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Hyundai USA

10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 965-3000
(714) 965-3149
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Anonymous - 2 d ago


My wife bought a car in Weston Fl and got such a good deal she called me crying they want the car back. I am a wildland firefighter that travels the country and doesn't need to hear my wife crying with my three year old back home because Hyundai keeps calling them and threatening them to come back and sign that they left with the car with more miles in it. This is illegal and bs. So she had to bring the car back because we will not falsify documents. Now we are prowd owners of Toyota Rv4. You do not support firefighters and there families and I will spread the word all over this country. You should be ashamed and I will never by Hyundai. The people in Weston fl are scum bags and should be embarrassed for what they did to a family.

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Y Seaman - 4 d 10 h ago


Quite by chance I found out that the Hyundai dealership where I bought my 2018 Tuscon, has closed down! I received no notice from the Lansing Suburban Hyundai dealer in Michigan. When I called the service department I was told that if my car was still under warranty, I would have to pay for any work done on my car. My option was to find another dealer but I was given some advice...."Look on line for a Hyundai dealer!"

I then emailed the customer service dept, they were sorry to hear about my problem and recommended three alternative dealers, all three more than 40 miles from my home! I was assured that my email would be forwarded to "appropriate personnel" to deal with this problem.

Great service Hyundai! If you keep this up you should never have to even consider opening a dealership in the country again!

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GERRILYN RYAN - 8 d 21 h ago


I am not happy with your Arlington, MA location right now. I am giving them one day to contact me back at this point. Last Friday my vehicle was in to be serviced. I got the complimentary 12 point inspection you offer. I accepted this along with 2 recalls. I knew of my headlight and one rear break light being out needing to be done. When I brought it in more than this needed to be done. I only asked for the lights and recalls to be done aside from the inspection mind you. They did the complementary inspection found more than the two lights but never noted the headlight on the report and never changed it out!!!!! But I paid for at least 4 lights to be changed out according to my report sent to me via text. I then get my vehicle and get asked to sign two places along with the receipt for payment. I was never given a one over on the vehicle to make sure I am satisfied prior to signing the paperwork. The gentleman signing me out was courteous but in a rush leaving.

I then go get my dad that night and it's bad raining weather out and he states you know your headlight is out and you will be pulled over right? Not only do I take a picture of this that night I make a complaint online to their office. I call the next day because I never get a call back and make the complaint. Get told bring it in this Monday (Meaning today) but I stated I have to work this out with my husband. Shortly after that I get a call from your recalls division stating I never had these done?

My husband calls today and gets told there is no complaints registered or calls from Saturday or Friday night when I did call and reported on both. He tried to work this out and now can't. So I call in and make my case they take my info down. If I can't get this resolved with the service area I will expect the corporation to step in. I also refuse to pay for the replacement of the headlight as I was understanding at the time of accepting the services that I was having this corrected. Especially where I had made it clear this was to be done and knew it needed to be done. If this were my fault I wouldn't have a problem but at this time this falls under your organizations area.

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GERRILYN RYAN - 7 d 20 m ago

I have yet to hear back from anyone including your office on this page. Based upon what I am reading hear looks like I shouldn't be surprised by this.

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M.West - 7 d 16 h ago


I am very disappointed with Hyundai as a whole. The first time I stepped foot into the dealership it was hell. They gave me false hopes of purchasing a care and when I returned with my trade-in vehicle 30 minutes later, Hyundai began a new purchase with another individual. My husband and I was furious and requested to speak to a manager. The manager unerstood our viewpoint and attempted to go out of his way to present to us another car that was similar with more features. Unfortunately, we did not run when we had the opportunity. We leased the car for 3 years and being new to the south we were not familiar with the long commutes within the state. We went over our milage and owed the $6,000 at the end of lease. I worked overtime and made a way to pay off that balance prior to the 60 days. Long behols Hyundai sent negative remarks to the three credit Bureau's reporting I owed that amount. After calling and literally speaking with six different representatives, I was told I had to send a dispute to Hyundai to investigate. Hyundai makes an error and now I have to dispute it. Only one person reports that they can see the 0 balance. This has been the worse experience ever with Hyundai. I will be reporting this to the BBB corporate and posting on Twitter to stay far away from Hyundai. They are incompetent and I'm curious on how they have been around this long.

