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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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olive s - 1 d ago


The Madison Heights, Michigan store is woefully understaffedalways, regardless of time of day or season. Signage is ambiguous and even the managers don't understand what is on sale. Because of the poor signage it's often a crap shoot if your coupon will be honored when you finally arrive to the cashier.

Hope like hell that your fabriccarefully washed in cold water with no other items doesn't bleed because the return process is ludicrous. You'll have to wait in the interminably long cut table line to have the piece remeasured to make sure you're not returning less than you purchased. And thenyou get to wait in the super long line to get to the cashier to get your refund. Sothey sell poor quality goods and then punish you for having the gall to return the item.

Call the manager to voice your complaints? She'll hang up on you. Call the Hudson, Ohio customer service? They'll say within 24 hours a regional representative will contact you but I can say after 5 days that that's probably not going to happen either.

Also note, if you purchase a custom frame and they give you a due date know that's merely a suggestion. I had an order that was 12 days past its due date and I had to spend 2 hours to get my art back because I had to take it out of town to present as an unframed wedding gift. A day or twowell that happens but almost 2 weeks and have me involve two managers then that's just really bad customer service.

And the cashiers? Well, some seem to be swift and expedient, while others want to chit chat despite the really long lines and then there are the ones who are incredulous because you want to use your 20% off coupon on a $3.85 bill. Hey, it's my money so don't judge. And by the way, Joann you could probably get 15 more people an hour through the line if you stopped printing all those coupons at the cash register. You know, the ones that nobody uses and even if they tried they probably can't because who knows what really qualifies?

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Maryellen - 1 h 36 m ago


I work in a customer based store and I have never mistreated anyone like the staff in Joann Fabric does. Staff used to be so thoughtful and helpful, for some reason the staff is either overwhelmed or not caring. I was there last week in St. Pete Fl and the staff accused my husband of stealing. How can you try to do that there? there is every inch has cameras and my husband does not steal. he was looking for a wrap for the long tablecloth we purchased and the woman behind the desk said No we have none. Don't accuse anyone of doing nothing mame.. soon enough you will be without a job.

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Maryellen - 1 h 39 m ago


today I went to your store in palm harbor florida and Bonnie Helped me at the register she was very rude and irate towards me All I asked her if she can give me a coupon for next week I thought she was going to cut my head off.

if she hates her job she needs to leave, I heard her yell at the next customer in the isle. Whats with her? She told me and her we could not receive any coupons, does she own this company?

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Left the Scarsdale, New York store this afternoon very frustrated. Wasted time waiting in a line that could have wrapped around two city blocks, only to leave without the items I intended to purchase. Only 2 cashiers at the registers; this is a huge store, in the middle of Westchester County during the very busy holiday season. The manager, who would only identify herself as "Irena" said they were short staffed. This is totally unacceptable. Judging by the comments below, this seems to be a trend with Joann's store across the country; apparently they under-staff there stores purposely. Never shopping here again, I will take my business to Michael's or AC Moore.

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elby - 1 d ago


Every Joann store that I've been to is short staffed. The corporate policy seems to be boost the bottom line by not hiring enough staff and I would guess by the high turnover they don't pay well or the women (as their are no men at the local Joann store) who do know sewing and want to provide good service get so frustrated they leave.

