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Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

Shell Oil Company
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX
(713) 546-4100
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Annoyed in Bellevue - 16 d 17 h ago


Jiffy Lube in Bellevue caused an oil leak and denied it. Then the Audi dealer proved it... using a mirror! Jiffy Lube's manager took responsibility; he heard from his roommate (also a JiffyLube manager) that this particular model and their particular filter just don't play well. So he said he'd arrange a refund.

But it didn't happen. And he quit.

The new manager said he'd arrange it, as did the District Manager. It didn't happen. And the District Manager took an extended leave-of-absence. And the store manager is out with family leave emergency.

45 days after the fiasco, no refund, but not for lack of trying. And I'm not sure what Jiffy Lube does to employees that try to process a refund, but they're dropping like flies!

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Conrad Mathias - 21 d ago


Aaron Clark and Ryan Jenning (managers) from Jiffy Lube Store #804 in Pembroke Pines ,Fl. refused to help me after their mechanic stripped my oil pan and I had to have it replaced. It cost me $320.41 . I have photos as well as scans of the invoices from both Jiffy Lube and the repair facility that replaced my oil pan. Also, the police report and the complaint submitted to Jiffy Lube headquarters that has gone completely unanswered. I also have a video that I started taping that is time stamped to show me leaving Jiffy Lube that day and filming all the way to my house to prove that there were no leaks in my driveway. Furthermore I had Lexus of Pembroke Pines email me my service records that shows that this was the only and only time I had anything done to my car outside of the dealership. Shame on me for trying to save 40.00 on an oil change. You get what you pay for ! I am taking them to court.

I will send you photos,invoices,police report and the video at your request. Email me at (hidden)

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Don Pearson - 29 d 14 m ago


Went to the store on Parmer and FM 1431 in Cedar Park, TX. I had a coupon on my phone but for some strange reason, when I went to pull up the coupon on my phone, it would not load. To boot, they charged me $129.00 to change the oil in my Ford F150 pickup. The competitors across the streeet charged me $79 the previous oil change. So I got double zapped. Over charged for the oil change and could not redeem the coupon. I was always told that it cost more to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you have. This cuistomer will never return to a Jiffy Lube store. I wonder if there is some type of technology that can be installed in a building that can interfere with your phone signal. I said this nicely but that not how I will tell the story to my friends and fellow employees.

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Brett betchtold - 38 d 3 h ago


Dont go to location 1137 in canton ma . I brought my car there for a oil change an a employee (deandre M) stole my money (300$) . When i spoke to the manager he told me he new who it was an that it had happend before . But he could not do anything for i had to file a police report . While i was there the manager to deandre to clock an he left . I didint get my money back and they still made me pay 97 $ for my full synthetic oil change . Every employee at the location does not understand customer service .

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Anonymous - 42 d 12 h ago


Jiffy lube 1150

5710 forest bend drive

Arlington tx 76017


This location is giving the franchise name a bad name. Went for inspection and they said i needed new brakes. Went somewhere else and they are fine. Manager was indifferent so must be a group scheme going on. Karma will get them :)

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Anonymous - 44 d 25 s ago


Jiffy Lube has $15 off coupons with the locations printed out. I went to the Jiffy Lube on Timberlake Rd in Lynchburg VA and they said they could not use them . I told them yes they could because if not it would be FALSE advertising. They did except the coupon after I said I wanted to talk to the manager. As far as I am concerned Jiffy Lube is a horrible busniness !!

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MMoore - 44 d 8 h ago


I was visiting Hampton Virginia on Labor Day week and needed a an oil change on my 2014 Buick Encore and I was told jiffy lube was a good place for an oil change ,but it wasn't for me . They change my oil so fast it was scared and when I left my T/C light was on and then my Engine light came on ,I took it back and told I hat they computer says nothing wrong ,when I had stop it to auto zone to see why my lights on my panel was on they gave me a code P107 I think I was and I told the young man at jiffy lube and he printed out some papers and gave them to me and it was nothing that they did or could do.So now my trip is delayed and off set now cause I have to wait and get my car fix and engine light check and find the problem and why this light is on now. I feel I should be compensated for the problem that was caused by jiffy lube store in Hampton Virginia. Please reply to this situation.

