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Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

Shell Oil Company
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX
(713) 546-4100
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Albert - 7 d 10 h ago


On June 30th, 2017, I took my Jeep into store #3090 for a routine oil change and lube. During this process, one of my hood latches was broken, they are custom latches called Drakes. I left the store having no knowledge that the latch was broken. When I got home my son in law notice that the latch was hanging by a wire. I immediately went back to Jiffy Lube and dealt with Jose, the manager. He told me that they damaged it and would put a claim into corporate for replacement within a couple of weeks. A couple weeks later I get a call from Eric Garrison, Jiffy Lube Corp, telling me that Jose denied the claim and that basically I would have to prove the incident. He asked me for photos of the broken part which I didn't think to take. However, I did send him a bill for the replacement part which I had already paid for and had installed. So far, no answer. I will never do business with Jiffy Lube and I would not send my worst enemy to any Jiffy Lube nor recommend their services to anyone.

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Rochelle Boone - 1 d 10 h ago


On August 14, I went to Jiffy Lube store #980. The staff was very unprofessional. Michael Hughes yelled at me and told me to pull closer to the pit. Also they took 47 minutes to do a ten minute inspection. I do not recommend then for nothing!

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago


I went to a local jiffy lube in Cedar Rapids Ia. I had the signature service. They said they checked everything. I took my truck to a shop and had my transmission done. There they looked at my rear differential and said it was low. I told them that it was just in at jiffy lube. They said yes it is wet around the seal. Not enough to lose that much fluid. I had only 400 miles before going to the shop. Jiffy lube said that a well known shop don't know what they are talking about. It's going to cost 600.00 to be repaired. They are not going to cover the repairs. They never checked it. Niffy lube cooperation needs to handle this and fix my truck. Apparently a formal employee will get treated like a liar.

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago


I was told they could not change the transmission filter because they dont know the history of my vehical?

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Esther (let's settle this in a Professional way) - 24 d 6 h ago


Well Jiffy Lube Corporate it's been 18 days 7/5/17 & the damage to my car by you from a simple oil change left it completely inoperable & had to be towed. I've talked to Matthew

P & the Mgr @ str#2955 admitted to negligence & to tow & repair it thru a auto repair shop u guys deal with which I would rather it go to a reputable shop because of what I've been through with you guys, invoice#18218008my Trust in you is just not there, I had a good car with nothing wrong with it just needed an oil change. Matthew & I were coming to an agreement but I don't feel I should pay anything for a rental but the $50 deposit (mind you 1 min I have a car & the next I don't

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Kinon - 38 d 10 h ago


This store has been robbing young women and old ladies for years and it needs to stop.

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Former Assistant general manager - 46 d 17 h ago


I'm a former employee assistant general manager of store 1060. That's Alpharetta Georgia regional manager Balao. Store manager Spencer Locket customer Service associate/assistant general manager Ebony Branch He has recently come to my attention that the two above names store manager and assistant general manager have reached out to the regional manager in regards to a warrant being placed for my arrest. Apparently this is a regards to some money's being missing out of the drawer prior to my departure of Jteam #1060 I do believe all three are in cahoots and they are sending me up the creek on trumped up charges. You see for a while spencer locket and miss branch have been utilizing the store till as their petty cash . justifying going in and taking money with receipts that sometimes are returned and accounted for and other times or not. During my brief employment Spencer locket was due to take his schedule vacation. During which time ebony branch decided this was her opportunity to get rid of me a person who was promoted from within but has her same position and rank. Now twice On Friday and Saturday miss branch did not make a bank deposit and kept the store deposit with her in her fanny pack that she wears every day. She stop by that Sunday and asked Lawrence who is the former AGM at that location if he needed any money in the register to which he responded no all of our purchases today will be credit card I won't need any. Before Spencer lockets return I had to close and open the store a few nights instead of doing what he asked me to do which was to set the till at $200 before closing and before opening the store even if the numbers didn't match up. One day I decided to put in the exact numbers and was reprimanded for not accounting for receipts that I didn't know The whereabouts. And I believe that was the beginning of the end for me because at that point everything I did was under a magnification and everything was my fault and it became so frustrating that I just decided to leave. Yesterday I was made aware of the fact that Miss Ebony branch and Mr. Spencer locket had Mr. Balao sign documentation with the police officer placing a warrant for my arrest for money being missing from the register. I have video evidence of them fudging the numbers in teaching me how to fudge the numbers. My grandmother is NYPD over 35 years. My father is a New York State former sheriff Deputy over 10 years I myself was going to apply for not only Roswell police department but also down here in Miami at the Hollywood Police Department. I am a straight shooter who knows that no way in the world I would take any money from the register and ruin my families good name. Why because it is not in my blood because I bleed blue. Not to mention I've worked for a daily labor company called labor ready for over 20 years Yes while working at Jiffy Lube at #1060 on my days off if I needed money I would go to day labor to earned my keep. I have no reason to steal this is complete BS and I have proof. Please save me from arrest, please save my families good name, and please investigate the situation and get rid of the three amigos whom I believe is ruining that region . thank you

