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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Lindsey P. - 8 h ago


If I could give this JCPennys salon 0 stars I would....asked for a highlights and horrible service. The highlights were brassy and then they had to redo it and it was still very splotchy and not even close to a balyage. I had to sit in the chair for 5 hours and I'm 8.5 months pregnant while they butchered my hair...the manager didn't make us pay but my hair is a mess still after the "fix". Going back to have it fixed one more time next week but I'm weary and nervous. I just wish the stylist was honest and she should have said she didn't know how to do the service I requested...

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Carol Kinelskii - 17 h 39 m ago


I would like to commend to you XAN CLARK, one of your appliance salesman in the Richmond, KY, Store. My first favorable encounter with him was nearly a year ago when I purchased my LG Microwave and this was such a remarkable experience that I bragged about him to my friends and shortly thereafter one friend purchased approximately $3,500 worth of appliances (stainless refrigerator, stove, microwave & dishwasher) from Xan as only two needed replacement but she wanted all of her appliances to match. At the same time, another friend successfully purchased an odd color microwave, which was a special order. So, this past March, when my very old dishwasher quit, you can be rest assured that I went back to Xan. I felt he was very informative and fair in price comparisons, etc., and he advised it would be delivered the end of the next week. Now here's what showed how exceptional he is as, although the delivery went well, the installation literally went down the drain which was most upsetting to me, a 78 year old dealing with an ill husband. Immediately after the installer looked under the sink, he told me that he couldn't install the dishwasher as we had a piece of copper tubing, 18" long that went from the water line to the d.w. and he would be fired if he touched it. He also claimed that every salesman knew this but they were having more and more of this happening which made me wonder just how many really know this. So, out the door they went, leaving the d.w. stuck in a corner by the phone, the old d.w. untouched and me puzzled as to what to do. I immediately called Xan and he denied ever hearing of this but took the matter over and was trying to find an installer. Fortunately, a certified electrician/plumber from my church came and installed the d.w. for me but did, of course, charge me. I called Xan and not only did he get the store to credit my account for the installation fee but the $15 for taking out the old one. Then, yesterday I picked up a gift card to compensate me for all of my troubles which I put towards a pretty new dress and I left the store smiling.

My washing machine, dryer and refrigerator are getting old and you can bet I will go right to Xan to purchase my replacements. I also bumped into 2 friends at the store yesterday and repeated what a great salesman Xan is and what a great place it was to purchase appliances. I also told my two above-mentioned friends at our coffee get-together this morning and they were again most impressed. And with me being a very gregarious person, you can be rest assured I will share this positive experience with many other friends.

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Unprofessionalism - 1 d 14 h ago


I had a very unpleasant experience with the salon at the Toledo, Ohio location. On 4/12/2018, I called to schedule a pedicure appointment for 4/21/2018 for my grandaughter, because she was going to her senior prom. On 4/19, Instead of calling to confirm the appointment, they called to move it from 11:30 to 12 because of Markie's schedule. Note, the prom is on 4/21/18 and my granddaughter is on a tight schedule. I said fine, we'll do the noon appointment. Well, they call today, 4/20/18, THE DAY BEFORE THE APPOINTMENT to try to move it from 12 to 2:00. Because "Markie has a conflict." I asked how she could have a conflict when I booked this appointment over a week ago? The worker made feeble half-hearted apologies and said they can't control what the stylists do. I said aren't you a professional salon? She says yes. But you employ someone that you have no control over whether they move appointments around at the last minute? I pressed and was given an appointment with a different stylist, but I had to basically keep asking if someone else could do it, otherwise they were just going to cancel the appointment and "sorry about your luck." The person on the phone was NOT rude, she was apologetic, but the whole incident was so unprofessional, disapointing, and disgusting! Because we're talking about prom. No one has time to be running around trying to get a pedicure at the last minute, which is why the appointment was made in advance. I told her the ONLY reason we would take the noon appointment with someone else was because it was prom, and they would never see any of my family in there again.

