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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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Davidc - 1 d 7 h ago


I flew Jet Blue in the past and must have given my cell # for flight update information.

I receive a call at lunch from JetBlue marketing.

I press 1 for more info and ask the man how I can have my number taken off JetBlue's list.

He hangs up on me!!!!!

Great marketing strategy!!!!!!


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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago


This company acts sympathetic but does not care for customers or their experience. Horrible

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago


I originally booked a flight to Aruba back in January and picked seats that would accommodate me as I have MS and am in a wheelchair. I choose extra legroom on both my departing and returning flights. I called to request a wheelchair so I could get to the gate and the girl I spoke to said we will move you up to a closer aisle to the restrooms. I said OK thanks. Well Jet Blue decided to change the plane departing and never told people in those seats that those were not their seats anymore. So I called and the plane is booked so they have no extra leg room seats available and I am screwed. JET BLUE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE DISABLED.

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Tammy - 4 d 9 h ago


Your front line does not seem to handle issues in a manner that is satisfying or else you would not have so many issues as you do below!!! On April 3, 2018, I flew home from LAX to JFK. Your representative at the gate was rude and uncaring. When I asked for a manager he said he was the manager which I did not believe. We proceded to board our 2:46 pm flight at 2:33 and he informed us that we were not getting on the plane because it was 2 minutes past the 15 minute rule? Yet, my husband said when he was approaching the gate there was a person walking through the passway to board. Our luggage was checked in at 11:45am so obviously we were there. We were eating lunch 20 feet away. The representative said he called out our name but he did not even pronounce it correclty! We took pictures and recorded the plane pulling away from the terminal at 3:01PM!!!!!!!!! We have all our times accounted for. This was the most absurd situation I have ever been through! Our luggage made it to JFK and was tagged to fly to Buffalo??? Why?? We are not going to Buffalo we are flying to JFK!! So incompetent and the only response was a pathetic $50 credit!! What a joke!!!!!!!!!! I fly all the time and have a business credit card with Jet Blue that I will now cancel! There are plenty of other airlines to choose and that is what I will be doing!

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J chapman - 9 d ago


My husband and I had a flight for Phoenix AZ from Burlington VT this morning at 5 am at 9:00 my husband got a text from Jet Nlue saying flight cancelled no flights rescheduling. What the. We were going for my mother-in laws memorial whom has passed away. He told her made no difference Sorry sir we had 1 flight canceled yesterday and had to get people out. She said there's 2 tickets tomorrow night but no connecting flights to Phoenix. Available. And 1 ticket on Friday the memorial is on sat. So we have to miss the memorial. For my husbands mom. I looked on JetBlue site and there were flights Thursday and Friday. How can they do that to people.

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Tracey - 8 d 10 h ago

I usually contact the CEO of the company and that's how I get things done! Try It

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D. Deborah Hardy - 9 d 9 h ago


Dear Jet Blue President and Board,

I am angered as my niece went to check in today with a confirmed purchase ticket and was told she could not do so as it was purchased as a fraud. I contacted Amex who shows that your company charged the amount and there was no fraud notice. I have a valid program with Amex who always calls me when such an event takes place. Now I have a situation in which a family member with health issues and needing family support was further pushed emotionally because of the incompetence of JetBlue. In speaking with the JetBlue rep, not one person provided me with a fraud process and cancellation number required to verify it with Amex. So I question if you have overbooked or do a sample selection of removing passengers for your convenience? If this was a fraud issue, who decided such in your company as my reliable and valid credit card company had not flagged it and is the one who should? Not only has your practice hindered one individual, but now the entire family who is concerned on a member's well-being. Sincerely, Dr. Hardy

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Good evening , my name is khemchan mohan I'm reaching out to inform you about the lack of urgency and total disregard of this airline.

I'm a frequent flyer not so much with jetblue but on this occasion I flew into Chicago for a 3 day getaway but unfortunately on Saturday 4/14 I received a call from NY and I had to cut it short due to unforeseen circumstances ,i. Reached out to JetBlue to injured about a earlier flight , after about 1 hour I was able to move up to an earlier flight, my original flight was set to return on 4/16 at 7 pm however I was able get a bump up to a 10am flight ,to my surprise I received an email stating a delay for an hour ,after an hour or so I received another notification that flight was delay until 1:30pm ( so much for an emergency) I got to the airport after boarding until minutes to 2pm we sat on the runway for 45 min to an hour ,when finally arriving @ JFK to my surprise they were not prepare for our flights arrival ,overall we got around 5pm ,the reason I'm so frustrated is that I had a funeral to attend @4pm that I completely missed ( not that it was important) I paided extra so that I can be there, from my observation there was not sense of urgency and a lack of communication with this airline and I hope you'll take these issues very seriously , if you need to reach out to me the flight # was 906 and I was in seat 21c . thank you.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

