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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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N/a - 8 h ago


Store 0557 is literally the biggest joke. The jcp manager holly is so rude and condescending to the associates and doesn't care about her employees whatsover. And the Sephora assistant manager is horrible she's always in the back on her phone! This store is horrendous and is getting impossible to work with! Not to mention the lack of hours. Get it together jcp.

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Don - 19 h 13 m ago


I have to agree with Glenda donner bacause the same conditions are at the store in the north shore shopping center in Peabody ma.

They need a lot more help.

You go down the mall and go into Macy's and you don't see the conditions as Penneys

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Glenda Doner - 1 d 26 m ago


I was at your store in Corpus Christi TX, La Palmera Mall last night. I took my Grandson to buy clothes/shoes for his homecoming dance tonight. I want to tell you the deplorable conditions of that entire store. It was AWFUL. It was like a clothes bomb went off. Clothes all over the floor. Everything looked so very messy. In that ENTIRE store, we counted six people working there. Every Customer Service Counter has MOUNDS OF CLOTHES STACKED ALL OVER THEM. It was the most awful thing we'd ever seen. Couldn't get anyone to help us. Plus, when we finally calmed down after a huge clothes rack fell upstairs in the boys section (almost falling on my grand-daughter), we go downstairs to the shoe section.....another huge mess. We couldn't find the socks, you know socks that go with shoes....the socks are located across the store in the corner. Come one, shouldn't socks be located NEXT TO THE SHOES??????? When we FINALLY found a Customer Service station that looked presentable (waiting 20 minutes in line), we get up to the nice, over-worked lady and asked her about the horrible working conditions. She told us that Penneys will not hire enough people to cover the store, they are cheap and don't want to hire people. We told her, it shows for sure. Never again will I buy anything from Penneys until this store is run a professional manner. I sent messages to my friends on social media NOT to shop there. Especially when racks are falling to the ground. Shame on you people, shame on you.

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Kate S. - 1 d ago


I just wanted to tell you that I love your Stylus jeans and hope that you will continue to carry them. They are so flattering, modern, and COMFORTABLE because they stretch. When I visited my local JCP yesterday, there were only a few Stylus jeans/tops in the store and I took that as an indication you might discontinue the line of jeans.

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A.U. - 1 d 19 h ago


Wondering why store in Houston Texas 77044 @stonepark has majority Mexicans as workers.thats all they have and that legal?

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Fuck Off - 1 d 18 h ago


It's Texas , what did you expect?

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago


Jcpenney's mangers at store #2995 are very unprofessional and disrespectful. They really need to better their management. Me as a customer sat there and watched a manager name Lorena embarrass an employee while I was checking out. And talk to them like they were trash. I was disgusted and felt sorry for the employee to be embarrassed in that manor. I will never allow my kids to work there and have to deal with that.

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2016-2905-4033-1076 - 2 d ago


I ordered booties with a ten dollar certificate and coupon. Unfortunately the boots were too snug and I wanted to exchange them for a dlarger size. I do not understand the reason why the coupons and certificate will not be applied. Even if the company would have applied it later. They do no even send a return label with the package. JCP just really need to spent time and resources in customer services. Due to this experience, I will not shop the any longer. The company does not appreciate its customers.

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Lynn - 2 d ago

I am just now leaving you store in Dardenne Praire Mo store #2909 . It is Friday at noon on 10/21. There is no excuse to have 18 people in line at the front if the store and only two cashiers . I personally saw two people set their purchases down and leave . I am fairly familiar with your store so I told a few ladies to follow me to the back of the store to customer service/returns . But where was the store manager ? No where in sight ! In fact I asked my cashier and she said I'm sure she's "somewhere" . This is very poor management on her part . I know this can be handled better . How about she hop on a register until the line goes down or until she can adjust staff . I certainly hope this will be addressed.

Regretfully , Lynn Byrd

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Lady - 2 d ago


I ordered a luggage set in the store and have not received it.. I spoke with store manager and they refuse to refund me my money.. Now I'm out of almost 100.00 and still no luggage

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago


I now understand why JCP is going bankrupt. We ordered shades on 8/16/16 and today is 10/19/16 and the shades are still incorrect. Four times we've ordered and four times they are wrong. We were told they were custom blinds. We opened a JCP credit card and who knew that the store and credit card company don't communicate with each other. So it doesn't matter that the blinds are crap the credit card company doesn't care. We have spoken to Customer Care, to the Regional Manager, the store manager Katherine, and everyone says we understand your problem but does nothing to fix it. How very sad and on top of that the credit card company is located outside of the US and they now have my information! JCP is nothing more than a shell of the company it once was. Maybe I'll contact the newspapers and le them now just how shoddy JCP has become.

Karen Bivona

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Very dissatisfied in dec customer - 2 d 3 m ago


I am having the same problem with my custom blinds. They are unapologetic and act as if they're doing me a favor by reordering what they made a mistake on in the first place.

Did you end up getting any credit on your bill? I am still waiting...

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RANDY HILLS - 7 d ago


Always having terrible service with these stores Rockingham Mall and Newington N.H mall stores,

I was in the Salem NH Store last week, three associates walked by me after I asked politely excuse me they ignored me. I was there with my one year old daughter shopping for clothes for our vacation. I found a shirt on the 75% off rack. I went to a sign scanner that didn't work doesn't surprise me. I asked another associate to please check the price she did and informed me rudely that it wasn't 75% off odd on the sticker it said it was. I went to another register and asked a associate to call a manager he did. It took approx. 20 min for a manager to come to me, I left the item and left the store when the manager approached me to ask what happened I informed him about the issue he rang up the sale at sale price I left. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO ANY JC PENNEY STORES IM SO DONE WITH THESE STORES.

