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Houston's Restaurant Inc

2425 E Camelback Rd # 200
Phoenix, AZ
Chris Florzak
(602) 957-9700
(602) 956-1605
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Renata Gree - 55 d 9 h ago


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Cheryl Elaine Cumberbatch - 104 d 4 h ago

Went Houston Restaurant on fountain in Houston tx for a diner party for my husband 08/03/32019 at 8:15pm i invited some guest to join us. The waitress came to the table and took our orders, she said i order would be out soon. i order a prime rib steak and so did my husband ans guest . THE WAITRESS came back to the wrong orders and could not remember who order what at the end my husband did receive a plate on his birthday at his DINNER PARTY, she apologize and told him she would rush his order which we all felt bad and tried to wait on his plate to come which took 45 minutes to and hour. Finally his plate came and by then our food was cold waiting to eat ith him on his birthday. The manager came to the table and said she would take care of the dinner ticket but when we received the ticket she only took off my husband plate for the hour he waited. instead of the the whole spoil dinner party guest. it was very embarrassing to myself and my husband on his bday. This unacceptable i feel because we dine there all the time this is his favorite restaurant, this why I had his diner here. .

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Hasmik Davtyan - 1 y 83 d ago


On Sarurday my husband ,I and our 1 year old daughter went to dine in on August 25 2018 @8:00. (Pasadena),They sat us towrads the end where the wall arts are hanging. They were other families around us with chidlren . upon seeing the children and the Bear Art, my daugther got excited and started blabing in her own language . she wasnt screeming or crying, she was only communicating with those children smiling and playing pick a boo. some lady with brown hair and round glasses (assuing supervisor) approchd us and said if there is anythibg she can bring for the child. We said no she is fine just excited about seeing the kids. some time passed my daughter was watching her cartoons and on and of she would blabber, this lady again approchrd and said " are you sure we cant get her anything," we again said no and the lady contiuned " we just have to be mindful of the other gust" my husband and i just left the conversation there and didn't continue. Our whole dinner got ruined because we were soo mad at what just happeneed.


2. My child was not crying she just talking , smiling and playing pick a boo

We had the worst serivce of our lives.

She didnt even appologies or anything

I hope this matter is taken seriously and the righteous action is taken, i will take this as much as i need to

This is NO way to treat your costumers

Shame on you and the conpany for having this kind of employees

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Anonymous - 1 y 78 d ago

Kid's don't bring there!

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Anonymous - 1 y 78 d ago

Go to a black restaurant.

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Cheryl - 104 d 5 h ago


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Anonymous - 1 y 78 d ago


The top 1% supports them. We hope YOU complain and go somewhere else.

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broken hearted customer - 115 d ago


Today, I had dinner at Houston's restaurant Hackensack, where the General Manager Jodie Frankel was very Biased, Racist, Rude, and not empathetic. I have been coming to this restaurant for over 15 years, never had an issues so far, through out this year some food had lemon on my food which I advise im allergic to lemon, some had salt on the food, when I asked to have food prepared no salt, and some food came out cold. Now on this occasion, I order spinach dip, and the chips seemed old, so I asked for new chips, I was well accommodated, I had my dinner and was cashing out. After I paid the General Manager approached me and advise since I complained about two times this year, the Hillstone group realize my presence is no longer needed or wanted in this restaurant and if you don't leave I will call security, I said wait repeat that, she advise your kind of people is no longer needed at this restaurant and I will no longer be able to dine here, I asked why , she said because you don't like our food, I stated are you jumping to conclusion, she said yes based on the chips situation today. I have never asked for free food, never a credit, she said this conversation is done , and your people are not wanted here, my husband with me was a little loud because we were offended and we didn't know if this was a racist statement or not. Now we love this restaurant we spend about $1000.00 a month only on Fridays, but for this General Manager to say your kind is not needed here, that is pure insulting and discrimination. Now should I had sue Hillstone when I advise im allergic to lemon and you still put it on my food.I didn't say cause she is white she was trying to kill me. Im Not sure how this lady was promoted as a General Manager to represent your Brand, but its sad how we have racism out there. I confirmed with other employees is this a proper protocol, they stated no, we not sure why she doesn't like you. This lady always give me a stare when we come in, and I always smil