Flagged for review. 
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Lisa Myers - 45 d 3 h ago


To whom it may concern:

I've gone to the Jiffy Lube on Main Street in Summerville, South Carolina on multiple occasions and I have always had a good experience there. This morning, however(Labor Day) I drove up to get a simple oil change. There were 2 cars ahead of me and one in the bay. After waiting for about 10 minutes before anyone came to my window this man came up with a clipboard and asked me what I needed done. When I told him just an oil change he informed me that there were only 2 of them working today and it would be atleast 45 minutes. So I said "ok, I'll just come back then". The only way to get out of the line was to back up slightly and make a uturn more of less because a car behind be. As I finished my turn and was waiting to turn out onto the road, your employee stated very loudly "thanks for running over the arrow I just painted". Honestly I didnt see it, he had a barrel sort of blocking the area but I really did not know why it was there. I told him "I didn't see it, how was I to know that and how else was I supposed to get out?" We went back and forth for a minute or two and in the end he said "I've been here since 630 in the morning and I just got done with that and you just ran right over it". By this point I was livid so I called him a jack*** and told him that he has lost my business along with friends and family. I don't normally curse at people like that but he was downright beligerant and made it seem like I was purposefully trying to ruin his day. I'm sorry that on a holiday when yes, y'all are going to be busy, that you guys make poor staffing decisions to only have TWO people working. But that is no one's fault and I certainly didn't show up there to ruin someone's stupid arrow. And this guy was a MANAGER. Good call Jiffy Lube, good call.


Lisa Myers(also known as lost customer forever)

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Concerned mother - 51 d 5 h ago


Hello, my name is Kelly Hughes. Myself and my fiance have been loyal and returning customers of service center #352 for over four years now. Unfortunately, I am not writing you today with glad tidings. On friday, August 18th, I brought my recently purchased 2006 Subaru Tribeca into your service center for an oil change before taking a long road trip to southern Georgia. After being pressured by your employees to purchase accessories and services that I did not need (which is just something that just comes along with going to your service centers) they completed the oil change and then told me they checked my tires and topped off my fluids. The next morning my family and I were on our way. Sunday afternoon, two hours into our return trip home, while travelling North in heavy traffic on the I95 corridor, my fiance was driving the car and it started to shake violently and we almost lost control. We quickly pulled over and got out to see that three of the lug nuts were missing off of the driver side rear tire. Upon closer inspection we saw that the studs were broken and the fourth stud was extremely close to breaking off as well. Having only purchased this vehicle 2 months ago from a reputable dealer, this was the first oil change that I have had done on it and have not had it looked at or seen by any other mechanics or service centers. So, stranded on the side of I95 in 92 degree heat, we waited 2 hours for a tow truck to come and take us to a service station in a small backwoods town in South Carolina. We then had to wait an additional 4 hours in the heat ( In a less than hospitable area) for the mechanic to do emergency repairs on our vehicle so that we could get back on the road to finish the additional 450 miles we had to travel back to Richmond. I am appalled by the ineptitude and lack of care, as well as, attention shown by your employees! They were more concerned with pressuring expensive services on me that I did not need than they were with the completetion of their duties. My fiance's, mine, and my four year old daughter's lives were seriously endangered, not to mention the cost of the emergency repairs and the loss of wages that occurred since we did not arrive home until 4:30 am. In that case, both myself and my fiance were unable to work since we both had to be at our respective jobs at 7:00 am. I do not mean to be presumptious but I do expect to be compensated by your company for the expense of the emergency repairs, loss of wages, and emotional trauma suffered by my four year old daughter, my fiance, and myself after this terrible ordeal! The cost of the repair was $240.00! I suffered a loss of wages of $99.00 (9 hour work day times $11.00 per hour) and my fiance suffered a wage loss of $128.00 ( 8 hour work day times $16.00 per hour). Now add on the psychiatric bills to help my traumatized child, who has been scarred by this event and refuses to go on extended road trips now. I know this amount of money is nothing to a large and faceless corporation such as Jiffy Lube, But that money is vital to my family! We have neccessities that need money. Such as feeding, caring, and providing shelter for our 3 children and ourselves. This money loss is hugely detrimental to our monthly budget. I have depended on your service centers for the care and maintainance of my family vehicles for years and I am sorely wounded and disappointed in the fact that safety and 100% job completion is no longer service center #352's main goal. I would hate to have to bring this to the attention of NBC's channel 12 on your side, or the various social media outlets such as twitter and yelp...but I feel almost obligated to warn the other motorists and parents in my community about the lack of care and employee supervision demonstrated by your service center. I hope to hear back from you and your represntitives very soon so that we can resolve this situation quickly and my family and I can get back to our lives and begin the healing process from our emotional trauma. As proof of the previously mentioned transactions, I have attached images of the my receipt from your service station, as well as, the bill of sale from the emergency repair. I hope that this letter will bring some neccessary changes and scrutiny to your company policies. Your customers safety should be number one with no excemptions! Not your sales and profit margins. Thank you and have a good day!


