changes, what ever he could do. Mr. Holley stated there was only so much he could do on dealership level. He assured me she would have a full tank of gas, ...I later learn that is standard. Mr. Holley deflected responsibility stating it was unfortunate but nothing he could control. The customer service afforded XXXXXX was sub par at best. Mr. Jeremy Smith was a perfect gentleman, polite, kind and accommodating. As the week unfolded, Jeremy made every effort to keep Jamie up to speed, but his hands were tied. Jeremy also became ill and still kept XXXX in the loop. Jeremy is a good man, he represents Honda well. It should be noted, XXXX has a twin sister, who one week priory signed her SECOND lease with Crest Honda. XXX went to Crest Honda because of how well her sister was welcomed and treated. Word of mouth is the best for of advertising. I'm just the Mom, XXX is 27 years old, this is a milestone, her first car she paid for herself. XXX chose Crest Honda. We look forward to taking the survey Note; The Fit was delivered with NO FLOOR MATS

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Pissed off in MS - 4 d 11 h ago


I have had nothing but trouble since February 2018 with my 2014 Honda CRV. It started with the engine light coming on. I took my vehicle to Bob Boyte Honda, Brandon, MSwhere I purchased it in 2016. They replaced the CPU, received vehicle back and vehicle started doing other things, engine light came on again, radio panel will blink off when the air was on and vehicle would hesitate like it was going to shut off. Took it back and they replaced some wires, charged us $200 for the deductible. Same day I picked up the vehicle it did the same thing before I even got home. Took vehicle back and they replaced CPU again. I drove vehicle almost a week and same things stated to happen with more than one light(s) coming on. Took vehicle back yet again and was told that since they cannot recreate these problems and for us to drive it until it stops. Left again frustrated like we were lying about this. Next time I was able to take photos of the lights that were coming on because they stayed on almost 24 hours and then they went off again. Bob Boyte has had my vehicle again for over a week now and all they can tell me is to drive it until it stops. Left dealership again and the panel for the radio blinks off again. What am I to do? They make it seem like we are lying about what is happening.

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John - 5 d 13 h ago


Hello ...I would like to know if Honda is considering to bring the 2018 Honda Super Cub ....motorbike to USA for sale .....considering that this is in celebration of 100,000,000 Honda Super Cubs Sold worldwide ....this is the product that got Honda a loyal following and I think it would be a great opportunity to restablish meet the nicest people on a Honda .....John

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Disgusted Honda Customer - 5 d 14 h ago


American Honda allows their dealerships to sell/lease vehicles that are "Lemons" to customers. They, of course, make sure your stuck with the Lemon vehicle, with no means of actually helping in any way. American Honda is horrible, awful, disgusting for allowing this to occur and continually occur. It shows how evil and corrupt Honda and its dealerships are.

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Retired Chief - 7 d 11 h ago


I'm in the process of purchasing a new car. I found out today that HONDA has boycotted the Laura Ingraham show. Please let me know as soon as possible because Laura Ingraham is one of my favorite TRUTH shows on radio and TV. If this is the case, I will discontinue my negotiations with the local Honda Dealership on my new car.

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago


Forget about Honda brand and do not waste your valuable time any more! Go for another brand!

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Lori - 7 d 4 h ago


I recently spent $900 to have rails and cross bars put on my CRV. I can now put things on top of the car like a canoe but the rails have no way to secure or tie down anything on the crossbars. I couldn't transport a Christmas tree on it. What is the point of having rails that I cannot tie anything to?

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mary - 7 d 9 h ago


Mary. I bought a new 2017 Honda Accord and now i'm it's vibrating from the brakes, through me, front end, everything on the passenger sides vibrating. i've taken it numerous of time to the dealer and being told that it was normal . i called human relations and they agree with the dealership.My 14yr old hyundai sonata has never done this. i heard how good honda's are so i decided to buy one and very disappointed. i should have followed my first mind to get another hyundai sonata. So this is how honda treats their customers because they have so many!!!

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Very Angry Not Going To Buy Honda - 7 d 9 h ago


I would like to file a complaint against the Sales Associate at Rock Honda Mark Anthony. He is very unprofessional and horrible at his job. Honda should remove him from their sales floor due to his poor performance, demeanor and attitude. These clearly deflect the good name of "Helpful Honda" Dealers.

