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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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Carolyn - 1 h ago


I've been going to Joann's in Las Vegas Rainbow store. I get emails for sales and coupons. A recent sale had all crafting items at 40% off, but when I go to their store the sale signs are all 30% off! This to me is false advertising and a big turn off! Guess I'll go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby from now on!

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Newquilter - 87 d 12 h ago


OXNARD CA store was a mess. The batting I bought was in a bin that said 14.99. But upon check out the cashier insisted that that price was incorrect and you have to look at the end of the bolt. I told her that the 14.99 sign was misleading and her responds was they had to put a price on the bin but it's actually not the cost of the product in the bin. LOL!!!

Doesn't make sense to me and is a really a bad business practice.

Won't be shopping at Joann's anymore.

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pjw - 86 d ago

Yes, you're right. The batting was most likely just dumped there in the $14.99 bin. They should have honored the lower price or at least given a discount but once again, its at the retailer's option. Btw, learn how to spell.

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skb - 77 d ago

Wow..really...? Learn to spell...!? How very helpful.

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Anonymous - 61 d 4 h ago

I was also thinking the same thing...of all the reviews on here, that one had the fewest errors, and that is what she wanted to critique? Nice.

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Anonymous - 61 d 4 h ago

To pjw - Its should be it's, by the way.

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Grammar Police - 45 d 8 h ago


First, in the second sentence there is a grammar error. There was not a need to use the word, there. The prepositional phrase following was sufficient enough. You should have used the word or the phrase.

Second, the contraction its should of been typed as it's.

Third, the word, at, should of been left out of the same sentence.

Just a word of caution. Do not tell someone to learn how to spell when you can't use sentence grammar correctly.

These grammar errors were taught in grade school. Your comment and grammar use may explain why your store is so inadequate.

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Another Unhappy Customer - 13 d 16 h ago


To the Grammar Police person above, under your "third" point, the sentence should read "should HAVE (not OF) .... Perhaps you should not correct others unless you are perfect.

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

Your 3rd paragraph should have been "should have" not should of.

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Eunice F Hobkirm - 15 d ago


Joann in Denton Texas should be closed. At cutting table the girl told me that I could use 50 percent coupon for 1 item. 40 percent on the second item cut and so on. Well, she lied. when I went to check the girl said no...I asked for the supervisor And Jason appeared. He said no. He was very rude. I told him I was contacting corporate and he laughed at me. I threw my fabric down, paid for my thread and left. I will never shop there again. Something should be done about these rude snot. Fire them for God's sake.

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Kathy the Quilter - 19 d ago


No wonder the reviews for Jo Ann Fabric is so low...the two employees that head up the New Braunfels, Texas branch are very rude. Example: I am making Quillo's for my grandchildren, 5 of them and when I got home after getting material for the first one and realized the material is now 41" instead of 45"(there is writing on the side which you have to cut off) I went back to get a complimentary color to put along the side. I only needed 2 yards. Got home, washed it and after checking the uneven ends had 4" less than what I had paid for. So took the material back and it happened again. Took the material Yeah right I want to make 2 14 mile round trips to aggravate everyone and get a little more material. I paid for 2 yards and should have gotten two yards. I always thought you should treat your customers with respect and apologize for something like this. I guess I will go back to WalMart least they are not so cheap on giving you a little extra to keep this from happening.

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Mimi - 22 d ago

I am so saddened to read so many negative comments about Joanne's. While I have had some of the same problems with the company I do have some positive things to share. I agree that the customer service and online employees are quite ignorant about the policies, and simply don't know how to handle most problems . I believe it is because they are not properly trained in the first place . 8 have had many orders processed and then cancelled on me. I have also found that some of my online orders have been short and I had to return them. I waited almost 2 years for one of my orders to finally be shipped because I really wanted a certain fleece print and it was really worth waiting for but it took diligence and patience. Now for the good report! The Joanne's store I shop at has wonderful kind and compassionate employees and they are always willing to go the second mile for me.The store is located in Clifton Park New York and the manager ( Lauren ) is the very best! If they don't carry the prints that I need they always are willing to call the surrounding stores until they find the print that I need. They greet me by my name and always say hello when I go in to shop. Recently I was hospitalized and didn't shop for about 3 weeks. When I finally returned to shop they asked if I was okay and said they were concerned because I hasn't been in for awhile. I guess I am very grateful that MY Joanne's gives me such a great experience. I make fleece no sew blankets ( 200 to date over a two year time period and gift and donate them. I thoroughly enjoy ,a,one the blankets and people absolutely adore them. I have sent suggestions for new themes but so far haven't heard back from anyone. I have even given a copy of suggestions to Lauren but they haven't responded to her either. I would like to send a list of new theme suggestions once again so where do I send them or who do I send them to? I like to use job or occupation blankets and find there is a shortage of these ideas. I also make no sew fleece toys for cats ( filled with catnip) and the animals love them. Perhaps the new CEO can help with some of these situations. The biggest problem seems to be that people have not been trained long enough and don't know the policies well enough to serve us. I wish the best for the new CEO and pray that it will be a new beginning for Joannes. BLESSINGS .......

