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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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RHODA - 11 d 15 h ago


My husband (Mark) and I have been flying with Jetblue for years. We also have the Jetblue .credit cards.We recently (4/27/19) flew down to Palm Beach Florida on flight #1967 and returned on May 4, 2019 to Westchester,NY on flight #1168. First let me say that we have always had very good experiences with your company and/or your employees. Unfortunately on flight 1967 there was no tv at my husbands seat. The flight attendant was wonderful and tried her best to fix it, but unfortunately it could not be fixed. At which time she took our information and informed us we would get a credit on our next flight. We thought that meant we could order drinks or something and the credit would be applied to what we ordered. During our vacation we learned that this credit would exist only on future unbooked flights. To make matters worse on the flight home (flight 1168) there was no tv service at all on the entire plane. The passengers prior to boarding were never notified of this fact. I do realize that the most important thing was that we got safely to our destination, not only early but with wonderful pilots and attendants, but you DO advertise that there would be tv, some free movies,etc. available on your planes. In my case it always made our flights much more enjoyable and not realizing there would be no tv I was not prepared and did not bring anything to occupy my time on the flight. I thought that this should be brought to your attention. As I stated above my husband and I have bee flying JetBlue when avalable and intend to continue.l

Thank you for your wonderful service.

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Anonymous - 22 d 16 h ago

There is a SCAM going on with JET BLUE supervisors. BEWARE

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Lindawer - 19 d 20 h ago


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brittney Boden - 25 d 11 h ago


my daughter flew on jet blue 4/17 and was forced to pay and check her bag, while the agent laughed and said at leastyouhave more leg room which we paid for.... her flight was delayed and when she got her bag the wheels fell off and there was giant hole in the bag. We purchased a new bag and kept the receipts and pictures . Went home on 4/22 and we stopped at the baggage area to file a claim, they said you only have 4 hrs to make a claim. well at 2 am that was not the first thing on our mind to find that out when we landed. its not posted anywhere, she gave me a phone number and told us to call. I called 4/26 first chance after getting back to sit on hold for 45 minutes. I got an agent who was so rude and asked its Friday why dd I wait so long. Well bc I already bought a new bag and kept all my receipts ii called the first chance I could. She wouldn't speak to me her mother so we called my daughter on 3 way and she said no I wont talk to both of you. While I had all the recipes and she is 18 yrs in college it was necessary to speak with us bth, She was so rude I asked to talk to her supervisor. I started getting angry and she hung up. We called back and the supervisor said she couldn't take the claim. Then agreed to take the claim and was being rude bc she said she had a line of calls waiting. Then as we both spoke she said Im earning you I will terminate the call gif you both speak. She said do you understand. nWhile it was my bag and I had the conf# and receipt and my daughter was the passenger it was necessary t speak to us both as we are in different states. It just seemed like no-one wanted to due there job and be courteous. We were the customer and not once an apology but more a interrogation on why we waited. THIS IS WHY I HATE JET BLUE!!!!! I fly Delta or American and they train their staff to handle upset customers. She then tells me 3rd warning like im her student and hung uo. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!! DORA AND DIANE IN BAGGAGE CLAIMS!!!!!!

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Glenda Hayes - 27 d 14 h ago


After booking a flight from Sacramento Ca to Burlington Vt I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that prevents me from flying. The altitude and stress would cause my blood pressure to drop and cause me to go into crisis and without immediate care would die. I called customer service to see if i provided documentation if i could be refunded the money i paid for my ticket. Not being wealthy I wasnt able to afford a refundable ticket so I was told there was nothing i could do. I would have to rebook a flight within a year.or i would lose my $700. I didn't choose to become ill and believe me when i say I'd much rather be able to fly and visit my family than deal with this illness. I just think its heartless that a company as large as JetBlue would rather steal my hard earned money.

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Susan Rothman - 28 d 34 s ago


After having an issue with Jetblue and a discrepancy with points, a very nice woman called me. She was very professional and helpful, and we were able to resolve my situation. I am very much looking forward to my family flying with Jetblue to NY to see my daughter graduate and receive her MFA. I highly recommend Jetblue as a premiere airline with good flight customer service and amenities. Bravo, Jetblue.

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Daniel - 28 d 8 h ago


After noticing online that you kicked a whole black family of a plane over a birthday cake, I am going to have to tell you this... I've seen enough. I have used Jetblue over the years, and loved your airline for its convenience, its TV, and good experiences.