A concerned Mother and customer

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Joe - 57 d 13 h ago


Jiffy Lube 1101 Washington Blvd Montebello, CA 90640 Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring your attention to an unsatisfactory experience I had at one of your preventive maintenance and light repair locations on May 28, 2017 and prior. I have been a patron at your establishment for many years and feel that erroneous service was done on a signature service oil change purchased, that included an oil filter #HL6607; 76 Conv Sae 5w30 Sn; with a hazardous material fee , from the 1101 Washington Blvd, CA 90640 location. On August 8, 2017 at 7:15 p.m. i went to service my vehicle at a Synfast oil change center located on 3603 Rosemead Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770 (Due to your establishment damaging my vehicles engine splash guard). The Syntax oil center relayed to me that not only was the engine splash guard missing clips but that he found the previous service of my vehicle was completed in malice (I will go in depth in the 4rth Paragraph). The Synfast employee then relayed that the oil pan drain plug/bolt had been replaced with a larger bolt, thus (due to the torque from prior install at your Jiffy Lube location) both the oil pan bolt and inner oil pan threading, became stripped. This has caused my engine to leak oil for over several months, damaging my apartment complex parking space and possible future deduction from my deposit when terminating my rental agreement. The bill for the oil change service at Synfast was $28.26. On August 15, 2017 I took my vehicle to be serviced for repair at the Honda World Downey location on 11136 Dollison Dr, Downey, CA 90241 (abiding by the Synfast employees suggestions) to replace the engine splash guard, yet i purposely did not relay any of the presumed oil pan issues , so that i could cross reference with the Synfast employees diagnosis. Upon inspection, the Honda World mechanic advised me if i was aware of major issues with my oil pan and took me under the vehicle and showed me a completely different bolt that was unrelated in color to that of the pan and indicated that there was a replacement of a oversized bolt, dissimilar to what i have seen when completing a home oil change. The mechanics dialogue was in unison with what the Synfast Employee had relayed to me a few days before. The mechanic recommended replacing the oil pan, which included oil pan assembly, replacement of new oil, a Honda Bond Seal with a Job #4 total of $694.86 and a special ordered front lower splash shield and install of missing clips with a Job #1 total of $89.15. Totaling $784.01. Note, the mechanic also felt this was done erroneously with possible spite. You franchisee was under a legal obligation and moral commitment to carry out the work on my 2009 Honda Accord, with logical skill and care, using parts of quality and fit for their purpose, as laid down by the he Automotive Repair Act. The replacement of the bolt was never brought to my attention by any of your employees. In addition, i have been driving my vehicle around with a damaged Engine Splash Cover, due to one of your employees carelessly handling my vehicle. On a separate note and possible reason for the malice and misconduct on my vehicle, as well as for your company's reference/reputation.On a unrecalled date, possibly November 23, 2016 or March 7, 2017 (Montebello Police have records of my call) two gang members were harassing passersby individuals on the sidewalk, when i contacted the authorities and waited for my vehicle service to be completed, i saw the two gang members return minutes later and your employee exchanged hands with one of the gang members and joked for a bit, then the gang member began sweeping and cleaning the locations trash. I referenced the gang members to the employee and informed him i had called law enforcement on them due to me witnessing them harassing people walking by, yet your employee just laughed and stated " Naw, their cool, their the homies".. (Review your Video Surveillance On the said above dates at the Montebello Jiffy Lube Location). I allege, this may have produced enmity and the misconduct. Also, upon each visit to the Montebello Jiffy Lube location, I, my spouse and friends have been turned away many times during a weekday, with the response from employees stating the location closes at 6:00 p.m. yet their computer system automatically shuts off 45 minutes prior, causing this establishment to refuse service (Fallacy). I'm sure this can be validated with a review of service payments after 5:15 p.m. and on. I look forward to settling this matter amicably with review of what your resolution and request you consider all cost and hardships incurred on my vehicle and myself. Thank you for your time and consideration. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by September 22, 2017; I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint either through the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair or through the courts.

