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Jack in the Box Inc.

9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Linda Lang
Chairman, President and CEO
(858) 571-2121
(858) 571-2101
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Anonymous - 12 h 48 m ago


The one on Richmond and the belt way 8 are the worst. bad people work there.they give you hard food and a hard time i will never be back to any jack in the box.

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Luther Odum - 1 d ago


54 yo veteran of the us army. 5 years a loyal patron. CAN't use the bathroom?!... Until i order something?!... what is this?... I MAY have ordered something when i came out but i have (plumbing issues in my piping if you know what i mean) Come on guys! need to tighten up on your bathroom regs!... I AM AND HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER WITH YOU ALL FOR YEARS!... ALMOST CRAPPED MY PANTS IF NOT FOR THE HELP OF SOMEONE ELSE!!! Signed Pissed OFF. Sincerely,Luther J Odum Jr. Ballard, WA. 98107

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Connie - 1 d ago

You should be more careful of who you

I had an experience with a awful person who suppose to take orders at the window and she was acting like true dummy. I asked her for a jumbo jack without the soda and fried, she continue to ask what number, so I told he not the combo, and she did not know

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anonymous - 1 d ago


been eating at the bonita ca. 91902 2x per week for the last 4yrs and last friday they refused to honor a promo buy 1get 1 free cholula burger i received via text stating i have to actually have a hard copy of the coupon/promo. been getting promos for so long and successfully used them each time; however this time the manager herself refused it. because she claimed theyre a different franchise and do not take such coupons via text. that's BS. poor poor service!

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago


Dear Jack in the Box. I love your little taco's and your breakfast jacks. I have a problem with your drink menu's. I think it would be to your benefit to have $1.00 drinks of any size, like McDonalds. I will buy my taco's and breakfast jack's at your establishment and then drive a quarter of a mile to McDonald's to get my dollar drink. I know you make a fortune on drinks and I believe changing your drinks to $1.00 for any size would get you more customers. You might want to think about this. Thank you.

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Leslie - 1 d 12 h ago


The worst food i ever had cheese was so old it was dryed to the much for a cheesebuger meat was dry it was old you could tell they just rewarmed the burger..and i had a hair in my breakfast jack..i called manager she was rude didnt even apologize for that ..

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Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago

I'm going to contact the Attorney General and the food commission and anybody else who I can I did not know Jack in the Box was so disgusting and their ways Where so disgusting and to after a place to review and saw all the horrible reviews that do not get taken care of this place is disgusting and I'll never spend another dollar there again

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


So when to Jack in the Box through the drive-through and I ordered to medium drinks which they did not have lids for so they put large lids upside down as soon as I left the drive-through both drinks spilt all over my car in my console and ruin one of my sport buttons of course Jack in the Box has no numbers that can contact anybody it just goes to voicemail and nobody cares f**** Jack in the Box I will never spend another dollar there And I will continue try to get my money for fixing my vehicle

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IrisPrairie - 2 d 12 h ago


I go to the Jack in the Box many times in the morning it is located in North Highlands California on Watt Avenue. I was in the Drive-Thru at 2 minutes to 6 and they opened at 6 a.m.. the manager came out shaking her finger at me and telling me I couldn't be there I told her I was waiting until they opened and she wanted me to drive around again. After I drove around again and ordered she refused to serve me. She also locked the doors of the front so I couldn't go in the front of the store which opened at 6 a.m.

Iris Prairie

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Unhappy - 3 d ago

I visited store#187, and got the crsp chk meal with a med strawberry lemonade with extra ice and meal was cold and my onions rings was burn and hard. I like jack n box i use work there over 8years.

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Nancy Majerick - 3 d 4 h ago


I just was at your Jack in the Box on South El Camino Real in San Clemente, CA. It was disgusting. The greese trap was open as you walked in and smelled horrible. The drink box had been leaking and there were paper towels all over the floor. I did order 3 tacos and while I waited for my order to be completed I noticed food on the floor behind the counter. The place was very disgusting. There was paper, food etc on the floor when I walked out. I threw my food in your dumpster because it was such a dirty inviroment that I decided I would not even eat the food. I am calling the health department and the City of San Clemente to report how bad it was.

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Gary Fuller - 3 d 5 h ago


Went in to have lunch and ordered 6 tacos very very easy lettuce. Order came back in about 20 seconds. Barely warm. Asked to please have fresh ones made. Came back second time in about 30 seconds. Same thing. Not fresh. The manager Angie, said they were the warmest the had. What is that about. Make them fresh please. In about 4 minuets, they did come back hot, but with so much lettuce you could make a salad bowl. I guess they just don't read the orders. I work in the food industry an know what temps are supposed to be when serving the public especially. I fought I will hear back, so maybe I should just contact the health dept.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

I would really like to talk to someone about a jack in the box in the city of Lancaster texas just 15 min south of dallas immediate attention needed please call kevin at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 5 d 7 h ago

The Jack in the Box on 321. Had a wonderful person quit today mrs Rubi who was fighting cancer. The Manager Irma isnt hands on and doesnt train well at all. She orders people around and instead of working with new recruits she sends them home. Employees feel overworked and frustated due to her training skills and lack of consideration for others

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

Jacinthe box is not pay deal hour that you work they still employees money

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Robert Hamilton - 4 d 19 h ago

I would like to give the best review to the store at 10806 Bissonnet St, Houston, Texas I visted 5/21/18 at 1:46 am. Albert you are awesome.

