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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne why does JET BLUE BARBADOS OFFICE continues to have these two working their flight, are you aware that some of the drugs coming on your flights are facilitated by both these persons. How much longer do we have to death with both of these corrupt persons. were you aware that we the security guards had to witness two staff members fighting because Nicole Headley encouraged this behavior by spreading lies and saying that the two were saying things against each other. were your aware that a scissors was involved in the incident? are you aware that passengers complain for Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne has done nothing and never filed a report? we the security personnel are tired of cleaning up the nasty mess of Nicole Headley and Kelly Bourne. WE ARE DONE

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I am very dissapointed in the way your JETBLUE office is being managed in Barbados by your manager Terry and Kelly Bourne these are two of the worst persons who you have managing your company here.

1. Ms. Bourne is hardly at work

2. She underminds the staff

3. So many people have left that company you are being told a lot of lies

4. You need to see where your money is going

5. Terry cannot make a propper decision on any thing

6. All Ms. Bourne is interested in doing i flying for free and bragging about how much stuff she can bring in for her business

There is so much that can be told about her behaviour if this is the image you are looking for for your company i will never encourge anyone to fly with you. Until you do something about those two persons i will continue to urge other person who come to my travel agency to fly with another airline as i do not want them tainted by the nastiness of Ms Kelly Bourne or Terry. to make matters worst i will not be giving them especially Kelly Bourne a percentage of each ticket i sell. YOU NEED TO SEE WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING. It is time that you have a new management team in place if this airline is to succeed. I will never let anyone my clients book with you again until this is rectified and have the removal of both of these persons.

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Maria Soledad - 2 d 16 h ago


Am writing this note hoping that somebody at your headquarters will take 5 minutes to listen what it is happening.

Am tired of dealing with managers that are really repeating the same thing over and over. My brother passed away and my 2 sisters and my mom used your airline last Saturday sept.14th

Now they are supposed to be back. One of your manager made a mistake and charge the money for the ticket. Now they are washing their hands telling me that it is up to the bank to release the funds or JUST find another way to pay There is no more left and the flying day to come back home is less than 2 days away. No money back as sister will lose her job is does not shows up for work on Saturday. Now I hope that corporate is reading this messages and somebody will reach to me.Are they blind look at the star!!!! Waiting for you JetBlue to contact me you have both my numbers. Am just praying that the money will be available today at noon.

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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago

I am so disappointed in Jetblue service as of late. This is the second time in 2 month that Jetblue has refuse to admit that the have made a mistake. I don't know if the training of employees involves teaching to lying to the customer until they just stop complaining. You don't treat loyal customer with such disrespect, you're suppose to value your customer. Word of mouth can make or break a company.

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago

Please expand use of Worcester (Mass) airport fo/from other U.S. cities. It is much more accessible ( much less traffic delay) than Boston,

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Barry Miliorini - 11 d 9 h ago


They will lose your bag then they will lie to yo every day until you settle for pennies on replacement value. Its a disgusting airline when it comes to customer service.

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Tonia Simmons-Bryany - 12 d 17 h ago

Good morning, I'm sending this email to see if there's help for those that made mistakes on their reservation. I did exactly that and I do understand the 75 dollar fee if you can afford it. My ticket is 27.00 less then the price it's going for now. I can't believe know one could wave it. I spoke to 3 ladies and a supervisor who wanted me to pay 60-62$. I've been flying with JetBlue from Charleston & now Savannah. I've been flying on 842-841 pra typically every 4-6 was. I'm disappoint that 27$ could change my date.

