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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Reba411 - 7 h 33 m ago


I have to say that the JCP in Posner Park is by far the worst store I have ever encountered. On a consistent basis, they are under staffed. Yesterday I waited on line for 25 minutes before handed one of the only two cashiers in the entire store my items I intended to purchase and walked out. I attempted for nearly 20 further to get in contact with someone in authority before final resorting to callin the Sephora store located in the store. Christina, who said she was a supervisor, was inept in any sort of customer service. She apparently had just "clocked in" at 3, obviously not a true supervisor and didn't understand that customer service does not rely upon a Time clock. Place looks more like a rummage sale and is sloppy. It is quite obvious that this location will close by the end of the year. Good riddance! JCP used to promote quality, now seems tired and cheap. It's a real shame. I won't be back to this location!

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Sandy - 12 h 48 m ago


I called to ask for a $3.69 price adjustment and the supervisor refused. I asked him his name and let him know I would take the survey and give JC Penney a bad review. He said, I already told you my name. I said what is your name? He then hung up on me. After he hung up, I remembered his name is Gary. Reasons like his horrible customer service is why you are losing loyal customers. I won't go back for mistreatment by your company. If you want to keep customers, teach your employees on how to keep them.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


You all have the worst store manager in Pueblo,colo Jimmy very rude predugist don't mind putting his workers in place in front of customer I will shop at kohls and the store bathrooms are the worst they never work

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Tammy - 1 d 24 h ago


As I to work in Retail I understand the importance of Customer Service. I recently shopped at J. C. Penney Waterville, Maine, it will be the last. The store is absolutely filthy. After choosing some items I went into the fitting room adjacent to the Ladies department, the lighting was poor the mirrors were dirty and the rugs were unbelievably disgusting. And it didnt appear these rooms had been cleaned in some time. Shopped a little more and went into the fitting room in Mens department hoping for a better experience but for the lighting things were no better. Now it is time to cash out and there was not an employee in sight. With all the stores closing down these days and the ease of Online shopping you had better make some changes.

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C. Glaze - 1 d 3 h ago


I have had bad service from JC Penney. July 2017, I called to install shutters, waited 8 weeks, the day of insulation they installed them wrong and I called the store and they took them out. $4855.00 and I was willing to start over with a known product, Hunter Douglas not the same off brand the decorator suggested. November 11th they came to install. The guy used a mallet to knock the shutter in and broke the window frame and said he would fix it and one window was installed uneven. Also he needed to order 4 additional magnets. It is now January 18,2018. The decorator called January 11th and said the magnets were lost and she would reorder. This poor service cost me a new window from Milgard, because the seal around the window is broken. You need to REFUND me my money.

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Jan - 1 d 4 h ago


I recently went to jc penny at Solomon pond mall. I saw a blouse I liked. Picked it up to purchase, walked around for ten minutes trying to find someone to check me out! The blouse was 60% off. I couldn't find anyone so I just left without it. I returned to the jc penny at Whitney mall to see if I could find the same blouse. They had it there for full price of $39,99. Had a sign that read 40% off after one spends $40:00! I am soooooo done! Last three times I've shopped at your store, I left totally exasperated, I AM DONE!!!

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Sal - 1 d 7 h ago

I've applied 2 weeks ago for J.C.PENNY CREDITED CARD,u guys say u would send email,or get a letter 3 to 7 days,2 weeks nothing trying right know to call your CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN'T GET THROUGH CAUSE HAVE DIRECTORY TO TO TALK TO ANY ONE ABOUT MY APPLICATION ON LINE!!!maybe u guys don't want new customer's!!!!CRAZY!!!!!

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NOT A HAPPY CAMPER - 2 d 7 h ago

I purchased appliances in July, 2017. Received a dishwasher that was dented..noticed this after it was installed. Went to the store and complained. Took 2 weeks to get another, and months for them to give me a compensation toward having to get the plumber back to the house!!. Now at the time of purchase, if there was a $50.00 VISA card promotion for each appliance purchased. I bought a stove and dishwasher...AS OF JANUARY 17, 2018 I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE VISA CARDS!! I have called the store manager at least 100 times, no response anymore from her. Now I am still due a $150.00 credit from SAMSUNG for the damaged dishwasher. My next call is to The Attorney General's Office in Rhode Island!!

