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JetBlue Airways

118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY
David Barger
President CEO and Director
(718) 286-7900
(718) 709-3621
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Jet blue mad! - 9 h 42 m ago


Dear David Barger

Let me start by stating that I have been a frequent customer with Jet Blue for years unfortunately things will change from here on.. Today 3/22/19 I am very unsatisfied being that I have an upcoming family trip I booked 6 tickets for my family to all leave together from JFK to PR and as I review my trip I notice that I made an online mistake and one of the ticket was a day off I called customer service and ask to speak to a manager about my online mistake they connected me with a manager her name Esla. I explained that I made a mistake and accidentally booked my fathers ticket a day off.. I explained that my dad can't fly alone being that he is 72 and has a lot of medical needs.. The Manager Esla inform me that there is nothing she can help me with. That to change his flight I would have to pay the fight difference and a 100$ change fee altogether this would be a $300 difference.. She had no compassion and very poor customer service she didn't offer any solution or accommodations.. I ask to speak to someone above her and she said she was the top manager and doesn't answer to anyone.. This completely disgusted me and if what she's stating is true being that she is a manager I found her to be inconsiderate and it shows that she really doesn't value her customers therefore I will no longer be flying with JetBlue again..

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Super Disappointed - 9 d 17 h ago


Sunday March 10th I was scheduled to depart at 9:17am on flight #560 from KIN; arriving at JFK at 2:08pm. Here is a timeline of what transpired: 7:30am: Arrival at airport (since we have to arrive early for international departures) 9am: Boarded Flight 9:17am-10:45am: waiting in airplane for takeoff 11am: informed by flight crew that ONE of their flight attendants injured their finger and they were trying to locate a replacement for this employee. 11:15am: informed by pilot that we will have to exit plane and return to airport lounge since they cannot takeoff with ONE missing attendant. 11:45am: presented myself to JetBlue kiosk for further information. Was informed that we would have to wait until the new flight crew would arrive from Fort Lauderdale around 6pm. At which point we would re-board the same plane and take off around 6:35pm. [Please note- there were NO announcements made at the airport relating to these changes. NO indications on the Departure screen, no updates etc] 12-6pm: Still standing by in airport lounge waiting for update 6pm: Walked back to kiosk to try and obtain new boarding time. Was told that we would board "shortly" (again NO updates via intercom or onscreen) 6:50pm: Finally boarding plane 7:15pm: approximate takeoff time I'd also like to highlight that email notifications from JetBlue were sent out AFTER updated departure time. Which was obviously always too late. Example: 11:06am: received email telling me flight was pushed to 10:30am. *This went out throughout the day. am happy to provide further proof of this; see screenshot attached for context. Bottom line: Neither myself, nor the rest of the passengers understand why a whole plane was delayed by ONE crew member injuring their finger- and JetBlue did not have at least a backup staff at hand. Especially since the next available crew would not arrive until the evening. Also, we would've appreciated PROMPTER response time and updates from JetBlue. All these updates were arriving AFTER the fact. Had I known, I could've exited the airport and returned later. What can JetBlue do to assure me that you are taking this under consideration?

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Peter sielaff - 12 d ago


Today we learned that my brother has terminal cancer and we would need to set up hospice ASAP. Was leaving on a trip on the 15th using SWA and returning on the 20th via jetblue.

Southwest issued a credit for the entire amount to be used for a future flight. JetBlue would not do anything except charge a $200 cancellation fee.

Will be getting rid of my JetBlue credit card and frequent flyer account.

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CJackson - 14 d 11 h ago


We traveled on a week cruise from St. Thomas into FLL on Feb. 24,2019 to ATL. We brought a case of alcohol in St.Thomas and checked it in at JetBlue. It was sealed in its original box and in a bag. We had a great flight and was waiting for our box to come through baggage and it never did. We had to go to baggage claim and our box was behind the agent cut open and missing a bottle. She apologized and said this happens all the time. She told us she would file a claim for us and to keep our receipts because baggage claim would request them. She told us we should hear from them by the end of the week. I waited a week and no one contacted us so I called on 3/6/19 and was told our case was closed. HOW????? The reps name was Maribel and she said our claim was closed and she would open it back up. She was not empathetic to my situation at all. I asked for a supervisor and was told there aren't any.... I would not hang up until I got a supervisor. Finally Heather picked up and told me she was sorry and could offer me a $75 voucher and close the case. I told her NO! I was told I would be compensated as long as I had my receipts. Heather told me I would have to wait for baggage claim to contact me. Today I get a letter telling me sorry for what happened but we can only get a voucher. I was also advised that your airline does not cover alcohol loss and I was advised of this in the terminal.... Why would I have wasted my time filing a report and calling back so many times???? She repeated all she could offer me was a travel voucher ..WHY WOULD I EVER TRAVEL AGAIN ON THIS AIRLINE? WHY WOULD I HAVE WAITED A WEEK TO HEAR THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN DO?? .This is such an unprofessional company even up to the supervisors. I will never travel your airline again and I will let all of my friends and family know to not use it. Everyone needs recurrent training in empathy and service. I've never been treated so bad and with such ill regard. I just hope you read these emails and you actually go back and retrain your team because word of mouth is BIG.

