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Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

Shell Oil Company
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX
(713) 546-4100
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Mary - 2 d ago


I had a horrible experience at Jiffy Lube #3755. I came to the shop with a coupon for an oil change,which was all that I budgeted for. I've come to realize that the objective at this location is to upsell at any cost, but I am on a fixed budget and cannot afford extra expenses. I was attacked the entire time and told that I needed other services in order for my oil change to work. A total of 4 people came to me while I was there to tell me I needed various services. I ended up purchasing an oil system cleaner and an engine treatment. Also, it is documented that some fluid levels were checked and topped off, however, upon checking none of my car fluid levels were filled. I am upset and confused, because this is poor customer service and a horrible business practice. I will be reaching out to the corporate office to determine if this is the expected level of service.

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Joe smo - 6 d ago


You have manger bob in cranston ri dating a worker kayla no one in store when i came in was in basement together. Messed uo

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A former customer - 11 d 23 h ago


I went to your location in Westfield, Indiana several weeks ago. I noticed that there was only one vehicle ahead of me at the time. It took 5 minutes for a young lady to greet me. We selected an oil package and led me to the waiting room. I am a cigarette smoker, so I decided to wander around outside. I started to walk towards the convenience store next door, noticing two Jiffy Lube employees exiting a vehicle that was parked at the back of the property. I walked up to them and said hello. They both muttered hi back. What disturbed me is that they both REEKED of marijuana smoke! I allowed them to work on my car. Why I did not demand my vehicle be removed from the bay at that point will forever escape me, but I did. When they were done 15 minutes later, the interior of my car REEKED of marijuana smoke. Why I said nothing at the time will also forever escape me. What is going on at this location, and how does the Manager not know/allow this to happen? How can anyone allow employees to work on a customer's vehicle when they are high on drugs? AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE IS REQUIRED!

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Gregg - 15 d 15 h ago


I went to Jiffy Lube #1939, 11001 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025 on December 11, 2017, invoice# 194481. The employee overfilled the crank case and did not properly replace the dip stick. As a result, oil overflowed throughout the engine and subsequently all over the garage floor. I had to pay $100 to get the engine professional cleaned and had to clean the garage as well. I contacted the Jiffy Lube where the work was done and the manager has refused to reimburse me for the engine cleaning. After call Jiffy Corporate Customer Service for a remedy we were hung up two times by a customer service rep by the name of Allen. I then sent a letter to Mr. Poya Paul Ghardash the owner of the Jiffy Lube with a copy of the invoice for the engine cleaning, but to no avail. We are looking for help for Jiffy Lube at the corporate level.

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Jon A. - 14 d ago


Same thing happened to me. I had to get my engine cleaned due to an incorrectly installed oil filter, they said they would reimburse me and they came out and cleaned my driveway and garage floor. Not very well although. I have been chasing the reimbursement since summer of last year. If I do not get it soon, I will picket in front of their business with a sign that says they ripped me off-do not get service here.

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jim green - 61 d ago

i have had both of my veichels at the jonestown road location harrisburg pa, one last week and one just now , last week they screwed up my tires, this week they told me i wouldnt be charge for changing a build out for their screw up from last week , so i get home check the reciet and low and behold they charged me, so they lied not just one employee yet two told me they wouldnt charge me , i will no longer go to any jiffy lube and of course coprate doesnt get back to you so it god to know this corporation doesnt care about their customers

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John Greer - 16 d 16 h ago


Thank youuuu! @Jim Green their corporate is the worst corporate I have ever come across in my life. They don't get back to you at all even if you leave a message or feedback. Makes me wonder why this kind of company called Jiffy Lube is still in business.

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Steve Stephen - 49 d 14 h ago

My name is Steven Stephen I sent a complaint to the District manager Jesse Martin about his store in Westminster Colorado I don't want anything free I just wanted to let them know I have been a loyal customer for years the last time I went to get in oil change all of the employees were standing at the side of the building smoking a girl came to my car after me sitting there for 30 minutes she said she was management was very rude and told me they didn't have the stuff to give my car in oil change it was on New Year's Eve at 2:30 I asked if she could at least give me a top off and she laughed and told me she was closing and I needed to leave at that point she turned around and was talking to the other four or five workers and all she was saying was bad words and talking like as if I was in the wrong for trying to get an oil change.

