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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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Anonymous - 7 h 29 m ago

Getting universal vacation package turned out to be a nightmare. We thought we were purchasing 2 day pass and site so confusing it turned out to be one day tickets. They wouldn't upgrade, wouldn't resolve issues. Horrible customer service, personnel. Went on Disney vacation five times and always helpful and positive. Never use them again. You should be ashamed of your service. Terrible Terrible, Dont use them.

Flagged for review. 
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Marie N Taylor - 3 d 11 h ago


In all my years of flying, i have never found an airline other than Jet Blue to be more comfortable, accommodating and affordable!! Their customer service is great, they listen to you when you talk to them and if they are unable to help, they get someone who can help....and that's the truth. I have been a True Blue Member 4-ever and so is my husband. If i have to fly, it has to be with Jet Blue or I don't fly! (P.S. i make all of my relative do the same)

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jerry - 3 d 11 h ago


LOL I could not disagree more

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Disappointed Customer - 5 d ago


Good evening, PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS...... I STILL NEED TO PAY THE CREDIT CARD WHILE JETBLUE HOLDS ON TO MY MONEY.... Does this make any sense??????? I am writing to request a refund to my credit card. Due to unrest in Haiti last week, I could not travel. Now, I need the money to be refunded to my credit card because I cannot find flights in order to proceed with my new travel arrangements. All I need is a refund of the "credit" to my credit card. OTHERWISE, I AM PAYING DOUBLE for a trip that I did not even take. I have talked to multiple reps and supervisors and no one wants to refund me the money.... The supervisor by the name of "MARLON" was extremely RUDE to me... I just need my money.... Kindly, Louise

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monica - 19 d 10 h ago

Hi, can you please provide a number to verify employment of one of your employees?

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marcia coleman - 20 d 11 h ago


Terrible service, first time traveling on Jet Blue cannot for the life of me understand what a classy airling like Emirates pairs with this Airline I fles on B6789 out of new york on sunday jul 1 departure at 1120, I asked the male stewart to help me with my bag because I had a bad shoulder and needed to put it in the overhead he told me there were folks in the back, well they were no helpp either, theblond stewart workling was very rude to passengers, whey a lady was trying to put her bag up the stewartess roller her eyes, will nver fly them again

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Anonymous - 21 d 7 h ago

Why do you let your airline stewardess put stuff on Facebook and Air I thought they're supposed to be working

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Gregory Speer - 22 d 33 m ago

This site is sooo off.

The address is incorrect (The HQ has moved for years), and there have been 2 Presidents since Dave Barger!

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Anonymous - 22 d 16 h ago

You are only a lousy Airplane facility but have the audacity to not not refund people's money. Hell I guess you must have lots of $$$. Hope that some day I can meet you in person. Hell to go back home. Almost 600. Dollars. Oh well hope you have great pilots. Anonumous

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Anonymous - 23 d 13 h ago

I was on a flight from jet blue on the 3rd of june I contacted someone in your facility to inform them that this was the worst flight I've ever been on. It was a flight from hell.I've flown your airline many,many times and have never been treated the way I was that day, It started at the curbside where I had to wait for a wheel chair for 20 minutes. then I was shuffled in side to wait for another attendant to take me through security. I was jostled all the way through security and to the gate.When I arrived at the gate I asked the young lady at the ticket counter if there were any seats forward as I had an accident before I left New York and found it difficult to walk. She told me she would check and let me know. She never advised me there were 3 vacant seats in the front row. I noticed it when I went to the ladies room. I asked the stewardess if I could move my seat ,she told me I would have to pay for extra room,. I told her I normally get these seats when I book my reservatuin for no extra charge because of my handicap. She didn't care.My tv wasn't working I asked her to fix it she tols me it had to be reprogrammed. My flight was at 8;30 from kennedy to pbI I think it was flight 353 .I thought I would hear back from you but haven't. looking forward to hearing from you soon.

thank you

Mrs Phyllis Clare

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ClaudeanB - 31 d ago


I was double billed for a flight. I was charged twice for one ticket. Extremely upset. I am a senior and they money from my checking account twice. I offered to send a screen shot of my bank statement. This is a family trip to celebrate my birthday. Now it is ruined. They don't seem to care that I have been over charged $371.14. Venus the so called supervisor might as well have stated that I was lying. All that was offered was to cancel the reservation which I can't do because I am meeting other family members. My only option is to contact the Consumer Agency in your state and get a lawyer to get my funds back. Very disappointed in Jet Blue. Can't believe how bad they treat customers. Tried to report this on the web page but it kept saying they were have technical difficulties and would not let me send an email to them.

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Done with Jetblue - 25 d 5 h ago


same thing happened to me and they told me there are no supervisors above the customer service supervisor and that's it. There was No one to talk to.

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James burton mosaic member 2025620635 - 33 d 8 h ago


I fly jet blue 50 weeks a year ! The condition of the planes causing delays is dismal (WiFi down , plane maintenance issues, etc) , now the changing of the caterers is causing delays . Over the last month I have had 3 flights delayed and one delayed but made up time because of your relationship with the suppliers of your water , ice , soda etc . I fly every week to work , I delay my flight out from home to maximize my family time and try to get home ASAP from remote work to maximize family

Time . Your delays are affecting both amdvwry disappointed .