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Truthful - 2 d 20 h ago

Any reviews on Tampa Custom Decorating and JCP follow through. I would be interested in hearing your comments II HAVE HEARD NICE THINGS ABOUT AN ASDOIATE IN TAMPA AND HER FOLLIW TROUGH SKILLS FROM CUSTOMERS IN THE HOME DEPARTMENT?

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TH - 3 d 46 m ago


I had an online order return for a damaged shade received upon delivery. Two associates could not figure out the part to reorder after an hour of sitting there, so I received a refund. Went home to find the item no problem and ordered the replacement piece online to deliver to the store. After two weeks of no call for pickup( I called after a week as well) I called customer service to cancel the blind and have them send me a replacement since the store nor customer service had tracking posted for the orignal item. The lady was very helpful in placing the replacement order and said the other order would be refunded. When I checked the next day, no refund had been issued and I called customer service for the third time and the manager said I need to go to the store for the refund???? This was an online order, why do I have to go to the store for a refund???? It doesn't matter where the items ships if I order online there is not reason for me to have to travel to the store for a refund. Especially, when both your store and customer could not track where my order was after two weeks!!!!!! Absolutely absurd......all around disappointed with the store members lack to issue the replacement to begin with, then when I do it myself online the item gets lost, now I have to go back in for a refund. Horrible customer service experience all around... (Laburnam location, VA)

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Anonymous - 3 d 5 h ago


I was at your knoxville Center location....on 10-19-16 ...lady worked behind counter Sue was rude as can be ...the attitude and argumentative approach she took towards me on basic questions was ridiculous. ..I'm trying hv good evening with my family and this really put end to that ...I left angry being treated in such a manner over basic simple process at your store ...I will no longer shop at your store....customer of 20 years....I do not appreciate being treated like idiot.. or lying. ..or being corrected. ..over talked.

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Jennifer PRice - 3 d 20 h ago


I bought 6 panels of fairly expensive drapes, grommeted, that hang unevenly and look tacky and cheap. I cannot get a hold of anyone to discuss returning them; they don't answer the phone at the store (the "extension" tells me it does not have a mail box, and no one EVER answers the ringing, ringing, ringing) I wanted to ask policy and procedure since I don't want to shlep heavy drapes and their rod without knowing whether they will take them back. The customer service number provided on the web is for web orders only which I found out after holding for 22 minutes. So, am stuck. Great, no more JCPenneys for me!

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Heather Graham - 7 d 15 h ago


OKC JC Penney's screwed me twice on the delivery of a wall oven. First of all the sales person Kevin Rawlings did not tell me that the oven would not be installed so I refused delivery. Next Micheal the store manager states he will make this right and pull strings to get the oven delivery and install on Saturday. Well, the oven was taken out by a nice man named Max but I had no oven for him to install. Had to take off work on Thursday afternoon for delivery and now I wasted my entire Saturday waiting for delivery of a product that wasn't even in the warehouse to be delivered. I missed going to Frontier City with my family in hopes that Michael was telling the truth and Inwould get an oven today. Ridiculous lies I have been told and the lack of communication is unacceptable by a person that is a so called manager.

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anono - 4 d 21 s ago

should have went to lowes

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robin weekley - 4 d ago


i ordered a stackable washer and drier on 10/05/16. it was supposed to be delivered on 10/19/16. we were informed on 10/19/16 by the delivery and install company that the stack kit did not come in. the kit which i agreed to buy was not put on the order for some reason. now after over an hour on the phone with jc pennys our install date has been moved to 11/23/16. im a very disappointed customer

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billy - 4 d 22 h ago

should have gone to Lowes

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


I decided to open a JC Penney account about 6 months ago to rebuild credit. After tragedy and loss, I lost my home and filed bankruptcy so I've been working very hard to repair it. Sometimes I would not receive bills in the mail?? I send my payments via online banking. I started getting harassing calls that I was delinquent on pymts. I called and found they did not credit 2 payments from June/July. I faxed over copies of confirmations from my checking account!! They told me I now have a negative balance. A month went by. I missed yet another statement. Now I received another call, same issue. The 2 pymts again were never credited to my account. This time I got an email address. I sent proof again. Emails bounced back!!. Yesterday I re-faxed my proof of payment for a 3rd time with confirmation of transmittal again. I closed my account and will never shop at JC Penney again. I have yet to get my credit straightened out and if this damages my score I will have to take legal action. I'm very distraught....I did all the right things, even gave them my bank contact info. I truly feel like a victim. I've never in my life had a retail experience this bad with such a lasting effect.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

I need information on a J.C Penney Life Insurance policy, there is not a phone number on the policy

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Gretchen - 4 d 18 h ago

I am so disappointed with the customer service leaves with your company. I have been a long standing customer with you and spent a lot of money only robe shut down and my credit status be lowered because I didn't use it enough (because you lowered my spending limit for one reason) so you were afraid of fraud. And when I call the service team is rude.

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No I don't know Spanish - 4 d 19 h ago


I went to the jcpenny store in Dodge city ks . They were playing Spanish music I don't not enjoy Spanish music I used to shop there all the time . I will not shop there anymore .

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