I am in the middle of a crisis. A huge family emergency in Jamaica. I was trying to book my flight online and was running into some difficulties. I called JetBlue to book over the phone. And learn they charge $25. They would not waive the $25 fee even with all the distress I was in. I Feel that it's an inconvenience to charge customers $25 to book over the phone. What if I was having internet difficulties or of an age and was not computer savvy. I am very disappointed in JetBlue as a long-time customer and a JetBlue card holder I thought I would be treated better. Words cannot explain what I feel right now having to book online and get things together with no help from anywhere. The simple task of helping me to book over the phone would have alleviated so much stress. The customer service agent seem not to even care what I was going through. She continued to state JetBlue policy. Is $25 really worth a long time customer.

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kirk - 15 d 8 h ago


Booking Number 3106951 Confirmation Number SLFIVR To whom it may concern: I booked a flight on JetBlue Vacation Package for March 9,2018 leaving from Charleston South Carolina to Nassau ,Bahamas, for my wife and I 20th wedding anniversary. Our flight was scheduled to leave Charleston at 7AM,with a connection in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at 9:39 AM ,due to mechanical problems with the airplane ,the new departure time was 4PM,earlier in the day JetBlue representive had booked us on another airline leaving Ft .Lauderdale, Fl at 530 PM, however the representive informed us that with the late departure from Charlesron,Sc it was be impossible for us to make the connecting flight, at this point our only alternative was to cancel our vacation package. We did receive a full refund from JetBlue for the flight portion and they also compensated us for the inconvenience. The Atlantis Hotel offered us three options ,the better option was to booked within 30 days from the original travel date, once my wife and I decided to rebook with JetBlue on 4/4/2018,JetBlue advised that we needed to pay in full for a new vacation package then receive a refund from Atlantis at a later date, this did not set well with us taking in consideration the difficulties we had in just obtaining a full credit for the hotel portion. Because we were required to pay full price for a new package ,we requested a full refund of the hotel portion, the hotel is panelizing us for one night stay and only willing to refund us the other night which we have yet to received. It's very unfair to panelize us for something that was out of our control, we booked this vacation package and JetBlue failed to get us to our destination now I'm being penalized by the hotel. I'm requesting a full refund through from JetBlue for this vacation package. Sincerely, Kirk Hanson (hidden) Phone:(hidden)

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Shantey H - 19 d 9 h ago


I was traveling with my daughter on a flight from Havana, Cuba the flight was delayed for more than 9 hours. I was at the airport since 12 traveling with my daughter who has a disability. I was not able to contact my family in the states. I had no money left because I used it all before going through TSA and was in a 90-degree airport no ac, no money, and no accommodations. they fed us but I could not get in contact with my family to let them know what was happening. We were not notified of the length of the delays at check-in. If I would have known I would have stayed with my family and left when the flight was ready to board. The website says if you are delayed more than 6 hours you get 250 back but I could have flown to Cuba 3 times with the 9-hour delay we were in. I am demanding a full refund because I had to incur extra parking fees because my car was in the long-term parking lot and I had to pay extra I missed a day of work because I didn't get home till 5 am after landing at 2 with a child with a disability in all of this. This was the epitome of inconvenience. Word of mouth travels faster than anything and I will be telling my friends and family not to ever travel with jet blue no matter how cheap the ticket. If that is what cheaper flights mean I definitely will be paying whatever it is to never be inconvenienced like that again.

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anoop h - 16 d 5 h ago


I was on this same flight, flight 242!

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keisha - 18 d 10 h ago


JetBlue has the worst customer service,very rude and arrogant. I was the phone this morning talking to their rep, they lost my baby stroller and he hang up the phone on me and he did it purposely because he was sound annoyed. I wasn't not being rude. They need training.