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DOC - Not Happy - 130 d 7 h ago


Was at the Memphis location yesterday, spent $161.36 food was not cooked right when I got home with my wife atgo order of a Sermon and Burger. I ended up wasting $161.3Table 73/1 on 07/10/2019 @ 5:55 PM called and spoke to one purported Manager, Blake Martin @ (hidden). He essentially told me tough luck, the name of our restaurant means "gaga" to him. This guys does not even understand Houston's culture talkless of customer satisfaction guaranteed. Mystified and disappointed. It's like paying for hotel room with bed bugs. That's how I felt last night. I gave them an opportunity over the phone to fix the problem, but the failed again. The name should have been Hood, not Houston's.


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Anonymous - 132 d 3 h ago


Unprofessional rude, just bad customer service all away around....Manager Philip Hanna @ 4848 kirby dr. houston,tx 77098 need more customer service training.

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Bill Stockon - 2 y ago

They are known for discrimination against minorities groups and I don't support them and I'm Caucasian that day is over equality for all

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Kyle Frasure - 155 d ago


Hello my name is Joel price from New Orleans.Enter y'all place of business on father day. I waited forty five minutes to be service.Once they seat me I receive call on cellphone.It was my children's for out town call me to wish happy father day.The manage of the business confronting me in a rude way about me being on the phone.Then guy was so ugly to me so I couldn't eat there.They service. me a bowl spinach artichoke that I ate half of.The manage charges me $22.04 on my credit card

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Miguel Tirado - 222 d ago

I was so disappointed to be at Hustons Pmpano and the restaurant was so cold and no one was able to dix the AC. All the tables in my area where complaining. It seems that the manager doesn't care about the cost of electricity! And the lost of clients. Service was ok but under this conditions I will never came back here!

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MB diner - 280 d 18 h ago


So disappointed that you have discontinued your chicken with an apricot glaze. Had your rotisserie checken tonight and it was just chicken - nothing special at all. The apricot glazed version was truly different and delicious. Why get rid of a good thing for a mediocre product??

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Andre - 1 y 74 d ago

First time coming to this restaurant I had horrible experience because I was in very expensive 10 top they stop me by the door and send me back and told me that I could not eat there their for I will never go back to this place ever Horrible service horrible management

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Justice Butler - 1 y 179 d ago


Not after the treatment U have those three women at your restaurant in Atlanta on Peachtree Rd. Train ur Employees how not to mistreat your customers especially being racial. It makes U look just as bad as Starbucks did! We will be protesting and if no change U will be SHUTDOWN! We are not being disrespected like this Anymore!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y 78 d ago


No, they won't be shut down. There are countess and I mean COUNTLESS White Americans that will keep them in business. Don't fool yourself.

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Maggie Alemany - 1 y 167 d ago


Occurred on 6/3/18

We got there at around 7:10 p.m. Told them a party of 4. The wait was supposed to be 30 minutes. At around 7:20, I realized that my daughter's husband was joining us, so now we are 5 and advised. Now the wait is 18 minutes. Around 7:45, I asked how much longer. Now we are 10 minutes. Right around 7:55, I went to the guest service girl and now she said since we were 5 and not 4, we would have to wait 1 hour. Can this attitude and service be more disrespectful? I have never visited the place and will never step into such a massive controlling and unsympathetic atmosphere. Little cards with your name being swayed up and down depending on who shows up. I am sure if I would had given her a $50 under the table tip, we would had been right next to the sushi chef telling him how we wanted those rolls. At the end, we were grateful this happened, because we got to eat at Swine with amazing food and treated with the utmost delicacy and respect! Good luck with this restaurant.