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Anonymous - 26 d 5 h ago

Don't fly with them

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Pkn - 26 d 5 h ago


Why are you letting airline stewardess in the cockpit in midair put pictures all over Facebook I be scared to be on your planes

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J konder - 31 d 12 h ago


This is not a review. Question. American, United and Frontier Airlines are refusing to transport the chikdren due to trumps policy of family separation/ Has Jet Blue taken a position on this matter? If so what is it? You can respond to this post or a press release would be good. Thank You for your time and attention.

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Anonymous - 36 d 8 h ago

Sent letter an dit was returned to me.

Sarah B. Roth


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DM - 37 d 6 h ago


"My JetBlue experience"

FLIGHT 1446 6/4 to 6/11

1750 - 2007 CLT to Boston, 2130-840 am Boston to Dublin

Monday June 4th arrived at the CLT Jet Blue gate to check my bag and my sister's bag (who has only flown since 1991 and 70 years old). We arrived ~ 2 hours early and a Jet Blue agent by the name of Katherine (Katie) greeted us at check in. Short frosted hair about 48-50 years old, and had 2 name tags Katherine then Katie. We gave her our passports and names. She looked at us weird and said your plane connection to Boston is delayed, then proceeded to ask when our flight takes off in Boston. I gave her our online printed tickets. She never addressed any need to change our flights or any attempt to action the need to change our tickets. She checked our bags, even pointed out that she had stuck our checked bag stickers on our online boarding ticket papers. Have a good trip and smiled as she moved our bags to be loaded. We went through security and found our gate and sat down. There was no notice of delay for our flight at our gate via the message board or Arrival/Departure boards. Within about 30 minutes, an alert pops up on my phone stating CLT to Boston delayed by 2 hours. We were stuck. If we waited till flight 1446 took off we would have been stuck in Boston overnight wit cost of car rental, hotel etc. I was very concerned as to what was happening and why Jet Blue failed to assist with changing our flights. The agent knew we were not going to make the connection and failed to assist us. I called the JETBLUE number waited about 15 minutes. The agent on the phone asked for my confirmation number and name. I told her the connection will be missed due to CLT to Boston delayed by 2 hours. She said there is nothing she can do, that I have to speak with Aer Lingus because I booked my flight with them. I said you can't get me on a sister flight or anything? No, you must call Aer Lingus. I was not clear as to both JB agents not willing to assist me with a new flight. I ran up and down the terminal to locate an active gate. No agents were at any of the JB gates. Not one! I called Aer Lingus and waited about 30 minutes to finally be told they could not help me. That JB would be responsible. The agent said asked for a Supervisor. I asked why she could not help. Answer: it's within the guidelines if the issue within the US then US is responsible. At this point I am very tired, confused and a bit terrified. Never have I been treated so poorly in all my flights. It's now running close to our departure time. I called JB once again waiting 10-15 minutes then asked for a supervisor. I spoke to Julie. She admitted it was JB who would had assisted in getting my trip straighten out. Apologized and worked diligently to cancel my flight to Ireland, find a sister flight with Lufthansa. I had to come back to the JB gate and asked for my bags to be pulled. Julie had already made the agents aware of the removal. Katherine (Katie) was still there with her eyes wide opened and shock on her face. I said to her. I am going to say something about your lack of actions, then walk away. You knew we were not going to make our connection. And yet you took our bags and wave bye to us. You failed at your job. This person response made it as if it was my fault. She interrupted me as I was speak and I said please let me finish. Once I was done she made several excuses as to why we were standing in front of her waiting for our bags. She never apologies and said she didn't know what flight we were taking once in Boston 2130 or 2330. There was only one flight left to Ireland from Boston (2130) which Julie had confirmed. I responded by noting no other flights out after 2130 and that she even had our tickets at check in, in her hands to support our departure. Then she says don't interrupter her and to let her finish. I only corrected her by my statement of no other flight after 2130 and she knew that. This impact cause myself and my sister to arrive to hour destination 8 hours later, missing a good time span of family interaction. This is so damaging for a brand to have such poor representation at the check bag/check in location at Charlotte, NC. This person should have never ever been there to not assist the customers. I am a 30 year tenured employee of American Express business services and know about Branding a product/service. How damaging it is when the brand is not making the grade when its mission statement says, "to bring humanity back to air travel." All good business fail at some point however the commitment to ensure correction is extremely important. I understand that delays happen, weather conditions, bird strikes, running out of gas on the tarmac, bumped seating due to over booking (all the above). What I don't understand is the lifelessness of 2 employees along with no other active gates at CLT to obtain any personal assistance if an emergency arises. Even on the way back, my luggage was destroyed. Once again no one was at the baggage claim office in CLT. I had to go upstairs (with heavy bags) wait in line in the check bag area to get help. Then only to be given a website to file a claim. Unreal. Not one time did I hear "I'm sorry for this happening" or "we will make it right", "We value your loyalty" from these agents. We had to sit in Munich for over 4 plus hours and arrived to our destination extremely tired and 10 hours later. A whole extra day of being in airports was not what I expected. Limited the time with family and a cost of a vacation day ruined.