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HHenny Chapnick - 14 d 17 h ago


I DID DO the survey.

This repeated request reflects

on your poor and disappointing services.

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Clara Noa - 17 d 16 h ago


3/04/18 Dear Mr. Barger, I want a report that I was on a Jet Blue flight # 1304 on January 5 2019, I suffered a hart attack during the flight from NY to PR a few minutes before arrival, I was sitting in line 4 and the flight attendant did not activate the proper protocol, I was traveling with my daughter and my grandson, I unconscious but my daughter stated that once we arrived in Puerto Rico International airport, the emergency protocol was not activated, I was left in my seat until all the passengers evacuated the plane. On that same flight there was a Flight attendant that was traveling with her mom, she kept on telling the flight attendant to activate the emergency protocol, but they did not do so. The flight attendant did not know what to do nor they report the event to the Flight Pilot. I was taken to the hospital and was hospitalize and I am still under neurologist & cardiologist treatment.

I want to make this report official. I want Jet Blue to contact me (hidden)

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C Najarian - 17 d 19 h ago


This is the second time that delays for a flight have not been announced in a timely fashion. Both times the delay was announced just prior to boarding. This is not acceptable. In both instances the delay was known to staff but when I asked I was told the flight was on time. One of the staff people just now admitted that he knew it would be delayed when he came into work, an hour earlier. I understand that this delay is due to weather conditions in Boston (March 4). However. Why weren't passengers notified that the flight would be delayed. I have been checking every 15 mins. Consistently I was told "the flight is on time". When it clearly was not going to be on time. Very upsetting.

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Kenneth Penn - 21 d 16 h ago


BEWARE! We booked a flight to Punta Cana from Miami through Cheap-o-Air. We received a notice that our flight times had changed. I called Cheap-o-Air and they said we had confirmed acceptance of the change (which we did not). The agent at Cheap-o-Air said they would not be able to assist us in cancelling the flight and refunding our ticket - and gave us the phone number for Jet Blue.

I called and spoke with a Jet Blue representative who advised me that there are other flights available, and that "The travel agent knows their policies and I should not be contacting them directly. She suggested I call the travel agent and cancel the flight!" I called Cheap-o-Air again and told them what the Jet Blue "crew member" had told me. They called and put me on a 3 way call with a Supervisor - Jo - Crew Number 26487. She immediately said the travel agent knows their policies and while we can cancel the flight, JetBlue will not provide a refund but instead will provide a credit for a future Jet Blue flight. We don't flight JetBlue often so this is really of no value to us.

Jo was not pleasant and seemed to be annoyed that the Travel Agent and I had bothered her. I explained that Jet Blue had changed the flight, not me. It is no longer a convenient travel time for us and we would like a refund. She said Jet Blue had NO RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY US OF THE TIME CHANGE AT ALL. I was shocked by the policy (if this is true) and her failure to deal with the issue that a crew member had told me we were eligible for a full refund through the travel agency! They used to be great. I explained to her, that either JetBlue could authorize the refund as promised by the previous agent, or I would not choose to fly with them again. She said, "That would be totally up to you."

This is customer service at the worst. What has happened to this company? I have reached out to the corporate office and am waiting for a call back. If this is resolved, satisfactorily I will update my review. Zero Stars. The worst!

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Angelm - 22 d 15 h ago

I just came across an artical exposing JetBlue honoring a police killer fugitive Shakur. I find it disgusting that JetBlue at some point to do this. Your apology is not enough. Who gave the OK or authorized this? As a frequent flyer on JetBlue I find that disturbing.

JetBlue there are hundreds of black police officers killed in the line of duty that very easily could have been honored during black history month. But you chose a fugitive cop killer. It is insulting to the police officer all over the USA.

Then you apologize and think that that is enough.

