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Tracey S. - 11 h 31 m ago


I bought my 2016 Hyundai Elantra on December 30, 2015 brand new, no mileage. I love my car but it has had its share of issues. For instance, the transmission went out last year and had to be replaced but thankfully the car was still under warranty. Fast forward to the wee hours of May 6th of this year as my family (daugher&granddaughter) and I were coming from Texas enroute to my home, Charlotte, NC. My tire pressure light came on, so I pulled into a Love's gas station in Moody, AL. I go inside my trunk to get the spare tire but to my dismay, there is no spare tire/donut, jack, or lug wrench. The only items in my trunk were a air pump and fix a flat which I used but the air continued to leave the tire. I thank God that 2 of the employees of the gas station with assistance from the Moody, AL police helped us that night. I ended having to buy a tire patch kit.

I am so thankful to God that I wasn't on the side of the road and by myself during this disaster. Had I known that my car came without a spare tire kit, I WOULD not have purchased it. Also, it was not brought to my attention that 2016 Hyundai Elantras don't come with a spare tire kit!! This information definitely needs to be made known to potential buyers.

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Kesha Lay - 13 h 9 m ago


I bought a brand new off the lot 2015 Sonata. It is 2019 now and my paint has started to flake off in huge spots. It's so embarrassing. I looked it up and thousands of people are having the same issue with the white pearl paint. There was actually a class action lawsuit that was dismissed. I called corportate who told me to take it in and they would see about a repair assistance claim. I did that yesterday. Of course it was denied by Hyundai today. BUYER"S BEWARE HYUNDAI DOES NOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP CONSUMERS ON THEIR FAULTY CARS.

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laur - 1 d 11 h ago


hyundai compalint poor service no chas sc

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laur - 1 d 11 h ago


hyundai compalint poor service no chas sc

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Candy - 28 d 13 h ago

It's been a nightmare Hyundai in Brandon,

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mark m - 2 d 23 h ago


Bought a used Nissan van from branden hyundai. Fl. The dealer tried to cheat me out of $5600. They added the $5600 to the contract for three extended service contracts(tires, machanical and gap) that they did not tell me about and where never even mentioned or discused, by mark "anthony" Lasecki , while NOT giving me copies of the free warrenty that was supposed to come with the van. They did this by not giving me the copies of the contracts at the closing, instead giving me a thumbdrive! Had my wife make copies of the contracts at her work computer and it was THEN I found out about the addition of the three extended warrenties added to the contract. and the additional $5600. It was done intentionally by the closer shawn habibi, who never explained or commented on the contracts being signed, while chatting us up about his moving to florida. Went back and forced them to change the contract.

The dealership violated at least three Florida statutes. 501.967 (6), (7) (8) (11) of the "unfair,deceptive act" AND violated the Magnuson-Moss act of the Federal Trade Commission act. It was only because I had my wife print out a copy of the "contracts " that I was able to prevent this fraud, and it WAS an attempted fraud.

In addition, a door sensor indicator light was continously on and the sales manager paul izquierdo, promised me that it would be repaired before I picked it up. It wasn't. When I complained I was told the part was "on order". I want to the service dept 4 days later and found out that there was NO record of that part EVER having been ordered! A little thing but it shows these crooks for what they are I am leaving the sensor light ON permently, so like a string on my finger every time I see it on I will remember that brandon hyundai are not only crooks but liers too! I will never again will enter that dealership!!

If you have read this posts and still do business with these crooks you derserve what you get. I did not read them and now wish I had.


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T - 1 d 13 h ago

Candy,l purchase my Hyundai in Brandon as well and it also has been a nightmare.

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Joseph Singer - 16 d 15 h ago


I want to order a new Hyundai truck. How can I get on a list ? I've always been a Chevy guy but I want to change after 50 years!

Thanks Joe Singer

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mark m - 2 d ago


buy anything but a hyundai!! the company and its dealer network are criminal and do things to its customers that i supposed where solved long age. they will lie cheat and defraud you if they think they can get away with it. if you have not read any of these posts read them and run for your life!

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago

I have purchased two Hyundai Sonata is I've been going to Lee hyundai for a while to have my car service or whatever I may need I want to Lee hyundai on March 19, 2019 to get my car serviced it's a have a tail light fixed they fix the tail light on the right side there was nothing wrong with the light on the right side the problem I was having was on the Left side the light was taped up but they fix the light on the right side I did not look at my paperwork I thought they had Fix the left light so when I went in today they informed me that they fix the right light instead of the left light and now they're trying to charge me again for the Leffler the left lik fix the left light so when I went in today they informed me that they fix the right light instead of the left light and now they're trying to charge me again for The light I told them to fix in the first place I am so pissed at Lee hyundai right now I would never ever bought another car from them or tell anyone else to buy a car from them like I have done in the future trying to get people to buy cars from Lee hyundai never again it was only my fault because I didn't read the paper this time but I know what I told them to do

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Bob Manfredi Uncasville CT - 7 d 7 h ago

I have owned 5 either hyundai or kia cars and was surprised that my 2018 Elantra SEL did not have a disc player,

one of my neighbors has a 2018 Elantra Ltd that is also missing this function....I looks like to me that Hyundai and satilite radio must have a deal for providing their service which I do not want...While I am interested in buying a new Kono it too does not have a disc player. I guess I will look elsewhere for what I consider a normal part for any auto.