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CEO - 1 d 15 h ago


A word to the wise. I called to have someone come out and measure for blinds. Leftm3 messages but no return call. Is it a wonder you are going under

Edie Benjamin

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Nadine G - 1 d 15 h ago



This is a complaint I had a hair salon appointment at 2pm, April 20th with an individual name Sherry Lynn. I checked in at 5 minutes before my appointment. The young lady did key this in on register. By 20 minutes after the hour two gentlemen were approached to see if they had been taken care of, they were simply waiting for their wives. Nobody approached me. 25 minutes after, the individual who was to cut my hair came up and was trying to apologize. Please educate your staff on professional conduct. I did have a 2 pm appointments. Nadine G.

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

At this time I'm very upset with your store in Beaumont TX. Right now I'm having lunch but when I'm finished I will be contact your office.

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When did JCPenney become dishonest? Similar situation - 1 d 18 h ago


I am having a similar situation as the person below.

I placed an order in early March 2018 and all items online said shipped and I received the delivery. Super excited about getting all 8 dresses my boyfriend picked out for me and didn't actually count them, just hung them up immediately and didn't realize that one was missing until Mid-April when my coworker and friend asked to see pictures of the dresses. I pulled up the order online and copied and pasted the pictures of the dresses into an email for her to see. I see one dress that was definitely not in the box, I do not remember hanging it up but checked my closet anyway and nope, not there. So I called JCPenny online and the very rude customer service woman had a tone of a mother hollaring at her child, I was extremely offended. She was also rude in other aspects of the conversation but I digress. I asked for her supervisor, she said sure then she hung up on me. I called back and the next rep could not get into my order because the previous rep was still in it. So I again asked for a supervisor or manager. She got a supervisor who at first was polite but quickly interripted me while I was telling her what happened and then stated that even though the missing dress says shipped, it didn't ship, they looked in 2 warehouses and couldn't find it, so it wasn't shipped and they credited me on March 15th for the dress. They did not email me about the dress being missing, they did not call about the dress being missing, the order still to this day shows as shipped. LIES, LIES, LIES. There is no credit showing on the order online, the dress shows as shipped, so I asked for the dress to be shipped. The supervisor said no, there's nothing we can do and hung up. I WILL NEVER SHIP ON THIS WEBSITE AGAIN AND I AM TELLING ALL OF MY FRIENDS, COWORKERS AND FAMILY MEMBERS ABOUT THIS SO THEY KNOW THAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A STRONG SUITE OF JCPENNY. They should shop on Amazon as Amazon has never been rude to me, refunded orders that never arrived and have never made me feel like I was a child being hollared at.

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When did JCPenney become dishonest? - 2 d 10 h ago


I ordered online some things and paid. When I went to pick up my order was missing an item. The store said that I would receive the item at a later date. I went back home and saw an email saying the item was cancelled and I was not returned the money for the item JCPenney cancelled. I called the store and a man gave me a confirmation number and I never heard from JCPenney any followup. I called again and a lady tried to tell me that JCPenney do not charge for item they do not send, but they charged me and I will be calling my card that I paid with to report it.

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David Dodson - 12 d 13 s ago


I wrote the review posted below on our local JCPenny page here in Tyler, TX. I contacted the corporate office like the sales attendant told me to do and I was told by corporate that I would be contacted by the general manager withing 2 business days... it has been a MONTH and I still have not received any calls.

I bought a diamond necklace with a 14k white gold chain for my girlfriend on November 3rd of 2016. We had a care plan of two years, and a few weeks ago the chain broke. So we took the necklace in to have it sent off and replaced but when they called us back to pick up the new chain it was too short and not the same length or thickness of the chain that was returned. It was nothing like the original so we asked that we get a longer chain like we bought the first time and they said that it was the same length but it isn't. The sales attendant called the JCPenney place where they sent the chain back to and the woman on the phone said that when the chain came in she measured it at exactly 20 inches long(which is what we originally said it was supposed to be returned at). She then continued to say that my now fiance had to have stretched the chain exactly two inches. We tried showing them pictures of her wearing the necklace to show that it was indeed a 20 inches chain not an 18inch that the company returned to us as a new chain. One of the pictures is even dated November 13, 2016(10 days after purchase) and clearly shows the chain to be longer than an 18 inch. When they saw the necklace was clearly longer in the pictures then the one they returned to us they tried to say that we must have bought a second chain and replaced it ourselves. After assuring them we didn't swap chains they kept saying that my fiance had to of stretched the necklace exactly two inches making it longer. And now they still won't replace the necklace with the correct length of chain. That same day I purchased a set of diamond earrings in the same transaction(it was a super great deal if I bought the original necklace that I've been describing then I would get a lot of money off of these earrings) so I purchased both the necklace and the earrings and now they are saying that the earrings were never purchased that same day when the clearly were because that was the only way to get the earrings at the discounted price. No one seems to want to help make this right so we will not purchase jewelry from JCPenney's again and we will tell all of our friends and family about this and not to purchase from them