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catherine - 11 d 8 h ago

catherine cooper-wright divorced person purchased a accent 2 door hatchback, route 1 college park , maryland. Someone caused a hit and run accident with me and my daughter returning from work wash., dc., minnesota aveand intersection. Police report done daughter Diamond and i went to therapy missed time off from work. Pennies recieved ,Someone has beeen stealing (mail fraud) reported to post office and ward 7,8 council members office and recieved a hand delivery and mail for about a week. address 152 33rd st., ne vandalism, desecration, theft , blood, urine , feces, flooded sinks, toilets, dead animals cut up birds, mice guts pulled out. In and outside of house i ead and research voo/doo rituals.Please follow up and contact me and expedite any payments in person.I am currently on a respite stay at nursing home oldest daughter insisted i did not agree while repairing I wanted to be out and oversee renovation.Many celebreties came and are still visiting area i am a poet, writter, author many material stolen.Russian new nieghbor i spoke with said he is here and can do my renovation for free with a grant that is the only reason he said he came to ameriiica. met Poland crew of 2 ladies and 1 man said they have been using my house for last 5 years comming and going and that it is empty, i told them please stop it is owner occuppied and i be the owner, contacted Poland embassy, they say they are telling a true story about THE HOUSE. Unique Nursing Home i am of sound mind had no in house stays after accident in chronic pain 901 1st., nw room 307b 20001 (hidden) leave message written, ask to page me please.I had GAP insurance and Lawyer Sherrie Trafford ????SHOW ME THE MONEY.Getting good care , phone communication limited.

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Bmessnee - 27 d 4 h ago


My 2013 Santa re broke down on my way back from vac. Under warranty only 49000 miles on it. My car is 7 hours away. Call my dealer will not help me or give a loan. It has been all most 4 weeks to get this fixed. Called the online number have a case number but no one will call me back. Car is finally done. Keep call case worker and Hyundai no one will is helping me. This by far is the worse customer experience I had in my 53 years. Poor service, poor communication and lack of service. No way to escalate anything. Most frustrating situation.

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Bianca Waters - 12 d ago


Everyone on this site, I hope you look at the reviews, it seems we need to file a CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST HYUNDAI !!! Let's begin. (hidden) Hope you guys get to see this before they block it. Also, contact the Attorney General's Office in your state, so they can follow up with the other states and the CLASS ACTION SUIT WILL GO NATIONAL!!!!!!

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SIRROM JEWELS - 11 d 20 h ago



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Rob M - 15 d 25 m ago

Does anyone know the email format for Hyundai USA? Want to contact a senior level executive but they will not divulge the info when you call.

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Bianca Waters - 12 d 26 m ago


The email format to send email (hidden)

The corporate office phone number is: (hidden)

Corporate Office Address: 10550 Talbert Avenue Fountain Valley, California 92708

I hope this helps you.

Good Luck

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Bianca Waters - 12 d ago


This company is a damn rip off, and when I wrote to the Corporate Office, and tried to send it , it sent me a message stating it was being blocked.

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Troy - 13 d 10 h ago


Just spent 580$ having a 5$ part replaced in my steering box of my 2011 sonata. I've owned about 30 cars and never had a steering box problem. The Hyundai engineers are stupid and possibly retarded. I will never buy a Hyundai ever again.

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Anonymous - 17 d 14 h ago


DO NOT buy a Hyundai. They are deceiving and DO NOT honor their warranty. They have well known engine issues and don't seem to care. WARNING, you will be SCREWED if you have a blown engine due to THEIR manufacturing deficiencies!

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Anonymous - 17 d 14 h ago


In my 62 years of life, I have never seen a more deceiving and irresponsible company. I use to own the ne if your cars but NEVER again. Your warranty and your known engine failures are a joke. You DO NOT back your products. I will never again own this Korean piece of junk and will strongly encourage all U k is to avoid Hyundai as well.

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Cecilia - 46 d ago


I have had problems with the check engine light going on. I have had it serviced and light turned off and I was assured everything was fine. The light came back on, " fixed", then came back on. I contacted Hyundai America offices and spoke with "Craig"- not strong with customer service skills at all.

Attempting to resolve this issue has been a long drawn out & tedious process.

I won't be recommending buying a Hyundai to anyone because of this experience.

