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Hyundai USA

10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 965-3000
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Barbara Corry - 5 h 14 s ago


Service after the sales...My experience is in Murfreesboro, TN, and it is very bad. I have spent 3 days just trying to make an appointment for service. I've tried their "chat" site, several calls, and FINALLY this morning AFTER HOLDING FOR 35 minutes and then calling on my land line, was I able to schedule. I even took a shower this morning while I was holding!!! I am not a complainer, but this has really been beyond any BAD service I have received on anything!

When they finally answered, there was no apology for my having to hold either. Now, the service might be great, but who wants to go through this just to schedule??

Barbara Corry, Ph.D.

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nicole - 3 d ago

I have been a costumer at Hyundai for over 6 years now. I recently purchased a 2018 Sonata a little over a year ago. I recently went in for a routine oil change and was told there was a recall on the engine that needed to be updated. They performed the update and went home an hour later. Two days later on my way to work my car engine completely stopped and had to get my car towed. As I arrived at the Hyundai dealership they told me they "had a feeling this would happen," Why would they perform this update if they knew this would damage my car? Now Hyundai is telling me my car wont be ready for another 6 months because they need to order a part that MIGHT NOT EVEN FIX THE ENGINE. I am livid as they continue to tell me I am not entitled to a loaner car in the mean time! They are leaving me without a car and telling me I must spend my own money on a rental for their wrong doing? This is completely unfair and unethical. I was forced to quit my job as it consists of transporting people in which I can not do now. They are being completely unhelpful and telling us there is nothing they can do! Now i refuse to pay monthly car payments and insurance for a car that is sitting in the Hyundai lot in which I might never get back. I am completely taken back by this horrible costumer service.This is completely wrong and no one should be put through this!

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Susan - 43 d ago


I will never buy a Hyundai after your commercial about vegans on SuperBowl Sunday. SHAME ON YOU! Poor judgement - do you use poor judgement in the making of your vehicles. NO MORE HUYNDAI!

Flagged for review. 
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ALS - 5 d 3 h ago


I think they purposely put that VEGAN commercial on TV to keep those whiners away from there company.

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Susan Cole - 43 d ago

Didn't appreciate the vegan bashing Super Bowl commercial. You are contributing to the stigma of a lifestyle that is trying to cause the least amount of harm to all sentient life and that includes humans. You know what makes me want to throw up? People eating dismembered body parts of animals that were treated with no regard what so ever. People mindlessly eating the secretions of sentient animals. A society that teaches people to eat meat (includes fish) dairy and eggs. Wake up and look how that is making people so sick!

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PETA People Eating Tasty Animals - 31 d 5 h ago

Honey this is a car complaint sight not your poor vegan picking on me sight. Go eat grass

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ALS - 5 d 4 h ago


See! VEGAN lifestyle makes you deleterious.

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bill - 12 d 1 h ago


Went to the Hyundai burelson to do a test drive and get a $40.00 visa gift card. All I got was a hard time from some young receptionist. She was loudly still running her mouth and talking badly about me before I left the showroom. I was met by the salesman and the sales manager. Then I was told I would be getting the visa card in the mail. But after 2 weeks I have not gotten the gift card... very bad..... I also sent a letter to the owner and sales mgr but they choose not to respond. Bad again. Apparently you don't want to resolve any complaints by a first time customer. I won't come back. If you are not going to give the gift card there is no reason to lie to me. I should have gotten the gift card while I was there. Hope this dealership goes out of business. There are plenty of places to buy a new car but it won't be sorry Hyundai. Bill (hidden)

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Chris - 12 d 39 s ago


Engine defect on Hyundai Sonata. I have owned by Hyundai Sonata for 6 years and not had any issues or complaints until my engine blew with 119k miles on it. I am told it was part of an engine recalls and Hyundai states they will replace it for free due to the known defect. I had brought my car in for previous recall inspections but was told I had no issues. So this was great new right. Well, not that great it appears. My car engine blew up on December 3rd 2018. It is now March 7, 2019 and I am still waiting for my engine to be replaced and cannot get any firm estimate from Hyundai still after 3 months of waiting. I was told they would reimburse me for my rental car but now I have charged thousands on my credit card and without an estimate of when this will end, I am getting worried about charging more.

Hyundai Consumer Affairs is horrible and my representative never answer their phone. I have literally call them over 100 times without one pickup. So here I am left in limbo and without any communication from Hyundai. The dealer is worthless and tells me that Hyundai does not give them estimate. Engines just appear randomly.

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Amy - 19 d ago


I have no issues with this site.

Hyundi is a joke. Ive had to put 2 new transmissions in my car and my odomter is 99834. The corp. is absolutely ridiculous. It took 6 weeks to get my transmission in. They won't help me with a rental or any kind of discounts. Anthony was my case manager and he was a joke. This whole thing is a joke. Ill NEVER own a Hyundi EVER again.

