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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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NeverFLYJetble - 1 d 15 h ago


Tomorrow will be my first time flying Jetblue and my last. Since I booked my trip I have had the worst customer experience. I am traveling with my husband and a 1 year old infant. Our seats were assigned in the same row at opposite windows. There were plenty of other seats available. I called the airline and they could not change it. They said I would have to wait until the airport. Check in time came and online I cannot check in. I keep receiving an error. Customer service says they fixed it, but when I try again it still does not work. I then contact them again and they say there is nothing they can do. They cannot bypass the error in their system. So, tomorrow I am driving to the airport hoping I even have a reservation. If I do, it will sitting on opposite ends of the plane. The Jetblue customer service did not care. If I could cancel I would, but guess what? The customer service can't change the cancellation fee either. Completely ridiculous. The worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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AngryinFlorida - 5 d ago


HORRFIC experience with Jet Blue at FT Lauderdale airport. In March I was denied access to my flight from FLL. I have a mobility service dog and while.American, United, Silver and Frontier airlines welcomed us, Jet blue refused to let me board. I had paper work from my doctor (Orthopedist) and paper indicating training from a registered training facility. I was told that the training paper was inadequate. I even offered to show the supervisor there how he assists me with my disability. I paid for 2 seats so that other passengers would not be inconvenienced And yes, I know that animals do not sit on seats, only under the seat in front of them. I am in a wheelchair and have the 'fake' vest. I use the vest only because many people want to see it. The fiasco at the airport both times (Ft Lauderdale) lasted over 3 hours. Interestingly I traveled with him in February from Stewart NY to Fll on JB without any problems.

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Christina Fesci - 5 d ago


I was screwed by JetBlue on my honeymoon . A cancelled flight for no reason , had to buy a walk up counter price one way to make my cruise and STILL i gave them a second chance recently ...... HUGE MISTAKE !! NEVER AGAIN! They did this to me again ! Cancelled my flight for no reason . There were no weather problems or mechanical . They left us all to fend for ourselves and I once again had to purchase a one way ticket walk up counter price to get home . What the heck is wrong with this airline ? I will make sure no one i know flies them . I'm a travel agent and will not book any of my clients on jet blue . You all would have such potential if you ran this company right and made things right for those you have completely screwed .

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Dear Sir: As we are the original suppliers of Jet Fuel Jet A1; for the contract of the DOD of USA ; we were informed that you are looking for a very good price and reliable delivery of fuel to your airplanes fleet.

If you are interested in, and as you can understand these are confidential matters; we beg you let the person in charge of airplane fuel procurement to contact us by one of our corporate Email address: (hidden)

Thanking you in advance for your support, well expect your prompt contact

Eng. Guillermo J. Nardi -

CEO & Proxy - CREDITO & SVILUPPO Associazione per la Promozione Economica- Milan - Italy

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A. Dario - 7 d 7 h ago


Tell us Guillermo, where are the full tanks located on a jumbo jet and how many gallons of full do they hold?

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A. Dario - 7 d 7 h ago


Tell us Guillermo, where are the fuel tanks located on a jumbo jet and how many gallons of fuel do they hold?

* Please don't tell us that the fuel tanks are located in the wings.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Flight 2020 from Fort Lauderdale to Worcester not only delayed 3 times we have no pilot!! They are driving a pilot in from West Palm Beach!!

Sorry Jet Blue you really need to do better!! Last Flight for me and have been a Member since 2006!!

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

We fly out of Worcester airport and the last 4 flights we have taken have only been delay after delay after delay. Now sitting in Fort Lauderdale airport only to be delayed again!!!

Not only have we been delayed for this flight 3 times no ONE Jet Blue associate has come out to the desk to explain what the delay is! Not sure we will fly Jet Blue again and we always use or Jet Blue credit card for all purchases. May have to rethink that as well

Signed a very concerned frequent customer!!!

