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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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1TexasKid - 3 d 14 h ago


Honda owner do it yourself repairs;

As automobiles get more saftey systems, repairing them becomes more complicated. Honda's have always been known for reliability. Simple to fix is why owners buy Honda's. I would like to see a free app that has an owners manual for there particular car/truck, a mechanical & electrical parts diagrams of the entire car/ truck(with Honda parts #), phone/e-mail/text car maintanence warnings. Today $20 car code readers are available at any auto store. Why not include into a new Honda App. It would benefit both the consumer & the Honda Automaker. Ultimately you need a professional mechanic's diagnostic computer to exactly pinpoint which sensor is bad. From a DYI point of view knowing what is broken, help me decide whether to have a professional do the repair or not. An Air filter, oil change, etc... is something that doesn't require a professional.

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Honda Lover - 4 d 15 h ago


God! I bought 2019 CR-V. Just wanted to let you know that it is FUN to drive this car. It is a beauty to look at and a lot lot lot of fun to drive it. I bought a beaten up accord when I was in college, then a new Civic, then a Acura T, then Accord and now a CRV. The only thing that can beat the CR-V was TL. Love this car. Always a part of Honda family.

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Betty G. - 65 d 7 h ago


I have a suggestion. (We have been HAPPY Honda owners since 1976.

We now have a 2012 Odyssey. My suggestion is, if it is possible make the side mirrors power retractable. The cars are getting wider and wider and pulling in to a narrow garage is tough, backing out without hitting the mirror on the door frame is even harder. Already have had to replace the passenger side mirror.

Just a suggestion for future up grades on the Odyssey.

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Walter R. - 5 d 7 h ago

Watch out for that engine oil problem on your Odyssey. Here's a link to what little I've found on it so far. I've just started, because we just had the problem on our 2010 Odyssey. $4,000 engine fix.

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Walter R. - 5 d 7 h ago


2010 Honda Odyssey, Touring class with only 38,000 actual miles. The check engine light came on and I took it to a local Honda dealer. They checked it out and said that 4 cylinders out of 6 had stuck rings and oil was blowing by and fouling the plugs. Fix is to break the engine down and clean or replace stuck rings, plugs and any other damaged parts. We have had regular maintenance done at the recommended intervals, and it seems ridiculous that a practically brand new engine would have stuck rings, especially since we've adhered to the required MX schedules. Cost of repair is almost $4,000. There was a class action lawsuit that covered this problem, but Honda only extended their warranty 8 years from date of purchase so this may put us out of their limits of liability. Dealer says our limited driving may have contributed to the rings being stuck. That (limited driving) was part of the reason for the excessive oil consumption listed in the lawsuit, and seems to be a common problem in these Honda engines which have been in use for many years. Our Honda dealer made no mention of this problem at the times we had it in for scheduled MX. With today's excellent quality of engine oils, which our dealer should have been using when we took it in for regular MX, stuck rings should not ever be a problem. I'll be trying to contact Honda consumer relations to see what they say about sharing some of the responsibility for this repair. We've owned Honda's since 1989 and this is the first really serious problem we've ever had. Naturally, it happened a year after the extended warranty ran out.

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Patty N. - 36 d ago


Overall my 2013 Honda Pilot has had problems but I fortunately bought the extended warranty so most of my problems were covered. Sad part is right after the warranty expired the top of my car paint peeled off and it was not covered. I called Honda and they were very cold and not helpful at all. I would think that they would cover the paint job I live in Southern California and 5 years is not an old car it had to be defective paint. I love my vehicle and have bought other Honda vehicles but now I will more than likely not recommend or purchase another Honda. The sad part is years ago with my Honda Van Honda Corporate was much better and understanding I wonder if the quality and customer service is they just don't care.

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Nicole - 27 d 11 h ago


Patty - there is a potential class action lawsuit group for this on Facebook. Look up "Honda Paint Defect" group. You are not alone!

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NZ - 24 d 5 h ago


Patty, Be on the look out for a CBS channel 2 segment that will discuss these issues! Earliest will be Wednesday or Friday.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

I have the same exact problem with my 2013 Pilot as well

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OUTRAGED - 14 d 18 h ago


I am outraged with the way this establishment, CAREY PAUL HONDA, handles its business practice, representing a well known company, "HONDA".

