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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Drave Lee - 6 h 50 m ago


Honda Company, there's no email address that can be reach or asking!! what a sucks company

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Deepak Agrawal - 8 h 45 m ago


Dear Sir, I have sent my Honda city car for service and maintenance purpose at the service camp arranged at banswara by Kamal Automotives Pvt Ltd, Autokam Honda, Udaipur on 9th Feb, 2018. I was pre-notify by the service centre that a camp has been organised and whether i want to book for service and maintenance. That time I told the company that I am facing issue with the car's Air conditioner. The same person told that it is noted and will be done at service camp. And also when I sent my vehicle to the camp, my driver and I both notify the concern person that its AC is not working and other issues also. Service is completed and they have charged us for that and we have paid. Now when we are using the vehicle we still find the same issue with the AC and when we notify the service person regarding that he is not willing to take any responsibility for that., For a brand like you I do not assume these type of customer relationship will be expected. Please look into the matter and solve my issues. -- Regards, Deepak Agrawal 327001 Mob. No. +91(hidden)

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TM - 12 h 5 s ago


I own a 2009 Honda Civic, while overall it's been a great little car, reliable, great fuel mileage there are some quality issues. The most glaring is the factory paint job. Over the past year I noticed what looked like tree sap stains on the roof getting larger and larger. Recently took the Civic in to a body shop hoping to get the "stains" removed only to learn that those "stains" were in actuality the clear coat failing. Also learned that Honda quietly had a "Campaign" which extended the paint warranty and my car was now outside that extended warranty period. Contacted Honda America and got a scripted answer which amounted to go away, not our problem. Next went to the local Honda dealer and visited with the Service Manager, who at least listened and forwarded the issue to a District Service Manager, who wanted us to get an estimate from a Honda Certified Body Shop....the estimate, $5800. The District Manager offered to pay a paltry 25% toward correcting a Honda defect, talk about insulting.

Other issues noted, were the sun visors which are total crap, which you'll pay $60-70 to replace also the weather stripping along the driver side window is cracking as if it has sat in the Arizona desert. I do own a 2005 CR-V made in Japan which has had no real issues, but the American made Civic leaves a lot to be desired. Won't be buying another Honda, the quality has certainly declined.

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Mildred Pedraza - 13 h 13 m ago


Very disappointed with treatment I have received with being a loyal customer over the last ten years. Purchased a pilot, accord, and civic.y last car was a Honda Accord 2016 and it went to a car accident and no one ever told me or informed me about the insurance gap at the dealers. Now I end up owing honda $2,500 and no help from anyone and I'm ubering everywhere. This is ridiculous and disgusting. They are also demanding the 2,500 in whole and took me to collection without notification and payment arrangement. I will tell my friends and family about this defamation being done here. I also go on the media to prevent this from happening to anyone else!! They sell u the cars and get your money, everything is great right???? But very unprofessional and rude. I will never be purchasing a Honda again.

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Sajeev.s - 1 d 13 h ago


Sir,iam Sajeev from Kerala India.I have an idea to make electricity for using electric vehicles electric trains home and industrial uses.sir if

you are interested ,I am contact again and sharing to you.

Thank you sir namasthe

General profile image - 2 d 19 h ago

I a 2009 1300vtxt. I bought service manuel. there isn,t any detail vacuum lines no help, can i get help on this?

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Margaret Fouda - 4 d ago

I was considering the new plug in hybrid by Honda but after reading that Honda is sponsoring a race in the Palestinian occupied territories in February I will no longer consider this car. Israel is destroying Palestinian homes to build illegal settlements in the occupied territories and denying human rights to millions of Palestinians. Doing business as usual is not acceptable.

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Marvin schmitz - 4 d 15 h ago


My 2017 Honda CR-V will not warm up when it is cold outside. I live in Minnesota and need heat. I contacted the dealer and no help. Now the crv is parked in my garage until spring,I am driving my old car. Very disappointed in Honda.m

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Heidy Kellison - 5 d ago

Your Presidents Day Commercial on Pandora misses the mark. Featuring a young female student and her teacher discussing a book report and whether Lincoln and Washington were twins, there are several harmful stereotypes about women and girls.

