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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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James - 10 h 24 m ago


Jack in the box in La Habra Ca,mean guy cook,his name starts with a S, I think....The cook tries to flirt with all the ladies there instead of working,so unprofessional....never goin back again,bad service everrrrr.

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Lori - 5 d 9 h ago


I went to Jack in the Box in Porter Ranch at 9:54 PM and ordered a Chicken Fajita Pita I asked for salsa and he said I'm not going to give you any because I gave you five with your other order. I offered to pay for extra he said no he needed it for other customers. Really? No customers in line no one in store. Rude.JIB 190 store I'd Edward was employee.

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Mickey B - 5 d 18 h ago


The worst experience had at a new Jack in the Box. According to the employee and manager at the 7th Street and Union Hills location in Phoenix, Arizona which I understand is a franchised store charges you an extra 25 cent if you ask for American Cheese in place of the normal Provolone Cheese slice it comes with. I told them I did not want provolone please substitute with American cheese and again was told "corporate policy" says we have to charge you 25 cent extra for the swap because that is the way it comes up on the register. This was through the drive thru around 12:30 PM and on top of that I was not given a receipt as well.

I am a handicapped Vietnam Veteran and was in my car with my dog so I asked if the manager could please come out to my car so that I may ask him and that I would be right in front in the handicapped parking spot. he never came out. I can't complain to corporate because I do not have a receipt so it won't except to email my complaint. There is no live number to call. WOW what a cover up to avoid complaints and even more what a total rip-off. When in fact I was saving them money as American Cheese is cheaper by yhe pound then Provolone

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Isabel - 6 d 7 h ago

Hi let me start by saying how much my family and I love Jack in the box. I've heard of very inappropriate behavior from a manager to his employees in our local jack in the box specially towards females I ask of you to seek into a undercover boss or employees this specific manager Miller encourages the males to yell at the females this behavior is so uncalled for im encouraging a worker to speak up and record there foul and disrespectful behavior but these ladies are scared of speaking up and losing there jobs. So please let this individual know it's not ok to be rude and disrespectful just because of his title.

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Eva - 12 d ago


I tried to contact jack in the box on the internet. I could not put in the receipt information because the cashier did not give me one. If you don't have a receipt you apparently have to call them. I went to the restaurant on Ridge Rd in Rockwall TX. I ordered a spicy nacho chicken sandwich with the jalapeos on the side. I received a spicy chicken sandwich and paid extra for jalapeos on the side.

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Richard - 15 d ago


Went to jack n box in royse city tx. I ordered a breakfast meal. I asked for cup of water instead of drink. They charged me extra 0,80 for it. I asked them why and they were rude. I asked manager on staff to give me corporate phone number. He told me they don't have a corporation. This was by far the worst customer service experience I ever had from any fast food.

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Jack and the Box in Allen Texas off of McDermott and 75 Jack in the Box off of Highway 5 and McDonald's on Industrial and Eldorado next to Racetrac in McKinney Texas - 17 d 5 h ago

You people for the corporate office Jack and the box I don't know who it is Ceo the Jack in the Box in Allen Texas off of McDermott and 75 on the westbound or the Ceo Jack in the Box on Highway 5 and McDonald's in McKinney but y'all have a problem with your system every morning that they can't take orders or serve breakfast or anything I get the same answer for both Jack in the Box every day every morning at 4am on my way to work

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Carol ann JacksonI - 24 d ago


I tried to call the office and let them know about their store I went to Jack in the box my sandwich was awful the tomato was bad. I brought two Spicy chicken on 7/1/17 at 11:33. The store is Plano Texas.I love the Spicy Chicken please respond Thank you. I don't stay too far from the Jack in the box.

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Anonymous - 25 d 14 h ago

I'm at Jack in da box eating on Fredericksburg rd I understand this place is franchise but to let everybody know I threw da food away it was so cold I'm so disappointed with this place theirs always something going on wrong here always the back is so dirty and disgusting i don't understand why the person in charge cannot keep this place clean and under control this is not right service for customers this place is going down so badly somebody needs to step up and do something right away because what I see and people see here is not right

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David MacDiarmid - 28 d ago


The new bbq bacon burger is shown w/onion rings but the add and coupons are a lie. No onion rings are in the burger. No reciepts in the bags. I bought 4 out of El Cerrito, California. Hope the place gets struck by lightning. Hope the lazy worker pocketed my cash and ripped off the company that sent the fake coupons. Eat shit Jack.

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Concerned Aunt - 35 d 44 s ago

Concerned Aunt

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Anonymous - 35 d 18 h ago

I would like to speak to someone about an issue I have when I eat at Jack. Foods good but very nausiatin when your sharing the soda machine with lots of homeless people. I'm not cruel, just concerned about desieses. Call me I have a suggestion. (hidden). My name is Rosi Alvarado.

