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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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Anonymous - 8 h ago

Why in the hell it's 11 pm here In Fresno and your store on Kingscanyon and Willow tells me they can't take my order because they are on a break.... I have never heard this bs. The whole store breaks at 1130pm I thought it was shifts.

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I went to ofallon il. Jack in the box a month ago. I had a complimentary coupon for a free item from an incident i had there the time before. I made my order and told the lady at the speaker which item i would like to use my coupon for. She told me my total and said pull forward. After sitting there 20 minutes the truck in front of me just drove off. The lady opened the window and said "just give me ur coupon" slammed the window so hard it flew back open. That was the only words she spoke to me . everytime she closed the window she slammed it so hard she had to shut it again! The bad part is i had the number given to me from the last incident so i called the next day. A day went by and i recieved a call back. I explained to the woman on the phone the problem. She agreed that was totally uncalled for. Assured me she would have the dm or gm call me. Its been a month never heard a thing. Ived called and left her 4 voicemails. Those havent got answered either! Ridiculous i understand now why the workers act like the do if management isnt any better!!!! Im not sure free food would even get me back to that location. Very unhappy!!!

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To Jimbo - 11 d 1 h ago

You went through all that because some minimum wage earning person that probably puts up with more crap in 30 minutes than you do in a year didn't shut the window to your liking? Wow you would really freak out if you knew all the evil going on in the world.

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Keep It Real - 9 d 13 h ago


Wait a minute. We are talking about an "employee" at her "job" right? People, let's think clearly. I'm all about caring for and loving on people but if you go to a fast food joint like JITB, minimum wage or any other problem you may be going through is no reason to be rude to the customer. You do and follow your job description completely or find a job that let's you write the description and gives you anything above minimum wage. Just saying.

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Sonia realistic - 1 d 7 h ago

The fact that is so much violence and evil in the world, it doesn't justify that girl acting in that manner, she has to work in an accommodating, nice way.

She, of course did it to show the customer she was upset for some reason.

Customers have the right to complaint when they don't like the way employees attend them.

That's why there are numbers for people to call in these cases.

If somebody has an atittude, change jobs!!!! but don't give a hard time to the people that go and buy food.

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Linda from St Charles Illinois - 4 d ago


I miss the Jack in the Box original taco .....Taco Bell just is not that are lucky to have one by you.

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Steve Lopez - 2 d 11 h ago


I want to jack in the box in Murrieta ca trying to down load the app ,and when I put the information in everything look good until I tried to Order it told me to go to another location when this one is two minutes from my house.please clear up this problem,I wanted the 4piece chicken special in the drive through,instead I had to get out of my car and get the two tacos

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Elizabeth Gonzalez - 3 d ago


Swansee Illinois store #1410

Service was horrible drive thru employee was rude...took forever to get order .then order was wrong no bacon on bacon ult burger .. food was cold onion rings are so hard and cold I spent $ 15.51 for rude service and horrible food.. called the store and morning employee has no idea when store manager will be in.. this is a direct reflection of the managers skills and Jack in the box I will never ever spend my money there again

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Anonymous - 3 d 44 m ago


And now I can see why this store is as bad as it is.. 10:00am and still no manager on site

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Connie - 3 d 18 h ago


I went to the jack in the box in Oklahoma city OK and I ordered the number 29 and I ask very nicely if they could cut it in half and I Hurd over the intercom I'm not cutting that for no boogie bitch I and told her I had Hurd what she said and asked too speak the the manager and she said she was the manager I asked her what her name was she said her name was Erika Jones wich I some how find it hard too believe this jack in the box is on sw 74 and may I hope this matter gets taken care of this happens last Friday around 1 in the morning

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Trinity - 3 d 19 h ago


I called the corporate office distraught after being bullied by my manager's sister I was told they don't deal with my specific franchise restaraunt for complaints, I kept trying to tell the ethics hotline worker how I did not know how to go about complaining because my franchise owner is married to a relative of the manager and that her sister is bullying me and anytime I have a complaint he tells me to take it up with my manager but when anything has something to do with her sister she does not go through with punishing her. She has bullied me for almost 4 years and I'm at my wit's end and the employee I spoke with on the Ethics Hotline laughed at me on the phone not knowing that I could be a woman who suffers from depression then hung up the phone on me when I called again I spoke with a woman who gave me the wrong supervisor name and I asked her if she would file a complaint she said yes but when I asked to have a confirmation sent to my email or copy of the complaint she said she was not able to do that. I feel disservice has been done to me and I wasn't given the proper information of how to go about filing a complaint against harassment in the workplace I found the Jack in the Box corporate offices Ethics Hotline to be unethical, demeaning & inhumane in the sense of showing that they do not care about a person who may be on the verge a hurting themselves over being bullied.

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Sonia - 4 d 43 m ago


I was at the drive thru at 904 e braker lane Austin, tx 78753, and this manager bald headed light skinned, started to argue with me because he couldn't get my order right, his badge didn't have a name on it either, it was about 8:30 - 9ish. I didn't finish my order I just left. This needs to be addressed he works with customer service not the ghetto.