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Anonymous - 25 d 24 h ago


Detailing with JOANN over the last 5 days of my life has been pure hell!!!!!!! I placed an order online and due to system issues I was not able to receive my order. Initially the website stated the card was decline which I knew to be inaccurate and verified it with my bank. Next the website stated it was unable to verify my billing address. Next the website stated my personal email was incorrect! An email I have had for over 15 years! I was fuming and cancel the order, only to later learn JOANN's had placed $303.09 on hold from my bank account. When I checked the JOANN's app, the JOANN's website, and my email address I could not find an order history. By this time I was livid and wanted my money back. For the last 4 days I have called JOANN's to speak to a representative and have been on hold no less than 15 minutes. This is totally absurd and I know JOANN's should have an ASP (average speed of answer) requirement and a hold time requirement as I work in customer service. Finally yesterday I was able to get through to a person after the 4th time at no less than 15 minute hold time. I was told by Paul in customer service basically the bank hold could not be removed and my only option was to purchase the product again. Was he insane, so then JOANN's could hold another $303.09 and not have an order history or me not receive the product! I think not. Paul did promise email an order number so that I could just call back in and pay. The email Paul sent me only spoke to how it was not JOANN's fault for the bank holding my money and to have a wonderful day. I was furious, all that time waiting to accomplish nothing. I started calling back today (Saturday, March 30, 2019) and by the 4th hold of 15+ minutes I finally was able to get someone on the phone. I was transferred to a supervisor after 10 minutes of giving information that should be in my online account, more time wasted. Once I was transferred the supervisor Kris, the supervisor could not hear me and hung up. I called back 2 more times and was placed on hold two more times for no less than 15 minutes only to be transferred Kris the supervisor that could not hear me again however I heard every word she said. Thankfully she found my cell phone number and called me back. Kris agreed to send a fax to my bank to have the held charges removed and the only option she gave me was to reorder it online or call back and order the Critcut. I was not offered a discounts or an apology . I was told to reply to the confirmation email she sent me and she would adjust the charges to the original sales price. If this is the way loyal customers are treated I will take my money to Michaels and Hobby Lobby! JOANN needs to pour money into training their staff on customer services, upgrading the website to actually work, and hiring more staff to answer the phone.

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Frustrated customer - 25 d 4 h ago

I have been forced to shop at Joann fabrics in my location due to other fabric store closing. There aren't any other full fabric stores around. The store in my location is a disaster !!! The the home decor area is impossible to shop. There are rolls of fabric on carts, on the floor,boxs,and extra fabric strewn and stacked all over the department. There are not enough employees for this area to keep up with this department. There are a lot of sales loss due to the condition of the department. THIS STORE IS LOCATED IN CLIVE IOWA. Management needs to expand this store or find a new location. I have been to a neighboring city that has a JoAnns and there store is very neat and organized. I really hope another fabric store comes back to our area, which is in the DesMiones Ia., we could use at least one one the east side and one on the west side of our city, or more. This store has been in this condition for a must of YEARS. I'VE HAD ENOUGH SO I AM COMPLAINING!!!

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Anonymous - 25 d 2 h ago

Do you have a Hobby Lobby?

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Angie M. - 26 d 17 h ago


My daughter and I recently went to the Joann's in West Columbia, SC, to purchase fabric for drapes for her nursery. We needed 12 yards of fabric which they did not have in the store. The employee working stated that we could order 12 continuous yards from the warehouse, which we did. Before cutting the fabric, I decided to measure and found that the bolt contained 10 continuous yards and 2 extra yards which were cut and put on the end of the bolt. Since I was making drapes and needed continuous yardage, the fabric was unusable. Unfortunately, the receipt had been misplaced. I contacted the store and was told that since the item had been ordered directly from the warehouse, they could look up the receipt in the system and issue a full refund. The next day my daughter returned to the West Columbia, SC, location to return the fabric. The employees were blatantly rude and stated that they couldn't do a thing without a receipt. My daughter told them that we had contacted the store the day before and were told that they could find the purchase in the system since it was ordered from the warehouse. By this time, the Assistant Manager, Lisa, was standing there and said, "What system?" (Really? What system would she be referring to other than the computer system?) My daughter then found the receipt tucked away in her wallet and presented it to the Assistant Manager, Lisa. Lisa stated that she could not refund anything that was special ordered. My daughter told Lisa that we had already contacted the store the day before and were told that we could get a full refund since the fabric was in 2 pieces. Lisa refused to refund the purchase and had a very nasty attitude. My daughter left and called me to let me know what had transpired. I then called and spoke with Lisa. She stated that the fabric only came in increments of 10 yards maximum. I then told her that the information should have been disclosed before purchasing because I specifically stated that I needed a 12 yard continuation and that I would not be able to use the fabric that was sent. She finally stated that if I returned the fabric that day, she would refund the money in full. She said she would not be there the next day, and if the Manager was there the next day, "there's no telling what she'll do". My daughter then went back to return the fabric with the receipt. When she got there, they told her that the price of the fabric had changed and they couldn't refund the full price. She had the receipt in her hand! By this time, she was tired of the whole situation and just took the loss.

