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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Anonymous - 12 h 40 m ago


I bought my crv in lisle,illinois and my brother was supposed to money for referring me to them. That was August 2 2017 and he still didn't get any money from them. I'm On top of that when asked if I wanted to transfer my old plates to my new vehicle I said yes. Next thing I know they are putting new plates on my vehicle. I will never go back to Honda of lisle. They do what they want and not what the costumer wants.

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Very dissatisfied Honda Vehicle Owner - 1 d 14 h ago


Honda SUCKS. Part goes bad and can't find the right one to replace it...I have replaced every solenoid on my transmission and it still is not working right. Do you think I could find the right part for the double solenoid. NO they continue to give me the wrong one. Then I have to pay to resend them back...WHY because these car part places don't have f***ing pictures for the parts...

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Yogi Singal - 7 d 10 h ago


I bought my Honda last month and 15 days later there was big crack on my windshield and when I called Honda, I was was told that it would be out of pocket expense. Guy name Antony answered my call and was useless, I have bought only HONDA products for last 28 years and today my loyalty of 28 years went to drain. WILL NEVER BUY HONDA PRODUCT ANYMORE.

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James Hubble - 8 d 11 h ago


My 2012 Civic Ex is one of many Civics that were found to have a manufacturer defect with the paint job, causing fading, cracking, and other discoloration with the paint on the roof and trunk. I called, opened a case, and scheduled a time to bring it in before then being told that it could take up to 2 weeks to fix, and they would not be giving me a loaner to drive in the meantime. I called other local Honda dealerships who gave me the same story. I then called Honda of America customer relations, and they told me that they would also not be able to help me with any rental car or loaner of any kind.

When you make a product and screw something up during its manufacture, the obviously reasonable thing to do is to fix it without any charge to the customer who purchased it. When you require that a person pay for 2 weeks of car rentals in order for that fix to be possible, that is essentially charging the customer a considerable price for fixing an ERROR THAT YOU MADE. This is an unethical business practice and completely unacceptable. I have a call in with the complaints department of American Honda but wanted to leave this information here, as well.

It is because of this experience that I will never again purchase Honda products. Further, I will tell as many others about my experience as possible and do everything in my power to prevent others from purchasing products from Honda. I will guarantee a loss of money to Honda (if only due to my refusal to purchase another vehicle from them, myself) that is exponentially more than it would have cost them to provide me with a loaner vehicle for the time they were servicing my car.

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jeanette - 9 d 4 h ago


I use to be a hondasaleswoman back in the 90s and I always thought someday I would own one and in 2013 my husband bought me a brand new accord v6. well when it hit 65987 my started went out on it. I called my local dealership to find out how much to replace it and see if it has a recall on it, well for almost $800 they could change it but I don't have an extra 800 just laying around. I cant believe that a car with this few miles on it needs a new starter. well I did some research and found hundreds of people in the same boat. this sucks and you should have a recall on the 2013 and 2014 models of Accords.

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Anonymous - 15 d 9 h ago

Honda dealer in Victoria Texas.are a rip off to the bank and customers

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louise phillpis - 15 d 10 h ago


why so many electrical issues bad relays ignition switch relays clicking over night green key light blinking call Honda dealer they can't answer issue 2003 Honda element love car hate issues with no answers I've heard there were electrical issue first year production REALLY (Honda solve the electrical issues old & new for people that love the Honda element)

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Richard S. - 19 d 5 h ago


I posted my review on Yelp with how poor the Service is and unreliable Honda's are. Clearly there is a problem with Honda CRV's, due to poor design that can't be resolved with Maintenance. I believe the Honda motto is Caveat Emptor!

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Elaine - 19 d 14 h ago


I am a long time Honda owner. Last week we purchased a Certified 2016 Pilot EX-L.

Our salesman, who we've dealt with before, told us the Pilot had navigation on it. After signing paperwork we find out it is not available yet.

We are extremely disappointed that was one of the reasons we were purchasing an SUV to travel in.

I want to know when this will be available on vehicles that have the capability. What 2016 vehicle doesn't have a navigation system these days?!!

