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Hyundai USA

10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 965-3000
(714) 965-3149
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Jennifer - 4 d 17 h ago



Dear, Coggin Deland Hyundai

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by your Sales Consultant-Team Leader Juan Martinez. My husband and I have purchased several cars from Hyundai the reason why we are visiting Coggin of Deland for the third time is because of Juan. We have leased our last car and this time we wanted to buy our next vehicle, we have made several trips to the dealer ship and others in the area since we had time to look around before our lease was up. Every time we visited Juan which was a lot he always gave us his full attention and answered any and all questions my husband or myself had. Juan has made us feel like we are not just customers but friends, this is not the normal when purchasing a car it is usually a long drawn out processes.

We really commend the prompt service provided by Jose Fernandez General Manager and his finance team. Jose and his team made every effort to go above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and that they stayed in touch with us and kept us updated. The entire finance process was actually a nice experience with no pressure it was a smooth transaction.

The outstanding customer service that was giving to us should not go unrecognized as it is always easy for people to point the bad and forget about positive experiences that are given as well. Sales Consultant JUAN MARTINEZ , Finance Department and General Manger JOSE FERNANDEZ.

Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. We will love recommending Coggin Deland Hyundai to anyone who needs to buy a car in the future. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Two happy Hyundai Vehicle Owners

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Unhappy Hyundai Owner - 19 d 14 h ago


Disappointment seems to be the theme here. We are trying to purchase a Sante Fe. Only one dealer has the one in the color we want and the dealer isn't willing to trade our local dealership for one of theirs. How childish! What a bad representation of Hyundai. Corporate should be embarassed.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago


Buy Toyota

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Hyundai Quality? No More! - 10 d 17 h ago


I own two Genesis V8. The warranty on the older one expired last November. Just before expiration the car started experiencing major problems. The CA failed and the compressor was replaced but still does not regulate temperature correctly. The transmission failed and was replaced. It has since been repaired twice, one requiring that the unit was removed from the vehicle. The engine failed and a replacement engine was installed. It leaked oil before even leaving the dealership and had to be removed for repair. The vehicle is since now four weeks at the dealership waiting for final engine replacement and yet another transmission. Repairs were held up by Hyundai because one department authorized the repair but failed to coordinate with another, which put the repair on hold for two weeks before Hyundai could coordinate internally and get their act together. Since October the vehicle has been in the shop for two months.

Throughout the ordeal the dealership, Ed Voyles of Atlanta and especially their customer service representative Rob Stover, has been exemplary, Hyundai itself much less so. Multiple phone calls and e-mails to the Genesis hotline resulted in automated messages that I would be called and the phone representatives, which clearly have neither authority nor training also promised return calls. None of these calls ever happened. Just today during another where I expressed my concern that the replacement engine was supposed to be fixed at the dealership rather than swapped for a working replacement unit, the same promises were made. One difference was the explanation that the regional rep at the company left and the new representative was blamed for dropping the ball. Of course, given that she just got the account only January 30 that is just another alternative fact.

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago


Update: Although I was promised a call from the Hyundai regional rep to deal with my issues, the call never came. Her name, Cierra, was given to me but she is obviously to busy to deal with a customer. The dealership, however, called and informed me that the replacement engine has yet another problem. This time a warning light comes on and the reason has not been determined. The vehicle is not in the shop since 4.5 weeks.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago


I. Understand h

Hyundai. Are junk

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Bowen - 7 d 20 h ago

Have a 2011 Hyundai. Accent. Had problems since i got it it not dependable. To go 1 mile down to store

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ken - 9 d 8 h ago



78,254 miles

this is the vin # of 2011 hyundai sonata 2.4V with premature wearing bear, the cyclic knocking noise with a worn connecting rod bearing, goes up with the acceleration, sounds like a noise of 1995 sedan having 300,000 miles.

the dealer is refusing a fix, saying bcoz the car is drivable, its not running hot or the smoke is not coming out of the hood.

so it has to end up at the junk yard, i spend $9000.00 to finance.

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Anonymous - 10 d 24 m ago


My case # 9755778

Tuscan 1.6 transmission is bad. Currently, because of my constant complaints, it is getting a new transmission. I have qualified for Nebraska lemon law. This is also a lease vehicle. I am not pleased with this decision. I would like Hyundai to do a buy back & reimburse all of the payments & down payment.

Hyundai has such high standards for their dealerships, which is great, but I do not feel that standard dealing directly with Hyundai corporate. Have owned 3 Hyundai's, most likely won't happen again.


Ellen Nisely


If you care....

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Candy Humphreys - 10 d 19 h ago

I am the proud owner of a 2008 Sonata happen to have one issue in 2016 that the dealer had a problem resolving my sensors for my TPMS were broken and the Dealer tried half dozen times 2 replace them however it seemed they were all defective parts and they did not succeed.Last time was in July and I had major surgery in August and my morning was expired. I would like to see if you can intervene on my part to get these sensors finally replaced at no cost to me.

Lelie ll mleashainJuly

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Frank Rodman - 12 d ago


The transmission in 2016 Tucson 1.6 t is a complete nightmare. The car won't move a all sometimes from a stop sign. Couldn't get up my driveway the other day for five minutes. The dealer has done four computer updates with no results, and won't help in any other way. Hyundia USA IS UNWILLING to help me. This is my 8th Hyundia from the same dealer but they don't seem to care!! The only 2016 cars at the three dealers here in Richmond are all Tucsonset, because they can sell them. (hidden) has spent years gaining legitimacy and their reluctance to do the right thing will be their downfall !

