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Fountain Valley, CA
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Lester Martin - 4 h 44 m ago


We are on our third Hyundai and we have loved our cars but we have had nothing but trouble from their finance department with this last car that we bought. We signed up for online auto payments and the payments are just coming out intermittently. The finance company keeps saying we owe late fees etc but our bank says there is no reason why late charges shouid be assessed ..

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Sansone - 5 h 12 m ago


To whom it concern My family and I have been customer of Hyundai at Sansone since 2004,

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Unhappy Maine resident - 3 d 16 m ago


Simple admin issue with Hyundai (title not received since May 25th)

All our payments for the last 5 years was sent to our PO Box, when it came time to send the title it was sent to our street address and not to the same PO Box we have been getting the bill for payments from. The USPS will not deliver any mail sent to an address when you have a PO Box. When we purchased the Hyundai we made it clear to the local auto and corporate not to use the street address. Apparently, Hyundai failed to send the title to our PO Box. I called and asked for the title to be sent. A loan release will be sent however, the state will only have a copy. I need the original title and Hyundai owes that to us. Maine resident.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


I have a 2015 Sonata Sport and have had nothing but trouble with it since the day I purchased the vehicle. The key fob battery dies every month. I have key less entry so I am barley ever able to use the feature that I purchased. At first I said okay the battery went and it went on both key fobs. Then my car horn just started going off randomly to at one point it would not turn off that I had to disconnected my car battery for it to stop. I brought the car in for service and they said I need new key fobs and that would solve the problem. Needless to say the horn went off randomly again and key fob batteries went after one both on both key fobs. I have called Hyundai corporate and so has my dealership and Hyundai corporate asked how close are the keys to the car when in my house? really? Corporate denied service. I picked up my car and went away using my other car because I will not take this car on a trip. I used to battery for 6 days and when I came back (I took my keys with me on my trip 3 hours away so if they asked again where were the keys) and the battery was dead. So now it doesn't even last two weeks. The car is back in the shop today and corporate tells the dealership he needs a new battery. I guess I am suppose to pay my lease each month and purchase batteries each month. Corporate in this company gave me the number for BBB auto and said to call them. What company tells you to call the BBB instead of trying to help you? This company is very bad and I advise everyone not to purchase a Hyundai unless you want nothing but problems and get help from corporate. My dealership has tried their best but they can't get help from corporate. It's a shame, this was my second lease, and had bought one car and I traded the one in that I bought to another dealership as just want nothing to do with this company anymore.

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Mary Kay - 8 d ago


I have a 2005 Hyundai Accent. This car has been wonderful! I have never had one problem with this car.It is roomy and has an incredibly huge trunk. I love, love, this car! I am in the market for another car, and I will be looking for a used Hyundai Accent.

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Lk - 8 d 20 h ago


I will never own another one either. This is my second Sonata. What a mistake!!

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Jerry Benningfield - 9 d 5 h ago


On 2/21/17 I purchased a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited from Brandon Hyundai in Brandon, FL. I was promised a tube of touch up paint for a small ding on one of the doors. The parts dept advised that the paint (Ion Silver) was on order and they would have it in a week or two and the sales manager gave me a letter stating that the tube of touch up paint was "owed" me. When I returned a few weeks later they still did not have it and advised that because the car was so new it might take a few more weeks to get the paint. I returned several more times and was given the same response. On July 13, 2017 I returned to the dealer and was told that they had contacted Hyundai who told them that the paint was not available and they could not give a date when or if it would ever be available. So it has been almost 5 months waiting for a tube of touch up paint. I suppose that if I had a minor accident the whole car would require repainting. My concern is that if it takes over 5 months to get something as simple as matching touch up paint, how long will it take to get a needed mechanical part necessary for operation? On July 14, 2017 I called Hyundai Corporate and was advised that it would be at least 2 more months before paint was available. Although the Brandon Hyundai Sales Manager, Joshua Saltz, appears to be doing his best to resolve the situation, Hyundai Corp. is not. Needless to say I am so frustrated with Hyundai I am ready to turn this car in and purchase a reputable brand. I will shortly be posting details of my problems with Hyundai on social media. Search "Don't buy a Hyundai".