Julie # 63479 was unbelievable:

Patience's of a saint

Empathy, Encouragement, Valued, Globo-force Excellence

Changed our flight itinerary, searched till she had a flight for us

Removed our bags from JB check-in

Made reservations on a sister flight- booked and ready when reaching the gate

Walked me through each step till I reach the check bag area with the Lufthansa agent.

She even called me back to ensure I was settled with my seating on all my flight arrangements. I am choked up typing this letter due to her outstanding work in correcting a wrong made by JB. She supported my frustration and focused on my needs. She was caring and very patience since I could not hear her at times due to all the noise within the airport. She never wavered in her quest to correct what was not done to help me. She comped myself and my sister 75 dollar credit for a future flight. She IS the BRAND.

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Donna Hoey - 41 d 13 h ago

So I need to vent s little my daughter Kayla and her boyfriend where flying back to Boston from Disney World in Florida on Friday June 8 on Jet Blue flight 1152 at Gate 5 ...Well they missed the flight because the ticket was misprinted ,at this point I receive a phone call from a very distressed daughter after speaking with an employee as to what she should do,the employee told my daughter she was a racist because Kayla told him I cannot understand you because of your heavy accent. Kayla then talked to a supervisor who said he would waive the 75.00 no show fee and that he was sorry but the ticket got misprinted and that is not their fault ..So he said the flights are all full I can get you out tomorrow at 6.45 so now Kayla had already out of her hotel and paid $:

30.00 for an Uber so now out comes another $30.00 to go back and sleep on the floor of my hotel room.I have never ever had a problem flying with them we have flew with them for over 10 years and never a problem but this takes the cake so Please everyone share this in case so other people do not have to go thru what my daughter did ,they did not even reimburse her for all the money she spent on an Uber So again it was Jet Blue flight 1152 Gate 5 and it was a misprint on the ticket and some how it was her fault.Everyone please share do not let this happen to your family.Bye the way to say someone is a racist because they can't understand you is not right and this employee should be disciplined for even saying that to a passenger,I am extremely disappointed with Jet Blue at this time

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DE - 37 d 9 h ago

I also was treated with a noted biased flight attendant, on board the flight Boston - Plam Beach International, the front bathroom was very busy so waited then when I got to the Bath room the girl quickly put a large block so I could not pass, it was like a slap in the face(she could have announced or verbally said 'i have to let the pilots out' which later I was told is not procedure, so I walked to the back bathroom no more than 5 minutes I was out the block was gone people using the front bathroom then I sat down and they giggled eyeing me. Then they, not procedure wanted me to go to the loading terminal 250 feet walk to get my stroller when the procedure is to wait at the plane for it. Well, it was smashed and broken. Did I mention all had boarded and we waited (delayed 35 minutes) for the food restock not procedure either.

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Belinda - 40 d 4 h ago


Jetblue's website states they put the human factor back in business. What a Joke! Every time you call, you get a different story from their employees. They are inflexible and their employees sound like robots.They give you erroneous information and then cite their inflexible regulations. I've been flying with them for 15 years and am now cancelling their credit card, true blue membership, everything I have with them. My loyalty to them has been severed!! I'm so disgusted!!!

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No - 41 d 8 h ago


Service at Jetblue is great however employees use their work email for personal use and when they call to ask for service they are very disgusting, rude putting company image and quality of service Down, they get very belligerent when you explain policy to them is like they do not have policies to follow at their place of employment. her is the email of the jetblue employee in question hopefully something can be done (hidden)

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Woodpeople - 42 d 2 h ago


Dear Jet Blue:

I hope this complimentary email does not get lost amongst the angry ones listed below.

My husband and I fly frequently. Many times a month on Jet Blue. The Mint service has changed our flying preferences greatly. Saturday, June 9th Flight# 578 from SFO to Ft. Lauderdale (seats 2-F and 4-F) we had the pleasure to have Damian and Daniel as our cabin flight crew in Mint. My husband and I both said they made you feel as if you were in a 5 star hotel/restaurant. Both extremely professional and hard working throughout the flight. And always working with a smile. They are both New York based crew if that helps identify them. I can only hope somewhere on our next Jet Blue flights we will be lucky enough to have these two as our cabin flight crew in the future. Our thanks. The Woodmans

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lee - 42 d 12 h ago


terrible customer service and untrained staff that are rude

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FRUSTRATED - 54 d 13 h ago


Desperate to just find my dates of employment with Jetblue - have spent over two hours trying to get someone to answer corporate headquarters number. I got passed on to a third party verifier who could do nothing and could not find my dates of employment, even with all my information, name, social, etc. WOW! What does it take to do this simple request??????

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Just tryin to help - 46 d 7 h ago

You can get all employment from social security!! Its free amd once a year

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