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Hyundai USA

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TAJ - 42 m 23 s ago


Here's the 1st review like I promised !

There are hundreds and hundreds of better places to buy a vehicle in the area than AutoFair Hyundai. I bought a Veloster last month after viewing cars for a month on line. They lured me in a link that said $169 down and 2.9% financing. It was an hr. drive. I had 4k down and a trade-in plus a co-signer with outstanding credit. When we began discussing deals, Matt, the brand new sales consultant had to go get his manager who was arrogant and mis-leading. He offered a much different deal and when I quoted the original, he stated that that deal was for qualified buyers. I said that I fit that criteria and that I want the "I'm a good guy deal" and could go anywhere and get a better deal. After 3 1/2 hrs. of test driving and negotiating, I finally agreed to buy. Then the financial department got a hold of me and baffled the hell out of me and my aging co-signer. There were hidden fees and warranty recommendations and I ended up spending 3k more than what I wanted however it took 6 hrs. and my dog and co-signer had to eat so I signed. Later that night I noticed that the interior lights did not work and the following day called Matt. He said to bring it in and I told him that I wasn't driving an hr. so I would take it to Somersworth Hyundai. He said that it would be covered with the factory warranty. A few days later, I got it in at Somersworth and after 30 mins. they told me that there were no bulbs in the lights. This woman, Cassie, told me that the bulbs were $20 a piece and labor was $60. Also that it was not covered by the warranty. I said that I could put the bulbs in and she said well "how about 50". I replied that I could go to any auto store and get the bulbs for $2 a piece and put them in myself. She then said "how about 40 for everything". I was so frustrated that I agreed believing that Manchester would reimburse me. They fixed it however the following day one light was out. I called Cassie and explained and she arrogantly ( plus snotty ) replied that I should bring it back however it was going to take 2 hrs. to "explore" and I would be charged the $105 mechanic rate. I said that she had already tried to gouge me the day before and that I was looking to set up a long term trusting relationship with a service department in that I bought a 10 yrs extended warranty and that it wasn't good business to begin a relationship. I then said that they lost a customer and hung up. The manager, Evan, called the following day and I explained Cassie's behavior. He didn't comment but said that they would look at it again and tell me what was wrong before they fixed anything. I told him that I would call in a week but I had really already made up my mind. I called Matt back in Manchester and told him that I wanted a $40 dollar refund and he stated that this was over his head and a manager would call back that evening. I waited and no one called. The next day, I called and spoke with a manager, Tim, and he was even more arrogant than Cassie. He told me that there were light bulbs in the car when they sold it to me. I said that someone is clearly lying to me and that after spending over 17k on a car, buying an extended warranty, that I should not have to be dealing with this kind of inept service and rude behavior. I'm beginning to think that Hyundai must send these employees to an arrogance seminar. If this is the case then Tim must have excelled. I hung up on him to. I called Matt back and explained everything again and that I had told him although I had not written a review yet that I was going to. I also reminded him that when I first met him, I would recommend them to everyone who asked where I bought the car if they treated me right. That I had a big mouth and a long memory. Matt wasn't capable of handling this so I again hung up. I plan to right to the complaint department at the main Hyundai offices and let them know of the behavior at some of their dealers. I do like the car but the sales and service are shaddy, inept and arrogant. I certainly hope this helps someone. Nissan makes good cars too !

Read this on YELP ! Much more to come ! Ty

P.S. The service manager at Manchester AutoFair, Tim, attempted to lie to me be saying that he told me that he would pay the $40 bill from Somersworth. I said that he never offered however that he could still pay it. I faxed it to him but that was over 2 weeks ago. He never did ask if my lights were properly fixed. If I can deter only one customer from buying from them then I've succeeded however I have bigger plans and will Yelp about this the life of the car.

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Bob - 24 d ago


I will never use HYUNDAI, USA PRODUCTS as long as they continue to advertise on the steven colbert Late Show on CBS. Colbert went off on a rant again last night about our President of The United States, who is supported by more than half the voters of this country.


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Un-Bob - 2 d 30 s ago

You mean supported by 38% - the haters and under-educated. The rest of the country, and the free world are opposed to the idiot hate-monger. Colbert BTW is brilliant.

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John Laurie - 2 d 26 m ago

Boycotting Hyundai due to their unethical choice to advertise with hate-mongering Sean Hannity. Hyundai and Kia, etc.will become a purchase option again once they stop advertising with this horrible man.

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Heather Fountain - 5 d ago

I am in market for a new car and have owned an pony and alantra but as long as hyundai supports Sean Hannity on Fox News I will not be buying a Hyundai!!!