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ANA - 7 d 13 h ago


I write here hoping someone at the corporate office will do something on this TITLE issue that we NEVER RECEIVE. Payoff was mailed since 02/25/19 Chk has been cashed in since March up to this time 5/14/2019 we never get our title nor any documents. I called many many times to follow up the title/letter of no interest even spoke to James CS Spvisor, gave our fedex acct and yet nothing happen. This is a lease buy out deal and the person leased this will pay a huge penalty for filing so late that HYUNDAI TERRIBLE COMPANY is not complying on out request. Everytime we call to follow up the cs said the request has been sent but whats going on???? NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Is anyone on this company will rectify this huge problem of this TITLE DEPT.? we are hoping that someone will reply and mailed us the title/letter of no interest and all others documents and pay all the penalty they caused for this deal. pls contact or leave a message @ (hidden)/attn: title dept.-2016 Hyundai 5NPE24AFXGH337959. I WILL TWEET ALSO HOPING SOMEONE WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.No wonder this company has terrible rating 1. Im glad someone gave 1.

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Alma Herrera - 11 d 8 h ago


Purchased a Tucson 3 weeks ago from Sterling McCall Hyundai Southwest Freeway Houston.. sales person, Lisa Priest provided the best customer service ever.. However, at the time of signing paper work., well, the sales in warranties started. I expressed that I was on a budget and could not afford anything extra. He insisted on purchasing the extended warranty and kept saying ., "it's only $13 more a month".., then the gap.., just "$3 more a month".., after declining a few times. Kept saying ., " let me see what I can do".., kept working with computer and all this time I don't have any paper work in front of me to look at numbers. Finally., I said "yes".. and signed on tablet . Once I got home , I sat down to review all paper work. Some of it I could not read because it has a stamp over it saying "customer copy". But once I read the amount of $2,650 for extended warranty a and $900 for gap insurance. I flipped! The very next day I texted my sales person Lisa and called Wallie and left a message about the amount and wanted it cancelled. Lisa , my sales person responded to my text stating , " it what was agrees upon".. So I assumed I couldn't cancel because I had already signed. I stressed to her about being on a budget and wanted to stay under $30k. It didn't help. So I let it go. I went to a credit union bank to refinance my car loan and got a better interest rate and mentioned the difficulty of canceling the insurance/warranty.. she stated, "YOU have that right to cancel." Legally, You should have 30 days to cancel". (At this point, it was 2 weeks out.). She tried to help me obtain the contract # but no where was the copy of purchase of either .. So I then called Lisa Priest explaining in wanting to cancel. She said she will talk to Wallie about it since she doesn't take care of that. But never heard back from her. Then two days later, I send her a text asking again. No response. The following day after that, I call again., she answers and was very short and was busy with a customer. She said she will call me after that. Did not receive a call. At this point I am si frustrated. I then called the dealership asking to speak to the manager. I expressed my situation and frustration and asked him of the protocol of canceling the warranty.? He responded to go to the dealership and ask for Jacob or Frank and they will take care of me. I live about 1 hour away from the dealership. And headed out there the next day. After all that., I spoke to Frank. Introduced myself and explained everything all over again. He seemed bothered and asked me who told me to ask for him or to come in.? I said ,"Shawn- the manager". He pauses and says " we no longer cancel policies/warranty here at the dealership. It is all done online. " And this is after being instructed by the manager to go in person and driving 1 hour to the dealership. And I too did him., " after all these calls/texts no one could have directed me to the direction on cancelling?" And then I asked for my contract #.. He said that I should have that on my copies that was given at time of purchase. I said that I don't have it and that's what the person from the bank needing to cancel and I didn't have them. He said that it was not possible. So I have him the folder given to me. Reviewed it twice and didn't have it. He said that odd that you have everything BUT that. I responded, " yes, I know".. So he said he could provide me with that information and gave me copies of them both. So after all that., I went back to the bank. The bank lady was speechless when I told her what had happened. She said that she has seen that many times. I wasn't the only one. Well., we didn't not know where to go "online" to cancel the warranty/gap insurance. So I bursted crying and couldn't resist the frustration of the run around on simply canceling and freakin' warranty! AND very disappointed on Lisa Priest, sales person , of not guiding me or referring me to the appropriate person to help me. SO, the sale is complete., so no more customer service! The lady at the credit union bank made the call for me on that paper and stated that I was present and told her everything. She said "they" - dealership., could have done it right there and then when I showed up to the dealership. We handled everything through the 1-800# on that copy provided to me by Frank. In 5 minutes., done! That simple! I can't believe Sterling McCall Hyundai was having me on the run around waiting for the 30 days to expire of the cancellation time frame! I am NOT STUPiD! That is the reason I HATE buying cars! ALL dealerships are crooks! Each employee cover for one another! Very, very disappointed! Very poor customer service after a SALE! I will post his on my Facebook page, Instagram and tell friends and family members about my experience! AND, my employer is on the Auto1 VIP and will notify them as well of my situation. Don't understand why people can't simply be HONEST and continue the customer service AFTER the SALE! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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Sandra R - 27 d 6 h ago


