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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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John - 15 h 9 s ago


This one is about the store downtown the manager Susie had a order on postmates and couldn't get my order had to cancel cause one person told me one thing and here come 3 more people yelling something different and the store looks like trash

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


I went through drive-thru at the location on Ledbetter and Lancaster Rd in Dallas, store#119. When I got home, I noticed I was given the wrong burger so I called them to let them know. The manager told me that I may go back so that they can replace it for me. I informed her that I was already home and that would be inconvenient for me to go all the way back. She then told me that she will write my name down and that I have 7 days to go have my burger replaced but that I HAVE to bring the wrong burger they gave me. Seriously? Not only did they get my order wrong and cause me inconvenience but now I have to starve tonight because I can't eat the BEEF burger that they gave me because I have to SAVE IT so that I can get my correct order. How ridiculous is that? What the hell are they gonna do with a 7 day old burger?! And on top of that, the manager was walking around in socks while she was working. How disgusting! I will NOT be going back to this store!

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Joseph - 3 d 6 h ago


I got the Eclub email stating that from 11/16 through 11/18 if you buy a large drink you get a free medium curly fry. All we did was ask her if that was all that was needed or were there other restrictions to it. For example did it have to be a specific drink. She gave us so much attitude, did not know what we were talking about, and did not let us speak. She kept cutting us off, my aunt said fuck this attitude and left. We showed her the email and she just gave us more attitude saying well you already placed your orders so if you want this you will have to place another order and do you really want the fries that bad? I also was trying to order my wifes order making sure that there was no ranch on it and she was not listening and just walked away. Thankfully she did hear me just did not respond and there was no ranch on it. I am just flabbergasted I have never been treated so bad or asking a question about a coupon that I received through EClub. If this is how we are to be treated for coming here and asking a simple question I will certainly go elsewhere. I am pretty sure once I tell everyone I know about this they will not come back either. It is completely wrong to go off on someone for asking a question and then not even let them talk.

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Jkm - 3 d 19 h ago


I don't have a receipt because unfortunately this location doesn't ever give receipts, so I didn't get one again. I called the store when I got home. Which took several tries before they actually picked up. I spoke with manager Beth who said the employee that took the order was "brylinn". All she said was sorry. A simple order. #6, coke, #21, coke, curly fries, mini pancakes, small fries, small root beer. I do NOT eat regular fries. Why would I come to jack n box and be charged $24.76 just to get something I didn't order? Im beyond pissed and ain't going to drive all the way back there. Mililani -Kipapa drive. 11/16/18 8:12am.

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Angela Simmons - 4 d ago


I had written a letter a while back complaining about poor customer experience. Maybe I wrote from the wrong page, but no one responded. Months had even gone by. So I let it alone. It wasn't that serious for me to keep dwelling on it. I was having problems with a co-worker, and the manager took her defense after I brought it to her attention while the girl stood there. I asked the manager for her name and the girl's name. She gave me her name and only gave me the girl's first name but told me to ask her for her last name. So I asked her, and she stood there starring at me with a smirk on her face as if she was getting away with something. That is when I wrote the complaint. But after not hearing from anyone, I just left it alone. The reason I'm writing now is because after going back to Jack In The Box to get water as I usually do, I was accused of being on camera steeling ice. I am not a thief. I do not steel. And water is the only thing I came to collect, because I did not trust my tap water at home. I'd take four large cups of water once a week or every other week. She did allow me to go ahead and get water after I assured her that I did not steel anything. I told her if they would zoom in with the cameras, they would see me taking water as I intended. After going back in there to make a purchase about a week later, the same manager was in there that I had complained against. I had confronted her about the accusation to see if she also knew about it., And she said, this was her first time hearing about it. But then the manager that actually accused me of steeling came around the corner saying, I did indeed steel ice. And I said, that is not true. I did not appreciate being accused of something I didn't do in front of people. But things escalated on her end. She started calling me names using languages. The store manager had to literally push her back in the office. That is also on camera unless it's deleted. You will see me only standing there in my own defense. You will not see any strange movements on my part. That is when I reached out to corporate again. And I did eventually receive a call. But it was from a guy claiming to be the owner of the company. He called me and left a message. I wasn't at home at the time. But after returning his call, I did find it a little suspicious when he said, "Hello" instead of saying, "Thank you for calling Jack And The Box." He's communicating with me from his cell phone. So I'm not sure if he's really legit or not. The only thing I was expecting out of all this was an apology and maybe a free meal. Things did not have to go this far. But this is the number that he called me from (hidden)

