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Jim Click
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B. Hobel - 10 h 30 m ago


i bought a used Lincoln Mks from Holmes Tuttle, during sale they say its worth 13000. i drove it for 10 days broke internal water pump, had that repaired and 3 days later the turbos went out. so with 28 hours driving car spent week in shop. then 3 days later the turbo's go out another 3000 dollars, Mike at Tuttle ford says car is only worth 7 now. i paid 10k for it.but 2 weeks later it is only worth 7k. they refused help with repairs. i used to be in the car business and never seen customer service so poor. i could not in any way recommend this dealership to anyone except my enemies.The only answer i could get about car breaking down was if i could predict the future i wouldn't still be working, i would have won the lottery.Then i asked for some help with the bill they came down 300 dollars on bill but another dealer was already lower in price.they sold me a well polished turd.

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Bill Roberts - 20 d 13 h ago


I'm surprised that all the reviews were bad. My wife bought a Fiesta and Dave Cohen found the perfect car. But he hit our credit 14 times. The car was hit and totaled 5 weeks in, took Dave 7 weeks to get us into another Fiesta. First he "sold us" a courtesy car that had many problems!! And the new Fiesta we finally got isn't a stick shift or the correct package or the correct color!!! New or used, car salesmen are all bottom feeders!

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Unhappy, I am very unhappy with my vehicle. I wanted the black limited edition Ford Taurus and I got a caribou one that feels cheaper than a rental. There are so many things about it that I do not like and I told JR Jackson this ad he was bullshitting me the whole time. I came back the next day with the car and said I did not want it and they told me too bad. Very unhappy. - 59 d 12 h ago


Very unhappy with my 2026 Ford Taurus that jr Jackson sold me. I wanted the black one with leather interior. I do not like my car.

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Screw em - 72 d 7 h ago


I bought a 20165 red Lincoln Mkc.In 6 months later it was burning oil like crazy. I got a rental and it remained on the Ford floor for one month.2/years later the same thing happened.I brought it into their next door neighbor Lexus to buy a car a dump the Lincoln. It was then I found out that Lexus And Lincoln were colluding with everything. They knew everything, salariswhat I paid for the Lincoln, etc. at that point I pulled the car out and slid it to caddilc.

The amount of collusion was unbelievable. I couldn't deal with the,

Flagged for review. 
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Adam C. - 1 y 297 d ago


Stay Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After refusing to purchase a vehicle from Jim Click due to their lack of customer service I attempted to contact their service department due to them being my "Local Dealership". They should not ever be allowed to represent the Ford name. Its hard enough to get anyone on the phone and then when you do they refuse to acknowledge a known service message for your vehicle that should be covered under warranty. All and All....stay away...Jim Click Ford must be the worst dealership!

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DD - 1 y 271 d ago


Contact Jim Click corporate office and ask to speak to his executive secretary, Mary Jo Traversone



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Anonymous - 258 d 7 h ago

phone number of corporate office please

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Disgusted Vet - 259 d 10 h ago


In browsing the reviews I find it astonishing to see so many negative comments and so few favorables: that is, until I encountered my own Jim Click experience.

Introducing myself: I'm a disabled Vietnam vet (retired Air Force, 26 years), age 82, recently relocated to the Tucson area. I, my wife and a few animals inhabit a place in Vail.

This story begins in March 2018, after I experienced rock damage to the windshield of my 1995 Alfa Romeo sedan. I called USAA who referred me to their affiliate, SafeLite, who referred me to the Jim Click glass shop at the Tucson Ford dealership. A glass technician named Gary visited our home to inspect the Alfa windshield and evaluate repair options. He checked it thoroughly, with special attention to the chrome molding, and said he'd do his research and get back to me. He never did.

I was then out of the country for two months and when I returned I again started to follow up on the Alfa windshield repair. Several calls to USAA/SafeLite yielded no definitive plan, and I eventually connected with Lily at the Jim Click service department. She advised they hadn't been able to pin down the details for the repair, or a source, and asked that I leave the car with the Ford dealership while they did more research. I dropped the car off sometime during the last part of August and heard nothing for a while. Lily eventually called and asked if they might attempt to repair the rock damage as an alternative to replacing the windshield. That was OK with me. I had spoken with USAA again on or about 11 September and they remained uncertain about how to get repairs done. I spoke again with Lily on or about 13 September and told her I'd be in to take a look at the attempted repair soon.

On Monday, 17 September, at approximately 0730 a man named Chris left a message on my answering machine (before I was up) and demanded that I remove the Alfa from his parking area immediately. He mentioned storage fees. It wasn't a friendly message.