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Kerry - 12 d 5 h ago


Horrific flight experience last night on Jet Blue 2828 Orlando to Newark. No control of carry on items by gate crew. Usually nice to sit even more space but not when you continually get banged in the head by every other boarding passenger dragging everything they own through the plane. Plane itself was literally a wreck. Frozen direct tv on inappropriate movie considering the number of children on board, after reboot worked for some passengers, not others. Crew recommended signing up for a trial of Amazon Prime but plane was so old there were no outlets to charge phones and tablets. Flyfi was spotty at best, sort of worked for my daughter but never worked for me or my brother. NONE of the overhead seat lights worked. Temperature was insane, apparently the back of the plane had no AC and was roasting but front of the plane AC did function so crew made plane temp as low as possible. This caused the temp at front of the plane to be so frigid that I could actually see my breath, it was bone chilling and extremely uncomfortable. If that many electrical system problems on plane, I seriously doubt it was even safe to fly. Worst flight I have ever experienced. I have 2 more trips scheduled on JB, they will be my last.

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Gary - 12 d 14 h ago


I was waiting for when Jet Blue joined the other airlines in the race to the bottom of customer service, and they did not disappoint. The new airline business model is to charge their customers for anything that even smells like customer service. A representative told me today because "everyone else is doing it" and that makes it OK. I flew from CHS to DCA on July 4 and from DCA to CHS today July 8. The July 4 flight took 7 hours door to door and I sat on the airplane for close to 5 hours for a one hour flight mostly because they had nowhere to park it when we landed at DCA. They ended up towing a plane at a gate to park our plane, but not until we waited for 2 hours. That was after sitting in a one hour delay in CHS. Then, on the trip home, I was on a 6pm flight and asked if I could fly standby on the 1pm flight, which had 10 seats left. I was told that standby no longer existed even though I was looking at the monitor with a list of standby people already on the flight. I was then told that I needed to pay $75 because it was considered a flight change. I talked to 5 different people and they all gave me different variations of the same stand by lie. I finally paid it, and it took the person exactly 5 seconds to put me on the earlier flight. I hope that the CEO of the company uses that $75 to put gas in his yacht, I know he wont invest it in lifting a finger to differentiate JetBlue from any of the other lousy airlines. This is what happens when an industry becomes a monopoly - the invariable race to the bottom. There is no difference between Delta, United, American or JetBlue, they are all shitty experiences with the same level of treating their customers like idiots. The corporate arrogance is profound as they lord over the industry with no competition. The only difference between the companies is that their planes are painted different colors to create the perception that they are different. On top of everything, my flight back to CHS was delayed two hours.

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Melissa Smith - 12 d 18 h ago


This is the worst airline I have ever flown. I have been sitting at the airport for hours trying to back to New York. They keep telling us lies. An hour ago we were supposed to be boarding in 15 minutes: that was before they changed the gate for the 3rd time. And pushed back our departure time for the 5th time. I paid $60 each way for my luggage. And they totally trashed my brand new suitcases.. we pay the fee.. I expect my belongings that I paid for to be treated better.. spending $120 for 2 suitcases for a round trip flight. I should not have to worry about my stuff being damaged. I will never fly this airline again. And will advise and post on all social outlets how bad this service is.. fuck you very much JetBlue

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vanellp - 21 d ago


I am very disappointed with Jetblue. I have been a true member for over 16 years and have always had great customer service. Last night, however, that changed. I think they are just as bad as other airlines now. NO concern for their customers. EVERY SINGLE flight going out of Orlando, Florida was delayed. Flight was supposed to leave at 8:06pm, then 8:20, then 9:20, then 10:06, then 11:06pm. It was announced that the flight did not have a pilot due to his totals working hours had bottomed out. They could not find a replacement and instead o letting the passengers know, they dragged it our for over 4 hrs only to cancel. The management is PISS POOR in my opinion as there should be a contingency plan when this sort of thing happens. Another flight was boarded by passengers and backed away from the gate only to return as THEIR pilots hours had bottomed out. I am sorry but this is an unacceptable way to run a business. If it was weather related, then SOMEONE in management office SHOULD HAVE KNOWN their hours were coming close BEFORE they left JFK on the way to Orlando. Jetblue has gotten way too big and there is no customer loyalty anymore.. Just as bad as the other airlines. I held you all to a high standard but now you are shit. I work for a corporation making travel arrangements. You can be sure that I will not put my people on Jetblue if I have another choice.

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

This is happened to me too jfk to Cancun more than 10 hours on plan and gate Waiting To fly and after they cancel I'm still tired and I payed 5450 $ for my packet fly and hotel I dident do my vecation .. I don't wanna see JetBlue anymore for my fly ..

