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Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

Shell Oil Company
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX
(713) 546-4100
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Serious - 1 d 14 h ago


The employess are not professional and dont even wear uniforms. They smoked while they worked on my car and stood around instead of helping customers. They were very rude and joked around about sexually explicit things degrading women.

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Ruben Mendoza my phone number is 505 306 my phone number is 503-536-8000 - 23 d 17 h ago

I was just at Jiffy Lube last week top off my transmission fluid didn't even do the job they couldn't take off a screw and put oil in it don't do business with Jiffy Lube bunch of rip offs

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Anonymous - 29 d 11 h ago

The general manager molested my daughter. Please do something about it before he hurts someone else.

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Lata - 36 d 15 h ago


Took our Lexus ES350 to simply get a quote for brakes and rotors repair to the Jiffy Lube store on Banksville Road, Pittsburgh. While the car was being inspected for the need for repair; the key to the spare tire was taken from the glove compartment. The key was never returned and in the process two men's Ray-ban shades went missing too!

We realized the key and the shades were missing a couple days later. When we called the store, incidentally the district manager was available that day and he suggested I call the store manager the following day to check. The district manager did accidentally slip and stated that they did have to let go off a technician only to cover up quickly and restate that they have not let go but there's just one technician who's not been coming in.

We went in the next day and the store manager returned the key and mentioned it was accidentally not returned. Also that there was nothing else with them to return. The store manager mentioned that they will check the camera recording to see if there was anything else taken and that they will need a couple days for the same. When we demanded to see the camera recordings as a follow up, we were told we need to contact corporate (hidden)- this number is never reachable and always has a busy tone!!!! The store manager mentioned that they have reviewed the camera recording and the technician took the key to the spare tire from the cup holder. This is a blatant lie as we have never had the key lying in the cup holder and is always in the glove compartment. It was taken from the glove compartment and so were the $250 worth 2 Rayban shades!

This is a nightmare as we went in to simply get a competitive quote and got ripped off in the process. There's still no response!

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Lucia valencia - 37 d 16 h ago


Oh wow not surprised to read the reviews here on 1/15\19 store#2315 on Nampa Idaho they service my 05 Ford F 150 and I ask for the basic oil change I usually pay around 45 dollars at the time to pay it was 73 dollars I ask why???and the manager answer the prices increase...I'm not happy with his answer and next day I call the other shop near me and ask prices..43 dollars the basic I call corporate and they promise to call me back in 72 hours...I'm still waiting...BUT FOR SURE I'M NOT GOING BACK

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Anon - 43 d ago


First of all, all Jiffy Lube locations need to be shut down. Due to dishonesty, disrespect, and the simple fact that the employees do not do the work properly. I worked for Jiffy lube, and i was treated like pure shit on the bottom of someone's shoe. They do not value their employees or their customers, my husband also worked there for 2+ years and then he quit because they were working him like a dog, never had a day off. His last day he worked he worked for about 8ish hours and then pay day comes around and that money is missing never hits the account. Jifffy lube is a poor excuse of a "Quick Lube shop" not quick whatsoever!Jiffy lube in my small town, the CSA or AM sucks, RUDE, and he has bad hygiene sorry but i don't want the smell in my car! Also, i was sitting outside of the shop, and i called to ask how many people they had and how long it would be to do an oil change, and he said that he's backed up about 7 cars deep and it'll take 2 and half hours. And did i mention he had no cars in bay? Lost me there. Bye! New owners need to buy it from Car Care, because all they care about is getting their money and not about the customers cars they work on. Mess up someone's car who doesn't have much, and then says their SOL and they can't do nothing about it. I wish nothing but bad for this company. POS. BTW location 3282!

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Rich - 55 d 10 h ago


Jiffy lube 2518 Bryan trey Garcia has been doing people brakes and pocketing the money evidence he was in the shop 12/13/18 he was there till 7 he also did a free oil change after hours also he ordered glue from auto zone to repair his own car and lied to the owner saying it was for another car

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todd horton - 66 d 16 h ago


I went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change and I showed him my coupon, then I was asked whether I wanted 1030 or high mileage oil. I said hi mileage since my car is a 2005. The guy wrote up an estimate for $83.96. I told him I had a coupon and I showed him the group on. He said don't worry we'll fix that up at the cash register. After he does the service and we get to the cash register I still have a bill of 4292plus the original 20 I paid on the coupon. I said that's too much, he's said because you chose the high mileage oil you pay more. Well nobody warned me that there was a big markup on high mileage oil. Especially not $45. My car is a 2005 and I'm a senior citizen on Social Security and I really feel like this guy took advantage of me. I like a refund.

