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Hyundai USA

10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 965-3000
(714) 965-3149
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Janice Rightmer - 4 d 9 h ago


I recently I bought a Hyundai from Philpot motors in Nederland, Texas, and I was treated very well by a sales person whose name is Brice. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated his help in buying my car. He was exceptionally respectful, and has offered to help me with setting up the car's computer. I'm trying to learn. Thanks you for such a nice car, and it was a pleasure doing business with Such nice representatives.

Janice Rightmer

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Bob L - 44 d 12 h ago


My 2011 Hyundai Sonata had complete engine failure in June, 2019. I submitted a claim to their campaign reimbursement center. They took 6 weeks to replace the engine. They promised to reimburse me for expenses like towing and car rental. I submitted the expenses in Aug 2019 when I got my car back. When I check on line, it says the case is closed. When I call, they say it is pending, but don't give a timeline for when it will be resolved. I have contacted the PA state attorney general's office.

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Tanisha - 40 d 12 h ago

OMG, I am experiencing the same issue. Submitted mine August 2019 and called AGAIN today with the same response still pending. This is absolutely poor customer service.

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Me - 39 d 13 h ago


I submitted a claim through their Hyundai campaign reimbursement center.October 21 st 21o9 as I had to have my engine replaced. They keep closing my case every 3o days citing the system does it automatically. No case manager has been assigned. What legal action can we take. My new case was opened today with a new case number since I called today. The car was bought in Missouri and I live in Illinois. What States Attorney office should I contact

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TV Shows - 11 d 18 m ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, bad deals, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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John g - 9 d 4 h ago


I am being railroaded right now. 2017 Santa fe had oil leak and they said filter cap loose . they changed oil and filter and then oil light came back on a few minutes later. Instead of even checking under vehicle for an actual leak, they sent me home with oil light on . car leaked oil all weekend and I maintained level. Then they didn't even offer to look at leak when I brought it back and told me to call corporate. I then go to another hyundai dealer who looked at car for 3 hours and could not find. Came back 2 days later and could not find and misdiagnosed. All this time I was losing a quart of oil a day or more and dealer continued to tell me to drive losing massive oil and keep coming back every couple days instead of calling warranty department and telling them that the car is unsafe to drive and customer needs a rental while we find it because oil has been burning in engine for 10 days by now and oil is everywhere under vehicle being fire hazard. I told the dealer my worries and they did not even attempt to help me but told me to drive this death trap.

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TV Shows - 11 d ago

For the issues with Hyundai we are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows relating to recalls, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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me - 39 d 13 h ago


Can we do a class action Suit

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Jacque - 33 d 21 s ago


I plan on doing a class action law suit if Hyundai does not resolve my recent issues. Hyundai sent their collection department after me today for non payment of Missouri Personal Property taxes Hyundai paid aproximately 150.00 for MO personal property taxes on a 2012 Sonata I turned in 4 years ago when I leased a new Hyundai Hyundai Sonata 2020 LTD . Hyundai shows the 2012 as being turned in, but they never removed my name apparently off the personal property. I would like to know who paid the personal property taxes for 2016, 17 and 18 since they sold the car in 2016! To top this off, They said I was late in paying my final lease payment which I had set up on auto pay with my bank for the 7th of the month , (I paid early every month, payment was due on the 13th.) They claimed I owed for the 13th, I guess they thought I was paying on the 7th out of the goodness of my heart a double payment the 7th . I argued with them, was put on hold and the rep came back and said , oh yes I found the payment you don't owe for Jan 13th. Then I was told I owed final taxes of 86.00 plus the 400.00 disposition fee and I was told I was late in paying the disposition fee. I told them they never sent me an email or a bill , so how could I pay something I didn't know I owed? They have not set up an account yet for me to send in my Feb payment for my new lease. I was told even if I sent the money in they wouldn't know where to put it. If my credit is ruined because of their incompetence I will file complaints with everyone I can find plus start a class action law suit. they are ruining their customers credit and causing financial damage, a basis for a law suit! I will post the attorney's name and address when the time comes. I do not think this is incompetency on their part, I believe it is by design, overcharging people becaiuse the majority of us don't fight back because we need a car , so we pay the few hundred dollars extra! So sad because the new Sonata LTD turbo is a phenominal car. They make good cars but in the end it isn't worth it put up with their "incompetence" and possible fraud through Hyundai Finance.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

Good luck -- sue them but you are in MO. good luck with that.

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Anonymous - 18 d 11 h ago


I agree they are ruining people credit on purpose. I leased a car in 2016 it was a 2017 Hyundai elantra. I was making my payments on time. They had the nerve to close my account last year in june of 2019 without my authorization. I realize this in

September of 2019. My credit score went down due to their unprofessional

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TV Shows - 11 d ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested in the efforts.

