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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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PhyllisS - 15 h 20 m ago


I have owned 8 Honda products. Was going to buy a Ford this year but instead kept the tradition of buying another Honda. My 2017 Pilot has 1000 miles on it and the oil consumption has dropped 25%!! I saw there was a class action lawsuit with pilots in the previous years. Is my car having same issue?

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Doug Rogers - 1 d 12 h ago

Y'all shop in Mary Esther cut off in Fort Walton beach fl.. 32548. I took my bike there to fix the wiring call me and let me know. They called 2 weeks later and said it was going to b 800.00 to fix it. You need new carb.and other stuff. I said I'm coming to get . When I got the. They had left it OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN. my speedometer has moisture in it still . It's foggy. It was bad. I got it fixed for 80 buck. Don't bring your bike there they will leave it OUTSIDE. I'm passed. I was born an raised here in FWB and we'll none. Everyone in FWB will here about it. I just got my oil changed and they said you need an oil change to. . There thieves. It was sooooo nasty when I got it back. Then want to charge me for it being there. I called a week later wanting to know what up with my bike. Response, we have 12 more bikes ahead of you.. that place is really bad. Fixing to turn them in

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Accord starters fall short - 4 d 22 h ago

I am writing you as a long time, new and used Honda owner ['90 Civic & Accord new/two Accords & Odyssey used] for the past 25 years. Over that span of time I have, by and large been quite happy with both the reliability and performance of these vehicles. That is, until NOW.

In August of 2013 I purchased a Honda Accord EX-L [VIN#: 1HGCR2F8XDA245675] from Friendly Honda. Initially, the car was an absolute pleasure to drive and with the exception having to buy a new battery after only three years, the car met or exceeded most of the expectations. That said, it was at or about 52,000 miles I noticed that on several occasions the car would not start immediately.

The frequency of this starting problem increased early this summer so when I brought the car in for my 55,000 servicing on the 7th of September, I mentioned this to Jose, my service advisor. At that time, technicians could find nothing wrong but Jose did mention that it could be a starter motor problem. I was shocked that a starter motor could fail in just four years, especially considering that in over fifty years of owning cars I probably had to replace 3-4 starter motors and on cars that had well over 100,000 miles on them.

When I returned home I 'Googled' 2013 Honda Accord: starter motor issues . Low and behold multiple websites dedicated exclusively to 'defective' starter motors popped up. Most of the complaintant's 2013-14 Accords were in the 36,000 - 50,000 mile range.

Over the next two weeks the frequency of the problem increased and I called Friendly Honda and was told to make an appointment to be looked over again. September 21st , I brought it back in and was told that, indeed the starter motor was defective and needed to be a cost of $803 + tax. I was floored by this huge sum of money. At 70 years old and living on a fixed income pension plus social security this was not what I needed to hear.

So now, my question to you is this. Will you echo what was said to me at the time by your service advisor, Jim ["Sorry, there's nothing I can do about this. You are outside the warranty period and these type of problems periodically can come up."]? Or will you acknowledge that this is an unusual problem that would warrant some type of relief for the unexpected 'financial hit' I had to take.

In closing, I want to convey to you that my confidence in Honda products, once rock-solid is greatly shaken. In fact, I would have to seriously consider my next car not being a Honda. I am hoping that you/or your superior will give proper consideration toward the remediation and some form of compensation for the premature failure of this starter motor. The voice of distress from a perennial Honda owner when amplified to others voicing similar concerns should matter in the larger picture of Honda products remaining at the top of the automobile sales market.

J. Alba


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Charlie McGonagle - 6 d 14 h ago


To Whom It May Cincern:

I purchased my first Honda Accord in 1995. About four years ago I gave it to my brother-in-law. Today, more than years later, it is still running smoothly. No complaints! In 2009 I purchased another Honda Accord. That car is still in my possession and still runs smoothly. Again, no complaints!

