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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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pat - 39 m 33 s ago


Bad experience online ordering , their site says halloween items in stock for ordering not available in stores so I ordered a large quantity of items through their agent . joanns never shipped ,they printed out label sent me emails and never shipped anything . have been calling all week hours on hold 5 times I called no one knows how to track what happened to my order they took order again with new tracking number and never shipped, kept calling and emailing all lies no response to emails, supervisor narissa said she would fix everything ,still no delivery ,numbers say they never sent packages. Joanns charge my card several times, no refund! what should I do next? this is a nightmare and halloween almost here no mechandise , no refund!

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DrBob1 - 3 d 6 h ago


I placed an order Oct 10 and received an email saying expected delivery was to be Oct 16 by Fedex. By Oct 17 the tracking link no longer gave any updated information but suggested the order had not been received by Fedex. So I started to email customer service got an automated "bedbug letter" response promising contact in 48-72 hours. Emailed daily since and no response except for automated emails. Tried calling the 888 number for customer service. Called multiple times and put on incessant hold, no human contact. Fedex still has no update indicating they have received my shipment. How about a realistic staffing level at customer service or firing the head of customer service or possibly head of IT if the fault is there. Oh yes, I also tried the posted CEO phone number and keep getting disconnected. Apparently no one cares about customers once an order has been placed. Pretty soon customers will no longer care about Joann.

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KC - 8 d 18 h ago


I dont understand corporate Joann fabrics??







You want my personal information so I can use a coupon in your store??

Isnt it bad enough that our cell phones ring all day with scam calls? And YOU WANT TO ADD TO IT!!!

Shame on you!

This will keep me OUT OF YOUR STORE!

I was totally taken by surprise at the checkout counter!!


Not any more.

Shame shame shame!!!!

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Debbie - 9 d 6 h ago


I happen to love Jo-Ann Fabrics! The store in Colonia, NJ is fabulous. The staff is always helpful and friendly. But I specifically want to let everyone know my latest experience.

I purchased upholstery fabric for slipcovers for my dining room chairs. I miscalculated and was in need of 1 1/2 yards more. Unfortunately, as much as the ladies tried their best to find it, the store had no more in stock and it was a clearance fabric. The next morning, I called Jo-Ann's customer service number. A lovely lady, Emma was able to call several stores in my area and found the fabric at another store, at quite a distance from me. Jo-Ann's will be sending it over to the store in my area for pick up.

My point is, from my experience, every employee that tried to help went above and beyond. It would have been so easy for them to tell me, "sorry, you're out of luck". But they didn't. You don't always find dedicated workers like that. And after reading some negative reviews here, I feel proud of my Colonia, New Jersey store!

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Two Seniors - 11 d 24 s ago


I am disappointed by the store set-up, the staffing and the failure to be ADA compliant in your Willow Chase store in the Houston, Texas area. My wife is confined to a wheel chair and has, over the years, been a major crafter in quilts, knitting and crochet as well as sewing, so you can imagine, or maybe you can't, what a shock it was to find that this JoAnn's was no better than a Michael's. Many of the aisles were either blocked by display racks, or the rack were too close together to get down the aisle at all, staff left motorized carts in some aisles unattended, and unconcerned. It seems the store was more concerned about getting as much "stuff" on the walls, in the display racks, and the floor bins than taking care that their customers had a pleasant experience shopping. There were bins, and racks in the broader aisles that blocked passage on one side or the other due to stanchions at the side of the aisle. Then, to add to the failure of our shopping experience, the staff was begrudgingly willing to help us if we were right at them. NO one offered to help us as we searched for specific areas, and it took several minutes for back-up cashiers to come to the front despite there being a line of 11 people waiting to check out.

I doubt that we will waste our time, or seek out such frustration again by shopping at JoAnn's; especially JoAnn's Willow Chase.

