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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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CSM T Chung - 15 d 34 s ago


When I attempted to check in using a kiosk, I received a notification that I would not be allowed my first piece without a fee! When we went to Trinidad, our first bag was free and then we had to pay for additional bags if applicable. Imagine my shock when my bag fees totaled $95!! When I spoke with the supervisor at the counter, she said that bag fees and allowances were changed on March 1st. I was not notified of this change at all. Another representative said that my fare didn't include any bags at all. I spent a little over $500US per for an international flight and NOT ONE BAG WAS INCLUDED?! That is INSANE! Thank goodness I'd just gotten a refund from a sale and had the funds available on my card. I was not the only passenger that was livid, apparently this was not clear to most of the travelers. I had to leave a piece behind and not one representative could even offer additional assistance. In this day and age, that's just UNACCEPTABLE. I am an e-commerce Customer Service Manager and I am highly disappointed. I'd like someone to reach out to me about a resolution to this as well as at least a partial refund.

General profile image - 15 d 5 h ago


I always travel jet blue and have been so disappointed lately, my last three fligets have had some minor issues to major ones. One flight my TV was completely broken, screen off for entire flight. Now this may be a minor inconvenience but when you fly this airlines for the convenience of the TV get on board and don't have it.... The next flight the TV worked but audio jack was broken so I had TV but no sound. Lastly and the worst of the 3, I flew from Puerto Rico to NY my flight was delayed over and over again do to a medical emergency in another state on that plane. Now I am aware and understanding that these things happening but I was instructed via email to still show up at my regular scheduled time and sat in the airport for 7 1/2 hours. They did switch my flight but it was only due to arrive half an hour earlier then my delayed flight. I should have originally arrived in NY at 8:30p instead arrived at 1:28am. I lost my ride from the airport had to take a cab, eat dinner in the airport, even buy a $36 hooded sweatshirt to wear when I arrived because the ride that cancelled on me due to my late arrival had my coat. This whole ordeal was a major inconvenience that cost me so much more money then I intended to spend on Jet blues behalf. I don't know if I would choose jet blue as my favorite airline not after the way we were treated and told we couldn't be compensated in anyway for our inconvenience.

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Dennisse - 31 d 16 h ago


Just wanted someone to know I flew Jet Blue on a trip from Puerto Rico to Orlando, FL,. I left my Kindle Fire in the pocket of my seat. Thought it was gone forever,. One of your personnel found it and sent it to. Above and beyond, Thank you! !!!

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Marek - 66 d 15 h ago


MY flight caught fire and jet blue is trying to compincate me with jet blue credit? Why would my family ever fly with jet blue again? I paid cash, I should get cash. Until you're on a plane that catches fire , which one supervisor referred to as just a little smoke, don't tell me that a coupon is compinsation? Flight B6 153 dec 26, 2016

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liz - 88 d 10 h ago


Found Item #449042 jetBlue Baggage Report Receipt HELP!!!!

Been trying to get a small white shopping bag w.various items inside back from the Jet Blue Lost and Found now for more than three weeks. Have made calls, left messages and actually spoke to a human being who promised that the main Lost and Found out west would call me in a day.....that was three days ago... NOTHING! Tried emailing and for the FIRST time in over TEN YEARS, JetBlue has failed to live up to its immediate and successful problem solving when it comes to customer service.

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DeniPanCakeS - 4 y 216 d ago

This month marks my 2 year anniversary with the best company in the world @JetBlue #JetBlue I love it!

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christielomb - 4 y 216 d ago

@pbskids @jetblue @livebarefoot I am looking forward to it!! #GNO #Soar

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JonPresents - 4 y 216 d ago

@JetBlue I have a flight from Oakland to long beach and then a 30 minute time frame to transfer on to LAS. Any advice to ensure I make it?

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David_Safier - 4 y 216 d ago

So @USAirways wants to buy @AmericanAir and @AmericanAir want to buy @JetBlue. Maybe @Southwest should buy all 3 and spin them off to @TWA

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StevenVJacob - 4 y 216 d ago

RT @JetBlue: @StevenVJacob Wonder what type of adventure Neal and Peter will be up to this week - sit back, relax and grab a bag or two of @PopCorners.

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MrsDannyNew - 4 y 216 d ago

@JetBlue if our flight is cancelled due to a hurricane would we stiLl have to pay a penalty to use our tickets at a different time?

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thegwillis - 4 y 216 d ago

Travel tip I discovered: the @JetBlue #EvenMoreSpace seat upgrades are totally worth it

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albsanchez24 - 4 y 216 d ago

When it's ur @JetBlueCheeps from DR? cc: @JetBlue

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davidlee01 - 4 y 216 d ago

Just booked our flights to Vegas on @JetBlue - woo hoo

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chrisj_1990 - 4 y 216 d ago

RT @JetBlue: @betsy0717 We think so too - thanks for the shout-out!

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