Not anymore... you went above and beyond, stood your ground, and didn't decide to change your story.

Never flying with you again... You should have considered what you did as inhumane and pointless...

Considering it was somebody's birthday, the fact that they were black could be perceived as a racial thing, and kicking a whole family off a plane on vacation. You did everything wrong...

Hope your airline crashes and that you go out of business over this

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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

Jetblue is my favorite airline. I love their services and amenities, and I have found them to be very reliable. My only issue was with a miscommunication of points awarded with their credit card. I am confident that Jetblue will continue to be the outstanding and upstanding company I have found them to be by honoring what their customer service representatives told me.

Will post with stars once I have heard a response to my inquiry to the executive office today. They said I should hear within 24 hours, and I believe them.

Susan Rothman

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JUNE ZEGEL - 30 d 13 h ago


Purchased tickets for my daughter and her family to travel from JFK to Fort Myers Florida months in advance and was still "gouged" paying over $2800 for four tickets. (our friend visited us in Oct and paid $84 one way to return to Hartford, Ct. ). Arrival date here was 4/12 and return was yesterday 4/20/19." The outbound flight was delayed and the trip went from being under three hours to over four hours. Then they left yesterday and waited for over three hours and were told there was no pilot. WHAT. And this is what we paid $2800 for. Then there was a ONE HOUR wait at JFK for bags. AND THIS IS WHAT WE PAID $2800 FOR? My daughter and her husband were traveling with two young children. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE JET BLUE AND WHEN I WROTE TO YOU MONTHS AGO TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICE GOUGING , I HEARD NOTHING BACK FROM YOU. DISMAL SERVICE AT BEST. SHAME ON YOU!.

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Debra Duffy - 31 d 8 h ago


Positively the worst service I have ever encountered! Cancelled flight at last minute from west palm. Could have cared less that we were traveling with a 1 & 3 year old. Basically we were on our own to find our way back to boston. Could not wait 2 days! Had to rent a car drive to North Carolina rent a hotel and we had better be on the 9 am flight on Easter which we'll also have missed. 3 year old gets car sick and the 2 year old had an ear infection. Screaming the whole 12 hour ride. There is vomit all over. Thank you so much jet blue for the worst travel adventure in our lives. DO NOT FLY JET BLUE

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Hellen Clair - 38 d 14 h ago

Mr Barger,

I really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to go directly to you with questions and concerns..

I recently came across a post on FB from "". The post asked me to answer 3 questions which ended in me being awarded two free tickets with JetBlue. Please let me know if this is legitimate. I hope this is true and not a hoax. I'm a retired military widow and I love to travel with JetBlue. Many thanks.

Hellen Clair

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Whitney - 32 d 13 h ago

Hi, did you find out if this was a hoax?

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Gabe - 34 d 9 h ago


Is this true about the 2 free tickets?

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DeMarcus - 44 d 18 m ago


Dear CEO,

I'm an applicant for the Gateway Select Program with the hopes of one day flying for JetBlue. I apologize if I sound frustrated but application process seems disorganized and dysfunctional. I paid a very expensove few after making it to the next stage of the selection process. I was originally scheduled to take the Gateway ssessment on Feb 22 but that testing date was cancelled due to "technical difficulties". I was told that I would be rescheduled for a later date. I was rescheduled for Friday, April 5, 2019. I arrived to the testing location and I was told Jetblue cancelled it due to another technical issue. I've been waiting a long time to take this assessment. I really do not want to miss this window of opportunity. However, the lack of communication is frustrating. There are many applicants such as myself who have worked hard to make it to the point to become a Jetblue pilot. There is no explanation as to what this technical difficulty is, nor is there no communication that a testing has been cancelled until I arrived to the facility when a phone call or email would have sufficed. Are you aware of the issues going on with the Gateway Select program and are these issues being resolved? I still haven't taken the assessment and I already paid the fee for the test.

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Pablo L Torres - 44 d 17 h ago

Mr. David Barger.

