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Fountain Valley, CA
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2016 Tucson CLOCK disappeared - 3 d 11 h ago


The clock on my radio on my 2016 Tucson Limited disappeared weeks ago and all of the local dealers keep telling me I need to wait for a satellite programming repair (patch). Put it back the way it was or fix it. This is ridiculous.

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Fred Saltzberg - 4 d ago


Hyundai finance procedures are a disaster

Sent my check to purchase my Genesis mid August and received. A request for odometer reading and bill of sale. Faxed it Sep4 with request to fedex the title. Gave my fedex number

Called sep 12 told would be Mailed next day even though gave fedex number

Called tonight Sep18 no title and it was it was processed What an answer and no one to really talk with

Result not going to ever recommend doing business with Hyundai so local dealer suffers as I relay our horrible frustrating experience. To our friends and on social media

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pmart - 4 d 4 h ago


Is there a number to talk to talk to a manager of a case manager ? i have a 2016 Hyundai Sonata and have had so many issues with this car . i seriously need to address this to someone above all case managers . i have called so many times and customers services isn't helpful as to trying to help you talk to the right person. My Sonata has had so many issues and an engine recall and problems after problems . I need help locating someone like the secretary of the CEO or president of Hyundai motor company. My car has been in the shop for two months!!!!!!

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Robert - 22 d 16 h ago

Two weeks ago, August 17, 2019, I notice that my new 2019 Kona SEL (VIN-KM8K62AA1KU254317) with 4300 miles, started to jerk/buck at speed between 0-30 miles an hour when accelerating or de-accelerating. Seem to be in both normal or sport mode driving. I stop by a Hyundai dealership and purchased a bottle of Hyundai Fuel Additive and added this to my gas tank. No luck, this did not help with the Kona's jerking/bucking at speed between 0-30 miles an hour. I made an appointment for Friday, 08/23/2019 at 8:00 AM, service advisor, Miguel Paz at Fairfax (Virginia) Hyundai, Dealership Address:10925 Fairfax Blvd - Fairfax VA 22030. I keep the appointment which lasted about four hours to be told at the end, that there is a problem with my new 2019 Kona but the car is to new to be able to identify what the problem is or what the repair would have to be. I was told to keep driving the Kona and if the dealership (Fairfax Hyundai) comes up with a way to make repairs to this vehicle they would contact me. They, the dealership also said they did not think by driving this vehicle with this problem would be detrimental to the vehicle. I was told the car is under warranty if a break down happens. I would think the warranty would cover the repair's now, for the jerking/bucking problem. Should I be looking for another dealership to make warranty repair's on this vehicle or wait to hear back from Fairfax Hyundai to come up with a fix? If another dealership, could you at Hyundai USA recommend a suitable dealership who is trained to work on 2019 Kona's in the Washington , DC area? Thanks for your help, Robert Pace

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago

Do you think it could be your automatic brakes (does your car have that safety future)? I have a brand new 2019 Santa Fe and while I drive it, the brakes automatically apply themselves. I was originally told it's from the easy pass interfering with the camera but the problem still exists.

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Queen Csaritsa Malka - 10 d 14 m ago



I was listening to a dog breeder telling how mongrels are always unpredictable in their behavior - they don't know which stain they should act like. This doesn't apply to us tho', we're not animals. Ain' dat so, Izzy?

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Peter Gerard - 10 d 7 h ago



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Larry Moore - 10 d 12 h ago


Our 2017 Hyunda Santa Fe with 27,000 miles on it was being driven in the rain(not heavy rain) and water splashed up and knocked the evap condenser off and it was dragging the ground. Gene messer Hyundai in Lubbock, Texas said it was not going to be covered by warranty ans I hit an impediment in the road-WATER. Can you believe that. So are Hyundaisw not to be deriven in the rain or heavy dew??? Unreal.

Dear Larry Moore,

Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with the information in regards to your 2017 Santa Fe Sport.

We opened a case for you, case number:16111658 and documented your concerns.