I am beyond livid after the experience I just had. The way I was treated as well inconvenienced is unacceptable. I dropped off my car yesterday for a 845 appt this morning. I called the service department a few times to check the status of my car, I was told that Angel will definitely have my car ready by 5 and he would call me either way. I never received the call. When i called after 5, I was put on hold for 40 minutes and had to explain my dilemma to 4 different people, do you guys not communicate with each other? That is just the beginning. I finally spoke to the manager, Dennis something and he was so flat out rude, with no empathy and spoke to me very disrespectful including telling me to shut up and let him talk. I cannot be without my car again, I have 3 kids and a job to get to tomorrow. I asked if there was a vehicle I can use, or if I could come pick up my car or even reaching out to him general manager or something to rectify this. He laughed and continued to mistreat me. Even though i dropped off my car the night before for an appointment, I was told they dont get paid to do recalls and paying customers come first! Unbelievable! Ive always raved avout Hyundai, but no never again. We were going to buy anither vehicle from you guys, but nope not happening. This needs to be rectified immediately, its unacceptable, unethical and I will do everything I can to voice how hyundai is not the place to business and how horrible you treat your customers. Now how will my kids get to school tomorrow, how will i get to work tomorrow? Why didnt i fet a courtesy call of a status update for me to find some other means of transportation?

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Essie - 22 d 5 h ago


So sorry you had to deal with that type of BS.

Hyundai Customer service \ Corporate # (hidden)

They will treat you so much better!

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Katherine in California - 13 d 6 h ago


Essie, do you have a phone number for customer car?

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Rob Hunter - 21 d 7 h ago


The last six vehicles we purchased have been Hyundais; we have loved our vehicles & recimmended them to many friends & co-workers. Then a safety issue arose with our 2017 Sante Fe Sport; often times, when turning or shifting right, the accelerator ceases to operate for anywhere from 2-10 seconds. Try that when turning right on red into moving traffic. We took our vehicle to our local dealer (Keffer Hyundai - where I will NEVER return), only to be told the best they could suggest was filing a BBB complaint. We did that; and on Feb. 28, 2019, we received notice from the Arbitrator that the case had been found in our favor and that Hyundai would have to repurchase the vehicle. We couldn't believe that actually happened, but complied with the requests for paperwork, title, etc. Our turn-in was scheduled for March 28; we were called that morning to be told our case manager had apparently made errors in the paperwok and that it would have to be resubmitted. THEN SILENCE! We have heard NOTHING from Hyundai. Despite having made at least 5 calls in the past 4 weeks, each time talking to someone in a Call Center, each time we were assured a message was being sent to our case manager ('Sarah' - who I even doubt exists) and her supervisor. Still NOTHING. On my call just a few minues ago to yet another understanding call center person, I was assured again (4th time) that a message would be sent and we would be contacted. We have been forced to park this vehicle - cancel the insurance & registration - and purchase another vehicle (this time a 2019 Jeep Cherokee) and are faced with having to m,ake two car payments, all because Hyundai Motors America does not have any comprehension of what good customer service looks like, and they have no concern whether or not, should we be faced with still having to drive this unsafe bvehicle, we should find ourselves in a vehicle crash due to the safety issue. So, I'm not expecting any response or action from this message either, but I am taking advantage of any/every Hyundai conatct to voice my complaints AND to make potential customers aware of how customers are treated. Hyundai Case #: 11694475

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Katherine in California - 13 d 6 h ago


Dear Rob,

I was able to do a California lemon law buyback. You might want to check with you state on lemons.

From the time I filed for the buyback on my 2017 Tuscan and the actual turn in vehicle time was 5 months. To date I still have not received the monies owed to me which is all payments made, down payment, a total of about $7000.

My customer care specialist JUSTUS is a piece of crap. He will not email or call me.

