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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Lisa - 14 h 37 m ago


I wanted to order a couch during sale on Memorial Day. I was very upset when on the sight it says free shipping on orders over $99 and mine was $299.00 and I was $125.00 to ship item. That's false advertising. Item was Signature Design by Ashley. Upholstered Loveseat.

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Mississippi/online - 15 h 34 m ago


No wonder JCP has went downhill! Ordered 2 different mirrors online, I am guessing because they were the exact same amount, the lazy people pulling the orders sent 2 of the exact same thing! When I called about it, I would have to basically pay for their screw up! Have to take to my JCP for refund & let them reorder the other mirror and it take ANOTHER 10 days to get to me. So I take it back, get a refund, decide to buy a comforter, $140.00 comforter! Wash before using as recommended, & the filling gets all bunched up & pulls in the material. Yes, I washed in a large, commercial washer! I'm DONE with JCP, THEY DO NOT CARE!

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Jane Kreutzberg - 1 d ago


today, 5-28-17 I am writing again!!!!!!!!........where do I start??? This has been one of the worst experience's ever in my nearly 74 years!!!!!!!!!!.....I am also sending to you, copies of most of the correspondence already sent to the office at Plano, TX. I am putting copies AGAIN in the mail today. My original order goes back to Feb. of this my chair & sorry to say, this chair is the worst thing I have ever ordered.......that's what I get doing it on line!!!!!!!!!!!.......After much disappointment, I am going to pay this off & immediately go out & buy a REAL recliner!!!!!............what I am writing about today, I was promised a $100 Gift card from Josh, who informed me that a driver was being fired, (yeah right), & for all the problems with getting this chair, he told me I'd have the gift card W/I days & would be delivered in USPS mail. Well, another missed opportunity!!!!!!!.......AMAZIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........Please, may I have some response between this email & the entire package of missed opportunities from JCPENNEY!!!!!!!!!!!........SAD, but, if I could only go back 15 years ago, that was when we nearly bought all our furniture when we moved into a new Town House.............I missed the recliner I husbands is still in our living room!!!!!!.........Again, any response would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Kreutzberg

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JA - 1 d ago


You should really look into the horrible air quality (mold) in your Lawton, OK. store! This store was shut down because the roof caved in a little over a year ago due to a storm. It has now been open for a few months and the vents blow "moldy smelling" air. It also smells like the floors are moldy as well.

I couldn't and wouldn't stay long enough to even look. The air quality was so horrible.

Law Suit waiting to happen especially, for those having to work in those conditions.

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Mike - 1 d 10 h ago


Can someone please tell them that they use to be spelled jcpennys not jcpenneys.

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Ms CP - 3 d 17 h ago


Very upset with Jcpennys

Not keeping there. Word.will not shop there any more Tryed reach someone

CEO no answer this is bunch of crap

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Mrs. Giles - 3 d 12 h ago

I feel you me too.

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 m ago

me too im being robbed by the ohio jc penney twice with not shipping my order for 2 kid shoes which i just bought for a family who just had fire and mom died

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Mike - 1 d 10 h ago


Your in a different reality its not jcpenny anymore here's its jcpenney. Mandela effect

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Mrs. Giles - 3 d 12 h ago

I shop at JCPennys on a regular basis. For the first time in history I was treated poorly at the jewelry departmen in Columbia SC Sandhills Mall. Reported it thru the survey. Will never shop there again. Survey code#(hidden)(hidden)13

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Mike - 1 d 10 h ago


In this reality its jcpenney

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C Nelson - 1 d 16 h ago

I'm disappointed with JC Penneys (San Berardino). I purchased a pair of shoes and a romper. The shoes were too big and the roper didn't fit on me right so I returned to the store for a exchange. The clerk ask for my identification card I gave to her. The card couldn't read. So she told me sorry I couldn't return. Few days later when my husband was able to go with me same thing happened with his identification card. They said sorry and recommended we go to The DMV to fix the stripe on backside. My husband card is basically brand new. When I purchased the items there was no problem with them taking my money. There policy sucks. I will not be shopping there anymore.

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GDevlin - 1 d 16 h ago


I was in the Staten Island NY store on May 27th in the men's department looking for a dress shirt and tie. Shirts were scattered on the display tables and many many ties were on the floor. I took photos in hope of adding them here but it cannot be done. This mess was found at 11:00 am and the store wasn't crowded that one could suspect shoppers had done this. The store likely opened with this mess. Shame on you. Shopping years ago was a pleasure. Now it looks like junk store. Needless to say I did not make a purchase and fully understand why the company stock is below $5.00 a share.

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Hasmik - 2 d 2 h ago

They are very rude and unprofessional especially the managers. You can feel they don't value their customers at all. Very poor customer service. In addition you have to literally fight to get a refund for the item they never sent as well as to get your discounts. I'm going to get rid of their credit card. There are lots of other better stores around.