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Daniel K. - 47 d 46 s ago


. Today 6/30/17 I went to Jiffy Lube #1346 to change oil. I paid for services and was told everything is fine and checked on the report as well everything was in order. Drove streit home. Few hours later noticed big dark spot on my floor. Checked under the car. Entire bottom filled with axle boot lubricant that is leaking. Inner axle boot on right side has a hole and it's right next to oil filter that was changed today. In addition, panel that covers oil filter is just hanging on one clip. I called manager Hector and explained the situation. Instead of being professional, he starts saying "it's not our fault we have nothing to do with that it's coinsidental". 1. If I had this problem before service they would've seen it right away and point it out to me. Things do not break by themselves. 2. Panel that covers oil filter is hanging on threads. It must have been detached first in order to get to the filter and then reattached back correctly, which was not done because it is hanging there. This prooves how unprofessional and incompetent your mechanics are.

I don't wish to spend my own money because of your employee's negligence. I am asking you in a courteous and professional manner to help me handle the situation and fix my car.


Daniel Koretsky


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Sam - 219 d 12 m ago


I received a call from Jiffy Lube representative (hidden) stating they will charge $30.00 to my account claiming my car was not smelling good. He stated that since you are Indian and Indian cars stink.

After I disputed and reminded him he was making racial comments, he cursed at my family members. Told him I am done with Jiffy Lube

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Cheshire 23 - 56 d 6 h ago

Are you seriouse!!!!! Lmfao.... That shouldn't even be part of the service let alone an issue. That's bogus.

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Will, very unhappy, Greenhawk - 58 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern. I have been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for years, until recently! I have had quality service based on what I paid. My past three Jiffy Lube experiences have been a horrendous experience , to say the least, from the customer service at two different Jiffy Lube's in Virginia Beach area to management of Ryan in the local area management. Everything from leaky oil changes, times two, and being called a liar on more than two occasions on the same phone call in front of a Toyota dealership on the phone by Ryan. Totally unprofessional workmanship and totally unprofessional and disrespectful public relations from the corporate office. Shame on you Jiffy Lube for continuing to put up with these type of people

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Anonymous - 74 d 16 h ago


Jiffy Lube

10512 SE Mill Plain Blvd Ste A

Vancouver, WA 98664-4588

On 3/7/17 I took my car to have an oil change and serpentine belt replaced. I left my car and walked to Kmart. When I came back they had moved my car out of the service bay and was working on the belt. When they had finished I paid and left. While I was running errands, I noticed the damage to my paint. I went back the same day and the manager said they would review the video and call me back in a couple of days. Two weeks later and no one called so I returned to the shop again. This time the manager said he had viewed the video and that they didn't do the damage. I asked to view the video myself and he said it would take a couple of days to set it up. After waiting another week with no call, I filled out an online complaint. The owner of the franchise contacted me and when I asked to see the video he said where the car was you could not see it on tape. That was on 04/26/2017 he said he would call me back he never did. I call him today 5/18/17 this time he pointed out that I had rock chips on my car's paint and I know that. I explained that I only wanted the part they damaged not the entire car

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Anonymous - 76 d 10 h ago


I went to your location on Livingston Ave in Columbus Ohio in early May. I was told I needed a coolant top off which they would charge me for. I declined since I had coolant at home.

Today I rmemebered and went to fill the reserve tank. To my surprise, there was no cap on the reserve tank, my coolant was completely empty and spilled all over that some of my engine and parts.

So, thanks for the overpriced oil change that cost me additional time, money and anger that your show wasn't completant enought to put a cap back on...

Never going back.

If I could find a corporate email addesss anywhere I would br contacted that way.

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Mr.Cruz - 83 d 11 h ago

You have A manager an employee here in Wichita Kansas that are dealing with stolen property an they know it. If something isn't done about this in thirty days I will be forced to fill suit an have all Jiffy Lubes in Wichita, Ks to protest let everyone know in Wichita that you employ criminals an you do nothing about it.

