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J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.

6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Director
(972) 431-1000
(972) 431-1362
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H. Kelly - 9 d 14 h ago


I am a 76 year old woman. I went to your WInchester Va store today. While walking through a clothes aisle, someone had left an empty clothes rack spanning the aisles, ends concealed by clothes on the racks. When looking forward you saw nothing there. The front of the bottom of my legs hit the bar at the bottom of the card sending me flying out onto the tile floor. The cashier did not even help e up. I had to make my way to a display table to sit down. A lady from the store, asked me if I was okay, I told her I felt bruised. She did not even offer to take to an office to recover. Instead she went and got me a coupon. I tried to shop, but was so upset and sore I had to go home. I live a very long way from the shopping center. Now I am very sore in my legs, shoulders, arms, legs and below my neck. I have shopped Penney's most of my life, for me and family and friends, but will not shop there again!

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Janice Rice - 1 d 16 h ago


I understand it was holiday time I was trying on some pants and fell on my knee in the dressing room what made me fall was I had socks on the floor was so slick from the wax they use anyone can fall trying on stuff. I fell really hard on that hard floor I couldn't get up without my mom helping me, she went to get me help because iI was already hurting and bruising but wouldn't let them call the ambulance because my mom needed to go somewhere else I did file an accident report with store but they decided against me getting hurt I still have problems with my knee they need a sign up that says if trying on clothes and you have socks on remove them because floors are slick and are slippery. I even suggested that but no sign up at all. I didn't,t shop their for along time after

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JMWilt - 6 d ago


I've been to the Tuttle Mall location in Columbus, Ohio and there is a manager there (Fran was the name on the name tag) that was so rude and was yelling at an employee who was trying to help a customer. It just so happens this is the same manager who I've seen be rude and yelling at employees in front of customers. I cannot believe this is how they treat their employees. I will not be shopping at JCPenney any longer. The manager there is not a very good one and I will not shop where the employees are yelled at in front of customers.

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Janice Rice - 1 d 16 h ago



I payed my bill on 9-27-2019. Now I just got another bill wanting money for the same bill I called the number on the bill only to get an automatic voice telling me to check with my bank, I did and found out my check-was electronically payed so therefore I can,t get a copy. I can get a letter from my back and take it to Fultondale Al store just to get this mess straightened out. It is a shame to have to call the no on the statement get a recording of instructions of what I got to do. I did my part by calling my bank you guys already got the money for the bill. I called JC Pennies in Fultondale only to be put on hold by a manager I had to call them 4 times about this situation only to be told they don,t handle this stuff down at the store but if I brought the copy of me making the payment to them they cold fax it for me or contact the corporate which is you. Where is the customer service that you should have to handle complaints. I am not happy with the way your company handles stuff. I pay all my bills on time and in full. I have no records of being late. I now have a headache trying to deal with this when you all have the money for this bill. I,m about to the point of not shopping at JC Pennies because of not getting my issued taken care of. It,s a shame customer service ain't, what it use to be with your store

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Kevin Meyer - 7 d 14 h ago


How dare you put public announcements in Spanish only in your stores. The citizens of the United States are all supposed to speak English at a minimum. That is what they agree to when they become citizens. When you make announcements in Spanish only you are letting other citizens know that you do not value them as shoppers and buyers of your goods. Message received. We will never shop in your store again.

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Chris - 9 d 21 h ago


Worked for store#2828 and never got paid the negotiated hourly wage I waited 2 pay periods for it. General manager wasnt even worried about it. I resigned and filed suit

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Discrimated against - 9 d 12 h ago


It was employed at jc pennys in Conroe tx 1 year as ap associate greeter/security I called out 1 time never late no points always there when scheduled and did my job . But our store had no ac all summer in the front end and we were always 90 to 115 degrees outside so it was hot I the store had a company out to fix it but never got it fixed so the manager put a fan at registers Sephora jewelry and fitting rooms but at the front door where it was hottest I was not allowed a fan. One day one of the managers said she didn't know how I could stand up there all day doors opening heat pouring in lights above no window film in a nylon vest sweating . I told her that I was told I could not have a fan. She called general manager on radio and got the ok to put a fan up there so for weeks I had the fan every time I worked til last Tuesday I was working the door and Christina the manager came over yanked the plug out of the wall picked up the fan and the mat with yellow cone and said you can't have this anymore I said why she said becky the general mangers said so as she took it back to registers . I asked why all the other departments. That have them why can't I . She said it's a fire hazard really . Then the cart I had in front of me for customers she grabbed it and said you can't have this anymore either. I used it to check off the employees leaving on the clip board as they put their things in the cart for me to check and then I would give the cart to a customer and get another she said I can't lean on a cart. I got mad and quit got tired of the knit picking . And there was plenty more.i don't want my job back but I think the management is terrible in this store very unprofessional. Someone needs to call them on their managing skills....