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hatethisstorenow - 3 d 19 h ago


JCPenney I believe are crooks they haven't returned my money after I returned the defective item, I have been fighting for my money with my Bank after JCPenney said they refunded the money my Bank has it my Bank said they do not, I will never purchase or trust JCPenney ever again so I know from personal experience they will cheat you!

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Purchased a LG Refrigerator but the salesman put down the wrong Model # and color... When I saw it called right away and was told he would have to credit my account and once it was credited I could order the item with the right number and color. Till date I have heard nothing and never credited... Customer Service is terrible....It's been almost 2 weeks and not one call...

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago


Sedalia mo store: no sales clerks anywhere in store. Also, the checkers were just piddling around. Stood in line a long time and nevergot waited on. This is an ongoing problem at this store.

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


Please sell twin extra long sheet sets A set is:-

Printed fabric

An extra long twin sheet

Pillowcase and / or sham

Duvet cover

Don't need the decorative pillow or flat sheet

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Linda Bear - 5 d 18 h ago


I tried to order an item you had on sale on March 13, 2018. Item Eliza King Bedding set At $39.99 plus a tn dollar coupon for a total of $29.99. I was unsuccessful, so I called customer service to try and get it that way.They were out of stock almost immediately and I noted that this happens a lot. Employee said i could get the sale price, etc. when it came back in stock. Long story short, five phone calls late, hung up on twice, not called back, etc. I keep my word every month when i pay my bill. You company should honor its word. I still expect you to do that. Page 26 of you March 12, sale ad, above named item. I was also told they could not find it at that price, because it was too long ago. March the 12 was not long ago, considering I have been conversing with your company for 3 weeks about it. You guys really need to work on your customer service. Linda Bear (hidden) or (hidden).

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago


I'm a 65 year old woman who has been shopping at JCPennys since I was in very young. I have seen many changes! Probably the biggest disappointment to me is the quality of your clothing. Every time I find something I like for example your women's active exercise wicking shirts which I have been buying for the last 10 years all of a sudden has become made of very poor quality material. You've changed the quality! . My suggestion is.....if cost is a problem to you that you can't make the same quality then raise the price but don't cheapen it! I'd rather buy less then buy poor quality! The Quality is important to me so now I won't buy another exercise shirt.... there are no choices! . I think this is one reason you keep losing business.

Another issue I want to express is your women's plus department. Most of us young skinny women end up in our 60's a plus size also many young people today are also plus size. Look around at the women what do you see? The Baby Boomers are now in their 60's and you keep dropping choices in your women's department. Everyone I know went to Penny's for your women's department and now there isn't much there. We all complaine to each other so I thought I'd let you know what we are all saying.

I would love your company to succeed like I said I have been shopping there all my life and now I can hardly find anything I want to buy. Please don't drop your quality clothes . I understand that prices are an issue, everybody wants a bargain but I think you would be surprised to find a lot of women just want nice stuff. And please bring back the last years xersion plus workout shirts! The ones you have replaced these with are terrible!

I don't mean to complaine just thought I'd give you something to think about.

Thank you!

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

ATTENTIN: MR. RONALD JOHNSO April 15, 2018 Dear Mr. Johnson, I'm writing a FORMAL COMPLAINT . On 4\7\2018 I placed and paid for an order #2018-0975-1049-7698 at the Parkway plaza in El Cajon, CA., location. On 4\12\2018 I physically visited the location to check the status of my order and was told that it had not yet arrived. Today 4\15\2018 I called to check if I could pick-up my order because I had still NOT EVER received an email pick-up conformation. I was told my order was canceled \ unable to fill order. Calling the 800 number to investigate why I had never been contacted (mind you I had already PURCHASED TWO (2) ENTIRE OUTFITS purses & all). The JC Penny phone representative informed me that she could place the order and have it shipped to my house. Understand I now no longer have funds available on my account (huge family 5 brothers & 5 sisters I'm the oldest along with 7 children & 8 grandchildren) always HELPING someone. Clearly there is no excuse for NOT NOTIFYING ME. I received email when I placed my order and I received notice that my order was being prepared, so why not that it was cancled? Mr. Johnson, I'm highly upset and am REQUESTING that I be COMPENSATED with my original order of the original item. I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your assistance concerning this matter. Thank you for your time in reading this. Respectfully submitted, Ms. Nellie Coons Email: (hidden) Phone: (hidden)

