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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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Dovella Mason - 3 h 44 m ago


Hello, my name is Dovella Mason I'm writing to inform you of the horrible service I received from some of your employees today. I was in your store located 200 River Oaks Dr, Calumet City , IL 60409. I went in to do a return on something I purchased a week earlier, I had my original receipt and when the young man (CHRIS) returned my item he was unsure on how to do the store credit for the coupon ($10 off $10) that I used when I made my purchase. He called the department manager (GABBY) who first told him to give me the cash paid back and then have me return to his register to give me the credit, because he didn't know how to do the transaction. I got something else to purchase and when he called GABBY the manager again to try and complete my transaction she did not return his call or even bother to show up in the shoe department where I was waiting. I step to the side so that he could continue to wait on other people. CHRIS attempted to call/page GABBY, but again no response. I stood there patiently waiting, now 25 mins have passed and still no GABBY. Now, Chris explains to a customer that he needs to step aways for a just a minute to try and find someone to assist me. He returned with JOE, who I assume was a manager. Joe never greeted me nor did he even apologize for me having to wait 25/30 minutes for a resolution. I thought that was truly unprofessional. So, I began the conversation by explaining my situation to him, he tell me that I can't get the cash back for the coupon used, I already knew that, I told him that I was just trying to get store credit so I could purchase something else. No, one seemed to know how to do a store credit. I am truly an unsatisfied customer.

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Lei - 3 h 59 m ago


I had the same thing with an order.. with the 10$ credit i used towards my purchase, but Tyler at the Cottonwood mall knew exactly what to do. He got me my black Friday price and gave me the $10 credit I originally received with my original order. Im so sorry you had a bad experience... If ur ever in Albuquerque, NM come to the JCPenny in the cottonwood mall. Tyler will totally get it right!

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Bigred - 4 h 21 m ago


I purchase a 16 inches chain online return it back to the store because it was to small the store charges me $ 42.19 returned fee I been a customer over15 year's never had that problem.I also return a pair of boots they didn't charges me for returning them so can someone tell me what's going on

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Carol of Las Cruces, NM - 6 h ago


I would like to take the time today to honor the above and beyond service provided to me by General Manager, Pete Sainz, and Manager Ana Ramirez of the Las Cruces J. C Penney's store. I also need to honor the wonderful assistance rendered by Mike Garnica of the Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso, Texas J. C. Penneys.

After purchasing a 12 piece place setting of Pueblo Springs dinner ware from J. C Penneys I spent several weeks searching for the matching service bowls. Finally I found them in El Paso at the Cielo Vista Mall store. However, once at home I discovered that the largest bowl had a chip with a crack running from it. I contacted Mike Garnica at the El Paso store about the problem. Mike spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out a way for me to get new bowls without my having to drive over 2 hours to El Paso again. Nothing worked.

I had the damaged bowls with me at the Las Cruces store and talked with Ana Ramirez about the problem I was having. She found a solution and General Manager Pete Sainz carried out the plan. Mr. Sainz took my damaged bowls to El Paso and brought back a new set of bowls for me which I was able to pick up the next day.

I spent several hours trying to resolve this issue and obtain undamaged bowls. Thanks to Mike Garnica, Pete Sainz and Ana Ramirez I obtained new bowls. This was a very frustrating experience. I am happy to say I will be a loyal J. C. Penney's customer for life thanks to the dedication of three of your employees. All three employees went above and beyond expectations and should be applauded for their superb customer service.

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Used to be a regular customer - 8 h ago


You have a ad that if you spend 25.00 you get a pair of 1/10 diamond earrings for 25.00. I have been in the store and I have called since the ad has been out and they don't have them. I keep getting we are getting a shipment in. When???? I will not shop here again and I will make sure my friends won't either...false advertisement..

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Paula W. - 8 h 47 m ago


If anyone is reading this please call (hidden) chose 0. JCP store located at Town Center Mall, Kennesaw GA

After 25 rings I hung up called again 25 rings no one picked up. Called 3rd time chose a department and spoke with an associate and she answered my question. WHY do you have a direct number and no one picks up?

