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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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Sara B - 7 d ago


I went through the drive thru. I ordered 2 tacos no cheese no sauce and a value fry. For whatever reason the lady seemed peeved with me (I had to repeatmy order more than once). When I got to the window I paid for my food, took my food and she asked do I want any sauce. I said taco sauce and ketchup. She gave me my food I drove off and she yelled out the window "THANK YOU" real tacky. I called and she said because of the way I looked and because I "gave her a stank face" (her exact words) is the reason why she yelled THANK YOU out the window. And I apologize but noone knows what people have been through so if I was texting or on the phone or whatever I was doing I do not have to give anyone a thank you or anything like that. I didnt even look at her, i took my food and started pulling off and that is when i heard "THANK YOU" yelled at me through the window. Poor service and I WILL DO everything in my power to have her fired. I didnt eat my food because I was scared that she spit in it or something. Extremely unprofessional and I do feel like jack in the box provides great service everytime that I've been there but the woman who is at work right now... unacceptable and disgusting behavior. I have never had an issue until now.

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RHC - 2 d 20 h ago

Worst Customer Service I ever received!

All non English speaking! Insulted me and 2nd time in 6 month period! Worst experience ever from a restaurant EVER! U lost!

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Teresa Taplin - 3 d ago


Horrible, horrible, horrible. Lack of customer service and crappier service. W. Adam ave Jack in the box.

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Tracy - 3 d 12 h ago


I went to the jack in the box located 3330 Nameoki Rd Granite City Illinois I spent $35.07 drive threw # 126 JIB # 140 first I waited in drive threw 20 min before my order was taken then after ordering I was charged wrong my food was cold the food wasn't fresh worst I've had

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Linda - 4 d 13 h ago


I went to Jack in the Box today around about 1- 2 pm . I asked about the $4.99

TV commercial. They told me they did not do that. I have to have it digitally.

I told them . I did not know that, I did not see that on the tv ad. If I am wrong , then, I am wrong. But, I also looked up the ad on the internet and still I do not hear you have to download it.

This happened at the Jack in the Box in Cedar Hill, Texas.

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sam - 6 d 14 h ago


Today they told me they didn't have the southwest chicken salad anymore and they didn't have any pizza sauce for the pizzas. I continue to get my kids orders. The lady in the drive-through told me that the burger would be playing for the kids meals not to worry. We pull off and of course the kids meal burger has pickles and mustard. I had to get out of the car go back and wait to get my burger replace. As I'm inside people should be wearing face coverings at work they're in or not

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Anonymous - 8 d 24 h ago


I went to the jack in the box located in forest hill Texas on hwy 20. I was there to pick up an Uber order. When I arrived to the window the lady told me they did not have the order. I ready off the address and she stated that I am at the correct address and then I proceed to read off the name and code for the order. She shut the window and came back with the order and said the order was on the back screen and not the front. I ask for the drinks and she said she couldn't provide me with the drinks because it's not on her screen. I informed her that the customer had paid for combos and that 3 drinks were missing. She then shut the window again. A man came to the window very frustrated and said with an attitude "how can I help you" I said I'm missing 3 drinks. Then another lady came around the corner and took her phone out and start recording (mind you their was nothing to record, no cussing, no yelling, or anything) so I ask why was she recording and he looked in the camera then looked at me and said "are you saying racial slurs at me, I'm going to need you to leave the window, we don't help people who use racism" REALLY THROUGH ME OFF GAURD. I was so confused. I told him I have no used any racial slurs nor have I used profanity. He lied on me for no reason all because the camera was on and I ask for the cooperate number and the manager name, So he said that to get me out of line. I'm very very upset that he lied and treated me like that. I never used a racial slur in my life and for a person to play with my character is very traumatizing!

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Joseph B crane - 10 d 15 h ago


FDA rules say if you were going to open your store you must have running toilet facilities which is your stores do not even if it's just takeout orders your facilities have to be operational for people to wash their hands and decontaminate themselves from the covid-19 virus not to mention elderly and people with bladder problems need to be able to use the facilities in your stores I think you had piss poor service not only that they screwed up the order and then tried to double charge my mother I suggest your Hesperia store on Mariposa get a little surprise visit from corporate because they got piss poor service sincerely yours Joseph crane T want the address to my mother or my other half would have had to use the facilities which state did I would have kicked the door off the hinges and there ain't a big enough one in there to keep me from doing it open your damn bathrooms FDA says you are to be open with facilities if you don't trust me look it up on the FDA website it's federal law

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William - 11 d 38 s ago


I'm 75 years old. There is no reason to be treated with utter disrespect, especially from a mgr. or employee taking orders at your business at US 75 and Fitzhugh Ave in Dallas ,Texas. That employee was entirely out of line and intimidating, to the point of physical violence., which would have led to his arrest and prosecution, not to mention the civil suit that would follow. his arrest. I only shop there because it's close to my home. In the past 32 years, this is the 2nd time I've had this confrontational event there. All I did , was ask about their senior citizen discount your website describes. I could not have been treated more rudely.