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Bob M. - 11 d 18 h ago


Bad mechanics and management they keep making up excuses about why my cars serpentine belt 3 times in 4 months keeps braking,They said it's at a normal at 30000 miles to change that belt so I did , but every time it breaks it makes my engine get covered with oil and threads from the belt plus now it caused the engine gasket to leak, but they can not find the part to fix yet it so they say. Whats next because every pulley that wasn't turning could be my next problem but they said they are fine ya like I trust them now. I just paid big money for a brake job, bad rotors,wheel alignment, fuel injection kit,timing cover leaks,tires my car is only a 2014 Sonata .right now for 6 days and counting I am driving a rental.They said they would clean my engine but they did a terrible job last time because I found more belt threads.and oil every car is only 3 years old and now it's a money now it's time to get rid of this head ache but I would feel bad for the next person who buys this car.. they'll lie to them also.


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Anonymous - 12 d ago

Napelton Hungat (Naperville, IL)

Stay away from this dealership. Very Unprofessional. I was lied to 3 times and I wish I had a recording. Lie #1, Sales Manager told me a certain price was only valid for a specific time...that fit his needs. I called him on it and he denied my, the consumers, part of the story. Shocking, right?

Lie #2-Finance Manager gave me a monthly payment....two minutes later it jumped up$5. I called him on it and he said, , "I never gave that price". I told him, "I am not deaf nor stupid". Honor the price you originally told me and the one we agreed to.

Lie # 3.....I asked to have the windshield fixed because there was a crack (most likely a rock kicked up). The Sales Manager said no problem, we'll take care of it. When I went in, the "employee" I encountered asked what I needed. I told him and he said, "That won't be fixed until tomorrow". When I pressed him further, he said that he was standing next to his SM when he said that. BS I recall the conversation and that was never mentioned.


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Sharifa Small - 12 d 1 h ago


I was not treated fairly at all. I paid my bill and mu car was still taken.

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I CANNOT FIND MY PART - 16 d 4 h ago


Hello, I am an owner of a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0L 5 door hatchback and have been an owner for the past four years. Recently, I took my car to several repair shops as well as junkyards to find the part that I need. I searched all over the internet with no luck. I love my car and I need my car. Could you please send me the pigtail ignition coil pack connectors (both sides) to have my corroded ones repaired. I plan to buy a new Hyundai in six months but I may have to reconsider if the parts are going to be this hard to find. I am very upset and exhausted. I have invested a lot of time and hours and travelling to nearby cities looking for these small things. No one can help me. Since you guys made the car, there has to be a way that you can get these connectors to me. I look forward to hearing from a supervisor soon. My next step is to write the corporate office. Have a nice day!

I have been to the local dealership twice for several hours and they cannot seem to find my part. They say that my car is too old. My pigtail ignition coil connectors quit on me today and I do not have a part to fix an otherwise good running car. I do not know what to do next. Now, who do I talk to?

This is very frustrating! I am literally going to have a heart attack. Do you have a number that I can call. What company does not have or know anything about the parts to the car that they made? Wow!

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Kevin - 17 d ago


My 2011 Elantra with 43K well maintained miles needs a new timing chain, tensioner, who knows what else. My head exploded and I stopped listening when they got to $2500 for the repairs. Hyundai themselves denied any help at first, then said they'd consider it, then denied it again. Horrible vehicle, I will never own another Hyundai and I'll certainly try to steer everyone I know away from them.

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Kathryn - 17 d 2 h ago


I have been waiting for my gas mileage settlement from Hyundai for several years.

It was finally negotiated for a whopping $500, but the class action wanted more and HQ refuses to settle fairly.

At this point, I want to trade-in my car for a truck.

Can I please get my settlement!

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Jerald - 20 d 3 h ago


I have owned my 2011 Hyundai Sonata since 2015. It has so far been in the shop with recalls 5 times. At one point it has gotten so bad thy replaced the entire engine. Now the car has a gas smell. The service department at the Hyundai dealership says this is normal. This is not acceptable. It is making me sick as I drive to work daily. It is not safe for my children to ride.

I plan on following up this complaint with a phone call to your headquarters in Calif. You can reach me at (hidden) or (hidden). A prompt response would be most helpful. Regards Jerald and Wendy Eteuini.