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Christina Kowalski - 21 d 12 h ago


I was scheduled to fly out on Tuesday 4/3/18 from Newark NJ to RSW on flight number 811. I received an email that my flight had been cancelled and I was put on flight from JFK to RSW. I had no choice but to go to JFK which cost me $170.00 taxi to a completely different airport. My original driver going to Newark had to go work. No way would they then drive me to JFK so I had to get a taxi. I also paid for luggage on the original flight and was charged again another $25.00 luggage fee. I have previously flown Jet Blue several times and I recommend Jet blue to other people. I realize sometime things happen but to put me a completely different flight without notification or my approval, having me go to a completely different airport (which cost me $170.00) and not to mention I had to leave 6 hours head because of the traffic going to JFK is crazy. I had to go because I had an appointment in Florida that I was at the mercy of Jet Blue. I liked to be reimbursement for my additional baggie fee of $ 25.00 and other type of credit for the taxi fee. Even if some credit towards another JetBlue flight. I want to continue to fly jet blue and let others know this is a good airline. Thanks so much, Christina Kowalski

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collin - 30 d 16 h ago

does there work a Howard cooked at jetblue.he claims to be a recruiter for flight attendants

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Anonymous - 72 d 6 h ago


Jet Blue

We planned a big "after holiday" cruise. Eight of us to meet on Celebrity Summit on the 6th of January. Our adventure began on January 4th with flight 0275 BDL - SJU with return flight 0176 SJU - BDL on the 13th. We had a hotel for two days in Old San Juan to relax before the cruise and to assure we had proper time to get there in the event of inclement weather. We were texted on January 3rd at about 2pm that our flight was cancelled January 4th 6am due to the threat of weather. We then spent the evening trying to secure a flight and finally got a flight. The Jet Blue customer service were rude and less than helpful. I finally called Vacation to Go (My travel agent) and they told me they saw a flight #61 out of Logan the next day at 10:53pm. We called Jet Blue again and a very rude women finally secured our flights.

The "Blizzard" scheduled for the 4th was supposed to begin at 8am and Logan is a 2 hour ride from our home. So the next a.m. we rented a car and drove to Logan, a harrowing 6 hour drive. We arrived and were told it was too early to check in (12 noon) but our flight was still onso we proceeded to hang out in the airport for 5 hours. When we proceeded to check inwe received a text that our flights were cancelled. We got up to the line and the man that was to help us basically was irritated and said "I was supposed to be home a half an hour ago." He told us to get a hotel and call Jet Blue for flights that he couldn't help us. He further stated he had no hotel vouchers as they had given them all out. We proceeded in a blizzard to find a hotel with no help from Jet Blue. We then stayed up all night and on the phone with a myriad of "customer service" reps that need training on being a "server of the customer." We got absolutely nothing but "There are no flights until next week to Puerto Rico". After scouring the airport the next am and trying to find a flight we left and went home and continued to call Jet Blue continued to be treated as if we were unnecessary nuisances. Where is your customer service? Three days and Jet Blue could not get us to our location without even kindness or compassion. We were treated like irritants by every person we came into contact with that was related to Jet Blue in any form. I regret that my favorite airline is no longer #1 in my book. You can remain #1 until you have a real event to deal with and that's where the real #1's will shine. Everyone in our party who was on another airline secured a flight in the 3 days' time frame. We lost thousands of dollars and more precious time with our family that cannot be gotten back. The "Surprise" we were all supposed to share is already shared, our vacation time utilized and money gone!! In my eyes the onus is on Jet Blue to step up and give customer service to previously loyal customers!

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Wayne Howarth - 49 d 24 m ago


Good luck with that, they don't care....

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Michelle Stuart - 37 d ago


We just had a similar situation. I don't know if you have seen the recent news, in one years time, Jet Blue went from the #1 best economy airline to dead last. I think a change in leadership and some customer service training for its employees is in order!

