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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Sherrie - 1 h 37 m ago


Today I went to JCPENNY Cedar Hill was disgusting. I can not shop in a store this dirty. The clothing even looked dirty.

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Anonymous - 7 h 24 m ago


Customer service not only at the store level but corporate is very disappointing. I went in mid afternoon to make a purchase for 2 pillows-easy except there were no tags on the pillows. I waited 45 minutes in line with an average of 13 people waiting in line at all times. It was my turn and the clerk said we'll have to look online for the pillows- there were 57 pages. Never could find the pillows online. This is a brand new store that just had a grand opening. I left bewildered. One checker who was clueless so I called to report to store manager just to be put on hold and after 3 times of waiting over 15 minutes I decided to call corporate. I won't even talk about that as I couldn't even get an answer other than please hold. I'm done and have never experienced this before... too bad

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Pam Harris - 9 h 33 m ago


My Mom bought my clothes at Melbourne JC Penney as a child and I continued to buy my clothes and jewelry there as an adult. So I have been shopping there for 40+ years. The last 3 times I shoppers there I spent no less than $200. The very last time I told the cashier that last 2x I had to come back to have ink security tag removed to please double check. She insisted she didn't miss any..... Well low and behold, the next day I had to go back to get one removed that she missed. I think I might need to find a new store to shop at for clothes and jewelry. The poor customers service is a deal breaker for me, I don't mind paying more if I get good customer service.

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Diana - 10 h 40 m ago


I also have been trying to reach customer service for days today I've called 4 times since this morning ( same music and sorry about longer than usual call volume) it's not possible to move past this, they have charged $1,000 to my card and I have no bed. This has been on going.

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Anonymous - 11 h 14 m ago


This was my second attempt to order items from JCPENNEY, and i had a very bad experience each time.Initially, first order was not complete and i only found about when i received the package.Second time noticed that after placing order charge was bit more and around 9pm as soon as i hung up i called them back and on January 1st phone system was shut down and meantime website information about closing time was 11pm CST.After trying multiple times i reached credit card services and i spoke to Ms.Page who tried to help me to get through the JCPENNEY.COM unfortunately she was getting the same automated messages.I received kind jeans and one top defective and had to return it.$25 gift card applied to the order and i was told i will be receiving $25 check as aa refund when items are returned.Today after waiting so long and by the way each time you cal web site it takes as much as from 30min to an hour before customer service picks up the phone, representative Ms.Patricia spoke to me and when i asked her to transfer me to supervisor and whether she made notes under my order to make it easier for anybody including supervisor to review my order she said that supervisor will be doing it, i told her that she was disrespectful to my time, she hung up on me.

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Ann - 13 h 34 m ago


This company is unbelievable. I have been attempting to speak to a representative about an appliance order made in early December. I thought the problem was resolved, however the refund I was promised has yet to be completed. I have been put on hold for over an hour today and dismissed by representatives. I even contacted the corporate office and the representatives I have spoken to refer me back to customer service even when I requested to speak to someone. I have been a customer for over 30 years. This is my final purchase and I cannot believe the manner in which JC Penneys is operating. So disappointed and truly disgusted with the treatment by the company.

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Angel. - 18 h 12 m ago

I worked for JCP or 30 years and I am a Life time Gold Card member until the day I got sick and they retired meet while I was in a COMA I had just gotten my 25 year ring and it was stolen (pawn) from my house that I have never been back to. Can you please help me. When I started getting my retirement check; my now ex-husband is getting some of it. As I was in the hospital he started getting it. I was told he was entire to it but it will not come out of amount I was getting but it will decrease his amount wrong. I guess it's not the money he gets every month but would like to have a ring. Please let me know what can do.

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PISSED OFF! - 1 d ago



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SD - 4 d 16 h ago


I have been trying to get a hold of someone in customer service about a complaint it took me 35 minutes before someone would answer. Then I was treated rudely like I was an a problem child, put me on hold and transferred me to someone else. I tried to get information about my Jcpenny credit card and was told they could not give me any because my account was closed. I had a product from JcPenny which was a $150.00 purchase which fell apart and I wanted to return it. Customer Service told me I had to take it to Jcpennys and they had to call. I took it in after driving 30 minutes into town and the lady was rude and proceeded not to help me because I was given the wrong information. A manage was not available at that time. I have purchased a lot of items in the past years and never been treated this way before. I will no longer be shopping there!!!