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Unhappy viewer - 5 d 16 h ago

The commercial you run for Hyundai Ionia is discusting. It is shown during family oriented programs. Kids are watching this. Is it really necessary that the "boxing" girl has to hit the guy in his privates? What does this teach our kids? I'll never buy a car from a company that support this kind of action.

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William M. Brown - 6 d ago

May 23, 2017

I purchased a 2017 Hyundai Tucson around March from Jasper of Hyundai located in Jasper, Alabama. Let me first say my wife and I are enjoying the new ride and the salesman was very nice during the sale. I have a big problem with your sales manager and his attitude. Sense then I haven't received a survey from them. I spoke with the General Manager and still haven't received one. Seems like someone covering someone's butt. I think your sales manager needs schooling on how to treat people called (PR) which he lacks. My wife actually got up and left his office after he made the statement ( was I going to let ten dollars break the deal) when we where already told it was a done deal. Maybe he was left out of the loop, but should find things out before he makes such strong remarks. What concerns me now is how we will be treated when we go back for our service plan or repairs if any needed.

PS: I would give the salesman a (10)

I would give the sales manager (5) and would have to think

about giving him that.


Concerned Customer

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B Brow - 13 d 12 h ago


I own a hyundai 3 recalls on this but nothi g been fixed yet always an ex use why ca t get it in to fix. Now its really acting up. Affraid to drive it to far from home as I was told it coud stop at anytime an that would leave me stuck on road someplace. Frist hyundai waz reaxon windshield got worse than it was originally. Something in engine nee c ed new part but never called me back to say part was in. I called several times to ck. Recall on doors, now on o. Latch on hood. Engine light , bag, esc light stays messed thing after another. a out a lemon!!! Every time I've taken van in for reg services it ends up costing us 3oo. or alot more!! Please help me.

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Linder Rainey - 17 d 2 h ago


I have been a customer for a Hyundai dealership for the pass five years my concern right now is what part does CarShield has to do with my car this is a third-party company that that only makes money , because you are dealers are placing it on women's vehicles I would like very much to speak to someone about this it's not fair for dealer to take advantage of female women's who come inside of your store and purchase a vehicle carshield is a rip off and I hope that Hyundal is not a part of it again I can be reached at (hidden) my name is Linder Rainey at your convenience with someone please call me and let me know why this company was include it in my car payment thank you very much ........

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Deadly Grace - 18 d 22 h ago

I was told by my oldest son to buy a Hyundai which he said his girlfriend had and that it seems to be a good car(he also races cars,I use to,he gets it from me)I purchased a Kia instead and I got it because of the front grill.Let me say this,I would like to be compensated for this because this will increase your sales.If you get rid of that ugly"H" on the front your sales will go crazy.Resign it in an exotic way that catches the eye. Donnell Evont Hampton 4575 South Texas Ave.#b202 Orlando,Fl. 32839 (hidden).

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Canyon4 - 55 d ago

Please reconsider your decision to pull ads from The O'Reilly Factor. Do you really think the NY Times has written a fair and truthful story? Or are they trying to eliminate an important voice in today's political discourse - and are you helping them do it? I'm so tired of companies trying to be PC - based on innuendo and unproven claims against a famous person - please stop. And go back to selling cars.

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Mr. Franklin - 54 d 19 h ago


It's a business decision, not political. Mr Oreilly has offended so many people with his actions as a sexual predator any reasonable company who would want to sell their vehicles to all the people...would do the same.

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Eh - 25 d ago

They didnt pull any ads fron the show, they just decided not to consider the timeslot.

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Deadly Grace - 18 d ago

Oreilly is a racist pinhead that thinks he's smarter than anyone especially any Black person like me.He's gone and good.

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Christie Victore - 20 d 16 h ago


I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra from dealer in Florence in January 2015. I've had nothing but problems. Headlight work when they want to. (The connection wires to lights are being melted and could potentially cause s fire) I was told recently my warranty doesn't cover that it my wheel well covers that have been shredded on the front tires because the snaps did not stay in place and popped off. I should not have to pay for these issues which are not my fault. I still owe $11,000 on this car and had 2 warranties that don't cover any of these issues I think a recall should happen. When it snows here in KY the snow impacts around the front tires so bad you can't turn the wheel which can cause an accident. So not happy with my issues on my car. Was my very 1st new car. Hope you make good on it. Please and thank you.

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Antony-Euclid C. Villa-Real - 22 d 19 h ago

I invented a Patent Pending Hyper-jet Windshield Wipes for Modern automobiles which provide Clear-View Safe-Drive features for millions of Drivers and Passengers. I like to submit it for developments in Hyundai.