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On October 15, 2016 placed order # 2016 2896 2003 1994 for three appliances through JC The order included cost of delivery to 3rd floor. On 10-21-16 the very rude delivery men declined to complete delivery to 3rd floor, instead indicating they would leave the appliances on the front porch. As of 12/06 JC Penny continues to have 2 pending orders on credit card for $572.69 each - with dates of the pending transactions being regulalry updated (current dates listed are 12/02 and 11/24). Multiple phone calls to JC, in person trip to JC Penny in Peabody , Ma and calll to JC Penny Credit have not resulted in these unauthorized pending charges being removed from the Credit Card. I am wondering what does a customer need to do to obtain resolution of what should be a simple problem?

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I ordered furniture for my family room in June 2016. The sectional came with a chase chair that has a scratch so I called it in right away for a new one. They told me it would take 2 month to get a new one since it was custom. The following week the bed couch was not properly attached and a screws flew out and a metal plate fell out. (It is very cheaply made). I couldn't get the bed couch back in. My family room is consumed with faulty furniture. Remember this is June. In September the delivery men brought my chase chair but not my bed couch. I called as to when it was coming and was told at the end of November.

I have called and called. I spoke with Lana and then I had to call back again and again to ask for a status report. She was in meeting, no one could help! This all happened on Monday 12/5. At the delivery dept I talked to Shakia and she told me that the bed couch had arrived and they were searching for it in the "hud". I would get an answer within 24-48 hours. Now its's going into Wed and still no word.

I can not tell you how many people I have spoken to from June until now.

I feel its unacceptable to get the run around and no answers. I think they lost it. Christmas is coming and I have no where for my extended family to sleep. All I have been doing is waiting,calling ,waiting and calling. This is horrible customer service. JC Penny does not care about you...the consumer. They don't follow up and they don't reimburse. I am so upset that I don't even want to talk to them anymore. They can take this $3,000 worth of furniture and put it where the sun don't shine! Extremely sad for the holidays and for their service. Don't buy furniture from them!!!

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Excustomer122 - 1 d 6 h ago


I purchased a Sterns mattress online and tried to return it about two weeks later. Since you no longer have the option of trying out mattresses in their New York City stores, I tested one out in the store on 34th street in New York City. The Sterns mattress that I received from JCP is nothing close to the mattress that I tried in Macy's. The mattress that I tried in Macy's was firm which is what I wanted. The one In received from JPC was so poorly made that it began sagging after only a few weeks.

But this wasn't the half of it. I have been trying to schedule a pickup of this mattress so that I can get my money back. I purchased this mattress on October 11, 2016 and as of December 6, 2016 I am still being given the run-a-round by JCP's customer service department as to a delivery pickup date. I called JCP yet again on December 6, 201 and was told that they had no information regarding a pickup. This is about the third that I have been given the same story and was again told that the process would take about a week to contact the delivery company with the authorization to pick up the mattress and about two weeks for the delivery company to contact me with a delivery date. I wonder If this delay in scheduling a pickup, along with the $125 "restocking fee" that they charged me, is done by them intentionally to make money off of my money?

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Dee - 1 d 7 h ago


One store (galleria Hoover Al)as very helpful and told me the company gives veterans a discount everyday of the year. Very nice people. Two days later at the Alabaster Al store the cashier was nice but the one she called up to help her with discount was very disdainful and told me no that the compay did not give discounts to vetrans. I was very proud that your company honored veterans as one of the few who do this. However now I am thinking of telling everyone that I was wrong about the company or not all stores know company policy.

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What a nightmare! I ordered a dishwasher from J.C. Penney and when I wanted to make a change to my order, I could not reach customer service, either number. I called a couple dozen times and waited a minimum of 45 minutes each call to no avail. When I finally did get a representative, five days in, they said it was too late to add anything to my order (I wanted it installed and the old one hauled away.) When I said it is far too much hassle and I want to cancel my order, they told me the cancelation couldn't be processed over the phone and I should bring the dishwasher in to the store to return it and get refunded. I'm left feeling helpless, stuck with a dishwasher, no install, no haul of old one. What a terrible way to do business.

