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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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I am writing to you about an unacceptable situation that arose on my return flight No. 748 from Las Vegas, NV to JFK in New York City on Wednesday, October 31st. I was traveling with my spouse in MINT class that was booked "by me personally" online on July 3rd. We have used Jet Blue Airlines for years when traveling to and from Nevada. Originally, we had confirmed seats 3D for me and 3F for my spouse for the return flight. While attempting to check in via the internet the morning of our return flight, I discovered that my seat was changed to 1A without any prior notification. When calling 1-800 JETBLUE, I was told that "I" had changed the seat request when I was checked in online. That was not true. The representative on the phone kept saying over and over again that "I" had changed the seat request when I attempted to complete the pre-check. That was not accurate. I kept telling her that I was traveling with my spouse. So why would I change MY seat assignment that I had originally booked back in July? Eventually, I was told to just deal with the situation at the airport check in. When we arrived at the check in desk at the airport, we attempted to find out why the seat had been changed without my consent. At first, after the LAS Agent reviewed the computer record, I was told that "this was how it was originally booked". After she inquired what third party service was used to book the seats originally, I informed her that "I was the one who booked the flights myself online" back in July. Once again, she reviewed the computer record and kept insisting that was how it was originally booked. I started to get angry, raised my voice and showed her the original paper printout confirmation that was date-stamped back in July when I originally booked it. Eventually even she realized that the seat had been changed recently without our consent with the instructions that it CAN NOT BE CHANGED. She was able to ask another supervisor(?) who seemed to "recognize" the name and we were told that they could NOT remove the "person" from seat 3D as indicated on the computer. They would not say who this person was but it just seemed to me that it has to have been someone who was a part of the JetBlue family(?) They would not confirm nor deny this. My point is how can a company allow such a thing done to their customer who has paid full price for MINT service without any notice to that person, especially someone who bought, requested and received confirmation for that seat AND was traveling with their spouse?!?!?!?!? Who was this person that he would have the right to "bump" another passenger from his reserved seat and have the notice placed to "do not change under any circumstances" next to his seat reservation on the computer. This kind of treatment is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances especially without any prior notification for any passenger, not to mention someone who has paid the full price for a seat in MINT! What kind of an airline would allow that type of treatment to a paying passenger. What kind of an airline would allow such a change without contacting the paying customer? And it seems to me that this situation also put the phone rep as well as airport agent in an awkward position due to the devious way it was done. They could not tell immediately from the records and the way it was done, that the person who had the clout to change it in the first place did it without notice to me. It was made to appear that I DID IT! So this put your employees in the path of an angry customer! We have used Jet blue Airlines for about 11 years now between New York City and Las Vegas. After this treatment when we decided to treat ourselves to fly MINT, I would hate to see what your company would do to a regular paying traveler. At this point, we have decided to give serious thought to using another airline for our trips to anywhere.

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CORRUPTION - 5 d 26 m ago


How do you feel about a number of persons working for your airline in Barbados being suspender/fired for DRUG,TICKET SCAMS and all types of illegal activity. How can i ever be comfortable in travelling with you again. Imaging Kelly Bourne being your representative here ans she knew what was going on with the drugs and ticketing scam. I CRY SHAME OF YOUR ARILINE.

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Anonymous - 69 d 1 m ago

Please expand use of Worcester (Mass) airport fo/from other U.S. cities. It is much more accessible ( much less traffic delay) than Boston,

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Worcester stinks there like 10,000 people living out there

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Sincere Thanks, - 19 d 16 h ago


October 31, 2018

Robin Hayes, Director, Chief Executive Officer

JetBlue Airways Corporation

27-01 Queens Plaza N,

Long Island City, NY 11101

On Sunday October 28th I boarded flight 480 at MoBay direct to NYC had a abhorrent experience travelling on your air craft. we were not offered any assistance boarding but was barked at by their Queen of the air craft hurling directives at passengers as we came on board. I never encounter this abrasive approach entering a plane from any airline staff and was shocked, never ever have I encountered such treatment on Jet Blue

Their Oct. 11th 2018, 7:20 pm flight was delayed and that crew was hurrying us along and letting us know the rules in such a delightful manner. They also assisted passengers with their luggage, etc. a total difference to what occurred on flight 480.

