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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Anonymous - 2 d ago


When will JCpenney go bankrupt?

I am so sick of their customer service.

When my furniture was not delivered on Nov 10th ( the promised date), first they could not even find the items and put me on hold for 75 minutes and then told me that they had only partial order in the warehouse. When I called the Headquarter in Plano, TX the phone no cuts off immediately. Hopefully, they have shut their head office.

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Niecy - 1 h ago

They tripled charged me then removed the charges and 3 months later charged me all over again. You are right the will transfer you several times and hang up. I WILL CLOSE MY ACCOUNT when these mess get resolved. I believe JCPenney want to mess up your credit. I will start calling all over again...... HORRIBLE MESS

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Niecy - 2 h 7 m ago


I have some serious issues with JCPenney and can't seem to get this resolve. I have been charged 2 twice for the same furniture. I placed an online order in May, it was delivered in July 23,2017 and on November 18, 2017 I received a letter stating they are re-charging me again. It to me 3 months to get this resolve that 1st time and now I have to call JCPenney to dispute this charge. They can pick this Sofa and Loveseat up I am sick of the probably and double charges they try to force on you. And have to go thru all hell to get it resolved. I will not be shopping there and closing my card immediately

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Nancy - 2 h 42 m ago

I have pictures to show you for the store in Appleton, WI. It is by the shoes and it is just a mess. I would like to share them with you. It was discussing to shop in that store. I love Penney's but I don't know if I would go back again. Thank you! Nancy Klug . nklug@hotmsil. com

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family is first - 4 h 22 m ago


Wow!! I can't believe that you start your Black Friday deals at 2 pm on Thanksgiving! I can't believe that you are expecting your employees to be at work and not with their families. I will not be shopping at JC Penney anymore! Are all you in corporate office working too???

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Sade - 5 h 8 m ago


I am livid with this company they advertised one thing on their website and turn around and charge you something completely different and when you call/show up in store to get it rectified they tell you because they have no way of proving it they cannot take care of it for you although you are showing them the proof on their faces and have an account with them for over 20 years and to top it off they have you wait 30 minutes for an order that they originally told you was ready for pick up just to tell you the order isn't there very unprofessional

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Lori - 12 h 12 m ago

I think it is appalling that you are opening at 2:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Obviously, making higher profits are more important to you then family values.

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Linda Tucker - 13 h 30 m ago


We ordered an NFL hoodie on 11/09/17 to ship to the Rockingham NC store. On 11-17-17 we were told it was there. On 11-18-18 we went to pick it up and the clerks could not find any evidence of it being there. They finally went and got a young man to help us. His name was Dave and he said he had just started to work there. He was able to determine that it was shipped to 1305 E. Broad Ave instead of 1200 E. Broad Ave. and was returned to the warehouse since that was an incorrect address. This young man was so nice and helpful and was so professional. He is a credit to your organization. He went out of his way to make it right and we appreciate the way he handles a bad situation. You may want to look at getting the 1305 E Broad Ave. address out of the computer system.

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Sandy - 1 d 4 h ago


Just came back from photo shoot in West Mifflin, pa. It was double booked at 12:15 and there were five groups ahead of us. We were there for almost 2 hours. I would not go back or recommend to anyone. Who ever does scheduling did a horrible job. The staff was pleasant considering people were getting irate.

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Maria - 2 d ago


Went to a jcpenny store the lady that helped me was really rude and basically tried to call me illiterate because I got a $10 coupon sent to my home and I don't have a jcpenny credit card and she would let me use it.after waiting in line for over 40 minutes.

Apparently the coupon is only for jcpenny credit card holders. So than why did I received it to my mail in the first place!!! I'm still trying to get a hold of corporate to file a complain and I have waited over 30 mins. Over the phone and nothing.

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Custom Drapes - 2 d 18 m ago


Order custom made drapes in May 17, now is mid November 17 and I still don't have my drapes. Once they attempted and delivered the drapes but as turned out they were the wrong color/design drapes. Thru all this time no one bother to communicate with me and/or keep me updated until I stir some "air"; if they call back they leave a the phone number that is never answered by a human, even using their personal extension don't get you to the human; it's no good to leave a message because it takes about a month to get any action from them; also tried to communicate with JCPenny reps via e-mail no luck the addresses they give you came back as "undelivered"; physically stop by in the Salinas, CA store at the drapery department, no one new where their supervisor is and/or what that person's name is - weird, how you can work for someone and not know their name; finally spoke with "manager on duty", Jose Espinoza, who assured me that he will look into my situation personally and promised that by the end of that day someone will call me - guess what no one called and when I called him back and send emails I got no replies and/or acknowledgement of email receipt; finally I went on chat with someone from JCPenny and provided the copy of the emails, a few days later I got phone call from "Beverly" (no last name) (remember people in JCPenny don't know the name of their supervisors or co-workers) who supposed to be a regional director. In the seven months of this ordeal people from JCPenny did not have courtesy to be in contact with customer because god for bid they will have to do some work, they are too busy and important to take a moment to update you on the progress of your order; JCPenny reps make promises which they don't keep, they do not follow up on the issue that supposed to be resolve in the timely manner, they do not know the names of their supervisors; don't reply to your email and it takes a month to receive a return phone call ...The most horrible experience of my life....Never again I'll deal with or shop at JCPenny.