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Nellie - 6 d 8 h ago



April 15, 2018

Dear Mr. Johnson, I'm writing a FORMAL COMPLAINT . On 4\7\2018 I placed and paid for an order #2018-0975-1049-7698 at the Parkway plaza in El Cajon, CA., location. On 4\12\2018 I physically visited the location to check the status of my order and was told that it had not yet arrived. Today 4\15\2018 I called to check if I could pick-up my order because I had still NOT EVER received an email pick-up conformation. I was told my order was canceled \ unable to fill order. Calling the 800 number to investigate why I had never been contacted (mind you I had already PURCHASED TWO (2) ENTIRE OUTFITS purses & all). The JC Penny phone representative informed me that she could place the order and have it shipped to my house. Understand I now no longer have funds available on my account (huge family 5 brothers & 5 sisters I'm the oldest along with 7 children & 8 grandchildren) always HELPING someone.

Clearly there is no excuse for NOT NOTIFYING ME. I received email when I placed my order and I received notice that my order was being prepared, so why not that it was cancled?

Mr. Johnson, I'm highly upset and am REQUESTING that I be COMPENSATED with my original order of the original item. I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your assistance concerning this matter. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Respectfully submitted,

Ms. Nellie Coons

Email: (hidden)

Phone: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

Concerning the jcp store in Yuba City ca.

Have you seen the inside it looks like a yard sale.

We have no stores beside Kohl's to shop at. Our population is with yuba county is 141337. You could be making money if you would reorganize the store . Target just did it, and it really looks nice. I rather shop there. Or I travel a hour to Roseville.

Please do something!!!

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Judi - 8 d 9 h ago

I placed an order on April 1st and still do not have it. I have called to see if it was shipped and they said yes. My order number is (hidden)238814. I called the store. Can hardly understand the menu. Can't you find someone who

Speaks English??? When I did get the operator it was the same lady I couldn't understand. She said she would connect me. No one answered so I called the operator back and they were closed at 9:47pm. I need this top for a cruise I am going on. Can you please trace it to see if I can get it ASAP. thanks.....judi pachico (hidden)