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A Demeter - 7 d ago


Because jet Blue no longer flies to St Croix at the end of January: I used JetBlue points for a flight to San Juan, and Jetblue refused to book the rest of the itinerary on Cape Air using my JetBlue card. The reason that the flights were not booked together is because of Jetblue points policy and denial to book together. Because I was using my points for the Jetblue flight to San Juan, Jetblue would not book my flight on Cape Air (so called partner airline!) or transfer my bags, even though I was charging that flight on my JetBlue card!! Customer inconvenience, to wait at baggage claim, grab bag, run to Cape Air and rebook bag!!

I was told that if I charged both flights on my Jetblue card they would be booked together!

Last year a telephone attendant did book both flights together, one points the other credit card Jetblue and Cape Air!

I will be warning other Jetblue card holders, and corresponding with JetBlue executives: Joanna Geraghty, Robin Hayes and Marty St George. Horrible policy that makes your customers have to recheck baggage and miss timely flights!

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A Demeter - 7 d ago


I used JetBlue points for a flight to San Juan, and Jetblue refused to book the rest of the itinerary on Cape Air using my JetBlue card. The reason that the flights were not booked together is because of Jetblue points policy and denial to book together. Because I was using my points for the Jetblue flight to San Juan, Jetblue would not book my flight on Cape Air (so called partner airline!) or transfer my bags, even though I was charging that flight on my JetBlue card!!

I was told that if I charged both flights on my Jetblue card they would be booked together!

Last year a telephone attendant did book both flights together, one points the other credit card Jetblue and Cape Air!

I will be warning other Jetblue card holders, and corresponding with JetBlue executives: Joanna Geraghty, Robin Hayes and Marty St George. Horrible policy that makes your customers have to recheck baggage and miss timely flights!

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john j McMahon - 12 d 51 m ago

A month ago I lost my cell phone at the baggage claim area at Tampa Airport. Immediately when I returned home and realized that left my phone at the airport. I contacted security at the airport and nothing was returned to their department that night. I continued to keep in contact with airport security for the following week as well had Apple set up a lost phone alert that sent a number to my phone that the phone was lost and call this number. Finally, after two weeks, I ended up buying a new phone for over $600.00. A week later I received a phone call from your lost cell office in Alabama saying they identified my number and had my phone. Much as I appreciated this, I wondered why this took four weeks. I was told that my phone was recovered by Jet Blue. They never contacted security but waited for the Jet Blue passenger to ask about the lost phone. The problem was I DID NOT fly Jet Blue and therefore had no reason to contact Jet Blue! Why didn't Jet Blue contact airport security about the lost phone that was turned in and why did they never turn the phone on so that they could see a number to contact because this phone was reported lost although I appreciate your efforts tp locate me for my phone, I believe your inaction and laziness to just turn on the phone and contact airport security costed me $600.00 for a new phone. Now needlessly I have two Apple I-phones. You need to correct this procedure since it does no good for any passengers except Jet Blue passengers

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Baxter - 12 d 18 h ago


I'd like to voice my concern about traveling with a pet. Your fee used to be $200 roundtrip which was way too much and has now gone up to $250 roundtrip. The thing that gets me is that even though you pay all that money the pet is considered your personal belonging. Personal belongings are free. And the kicker is that they still need to be shoved under the seat! It's ridiculous. For that price they should have their own seat. They can still be in their carrier, seatbelted in but at least not suffocating under the seat which are getting closer and closer. Jet blue really needs to review this policy. I hope someone with authority is actually reading these comments. We fly Jet Blue several times a year and it's getting to expensive to travel with a pet. If we can't travel with him then we won't be traveling at all.

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Kimipelli - 29 d 19 h ago


So I go to check in for our flight home-the whole 24 hour before flight leaves thing. Flight is leaving about 1/2 hour earlier. We received no notification. Next when it comes time to select our seats nothing is available except for their upgraded seats which will cost us an additional $95 per person. Oh and don't forget the luggage fees. They made sure to tell us that they don't overbook, but forcing people to pay extra on top of what they have paid (reservations were made in May). We get to the airport. Check the bags, but where you drop them off there's an agent, but no computers. Desk with 3 agents where they tell us best to have the actual gate agent do it. Agent at one gate, not ours, can't help us-have go have someone at our actual gate. Gate agent is there, but she can't help us either as it has to be agent attached to our flight. WTF!!! Like your computers don't talk to each other. You suck JetBlue. Still have no seat assignments, know if we're gonna sit together, or if we have to pay over the $1000+ we already paid. I'm sure I'll be adding to this soon. I will never fly with you again.