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Fred - 22 d 16 h ago


I am flying Jet Blue on 2/27 to richmond and only found out 20 minutes before boarding that the flight has been delayed over 2 hours. Given that notification was provided only 20 minutes before boarding means Jet Blue withheld the delay notification on purpose and deceived the customers. Of the 12 flights Jet Blue is flying from Fort Lauderdale today .. 9 flights are delayed . This is ridiculous and only leads a person to believe the airline is run incompetently. Further compounding the issue os that I was original originally scheduled to fly Jet Blue from richmond to Fort Lauderdale last saturday but that flight was delayed and then the departure time was changed another 4 or 5 times. Why would anyone fly Jet Blue when there is deceit and incompetence . I am not sure why someone would ever fly Jet Blue

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Anonymous - 27 d 17 h ago

Why would JETBLUE have a photo of Joanne Chesmaird as Assata Shamur posted in the LGA terminal. She was a member of the BLA a hate group responsible for terror and murders. She fled the US to Cuba to avoid prison for the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper.

Why would JetBlue promote terrorists and murders? She is not a black hero. She Was and is a Racist, and a Hater. A Criminal.

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Alfred e smith - 28 d 11 h ago

As a retired New York City detective I and my family are appalled at the fact that a photo of Joanne chesmaird aka Shakkar is included in your black history month photo display at jfk international airport. Chesmaird is a wanted cop killer known as a member of the black liberation army who escaped from prison and now resides comfortably in Cuba while the families of her victims still mourn. This photo should be removed immediately. If not I will urge anyone I know not to fly with your company.

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Joan - 31 d 19 h ago


Hello another disgusted customer. We were flying Feb 15,2019 from Boston to Dallas we arrived at gate 2 hours early for 2:19 flight after 2 planes with maintenance issues, 2 flight crews at 9:30 at night we like many others gave up after encouragement from gate to do so. We were assured we would get our money back and $250. ea. in vouchers. I heard the same thing from home Feb 16, 2019 with customer service. Sunday night still no credit or vouchers. I called again. Spoke to a supervisor Jen/Jennifer no last name out of Salt Lake City Id# 50944 who said we would get our refund in 7-10 days and no vouchers. She also said she has no supervisors that she is in charge. So what is it who is running or not running JetBlue? If you do want to contact me Confirmation code TFTYVS

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Colombraro, Dr. Gerrie - 47 d 16 h ago


I have been told I would receive a $350 voucher within 7 days, but it's been nearly two weeks and I have not gotten anything.

The way Jet Blue treated me during this 31 hour odyssey from California to New York was HORRIBLE.

Lengthy delays, false promises, complete lack of transparency about what was happening or why,

and a total lack of care or concern for this untenable situation.

I will be sending my hotel and food bill to you for reimbursement ($241.16) Gerrie Colombraro

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Don A. - 32 d 5 h ago


We are experiencing a very similar situation today 2/17/2019 from LV to Long Beach CA. Lots of false promises, 11 delay notice in 8 hrs due to maintenance- not weather. Hum- they told us we would receive a $250 voucher, not certain it will actually happen now.

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Blue Nightmare - 43 d 14 h ago


On Sunday, October 21, 2018, I took my first trip on JetBlue from Savannah to Boston. It was horrible, and I'd like to know how I could have helped improve it. I am a paid TSA PreCheck traveler. On my Oct 18th flight from BOS-SAV, Delta automatically had my KTN on my ticket and boarding passes, which made my trip very smooth. When checking in with Jet Blue for my October 21 trip, I saw my KTN on my ticket, but not on my boarding pass. There was a spot that said "add KTN," but I mistakenly assumed that JetBlue, like Delta, would automatically add it to my boarding pass. I did receive the email with the subject "Important Changes to TSA Screening Procedures," but saw the line "TSA Precheck customers are exempt from this new procedure and can expect normal wait times, so I was unconcerned. At the Savannah airport, because my boarding pass didn't have "TSA Precheck" on it, I was subjected to a near strip search at security. I showed the TSA agent my ticket on my phone that said Precheck, but he refused to let me use it. I didn't know that I could have gone to the JetBlue counter to have this changed (and it's certainly not the TSA agent's job to tell me this). I was understandably upset, having gotten up at 4:30 am and driving 2 hours to the Savannah airport. My SAV-JFK flight was fine, but my JFK-BOS flight was another nightmare. After asking for volunteers to check carry-on baggage, they insisted I check mine when I boarded. They said if I wasn't willing to check it, I would have to take a later flight. I had already waited 3 hours at JFK for my scheduled flight, so I let them take it. On the Delta flight to SAV, they gate-checked our carry-ons and gave them to us as we exited the plane upon landing. However, the JetBlue staff informed me that I would have to get my bag in baggage claim at Logan Airport. Again, I was less than pleased. Upon arriving at Logan, because I had to go to baggage claim for my carry-on, I missed my Logan-to-Providence bus, and had to sit on the curb in the cold for *90 minutes* while I waited for the next bus. The moral of this story? I guess I shouldn't have tried to save money, but I was paying my own way to my daughter's wedding in Georgia and saving money seemed important. Of course, I couldn't change my ticket, or JetBlue would have taken $150 of my $184 fare as a "cancellation fee." My main question is should I have added my KTN to my boarding pass when I checked in for my flight online? JetBlue came highly recommended, and I was excited to fly it, but it didn't live up to the recommendations.