Let me start out by saying exactly what he said to me and I quote "You are up there with my (Mark Anthony's) TOP 5 WORST CUSTOMERS".

We were treated horribly. He was irritated that he had to show us more than 1 vehicle, he made us feel as if we were bothering him. He was upset that the vehicles in the lot were parked so closely together and he had to actually move a few to show me the vehicle I wanted to see. He was irritated by the fact that I phoned a friend for help and he was disputing the information I received from a friend who has purchased the same vehicle a few years old. I am allowed to make phone calls and talk to whoever I want to. After hours of not signing any paperwork and basically stating the pricing was too high, he basically said to me if I had told him I was looking for a cheaper car of different model, he would not have shown me the most expensive car. I am the customer and have the right to look at whatever vehicle I want whether my intention was to purchase or just browse. A salesman cannot force the customer into buying a vehicle based upon the fact that we were shown 2 vehicles in their lot. That is Ludacris and basically not legal! I explained to him I was looking for the $289/month lease deal and I will take the blame for comparing this pricing for a LX to an EX however that is no reason to treat me like I committed a crime.

I believe that Mark Anthony expected me to make a purchase and tried to force me to sign paperwork before divulging the real pricing for lease and/or purchase. He would not let me talk to the finance team and insisted I sign the paperwork FIRST. He became further agitated and annoyed that he spent the time with us and that I would not sign. At this point I had put up with enough and requested a new sales team member. The manager walked over after the conversion got to an escalated point and we just walked out.

I will never return to Rock Honda for anything and have removed them from my contacts list. They belong up there with the TOP 5 WORST DEALERSHIPS.

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Lack of respect - 8 d 8 h ago


I lease a 2016 Honda Fit with less than 30000 miles. I have only taken my vehicle to the dealer. They have rotated and balanced the tires on a regular basis. Last week they told me I needed 3 out of 4 new tires. This makes no sense. Even the dealer agreed. How could 3 of the tires be bad but one be fine? They gave me Honda's number to call. I have spoken to 6 different people. I have been misinformed repeatedly. I have reached out in good faith trying to get answers. Yesenia at Customer Service informed me it was not her job to tell me why my tires did that its just her job to let me know there is nothing they will be doing to assist me. She then hung up on me. I have reached out to several supervisors. I was finally put in touch with KyShawn. He informed me that they will not be helping. I wanted to address the rudeness of my previous customer service call also. I asked to speak to his supervisor. I got her name and he said she would call me back. HE called me back within a few minutes and informed me she would not be calling me. I asked if she was refusing to talk to me, he said YES. I know I'm just a nobody but when I wanted to address an issue, I should have been given the opportunity. I've never heard of a supervisor refusing to talk to a consumer. If someone at corporate cares, please contact me. Reference number 08569866

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Armando - 14 d 10 h ago


My spouse and I bought a 2016 CR-V and we have been having problems with the vehicle since we have had it. We have taken it in and been told multiple times that the shaking we are experiencing is not normal and there is no fix for it. Mind you these are Honda technicians telling me this. Now that they have done everything they could, corporate has stepped in and sent a "field technician" that is now telling me the shaking is normal. There is nothing they can do because there is nothing wrong with the car. I don't know about you but when I purchased the vehicle there was not anything in my paperwork stating that after 1 years my passenger side will shake to the point it makes the riders nauseous. I have not had any good experiences with Honda and this just solidifies that their customer service and care for individuals/customers are not apparent.

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bigfoot - 8 d 11 h ago


write the AG of your state and describe the potentially deadly, unsafe situation. Send copies to your local news and ask them to step in.

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Anonymous - 9 d 14 h ago

I was disappointed to read in Forbes April 14, 2018 Honda's lead in text for their Clarity hybrid.

"When the battery runs out, the gas kicks in. So you can keep going."

Sounds like it was written for grade school students, not FORBS.

First, batteries don't run out, they deplete.

Second, gas doesn't "kick in".

Third, to "keep going" is not necessarily a positive direction.

I believe a more mature delivery would have been,

"When the electric fuel cell depletes, the fossil fuel system is invoked. So continuous forward momentum is maintained".