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Cheryl - 1 d 10 h ago

I was just hung up on by customer service after waiting 35 minutes on hold. I never received a refund on my account after a return. When I suggested to Customer Service they might apologize for the the 35 minute wait when the recording stated an eight minute wait, she hung up on me.

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Jim Nolen. - 1 d 11 h ago


So today I went to Pennies in grand central Mall Vienna wv. My wive was returning a purse and looking to buy a different purse and a wallet. We also had a $10 off $10 coupon. The purse was clearly marketed $9.97 but rang up 14.97 and the wallet was $25 regular then 40% off but rang up 19.99. I told the salesperson it should have been 40% off and received no response. I told her I did not want wallet at that price so instead of doing a price check she put it in return cart. The remaining purse was $9.97 so I purchased a candy bar so I could use my $10 coupon. I was informed I could not use coupon with candy bar ??????

So I left without making a purchase .

I spoke to Angie( some level of management) she apologized but it not offer solution.I would have made an additional purchase but I had already waited in line 15 minutes and was not waiting any longer.

You need to make sure prices ring up correctly it was an ongoing issue today

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Moe - 1 d 12 h ago


I am very upset with JCP today Sunday. I called the Schaumburg Il store to see if i top they supposedly had was still in stock. I was transferred to a department, couldn't even tell you which one. The woman barley spoke English. She told me to call back when someone is scheduled to work in the woman's department. Like I'm suppose to know. I tried to call operator, message said that person is not available. I then tried the Lombard, Il store, after several minutes of a phone ringing, i called back. Got an operator who told me no one is working downstairs in the plus size department. Shouldn't the store manager handled the call? I was not driving 40 miles to find out the top is no longer available.

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Jeanne Cochran - 2 d 22 h ago


Tonight I intended to write a letter to the CEO of JC Penney's, Ronald Johnson, to inform him of the lack of clerks, check outs, and baskets at the new Penney's at Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino, CA. My intention was to help since I have shopped at Penney's since the 1940's when my grandmother took me, and I wish them well. I was glad to see one open closer to home. However, after reading all the reviews of the company, it seems to me that Mr. Johnson would not be surprised at the sad customer service at this store. Apparently, this is the JCP policy now. What a shame and disgrace for this distinguished company to fall to customer service bested by even Walmart. The clerks do their best at this store but there aren't nearly enough to do a decent job of serving customers. Today, there was one, just one, young lady at the "check out" counter. She had to take care of not just people checking out, but also returns, refunds, and questions. She did her best and stayed pleasant, but the line was very long; I waited almost an hour to return a Christmas gift. She called for help three times and was refused. There was three cash registers there and only one clerk. My experience buying Christmas gifts had been even worse: no help choosing gifts, cluttered placement of merchandise, no baskets by the store entrance from the

parking lot bridge, and an equally long, miserable wait to check out. I blamed it on the Christmas rush then but, today, there was no rush except to return merchandise. The on-line experience has been equally bad. Sadly, I will cut my long ties with JCP; it used to be a proud store. Now it is like it was made in China.

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Harry Angelos - 1 d 18 h ago


I agree with you on the lack of clerks around he holidays! Lines are too long with limited checkouts available. Clearly they are trying to save on labor. I am getting tired of the same ole take an extra off stuff. They have been sued for false advertising. I wanted to buy some furniture items, it said 30 off, and the shopping cart only took off 10% so I didn't buy!

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago


Your telephone system needs to be updated. The woman in the telephone talks and talks so you have to wait until she stops talking. Need to put touch tone system also if you want that option. I called 4 times to place a payment because your machine wont understand the comands... Bad telephone sistem...

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Brenda Hymes - 2 d 10 h ago


Store # 2704 located in Gretna La. On this particular morning coupons were handed out by on of your LOD's named Dyana. For some reason Dyana could not be located in order for myself along with a few others customers to receive coupon I entered the store by way of the main entrance @10:30 and proceeded to ask the lady behind the jewerly counter for coupons. She than atated to me that the LOD had them . So she called for her to come over to jewerly. Mind you by this time I had walk the entire store looking for the person with coupons. I then noticed an Hispanic lady with about ten coupons in her had so I preceeded to ask where are the coupons. Finally The LOD, Dyana arrived with auch a nasty attitude claming the promotion was over! I asked her when did it begin and where was she standing. She then atated "at the main entrance" and that she had other duties. I aaked did how many coupons did each customer received. She stated one. I then responded by telling her what I witnessed and also noticed the coupons in her back pocket. Dyana had to ordasity to tell me it was for a customer! Well so was I . If you would like to speak to me please feel free to contact me at (hidden)

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Brenda H - 2 d 9 h ago

There is an error in the stor number. Thr store # is 2702 not 2704.