In September of 2013 I purchased another new Honda Accord, and for three and a half years, no complaints. However, in February or March of this year I began to experience sporadic problems when attempting to start my car. In the beginning it was bothersome, but generally after three or four attempts, it would start. Sometimes for weeks, I would have no problem, but then the trouble would recur. This past August, I drove from North Reading, MA, to Rangely, ME. All seemed well until I stopped on my way home. After spending 30-40 minutes attempting to start the car, it finally kicked over and I completed my journey. From that point on I began to experience more and more difficulty iwhen starting the Accord. Finally after a very difficult and lengthy episode, I took the car to the Honda Dealer on South Broadway in Salem, NH. I explained, as best I could, what was happening. I left the car at the dealership, and within a couple of hours I was told that they had discovered that a wire had apparently been chewed by some sort of small animal. I was told that if the wire was replaced, my problems would be solved. Because I was happy to hear that my dilemma was finally coming to an end, I gladly paid the $165 to put the issue to rest. By the way, I still have the piece of chewed wire that was replaced. I was told that I should not experience any further difficulty widen starting the vehicle, and for a couple of weeks, I did not.

In early October I had the car shipped from Canton,MA, to Fort Myers, FL. I picked up the car at the Florida location and drove it to Marco Island without experiencing any difficulty. That evening, my wife and I went out for a bite to eat. When attempting to start the vehicle after dinner, I had a great deal of difficulty starting the car, but after five minutes or so, it kicked over and I drove back to where we were staying.

I had made plans to pick up friend and his friend at the Fort Myers airport the next day, a distance of some fifty miles. When I attempted to start the car, I was unsuccessful. Thinking that the vehicle would eventually start, I continued to try while all the while being concerned about the people at the airport. As the time ticked by, and I found myself continuously checking the time, I came to the conclusion that I had a serious problem, I called AAA. After a short wait, AAA arrived, but even with his assistance, the car would still not start. We made arrangements to have a tow truck come to take the vehicle to a local, highly regarded automotive shop. As the closest Honda Dealer was some 20-25 miles away in Naples, FL, I chose to go to the local business. At this point I had no recourse but to call my friends who were waiting for me at the airport to tell them I could not pick them up. They had to go to the expense of calling an Uber driver for transportation. As I promised to pick them up, I was extremely embarrassed not to be able to do so.

An hour or so passed while siting for the tow truck. By this time nearly three hours had gone by since I first attempted to start the car. Just for the hell of it, I tried again. BINGO! It started. I drove it to the automotive shop and left the car with the people there. Several hours later I received a call from the telling me that the starter was gone and that they could replace it for more than $900! I was told, also, that this was a very common complaint with 2013-2015 Honda Accords. I checked on l8ne and found this to be very true. Why no recall? Between the Honda dealership in Salem, NH, and the automotive shop here on Marco Island, FL, I will be spending well in excess of $1,000 to have this problem taken care of.

I found that there have been so many complaints with the starters on the 2013-2015 Accords that a class action suit has been filed against Honda. I am quite certain that this letter will not result in any sort of satisfaction to me, but I will continue to follow the class action suit.

This whole thing just does not feel right to me.

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Accord starters fall short - 4 d ago

Join the company.......I also had to replace my 2013 Accord, starter motor at 54,550 the number of complaints, this is a clear sign that Honda had a defective line of starter motors. But it also is apparent that they are not willing to stand behind their product. I am going to check out the class action suit that has been filed. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

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hunt - 4 d 11 h ago


I love the honda brand. I loved Flow Honda. I have been driving and hour and a half for 9 years to Flow Honda because of their service and promises made. I have purchased two cars from Flow Honda within 6 years. I have used flow honda for every oil change and service recommendation, from engine and transmission to wiper blades and air filters. In addition In previous moments have recommended others and have sent others to purchase cars there. I shared a concern with a noise in my engine within the first 5 years of owning the car. Within the last year and a half I learned that there was a honda recall. This is part of the reason why I serviced with Honda and not the neighborhood service man. Disappointed that Honda offers no assistance nor accepts any responsibility for handling it in a timely manner, informing me of the recall, or resolving the issue. The technicians have even vouched. very disappointed . from the reviews it seems as if honda is losing one of it's most valuable assets. Its customer service.

