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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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L Wilson - 2 d 8 h ago


I am sending you this on behalf of my daughter who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years ago my daughter was in search of buying a used vehicle. I traveled to Cincinnati to help her search for the perfect and most reliable car since she had bad experiences with two other vehicles she owned. My daughter is 26 years old and suffers with anxiety disorder and depression. Needless to say, it was important we find a vehicle that would be safe, reliable and in great condition so she would no longer experience anxiety with her vehicle. We purchased a 2007 Honda Civic from a non Honda dealer in Cincinnati. The vehicle was in mint condition with only 68K miles with one owner who took very good care of the car. The car fax showed no prior problems or recalls. We were thrilled and my daughter did not have to worry about this Honda giving her problems. She was very happy!

Last Spring, 2018 the vehicle began to run hot and was leaking coolant. My daughter (Alexandra) had to add coolant to keep the vehicle from overheating. She continued to do this until she took it to a repair shop. The repair shop could not find any leaks anywhere, so Alexandra left the shop confused. After that the vehicle seemed to be fine. We weren't sure why, but was hoping a miracle happened! For about two months the vehicle seemed find and then the overheating started again. She added coolant to keep the vehicle from overheating and the engine being destroyed. It wasn't until about a month ago she took it to Superior Honda in Cincinnati so they could diagnose the problem once and for all. While it was there, I began researching and discovered the issue with the cracked engine block and the extended warranty Honda gave to owners of Honda Civics for 2006 to 2009 models. Alexandra's vehicle is a 2007. She did not having any problems with the vehicle until after 80K, which seems to be when this takes place from what I learned from other owners of this vehicle model and year. At the time the vehicle began to have the issue, it was out of the extended warranty period. If we had known about this problem prior to purchasing the vehicle we would not have purchased it. I assume the original owner traded the car to avoid having engine problems. It is nice that Honda offered the extended warranty for 10 years, without regard to mileage, but many owners of this vehicle aren't experiencing the problem until the mileage is around 80k, like my daugher's vehicle. By that time, the vehicle is older than 10 years! NOT FAIR! The extended warranty should be for the LIFE of the car.

I contacted Honda corporate and have spoken to several people and eventually filed a complaint to be reviewed by a complaint board. They ruled against replacing the engine and offered a 1/2 discount (equal to $2,800) off the full price of a new engine block priced at $,5600. Superior Honda diagnosed her vehicle with a cracked engine block. The vehicle now has approx 90K miles on it. A supervisor at Honda corporate confessed and admitted to me that the engine is defective. It is not fair that Honda is not covering the cost of full engine replacement. My daughter still owes $5,700 on the vehicle so getting another vehicle is not going to work for her. She has no choice but to pay $2800 plus tax to have a new engine block replaced in her vehicle. She has to take a loan out to do this. I find this very disappointing that Honda has admitted to a defective engine and is not doing the right thing by replacing the engine. Would you want your child driving a vehicle that was unsafe and at risk of overheating perhaps in the middle of the highway or a remote location? Of course, you don't have to worry about that because you are the CEO of Honda! My daughter has suffered extreme anxiety over this whole ordeal. It has been exceedingly time consuming trying to get Honda to do the right thing. Now, I am reaching out to you to share this experience and extreme disappointment with Honda. It is very unfortunate that my daughter is having to pay close to $3,000 for an engine block that is defective. An engine, especially on a Honda, should never have to be replaced at 90K miles. It sickens me that she is having to take a loan out or be stuck with a vehicle she can't sell or trade in.

I ask you to think about what has happened to my daughter's vehicle and how unfair it is that Honda has admitted to a defective engine but yet they are not replacing it. Do you think that is good customer service? I should think not.

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Betty G. - 4 d 5 h ago


I have a suggestion. (We have been HAPPY Honda owners since 1976.

We now have a 2012 Odyssey. My suggestion is, if it is possible make the side mirrors power retractable. The cars are getting wider and wider and pulling in to a narrow garage is tough, backing out without hitting the mirror on the door frame is even harder. Already have had to replace the passenger side mirror.

