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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Anonymous - 10 h ago

Subject: Re: Please verify your email address.

I am not a member of the media but I do have a concern over safety design. Older children are getting severely injured over improper seat belt placement. Why can't there be a second set of seat belts designed for children? You would be one step above all other manufacturers. Read any of these medical articles. It seems like such an easy fix to prevent heartbreaking tragedy.


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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago


Dear sir

I had purchased a resale car from m/s crown Honda noida sec 63 (UP). I Was very dissatisfied from the noida branch.

I had deposited all the amount at the time of delivery the car and till yet I haven't received original R/C of the car since 30 January 2017.

Wen I was tired so many times and demanded the car RC the management people don't respons me. took many of excuses.

After lots of time im visit their call them then the provide me just a sales delivery note to me ( attach) in 28 Sep 2017.

I was totally lots faith of the Indian Honda co. Kindle looks this matter and plz help me. And kindly provide me R/C and transfer this car to my name

With regards


Mobile = (hidden)

Email = (hidden)

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Geneen M Calyer - 1 d 5 h ago


I have owned 4 Honda's I love them but now the key has a battery in it, which needs to be replaced. I think Honda should put a recharging outlet in the car so you don't have to replace the battery all the time the car should be able to recharge the key. That would be much more convient for your customers!!

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LaDonna Trapp - 5 d ago


On November 22, 2017, I leased a 2016 vehicle from Midlands Honda of Columbia, South Carolina (Killian Road). The vehicle is full of rust; I found my vehicle came from Florida. I believe my car may have had water damage that was not reported. I returned to the dealership twice just to be told there's nothing they can do for me without a cosigner. I have a 4 year old with asthma, and believe it or not, rust particles can settle in your lungs when blown throughout the air. So, to have peace of mind, I do not run the heat in the car. I tried to return the vehicle but was told if I left it, it would be considered a voluntary reposession. My attorney has told me that was a LIE. Midlands Honda does not care about the safety or welfare of their consumers, they are just pushing car sales.

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Anonymous - 5 d 10 h ago


My name is Mike I have a 2013 Honda Civic and it's been back to the dealer 5 times it has a rattling noise coming from the engine compartment and it's under warranty but they can't find the problem finally they said it was fuel-related that is not the case it's the shifter cable Kim at North America Honda was my caseworker and did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue now we're in a situation where they're not going to fix it the car still under manufacturer warranty and Kim says there's nothing else they can do this will be the last time I ever purchased I'm very disappointed that I'm in a situation where I own a car under manufacturer warranty that has a vibration noise and have been told there's nothing they're going to do to help me thanks Kim at corporate for resolving absolutely nothing oh and by the way Kim at corporate on our last conversation hung up on me real great customer service coming from Honda Corporation

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Franky - 5 d 18 h ago

My name is franky, i live in bali, indonesia, i am a disabled person, in this case i want to ask if can i make a proposal to ask for a car from honda, because i really need for my daily activities, because car price in specially honda production is very expensive in indonesia. before and afterwards I say many thanks




Email: (hidden)

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James s need your help please - 5 d 18 h ago


On November 1 2017 I went to honda of Ocala the trade my honda so I ask the salesman about buying a hrv EX so he took imy information and said that I could not get the Ex because Honda. Would not give me the credit so the manger came running out he!s office and said I could only get am LX because that the only hrv that honda would financial. So in talking to the manger he said we only have a manual lx so I had no other but to buy this but 10 days later I call because my back and knee was killing me so I call the dealer and ask if I could bring it back to change for a automatic and was told that I have to keep this well if that's the case I am going to have to give this HRV back because I cannot take the pain I am willing to take a lose of a couple dollars and change to a automatic please can you help me with this problem. I am a disabled vet I need a car please help me

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Paul Drew - 6 d ago

Purchased a new 2016 CRV lx in Sept.of 2016. Did not notice that the windshield wiper intermittent had only one speed, not variable selection, like most other autos.Personally, I think it was chincy of Honda to do it that way. Anyway, I finally got sick of the way it was operating and called the dealer (Jenkins of Leesburg, Fla.), to see what the cost would be to upgrade, and they said they could not because it would cost Hundreds, if not Thousands, due to control panel wiring, etc.???

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Nancy F: Keyless-in-NorthCarolina - 6 d ago


I have a 2005 Honda Accord with very low mileage (38,000 miles). The battery died in my key fob so I took it to the local Honda dealership. Their Parts person could not open the key fob to replace the battery. In fact, at one point, she finally said if she breaks it, I would have to pay for it.

So I wrote a letter to Honda Customer Service. To their credit, a case Manager, Joe, called me but he said he could do nothing to help. In fact, he has had problems with his own key fob (this hardly made me feel any better!)

So, I wrote a second letter and again, Joe called to say there was nothing Honda could do.

Then I called Honda's corporate office and Andre told me that no one who could over-ride Joe's decision. Andre at least apologized.