On 18 September I went to the dealership to retrieve the car. I tried to connect with Lily but couldn't find her, and neither could anyone else. I eventually spoke with Pete, service manager and told him the story. He found Chris, the message guy, and we discussed the situation. I received a few expressions of apology -- sincerity questionable. The consensus of the service department folks revealed an unwillingness to attempt repair of the windshield because of speculation about how to replace the surrounding molding without incurring some sort of liability. The attempted chip repair didn't do much to resolve the problem and I was left with essentially what I started with six months prior, except for the following rather frustrating and expensive developments.

The battery was low on the car, so they helped me jump-start it. I discovered that my portable Garmin GPS had come detached from the vent mount to the left of the steering wheel and had dislodged part of the vent assembly. That had happened while the car was at the dealership. I pointed out the problem to Pete and asked what I should do about it. He assured me there was no problem and that he'd call me and arrange repair. After I left the dealership I pulled over to relocate my GPS and found it lodged between the car door and the frame. The door had been closed on the device, deforming the power cable, at the same time that the vent was damaged. The device was fried (enclosure scorched) and dead.

Predictably, I received no further contact from Pete or anyone else at the dealership. In summary, my visit there was a rather expensive one for me. I have a broken dash vent and a useless GPS and power cable. I now have a better understanding of why my wife refuses to do business with the 22nd Street Jim Click Ford dealership and prefers to drive her Ford to Green Valley. She tells me the folks there are far more friendly and efficient in all respects.

I seriously doubt whether this note will reach anyone in the Jim Click hierarchy who's willing or able to give it the proper attention. Just in case I'm wrong, however, I'll be attempting contact by other means.

Regards --


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Phil C. - 286 d 10 h ago

Too bad Mr. CLICK contributes money to PACs that support attack ads !

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Heather - 289 d 15 h ago


Two weeks ago I purchased a car at Honlmes Tuttle Ford. My salesman Gilbert was amazing. The GM was very sweet at well. However, I had two issues in 1 week with my car. I spoke with Gilbert and with in less than 24 hours my vehicle was in the shop being fixed. Gilbert met me when I brought the car in for service and personally made sure that things were done and correct. Both he and the GM went above and beyond to help make me happy. A frustrating situation was made much easier with these 2 gentleman.

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Patricia - 290 d 13 h ago


Mr. Jim Click, my name is Patricia Lopez I used to be a walking advertisement for your auto mall. but I have been very disappointed in your staff recently... I have purchased 6 vehicles in the past 15 years from your auto mall... I have never been sooo disappointed in your business... It seems your company has gotten soooo big that you really don't need my business. I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee that I purchased in September of 2017 from Jim click Chrysler Jeep. I called yesterday in the afternoon to request an appointment to have my vehicle serviced because my AC went out... with it being the summer and having a small child of 7 and an elderly father in law with dementia. I really need to have this fixed fast, and a rental during the process. I spoke with Kevin the service advisor at Jim Click Jeep. he stated your service department couldn't get me in until the end of September or early October.... What! this is ridiculous! I bought an extended warranty with 0 deductible for what? so that I could take my vehicle to another place? I asked to speak with a supervisor.... Kevin put me on hold for 25 minutes.... never came back on the line to make sure I knew he hadn't forgot about me... after the first 20 minutes I called from a different phone and he answered... I quickly let him know it was me and that I hope he hadn't forgot that I was still on hold. and that he should pick up the phone every 5 or 10 minutes to let the person on hold know you're working on getting them help as a courtesy and to show good customer service skills which no one in your dealership seemed to have had yesterday. after 25 minutes being on hold Kevin came back on the line only to let me know that His supervisor John Brown was nowhere to be found. I requested to keep holding while they found him... but Kevin Hung up on me... Original.... I think he's done this a couple of times... I then redial and ask to be put on hold while they get a supervisor... but the lady who picked up the service line told me I was not allowed to be put on hold and that she would take a message... really... I'm not a person who rants and raves... I ask politely... I speak properly. Your workers obviously have enough work that they don't want to work... you're paying them to treat people like this... and this is not the first time I deal with Kevin.... He has been my service adviser in the past and not a great person to deal with... has an I don't care attitude... I don't believe that this is the attitude that has gotten you so far in life... if you would like to make your customers happy please feel free to contact me. Thank you

Patricia Lopez

UPDATE: Add insult to injury twice.... I messaged Jim Click Chrysler Jeep at 10:40 and Jim Click Jr. at 10:37 both messages were seen. first one at 10:38 and the other at 10:51. Neither have answered... when they said they would answer messages within the hour... its been longer than that.. nothing not even to apologize for their rude customer service skills... sure when I was buying you were very accommodating... now that I need your service you lack making your customers happy before they come to you with a problem... maybe you shouldn't have added "free" oil changes so that you could have your mechanics working on real problems... since your backed up so much.