President, CEO and Director

Jet Blue Airways

Yesterday we made a booking with Jet Blue to travel from MCO to TJPS, The website gave me certain errors messages and asked me to call JB to clear these problems, The booking is for my Uncle and myself traveling to attend a funeral, he is 70y/o and I am 57y/o, I continued to call JB (04/06/2019 1840hrs Approx.) Talking to the attendant I solved the payment, when it came to the seating issue for the departing flight we had no problems cause we knew the short period for the booking would not leave us with any other choice but to pay extra for the so called extra room seats but when it came to the return seats the lady stated that she could not guarantee that we would sit together for the return trip. I explained to her that this was unacceptable and brought up to her attention to look for seats that will seat us together, the lady gave me the following excuse, "we do have seats available but we don't book them because we need to leave them open in case we have un accompanied minors or wheelchairs but if I wanted to upgrade and pay for extra leg room seating then I can help us with that", immediately I said to her do "you know what you are saying?" "You just told me you have seats that you cannot seat my uncle and me together and if I wanted to seat together we would need to pay more". Immediately I said also "do you know how naive that sounds", she indicated immediately that "you are being rude to me and I don't have to take this" and hung up the phone.

If this is the customer service you bring to bare to your corporate philosophy I would say you need to have a better look at your goals and mettle.

For me traveling is a way of life since a large part of my Family away from me, and I know that the philosophy of a corporation is to make money, this is very well understood but without the support of loyal customers and partners alike there is no future or wealth to be gained. For me this was more personal than you know and that is why I write to you. My Booking code was KWHJU and I surely hope that my return trip is what I planned for. Either way I plan to let my feelings on this issue known in several forums to include but not limited to the JB Board.

Always yours.

Pablo L Torres Kilgore

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Peter sielaff - 72 d 18 h ago


Today we learned that my brother has terminal cancer and we would need to set up hospice ASAP. Was leaving on a trip on the 15th using SWA and returning on the 20th via jetblue.

Southwest issued a credit for the entire amount to be used for a future flight. JetBlue would not do anything except charge a $200 cancellation fee.

Will be getting rid of my JetBlue credit card and frequent flyer account.

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Anonymous - 46 d 8 h ago

You rated it 5 stars?

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Veteran - 51 d 16 h ago


I'm sorry but worst service that I have received in my life, by Jet blue employees in Aguadilla airport BQN terminal, after verify and call the company by phone ahead of time, I wasn't unable to put my musical instrument that needed to be on a less changing pressures on the overhead as a carrie-on, employees keep changing information that was ask to them, I requested their names and they covered their badges giving funny names, and this were the supervisors. They took my sister's carrie-on bag and put it under the plane without giving her a ticket for her bag. We got treated like POS from this company employees, I'm a veteran of over 20 years of service and 5 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I had flight all over the world and this how we got treated by JET BLUE. I wouldn't recommend this company to no one.

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JOHN MARKSON - 56 d 15 h ago


Tried to log on today3/26/19 Kept getting Error messages. Reset password several times to no avail. called custmer service and was told there is a 17-20 minute wait time.. My time is valuable too. VERY UNHAPPY.

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Jet blue mad! - 61 d 4 h ago


Dear David Barger

Let me start by stating that I have been a frequent customer with Jet Blue for years unfortunately things will change from here on.. Today 3/22/19 I am very unsatisfied being that I have an upcoming family trip I booked 6 tickets for my family to all leave together from JFK to PR and as I review my trip I notice that I made an online mistake and one of the ticket was a day off I called customer service and ask to speak to a manager about my online mistake they connected me with a manager her name Esla. I explained that I made a mistake and accidentally booked my fathers ticket a day off.. I explained that my dad can't fly alone being that he is 72 and has a lot of medical needs.. The Manager Esla inform me that there is nothing she can help me with. That to change his flight I would have to pay the fight difference and a 100$ change fee altogether this would be a $300 difference.. She had no compassion and very poor customer service she didn't offer any solution or accommodations.. I ask to speak to someone above her and she said she was the top manager and doesn't answer to anyone.. This completely disgusted me and if what she's stating is true being that she is a manager I found her to be inconsiderate and it shows that she really doesn't value her customers therefore I will no longer be flying with JetBlue again..

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Super Disappointed - 70 d 12 h ago


