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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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Claudia Ruiz - 3 h ago

Dear President, CEO and Director,

I would like to share the horrible and disappointing experience I had this past vacation. lets start off with the flight being delayed for 3 hours and having everyone including children sitting and sitting and just waiting for hours in the plane!!! The flight attendants weren't helpful at all, I asked for milk for my baby's bottle (I was traveling with a 1 year old) and was told I had to wait till in the air, so my baby sat there hungry and frustrated. Who does that!? I understand there's no beverage and snacks till up in the air BUT I wasn't asking for water or SODA I was asking for milk for a crying baby that was unfortunately forced to sit in a cramped up seat with 2 other people for 3 HOURS before the flight departed. The crew knew all our bags wouldn't make it and said absolutely nothing! so on top of being 3 hours delayed I had to make a 2 hour line in DR to make a bag claim when we landed because the WHOLE flight needed to make a claim. I can understand if one or two people didn't receive theirs bags then ok it's an accident/oversight/human error, but to see the WHOLE flight standing on line for bag claims then it was premeditated. I had a destination wedding, I was scheduled to be married on Monday 8/7 which is our anniversary date; however it had to be canceled/changed to Wednesday 8/9 because all of our things were in our bags. we arrived to DR on Saturday morning 8/5/2017 and didn't get our bags till LATE Monday night 8/7/2017, Who does that to someone? specially someone flying with a child, we had no clothes no pampers NOTHING on vacation for days, DAYS not 1 day but 3 DAYS!!! and to top it off I write an email expressing my frustration and disappointment because this is a horrible way to mess up someone's wedding day and I get a BS email saying I'll get $25 for my inconvenience... really? like really? I paid $520 for 6 people, paid $500 to change my wedding date and JetBlue is nice enough to feel my pain and give me $25 (which is what I paid for the checked in bag I never received in time). That 's just ridiculous and a slap in the face.

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Disappointed - 7 d 20 h ago


Dear JetBlue: I am writing to you to let you know how disappointed I was from my Jetblue Getaways vacation from Virginia to St. Maartin, from biggining to end: JetBlue Getaways Reservation messed up our Reservation that we couldn't even checked our bags directly from Virginia to St. Maartin We were given hard time by jetblue customers service which we had nothing to do with it; we were told by Reservation agent that we will be able to check them all the way to St. Maartin! 1. Traveling from Dulles airport to JFK 7/23 our flight was delayed around 4 hours due to someone left batteries on the plane overnight, therefore we missed our connecting flight from JFK to St Maartin!! Therefor there wasn't any direct flight until 7/25! Therefore customer service had to change our flight and hotel itinerary! Which took hours and exhausting! In the meantime we were trying to find a hotel for couple nights was so difficult Internet at airport very weak we couldn't get connection I got a number from my email luckily and made reservation for 2 nights! 2. On 7/25 we did fly to St. Maartin and returned 8/4 and found out after long wait that our flight y cancelled for unknown reasons this was around 6pm! So there we go try to find a hotel without Internet! We asked jetblue personnel to help us they Were rude and ignored us! It took us 5 hours finally I had to call my son in Virginia to get us some hotel numbers! All hotels near JFK were sold out! Around 11:30 we finally found a hotel with my son's help in Virginia! around 12:30am shuttle took us there checked in around 1:00am! We were exhausted and hungry! Shuttle drive himself offered us to stop by Burger King for food since every where would be closed at that time' 3. Our flight was rescheduled for next day late 10:19pm flight! So arrived airport around 5 pm; Around 8:30pm they said our flight was delayed and they changed the reason 4-5 times! 4. We couldn't board until 11:15pm airport was heavy traffic it took about Half an hour for take off around 12:00 midnight! By the time we got to Dulles airport Virginia and picked up luggage was around 1:50am. My son was suppose to have come and drive us home; I didn't want him to drive that late hour we live 1 hour away from Dulles! We stayed at a hotel in Dulles area, next day my son picked us up Came home on 8/7 around noon! This is so unacceptable it's not like JetBlue that we know; we have done several Getaways with you nothing like this horrible experience that we have had! All were very smooth or minor issues! This was a vacation from hell for us! I have had JetBlue credit card for a long time and have been TrueBlue Member for many years!! We have never been at JFK before it is so confusing and very tiring to maneuver around with rude jetblue staff! JetBlue experience ruined our vacation! We cannot afford to vacation every year and tried to save for this vacation for a few years! I haven't even paid for this one I am in tears and so sad for this horrendous Unimaginable experience!! Unacceptable!! I would like your response see what you have to say! I don't even know when I can afford another vacation! And I still have to pay for this! Sent from my iPho

