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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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r - 3 h 48 m ago


No ApplePay???

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Anonymous - 3 h 48 m ago

Really discussing how you falsely advertise items. I spent an hour thinking I was buying items all with the BUY MORE AND SAVE WITH CODE: SPRING19 in BOLD capital Red letters with the price under it that when I put the code in it does not qualify. To talk to some in the corporate office to say I should red the fine print. Too bad can't do nothing for you expect take down your comments and pass them along. Know wonder why the company is going under you make more and more people not want to shop their. Here is exactly what the item says. Why would I need to read the fine print when it is advertising to use the coupon code so I can save move????????????????????????????



Kids Preferred Squirt Activity Toy Interactive Toy - Unisex

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago


Well, JCP really knows how to treat their customs, after 11 years and two insufficient funds, Sept 2018 and April 2019, my daughter account was closed. Paying a little more each time the account was close for less than $ 75.00. We will be joining the ranks of e commerce Hello Amazon, and you wonder why people no longer support you Brand...Best of Wishes to all of the employees who will be laid off...

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 s ago

Called referring to a charge on my bill that was unusual. First problem was could not pull up my account with phone numbers. Have no idea why my phone number doesn't match my account. Charge on my account for 37.09 nothing I bought was 37.09. Everything that was purchased came to 112. 08. That is correct amount . I was told on the phone can't explain why that charge on my account . Then she told me extra charge could be applied depending on when the items are shipped. Dont think the information I was given was correct. Can't explain a charge on my account I believe I'm done with JCPenney

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I flew up to JCP HQ many years ago to interview for an Internal Audit position. I was subsequently offered the job at a whopping $18K per year for an MBA candidate. I asked if the job was part time or full time due to the low monetary offer and was told "there is more than monetary compensation in working for the Penney company." I declined the offer and never looked back

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Christy Johnson - 6 d 8 h ago


I have not shopped with Jcpenny since 2012, when you ran the most offensive commercial "enough is enough". It was so loud with actors screaming that I would change channels or turn off the tv. When invited by friends to go shopping, I accept with the only condition to not step one foot in your stores. Just thought you should be aware of the consequence your commercial had on me.

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

We haven't missed you.

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Anonymous - 7 d 21 h ago

I had a lot of trouble processing a online order. I tried to replace it a few times through JCP customer service but wasn't a success. I called customer service no help called credit card company they said my card was good.

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Judy - 8 d ago


Hi Jennifer Hipskind,

Is there any chance I can ask you a question or two about future potential store development for the Eugene, OR location? It is such a gem to this community.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Judy Hall

Eugene, OR

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Barbara Ann Perkins - 8 d 6 h ago


Hi, My name is Barbara Perkins. Each year I do a fundraiser in my stepson's memory, as he passed away from leukemia. This year I am buying winter coats for the homeless. I have already purchased over 20 online at JCPenney and wanted to know if you would like to donate a couple to a great cause. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Brenda - 9 d ago

I have never had so much trouble talking to a company as jacobin Wesley chapel Florida. Every time I call to check on a item they either do not answer the phone and if I do manage to get three they disconnect the phone

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Anonymous - 9 d 5 s ago

What I am reading is truly sad...for JCP.

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Nick Magdaleno - 9 d 14 h ago


I grew up on JC Penneys- 50 yrs ago in small town Arizona- what a dramatic change--today- there's no experience- its like a Twilight zone store- that you walk thru to get to a nice friendly store- with nice merchandise--why have such terrible old big baggie pants like back in the 40's--its no wonder the stores are doing horrible- they Bring No Value to their Markets--They are Turning into Target style clotheir- no snap- no style- Old man pants and old lady clothes- Why stay open--Where did JC Penneys sense of style go? use to be trendsettiing-- now similar to swap meet clothing--I mean its sad- JC Penney should hire me to to do merchandising and bring some Zing back to the racks--You don't have to Increase overhead- just dump the trash you have on your floors and Upgrade to a younger- hipper crowd- They Want nice things- but go elsewhere to buy it. Go Forward JC- Not Backward----

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Anonymous - 9 d 18 h ago

Today I went to a jcpenny store in Wayne, NJ after spending about 5 minutes there, I started to notice how hot and stuffy it was, there was no oxygen to breathe, we spent literally 20 minutes in the store and I was covered sweat, it wasn't only me, everyone in the store especially in the fitting room, it was about 65 degrees outside but inside it was probably 80 degrees, there was even an employee opening the door to try to cool off. I was told by one of the employees that the temprature in the store was controlled by the corprate. I couldn't last an hour and I feel bad for the employees that have to work there. It's a disgrace that this is allowed to happen. One of you should try to stay there for an hour and see how you feel. And just to make it clear I am an actively fit person

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BettyLong - 12 d ago

This morning I went to Columbia Mall in Columbia Maryland to the beauty salon which I have been going to for 11years and while getting my hair done my husband was checking on me I am a heart patient and was stopped and told he could not go back there where I was. He has been doing it for 11 years and now he can't go to check on me. While my hair dresser was finishing my hair a 91 year old lady came in brought by her niece and she was told she could not stay with her. This is ridiculous because what if you have a child to have their hair done. I could see it they were doing things that toy don't want others to see but I was the only one in their. I think the Manager and her helper Brenda should be fired. These policies have never been there before. Thank you for listening.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

Change hairdressers, they should want to make their clients happy. Your husband should be able to make sure you're ok (and that's really sweet too).