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Anna Hammer - 4 d ago


To whomever it may concern I live in Montgomery Alabama I have been a loyal customer of Jo-Ann fabrics for many years I am in a local sewing Circle here in Montgomery I have had the absolute worst experience I have ever had with your stores in the past 2 weeks normally when I go in there are three extremely helpful and knowledgeable individuals working thereErin who was always good to help with a quilting question Doug is always good for help with Fabrics and in the evening when I usually shop there is a young woman named Kimberly who always makes the time to help an old woman out my eyesight is getting bad and she is excellent at helping me match patterns and colors as I usually shop after 5 p.m. she is the one I generally deal with. However in the last two weeks I have been treated so poorly that I am beginning to believe that I may have to go elsewhere for my Fabrics the first time I was treated badly was by a woman by the name of Antoinette I asked her a very simple question and she proceeded to roll her eyes at me and treat me as if I had just bothered her then there is a Girl by the name of jamisha and many others in this store that have no knowledge whatsoever about the products that you sell in your store they can neither help figure out what kind of fabric someone needs or help them decide what type of fabric looks good with another I asked my six friends in my sewing Circle and they all agree that they have been treated just as poorly we have all begun to believe that if things do not change we will take our business either out of town or to Hobby Lobby. At the very least you should have better hiring practices then to employ individuals who have no knowledge of the products you sell or how to use them in order to help your customers I understand this is Montgomery and things have gone downhill over the last few years but this store has always had very high standards but in the last 6 months those standards seem to be seriously lapsing it appears that all of the decent employees no longer work there and you have begun to hire individuals that just do not care in the least about whether you sell anything

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Sandy Herbold - 7 d 2 h ago


Mr. Smith, my name is Sandy Herbold. I am hoping this email will get to the right person. I am a resident of Victoria, Texas. Our town has approximately 69,000 people. Our town is in desperate need of a fabric store. We used to have one in our Victoria Mall but it closed. We previously had a Hancock Fabrics which closed the beginning of 2016. Presently, we only have Hobby Lobby and Walmart for fabric and sewing notion shopping. It is very frustrating! The closest Jo-Ann Fabrics is located in Corpus Christi, Texas which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away. It is hard to drive that far to get fabric when you need it at the last minute. There are a few unoccupied buildings in Victoria, one of which is the Hastings store on the corner of Sam Houston Drive and Navarro St. I just wanted to recommend Victoria, Texas to you as a site for a store since we have no fabric stores here. Please consider Victoria for a Jo-Ann Fabric Store location. You may email me with any questions you have. My email address is (hidden). Thank you.

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Peg O'Reilly - 8 d 38 m ago

I am a resident of Galena, IL which is close to your Dubuque shop. The shop is a disgrace. There are several women working there who have been

n your employ for several years and know how to service and advise fabric purchasers. They have not had a permanent manager for quite awhile.

The latest manager came from a checker job a Lowes. Many of the quilters are not shopping there anymore even tho the fabric has gotten to

be an improved quality from previous. You are losing many customers because of the mess in the store, the waiting periods for service and only

a couple of employees who know what they are doing. It is a shame since you have the only fabric shop in Dubuque. You are making a huge

mistake if you don't address this problem. I understand you are a large corporation but quiltesr get the word out and your reputation in Dubuqee

is not being held up. It seems no one cares. I.for one and many more "used to be customers" are being lost to the store. I would hope that

the problems of this shop would be handled and corrected. Peg O'Reilly, Galena, IL

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Utah - 8 d 36 s ago


Your stores are falling apart. Do you even care. Your location in Washington Utah is filled with rude and unknowing of you products. I will NEVER shop at another Joann store. I don't feel any customer should be spoken to the way I was. My business is now going to be done at Michael's. I have been in retail my whole life. If I had ever treated a customer the way your employee treated me, I would have been fired. We all know you don't read these comments, because if you did you would be taking care of each complaint and you guys haven't even answered one.

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago

My name is Ana.

I love to sew and do crafts.

I moved from Martisburg WV and there is not a Joann's fabric store near me. The closest and only store that sells fabrics is Wallmart.

I wish you guys will open a store here. I know of a lot of people that will love that too.


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Rebecca Turner - 10 d 9 m ago


The night of December 1, 2017 my sister and I went shopping at the Henderson, NV location on Marks Street. After departing my sister noticed her debit card information had been stolen earlier in the day while she was at work. In order to straighten things out after cancelling her card and realizing that it would negate her Joann purchase, we called in to let them know we were on our way back to straighten it out.

Dahlia was AMAZING and worked endlessly to enter each item by number from the receipt so I could make the purchase. Despite getting there 15 minutes prior to closing, the process kept us there until 9:30pm. My sister and I cannot apologize enough for keeping the employees there so late nor can we thank and praise Dahlia enough for her patience and help!