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Sam K - 50 d 18 h ago


Writing to thank some of the great staff at Jet Blue. In Florida, I get a call at 11 PM that someone close died and the funeral is the next day. I'm very upset plus I have to leave from 1 Fl city and return to another. I call Jet Blue for a reservation and speak to a Jennifer who was totally efficient and equally important, very compassionate. I hung up the phone and then realized I couldn't read my own handwriting regarding the confirmation code. Called back and talked to another representative who also terrific. Didn't get the email confirmations, soI called back and got another terrific Jet Blue rep on the phone.

Next day, go to the airport and had a friendly customer service person walk me through checking in and printing the boarding pass. Get to the gate where the flight is delayed because of Newark weather and the gate people were wonderful as were the flight attendants when we flew.

From when i first called Jet Blue to when I got off the plane, I was emotional, nervous, you name the emotion having to deal with the immediate loss of a close family member. Everybody from Jet Blue helped me and I am thankful. If there is a review that's better than 5 stars, this is it.

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Wade - 56 d 12 h ago


Dear JetBlue Customer Care/Retention:

First, let me start by stating that I've been a Loyal JetBlue customer for years and hope to remain one. Also I realize you receive many letters, but I'm hoping you take a minute to read this one

For the last several months, our family of eight, including grandkids, were gearing up for our vacation in Aruba. We were scheduled to depart BOS for a direct flight to AUA at 1045 EST on 19-Jan-2019. Our confirmation codes are: QBATWL and ALXPDH.

To our disbelief, we all received a text around 1930 EST stating "we apologize, this flight has been cancelled". As an aircraft Pilot, I am aware of what can happen to a flight due to weather but in this case I was in awe!

I immediately checked FlightAware for the location of JBU0783 and studied the data from FlightService (1800wxbrief) to understand what could be the cause. Nothing jumped out for our flight at the scheduled departure time. In fact, weather of any sorts wasn't in the area until approximately 1545 EST. The scheduled flight path and altitude for flight #0873 on that day kept it in the clear.

There's not much more to say. The travel agency said they could get us a flight on Tuesday, 22-Jan-2019, which would cut our stay in half but that's it. We had to cancel and hope to get our money back from the trip.

The biggest disappointment was seeing the devastating looks on the faces of our 9 and 10 year old grandkids. They had been awaiting this trip, had all the bags packed and were ready! This was a devastating blow to my family for an unsubstantiated cause.

In closing, yes, I do plan to use JetBlue in the future but if you can do anything for us in the way of future incentives be it upgrades, passes for travel within the country, discounts, etc, it would help ease the pain and prove that JetBlue does care about its customers and how the airline is viewed.

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Roberta - 56 d 18 h ago


Upon our return from a Cruise, our flight #1580 From Ft. Lauderdale to DCA was cancelled January 12. A snow storm was approaching the DC area roughly to start seeing precipitation around 5p.m. or so. As I watched carefully to the weather report, I was hoping that our flight would not be cancelled as it seemed we would be ahead of the storm. Well, no such luck. The flight was cancelled just hours before departure. Totally unprepared and never had experienced this, we went directly to JetBlue counter to find the most rude attendant I have every encountered. I got passed her lack of customer service and she proceeded to book us on a flight that did not leave until the following Tuesday. Wow. So, with no further assistance from JetBlue we proceeded to book a hotel reservation. Much to my disliking for having to spend monies not budgeted for, we made lemonade out of lemons. On Sunday I called JetBlue to see if we could get home any sooner. Two different attendants gave us two different schedules. The first said I would have to pay an additional $75.00 for each (three of us traveling) to get home. That was not acceptable as that made no sense. The second caller was wonderful and did not charge us that additional fee. When we were able to book our flight for Monday we had to book two different flights. I really did not have a problem with that set-up but when I boarded the plan there were numerous seats empty???? I am not familiar with policy or procedures with any airlines, however, I am very familiar with customer service and when it's good. I realize that the crew on ground is not there to figure out your dilemma, but a little curtesy and help goes a long way. I also understand the safety of all passengers and crew as they make a determination whether to fly or not. However, it would have been nice for a representative from JetBlue to assure their cancelled passengers, the reason, and what reasonable alternatives they could offer up. Also, how do you absolutely get away with charging $150.00 for luggage that is one pound over. Is this the only way to budget for raises. I hope to never fly with JetBlue again.