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Lucy - 3 d 2 h ago

Please tell everyone that you Sued the Crap out of JetBlue? These people shouldn't be able to get away with such things. I truly hope that you and your companion received your money back. I'll never use JetBlue.

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June and Don - 9 d 18 h ago


We have been loyal Jet Blue customers for along time...this week on Thursday we were to meet our grandchildren in Nassau flying in from Atlanta on Delta....we were delayed over 2 hours in Orlando..with no excuses...we were late meeting them..they headed to hotel..were given the wrong rooms in a different part of hotel..

On the way back yesterday we were delayed 4.5 hours....we had to spend 7 hours in the Nassau Airport..spending money on expensive food and drinks..and sending our grandchildren on their way back to Altanta on Delta which by the way was 15 mins early...this morning we were given a $75 credit this credit did not even cover the cost of the expensive food at Nassau Airport, the extra car parking, the pet sitter...and not say our exhausted selves....we are so disappointed and overwhelmed at the lack of courtesy..everyone on that flight should have been given a free return are offering I just went on your website and this $75 is being offered anyway to new travelers....Your organization at the moment is a lot to be desired and your lack of courtesy to those on that flight was amazing..we have lives to live and places to go.and it again was not weather the moment I am amazed you are still in business..

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Nightmare - 14 d 22 m ago


My trip to Virginia has been a nightmare..... I have been a true blue member and loyal customer for many years and recently even obtained the jet blue credit card. This recent situation has been nothing but a nightmare and their customer service has shown their true colors today!

After accepting the weather related cancelled flight yesterday I was rebooked for today at 10:50am out of Dulles. As I'm getting ready something tells me to check my email and there it was, "another change". At 2am while I was sleeping they sent an email telling me my flight was now out of Washington, DC. I call customer service livid at this point because how am I suppose to get to Washington, DC "walking". The representative was huffing and puffing because she couldn't deal with my frustrations and the fact that I had every right to be upset. "Excuse me your not the one stranded in Virginia" She then tells me "mam there was a mix up your flight is still leaving as scheduled out of Dulles International Airport. At this point I'm even more upset with her unprofessionalism and I ask to speak to a supervisor. I proceeded to wait on hold for 20 minutes. During the hold she checked on the line twice and continued to tell me there was no change in my flight and questioned if I still wanted to continue to hold for a supervisor. "YES I DO, I WILL HOLD" Finally, a supervisor gets on the line to tell me that she was looking into the matter. Still on hold for another 10 minutes when "The Supervisor" returns to the she proceeded to tell me that the flight is departing from Washington, DC. (Now I'm beyond livid) So, had I ended the initial call with the first representative and taken her word for what she told me I would have left the hotel and been stranded at the airport.

Now I'm super livid and the "supervisor" is quiet telling me there is nothing she can do but me me on the later flight at 8:15pm. Now I'm loosing a days pay, the hotel will only extend my check out till 1pm, my child is with the babysitter another full day, and I will have to sit in the airport for 6 hours and hope the flight isn't cancelled again.

