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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Concerned from Bishop,Ca. - 11 m 31 s ago

You CEOs should get out of your ivory tower and see the impact your decisions will have on a small town such as ours. Even with it's limited inventory the JC Penney in our town is the only department store we have. Closing it not only effects our local economy it limits our shopping to Kmart or a 200+ mile drive to the nearest JC Penney.

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Gretchen Schumacher - 1 h ago


Please keep the JC PENNEY store in Bishop, Ca open, please! We do not have many clothing store options here in town. Personally, I really love this store & shop here frequently.

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Pat Crowther - 1 h 20 m ago


Yes I live in the small town of Bishop, CA, and we want our local J C Penney Store to stay.

We truly love our store do not want to see it closed.

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angela - 6 h 9 m ago

I had been looking at a boys suit to purchase and was listed on for 49.99, with 20% coupon it came to about 41.99,

as I did not need right away I was waiting for friends and family to purchase it. When the sale came I got on and

guess what you had upped the price to 59.99 so with 30% off its still 41.99, way to trick the public! And please don't say it was

at the other price for a short sale because I had been looking for at least 3 weeks, and I remember the price because Kohls has same suit for 60.00. Shame on you Penny's

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Iggy - 7 h 34 m ago


I cannot write a review as JC Penney has decided that they don't want customers who live in israel but visit the US. Their website is blocked and the message says...... Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.1d(hidden)286486.46e6f68c

This is the first time I have received this message. Every year, I order hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that I pick up when in the US. Now, I can't even look at the website.

You win! I am no longer a customer! I will share with everyone I know that JC Penney is not Israel friendly.

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melva - 1 d ago


THEY LIE! I was given a call about a sale in the jewelry dept. And when I went to make a purchase I was told that the money would not come out of my account unitl that Sunday,. This was done on a Thursday so I figured that I had time to mske sure things would be ok. The money was out of my account before I got home. When I call back to ask them about it I was told that wd know. I askec ehy are you telling your customers they have u ntil sunday. I asked for a manager to call me and thry never did. I went by ghe store to speak to a manager and thry took my name and number to give to the manager but again she never called. Poor customer service! I only wanted a call butnow I want more.

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Judy - 3 d 23 h ago


I went to the store in the Palisades Mall in W.Nyack N.Y. I had my coupon and wanted to purchase gold toe socks. Sign said buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. When I got to the register the cashier rang full price. I told him about the sale and he flipped out on me. He told me no and I said the sign was on top of the socks. He basically called me a liar and stormed off. After waiting for quite awhile I went to see where he was. He was moving the signs around. He was so nasty I asked for a refund. I told him I was sorry but not to take it out on me. He flipped out again. Got my refund but he tore up my coupon. I have been in retail and would never speak to somebody like that.

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Just me - 1 d ago


You should have reported him to Head management- AND headquarters. I'd even write a small editorial in your local newspaper just with his initials. Nasty boy will always be a problem as he needs clearly needs discipline.

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Mrs. Jennings - 1 d 4 h ago


Even though I live in Westminster, Colorado, I mostly shop at the JC Penney store in Fort Morgan, Colorado. The town is small at less than 20,000 residents and the Penney's store is the only good shopping in the community. The store is very well run and always has people shopping in it. I have been told that the sales per square foot can rival some of the largest Penney's stores. There are many young families who shop for their children as well as retired people who can't drive to Denver so do all their shopping at this store. It is convenient in that all catalog orders are delivered to the store. The store has been in the community for years. Besides attracting members of the local community, it attracts people from Wiggins, Brush, Hillrose, Snyder, Akron just to name a few nearby towns. Future projections call for increasing population growth in this area resulting from people leaving the overcrowded city of Denver. Please keep this store open. That decision will not be a mistake.

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Mama K - 1 d 4 h ago


Just checking...Did someone in headquarters hit the wrong button? Closing the Hutchinson MN store absolutely threw customers for a 40 mile radius for a loop! This store accommodates customers from small town rural America as the next closest Penney's is 55 miles from Hutchinson. This store also has sales and staff that are record breakers. Please check...should the store that closed possibily be Hutchinson Kansas?!????

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mrs. snow - 1 d 8 h ago


horrible experience with jc penny master card and the jc penny company. without giving me any notice this company cut my credit line in half. this was after I had consistantly made my payments every month, never gone over the amount, and good behavior the whole time. THAT IS HOW THIS COMPANY REWARDS IT'S QUALIFIED GOOD PAYING CUSTOMERS? they said that the credit bureaus were to blame but after contacting them I found that they were never contacted by JC Pennys. I feel singled out and discriminated against!! I needed that card to rebuild and add to my good credit.

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Bugsj - 1 d 9 h ago


This is an appeal to keep the JCP store in Hibbing, Mn open. We recently received notice that the store will close in June 2017. What a sad day for a city of 16,000 people! I know the store was busy and did well in the community, drawing from a large area. It was a shock when the announcement was made and I hope the decision can be reversed. Please transfer this message to your corporate office. Thank you.

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Glenn Tanzman - 4 d 3 h ago


Absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with.

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SARAH JOHNSON - 3 d 9 h ago

I had the same experience you did!!

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crete illinois - 1 d 9 h ago


i agree terrible bussiness bought 2000.oo mattress king size only received 1 fondation its been two month and still missing one fondation just getting the round around,very dissapointed

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MP - 1 d 10 h ago

JCP has been in Pierre, SD for 90 years a staple in the Capital City of SD, over 220 miles one way to the east and 180 miles to the west to the next town to shop at, the store is always busy and it is the only place to buy men's, kids and women's clothes other than Wal-Mart. Not sure how you decide what stores to close but if you want to keep customers you might want to look at the location of the store and the communities around the community that shop there. I'm not a big on line order because I do not like to pay freight, so unless I'm drive 200 plus miles to JCP, I won't be buying from JCP. I would ask that you please relook at keeping the Pierre store open.

