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Jim Click Ford

PO Box 12399
Tucson, AZ
Jim Click
(520) 747-2000
(520) 570-7351
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Linda L - 4 d ago


Hello Mr Click,

I purchased a 2014 Ford Edge from your dealership on 22nd/Wilmot. This is my 3rd purchase thru your dealership. In past years, I have always had a pleasant experience, but this last one was not. At the time of my purchase, I signed an agreement with one of your financial people, that I would purchase the vehicle if they could get it at the price quoted on the agreement and interest rate. However, your financial person was not able to meet that agreement and asked me to come back to sign another agreement. When I arrived, I told the lady that I did not like the new agreement and that I did not want to purchase the vehicle after all and I just wanted my trade-in back. At that time, the lady said that my trade-in was already gone and I could not get it back. Being nave to this type of service and thinking I could not get my truck back, I agreed to a new contract. Since then, I have had nothing but problem with the vehicle. I have dealt with several different techs in the service dept and no one can find a solution to the problem. I've spoken to service managers and have had the car in the shop several times, still no fix. I believe the car is a lemon and I am getting no where on repairs. I left a message with another service manager, still no call back. My next step is legal action and news media on the lack of customer service and lack of representation on the vehicles your dealership sells. I will never buy another vehicle thru your dealership again and I will not refer friends or family again.

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Mario - 11 d 19 h ago


I bought a new 2016 Nissan Sentra, and after a year i notice they also added the maintenance for life for $1200 without my knowledge , after a year i decided to trade my car and i just feel like i wasted $1200 dollars since this service only applies to the purchase vehicle.

what a scam.

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L porter - 12 d 20 h ago

I bout a used truck at Jim click kia, I wanted 3 weeks so Kia told me the truck oils be ready after a day or two. I waited 3 weeks. The manager said he would give me a gas card for the wait Never Did! When I did get the truck the check engine light went on the fuel gadge is bad. I take it in of the free matinace. Now they say I need to pay 130.00 for them to check the problem. Really!! Kia You guy Suck ass !!

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Adam C. - 32 d 16 h ago


Mr Click,

Sir I would like to share with you that I have had recent interaction with both your Tucson location and Green Valley. I was lied to multiple times and treated horribly. I hope you can evaluate your management and sales staff at both locations. I for one will not be doing business with any of your locations due to the actions of the individuals I dealt with.

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Max Chavez - 24 d 7 h ago


I guess your not the only one. I purchased a car and signed a contract with gap insurance and the kia dealer forged another contract without gap. I went to the dealership and Scott the manager pulled out a contract which I never signed to and when I told him that I needed to take pictures of it for my attorney he snatched it out of my hand and got very angry at me.I was not only taken advantage of but treated very badly. That dealership is fraudulent and will lie to you just to be taken advantage of. The truth will come out and hopefully the sales people involved will be terminated for their dishonesty to the community and Mr.Him Click

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ALEX - 50 d ago

Mr. Click my message is entirely not about purchasing any vehicle or writing a review I was online looking for a shelter for my niece to recover and get her life together , upon searching women's shelters and places she could go to get help I went to Primavera's web site I am a veteran and noticed a caption requesting funds that they're work vans broke down I guess to transport workers to jobs and they were looking for donation's I know you do a lot for the community boy it would be nice to have a vehicle myself , I push a shopping cart from the store every time I need groceries for my kids and this is with diabetic nueorothopy ,fractures in my spine and degenerative disk disease but this shelter caught my attention I was there when you helped sponsor the Fisher House at the SAVACHS hospital with your donations , I thought that I would e-mail you and wonder if you could look into helping primavera with a used van to transport this individuals to work there'ye live matter to me I was in that spot before Iwas paralyzed 18 months and had to learn how to walk again because of diabetes the va helped me . I came from phoenix with nothing , even thou I'M still trying to save for a vehicle it would be nice to see the shelter helped with a true person who cares GOD BLESS

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Jorge L Leon - 52 d 22 h ago


Mr. Click

I have purchased two used Ford F-150 trucks from your Dodge dealership at Auto Mall. My concern deals with an issue I believe you are trying to remedy. I base this on some of the remodels I have seen at two of your dealerships/service centers that I frequent ( Dodge Dealership Auto Mall & Green Valley Ford). Dealing with your service centers on the Lifetime Oil Change is the most frustrating challenge I experience on my routine visits.

If I may bore you with some of my personal challenges that I have that makes the matter worse. I work 28 miles from my home and 1.5 miles within Green Valley Ford site. I utilize my vehicle every day for work and when I am off I call or show up to your service centers for oil change service. The folks at your service are always professional and courteous. Provide answers with a smile and look for what seems to be genuine solutions to helping me get my vehicle serviced. However, the common theme in your service centers (Green Valley, Dodge Auto Mall,Holmes Tuttle Ford Auto Mall) is a it's a 3 to 4 hour wait or leave your vehicle for the day and it may get done. There recommendation is always to make an appointment to mitigate wait times. The wait times are 2 hours as stated by employees but it guarantees my truck will get serviced that day. You are probably thinking that making an appointment would be my best solution and your right! Your appointments are usually 3 to 4 weeks out for an oil change, may I remind you. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to keep appointment due to responsibilities I have with work and family. This creates much of my frustration and mostly self inflicted but some things that I feel you really need to know and I recommend you find someone to help you manage in your current business model. In helping to better customer experience before they enter any of your fast lane's. It is not fast service but rather fast check in process. Most of the other lube service centers are fast as posted on check in and servicing my vehicle. You realize being the CEO of your business most households have more than one vehicle. Your Lifetime Service marketing is great strategy in keeping customers buying from your dealerships. Whether it be the servicing of their vehicles or shopping your showroom while we wait. I commend you and your team in creating such a fantastic marketing strategy and being a great community contributor and successful business.