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Barbara Delaney - 12 d ago


I was at my local JoAnn store in Columbia Maryland today and was very unhappy with the customer service.

As I was waiting in line to check out there were 18 customers in the line the entire time and there were two registers open. I asked if it would be possible to open another register , one of the managers said "there is no one to call " No "I'm sorry " or any other comment.

The wait to have fabric cut is always very long.

I will not be going back to Joann's during this Holiday season.

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Joan - 12 d ago

Please open a Joann's at the Firewheel Mall in Garland, Tx or anywhere near there in Garland.

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Vanessa Ferrara - 40 d ago


Today (11-2-17, @ 3:00) I was in the Plano, TX store. I shop there often. There was one cashier working, and there were 10 people in line waiting to be checked out. I stood in line for 10+ minutes, because the customer that the cashier was working with had complicated issues to be dealt with. The lady behind me left her place in line to go to the cutting table to ask that somebody come to the front to check out the increasingly long line of customers. Finally the manager came forward, announcing that a shipment of 800 boxes had come in unexpectedly and that she was sorry for the delay. I appreciate that, but I feel that when you have a long line of customers waiting to check out, and you have only one cashier, who is tied up with one customer with complicated issues (the cashier spent at least 10 minutes with that one customer), you need to get somebody up there to help out. Nobody should have to wait for 10 minutes. I also feel that there needs to be at least 2 cashiers at all times to keep a good flow of customers. Poor management, in my opinion. In addition, the last two times i have been in the store (month of October) the store didn't look clean. All kinds of stuff in the aisles, making it difficult to navigate, and just MESSY. Will I continue to shop there? Probably but I surely won't go when I am in a hurry. It could be so much better!!!!

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Joan - 12 d 31 m ago


I shop at the Plano, Tx store all the time. Always have a great experience. Just recently, Mgr. Diane has really been helpful. Store always looks clean and organized.

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 s ago

I had a horrible experience at one of your store in indpls.In .. Penny at 86th st & Ditch... she was rude...mean and unprofessional.. because I was explaining my problem

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Barry C. - 20 d ago


I arrived at the Plymouth, MA location on Monday evening at 8:45PM to purchase items for my son's school project. Upon entering, I was greeted at the door by the associate who said "we are closing in 10 minutes so get what you need" with dismissive eye and mouth facial gestures. As I attempted to quickly collected my items, I overheard the associate speak with her colleague on the phone in the rear storage area about how annoyed she was that I was in the store and what could I possibly need. She continued to converse about how they needed to close the store and go home and could not wait for me to leave. I got what what was essential and held back from fabric for another project. The service was terrible, selection minimal, and the store condition poor.

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Angry customer - 22 d 10 h ago


Your store in Dunedin has been without AC for months. This is absurd. Your employees are miserable and not only does this store that doesnt have AC we as customers have to wait a long time to get material cut and it is Florida. Florida is not cool like OHIO> Fix the AC and get the lines moving. If the lines are moving you make more money Duh>

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Laura Lee - 30 d ago


Sad to see you have posted a quilt design and tutorial as though it's yours. Kite Flight Quilt was designed by Janice Zeller Ryan. No credit given to it and the tutorial is wrong as well. The pieces will not fit using your tutorial. Her design is here - Shame on Joann Fabrics for stealing an artist's work with no acknowledgement or credit.

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Cathy Azimian - 60 d 18 h ago



Is there a way to send photos of what l want to discuss with you? As l'm not sure if describing things will be understood well Enough. It would sure be helpful from my end. Thanks!

Another thing l wish to discuss is that l love working with striped fabric and polka dot fabric (quilts) but I am not finding what l want if l can find any at all. Some of what l find that l like, too often the fabric feels too thin or in less than quality that l won't purchase so to put into a quilt (lots of time, $, labor for what is to last a very long time).

This is also what l find in gingham, very poor quality.

Also...l am not too enthused about much of the designs of prints. Fabrics used to be so much prettier, cuter, more clearly printed and wish pretty and cute (photos would be very helpful here) l wish they would make a come Back!