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Thomas Jacobs - 292 d 14 h ago


People seem to write reviews only when they are mad. I have had good and bad experiences with many businesses. Most recently, at Jim Click Ford on 22nd Street, I was accommodated for a regular service on the vehicle, even though the facility was booked up. Just had to speak with my personal service adviser and ask for an accommodation. I have purchased 3 vehicles through Jim Click, and never a major problem with service quality or timeliness that was not made right in the end. This dealership group does at least as well as competitors, and Jim Click is personally very generous with the community, giving a great deal of money back to Tucson charity and educational institutions.

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David R Santillano - 1 y ago



We purchased a vehicle from Jim Click Nissian. Went to give the vehicle a look through as we were taking a long trip from Tucson to San Diego. Come to find out that our vehicle did not come with a spare tire or a "flat repair kit" (as the dealership claimed). This was very alarming as the desert between Tucson and San Diego is extremely harsh and can be deadly. Although we have roadside assistance through Nissan and our insurance, every car should have a spare. Run flat tires or not a spare tire should be standard equipment. I called and got the run around from service and the assistant manager Mike at nissian. They did tell me I could purchase the spare tire, jack, and took kit for almost $800. Not a good way to do business. If it was just me I would so no big deal, however, I have precious cargo. I have 3 kids ages 3, 7 , and 11. What a shame because my first experience was a good one. All I want is a spare tire for the vehicle. A twenty thousand dollar vehicle should come with a spare. This is my second vehicle that we have purchased from Jim Click Nissan, I will never purchase another vehicle from there again and make sure all my friends and family know how I was treated.

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AA - 1 y 111 d ago


My experiences with Jim Click:

1) Used vehicle purchase with warranty. A short time after signing paperwork, the finance department asked me to come in. Upon arrival, they told me the warranty they gave me, belonged to the previous owner, and that they would have to take the length of the warranty down. I smiled as the blood in my veins boiled. I was raised and taught, that if it is offered, it is honored.

2) Vehicle breakdown #1. Called the roadside assistance on the paperwork with the warranty. They told me I had to go through my insurance company and then if the part is covered under warranty, they will reimburse me. I did just that, and never received a reimbursement, to this day, over a year later. When I talked to the manager at the roadside assistance, he told me I was supposed to call the number on the roadside assistance paperwork for the tow, which I did to begin with. Also, the rental car was not properly handled, and had to fight to get reimbursed for that as well.

3) Vehicle breakdown #2. Called roadside assistance again. No problem this time with the tow, but still issues with the rental car process.

4) Oil change, "maintenance for life" situation #1. Brought my vehicle in for scheduled maintenance, and left. Approximately 3 days later, I bring my vehicle into the Honda dealership for a recall. They checked the fluids there, and noted there was no fluid on the transmission dipstick. I immediately called Jim Click service and explained to them the findings. The response was, "It could be a vehicle without a dipstick." I was floored, considering I just told them "there was no fluid on the 'dipstick'." I brought my vehicle in immediately to Jim Click to have the service department add fluid. The service guy says to me, "If you recall, I left early that day you were here, so I didn't get a chance to look it over." First of all, it is NOT the service advisers job to look the vehicle over. It is what the mechanics get paid to do. Second of all, I may be a female, but a well versed female on vehicles and common sense. I can't help but wonder if the damage to the transmission is already done.

5) Maintenance for life situation #2: Went in for a 4pm oil change to sit there for just over 2 hours to be told that they could not get the drain plug out of the oil pan. I was asked to drop the truck off to have it rethreaded, and that it would take the entire day to fix it. I scheduled it for the following Monday, today, to drop it off at 7 am. 2 hours later, I get a phone call, telling me it was done. So...lets think about this. It took longer to tell me they couldn't get the drain plug out, than it did to fix the issue, which was supposed to take all day. I'm guessing, someone didn't want to work on the original date, or did a terrible job fixing the issue. Guess time will tell.

All in all, my opinion of this dealership is very poor. If I could get a full refund for my truck, and the amount down, I'd do it in a heartbeat. There is no customer service here, and try to customers feel ignorant.

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Jack - 1 y 111 d ago


Does Jim have a clit?