Just a suggestion for future up grades on the Odyssey.

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Jmorales - 6 d 22 h ago


I'm the owner of 2018 Honda accord sport 2.0 had mils when I bought it , when left the lot the monitor turned off then reloaded its self, than as time went by like a week later it would drop my calls or it would hold my calls people could hear me but I could not hear them, this keep going on, low tier pressure light keep coming on when I took it in for the oil change I let them know they said nothing was showing up as being wrong, I started to record everything the care would do. After 3 months my safety feature go off on there own , my car was looked at again and they want to keep it but had no car for me to use , every time I would take it in they didn't have a vehicle for me to use , they even called it a hard reboot to the system but yah no it didn't work, now everything is getting worse, the lane departure is going off when I'm in the line then it is pulling me into the car next to me , the break light is going of and nothing is in front of me , the break light goes of at times my car decelerates. I'm so scared I was just in 3 accident last year none of them were my fault, since then I have anxiety when I'm in a car and with this car acting crazy, its scarring the shit out of me I don't want to be in an accident again. I want a new car this shit is not fair that I'm stuck with a car that is fucked up

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No blues with my Aegean Blue Si... - 9 d 9 h ago


Purchased a 2017 Civic SI sedan new in August 2017. best car I have owned, and I have owned a lot of cars in the last 43 years.

The dealer, Right Honda has been fine, although like many dealers they marked up the few Type R's allotted to the point that I decided to go with the SI.

Probably a good call, as this car has been pretty much trouble free 26,000 miles later. A small squeak on the left front brake caliper when it got out of spec was easily and quickly fixed under warranty. That is about it. Mileage is better than quoted, fun is off the charts, and it acquitted itself nicely on a round trip from AZ to CA and back. My first Honda, and I would not hesitate to buy one again. The service department has been exemplary as well. And I am picky.

So 4 stars instead of 5 for the gouging on the Type R. Sell a hot, rare car at full sticker? Sure. $ 10 K to $ 15 K over? Not right. Otherwise no complaints.

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Keith - 15 d 5 h ago

Honda is only offering all wheel drive on Accord with the 6 cylinder engine -How stupid is this considering the 4 cylinder engine gets better fuel millage & any mechanical will tell you the 4 cylinder is more Reliable . I am trading in my 2015 Accord for all wheel drive vehicle that Honda is the last to offer on their sedans. Just about every car maker in USA offers all wheel drive. Honda & Accura are in last place for all wheel drive sedans.

Good bye Honda


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thewhiz - 22 d 13 h ago


2016 Honda Pilot. I had driven 19000 miles in 2 years. In May 2018 I went in for a service and was told there was something wrong with the screen - meaning the GPS. I actually never reported a problem. However, that's when it all started. Honda replaced the GPS and electronics and I hadn't driven the car 1 mile when the entire dash went black showing only the speedometer needle.

I drove back to the dealership, who called Honda tech support and were instructed to order and install another unit - which they did. Subsequent to this Honda replaced this same GPS another 5 times in the next 4 months. When I contacted Honda Customer Support (they give no support) they told me I had to keep taking the vehicle back. In November I filed a claim with Honda because the problem could not be fixed. Just like to add that it is an unnerving experience when you drive and the dash goes black. One wonders what else has been turned off? The lights, Brake lights, turn signals and who knows.

After 6 weeks of being stonewalled by customer service, I finally got hold of the rep who then told me it was Honda's decision for me to take the vehicle back so they can try again. I also learned from the service manager that the replacement parts they received were not new, but refurbished. The GPS runs on software, so one can flash the software again, however, if its a hardware problem either in the unit or somewhere in the car, it is an unfixable problem. This was my 5th and last Honda. Buyer beware.

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Anonymous - 22 d 14 h ago


Since Honda is a cutting edge company that gives consideration to employees welfare, they should cancel production Wednesday, January 30th when temperatures are going to be so extreme. They may cancel schools but very few sitters come to your home. Employees will still have to take kids out in the cold to drop off at sitter or daycare to be able to come to work.