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Steve Kemsley - 2 y ago


Houstons you have GONE! I have been eating at your restaurant in Boca Raton for over 20 years...i have a vacation home there and we eat at least 3 times a week in what was our favourite restaurant. The ribs have been my and my boys favorite meal in the world for many many years. This last trip in december we sent no less than 5 meals back. The ribs are over cooked constantly and this has been going on for over a year. The wait time has averaged 90 mins, which is fine, you are busy...but the way oir last complaint was delt with my your manager Liz Oldenburg was beyond poor. our entire evening was guests food was inedible and he in fact left without eating anything. You can not manage a restaurant by staring at your computer system, look into a patrons eyes, know if they are trying the skant a free meal out of you or whether they want to be treated with respect. What was my favourite restaurant ever is now overpriced and simply not what it was.... (I don't mind about the cost if the food was as good as ever)...awful and so disppointing

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


This was our favorite restaurant in Long Island before they shut down. We were going away for the holidays and decided to eat at the Houston's in New Jersey. We made reservations and were asked for how many people. We informed them four people two adults and two children an infant and a toddler. When we went there they informed us that they no longer had high chairs because they were unsanitary? That our children could seat on our laps and or we could bring in the carrier from our car. Our car seat does not come with a carrier. We tried to eat without the high chairs but understandably we were all uncomfortable. I couldn't understand how a restaurant could take a reservation and not inform us of this new policy knowing that we had children. They have a changing table in the bathroom, a children's menu but no seats for our little ones. If the restaurant does not want children then they should just say that and I could have made reservations elsewhere for Christmas Eve dinner. I will never eat at any Hillstone or Houston's ever again! Our dinner was ruined and we left without eating our dinner.

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debbie - 2 y ago


I was at the Houston's Restaurant in Pompano Beach Florida. My family and I have been going there for at least 25 years. I brought my grandchildren with me for dinner tonight and I was never so disappointed. We were 4 adults a 17month old and a 6 month old baby. We were seated at a table for 4 and agreed to have the 17month old sit on her mothers lap as Houston's do not have high chairs ( had no idea) but then was told we would have to put the baby on the floor. I said I was not comfortable with this as I was worried about bugs and her being on the floor but they said it was there policy not to allow extra chairs. I asked for the manager and he concurred. As the 17m was about to expire and was hungry we agreed. Not two minutes later the watress caring a large stack of dishes and knives tripped and just missed the baby but spilling sauce down my husbands back. No apologies nothing. I called the manager back who still told us it was out of her control but agreed to move us to a safer table. Unfortunetly this was not under the heaters like the last one was and we froze, but chose to suck it up. The food was cold they made it quite clear that babies or small kids were not welcome (it was 6pm) and again no apology was given other then two managers (Logan and Matt) saying there was nothing they could do about both the baby and the mess on my husband. This is not the Houston's we know and loved. Not to mention they swithched the awesome shoestring french fries for thicker ones because people were complaining that they came out cold.(yet both mine and my daughters fries were cold)

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BurnesJCJ - 2 y ago

After reviewing the videos and protest at this restaurant... hearing how the people who work there discriminated against Everyday People who chose that place too eat, has completely turned me off. I will never step foot in a restaurant named Houston. I don't care what city I'm in what stadium in if it's the last restaurant standing they will never have my business.

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Cheryl - 2 y ago


so true. this is absurd! to deny these people a seat is wrong! none of the staff could give a straight answer.... it IS discrimination. period. Dont think I will be dining here either .. I always dined here..

General profile image - 2 y ago


I live in Atlanta,Georgia. I came across a group of blacks who had been denied service at one of your local restaurants. I have frequented your restaurants, in the past, and I am shocked to see this racist attitude in this, a city of predominantly black citizens. I am contacting my local government officials, as well as my state senators and congress representative to look in to this insulting, and racist action.

If there is a compelling reason this action was taken I would like to hear from you so that I may better understand.

Please reply via email if this best.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

No review just a request. Please consider putting a Houston's at Park Place in Leawood, Kansas. Open real estate ...lots of people . Perhaps where

Fish restaurant went out.

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