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Anonymous - 59 d 39 s ago

On 8/13/2017 I brought my 2011 Toyota Tundra into store #717 7546 Bellfort St. invoice #167444 in for a oil change. I was initially told that the oil change would take about 30 mins. An hr and 15 mins later my car is still not complete. Other vehicles that have come after me have arrived and finished. I Then approached the technician and inquired about the delay. One of the techs informed me stated that the last person who did your oil change stripped the thread and we had a problem taking it out. I Then stated Jiffy lube this location was the last one to do the oil change, he quickly dismissed me and went back into the shop area. Another tech came and informed me that she stripped the drain plug "retapped it". I was shocked. As a former service writer for National tire and battery. The first thing I would have done would inform the customer before even taking the drain plug out what the issue was and let them know the course of action and possible end result. That didn't happen. She told me it was not leaking and I asked was Jiffy lube planning to replace it. She told me no and through a piece of paper in my face about aluminum oil pans. She acted like she did me a favor "retapping it" my vehicle is now leaking oil. I can not drive it because I don't want the engine to lock up. She informed me I'm liable and would have to fix it Jiffy lube is not doing anything. I'm dismayed. That is my only mode of transportation. I am a nurse and I also I am in the army national guard and my drill weekend is approaching and I'm currently missing work and don't know how im going to get to my duty. This issue needs to be resolved. I have reached out to the the store manager as well as the district manager Lionel Sosa. Niether one has returned my phone calls, or my messages. Is this how Jiffy lube treats customers?

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Albert - 71 d ago


On June 30th, 2017, I took my Jeep into store #3090 for a routine oil change and lube. During this process, one of my hood latches was broken, they are custom latches called Drakes. I left the store having no knowledge that the latch was broken. When I got home my son in law notice that the latch was hanging by a wire. I immediately went back to Jiffy Lube and dealt with Jose, the manager. He told me that they damaged it and would put a claim into corporate for replacement within a couple of weeks. A couple weeks later I get a call from Eric Garrison, Jiffy Lube Corp, telling me that Jose denied the claim and that basically I would have to prove the incident. He asked me for photos of the broken part which I didn't think to take. However, I did send him a bill for the replacement part which I had already paid for and had installed. So far, no answer. I will never do business with Jiffy Lube and I would not send my worst enemy to any Jiffy Lube nor recommend their services to anyone.

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Rochelle Boone - 65 d ago


On August 14, I went to Jiffy Lube store #980. The staff was very unprofessional. Michael Hughes yelled at me and told me to pull closer to the pit. Also they took 47 minutes to do a ten minute inspection. I do not recommend then for nothing!