First, the idea of a girl turning in an assignment based on an absurd assumption implies a lack of intelligence. The script then incorporates outsized words to compensate, but they are disrespectfully directed at her teacher and further the notion that smart females are annoying, bossy, and difficult. The commercial culminates with the student (and her female teacher) being distracted by holiday sales. Need I say more?

In the midst of the MeToo Movement, Honda should reconsider its approach.

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Honda supporting Apartheid - 5 d 14 h ago


Hello, I just heard that Honda is sponsoring a motorcycle race in an internationally recognized illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. The race is scheduled for later this month of February. If Honda proceeds to sponsor this event I will boycott any Honda product and ensure all my family and friends follow suit.


Shehad Mohammed

Orland Hills, OK


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Maninder SIngh - 6 d 8 h ago


At the completion of 1 year of my bike, i paid Rs . 750 (Approx.) for extend my bike warrenty on 10th of Oct. 2017. But till date i am not received EW book from Excel Honda Work Shop. I visited 4 or 5 time between in this period. On last paid service 4th of Feb. 2018, i surprised when billing assitant clearify to me that EW has not been punched in there system and paid amount is not shown in his account. i show the paid bill. They assured to me that we will resolve with in 3 or 4 days. But today the word are same as i.e. give 2 or 3 days. I am not happy from your service. If service will same as in furture i have to replace vehicle with other company

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Dissappointed - 6 d 17 h ago


I've been having a horrible time getting clarification on the Honda Pilot EX-L I ordered back in December from Clawson Honda in Fresno. I feel the the brochure is very ambiguous and not as specific as I'd like about what features are added or replaced depending on the model. I've tried since December to get this clarified first with the salesperson and then with the sales manager Mike. I even went to the trouble of typing it all up as a Table in a Word document and asked them to red-line what should or should not be in the vehicle I've ordered. I also asked again, when I might receive this car without a response. I haven't even been given the ven # yet. In addition, I've contacted American Honda and the "customer service" people I spoke with were demanding, rude, and not helpful at all. The second person I spoke with, after giving him a substantial amount of personal information and repeating myself as he forgot a lot of what I'd said, finally gave me a case # and stated that someone would call me. If this is the customer service I can expect from Honda then I have to question why I've decided to purchase from Honda. This is a very expensive purchase and I don't believe it's too much to ask to get the specific specs on that purchase or ask for an ETA on when it will arrive.

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Joseph Maskins - 7 d ago


San Francisco Honda dealership sold me a 2017 Pilot on January 18th, 2018. They received $1,100 down payment which was never acknowledged in the contract. Then after driving around the city I discovered that the vehicle I purchased was not receiving the estimated gas per gallon ratio that was advertised. It advertised 19 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Instead my Pilot only gets maximum 12.9 Miles per gallon in the city and 18 miles per gallon on the highway. When turned in the service department in San Francisco I was told that was normal because I'm in San Francisco. I am very dissatisfied with the dealership and since I am within the first 30 days of my contract I am returning the vehicle to the dealership because it is a lemon. I will be contacting the lemon law lawyer also today.

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Dustin - 8 d 23 h ago

Hello I have a idea that I'm am certain will revolutionize the auto industry, I am looking for advice or direction, any help is appreciated .

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Dear sir /madam

I have purchased Honda amaze in sri Lakshmi Automobiles near HRBR LAYOUT. babusapalya on 20th January 2018 with the help of mahindra finance pvt ltd.

The sales executive has informed about the vehicle it's 2017 model and the warranty will start from the date of purchase but, when I left it for first service the service people as informed the car has been sold on July 2017

And also I had paid the down payment 1,10,000 in cash by two payment (5000 & 1,05,000) for 5000 he gave me original bill and for 1,05,000 he gave me duplicate bill and when I went to correct about the warranty the head office people gave me the statement that I had paid only 95,000!! And also the sales person gave me 65,000 discount but in statement it has been shown 85,000!!