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S. D. - 1 d 19 h ago


I am very disappointed that you are closing our J C Penney store here in Greeneville Tn.. We have one department store here now to buy from. People depended on J C Penney for good name brand clothing. Now you have taken it from us. Our Penney store sold plenty of merchandise. Why close a productive store just because its not in a big mall? Do you not care about small towns even when they buy their share and more of merchandise.. You may have made some bad decisions at the corporate level but closing productive meaningful stores does not make any sense especially when they are selling plenty and busy with people who appreciate your store. I am sad and disappointed with your bad decision. Maybe one day you will come to your senses and see how wrong you were.

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Lois L. Wragge - 2 d ago

Your decision to close the Penny's store in Sheridan, Wyoming is a real stab to our community! We have one of the finest downtowns in Wyoming and surrounding states. many families do their shopping in our Penny's store and it draws many people to downtown Sheridan. The others businesses will also suffer because not as many people will be shopping downtown. The employees that have been dedicated to Penny's will have trouble finding jobs in our small town because of job vacancies. I have been a J.C. Penny customer for 50 years!

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Rhonda - 2 d 7 h ago


In the center of this state of South Dakota, you are closing our JCP store, there isn't any where in this town now to buy any men's dress clothing, any affordable (that isn't junk) women's clothing, and childrens clothing. I don't get why now a person would have to travel for 2 1/2 hours to now get to a JCP store and then if you have to drive that far, there are plenty more options to buy your clothing, and other items, so then you are going to be losing even more!! We need this JCP store in our town of Pierre. When you close those doors at the mall you will also be killing this mall as well. It will be a sad day in Pierre, SD when this happens. I hope with all of your decisions that you will not be too far behind Gordmans, and Macy's. What are you thinking???

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SS - 2 d 8 h ago


If you want me to stop at your store (in Lubbock TX), you need to make it inviting. I walked in the store this morning, heard the loud disco music playing, turned around and walked right back out. This is shopping, not a night club.

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Mary Masem - 2 d 8 h ago


Your decision to close the Winfield, Ks store has led ME to make a big decision too. We will now have no other clothing store for families in this town. The closest JCP will be in Wichita, 45 miles away. This is very inconvenient. JCP has been a fixture in Winfield for 90 years. My mother bought our school clothes and coats there. I bought many, many things for my children, my home, and my grandchildren there, not to mention baby gifts for friends, jewelry, etc. Until last week, my daughter was even an employee of JCP in another town. Now, I feel I cannot support your store anymore. Since you are forcing me to drive to the "big city" to shop for clothing, I will now have many other choices, so JCP is going to the very bottom of my preferred list. I read in our local newspaper that J.C. Penney himself once visited Winfield,Ks. Maybe YOU, Ronald Johnson, should come out of the ivory tower and visit some of the small towns your store closings are affecting. Small town money may not seem like much to you in the corporate world, but it spends just as well at Kohl's and TJ Maxx as it does at JCP. Your company has made a very dumb decision.

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Penneys just another business that doesn't care - 2 d 9 h ago


Shame on you !! I live In The upper peninsula of Michigan. Now you have chosen to close all penneys stores up here. We need penneys. Couldn't you have left one open?? You are also putting more people on the unemployment line !! Nobody cares about us up here !! This is a shame what you are doing !!

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Mert - 3 d ago


Shame on you for closing small-town Penney stores across the country. Towns like mine, Macomb, IL, rely on local business and Penney's is a staple for clothing. Because of your latest closings, we will be over 90 miles away from the closest Penney store. When our Penney closes in June, we will have no alternative other than Wal-Mart for men's and children's clothes, and very limited shopping for women's and career clothing. Not everybody shops online, especially for clothes. Why must small towns always take the hit for bad business? I'm beyond sad and mad at all the area western Illinois Penney closings, especially in my hometown. I have spent a LOT of money at Penney's, but when my store closes in Macomb, IL in June, I can no longer be a Penney customer.

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Tneeper - 3 d 27 s ago


I am very disappointed with your decision to close the Clearfield Pa. store and now I hear the DuBois Pa. store. The Clearfield store has been in the same location, if memory serves me correctly, 39 years. Our town consists of a JCP, a small Peebles, Walmart and a crap load of dollar type stores. Our nearest, worthy, department store is 45 minutes away which may not be far for you but when my son needed dress pants for a golf tournament, the next day, because his suddenly didn't fit, JCP came through. I made recommendation for a larger petite section that didn't consist of "grandma clothes". It finally was getting there and now this. So many people depend on this store in both jobs and shopping. I am sure you will say sales didn't meet the mark and that is why we are closing. So I say maybe the quality wasn't as good as I would like to see. Leather shoes, leather handbags, more selection for BOYS clothes (not just nike or arizona). Not have to use my JCP card to receive a discount or use a coupon. Be able to use coupons on more items. I'm not saying what you are doing is wrong just that it may not be for every store. Maybe reevaluate the plan. I am sure everyone is saying "why my store" and that makes me sad and angry. Those of us that utilize the closing stores are going to be lost and looking for alternatives. I'm sure my comments will not make a difference in your decision but it makes me feel like I tried.

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Carolyn - 3 d ago


I really wish that Penney's would get back to the way it was before that new CEO took over six years ago or so. I used to buy most of my clothes there and for the last several years I hardly buy anything. I really miss the old Penney's. I also wish that you would go back to selling real leather shoes and purses again. I just won't buy anything that is a low quality and most of your clothes, etc. seem to be that way. It seems like only the men's clothes are still of good quality. The women's clothes are awful.

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