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Caroline - 1 d 12 h ago


I placed an order on- line with JC Penney and requested that the merchandise was to be picked up at the Tyrone Square Mall store (located in St. Petersburg, FL). I checked the status of the order today only to learn the order is being sent via the postal mail service. The charge for delivery $8.95 - free if picked at the store location. Before I closed the screen, it was clearly stated (written) that the merchandise was available for pick-up the same evening as the order was placed. It isn't the shipping cost that is as bothersome as changing the method of delivery. I called "customer service" and complained to no avail. They simply refused to refund the shipping cost claiming it was not their "fault". I have been a customer of JC Penney for the better part of 40 years - it is quite evident that loyalty is of no value. Additionally, the "customer reps" were rude, difficult to understand, and unaccommodating - not a good representation of your company. Shopping less and less at your stores. Take a cue from Nordstrom - satisfied customers are important to your success.

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One pissed off Customer - 1 d 13 h ago


Mr. Johnson

1st, I have been a customer of J.C. Penny for over 40 years. I had planned on purchasing a Mens Suit today for the Funeral of my best friend of 40 years. I had coincidentally received an email from your JC Penney Rewards program that offers a 50.00 discount savings if I just filled out a short survey. I completed the survey to find out there were about 5 items being offered for 3.95 up to 5.95....none of which I would ever purchase. One was a health supplement advertised for 3.95 down from 70.00. It was the cheapest item offered so I purchased. When I go to check out it requires shipping and handling of 5.95. Frustrated at this point I just wanted to close the transaction and check out. Every time I tried to close 5 more items would pop up for sale. it took me numerous tries just to cancel out and get to check out. I then leave the site to find that my debit card was charged 3 times. 4.95. not 3.95 as advertised from Health and Beauty of Scottsdale Az., 5.95 from Stella Rella in Destin Fla and 29.95 from Victory Health of Phoeenix Az. So a 50.00 J.C. Penny reward turns into a 40.85 costs for something I would never buy. I immediately canceled my debit card and filed a "FRAUD" claim against J.C. Penneys. I would appreciate a refund, and you can keep your supplements as I will never purchase from J.C. Penny again.

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Tammy Hughes/Roseville California - 1 d 15 h ago


Mr. Johnson,

There seems to be a lack of leadership at your Roseville Galleria location.

Ask Ms Bows what Ms. Hughes is speaking about regarding a mattress purchase.

Very poor customer service, very poor "awareness" of ones store.

I'd be embarrassed

Tammy Hughes



I work 8am until 7pm Sunday and Monday I try to make time away from work.

However, I would gladly make myself available an appointment for conference

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Paras - 1 d 15 h ago


Email to you does not work. Keeps saying "Enter valid comment".

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Susie Q - 2 d ago


Your ad received in today's mail, Dec. 4 - Dec. 10 is a joke a far as the coupons are concerned. Inquired about 5 items and none of the 3 coupons could be used. Who has the time to try to locate the "select" items. This occurs quite often with you ads.

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Jerome kerns - 2 d 7 h ago

To Ronald Johnson...I was just on the phone with one of your employee that laugh at me on the phone when I try to explain my situation. FIRST I BEEN A CUSTOMER For 30yr. I purchased a microwave and stove in black. On my way out saw white printed on receipt,went back and ask salesperson to correct. We were told he cancelled that order and did it over so we could get black. On delivery day jcpeeny brings two stoves and two microwaves and have hit my credit card four times. I called back to penny and was told it will take 30 days to correct this order and I have to wait and see if the extra stove and microwave is returned. Now we have a card that is maxed to the limit and employees who think it's all funny. We are both seniors and on fixed incomes and the Xmas holidays are here and we needed our card to make Xmas purchases. Please respond back and expedite this problem. Mr and Mrs Jerome Kerns. This purchase took place at your Columbia Maryland store 21044. Our number is 301 518 7262. Thanks for your assistance

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Did anyone every call you back