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Felicia lombard - 37 d ago


I have just experienced the most horrific ongoing issue with hyundai finance department. I did a double payment on June 2, 2017 and for 3 days the agents had me going back and forth with my bank. I eventually spoke to a escalation specialist who told me to fax a letter asking to mail my refund. He advised that it will take 3 days to get the fax then process it in 7 days. So on the 8th day I'm checking the mail and it's not here. I called the finance department again and I was now told it would take 20 business days so I asked for a manager. The manager came on the line being completely unprofessional and disrespectful saying that I need to submit a running balance from my bank showing the amount was deducted from my back. This was never mentioned in any of my previous conversations. I then asked to speak to the director or someone in the corporate office of which she told me no and then hung up in my face. This has put me in a tight financial situation and they just don't seem to care at all but I'm sure it would be a real problem for them if I am late on my payments. I need to speak to someone in corporate who can resolve my issue today.

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Dave - 26 d 26 m ago

You do realize that this dealer is an independent business? They're not owned by Hyundai.

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Carmen M. Keitt - 20 d 6 h ago


I know what your going through because I am right now experiencing the exact same situation but they took extra money out my account actually STOLE my money unauthorized when I only made one payment not 2. So I am sorry to hear that this something that is common for them. I will never deal with them again. It the WORST car company ever.

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Carmen M. Keitt - 20 d 6 h ago


The worst car company I ever delt with. I will never buy from this company again. Oh be careful when making payments that they don't take it upon themselves to take extra with out your authorization.

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Melea Caldwell - 22 d 18 s ago


I have a 2013 Elantra and it is currently at the dealership for service and though they have been exceptional in trying to assist me with my problem, they do not know what's wrong and I have had the same problem lasting for over two years now. The car will not start at times and I have to get jumped or wait about 30 minutes for it to start. I would really like some assistance with this matter because I am missing days at work each time this happens. I spoke to a representative at Hyundai Motor America about this issue and she said she couldn't help cause she's not a machanic. She said her name was Tamara but wouldn't provide a rep number also said she couldn't transfer me to anyone over her such as a (supervisor) because she had to protect their safety. This was not an adequate response and I would prefer not to purchase another Hyundai after this experience. I feel I have been very patient but this interaction was unprofessional and unbecoming of Hyundai customer service representatives.

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TAJ - 55 d 28 m ago


Here's the 1st review like I promised !

There are hundreds and hundreds of better places to buy a vehicle in the area than AutoFair Hyundai. I bought a Veloster last month after viewing cars for a month on line. They lured me in a link that said $169 down and 2.9% financing. It was an hr. drive. I had 4k down and a trade-in plus a co-signer with outstanding credit. When we began discussing deals, Matt, the brand new sales consultant had to go get his manager who was arrogant and mis-leading. He offered a much different deal and when I quoted the original, he stated that that deal was for qualified buyers. I said that I fit that criteria and that I want the "I'm a good guy deal" and could go anywhere and get a better deal. After 3 1/2 hrs. of test driving and negotiating, I finally agreed to buy. Then the financial department got a hold of me and baffled the hell out of me and my aging co-signer. There were hidden fees and warranty recommendations and I ended up spending 3k more than what I wanted however it took 6 hrs. and my dog and co-signer had to eat so I signed. Later that night I noticed that the interior lights did not work and the following day called Matt. He said to bring it in and I told him that I wasn't driving an hr. so I would take it to Somersworth Hyundai. He said that it would be covered with the factory warranty. A few days later, I got it in at Somersworth and after 30 mins. they told me that there were no bulbs in the lights. This woman, Cassie, told me that the bulbs were $20 a piece and labor was $60. Also that it was not covered by the warranty. I said that I could put the bulbs in and she said well "how about 50". I replied that I could go to any auto store and get the bulbs for $2 a piece and put them in myself. She then said "how about 40 for everything". I was so frustrated that I agreed believing that Manchester would reimburse me. They fixed it however the following day one light was out. I called Cassie and explained and she arrogantly ( plus snotty ) replied that I should bring it back however it was going to take 2 hrs. to "explore" and I would be charged the $105 mechanic rate. I said that she had already tried to gouge me the day before and that I was looking to set up a long term trusting relationship with a service department in that I bought a 10 yrs extended warranty and that it wasn't good business to begin a relationship. I then said that they lost a customer and hung up. The manager, Evan, called the following day and I explained Cassie's behavior. He didn't comment but said that they would look at it again and tell me what was wrong before they fixed anything. I told him that I would call in a week but I had really already made up my mind. I called Matt back in Manchester and told him that I wanted a $40 dollar refund and he stated that this was over his head and a manager would call back that evening. I waited and no one called. The next day, I called and spoke with a manager, Tim, and he was even more arrogant than Cassie. He told me that there were light bulbs in the car when they sold it to me. I said that someone is clearly lying to me and that after spending over 17k on a car, buying an extended warranty, that I should not have to be dealing with this kind of inept service and rude behavior. I'm beginning to think that Hyundai must send these employees to an arrogance seminar. If this is the case then Tim must have excelled. I hung up on him to. I called Matt back and explained everything again and that I had told him although I had not written a review yet that I was going to. I also reminded him that when I first met him, I would recommend them to everyone who asked where I bought the car if they treated me right. That I had a big mouth and a long memory. Matt wasn't capable of handling this so I again hung up. I plan to right to the complaint department at the main Hyundai offices and let them know of the behavior at some of their dealers. I do like the car but the sales and service are shaddy, inept and arrogant. I certainly hope this helps someone. Nissan makes good cars too !

