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Hulu LLC

Hulu Plus
12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 571-4700
(310) 571-4701
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@hulu, @HuluPlus
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S.Mills - 31 d 4 h ago

Hulu is a shady company.they have been charging one of my bank accounts from 2016 until today 2018 for a account I never even authorized. Then once I noticed what was going on by looking over my statements to see where this extra money was going every month.i found out it was hulu.i called there customer service and explained to them what was going on and they looked into it and seen that I did not open this account that it was in some one else's name other than mine and ther was no activity on the account since it was opened.they would still only refund it 6 months of my money.wich leaves an additional 18 months of money that was taken from my account with out my permission. That's a nice little chunk of change.They had no business in the first place taking that money with out my authorization. This is very shady and against the law and will be contacting my consumer law attorney about this and if I have to take them to court and sue them for 3 times the worth and legal fees .I have rights as a consumer and will use my rights to the fullest extent of the law .will give there corporate office a short time period to correct this shady unethical action that there company has taken before I file a lawsuit .This is totally wrong and unlawful. I will get my money back one way or another

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Telling It Like It Is - 8 d 22 h ago

It's not their fault you're not checking your bank statements more often. Be an adult and own up to your own mistake for not being in control of your own finances. You're wasting your money and times pursuing legal action for something that could've been avoided had you been more attentive.

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Watch what you say - 6 d 7 h ago


Be careful of how you respond to ones complaint. What you think is cheeky fun remarks could be serious judgements against Hulu in the future. People work had for their money and some of us actually don't abuse it. Others still to have enjoyment. It's not her fault her information was used illegally and I don't think a judge of the law would disagree.

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NoLongerHulugan - 38 d ago


It took me 2 months to get a hold of a representative to discuss why my monthly charges were increased. The agent then advised that it was taxes that were applied in Oct due to change of laws. I asked why this was not communicated to me or added to the terms and conditions at the time I subscribed. Summir J the agent then said that it was by law to start charging. But, by law. The company or business need to communicate this information.

I should of looked up the rating and feedback before subscribing. Now I am going to post #NoLongerHulugan to all my FB, twitter, snapchat, skype messager, and other social media to save people from the lack of customer services and poor business practice. Once I make the logo, I will submit it on this feed and also make pages on social media. I also have some friends in the printing biz that wouldn't mind helping. Remember...

#NoLongerHulugan #NoLongerHulugan #NoLongerHulugan #NoLongerHulugan

#NoLongerHulugan #NoLongerHulugan #NoLongerHulugan

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Telling It Like It Is - 8 d ago

You agreed when you created the account to pay the dues plus any applicable taxes. It's not their responsibility to notify you of your states tax law changes. #ownyourmistake #ownyourmistake #ownyourmistake #ownyourmistake

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Stephanie king - 11 d ago

Hulu gets a big F from me due to my being charged in my bank account for two accounts for quite a while. I called because I caught it on my bank statement and when I called not only was I speaking with someone who barely spoke English but someone who basically told me oh well it's my fault when the problem was two emails due to my not being able to log in . I had to change email due to identity theft issue. I don't understand why they didn't catch money being taking from them to one bank account. Why would I need two Hulu accounts. Now they expect me to pay 100.00 cancellation. I am warning everyone of this! May have to get legal help!

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Calling it now it is - 8 d 8 h ago

Your a dumb bitch realize you didn't check your bank statement on your account should realized that from first time it happened shit like this is ignorance from people like you wanting blame others for YOUR MISTAKE get a grip boo you any shit

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Doug coney - 15 d ago


For six months I enjoyed my Hulu with live TV. $40 a month I paid you. I was short last month and put my account on hold. Now I cannot get Hulu back. I have tried for six days with your customer Representatives. They told me to try a different card. My card has always been on fire with you. I'm about to go to sling TV. Turn phone calls later I am ready to say f u

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Diana Slaughter - 18 d 6 h ago


I would like my money back. My name is diana slaughter. Email is (hidden)

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Departed customer - 19 d 3 m ago


All of a sudden my card was rejected. I tried two different cards. They were all rejected. I got nothing but condescension and being told I was wrong. I was told my zip code doesn't exist. I was told I need to get a new card. The supervisor talked down to me like I was a five year old. Good bye Hulu

General profile image - 50 d ago


I attempted to get customer and instead I got customer abuse I received a so called escalation person Bryan with an I from Texas that all he did is belittle me and refused to escalate and stated that there are people above him but no one speaks to customers above him and is no one I can speak to. I left the first time for the lack of shows but this time it's for there lack of customer service

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J - 23 d 20 h ago


I received the same response!

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ThatGirl215 - 24 d ago


Meagan from resolution is very rude and have no customer service skills and she lied on the phone and said because I watched hulu for 4 Days that I could not cancel it or get a refunded for the services I wanted to cancel. Well Meagan guess who just cancelled their services and got refunded their money, me that's who.

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Craig A Stewart - 25 d 4 h ago


Bianca from Texas office treated us with respect explained our bill to us. I really appreciated the way she handled the call.

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Cynthia ruddu - 37 d 14 h ago


Hulu charged my card after wife cancelled the free trial period which ain't up till December 13 . That is not good business to do that to people . I want my money back that you took from me . All because I cancelled subscription before it was up. Not giving any stars. Hulu I don't want to have you any more. Plus you don't update crap . Not happy.