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Debra - 2 d 18 h ago


My mom broke her hip in February. They said they could move her to a better situation if she had a chair she could get in and out of. I asked and double checked if a chair I ordered could be delivered by 5/6. The associate even wrote it on the order. Here we are in last of May and still no chair. I have had to change a flight to care for my mom and request help from friends while I went to Canada and keep calling back to check on it. All in total have been out $809 for a $600 chair. The store has no info because it was a .com order (apparently the sale associate got a disease that wipes her memory). The warehouse said it was sent out to the delivery people weeks ago. The delivery company says it has no record of it and back to JCP warehouse where they tell me "I don't know who you talked to but they flat out lied to you." Nice work relationship you have there JCP to throw everyone under the bus. In the meantime I have a mom who is lying flat on her back for 10 weeks because she has NO FU******* CHAIR. Find the god damn thing would you and then refund me for a flight, calls, and sitter for my mother.

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JoeK - 4 d 16 h ago

I am utterly discussed with JCPenney

for offering sandals that display the American FLAG !!!!!!!!

Do you realize that the foot is being placed directly on the symbol of AMERICA !!!!

In many societies that is the greatest

show of DISRESPECT !!!!

I will not patronize JCPenney and will be voicing this to many groups who also will

follow my actions.....until you remove said sandals....and all other

Items that are dishonoring our FLAG.

The FLAG that many have died fighting for........

Jerome D.Keuter

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R - 5 d 28 m ago


I have been trying for two weeks now to get a status update on my eye-wear order. It has been a month now since the order was placed and JCP Opticalat the Glendale Galleria in California has not responded to my three emails for a status update. They could at least send a courtesy response.

My regular optician takes three days turn around time. Why has it taken JCP so long? Maybe they are sending the orders out of the country?

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charles - 5 d 17 h ago

order number not recognized


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Karen - 6 d 1 m ago


I had to order from online because your intimate apparel buyers have no clue what they are doing. You have sales,but no sizes to back up the sales. Well, unless you wear little sizes or want colors showing through our clothes. Some of us women still want simple pretty white or neutral colors in 36dd,36ddd and 38c. But nothing. Now, part of my order is in, but I can't pick it up until the rest comes in maybe next week because your computer system won't let them do it. Some customer service! Just another way to screw the customer.

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Barbara - 6 d 15 h ago


I closed my JC Penney Credit Card about one year ago. When I tried to apply for a new card, the Westminster store in Westminster, Colorado, refused to mail me a credit card application, and said I would either have to apply in person at the store, or apply on the internet. There is no way I am going to disclose all my personal info on the internet. The employee with whom I spoke said paper applications are no longer available. Unbelievable! Apparently, management is not aware that hackers exist to steal other people's identity from the Internet. Also, applying in person is difficult since I do not own an automobile. I have read that Penney's is closing 138 stores. This policy of making it very difficult to get a Penney's credit card indicates that Penney's management is not interested in acquiring new customers. Another indication that Penney's management is incompetent is that, in my prior experience, the store discontinues women's clothing items that have been very popular. One example is the discontinuation of Cabin Creek women's slacks. I have seen hundreds of complaints on the internet from customers who want to buy these slacks. Management appears to be deaf to the requests of current customers. NO WONDER YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS AND IN THE PROCESS OF CLOSING 138 STORES.

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Momo - 7 d ago


Just left JC Penney at Mall St Matthews - could not get checked out. No one in the shoe dept and the checkout counter said "CLOSED", so could not get someone to look for a shoe for me. Then went to Mall entrance, sign said CLOSED, so proceeded on to another checkout where there were 10 or so people in line. Went to another and same thing. Why isn't the clerk saying "3 and Out" which means help can come to the checkout. I was so frustrated that I left. I have a gift card and am going over there tonight and demand I just get cash back - I am not interested in giving my money to a store who has no customer service and higher prices daily. This is just pitiful - JC Penny used to be one of my favorite store but I hope they just close and move on. They don't even answer their phone so that you can make a complaint, thus I am using this forum.

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Rita WNY - 7 d 20 h ago


I do not like the new format of your website. The changes I have noticed, today May 21, 2017:

1) The start of using mutual models.

2) No brand choices to narrow my search when I pick a specialty size.

3) Why is SM MED XL a choice, under narrow my search and when I pick Plus Size.

4) Why do I need to scroll so far down to see the fabric / product description. It used to be at the top of the page.

5) What happened to "check your store" option at the top of the page too? It is not there.

This is making my online shopping very cumbersome. Bad enough you closed the store in my area and having to travel 50 miles to return. Now I have to figure out how to use the website again?! Not making my shopping experience any better.

It is not user friendly. Font size smaller. Even throwing in an ad banner on the page.

Guess what. When I shop my size, in your store. I go to PLUS, look for a brand and shop.

