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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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Ajdanaeal - 1 d ago


Am I the only one repulsed by the latest butt-bumping commercial - it is gross and offensive, and way below Jack-in-the-Box standards. Way far from clever or funny like the previous commercial. Restaurants are great, but if this ad continues. I probably won't be back

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Westerner - 5 h 5 m ago

I LOVE those commercials!! Makes me laugh every time.

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Phoenix - 3 d 17 h ago

Jack why do you stop these great burgers?

Your Portobello Mushroom burger on buttered bun from 2016.

Your Ribeye burger from 2018.

These were my reasons to sing your burger praises.

Why stop? No won't go anywhere.

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Johanna Vasquez - 4 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 6 d ago


The ads more more tasteless than the food


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Aracely - 6 d 13 h ago


The lady with short hair she is so freaken awesome it was super busy and killed that line like a boss I never moved in a line that was so pack so fast I need her to take my order all the time I'm a ceo at Honda and my company wanted jack in box and when we got here I was mad but after I seen and heard her I love it an If I had to rate her she would be a 100%

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Aracely - 6 d 13 h ago


Aracely is so awesome she killed it tonight I'm very happy tonight

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Aracely - 6 d 13 h ago


Aracely I seen this girl liked it tonight I was the 10 th car in line and she move car faster then anyone I seen I seen her running and given orders out and running back and doing the orders at lease 6 x i even recorded her I love this and even when she got to me out of air and taking my order she did it with excellent service fuck that I'm coming back when she is work I ask her when she works and time yep I'm coming back only to her and her cook and fryer they help her packing and giving it to her to run out hell yeah if she ain't a team leader y'all are fucking stupid she needs to be a team leader

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Eric - 7 d ago



I'm new the the JIB App. I've gone into JIB Restaurants on several occasions to be turned away when trying to utilize my JIB App for deals sent to me via email. I was turned away for BDay Tacos, and a Chicken Sandwich w/purchase... I tried speaking with Store Managers (Yony & Cesar) about the problem, with no avail. They could not communicate with me thoroughly, I'm not even sure they understood the situation, they just kept telling me no, and trying to turn me away, while continually assisting Spanish Speaking customers. When I asked for the Regional Mgrs #, t wrng # was gvn 2me

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Anonymous - 7 d 20 h ago

The jack in the box on old hwy 80 in el cajon has terrible service, they 6 times out of 10 get the order wrong if I don't check before I leave I end up driving back. This evening my husband went and order 4 tacos 1 hamburger and a fry and onion rings, got home and hamburger and frys were missing went back came home and still no hamburger. It's very frustrating. Please get them some training. Vivian Wantoch

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Lorelei - 8 d 6 h ago


On a visit to my local renovated Jack in the Box for a light lunch I was very disappointed with my order I had figured that I would try their new and Deli Trio pan sandwich with a small fry and a small drink. I was charged $8.69 for a lunch that I felt that would be pleasing and in turn was very disappointed the sandwich lacked contents maybe a couple pieces of meat and a slice of a pickle barely enough contents on the sub baking the sandwich very dry I had hoped that this introduction to Jack In The Box would have been a good lunch item menu button turn I was very disappointed with this lunch and the amount that I was charged for it and still being hungry after I ate it. I have never had an issue with this Jack in the Box location as I have dying hair many times for breakfast but this menu item I was very dissatisfied and would like to have my money returned.

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Pattie - 9 d 13 h ago

Jack in the Box St Louis MO. After appointments I have gone to eat here. Since I have cancer I do not eat many hamburgers. I do get the Teriyaki Bowl with egg roll and order 3 more egg rolls for my meal. There is one fellow that works here that always asks me to move forward to wait for my food. I always tell him no. I will not move forward. He gets angry that I refuse to leave the drive thru without my food. It only takes an additional 3 or 4 minutes to get my food after he asks. Sometimes there is no one in line behind me. Do not understand why I am being asked to leave the window without my food after I have paid for it. So I always say NO. I will leave the window with a refund or give me what I paid for. This last time he shorted me extra sauce for my food. But I also had to ask for ketchup for my husbands french fries. Which he slammed down into my hand and some fell, which I did not pick up. I will continue to go here and irritate him for the egg rolls. I will continue to say NO, when asked to pull forward. He is the only worker there that ever asks me to forward and I order the same thing each time.