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Regenia Williams - 13 d ago


i was in the drive thru today in Las Colinas TX, Drive Thru #164 at 6:59 AM. Manager is Jason. The lady that took my order sounded very sick and when I got to the window i asked if she was not feeling well and she no I am not feeling well. I said you should not be here over the food. She said i am working the window and someone else is handling the food. She also said that her Manager is not the nicest person, so she had to be there.

a couple of things here: 1) she should not be made to work around food if she is sick 2) she didn't understand that being at the window and handling the money, giving the customers their receipt, straw, napkins and drink, she would be passing germs through that method.

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Linda from St Charles Illinois - 4 d ago


I luv Jack in the Box tacos.....wish they were here by me.

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BJM - 9 d 16 h ago


Hi Linda,

Not sure to whom to talk with about your Jack in the Box on 4th Ave, in Yuma AZ, right off I-8.

--Last night I ordered a Sourdough chicken club: I honestly thought they forgot the chicken. It was all bread...I finally found a small piece of check maybe 2 oz. This is way out of line for the cost. Normally I wouldn't go there again; I'd just quit going but it's close to me.

--Also a couple of weeks ago when I bought a teriyaki chicken bowl, the taste of chicken was terrible. I didn't have any protein in the house or would have thrown it out.

--Your other Jack in front of Planet Fitness, near The Palms Mall is much more quality, and, they also give a sr. discount on the order vs. the one on 4th Ave. only has something on the drink.

--You should go through a Mac (and I would if it were closer), they give large pieces of chicken in their sandwiches.

--Someone needs to do something about this situation.

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Linda from St Charles Illinois - 4 d ago


I miss the Jack in the Box taco.......I wish there were some here by me in northern Illinois......Geneva , Aurora, Naperville &

Oak Brook....also Schaumburg .

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago

I would like to tell Jack in the box cooperate how horrible their Freeport Texas. Staff is rude eating always messy and lines are always long

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Linda from St Charles - 4 d ago


I miss the Jack in the Box original taco from 1973 1980 have a great original have them in southern Illinois not northern........check out Geneva Illinois & St Charles also Naperville or Aurora ...Oak Brook & Schaumberg.

Come back !

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Laureen - 6 d 15 h ago

I am trying to contact the Manager of Jack n Box. Store 0495. There are serious issues taken place on the property located at 555 E 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, Ca. 94401

There are 2 abandoned vehicles that have been parked there for the past 3 weeks. As it turns out the utility vehicle was over taken by some of the homeless population. They have created a horrible trash mess and have urinated and defacated in the the area where you have your plants. In addition it is not uncommon for customers and non-customers to use this area as their personal urinal. It is a continuing and on going problem. It's an absolute health hazard.

They apartment I live in gives me and everyone else a birds eye view of what is going on in your parking lot. We have children in this building and they shouldn't have to be exposed to this.

I called the police when I came upon this homeless encampment and demanded they clean the area up. Only it was to long ago that as I walked through your parking area I called one of your customers out for urinating in the shrubs. He then in turn urinated on my shoes and pants.

I was advised by the police to contact them every time I see a person urinating on your property. They will eventually turn your property into a health hazard.

In addition to that your late night patrons come in and park along the ajoining fence and many times they are drunk and vomit in the foliage.

I like almost all of your employees. I know some of them on a personal basis. Only they don't get paid enough to police the grounds, nor should they have too.

Please contact me at Laureenlundin@gmail.

I'm sure Jack in the Box doesn't want this going on their property and you need to find a resolution to these issues.

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Linda - 4 d ago


Maybe you have issues in parts of California....but we need you to bring Jack in the Box BACK to Northern Illinois !

You have great original tacos.....I remember them well......Check out St Charles & Geneva also Naperville Ilinois Oak Brook

& Lombard. Really come back !

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Keith Lingford - 6 d 12 h ago

Visited Jack In The Box Store 16th Street and Van Buren Phoenix Arizona ordered one ultimate bacon double cheeseburger one large curly fry one small Oreo shake and was charged $17 Cheshire barely spoke English and would not double-check price and wouldn't give me a receipt

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Linda from St Charles - 4 d ago


Put some Jack in the Boxes back in Northern Illinois........I miss your original had some here years back, bring them back.....Naperville Illinois, Geneva & St Charles Illinois also Schaumberg area........Taco Bell is not good enough anymore.

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Lisa - 4 d 12 h ago


The Kihei, Hawaii restaurant, is in terrible shape! The pendant lights have been burned out for MONTHS. There has been a hole in the ceiling, for MONTHS! The wall by the disgusting soda machine, is peeling apart. The seats on 90% of the chairs, are peeling off, scratching your legs. Never seen anything like it. Terrible!

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Linda - 4 d ago


I still want several Jack in the Box's here in Northern Illinois.......Naperville area Geneva & St Charles & Schaumberg.

The tacos are VERY tasty ......miss them.

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Linda from St Charles - 4 d 33 m ago


Hi....I luv your Jack in the Box tacos....when will you bring them back to the Chicago suburbs....Oak Brook..St Charles...Geneva...

Schaumberg.....Naperville .

Why did you take them away years back? You still have them in southern Illinois, but thats not northern Illinois.

I do miss the taste of them ..the original taco.

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