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Dee - Atlanta GA - 1 d 9 h ago


My experience with JCP has been similar to this one. The customer service they have now is a total joke. I ordered a top of line mattress DECEMBER 2016 and just got a mattress set without damage JANUARY 2018..... I accepted this mattress after a promise from the REP that has now quit and management wont call me back. I cant believe this is JCP.... I am about to make a call to someone also.. not sure if its the attorney general or who I need to call.

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Upset costoner - 1 d 10 h ago


What is up with telling people they need to get coupons from the app, but all your stores the WiFi is non functional at its best. Having a csr tell me I need to download the app to get coupons is fine, I get that, but at least make sure your WiFi works. So disappointing in this day an age. JCPenney really needs to step it up, or we will be seeing all the stores close.

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delilah molina Yorktown Security guard horrible experience - 2 d 24 h ago


MR.Ronald Johnson,my Name is Miss Delilah Molina,On Monday holiday a friend invited me to Yorktown in l Lombard Illinois J.C penny A little bit about my self . Unfortunately I suffer from mental disorder I suffer from fibromyalgia and my medication had been change because I was severely depressed due to the fact that my only son had had a life or death situation called anterior nenours malfaction. He's my only son I take care of my son and my mother my son is in the National Guard's used to work as home health care and went to school full-time my only son suffered a breakthrough of these

Stroke on February 7, 2017 to a condition called anterio nenous falfarmation.His my only son was giving 24 hours for survival we spend almost maybe into the ending of the summer living at Northwestern Hospital and Shirley Ryan rehabilitation center after going through this the past 10 years have been very hard as I lost my job I lost my husband my mother lives with me cancer after cancer she lost her mind and in and out it took almost 7 years to get her back doing what is call shock therapy choose a senior bipolar this does not excuse what happened this past Monday I have no recollection in the store on Monday but as I was walking out I security officer stop me and took me to interrogating know where I was treated beyond humiliation every word that he used towards me start with the letter F I try to explain to him that I was a Christian and that he was violating my rights that that's not the language I grew up around abuse continue because this officer get threaten me with the police which I was happy to hear the word police because police are here to help us this security guard wanted for me to admit to something that I have no recollection of my medication have been changed I was denied even water in my purse I had seizure medication and I was afraid that I was getting so nervous that I was going to have a panic attack and I even told him to please tone it down finally after maybe 2030 minutes I'm not sure I find out then he's not the one that should be asking the questions that it's the girl the stair I asked him if I could take out my cell phone because I was being abuse I was being called names horrible names and I had no way to defend myself. whatever if I had committed a crime The justice system will take care of that but that I was in a severe depression because my kid was going under another operation not only the operation but I also was going to find out his level of thinking had I lost my son or was I going to love someone new because he still my son but this man would ask the questions and because I would not answer what he wanted me to say he will start the abuse over and over again the threats with the police the name-calling I even ask if I had a right to report his behavior I finally realize that he's not supposed to be in the room and I asked him to remove them self but prior to that I thought this man was going to hit me he had a statement and he wanted me to take responsibility of something I did not recall and because I didn't sign it he manly broke it up the table threw it against the wall and once again call me names and that's one he finally left the room because I told him he had no right to be in that room it was not his interrogation I think as it is women have suffered enough there's two different issues here the issue of what JCPenney is claiming I did and the issue of woman been missed treated treated like garbage and not given the right to even have a glass of water thank you I appreciate your time my name is Delilah Molina my phone number is 7739606 313

Flagged for review. 
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R L Stein - 3 d 4 h ago


Purchased a recliner Dec , 2017. Never received delivery. Spoke to reps from Ohio, and Wisconsin they promised I would hear from the delivery company by Jan 11, 2018 - NO CONTACT FROM DELIVERY COMPANY! Today is January 16, 2018, NO RECLINER. Spent extended time on hold. No one can tell me when my recliner will be delivered. Still Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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PEvans - 2 d 3 h ago


Purchased appliances Nov 11, 2017, haven't received anything but excuses and poor customer service from Spirit Logistics, the unnamed warehouse, and the Escalation Team.