I called the corporate office at (718) 286-7900. Of course the option to report an issue is an automatic voicemail. So I leave a detailed message. I then decide to call again and choose option "6" for other concerns and the phone rang and rang and rang no one answered. So I call again and choose option "6" again finally someone answers. He then transfers me to someone that does even have a name but states he was operator #1826 "I think" now I'm even more upset.... really and your name is? He ignored my question and states please explain how I can help you. To avoid having anxiety attack from the aggravation I began crying from the frustrations and explained the complete ordeal to this operator. When I was done he asked me for my confirmation number, my name, and the best contact number. After I give him all the information he states he was going to email customer service

and see how I can be compensated. REALLY? And before I could even ask him a question he disconnected the call.

All this occurred this morning from 7:30am - 9am. JetBlue has cost me

a days pay, another days pay to the babysitter, complete aggravation with the lack of professionalism, and no sympathy what do ever. The outcome of all of this is that I've lost so much in 2 days and all I got was "I'm sorry it's due to weather conditions". Jet Blue must think I'm an idiot.... of course your going to blame it on the weather so that you don't have to compensate me for this total aggravation. "New York" weather partly cloudy high 84. So weather is not the reason! It's is now 10am and I'm still waiting for a call back!

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Pat Rozett - 25 d ago


We had paid for an all inclusive that involved jet blue.Due to an extreme emergency (hospitalized ) we had to rebook.Jet blue had the nerve to charge $660 for this rebooking emergency for an 1.5 hrs flight

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Ruth McMains - 26 d 22 h ago

My daughter, Amy L Warner, as a present, flew me to Seattle on July 10th for a spectacular week. Our return flight was scheduled for July 14th at 10:30pm. During that day we were notified of a delayed flight leaving SeaTac at 12:39am July 15th for Boston

and giving us several options: flying to Buffalo and riding the bus to Syracuse, flying from Boston to Orlando for a 7 hour lay over,. Not once was flying into JFK and back to

Syracuse. I'm 88 years old, using a wheel chair and ended up being bused to Syracuse

arriving 9 hours later. I'm still recuperating and will never fly JetBlue again.

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Karen M McBride and James McBride - 30 d ago


Karen McBride

Last week, Monday, July 10, my husband and I booked a Jet Blue flight from Long Beach, CA to Sacramento to attend a business meeting. Our booking showed travel up to SAC at 3:35pm. to arrive in SAC at 4:58. Instead, we departed at 5:40 and arrived at 6:40 narrowly missing our dinner meeting. We were to depart SAC at 5:39 on Tuesday to arrive back in Long Beach at 6:59. Instead, departure was moved to 8:40 pm. Late-late-late!

So we dumped the return, booked on Southwest to SNA, requiring family members to pick us up and take us back to Long Beach to retrieve our car. We are furious! We request payment for the return flight.

Our ticket price was $256.per person. We will not fly Jet Blue again.

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Greetings. We are IATA accredited travel agency code no 41210470 based in Nairobi-Kenya. In this regard we request for CIP for B6 (JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORPORATION) to authorize us issue your documents from our office. Awaiting your positive response. Best and kind regards, George Mwangi. Managing Director. +254 722847806.

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Barbara - 38 d 1 h ago


Good morning,

I am writing in regards to a telephone agent who helped me tremendously via the telephone. She was sweet, kind and understanding and extremely helpful. I was under a lot of stress and she took care of my problem. Her employee # is 29506 and her name is Mary. I would hope this will appear on her record for an excellent employee. Thank you.

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Guy Shaffer - 38 d 5 h ago


Dear JetBlue Management,

I am writing this e-mail in praise of Mr. Felipe Arellano, a boarding agent at the San Francisco airport. Mr. Arellano helped my family on July 7, 2017, as we were returning from Seoul, South Korea, en route to Denver. Being infrequent international flyers, we made the unfortunate mistake of not picking up our checked-in luggage before passing through customs. We were directed to our airline carrier's counter, Asiana Airlines, to help us retrieve our luggage. Everyone from Asiana was gone, so we approached the JetBlue counter, as it was next to Asiana and no JetBlue customers were in line. We explained our dilemma to Mr. Arellano. He patiently listened and helped us to problem solve so we could get our checked luggage. My family and I were extremely grateful for Mr. Arellano's assistance and kindness, and how he went above and beyond the call of duty to help out anxious and tired passengers from another airline. We want to let you know what a wonderful employee and asset your company and the San Francisco Airport has in Mr. Arellano.