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Anonymous - 66 d ago


I went to a local jiffy lube in Cedar Rapids Ia. I had the signature service. They said they checked everything. I took my truck to a shop and had my transmission done. There they looked at my rear differential and said it was low. I told them that it was just in at jiffy lube. They said yes it is wet around the seal. Not enough to lose that much fluid. I had only 400 miles before going to the shop. Jiffy lube said that a well known shop don't know what they are talking about. It's going to cost 600.00 to be repaired. They are not going to cover the repairs. They never checked it. Niffy lube cooperation needs to handle this and fix my truck. Apparently a formal employee will get treated like a liar.

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Anonymous - 68 d ago


I was told they could not change the transmission filter because they dont know the history of my vehical?

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Esther (let's settle this in a Professional way) - 87 d 18 h ago


Well Jiffy Lube Corporate it's been 18 days 7/5/17 & the damage to my car by you from a simple oil change left it completely inoperable & had to be towed. I've talked to Matthew

P & the Mgr @ str#2955 admitted to negligence & to tow & repair it thru a auto repair shop u guys deal with which I would rather it go to a reputable shop because of what I've been through with you guys, invoice#18218008my Trust in you is just not there, I had a good car with nothing wrong with it just needed an oil change. Matthew & I were coming to an agreement but I don't feel I should pay anything for a rental but the $50 deposit (mind you 1 min I have a car & the next I don't

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Kinon - 102 d 31 s ago


This store has been robbing young women and old ladies for years and it needs to stop.

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Former Assistant general manager - 110 d 5 h ago


I'm a former employee assistant general manager of store 1060. That's Alpharetta Georgia regional manager Balao. Store manager Spencer Locket customer Service associate/assistant general manager Ebony Branch He has recently come to my attention that the two above names store manager and assistant general manager have reached out to the regional manager in regards to a warrant being placed for my arrest. Apparently this is a regards to some money's being missing out of the drawer prior to my departure of Jteam #1060 I do believe all three are in cahoots and they are sending me up the creek on trumped up charges. You see for a while spencer locket and miss branch have been utilizing the store till as their petty cash . justifying going in and taking money with receipts that sometimes are returned and accounted for and other times or not. During my brief employment Spencer locket was due to take his schedule vacation. During which time ebony branch decided this was her opportunity to get rid of me a person who was promoted from within but has her same position and rank. Now twice On Friday and Saturday miss branch did not make a bank deposit and kept the store deposit with her in her fanny pack that she wears every day. She stop by that Sunday and asked Lawrence who is the former AGM at that location if he needed any money in the register to which he responded no all of our purchases today will be credit card I won't need any. Before Spencer lockets return I had to close and open the store a few nights instead of doing what he asked me to do which was to set the till at $200 before closing and before opening the store even if the numbers didn't match up. One day I decided to put in the exact numbers and was reprimanded for not accounting for receipts that I didn't know The whereabouts. And I believe that was the beginning of the end for me because at that point everything I did was under a magnification and everything was my fault and it became so frustrating that I just decided to leave. Yesterday I was made aware of the fact that Miss Ebony branch and Mr. Spencer locket had Mr. Balao sign documentation with the police officer placing a warrant for my arrest for money being missing from the register. I have video evidence of them fudging the numbers in teaching me how to fudge the numbers. My grandmother is NYPD over 35 years. My father is a New York State former sheriff Deputy over 10 years I myself was going to apply for not only Roswell police department but also down here in Miami at the Hollywood Police Department. I am a straight shooter who knows that no way in the world I would take any money from the register and ruin my families good name. Why because it is not in my blood because I bleed blue. Not to mention I've worked for a daily labor company called labor ready for over 20 years Yes while working at Jiffy Lube at #1060 on my days off if I needed money I would go to day labor to earned my keep. I have no reason to steal this is complete BS and I have proof. Please save me from arrest, please save my families good name, and please investigate the situation and get rid of the three amigos whom I believe is ruining that region . thank you

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Daniel K. - 110 d 13 h ago


. Today 6/30/17 I went to Jiffy Lube #1346 to change oil. I paid for services and was told everything is fine and checked on the report as well everything was in order. Drove streit home. Few hours later noticed big dark spot on my floor. Checked under the car. Entire bottom filled with axle boot lubricant that is leaking. Inner axle boot on right side has a hole and it's right next to oil filter that was changed today. In addition, panel that covers oil filter is just hanging on one clip. I called manager Hector and explained the situation. Instead of being professional, he starts saying "it's not our fault we have nothing to do with that it's coinsidental". 1. If I had this problem before service they would've seen it right away and point it out to me. Things do not break by themselves. 2. Panel that covers oil filter is hanging on threads. It must have been detached first in order to get to the filter and then reattached back correctly, which was not done because it is hanging there. This prooves how unprofessional and incompetent your mechanics are.

