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Houston's Restaurant Inc

2425 E Camelback Rd # 200
Phoenix, AZ
Chris Florzak
(602) 957-9700
(602) 956-1605
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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

We love your Houston's restaurant & have been going in Bethesda location regularly for at least 10 years! We have moved to Sarasota, Fl and are going thru"withdrawal ", because we miss your restaurant!!! Please consider opening here...St. Armand's circle has lots of restaurants but nothing like yours!

D. Gibbs

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Marissa Ysasaga - 16 d 5 h ago


The restaurant in downtown Houston area stole my money! They charged me 5 times and now is saying that that is not their problem. I have never attended a Houston's restaurant and I never will again!!!!!!!!! Horrible yesterday said found mistake today, not able to.?????

Sounds like a scam

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Judith Giffin - 21 d ago


We have dined at Houston's in Scottsdale for 14 years. Most of our experiences were good. Last night's (9/30) however, was definitely not. Both of us had a taste for the fish sandwich. We ordered them after being served our drinks and were told the restaurant was out of fish. So we had to make a different choice.

It is the usual practice of most establishments to inform the diners that it is out of any given entree as soon as the menu is presented. Had the server (Bailey L. No. 532) told us that upfront, we might have decided to leave and find another restaurant. As it was, we were stuck and we resented it. In the future, we'll ask when we make reservations if the establishment has all of the entrees listed on the menu.

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Judith Marx - 22 d ago


Houston's, Atlantic Blvd.,Pompano, FL. The worst experience I've ever had in any restaurant anywhere. I took a table outside on the deck nearest the parking lot. I had a 6 lb. maltese with me. It was 98 degrees outside & of course I put some water down for him under the table. The mgr. Rebecca came & asked if its a service dog & if so what is the illness I have that I need a service dog. Then she said to put the dog back in my purse. The little thing was drinking water & Rebecca said, if you don't take the water away from him I'll do it myself. That alone is enough reason for termination but it gets worse. I order a burger med. rare. It comes out bloody raw. I show it to the server & she says, well you wanted it that way. She takes it back & then brings out one that is well, well done. I didn't say a word. I ate half and I saw a black hair in the bun. That happens sometimes so I just removed it & take another bite. Then I see more black hairs sticking out of the bun. I call the server & show her & she starts to argue about it.. By now Rebecca & this overweight, inexperienced, immature girl tells the others & they are all walking past my table giving me dirty looks. Now Rebecca comes to my table & I show her 4 more strands of black hair in my bread & I tell her someone is very dirty in the kitchen. With sarcasim she asks if I want her to go in the kitchen & ask who's dirty in there. Then she tells me they all wear hairnets. I mention I have blond hair so it certainly is not mine. Then Rebecca says, well everyone in the kitchen is bald so it's not from them.

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Terry Cotter - 60 d 3 h ago


I have been a patron at the Houston's Restaurant on Kirby Drive in Houston since 1989. I typically spend $500-$600 a month at that location (my American Express statement of 8/7/16 includes $781.90 in charges at that location; a copy of my statement can be included upon request).

I have seen numerous changes in management over the years and by and large the General Managers have been quite capable. My purpose in writing is to express my disappointment that our current Service Manager, Bruce Burish, has not been promoted to a General Manager position. Bruce is the epitome of what it takes to excel in the GM position. He is personable, astute, genuine, bright, and is highly regarded by the staff and clientele.

It's time that the value that he adds to your organization needs to be recognized by promoting him to a General Manager position.

Terry M. Cotter


Southern Vanguard Insurance Company

3730 Kirby Drive

Houston, TX 77098


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Pamela - 96 d 7 h ago


At one point Houston's Restaurant on the Plaza here in Kansas City, MO was one of our favorite places to eat; but on 7/17/16 after visiting the restaurant- it was one of the worst experiences- (1) the waiter- Samuel wasn't very dry and unfriendly, untrained and not knowledgeable of the menu, prices or restaurant. (2) The manager-Orion Berwanger- didn't know how to correct the customer service; Orion approach wasn't warm or impressible, also if you were taking care one of the person's meal at our table- neither the manager, Orion or the waiter-Samuel made us aware that one meal would be excluded from the ticket. It seems that the menu has change- not for better, but for worst, because we have visit the restaurant many times and the food cost more, but the quality of the food not very tasteful. Also, you don't get what you pay for and not enough sides to choose from. The baby back ribs were dry and the chicken stripes were horrible(all these little bits & pieces of batter strips for $17.00)- very distasteful.