A case manager will be in contact with you within 3-5 business days in order to provide you further assistance. We appreciate you as a Hyundai Customer, and the opportunity to assist you with your concerns.

Thank you for your time, and patience.

National Consumer Affairs


Hyundai Motor America

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Peter Gerard - 12 d ago



No problem with Hyundai cars, (I've owned three) it's the dealership. Now Bob Baker. We turned in our 2017 lease and got a new vehicle. It was the end of June. We got the new vehicle on July 3rd. My old registration expired at the end of June. Since then, the DMV has been sending renewal notices to me for the old car. The dealer said it was taken care of. It was not. Just got a delinquent renewal for the old car 9/9/19. The DMV still shows me as the owner on record-meaning still liable for that car (parking tickets etc.) I called the dealer, and was transferred to the finance department. They did not answer the phone so I left a message at 9:30AM. I did not receive a call by noon so I called again, and again they did not answer. I left another message. No call back at 4:30 PM so I called again and asked to speak to a sales manager. I explained the problem to him and he told me to call the DMV. Why do I have to contact them? Plus, I have no release of liability form issued from the dealer. I tried to call and getting through is like winning the lottery, it never happened. Plus, would they take my word over the phone that I do not own the car? I tried calling Hyundai finance "twice" and they told me the car was turned in-"really" I didn't know that? They also advised me to call the dealer. Now we're on the hamster wheel. So, Bob Baker offered NO HELP to straighten this out and I am not going to counterfeit a release of liability. Sales people are sooo nice selling you a car but offer no help after the purchase.

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John - 12 d 19 h ago


If Hyundai wants to sell that new Santa Cruz they better stick to their original design and not change the concept model. The concept that came out in 2015 was really the car that everyone wanted and now they want to change the design. I think they will lose all their buyers if they change the design. They better think about this decision before they a big mistake and consumer will not buy the new design.

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Queen Csaritsa Malka - 14 d 15 h ago



Do you really think that 1.2 billion Chinese buy into the idiotic "Jews are God's chosen"? Or the billions of Asian Indians? Only jew-dazed honky nitwits believe such nonsense along with the jews themselves. After Whitey goes, I think the "chosenites" will be in for a rude awakening about which god choses which.

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Stacy D'Arc - 15 d 21 h ago

Why are you guys burying the beautiful Andra Day Rise Up video that hundreds of musicians worked on for the love of the song? Its a beautiful work of art that you are hiding from the world that needs it so badly.

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chris p - 31 d 14 h ago


Still waiting on $50 gift card for test driving the vehicle back in May, 2019.

Phone consultants at (hidden) are rude, incompetent/clueless, and passionless about their job!!

I bought the vehicle . . . . what else do I need to do. Dealership says refer to customer service at (hidden).

Need Hyundai Leadership to get a clue . . . toxic culture at your customer service department.

Even, hung up on a few times since they are a bunch of kids that get frustrated with simple questions.

chris p.

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Gift Cards - 15 d 8 h ago


Yup I didnt get one of mine either.

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John Effinger - 18 d 7 h ago


To whome it may concern. I purchased a 2015 5.0 Genesis new and within six or eight months the transmission had to be replaced. dose that not fall under the lemon law as to being a bad vehicle?

Respectfully John M Effinger

EXSFC/P retired 100% service connected Vietnam Veteran


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LEMONS - 15 d 8 h ago


NOPE, I had to do the same thing with my Tuscan, they are refusing to take it in for service the 3rd time because it will then qualify for lemon law

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Mike and Judy Sherrod - 19 d 4 h ago


My husband and I have always felt valued as customers and treated well by our Hyundai Dealership. However, we have had two concerns with the technology on our 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited. The clock suddenly stopped working and our service department informed us that there was a software glitch and Hyundai engineers were working to seek a solution. Could someone please follow up on this with us with a more detailed response? So, are we just suppose to ignore that we have lost a very important on an expensive, important part of our automobile's technology? We have also had a one time occurring situation where a battery discharge indicator warning came on. We carried he car in for that to be evaluated and were basically told to ignore it unless it happened again. It is close to 180 mile round trip for us to take our vehicle in to speak to someone in the service department. This is the second Elantra that we have owned, and up to this past month have been very satisified with the vehicles and service. Please advise what is being done to correct the software problem with the navigation/clock. We hope to have communication from you soon.