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Brenda Terry - 4 d 19 h ago


Very dissatisfied with the Honda dealership in Fayetteville, N.C.

They promise to get me a lug key, it's been a week and I have not received it as of yet. Plus, they have not called me.

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Hatem Fadel - 5 d 12 s ago


Hi,I bought brand new honda from coggin honda in orlando fl end of 2013 the high line one with GPS and the car now with 40216 and still making the payment and I have to pay for new starter what a shame I need someone to get back to me on this thx

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 m ago

Hi,I bought brand new hond from coggin honda in orlando fl end of 2013 the high line one with GPS and the car now with 40216 and still making the payment and I have to pay for new starter what a shame I need someone to get back to me on this thx

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Angela Calabrese - 5 d 19 h ago

I am very very disappointed and I wanted to let management of Honda know.

I have leased 4 Honda's over 8 years, buying a car is not an easy process at all however what I encounter at White Plains Honda was sneaky and underhanded salesmanship.

I walked into White plains Honda and spoke with Jordan, I immediately I explained to Jordan that I want a CRV with a monthly payment of $285.00 and I told him very clearly that if he can not do it not to waste my time and I would leave, I also told him I owed 8 months of my lease. Jordon came back to me after speaking with the manager (the usual sales tactic) HE TOLD ME HE COULD DO $299.00 per month but I would have to buy the color Blue not the grey that I wanted, I agreed and we proceeded to do the paperwork. I was told I had to pay an admin fee which I never paid before then I was told I had to pay the taxes separately which I never had to do.

At this point we came to an agreement that I would pay 1st month and DMV costs and $100.00 I am still not sure what the $100 was for.

Jordon then had me fill out the credit app and he called my insurance company and switched over to the CRV form my Honda accord.

Jordon told me that he would be right back after about 50 minutes he comes back over with the manager I believe his name was Luis (im not sure) Luis started to tell me that there was a problem, he said that when they ran the numbers the computer didn't figure in my negative her it comes.... we cant do the $299 but we can do $334 or $340.00 im not sure what he said cause I was so upset.

I told him my budget was under $300.00 the manager said we can only do the $334 I said why did you waste in total 2 hours of my time and he said we will loose money if we take your car. OK so why didn't they say that from the beginning . I don't appreciate the old bait and switch or the shady behavior. I am not upset because I didn't get what I wanted I am upset because of the underhanded sales strategy , I should have been told right from the beginning.. I guess being a loyal customer means nothing to Honda.

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Skip Slocum - 6 d 15 h ago


I had a simple question of what torque to use for lug nuts on my new Honda Odyssey. Here is the reply I received:

We value you as a Honda customer and we appreciate the opportunity of responding to your message. Unfortunately, the information that you are requesting is part of a repair procedure. We suggest that you contact a Honda dealership in your area to see if the information can be provided.

We welcome you to contact us with any additional comments or questions. You are also able to reach us by calling #(hidden) option #7.

Kind regards,

Honda Automobile Customer Service

Case #:6357655

This is an incredible response. Makes you wonder. Sending to Consumer Reports. They'll love this one. Great car and company this is just so stupid.

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Kathleen Gray - 7 d ago


My daughter has 2009 Hond Accord she purchased used in 212, she is second owner. It's white, the paint is peeling off in 3 different places. It started in 2013, HONDA told her her vin number not included in the peeling paint issues!!!!!!! The car only has 180,000 miles on it and it isn't even worth book value!!!!!! She would b lucky to get 2,000.00 for it. It will b totally rusted as we live in Upstate NY. This is ridiculous, I just traded in an 07 Pontiac G6 and had no paint issues, HONDA NEEDS TO STAND BY THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 8 s ago