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Cathy Manning - 12 d 1 h ago

I was in your Holyoke Ma. Store at 11am in the mens dept. It was a disgrace.So much so that I took a picture becaues no one would belive how horrible it was.looked like a bargian basement. Hire more people.Wish I could put the picture in this review .

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Ronald Johnson - 14 d ago


I am very disappointed in your customer service and your complain dept. I had made an order on/or around 4/2 3 pair of sandals and earrings. First I was online ordering and your advertisement showed buy one get two free. I could not get that result so I call in to customer service. I was told since there was a promo code it would not allow the buy free. This did not make sense to me but, I really wanted the shoes so I went ahead order, the young lady took off 15.00 and gave me three day shipping at no cost. I thought, well she did try to compensate me. Well days went by and no order. I called in and was told they could not find the order. I explained I really wanted the shoes and was told I would have to reorder. Well that really didn't sit right, so I called into the complaints dept and this really didn't sit well and was told since there was no order there is nothing she could do. I am really upset and told her fine you just lost a customer. Don't think I will have anything good to say about JC Pennys. You can reply to me at (hidden), if you care too.

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Sara A - 15 d ago


Ordered online 2 pieces of jewelry, it's been 10days and haven't receive anything. Called to find out where it is. They said they put in a case about it and would email me any information. So haven't received a email. I can't believe the poor service and no concern about me not getting my order. I will never buy anything from them again.

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Myrna Luchdan - 15 d 20 h ago


I have replaced all the curtains in my home and I want to commend you for having an employee like Myrna Luchdan in the Pensacola, Florida branch of JCPenney. I had to exchange some curtains, get more curtains because I did not buy enough of one kind and get more sheers and all kind of things. I spent $1300 on my credit card so far. I think I finally got it like I want it now. Myrna always had a smile on her face and was very helpful. I want her to help me when I shop at Penny's from now on. You have a wonderful employee in Myrna and I thank you for having her there to help me. Joe is a wonderful store manager as well. Please keep up the good work and God bless you all. Thank you, Stella Bolton

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marie hilber - 16 d 4 h ago


I have been to your Temecula Store (2783) several times and called 18 times got NO answer in the jewerly dept. , to return a broken ring ( with an insurance plan), and no one is ever there and will NOT answer the phone. I was given several different extensions, non of which work. Do you treat

all customers this way ,or am I special !!! I am so angry on how you treat me , that I just want my money back and I will never bother you again !

I have tried for several days to reach someone in this dept.. But with no luck. Marie Hilber 9(hidden)

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Bob - 44 d 19 h ago


Can someone from corporate call me

(hidden), dropped a gold necklace off on 2/18/19. Was promised 3/4/19 for simple CLASP REPAIR. Called East Brunswick NJ store 3/6/19 where I dropped off and had protection plan.

Since haven't heard a word yet, today 3/10/19 I called store, customer service, protection plan number numerous times.... I GUESS NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONES IN A RETAIL STORE. WHAT A JOKE!!!!... Guy with protection plan CANNOT HELP cause I dropped off in the store (but I guess they got paid).....I as a Customer am asking for someone in Corporate Office to HELP ME. I guess I should of went to Macy's.

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Theresa - 25 d 35 m ago


Did you ever get a phone call from Corporate? I need a phone call back too! What a bunch of morons that work at Penney's. No one knows anything there.

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Adler - 20 d 40 m ago



U can call corporate relations at 1(hidden)

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Gloria - 21 d 5 h ago


So disappointed and extremely stressed on the process of trying to return furniture that I purchased online. It is now 2 months since I started this process and talked to at least 12 to15 people who never followed through to help me. Now they tell me it cost about $150 to deliver the furniture and I will not get it back. But they will not charge me the $85 to pick it up plus the 15% restocking fee. I hope they don't restock this furniture and what is wrong with the furniture is not my fault but I'm paying in the long run. It has taken me hours on the phone plus being in tears trying to get this taken care of. Waiting on a phone call to hopefully have it picked up today.

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Adler - 20 d ago


Call Corporate at 1(hidden) and ask to speak to corporate relations.

I am on the phone currently and being promised error correction.

Fingers crossed

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