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Hyundai USA

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Subie maker - 1 d 49 m ago

Hyundai, nice dog commercial, copying Subaru is a great form of flattery!

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Yoza - 4 d 2 m ago


I bought a 2018 accent brand new and 7 months in, it began stalling. I took it in for repairs. Then a few months later, the problem started up again, not every time stalling but feeling as if it was about to stall, and bucking while driving. I took it in. They claim they were unable to recreate the problem so after a week I took it back. It was happening again so I took it in again. Same thing. Not able to recreate it. At this point I filed a claim with the manufacturer, which got DENIED. Then AGAIN it happened. This time they held on to the car 2 weeks having an employee use the car regularly. Again, claimed to not be able to recreate the problem. Then AGAIN, I brought it back, they held it a week, and AGAIN told me they were unable to recreate the problem , which I thought was very odd since at this point, it was doing the weird bucking and stalling thing very frequently. As I drove it out of the service department it was literally doing what I brought it in for, so I made a u turn to take it back. They had me test drive it with the mechanic IN the car as it was clearly doing it. Then after the road test, they informed me that they were not getting a "code" on the reader and were unable to fix the problem I "claimed" it had. They had me drive the broken car home, and it died on the way. My husband was so infuriated as my baby and I were stalling in the middle of intersections and on freeway on ramps on a regular basis, he went down with me to the dealership to demand a replacement. They had the top service manager do a road test, and weren't even able to get the car running after 5 or 6 engine starts. On a car less than a year old, serviced about 6 times at this point. So now, once AGAIN, I am in a rental, still waiting on a second case with the manufacturer who sent me an email simply asking, "which dealership" after they had been in contact with this dealership this entire time. now, I am stuck hiring an attorney out of my own pocket, not being able to drive my malfunctioning new car and making payments still under America's "best" warranty. It's things like this that make me question the good in humanity.

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Anonymous - 14 d 9 h ago


I've just read all negative reviews on this web site. Honestly I am shocked. We have had three Hyundai Santa Fe cars and have not experienced any mechanical issues. I will admit that the service department customer service at times has been less than I would like to see. Just recently we had brought the car in for a simple oil change and they made a pretty severe mistake. Once we realized there was a problem, the same day the work was done, we took the car back. They had already realized the issue and had tried reaching us. They immediately corrected the problem requiring the service department to work after closing to make it right. On top of that the service department manager gave us a coupon to return the car for a mini doll-up. We just took the car back for the doll-up and we were blown away by the work they did! The car looked like new both inside and out. Yes they made a mistake but they admitted it, fixed it immediately and then made the situation much more satisfying by offering doll up. They could have just said they made a mistake and left it there but they didn't. We appreciate that mistakes can happen but they admitted it took responsibility for it and worked to express their apology for our inconvenience.

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Yoza - 4 d 35 s ago


You're very lucky you had this experience, I'm going through hell right now with a lemon I bought brand new and have had serviced for the same problem 6 times in the first year. They denied me a replacement and I'm still stalling at least once a day.

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

The above post about the 2019 Kona is not suppose to be anonymous. My name isTari Cassella