I had a very poor experience with your customer service rep Ashley ! She was rude, had no empathy, dry person when I spoke to her this morning at your (hidden) number ! I have been buying and leasing Honda cars since 1984 and never had this experience ! This is the first time I am turning in my leased car without getting another one ! I had leased last few cars for my daughter who had been disabled and cannot drive ! The car I am turning in has been sitting in my driveway most of the time and has low mileage! I had called to see if they can waive the $350 turn in fee as I have been a very good customer of Honda since 1984 ! I got a very dry reply from Ashley ! I asked for a manager ! She put me on hold for 15 minutes ! I was at work and she did not ask if she could put me on hold! She came back after 15 minutes that her supervisor Jeremy was not available ! I asked for a manager but she was very argumentative and was not willing to assist !! Very poor customer experience! Between me and my family, all we have driven are Hondas !! This is the treatment a good customer receives ! Makes me think do O ever want to get another Honda ! There is a very tough competition out there !!

A very dissatisfied customer

Geeta chohan


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Gio - 9 d ago


Since the release of the civic type r back in June, I have been trying to buy one but the dealers thru out the states are all price gauging any where from 5,000 to 15,000 over. This is absurd and should be illegal, I can't believe Honda corporate hasn't stepped in in and put a stop to this. Like other folks in this forum I have been a loyal Honda owner for many years but this has me thinking twice about buying another Honda. It's a civic for god's sake it's not a lexus which I would highly consider at the price that the greedy Honda dealers are asking for. I think all the greedy Honda dealers that are price gaging the civic type r should be reported to the better business bureau being that Honda corporate is not doing anything about it. This could really hurt them in the long run, I' m even thinking maybe buy a Subaru WRX STI instead.

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O.B.I.A - 9 d 17 h ago

.can anyone tell how to request a meeting with this company because I java a billion dollar idea

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T in LA - 12 d 10 h ago


I had been a loyal leasing customer for 12 years until recently. I have always returned vehicles well below the mileage limit and in good to excellent condition. I was ready to lease another Accord until just two weeks before I turned in my last leased car the car, which was locked/alarmed and parked in a gated garage, was broken into and the air bag was stolen. I lost a day of work/revenue an insurance deductible and time running around trying to get this replaced so that I could turn the car in. As I mentioned, I was about to lease another Accord until this happened and the police department, insurance agent and repair shop told me that this is a new thing to have the airbag stolen as Honda is known for having interchangable parts and being very easy to break into. So, I turned in my car and looked elsewhere for a vehicle. Much to my surprise, Honda thanked me for being such a loyal customer by sending me a bill for a "Turn in Fee". Nice Honda! I can't afford to drive your vehicles anymore and I am still recouping the theft costs and now I owe you for turning in the car. Thank you for your appreciation!!!

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Dr. L - 13 d 7 h ago


I am a family medicine doctor working for a nonprofit organization in Central Valley, CA. I have a very successful practice. In the year of 2016, I was named "Best doctor of 2016" by a local newspaper and "Employee of the year of 2016" by my organization.

I bought a 2017 Odyssey two months ago for daily commute. One day just when I was driving home after work, someone ran a stop sign and hit the back of my minivan at an interaction, taking it into a violent tailspin followed by multiple rollovers. My Odyssey was badly damaged and deemed to be a total loss. I got out from the moon roof, having only a tiny scratch on my right cheek bone by the seatbelt, otherwise completely unharmed and pain free! The horrible accident had put Honda's legendary safety features to the test and it had passed with flying colors!

Last week, I purchased a brand new 2018 Odyssey to replace the one I've lost , feeling safe and protected every day when I drive. Thank you Honda for saving the best doctor in Central California!

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Anonymous - 14 d 3 s ago


I respect

My complaints

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Sonu singh jadoun

Honda company sells Devendr sells manejar ranjita mem cement

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Muhammad UsmanBhatti - 15 d 18 h ago

Dear sir please introducing your fully automatic bikes in pakistan,,,


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Barbara K. - 16 d ago

At the Cardinal Honda dealership in Groton CT, I was recently told that the car I brought in to trade was in such bad shape it was unfit and dangerous to drive. They said it was so dangerous that if I would put down a deposit on a new car they would loan me one to use until it came in. They offered me only $1,000 in trade. ( I had turned down an offer $2,500 in trade on a 2017 Bolt. after deciding I preferred a Honda.) I went immediately to CarMax where they reported the car in good mechanical condition and offered me $1600. Two other Honda dealers tested it and reported no major problems then offered $1600. My mechanic offered me $1800 which I accepted. Clearly Cardinal Honda attempted to take advantage of me as a single, older woman with such unscrupulous manipulation.