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Freckles and hubby - 32 d 10 h ago


Love Jet Blue! I had to cancel our flights due to a medical issue with my husband. I called this afternoons and the reservations agent canceled my flight and returned my points. Tonight, I realized that my husband's reservation had a different confirmation code. I called back and my agent was just as nice as the first lady who heelped me. I neglected to get the first agents name but the agent helping me tonight is named Carrie She canceled Confirmation code JOHFYP. Maybe that would help you to locate her and give her a positive compliment. JetBlue has always given us the best customer Service.

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Person - 38 d 18 h ago


Jet Blue has joined the deep state in targeting individuals in their own homes using 747's! I never would never dream of using jet blue. They are endangering their passengers and terrorizing American citizen.

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Tawana Matthews - 44 d ago


I thought it should be known that one of the employees at the JetBlue counter in the Piarco airport(flight 1020 POS to FLL 1:34pm departure) was not very friendly. My name was called to verify my travel documents and pick up my boarding pass. The agent that was about to serve me received a phone call so the next agent an indian girl (I tried to get her name but didn't see a name tag or ID) called me to her instead. She never smiled she just asked me if I had filled out a departure slip I replied "no". She handed me a slip then aggressively placed my passport and a pin on the counter. She then asked me if I had a pin I replied "no" she said "ok just continue to fill out the slip". After traveling to two islands in 11 days I was tired. I made a mistake and put some info in the wrong area so I asked for another slip. She acted as if she purchased the slips with her own money and said ok this time I'm going to to staple it to your boarding pass. As I was filling out the slip I heard her say "Come on" as if I were taking too long(I wear reading glasses but didn't have time to take them out). I am a frequent traveler. I pay my money to travel not to deal with untrained, disgruntled and/or miserable employees. I've also worked in the hospitality field for over 20 years until I switched to IT. A smile and a positive attitude goes a long way. I suggest she take that into consideration, get some customer service training or find another line of work because if the shoe was on the other foot I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it.

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Beatrice - 44 d 16 h ago


BEATRICE 17130 is an excellent employee. I had money in my True Blue bank account and had no clue how to redeem it. She patiently walked me through the process and then did the same for family pooling. I really appreciate her time with we enabling me to do more with my points and money. She is definitely an asset for your company.

Dorothy Herman

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Anonymous - 46 d 32 m ago


I have never delt with flight attendants with such lack of compassion and customer focus as a priority. This is truly the flight from Hell

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DisgustedByThieves - 46 d 8 h ago


This is a bogus web page----probably overseas.

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Michael Pollack - 49 d ago


This airline is starting to go downhill with rude agents and dirty planes. I will be flying Delta from now on!!

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A SCANDAL - 56 d 20 h ago


This is what your company has become:

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Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne why does JET BLUE BARBADOS OFFICE continues to have these two working their flight, are you aware that some of the drugs coming on your flights are facilitated by both these persons. How much longer do we have to death with both of these corrupt persons. were you aware that we the security guards had to witness two staff members fighting because Nicole Headley encouraged this behavior by spreading lies and saying that the two were saying things against each other. were your aware that a scissors was involved in the incident? are you aware that passengers complain for Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne has done nothing and never filed a report? we the security personnel are tired of cleaning up the nasty mess of Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne. WE ARE DONE

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I am very dissapointed in the way your JETBLUE office is being managed in Barbados by your manager Terry and Kelly Bourne these are two of the worst persons who you have managing your company here.

1. Ms. Bourne is hardly at work

2. She underminds the staff

3. So many people have left that company you are being told a lot of lies

4. You need to see where your money is going

5. Terry cannot make a propper decision on any thing

6. All Ms. Bourne is interested in doing i flying for free and bragging about how much stuff she can bring in for her business

There is so much that can be told about her behaviour if this is the image you are looking for for your company i will never encourge anyone to fly with you. Until you do something about those two persons i will continue to urge other person who come to my travel agency to fly with another airline as i do not want them tainted by the nastiness of Ms Kelly Bourne or Terry. to make matters worst i will not be giving them especially Kelly Bourne a percentage of each ticket i sell. YOU NEED TO SEE WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING. It is time that you have a new management team in place if this airline is to succeed. I will never let anyone my clients book with you again until this is rectified and have the removal of both of these persons.

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Maria Soledad - 62 d 14 m ago


Am writing this note hoping that somebody at your headquarters will take 5 minutes to listen what it is happening.