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago


I contact the JCPenney on Saturday March 31st around 11 in the morning after trying to order same day pick up items since 9 something if not 8 finally got done with it however it would not allow me to submit my payment so I have to call a customer service to see if they could help after being on the phone for dinner 3 hours I will still having the same issues which was the card he finally decided that he was going to transfer me over here to a supervisor when she got on the phone she didn't know the sky to the floor I asked you could she help me she asked me for my name I explained to her that I didn't have an account she said she still needed my name preceded gave it to her then she said she couldn't find me I explained to her this because I do not have an account which I already said to you she didn't said she needed my telephone number I said ma'am prior to me placing this order I didn't give any of that information you're not going to find me she said fine she still needed it gave it to her and she came back she said she still couldn't find me I said man. As I've been on the phone not even the phone I've been trying to get a couple of items from JCPenney for 5 if not for hours now she started yelling screaming I asked her why was she yelling you screaming she hung up the phone in my face at this time I'm even more annoyed now however I needed the item so my daughter can go to church the next day which is going to be Easter Sunday call back I don't know phone explain to the rep what happened she went ahead got me a supervisor explaining to the supervisor what was going on she said she was sorry to hear that she's going to see what she can do to help me mind you by this time now it's already like 3 after 3 you cannot do any in-store pickups I explained to her that I'm trying to beat the time however I didn't how can she help she said that's go ahead and find it items first and then we'll go ahead and proceed to find out what I be able to pick it up from the store stayed on the phone with her for her hours and minutes at the end she said she's going to call the store give her my number and she'll call me back she's going to find out all these items available at the store to be picked up hung her up she called me back 2 hours and a half later same-day items were at the store my name were on them I can go in the and pick them up I said okay I'm so happy thank you so much I appreciate you all the good words got in my car went to Wellington got their gave my name the young lady at the cashier had me over the items then said I needed to proceed to go downstairs I said okay fine went downstairs my daughter was right there with me when I got downstairs I gave the lady the items she proceeded to ring them out I told her no I'm not ringing them out I've already paid for them online I'm just picking them up she said no that's not how that works she don't know who sent me here what's going on I explain the whole situation to her she called the manager Michael Michael came he spoke to me he told me there was nothing he can do he would have felt bad that I was joking around and give him a second he went and got another manager Mike Mike came over my said yeah unfortunately there's nothing I can do the orders then I just have to wait for the order to come in unless I have the cash to purchase those items that were in my hands I said no I didn't have anymore cash I had already spun out I just need to find out how you guys could assist me to give me one of my items so my daughter can have something for Easter they said there was nothing unique Hindu there was another manager walking by Dennis Dennis came over Dennis asked them some stuff that he thought would work Mike told him no it wouldn't work there is nothing they can do Mike walked off Michael asked me if I would mind to try the card being that I just purchased perhaps the money hasn't been taken off yet tried to card nothing didn't work and you said there was nothing he can do and I was sent home with nothing called corporate to follow up to see what I can get done till this day today I have yet to receive my items I have yet to hear back from corporate I will never ever shop with JCPenney again I've been shopping with JCPenney since I was 16 I hope your business the best and I would love for someone to contact me to explain to me why I have yet to receive my items being at their in-store pickup and why did the lady at corporate say she was going to follow up with me and I never heard from her I am so disgusted with JCPenney I have never had any issues with you guys I guess now that everybody's frying you guys are frying to once again I wish you guys the best

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Anonymous - 8 d 13 h ago


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JCP kid - 8 d 13 h ago


Can anyone help me? My name is Mark Till. My father (Robert J. Till) was a JC Penney employee/manager for many years from the 50s to 1990. (Lakewood CA JCP, Treasury - Buena Park CA, El Cajon CA JCP) Both he and my mom have passed. I am selling some jewelry of theirs and have come across some some JCP pieces that my father earned: cuff links, watch, ring, etc. Before I sell them to a random jeweler, I thought I would try your group since there is some connection to JCP. Is there a way to post the items for sale? I have sent an email to the HCSC organization but have not gotten a response.

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Nancy Mojica - 8 d 14 h ago


I don't understand why I've had to call your Head Quarters to get any kind of this situation. I've called four of your stores here in California one person answered she transferred me nobody answered customer service the furniture Department of the service has gone downhill with JCPenney and it's a shame I'm trying to return a piece of furniture that was delivered to me and the box wasl damage it was confirmed they were picking it up today Friday the 13th of April 2018 .the boxes are in same place that UPS dropped it off

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DJ-04/05/2018 - 9 d ago



This complaint is for J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc. and Corelle Brands LLC. I bought this article two times. The item was a Corelle Boutique Kyoto Leaves 42-pc. Square Dinnerware Set. First order number is #(hidden)326362, I made this order in in a good price and the item was canceled. I called customer service to find out why they had canceled the item and they told me that the item was not available at that time. I told the representative that I checked the item on and the item was available to make the purchase again but the price had changed, the representative verified on the system and it was true. The representative recommended me to make a new order of this article and I said ok, the number of the second order is #(hidden)139527, and the article the representative adjusted it to the price of the first order. After two days cancel the order again for no reason and when I call Customer Service again the representative tells me that the item is not available. I mentioned to her that on the page of the article was available to buy, she returns and tells me that the article is not available and that the page of was not updated saying that article is no longer It was available for purchase. I told the representative that at they have misleading ads, because at this time I can buy the item again and they have kept my money in the bank twice and they keep canceling the orders. The representative tells me that there is no good communication between and the manufacturer. I replied that I was going to seek guidance on this situation.

In conclusion do not honor the purchase I made, although the article is available to buy on and on the website of the manufacturer.

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DJ-04/05/2018 - 8 d 16 h ago


False Advertisements by J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

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