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Manuel - 16 d 18 h ago


This is a letter I sent to my local Riverside, Ca Honda dealer per my bad experience with them. Also opened a case # 06349625.

Honda Management:

Today Saturday September 30th, 2017, I woke up early to head to my local Honda dealer of Riverside for service. I purchased my wife a 2016 Honda Pilot from the Riverside location about a year ago and was happy with the vehicle and service ever since. I choose to bring in my vehicles for service every 5k miles to a dealer so that it is done professionally. Unfortunately I work Mon-Fri in Pasadena and leave home at 4am and get back home at 7pm at night, leaving little to no room to do anything else during the week except spend the little time left in the day with my family. I browsed the Riverside Honda Dealer site on September 29th, 2017 at night to find out the service hours to get a tune up done on my wife's vehicle. The site did not mention anything regarding "REQUIRING" an appointment for Saturday service. The site only stated to schedule an appointment for Saturday service, which wording such as this indicates that you do not have to but you can. Obviously, I could not set up an appointment since it was last minute and all slots were taken, so I decided to do what I have always done, go in early as a walk in. A little back ground: I have purchased many vehicles before both at other retailers and with Honda at this exact Riverside location as a matter of fact. My wife and I had purchased a 2012 CRV brand new and I always took it in for service early in the morning without ever needing an appointment. Then we sold her CRV after 2 years and purchased a Mercedes C250 AMG Sport. Had it for another 2 years and then a baby came along and traded in the Mercedes at your Riverside location for the Pilot that we currently own. I purchased all the warranties that you guys offered on it for a total of 10-12 thousand dollars worth of warranties. This made me feel that I will be taken care of by Honda of Riverside and that nothing could ever go wrong and no reason to believe they will ever give me bad service since I have all that they offer. I also purchased my own truck through Toyota and take it in for service every 5k miles without appointment and they take everyone in whether there is an appointment or not(they take care of business and never turn a customer away). To continue with the story : So, I wake up early morning on September 30, 2017 to get to the dealer by 7:20am since the service department opens at 8am. I figured "all service departments have a line to the street no matter what the dealer" , I ended up being 3rd in line upon arrival followed by many cars behind me. Finally it is 7:52am and the service advisors begin assisting the line. The first client was taken care of and checked in. The second client is told that they cannot be taken in with out an appointment and is turned away and guided on the way to drive out of the dealer? (are you kidding me?). My turn and I am given the same BS. I continue the conversation by asking why it does not state that on the site or anywhere posted for that matter. (UNLESS I WAS BLIND: THERE IS NO SUCH POSTING ONLINE OR AT THE DEALER THAT STATES THAT SATURDAYS REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE ASSISTED OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE BOOT). Funniest part is that the next 2-3 cars behind be are given the same boot and told to make a future appointment or given directions to drive out of the dealer? HONDA: this is a sign that you should follow up with: you are obviously not making it clear that Saturday service at Riverside Honda requires an appointment !! Im sure there were more client behind me that were also given the boot and I'm sure this happens every Saturday. Anyways, I proceed by asking for the manager.