I have never been so disrespected and as long as jiffy lube has management and employees like that they have lost my respect and all my business!!!! I don't want anything free I will never go back for an oil change at least the least they can do is apologize for the behavior of their employees, On my complaint I left my email and I haven't even received an email of an apology is this how Jiffy Lube runs their business?

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Eric - 16 d 16 h ago


That is how Jiffy Lube runs their business basically trust me. I was an employee with them and trust me they are illiterates and I repeat.

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ThatGurlKyre - 34 d ago

Jiffy Lube doesnt know how to respond to anyone other than thier "Own" People. If your not any part of managment, good luck getting a response. They work thier employees 7 days a week, open to close without a lunch break at that and the employees cant even get a dang phone call returned or their vaction approved.

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ThatGurlKyre - 34 d ago

Jiffy Lube doesnt know how to respond to anyone other than thier "Own" People. If your not any part of managment, good luck getting a response. They work thier employees 7 days a week, open to close without a lunch break at that and the employees cant even get a dang phone call returned or their vaction approved.

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T. Brown - 43 d 21 h ago


I posted a review earlier today and said I would update. I've since heard from Hyundai who advised me that my particular Hyundai has an engine recall that affected the engine failing. This was no fault of Jiffy Lube. Hyundai is replacing my engine at no cost to me. It's just coincidental that the engine failed soon after my oil change. The district manager did contact me right away which I appreciate. In my earlier post, I mentioned how I'd never had a problem with this particular Jiffy Lube. Well, that's still true considering the outcome. The associate, Josh; assistant manager Shawn, and district manager Robert Beyer were very professional throughout this entire ordeal.

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T. Brown - 43 d ago


Jiffy Lube Brooklyn Park MN. 2012 Hyundai Sonata Limited with 28,553 miles on it. I took my vehicle in for an oil change on 1/8/18. The next morning, 1/9/18, my oil light came on and my car died as it was being driven. I had it towed to a mechanic who advised me that the engine had no oil on the dipstick; would not crank. He found oil all over the lower side of engine and no oil in the pan. He removed the filter and found a loose o-ring which was the source of the oil leak and subsequent engine failure. Jiffy Lube employees did not correctly replace the o-ring. My engine now has to be replaced. I went back to the store and spoke with a store "associate" as neither manager was on duty. I was told to come back the next day to speak to a manager. I went back today, 1/10/18, and spoke with an assistant manager who stated a district manager would be in touch. I'm devastated as I just purchased the vehicle in pristine condition not even 2 months ago. I haven't heard from the district manager yet but I'm hoping when I do, Jiffy Lube will do the correct thing and pay for a new engine and all costs associated with it. After all of this, I went online to do research on Jiffy Lube and read several posts about people having similar experiences with Jiffy Lube, but I have to say I've taken vehicles to the same Jiffy Lube on and off for the past 10 years and I've never had a problem with their service. This, though, is a really BIG problem, Unfortunately, I would have to rate my experience this time as 0-terrible. I will update with the final outcome.

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Lillian - 53 d 50 m ago


I just had the worst customer service at Jiffy Lube on 5010 City Ave. I get my car towed to the location with ascertanity from speaking to someone the day before that my car would be able to get the work done. So after my car gets dropped off by towing company I get told that the work won't be able to get done because one of the technicians who are certified to do the work are not in, o my one was currently there. Of course I am upset because I spoke to someone before I even got my car to the location, and I was told if I bring it in the morning they will be able to work on it. I get to the store to find out that I spoke to the technician that was scheduled off, and I guess he forgot he was off. I tried to calm the situation and my boyfriend down, Mike was letting us know what will happen and there was no way the work was going to be done because they didn't have both technicians in, and I understood that. The Assistant Manager, Ladiya, came in and escalated the situation to a level it never needed to go. She threatened my boyfriend and told him "I don't care that I'm a girl we can take this outside, step outside." After she did that she lied, and walking off telling her coworkers and I quote "We don't do this kind of work on cars take that shit out of here!" And they pushed the car out into the parking lot. She walked out of the waiting room, and the other customers and I were shocked at how unprofessional she was. They could not believe how "ghetto" she was being and one walked off. She tried to blame my boyfriend for her customer leaving, but failed to acknowledge her conduct. She was horrible, and does not deserve the position as an assistant manager if that is how she handles situations. I will be shocked if you have never received any complaints about her. I called another Jiffy Lube location to see what recommendations they give me about this situation, and thanks to them I was able to get in contact with the General Manager, and he assured me that he will be able to take care of my car first thing Tuesday morning. He apologized about the way his employees were conducting themselves, and they were wrong for it. This went to a level it never needed to be at, and I was upset but it's frustrating to know that the people I am trusting with my car get like this. I am a little concerned about leaving my car there with how unprofessional she was, but I was not able to pay for another tow. Just the worst customer service, and I hope and pray the work gets done correctly.

