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Honda Motor Company

Honda North America, Accord, Civic, Acura, Gold Wing, Shadow, Valkyrie
700 Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA
Tetsuo Iwamura
President and CEO
(310) 783-2000
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Frustrated - 18 h ago


Purchased and vehicle 10/12 - paid cash. I went to MVA to change title - Hpnda put a lien on a cash sale????? Now trying to get lien off and NOONE will assist. CAN'T EMAIL,CANT FAX, Have to wait for snail mail. I can't believe a large company like Honda doesn't have the ability to email a letter or fax a letter. They screwed this up and are unwilling to make it right. THIS IS BS, GLAD I HAVE A SUBARU. NEVER WILL BUY A HONDA AGAIN111

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Grandma Jean - 1 d ago


Honda really hit a grand slam home run with the CR-V. I've always been a Ford fan, until I bought my 2010 CR-V 6-1/2 years ago. I absolutely love that car like a favored pet. And I must not be the only one because I see the CR-V everywhere I go every day. Thank you, Honda, for giving me a vehicle in which I feel secure. It has been reliable at every moment.

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

No wonder the Ridgeline doesn't sell because dealers won't honor a build and Honda has a limited production . I tried 5 different dealerships with no success in finding the trim and options I want ... Waste of time dealing with people who keep asking questions and giving NO ANSWERS !!! Welcome to America , it's like they want your money but won't give you what you want , have to settle for higher priced trims with useless options ... Screwed up business !!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 1 h ago

Please call me ,

Harry Abrams

410 979 3130

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Adriana Flores - 3 d ago



Im trying to get this out because this is a big issue for me and im sure for any of you who has a honda. I love hondas there so economic and i love there style. But my main complain is there damn horn or (hunk) i have a 2015 honda civic coupe ex a really nice car but man let me put it this way this car is like a pitbull with a chihuahuas bark. Its embarrassing. Last time i was on the freeway and a dumb ass truck was cutting me off I dont think he saw me so i started to hunk. Well that was a mistake his motor was louder then my hunk. I want you guys to do a recall and replace all the car horns. It dangerous and it wont save lives. I went to drive test drive a 2016 civic coupe exl and you still did the same with the honk (beep, horn) what ever you call it please do somthing about it!

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Dianne - 3 d 17 h ago

Everything is wonderful! I have the nav. Cd! I am happy.

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Dianne - 3 d 17 h ago

I purchased a 2016 odyssey touring elite. There was no navigational cd or navigational manual. I have bee trying for months to get it. One was ordered, but it was for a 2012....I traded in a 2012 and the systems are different. I need the navigational information. Today I was told I could have a different car for $10,650 that has a nav. cd. I think I should be given the cd and not have to pay $10,650. I was on hold for 15 min. today with the H. Corp. no one answered my call although I was told many times that my call was important.

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Staff Sergeant Gary Shore - 5 d 11 h ago


Honda military appreciation offer is not fair to veterans. You have to apply within 180 days after discharge or be retired. I am a 90% disabled Army Veteran, with 16 years and 4 months of active duty and 10 years of reserve duty. I was deployed overseas many times and I served my country just like any current active duty person or retiree. your policy is totally unfair

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Will and joy - 6 d 3 m ago

Really like the pilot and the Ridgeline. However since I will be using the vehicle to tow with the Nissan pathfinder at 6000 lb has top spot. However if you would add steel sapphire as a paint color to the Ridgeline it would be come my top choice

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Ranger2016 - 6 d 18 h ago


This is a vetern of foriegn wars crying out for someone who cares in the Honda corporate offices, which I have been told the oporator is not allowed to let their customers talk to. I bought a 2016 Accord EXL, that cost over 30,000. The car I had befor this one was a 2004. These cars are wonderful until you turn the suposive 7 speaker sterio system with the sub woofer. The car I love but can not get over how my wives volks wagon beetle with the basic sterio system blows away the sterio in my new 2016 accord. you would think they would want to know their is a problem but what I see is people that are happy to say I'm sorry but no help. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is (hidden)

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eveLyn wheeler - 106 d 13 h ago

I purchased a Honda 2014 with a 1.9% interest rate. I am 74 years old and have purchased many many cars. I have seen anything like your accounting system. For example the interest charged for Jan.$40.86-Feb $45.86- March$36.18- May$40.45 june$33.40, July$40.59. I wrote to financial services with the entire interest charged since I purchased the car. I did this on March7,

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Joe mama - 9 d 8 h ago


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Lynda - 65 d 13 h ago

Honda really sucks... they don't honor shit and false advertising"100 month Warranty" on their batteries bullshit bought my car cash and they don't have the decency to replace my dead battery after 36 months. That's why I always bought Toyota cars and recommend Toyota. Honda helpful act of kindness BULLSHIT!!! I'm ganna post reviews as much as I can of how shitty Honda is and how they fuck single working parents trying to make ends meet .. thanks fuckers instead of buying back to school clothes for my kids I'm ganna buy a fucken battery instead.