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equushell - 23 d 16 h ago


EQUUS HELL: Own 2014, EQUUS. Enjoyed driving car, dedicated Equus Advocate would come to my home, swap car and take to dealership for repairs and bring car back to my home. He retired in 2018, and it has been quite a different level of care by the servicemen who remain.

My car has air bags on the rear wheels, that allow the car to raise and lower with the push of a button. Of late, the car seemed really low, sitting atop the tires. Took car to dealer. Since my car is still under warranty, an investigator from the warranty company had to come to dealership, look the car over and make a determination as to whether the car needed repairing - first investigator said car DID NOT warrant repairing. I have meeting with service personnel, and another warranty investigator came to dealership, looked car over and said the car did not have a problem; no repair justification. Within 2 days, the car was practically sitting on the ground, driving like a truck - back to dealership I go.

Repair necessary! Car sat on lot for over a week, but air suspension, on the right, was repaired. I take the car but still notice the drive ability was faulty. I have out of stock wheels, so I must have tire rotations and balancing every 3 months - I go to JustTires and ask the technician to inspect my car wheels, rims, tires with a fine-tooth comb: their findings - REAR STRUTS GONE; BRAKE PADS DOWN TO 10% (FR); BRAKE PADS DOWN 20% (RR); WEIGHT OF CAR PRESSING DWN ON TIRES, CAUSED, "CUPPING," OF TIRES (cupping refers to tires taking on a bulging shape).

All the visits to the dealership meant nothing! They were not repairing my car, nor was any technician troubleshooting my car. I just completed a 90,000 mile service, which is a major repair; the brakes, tires, struts, air suspension, etc was to be check and repaired. Because of this level of neglect, my experience is being placed for you all to read. My letter writing campaign will be fervent and I will share my story with you lovely people who own Hyundai cars. The dealership is in Torrance, California

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Flagged for review. 
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No longer a loyal Hyundai owner - 25 d ago


I have been a loyal Hyundai owner for 16 years. I had an oil consumption problem that I had been dealing with for over 7 months. After spending hundreds of dollars doing the recommended repairs, the problem still exists. Their solution was to add oil Service sucks.

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Brady - 25 d ago


I referred a friend and suppose to get 200 referral fee, it's been almost 2months and yet to receive my referral fee, and everytime I call to check the status they give me some bullshit, or cant even speak with anyone, south towne Hyundai hwy 85 riverdale ga

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LBW - 27 d 5 h ago


I have a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Limited with all the great safety features. However, the headlights are a huge problem, which has been well documented on various car/safety websites. There is a dark line with two notches that obstructs vision with low beams at night. A huge shadow occurs, which in my opinion, is a terrible safety issue with the car. I never would have purchased the vehicle if I had test driven the car at night, but, in reality, how many people test drive cars at night? When I took my car for service about the issue, they said everything is normal/fine. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people who think otherwise. This is a serious safety issue that warrants a recall!

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Ashrafaddin - 32 d 12 h ago

The door handle both sides : driver and passenger sides are broken without any force or demage this is extremely dangerous in accidents I took it to dealeship I said " I accept any other part but this one you have to fix it " they did not help me. My question is that how the United States allowed these cars here .

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mdwerner6942 - 33 d 6 h ago


My blue link and windows lock switch did not work and hyundai case manager sent me to local dealer which was 2.25 hr drive round trip there from 11:45 to 3:50 and they checked the car at about 3:30 and order a switch but blue link issue not activating after offer and purchase seem no one knew what was up, dealer said not sure why hyundai not help since there the party on 3 way call who set the blue link check at dealer after their techs could not fix it on their end so assume its the unit its self which I have no idea what is going on since know the number to hyundai I had used told they cannot help because its at national office, case manager called when at dealer and many times since never returns my calls and keep calling even though name and number hyundai gave me different and work hours time I call but as of last week he still has not returned my calls. Case# 14772773 EDUARDO

National Consumer Affairs


Hyundai Motor America

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Mr. Williams - 33 d 16 h ago


William Lehman Hyundai in Miami Florida are very crooked and are thieves all in the name of business

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Julian J. Bailey - 36 d 6 h ago


A Hyundai commercial makes fun of vegetarians by a demeaning remark involving vegan "Beetloaf". It is enough that a large segment of the population is unaware of the damaging effects of the ingestion of animal products on human health as well as the environment. Besides health & humane issues, most people are unaware that the top cause of global climate change is related to the consumption of animal products. If your company representatives doubt this fact, they need to read since there are many books on the subject and it is not even debatable amongst truly educated people. On a health level, vegetarians get less cancer and live substantially longer than meat eaters.