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Michele Card - 20 d 8 h ago


I have an issue with the Katy Texas service department that I would like to be addressed please. First time I took my pilot in for some maintenance the plug for the transmission was not secure and I ended up with transmission fluid on my garage floor which could have been really bad had I not caught it. Second issue I took my vehicle in because the air conditioner wad not working and my second set of tires are cupped already so I pick it up and I'm told everything is fixed. We drive the vehicle to Michigan I have to take it to the Honda dealership in traverse city they work 2 days on the air conditioner and have to replace a stabilizer bar but im truly convinced there is something else wrong in the front of my vehicle and Katy did not want to fix it because my vehicle was close to being out of warranty. There is still a noise coming ouy of the front of my vehicle and tires dont just wear funny especially when i rotate them on a regular basis. Thank you

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Seanedwardcar - 21 d 5 h ago


I have never bought or owned a Honda before. Most of my cars are Europeans. I finally decided to buy a 2017 Honda Civic for my son as I was impressed with the research I did before buying. I have not made my first pay,net on the car and the windshield wiper motor goes out. Took it to the dealer in Colorado Springs and was replaced. Before my second payment was due, the digital touch screen cracked from the inside and the whole functions for radio, back up camera is inoperable. Took it to the dealer and was told that it was not covered in the warranty bec the crack was due to brute force. I cannot fathom having such strength to crack it from the inside and NOT from the outside of the touch screen. Still Honda will charge us an outrageous amount to replace the screen plus labor. Is this how your warranty works? Obviously, there must be a defect on the cars as it is not even 40 days old and we already experienced 2 defects. Is the the reliability and dependability that you advertise? I am very disappointed and we contacted a James on the customer service that never returned my calls and it took me and my wife alternating to contact him to get him to pick up his phone after two days of messages left from both ,y wife and I attempting to call. My case # is 06190064. My son did not cause that screen to crack. I wouldn't take that we have to choke up over $1500 on a40 day old car that was bought brand new. If your company will not fix this , I will make every effort, blog, social media, BBB, or write to the CEO himself to have my voice and concern heard.

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AnneMarie - 21 d 15 h ago


I am a long time Honda owner and I am absolutely appalled with Hondas lack of follow through or care for their customers. I've called and sent letters and nothing. I have a 2015 Honda CR-V. I've been complaining about a noise in the engine since I purchased it only to be blown off over and over. At 6,000 my car almost went up in flames the belt broke and went on fire. The error codes have been going crazy since I got the car and I got left on the side of the road in the snow bc the car wouldn't drive. At 14,000 the car was smoking, ticking and filled with error codes and had to be towed in. I continued to document over and over and over. After pursuing with one specific honda service to document for the purchasing dealer finally at 64,000 miles they agreed I've been right all along and the car needs a new complete transmission. Except Honda refuses to get involved bc it's 4,000 miles over the factor warranty. Except this problem existed since I purchased it and it's clearly documented. So either someone buys back my car or they put in a new transmission... After buying 12 cars from Honda I can't believe the way I'm being treated. I expect higher standards and I expect them to make right on their product. And for a rep to tell me directly from Honda to say then don't buy our product anymore is disgusting. That man should be fired. I'm giving them time to make do if not I'll pursue it further as I need to. HONDA...YOU KNOW BETTER!!!!!

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ROBERT HOMER - 22 d 5 h ago


I have a 1999 Honda Gold wing an in the last 3 years I have problems with the bike and the dealership said thay don't work on old bike's what can I do my bike only has 24,532 miles

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Nita - 22 d 8 h ago


I have purchased a 2016 Honda Accord and I had it in the dealer every three months for service... no lights in both monitors, the car stopped while I was driving it in the middle of the street, and today the car would not start at all. I called Honda roadside assistance today. They came and tried to start the car, it would not start, so he towed it to the Dealer. The Dealer call me once again and told me there is nothing wrong with the car (this would be the 4th time I been told the same thing). This is the worst purchase I have ever made. And I know this for a fact, because I have owned a Honda Accord for 30 years, 2 different cars, and never had this much trouble. Wish everyday I could just give it back, and go to another car manufacture who actually care about it customers.

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Jenna - 22 d 13 h ago


I purchased a 2014 Certified Pre-owned Honda CR-V from Balise Honda located at 509 Quaker Ln, West Warwick, R.I. in March of 2017. Since day one, the car was making a rubbing noise when I first started to drive and eventually would go away. Being a new car owner, I didn't think there was anything wrong till my Mom drove with me and told me that that didn't sound right. The rubbing noise eventually gave way to a screeching noise. I brought the car in for service on July 29 only to find out that the rotors were shot! My question is this, what is considered "CERTIFIED". How could you let a car in that condition be sold? Isn't the car inspected by your mechanics before it is "certified"?? It cost me $350 to have the rotors replaced. I thought the name HONDA was a trusted company.