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago


I don't even know where to start! November 2018 I purchased a 2019 Kona. Worst thing I've ever done. I'd been lied to from day 1. From a contract they had me purchase for " dings and dents" for $1,000 that proved to be useless, to something as stupid as the key fob. Out right lies! With the dings and dents I specifically asked about acorns, since where I park I get hit with them, and they said "yup no problem " we'll when I went to use the contract for metal falling into my car and scratching it all the way down, they told me the dent wasn't big enough. To the key fog that they told me would open the trunk but when I got home it never did. Brought it back and even the salesman thought it was defected to just find out nope, it locks it but doesn't open it. So when walking holding items, everything has to be put down to manually opened. Not even a trunk latch inside car. To being told it comes with spare tire but not full size ( my Toyota had full size) and then getting a flat with 3 kids in the car to realizing, no spare, just a fancy can of fix a flat and your own compressor. Are you kidding me? I was told this brand new tire is no good. Side wall is worn thru. Went back to Hyundai with a plugged tire being told it won't hold long. I'm 35 miles one way from the Hyundai service area, to then be told we don't have tire in stock so go home and come back tomorrow. Explained how far I lived and it was driving awful. I was told no loaner car and maybe we can drive you home but can't pick you back up. So travelled 110 miles in 2 days over a tire and by the grace of God I made it with just the plug leaking. They're not paying for it! What this car isn't even a year old. I've called corporate at this point 3 days ago to just keep being told they'll get back to you! They say they might pay for tire since tire was defected but at this point no return call and I've now got a parent screaming at me because the first day this happyi had 3 kids in the car and it went flat so quickly, the one kid was pretty frightened while everyone one beeping and screaming at me. Is this what I paid 30K for? No way. I'm 58 and already have had a TIA, I was suppose to get stress free as far as car problems. Stay clear! No customer service, no respect, nothing but lies! And to date no return phone call even though I've called them 3X, and once was in a panic about my safety getting back home with this plugged tire. Remember, I'm. 35 miles away from their service center. I thought they were paying for the tire but the next day they said no because I'm going they corporate. Really, cause I could have gotten a tire 10 min from my house instead of driving 45 minutes. They imply they would pay while waiting for corporate to get back in touch! BEWARE. My next step is HELP ME HOWARD

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Mike Walker - 7 d 4 h ago


Very frustrated.

Have contacted numerous dealerships regarding the Hyundai Ioniq $79 lease that is presently being shown on the Hyundai Web Site.

I filled out the form to "get the offer" and was initially contacted by the South Charlotte Hyundai dealership in Charlotte NC. I am located in Charleston, SC. After I determined that I was interested, I requested a lease application. I received no response. I called the dealership and spoke with a sales person, who promised a call back. No call back was received. I then called again and talked with a different sales person. I was ultimately told and was told that this dealership could not sell these cars and would not be getting any. I asked if they could order one, or tell me where I could find a dealer who could help me. I was told they did not have that information. I have called 3 other dealerships trying to find a dealer that could help. My local Charleston SC dealer actually told me that the lease offer sounded like a scam.

I hate to be cynical, but this sure looks like a bait and switch scenario.

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Wyatt Hall - 9 d 10 h ago


My wife and I were/are shopping for a new SUV and plan to trade in our current vehicle. We called around 12 Hyundai dealerships (within 3 hours of us) for the specific make and trim model we were looking for. ADVANTAGE HYUNDAI of Hickville Long Island had the exact car that we had been looking for.

We shortly realized the dealership was 2.5 hours away (one way), so we did not want to waste the dealerships time, nor ours if the car was not for sale and the trade-in amount could not match our needs. We were assured that the trade-in would be "matched or beat." We asked again, we are driving 2.5 hours one way, you are sure you will match the price of what another dealership quoted us..."yes, we will match or beat that." At this point my wife and I are extremely excited; we made the drive on a Friday from NJ to NY to the dealership.

The sales rep(Henry) did everything he could to make the process as smooth as possible. The management and appraiser on the other hand, completely TERRIBLE. The appraiser came back over $3500.00 less than what we were assured would be "matched or beat". Henry did his job, he went back to the appraiser and they raised the appraisal $400.00, which was still $3100.00 less than two previous dealerships.

At this point, we were too far off on our numbers to agree. A manager nor the appraisal manager came over to speak with us about the sale(and they knew we drove 2.5 hours). They simply let us walk out. Management did not greet us, did not come over to talk to us to see how they could make the sale happen, nor did they apologize for the inconvenience they had caused.

This dealership could care less about the customers experience as it was on display with how our processed unfolded. Furthermore, it showed that their facilities(or the lack thereof) and amenities are poorly managed. The least you could do, if a person is spending $50k on a new car, and you as a dealership will be making 10-20% on a $45k trade in, is be friendly and professional. DO NOT waste your time with this dealership. There is a lack of trust, professionalism, cleanliness, and care for customer satisfaction. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT THIS DEALERSHIP!!! The management team could care less about you as the customer. When people say, "buying a car is terrible", ADVANTAGE HYUNDAI of Hickville Long Island defines that experience.

