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Hulu LLC

Hulu Plus
12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 571-4700
(310) 571-4701
Twitter IDs
@hulu, @HuluPlus
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Tamara Whitt - 3 d 6 h ago


I had this same issue and having to contact the bank and next step the BBB. Social Media is gonna love this!

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Tammy Barry - 6 d 43 s ago

I want to know when my monies will be refunded into my account. My account was cancelled on 10/11/17. Due to monies being taken out of my account when I signed up for a free trail. I have emailed your office prior to todaywith no response please advise and thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

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Nolatinoshere - 145 d ago


I have contacted HULU multiple times to stop the Spanish commercials on my account. It started with two commercials and now I'm up to five Spanish commercials,

They've profiled our family as Spanish based on my name only. We do not speak Spanish. The commercials are from Chevy, Toyota, Loreal, Aveeno & Johnson's baby wash.

I am frustrated with the situation.

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True Anonymous - 90 d 18 h ago


Actually, it's based on IP usage from your modem and your geographical region of living. Nothing about your name. LMAO Like hulu cares what your name is. If you have family searching a bunch of spanish porn, you will get a bunch of spanish ads on other sites and Hulu. lol Again, not hulu's fault. Blame Google Adsense.

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Rnbwdvrs - 10 d 20 h ago

I get it -you are a HULU bot. Not a very good one

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USAA SUCKS - 147 d ago


USAA CLAIMS To respect "diverse" opinions but discriminates against the Sean Hannity Show. Only supports diversity in ads which feature inter racial couples.

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True Anonymous - 90 d 18 h ago


I'm really lost here. You complaint is about USAA and racial nonsense (racism doesn't exist) Yet give Hulu 0 stars, for something that they don't control of care about. Please take your efforts of bullshit rants to another site, Hulu doesn't give a rats ass about your service or money. I'll buy another account, just to replace yours, because I really don't like your stupid shit that much. lol

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Rnbwdvrs - 10 d 20 h ago

Racism doesn't exist???? How do you send emails from under a rock?

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Barbara - 149 d ago

I had a HULU account for over a year and let it lapse but was going to restart it so I could see The Handmaid's Tale and some other shows developed by HULU. However, upon learning that they advertise on Sean Hannity's show, it will not happen. Resist hate, lies, and just plain meanness by not giving money to support those that support the haters.

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Beatrix - 148 d 4 h ago

I stand with you, sister. I stand for the truth. Hannity is a disgraceful human being.

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Rnbwdvrs - 10 d 20 h ago

I tried calling today to see if they still advertise on Hannity and all I got was , "Oh, we don't have access to those records. Maybe you should all or shoot an email to corporate"

Me: what's that # and email

Her: oh, you can go online and get it

Anybody want to guess where that lead? ANOTHER 21 year old very sweet if not bright girl telling me the same thing.

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True Anonymous - 90 d 18 h ago


Are you just plain stupid or born autistic. Sean Hannity pays for Advertisement airing. Hulu gets paid to run it. It's a business. If you are that stupid to be that aggravated by one person, you should just literally go jump off a cliff. The world isn't made for you. Get over it.

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Gertrude - 80 d 8 h ago

True Anonymous, You sound fairly aggravated yourself.

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Mark Buse - 15 d 18 h ago


Hulu is an utterly corrupt media company run by utterly corrupt media liberals.

There is no transparency to their billing system, which is prone to errors.

Hulu bills former customers and double-bills through their faulty system.

Flagged for review. 
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GENE TYBURN - 24 d ago


how come i have a charge on my visa credit card with you.

i never signed up with your company...are you a scam company?

gene tyburn (hidden)

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Annoyed at your changes - 24 d 4 h ago


Go back to the layout. I don't want to have to scroll through all of that muck just to watch my show. If it doesn't change, I will cancel. There are many, many options out there. I might add that your help page does not work on the website. Trying fixing that so customers don't have to search the internet just to find out how to contact you!

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Robert - 27 d 2 h ago


I am cancelling my service with you, and I want to detail exactly how I shifted, in two days, from being happy with your service, to being upset but willing to see if you fixed a few bugs, to being outright furious. I use the Amazon Fire TV. I haven't used your online app or browser or whatever in years. One day recently, I noticed there was an update. I noticed because it went from silently opening and working perfectly to having a bright green logo, an annoying musical sting, and having to "log in" my profile. My immediate suspicions that this would be a turn for the worse were proved correct when instead of a simple matrix of easy to understand title cards in a more or less intuitive organization, were replaced by large, graphically intense, slow, hard-to-read which text on a background that left enough room for one other show listing. On top of that, I had to scroll past your "suggestions" to get to the things I was already in the middle of watching. The experience only got worse from there, as I got progressively more annoyed at having to log in to my profile every time, even though I only have one profile. It became an irritating one-two punch that I had to sit through the logo, and then press the button, and then sit through the loading time again, so if I had pressed the Hulu logo on the Fire TV and then put my remote down to, say, get a glass of milk, I then had to still turn my attention to the TV, and stare at it while it loaded the screens that should have already been up. This is not a limitation of less powerful hardware, somebody lost sleep at night figuring out how to program a way to add a few seconds before I could watch my programs. The Amazon integration got even worse when I noticed that when there was a search result hit from Amazon, instead of loading instantly like it used to, it would open Hulu, then I would have to go through the same bullshit to open it, then I had to search Hulu for the same thing I already searched for. Again, this was a problem you already solved. But for me, the thing that made me almost turn green and rip my shirt open was one simple thing: when I used the voice search to say, "Alexa, open Hulu," instead of saying "Here's Hulu," it gave me this long spiel about live movies, TV, blah blah blah. Hulu has two syllables; so does Netflix; HBO Go has four. Yet, I had to sit through an advertising pitch for a product I was already paying for. And this is the crux of it right here: I pay $12 per month because I value my time and I don't want to sit through commercials. I don't watch cable TV. I want to watch my shows when I want to watch them, because that was the promise you, and other companies like you, made to me. And HOW FUCKING DARE YOU value your time so highly above mine that you will program an elevator pitch that I have to listen to, then combine that with all the other time wasters I just listed above. There are other ways to watch Bob's Burgers, and they don't act like they're all high-and-mighty, they act like a service that I pay for, and work quietly and humbly like a service I pay for. These aren't people that I have to give a high-five to for a job well done, it's a fucking computer program. The only reason I didn't quit the day you made this change is because my girlfriend begged me to wait until she finished a run of her favorite show. Here are the changes you needed to make: 1) Change the "my list" to two lists, one tagged for later, one of recently watched shows 2) Add 5.1 surround sound to all those movies you paid millions of dollars for Here are the changes you made instead: 1) Added an annoying opening sting 2) Added profiles you can't disable 3) Made everything slow 4) Made it hard to see 5) Changed your integration with Amazon Fire from "great" to "unpleasant." So, when you've undone those annoyances and added the changes you really needed to make, send me a Tweet or something. Until then, I'll be taking my money elsewhere.

