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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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Anonymous - 14 h 43 m ago

wwhe n are you going to put a Jack in the Box in Sedalia Mo.

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JoAnn - 1 d 17 h ago



i visited your establishment in Temple, Tx this morning located on West Adams Avenue.

While i am not complaining so much that they got my order wrong, which normally does not happen, but i think you should know that the parking lot was a total disaster !!!!!! there was trash everywhere, especially in the drive thru window lane.!!!! not sure i want to go back if this continues. Just saying......

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JEAN - 2 d 11 m ago


Hi my name is Jean and i am addressing you because i am very unsatisfied with the way an employee by the name of Yuri has treated me. It was a Thursday September 21, of 2017 around 9:40 pm at the jack in the box on 4751 El Cajon Boulevard. First she apparently wasn't able to hear our order so we pulled up to the drive thru window. Then, she was very rude and had a bad attitude towards me. She refused to listen to my order and then closed the window right in front of my face. Not only did she refuse to sell me anything but had a bad attitude towards me which makes me mad because i go to jack in box almost two times a week. This women had what is one of the worst customer service i had ever seen in my life. As a loyal customer i feel like me or nobody else should be treated in this manner ever. If you wish to contact me back you can reach me by my phone number 619 818 6345 or (hidden).

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Katie - 2 d 11 h ago


I was a guest at the window in the Dayton Nevada location and let me just start by saying this store in dirty, staff is rude, and they do not have it all together... Manager Jordan was so rude he did not want to re make my order even after another manager said they would. Also decided to involve the customer in there managements inability to communicate with one another. As I was walking out of store Manager continued to belittle me as I walked out of restaurant. I have worked in customer service my whole life and this location specifically needs help in attitude adjustment, all I wanted was a complete order of food so our whole family could eat together. after they finally remade my order the order was still missing things in store and then even still after I got back home after the order was supposed to be fixed... This store is in desperate need of corporate stand in all managers and staff do not know how to treat the customer.... We will never eat at this location again

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Monica varela - 3 d 18 m ago


Estoy muy enojada con las trabajadoras de noche del jack in the box de la Arizona av y chandler belv todavia q se tardaron bastante en darme la orden me dan la orden mal y no me cambiaron la orden

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Rosie Rodriguez. Fresno ca - 3 d 5 h ago


Store 3530. (hidden).

These people who work there are not trained in people skills or anything else ,

First I wait I'm invisible , I guess , I put my order in when they finally see me and I wIt 20 minutes for my order a teriaky chicken bowel , then I become invisible again for te 20 minutes and finally a worker comes and tells me we have no rice , mind you , after 20 minutes , so the dumb manager asks if I would like something else , No ! By the is Time I'm mad , I tell her they should know if they have rice or not , how does a manager not know , I won't be going there anymore , I've had other bad service like a plain cheese burger for a 4 year old is not plain when I get home , I didn't get my two fries , just one , my egg rolls were super burnt yes somebody needs to be trained or fired

N bow

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GLORIA prince - 7 d ago


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Patterson 310 - 7 d 14 h ago


I went to a jack in a box in victorville on majave ! There night manager is so rude ! I connot believe the experience i had there ! They just promot or hire any body to be manager that doesnt care about there job ! I litterally am trying to find some way to get in contact with the discrict manager for that location or even the owner for that franchise because litterally that was so disgusting that i visited a jack in a box with unprofessional worker there who doesnt understand great customer service who slammes the window on u because she doesnt want to hear how the line took 30 minutes to go threw it and how u couldnt even back out to leave or anything so she slammes the window saying if u dont like it dont fucking ear here and before that she has to nerve to say what the fuck u want me to do tell people who orddering alot of food to not order ! I was like really wow that lady was so unbelievable ! No what i wanted was for u guys to be a little faster i don't have this problem and other jack in a boxes so your location get up to par ! Hopefully this matter will be address seriously by somebody in this jack in a box chain who cares and not swept under the rug !

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 h ago

Looks like all the management is about the same.. Sullivan location will not get another dime from me.