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EW - 3 d 5 h ago


NO WONDER THEY ARE IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!! I ordered some items online, cannot locate my items, called customer service at their 8000- numer, very rude! CALLED STORE NEAREST ME, NO DEPARTMENT ANSWERS! THIS IS INSANE. I WILL NEVER WALK INTO A JCPENNY STORE, I, CERTAINLY, WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 3 h ago


I am having the exact same experience.

Waiting for JC penney to go bankrupt before christmas.

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Jerry - 2 d 4 h ago


I purchased a microwave , have not opened the box and have been trying to return it and the people at Penney's can't help you, but they can sell it it to you. Delivery service said Penney's need to setup the return. Two weeks later I still have it, what do I do???????

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Sandy Aguilar - 2 d 5 h ago


I recently made a online purchase and it came damaged. I was told to contact customer service and the woman said they could not locate my order or information. Obviously they had my information when they charged me. Not only was she useless in helping me but she kept implying I was lying about having made a purchase online. Your company should really train these people if they're job is to assist then that's what they should do. I will no longer purchase anything from your website. I can't believe she said they'res nothing they could do. Absolutely ridiculous

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Vicki - 2 d 7 h ago


I agree with that lady who said she'd been a loyal customer for 60 yrs but won't shop at PENNY's anymore. I went to my Albany GA. Penny's the other week and there were hardly any registers open ! After waiting "forever" , I just tossed my garment on a table and walked out !

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ernaldo - 2 d 7 h ago


I was shopping mens, had some pants I was going to buy...put them on counter, no salesperson there anyway, went to shop some more. Came back to purchase after a couple minutes, told they put them back...reason, I walked away. It was the poor, "oh well" attitudes that ticked me off. Stuff laying everywhere, but that had to put the pants back I had selected and tried on back...Just letting you know why I then came home and ordered three pairs from Amazon, with free two day shipping.

I used to buy all my apparel from JCP, now hardly ever. Its NOT Amazons fault...

E Franklin

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Project runway a bust - 3 d ago

The Project Runway collection does not even look like the winner's collection. Looks like JCP created their own looks and put the project runway name on them. Very disappointed and it seems like a waste of advertising resources.

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One who will take advantage of stupid mustakrs - 3 d ago

I can't get anybody to answer the phone at my local stire and something is wrong with the corporate phone number. I would like to tell them they are having a serious price issue. Today I bought a $26 belt that was on sake for $19.99. I was just looking at my recuept. I was only charged $3.89 for the belt. I've been tryi g to notify them but nobody answers the phone. I think I do go tomorrow and but mire belts for myself and all the women in my family. I tried to warn them but you make it too difficult to do so. Your loss, my gain

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Very unhappy customer - 3 d ago


Went shopping in my local Penneys store in Uniontown pa. Had the most horrible experience I have ever experienced. Obviously no one in this company gives a damn about their customers

No wonder they are going belly up. Have been a loyal customer for 60 years. Not anymore! I am going to the media about this event and then to an attorney.

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OHIO - 5 d 2 h ago

I am not complaining about any products or service. What I want to know is WHY is your company making your employees work on Thanksgiving. This is the time for family to spend together especially when they come from out of town. You should be an example to other stores and not schedule your employees on Thanksgiving. If you insist on doing that, why can't you at least schedule them starting at 12:00 midnight. Come on Ronald Johnson give your employees a break. Are you working on Thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving.

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JOHN OLIETTI - 3 d ago


x employee they get paid time and a half plus they are not forced to work

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Victoria Oliver - 3 d 3 h ago


I am so disappointed in the portrait studio in Woodfield mall in Schaumburg illinois. they were so rude and told me that my two month old daughter would not be able to change into her second outfit because it was crocheted. then they told me that I was not able to groupon because I didn't tell them that I had an offer when I made my appointment. I will never go to that JCPenny ever again and I strongly discourse anyone else to go also.

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Jacob - 3 d 4 h ago


# 13

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TJ - 3 d 6 h ago


I am making a point this year to write to each corporation who is opening their stores on an traditional closed store FAMILY HOLIDAY in order to fatten your coffers. My money is going to reward stores like REI who is doing #OptOutside (and paying their employees to be off that day) on Black Friday & will NOT be open on THANKSGIVING DAY either. Shame on you JC Penney for doing this again to your employees and taking them away from their own Family Traditions of spending time with their family, some who came from out of town to be together. Shame, shame on you!!! I will NOT be supporting a J.C. Penney this year with ANY money. Get your act together and I'll come back as a customer.

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