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A Fed up Customer - 13 d 48 s ago


My closet Joanns is in Belmont, NH Everything is terrible about Joann Fabrics including the employee the coupon only work occasionally and the only way to get the good coupons is by using the app which is broken on its own, the sales are terrible, and corporate can't even do there job correctly, there systems is fucked, it never works.... the employees only are nice and enjoy talking to you if you know them very well and even then there not very helpful, very few of them actually do there job correctly and show you the way others don't. Know wonder why they are losing so much money and sales. If it was me I would really look into this company and see what and who is the issue and maybe that may save the company and stores. My main issue is toward the store leader she never helps when I ask for it she only points in the direction and says follow the green line or she will call someone else over because she is too busy with her own issues I understand that store leaders have other jobs todo but when a store is understaffed and needs help it is their job to pick up what others can't... I had stood there for 30 mins waiting for the storeleaders help while others were doing their job and she sat there on the computer doing what i don't know she had asked for help but no one was available and all she did was point in the direction and continued to work on the computer. This happens everytime I go in there... the only reason why I keep coming back is because of the good employee and of how convenient it is in location other than that I would never go back.

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B Freeman - 38 d 7 h ago


Wow, reading all these negative posts is a bummer. I have one too. I used to shop at my local Joann's at least once a week, y'all offered great coupons on your website that I printed out and took with me to the store, since my old cell phone will not download the "joann app". I guess I'll be shopping at Hobby Lobby more now as well as some of these other post authors. I used to tell everyone how great Joann's was and how wonderful the coupons were. A sad day for me and my quilting. Please bring back the printable coupons.

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

I'm surprised at how many customers are not aware of the fact that JoAnn's accepts competitor coupons - Michael's (but, not for fabric, since they do not carry fabric in-store), Hobby Lobby (that's an automatic 40% off), ACMoore and Retail-Me-Not. The coupons can be used on regular priced items, not clearance or spot fabrics, and there are always exclusions (patterns, Cricut, etc), but, there are always exclusions on every coupon I've used at all other stores. And, if you haven't signed up, you can still get coupons in the mail, by text, and on the free app. And, you can use the coupons all in the same transaction, just not on the same item, and no stacking coupons (for example, a 20% off your total and a $5 off a certain amt). You can save quite a bit, once you learn the coupon system.

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Judy. Bel Air , MD - 13 d 7 h ago

Their motto should be "We don't care because we don't have to"

I dread going to to this store - the lines to have fabric cut and then to check out are ridiculous. Since they have no competition they simply don't care about customer satisfaction I belong to several guilds and whenever someone says they have to go to Joann's there is a collective groan. Obviously they understaff their stores for profit but they don't realize that money is being lost because of the need for the customer to stay away unless absolutely necessary. Wake up corporate office - notice that you only have one star. If possible I'd give you a -10.

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David A Roberts - 14 d 8 h ago


Went to the store in Decatur illinois yesterday asking for a donation for my wife's fund raiser for breast cancer. Cashier told me they were to busy for that. Didn't know compassion had a time limit. Telling everyone I know about this and social media is great for that. Thought you might want to know.

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Tina - 37 d 17 h ago


store in McMinnville Oregon 1401 N Highway 99w 97128-2724 (hidden),...I had just the Bestest service today from Tina...Thanks for training her properly so my service was so good. Kind efficient, happy {no corporate crap} Real and just took a minute to help me...I can go anywhere on this planet and buy anything I want, Customer service is all you really have to sell me. If your workers aren't happy then Im not happy...Thanks Ms Tina I had fun! Tammy Duncan

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Cynthia - 17 d 20 h ago


Tina, I wish the asst manager retarded was trained properly but he wasn't. He has NO customer service ability. He's rude and emotional but joann management doesn't care. So I reported them to the FTC because I wanted to purchase something on sale but he wouldn't give me the sale price. He's very rude and doesn't belong in customer service. But again, joann could give a shit!

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Anonymous - 19 d 7 h ago


The store manager in the Middletown NY Location is very rude and nasty. Edwardo Vega is very unprofessional and I clearly do not know how he is the Store Manager. I think that Joann Fabrics in Middletown Ny needs to reevaluate who they hire as a representation to their store. Edwardo Vega is bring this store down terribly.