Am tired of dealing with managers that are really repeating the same thing over and over. My brother passed away and my 2 sisters and my mom used your airline last Saturday sept.14th

Now they are supposed to be back. One of your manager made a mistake and charge the money for the ticket. Now they are washing their hands telling me that it is up to the bank to release the funds or JUST find another way to pay There is no more left and the flying day to come back home is less than 2 days away. No money back as sister will lose her job is does not shows up for work on Saturday. Now I hope that corporate is reading this messages and somebody will reach to me.Are they blind look at the star!!!! Waiting for you JetBlue to contact me you have both my numbers. Am just praying that the money will be available today at noon.

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Anonymous - 66 d ago

I am so disappointed in Jetblue service as of late. This is the second time in 2 month that Jetblue has refuse to admit that the have made a mistake. I don't know if the training of employees involves teaching to lying to the customer until they just stop complaining. You don't treat loyal customer with such disrespect, you're suppose to value your customer. Word of mouth can make or break a company.

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Barry Miliorini - 70 d 17 h ago


They will lose your bag then they will lie to yo every day until you settle for pennies on replacement value. Its a disgusting airline when it comes to customer service.

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Tonia Simmons-Bryany - 72 d 38 s ago

Good morning, I'm sending this email to see if there's help for those that made mistakes on their reservation. I did exactly that and I do understand the 75 dollar fee if you can afford it. My ticket is 27.00 less then the price it's going for now. I can't believe know one could wave it. I spoke to 3 ladies and a supervisor who wanted me to pay 60-62$. I've been flying with JetBlue from Charleston & now Savannah. I've been flying on 842-841 pra typically every 4-6 was. I'm disappoint that 27$ could change my date.

Tonia Bryant


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Michelle J - 75 d 7 m ago


JetBlue, I am so angry!! So hurt!!, so disappointed in your company right now!!!!!! I booked a flight yesterday to fly out today to Richmond VA before my brother is taken off life support. Plane ticket was expensive which I expected on short notice. But my anger and frustration is that flying out of an airport an hour away which I I expected but being told 15 minutes before scheduled departure that flight canceled because no crew available. The disappointing, frustrating & angry part comes in at only being offered a flight several hours later and in a completely different city as my original destination & being told I can be shuttled a few hours away to my destination. My other option according to a supervisor no less they can refund my money but it has to go thru a process. The supervisor also noted that I can go see if I can get another flight from another airline . I don't have money like that & if I did is that the solution that an employee of JetBlue would find a satisfactory answer if they were the customer . Even if I wasn't dealing with a sibling facing end of life which I am. I would never be so non-chalant, so dismissive of a stressful and difficult circumstance. I want this situation made right, made whole. Despite the uncaring nature I experienced from your company, I still remained respectful to your staff but I want and expect better from JetBlue as I would any other entity. DO THE RIGHT THING JetBlue Response Hello, Michelle. We're sorry to have disappointed you, especially during this difficult time. If you send us your six-letter confirmation code, we can look for any alternatives. -Mel My Response Mel, I want you to know that my original flight was with another sibling which I have been completely separated from at this point. I have the original confirmation if needed. This is the one I just boarded. My sister and I could not fly together as originally purchased!!! Sent from my iPhone JetBlue Response Thank you for getting that to us, Michelle. We know that it is an emotional time in your life and we are again sorry to hear that your original flight was cancelled. When a flight is cancelled, we do our best to accommodate customers to the next available option. In some cases this does mean that the next option is not on the same day as the original flight due to airplane and crew availability, which we understand causes frustration. If that happens, looking at other airports as close to the original destination as possible with alternate transportation is something we do, like has been done with your reservation. We know that there is still some dissatisfaction, for which are are again sorry to hear. As a gesture of apology for that unhappiness, we have applied a credit of $125 under your name that can be applied within one year from tonight towards a future flight. An email with more details will arrive shortly. Please accept our thoughts and best wishes for you and your family in this difficult time. -Alex My Response I'm sorry Alex, that is unacceptable. I am currently on the road to Richmond (an almost two hour shuttle ride), meanwhile my sister just arrived at the airport. There is no way $125 is sufficient & I certainly don't want a credit for a future flight. As I explained earlier that I have been extremely inconvenienced at a time when I'm trying to get to a brother who's life is coming to an end!!!!! There is no way that you feel that this is an adequate resolution!!!!! My luggage is also in a different city. Are you serious. Please provide me with corporate contact information JetBlue Response An email can be sent to (hidden)

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