The last change JCP did was disastrous and finally listened to their customers. Now changes made again and jacking it all up. And we are paying your salary..ugh.

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Tracy B - 8 d ago

Saturday May 20,2017 my son Domenic and his wife Amie were shopping in the Willow Grove store with his mother in law Linda and his beautiful baby girl. Amie and Linda were looking at clothing (Shirts) with my grand daughter when two store associates standing near them began to apparently form some negative and quite nasty opinions about my grand daughter. What the associates didnt realize was that my son was with them. As they (Amie and Linda) moved on to another area Domenic walked over to where his family was just browsing to look at the same shirts and heard the two associates talking to each other about "that ugly baby with the big head". My son was on one side of the display as they stood across (arms reach) from him laughing and and making specific comments. Now I feel I must share with you that this was especially disheartening because of a medical condition which affected my grand daughter's brain development. My son and daughter in law found this out while she was 4 months pregnant. They were presented with the option to terminate the pregnancy but they knew that would never happen. They knew that the little baby growing inside would be loved and deserved a chance to live and be happy. What they didnt know was that there would be some people who would not understand. They didn't believe that some people would be rude. They didn't think that they would have to defend her in a store from trained (some what) employees. They did not expect the employees to act so unprofessionally in front of customers right out on the floor. They hoped that people would at least be respectful.

This breaks my heart especially knowing what my son and daughter in law have gone through and the hurdles still to come. This hurts me to the core thinking that a simple shopping trip has left them feeling hurt and discouraged by their experience in J C Penny's. I grew up working in retail since high school. I remember the thorough training process I had to endure. I mean no disrespect when I say this but have things changed with the training today? Or were these people having a bad day?

They have no idea what their disrespect has done to those hard working determined parents of my beautiful grand daughter. I'm so thankful that that beautiful happy little girl didnt hear them.

Although my son and my daughter in law spoke to the managers and were abale to identify the associates, as well as fill out a store incident form/report, they deserve a formal apology. It doesn't seem right or fair for them to be simply sent off with a pat on the back and a promise of termination.

If you only knew how deeply this hurt and offended them.


A concerned Mom

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TFTN - 8 d 24 m ago


I was recently shopping at jcp in Franklin, TN. It was Mothers Day wknd and the store was a shambles. The dressing room was filthy, full of dust & the paper strips from bathing suits. I have photos of dressing room but do not see a way to upload them. The staff were pleasant but clearly overworked. The lack of store personnel has been an issue for years. You're losing money so stop spending money on TV advertising and put the money where you'll get a better ROI. Invest in your stores. Invest in your employees. Add employees to serve customer your base, keep the inventory neat and attractive so when customers enter the store they will want to look at your products not turn & run in the other direction. Clean the dressing rooms. Reduce your upper management dead weight and redistribute those funds to invest in your stores.

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Wendy - 19 d 17 h ago


Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am extremely troubled by the shamble of a mess the Modesto, CA store is in. I was in there twice in 2 days. I purchased clothes and because the cash register area (as well as surrounding) area is such a mess the clerk missed placing an item in my bag; therefore, the need for a second trip. You have cut your staff to the bare bones, so customer service is terrible and the store is a complete mess. Shopping used to be a pleasant experience when clothes were hung neatly and signs well marked and you didn't have to wait in a line 10+ deep. People want a good experience shopping. You will lose all your customers to online if you keep this up. Hire more staff!!! Oh, and what is with the Latin music playing? I love Latins, but we do live in America the last time I checked and as such, please cater to Americans of all color, race, ethnic groups. I have yet to hear Dutch, German, Slovenian, Indian, etc. I think you get my point.

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I work at JC Penny and trust me it is not only the customers that are upset the employees are as well. The store I work at is always a mess and then when a visit happens they call me the day of , change my schedule for a 12 hour over night shift to clean because they are having a visit from corporate. If they kept the store clean at all times, this would not have happened. I also was never told that my schedule was changed and MISSED the 12 hour shift to clean up the mess that no one does. I am not sure why the associates that run the registers are not cleaning the surrounding area's, so they can see when a customer needs help, so these stores stay clean and tidy. I spent 8 hours in JUNIOR JEANS alone one day cleaning because that area was so bad, and don;t even get me started on the MESS in the dress department. You could get lost in there with the mess. My store manager does NOT allow backstock so we have to figure out how to put everything on the floor when the trucks arrive .. I agree with the stores being a total disaster area, even as an employee.

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ou81too! - 8 d 14 h ago


Ahhh the "clean up" (recovery) Deal yup they do the same to my wife She hates it with reason, why should the evening people have to clean up after the day Douche bags. Also where is the day manager, and why does HE/SHE let this happen. Why are the "Managers" allowed to get away with such incompetence. Penny's should can ALL MANAGERS and train new ones who can do and are willing to do the jobs correctly. That aint gonna happen though.

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