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TV Shows - 11 d 26 m ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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manos kazakidis - 4 d 12 h ago


you are kidding me.I have a claim with the campaign reimbursement center since October 2019 ,for a shattered sun roof.

When I call I still get the same answers as you.

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LAN - 6 d 14 h ago


How about loosing two motors in 6 months couldn't even find a replacement motor the second time and the car bought send hand had under 100K on both blown engines. I have been trying for 5 years to get any reimbursement on rental cars and on paying for a car I couldn't even get fixed. I have had three cases by the third party company declined and now consumer services from Hyundai directly doing the same. NEVER EVER BUY A HYUNDAI THEY DO NOT DO ANYTHING CORRECT OR CONSUMER FRIENDLY. Horrible company!!!!!

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Anonymous - 30 d 22 h ago

I never recommend Any Hyundai Brand again. Especially, Murdock Hyundai Lindon in Utah

Their technician agreed and said "this brand is not same like Audi European or Lexus." The happened 6 months ago and included current visiting.

I visited 3 times from now for same problems; clunking noise with grinding sounds on the Drive side under axel Joint or some area when i drive slowly with parking and turning steeling wheel. The technicians checked and they got sounds and feeling when they got couple test driving together. but they said its normal sounds after they checked. And continue they said because its going to old.

Excuse me? I purchased a brand new car End of Dec 2015 in Murdock Hyundai. Its only 4years passed. Wow, its old car already. My other 2015 Lexus still really brand new. Never get any problems still.

My 2015 Hyundai still going worse and sounds are coming. Its really bothering. I really scary to visit again because They really treat me unprofessional and bad attitude. They only be nice and interested you when you ask about Brand New Car for deal.

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TV Shows - 11 d ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, warranties, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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John g. - 9 d 4 h ago


My name is John g and hyundai ruined my engine through negligence and incompetence. Right now case manager is dodging any answers and is not supplying any information in regard to his investigation. But I think that is because the dealer was so negligent that now they all are trying to sweep everything under rug along with my engine and exhaust from major oil leak that they had me driving on for 12 days and 4 different times to dealer .email is (hidden) if anyone has any resources that are available to remedy this disaster brought by hyundai service techs and advisors too.

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Anonymous - 40 d 8 h ago


My 2019 Hyundai Sante Fe starter went out after 3 months of owing the car. Submitted a claim reimbursement and no one is responding to me. I have called my case manager, Robert, several time and he never answer the phone or return calls. I have called the care line and they reported they sent an alert for him to call me, but I haven't received a return call. The is worse service ever.

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TV shows - 11 d 19 m ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, no call backs etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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ERICKA - 39 d 8 h ago

Same engine problem that everyone is loaner rental car....Tamaron Hyundai in Hoover, AL associates are rude, have no resolution, transfer call to voicemails off associates who do no call back, NEVER provide follow up calls to give an update on repair, no clue as to how long this is going to take. Asked for corporate....not helpful at and could care less if you have a vehicle or not.

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TV Shows - 11 d ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, no contacts, no replies, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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HyundaiTheta2EngineGoBoom - 38 d 9 h ago


To everyone with the negative experiences with Hyundai; Have you filed a complaint with NHSTA and The Federal Trade Commission? I recommend you do this so that enough evidence surfaces that Hyundai is not taking responsibility for their faulty engines. There are FB groups, forums, and threads where you can get support from other people suffering the same issues.

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TV shows - 11 d 20 m ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested. Curious about the groups as well

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Cheated by Gretchen with Hyundai Alaska - 38 d 4 h ago


I have a Hyundai Tucson that has a recall notice. I live in Juneau Alaska where there are no Hyundai dealers. I contacted Hyundai and spoke with some very nice people who could not help me because of a Casemanager named Gretchen. Gretchen wanted me to have the vehicle shipped to the nearest Hyundai dealer. That would be impossible because Juneau has no road network and Barge costs would be about four thousand dollars. I spoke with Gretchen about the dilemma. She was rude and demanded I find a way to get the vehicle to the nearest Hyundai dealer. I explained this is not what I was told when I bought the car. I asked Gretchen for her supervisors contact information. She told me she was over all Alaska and had no supervision. I called the Hyundai customer care center and spoke with Tabitha who could not help me because of Gretchen and Gretchen was the only one who could give her supervisors number. At This point I have a recalled vehicle that the manufacturer refuses to service. Can anyone help?

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TV Shows - 11 d ago

We are looking at creating a segment for one of our TV shows about the issues with Hyundai in their working with customers relating to recalls, bad information, etc - Please email (hidden) if interested.

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