I would say we visit Houston's for the last time, unless there are changes. Houston's can't tough JAlexander Restaurant. (3) You need more qualified mangers to handle the customer, because the gentlemen was a little sarcastic in his approach and reluctant to come to the table and handle the situation. (4) Then you watch the two of them(waiter & manager) smirk and laugh about the situation.

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NO MORE MONEY - 131 d 18 h ago


Yesterday (6/11/2016) I had the pleasure of supporting my sister as she picked her wedding gown. I must say this was one of the most memorable days of her life! We (my sister, our cousin and our mother) decided to celebrate by dining at Houston's Memphis, TN location. As we conversed while enjoying our meal, we were approached by a manager, who said to us, "I know you all are having fun and enjoying yourselves, but I'm going to have to ask you to quiet down". Let me express myself as tactful as possible: 1. It was annoying that 'the manager' conveniently stopped by our table with such a harebrained command! 2. We are all professional women and know how to conduct ourselves in public. 3. I've never had to whisper while dining at any restaurant. 4. There were other parties that out numbered us and were much louder and 'management' did not approach those tables. No one asked us to "quiet down" when we pulled out those cards to pay the check which, might I add, was well over $100. We requested to speak to the GM and when he came to the table he tried to be apologetic however, it was not genuine. Normally these complaints/reviews are passed back to the location in in the patrons city/state. I want to petition management from the Corporate office to respond to my complaint. My sister and I work for Global Companies and our cousin works for the local school system and all of the establishments patronize Houston's on a regular basis. We are in positions to influence our perspective companies to discontinue their patronage with Houston's Restaurant - Memphis location and direct their monies to restaurants that respect their customers. The only bright spot in this review is our waitress was first class and we made sure that she was compensated via tips to show our appreciation to her. HOUSTON'S will NEVER receive any money from me, my family or our companies again!

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Veronica gillard - 165 d ago


Previous text...please call me (hidden)

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Veronica Gillard - 165 d 39 m ago


My service today was AWFUL. i had a spinach dip with the most steal chips. the waitress stayed away from the table for the longest .i order a coffee she never brought it until she remember after i ask her did we have to pay because it seemed as if we wasnt going to receive a check. When i ask someone else for the manager she came up wit the coffee wit the nastiest attitude because i was complaing. I also called into the establishment and was told by someone name marco there is no manager...REALLY this is not the houstons i hav been coming to for years...

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Roy - 174 d 20 h ago


I am very disappointed with Houstons Restaurant on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. My Family & I ordered food to go. When we got home the $25 pork chop was not done. I called & spoke with Brian who told me to put it in the oven & cook it longer. WE WILL NO LONGER EAT AT HOUSTON'S RESTAURANT. We have been eating at Houstons for many years. We are very very disappointed. Please take time to teach Brian how to be respectful when addressing the public.

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Beyond Words - 195 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern, I must say that I was very shocked and disappointed at the service of the timeliness of the food and the request of how the food was prepared was denied. Well done steaks were served rare, after being ordered an hour ago. With it being my husband and my 15 year anniversary, I almost cried. So ashamed after speaking so highly of the restaurant, especially with couples arriving after us and leaving before us.

Tabatha Cruse

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FeelingRippedOff - 210 d 45 m ago

For over 12 years Houston's was my favorite restaurant but not anymore. We mostly go to the Irvine location now where the portion sizes and staffing is clearly declining while the prices are rising. For example, there used to be a $3.99 option to add a traditional salad to an entre that has been replaced by a much smaller salad for $9.00. Knowing that, today I added the $13.00 so-called meal sized traditional salad to my sandwich order and still received a very small salad, even smaller than the old $3.99 salad. The waitress apologized and said that's what they do now... Sorry Houston's, I'm tired of getting ripped off. Oh, they also forgot to deliver a side that my wife ordered. Goodbye.

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John F Joseph - 223 d ago


Houstons doesn't want my business anymore. They told me flat out when they said that they serve their dishes their way and asking them to warm up food isn't going to happen. Take it or leave it. After reading the reviews I realize this attitude comes from corporate. All I can say after 12 years and over $50,000.00 in corporate dining expenses, so long Hioustons, your new policy is working.

It's subtle but in the most obvious way. Every end has a beginning and that $100 million a year in revenue will erode away, give it a little time. "Dam the customer" will never prevail.

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Anonymous - 238 d 46 m ago


I dined at the Houstons on Lenox Road today and I saw something very distasteful. I was dining near the kitchen area and I saw the manager, I believe her name is Natalia, yell at one of her employees in a very rude way. The employee handled it in a nice manner; however, I could still tell her feelings were clearly hurt. I don't think a manager should treat an employee in such a manner. I seriously believe something should be done about this.