(It is now , 7:55am by this time). The service advisor said the manager was not in yet but will let him know that I would like to talk to him. (the manager/assistant manager being "PAUL"). Finally at 8:06am , Paul comes over and asks how im doing? (kind of a dumb question considering im asking for a manager). I proceed by answering that I am so far doing bad due to the information that Im being given. Paul stands firm that a Saturday appointment is required for Saturday service. I then ask him where does it say that ? because I was on their site and it does not state that. I informed him that the site only says : Schedule Saturday Appointments but it does not say they are needed for Saturday service which is the whole reason why there were many others in my situation this morning? I even asked Paul if he can tell me where it is stated and he could not answer the question except to say that it is needed for Saturday service while giving me a dumb look as if im a complete idiot. So I tell him my story that I work all week very far away and it's my wife's car which I bought her including all the warranties and I just need to have it serviced and if he could help me out and throw me in the rotation. He answer that he can check me in but my vehicle will sit and wont be worked on until after 3pm. (mine as well just tell me go screw myself, which is exactly as I took it). The whole point was to go in early and get out early. Very upset at this situation I informed Paul this was very upsetting and that I spent so much money on the vehicle and the service warranties that Honda offers, for what, to be treated like this when Honda is not clear on their policies/service rules? I clearly told him that I will no longer do business with this location and not recommend anyone from this location. He said he was sorry , but I told him I don't need apologies I need solutions and actions. And I got in my vehicle to turn it on and he walked away??. I have worked retail for 11 years and never have I treated a customer in that manner. I would never even allow a customer to leave with the slightest doubt from the establishment I worked at. And to have this done to me , a customer service professional who knows that we in the service industry should do all to keep our clients happy and loyal. To be honest, I had heard many bad stories from this Riverside Dealer through out the years but I never believed it due to always having a great experience until now. While this morning was still young, I decided to go to Honda of Corona where they took me right in and was out by 10:30am. (a much better result than waiting until after 3pm, per Paul of Riverside Honda). I will now be a loyal customer of Corona Honda who is open 7p-6pm Saturdays and 9am-5pm Sundays. (I guess they like to work more than other dealers in the area). Its also funny how I was just contacted by Brian Rosa the week before inquiring on my satisfaction with the vehicle and likelihood to want to trade in for a newer model. I told him nothing but good things since I had received great service and professionalism, and that I would speak to my wife about it. After speaking to my wife about it , she did consider the idea due to wanting the sunroof on the vehicle for the baby to enjoy as well. However, after this experience I can assure you that it will not be through Riverside Honda! It is also unfortunate because Rick (salesman at Riverside Honda) is my go to guy to purchase vehicles and any information related to Honda. He is great, professional, prompt and gives you no BS. I will now have to find a new guy at the Corona Honda dealer with his level of greatness, which is a difficult quality to find. After this whole incident, I messaged Rick about my experience and he also was amazed at what happened and brought it up to his superiors which I appreciated but was already too late. While I like Rick's service and would hate to deal with someone else when buying my next vehicle, I cannot justify going back to a dealer where the management is not it clear understanding that rules for any service industry are good to have but need to be bent, changed, clearly stated on a case by case scenario to keep a client happy and loyal to the business. Those who truly know the business understand this to be true, those who do not believe it or do not care should not be in the industry since it is clear that customer service is not a priority. If anyone from Honda would like to contact me about more clarification on the sequence of events or details regarding this matter, feel free to do so but I do not wish to speak with anyone that has no authority. I would only accept contact form the GM of Riverside Honda and above. Anyways, this is my story/ experience and things need to change. If not , then the message is clear on this establishment's priorities. Regards,