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Angry - 7 d 10 h ago


Sullivan mo location really needs new management. I will never walk into that restaurant again due to what I seen and heard how the employees get talked to and treated. The employees did everything in well fashion in serving me, I guess the "manager" did not see it that way.. I personally will be trying to find new jobs for them because no one needs to work in an environment full of ignorance. These are someone's children and I'm sure you wouldn't want your children talked and treated the way I seen today. The one little girl looked like she wanted to cry but kept doing her job! Hopefully you look into this situation and maybe look into some classes that could give way better leadership skills than what this manager had. Service from employees was great along with food but the side show from manager was inappropriate!

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Patterson - 7 d 14 h ago


I went to a jack in a box in victorville on majave ! There night manager is so rude ! I connot believe the experience i had there ! They just promot or hire any body to be manager that doesnt care about there job ! I litterally am trying to find some way to get in contact with the discrict manager for that location or even the owner for that franchise because litterally that was so disgusting that i visited a kack in a box with unprofessional worker there who doesnt understand great customer service who slammes the window in u because she doesnt want to hear how the line took 30 minutes to go threw it and how u couldnt even back out to leave kr anything so she slammes the window saying if u dont kike it dont fucking ear hera and before that she has to nerve tk say what the fuck u want me to do tell people who orddering alot of food to not order ! I was like really wow that lady was so unbelievable ! Hopefully this matter will br address seriously by somebody in this javk in a box chain who cares and not swept under the rug !

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Carmelo - 10 d 4 h ago


At Jack in the Box in Montebello. Served my self some ginger ale and as I was drinking it I noticed something in the drink that looked like a bug. The manager said it was debris and offered me another cup. I felt she should have offered me my money back because what ever was in my drink grossed me out and I couldn't finish my meal.

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Steve G - 11 d 16 h ago


My name is Steve G

I am very disappointed in something I noticed at your restuarants.

I looked at a breakfast menu sign that read Breakfast Sandwich $1.39

the lady asked me what would you like on it. I responed Sausage.

So I order, and it totals more then $1.39. So then I ask after I paid waited and thought about it. Why is it more then $1.39?

She points out on the sign in little small fonts. Ham, Bacon and Sausage additional charge.

Well, MR. JACK that is very very deceptive. NOT RIGHT!

Please correct this, I will check back to see if this happens.

Thank You Steve Grow

855 S 5th W st #3

Mountain Home, Idaho


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Mary C - 12 d 12 h ago


Jack and Box in Aurora Co on Chambers and Mississippi is the worst only, have drive thru open, Dining room closed because employees walked out , drive thru took at least an hour if i wasn't sanwiched in i would have left, and the order was wrong and employees were rude, Please refund my money for 7 dollars . Thank you , Mary Cameron

739 S. Fraser st Aurora Co 80012, email (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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concerned for your image - 13 d 13 h ago


you need to do something right away about the jack in the box in lebanon oregon since when do all employees take a smoke break at the same time and tell customers it will be 20 minutes before they will serve customers again then another 20 minute wait to get your food worst jack in the box ever not making your company a good name and yes people in town have video of these smoke breaks that involve the whole crew at one time or 25 minute waits to get food i would suggest fixing or closing this store. and alot of our community likes the food when we can get it.

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Anonymous - 16 d 11 h ago

Hey I was just trying to let you know I'm a patron out here in Oakland California and I just visited the Jack and the Box on Hagar and Eve's I had the best service the best food they acted like I was at a five-star restaurant and I really appreciate it that

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Steve - 16 d 12 h ago

Corporate issues coupons after getting ripped off & store will not accept them. You are cruel. Especially after giving me only 2 SINGLE ITEM coupons after not being able to eat 3 meals (for 2 people each). THERE ISN'T REALLY A CUSTOMER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT as told to me by the corporate receptionist

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Mary - 17 d ago


I came through the drive thru in placed my order. Got to the window, paid and was asked to pull around to the side and it would be brought out. Well myself and another car were waiting for our food, the worker comes to the door and can't get it open after 3 or 4 tries he can't open it. Another worker tries he can't get it open either. So now my food is getting cold. I had to drive back thru the drive thru, mixed in with other new customers to get my food. So not sure what your policy is but apparently you need more than 2 on the night as shift at this location. But the most serious concern is that, if you had an emergency at this store your employees would not of been able to get out. Not happy about my food and concerned about safety.