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Teddy - 23 d 13 h ago


Our family recognises Honda Automobiles for the quality, value and resale value. However I would like to make a suggestion to the design team for the Honda Accord. Here on the East Coast we have mornings when frost winds up on the rear view mirrors, could you please install the heated mirrors that have been around for a long time on other makes and models. Also I find that when it rains it is impossible to open the window a little bit without getting lots of water running off the roof of the car into the car. Again water channels ands guards were on my my older cars and prevented this from happening. These issues are a big deal to owners and they are not expensive to include.

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Charles R. Hodges - 24 d 23 h ago


My problem with Honda is not as bad as some I have read recently but------? My 2002 Honda had to have a transmission overhaul at age 14 and around 80,000 miles. Also it is leaking engine oil in small quantities. Now this doesn't sound like much but I take it as a serious unexpected malfunction and it should not happen which is my reason for owning Hondas in the past many years. I want to hear from and have some dialog with a Honda representative in the near future or I will NEVER buy another Honda. You have too much competition these days

unless you really DO NOT CARE. My 2001 Toyota has 145,000 miles on it and no mechanical problems.

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Glenda - 24 d ago


To Whom It May Concern: I have owned Honda cars since 1998 (or 1999). My first Honda was an Accord that is still running with over 240,000 miles. I purchased a new Honda Fit in 2010. I drove that as my only car for the past 7 years. I had minimal problems with the car and loved the reliability and gas mileage. When it came time to buy a new car (my 2010 car had more than 130000 miles) I looked at two cars - the Toyota Prius and the Honda Fit. I decided to buy a new (2017) Fit. My daughter flew here from Colorado, I gave her my 2010 car and she and I drove my 2010 Fit to Colorado. Preface - I may not clearly remember all of this negative experience. Please forgive the lack of names and details, I am sure Honda can verify the information below with the service and telephone records. I bought the 2017 Fit on June 30. I test-drove the new Fit when I took my 2010 for a passenger-side airbag recall a couple of months before. I liked the new features on the 2017 Fit. When I went to buy the new Fit, I did only a quick drive around the block, since it was rush hour. I went into the offices and completed the paperwork and got into the car and started on my drive home. When I was less than a mile from the dealer, I turned the temperature control knob down (to a warmer temperature) and heard a "clunk", like a cable had broken. When I went to turn the knob back, the knob would not go down to the full cold position (it stops 3-4 bars from the coldest position). I was in a hurry that evening, so I drove the car home. At the time, I thought that the cable had broken and I would bring the car back the following Friday (July 7) for a quick, simple repair. I made an appointment on-line. That weekend (July 1 or 2), I took my new car to the park and spent 6 hours waxing and armor-alling it. On Friday (7/7/17), I took my car to the dealer. The service manager called to tell me the car was repaired but when I got into the car to leave, I turned the knob and the knob was having the same problem. The service rep called over the shop manager and he checked the knob and said that they would need to order new parts. They said the parts would be in on Monday (or later), they don't usually have parts for new cars. The dealership kept my car until Monday, and called to tell me my car was ready. I was on vacation that week, so I was able to go and get my car. They drove my car from the lot and it was filthy - with bird droppings down the passenger side. I told them that the car being dirty was not acceptable, that it was a new car with less than 200 miles and they should clean it. They said they didn't have the facilities to wash it, I told them I would take it to the new car area and they could wash it. I got into the car turned the knob and the knob was having the same problem. I called the manager over and he said they would install a new part, leave it with them and they would have the car washed and return it to me the following day. The following day (7/11/17), I picked up the car and realized the knob was still not operating correctly, but took the car. The knob was still not going to the full 'cold' position. That week, I was on vacation so I did not drive my car that often, as stated before, I drove my 2010 Fit to Colorado. When I returned to work and my commute, the knob had a new problem, it took excess force to turn the knob from warm to cold. I made an appointment and took my car to the dealer on 7/21/17. This time, I called the shop the day before to be certain the parts would be available and they said yes. I thought I would wait for the car. After I arrived at the shop, they told me the job would take all day - that they had to take the dash apart. I was thoroughly disappointed and the service people arranged for me to have a rental car. Later, the service rep called to tell me they were unable to fix the knob and they had contacted Honda engineering to determine if there was a way to fix the problem. The service rep told me that I should pick up my car, be gentle with the knob and they would let me know when I could bring the car back for repair. I called Honda corporate office on 7/21/17. I spoke with Toya