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OJ - 4 d 7 h ago


Aloha From Kailua Kona Hi. I am Oscar Friels Address 75-265A Pumehana Kailua Kona Hi 96740 I visted the Jack In the Box today with my family in Kailua Kona Hi My Drive through # is245 11/15/18 The Service was on a scale of 1-10 not even close 1. We order Burger we received all chicken burger,I was very clear. I also order the BLUCHZMACRIB CMB.the B URGER LOOK AS IF IT WAS SMASH BY A GIANT HAMMER. i ORDER A TOTAL OF 5 Burger and two Blue /combo I have visted Jack since my early days. This is the first time I was totally let down The manger was totally not a nice person, He was /very Rude. People Love Jack I don"t know if I shall ever come or return back Sign O.J

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Michele G Abbott - 4 d 14 h ago


I live across the street from the Jack in the box on Brimhall road in Bakersfield, Ca. The mexican manager an older lady is such a BITCH EVERYTIME I go in. That Jack in the Box is dirty now, where it used to be always clean. I went in around noon today to get a tea and I gave her a 20.00. She just put the change down, so I proceeded to count it and she said What? I said it would be nice customer service if you just counted it back. She has the most hateful attititude. I am WHITE and I feel that she is PREDJUDICE. She is always hateful to me when I go in there to get my tea. It is not the first time!!!! It has sure gone DOWNHILL!!!!! I used to get greeted so nicely and it used to be always so Clean!!! NOT ANYMORE

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Anonymous - 5 d 21 h ago

I guess I'm going to have to stop going to Jack in the box! It's pretty sad that no matter how much I complain about the customer service, nothing changes! They think throwing a couple of tacos at you is a fix all. All we want is the correct order in the bag! Gas us to expensive to keep going back after you leave not including the waste of time. Please train the employees to stop being rude when you go back and get the order correct please.......

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Samantha - 5 d ago

Jonathan f Lopez is a sex offender that's employed at Jack in the Box in San Antonio TX!!!!

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Jeffrey Herman concerned concerned about the treatment - 5 d 13 h ago

Hello my name is Jeffrey Herman I was at one of your stores in Los Angeles the other afternoon I decided to use the restroom and wash my hands I set my telephone down I drive two hands because one of the people the toys were coming in the bathroom so I quickly rushed out but I forgot my telephone inside the only person that walked in was one of the employees small restroom but he said he did not see the telephone my question was how did you miss it he said he just missed it but no one well long story short Terry and I was the only one in the restroom my telephone come up missing he said he didn't do it I know I didn't take it so I went to the managers who told me quickly it was not her fault and I understood that I just ask anyone what I'm actually now is what is the policy or someone employees had to been taken by my phone so like a resolution area code text me at this number that I'm texting you from

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Richard - 5 d 18 h ago


The hiring practice of Jack n box as related to drug practice. Which is a health concern

Crack head as employees. Drug testing.. in the restaurant.

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago


Cannot contact corporate..manger josh for district Spokane was rude even hung up and told me to quit messaging him. He was not concerned I felt stupid yelling when the employees could have easily asked me to pull up if they could not hear me. Also was told they were busy when I recorded and it showed no one in the lobby or driveway.

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Korina - 6 d 15 h ago


Sex offender name Jonathan f Lopez works at Jack in the box in San Antonio TX on Callahan & culbera please keep an eye out for your kids

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SEX OFFENDER - 6 d 8 h ago


so fucking what hes a sex offender if thats what hes labled then he is not registered for messing with kids if hes registered as a predator then people should be worried. and most people are on that bullshit registry for dumb shit like pissing on a fucking tree or something.and you shouldnt be putting shit out there like that everyone thinks all sex offenders mess with kids, Im on the shit for statuatory fucking rape Im 43 right now and ive been on the registry since 1997 I was 17 and my girlfriend was 16 we had a fight and she went to the police and did this shit to me. so am i a fucking perv to? i fucking smashed the last person that said i was. dont be talking shit about a sex offender it gonna cause drama to yourself if you talk shit about the wrong one.

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Linda L Goodin - 6 d 8 h ago

Linda , on 11-11-18 at 5:33 pm I went to Jack In The Box # 7249. In my order were 8 tacos, 3 of which were mine. After biting into my first one, two of my teeth with crowns were broken. One is damaged and needs replacement and one is broken and needs repaired. I contacted the store manager and he referred me to corporate there I was informed that it's a individually owned franchise. I couldn't be helped. I then received a phone call from a Shanna ( (hidden) ). I was told basically that it was my fault for choosing Jack In The Box... I wanted quality that night not garbage. Isn't that what your all about? In any event to fix my 2 teeth will be 5,578.00. My existing one's were less than 21/2 years old. It's too much for myself and my family to spend at this time... I have no insurance and am asking if the expense could at least be split... you can have it mailed to my dentists office, Signature Dental 4990 W Craig Road Las Vegas Nevada 89130. I have been a Jack In The Box patron for 48 years. I would really appreciate help at this time.

