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Lyn - 10 d ago


I discontinued my Hulu services months ago and they continue to attempt to bill my credit card in spite of my continued efforts to get them to stop. To say I'm upset is an understatement. Contacting them or getting a responce has proven to be an effort in futility! Hopefully this may help.

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alison - 2 d 18 h ago


Lyn, I feel your pain. And I can not even handle the conversations on this page (below). Hulu is seriously a joke.

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Bob the Irate Former Customer - 9 h ago


Thank the Orange Gasbag and his Teapublican cohorts! They have declared open season on the public for corporate Amerika. They have sent the message and it has been received, "screw the little guy as hard and often as you wish. The government has your back and will help put the rabble in their place."

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Bob the Irate former customer - 9 h ago


Hulu will tell you, AFTER THEY SCREW UP YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION, that they are not responsible for correcting their mistake yet they will refuse to provide the means to do so!

They will then DEMAND that you either buy gift cards from them (they never explained how I would pay for that with the card they refuse to use the correct information on) or use another card from now on.

After seven years (all those years using the same card account) I expected better treatment. They are apparently nothing but another fly by night three card monte dealing cabal of crooks. Their CEO must have gone to Trump University, he certainly operates on the same tell them to go pound sand attitude the Orange Gasbag does!

I intend to do all the damage I can to this criminal enterprise going forward. I have a long memory and when someone sticks it in my a** I stick them right back with a bigger pole wrapped in sandpaper. Hear me, Little Timmy? I'm coming for you and I will bring you to your knees!

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Alison - 2 d 18 h ago


I cancelled my account 2 years ago and somehow they managed to continue to charge me. I don't go through my bank account with a fine toothed comb every freaking month, so, 7.99 went unnoticed. When I tried logging in with all three emails I have - I couldn't. When I tried entering the last 4 digits of my credit card, the account still couldn't be located. Hulu has made it nearly impossible to cancel my account for a SECOND time. I finally got ahold of them via phone and now they are "graciously" agreeing to increase the refund amount from 3 months to 6 months. What a joke. Elias E. (he didn't want to give me his last name and they don't have employee ID's) a Resolution Specialist had a terrible attitude. He insisted that there was no history of me attempting to cancel my account in July of 2016, but stated that "the cancellation did not go through"? Which one is it? No history of it, or it didn't go through? And why wouldn't it go through?? He then confirmed that July of 2016 was the last time the account was logged into. Everything about this was so obnoxious and frustrating. This company is a thief.

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Maria - 97 d 6 h ago

I love my country. I'm a proud American citizen and I embrace my Constitutional freedoms.

I cannot believe you and your company have coward to the Liberals and the Hollywood elites who are using a teenager as their mouthpiece for gun control to spread their hate and squelch free speech for everyone but themselves. They never seem to mention the fact that everyone involved with the Parkland school shooter dropped the ball; the very people who were supposed to protect the children, the sheriff and other professionals. If everyone involved did their job, there would not have been a shooting. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. The "Stalinist" Liberals want to render obsolete the U. S. Constitution and the First Amendment and Second Amendment. They are trying to destroy our country as we have known it and will use any means necessary and anyone to get their message across, including a teenager.

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and has been so for almost 250 years. One of the reasons that it has been, is because we have freedoms that most countries can only dream of; freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion among other wonderful rights thanks to our U. S. Constitution. Our Forefathers gave us wondrous freedoms for our future. These laws have served this country well for almost 250 years. Until now..

We have always been a country of free speech, discussions and opinions. But suddenly, the only people who are allowed to have ideas, opinions or free speech are the Liberals and the Hollywood elites. You either agree with them or they will shout you down, slander you, bankrupt you, boycott you or destroy you. They seem to think they are the only people who have the right of free speech; anyone other than a Liberal who does not agree with them, does not. When did this change??? They are nothing but bullies!! You are giving these bullies power! Why are you listening to them and doing what they say to do?

The First Amendment gives every U. S. Citizen the right to free speech. We have had this right from day one and I, among others, do not intend to give up this right. The "Stalinist" Liberals can say anything they want about anyone, even if it's a lie. If a Conservative defends themselves or has an opinion they don't like, they get crucified!

You, by caving in to the pressure of the Liberals and their Laura Ingraham boycott, have eroded our great country even further and have given these bullies power. When did the citizens of the United States lose their rights? Do you always do what a group of people tell you to do or do you only listen to Liberals?

I am thoroughly disheartened and disgusted with what is happening to the country I love. I will NEVER support your company again. You want to remove your support of her program and free speech, then I will not be giving you my business. I may be part of the "silent majority", but I am no longer silent.

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Juan Aulet - 96 d 4 h ago

Maria, that was great, I'm with you!