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Anonymous - 54 d 18 h ago


I just left one our your locations 2021 on 59th We have a corp. account with you and they told me that they use plate numbers I tried to give them the account number but they said they DO NOT do it like that. That is the worse service I ever had I will never go to that one again,

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Courtney - 70 d ago


Don't go to the W. Valley parkway location in Escondido,CA. Three times I have requested the owner or manager to please call me to discuss my complaint, and I completed a complaint form through the corporate website. I have not heard from anyone yet and no follow up to my complaint form. I witnessed their employees causing damage to my car right in front of me and the repair bid shows it will cost $100-200 for me to fix. When I called the Escondido shop and spoke to an employee to once again request a call back, I asked for his name so I could note who I left the message with, his response to me was rude, he said "Dont worry about my name". He refused to state his name and hung up.

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Anonymous - 70 d ago


I have a question about your policy on keeping doors open during the winter time. I never been in a shop where the doors have to be open in the winter I live in lincoln NE and it gets real cold. When I asked my supervisor about closing the bay doors he said your policy is bay doors have to be open. I ask what since does that make. Now I would like to know if this is true and why.

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Chenry - 74 d 18 h ago


Incident = my car( 2001 saturn ) was supposed to be service @jiff lube in Hampton, VA STORE#132 1month later the car stop working. the car was towed to the repair shop and was told: that the timing chained had jumped timingand at the same time the engine was dry from oil. the repair man replaced the timing chain and add three quarts of oil was add to pre-lube the engine pryor to starting. all plugs were removed and the enginecranked several revolutions untill oil was noticed reaching the valve train components. with the plugs re-installed, the engine was then cranked to start. upon craking, no compression was note. the plugs were removed and a compression test was done all cyl. is 20psi FURTHER INVESTIGATION DETERMAINED that the piston rings were allallowing compression to pass. this happens as a result of no oil in the engine.ther is no oil leaksor evidence of oil burning

Damage Resulting = A new engine built with only saturn parts no rebuilt engine

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F. Wells - 79 d 4 h ago


Any REAL Man who needs to go to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change deserve to get lubed up the ass.

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Unacceptable Service - 104 d 20 h ago


I had an oil change..or so I September..1 week later, I had another mechanic check it & he said it was 1/2 full..Either they never gave me any oil or they didn't give me enough..I recently submitted a complaint & the district mgr said the guy that gave me the oil changed watched the video of Himself doing I asked the district mgr to review it himself & that they probably lost a customer..He said he won't waste his time watching it if I'm not coming back.Wow..great customer sevice guys..Not..Goodbye

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Anonymous - 97 d 32 m ago


They didn't put any oil in my car and now my motor is gone

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Jess - 80 d 13 h ago

Can I ask where? What location? I just had miy changed a couple of hours ago and it's leaking ALL over!! In Snohomish Washington I can't get ahold of Amy human as they are closed now. Surprise!!!

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Frank - 79 d 11 h ago

I had a oil change at the same location a couple months ago and a few days later oil leak. Went back to the Lake Stevens Jiffy Lube because it is closer to home and after 30 minutes of them working on it the assistant manager told me that the tech at the Snohomish store striped the oil pan and I needed to take it to the dealer and have it replaced. I've been going to jiffy over 25 years and never heard this before. Long story short I brought the invoice back to them and nothing yet after many tries of resolving it. I guess I have to get a lawyer.

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CWL - 79 d 18 h ago

I had my 1994 Isuzu Trooper (58K mi) inspected today (12/4/17) and it failed because of "vertical play" in the front wheels. Since my last inspection, which passed, I have driven 107 miles with no accidents or mishaps. Can someone explain this?

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Mike white - 83 d 15 h ago


You guy's can only last so long. You are rip offs. By the way I spoke to the general mngr. in gig harbor and he advised me that the General mngr. of the shop in Tacoma would contact me. That was a month ago! Good luck jiffy lube. Your doors will close within three years. Further I would never accept a complementary service cause it is a scary though to put all my vehicles in your shop! Those idiots assured me of a certain service and once there they said they don't do that service! So I worked in there garage because when I got there they refused to work on the car!

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