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MICHELE SILVA - 39 d 7 h ago

I have a 2016 Hyundai Tuscon. Driving home two days ago my engine started shaking and clanking. My husband thinks its the bearings or the oil pump. My check engine light never came on until the car sat for a day. My extended warranty literally just expired. Now Hyundai is saying that the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty is only for the original owner. Now they expect me to pay a couple thousand dollars to repair it. Has anyone else had any similar issues with their vehicles? This is the first Hyundai I have owned and I am not happy with it at all.

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Anonymous - 24 d 9 h ago

Wish I could only pay a couple of thousand to repair my engine. As i am second owner, they are "doing me a favor" by covering 50% of the engine rebuild, yes, i said rebuild, not replacement as there are no engines in the US to replace mine with. Elantras have known engine issues and Hyundai won't step up to the plate.

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Hanna - 11 d ago



I have Hyundai Tucson 2016. Just looking through these reviews.

I am the original owner and getting everything fixed under warranty. However my transmission failed recently and they replaced it under warranty.

Last friday, about a week after I got new transmission my car broke down. They never tighten bolts so my Rear Drive Shaft came apart while I was driving.

So far

My headlight lens cover came apart, couple bolts came off from inside of steering wheel, radio was replaced, transmission failed after about a year. Now about 5 different parts need to be replaced. So far more than 10 parts were replaced under warranty.

Spoke to the case manager from hyundai corporate today. He said you talked for 25 minutes and cut me off while I'm explaining all things I went through and said your car is at the dealership. They're gonna fix it. What's the problem.

even if you have a warranty this car just keeps breaking and corporate is just telling me to wait we will fix it. I have two kids. With a brand new car getting a rental car everytime and going to the dealership so often is ridiculous.

Very rude. Disgusting customer service. Get rid of your Hyundai Tucson when you can.

Not worth fighting. They suck!!!!

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Extremely Dissatisfied - 14 d 5 h ago


My daughter leased a 2017 Elantra and bought it at the lease end.She got a bank loan for most of the amount and paid the balance from her own funds. Per the lease dept's instructions. she sent the bank check and balance due in separate mailings to the address given.Hyundai credited MY account with these funds resulting in MY 2016 Elantra being paid off, not her car. I called 4 times, spoke with managers, supervisors, got nowhere and no one can tell me why this happened or when it will be corrected. No one will provide me with anything in writing and I was advised by Dept. Supervisor Brandon that my complaint had nowhere to go other than to send it in writing to their PO box in California. I repeatedly explained to him my concern was that my daughter is getting mail from Hyundai stating that her lease is over and she needs to return the car ASAP. I'm worried that they will repossess her car and ruin her previously excellent credit before anyone gets around to fixing this mistake. I have had 4 Hyundai vehicles in the past. However, after this experience and the arrogant treatment I received from customer service and leasing dept. staff I will not buy or lease from this company again.

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Mahdi Valizadeh - 14 d 19 h ago


I have Hyundai sonata for 4 years now and i have never experienced such a bad costumer service and when i first bought the car the manger/boss told me that their is a guarantee for the hybrid motor and now that i took it to the dealer they said they can repair it but it costs money because they meant that they only guarantee the battery of the hybrid motor and they play with my words and they tricked me. After 20 days i payed $1,500 because their mechanic was not professional and they wasted my time and they charged $700 me because they made a mistake which was not my fault. Their repair shop of the dealer was very rude and aggressive while on the phone and face to face, they did not care about their customer service and they treated me very rudely. For 20 days i had to rent a car because the dealer refused to let me borrow a loaner car until they fixed mine. TERRIBLE COMPANY, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NON-PROFESSIONAL MECHANIC.

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


My 2014 Santa Fe Sport has an engine recall. Its been in the dealership's shop for 2 months now waiting for the engine to be built because they have none in stock. Weird. Anyways, the parts manager advised me that my engine is done but still waiting for the manufacturer to receive it because they had it built in Alabama instead of in California. My question is, would anyone know how long it normally take for an engine to get from Alabama to California?