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P'offed - 2 d 1 h ago

Same here with a table, charged right away weeks ago, apparently it was lost.... and was promised delivery today before 2:00 ,I canceled plans....oh. that's right, no delivery !!

Find out they sent it back to shipping, after sitting there 3 weeks. What a half ass company penny's has turned into

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Got a mattress in a box and was the worst bed I have ever slept on. Supposed to be a 10" mattress that sinks in over 5". Springs come out of the sides of the bed. I called what JCP would like to call there Customer Service Department. Complete and utter BS. I spoke to over 10 people, so called managers included and the corporate office. No one knows anything there, grouchy from the moment they answer and cold transfer you to more and more departments, because unlike any normal company they have multiple department for online orders, not just one. They wanted to charge me 175 to come pick up a faulty mattress and then finally agreed to not charge after hours on the phone with an end result that someone will call me in two 2weeks to set up a time to start the return. This is the worst most diagusting supposed customer service. I will be telling everyone not to shop at JCP online because if you have an issue with your order or its defective your going to spend hours getting anyone to help you and not charge you for there horrid product. Then give you attitude and wait weeks if not months to return the item and maybe get your money back.

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PEvans - 2 d 3 h ago


Did anyone receive a response to their complaints?

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Dina - 2 d 6 h ago


Wow! I should have read the reviews here first before getting so upset thinking it was just me! So much of what has been said is happening to me! Automated line says shipped, customer service reps disrespectful and just don't care, order pending cancellation from manufacturer (what!?!), refund info who knows! Explains why they're in this downward spiral. Unacceptable! I ordered one thing!! Can't fulfill even though states In Stock. Bad customer service! Never never again and will let people know why.

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Dave - 2 d 6 h ago

I ordered a pair of pants from my local JC Penny store due to my size not being in stock. I paid for the pants with a gift card. The order was cancelled due to JC Penny not being able to fill my order. I was told through an email that I would be refunded the amount of my order through a check since I paid for it with a gift card. I have not received my check as of yet and today I have spent so far 2 hours on hold trying to get a hold of someone from customer service. I have been told the wait time was 45 minutes and on 2 occasions, I was on hold for 30 minutes and disconnected from the call only to have to wait again for 45 minutes. This is my third try and I have been holding for 30 minutes again. This is ridiculous having to wait this length of time to try to get a hold of someone to talk to.

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I ordered a pair of Clark shoes yesterday. I received an email confirmation stating they are being shipped to a completely different store than I requested which is an hour drive for me. I called the (800) number and spoke to Sheila (associate number 6166). She laughed and said nothing they can do...sorry. Was thrilled to give me the name of Marvin Ellison CEO and her associate number to give him. Again, thought it was funny. What is wrong with people. Your company made the mistake. How do you survive without customers? Oh don't!!

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MzzMIMIG - 2 d 7 h ago

The customer service on the phone is nefarious and rude; I ordered a watch and I notice it was the wrong address and the customer service rep told me that she couldn't' change the address. What do you mean? JC Penny's don't have the technical update to change the address? This is ridiculous. Now she tells me that I have to wait until I get the UPS tracking number to change the address; I have to contact the UPS choice to re-route the address! Now I notice that my merchandise has been shipped out 1/16/18 I called the customer service line she told me that it hasn't been shipped, so why does it say it has been shipped. What kind of games is JC Pennys playing? See, I really don't have time for this and I don't have time buying watches for strangers either! JC Pennys needs to improve their employee morale and ethics; it's basically stealing my watch when you can't cancel my order especially when you know it's not going to my address and it's going to another state. I am very upset how JCPenny run their customer service operations which need improvements!