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Wayne Howarth - 49 d ago

I would rate Jet Blue -100 if there were that rating available. This was my first flight on JB and things could not have gone worse. I was due to fly from Portland, OR to Long Beach, CA on March 6th, 2018, I arrived on time and boarded the plane. Then proceeded to sit there for more than 40 minutes before they pushed from the gate. After taxiing a short time the Captain came on saying they would be returning to the gate as they had a problem when starting engine #2. Before going further let me say I have never flown before when they haven't started all engines before leaving the gate, I can only assume JB is trying to save $ by not starting all engines until ready for take off. After returning we again sat in the plane for over 30 minutes before we were told to deplane as they didn't know how long it would take to fix the issue. After returning to the concours I went straight to the counter and inquired about another flight option and was told the ONLY other flight was at 2:00 PM that day some 5 hrs and 30 minutes from then. I had no confidence the first plane was ever going to fly that day, I took a see on the next flight. Some two hours later they reboarded flight 1121 and proceeded to sit at the gate for another 20 to 30 minutes then left. In about 10 minutes the plane was back and all passengers deplaned. By this time all the passengers had missed business meeting, connecting flights and were subjected to long waits. I have to admit I clucked to myself about being right about the plan not being fixed. During the time I was waiting but before the second attempt to fly the plane I was talking about to another passenger about the whole situation, during that conversation I referred to one of the gate staff I had spoken with and described him as the short guy. Soon I was approached by another gate staff member and told if I insulted one of his staff again I would be removed from the waiting area. I was totally taken back by this guys aggressive attitude. Asked him if was flight crew, he said no then I told him he had no authority. After this exchange I asked him if he had a business card, initially he stated he would give me his information, I asked again if he had a business card this time he produced one from his wallet. Imagine my surprise when I saw his title was General Manager for JB. I asked him what he was General Manager of, he said the Portland JB operation. Later after the twice returned passengers were getting their refunds and trying to make connection, which there were none until the next morning this same guy Brian Urbach approached me again and said I was disrupting his staff, which I wasn't, he claimed he would call the airport police and have me removed, when I asked for what he never answered. It seems to me someone in that position should have much better people skills than this guy. By this time I had already been sitting not flying for over 4 hours and had ever right to be upset. I finally gave up on flying at that day when the next flight scheduled to fly at 1:58 PM was delayed twice and I believe didn't depart until some time after 2:50PM. I approached one of the gate staff offered to give her my seat on the 2:00 flight if she gave me a full refund, she gladly took care of it, but didn't tell me it was done, I had to get a Text telling me the $ refunding costing more time sitting there. All in all after paying of $87.00 to get a Lyft ride back to my home 50 miles north I had wasted 8 hours of my time and spent nearly $90.00 because of Jet Blue's inability to run an airline efficiently. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BOOK with Jetblue, as I believe their aircraft maintenance is lacking and the management staff is untrained to deal with stressful situations. Oh by the way I was told that after the flight flew corporate would determine the compensation it would offer these passengers. Ya I'm not holding my breath, but I can tell you if they offer vouchers I will tell them where they can put them, and it won't be in my pocket.

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Anonymous - 41 d 5 h ago

Well actually, FYI, pilots pushback from the gate with one engine and start up engine 2 on the taxiway because of how much pressure it is for ground crew.

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Had a terrible experience on this trip knowing there was very bad weather they set out on a trip to my out of Sri airport and every one though we were going to die this happened on 3/2/ 18 - 53 d 4 h ago


Carol Taveras flight 837 from STI to JFK what happened to us on that trip was an experience I will never forget I hope some one cares and will get bac to me. If jet Blue knew the weather conditions were so bad in NY they should have not taken out of STI We went through HELL

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Wayne Howarth - 49 d 34 s ago


Carol I just had an experience, you can read about it here. I don't feel JB or it's employees give a damn about the passengers. I think they will be going away soon.

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Bonnie - 50 d 9 h ago


I recently changed some flights from United to Jet Blue, and have been satisfied until now. I changed a reservation date, on a flight with JB on March 1, and was sent updated reservation. I have been unable to open reservation on Jet Blue website with site saying "internal system failure." I called Jet Blue a few days later and was told it was because I changed my flight and it takes time to get into system. I spoke to a supervisor who said she would expedite concern. I sent an email to customer service online, and was told it was because I booked third party I DID NOT, I BOOKED THRU JETBLUE. I responded to customer service email, and Jillian wrote back that I was correct in saying I booked thru Jet Blue, and there is no option to fix the problem!!!!! It is now March 7. This means I cannot change a seat, cannot get a boarding pass. I called the corporate number, and of course, could not get anyone on the phone. I am going to assume that JB does not have technical service.

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Wayne Howarth - 49 d ago


Just another example of Jetblue's total incompetence.

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Vanessa King - 52 d ago


My flight was the worst. I flew out of Charleston SC on 3/2/18 for Washington DC at 6 a.m.. We got to DC about 7:09 a.m. but ended up landing in Baltimore. OMG! Knowing the weather was bad in DC this flight should have been cancelled. We could not land for approximately 1 hour. We kept circling and the wind was so bad it kept rocking the plane. Oh was this bad. People were throwing up and even peed on themself. I honestly feel we should be compensated for this. Someone from Corporate need to contact us. I will keep pursuing this.

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