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djrecchia - 12 d 12 h ago

Car saved my life.

Rather have seatbelt injuries, than not be able to tell you, car saved my life.

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Happy American - 13 d ago

LOVE your superbowl tribute that was more than just a commercial. I will be looking at Hyundai's Auto for future auto purchases. Thank you - Americans know that took a lot for you to do. Your company is not a follower you are a leader. thank you

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Quientrell - 16 d 15 h ago


I am appalled at what i am being told at the Medlin Hyundai dealership in Rocky Mount NC. After a month of trying to figure out why my car didn't start they deemed it was the alternator. When i went to go pick up the car, it wouldnt start. which suggests to me the alternator was not the problem. Then they told me it was a front end module that will cost an additional $900, plus they want me to pay the $560 for the alternator that didn't solve the problem. I will go to court if I have to. I will not be paying for that alternator.

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago

I paid my car off in September 2016, never received Title! They sent it regular mail very dumb thing to do! Why would they send a Title regular mail when all otherCompanies send them Fed Ex etc NOT REGULAR MAIL!! I never received it! Now I have to waste time and pay 60.00 to get a copy! WHY?

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Paula Galasso - 19 d 19 h ago


Trying to get ahold of a corporate representative of Hyundai and meeting with a wall of recordings that keep looping back without access to a human being. I am a strong potential buyer, former VW diesel owner, and one recording says stay on line and rep will assist you, however the same recording just keeps picking up without any assistance as you say will happen. I have a finance question above dealer regarding incentive and my first impression of your corporate customer service is dim at best. You would be well served to not have a recording that claims a person will assist you if you remain on the line if that is simply not what you intend to follow through with.

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Anonymous - 24 d 7 s ago


The dealership in Fairfax, Va. is very poorly run. The workers are frequently shortchanged for the work they do, and there is no HR department to address it. In addition, they put incompetent people in key positions, and lie to customers about needed service.

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Concerned Parent - 24 d 15 h ago

I live in Massachusetts and am appalled at the Hyundai advertisement on television that shows a Dad dropping a large block of snow on a small child's head... I think this shows child abuse and should be pulled off the air Immediately. If I am misinterpreting this please explain.

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Matt - 31 d ago


The dealership in colma, california is not to be trusted. Hyundai serramonte had the worst bunisess practices. Sold me a car with expired tag and tickets. Finance manager phi promissed me tags and reg in mail. I got the reg with no tags. I went to the dmv to find out that i have to pay for lost tags and have to pay for a ticket before i owned car. I could go on and on. Warning to everyone go buy else where.

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No longer proud to own a Hyundai - 34 d 14 h ago

Disappointed in the Hyundai commercial during the NFL playoff game....distasteful, disgraceful...we have owned two Hyundai vehicles.....if this commercial is an indication of the future of your company we will rethink our next purchase...negative commercials bring negative results.

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Barry Halpern - 36 d 36 s ago

Barry Halpern

Be careful when you purchase a Hyundai and need a replacement of your electronic navigation system. I have a 2013 Elantra Limited. In less than 2 years the navigation system had to be replaced. The Coconut Creek, Florida dealer said they had to order a new one . It came in a week later. They installed it on 9/2014 and for 2 years it worked like it should. Yesterday I brought my car it for the same problem that I had before. I was told there would be a $125.00 charge to check it out. Being a repeat customer ( this was my 3rd Hyundai) in 9-14I took them at their word saying a NEW ONE WILL BE INSTALLED AND THERE WAS NO CHARGE FOR A REPLACED UNIT . Yesterday I was told by the service manager that these units installed were refurbished (USED) system and only came with a 1 year warranty AND NOT NEW. YES At that time I had no reason to believe that a company like Hyundai would resort to USED replacement electronic parts

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SC - 107 d 12 h ago


Waiting for my brand new motor ( new), motor to be rebuilt , to be installed, back into my brand new car that I got to drive for almost 2 1/2 weeks , still had dealers tags.

Someone PLEASE tell me if this is a NEW MOTOR???

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Anonymous - 38 d 21 h ago

i HAVE THE 2016 Tuscon,,, theySAID they put a New power train Trans in it after having it for 4 months of hell... still having the same dangerous problem of the car not excellerating or jerking foward into trafic... They Suck,,,now i am fighting to get them to take it back.... What a huge mistake...Be safe and be smart...ask to see the reciept for the purchase of the new motor...match it up to your vin

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Texasgal - 50 d 9 h ago


I bought a 2013 Genisis in nov of the same year. I love this car. You couldn't separate me from it.

I don't understand your zero rating. Do you contact responders here?

I have no experience with the company after my purchase which was cash.

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Diane - 38 d 21 h ago


Ialso had the 2013 Genisis,,, absoulty loved that car...unfortunatly we leased... i now have a grandchild and chose to purchase a 2016 Tuscon,,,, That car has been a nightmare and a danger to me and my family..... it has been in the dealership for so many recalls and they had to even put a brand new transmission in it... a new secondary hood latch that was defective and the bigest problem is when you try to excellerate the car does not go into gear,,,, so basically,,, your gas peddle is on the floor and your staying at the same speed... try that one out on the highway while trying to swithch lanes... very very dissapointed... now i have to get a lemon law lawyer involved because the company is fighting me... I thought they were a good company with a pretty good product... WRONG..

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