Read this on YELP ! Much more to come ! Ty

P.S. The service manager at Manchester AutoFair, Tim, attempted to lie to me be saying that he told me that he would pay the $40 bill from Somersworth. I said that he never offered however that he could still pay it. I faxed it to him but that was over 2 weeks ago. He never did ask if my lights were properly fixed. If I can deter only one customer from buying from them then I've succeeded however I have bigger plans and will Yelp about this the life of the car.

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Melissa - 44 d 4 h ago


Thank you! I am trading in my Hyundai and going to Nissan! Please don't buy KIA they make them to.

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dissatisfied Huyndai customer - 32 d 20 m ago


yup Hyundai sucks.

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angela - 32 d ago


I have had super bad experience with my Hyundai Sonata 2011. First owner bought it from dealership in Tracy CA. Motor blew up within 60k miles, obviously dealership didn't wanna fix it, paid $10K personally to get it fixed. Second time the car had the same problem, can't afford to spend another 10K to fix it. It was parked in the driveway for 9 months, thank goodness there was a recall and got it fixed. Now there is a steering issue, thinking it should be under recall but supposedly its under some campaign. Now they are telling me the mileage is too high to be covered under any warranty. They are not keeping in mind the this car's motor has been changed twice, basically brand new motor. If I knew Hyundai had all these issues I would have never bought it. The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. HYUNDAI robs people in daylight. I would never recommend anyone to get into this shitty car. I would not have written this review if they would have helped out a bit.

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Not Happy At All - 33 d 26 m ago


Today I called David Hyundai located in Ewing NJ because I was interest in purchasing a used car 2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van Mileage : 119,701 miles - Stock # : 3656A - VIN : 2A4RR5D1XAR495452.

I spoke to a very nice man over the phone. I explain I had a trade and I ask about forty of July discount. He explain they could take some money off the car I wanted.

I drove to Ewing NJ. Once I arrived at David Hyundai I met a very nice young man who took me out for a test drive. The car was making a bumping noise and the AC didn't work and the passenger seat be hide the drivers seat was lose. I am sure there was other issues.

I had $3,000 in cash to give them on a car that was priced $6,994. (Which is 7 years old) I explain to the sale person what I wanted for my trade in.

He went and spoke to his manger who came over and tried to get over on me. He only wanted to give me one hundred dollars for a working car which is my 2004 Hyundai San Fa. (Which is 13 years old)

The manger wasn't will to take anything off the use car I wanted to purchase that has issues. The manger is aware of the 4th July deal that is on commercials presently on TV and he didn't care.

The car went from $6,994 up to over $8,000 dollars after taxes title etc. The manger was rude and disrespectful and wasn't willing to work with me. The commercial was false advertisement. If I new it was all a lie I would of never drove to Ewing NJ to be mistreated by David Hyundai store manger. (I would of never waste there time because I didn't want to waste my time and I did.)

It doesn't look good when everyone in the store is nice and the manger is trying to take advantage of a customer.

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Unhappy customer of two Hyundai's - 34 d 3 h ago


I have taken my 2008 Elantra in numerous times for same issue while under warranty. Now that it's not under warranty they have figured out the problem at a tune of $740.00! They will not touch car again. There was also a recall on rear lamps on my car. Took it in and all they did was replace bulbs, not fix problem. Went back today with one light out and when they drove it in garage no rear lights worked. Told them it's because they never actually fixed the problem! Told me they spoke to Hyundai Corporate and they told them they would not fix it. Not fix a recall? Called complaint dept. and customer service rep said there was no record of them calling today. Not only is Webb Hyundai incompetent they are dishonest liars. Again, this is Webb Hyundai in Merrillville, In. DO NOT go there!

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