Now, I will end my rant if you will. There is a business (OIL STOP @ Ina &Old Father), that has figured out the customer experience in the oil change service industry. I have serviced my other vehicles here for the last 15 years and gladly pay on average $50 for my oil change. They also do it right with a smile and professionalism as your team does great job as well. Oil changes take 30 to 40 minutes on a really bad day. They don't rotate my tires but it is a whole lot closer to a fast service lane to get my oil changes.

Regards, Jorge L Leon

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Jack Scholnick - 60 d 10 h ago


Mr. Click:

You probably do not remember me, but I was on the Board of Directors who helped start a Walk in the park.

Jim, I am a Wounded Warrior, and I now use an Electric Wheel chair. I have had 35 Surgeries, with three more to go. I have had 5 Heart Attacks,1 Heart Failure , and 3 mini strokes from Agent Orange. I have Agent Orange scares, up and down my Body, and Type 2 Diabetes from Agent Orange. My Daughter was born with Down Syndrome From Agent Orange. Recently My 2006 Mitsubishi Broke down, and my lift, and Wheel Chair was affixed to the back end of my truck. I live in Rio Rico AZ., and I had just my truck for transportation. So I immediately wen down to you dealership on 22 close to Craycroft, and I talked to a Salesman by the name of Al, who introduced me to a Hyundai Tucson. I asked him repeatedly if my scooter would be capable of carrying my hitch and scooter. his answer was yes on many occasions, and his continued answer was yes, and he even sent me a text with yes as an answer!

Jim I bought the car, and I have found out that this Vehicle is not capable of carrying the hitch, nor the wheel chair. and I have no transportation to carry my hitch or Wheel chair, to where I need to go. I am confined to my house. I believe that this is shaddy Salesmanship to make a commission at any cost!

Jim My wife was with me at all times during this Purchase, and she can attest to every thing that I have said. My wife and I have a very large Special Need group consisting of 200 or more Special Needs Children, We are part of SANDS, and the National Down Syndrome Society, and we ae licensed Special Needs Advocates, my wife, and I were on the Arizona Human rights Commission, SEACAP (Southern Arizona Community Action Program), and the Santa Cruz Training Program, etc. We do not charge one single dime for anything we do. I live on a small disability pension, and I have been fighting with the VA for 50 years only to be told that my records was burned up in St.Louis in 1972, Which is a blatant Lie!

I would greatly Appreciate some help in this matter. By the way Jack Perlin went to school with me. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Your Friend.

Jack, Maria, and Francine Scholnick

1230 Calle Rafael,

Rio Rico, AZ.


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MMD - 148 d 20 h ago


Jim Click has a clit. Ugly tranny. Isn't that right Jane??

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Live way across town from your facility - 149 d 15 h ago


We received a recall notice for door latches on our 2013 Ford C-Max. The letter estimated 1/2 day for the repair. When we called we were given a 7:30 am appointment time on Thursday, 3/23 with no hint that the repair would likely take more than 1 day. Upon arrival, we were offered a rental car because the repair would take more than one day. We are going out of town for the weekend, and this could have been an even bigger inconvenience - which could have been completely avoided with JUST A LITTLE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AT THE TIME THE APPOINTMENT WAS MADE.

Today, Friday, a little after noon a service advisor called to let us know that they are just now about to start work on our car and there is an outside chance it could be done today or tomorrow. He spent quite a bit of time trying to explain why it isn't possible to let people know in advance that a repair or service will require more than a day, even though he said that a service advisor can tell immediately.

I believe you are inconveniencing a lot of people when you could easily enter a code in your computer services for those repairs that are likely to take more than a day. For such a large company, this seems incredibly inefficient.

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Anonymous - 175 d 9 h ago

jorge martines

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Dinah O - 199 d 14 h ago


Jim Clicks employees have no regard or respect to their customers. They have the "above it" attitude. I have filed a complaint with the corporate office of Chrysler. They take advantage of people and I have had to replace tires at 21,000 miles and now they want to charge us for a battery with only 31,000 miles. The extended warranty pays for NOTHING and the hazard and well warranty pays for NOTHING. Jim Click is defrauding the customer. Go to another dealership.

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Tony R. - 202 d 21 h ago


My Air Bag light came on. I called Jim Click East. They will not cover it. In fact they want $135.00 to check it, that's wrong. It's is a safety thing. It should be covered with no charge.