General profile image - 14 d ago

If ur planning to do an special xmas fare...u had to give a promotion first....thanks

General profile image - 14 d ago

Hi.m proud to be a jetblue traverl in wish a trave twice in a year..also m a senior like others travellers..xmas is the time that most people travel from puerto rico..cause they miss their family...if u do an special xmas from 23 7th of january i bet ur going to increase ur profits...many of us miss our island...

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Fayon - 14 d 27 m ago


I'm extremely, dissapointed with JB. For years my family and I have been flying JB. My granddaughter got really sick in-flight. She projected her milk everywhere. On herself, myself and the lady next to me. Unfortunately when the lady next me called for help the flight attendant Kirsten came over and told me " It's not like I'm going to tackle you if you in the aisle if you were to get up". Even after seeing what we ALL saw she acted as if we were bothering her. She never offered much help other than 2 squares of wet wipes. Never once cane back to check on the baby. It was the lady next to me and a Southwest employee Patrick that raced into action to help. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I wrote IN and complained. Neither Melanie, the woman that responded to my e-mail have apologized for our experience. I will continue to post my negative experience that I had in JB. Melanie told me that she would alert in-flight crew for coaching for Kirsten (the rude flight attendant from flight 97). I responded unfortunately you can't coach common human decency or empathy! To date

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Fay - 14 d 44 m ago


JetBlue in-flight attendant refused to help when my 1 year old granddaughter got sick on the plane. Flight attendant Kirsten on flight 97 was rude, showed no empathy and never offered to help. My granddaughter Xion projected her milk everywhere on myself, herself and other passengers. Kirsten told me "the seatbelt sign is on it's not like I'm going to tackle you if you were to get up & go to the bathroom". I wrote JB and their response was we'll notify in-flight crew for coaching. I left flight 97 from NYC ashamed and embrassed. I was a Southwest employee Patrick along with the lady next to me that assisted my granddaughter and myself. Disgusted!

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Elgardo Reyes - 15 d 9 h ago

I'm boarding a flight to Orlando Florida on a 5:00 am flight. Sad to say the staff seems to not want to have anything to do with the guest. Before a question is asked, the staff starts by saying they can't help you. I found it to be rude and careless. Flight B627

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Erin - 30 d 34 s ago


I am extremely disappointed with JetBlue. This has always been my first airline that I choose to fly until now. My family and I were supposed to be traveling to the Dominican Republic on August 3rd for a family wedding. Unfortunately due to the continued incidents of suspicious deaths occurring there right now, the couple decided to do the right thing and cancel the wedding. We immediately canceled with the resort and received a full refund. Upon trying to cancel our flights with Jet Blue they will only offer a credit to travel within one year and unfortunately that is not feasible for my family to be able to do. The request of a refund was adamantly denied. Meanwhile guests traveling on United Airlines received a full refund. It is nice to see that United has a good moral compass and shows compassion toward its customers. Not so much for JetBlue. I have made several calls and left messages with the JetBlue Corporate office and have not even been given the courtesy of a return phone call. Shame on them!

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A happy Jet Blue customer - 21 d 21 h ago

Maybe those on United purchased refundable tickets.

If you had purchased refundable tickets with Jet Blue, you would not have had a problem. Cheapest fairs are usually non refundable and clearly stated when purchasing them. Use your credit and go somewhere else for a surprise vacation.

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Vera - 25 d 16 h ago


Terrible lack of service. Due to a medical emergency airline tickets needed to be changed (medical emergency was officially substantiated). In addition to being charged a hefty extra ticket fee, the $75 change fee was issued only as JetBlue credit and not as actual credit to my card. In this case since I cannot use if within the year, its essentially not giving a refund at all. I will certainly remember NOT to fly Jet Blue in the future and will tell my many traveling friends the same.

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Arl Coop - 30 d ago


horrible ,horrible lack of service!!!