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C.m royce - 2 d 7 h ago


Well I too have had enough with ordering online and talking to customer service. Then the waiting game on the phone then be disconnected. Total bull. I have ordered twice a hair dryer I get the ship date then nothing. What's up with your warehouse things need yo be checked into. I too thinking of canceling everything

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Rustin Walker - 3 d 23 h ago

To whom it may concern,

I took my daughter's glasses in after she had broken the frame in which I had paid for the warranty. Upon arrival Sarah (I believe that is her name, the only female working in the optical department) informed me she had approximately 9 scratches on the left lens and 4 on the right and that for an additional $20 or close to I could replace the lenses as well so I agreed. After almost a month's time and not receiving a phone call, as I was told I would, I called, only to be informed that yes they were there. (I had the same experience when ordering contacts.) I brought my daughter there to ensure the fit was correct, which it was, but while on our 23 minute drive home I noticed that the glasses were not transition or anti glare. The glasses I brought in for warranty had both of these features. I immediately called and the lady (sarah) on the phone said she would speak to Richard and call me back. Upon returning my call, she informed me I would need to come in and pay an additional $25 on top of the $44 or close to I had paid already if I wanted the same lenses. I asked for the old lenses back, as they really didn't need to be replaced in the first place, but was informed that that was not an option. I came in today to speak with Richard who asked immediately for the $25 payment which I told him I did not believe I should have to pay. Upon informing him of everything I have written in this email he admitted she made a big mistake and once again asked for the $25. I told him I felt like I was getting ripped off and if that was the case I would take my business elsewhere to which he replied "I have no problem with that if that's what you want to do." I told him I wanted to resolve this issue with him today and he said he was fine with me taking my business elsewhere. Shocked I said "ok" and he proceeded to tell me if there was anything they could do for me let them know. I told him there wouldn't be. I am still shocked. I at no point even so much as raised my voice as I had respect for Richard from the last 2 years of doing business there. I had intended on doing business there with my family of 5 for years to come and have sent many people with families to do the same. At this point I have no intention of doing that or in the future ever stepping foot in that JCPennies again. I have been completely honest with you in this email to make sure every detail was as accurate as it could be. I do not look for a resolution to my issue but wanted to inform someone of my experience today. I am disgusted.

I am sorry to write you in such a way

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Extremely "ticked" in VA - 3 d ago


I placed an order for a pair of boots on 12/11/17 for my granddaughter's Christmas present . As of today, 1/16/18, I have not received them! Where the heck were they shipped from? Why don't you use tracking numbers like everyone else so that you can track where a package/order is? I have sent and received packages from Thailand in the amount of time I have been waiting for shipment of these boots. I have made at least 8 or 10 trips to the store and I get the same answer, they have been shipped. No one can tell me where they are. I requested that this order be canceled. Today, I got a bill for my JCPenney credit card showing a charge for these boots. I will NOT pay it!!! I am not paying for something that I did not receive. I expect the charge to be removed immediately!! You can keep the boots if you ever figure out where they are? Again, I REFUSE to make this payment!!! I will also be making a visit to your customer service office!! I have spent a lot of money in your stores over the course of many years, but I will not spend another dime. I am just waiting to see how long it takes for you to close up shop? I do feel sorry for your employees who will lose jobs, though it does not appear that you care about that? I am filing a complaint (along with all of the others that have been filed) with the BBB, etc. By the way, I bought another pair of boots last week at Macy's for my granddaughter. I am just really sorry that she did not get her gift until after Christmas.

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Mad employee - 3 d 4 h ago


I want to know why our store is freezing. Salon too. I have lupus and it's so cold that I'm in constant pain. I dress in layers. Our break room the heat is so bad the gym bought a portable heater which is not big enough for our break room. It's winter and sub below temps outside. Come on JCPenney get your act together, we are not the only store, I see it all over fb that other stores are freezing too.

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mikeherner - 3 d 5 h ago


My wife bought a ring that she was told was valued at $1800 to $2500 dollars.

After showing the ring to a friend, and telling her she paid $500 for the ring, the friend said Penny has a history of inflating the ring value, while selling it at what they say is a reduced rate.

My wife had the ring appraised at a REAL jeweler today, and she appraised it at $350-$450.

This is not our only attemptat getting justice, but this is a warning TO NOT buy jewelery from JC Penny, Deptford Mall.

Mike Herner

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