I have never in my life had to deal with the attitudes of the employees at this store, and why would they not reimburse the full price with her receipt? My understanding in any business is, if you have the receipt, you are refunded the price you paid on the receipt, not the current price of the merchandise on the day you returned it. Every time that I have entered this store, the employees have been extremely rude. I have been in customer service for 20 years and this would never be acceptable in any establishment that I have been employed. I can guarantee that I will never return to this store or any other Joann's Fabric store in the future, and I will be certain to tell everyone that I can to take their business somewhere other than this store. Somewhere where their business is appreciated. I noticed when I looked for this corporate site, they only have a one star rating. I know why.

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

I purchased 4 skeins item online because it was described as 262yds and i was sent 66 yard skeins This was a misleading description .I planned on making handbags for an upcoming fair . VERY Disappointed.!!!

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Folsomite - 94 d 8 h ago


I visited my local Job Ann's store in Folsom, CA where I tend to frequent often to kill time between classes. I stopped at the Target next door first and purchased a new blazer, dress shirt, watch and a small container of modge podge for a collage I am making. I then continue next door to the Job Ann's store. After about an hour or more of browsing and even talking to a couple employees there I decide to leave without making a purchase where I am met by a staff member who thinks he's just the badest thing on Earth. He asks me to show him my bag as he assumes I stole something. I tell him I am aware of the law that technically I don't have to show him anything but I have nothing to hide so I open my backpack for him. He sees my purchases and proceeds to tell me that he "watched me pick up" the modge podge that I purchased from Target. When I explained to him I had looked at many things in that store but I purchased this before even entering this store he tries to tell me to give him the paste!! I am blown away that someone without confidence and proof of theft would go to that extent to try to prove what was just a judgement and false accusation. Of course I laughed at him and told him not in a million years and proceeded to walk away from the store. That employee needs retraining or a suspension to realize the impact that offending and losing one customer will do to your stores sales. Needless to say I will never go to that location again and I will do my best to make sure his supervisor is aware of this rude and impulsive behavior.

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aqd - 86 d ago

lawsuit!! He defamed your character by accusing you (even indirectly) for theft

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G - 79 d 47 s ago


Lawsuit. Don't count on it. I was in a Joanne fabrics store and a display hit me on the back of the head. I suffered a bad concussion and will have lasting effects from it. I should have played dead but I made the mistake of driving myself to the Hospitol and trying to work for over a year with various injuries. They will hire expensive lawyers and make you look like a bloodsucking money hungry liar. They turned all the facts around in court yet said how sorry they were. Yet they still have displays ready to fall. I just thank god it hit me in the head and not my grandchildren. I would rather look like a liar in court than have it hurt my babies. I was a really good customer there building a business on their fabrics, but after the way I have been treated would never purchase anything from there again. You know who you are and what you did I to me. You will get your due and I will survive. You should be ashamed

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Anonymouse - 36 d ago


I agree with that also ! He could have just asked you for your target Receipt politely but some people are just so unprofessional

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Anonymous - 36 d 21 h ago

Not a huge fan of this place but not everything needs a lawsuit you wimp.

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Pissed off friend - 68 d 14 h ago


That's nothing , a friend of mine worked for a Joann Fabrics and she loved her job so much she would have mopped the floors if she was asked to. She was alerted to a theft going on in the store she worked in, she didn't confront the 5 girls that ripped off the store but she did follow them outside to get description of the car and the numbers off the plates. 3 days later she was fired. Then on top of that she was told that about 3 weeks earlier there was a email sent from corporate to not engage anyone they think is stealing or it could mean immediate dismissal. The store manager never shared that information with any of the team members. So they let her go. Now the store manager is telling everyone. A little late for my friend. That was her dream job. She is devistated.

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Anonymous - 61 d 4 h ago

That sucks for your friend, but I don't think that compares even a little to a woman that got hit and hurt by a sign in the store. Injury is worse than hurt feelings over a lost retail job for sure...she has lasting effects and it could have been much worse. I don't think you should compare someone losing a job to someone getting seriously hurt.

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Lli - 36 d 4 s ago


You can sue them for that she was not informed and was fired unfairly!!!!!

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Anonymous - 61 d 4 h ago

Or instead of freaking out, just laugh it off and pull out the receipt you should have from Target. Trying to tell store security that you know your rights makes you look more guilty, as does freaking out. They pay those people to just make sure no one is stealing their products. That is why you get a receipt every time you buy something, not only when you need to return it, but if you take it with you into another store. As for this lawsuit person below....what a joke. Not even close. I am sorry for the woman who got hit by the sign tho, that is awful, I hope you get taken care of soon.

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