I've been dealing with an issue with the my car that I purchased brand new off this lot for 18 months. This same issue has caused me to bring my car here approximately 16 times, (some oil changes) and the problem still hasn't been resolved. It appears that you continue to do patch work on something HONDA definitely knows there is a problem. To continuously go on the word that the problem should be solved and send me back out on the road not knowing If myself or my family may be at risk of danger, leaves me horrified. I've spent time from work, money and patients. The beginning of this year, I brought my car in for repair for the same issue that I've had since I drove this car off this lot in August, 2017. It was explained that they know what the problem is but will patch it instead of fixing the problem. I returned on April 3rd, you kept my car until Friday, April 5, 2019. I requested that my oil be changed and it was on my receipt. Low and behold, the oil wasn't changed and here I am again this morning. Causing me time, money and patience. Then to make matters worse, you stated that my warranty ran out, you replaced my tires thinking it would fix the problem in July 2017; but you put the same tire that you took off back on; Continental tires instead of Michelin tires and I need to bring the loaner back and get my car. But someone from your Honda corporate would be in to determine whether I should have those tires replaced. Tell me, How in the HELL is it Ms. Jackson's problem for you not doing the correct job in the beginning. I'm going on the word of this establishment that the right thing is being done and handled to ensure not only my safety but to continue to be a customer of HONDA. At this point, I am not sure due to the unresolved issue, if it has caused any other damage. Or if I need to go on the word from this establishment nor HONDA, that I'm being told truth about cars made by HONDA or sitting on this lot.


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A.C. - 18 d 6 h ago

Have a 2008 Honda Accord and I am the original owner. Complained to Honda about console wear and tear. They fixed it and I paid a small fee. Then armrest on both doors were bubbling and tearing. Now both front seats and back seat look awful. Called Honda in California and was told not covered. I looked online and so many people have the same issue and no one at Honda cares about this issue. Will not ever buy another Honda or recommend Honda to anyone. No one sits in these seats. Seats are not leather as we were told. They used cheap vinyl. Shame on you Honda for misleading consumers.

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Anonymous - 26 d 8 h ago

Rudy discussesed I live in Houston Texas never owned a Honda until now. Question how can you guys let a person lease two cars in Laredo Texas with out my consent. You all need to inquire with your store in Laredo Texas. I call this fraud. Her name Gloria Perez

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago


My name is Jerry and I'm a proud owner of a 2007 Honda ridge line. I absolutely love my truck I rather have a used Honda then a new Toyota Ford or Chevy ! So thank you for making up an awesome product So silly Jerry M

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Gloria J. White - 144 d 5 h ago


I would like for somebody who is higher up in the 100 organization to read this.

I was a very proud owner of a 2017 Honda HRB went home for Thanksgiving on Sunday on my return to Where I live Locus Grove Virginiamy Honda broke down. The icon Said brake system. Had the car towed to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg Virginia they called said it was a sensor that they would have my car ready by Wednesday the service manager name Kevin called on Wednesday tell me the car would not be ready because it needed a transmission. I asked how did it go from a sensor to needing a whole transmission never could get an explanation for that.

This man has not been helpful to me in no way I had to call and get the number and give him to my gap insurance and my extended warranty. Make said he will call when he get time. Munyu I am a single woman who works at only has one car. N very calls on Wednesday to tell me after I gave him the information That the rental car has been set up and waiting . I have to drive from Locust Grove Virginia to Lynchburg which is a 128 miles To get the rental because you was not willing to set it up for me to pick up one in Fredericksburg.

While driving to Lynchburg I call and a prize they tell me they had no car waiting for me. To after a few choice words the man said, but funny something and that's what he did found something a Nissan versa. I went to Billy craft Honda of Lynchburg tooth get something out of my car they did know where the car was had to look out over the place to find the car and then there was a guy in their following me around like I was still in something the manager of family showed his face Kevin and just lied to meet in my face about the whole situation. Still no explanation why I need the transmission and 2017 HRV. I am so disgusted right now to I really don't want the car back The treatment I'm getting some Billy craft Honda no one deserves to be treated that way I was a Loyal Hondacustomer now I am rethinking this thing I might just get me a lawyer and Sue

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Isabella - 87 d 12 h ago


Very good, I'm thinking to do the same... They are very very bad and not just one person, we all should sue them.