Sunday March 10th I was scheduled to depart at 9:17am on flight #560 from KIN; arriving at JFK at 2:08pm. Here is a timeline of what transpired: 7:30am: Arrival at airport (since we have to arrive early for international departures) 9am: Boarded Flight 9:17am-10:45am: waiting in airplane for takeoff 11am: informed by flight crew that ONE of their flight attendants injured their finger and they were trying to locate a replacement for this employee. 11:15am: informed by pilot that we will have to exit plane and return to airport lounge since they cannot takeoff with ONE missing attendant. 11:45am: presented myself to JetBlue kiosk for further information. Was informed that we would have to wait until the new flight crew would arrive from Fort Lauderdale around 6pm. At which point we would re-board the same plane and take off around 6:35pm. [Please note- there were NO announcements made at the airport relating to these changes. NO indications on the Departure screen, no updates etc] 12-6pm: Still standing by in airport lounge waiting for update 6pm: Walked back to kiosk to try and obtain new boarding time. Was told that we would board "shortly" (again NO updates via intercom or onscreen) 6:50pm: Finally boarding plane 7:15pm: approximate takeoff time I'd also like to highlight that email notifications from JetBlue were sent out AFTER updated departure time. Which was obviously always too late. Example: 11:06am: received email telling me flight was pushed to 10:30am. *This went out throughout the day. am happy to provide further proof of this; see screenshot attached for context. Bottom line: Neither myself, nor the rest of the passengers understand why a whole plane was delayed by ONE crew member injuring their finger- and JetBlue did not have at least a backup staff at hand. Especially since the next available crew would not arrive until the evening. Also, we would've appreciated PROMPTER response time and updates from JetBlue. All these updates were arriving AFTER the fact. Had I known, I could've exited the airport and returned later. What can JetBlue do to assure me that you are taking this under consideration?

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CJackson - 75 d 5 h ago


We traveled on a week cruise from St. Thomas into FLL on Feb. 24,2019 to ATL. We brought a case of alcohol in St.Thomas and checked it in at JetBlue. It was sealed in its original box and in a bag. We had a great flight and was waiting for our box to come through baggage and it never did. We had to go to baggage claim and our box was behind the agent cut open and missing a bottle. She apologized and said this happens all the time. She told us she would file a claim for us and to keep our receipts because baggage claim would request them. She told us we should hear from them by the end of the week. I waited a week and no one contacted us so I called on 3/6/19 and was told our case was closed. HOW????? The reps name was Maribel and she said our claim was closed and she would open it back up. She was not empathetic to my situation at all. I asked for a supervisor and was told there aren't any.... I would not hang up until I got a supervisor. Finally Heather picked up and told me she was sorry and could offer me a $75 voucher and close the case. I told her NO! I was told I would be compensated as long as I had my receipts. Heather told me I would have to wait for baggage claim to contact me. Today I get a letter telling me sorry for what happened but we can only get a voucher. I was also advised that your airline does not cover alcohol loss and I was advised of this in the terminal.... Why would I have wasted my time filing a report and calling back so many times???? She repeated all she could offer me was a travel voucher ..WHY WOULD I EVER TRAVEL AGAIN ON THIS AIRLINE? WHY WOULD I HAVE WAITED A WEEK TO HEAR THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN DO?? .This is such an unprofessional company even up to the supervisors. I will never travel your airline again and I will let all of my friends and family know to not use it. Everyone needs recurrent training in empathy and service. I've never been treated so bad and with such ill regard. I just hope you read these emails and you actually go back and retrain your team because word of mouth is BIG.

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HHenny Chapnick - 75 d 11 h ago


I DID DO the survey.

This repeated request reflects

on your poor and disappointing services.

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Clara Noa - 78 d 10 h ago


3/04/18 Dear Mr. Barger, I want a report that I was on a Jet Blue flight # 1304 on January 5 2019, I suffered a hart attack during the flight from NY to PR a few minutes before arrival, I was sitting in line 4 and the flight attendant did not activate the proper protocol, I was traveling with my daughter and my grandson, I unconscious but my daughter stated that once we arrived in Puerto Rico International airport, the emergency protocol was not activated, I was left in my seat until all the passengers evacuated the plane. On that same flight there was a Flight attendant that was traveling with her mom, she kept on telling the flight attendant to activate the emergency protocol, but they did not do so. The flight attendant did not know what to do nor they report the event to the Flight Pilot. I was taken to the hospital and was hospitalize and I am still under neurologist & cardiologist treatment.

I want to make this report official. I want Jet Blue to contact me (hidden)

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C Najarian - 78 d 13 h ago


This is the second time that delays for a flight have not been announced in a timely fashion. Both times the delay was announced just prior to boarding. This is not acceptable. In both instances the delay was known to staff but when I asked I was told the flight was on time. One of the staff people just now admitted that he knew it would be delayed when he came into work, an hour earlier. I understand that this delay is due to weather conditions in Boston (March 4). However. Why weren't passengers notified that the flight would be delayed. I have been checking every 15 mins. Consistently I was told "the flight is on time". When it clearly was not going to be on time. Very upsetting.

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