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kirpal singh - 18 d 5 h ago


Hi i bought a used car from your dublin dealership, they sold a car which they not suppose to see. it's been 3 months now. they don't have the title but they sold the car. so cheep for making money and playing with the customers. they were agreed to exchange the same car and to pay me the money i spent on the car. but now they refused to do that too. they forced me to drive the expire title sticker on the number plate. this is so cheep and unprofessional. i lost too much money on this. there is something called consumer rights too. it's been about 2 weeks now. worst people with service

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Ladybird - 23 d 15 h ago

The head lights on 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe sucks. Bright and dim Shiite on ground, of eel like driving headlights off, I almost wrecked last night couldn't see the exit, cannot even see road ahead. Please have a recall, if I Erick get hurt/kill family going to sue.

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Anonymous - 32 d 5 h ago

So apparently Hyundai does not care about their customers. They refuse to pay to fix the engine that blew on my 2016 Hyundai Tuscon. The car is only 3 years old. I had no lights come on my vehicle indicating anything was wrong. Looks like I will be calling the Better Business Bureau along with a lawyer and the local news station. I will NEVER, EVER buy another Hyundai again. Poor service and consideration for their customers!! I wish they had a negative rating button because i would definitely rate them negative 100!!!! I will stick to Ford!!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 4 h ago


They do have recalls on some of their engines. Call a local dealership and ask then about your vehicle.

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Anonymous - 31 d 6 h ago

Already did that. There is no recalls for the issue my vehicle identification number. However they have offered to pay for half the repairs. I feel they should pay for all of it. If they are willing to pay for something it is because they know there are other issues with the vehicle. I am pursuing it legally now since i spent almost three hours on the phone with them last night and no one can give me a number to call for someone who is higher then the person i have been talking to.

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Anonymous - 24 d 9 h ago


right there with you...battling to get a 2015 Elantra engine replaced. They're only offering 50% of cost and says that since we 2nd owner, they are doing us a favor by offering 50%. They know there's an issue with the Elantra engines, but they won't step up.

Love my sonata, but won't buy another Hyundai

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deepak vij - 25 d 16 h ago


i had buy a brand new hyundai venue on 1/10/2019 and suddenly on 20/10/2019 a big noise from the engine coming like i was driving an auto rickshaw i feel very ambarassed that i had buy a wrong product my choice of selecting this car was wrong in just 15 days a noise from the engine is coming i had invested a big amount of money on this car i need my money back take your car back or exchange it into a new car along with compensation ori will file a court case.please look into the matter carefully and call me on(hidden)2888

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Mike C - 28 d 6 h ago


I have owned five Hyundai products, 2000 Elantra, 2001 Sonata, 2004 Kia Sedona, 2008 Sonata, and a 2018 Santa Fe Sport. I have never had a problem with the quality of the vehicles, I believe they are very high quality vehicles. However, I have had problems with their customer care (blue link). I have contacted blue link on two occasions and even though I provided every piece of information requested; Full name, address, type of vehicle, VIN, home address etc etc I was not able to provide a pin. Blue link has never been able to help me. N

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Jerry B - 30 d ago


I just purchased a 2016 Hyundai Sonata sport from John Amato in Milwaukee I was wondering is that engine one of the engines that was up for recall back then

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Lee Jackson - 35 d 1 h ago

My name Lee Jackson I own a 2002 hyundia eletra my cluster lights &my right running lights &my clock & doors lights and my clock all went out at the same time. I don't know what to do. Please help me I tried everything.

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MICHELE SILVA - 35 d 6 h ago

So it seems the engine blew on my 2016 Hyundai Tuscon. It is only 3 years old and my warranty just ran out. The previous owner was a car dealer that used it as a loaner vehicle. Now Hyundai wants me to pay half of the charges to repair it.! I have a vehicle home with almost 300,00 miles on it and have never had issues with my engine. My husband is a retired mechanic and takes very good care of our vehicles and he will confirm that the engine should never have went on the vehicle. I never had any notification from my check engine light or oil light. I am at a loss of words with the way Hyundai is treating us.

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