Tonia Bryant


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Michelle J - 15 d 12 h ago


JetBlue, I am so angry!! So hurt!!, so disappointed in your company right now!!!!!! I booked a flight yesterday to fly out today to Richmond VA before my brother is taken off life support. Plane ticket was expensive which I expected on short notice. But my anger and frustration is that flying out of an airport an hour away which I I expected but being told 15 minutes before scheduled departure that flight canceled because no crew available. The disappointing, frustrating & angry part comes in at only being offered a flight several hours later and in a completely different city as my original destination & being told I can be shuttled a few hours away to my destination. My other option according to a supervisor no less they can refund my money but it has to go thru a process. The supervisor also noted that I can go see if I can get another flight from another airline . I don't have money like that & if I did is that the solution that an employee of JetBlue would find a satisfactory answer if they were the customer . Even if I wasn't dealing with a sibling facing end of life which I am. I would never be so non-chalant, so dismissive of a stressful and difficult circumstance. I want this situation made right, made whole. Despite the uncaring nature I experienced from your company, I still remained respectful to your staff but I want and expect better from JetBlue as I would any other entity. DO THE RIGHT THING JetBlue Response Hello, Michelle. We're sorry to have disappointed you, especially during this difficult time. If you send us your six-letter confirmation code, we can look for any alternatives. -Mel My Response Mel, I want you to know that my original flight was with another sibling which I have been completely separated from at this point. I have the original confirmation if needed. This is the one I just boarded. My sister and I could not fly together as originally purchased!!! Sent from my iPhone JetBlue Response Thank you for getting that to us, Michelle. We know that it is an emotional time in your life and we are again sorry to hear that your original flight was cancelled. When a flight is cancelled, we do our best to accommodate customers to the next available option. In some cases this does mean that the next option is not on the same day as the original flight due to airplane and crew availability, which we understand causes frustration. If that happens, looking at other airports as close to the original destination as possible with alternate transportation is something we do, like has been done with your reservation. We know that there is still some dissatisfaction, for which are are again sorry to hear. As a gesture of apology for that unhappiness, we have applied a credit of $125 under your name that can be applied within one year from tonight towards a future flight. An email with more details will arrive shortly. Please accept our thoughts and best wishes for you and your family in this difficult time. -Alex My Response I'm sorry Alex, that is unacceptable. I am currently on the road to Richmond (an almost two hour shuttle ride), meanwhile my sister just arrived at the airport. There is no way $125 is sufficient & I certainly don't want a credit for a future flight. As I explained earlier that I have been extremely inconvenienced at a time when I'm trying to get to a brother who's life is coming to an end!!!!! There is no way that you feel that this is an adequate resolution!!!!! My luggage is also in a different city. Are you serious. Please provide me with corporate contact information JetBlue Response An email can be sent to (hidden)

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MDMH - 17 d 5 h ago



I was SUPPOSED to leave today on flight FLL 0649 @ 3:53pm. My uncle is dying and this sorry excuse for a airline, cancelled my flight (without any notifications) because they did not have a crew to fly the plane. The plane that was booked full, and they did not have a crew. Then they tell me I can take the 10pm flight to DC and they will bus me to my final destination. I should get there by 1am. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. My uncle is DYING and they have no cares or concerns. Now I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find someway to get to my destination, praying my uncle is still alive when I get there. I hate this airline! After reading all the other reviews, why are they still in business!. NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE PEOPLE!

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Al Milton - 19 d ago


I've used JetBlue for the last 8 years for work and personal trips the quality of service has gone down the drain recently starting with counter bag staff thru customer service. To make a long story short I was returning from a family vacation from Orlando today # 1152 was supposed to leave at 6:35pm when an hour while at the airport started receiving textes of flight time change to 30 min which I thought was not too bad but then later received to other time changes which would leave almost three hours later While getting nervous the time would change again I asked the counter person if there was other flights going to Boston We were put on flight with stop in DC arrived in Boston at 11:15 not too bad but when we arrived in Boston luggage was no where to be found. Went to Logan's JetBlue SUPPOSED to be CUSTOMER SERVICE and was handled by a unprofessional staff that were as clueless as I was about my missing luggage the women at the counter seemed to be more attentive about their personal conversation they were having before I walked up. They need to better train their staff to meet and by somewhat more attentive to their customers needs Its 3:08 am now and still haven't found my luggage yet. Will be calling corporate in the morning someone's gotta care