As a woman, it is important when I'm out on my own that I can easily get into my car without fumbling with a key. I am also without my panic button.

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Daniel B unhappy customer - 9 d 18 h ago


I purchased a 2018 honda accord sport at 150 miles on the vehicle it started acting up, I was told it was driver error and they cleared codes and gave the car back. At 500 miles the car did the same exact thing but this time It malfunctioned in a itersection with my two kids in the car, could have caused an accident, on that issue I was told it was the transmission, replace at 500 miles. At 800 miles the car did the same exact thing stopping and reving high just like the first 2 times, on this occasion I was told you need a new transmission once again, because they put the wrong one in the second time. Picked the car up on a Wednesday with 850 miles on it. Three days later at 890 miles the car did the same exact thing again with my two kids and niece in the car. Honda corporation has not reached out to me I just keep getting the run a round. I bought the car on October 26 it's November the second and my car has been in the shop 4 times for transmission issues. I guess I will have to lemon law this car instead of honda doing the right thing and repurchase this car back because it's a lemon that I've had the car 35 days and 15 of them it's been in the shop .Haven't paid a note on the car or put a tag on it and this car has broken down 4 times. I've owned 5 hondas in my life and I currently own a 2001 accord, a 2014 accord, and just purchased this lemon 2018 accord. I've recieved no kind of response from honda corp. And my faith in honda products has drastically declined and highly doubt I will ever purchase another ( loved hondas till now). So on my 2018 accord sport with 890 miles had 3 new transmissions and nothing had changed. Auto nation honda in Columbus ga has been nothing but helpful, but there is so much that they can do they did not build this lemon. Ken the gm, Roy the service writer and Daniel my salesman have done all they can but honda corp has done nothing, my one contact keeps saying she will call me back, but still no response. I guess the old way of doing business and taking care of customers has gone out the window with honda so sad there product used to be awesome, now it's pitiful.i guess I need to get in an accident for honda to wake up and do the right thing

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Christy Hearn - 12 d 7 h ago


I have driven Honda cars since I was 16 years old. I have loved these cars until now. I have a Honda Crosstour now. The front axels are messed up and have a transmission leakage. Now you would think I could get the parts and have Honda fix it but NO. They no longer make my car and have severed ties with the axel company so therefore no axels! I am so angry!! I have a case worker on this but I've left messages for her twice now to get no response. I have been waiting on one of the axels since September 29th and every time I get a arrival date then it's pushed back! I just want my car fixed!!!! I bet if something happens to my kids in this car and I sue you then you will have wished you did something! The problem is already getting worse and I owe too much on the car to get another one. Don't ever buy a crosstour because you won't get it fixed!!

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

My car was in an accident at Honda service department by the service worker the manger at Fletcher Honda in Chicago has refused pay my rental agreement on my ca

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Brig Shamsher Singh - 15 d 15 h ago


I bought Honda City 1.5 VX CVT I - VTEC on 27 Jul 2017 Chassis No MAKGM66FD , Registration No UP 16 BN 8127.

It became non starter on five occasions within one month of purchase. After ten days of efforts in the Service Station of Ace Honda in Noida India, it was returned as repaired on 27 Sep. The GPS was non functional within two days.

The car is non starter this morning and is ead.

It is shamefu for a Company which alls itself pride of Japan.

CEO Honda- please replace this care since I have no confidence left in this machine.

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Emilymeager - 16 d 24 h ago

I purchased a car fromhonda cars corona in june and had issues since 5 days after buying car. I have a aftermarket warrenty have taken it back to them 10 times and issue persists.. help!!!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 23 h ago


Who in the name of God created the ugly wheels on the Honda Accord? The best looking wheels that sold Honda's was he 2013 thru 2016 and now someone come up with wheels that hurt sales very bad. Go back to the wheels of years posted above.

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dvz - 22 d 11 s ago


Honda was one of best cars I have owned. Honda dealerships are BY FAR the worst car dealerships to deal with. After owning 2 Honda's we were poised to purchase our 3rd. Holmes Honda of Des Moines employees didn't seem very interested in selling us a car. We left Homes and purchased a Toyota Camry. Approximately 4 years later we were ready to purchase another new car. Tried Holmes Honda of Des Moines againthey acted like they would be doing us a favor by selling us a car. We left the Holmes lot and purchased a Mazda 6. What a positive, incredible experience at we had at Ramsey Mazda dealership in Des Moines. Honda - I refuse to spend my money where they think they are doing me a favor!!

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Anonymous - 23 d 26 m ago

Hi how are you?y is going well. Hope your Day is going well. My name is Tammy VogtnerI hope you can help me. I love the Honda brand And if you could help me with a car for my sweet smart girl for collage.We have been ter on the phonewith out one for a long time so if you can that will be a Belling for me and my girls. If you contact me #251- 308- 2604.I:am hank you

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Punit kumar - 25 d 9 h ago



I have got the delivery of one WRV bearing Number WB 02am 0350 on 6 th November 2017 from Pinacle Honda Kolkata Immediately after the delivery water started leaking from front which was unstoppable . I am really shocked and surprised about the quality check of the vehicle which was not done properly . Seeking replacement for the same.