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Not a smart man but I know the meaning of most words - 20 d 10 h ago


I receive emails with coupons from Joann's

The email says 40% off everything regular priced.

But when I print the coupons it's got a ton of exclusions.

Is it just me or does Joanna not know the meaning of the word everything.

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Fran Snay. - 21 d 5 h ago

Please, please put a store in Burleson,Texas 76028

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Love Joann Store - 23 d 42 s ago

I live in Palmdale California and have heard rumors that they are closing down the one and only Joann in the whole Antelope Valley. Is this fact or fiction?

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Anonymous - 25 d 2 h ago

Please look into hiring more cashiers for your Winston Salem store. I was there around 11 today, and the poor cashier looked so overwhelmed with a line extending past the cashier line and almost down to where the holiday items started. She called for back up repeatedly but there were only three employees and one walked out ignoring the line.

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Very annoyed in Kissimmee - 32 d ago


I went into joanns in Kissimmee fl at 6:50pm to buy some fabric. I was served almost immediately in the fabric department. I walked up to the register to pay & saw that there were about 5 people ahead of me on line and only one register open. The cashier was having an issue with the customer she was serving so she called the manager up to the front. By this time the line had about 12 or 13 people on it & people were starting to lose their patience. The manager helped with the issue the cashier was having and as he started to walk away an elderly woman in front of me asked him as he passed the line full of people if he was the manager. The man threw up his hands & just proceeded to walk away never even acknowledging the womans question. He left the cashier alone to deal with all the customers complaining. The elderly woman & another young girl decided to put their items down & walk out of the store. I finally walked out of the store at 7:45. It took 45 minutes to get off that line. My biggest issue was what this manager pulled on the customer. What kind of customer service was that? This man needs some serious training on customer service. With all the people waiting in line he decided to just walk away. This man's name is John. So to all the people who shop at joanns in Kissimmee fl be aware of this horrible manager. He SUCKS !!! And to the district manager who was supposed to call me thanks for nothing. No wonder this manager John has issues

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

I am very upset that Joann's has stopped carry quality thread like Guterman. I don't want to sew with that other junk! I'll quit going to Joann's and shop online if you think you can hold onto faithful customers by disregarding their purchase preferences. Shopping online doesn't even require ever going outside, in summer's heat or winter's cold blast. Bye bye you jerks

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Anonymous - 34 d 6 h ago

Not sure which JoAnns you shop at but all the stores I've been I. Carry Gutermann brand thread

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Anonymous - 33 d 6 h ago

yes, this person is high... thats the majority of what i have ever seen there. I wish they had Mettler and Aurifil

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Karen A - 40 d ago


I received an email that had a 60% off coupon sewing notions with a photo behind it of rotary cutters, blades, cutting mats and rules. I went to the store to use the coupon on a pair of scissor and was told the coupon was not good on the scissors,

that is was for notions only on the notion wall. I showed her the coupon and she told me corporate made a mistake and would not take the coupon. Ok, so I used a different coupon and then proceeded to want to apply by $5 REWARD, and

was told I could not use that because it was a second coupon. Isn't a REWARD something you get to use as cash, if I posted a reward for a lost dog and gave the finder a reward, would you not think it would be cash and not have ANY

LIMITATIONS on its' use. That is not a reward, yet just another coupon!!! So tired of false advertising.

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Darcy C - 40 d ago


Just had the exact same experience! Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for bait-and-switch false advertising.

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Dap - 44 d 19 h ago

Just reading these reviews are enough for me to not shop at a store with no regard for customer service of any kind.

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Concerned - 45 d 4 h ago

It is absolutely unacceptable that you've REFUSED to fix the air conditioning in your Colonia, NJ store all summer, not just for the customers but for the sake of your employees who are stuck there for 8+ hours. It has been a scorching hot summer, and your employees and customers are suffering. Consider this: the inevitable LAWSUIT from a customer or employee suffering a heat stroke in your store will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than fixing the air conditioning...and you'll STILL have to fix the air conditioning. And I'm sure OSHA would LOVE to hear about how your employees are being forced to work in an unsafe, unhealthy environment. Your choice.

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