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Marie N Taylor - 64 d 13 h ago


In all my years of flying, i have never found an airline other than Jet Blue to be more comfortable, accommodating and affordable!! Their customer service is great, they listen to you when you talk to them and if they are unable to help, they get someone who can help....and that's the truth. I have been a True Blue Member 4-ever and so is my husband. If i have to fly, it has to be with Jet Blue or I don't fly! (P.S. i make all of my relative do the same)

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jerry - 64 d 13 h ago


LOL I could not disagree more

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Anonymous - 41 d 12 h ago


I guess you are luckily because 9 out 10 people are not satisfy

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Carol - 41 d 9 h ago


You are 100% right

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Anonymous - 19 d 19 h ago


I'm guessing you work for the company or something along those lines? I spoke to a "supervisor" who couldn't give me any numbers to their legal department nor the cooperate offices because "she didn't have access to that information." I googled it after the call ended.... It was the first numbers to pop up. Customer service is TRASH.

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Brad Cook - 23 d 11 h ago


I was unable to make my flight from Palm Beach to Boston on 8/9/2018 our ride did not arrive and we do not drive. It was

5:45 a.m. fl in the morning. It had been changed by Jet Blue it was suppose to be later. At that time in the morning we did not know what to do so I looked on line for a later flight and found American was the only one available. It was necessary that we get to Boston on that day. I would like to know if I would be able to use those tickets at another time. We were suppose to be on Flight 1022 and I need to have you verify that we were not on that flight. We have Jefferson Insurance Company as flight insurance..........Thank you Bradford Cook

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Alison W - 24 d 13 h ago

I have enjoyed JetBlue's airlines several times before my most recent flight from Boston to Atlanta Fri, Aug 24th. To make a very long story short, with regard to your checked baggage, JetBlue claims their responsibility for you personal property ends when your bag hits the carousel. Their baggage claim ticket is only needed when you have to report something concerning your bag. Anyone can pick up your bag off the carousel and leave with it and it's not the fault of JetBlue. I'm posting this as a warning to other passengers who don't know that their bags are literally free for the taking once on the carousel.

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Mike A - 25 d 5 h ago


WORST experience I have ever had. 2 1/2 hour flight becomes an overnight flight. I get dumped in another state all together the following day missing my function. The best part is Jet Blue refused to allow mw to bring my fully federal legal anti seizure medications on their planes and naturally I had a horrible seizure while being ridiculed by one of the flight staff as he was telling other passengers to ignore me passed out, Im just being silly. Thats what other passengers told me once I came out of being passed out covered in sweat while being told we cant land but planes are landing and I am having a medical emergency and could have literally died and no flight attendant tells the pilot someone is having a seizure and by law the plane MUST land?

Sadly after telling this to Theresa, a so called manager at Jet Blue, Jet blue will NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM reimburse me my money lost as they feel a partial flight credit is sufficient. Hmm almost dying on their flight as I beg them to tell the pilot to please tell the control tower people a passenger is literally having a MAJOR seizure on one of their flights so that flight can land and me get medical attention is more than a little problem with me getting back on their planes if you follow what I mean.

Going to try to ask the owner tomorrow, David Bangar if he feels I deserve a full refund in cash and not a credit or should I contact the news and let the world know how I almost died because of Jet Blue.

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Mike A - 25 d 5 h ago


I have to make one shout out to the ONLY Jet Blue personnel that was working in the Baltimore Maryland, Paul - an Asian gentleman. If it werent for him, no one would have even gotten from where Jet Blue decided to land us a day later in another part of the country for cab vouchers as Jet blue had us taking cab rides 4-5 states away the day after we were supposed to land.

My flight was a nightmare in EVERY aspect but I do have to give credit to that one gentleman PAUL. if it werent for this exceptional employee of Jet Blue, no one would have gotten anywhere so Paul, wherever you might happen to be, THANK YOU!