Flagged for review. 
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Average American - 17 d 15 h ago


My My aren't you an angry bird!! Quit crying in your beer and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Many batteries don't last more than 36 months. Your language is offensive and unnecessary, and speaks volumes about your character. Grow up!

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Anonymous - 9 d 17 h ago


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Joe mama - 9 d 8 h ago do you really feel?

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Mike B - 9 d 17 h ago



I Am A Former Die Hard Toyota Person However, This Year I Purchased A Honda Civic; Well, 5 Stars!. The Ride Is As Good As Mid-Size Older Model Toyota Avalon And, The GAS MILEAGE Is Out Of Site Getting 40 PLUS From LA To San Diego. Now A Quick Footnote, I've Also Been Homeless For Some 8 Months Living In My Honda Off And On And Traveling From The High Desert To LA And Now, Here In San Diego; That's A Whole Lot Of Freeway Driving. It Has Performed Beyond My Expectations The Only Issue, Is Not Having A CD Player. One Final Thought, There Was A Recall On The Motor However, It Was Discovered And Immediately Addressed At, The Riverside Ca. Dealership. Thanks HONDA!. All Of You Have A BLESSED DAY!. Mike B.

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john d. muniz - 9 d 19 h ago

I have been a customer for 30 years, and I have never experienced such frustration with replacing a lost wheel lock. It is ridiculous that I have to get my car towed to a dealership so that it replace a component that can easily be replaced. I have purchased 2 new vehicles over the past 18 months and was planning for a third. Considering the indifferent attitudes I've gotten from 2 local dealerships, I am now considering a NISSAN or perhaps something more upscale with less bureacratic obfuscation. I expect more from a company than, "your gonna have to tow it to our shop." Customer service is one of the positive qualities that I used to associate with honda products. It appears at least to me that this character is fading from their reputation.

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Customer - 10 d ago


I payed a lot of money for2016 Honda sport and came to Honda at the Avenus in Jacksonville FL and got to do a update on my computer and they don't provide a rental for custemers to go to work and back they are very cheap

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Discourage customer - 13 d 15 h ago


I bought the 2016 Honda Touring. I too am disappointed with the quality of the car. I've had 2 other Accords and this one makes #3. The material they use now is very flimsy. The cover for the sunroof feels as if it's made of cardboard. I'm afraid Im going to tear or break it. My 2016 felt nice and sturdy. The carpet floor mats.....they are HORRIBLE!!!!! The car is only 5 months old and the "carpet" mat on the drivers side is already earring out. The car doesn't get driven on a daily basis. For the price I paid for this car I should have gotten REAL carpet mats (as in previous years) not this junk they give us now. 2016 mats were in great shape when i sold the car. I'vealways raved about Honda, but not a big fan now. VERY disappointed Honda.

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Roadchief - 16 d ago


I purchased my first Honda in October of 2013 which was a Honda Pilot Touring which cost roughly 48,0000.00 dollars with interest. In July of this year my wife was washing it in the driveway. She pointed the garden hose at the front roof above the windshield and all the paint blew right off. My wife took vehicle over to Honda dealership in State College Pa. The Service Manager took pictures of it and said that we would here something in a month. I waited 2 months and did not here from them, so I called back. He said that it was just out off warranty and the reason it blew off was due to a stone chip and that there was nothing they could do?? I then spoke to the Northeast Regional Rep and he said the same, and that he spoke to the Service Manager....HMMMM. I told him that I would go over his head and contact someone from the corporate office. He replied: go ahead if you want, it would still come back to me, and I will throw it in the garbage. Now that is Great Customer Service. I will never purchase another Honda in my lifetime!!!!!!!!

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N/A - 17 d 22 h ago


Honda in Gonzales, Louisiana is horrible. Unprofessional. The employees arent helpful. I sat in my car for 10 mins before I had to get out of the car to be serviced. Also, the employees argue with the customers. And explain how long they've worked for a company & basically tell me what wasn't wrong with a customers car. The manager was also rude. He didn't care about my complaint. As he almost took the employee side. Mandi, Ebony, & Jay were all very rude & unprofessional. And it was an inconvenience to myself to visit another Honda location to find out what was wrong with my car.

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Anonymous - 55 d 49 s ago

I buy a honda pilot 3 years ago . The dealer said it was certified. Boy i got trouble from the time i bought that truck. I used to have a Chevy Tahoe,that was the best. I will not buy a honda any more. Jean

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Anonymous - 17 d 9 h ago

I bought a certified car they didn't put any gas in the car '11Nissan rogue it was raining and gas gage in the redcaused my to deck the car didn't kno what side has tank was on not even $10

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Valorie - 22 d 9 h ago

Who in the bloody hell, thought it was a good idea to make a truck commercial showing a nice hidden space for terrorists to hide their bombs, rockets, guns..etc. Nice job planting an image in the minds of everyone!! Do you people even live in the same world as the rest of us? That was beyond...upsetting!!!

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