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Susan Karder - 1 y 120 d ago


Came in for oil change, part of the "forced" lifetime maintenance program. We asked them to remove it we didn't want it, they said part of price of car, not what sales contract says. Got here @ 7:30, told them oil change and fluids only ( won't trust them with anything else anymore). I expect I will be here for 2 hours. The reason I dont trust them with more is that they suck suck suck. They provide you with a car report card, obviously they just check everything as good. Bad experiences too numerous to mention. But, right after 2 services ago, lost alternator belt, and right after last service I was given a free air filter. Found out why when I got in my car and all my electronics were reset to factory settings. I would appreciate honesty, but nothing said. When called they said they disconnected the battery to check it. Went to Furrier after to have car checked, was told battery bulging and bad, hmm marked "good" on car report. Maybe the previously broken alternator belt might have played a part in that. I will never buy another car from Click, and I will recommend anyone buying a car to go elsewhere. I hope they remember the oil pan plug and to fill the oil. Fingers are crossed they can at least do that right.

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PISSED OFF - 1 y 121 d ago


Took my 2016 Chrysler 300C into Jim Click for servicer on clunking brake pedal. Everytime the brake was released there was a clunk as the pedal moved back to position. Extremely annoying in stop and go traffic. Left the car at the dealership - they could not replicate the noise. No fix. Took it back 2 weeks later and had a serviceman in the car. He heard the clunk. Final analysis - normal for that car. No fix.

I have been driving for 47 years and never had a brake pedal clunk like this in any of the other cars.

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CID - 1 y 167 d ago


I had ram diesel in and CHRIS said nothing was wrong. I sent email to GM, no response! MY truck is loping at idle and drive, lets listen to other diesel trucks! They don't seem to care about customers. QUEBEDEUX on Speedway does great job!

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I'd put a name her if I thought Jim Click himself would care. All about the money here. - 1 y 201 d ago


Agree with all of these bad reviews on customer service. I'll never prchase any vehicle that dons the name Jim Click again. Their service department is rude, unprofessional, and has no interest in providing even basic customer service. The customer is always right except here, where the customer is always ignored and treated with disrespect.

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Crazy Horse - 1 y 201 d ago


Jimmy with a Clit. MTF tranny.

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Esteban & Manuel Manriquez - 1 y 222 d ago


Worst customer service ever!!!!!!!!!! I will just post my email sent to the poor and worst experiences I had with Jim Click Hi Pete, My name is Esteban Osuna and my partner Manuel Manriquez. I will try keep this short but seems like once again for the third time in a row we have received no communication and had the lack of customer service provided to us. Incase I was forgotten which I'm starting to believe that's the case. I'm the one Who had to take my car into service for a small engine Leak I had to bring in my vehicle to get it serviced which they told me it would take about four days when I went to drop off my car there is no car rental issued to me even though that I had prior paper work for a car rental and said it be ready by time I drop of my car. Once again inconveniently I had to wait three hours because the car rental place had no vehicles available instead I was stuck with a huge red truck which I insisted I didn't want. I became agitated and took what you guys had turns out I had to wait two weeks for my car to get serviced. Trust me I had a lot of expense issues with that truck. 2nd bad experience I came in on the account that they will see my vehicle just to change one back brake light. I showed up the lady give me an estimate of two hours so they asked me if I was going to wait I said yes I will wait for the vehicle so I decided to take a walk all the way to the park place mall to kill time and by time I made a bag my vehicle should be done. Well that was not the case I called while I was at the mall it was hard for me to reach anybody to know what's the status of my vehicle spoke to some lady again she said the car is on the shop and she had no idea how long the vehicle would take I also couldn't reach My vehicle adviser Jim I left him a voice message because he was not at his desk and we all know that even if you leave a voice message I never even receive a response back it's happen To me in the past. I called back and received the lady again and I told her my situation she said only my adviser can tell me the status of my car I told her I couldn't reach him she gave me the excuse that he at lunch ( I'm sorry but he never answer his phone or even returns my call) So I waited I gave them an extra hour and I decided to call once more still no response no answers. So I decided to walk all way back and demand for answer I ended waiting for 5 hours I lost a complete day of work. If I knew this was the case I would have token a shuttle to work. When my car was done they parked my car in the lot and no one came out to get me in the lobby I had to ask I didn't receive no ready text or anything. I became more the frustrated and I left a bad google review stating my bad experience. Also Do you know that I'm also a first time car owner through your dealership and I have yet to have a smooth visit with your dealership. Then you gave me a Courtesy call to apologize for the bad customer service. Also we Talked on the phone about solution for next time and how you guys will make up for my lost time and for the bad experience 1.) I will be receiving a different car advisor Which you took the responsibility of doing it yourself. Said you will become my new car advisor. Which I thought it was great because I didn't want to work with Jim anymore due to the lack of poor communication. Which was one of the things I stayed it was very important to me And I'm still here writing an email expressing how inconvenient this is. 2.) He also expressed that you will be sending us a gift card through the mail to show sincerity of apology well it's been a whole month and a week now and I have yet to receive nothing I feel like this whole conversation was brushed under the rug. And now I'm feeling like I'm lied to at this moment There is no integrity and loyalty done at this business. I took the courtesy to also remove my Google review and change my rating due to the fact that you guys gave me a personal call and apologized which meant everything to me now I feel like I should've just left that Google review on there until the whole thing was sorted out because I took the initiative to comply and understand the situation and under good faith that This situation was over. And we can move forward and leave this behind us. Please do note that I will be adding another review about the situation and encountering report this situation And I will pay a personal visit to your dealership to Sit down and have an honest face to face conversation because obviously communication through the phone is not guaranteed. And Inconveniently take the time out of my time to do this because at this point this is not acceptable at all. This has been an inconvenience matter for me and also for my partner so please email us back give us a call do what you need to do but this needs to be fixed right away and I won't be ignored for it. Pete 570-7307. (hidden) Thanks for your time. I apologize for the lack of service. Rply STOP to OptOut.