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Ramon - 37 d 9 h ago

Is very irresponsible of the company not to have the proper personal to make sure flights are on time.

I was informed that they dont have a captain to run the plane.

I'm being waiting at DR for the funeral of my dad being buried today.

I hope I dont miss seeing him for one last time, do to the incompetence of JetBlue.

Flight 2509 to DR

Late for more than an hour.

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Mike A - 25 d 5 h ago


My condolences for your loss. Jet Blue is having issues apparently. They got me too. I had a nonstop from Palm Beach to Newark N.J. a 2 1/2 hour flight that turned into a 14 plus hour flight leaving me in another state alltogether being Baltimore Maryland so I missed my function too. Icing on the cake was having a major seizure during my flight and the stewardasses, well 2 out of 3 were mocking me as I was literally passed out and they refused to tell the pilot of a medical emergency so he/she could contact the tower for a medical emergency bumping the line kind of deal and paramedics waiting...

Back in the days they cared, today, I dont think they do about anyone at all aside from themselves unfortunately but I am rambling so my sincerest apologies for your loss and what they put you through.

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Pastor Joe - 33 d 4 h ago


I have always flown with Jet Blue .Your service has always been great.Today i needed to change a reservation fron pap to fll from pm flight to am flight.They said the change would cost $284.To a layal customer this is not acceptable! I am a pastor and work with the people there to help improve their life situations.Every dollar i have is to help the people there.You as a big corp. Should be ashamed to treat. Man of God doing God's work this way.You might have rules but where is compassion for people of Haiti.We travel there and to other places that have a need.I expect better from Jet Blue.So ,so sad.My phone is (hidden).O am Pastor Jose Rosario.

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Mike A - 25 d 5 h ago

Pastor Jose Rosario,

All I can say is thank you for doing all that you do my brother. Not to many good people like you left anymore. PLEASE dont stop fighting the good fight and may God be with you and yours forever.

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Lisa Brown - 30 d 9 h ago


Worst experience on Jet blu flight #98 Denver to JFK . A strong horrendous fecal odor was smelled as we were boarding the plane . This horrendously strong sickening odor continued to overwhelm me and my partner throughout the flight . It was disgusting and smelled of human waste . Several times during the flight I was nauseated to the point of becoming physically ill and vomited in the bathroom . I was forced to keep my face covered with the sleep mask during the entire flight to block out this disgusting fecal smell. This unsanitary horrendous condition is unacceptable . I am very disappointed by the horrible flight condition we were had to endure the entire flight . I will be very reluctant to ever fly Jet Blu again . It's apparent there was a problem with the plane for three to habeen such a strong waste odor the entire flight . This is disgusting , unsanitary and unhealthy. I was sickened the entire day with a headache and nausea from these conditions . I would appreciate compensation for these horrendous unacceptable conditions .

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Danielle - 32 d 13 h ago


I was traveling alone with my four-year-old son on 8/11/18. My son and I ran to the gate two minutes before it was closing. The stewardess asked my name and upon giving her my name, she told me to step aside and closed the gate on me. She allowed a passenger to go ahead of me, but closed the gate on my son and I. I explained to her that we were on time and she closed the gate early. I explained that we needed to be on this flight so that we could catch our cruise ship. She couldn't care less and refused to get a supervisor for me. After asking about for five times, she called for a supervisor who did not show up for another 20 minutes. The supervisor was of no help and sent us to a JetBlue representative to book another airline ticket for four hours later. I spent the entire four hours making phone calls, changing shuttle buses and trying to contact the ship asking them to wait for us before departing. What a horrific way to start a vacation which should've been a wonderful and exciting experience. No one at JetBlue was helpful or sympathetic regarding my situation. The stewardess was extremely rude, but I couldn't even feel comfortable voicing my opinion without fear of being retained by police officials. Extremely disturbing.

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