Anyway, besides those basics (and there are more reasons to be vegetarian or vegan) it is not very smart for your company to be turning off a growing segment of the population to your product. I would not even consider looking at a Hyundai as an option for a new car simply based upon that commercial. I almost didn't want to send this text to stop the commercial so that the attitude of your company doesn't become hidden from the vegan and vegetarian population but chose to send it in spite of that.

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Paula Routsong - 37 d 24 h ago

My brother passed away a few weeks ago from harden arteries and heart disease from a (shorten) life of eating meat and diary. He was 58. How you could make fun of such and important issue as veganism, I don't know. Eating animals is senseless murder that is destroying the planet, our health and the cause of immeasurable suffering to billions of animals. Being vegan is not an 'elitist thing' either. Would strongly suggest broadcasting an apology!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 41 d 3 h ago

I went to the Vacaville Ca Hyundia dealership because I had play and clicking in my stearing wheel. I also had a rattling in the steering column when I drove over bumps on the roads. I was told it was a coupler issue. They kept my car overnight and called me mid afternoon saying the car was ready for pickup. I have paperwork declaring their service Dept replaced the coupler. They also preformed the safety recall for an airbag fix. However, the problem persisted and worsened. So I took my car to my regular shop and asked them to give me an idea of what might be wrong. They said it was a dealer issue, coupler problem and wanted me to go back to the dealer. I did. But I scheduled service at the Roseville dealership. Showed them the paperwork saying the coupler was replaced at the beginning of the apt. They investigated the issue and gave me the original factory installed coupler that Vacaville Hyundia said they replaced!! I am grateful to the Roseville Hyundia for their excellence of service and customer service. Especially for Clayton who was my service rep! My dilemma is that since the Vacaville Hyundia lied to me about replacing the coupler then the SAFETY recall on the airbag was likely not completed either. This is my life and my families life these people are messing with. I'll be filing with the BBB today. I'll also be revisiting the service manager ASAP I have the energy. Also my car is 8 years old. I have been a Hyundia owner for the last Three cars. I was considering buying another Hyundia. After reading these posts I may not. So so disappointed

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Cassi Floyd - 55 d 3 h ago

I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra the interior door paint is peeling very unhappy wondering what can be done I used to have a 2013 never had this problem thank you so much you too have a good one hun thank you

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Patti Kahn - 42 d 20 h ago


Hi Cassi I'm having the same issue. I'm on my second Sante Fe sport (2016). While driving from Wash., DC to Florida last week I stopped at a rest stop to let my dog go and saw what I thought were leafs on my hood and started to wipe off- they were paint chips ! Today I took my car to a auto body shop and they told me that the car was

De Laminating from the E Coat. Hopefully I'll see if it's under warentee tomarrow.

Good luck, Patti

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sakenna - 44 d 19 h ago

hello I took my car to Hyundai dealership for a oil change & then a month later went somewhere else to get my oil looked at I was told that my oil or filter was not changed. rogers auto in Chicago lied to me & I want a refund also they told me they couldn't check my engine due to they computer wasn't communicating with Hyundai this dealership knows it a recall on my engine so why would they lie & say my oil was changed & they couldn't check my engine can someone contact me (hidden)

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Anonymous - 46 d 15 s ago


I wish I can put a ZERO for the experience I got in the maintenance department at Hyundai LIC Astoria ?! Sales team are amazing very friendly and professional staff including Aziz and Kuziu that sold me the car. But when I came across fixing the car as I have an extended warranty I faced a none professional manager who's name is Jason or jay an Asian men who doesn't know how to talk or treat people ?? I brought my car for service as the break pump needed to be replaced I was told in the beginning that it will take between 3 days to one week max and of course they told me they don't have a loaner ( a car to use until they fix it ) they said they don't have enough cars for everybody?? I said it's ok I'll rent a car for a week until it's fixed? a week pass by the car wasn't fixed they said they waiting for the part to come in from Ford (my car is a Ford Edge. As I'm righting this review it's pass 21 days and car is not fixed?! They said again the part came in wrong and we have to order another one !! The problem after all this when I went to ask today how long again I have to wait the mintenance or service manager Jason told me with very rude way there is nothing I can do for you there is a lot of people waiting for there car and I don't know when we will get the new part ?! Really that's how managers fix problems? Is this how mangers talk instead of finding solutions to a fastrated costumers ? He's the manger he should know his schedule and staff and now how to work it out and give dates and calm people down not argue with them and being rude to them ? I'll tell you what's the worst thing out of all of this the other shop manager who's a very nice person told me to go back to the lady who was helping us to get a loaner for next day as one is going to be available, that Jason again was arguing with me again and told her to stop weighting my information when she was about to right me up for the car and said to me I'm not giving you a car and we will call you when one is available!!! Really?

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