and I got a case number 06164139. I told her all of the above and she asked what I wanted Honda to do. I told her that I wanted a new car - I am a mechanical engineer and that cars are made to be assembled, not disassembled, that if the dash was taken out, the parts would never go back together properly, that the service person may put it together so it wouldn't squeak and rub today, but it would only be a matter of time before it did squeak and rub. On Monday (7/24), I spoke with Jonathan and Marlenee (spelling?) x117755. I told Marlenee the story above and she asked what I want from Honda. I told her that I was sure in her notes that it said I wanted a new car, but at this point, I just want my car fixed. Marlenee told me that there are seldom problems with the Honda Fit and I told her it's because it is a very basic car, that when you add whistles and bells to a car, there are more chances for problems. I told Marlenee about a YouTube video ( that indicates owners of Fits and HRV's are having the same issue with the temperature knob. I told Marlenee that the service rep told me I needed to pick up the car and 'be gentle with the knob, that it is not fixed and will easily break'. I explained to Marlenee that I work in north county and was unsure if I could get back to the dealership by 6, that I have been planning all of this repair stuff to be on Fridays because I have Fridays off, other days it is difficult to get to the shop since I normally get home between 6 and 7 AND the dealership is another 15-30 minutes past my home. She said that she would talk to the service rep and get back to me - I have not heard from her at all (as of 7/30/17). On 7/24 I chatted on line with = Kris Johnson. Please check that transcript where he told me that it would probably not be a problem to keep the rental and that he would have a manager call me. On Tuesday (7/25), I checked my phone and had a text from the service rep that I needed to get the rental car back to Honda by 6 pm, that Honda would no longer pay for the rental after 6 pm. I left a couple of frantic calls for Marlenee and still have not heard from her. I left work early to get to the dealer by 6 pm. I tried calling the service manager but he had left for the day. Instead, I talked with the sales manager (JR). I told him all of the story above ending with 'I'll tell you what, after I pick up my car, I will bring it over to you and you can show me how to be 'gentle with the knob'. He was sympathetic and probably one of the best people I have talked with throughout this ordeal. His response was 'after you pick up your car, I'll have one of the salesmen take your car and fill the tank and then we can look at the knob'. I told him how grateful I was and that his offer made a big difference. On 7/28/17 I again left a message for Marlenee (11:45am) and have not had a call from her. Also on 7/28/17 (11:56am), I spoke with the Service Manager (Jason) and he explained that there will be no repairs 'in the near future' the plastic flexes and the teeth get broken off so I need to be gentle with the knob. I asked him if he had checked the 2018 models to see if there is a difference in the parts and that he could then use a 2018 part to fix my 2017 car. He said he would check and get back to me. For the week of 7/24 thru 7/27 I noticed a squeak coming from the passenger front side. I thought it was probably something in the glove box and frankly was afraid it was something further wrong with the car. On 7/30/17, I removed everything from the glove box and drove the car. Honestly, it sounded like I was riding in a covered wagon. The squeak was worse with nothing in the glove box. On 7/30/17, I wanted to charge my phone and realized the HDMI port was not re-installed when the car was reassembled during the last repair attempt - there is only a hole where the port should be. At this point, the temperature knob still does not go down to the full cold position (it stops 3-4 bars from the coldest position) and I am living with 'be gentle with the knob', to avoid breaking off the teeth. In addition, the HDMI port is not functioning (there is a hole where it should be) and there is a squeak in the dash area. I realize that the steering wheel was removed and am concerned that if the 'mechanic' who removed the steering wheel is the same person who forgot to reattach the HDMI port this car could be a danger to drive - what else did he/she forget to reattach? As stated above, I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the majority of my career has been in the Quality profession (I am a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt). As a quality professional, I am thoroughly disappointed with this entire experience. Based on my past experience with Honda, I initially felt comfortable with my purchase and was sure that Honda would stand behind their product. Instead it feels like I am being told that I have to live with defects and that I must "settle" with a defective product. This entire process has been a huge inconvenience and disappointment. If I am not offered a solution my only recourse is to investigate the lemon laws for the state of California. I feel confident that you will resolve this issue so I can regain my confidence in Honda. I look forward to hearing from you before August 8. My telephone number is xxxx -- (not willing to post that here, please check your records). Please leave a message (and answer when I return your call). I work Monday thru Thursday - leave home at 5:30 am and return home between 6 and 7pm. I have intermittent access to my phone during the day. Sincerely, Glenda Car VIN # 3HGGK5HM709149 NOTE: a copy of this will be mailed to your address in Torrance