General profile image - 2 d 3 h ago

My name is Katrina Spence and I was in the Chesapeake,Va. store on12/3/2016, I charged about$90 , I wanted to purchase the diamond studs for $25, I was told to go over to the jewelry counter, while I was there I asked the sales associate about how to purchase the diamond studs, i was told that I had to spend a certain amount of money which I did, all you had to do was spend$25 & get them for $25, she did not take time to assist me so I left the store not a satisfied customer, I called the store on 12/4/2016, spoke with Jeffrey another sales associate, he said it was only a Black Friday sale, but it was not, then he said that it was all sold out on Black Friday. Jeffrey took my phone # & name supposedly, now I am still a dissatisfied customer, how will this problem be handled, u can reach me at (hidden), thaxz for ur help plz

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Karen Seiler - 2 d 4 h ago

I could count on one hand the times I have complained like this and I have been around a long time (in my late 60s). I truly felt the need today. I was shopping at the Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Missouri today and was appalled at the condition of some (not all) of the tables in the women's clothing department in J.C. Penney. They were very messy and it was hard to find a size I was looking for. Some racks are so close together you can barely find anything. The dressing rooms were worse and this is the main reason for this message. There was no place to hang anything I brought into the dressing room (three shirts) to try on because the room was full of clothes. The seat was piled high with clothes also. It wasn't just the room I went into. I looked in all of them and they were all the same. I then heard other women who came in complaining about the same thing - they had no where to go with their clothes. I realize that this is the holiday season and a Monday after a weekend of shoppers, but it was about 11:30 a.m. not first thing in the morning. "Way back when" there were employees in stores who helped you with different sizes and hung unwanted clothes back up. Not anymore in most stores, not just J.C.Penney. I usually bring my clothing out (old school I guess) and hang back up, but most people these days do not. It seems like the only employees were at the checkout, which was very busy - long line! I have shopped at J.C. Penny for a long time and love the store - but was turned off today and left the store without buying anything. It would seem like someone could be hired this time of year to keep things picked up to be more inviting to the customer. Thank you for reading this and by the way I hung my clothes back up in the proper area!

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I have shopped in the Antioch Ca store twice in the last 3 months. On both occasions several sections of the men's department messy, that is an unstatement, making finding a garment too difficult to bother looking. This was not the result of holiday shopping. The Levi jean section was so bad it looked like a 15 ft long pile of pants. I took photos and would like to share them. I feel my community deserves a jc penny that has some pride and respect for its customers - 2 d 6 h ago


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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

When shopping at JCPenney's in Bay Plaza New York don't know why for a whole hour I had to hear Spanish music playing loudly. I think I'm in America and they should be playing American music. I didn't realize that I was in Puerto Rico shopping and it made me not want to shop there.

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jojo5ooo - 2 d 10 h ago


Rarely do I complain. So I'd like to start with, I bought a really nice puffer coat on black Friday and I am very happy with it. When it arrived at my house with its $172 price tag attached everybody got a chuckle out of it. Now it's on sale for 40% off and it is still 99.00! This is a prime example of why people are turning to online shopping. If you don't lower your prices and make them more competitive your going to price yourself out of a job. This coat I bought is a $75 coat at best. I like your clothes, prices are ridiculous.

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Patty Healey - 2 d 11 h ago


I bought a jacket from you., when I was pregnant with my son in 1992. The jacket still looks great and I still wear it. It is a St.Johns Bay jacket, it use to have a snap on hood but I have no idea what happened to it which is too bad. I just wanted to let you know in a world of complaints and dissatisfactions that sometimes there are happy customers. Thank you!

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totally dissapointed customer ;-( - 2 d 11 h ago

I was quite literally brought to tears over the weekend after much back and forth about my orders being cancelled by ppl, systems, etc... I encountered rude inefectual unconcerned individuals in Jcp representative position... the 1 crew is a sad sorry joke!!!!! after four plus decades of faithful patronage I am beyond over JCP "service before during and after the sale"... I am beyond frustrated and don't understand why the CEO's or someone in upper management address the sysremic issues throughout the jcp system... I am beyond over trying to support an organization that has failed to put forward properly trained accountable associates.... JCP has turned into a s--- s--- the reps are dragging the customers around and management does not seem to care, how sad

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