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houston's ... maybe not - 258 d 5 h ago


Friday evening I dined at your Boxa Raton location, in quite awhile. Once again, it was a constant battle to keep my plate, while my dinner guest was still eating. When speaking to the manager, the only thing he seemed to be able to say (repeated it several times) was that Houston's provided "American service". So, Houston's teaches their wait staff to be rude, I guess. See articles in The Washington Post "The most annoying trend ..." and a host of others, including Emily Post ... oh, yes, an American!

Food was good ... our personal waitress, charming ... those plate snatchers - NOT

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


I had the misfortune of going to the Pompano Beach, Florida location last night with a party of 10. My first encounter was with an argumentative bartender who accused me of bringing an "open" bottle of wine to the site, saying there was a "rule" that the bottle had to be opened at the restaurant. First of all, we opened it there. Secondly, how would a customer know what unwritten rules the restaurant might have and wouldn't it be nice to have staff pleasantly inform customers of the rules. Lastly, it would not be necessary to bring our own wine to the restaurant if it served the best selling wine in the united States; White Zinfandel wine! I guess they are too sophisticated for a casual wine. Next came the realization that they could not accomodate more than five customers at a time outside on the deck. Some moron never thought of having square tables that are not bolted down to the floor, so that they could be moved around to accomodate large parties. The servings were small, the food was mediocre and costly. We won't be back.

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Anonymous - 1 y 96 d ago

I have spent well over $2,000 at your Atlanta Peachtree location over the past couple of years. Now, all of a sudden they are not accepting "to go orders" because they are too busy? This happened last night and tonight at 7pm. Come on I have been in that location too many Sunday nights and I have not seen it too busy to take an order. Tell the Peachtree location there new policy is working. Ill never order from them again. That should help with fewer customers to deal with.

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Ebony - 1 y ago


OMG! I have the SAME issue with them! I have a three page letter I'm about to mail informing them all the reasons I won't be back! What kind of restaurant can't handle to go orders??? I have several other complaints but this one here was the impetus for writing the letter. Whoever is making their rules don't understand good business practices. Jerks!

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Anonymous - 1 y 152 d ago


I will never eat at Houston restaurant again. I went today after church to get the apple walnut cobbler. I have gotten it plenty of times in the past and I can't believe the extreme small portion they gave me for $8.00. The manager kept saying it is precut. I told her I have gotten it plenty of times in the past and I have never gotten a portion that size. Weather I got it to go or dined in. It was mostly apples then nuts. Never again . I'm not saying give me the whole pie, but that was ridiculous what they tried to give me. Some of my old coworkers and members asked when we are meeting at Houston's again. After this experience, I will be telling them we need to find a new place to dine.

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I can't believe you are closing the Metairie,LA location. It is my belief that you have made a tremendous mistake - 1 y 168 d ago

Nadine Stephens

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Pissed - 1 y 294 d ago


I visit Houston in Metairie, La on December 29, 2014 and I had an accident slip/fall going to the restrooms. A server/hostess came and took my information but not incident report. Didn't give me any information to contact someone if had to go to the doctor in the morning. Well I didn't get call from the establishment the next day so I called the corporate office to report what happened. The person on the phone took my information again and said someone will get back with me. Well I miss the call and that person left a message for me to return her call, I did that's was on Wednesday and today is Friday and no one have not got in touch me. What can I say about this business is very bad customer service now I am stuck at home taking over counter pain killers for my back.

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JoAnne Davis - 3 y ago


General Information Request From The Website firstname Joanne lastname Davis address 3054 Seville Street city Palmdale state ca zipCode 93551 email (hidden) phone (hidden) phoneAlt comments Hi, I went to your place of business on Nov 1 2013 with my family I ordered a french dip it was fatty. I told are waitress when she came back witch was about 10 to 15 mins later that it wasn't good i only took about 5 bits. she took the sandwich and told the manager that was on duty ( Christina ) she was very rude gave dirt looks right at me. I think you should your school your managers better or just have surprise checkups when the Resturant is busy. Please Thank you

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Bill Harris - 3 y ago

Hello, we are conducting a cross country Veterans Event to benefit The Fisher House and Semper FI. Our Veterans will be driving electric golf cars from San Diego to Daytona Beach. All of the funds we raise go to the charities. We were wondering if you could help us out with food as we travel across the country as a Corporate Sponsor? We will be attracting a great deal of media attention, and your Restaurants would be well represented. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Harris

Logistics Manager

Columbia ParCar Corp

1115 Commercial Avenue

Reedsburg, WI 53959

(hidden) extension 6203

(hidden) cell

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