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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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I am writing to inform you of a very rude and unprofessional general manager at the Chillicothe Oh JcPenney thatvtook pleasure in arguing with me about a question i had about a return . He did not know the answer and continued to say do you understand it now multiple times. I asked him to stop and take my payment i wanted to make he refused and said one thing at a time and started arguing again . He said consider it a gift on us. There was no gift. What i returned was buy 1 get 1 half price and her ssid my return value was half price. He talked down to me and was very unprofessional. I was a loyal customer and have shopped there for years and spentvthousands of dollars. If he is going to represent the store i will not be returning. He had the nerve to make fun of a disability. DOYD WYCINSKI GENERAL MANAGER OF CHILLICOTHE JCPENNEY YOU ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL TO LOYAL CUSTOMERS. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR AND SHAME ON JCPENNEY FOR LETTING YOU MANAGER THAT STORE. I AM VERY DISAPPOUNTED AND WILL NOT BE BACK TO THAT STORE UNLESS THEY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL MANAGER THAT REPECTS CUSTOMERS.

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Cassie - 8 h 18 m ago


Overheard a manager...Adam? Aaron? (at the JCPenny in Boise Towne Square Mall, Idaho), telling the girls at Sephora (small Sephora located in the JCP) not to bring their cell phones on the shop floor. 10 minutes later he chooses to ignore a bunch of stylists in the salon (also in the JCP) taking selfies and posting online......but no lecture for them! What's wrong Adam/Aaron playing favorites? Isn't it store policy that ALL EMPLOYEES leave their cell phones off the shop floor?!

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Anonymous - 11 h 31 m ago

I contacted the Waterbury,Ct store about reclyners, which I saw listed in the waterbury jc penney

computer listing. When I finally got through to a real person rather than a machine which said "sorry the person you are trying to reach is not available"...Duh! WHAT is there only one person in a department. The person I spoke to said sorry we do not carry the reclyners, you have to go on line for them. NO WONDER JC PENNEY HAS TO SELL SOME PROPERTY TO PAY OFF SOME DEBT. GET BACK TO BEING A REAL, REAL DEPARTMENT STORE LIKE 20 YEARS AGO.


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Erica Christell - 11 h 39 m ago


Emotionally devastating marketing! I am a LIFELONG JcPenney's shopper. I am in your store at least once a week easily buying for myself and my family. I just received your women's plus advertisement. I have struggled all my life with weight and eating disorders. Weight is such a personal issue to me! SO, when I get on your "Nonstop New Women's Plus Size" mailing list, this was heartbreakingly upsetting to me. I am not sure how you do your marketing, but perhaps you should re-think this! Sitting at my computer crying writing this and not sure if I can any longer support a company so insensitive to woman's issues. Struggling with coming back to your store again which has been a part of my family for decades! Devastated!

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I've been buying your Stafford tshirt underware for over 40 years. After I washed and folded them, I could never get more than 2 high in my dresser drawer. Now I can get 3 high. They are much thinner, and I don't like them. I will be shopping for a new brand, and it won't be from J C Penneys.

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Jeanette - 18 h ago

purchased a set of JCPenney Home Premium Embossed Microfiber Sheet Set

Item #723-0990D on 9/17 for same day pickup. I was never contacted so I went in store and after an hour of speaking to store mngr Anna & online customer service I was told the order was not processed correctly and although item was in store I would have to come back 9/18. Anna promised me once store received my order she personally would habe sheets on her desk for me. On 9/18 again no one contacted me. I called online services for the third time to be told they couldn't find it in the system. Two hours later an email arrived stating order was ready. I was contacted by "jerry" from local store and he advised me the order for my "pillow cases" was available. I told him it was incorrect and requested to speak with Anna. Jerry refused to place Anna on call and said I would have to call online sales again. Upon contacting Supervisor Wyatt online he declined to provide an explanation other than sheets were not sold for 17.00 and. although my receipt said the product number, description and picture there was an error and i could take the pillow cases or take a refund of $17 and newly purchase sheets at $80. He admitted to the error on behalf of JCPenney but refused to provide what was already paid for and receipt stated. He said only thing he was going to do was refund my money because I would not get sheet set from JCPenney for $17. On 9/19 I went to local store and still no sheets, instead i was given pillow cases. I have emails showing what i purchased vs email of processed order which item numbers are completely different. JCPenney changed the order with out my knowledge or consent.

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Cheryl Brezina - 1 d 33 m ago

I don't understand how this happened again, I know I kept checking to see if the order was going to the store. Now I received an email that it is coming to my house. I'm charged 8.95 for delivery. The order is 2017-2625-8035-4614. I would like to cancel this order, please. I would like items that can be sent to the store to remain,if this is possible. Thank you, Cheryl Brezina

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jess - 1 d 7 h ago


I am writing in regards to a very disrespectful employee name Nisha at your Trumbull CT store.

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misty - 1 d 12 h ago

why can't you get rewards on your jcp card if you make a purchase other then at jcp? I use my card anywhere I need to,as long as I am making a purchase I should be rewarded regaurdless!, I mean it's still using the jcp card., really sucks!

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Watchdog - 1 d 10 h ago


You get the rewards on jcpenny merchandises. jcpenny doesnt own the bank, so no additional rewards for you.

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Watchdog - 1 d 10 h ago


Ha ha yesterday I was at the jcpenny tucson mall. All former Sears employees work now for jcpenny and they all manage over each other. ASM over supervisors ASM over supervisors...I guess the Store Manager ain't happy about those Mafia Methods.