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William Webber - 11 d 14 h ago


I was at the jack in the box on us 75 and fitzhugh ave. in Dallas Tx. I asked about the senior citizen discount offered on your website.. the employee answered in a rude manner, stating he doesn't know about any discount at all. Had I asked face to face, he was so rude and intimidating, I felt he might have punched me in the face for asking. That would have involved his arrest , because I am 75 years old, and Dallas PD takes a dim view of an assault on senior citizens .Not to mention the civil lawsuit that would come later. Depending on the seriousness of the assault, might result in millions of dollars in restitution

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Miguel Rodriguez - 11 d 8 h ago


Shut up .... You old fart .... Stop acting like young guys are criminals.... Nobody would punch you ever... For just are overreacting..

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Family - 12 d 11 h ago

Tonight my and my family had a very bad experience at locacin JIB#1109 in Yuma az. The lady in the window drive tru was very rude and unprofessional we told her why the our order where all mixed up we explained her it show be served in different bags because Of the coronavirus and she told us with a very bad manners your order is complete In between family nothing happens whit the coronavirus is she a doctor?this location does not care about customer service we were prudent because of our children present in our car but she was very disrespectful she look very mad tired I don't know in this times they should be more caring specially with the loyalty customers.

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Brian - 12 d 16 h ago


Hello! Good Afternoon! .all.the jaack in box!.slow drive though ! Customers serive.bad!.food is all was cold!!!

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Mangers are very rude and very disrespectful towards two first responders.

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Daniel Yates - 15 d 14 h ago


We got refused service from Jack in the box location eureka,ca 95503. After we said were cops. We had 6 kids in the car. 6 months before that I went thru there and they refused my order because they had me on a owed list they forgot a part of my order a week before they said no and that they lost the list. I asked for the manager and the manager told me there was no manager on at that time when she walked away from window the young gentleman told me sorry but she is the manager I dont know what she's talking about. Then I looked and everyone that worked there except the window guy was waring regular shorts and pants no jack in the box outfit nothing. This manager needs to be fired l. Obviously she has no care for cops humans or kids and is a liar and doesn't care sbout human safety or jack in the box regulations and dress codes and cleanliness.

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Jennifer King - 16 d 18 h ago


The jack in the box at 5301 W stan Schlueter loop in Killeen Texas is not only wearing masks while preparing food, but refused to put them on when I asked. They are all wearing them around their neck. When I asked the gentleman named Kory why none of them were wearing masks he said it was unbearable and that he refused to put it on. This is a blatant disregard for everyone's health during the pandemic!

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago

Hi my name is Stacee degraffenreed and I recently ordered something from the Jack in the Box on Yosemite Boulevard in Modesto California and I would like for you to call me back at (hidden) the experience that I had at this Jack in the Box was shameful and outrageous so can you please return my call again my name is Stacee degraffenreed and my number is (hidden) thank you and have a nice day also the two employees are Stephanie and Brie at the Jack-in-the-Box those are the ones I had to deliver with 10 nine you please get back to me as soon as possible thank you

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Jon - 17 d 16 h ago


Jut want to let you know about your Restaurant located in Meridian, ID Store #172. Personnel very rude and the MGR even ruder. Drive thru person didn't know what they were doing or the equipment was faulty, had to give my order three time and they still forgot items that I had to go back into the store for. Food was mediocre at best and cold. Perhaps a corporate district manager should pay a visit to this store and show them about Customer Service. I would be embarrassed to have a MGR such as this one running one of my stores.

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Mike pannier. - 18 d 12 h ago

I'm inquiring as to why your location in swansea,il never has a shake machine operational! I live in the area and go there quite often. For the last 6 months or more I have not been able to get a shake from this location. Is there a reason why that is ? Or is it just that your employees are lazy? I've also been here with my employees and had our order wrong on numerous occasions.

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Jesus - 19 d 24 m ago


Hi I live in the city of south gate ca. My wife favor tacos are your tacos. I went to buy 6 regular tacos on wennsday. June 24th. My tacos was ready in a min. The tacos was discasting. I trow it away. The location is Firestone Blvd at California AV tks

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john raxo - 21 d 10 h ago


Your reseda blvd restaurant better get the act together! I was just in the drive thru for around 15 min with only 2 cars inn front of me and when I go to the window the idiot didnt have my order correct!! When someone came to help she thru the order at me at did not ask for payment - I WOULD HAVE NOT PAID ANYWAY - IDIOTS =- the manager better get grip -

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Anonymous - 22 d 7 h ago

I'm also a service worker. I know how hard your employees work, but it frustrating that when I get off work and want something to eat, they're systems are always down. If they don't want to serve the late night Galveston community, just please post new hours. Two locations closed on the island. Please just tell us you're not willing to serve the servers.

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Vicki - 24 d ago


The Jack in Crowley Texas has the worst customer service. Very rude employees, every time I have been to this location. Today the employee's name was Gene.

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SABRENA - 32 d 10 h ago

Went to jack in the box and Accidentally forgot to grab my card. Next morning when I realized it was gone, I went onto my online banking and one of the workers were using my card. Had spend over $200 that MORNING. Called the location and they promised a general manger was going to contact me. Hours go by, and no call back. I've been continuing to call and nobody answers. Needless to say, karma will come for whoever you are and I will get my money back and you fired.

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Mariah - 24 d 7 h ago

Omg.... I would call cops and jack in box corporation... if not talk to a lawyer and see how fast they get back to you.

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