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Anonymous - 21 d 19 h ago


I bought a braclet here in Lake Wales Florida 02/10/2019 it has been sent back to be repaired three times..i went to go pick it back up last week as the employee on phone left a message telling my braclet was back from repairs and looked great! Well again less than a week later it's broke again!!! I called a JC penny's store in a different county to ask them if I could return it there since the original store was suppose to ask about a buy back due to needing repairs already three times. She said they should be able to help me in store at Lake Wales (original store) giving me a possible exchange..well I went back there today and spoke to store manager...she apparently now wants to talk to insurance about buy the 4th time...this piece of junk. This should have been exchanged out after 2nd time they could not repair it properly. Management and employees have no clue what the heck they are doing. And they wonder why they have lost so much business..I will never purchase from JC Penny's again and will call corporate office Monday.

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Bad ring service - 9 d 14 h ago


Hey, I understand your pain. My husband bought me a wedding ring for over$3,000 at JCP only two years ago. Well, we were at an exquisite event when someone noticed the stone was cracked on my ring. I took it to JCP but the lady at the counter could not find the insurance. I went home to retrieve the receipt and returned to the store. At the store my stone fell out. So embarrassing! JCP refused to repair it. I will never shop JCP jewelry again. To date my ring is in need of repair.

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Marcela Martinez - 10 d 11 h ago


Hello my name is Marcela Martinez, so on September 18,2019 I had a salon appointment for my hair, I was having a color retouch and highlights retouched as well. My hairdresser Teresita Zambrano was doing my color when she let a big drop of color right inside my left eye. She panicked and took me to the back to wash my eye off, had to remove my entire make up of course. My eye was extremely irritated, small, and dark red from the chemical of course.. my hairdresser went and told the manager in charge , her name is Sheila.. well this manager didn't have the decency to come to me and apologize at least. Forget about a discount at all.. I didn't appreciate this at all. My eye was burning so much and teary and became very small like I said.. I think I should have been treated better than I did from this manager but she didn't care at all.. but when it was time to pay of course she was expecting the pay.. I am an old client, I've been at this salon for many years already . It's the salon inside the mall at Montebello town center in California. These kind of inside ya shouldn't happen and if it does your people should be trained to make it better for the client...

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Icara - 15 d ago



It is very disheartening to see my request to resolve my order dilemma summarized in just one short paragraph. And although, the responsibility of this error solely rest on my shoulders, I am however disappointed in the entire process to resolve this matter.To summarize my attempt at duediligence:1- I placed this order at 10pm at night and immediately identified the error.2- Within 5 minutes, I called the JCPenney customer assistance line and received a recordingto call back during support hours.3- The next morning I call the customer service support line and was told there is not recourse to remedy the order because the company policy only allows for a 30 minute window to cancel the order.4- An system address change was also not anoption.

5- I was redirected to track when the order was processed and shipped so that I can 'intercept' the UPS delivery system.6- When I called UPS to attempt to redirect the package, I was told the shipment was being delivered to USPS for delivery.7- After a week I called JCPenney customer service and was told they have no return information regarding my order.8- I was then instructed to open an investigation with USPS.9- An inquiry was also escalated within customer service support department which resulted in the below response of no refund and no other recourse. I was taking advantage of ordering clearance items and the order totaled only $66.80. Unfortunately the price I paid to find out never to order online items from JCPenney.

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Gillis - 18 d ago


Why in the Houston area we do not have Shaquille O'Neal or Michael Strahan suits available for the last 3 months inside 60 been out of stock for 3 months this is totally totally not good the demand is there

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Anonymous - 22 d 17 h ago


To: Mr. Ronald Johnson, CEO Dear Sir, My wife and I are older folks living for the past 25 years in a small town, Sequim, Washington. You have a store here, and while it is full of stuff from jewelry to work clothes, it doesn't carry a good selection of Arizona jeans. I spent my working days in Chicago where Marshall Field and Carsons were the main stores. We really never got acquainted with JCP until moving to this small town. The store stocks lots of dress clothes for men where this town is part farming and part retirees. I have never had a Brooks Bros. suit on for 25 years when before that it was my uniform at Field Enterprises. Out here the only men in suits are undertakers and a few business folks, all the rest are in jeans and work clothing. I cannot believe that you sell much in the dress up variety. /Why take space to have too many kinds of mens socks and underwear. Why sell jeans for teens with holes in them as the teens know no better and apparently ditto for their parents. Hope you can save you company, and we hope for your success. Jerry and Sue Stack, Sequim, Wa

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Jamie - 25 d ago


Hi, on Sunday 9/21/19 I went to the JCPenney's at Address: 5453 W 88th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031.

To my surprise the store was wonderful. It was now organized / un-cluttered and they had a better of

selection of clothes not sure if you have a new buyer for women's clothes or the fashions are changing but I was impressed. On the kid clothes though the need a better selection for boy & girls because if they had one I would purchase the majority of my grandchildren's clothes there.