I also have evidence of the coupons in. Dyana ' back pocket .

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MikeN - 2 d 14 h ago


I ordered a KitchenAid 5qt mixer on 11/28/2016 by phone. I received the unit--no problem except there was no paperwork. No shipping statement, no e-mail receipt, no nothing. I'm trying to file my rebate for this product, a $50 VISA card, but cannot complete the process without a receipt.

I've tried calling the JCPenny customer service telephone line and waited and waited for a representative to answer. The first time I waited 16 minutes and the 2nd time over 20 minutes---never did get a representative.

Please help!


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Sean B - 3 d 11 h ago


I bought a washer and dryer from Penny's over 3 MONTHS AGO. Still don't have it. The delivery date has been changed 5 times and every time I call I get hung up on after being on hold for over an hour or get told I need to be transferred before I even say what the problem is and to top it off they just trader me back to the same department they're in because they don't want to deal with it. What the hell?

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FrustratedinWA - 3 d 12 h ago


I guess I should've read this page prior to ordering again from JCPenney. They want to default to mailing my orders to my home. I always pick up at the store next door to my office. This time I called as soon as I placed my order and saw that again they defaulted to my home address in error, waited on hold for 22 mins to be told that after 5 minutes there can be no alteration, cancelation or anything done to the order, and that I should call right away. Seriously??!!! I like JCPenney, but this is frustrating!

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NapaGirl - 5 d 7 h ago


I was going to buy about $250.00 dollars worth of items last weekend as they had a great online sale and a really good coupon for 50% off almost all merchandise. My cart was full and I was preparing to use the code I received as part of the JCPenny lawsuit. The sale and coupon was finished on the 8th of January. At around 10pm on the 7th I was about to purchase the items in my cart and all of a sudden the cart total went over $400.00. I emailed JCPenney customer service notifying them of this issue. After a few days they responded and said that the coupon and sale ended on the 8th central standard time. I live on the West Coast! They informed me that somewhere on the coupon and sale that there was some sort of notification that the sale and coupon became void at 12am CSD. I never saw such a statement. They didn't offer me any sort of consideration and basically told me that anyone outside of their prescribed time zone could screw off. I replied to their "informative" email that I was going to contact JCPenney headquarters and I would also put their response on all of my personal media platforms, no response. I am very upset with JCPenney in terms of their policy regarding sales and coupons after all California is a pretty big population to screw over and of course their customer service was terrible. I would encourage people to purchase merchandise from another retailer, you just can't trust JCPenney to be honest with their customers. Its pretty sad that such an American institution is partaking in such dishonest and almost fraudulent behavior.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

You should reach out to the CEO and let him know what is going on.

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screwjcpenney - 3 d 14 h ago

LOL reach out to what CEO do you not see all these complaints this is their corporate page and they don't have the decency to have anybody on here to address customer issues I mean to at least try answer some of the complaints if the CEO cared who would have had someone on here by now to try to help people with their issues after they have taken their hard earned money

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Ethel Lowe - 3 d 16 h ago


I purchased a mans black gold watch for my husband for Christmas, then 2 days later you cancelled the order. I got a email a few days later saying watch was in stock so I ordered again and again it was cancelled by Penney's. So I called and the girl could not understand what has happened so I just forgot about getting it. Now I keep getting emails telling me to order that stock is limited. Why are you people doing this to me as we are old and sick.

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Johanne Fazio - 4 d 7 h ago


I had bought expensive light filtering shades 3 of them and the inside mouth is plastic and broke. I have called the representative who told me he could not help me and I would need to order all new shades and that he could not supply me with an inside mount( set) So I could hang up my shade.

He told me he could not provide me with a supervisors name and then transferred me to credit service and I was hung up on. Trying to resolve this conflict and have my shade hung.

Very upset with the non customer service. It is a mount the holds the 1 inch cellular shade in. I would like an email or call and a resolution.

Johanne Fazio (hidden)

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