I don't wish to spend my own money because of your employee's negligence. I am asking you in a courteous and professional manner to help me handle the situation and fix my car.


Daniel Koretsky


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Sam - 282 d 13 h ago


I received a call from Jiffy Lube representative (hidden) stating they will charge $30.00 to my account claiming my car was not smelling good. He stated that since you are Indian and Indian cars stink.

After I disputed and reminded him he was making racial comments, he cursed at my family members. Told him I am done with Jiffy Lube

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Cheshire 23 - 119 d 18 h ago

Are you seriouse!!!!! Lmfao.... That shouldn't even be part of the service let alone an issue. That's bogus.

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Will, very unhappy, Greenhawk - 122 d 5 h ago


To whom it may concern. I have been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for years, until recently! I have had quality service based on what I paid. My past three Jiffy Lube experiences have been a horrendous experience , to say the least, from the customer service at two different Jiffy Lube's in Virginia Beach area to management of Ryan in the local area management. Everything from leaky oil changes, times two, and being called a liar on more than two occasions on the same phone call in front of a Toyota dealership on the phone by Ryan. Totally unprofessional workmanship and totally unprofessional and disrespectful public relations from the corporate office. Shame on you Jiffy Lube for continuing to put up with these type of people

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Anonymous - 138 d 4 h ago


Jiffy Lube

10512 SE Mill Plain Blvd Ste A

Vancouver, WA 98664-4588

On 3/7/17 I took my car to have an oil change and serpentine belt replaced. I left my car and walked to Kmart. When I came back they had moved my car out of the service bay and was working on the belt. When they had finished I paid and left. While I was running errands, I noticed the damage to my paint. I went back the same day and the manager said they would review the video and call me back in a couple of days. Two weeks later and no one called so I returned to the shop again. This time the manager said he had viewed the video and that they didn't do the damage. I asked to view the video myself and he said it would take a couple of days to set it up. After waiting another week with no call, I filled out an online complaint. The owner of the franchise contacted me and when I asked to see the video he said where the car was you could not see it on tape. That was on 04/26/2017 he said he would call me back he never did. I call him today 5/18/17 this time he pointed out that I had rock chips on my car's paint and I know that. I explained that I only wanted the part they damaged not the entire car

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Anonymous - 140 d 22 h ago


I went to your location on Livingston Ave in Columbus Ohio in early May. I was told I needed a coolant top off which they would charge me for. I declined since I had coolant at home.

Today I rmemebered and went to fill the reserve tank. To my surprise, there was no cap on the reserve tank, my coolant was completely empty and spilled all over that some of my engine and parts.

So, thanks for the overpriced oil change that cost me additional time, money and anger that your show wasn't completant enought to put a cap back on...

Never going back.

If I could find a corporate email addesss anywhere I would br contacted that way.

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Mr.Cruz - 147 d 14 m ago

You have A manager an employee here in Wichita Kansas that are dealing with stolen property an they know it. If something isn't done about this in thirty days I will be forced to fill suit an have all Jiffy Lubes in Wichita, Ks to protest let everyone know in Wichita that you employ criminals an you do nothing about it.

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JMoss I'm looking forward to reading Chrysler's official stance r ... 

Sonic Corp.
Anonymous Trying to get a response from corporate office is a huge JO ... 

Hyundai USA
Judy Rowe I made an appointment for my 2015 Elantra for an oil change ... 

Dish Network
Gabrielle Elkin We have had a horrible time with them! They have taken mone ... 

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