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bigfoot - 8 d 11 h ago


Chinese, Japaneze, written by chimpaneze.

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Randal Rowe - 8 d 13 h ago


I have a 2015 Honda Accord sport that the clear coat is peeling all over the top half. Went to Honda of Burleson several times was told there wasn't a recall on it so they would do nothing about it. If that's the customer service one gets with Honda I'd rather not buy another Honda vehicle. As an experienced dealership mechanic I can tell this is a factory problem the company should fix. This car only has 35000 miles on it

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Ross - 8 d 14 h ago

Last week I was on i-94 mich when a rear tire exploded I almost took out 2 cars in the process luckily I was able to get to the median safely in own a 06 honda civic lx and am now learning about the faulty trailing arms after replacing them 3x over i called honda headquarters and she told me there was nothing they could do i simply asked for the correct parts to be sent to me and I would do the labor they said no I can't afford to buy more tires the engineering was faulty so now I gotta fix it ? What's wrong with this picture they are recalling the airbags due to safety? U think a tire exploding on the highway going 80mph isn't a safety issue wtf? My family has bought Hondas for years after this ordeal in will never purchase a honda again I am disgusted and sickened by the whole situation I will not replace the airbags maybe if I take some shrapnel to the face honda will start doing there job and there engineers will stop smoking crack thanks honda keep up the good work

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Dr. George Bishop - 12 d 8 h ago


I'm planning to replace my eight year old Hyundai, and I'm looking at a Honda Accord. HOWEVER, your cars seem to have some fairly serious recurring transmission problems, in cars with fairly low mileage. Most of the time your representatives say that an eight or ten year old car should not be Honda's responsibility, REGARDLESS OF THE MILEAGE. Hyundai offers a TEN YEAR / 100,00 mile drivetrain warranty ON ALL THEIR CARS. Does Honda have an answer to this challenge?

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Graham Fleenor - 12 d 16 h ago


I am the owner of a 2009 Honda Civic. The paint on my care is flaking off in large chunks. I have taken it to the dealer and they offered to pay half to have the care repainted at an independent shop. The owner of the shop told me that it was obvious to him that the car had been painted over contaminants that were on the car surface and that is why the paint is peeling off. After hearing that information I pushed to have the dealer pay the full amount to have the car repainted. The dealer told me no deal. I contacted Honda via twitter multiple times and could get no one to listen nor would they give me a contact to share my saga with. I contacted Honda customer service via phone and all the representatives offered me was that my care was old, or what do you expect from an old car you should buy a new Honda. I asked several customer care representatives for a name or number, or contact information to present my cars problem to and they told me that they would tell me the same thing. I asked everyone I talked to on the phone for a supervisor and I was told no and that they would tell me the same thing.........sorry your car is old, it's not our problem. I began to contact Honda about my Civic when I received a letter from Honda that stated Honda was providing an extended 7 year warranty on the paint to cover the issue of clear coat peeling. I would have assumed that that would also include peeling paint. It appears that is not the case. When I bought my Honda I was sold on the premise that a Honda will last you for many years and that they are very reliable. (Funny thing the financial guy tried to sell me an extended warranty and I asked him why? The salesman told me Honda's are very reliable so I should not need an extended warranty.) It is true my car is reliable. It has served me well. However, the paint on my car is defective and I believe it should be repaired by Honda. To this date no one at Honda cares about the issue with my peeling paint. To this I say I am disappointed in the people of Honda. They are the ones that have let me down. Not my Honda car. It just keeps humming along with no problems. It is unfortunate that Honda personnel are not as reliable as Honda's cars. By the way I tried to login to my Honda account and I asked for a password reset but have not received an email to reset my password yet. The Honda website is not working either nor is the live chat. I sense a theme with Honda going on here.

Help, help, help, there no one at Honda that cares? My car has a problem. The problem is poor workmanship when it came to painting my car. Can someone please investigate this issue for my 2009 Honda Civic.

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Erika Diaz - 13 d 6 h ago


Erika Diaz unsatisfied honda customer. Purchased a 2017 Crv I April 2017. I have tire issues, right side tires cupping, due to wheel alignment performed twice in less than a year from purchase. Everyone is giving me the run around and not replacing my tires.

Frustrated customer.

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