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Jeff N - 41 d 19 h ago


I have been trying to reach "Craig" from the Eastern Region team since September 28th. I have sent 5 emails and called at least that many times. I have been in a rental car since July 10th due to a safety recall on my 2011 Sonata. The dealer called to say that they fixed the car. But.. the car sat idle on the dealers lot for 90+ days and the battery died. They also tell me that the check engine light is now on and that I need to replace an oxygen sensor. I am refusing to accept my car back as I want a new battery and for them to take care of the oxygen sensor. I am just looking to get my car back in the same condition that I left it in. The service person at Shakers Hyundai in Watertown CT (Samantha) claims that it is just a coincidence that the light is on and the O2 sensor is bad. I am not buying it. They let the car rot for 90+ days and "Craig" won't return my emails or calls. What do I do? Attorney?

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Rhonda - 18 d ago


I have been have same issue of contacting corporate. Have not received a response. After seeing all of these complaints my next step is BBB

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ena moore - 18 d 20 h ago


Bought a new 2016 Santa fe. Two years later we were told we needed a new engine. This was august2,2018. I it is now November 1,2018. We have been told 3 weeks ago that our engine was here and if would take a couple of dsys. A week went by we called hyundai and we're told the same thing. Again one week later we contacted hyundai and was told the dame. They could not give us a date for completion. Over 3 months waiting and the customer service was sppauling.....if we had know how horrible the service was I wouldn't have bought a hyundsi.I have tried to speak with the manager with no success. This has and continues to be a huge inconvenience for our family.

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must - 20 d 14 h ago


Stay away from Hyundai.I have a 2015 hyundai sonata sport 2.4 liter.I bought the car preowned in 2016 with 40,000an extended warranty.I have 88,000 miles on it now.The car has shifting problem when it gets to 3rd gear no acceleration or power,a big bang when slows down in 1st gear.,and it jerks when slowing down when hits 3rd gear.I called the warranty company and a inspector comes and look at the vehicle which was quoted for a new transmission.When the inspector test drive the vehicle he says it drives fine,and the transmission fluid is dirtyI changed the transmission fluid at 64000 miles and it has 88,000 I dont understand how it could be dirty.At this point I'm frustrated I had no transportation for 2 days,calling uber for rides to say nothing is wrong with my vehicle.Hyundai will find any loop hole to get out of paying for your warranty I will never buy hyundai again dont trust them they cannot back there warranty

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Anonymous - 56 d 18 h ago


My grandson was 7 hours away from home traveling for business. His engine blew in a 2012 Sonata. We have been going round and round trying to get something done. It's on the recall list but company says it's not covered. The garage basically didn't want to mess with it. Now he owes another 4 yrs on a car that he only had 8 month. Very Upset.

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Anonymous - 55 d 14 h ago

Same thing happened to me. I had a 2013 Sonata. It's a waiting game to get everything done.

Flagged for review. 
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Tasha - 29 d ago


Have the car towed to a Hyundai dealer if the car has the motor recall they will replace it free of charge.

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

That's crazy because I'm going through the same thing right now my turbo went and I only have my car for a couple of months I am trying to contact them as we speak to put in a complaint something has to be done

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Dan - 40 d ago

On 10/10/2018 I noticed a oil burning smell coming from my car. I took the car to the place that I always get my oil changes done and they put it up on the lift and found that the oil pan was cracked. Note my oil change had been 4000 miles before this. I then took it to a Hyundai Dealer in North Syracuse, NY - Burdick Hyundai. I explained to the gentleman in service department that I had a crack in my oil pan, I gave him the paperwork of the findings from my place where I have my oil changes done on the car. He then stated to me that they tighten the nut up to tight and that is what cause the crack, now I have been 4000 miles, he never put the car on the lift and never offered to put it on the lift before he said it was done by nut being to tight. The crack was not even near the nut area on the pan. He also said that I would have to pay for the work to be done because he already got burnt by someone else with the same problem. How can you tell what is wrong with the car when you never put the car on the lift. This gentleman had a serious attitude problem and the way I was treated is not right. So I then took the car to a dealer in Syracuse, NY - Fuccillo Hyundai and explain to them what was going on and they did a work order and took the car in to check it out WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM!!!!!!! The dealership put the car on the lift and found DEFECT in oil pan and took me out to see the crack in the pan. The dealership had a pan in stock and replaced the pan. NO PROBLEMS OR HASSLE! Very nice people to deal with at this dealership. A lot better then the rude bastard at the counter at Burdick Hyundai. WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENTLEMAN AT COUNTER NEEDS A ATTITUDE AJUSTMENT!!!!!

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