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Justice 4 Loyal Customers - 1 d 13 h ago


I am writing in regards to a very disrespectful general manager at your Chillicothe Ohio store. I was in there Saturday with a family member to make a return. She is a very loyal customer to your store and needed to return 4 bras that was the wrong size as well as make her jcp card payment. Not only did your manager Doyd Wycinski not want to refund her the right amount he blatantly disrespected her. He repeatedly asked "well do you understand now?" He even argued to her what size they were when the size was clearly stated on the packages while waiving the bras around. He was very purposefully trying to humiliate her. She began having a very hard time dealing with the way he was treating her and she tried explaining to him that she suffers from severe PTSD from being in a horrific car accident that killed her husband and grandmother and nearly her as well. She watched as her husband took his last breath and his last 2 air bubbles escaped from his chest while her grandmother lay there between her and her husband. Your manager made fun of her . He had the audacity to ask her in a very sarcastic way what PTSD is then when it was explained to him he laughed. At this point I asked her to leave the store and let me take over making the return and also to finish making her jcp payment. I am disgusted at how your manager treated her. You see you don't know her but I can tell you she is the most amazing woman you could ever meet and would never do wrong by anyone yet she was treated horribly. She lives a life of pure hell daily due to her loss and her own devastating trauma and injuries she endured during this accident. To be belittled and discriminated over her disability by your manager is down right disgusting and yes since he thought it was ok to laugh at her it is a disability discrimination. That man should not be working with people. A person with a disability deserves every ounce of respect as anyone else not to be disrespected in any way. It is my hope that you will take this matter very seriously. She has always been a frequent shopper at your store and now never wants to return again because of how she has been treated. I suggest in the future you require all employees to attend a class on how to properly treat people with the respect that they deserve. Your general manager shows very poor representation of your store. I will do whatever it takes to make sure this matter is properly handled.

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Anthony - 1 d 15 h ago


Im very upset with this store. It was my favorite. I was going through a rough patch and they decided to close my account. They said i was delinquent and my credit score was bad. I thought if they check your credit score than you should have the right to get a copy of it. i didnt receive the notice untill i tried to use my card one this last time. i wish i would of got the notice before i made myself look like a dumbass making a purchase.

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She - 2 d 4 h ago


After standing in line for about a hour I finally made my way to the front of line when a employee by the name of Katherine come an pull customers from the back of the line and excorted them to another register where she began to help them. I went over an ask her should she had taken from the front of the line instead of the end, she responded in a rude voice I do what I'm told to do. Long story short I spoke with a manager and he said that was not company policy she should have pulled from the front of the line. This is not my first encounter with her she is very rude and nasty when you ask her for assistance.

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Calder - 2 d 11 h ago

I ordered a curio cabinet online on August 17, 2017 It was shipped and charged to my credit card on August 31, 2017. As of this writing, no call for the delivery! I followed up with your customer service agents on 9/6, said it was shipped, however not received in Tyler TX I followed up on September 12, 2017 and once again, your customer service said it was shipped, but not received at the Tyler TX. Today I am on hold with your customer service representative and have been on hold for 21 minutes. I contacted MXD Delivery and they have had the curio cabinet for two weeks, however they are waiting for paperwork to check in the item from JC Penny. Catch 22, don't you think? I have disputed my charge with my credit card company until we have an actual delivery. I would like to request a $125.00 refund for the delivery charges. Something is wrong with your system that the delivery company can not check in an item once you have shipped it to them,

General profile image - 2 d 15 h ago


I called at 12:36 pm and they said it would be a 7 minute wait it is now 1:13 pm and I am still waiting last week 2 phone calls took 4 hours and 45 minutes between waiting and being put on hold no wonder the store is in trouble they treat their customers terribly !!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 h ago


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Eva - 3 d 14 h ago


Called to get a one month repreve on paying credit card after IRMA, for relief, denied!!!. JC Penney only cares about money!!! We are people with real lives. Customer service rep working out of Philipinnes, what do they care about Americans.

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago


Having Ellen as a spokesman was not a good idea. That turned off many long term customers. Now stores are big closed.

Stick to the good old family values. It used to be a 5 star experience store. Now, no one goes there anyore.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


Cedar Hill location has the worse customer service ever!!! The associates don't know anything nor do the managers. They need to shut it down!! Manager Aaron has horrible custody service and needs to train his associates better!!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


I purchase glasses from Jcpenny they mailed them to me and I never received them and they told me it's nothing they can do.....never again

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Brian Rockett - 4 d 18 h ago


Horrible that I got just $ 65 for a $280 suit I bought two days earlier. You people deserve to go out of business & go to work at Walmart! I read your return policy & there is no way you ever sold that suit for $65!

Also, I was given a refund in a gift card when I paid cash. Worthless to me since I'll NEVER be in your worthless store again. MEAN, BAD People!

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Margaret - 5 d 7 h ago


I was a customer of JC Penney until today after hurricane Harvey hit Houston. I nearly had to swim to the post office to pay my bill on time because we all know that they will charge you if it is 1 second late. The post office had been flooded and the mail did not go out on time. My bill had been paid in FULL. So, after many many years of being a customer, I will shred my card and never enter their doors again. There is no telling how much NOT having a heart will cost this company over the shopping years I have left. Also by word of mouth , this story will go out to everyone that I can make listen.

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Josie - 5 d 15 h ago


Awful experience. I was not allowed to use the code for shipping because time and date was over. Really? Then for heaven sake, post that your company goes by Central time. My time is Pacific. Will NEVER buy from JCP again.

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valerie howard - 5 d 17 h ago


I order something on line called they said it was shipped out couldn't gave me a tracking number had to reorder the same thing the same thing happened again I will never order anything from JCPENNY again

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