Manuel Gomez

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Dan - 17 d 17 h ago


I am a 4 time Honda owner who has leased three CR-V's and recently purchased a 2017 Pilot EX-L for over $43000. With my three leases early turn in resulted in the forgiveness of the remaining months of the outstanding lease. Why would I assume that this is not the case with a purchase? My salesperson at

Apple Honda in NY knew that I assumed this and silently allowed me to think this. No way to treat a four time customer

Is Honda Financial Services a separate company from Honda Motors? From their lack of loyalty to a four time customer and their nasty attitudes one would think so. The upshot is that they are trying to collect $975 in turn in fees and remaining months on my las lease. They have already lowered my credit score from 832 t0 706. No matter, I am not paying them a dime.

I own two houses that are paid for and I bought the pilot cash out of my money market. I will buy my next vehicle the same way. A car that will be anything BUT a Honda.

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Harry - 18 d 18 h ago


I am a appalled that Honda is not doing anything about Honda Dealerships gouging on the new Civic Type-R. A dealer had the audacity to ask me for $49,700 for the Type-R, $15K over MSPR! The cheapest I was quoted was $39,950, more than $6K over MSRP. And you Honda is letting this happen saying there is nothing you can do. That's just BS and everyone knows it. You are making a fairly affordable sports car not affordable for most people and your loyal Honda customers. I have been buying Hondas since 1993, but my wife's 2014 Accord will be our last Honda after seeing how I cannot get a Civic Type-R for sticker price anywhere. Several of my friends will not be returning to Honda either because of greedy Honda dealers and you not doing anything about it. Toyota is more reliable these days than Honda anyway and their cars are starting to look better with improved performance. Not mention Civics and Accords are not as reliable as they used to be. But I would still continue to buy Hondas (we get a new car every 3-4 years between myself and my wife) if you had stopped the Dealers from charging thousands over MSRP for the Type-R. In the last few days you are airing TV commercials for the Type-R even though many of them are sitting in the showroom or in the dealers' lots because they are asking on average $10K over MSRP. So you are telling people to go get a car that you don't make enough of, but also to pay an extra 10 grand $ over MSRP. Shame on you for letting the Dealers do get out of control. I just priced out a nice 2018 Lexus is350 for $43K and change that can be mine in a couple of weeks when it arrives. Less than what most Dealers are charging for your all mighty Civic which is still a Civic... Honda you just lost another customer because you can't control your Dealers. Unless you make the Dealers sign a contract that says they will not receive any Type-R's unless they agree not to charge over MSRP, you are going to lose a lot more. It's not just your policy on the Type-R, but I hate to do business with a greedy dealership that is now treating me like I am nobody asking me so much over MSRP, when I was loyal for 2.5 decades and have bough 9 Hondas from them. It's the principal that my loyalty doesn't count for anything now when it comes to the Type-R. I just don't want to do business with these Honda Dealers that gladly took my money all these years and were chasing me out the door to buy their cars, and now laugh at my face when I offer them MSRP for the Type-R. They are not getting a dime of my money ever again!

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Margie H - 19 d 18 h ago


Please tell me it isn't true!!

Just heard that 2017 will be the last year that Honda offers the right lane camera!!

This was the number one feature that lead us to lease our first Honda!

We are at this time enjoying our 2017.

Before we decided to lease another Honda, we drove several different cars.

None of them offered the right lane camera!!

If this is true, please explain WHY you decided it was a good idea not to continue with this awesome feature.

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Ginger - 20 d 15 h ago


Dear Honda, I love my CNG (compressed natural gas) Honda Civic sedan, only if other Honda models existed I would buy them! We purchased our Honda Civic CNG from a Honda dealer brand new in Walnut Creek, CA in Nov. 2009. We now live in the Denver metro area and I can still drive it here. It runs no problem in the ice, snow & freezing temps. Only if you had one in 4X4 I would be doing a bit better. Anyhow, the cold here does not affect it's starting, it will crank in negative temps. In the Denver metro area there's fueling stations available. I had to tow it here from California but again, in Colorado there is a network available for fueling. I have more savings in fuel costs compared to my husband's monthly fuel cost and his petrol based Toyota Tacoma truck. Oil changes every 10k miles vs. 5k in petrol based vehicles. I'm now at 212,927 miles driven, it's still running like a top. I am so happy and one day hope to upgrade to leather seats, sun roof version of the Honda Civic CNG but this car I have now will never die! I think these CNG cars are the wave of the future if only rest of America could catch on. On another note, you could not pay me to drive a battery operated Prius. Efficiency: Other than the usual maintenance and oil changes this car helps keep green $ in my pocket! Thought you might want some positive feedback for a change. :- ) Sincerely, A happy Honda "green" vehicle

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Hyundai USA
carolyn do you know of any class action suits?

McDonald's Corporation
Herb todd Why is McDonalds still sponsoring the NFL after the players ... 