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Anonymous - 32 d 13 h ago


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Gloria White - 32 d 13 h ago


I bought a 2017 Honda HRV and 17 months after having it , the transmission went bad the car just stopped working while coming home from Thanksgiving with family. Now 4 months after that that transmission is leaking and need more repairs. I am so DONE with this car. I had a used Honda Accord and it didnt give me any problems until having the car 10 yrs. I work hard for my money and do you think I am enjoying paying for a LEMON!!!!! I feel that when the transmission messed up the first time I should have been given a new car. I have read the lemon law but when u buy a new car it should not apply.I use to think Honda was the best , I dont feel that way any more

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L Wilson - 63 d 11 h ago


I am sending you this on behalf of my daughter who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years ago my daughter was in search of buying a used vehicle. I traveled to Cincinnati to help her search for the perfect and most reliable car since she had bad experiences with two other vehicles she owned. My daughter is 26 years old and suffers with anxiety disorder and depression. Needless to say, it was important we find a vehicle that would be safe, reliable and in great condition so she would no longer experience anxiety with her vehicle. We purchased a 2007 Honda Civic from a non Honda dealer in Cincinnati. The vehicle was in mint condition with only 68K miles with one owner who took very good care of the car. The car fax showed no prior problems or recalls. We were thrilled and my daughter did not have to worry about this Honda giving her problems. She was very happy!

Last Spring, 2018 the vehicle began to run hot and was leaking coolant. My daughter (Alexandra) had to add coolant to keep the vehicle from overheating. She continued to do this until she took it to a repair shop. The repair shop could not find any leaks anywhere, so Alexandra left the shop confused. After that the vehicle seemed to be fine. We weren't sure why, but was hoping a miracle happened! For about two months the vehicle seemed find and then the overheating started again. She added coolant to keep the vehicle from overheating and the engine being destroyed. It wasn't until about a month ago she took it to Superior Honda in Cincinnati so they could diagnose the problem once and for all. While it was there, I began researching and discovered the issue with the cracked engine block and the extended warranty Honda gave to owners of Honda Civics for 2006 to 2009 models. Alexandra's vehicle is a 2007. She did not having any problems with the vehicle until after 80K, which seems to be when this takes place from what I learned from other owners of this vehicle model and year. At the time the vehicle began to have the issue, it was out of the extended warranty period. If we had known about this problem prior to purchasing the vehicle we would not have purchased it. I assume the original owner traded the car to avoid having engine problems. It is nice that Honda offered the extended warranty for 10 years, without regard to mileage, but many owners of this vehicle aren't experiencing the problem until the mileage is around 80k, like my daugher's vehicle. By that time, the vehicle is older than 10 years! NOT FAIR! The extended warranty should be for the LIFE of the car.

I contacted Honda corporate and have spoken to several people and eventually filed a complaint to be reviewed by a complaint board. They ruled against replacing the engine and offered a 1/2 discount (equal to $2,800) off the full price of a new engine block priced at $,5600. Superior Honda diagnosed her vehicle with a cracked engine block. The vehicle now has approx 90K miles on it. A supervisor at Honda corporate confessed and admitted to me that the engine is defective. It is not fair that Honda is not covering the cost of full engine replacement. My daughter still owes $5,700 on the vehicle so getting another vehicle is not going to work for her. She has no choice but to pay $2800 plus tax to have a new engine block replaced in her vehicle. She has to take a loan out to do this. I find this very disappointing that Honda has admitted to a defective engine and is not doing the right thing by replacing the engine. Would you want your child driving a vehicle that was unsafe and at risk of overheating perhaps in the middle of the highway or a remote location? Of course, you don't have to worry about that because you are the CEO of Honda! My daughter has suffered extreme anxiety over this whole ordeal. It has been exceedingly time consuming trying to get Honda to do the right thing. Now, I am reaching out to you to share this experience and extreme disappointment with Honda. It is very unfortunate that my daughter is having to pay close to $3,000 for an engine block that is defective. An engine, especially on a Honda, should never have to be replaced at 90K miles. It sickens me that she is having to take a loan out or be stuck with a vehicle she can't sell or trade in.

I ask you to think about what has happened to my daughter's vehicle and how unfair it is that Honda has admitted to a defective engine but yet they are not replacing it. Do you think that is good customer service? I should think not.