I've used group on on multiple occasions over the years and I always spend that plus about five bucks more on various shop fees. You are being unfair and taking advantage

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Zuzu - 68 d ago


Very bad service and dishonest job

Touhy Ave Lincolnwood Illinois,,

They mess up my Heat at driver side,,

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Ty - 138 d 9 h ago


I've had a couple separate situations with Jiffy Lube over the years. One of them where they never put the oil cap back on. I had been driving around with it off for who knows how long. Another incident they never actually performed the oil change, even though I paid. A week later I had to take my car to another mechanic for something else and they said I needed an oil change. I said, I already one. Turns out Jiffy Lube never did it. Then I told a few friends and each one warned me to stay away from Jiffy Lube as they're notorious for this. I've learned my lesson and going to avoid them like the plague moving forward.

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Anonymous - 78 d ago

Sir that's not the only thing that goes on in there . Jiffy lube has a tendency to sell services and not perform them correctly.

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Brian Pryor - 78 d ago


I have video of the way service is being done at jiffy lube on backlick rd Springfield VA. , some cars not getting serviced others being charged for service not rendered. And one wanting to see the video can email me at (hidden) I'll some some of what is being done at store 441

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Unappreciated - 83 d 19 h ago


This corporate is the worst pay.. Over work their employers.. Really bad supervision.. And if i keep going i wont finish.. Nobody can afford to live from a payment of 12.00 in hour.. You guys need a lot improvement with your employees

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Hugo A Valecillos - 110 d 14 h ago


techinician name/id#l. forman sl012330 FROM YAQUELINE AND HUGO. TO: JIFFY LUBE, 3332 S Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT 84095 Car HR--V honda 2016.. 12/01/2018. Hi there. There was a mistake in the emmissiom paperwork given to me. Can you please make sure the new one is correct? I spent gas and the emmission fees should be covered by jiffy lube. South Jordan, ut 84009. No happy.... Sincerely, Hugo A Valecillos Yaqueline M Valecillos. (hidden)

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Marie - 124 d ago

8am is what time they are supposed to open, the weekend of Thanksgiving and there's NO manager to open the shop. There are two workers here, waiting to work and they can't get in touch with any manager to find out what's going on. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

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Bryana - 245 d 14 h ago


I am getting a Lawyer. This has been a nightmare. My car was taken to a Jiffy Lube in Tucson, Az, and the next day my car broke down on me and now needs a new engine, and Jiffy Lube is claiming no fault. My car was asymptomatic when it was taken in and the second they touch it my car breaks down. I will make sure that anyone I can get to hear my story will never visit a Jiffy Lube again.

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Jessica - 184 d 9 h ago

I got an oil change the evening before, next day I drove to AZ and within 2 hours my car would not go faster as I am stepping on the gas. I pulled over my husband checks the engine and there is no oil in the transmission.. We had it towed to an auto shop as he takes off the filter, no the guy never put the O Ring back . The manager said they will refund my money it's been a week and still been giving the run around.

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Michele - 178 d 13 h ago


This just happened to me today....Got an oil changed on Sept 8. We used the vehicle on saturday, 9/22 and it was fine. The following day, Sunday, it won't start and the low oil pressure light, engine light and battery light were on. Called the jiffy lube and manager came over and stated that the person who changed the oil "put the wrong kind of oil. And they were probably not paying attention. He also told us to bring the truck back today, Monday, and they would redo the whole change oil process at no charge. My husband went there today and the staff acted like they didn't know about it. I asked them to call the manager that came to our house and that manager denied what he said.

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Anonymous - 166 d 21 h ago



My name is Ariel and I live in Miami Florida and I have been going to jiffy lube for over 10 years and they have ruined my 2 last cars. The first car they left the oil cap off and oil spread throughout the engine which deterioted with time and just a month ago they over filled my engine oil by 2x which made my car run extremely odd and they stripped my oil pan plug and being told that there is a bad leak around the filter.

I am planning on retaining a lawyer and going after them on this matter and wondering if your lawsuit was successful and if so if you could please share the lawyer's contact information.


Thanks and best of luck to you.

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Ty - 138 d 9 h ago


I agree. I've had two situations with them that were similar. I should've known better after the first time. Never again!