I would like to give the worst possible review to the store at 9370 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, #G, Houston, Texas I went to this location twice and although all the lights appeared to be on no one answered at the drive through

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Samantha - 4 d 19 h ago


The location in ukiah CA likes to close their doors early, before the company standard posted time. Considering that place is where most of the night shift workers for surrounding business walk to get their food, closing the doors earlier than the posted time without explanation is deterring and losing a lot of business. This location is long overdue for a completely unscheduled surprise audit.

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Anonymous - 5 d 29 m ago

Just wanted to make a comment about Mike looks like hes a employee there that put hands on my friend And I was something done about the situation because ilooks like to me that he bullying this other employee not good for the business because .

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Cori n a Archer - 5 d 15 h ago

Good morning Jack today is May 20th 2018 around 5:45 I went to one of your locations located 5850 Culebra Road and Callaghan zip code 78228 I was going to make an order and actuate 4 minutes there was nobody there except me so I finally said hello is somebody there took a whole minute they finally answer they said they'll be within me in a minute then I saw this young guy walk out with a huge trash can throwing the dumpster the trash with no gloves at all he goes back in and tells me how can I help you it felt really disgusting seeing this only person throwing the trash going in taking my order I was very gross by it so I took off few minutes later I go to the one on 6405 Northwest Loop 410 both in San Antonio Texas and guess what they tell me they have no tacos at the moment they can't help me because supposedly nothing's ready so that was my day this morning at 5:45 at two of your stores

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Senior mom - 9 d 4 h ago


Is it true that you no longer offer a senior discount?

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Poisoned for being hungry - 10 d ago


I went to a jack in the in Nashville... I got food poisoning... I was outta work a ... sick for 2 weeks and unable to eat for a month!!! I asked them for reimbursement for the food... a days pay... and the medicine I purchased due to the food poisoning... Well, someone called me from the corporate offices (that's where he said he was from) asked me how I was doing... I told him fine... I mean I wasn't as sick because I had been drinking pedialyte for two weeks and hadn't ate any solid food!!! He said, "ok" and they never called again!!! I guess they really don't care about their customers health after all!!! Y'all need to be careful when you eat at jack in the box... the food isn't as clean as you think!!!

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Anonymous - 14 d 22 s ago

I am from ofallon mo I went to Jack in the box the manager there was so rude and

his name was jake most of my order was missing the manager pretty much called me a liar and he was so un professional there please contact me at (hidden) I was getting lunch for Walgreens employees this is horrible I want a refund the food was bad

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Jo - 10 d 8 h ago


I had a problem in wentzville.Maybe we should talk to the regional manager

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Elizabeth S. - 10 d 8 h ago


Jack in the Box #0156 (5601 Pacific Coast Hwy,Long Beach, Ca 90804) AWFUL !!! This is one of the worst J-in-the-Box locations ever !! There is a CONSTANT non-stop stream of homeless persons from the area that come in and only use the restrooms. The restrooms at this location do not have coded entry boxes on the restroom doors. Code lock entries NEED TO BE INSTALLED ON THE DOORS for only paying customers to use. I sat there one day for 1 hour and counted 15 homeless people come in and use the restrooms and leave without making a purchase. Another time a homeless lady ( a regular to that street intersection) spent up to 40 minutes in the restroom and would not come out. The manager and staff had to keep knocking on the door to get her out. She finally came out after she had washed up including her hair ! Another time I observed, another homeless woman enter the restroom and was in there for over 30 minutes - her 2 friends came to the restroom door and were banging on it and yelling with foul language back and forth to their friend inside. There is also a constant stream of construction workers who also come in and only use the restroom and leave. Another time, a deranged/mental homeless person came in on May 14, sat at the stools and was yelling and disturbing the customers. He then went to the order counter and was obviously not happy with the response he received from the female worker because the next minute, he left the counter and started screaming vulgarities and foul language at her and the restaurant as he was still in the restaurant. This screaming lasted several minutes. He then left. I was afraid for my life that he might come back with a gun and start shooting - I quickly left this fast-food place.

The problem is that at this intersection of 7th Street and Pacific Coast Hwy, ALL FOUR CORNERS at this intersection have homeless persons all day long non-stop with signs out asking for money and help. This is a cheap motel right next to this Jack-in-the box location, and the Veterans Hospital is just down the street.


It is only a matter of time, before something serious happens to hurt people at this location. Owner: DO THE RIGHT THING.

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Anonymous - 10 d 11 h ago


Joyce legette very disappointed customer here in San Antonio Texas since Thursday May 10 and trying to speak to a District Manager is like finding gold can someone contact me at (hidden) please

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