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Ron Lewis - 94 d ago


I have already consulted a lawyer fully expecting the worse is yet to come!!! On Friday 5/12/17 at 12:41 PM I took my recently purchased/used Jeep to the local Jiffy Lube in Rockville #777, Maryland for what I imagined to be a routine fuel system flush. It's listed as one of their regular services for $89.99. Mind you I was at work and left to get this fluid flush on my lunch break in hopes to return within an hour or less as I only work 3 miles away. The technicians finished with my car and rang me up for $254.97 which included Front differential service and a power steering service as well. Great. After leaving I only got as far as the first traffic light when I heard a terrible metallic sounding rattle and then the exhaust began to smoke like the rear end was on fire. I pulled over, shut it down and got out to see what was going on. After shutting the car down the exhaust still smoked for a minute or two. I had trouble starting the car and once it turned over it stalled any time my foot wasn't on the gas so I had to carefully get the car back to the Jiffy Lube in the rainy conditions and lunch hour traffic. When I returned there was a line around the store so I approached the tech who rang me up and told him my issue. He indicated that the white smoke wasn't a problem and the tech who did the work forgot to purge the veichle before releasing it to me. He proceeded to rev the engine for a few minutes then took my car around the block without me for a few minutes and when he came back said it was fine and if I had any other issues to bring it back on Monday. As soon as I got in and put the car in drive it shut off...mind you I'm not even back to work yet. I got out and asked for the managers card and the technician "Lorenzo" said that the manager didn't have a card and he didn't like them giving his number out so I should just come back on Monday because he would be there first thing in the morning. I limped my car back to work and it quit several times along the approx 3 mile journey so much so that I had to borrow my bosses car in order to escort my clients. After my appointment I returned to the scene of the crime and Lorenzo ran the fuel system flush over again outside of the facility in front of me. I have no idea how it should have been done but after this attempt the result was even worse. He offered to take my car around the block again to see for himself and it stalled out as he was backing out. Why he even bothered to drive any further is beyond me but to make it worse he came back after a few minutes and again told me he had no idea what to do, supposedly made a call to his manager and finally gave me a card for Rockville Auto Clinic as the place to take it to per their recommendation...on Monday because they don't work on weekends. I asked how I would get it their since they didn't offer to tow my car. Lorenzo had no answer. I told him I was still at work and had to get back to answer there either. Worst of all I live in Frederick, Maryland which is 30 miles away and had no idea how I was going to get home. After they serviced my car it even lurched forward when my foot was on the brake which is a horrible feeling in one of the busiest traffic areas in the nation. I asked for the managers number again and I got nothing. I had to deal with getting my car out of there on my own. I had to leave my car at my job over the weekend and coordinate getting it to their recommended shop on my own! I had to coordinate a 30 mile ride home on my own and had to work Saturday, Sunday and at this point Monday on my own with no word from anyone from Jiffy Lube. All they did is break my car and take me for $254.97. UNACCEPTABLE!!! I've only made two payments on my car and they broke it and left me to pick up the pieces. Lucky for me I was smart enough to record some of the operations on my car the second time around along with some of the conversation. I turned my phone records over to my lawyer and at this point a full refund plus along with getting my repairs done is bare minimum. Without someone contacting me soon and I mean Monday, May 15th of 2017 I am prepared to have my friends at Channel 4 share my experience in exruciating detail and I will stop at nothing to ensure that Jiffy Lube never services another car at this location The wheels are already in motion, pun intended. Try me! I want a full refund of my $254.97, I want the repairs covered at your expense and I want a guarantee that any issues that conveinetly arrise down the road based on the damage done when your technician inserted your fluid/chemical into the wrong entry point (brake line-booster cable) covered by you as well. I've been a loyal customer for close to two decades and you've caused me tremendous pain and suffering. This information and more has already been submitted to my lawyer and I hope that you will do what's right and make me whole. Thank you, Ron Lewis

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jim - 161 d 14 h ago


My wife went to Jiffy Lube in Hampton VA, Store 132. The service she got was terrible. First of all the Charged her $74.99 for the oil change, something that should cost around $25 dollars if you do it yourself, so that makes it about $50 an hour service charge. Thin they did not have the air filter, so they went next door to the parts house bought one for $6 dollars and charged my wife $27 for it. I ended up pay $120 just to have my oil changed and air filter replaced, that is awful.

Well to top it off, I have an alarm on my truck and they keep setting it off. Well to fix that situation they thought it was best to unhook my battery instead of hitting the key fob. Well that fine and dandy, however when they hooked back up they did not tighten the positive cable back up. So my wife with our new born son drove home, I went to the gas station in the truck all with a loose battery terminal, possibly making sparks the whole time. Glad it did not burn my truck to the ground.

Well I called the Customer Service Manager to try to discuss this and it turned out worse. I explained to him what had happened and he did not understand the problem. Well I lost my cool said a bad word (damn) that got him fired up at me. I said no reason for the language I agree, but I said no reason to unhook my battery either when you have my key fob. I had no real answer to that. We got a little heated again, he finally said I don't know why I am still talking to you, if you are not happy don't go to Jiffy Lube again. Thin I slammed the phone saying to my self please go bankrupt.