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Carl Hagarty - 58 d 15 h ago


Confirmation Code: JZZCVE Mr. Hayes, Although I was always a satisfied JetBlue traveler before I retired, I had an experience earlier today which left me feeling disappointed by your airline. In January I booked a trip from Boston to Fort Myers for 2/28 - 3/4. Today I learned that my soon-to-be son-in-law is planning a party to propose to my daughter on 3/2/18. She is the first of my four children to become engaged and I needed to reschedule my trip. The hotel graciously allowed me to reschedule my reservation for two weeks later without charge. Your airline extorted a $585.00 change fee from me for the exact same reservation, also two weeks later. Needless to say, I'm left feeling ripped-off . and "extorted" is not too strong a term under the circumstances. Spare me the travel voucher. Never Again! Formerly yours, Carl Hagarty

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Very unhappy mom - 61 d 7 h ago


traveling from jfk to atl on Monday jan 14 flight 519 Isaiah Godwin (hidden)076 he was not checking his bag and at the plane door was told he had to leave Duffy bag well his labtop was damage and now after speaking to a representatives today the battery was damage because it was put under the plane we was not informed or giving a chance to take it out at plane door. The representatives on the phone just inform me we had no idea that could happen well to make it worse the representatives said sorry it's not JetBlue problem after asking to speak to his supervisor he came back she told me to tell you it's not JetBlue problem she wouldn't come to phone after asking for name was put on hold again for 20min for Peggy to final come to phone to inform me I know this for next time. My son a freshman and I'm a single mom his labtop is not for pleasure it's a need for him to do his school work and I have no idea how to replace it. It's sad that your airline does this and I'm told not your problem and I know

For next Time

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Mike L. - 61 d 15 h ago

We are a party of eight senior citizens. Last night at 8:18PM we were notified that our flight #881 from JFK to St. Lucia has been cancelled! Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:00AM. Apparently your plane could not get to JFK due to weather conditions. We tried rebook on your flight #2481 to St.Lucia that was to depart at 11:30 AM but there were no seats..By the way, that flight departed on schedule. During the night and early morning I spent over five hours on the phone in an effort to book another flight to St. Lucia.

Finally early this morning I spoke to Michel L. (employee #73277 on extension 1176559) and she as able to book us on January 23rd to St Lucia (St.James Club @Morgan Bay) with a return flight on January 30th. She went above and beyond to help us. While we are very disappointed with the cancelled flight, I feel compelled to let you know about Michel. Please pass these comments on to Joanna Geraghty.

Thank You,

Michael J. Lent (True Blue #(hidden))

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Sean M - 62 d 21 h ago


My daughter and I last evening were alerted to JETBLUE flight 949/JFK to Grenada being 'cancelled'. I expect you made this decision given the weather forecast for tri-state; however, the weather is not expected to hit the area until late Saturday evening and Sunday. You rebooked me on the Sunday flight which I expect to be cancelled soon. As I look outside 1 hour post my previous departure time on the original flight, there is light clouds cover in the air. How are you making these decisions? REALLY. This flight, and I think most if not all flights out of JFK could have happened today if intervention did not occur. This is not the first time this occurred. I was in Curacao last March scheduled to come home and you cancelled my flight given a snow storm in NYC. That storm did not hit for another 24 hours. It was a Wednesday flight and we were rebooked on a Monday (yes Monday flight!). These are very poor patterns of decision making by JetBlue and has cost you my loyalty.

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Jackie - 66 d 16 h ago

I called to book flights for myself and 2 friends for my 30th birthday. When booking my flights the agent asked me how I am able to afford these flights and if I was a drug dealer! You have got to be kidding me! I have been trying to file a complaint and everyone keeps telling me they have sent this complaint to a specific department that handles this. I asked for someone to call me back to let me know how this will be handled. Instead I was offered $100 to leave this alone. The ONLY way I may leave this alone is if someone fixed my birthday plans and comped these flights. That would give Jetblue the chance to redeem themselves!

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