Please email me how to submit it to the right person in Hyundai.

Thanks and God Bless.


Antony-Euclid C. Villa-Real


email: (hidden)

Cell: (hidden)

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Steve Dake - 24 d 22 h ago


i would like to know when the 2018 G90's will be available. the dealers can not or will not tell me? pls don't ask me to call the dealers again.

the question is simple - will the 18's be different in any way from the 17's ?

some one please let me know. thank you


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QVW from AL - 41 d 4 h ago


Hello, I am the owner of a 2012 Hyundai Sonata purchased new back in 2012 and every year since our purchase we have had issues with this vehicle. The radio, transmission, blue link, and oil leaks. Back in November of 2016, there was an oil leak. I took the car in for service and was told that it was repaired but it was not. I took it again and was told that the leak was in a different place and it was repaired but not. On my third trip, with this same oil leak, I was told that I needed to replace the oil tube feed in which I had to pay for the cost of the repairs so I did. Two weeks later, the car was still leaking oil so I returned it to the dealership and was told this time that they couldn't find a leak but would replace the oil tube feed because there was a recall on this part and that I should submit a request for reimbursement to Hyundai USA for a refund for the cost of the repairs. I did this in January 2017, submitted all the requested documentation and accepted their offer for reimbursement in February 2017 and as of April 18, 2017, Hyundai has not refunded my money. Every time I contact Hyundai USA Consumer Affairs I am told that my reimbursement is being processed. I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase a Hyundai again and anyone I can tell of my experience with this vehicle I do. These vehicles are LEMONS not even good enough to make Lemonade.

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Knucklehead - 37 d ago


I took my car for an oil change to an Hyundai dealership they didn't tell me that I had an oil leak or there was a problem 2 weeks later I took it back for an oil leak they claim they fixed it but didn't. Now they are saying my motor frozen up due to had an oil leak and oil got into my motor I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata

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Eh - 25 d 7 s ago

Bail on that car asap. Hyundai's worst car ever, 15 recalls.

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Kevin - 32 d ago


That is so true I had 5 recalls my engine had went out why I was driving it not only the dealer had my car for 5 months got a call saying one of the repairs they can't fix until I pay 1875

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Hello there, I am a valid costumer of Hyundai since 2006 and very contented of the service where i bought my car in Bradenton, FL until i moved to Maryland state a year ago. I took my car for oil change service at the local dealership in Waldorf Sheehy Hyundai but they told me that i need to change my 2 tires because its in bad condition. To make the story short, they did the service for me and its cost me almost $500 which was perfectly fine. A week later, I drove my SUV back to FL because i got a job here. I noticed that my tire pressure MONITOR light was on, so i stopped by at gas station to check my tire pressure but the light didn't go away. When i got to Fort Myers FL, i took my SUV to a local Hyundai dealership so they can check it for me. I was told that one of my tire pressure monitor was broken or damage and the only way to get that damage was from putting a new tire. So, i called the Hyundai at Waldorf where i got my service done and told them about it but they told me to bring my SUV back to their site so they can fix it for me. I am 16 hours away and to drive back so they fix their mistake is impossible. I called many times and being passed on to many different extension but unfortunately no one cares to call me back. So, i decided to have it change at my own cost i paid almost $200 to replace it. I called the Waldorf Hyundai but theres nothing they can do for me at this point.I called corporate office from VA to discuss my issue but until today i haven't received any final decision from them. I am very very upset how they handle their costumer from their mistake and carelessness that cost me money to fix it. The service was so poor it happened to my fiancee as well where he took he's car for oil change went home and figured out that they didn't do the oil change after waiting for 3-4 hours. I am going to switch my car preferences from now on because of my bad experience. They can't do anything for me to ease my problem. POOR COSTUMER SERVICE,UNPROFESSIONAL! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY AND NOTHING ELSE MATTER.

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Donald - 37 d 19 h ago


I just assisted a member of my family with the purchase of one of your products. Then saw an article which claims to connect Hyundai with the Clinton foundation and also Hyundai pulling their advertising support from the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox news. There were also indications that Hyundai made corporate donations to the Clinton Foundation which is their privilege but I don't want my dollars going to that Foundation, that is my privilege. Will follow these items up and try to confirm with real data, if they are correct that will be the last Hyundai (and KIA) product that will ever be purchased by our family. Looks like Hyundai may be another tool for the Democratic party.

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chicky - 26 d ago

I think that was the right choice, fox news has covered for that pervert for years, shelled out millions to keep it under rap, good for Hyundai for pulling out of the ads

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Anonymous - 25 d 16 h ago


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