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Kathy McCoy - 21 d ago


My daughter went to see about getting a car at Peacock Hyundai in Columbia South Carolina. She wanted a Hyundai Elantra. Because of her bad credit, she was told she could not get a new car and the only car they would be able to sell her was a 2013 Veloster. They said it had just had the Turbo replaced, which costs about $5000 so it would hold its value and she could work on getting her credit up by purchasing this and then coming back and trade like 6 months off. She purchased it and brought it home and asked me to drive it. I did and knew right away it was not working correctly. It wouldn't accelerate enough to even get on the interstate. She called them immediately and returned to the dealership the next day. She intended on returning it because she had read she could do that within 3 days of purchase. They continued to tell her that she could not get any other car and could trade it in and get a new one in about 6 months or so once her credit improved. The Turbo was bad in the car and it was replaced after a couple of weeks. When she got the car back it would not start for her. She had also noticed the bumper was falling apart and had been hot glued or glued somehow back together. She found other things wrong and gave them a list and returned the car for being fixed. She did purchase the warranty with the car. Her grandmother was with her when she returned it and they were told by Craig that the bumper would be replaced with a new bumper. She got a rental for the car since it was covered under the extended warranty. It took I know at least 4 weeks before getting the car back. When she got the car back it still had the same bumper on it, although it had be put back together. Craig said he never said it would get a new bumper but my daughter, her grandmother, and an employee at the dealership all heard him say he would. As you can imagine, this left a very bad taste for this car in her mouth for a car she never wanted to start with. She was really just doing it because she was told it would help her credit.

On Friday, August 23rd, I went back with her because she was just very unhappy to be paying on a car that wasn't worth what they sold it for. She was hoping to just get out of that car and owe nothing or possibly trying to find something different and better. Raleigh was the sales person through all of this and I believe he tried to help her, but people over him were out to take advantage of her. It was, in my opinion, almost like the bait and switch. Raleigh spoke to someone over him in sales and thought she could get a 2019 basic model Elantra. As the afternoon went on they said she would have to have someone co-sign. So I ended up co-signing so that she could get out of the Veloster. We did the paperwork and basically were screwed out of $4000 from the Veloster purchase and it was carried over to new loan. She had this car in her possession no more than two weeks during the entire time from start to finish. We were told at signing that we may have to come back and sign paperwork again on Saturday if something changed with the loan. The next day Kayla was called back and told we needed to come sign paperwork again and it would be a cheaper payment. When we got there and were getting prepared to sign new paperwork I was told that she could not be on the loan at all. So at this point, not knowing what else to do, I signed the paperwork. I believe there are several people in management that are very dishonest, and not even particularly nice people. I definitely feel that they could have taken the Veloster back at what she paid for it. They took advantage of her. I would like to be able to speak with or be able to contact the owner directly to let him know what kind of people are working for him at this dealership. I am tempted to go and gather some of her friends and protest in front of the dealership for being misleading from the beginning. I have dealt with some bad dealerships and I have never felt like I have been deceived to this degree.

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Ed Perkins - 23 d 8 h ago


Southwest regional Florida office.

On 8-21-19 I arrived home from vacation and discovered the clock on my nav system was not working. I went to Gettel Hyundai of Lakewood Service Dept. and was advised there was an engineering problem and could not give me a time frame when the clock would be returning to my nav system. Poor customer service. So I am asking you when will I be getting my clock back. That was issue number 1. Issue number 2. On 8-23-19 I had an oil change done at Tuffy Auto Service in Bradenton, FL. (hidden). The mileage out from the oil change was 34483. When I got in my car the next morning the odometer had 4000 more miles than when I left Tuffy's. I know I did not drive 4000 overnight please explain why this happened. If you can make my clock disappear I'm sure you can change my mileage on the odometer. When I asked the same dealer all they said they could do was put the info in the computer and let them know if it happens again. Again poor customer service. Will you please have someone contact me regarding these issues. I have owned 5 Hyundai's and my wife 3.