Just wanted to compliment you on making great changes to this store! Thank you

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Unhappy long time customer! - 26 d 12 h ago


This is the first time that I had to write a review regarding customer service. I have been a customer since 2004 and had always made my payments on ti me and paid more then amount required. We left on a trip overseas for 20 days and wanted to have all my bills paid mortgage. Utilities, etc. Since most of my statements had not come in, and did not want to be late called every place that I need it to send payment including J C Pennys and asked if I could make the payment ahead of time. Was told that it was fine. Then I received a email letting me know that I had miss my payment and was charged a late fee. Called customer service, was told that it was because I made the payment one day before it was due, asked to speak to a supervisor. Christine took my called and told me that i should have follow the rules of a revolving account, in other words "too bad your payment is consider past due. Was surprised that she was not willing to didn't do much resolved my problem. I told her that I felt that I had been penalized for being a good customer that made payments on tine. Told her that if that was the case I was going to close my account, her answer was " I am in collections, do you want me to transfer you to customer service but don't think they can do anything or maybe the can, or you want me to close your account?" Asked to be transfer, was glad that Eugene listened and solved my problem, reverse the late fee and (hope he put a note) that I had not been late.

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Me. Hook - 27 d ago

I am most disappointed with a comforter set that was on sale and looked very pretty . After purchasing and using it is not worth the money.

Paid cash for it and still can't find my receipt.

I kept it while I was redoing my home over a year before using and dry cleaning. The material not and pills all over. This is the worst one u have seen.

I realize retailers like for you misplace receipts. But this is not decent for Goodwill donating.

It is: Home Expressions by JC Penny Bedding Set


721 1294 0174

Charleston. Gold King Size

240.00 Reg. I do not see the same set on your store. This is the poorest quality I have ever purchased . My. Comforter Sets last years and no problem like this. They are still good when I decide to change my bedrooms.

I realize my receipt is my mistake. But this material is terrible and I hope you will try to compensate me some way.

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Arizona disgusted - 28 d 12 h ago


Penney store at Paradise Valley Mall is turning into a crappy mess. They're pulling in a class of people I don't care to shop around. Too bad it used to be my go to store.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 27 d 19 h ago

Are the people of color bothering you?

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Hemetjcpenneysucks - 30 d 16 h ago


Your Hemet Jcpenney has the worst rudest lazy employees I cannot step foot into your store without leaving frustrated annoyed and in a mood. The disrespect and attitude sucks. Clearly you have no customer service training. No smile no hello thank you nothing. I shopped today at lunch and wont be back 5 employees on registers and not one of them polite or nice. In todays world with so many unemployed surely you can do better.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

Please send me the fax number for the Corporate Office to get a fax asap. Thanks.

Flagged for review. 
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K - 33 d 27 s ago

I ordered a blouse as a gift for my daughter and when she received the package it was another item entirely! A bra instead of a blouse. When I called to complain expecting them to send me a complimentary blouse. I was told to just send item back for a credit and reorder it. This is. It the customer service I expect at a company

I have shopped for many years. I asked them to overnight the blouse since it was a gift and their mistake and they refused to do it. Order number (hidden)276658.

I hope something is Done to fix mistake. Or else they have just lost long time customers

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Krista Bain - 34 d 19 h ago


I have been an employee since November 2014 in your store at 2738. And I haven't been getting any hours. I'm lucky if I a get 1 day a week or every other week. But the the new employees have 4-5 days a week. And all they can tell me is they're are short on money, but making extensions to the store. And they cheat me out of my PTO's. I was gone for a funeral for 7 days, and I ONLY gotten 2 days PTO. Smh. I have been treated unfairly at store 2738 after almost 5 years of service.

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Anonymous - 37 d 22 h ago


The hiring process for the store in baybrook mall is seriously flawed. Serious lack of communication etc.

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Anonymous - 44 d 19 h ago


The JcPenny in the North Riverside Mall in Illinois sucks! I was in the store on 9/3/2019. I was there for maybe 35-40 mins but decided to leave after hearing 4-5 messages over the intercom in Spanish only!!!! I had no clue of what was being said because they only spoke in Spanish! Finally I go to a lady in the jewelry department and asked her what is the messages about and she asked if I had a JcPenny's card and I said yes then she proceeded to tell me don't worry about the message over the intercom because you already got the card it's about signing up for a charge card. I was stunned that this was her response. I then tell her that I didn't know what was being said because they only spoke in Spanish. She says that they are supposed to say it in English as well and I told her that they didn't and that why I'm asking you what the messages are about. I walked out never purchasing my items!!!!

Flagged for review. 
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Jade LaForge - 45 d 18 h ago


Horrible service staff rude customer service and liars

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