Do you have a customer care, or Hyundai Corp. phone numbers? My next step is to contact BBB and tv trouble shooter. And probably an attorney.

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Elizabeth Sawatzky - 13 d 14 h ago


My son's air bags went off in his 2017 @Hyundai Sonata without provocation...He could have been killed. Claim filed, but no response. Now my kid is driving around with no seat beat (locked when the air bags went off), because


doesn't call back

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Abbie - 14 d 8 h ago


I purchased a Pre-owned "Certified" 2017 Hyundai Veloster in February 2018. On December 30th, 2018 the car broke down on the side of the road and left me stranded on the way to work. I had it towed on January 2, 2019 to the nearest Hyundai dealership to where I live. The motor needed to be replaced. I was pretty blown away that in a car this new I would already be experiencing these types of problems. Luckily it was certified, plus had under 60,000 miles so was still all covered under warranty. Well a month goes by , car is still not fixed. Supposedly motor is on back order. Fast forward to May 3,2019. Still no motor. I call Hyundai USA and file an escalated case. The guy I speak with is pretty nice but, at this point I'm starting to get upset cuz I've been without my vehicle for going on 4 months and my Husbands job has transferred him back to Florida over a month ago so I'm basically stuck in Texas waiting on my car. So my case gets escalated again. By this time I'm trying to just purchase another vehicle because now it's been 4 months and not only has motor not came but, also needs a new transmission. So the new guy from Hyundai OMAR finally calls and I tell him all of this and he tells me to proceed with the vehicle purchase while he finds out about the buy back of my car. Well he goes ghost for 4 days. The dealership, my husband, and myself call him repeatedly and leave messages, no response. I purchase the new vehicle. At this point I have no choice, my house is sold, I'm going to be homeless in addition to everything else. The first guy from Hyundai had offered to pay my car payments for the months I was without my car, and he even offered to ship my vehicle to me in Florida when it was fixed. I get ahold of OMAR today, mind you he still never returned the phone call, as I called him, and he says they will not compensate me at all because the car got traded in. Mind u the 4 months worth of payments were made while I still owned the car. I asked to speak to his boss and he said he doesn't have one. Then he tells me it's not his fault that I bought a used vehicle!! Really??? So I guess they don't have much confidence in their product, because essentially what he said was that their cars are no good after a year old!!! I am beside myself!!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 16 h ago

I have a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe and besides having to change the timing belt every 60 thousand miles, which I didn't know when I bought the car or I would't have bought it. Now the axel has come loose from the transmission. the struts are all messed up. The car must have been over 60 thousand miles when I got it and so I was driving on the highway and it just stopped, luckily I got off the the side and had to call my husband to come and get me. Had to buy a different engine for it and pay someone to put it in. We have had nothing but trouble with this car. My husband went to jack it up to work on the brakes and he said we are going to have to have a floor jack cause everywhere he put the other jack it just cracked and broke. I think the whole under part of the car is rusting out.

Mrs. Pat Martin

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Addie Simmons - 21 d 5 h ago


It is ridiculous that you cannot get ahold of someone at corporate through consumer care! We bought a car, used but still a 2014, have it less than two years, never used pressure washing on it, just a regular little water hose and all the paint peels off! We took it to the dealership and they just politely tell us it's out of warranty and send us on our way! It was our problem or we can trade it in! Wow! What kind of company is this? Charges awful amounts for a vehicle or allows dealers to charge awful amounts and then you have crappy paint! DO NOT BUY HYUNDAI!!

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Linda - 23 d 10 h ago


Due to physical issues I do not drive. However, friends do provide transportation. The majority of them drive Hyundai. One friend's Santa Fe has over 250,000 miles and she won't let it go. The others feel the same way about their Hyundai vehicles.

Most of them have had nothing but praise for the service both customer and vehicle. I personally feel safe and comfortable in their cars.

This is Hyundai Country for a reason and people travel distances to shop cars here.

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Jessica - 25 d ago


Never buy a car here, an employee signed my check and they deposited FRAUD! Then I went there for answers tbe manager told me who gives a blank check.. Really? Not only that they told me there is nothing they can do and for me to go to the police on top of that when I was leaving the employee that I think signed my check looked at me and laugh at me . I am disgusted by their accions

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jack - 39 d 12 h ago


I have a 2014 SANTE FE SPORT-- twice now my car has had engine issues and twice it has been towed to my HYUNDAI dealer

I was told I was going to get a new engine-- today I was told by my dealer that HYUNDAI corporate told him to just try to jimmy rig it to get it fixed?????? AND THAT I AM NOT GETTING MY ENGINE REPLACED?


MY CASE # IS 15645806

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Jennifer - 27 d 12 h ago

Welcome to my world. After the dealer screwed up my car and blamed the manufacturer, the manufacturer now states the dealer was responsible. I am out a car and an engine.

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