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sadhulu - 27 d 9 h ago


i HATE THE new Hulu Interface!

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April - 32 d ago


I signed up for a free trial. IT states clearly that the free trial is for 1 mth. 30 days it says. I called in on the 16th, and cancelled 1 subscription I was paying for. I had 2 at the time. I had one i was paying for, and I had a free trial with live tv. The reason being. One my acct, and one my husbands, for different tvs. We wanted to try the live tv, so we were willing to try it. IT stated after he signed up for the free trial that we would be billed on October 11th. Well, come Sept 18th I was charged on my card 39.99 for the live tv. In doing so hulu overdrafted my acct. I called hulu, and told them that I wasn't suppose to be billed until oct 11th. The informed me that there was only 1 week free trial with live tv. FAlse advertising as it says 30 days, and also, because it gave me the date of oct. 11. "they" stated that reg hulu and premiums are 1 month, but live tv is only 1 week. It does not say this when signing up for a free trial as a new customer. Now to look at my acct, it shows that on the 11th of oct, i will only be billed $2 and something, because it is pro-rated. So basically their wording should say, pay in a week, get a free 30 day trial. Because you pay before your month begins. So this is all false advertising and wrong information given. Now back to the overdraft of 39.99. They informed me it would 3 to 5 days before that money will show back in my acct, bc it is my banks process. Well, here's the problem with that....I will be charged the 37.95 overdraft fee as I only have a 24 hr grace period for overdrafts. Why should I have to drive 30 miles to my bank, for their misinformation? They said, to tell my bank it wasn't authorized so they can wave that fee. Well my bank would consider this a dispute, and it would take 90 days to process. So therefor, the 37.95 would be added to the 39.99, and then every 5 days another $25 is added. Which I would receive my refund from them at 3-5 days for $40, when the negative amount at that time would be in the range of $80 to $105. So I'd still be losing $40 to $65, and have no service for anything. So 1, if i do drive and pay the $40 to make my acct current. I am paying $40 that it told me I didn't have to pay until Oct 11th, and now I don't even have service since they cancelled it. OR 2. I let my bank handle it, and a domino affect of fees keep adding to my acct. I have to pay money and don't even get service. Also I asked their names, and they wouldn't give them to me, and they also wouldn't tell me where they are located. I was a telemarketer for 9 years, and know the privacy concerns, but there are ways around this, especially location. Also I know the call and calls can be pulled also. I need to get that done. People are getting ripped off by them and this false advertising. Not to mention they owe me money for the mess they have created. Also, I want to mention that the "live" tv doesn't even work. IT freezes and there are parts of the shows it won't even let you watch. This is AFTER they billed me for it. So if i am paying for my service shouldn't it work?

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yousuck,hulu - 50 d ago


I have never encountered a company that does not send a password reset almost right a way! Un-fricken-believable!!! I'm glad I read the other reviews, now I know for sure I do not want to deal with this company.

I called and it's a 15 minute wait!!

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Hajj Yusuf - 53 d 8 h ago


These are the most arrogant people, the tech support are clueless in what they are doing. They should be fired!! Why can you not call corporate? That's because they suck

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Sandra - 62 d ago


It is impossible to get into customer support! JUST IMPOSSIBLE.



CALL ME!!!!!!


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Anonymous - 77 d 8 h ago

Hulu has made withdraws from my account that wasnt supposed to be made on two occasions. Thay have also two different times suspended my service because of non payment when i actually was overpaid. Hulu does not have their things together. They only cause me problems. Im always on the phone having to prove to them their mistakes because they call me a liar about my payments. So just be careful with hulu. Its a fight for me.

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Chris - 194 d 10 h ago


Please pull your advertising from Bill O'Reilly. Money spent by your customers has no place being given to an alleged, serial sexual harasser.

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Phil - 168 d ago

Your an idiot. Pick up a dictionary and look up the word ALLEGED. Try having all the facts before you make a fool of yourself.

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True Anonymous - 90 d 18 h ago


The Ads are PAID TO RUN. Hulu doesn't give a rats ass what is running on them.

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