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Vikki - 1 y 261 d ago


I'm sorry to take this out on you but I just want to say. Jim click in the Tucson mall is horrible. They were so rude and I was ready to buy my brand new 2017 hyundai tucson but the way they treated me was horrible. After waiting 2 hours for a sales rep... I told the rep payments must be below 350 and they basically told me someone else was there to buy the car, so if i didn't pay 393 a month the would sell it to them to someone else.. I told them I couldn't afford 393 and they kicked me to the curb never even calling me again. I bought my 17 Tucson in phoenix and got payments at 245. All i had to do was put more money down. I had money in hand at your dealership and you pushed me away. Never again. Happy to put more money down but your sales person acted like i was nothing. Sad I had to drive 100 miles just to get a good dealership that treated me well. Lost a 32k sale and as a customer that has bought from you before, i will never be embarrassed by your company again.

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Rush - 1 y 262 d ago

Richard from Facilities (hidden) at Jim Click Ford Automall-Tucson, a complete asshole! Eat a dick, Dick!

Flagged for review. 
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John Gunter - 1 y 277 d ago


On September 8, 2017, I brought my 2016 Ford Explorer into the Click dealership in Green Valley for normal "maintenance for life". Kristeen Sanders, the "advisor" was very pleasant and helpful. Upon completion of the maintenance, Kristeen advised me that "the battery checks out fine."

Today, twelve days later, I looked under the hood of my car and was surprised to find a wad of corrosion on a battery pole about the size of a tennis ball. Knowing it takes a lot longer than 12 days for that kind of corrosion to occur, I returned to Click's Green Valley service department and showed them the corrosion. They were nice enough to get rid of the corrosion and spray the terminals. However, it makes me wonder. Does the fancy check sheet showing what was done have any real meaning, or is it just for show? One item on the check sheet shows "Battery terminals(clean if necessary)" Either the check sheet is (a) a joke, (b) the work was never done, or (c) the service department technicians are lazy or incompetent. Mr. Click, you be the judge.

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DD - 1 y 271 d ago


I believe this has more to do with the horrible jim click service than it does with the vehicle. I had a battery issue with a new 2014 Mazda. i brought it in for the same issue more than 6 times although they logged it incorrectly many times. I embarked on a cross country trip a few weeks after having the car thoroughly checked out and was assured by the service manager, it would be fine. The first night I was stuck and my car would not start. I had to be towed 100 miles from NM to CO over Memorial day weekend and was stuck in a hotel room for 2 days with cats in an very unsafe town. I have been fighting for over a year for reimbursement bec the Mazda dealership in CO identified the problem as a faulty battery and said there was no way it could have been missed and it did not happen in a short amount of time. So clearly the fault of Jim Click Mazda Eastside service. I want to be reimbursed fro my time and expenses but getting the run around. the only thing that will make them take notice is a lawsuit or blasting them on social media for putting a woman traveling alone in a dangerous situation which is directly related to their negligence. I am prepared to do both. This company has horrible management and even worse service. In conclusion, I believe the check sheet is a joke AND the service dept management is completely incompetent. Even when brought to the attention of the GM, he still turned it back to the service mgr to handle; IMO, he is a complete incompetent.

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