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Alicia Speck - 23 d 8 h ago


It is a sad day when Honda makes a mini-van that is so unsafe it will shut off on you while driving. This occurred to me on 12/14/18 and Honda had my VIN blocked (despite Alicia Speck) advising that's not Honda's policy. The GM of the dealer where we purchased the Odyssey, following a favorable arbitration, advised Alicia knew it was blocked and it is "...common practice in the auto industry to prevent an exacerbation of the problem." Alicia speck then advised she had contacted my wife and I following the arbitration as required but funny neither of us have any form of communication record of this. We were forced to record every call with Honda just in case we needed to let them hear their own false statements. Honda once had my respect and I will advise all buyers to beware, even new cars can be problematic and the dealerships are at the mercy of the manufacturers so you may find yourself on your own.

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Gloria J. White - 83 d ago


I would like for somebody who is higher up in the 100 organization to read this.

I was a very proud owner of a 2017 Honda HRB went home for Thanksgiving on Sunday on my return to Where I live Locus Grove Virginiamy Honda broke down. The icon Said brake system. Had the car towed to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg Virginia they called said it was a sensor that they would have my car ready by Wednesday the service manager name Kevin called on Wednesday tell me the car would not be ready because it needed a transmission. I asked how did it go from a sensor to needing a whole transmission never could get an explanation for that.

This man has not been helpful to me in no way I had to call and get the number and give him to my gap insurance and my extended warranty. Make said he will call when he get time. Munyu I am a single woman who works at only has one car. N very calls on Wednesday to tell me after I gave him the information That the rental car has been set up and waiting . I have to drive from Locust Grove Virginia to Lynchburg which is a 128 miles To get the rental because you was not willing to set it up for me to pick up one in Fredericksburg.

While driving to Lynchburg I call and a prize they tell me they had no car waiting for me. To after a few choice words the man said, but funny something and that's what he did found something a Nissan versa. I went to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg tooth get something out of my car they did know where the car was had to look out over the place to find the car and then there was a guy in their following me around like I was still in something the manager of family showed his face Kevin and just lied to meet in my face about the whole situation. Still no explanation why I need the transmission and 2017 HRV. I am so disgusted right now to I really don't want the car back The treatment I'm getting some Billy craft Honda no one deserves to be treated that way I was a Loyal Hondacustomer now I am rethinking this thing I might just get me a lawyer and Sue

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Isabella - 26 d 10 h ago


Very good, I'm thinking to do the same... They are very very bad and not just one person, we all should sue them.

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Patrick F Bruce - 28 d 8 h ago


Worst Car Buying Experience of My Life

The salesman misrepresented himself (he was later terminated) - told us our new car had satellite radio - it did not and the Bluetooth only works with iPhones

The biggest problem was management also lied to my face specifically Shamari D Johnson, the Business Manager. Who intercepted me in my request to see the GM

He, in turn, has never returned my phone calls, he had not returned emails and he isn't available anytime I go and see him.

Can you recommend to a a reputable Honda Dealer need me to help solve my problem - thank you

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JESSE RODRIGUEZ - 29 d 5 h ago


Hello, my name is Jesse Rodriguez address is (hidden) I recently made a purchase in Moss Brothers Honda in Moreno Valley CA. This was in 11/2018 of your Sport 2019 Honda Civic 0 miles. Since the day of the purchase I had to take the Honda back in on 5 occasions for an system error in which it say's EMISSIONS SYSTEM PROBLEM comes on in the computer system error. Now they have replaced a fuel pump, sensor to the emissions. On a new car and still same error keeps coming on. At this point what can Honda do for me. I would like a new to replace my car. Since the HONDA Dealer just tell me that they have to wait on you to have a solution for the car defect on how to fix. Since they cannot fix it. I really do not want to go to Litigation for this. Please advise thank you.

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Jim - 32 d 7 h ago


I am a owner of a 1997 Honda Del sol Si. I am a original owner. This car is unbelievable.