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Penny - 142 d 15 h ago


I had a poor encounter with the Jiffy Lube on Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA. They charged me twice and I cannot get reimbursement from them and I've called multiple times to the Delaware Site to talk to the manager and he does not respond. I have called, text & called the District Manager David multiple times with no response. The first time I talked to him, he asked me to send me the information he requested, which I did and STILL no reply. They have the worst customer service. Oh, by the by, my car is 3 yrs old, not one leak in existence as where I park at my home has a clean floor/cement. I hear from Jiffy Lube tech that I have an oil leak which I have never had. Went to where I purchased the vehicle and i was told that someone has loosened some bolts as they can see scratches.....Geez, I wonder where those came from Jiffy Lube.

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Tracy Yvette - 170 d 15 h ago


My name is Tracy and I have been going to Jiffy to get my oil change since I have been driving. I loved your service. However for the 1st time I had you guys work on my Air Condition. I had my car servied on 8/31/18 and i arrived at 4:30 and did not leave to after closing about 7:15. I live 5 minutes from your establishment which is locate 2800 Ockochovee Blvd in West Palm Beach. by the time I arrived home my AC was no longer working.

I returned to your establish at least 6 times from the time I had it service and the same thing was told to me that the mechanic was not there on 3 of those occasion I was told by the manager who told me he would make the mechanic stay longer but every time he had a family emergency. The manager told me today that family is important and things happen., which I truly understand but customer are important also, to stay in business to take care of your family. The last straw is when they told me the mechanic would be working last weekend and I returned once again he was out and I was told by CJ or PJ that he would make him stay longer because I work 30 minutes from home and I leave work missng 2 hours of pay to catch him. I asked to be called if he couldnt stay no one called me so I decided to contact Jiffy Lube to be sure because of all the lies I was told before and sure enough they said he would have to leave at 4:15 to pick up his kids from daycare, this is unacceptable.

I moved here from NY and never had these type of issues with Jiffy Lube. But to live in Florida and be in one of the hottest months of year August and September and have to drive constantly with no Air Condition is completely unbearable and the customer service was horrible.

I am requesting a refund of $259.97. this is for the incomplete service of which included AC Evacuation and Recharge Refrigerant Rad Coolant/AFC Antifreeze Coolant. I deducted the Value Oil Service change that I gave a Groupon coupon but it was not honored, but that is the least of the mistakes made here.

I don't see why I have to wait 2 weeks for a refund and then receive it in a check when I paid cash. I find this to be very unfair.

I expect to here from someone immediately.

Please believe I will never

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Anonymous - 186 d 9 h ago


I have been working for jiffy lube for over one year and now has become a supervisor. I am making a complaint on the workers that work there . I am tired of the way they work and the way they have respect for me. I do not know the reason. But when I ask to speak to the other supervisor. He doesn't want to cooperate. He shows no motivation. I sold a wiper blade for the driver side and told him. But he wants to sell the wiper blade on the passenger side which made The customer not want to have any more additional service. When something's being sold. Why would you go against it and make things complicated escalating the customer to reject any more service. It's understandable that the passenger wiper blade were bad. But I've talked to this customer and I understand her. So when she said just the driver .. without knowing the situation. The other supervisor comes and talks to the customer and ruins the service that we had. I'd like to know why he's not willing to talk to me but runs to the customer and does whatever he wants. I'm just a supervisor like him and I ask for communication. This store is on 2302 Almaden rd 95125 San Jose. I'd like the district manager to talk to me if possible. My name is Binh. # (hidden)

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Anonymous - 189 d ago

I had my driveway sealed due to a mistake by tech in Riverhead Long Island N.Y. location. The sealcoating company was lied to, and they were never compensated. I will never recommend this company...

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Marilyn L Jones-Hayes - 196 d 16 h ago



I bought a set of 4 new tires, from Jiffy Lube & when one of them kept losing air when there is less than 12,000 miles on it, I found out the steel belt was already showing through! I went to the location where I bought the tires, just wanting a new tire & I was told "Take it up with Pep Boys! That's where we got the tire. The so-called guarantee on the Jiffy Lube receipt is not even worth the paper it is written on. I am going to file a lawsuit as I am not getting any help from the corporate complaint line. I am still riding around on a donut tire, that is unsafe at speeds over 50mph. I drive 22 highway miles to work. This is not safe on the highway, so I am taking back roads, & it's taking my 30 minute commute over an hour now.

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Richard - 191 d 1 h ago

jiffy lube doesn't sell tires fyi

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