Thank you, Linda L Goodin

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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago


When I drive up, they are always laughing through the speaker. And when I drive up to pay for food, she was trying to rush me. She didn't give me the sauce, napkins, kepthup, or a straw. And when I would ask for it she would give me the item frustrated. Or lie to me and say she already put it in the bag when she didn't. I had to park to get my straw. But by that time I already felt like a bother to this lady.

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Vannah - 9 d 19 h ago


I went to a jack in the box and ordered fresh food. All they do is re fry what they have already made and think no one know the difference. They knew they didnt do the food right because they didnt give me a receipt. I went in to get a receipt and she gave me a receipt with the store number on there if I had a complaint. Now I'm calling their coorporate office and I'm never eating there again. No matter what location I go to it is always something wrong with their cold greasy old food.

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Cupid - 12 d 16 h ago


Food poision

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Anthony Jiordano - 13 d ago


I just went to the Jack in the box in Monrovia ca. And I am so tired of the crappy service. I went there at 3:3o this morning and at the drive thru window, they tell me that their system is down. I told them that it was to early for that, that it goes down at 4;00a.m. then they tell me that the cook is cleaning the grill. I told them that the tacos ate deep fried, not grilled. She said "oh well". Jack in the box has the worst service in the world of any restaurant. I am contemplating on getting a attorney. My wife's blood sugar dropped really low and I was trying to get something for her to eat and drink to bring her sugar level guys suck!!

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Enriqy - 14 d 23 h ago

Good morning I'm very desaponet with the service

In san ysidro the shift leader in the morning yell I know why United state there far because they eat this junk food she forgot about this fat people who buy food there we pay her thank you

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Pedro Infante - 14 d 15 h ago


Horrible customer service, no doubt about it , McDonald's has way better customer service and much better burgers and food in general , I gad an issue with one of the employees at the one in Mesa Arizona, on Mesa Dr and Southern , and I demand to speak to the manager, at first she had me talk to her assistant claiming that she wasn't in but things got a little bit out of control cause her assistant was been very rude and disrespectful and at that point the manager all of a sudden appeared , out of nowhere after I was told she wasn't in , but things got worst with her she has no customer service skills and is very disrespectful and unprofessional. I got her name it's Teodora Solis she deserves to get fire immediately.

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Horrible customer service from JUDY - 15 d 5 s ago


went to Jack in the Box Kahului, Maui, Hawaii and have never been treated so badly in my life. Judy who was making the food was incredible rude she should be fired; when I asked for some sauce they use on their burgers, she told me they are not allowed to give it out. Unless the policy was changed the day before this, this was an outright lie since I had been given some by management. When I told them I had gotten some just 2 days before and that I had paid extra (another issue that needs to be addressed) she got more annoyed and said loudly "fine give it to her, but don't fill it up all the way".

At this point, I had been waiting for my food for over 20 minutes and this was the last straw.

We were having such a good Sunday until we went to the restaurant. We had just come from church and the park but after this ordeal the day had been ruined and, well let's just say I should have returned to church!

I had been going to the restaurant for a long time, ordering the same thing and getting the same sauce on the side there are so many other issues that should be addressed but I will save all of this for my letter to the CEO of the company.

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ryan lopez - 15 d 5 h ago

just went to jack in box at roscoe and sepulveda panorama city i order rib eye burger for to go i notice there is a mold in the bread..

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Jose - 15 d 18 h ago

Just went to jack in the box at 30 and east grand in Dallas and notice that non of the staff was wearing any gloves while making the food. ..also cashier grabbing money and going back to put food in to go bags...I will definitely not go back and I'll make sure this issue gets taking care off.

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Dessa kresta - 17 d 12 s ago


Port neches Texas. My coworkers and I have been treated awfully. For instance,on Thursday 11/01/2018 I went through the drive thru between 11-1am to be told they were out of EVERYTHING I ordered. The shake machine didnt work, no Curley fries. This is not the first time. More like the 4th. I dont have a receipt because they are always out of anything I order at night. And the employees are so rude, my coworkers are afraid to eat the food when they do get it. There are so many plants and corporations that are open at night. If the service was good, the revenue there would triple at the very least. I need to speak to so.eone and the employees wont pick up the phone. One time, they got my order wrong, I go in the next day and was talked to like dirt and the food was thrown at me.

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Anonymous - 16 d 6 h ago

Did corporate deal with it yet

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