I and my friends purchase a LOT of Fabric! The clerks where l shop know me very well by face, at least and have always been cheerful and helpful and curious. Not a single Complaint!

I'm anxious to hear back from someone in hopes that I can once again find fabric l have been looking for for a long time (again, photos will be most helpful).

Please and thank you and Jesus Bless.

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Cathy Azimian - 31 d 7 h ago

I can't see where l was ever answered back about letter sent to you 29 days and 10 hours ago.

I will write a hand-written letter in hopes of getting my questions answered and my requests heard.

I thought John's was a highly repeatable business but clearly as to my experience and from reading other's comments, there is a definite problem in getting back in contact with customers. Customer service is very lacking!

Cathy Azimian

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Travis Smith - 33 d 5 h ago

My Name is Carol Fasse,

I, worked for JoAnns fabrics back in 1986 for about 12 yrs, and at that time , they sold a lot of the single sided quilted fab. I, just found out this week, looking for such an item, you are not selling anymore cause it doesn't sell. I am asking why you have completely stopped sending to the stores. When making an item that calls for single sided quilting fab and would like to use a print reversible cotton backing, its there for people like myself to use. Please, bring the single quilting fab, back to stores. Spoke to some customers looking for quilting fabs and they , themselves, don't know why the stores don't put on shelves anymore, so some people would buy, if available to them. BRING BACK SINGLE SIDED QUILTED FAB, YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED FOR THE HOLIDAYS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE.......

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cat devitto - 34 d 25 m ago


Never sealed with more rude uncaring sales people.asking questions like I was asking for a reward.this is at the Saugus store.i would also suggest that you say on your coupons that they do not work on irons and electronics.

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Victoria C. - 38 d ago

I just moved to Mooresville, North Carolina and at first was thrilled there was a Joann Fabric store here. However, I went there today for the first time and was extremely disappointed. I've lived many places in the US and this is by far the worst Joann Fabric store I have ever been in. It is a very small store and merchandise is crammed into the shelves and aisles making the store appear junky. It was messy, the fabric bolts were not wrapped neatly, shelves were a mess and because it is so small it didn't carry many of the items I was looking for. I'm very disappointed as Joann was my go-to store for fabric, crafts, decorations, framing, watercolor painting supplies and much more. I can't believe you would neglect this store, allowing the Hobby Lobby just down the street to surpass your store on so many levels. I just had to vent as I was so surprised at the condition and quality of the Mooresville store. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

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Cany Smith - 47 d ago

I was in the Lynchurg , Va store and there were 4 pans left on their 50% off ORIGINAL PRICE in a center cap. My daughter and I went as far as to even scanning them . The machine said $9.97 and it was suppose to be 50% off because on the machine the wording ORIGINAL PRICE came up. I was told they had already been marked down then if that was the case it should of said SALE PRICE as the BREAD PAN did. Needless to say I am out of 3 pans that I really wanted because the MANAGER'S at the Lynchburg Store would NOT honor their sign. I am so upset as I live an hour away it's not around the corner . I bought one to prove to the DISTRICT MANAGER but I have 90 days to return it. VERY UNFAIR that JoAnn's has EMPLOYEE'S run their store's as MANAGER'S and they can't do their job correctly. So now I wait to be contacted by the DM . I believe if you are going to ADVERTISE a SALE in the STORE you should HONOR it. These PANS were in the correct spot not like someone just laid them there. Customer's of ALL STORES my ADVICE is watch your SALE SIGNS very close. I have to as I didn't have the money but for that sale I was going to treat myself. But even if I did have the money NO ONE SHOULD be RIPPED OFF. MANAGER'S should make sure the stores are run PROPERLY as that is why JOANN COOPERATION pays them as MANAGER'S . The one LADY MANAGER told the guy MANAGER to deal with me as she didn't have time, now that was NOT what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE. The GENTLEMAN MANAGER was POLITE but he said their SCANNER MACHINE was at FAULT and he was gonna put in to have it fixed. Well that's not MY FAULT their company equipment wasn't working. I have as many of other's spent a lot of money through the years in Joann's and never had a complaint that I can remember . This is very upsetting .

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