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Hulu LLC

Hulu Plus
12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 571-4700
(310) 571-4701
Twitter IDs
@hulu, @HuluPlus
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Anonymous - 9 h 29 m ago


I'm trying to reach Hulu, by customer service phone number, chat and the corporate office. They don't believe in answering their phone. right now I'm doing a trial month subscription, however several movies offered on Hulu are coming up as not available at this time, Empty catagory, or that the video is no longer available.

Hulu's customer service says that it's a 40 minute wait to talk to some one.

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Jackir - 2 d 9 h ago

I need to cancel subscription but my online need account # and I don't know it.

UPlease tell me how. Thank you.

Jackie & Art Christianson


Or cell (hidden)


5010 E Colonial Dr #6

Tampa, FL 33611

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Mia313 - 5 d 23 h ago


I was charged $48.68 on Oct 26th and to-date my issue hasn't been resolved nor has it really been addressed. My debit card, yesterday, 12.06 was charged again for $43.38. Total charges of $92.06.

I would appreciate if someone could kindly help me and please refund this money. I cannot afford to have unauthorized transactions made to my account. It's very sad that it's been 2 months since the first one.


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hulusucksfatdicks - 9 d 16 h ago


I begged for several calls and chat rooms to speak with a supervisor. I asked some asshole named anthony 244 times to speak with a supervisor. No help

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


Charging a $ 1.00 fee to start service is wrong it says it no where on the site u cant do that and i think the cusomter service nedds to be retrain how to deal with customer i was on hold wait for a manager for 34 mins that not good and rep sit there trying to fight with me

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Donna Palmer - 24 d 10 h ago


I've been a customer for 2 yrs money has been taken off my card on 11/1/2017 last night my hulu was cut off saying payment hold thats wrong because im disabled my $$ was taken off on the 1st they are trying to say only 5 dollars nope not true im hoping this matter gets handled by tonight because I'm done being hung up on by your very rude employees

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Chontel Rolison - 25 d ago


Hi I have been working for you all since 2013 here in naked city Vegas. It started in 2002 and became a hit in L.A. in in Vegas with the walking dead and many other shows it's a music show. Umpire. Please I believed a family member had a guardianship paper on me when I didn't need one.

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Naked city - 25 d ago


Hi I have been working since 2012-2013 and wasn't paid for my time. It's a 24hour music show it was in L.A.before Vegas and new York. Please can u call me or email me at rolisonchontel86 @gmail.I drew this show in 2002 and it was put on through my cuzin Mac 10 and Paul who help me produced this show.

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abram.ronnie - 26 d 16 h ago

im having the same issue i didnt even pay for it i put my card number in but was like no im good next thing you know they taking out of my bank account thats not right there

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none - 39 d ago


I have sent four e-mail's to cancel my Hulu account with no feed back, now you have with drawn money from my checking. I want my money redeposited and I want your service canceled.....I can't tell you angry I am at this time

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Anonymous - 41 d 5 h ago


Fred - Long time subscriber. The new format lost some of the quality features such as (1) being able to fast forward and watch the episode, (2) Not blanking out the screen after a pause (3) easily navigated episode menu (4) episode list visible when open

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Tamara Whitt - 55 d 12 h ago


I had this same issue and having to contact the bank and next step the BBB. Social Media is gonna love this!

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Tammy Barry - 58 d 7 h ago

I want to know when my monies will be refunded into my account. My account was cancelled on 10/11/17. Due to monies being taken out of my account when I signed up for a free trail. I have emailed your office prior to todaywith no response please advise and thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

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Nolatinoshere - 197 d 3 h ago


I have contacted HULU multiple times to stop the Spanish commercials on my account. It started with two commercials and now I'm up to five Spanish commercials,

They've profiled our family as Spanish based on my name only. We do not speak Spanish. The commercials are from Chevy, Toyota, Loreal, Aveeno & Johnson's baby wash.

I am frustrated with the situation.

Flagged for review. 
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True Anonymous - 143 d ago


Actually, it's based on IP usage from your modem and your geographical region of living. Nothing about your name. LMAO Like hulu cares what your name is. If you have family searching a bunch of spanish porn, you will get a bunch of spanish ads on other sites and Hulu. lol Again, not hulu's fault. Blame Google Adsense.

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Rnbwdvrs - 63 d ago

I get it -you are a HULU bot. Not a very good one

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USAA SUCKS - 199 d 6 h ago


USAA CLAIMS To respect "diverse" opinions but discriminates against the Sean Hannity Show. Only supports diversity in ads which feature inter racial couples.

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True Anonymous - 143 d ago


I'm really lost here. You complaint is about USAA and racial nonsense (racism doesn't exist) Yet give Hulu 0 stars, for something that they don't control of care about. Please take your efforts of bullshit rants to another site, Hulu doesn't give a rats ass about your service or money. I'll buy another account, just to replace yours, because I really don't like your stupid shit that much. lol

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Rnbwdvrs - 63 d ago

Racism doesn't exist???? How do you send emails from under a rock?

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Barbara - 201 d 5 h ago

I had a HULU account for over a year and let it lapse but was going to restart it so I could see The Handmaid's Tale and some other shows developed by HULU. However, upon learning that they advertise on Sean Hannity's show, it will not happen. Resist hate, lies, and just plain meanness by not giving money to support those that support the haters.

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Beatrix - 200 d 10 h ago

I stand with you, sister. I stand for the truth. Hannity is a disgraceful human being.

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Rnbwdvrs - 63 d ago

I tried calling today to see if they still advertise on Hannity and all I got was , "Oh, we don't have access to those records. Maybe you should all or shoot an email to corporate"

Me: what's that # and email

Her: oh, you can go online and get it

Anybody want to guess where that lead? ANOTHER 21 year old very sweet if not bright girl telling me the same thing.

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True Anonymous - 143 d 24 h ago


Are you just plain stupid or born autistic. Sean Hannity pays for Advertisement airing. Hulu gets paid to run it. It's a business. If you are that stupid to be that aggravated by one person, you should just literally go jump off a cliff. The world isn't made for you. Get over it.

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Gertrude - 132 d 14 h ago

True Anonymous, You sound fairly aggravated yourself.

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Mark Buse - 68 d ago


Hulu is an utterly corrupt media company run by utterly corrupt media liberals.

There is no transparency to their billing system, which is prone to errors.

Hulu bills former customers and double-bills through their faulty system.

Flagged for review. 

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