Kindly find the attached file below....!!

And do the process ASAP or I'll take the legal action

Thanks & Regards

Rama Krishna venkat


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Janice - 10 d ago

We love our 2013 CRV and would like to get a 2018 but the colors to choose from are terrible. Why can't you have a red on the CRV like the HRV? When you get better colors to choose from we will consider trading for a new one.


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Brian Eugene Cavanaugh - 10 d 19 h ago


I'm Cavanaugh ,

841 hand Ave SE FL our world

Can you document yes & today

Extra intake ports , slid type valves

Recirculation type exhaust turbo idea

I drew chicken scratch in back yard

Thank you for dealing with my ignorance

Maybe y'all can float me down some thing to stop me from arguing with. I T

I've really been trying to get the point across about taking for granted n shits

Paper n pencil

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Suman vishwakarma - 11 d 35 s ago



M indian

I have some design wordmark of Honda unicorn which is unique....

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David D. - 13 d 1 h ago


WARNING : Check your new Honda before purchase ! I purchased a new 2018 Civic LX from Rancho Santa Margarita in CA on Tue 02/06/2018 .

The day after purchase when I checked my car I noticed that the gap between hood and fender on one side is bigger than the other side !

Also front bumper where joints the fender on the right side is not correctly installed !

I took it back to the dealership to exchange the car but they only offered me to fix it by sending it to body shop !!!!

I refused to do that with my new one day old car .

So , I left and will contact HONDA Corporate to complaint .

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Harsh Patel - 13 d ago



My name is Harsh Patel. I have Honda Civic Ex turbo 2016 model. I bought new car for me and I have 3 year warranty. I bought this car from Metro Honda, New Jersey. After my car complete 1 year I got oil change sign so I went to Honda showroom from where I bought this car and they recommend me to do some necessary service and they said this service recommend by Honda company. I said yes for that and then they did wheel alignment, few Air conditioner and heater filter they change it and for that they charge me 465 $. My questions is I have 3 year warranty then why they charge me money? Also, after I bought this car within a 6 month I got bubble on the tire that time also I pay money for tire change. So my question is why Honda don't cover this kind of things in the warranty? We are getting 3 year warranty and for all kind of services we are paying from our pocket. I really disappointed from this type of things. I bought Honda car because of your company's reputation but in the future, I will definitely think before buy a car that should I go with Honda or another car companies.

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Malik Waleed - 14 d ago


Dear concern, I am from Pakistan and bought zero meter Honda City Aspire Prosmatec (1500cc) from Honda Point, Lahore, Pakistan. but the problem i faced is, there comes a noise from front side when speed above 130km/hr. when i took the car to the Showroom (3S dealership) they said there is problem in the windscreen, they will dismantle it and will keep the car for 1 day, before doing this, they said that not sure to look like an original one after job, but for this approval is required from Factory. but the problem is, the car is NEW, and there is a problem in new car.. WHY???? kindly do the needful. as there is no email address given to complain LOCALLY and as well as INTERNATIONALLY. I did complaint locally through email and given contact but there was no response. so plz make the issue resolve.... i am HONDA user, but this issue shakes my trust/ confidence on Honda.

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Malik Waleed ( - 14 d 20 s ago

Dear concern,

I am from Pakistan and bought zero meter Honda City Aspire Prosmatec (1500cc) from Honda Point, Lahore, Pakistan.

but the problem i faced is, there comes a noise from front side when speed above 130km/hr. when i took the car to the Showroom (3S dealership) they said there is problem in the windscreen, they will dismantle it and will keep the car for 1 day, before doing this, they said that not sure to look like an original one after job, but for this approval is required from Factory.

but the problem is, the car is NEW, and there is a problem in new car.. WHY????

kindly do the needful.

as there is no email address given to complain LOCALLY and as well as INTERNATIONALLY.

I did complaint locally through email and given contact but there was no response.

so plz make the issue resolve....

i am HONDA user, but this issue shakes my trust/ confidence on Honda.