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Vincent A Bagby - 32 d 13 h ago


violations of provisions of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 382, may file a formal complaint under the applicable procedures of 14 CFR Part 382.65 Disabilities in Transportation Act Americans with Disabilities Act Title II for Traumatic Brain Injury False written statements to a federal law enforcement officer, false swearing to a Federal law enforcement officer. Additionally all the other 8 or 9 people that arrived after I did were allowed to board the plane. false arrest, and Falls to tame it by Atlanta Police Officer Jason Bronner of the international terminal section of the airport in zone, false detainment, by JetBlue, and Atlanta police. This is a federal issue breach-of-contract that civil antifreeze had no jurisdiction over, improper venue is violated and Jet Blue was acting like law enforcement detaining me, and a crime syndicate not allowing me on the plane and keeping my $300. I told Tina, or Gina the manager multiple times I had to be there for graduation tomorrow., false swearing to a federal law enforcement officer False swearing to Atlanta police officer, false statements to Atlanta police officer 18 USC 1961 creating a record by Allen's response that is then sold to LexisNexis or alternatively LexisNexis is buying that record of an IT unnecessary detainment, and false arrest. 18 USC 1962 that record is then sold to law enforcement bundled in LexisNexis subsidiary accurate, and Acura Nelly accurate is used by the state of Florida Attorney General's office for exclusive provision of background checks for employment with the state of Florida, it is used by International corporations based in the US and other countries, as well as United States government including FBI jobs. Incidentally accurate, and Acura Nelly and LexisNexis and choicepoint a division LexisNexis as they continue to subdivide and specify their intellectual work product are federally funded indices, government contractors and retain information that cannot be retained by credit bureaus, the federal government because according to Jillian block they are immune to provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act because they are not a credit bureau. However I argue in bankruptcy proceeding 1 9 -57426 - lrc that like a credit bureau LexisNexis issue scores, or Cai information and enduring word sells compiled data to other companies law enforcement for jobs, and therefore exclusive jobs create a Most of the Accurint database is African-American as are all criminal records 80% of the prisoners in jail, and probation, and you are on parole are African American men therefore there is a disparity impact of situations like this on employment from police involved incidents at least since 2011 or 12, when a report is issued, or generated, then bought and sold by law enforcement to LexisNexis and Accurint and Accurint LE divisions. FTC 108164614 28 minutes on the phone with Leanne S. from JetBlue didn't yield a satisfactory result. There was no offer of JetBlue putting me on another Airlines flight to get there in time for the graduation on June 12th, 2019. Americans with Disabilities Act title Racial profiling by Tina of JetBlue staff, involving law enforcement for her refusal to honor the contract created by the purchase of a ticket I'm curious as to how many times a month, or going back one year to June 2018 to this year June 11th 2019 has Tina the gate manager at E36 Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport called law enforcement on Black male passengers traveling alone. I'm interested to establish a baseline of racial profiling by Jet Blue personnel, Tino's black, or altering the African-American herself. Her actions seem like rude Behavior, including lying about me and not showing her my confirmation code. That was the most blatant of her many disingenuous statements. How many dubious claims of the Angry Black Man" or the "Irate Customer" scenario are issued monthly by Jet Blue Gate Manager Ms. Tina unk?? surname refused, in the past year, June 1, 2018. It would appear that my abilities will remain calm during that time, was a wrench in the works of Tina standard operating procedure. Normally I suppose, Gina would have frustrated somebody with lesser intelligence and composure and she was hoping for and uneducated physical response to the amount of abuse, disrespect, and resentment and hostility she was applying toward a paying blackmail customer, who didn't deserve any of the deviations of Standard customer service that any other Airline, or any McDonald's would offer someone. Tina's comments were all disingenuous, to be generous if not outright lies, as some comments were. Tina told Mr F, the TSA agent that I did not show her my confirmation number, nor my receipts the amount of funds paid for the ticket, and the fact that there was no boarding pass principal from my electronic ticket. I did in fact show Tina my confirmation number on my phone, the money paid for the trip, there is no link to download a boarding pass, at all. Tina said she wasn't sure if I went through security, which special agent F of the TSA confirmed I did to read Was investigation was concluded by Officer J Zambrano Atlanta police, and special agent surname F of the TSA I spoke to special agent F and told him that if I had not gone through security he would have come before a promising by Miss Tina surname withheld, because my passport wouldn't be in the system and therefore will be flagged as