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Christina - 31 d 9 h ago


Did you guys ever get your money back? They just charged my account even tho I already cancelled it days ago.

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lroberts - 34 d 4 h ago


I just finished up with a person on the chat mode and ended up just leaving the conversation due to that person being a true jerk and has a piss poor attitude. I had asked why there are so many 5 minute commercials on the most shows. I pay for the premium live service and i understand live tv has commercials but as far as the other channels it is not uncommon to have 3 to 5 minutes of pure crappy commercials. Honestly you can get up and fix a snack or dinner before the commercial are over. But the response i got was a totally unprofessional Quote the CSR type well regular live TV has commercials HAHA. I screen shot his comment to send to corporate just to show when a paying customer that pays 40 dollars a month gets treated like an idiot. I told them that we pay his salary by paying for HULU service and having an smart ass attitude towards the customer is uncalled for. People like that need to be fired they have no place in customer service. But if HULU allows this kind of service and runs more commercials than the show you are watching then I will cancel the service. Any one that is reading these comments might want to think twice before paying for the higher service and I am very serious most commercials run anywhere from 105 to 300 seconds which it shows in a circle on the top left corner of the screen you get 5 minutes of watching the actual show then 2 to 3 minutes of commercials then back to the show then 5 minutes later another 2 to 3 minutes of commercial and it has gotten worse. HULU needs to explain why plus the FCC needs to know that they are ripping off the consumers with this. Ever since i had that chat the actual shows now only stay on from 2 to 5 minutes then 5 minutes of commercials. I actually liked HULU until they did this today and I truly think they have altered my account programming. BEWARE CONSUMER

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Phillip - 44 d ago


So I had an account that was expired. Logged in and it gave me the option to start your free trail and though why not. They ended up charging me. No where did it say that I was not eligible or that the plan I choose wasn't. On the credit card page, it does states "You will be charged $11.99/month plus taxes, if any, on a recurring basis. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. To cancel, log into the Hulu website, go to your account page, and follow the instructions. By selecting 'Submit,' you agree to this recurring charge." Since you get to this page by clicking on start your free trail, that is the amount that you will be charged, when the trail expires. It does not state that you will be charged that today or that the free tail is not going to be used. They did nothing about it

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Not A Hulugan - 38 d ago


It took me 2 months to get a hold of a representative to discuss why my monthly charges were increased. The agent then advised that it was taxes that were applied in Oct due to change of laws. I asked why this was not communicated to me or added to the terms and conditions at the time I subscribed. Summir J the agent then said that it was by law to start charging. But, by law. The company or business need to communicate this information.

I totally agree with your feedback.

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Displeased Hulu Customer - 44 d 9 h ago


I have been a Hulu subscriber for more years than I can remember. I signed up for the discounted rate of $5 per month for the HBO subscription for 6 months and have been charged the full rate on 5/26/18 plus the $5 charge in increment amounts for the month 5/26/18 - 6/25/18 of $25.96 totaling $30.96 , and the $24.81 full charge again on 10/26/18 & 11/26/18 for both HBO and my regular $7.99 per month Hulu account. On months June, July, August, September charged correct amount of $14.65 for both subscriptions. When I called to cancel, I was given inaccurate information about charging my account to cancel on Dec 26, then I was locked out of my account info on my computer having to call Hulu and at that time I was hung up on my agent and when I logged back into my account the account info was available to me again. Hulu also was assigning commercials every 10 - 15 minutes on my regular Hulu account subscription till I called and complained that this was an attempt to get me to switch to the more expensive commercial free account.

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Hulu SUCKS - 52 d ago


We need to all call the same false advertisment attorney and file a lawsuit ALOT of people signed up DURING the balck friday promotion time and are not getting the deal...when i signed up thats what was advertised and the NOT what im getting

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Roger - 51 d 4 h ago


I am with you . I purchase this as well and their system crashed and now it's my fault I can't get this promotion. Bill head of customer service said they can't do anything about this . He wouldn't allow me to speak to anyone else . When I spoke to customer service yesterday. They told me that I had this and I had to wait for the system to reload. Now I am looking to speak to someone else . Need some help . I will call bbb as well

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Nono - 52 d ago


Hulu, you suck! I tried all night to sign up for the Black Friday deal, had nothing but issues. Customer service did nothing to help. I chatted and spoke to many people who couldn't help. I was willing to become a paying customer, but now I will never use Hulu again!

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ADean - 52 d 19 h ago

I have been trying for over an hour to access apply gor the 99 cent deal for Hulu and kerps getting message

"Page Not Found" or "Service Unavailable. Tjats when I had over 3 hours left to appky, now I have about 2 hours. Can't seem to find any info on site for help. What next. Do t want to miss deal.

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Angry Loyal Customer - 54 d 1 h ago


I think it is rude and disrespectful to offer the cyber $.99 special to only new customers. Also if I wanted to give this to a friend of family member, I am not even able to give this special away and use my same card number!?!

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Another angry customer - 53 d ago


I agree completely, in my opinion they will reap what they sow. They will be bombarded with customers signing up for the 99 cents and after a year they will all cancel and they will lose many current customers that are insulted by this promotion, in the end Hulu will get exactly what they deserve and Netflix will get a lot of new customers that cancel Hulu, stupid business practice and disreputable company.

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