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Waterloo- Jiffy Lube/Frauds - 175 d 4 h ago

I recently visited a Jiffy Lube in Waterloo, Iowa- Upon arriving, I witnessed a customer almost in tears as all of the sudden, his car would not start. This car has just went through a tune-up and the manager was blaming the customer, saying that his Key was bad or the ignition just randomly went bad... I should have left but I was in a hurry and wanted an oil change.. To make a long story short, during my OIL change, they raised the price.. Then they informed me that my rear transaxle fluid was bad and that I had a taillight out.. Weird, Just had the transaxle fluid changed at 75000.. The lights worked prior to me going there.. But I Ok'd the light and the upcharge on the OIL. Two days after leaving, I get pulled over due to a tail light being out.. They broke my lense.. So I take the car to another place to be fixed and they tell me I am leaking transaxle fluid because Jiffy Lube failed to tighten the plug. The whole process at Jiffy Lube was supposed to cost 69.00 and I ended up paying 117.00.. These guys are FRAUDS.. Isn't it bullshit that this is the only way we can contact this piece of shit company..

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Unfreakinbelieveable - 189 d 15 h ago


I went into Jiffy Lube on Reisterstown Rd in Baltimore and they drove my car through the garage door. The GM is giving me the run around and the owner wont return my calls. They claim to be veterans and all and they cant even handle business in an appropriate manner.

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Francis - 192 d 6 h ago


I Manage a Jiffy Lube Store and I would like to say that every comment below is your own personal opinion, but that's not the Jiffy Lube Service I provide to the clients that roll into my shop everyday, I am very sorry you had problems with the service, but a vehicle report is very important before providing the service to each vehicle that comes into the shop that's what I do when somebody comes in, We make sure there's oil in your vehicle before we start the service, by simply checking your dip stick, we look underneath your vehicle and call out anything leaking, Sweating, Dripping, check your Diff's, T-Case, Rear Diff, if it is a 4x4, FWD, or even a RWD set up, please don't let a few bad apples ruin a good tree, stay on top of your intervals and never wait until your engine starts to give you trouble before coming to the shop, but my shop we have positive replies from our City, and treat everyone with respect in order to maintain a strong and loyal service history for our valued customers. I encourage everyone to remember that we are trained Lube Techs and we follow a computer program that is updated every 1/4 of the year from the manufacture for domestic and import vehicle fluid services. I have over 3000 services that I've done but have been repairing and servicing vehicles for 14 yrs. Our customers always return for continued services, and Bring us Coffee without asking or buy us lunch because they love how much better there vehicles function after we provide the recommended service on the Car, Truck, Van, SUV.... "Mind The Typo's"

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cashley - 214 d 7 h ago


The Prescott Valley, AZ Jiffylube service center shows no respect for the customer's time. I was told that my oil change would take a half hour to 45 minutes, so I went to the nearby Safeway. An hour later I returned to find my car hadn't even been pulled into the bay, much less had the oil changed. The waiting room was empty, and clearly other cars were serviced before mine, which was put to the end of the line because I wasn't there.

I won't bother wasting my time again at Jiffylube. You've lost a customer for good.

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Sonja Adkins - 251 d 11 h ago


My daughter went in for a oil change . When it was time for her to leave, her car would not start. The Jiffy Lube location:29280 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33169 phone (305) 652 3593. She has 4 small children in school and stuck at this place. She rode in just fine. Now her car will not start.

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Emma - 254 d 9 h ago


My boyfriend was trying to do me a favor and take my car in for an oil change while I was at work on Saturday Dec. 3rd, I gave him enough money that should've been plenty for that and to fill up my tank and have some left over...I have never paid more than $30 for an oil change and have receipts to prove it. So first off he was completely ripped off paying $97 for an oil change!! I have a basic Chevy Cruze, it should NOT cost that much, like I said, no more than $30...on top of that it started making a funny noise after he left thinking it was maybe the over priced fancy oil they told him my car required but after looking under the hood he realized they had taken out my air vent to show him that needed to be replaced but he said no and told them to put it back, they did not put it back correctly, screws were not completely screwed in and could've easily come off under the hood of my car...not screwing down the air intake to a complete seal left a gap and dirt and debris could've have gotten past my carburetor and into you cylinders and could have scored the cylinder walls causing blue smoke to exit my guys would've been responsible for all of this if my boyfriend didn't check it himself. I've never been to a jiffy lube but i can guarantee I will not be back, $97 for an oil change is absolutely ridiculous and if I can request a partial refund that would be great, but also my car was not put back together correctly and could've caused more damage had we not checked it ourselves after your employees clearly didn't check it themselves! My information should be under my boyfriend's name Tyler Schafer if you need to look up the invoice.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 1 y ago


I had to pay for ur wrong doing to my car. I didnt wsnt to get a lawyer involved but will unless we can talk it out.

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