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Total disbelief and jack in the box is Off the hook - 11 d 18 h ago


omg went to jack in the box at Glendale and Frwy ordered food get to window after crazy long wait time the kid says yeah go wait in the front like 2 min we forgot to. Make your food ( does this after he charges and takes the money) then after waiting 20 min almost go inside he says wow well we don't have your food still cause we gave it to someone else ask for the money back he says no ! My friend comes out I go back through drive through tell kid (Greg) give us a refund please this is crazy don't have time he says no I ask him for the manager- not here -what's the manager name -um forgot it -ask 2 more times -ahh don't know it -give me a refund now ! umm can't ever give refunds -another 10 min go by hey lady look the people just pulled up behind you they are the ones got order go out of car and just get it from them I said what.?.????. Are you nuts ? go get the order from

people who took it off property for more than 20 minutes and take that you better get

serious -he said well that's your order go get it ,,, I said your not giving me my money back your not or haven't made me a new order and your telling me to go out of the car and get my food from the people behind me that they brought back ect? Yep he says -give me my reciept now !oh it's probably in the bag ask them for it He says - I left without money- reciept -food and 45 min later ,,,, im calling cooperate office Tomrrow and something better get done this is the most ridicuoulous thing I've ever heard off not to

mention that punk kid at the window !, jack in the box wake up and how dare your

business make me leave without food and keep my money refuse to give a paying customer their reicept -Jesus man this is crazy !something bettter get done About this who ever heard of this kind of s#%* ever,,,,,,,im discusted pissed off angry the manager and that punk kid better get reprehmended that's all I got to say ,,im pissed ! How the F are you in business and at what your prices are Aaah get a clue I want my money back I want that kid and manager written up fired or whatever think if this was you whoever is reading this cmon this is crap!,,,,,

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DISGUSTED - 11 d 7 h ago

Similar experience that I had on Main and Louise in Manteca CA. Poor service, rude, unprofessional and insulting. When I complained, they said they had a lot of business and did not need anymore customers. Jack in the Box spends a lot of money on advertising. I am sure that this one idiot manager has done more harm through her behavior.

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Anonymous - 12 d 27 m ago


Being a Cowboys fan, was told jumbo jack burgers were free the day after winning the play-off game. However, went to the jack the box on Cooper st. in Arlington TX., the front door was locked and the cashier went to use the restroom with no-one left in charge of the register until she came back. She was still in the restroom when I left. Went to jack I the box in Forest Hill

Jack in the box on Cooper st. in Arlington, TX and the front door was locked at 12:40 p.m. However, the side door was opened went in to order and the cashier was in the restroom. So, I couldn't order anything until she came back, I left immediately. Went to the jack in the box in Forest Hill TX, Julie was rude because I wanted the free jumbo jack and the 3 burgers had to be rung up separately, in order to get all 3 burgers free. Hmm not sure about this restaurant ever again. Grandchildren, we'll have to go somewhere else to invest.


Lisa Cole

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Monique - 12 d 7 h ago


Lancaster ca 93534 jack in the box on challenger and j I went thru drive thru ordered my food forgot my wallet came back to receive the same food. Drive thru cashier handed me my bags and one tore open onto the floor because he just threw everything in one bag. I have lots of pictures and a video that I will post..

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Michelle - 12 d 10 h ago


Enania was the person to take our order through drive through was very rude and uncooperative through the drive through, took the wrong order and over charged us. I had to ask for a receipt because i knew two meals were not 19$. They had to reprint the receipt when i requested it. They gave us the wrong order. When asked for a manager a young mexican worker stated they were all managers and laughed! Did not recieve the right order but left because those kids working were so rude and u professional. I have never seen something so ridiculousl and unprofessional in my life and trying to steal customers money stating it was cash only and tried to overcharge. They obviously were trying to pocket the rest! Disgusting!