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Christina - 20 d 5 h ago

I tried to send a custumer complaint, but the web page would not allow me to submit, or put in my personal information. Now I am REALLY FEELING SCAMMED!!!

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Just a customer. Some observation and some experiences. - 24 d 10 h ago


While going to the Jack in the Box on Central Ave in Riverside, CA the staff/ or front cashier also will be selective based on who may get table services. This observation (s) accumulated over a weeks time while going in and eating about 3 meals a day (8/23/2017 - 8/30/2017) The perceived population that is served mostly seems to be Mexican American.

I also submitted my application online and did give the manager my phone number. She also stated that there was no hiring? This same day manage also was seen interviewing (Mexican American females) I also observed this interesting aspect of sidestepping to interview and hire a selective aspect of a population. This was observed on 8/20/2017. Considering most who also work at this Jack in the Box is also perceived as Mexican American. Yes. I am qualified to be hired. My resume or qualification were not even enquirer on by this manager. This was also observed at the time I did state that I turned in an online application. No other assertions were made accept that I was told there was no hiring being done, even with a notice of help needed, and the ad on the Jack and the Box web site stating there is hire at the location on Central Ave in Riverside, CA. It would also seem that mostly females are being hired as well. It is also apparent that there is a selective aspect of hiring based on gender and race being noted. Just to clarify.

Plus, I was lied to at the time of my inquiry and passively led to believe one aspect when there was obviously chosen applicants being note and interviewed in plain site/ at the Jack and the Box location.

My qualifications were also not the focus. But, it is apparent by the behaviors and assertions based on the 'who' or 'type' of individual who applies only then are "Female Mexican American" applicants selected for consideration for an interview or to be hired.

As an added note? There are "Mexican American Men" working at the Jack in the Box location on Central Ave as well. It is also interesting to know that these men are also boyfriends or husbands of the also noted "Female Mexican American" population (s). It just seems that there are some who are selecting between "Who" may also be selected and interviewed based on the association of who is a relative and who may be associated with the current staff or managers at the location I have casually seen the theme based on the hiring practices and the questionable hiring procedures that I have not just observed but have also experienced coming from that current staff and management.

I suggest that some intervention be done before there is a call the the Better Business Department in California. There may also need to be some additional training or interventions made based on "Cultural Sensitivity" before a law suite be explored at this time. I strongly suggest that something be done.

I will be contacting the Corporate Offices of Jack in the Box.


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Anonymous - 20 d 5 h ago

Good job on callin them out!!! I hope you get some change/resolution.

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Anonymous - 22 d 7 h ago

I was working in store 12 and seen a lot of unprofessional employees the way they comunicate with the employees or how they are address by also being disrespected and humiliated

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The bad guy - 25 d 2 h ago


An employee at one of your establishments store #003182 sold my daughter marijuana out of the drive thru she is only 16 i questioned her after she realized i was behind her waiting on my food and she told me the guys name is modi mendez this is unacceptable and for me not to cause a seen was hard but if something is not done about this i will be at the establishment with police and news about the employee selling marijuana to a minor this lake elsinore ca store is becoming engulfed by the bad people around it i hope that something comes of this very soon please get back to me at (hidden) as soon as possible thank you

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Jean-Claude - 26 d 17 h ago


So I was at Jack in Peoria Az I ordered $35 worth of food when the lady brought out my food there was blood all over the napkins and on the fries hmmmmm Lawsuit ???

Oh ya I got it all on video too !!!! Then the manager gave us a hard time about giving us our money back .

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Anonymous - 27 d 14 h ago


I went to jack in the box and the girl at the drive thru had no type of good service

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