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Wijayananda - 14 d 11 h ago


Dear Sir

My vehicle had a oil burning problem at above mileage and forward to sri Lanka Stafford Motors and they told me due to its ring problem in the piston this is happening and it's a failure of the design of piston. As it's having a single ring instead 3 rings which have come for other normal fit. I have spent USD 1033 approximately for this repair for replacing new piston with 3 rings. Actually I faced big economical and psychological problem being purchased your brand and so sorry.

What can you do for me sir can I reimburse my money spent on behalf of your technical failure. If you need further details like bill i paid to Stafford motors etc I can send you. Actually if I give this failure of your product to public media, it will be affected to your business in Sri Lanka.


I will hope favorable answer


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PD-NJ - 15 d 2 h ago


Honda Odyssey dangerous fuel pump leak. Had repaired at local mechanic $600.00.

POST repair Honda had recall for fuel pump, PROMISED TO REIMBURSE IF REPAIRED PRIOR TO RECALL. However after submitting receipts, bank statements, numerous phone calls-- reimbursement denied. Different reason each letter!!!

Ultimately after months of complaining Honda issued a customer loyalty card for $500.00 which has a ONE year expiration. Honda was advised no way we can spend 500 at dealer since we traded in the "Lemon" odyssey. I asked if I could transfer card to someone else, use to pay lease on another Honda but could not get an answer.

Recently card, Honda car keys in purse lost or stolen. Asked for replacement card to use to buy new Honda key for leased vehicle which costs Hundreds. Advised by CA rep to call INDIA where ESL rep demanded date of birth and SS number to re-issue card??? Called CA rep back and asked for supervisor, told ALL WERE IN MEETINGS and would be called back by supervisor.....This did not happen. Very sad large foreign company can cheat Americans of hard earned money! BUY AMERICAN

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Rochester - 19 d 22 h ago


It's funny how Honda, with all their "helpful Honda" ads couldn't actually care less about the people that walk through their doors when it comes down to it. I had an airbag recall on my car and when you call in, they treat you like a second class citizen because the service advisors don't make any money off of you so why should they even be nice? Well, I made my appointment and went in. I waited in the service drive (location is Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance, CA) for 20 minutes just to be given a hello!!!! After that the lady came over with a million excuses on why I waited so long. Sorry, we're understaffed, we're busy.. blah blah. The drive was NOT filled with cars at all so that was a lie. I saw guys inside just sitting around talking to each other with nothing to do. I left and then I called in the afternoon about my vehicle and a young Hispanic guy picked up the phone, I asked him what the status was and he immediately said please hold and transferred me to another number then to a voicemail box with no name!!! I called back livid of course, talked to a girl. Told her what just happened and then she said, let me find out for you (this is customer service). She said I spoke to your tech and your car is done. First of all, why did I have to call?? I got there to pick up my car and headed to the cashier, she was as unfriendly as can be. She didn't greet me. She was busy doing something when I walked up and I stood there just staring at her while she was at the computer, no service at all! I was already thinking I would rather drive 40 miles to get my car serviced than to deal with this dealership again. My car pulled up, ALL OF MY BELONGINGS FROM MY GLOVE COMPARTMENT were on my floor!!!!! I guess the tech was too lazy to put it all back. I wonder if the airbag fix was even done with care and detail because he didn't have enough respect to put it back. I asked to speak to a manager and there was none. Not one. No GM and no Service Manager. I told my friend looking for a car, go to Toyota instead. Honda is not what they hype themselves to be. Truly sad.

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Butchman - 15 d ago


If you think that service was bad,

At Curtiss Ryan Honda in Shelton, CT, I brought my CRV in for an Air Bag Recall this month, the service was completed, as I was leaving, the service manager waved me down in the parking lot as I was leaving. The Service Manager said that I was talking in the customer waiting room to the other customers and that he would no longer service my vehicle, even for safety recalls it the future. I am a retire mechanic and am very knowledgeable. To be band from my selling dealer just for talking is a blatant violation of my rights as an American of color.

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