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Ted - 12 d 16 h ago

Oregon City location my chill cheese fries were made very poorly j

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Ariel - 12 d 19 h ago


They treat their employees like shit they don't give them the number for hours they don't care about their employees I work for Jack in the box and I bust my butt for Jack in the box I love my job I love the customers I treat everybody like family but I don't get the hours that I deserve but they want to say they don't have people enough people to work for them but they don't want to give them please it already there hours I just don't understand but they want to hire family and give them all their hours and that's not right for people that are busting their butts that needs the hours they deserve their hours

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Somebody that work s at jack in box - 12 d 19 h ago


I've been working or Jack-in-the-Box for a while and I get treated like crap and I'm going to get ours I've been asking Babe for more hours I am at home his mother with a 10-year-old daughter and I've been working in a been trying my best and I still get ours I don't understand why Jack-in-the-Box treats their employees like crap but then say that they don't have enough employees I don't want to give the hours to the people that deserve it the people that need it that they have already

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


Nashville TN.

Jack-in-the-Box here could care less if they wait on you or not my husband saw the new new chili cheese curly fries and the other one the 3 dollar boxes. The man kept getting confused so someone else had to take our order then when we got to the window the order still wasn't right how hard is it to get just 2 things wrong? Then to top it all off he ask if we wanted to give him a tip.REALLY!

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Anonymous - 14 d 4 h ago

I have been a customer for Jack-in-the-Box for over 20 years, last night I had been ill with the flu for several days and managed to leave the house to drive to my local Jack in the Box for some food I was finally able to eat, I ordered the brand new sandwich that you have out and I had a coupon for a Sourdough Jack. So disappointed when I got home the sandwich was horrible I will post a picture my to Sourdough Jack looks like they were flat and push together and didn't even have the onions that I ordered I don't know what happened but I called the number to leave a message I was told they would call back I'm still waiting as of today for a call back. The food is in a refrigerator ready to be returned I will post a picture of what I got it's ridiculous. I don't see what you post two pictures but the new sandwich had turkey rolled up like a cigar with cheese pushed inside a piece of broken up bread no toppings no anything I'd like to post this somewhere

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John everyman - 15 d 7 h ago


Hilo Hawaii jack in the box doesn't even work the drive thru. The workers hide in the back room and don't even give a shit about the cars waiting for someone to answer the mic

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Marykayt - 17 d ago


Jack in the Box On Salt Lick Rd. St. Peter's, Mo. Three employees standing outside 2 of them smoking only to be told not open. 7:45 am. Went there in October and entered the restaurant and there were no employees. Yelled hello hello no one was there. This store just doesn't want customers.

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charles W - 17 d 6 h ago


Jack in the box has a real problem locations up the I-69 corridor from Humble to Splendora Texas in almost every store they must purposely mess up orders in the drive through because it almost never happens at the walk up, and it is always for an expensive item and you get a lesser value item or some ingredients are missing or sparse. so it may be a way for stores to keep the bottom line profitable I got two regular single patty burgers in place of their sirloin burgers when I went back the manager was not surprised in fact, no expression and no comment to the fool that served me being right there. I am no longer going to patronize the areas Jack in the Box stores and there are 5 I have not had the problem with Arby's McD's Burger King or any other place for that matter in fact even when I buy at other places I get napkins and extra sauce if I just ask at Jack in the box at any local stores 5 in all I get no napkins sometimes no ketchup a few times not even a straw everyone else no problem so it appears to be an acceptable Prentice for Jack in the box to short their customers well there is nothing so wonderful about them that I cannot do without so goodbye jerk in the box i have had it with your poor performance and your zombie managements blank stares because that is what I get every time I come back and hand them the bag of incorrect items or the look and see the burger fries and no napkins ketchup salt or pepper NOTHING and ask whats wrong I got a Teriyaki bowl and no plastic ware had to make another loop around and this is ONLY Jack in the box 5 locations locally.t

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