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Rosie - 93 d 16 h ago

I have free speech? Good. I love my country. I'm a proud American citizen and I embrace our Constitution even though it is not a perfect document. Our forefathers meant well, but they were products of another time. They do have to amend it every so often, otherwise, African American people would be only worth 3/5's of a person (for census purposes) and would not be able to vote. In fact, only people with penises could vote until 1920. The first amendment is my favorite. The second is fine, but for handguns, rifles, muskets, and blunderbusses. I think that automatic and semiautomatic weapons might need to be reconsidered for use by the general populace. Look what's been happening lately. We might want to find better ways of handling quasi-military grade weapons.

So, I have free Speech: Maria, I not only disagree with you, but I think you're a moron. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Maybe you're not a moron; maybe you're a parrot. The biggest jerks say that on conservative media all the time. Maria: Given that I think you're not especially bright, I'll say this as simply as I can: Our country is not being destroyed. It is evolving. Is that too big a word? Okay, maybe you can understand changing for the better. I hope you can figure out why I think you're a moron, but I doubt you're that bright.

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Maria - 93 d 9 h ago

You just confirmed my point..... When the left disagrees with someone, they (you) start with the attacking, name calling, degrading, etc. That's all you do. I am not lowering myself to your level.

If you are so worried about gun violence, perhaps you should start with Chicago; 610 people have been shot this year and it's only the middle of April!

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Rosie - 93 d ago


Maria. I wasn't name-calling. I was offering my opinion (free speech allows it!) about your mental acuity. I'm guessing mental deficiency of maybe 51-70 IQ points on the Binet scale. That seems like it's degrading you; however, moron does come from the Greek word for dull, and you appear to be dull. You're just repeating right-wing talking points. Dull. Heard everything you said on Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart.

BTW: This company hasn't "coward" as you put it. I suspect you meant "cowered." Look it up. Spellcheck doesn't save you from your deficiencies. And what makes you think I'm NOT actively working to end gun violence in Chicago? Life is ironic, Maria. I am. You don't know me. There is so much you don't know. And you stooped to name-calling in your post (Stalinists, bullies), so your poop smells too.

Knee-jerk conservatives will be the end of this progressive country. The USA was designed to progress. Read Thomas Jefferson's writings. He thought we should have more change and revolutions as our Union carried on. Sorry if you think you're being crucified, but come on. You are not anything like Jesus. He was a major liberal. Wait. You don't like lying? Um. Are you in support of the current administration? It's headed up by people who don't have close relationships with the truth or facts.

Hulu: Thanks for ending your sponsorship of Ingraham.

Flagged for review. 
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Maria - 93 d ago

Rosie, you are a joke! You keep confirming what I stated originally All you know how to do is attack people personally. That's all you got! Unlike you, I did not attack anyone personally. I was referring to a group, not an individual. You still don't get it and I believe you never will. You are too full of yourself!

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Rosie - 92 d ago


Marie. So, name-calling is bad but you get to call names? I'm "a joke," you say. You called me a name! I'm a grownup. I'll live. You get your knickers in a knot because you think you're being personally attacked. I am merely observing that you don't seem to be very bright. And you present yourself as a dull person; your post was riddled with boring right-wing talking points. I'm insulting you; that's different from attacking. Do you understand the difference? You might be embarrassed as it's clear that you drank the Kool-Aid and now you're belching. I am not too full of myself, but I am full of accurate information. Look, I wish you well, Maria- good health, all that stuff. I do feel a little sorry for you. You are missing great Hulu shows.

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Barbara - 92 d ago

@ Rosie,

Go back gumming your moldy bagel, jew bitch.

And that is not an opinion.

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Chris - 91 d 18 h ago

@Barbara, Why do you think she's Jewish? Because she seems really smart? This is our future, America. Empowered Nazis spouting off anti-semitic sentiments. And under-educated citizens showing ignorance about US history. Sad!

Flagged for review. 
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Barbara - 91 d 11 h ago

@ chris aka yid,

"... spouting off anti-semitic sentiments..."

I was right on the money.The slut is a kike.

Not "anti-semitic" but anti-bagel munchers..

Flagged for review. 
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Another Chris - 91 d 4 h ago

@Barbara. Not too many Jewish folks name kids "Chris" or anything close to that. Look up the meaning of the name. Wow. You make me embarrassed to be Christian.

General profile image

jesustoldmetokillyou3225 - 20 d 5 s ago


go to hell, asshole nigga

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Kenneth - 93 d 22 m ago


Thanks Maria - well said and Rosie's response illustrates the bigger problem. I have dropped all interest in Hulu and anything associated with Hulu due to their support of Mr. Hogg.

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Barbara - 92 d ago

@ Rosie

IN YOUR OPINION...............IN YOUR OPINION...................