So I will drive with out Air bags. And let my lawyers work on, if something happens. Very unhappy with FORD.

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Joyce W - 307 d 14 h ago


I wonder if Jim Clicks customers realize that the Maintenance for Life program is not free!! Unfortunately it wasn't until after I signed and later read the contract that a M4L (that's how it's entered) costs close to $1,000.00. I've tried several times to cancel that charge, plus the service contract and gap insurance, those two I was successful in cancelling, but the M4L is uncancellable (if there is such a word). I would like to meet with Jim Click at the 22nd location since I assume he's the only one who will honor my request. No luck there either, but I'll keep trying. I think the maintenance program should be offered at signing instead of just adding it in the price..

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Alma CDO - 1 y ago


September 2014 bought a brand new Jeep Cherokee Latitude off of your lot. Within the first 60 days of owning the vehicle my transmission had to be replaced. Since then i have had my vehicle in the shop at least 8 times for the same issue. I dealt with your GM Ted Navarrette who has done nothing to help me but blow smoke up my ass. I opened a buy back claim thru Chrysler. Did everything that was asked of me to get a result that my vehicle issues did not constitute a buy back. The Chrysler case manager said that when this vehicle was manufactured the transmission is electronic and that they cannot find compatible software to make the transmission run properly. How in the hell is that my fault. So needless to say i am still driving this lemon around with transmission issues. My check engine light turned on this week, i took it to Auto Zone to get it checked out turns out i could have a cracked head, transmission issue or faulty exhaust. WTF! I guess since Jim Click cannot sell guaranteed vehicles i will be contacting the media and my attorney.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

What is up with the 2011 f 150 it rpm goes up and the miles per hour jump to 70 miles per hour and the back wheels locked up it is very unsafe to drive

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N Taylor - 1 y ago


I hope Pumpa is turning in he's grave watching his son ruin the business. I always heard what a problem it is dealing with Jim Click and now unfortunately I've learned first hand. I guess we didn't spend enough money for a car. I purchased a used car and for a month now I've been trying to get a second key that Christian Skydell, the salesperson, said I would get and now I find out not only do I get one key I also don't get a spare tire, a can of fix a flat or anything. I'm a 50+ year old woman, what happens if I get a flat tire, God forbid. I would never recommend anyone purchase a vehicle from Jim Click unless they enjoy being lied to a given the run around. I will not only be posting a review here but using all social media at my disposal.

Thanks again Mr. Click.

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John - 1 y ago


Mr. Click .

How upsetting and under duress and emotional traumatised by a service dept. Eddie is his name. The day i bought a $38,000 dollar truck he called me a F..king ass hole. Now my truck is in that same service dept. Because its blowing smoke out of exaust,( regular fule ) and boggs down at idle. Pullys sqealing. Im also a disable veteran OIF. However because nobody is dealing with this. Im taking this to all news channels.



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Mike - 1 y ago


I'm tired of getting the run around when I comes to getting my 2014 Ford Edge fixed; It's bin 2 & 1/2 weeks. I work out of that SUV; as a result I have lost my source of income for the time being.

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Alice Robinson - 2 y ago


8/22/2015-Purchased a vehicle (did not finance, paid for it upfront and in full) at the TCC a 2014 Jeep Patriot. Friends and family suggested we go to Jim Click Ford Well, after Saturdays the experience I will never deal with Jim Click Ford again. If it were up to me, I would have not purchased the vehicle, I would have left taking my business and money elsewhere (but my son wanted the vehicle). The salesperson was nice, even though he gave wrong information. The wait to purchase the vehicle was long over an hour, sitting at a little table. Finally RICK BETTINI shows up The rudest person I've encountered in sometime. When asked questions, he became rude and argumentative. I sent an email to voice my complaint and received no response. I am guessing because the vehicle was paid and not financed through/with Jim Click Ford it does not matter it is what it is. Well, I am but one person but I will make it my mission to let every person I come in contact with know exactly how we were treated by Jim Click Ford and or the person representing Jim Click Ford

Not happy or impressed but sincerely disappointed!!!!!

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Sherry Raissedonna - 1 y 79 d ago


Hi i was at jims the one on 183 and spicewood i payed my bill with a credit card lleft it on the table. And the manager chace out side and ask me if i payed i was so mad cuz i pay for everything im very honest.

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Robert & Mary - 2 y 158 d ago


I am a full time resident of Green Valley and recently took my "1997 Chevrolet Corvette" in to your Green Valley dealership to have an oil change and to have a small problem with a fan that would turn on by it self. To make a long story short the service department could not find the problem as during the search for the problem, the fan turned off. I was called and told that my car was finished and ready to go I picked it up and paid the bill and went home. When I looked the invoice over at home I noticed that the oil change was not done! I called and talked to the service manager and he was sincerly appoligetic and asked me to bring the car back "at my convience" to finish the work, which I did. All the staff were very appoligietic, no excuses and the service manager stated that "This is NOT the way we aim to treat a 1st time customer". I left your Green Valley dealership with a VERY positive impression. I may have been a 1st time customer, but I WON'T be a 1 time customer.

Thank you, and your staff ,

Robert Riddle & Mary C Houston

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