It is the best car I have ever owned. I have been thinking of buying a new car. Not to replace the Del Sol but a add on. I have been studying for some time. I been thinkinking CRV. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to buy a Toyota. I believe Honda has been drastically been cheapened. First went the double wish bone suspension and now the motors have been turbo charged. The Honda cars have become huge. Accords are not being sold in the UK because they are way too big. I do not believe Sochiro Honda would be pleased. The bean counters have one. Big and cheap is the result. There is no way that the new Honda cars are the equal of my Honda Del sol. They will not last 21 years and run good. I notice that the Acura cars are not turbo charged. Like I said the next car I buy Will buy will be non turbo charged model and many of my friends feel the same way too!

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Jeanine Price - 43 d 5 h ago


My new 2018 Honda CRV (VIN: 7FARW1H83JE049089)

2018 Honda redesign miss-steps

1) No CD player although aging boomers are one of your largest buyer segments and we still like music and books on cd. Now, I have to buy an adapter to plug into the outlets and use a portable cd player which is a safety hazard to manipulate while driving.

2) No pocket on the back of the driver seat - another big segment of your buyers is young mothers and grandparents who utilize the pockets to carry kids toys and things to occupy them. Now only one grandchild has a toy storage pocket which leads to fighting in the back seat.

3) Aging boomers cannot see the temperature or mileage gauge without readers or leaning toward the steering wheel. A redundant digital clock in the same area as the outside temperature gauge and mileage and is in a readable font size - why did you reduce the font size of the other information in that area?

4) The turning radius is awful. In my 2015 CRV I could back into any parking space but I have to start the backup and then have to pull forward and line-up the car to back-up now. The car creaks whenever you turn at any sharp angle

5) Why did you remove the camera on the passenger side mirror??? I used it on my daily commute on the interstate to gauge where there was a possible clear spot to change lanes. It allowed me to keep my sight forward with a subtle glance to the center screen to monitor when to change lanes. Now I have to look in the rearview mirror which takes my sight off the cars in front of me. The warning light doesn't always warn of cars just outside of the blindspot. I've almost had several wrecks in the commute time traffic. My daughter has my 2015 and it is a much safer vehicle.

6) The security screen over the rear storage area is not as sturdy as the one in the 2015 model.

7) I hate the auto-correct drive. If I don't turn my signal on to merge off the interstate it tries to jerk me back into the lane I'm exiting. I'm going to turn off this feature because it tries to jerk me whenever the lane markings are not exactly straight on the pavement. It grabs my brake when I'm already slowing down to brake. I'm there - I am a better judge of the traffic flow and what speed I need to brake to keep from being rear-ended.

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Lisa - 43 d 13 h ago

Owner of a 2017 Honda CRV Touring. Car has braked on it's own for NO REASON. This has happened three times in past few months. On highway - no one close to me, no reason for me to brake - let alone the car on it's own. Car also becomes momentarily disabled. Do I have to tell you how dangerous this is??? Honda Service plays the usual "oh I never heard of that" card. Well Honda you have definitely heard of it because when I googled the problem it's all over the forums. Service "looked at problem" and didn't find anything. Honda is definitely aware of this - are you waiting for someone to get killed? Would like to hear from someone in corporate since no one is service is honest enough to help.

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Maria - 44 d ago


I purchased my Honda CRV 2013 from Schaumburg Honda in Schaumburg Illinois. For the last four years I had issues with my VTC and they could never find what the problem was. I always heard the customer service in the service department was always bad but now I really experienced it for myself. I brought my vehicle to motor Werks in Barrington Illinois and in three days and $1900 later they fix the problem. They also gave me a loaner for free which Schaumburg Honda said they don't do. I was so disappointed with Schaumburg and was never going to buy Another Honda again. But motor works had such great customer service and found the problem right away they restored my faith.