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Marilyn - 46 d 19 h ago


That's shameful! My daughter has a complaint as well. She bought a used Honda at mike piazza in Langhorne pa. The sales person talked her into paying additional money for warranty coverage. She was told that if she didn't need to make use of the warranty then she would get a refund of the money. February 2019 was written and circled as the date she should come back to the dealer to receive her refund. She did just that two weeks before the end of February. She was told to come back after February 28,2019 because she was 2 weeks too early. She returned 2 weeks later. The dealer kept her original copy of the contract and said NO PROBLEM. She was contacted the next day telling her she is too late.. she was clearly misled by a dishonest salesperson .

Honda should stand behind their promises. Their dishonest, practices are disgusting. For the millions and millions of dollars that Honda rakes in at the expense of trusting customers they should be ashamed.

This is the third car my family has bought from Honda and we have talked up Honda to so many people in the past- honda has received free advertising from us.

Very disappointed with mike piazza Langhorne will never buy another car from them.

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Jacqueline, [ Truely Greatful ] - 52 d 12 h ago


on 2/1/2019 my sister and i were in a wreak that almosts killed us .at the time all i could do is cry ;i still do. but than i said to my sister i need to do a Honda car commercial ; [ because we lived. ]

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El Monte Honda - 56 d 3 s ago


Worst experience ever at this Service department. Took my brand new 2018 Accord for its first oil change. After about 1 1/2 hours i was advised my vehicle was ready and drove home.

Didn't have the need of using my vehicle after arriving home, but the following day before heading to work i noticed my driveway wreaked in oil. My first instinct was to look under my car and come to realize oil was spilled all over my driveway.

Automatically, i assume the oil cap was not placed. Open the hood of my car and find oil spilled everywhere. I wasn't able to go to work or use my vehicle the whole weekend. Only positive outcome was that i realized oil cap was missing and didn't expose my family and kids to great danger of driving a vehicle under this hazardous condition.

Due to service department being closed on Sunday i had no option but to wait until Monday morning, payed out of my own pocket to tow my vehicle to this dealer with expectations of a positive outcome.

Monday morning i towed my vehicle to the dealership, 2 hours after I dropped off my vehicle with the service department manager Tim Smith I received a phone call to advise my vehicle was ready for pick up. After work I go back to pick up my vehicle to find the engine still filled with oil. My vehicle was not as expected. Found oil and water still all over the engine. My issue was not resolved even after speaking with Tim and explaining the severe mistake and possible deadly outcome of driving my vehicle under these circumstances. Tim failed to correct mistake proving he is careless just like his department.

I was completely misled with thinking this service department was competent to execute an oil change. But bigger disappointment that this dealer would be impossible to correct huge mistake done the first time around. I will be taking this issue with corporate, i would hate for anyone else to experience what I experienced.

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Joe and Judy Boyett - 57 d 7 h ago

Need help! We leased an Acura RDX in November of 2018 from Acura of Orange Park in Jacksonville Florida. It is soon going to be March and we are still waiting on the paperwork to be sent to our tag office. We still do not have a tag after many calls to dealership general manager and financial officer. We have had one returned call from general manager who assured us it would be taken care of. Well, still no tag. I know you are wondering why we did not go back to dealership and we could. We live in South Georgia and it is a 2 hour ride. We felt the corporate office needed to be aware of this dealership. Also, if you can help us get a tag, we could enjoy this beautiful car. We are so frustrated. I just hope somebody that can make a difference reads this. My husband's cell is (hidden). He can give you any information needed! Thank you!

General profile image - 59 d 2 s ago


Flagged for review. 
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Nancy Woodard - 59 d 7 h ago

I want to report that I have 319,196 miles on my 2003 Honda Accord! I have been told that "those cars will go for at least 350,00 miles" and, now, I am able to confirm mileage close to that. And, besides that, have never had any major repairs. I love my Honda!

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Bob Gillard - 59 d 9 h ago


Had service at Ciocca Honda Harrisburg. I was told battery bad, cost $144.00 . Had battery independently tested, Tested good. Also had quote for four tires. Called back following day for price out of door. I was told that was the out of door price. Asked if I needed four wheel alignment after tires are replaced. The answer was yes with additional cost. Where there going to be more added costs? Called service manager which was a waste of time. Also sales manager called me he did not think there was a problem. Got a quote from another local Honda dealership and they quoted the four wheel alignment as soon as I asked for four tire replacement.

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