Dollar General
carolyn Our Mountain Top PA store use to be nice. In the last year  ... 

Barnes & Noble
Anonymous I go to Barnes noble of Spartanburg and speaking on the beh ... 

Fox News Network, LLC
false statements from POTUS So discouraging to listen to the news. The President's accu ... 

Delta Airlines
Jim Thank you I couldn't said it better

Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc
Dissatisfied customer Wow!! While I was in dd on 2nd st in lpool. I was short cha ... 

Anonymous Dear. corporate

MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
Melony t I will never come back to MetroPCS and I will never recomme ... 

Anonymous Dear MR.JOHN MILLER. I found your name and looked up for de ... 

Domino's Pizza, Inc.
bighavana1 First time in 30 years I have used Dominos. Never again.

Chrysler Group LLC
Kenn Shotts Please stand behind your product and help Dodge Avenger own ... 

American Airlines
Anonymous This airline had me physically sick I was so scare to get b ... 

Ana I used to work for aero...and guess what! She's still gonna ... 

ticked off Pharmacist at window was rude and incompetent. Watched her  ... 

Ford Motor Company
22 Devil Himself Will never buy another Ford product due to their support fo ... 

Dillard's Inc
Lahkweeshah Uvitirah LahKwaanzah Smith Who the hell writes checks these days...and an attorney? Th ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Alvaro Gomez Sanchez Attention to vice president or credit account to own Wal Ma ... 

CHARLES JOHNSTON Been a customer [cust, herein] for more than 20 years. Reps ... 

Cricket Communications, Inc.
Louis So I got in the phone today to set up a bridge pay and afte ... 

The TJX Companies, Inc.
Anonymous You fire long term employees that are in the lowest time in ... 

Dish Network
Lorene Bradford First you can cancel the appointment for the tech on the 22 ... 

Pat Lynch My name is Thomas P (Pat) Lynch, for customer id purposes,  ... 

Anonymous My family and I went to Chedders I Webster Tx.tonight party ... 

Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.
James Pope I went to the Day's Inn, in Norman, Ok and was going to sta ... 

Alexander Good riddens. Btw, California was Hispanic way before immig ... 

Safeway, Inc.
Kyle Tipton I was standing at the check out stand with a line of pepole ... 

Cox Communications, Inc.
John Someone there should refrase your commercials. You say if I ... 

General Motors
JMoss The Ford Motor Company has taken a stance and decided to su ... 

J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
Anonymous Jc penny in Trumbull has the worst customer service special ... 

Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Vistaprint Usa, Incorporated
Anonymous Excellent Service !!!

Bank of America Corporation
Your not GOD If your gonna take (steal) money from people's account your ... 

Ross Stores
Anonymous No where on the receipt does it say you need an id for a re ... 

Joe On September 2, 2017 I made an online purchase of two shirt ... 

United Parcel Service, Inc.
Anonymous There absolutely no customer service at UPS. SUPERVISOR Cin ... 

Citigroup Inc.
Jan Herman I was denied the $500 promotion amount for opening a checki ... 

Outback Steakhouse
The Hylton's Exceptional customer service--While traveling cross country ... 

Pep Boys

Google Inc.
Craig B Hi, I am a certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage  ... 

Taco Bell Corp.
NikOTym Taco Bell sucks! Does not conduct business hours with the p ... 

Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc.
dbagley106 De'Laine Bagley 1644 W 106th, Los Angeles, CA 90047 (hidden ... 

Petsmart, Inc.
Bombon My pet was groomed at the Bloomingdale location last Saturd ... 

Food Network
Anonymous Food net work why don't you go on beat Bobby flay an see if ... 

Rite Aid
ken so me and two other customers in line only one clerk servin ... 

Church's Chicken
Kimberly Reid I was wondering why Church's Chicken throws all their chick ... 

7-Eleven, Inc.
Dana Hello i am a customer of 7 11 I am totally shock when i cam ... 

Rent a Center
Anonymous We have done business with the West Ridge Road Rent a Cente ... 

Ashley Furniture
Ron B. I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered.

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