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kathy - 50 d 10 h ago

I purchased a 2018 Acura ILX about 2 months ago. Within the first month my gas gauge was not working properly. I called the dealer and apparently there is a problem with the gauge and the fuel tank needs to be replaced. NONE of this was disclosed at time of purchase. I was informed by the dealer and customer relations that the car was safe to drive. WRONG. at 7pm on Dec. 31, 2018 my car died on the CA freeway. I was alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood; I tried to contact acura roadside assistance and no one answered. In the meantime I called my parents in Florida and they had to pay and add me to their AAA and they came to tow me. I finally got in touch with roadside assistance and they told me since AAA was coming then they don't have to call them. I was towed to the dealer and of course there is no way to leave the broken down car at the dealer bc everything is locked up. I am not happy with the Acura service I have received so far and since today is a holiday there is no way to get in touch with anyone. I can't believe Acura allows this to happen putting their owners in danger and stranded.

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Nancy Jo Walters - 55 d 9 h ago


This is to let you know that I have had nothing but trouble with Honda City repair in Bethpage NY. I went in for a recall and it took days . I was told I would be reimbursed for a rental car, 3 weeks later and I have not received my Ck. The manager does not return my calls and all I get is a run around. A number of my friends warned me not to go to Honda City but I thought a recall for back cameras was a 60 min thing.

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David James Wilhelm - 58 d ago

Hello I'm sending a message to ask for help our area Ohio Mahoning county The General motors plant pulled out Not ever even paying Bail out money back Giving insentives bonuses What better way to representive Honda But to move in and build a Honda plant right here in Mahoning county Good people will work for a reasonable wage And not a GM plant wage Start out fair wage I know what people would be driving The time is right And how better would show Drive a Honda were here to stay Tax Credits And I truely believe President Trump would love to have Honda as much as us I am retired and did not work for a automobile industry But I see a lot of people from area working 850 10 dollar jobs They would work 10 12 start wage Then fair raises a future I am 60 years old and married 41 years and dated since 8 grade We have worked hard Blessed 5 children 4 grandchildren And they don't work at auto industry 2 would Its just more then a thought Thankyoju CC David j Wilhelm

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Anonymous - 59 d 6 h ago


This is Jerry in Lichfield Arizona Wanna say that I'm a proud owner of Honda I have an 2007 ridgeline . I absolutely love it. There's no other vehicle that I rather have It's solid durable it does its job no problem Thanks again for the awesome job you guys are doing. Some surly Jerry Molina

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David Knight - 59 d 6 h ago


I am writing a review because I am a little upset no I take that back I am very upset I have a 2018 Honda Accord Sport I bought with only 8 miles on it when I got it have not had it a year yet and I am already having all kinds of problems my brake system light is coming on electric power steering light is on adaptive cruise control light is on emission system problem is all vehicle stability problem light is on road departure light is on brake whole problem light is on he'll start assistance light is on I am very upset I took my car to the Honda dealership in Pensacola Florida and they were no help to me they basically brushed Me Away by resetting the lights but it has came back on not even a day later there is no reason a 2018 Honda Accord should be going through these problems not one of the cars that is supposed to be car of the year top car of the year I am very upset that I seem to be getting brushed away without helping me fix my problem with my car this is my first Honda and it'll probably be my last Honda I'll ever own because I do not think it's fair that I'm getting brushed to the side when my car is having these kind of problems my car is financed through the Honda company Honda Finance but yet nobody seems to want to help me

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Russell Wachi - 64 d 9 h ago


Had an issue with my 2013 Honda Accord. Called Island Honda on Maui. Spoke to Kelly in the service department. She was very helpful and informative. She resiled my concern. Jelly has the Aloha Spirit.