The De Mayo - Shaffer Family

Broomfield, Colorado

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To the President - 40 d 18 h ago

Whom It May Concern:

I write this during my travels from Fort Lauderdale to Boston on JetBlue Flight #570 on Jul 7,2017 from Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) to Boston, MA (BOS)

Before takeoff the flight attendant asked 25% of the plane (back of the plane) not to eat peanuts due to someone having a peanut allergy. So, I'm inconvenienced after paying my fare because of another person. I don't like dogs on a plane, but there are 2 on the plane now. If I asked to remove the dogs would this transpire??!! Probably not!! Businesses have become irresponsible and collapsing to common-sense (sense isn't common anymore) to ensure no bad press or publicity.

I would like to hear what JetBlue has to say. I look forward to the dialog.

Thank you.

George Beckett, Jr.

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Sandra work a - 41 d 17 h ago

Cannot understand why it took two hours and a migraine headache to apply for a specific card from your airline to the best of my knowledge I have. Ever worked so torturers for this. I could. It adapt to the person handling the call. We were not addressing the issue as one on one. Please make this procedure easier for the next customer. I would really like a call from someone to make you aware of my dilemma. Thank you. Sandra workman. (hidden)

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SONIA VARGAS - 63 d ago




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TB - 71 d 15 h ago



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RB - 78 d 5 h ago

No proper email address listed for suggestions

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Segundo - 92 d 2 h ago


Sir/Ma'am: I have been a customer of McDonald my entire life. I' am a Veteran Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Army retired with 35 years of service. I write to raise my disappointment to hear that you are supporting the Puerto Rican Parade dedicated to Oscar Lopez-Rivera . Just in case you are not aware he joined Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacin Nacional Puertorriquea (FALN), a Marxist-Leninist organization in the 1970s fought to make Puerto Rico an independent communist nation. FALN was involved in more than 100 bombings in New York, Chicago and other cities in the U.S. (in our own country) and how are we supporting an event like this. Oscar Lpez-Rivera is a TERRORIST !!.

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Joan - 80 d ago


Jet blue has pulled pulled out of their sponsorship of the PR day Parade..

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joan ahn - 80 d ago

I commend you on the stand you're taking on the PR Day Parade.

I have always flown Jet blue and always will. You're service is great.

The one time my TV didn't work I was moved to First Class where there was a functioning TV!!

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Anonymous - 85 d 17 h ago

I'm a Puerto Rican who will not use your services any more for the miss information you have about a Puerto Rican hero who spent 35 years in prison and was never charged .im also a veteran and like many of us will not use your services anymore .

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Vivian - 105 d ago


Had multiple delays due to maintenance. Almost canceled the flight like they did the day before. I noticed the people taking your tickets to get on were being really rude but turned super friendly to other Hispanic looking was unbelievable. Racism ...really jet blue, discussing. At least the flight attendance were wonderful...too everyone!

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PeachesWhy - 120 d 12 h ago

Why does Jetblue charge 5$ for a flimsy blanket

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Peaches - 120 d 12 h ago


I've had the worst experience with Jetblue on my 9 day trip that I'm in the process of writing corporate!!!

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Cliffreda Nesmith - 120 d 12 h ago


I had the worst experience with you guys on my two trips n 9days, I'm in the process of writing corporate a long letter.

General profile image - 126 d 17 h ago


To start with, my granddaughter's flight from Newark, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida on April 6, 2017 was delayed at least 3 times. Yesterday on her return trip to Newark, Flight 228, was delayed again, but this time it was due to the crew not being there. We were a hoard of people, many with young children waiting for their arrival. Finally we see 2 female attendants calmly sachaying down the corridor looking surprised at us?? What kind of professionalism is this? Are you kidding me?!!! I've never heard of such a unprofessionalism. Will have to think twice about using JetBlue again.

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