"...The second is fine, but for handguns, rifles, muskets, and blunderbusses. I think that automatic and semiautomatic weapons might need to be reconsidered for use by the general populace..." ??

Your problem is that you are NOT CAPABLE OF THINKING.

General profile image

John McKitterick - 91 d 15 h ago

No Babs. You aren't capable of critical thinking. You are a Jew-hater. That means that if a Jew discovered or invented it, you shouldn't use it unless you're a complete hypocrite. So, no Wassermann test for you. You'll just have to suffer that pesky syphilis. If you have a heart condition, too bad. Digitalis was invented by Dr. Nuslin, a Jew. Diabetes? What a shame. Dr. Minofsky invented insulin and he was... yep... Jewish. Vitamins, the Schick test for diphtheria, chloral hydrate for convulsions, the polio pill and vaccine and more... Jews invented them for all the world to use, but you shouldn't.

To quote the late Sam Levenson (an American humorist who compiled a list of Jewish medical advances): "It's a free world; you don't have to like Jews, but if you don't, I suggest that you boycott certain Jewish products... (see above). "Go on, boycott!" he continues. "Humanitarian consistency requires that my people offer all these gifts to all people of the world. Fanatic consistency requires that all bigots accept syphilis, diabetes, convulsions, malnutrition, infantile paralysis and tuberculosis as a matter of principle." He concludes this little essay with: "You want to be mad? Be mad! But I'm telling you, you ain't going to feel so good!"

Give this some thought, Barbie. Remember, our Lord was a Jew. When you meet him (soon) how will you explain your hateful remarks to a Jewish woman? And you better not sing "White Christmas" ever again. Irving Berlin, another Jew, would choke on that moldy bagel you mentioned earlier.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Barbara - 91 d 11 h ago

@ John McKitterick aka khazarhymie,

Little jonny you have kuru on your little brain. Get help from your rabbi-t.

What is a Nazi?

The Christian mind is wondrous to behold. If a Christian were to read a stop sign the way he reads his version of the jew-book, he'd drive right on by, for he'd interpret "stop" to mean (1) only on Tuesdays; (2) "Stop", eventually, for lunch; (3) "Stop", if it feels right for you, etc. ad infinitum. As the Marquis de Sade said: "All men are created equal." And as Simon Weishaupt noted: "Oh, marvelous mind of man, what cannot you be made to believe?"

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

True Christian - 91 d 5 h ago

^^^Behold the alt-right and tremble. This is not what Jesus taught.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Whitehorse - 88 d 8 h ago

To True Christian ,

Behold the goofy zionist christian do-gooder.

How do you know what "Jesus" taught?

Did you follow him around listening to his blabbing?

Furthermore, who gives a rats ass.

General profile image

penisSlaughter432q - 20 d ago


i hope you summon Abyzou, you bastard.

General profile image

Rosie_is_dumb - 35 d 46 s ago

So does the fork make people obese? Does the nail build the house by itself? The only thing gun control does, is hurt law abiding citizens. Do you honestly think that criminals are going to stop using guns because they are abolished? You are a true libitard. As for your "facts", do some actual research. Automatic weapons have been banned for public use since the 1986. Are you suggesting we go back to midevil times with broadswords, daggers, bow and arrows? How inhumane. Look at both sides, do not be a drone like the rest of the liberals. Be your own person and don't follow the Facebook trends, which I'm sure is where you got these so called facts. Tell me where in the Constitution where it says blacks are worth 3/5's of a vote? No where that's where. This is insulting, and I am a black american. Making up fake statistics to fit your ignorant speech is disgusting. Quoting known slave owning racist (Thomas Jefferson) to try to make your point, is even more idiotic. How do revolutions happen? Peacefully? If you think so, you are horribly wrong.

Every administration lies, you idiot. That's why the less government in people's lives, the better. Yet, here you are on a stupid Hulu review, spewing your ignorance for the world to see.

General profile image

Usa06-27-2018 - 20 d ago


bitchmaster ha rosie is your bitch

General profile image

Someone with freedoms - 27 d 29 m ago


Wow! It never fails. It's always the liberals that criticize, cus, trivialize, are unkind, and behave like brat children that never got a spanking and ate to much candy. They always have a "trashy talk" which is most certainly a measurement of their character. She used "moron" several times in s paragraph simply because she is opposed to someone else's free speech because it don't agree with hers. Geesh! I guess those kind of people will always be coming into the world unfortunately. Perhaps liberals are a result of some kind of malfunctioned or mutated gene! And if so, maybe it's because of the GMOs and all the other bad stuff that they have put out in the name of equality and freedom. Ha! Now i sound like a liberal. That's what i get from just reading ONE liberal paragraph!!! Just think if iwere a liberal and ilistened to liberal reading each day. Oh my word!

General profile image

Wishmaster3.0 - 20 d 39 m ago


actually, her death is

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