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zach - 39 d 9 h ago

Working here is fucking shitty I just quit my job a few days ago because the managers treat you like complete shit there and this one manager cusses at me when I try and talk to him of why he treated me like shit and he cusses me out and gets in my face like he owns the FUCKING PLACE DAMMIT JACK IN THE BOX SHOULD BE FUCKING SHUT DOWN A BUNCH OF PIECE OF SHIT CRACKHEADS WORK THERE FUCK THAT PLACE

General profile image - 43 d 19 h ago


Fuck you and your garbage restaurants. I will NEVER eat at one again.

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Rena - 52 d ago


6-4-17. Store 8411. Tacoma Wa. @ 12:20pm. Firstly I'm writing this to inform you of a recent experience I went through at your store 8411 in Tacoma, Wa. Never in all of my life had I been treated so rudely. The employees in question not only made me wait 10 minutes before I even got to the chance to place my order but once I did I found them to be rude, condescending, snide and racist. Once I ordered, well I tried to order 2 combo meals and a single burger from that combo making 3 burgers total. The order person kept getting what I ordered wrong. I had to repeat and correct her a number of times. Finally I said let me just come to the window, you are not understanding me. When I got to the window. It was a different person than was on the one taking the orders. She asked me again and repeated my order and still got it wrong. I corrected her once again at which point she rolled her eyes and proceeded to still get it wrong. She gave me the total of my bill and I said that doesn't sound right. I said, I hope it's 3 hamburgers in the bag. She says I got U what U ordered, 2 combos and 2 tacos. I said, I needed a 3rd hamburger. She tells me I need to go back through the drive throuh that she can't take my order at the window. I I began to explain that I already waited 10 minutes just to order my food then had to wait 10 more minutes just going back and forth to get my order right which you still have wrong. This teller keeps repeating... you have to drive back through the line. Nobody had name tags on. So I couldn't address anyone by name. I refused to move until I got what I ordered. She still refused to ring up and make the 3rd hamburger. Then says please leave my drive thru. She then makes a racist remark saying that's why they don't like us. I could only take this to mean African Americans as she was herself. I asked what her name was. She refused to give it to me. Keeps repeating please leave the drive through. A woman in a gray shirt whom I assumed to be a manager of some sort came up behind the worker. I explained to her what happened. She makes the burger and the worker rings the item. I ask the young lady what was her name again and again, she refused to disclose this information. The manager then refused my request to come back to the window to assist me in this matter. All I got was please leave, please leave, please leave. By then all of my food was cold. All because of 2 of your workers didn't understand what I wanted to order. I speak very plain english, I don't slur, mumble, or talk with a deep accent. I got bad Service, bad food and had a good day made entirely BAD by one of your employees with an attitude. You can be assured that I will definitely be talking with my attorney at my first opportunity in regards to the outright racism I experienced at the hands of your employee and will let the legal system give your company a much needed lesson in customer rights and diversity. Also, I will never again set foot in one of your stores again.

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Daniel - 54 d 16 h ago

I'm complaining about one of your stores in Dallas Tx,The food was terrible I called the store to talk to a manager I was told that sometimes they have a manager in the store .I have been in the food business before and you always have a manager on duty the phone number to this store is (hidden) I will never visited that store again

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Jenny - 58 d ago


Hello, my name is Jenny and I went to store #4709 In Houston, Texas on OST and the lady at the window drive thru was nasty and very unprofessional. I ask her what was her name and she stated to me" Stephanie" and I ask her for the store number and she told me 4708. I had to ask for my receipt, which she did not want to give to me. I had to argue with her for my receipt, and the reason why she did not want to give me my receipt was because, she lied about her name and the store number. I went inside of the store to ask her why did she lie about her name and store number, as I went inside of Jack-in -Box, I ask the front cashier where was the manager and he pointed to the rude lady. I ask him her name and he replied" Brenda", which that was on the receipt. The assistant manager, Brenda at store 4709 refuse to talk with me and continued to be rude. I will never go back to this jack-in-the box and if this assistant manger lies and become rude I can imagine she is stealing and God knows what else. She has no good customer service to be a employee, and most definitely an assistant manager!

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Elizabeth williams - 68 d 14 h ago


I have had it with the jack in the box on center street in Tacoma Washington. This is the third time my salad has been nothing but lettuce. The broiled chicken was mostly fat and cold. There might have been a spoon full of cheese beans etc and the tomatoes were not fresh. They were about ready to go bad because they were so soft. From now on I will spend my $7.00 at Wendys.

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Latasha Brown - 79 d ago


Please call me Linda langs (hidden)

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Raymond - 80 d 30 m ago


Yes hi my name is Raymond I go to Jack In The Box quite often but the one over here in East Lancaster California on the east side of Avenue J is terrible I don't recommend anybody going there their service sucks and hardly anybody speaks English

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