Thank you,

Ed Perkins

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L.Borrelli - 25 d 8 h ago


Our 2015 Tuscon's engine blew in Florida on our way to see our son.Two weeks after we got home we received a letter recalling the car. It took 6 months to get the car back We had 3 different loaner cars while waiting. It was towed to the dealership we purchased the car from with a smashed windshield. I was told I had to call the towing company they hired. After 2 weeks of getting nowhere I put a claim in with my insurance co.This was our 4th and last car we will buy from them.

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Yogi - 55 d ago


I leased a 2019 Santa Fe in Morristown, Tennessee, last month. On the 26th of June, I got a call from the finance Mgr, stated that he needs to meet for me to sign some paperwork. I inadvertently told him I was having dinner at Chili's. A few minutes later, he showed up at chili's, with paperwork. He informed me that he had incorrectly filled out the paperwork and that he needed me to sign another set of papers and that my monthly payments would be the same. I signed the paperwork.

Not having heard from Hyundai by the middle of July, where to send my payment, which was due on 7/1. I went into the dealership with a check for $410.00 and asked the sales manager to forward the check to Hyundai motors.

On 7/27, I called the dealership to inquire why my lease account had not been credited with the payment I had made, for $410.00. The sales Mgr, ( a woman) started to argue with me and refused to take the account number to post to my account. She accused me of not wanting to give her the account number and then wanted me to email to her. I told her to f... off and hung up.

It seems that this type of incompetence is not unique in the auto sales industry, as there seems to be no steps to resolve these complaints. The headquarters in CA, do not answer their phones!!!

I will never buy or lease another Hyundai vehicle and I will give this information to the senior center, to stay away from this dealership.

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Kelly - 25 d 10 h ago


I have owned the new palisade for 2 months and haven't received payment 1. Have called the finance company and they keep sending it incorrect address, have told them 4 times and still haven't received anything. The leather has a terrible odor, I mean terrible

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P Mcdowell - 25 d 15 h ago


Hyundai had the best customer service agent name John. North hills Pittsburgh pa. Never a long wait period for appointment. Walk in service taken care Right then. My car has 47000 miles and the signal is on the radio Only appointment available is sept 3 . I took the car in on Saturday morning. No one could work on it Holiday travel no radio no Sirius. Help. P. McDowell

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Diane P. - 26 d ago


I want to give a shout out to Adam at Hyundai Customer Care at the Fountain Valley headquarters. Lost my 2018 Elantra and home in a fire and he helped to resolve a very involved issue I had to cancel my extended warranty. Very compassionate and stayed on the line throughout. Hyundai management, give Adam a bonus!! BTW-- I bought 2020 Hyundai Elantra. Love the car.

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William sudduth - 26 d 8 h ago


Hyundai has got to be the worse company out here engine blew at 58xxx on 17 Hyundai Santa for

Took the 16 hrs to tow it with all my belongings be left and unlocked and that's after I had to follow up and track where my car was when I called them before to let them know it wasn't safe to drive but they wouldn't get me any transformation to get home and said it should be fine to drive the short distance followed by a week with no vehicle then they get me something that wasn't fit for my family now I'm forced to take two vehicles everywhere and still make this payment. Been almost four months I still don't have my car back they just now got the parts two days ago and don't want to warranty the new motor im told that they are pretty good engines and this doesn't happen often I should have nothing to worry about but the fact I'm even having this issue tells me that isn't the case

Want to give me normal trade in when I haven't had the car a year and expect me to go upside down because their vehicle was poorly built

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