not having been scanned at two different TSA screening areas in the international terminal, as well as it would have shown I had not scanned it the first time my password was scanned by the first thickening agent and 18 to 21 year old who reports directly to Miss Tina of JetBlue. So Tina is lying right in front of me my eyes are wide and I cannot believe that an adult who has all that redundancy my password being scanned for five times by herself and another chicken eating that reports to her lie to a law enforcement officer and see if my passport was not scanned with that if true, would have triggered an automatic response of all the same three law enforcement agencies that came to the scene because of her phone call tree in the paragraph breach-of-contract on and on. There is no excuse for what happened I have not been apologize to, nor offered anything to make this right. There were nine passengers including for children that arrived after me all were allowed to board the plane, and I overheard some of the other customer service Representatives or ticketing agents comment that all the boarding passes didn't print out as they were supposed to. Tina told the TSA law enforcement official from the federal government, and the City of Atlanta officer J Zambrano and officer in tactical division Who Bore no name tag, nor bad that's the reason why I couldn't board the plane was because I didn't have a boarding pass that is the point of electronic ticket, in my belief. I believe a cursory inquiry for City of Atlanta open records, the state of Georgia equivalent to a FOIA or Freedom of Information Act at the federal Level, under OCGA 50-17-70 et seq, for the international terminal Precinct of the Atlanta police airport Zone Precinct led by Cpt. Tim Peek would show a pattern of selective additional scrutiny, and deviation from standard policy where black males, traveling alone would encounter. Tina's behavior and demeanor suggested that this was part of her Black male special customer disservice . Heretimes have the been calls buy JetBlue Personnel, on any other race or gender than a black male to come there that required an Atlanta Police response, or an FBI response, or Homeland Security response? Going back to June of 2018, to June 11, 2019 I would like to know the answer to the following question how many law enforcement deployments were requested by Tina, the gate manager for JetBlue at Gate E36? JetBlue gate manager Tina is guilty of false swearing, and false statements law enforcement, providing poor customer service, violating the Uniform Commercial Code, violating my Travelers rights under the: Disabilities in Transportation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II, and the good old reliable Civil Torts of Slander, Libel, defamation of character. Fwd: Gate E 36 FLIGHT ATL to FLL to Nassau Mgr Tina or Gina PREVENTED BOARDING for Arbitrarily contrived reasons. On the morning of June 11th, 2019 and I filed the following Federal Trade Commission complaint against JetBlue: FTC 108164614 I am livid, I haven't been able to sleep in days, and I'm thoroughly disgusted I remain calm the entire time in as much as one could be. I was not in the woman's phase I said down it was making phone calls to the very law enforcement agencies that showed up, as well as Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport operations line once they open at 7. I arrived at gate E36, the usual gate was D3, so I have to going through the far-right line with men from Africa and myself upon view my American passport I will send to The Far Side on the left hand because of oversized bag. With a gate reassignment from D3 where Alaska Airlines was that day, to E36 where the plane was grounded for maintenance until sometime after 8 a. M.. I believe that I received the text message telling me the plane didn't leave until 9: 53 a. M. Eastern Daylight Time. I'm awaiting a response from Robin Hayes the CEO of JetBlue according to their website I sent an email to Jet Blue corporate headquarters the on Tuesday June 18, 2019 This seems like a ready-made class action lawsuit for Stephens and Maillman, based in Philadelphia that sues for consumer rights violations by companies

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SHARI WEST - 33 d ago


I see several complaints posted here and not a single response given to them by Jet Blue. I'm presuming that no one monitors this web page and the Jet Blue CEO and President care only about the dollar in their pocket. The new CEO took home $1.9 MILLION dollars last year. When a flight is cancelled by JET BLUE I feel they have a moral responsibility and obligation to compensate their customers.

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Katie - 34 d ago


June 7, 2019 - Flight 2268 from CHS to BOS

Flight delayed 6 hours causing us to miss our flight from BOS to LON.

We had to re-book our international flight at our own expense because JetBlue, which doesn't fly internationally, said they could not do anything because we didn't book our entire trip through them. All they did was fly us to Newark, instead of Boston, the following day with an additional layover and 7 additional hours, delaying our trip 24 hours, losing that time at our destination in London and a prepaid hotel reservation there. JetBlue took no responsibility for causing us to miss our international flight and made no attempt to help us re-book, provide compensation or vouchers, and told us to take our complaint to Twitter.

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