Sincerely yours,

Russell Wachi


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Nelson - 68 d 9 h ago


I own a Honda Pilot and for the second time have had tires missing bolts and lugs. Not only is this a safety hazard, who isn't checking these things when the balance and alignment is being done!!! The first time I was on my way to Florida from SC and this time I had a brand new FULL set of tires put on and have been driving around like this since Dec 1st. RIDICULOUS!!!! I should have stayed with my Nissan

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Joshua Landry - 73 d ago

On December 7th I was heading to Beaumont, TX from Houston, TX for an interview at the Federal Prison. This is about an hour and a half drive. While in route, I noticed in my rearview mirror a smoke trail coming from my car. There were not any maintenance notifications at the moment, so I thought nothing of it. After another 15 minutes of driving, my car gave me a maintenance warning stating "Oil Pressure Low". I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and began to assess the situation. My first step was to call Gillman Honda and talk with someone in the service department. I briefly explained to the service agent what was going on. The gentleman rushed me off the phone stating "oh , you will just have to bring the car in." I did not feel like he was trying to help me in this situation or explain a certain process. So far this is unfamiliar to me especially since this vehicle only has 8,000 miles on it. I was asked if there was any oil in my car so I checked the oil dipstick to see if there was any or determine the level of oil. From what I can tell it looked like my vehicle still had oil. I asked the service agent, can this be a computer glitch situation because I really don't want to mess up my car? He stated he didn't know and proceeded to attempt to get off the phone. As I continued on my way and proceeded to head to my destination, the car completely shut down. I called the Honda Roadside Assistance Line. They provided me with a tow truck. As the driver was reeling in the vehicle on to his truck he noticed a lot of oil flowing under the car. We brought the car to Mike Smith Honda in Beaumont, TX. Mr. Stephen, the Service Manager, started the process of diagnosing what could have happen to the vehicle. Once Mr. Stephen finished analyzing the vehicle, he brought me into the garage and asked, "who was the last to change your oil?" I told him that Gillman Honda in Houston changed my oil, it was my first oil change since purchasing the car. The oil change was complimentary. He then stated," well your oil drain plug is missing." Which meant that all the oil had drained out. I asked him, how was that possible? He stated either I hit something or whoever did my oil change didn't properly assemble my oil drain plug and it worked its way out. Since the car was lifted, I showed Mr. Steven that I hadn't hit anything under my car there was NO damage to the oil pan so that eliminated that idea. I took pictures of the bottom of the vehicle and also had someone send me a video of the parking lot that my car was parked in prior (my apartment complex). There was no signs of oil. Mr. Stephen then continued on stating, "I've never seen this before due to the fact you got your oil change a few weeks prior and its going on 2800 miles since then." I informed Mr. Stephen that I only had ONE oil change and that was from Gillman Honda. I've never had this problem happen before.

We proceeded to contact Gillman Honda Service Department and inform them of what was going on. Mrs. Kelly Goldsberry, the Service Manager, called me back and informed me that she would be sending a tow truck to Mike Smith Honda to pick up the car at 6pm that evening. On December 8th Mrs. Goldsberry called me informing me she had no idea of what took place with the vehicle. Her statements pointed towards the time and mileage behind the vehicle prior to the oil change and stated "things like this happen a few days after getting your oil changed." The employees went on account to even state that the car could have been tampered with. Mrs. Goldsberry then began to state that I needed to contact my insurance and get them involved so they could do an "investigation" of the situation since she had never seen nothing like this before. Mrs. Goldsberry and the other agents had not taken any fault to the situation, they just kept saying "we never seen this before" and what normally could've happen. My insurance State Farm then informed me that they will not be involved in this process due to this vehicle not having any damage or even being in a collision for this drain plug to come out. Mrs. Goldsberry, once informed of what the insurance said, then informed me that this situation wouldn't fall under warranty since in fact the drain plug came out which cause ENGINE DAMAGE.

I need some assistance especially since the service providers are trying to pass blame and they were the only ones to EVER do any work under my car. I'm not sure if this is a manufacturer defect or even an error on the service agents who changed my oil, all I know is the drain plug that screws in came out and emptied all my oil out and now my car has ENGINE damage to my BRAND NEW 2018 HONDA.

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Sonyainlouisiana - 76 d 11 h ago


Waited 2 hours for an oil change when I had an appointment. Tried to cancel and just reschedule because my blood sugar was dropping because I'm diabetic. They refused. I was shaking and panicked and they still refused to give me my car. The worst experience!

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