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David Z. - 24 d 13 h ago


STAY AWAY from Performance Kings Honda!!!! Negotiated a selling price over the phone for my daughter who has two young children and a baby that is due in November. Her husband is out of town on catastrophe duty. I had a total of 10 calls with Performance Kings Honda manager and two members from the sales team to negotiate a deal. We went to the bank for a cashier's check per their instructions, drove 2 hours while we texted information to them on our ETA and title information so the paperwork would be filled out upon arrival. We were constantly in touch with them during the drive to find out that they sold the car 6 hours earlier that day as we arrived at the dealership. Sales team was rude, not apologetic at all and the first words from the sales team were "We don't hold cars!!!" Keep in mind we were in contact all day, they knew we already went to the bank, knew we were in transit for two hours and they asked for the name and address for the car title 15 minutes before we arrived at the dealership. Performance Kings Honda is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, VERY UNORGANIZED, VERY RUDE, with a TOXIC SALES ENVIRONMENT. The manager told me that they have over 1,000 cars and they can't always keep track of everything that is sold. OMG, how long have they been in business? Don't they use computers to track their inventory like the rest of the industry? Then they wanted to show us more expensive cars on the lot.

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Gail Anne - 25 d 6 h ago


Terrible Service at Boch Honda West Westford MA. Got a quote online and went to dealership. Salesperson and Sales Manager refused to honor it. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

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Anonymous - 25 d 16 h ago

My 2015 Honda Cr-V remote transmitter required a battery change. A message appeared when I started my auto. I could find no mention of this in the manual. Page 111 mentioned how to start when battery is weak. But not how to change it. I was able to find out by Google. This should be in manual.

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Diane - 26 d 6 h ago


Excellent service received today from Cody, Deborah, & Ryan at Victory Honda Monroe MI.

NOT SURPRISING since that staff are outstanding in giving honest, accurate, professional info.

Warm hospitality always makes us feel welcome but never pressured. - Diane G. 7/28/17

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Doug - 26 d 8 h ago


received numerous calls to participate in air bag study...$50 gift card offered which is good at honda dealer for participating..Honda set up the appointment...Went on schedule date only to find out Honda never sent out the needed part...50 miles of driving...gas...3 and 1/2 hour of time....Honda says sorry ,but you didn't get the air bag replaced so we will give you nothing for your trouble...They even admitted someone made a mistake for not shipping the part.GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS.....

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Deb - 27 d 8 h ago


I can't believe Honda has no email address - really? I have a 2014 CRV. Since the beginning of this year, Jan 2017, my car began to randomly not start. The 2nd event was during a rain storm after working all day. After getting the car jumped I drove directly to the dealership in Ocala for some answers. I told them this was the 2nd time the car had failed to start. My drive to Ocala is hour, so when they checked the battery he tells me everything is fine, but they did a 'software update'. My advisor proceeds to tell me I need about 5 miniscule items done. Not sure why they were even looking at anything else knowing I am in a hurry and missing work and only at the dealership because of the failed starts on my car. When I get home that evening I review my service bill closer and notice he never even mentions my battery issue or the 'software update' at all.

Over the course of the next few months my car continues to fail randomly. Yesterday 7/26 - after failing for the 5th time, I drive to the Leesburg dealership. After reading the warranty book I figure although I am now out of the 3 year warranty I will at least get a 60% prorate. WRONG! The warranty is to cover the new battery that they will be putting in the car. WHAT is that? So Honda does NOT warranty the battery that comes with the brand new car! Only the new battery they are now putting in if you are as unfortunate as me must buy, because of an incompetent service advisor who decided to not listen to me and was only interested in making sure I paid something that day.

Have had both Toyota and Honda for several decades. Lived in Houston mostly and was never treated this way in regard to a new battery issue. Very disappointing Honda

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Barb H - 28 d 7 h ago


In 2006, we bought our 1997 Honda Accord from th first owner. It had 100,000 miles on it then. Now, 11 years later it has 265,000 miles on it and it's still going strong! It is a manual transmission which I'm tired of driving but cant really complain about since it's 20 years old. Even the cruise control and air conditioning still work! The only repairs we've ever made are those for wear and tear. I have thought our Honda would be "dying" soon, ever since we reached 250k, and here we are now 15k later and still running strong. Thank you Honda for making such a fantastic car! I would recommend Honda to anyone!!

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