Warm regards

00 91 98300 22228

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Debra - 25 d 18 h ago


I have a 06 Honda Civic looking to buy a new car looking at Honda Toyota I just called the Honda's in my area to see about the extent warranty but all I called weren't able to tell what the cost was or how long it covered for . I had a VERY VERY RUDE financial sales call me back and because they couldn't tell what I wanted when I called I said I don't need it any mor and hung up . Would you believe that sale rep called me back and said I need to Fucken have some manners Really his #(hidden) Rock Honda in Tx I don't even live in tc I live in California . Now I will NEVER EVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN they lost me as a customer for good.

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Woz - 27 d ago

Floor mats constantl wet, brought it to Curry Honda in Chicopee, Mass. They cant find the problem!!!! Now they are to busy to evan pick me up to get my car after 3 days!

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Anonymous - 28 d 6 h ago


There has been a known problem with CRV door lock attenuators. So much so that there was a "temporary" recall sometime ago. We are now on our 4th faulty attenuator which costs $400 to repair at a dealer. I've been battling with a man named Tony at corporate who has been handling my case. I jumped through the hurdles he asked me to only to find out the dealer refused to give us an official copy of the diagnosis which means I'm caught in between Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina and Tony in corporate. Each puts the blame on the other for their incapacities to provide a good customer experience and journey. One of the features I like the most of the CRV is that once you're in drive the doors lock. A faulty attenuator means the door doesn't lock. I pray that my child in the back seat does not reach over and open the rear door while the car is in motion. It's certainly possible for that to happen. Maybe it's already happened? What's your experience? Please post any pertinent or related instances here so Honda, as well as the general public are aware! No wonder the less than 2 star rating I see above. I've had numerous issues with the Honda brand over the years. This will be the last time I spend any of my time or money with this brand. The people at the corporate level are heartless. A recall that expired? Really? Well to me Honda has expired for life. Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago

On 10th of Nov.`17 i have purchased a Honda Amaze car in a old car buy back.

Now they are not returning my balance amount and asking for the bribe. No one is responding iam helpless kindly help.

otherwise i have take legal support.


Ravi Balwan


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Kelly - 32 d 6 h ago


I am in hopes to reach the GM or CEO of Honda Autos. I recently purchased a 2008 Honda Accord from another. Come to find that 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinders had issues with oil leaks which have caused further issues causing us to having to spend lots more money to try and fix this. I called Honda and come to find out that there was a warranty extension on the vehicle up until last year which would have covered the vehicle cost free for said me if I had purchased it last year which I did not. The sad part is that you do not send out information to your clients that own these vehicles notifying them of the issue so that it can be resolved, you only do this on recalls. I believe this issue which I have come to find out was truly a big issue for these vehicles and should have been a recall and at the cost of Honda instead of praying on people as my family for not only buying the vehicle that is now a lemon pretty much as it looks like all parts need to be replaced or the engine itself for which I do not have the extra money to do this at this time. I am so disappointed in this company and I truly believed in Honda but I don't think I do anymore and I don't know if I will ever recommend Honda to anyone after this issue. I hope that this message can be forwarded to your President and CEO of Honda please.

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Robert C - 28 d 10 h ago


Currently having the same problem 2010 Honda Accord involved in the Honda misefire lawsuit. I continue to have oil burning up spark plugs, brought it to the dealership and they told me it need a new engine.

Contact the Honda claims department. Geninva refused to help us, Tried to put it off on the dealship and left it if they wanted to replace the engine they would have to pay for it. I filed a complaint and got the supervisor (Adriana) I caught her in a lie she told me she talked to the service manager at the dealership and told me they couldn't state my vehicle needed a new engine because of the misfire issue. When I called the dealership come to find out she never even called and the person they did talk to I'm assuming Geniva they did tell her it was due to the engine misefires. The supervisor Adrian refused to tell me who her boss was and refused to tell me who I could file a complaint on about her.

Both woman were completely dishonest and now we are going to have to turn the vehicle over to the bank because Honda won't fix the bad engine they mad. Can't even get the claims department to send it through.

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Tim Jasson - 28 d 17 h ago


At the time I was in the show room I asked a salesperson what to do about premature wear on a floor mat when the was only 12,000 mile new. Why is happened? The answer was; "Get a new car !" That is the mean and most ignorant response. I have had three aloof sales persons. Time for a game changer. Two years I'm giving Chevy a chance. I've been in their dealership and they were nice when I was explaining my treatment at the last dealership. This was at wild Honda in Wisconsin. NEVER had this happened before, They need to teach people manners. I just asked a question, and you would think I was asking for the moon. Too bad, my sister already bought a chevy sonic.

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