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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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Trish - 37 d 14 h ago


I have purchased a Cricut a year ago and still have not used the machine I need some guidance I'm not having any luck in Arizona of any of the stores carrying a teacher for that if you are aware of one could you let me know thank you Trish (hidden)

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Christine Dorsey - 20 d 12 h ago


I would suggest calling Cricut Help Center to help you with how to operate the machine. You will have better success. Also, look up the technics and features you want to try on YouTube, they have tons of tutorials. Good Luck....LOVE mine:-)

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

Have you tried CREATIVEBUG? Go into J-A's and ask for a "free month" certificate.

Better than the hit and miss you tube standard fare. :)

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Not a Creativebug fan. - 5 h 59 m ago

Creativebug is a joke. I bought a subscription for Creativebug through Groupon, and tried to redeem the code the same day. The code was expired. This was a month ago, and they just keep on giving me circular conversations and saying they were going to be referring it to another party, and there still is no resolution. So get a refund from Groupon, and tried to get it through Joann,com. It took them a week to give an acknowledgement and access to Creativebug, and it was a six months subscription vs. a years subscription through Groupon. Meanwhile the Creativebug customer service contacted me again after the fact, so I gave them the facts. The final straw is that they contacted me a month and a half later asking form my email so that they could follow up with their technical staff. I gave it to them, and then followed up with a note that comping a subscription would have gone a long way to resolution, instead of just reminding the customer how pissed off she was that the customer service still hasn't resolved anything a month and a half later. A comp wouldn't have really cost them anything, and the customer would have forgotten that there was a problem. Now I'm pissed off again.

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Anonymous - 9 h 44 m ago


Coupon for 80% off stickers when you buy 8 packages does not work and employees do not know how to correct.. today I bought 8 packs of stickers retail total 39.92 ( with 80 % off should pay 7.99 plus tax) I was charged 11.91 plus tax.. still good price but advertising is false and misleading..

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tahiesha - 19 h 12 s ago

Thank You, Tahiesha Notice Admin Asst. Harris County Toll Road Authority PH: (hidden) / FAX: (hidden) (hidden) From: Notice, Tahiesha (HCTRA) Sent: Monday, June 18, 2018 4:59 PM To: (hidden); Notice, Tahiesha (HCTRA) Subject: Poor Satisfaction Customer service -GS2651034 RE: store -9960 Old Katy Rd Houston, TX 77055 'Our Culture Mission - To inspire the creative spirit in each of us -- our customers and ourselves. Vision - Be the inspirational leader for our customers becoming her "Happy Place" through superior assortments, presentation, and service. Whom it may Concern: The attachments shows (numbered): 1. Flowers that were in the 60% off stand-alone basket of which the did not give me the 60%, plus other items that were directly under a 70% sign and the would not give me the price - I had to leave those behind 2. Flowers that were in the 60% off stand-alone basket of which the did not give me the 60%, plus other items that were directly under a 70% sign and the would not give me the price - I had to leave those behind 3. Flowers and other items in one of the 3 shopping carts I had 4. Another view of cart number one 5. View of addition items I wanted to buy but they would not give for the listed price 6. The lady who had the same problem, but with jewelry, a whole display, marked at 70% of but was not ringing up as is, howeverthey took off the 70% 7. Stand-alone basket 8. Second view of first basket 9. Second basket 10. Third basket 11. Another view of the stand-alone basket of flowers 12. A third view of the stand-alone basket 13. Bank statement of some money spent - not including transaction made with cash 14. Transaction receipts - not including receipts thrown away 15. Some more receipts Last week I went to Joann Fabric and had the worst experience. I visited your stores quite often, especially very recent this year. I went to Joann fabric at 9960 Old Katy Rd Houston, TX 77055, which is one of the locations, I've been shopping steadily at for the past 6 months because I am gathering items for a wedding. They have been having a huge clearance sale to rid the store of the spring items. The other day, I went there and I chose flowers from a stand-alone basket, marked 60% off, on the 4 sides of the basket, that had a variety of flowers, and 98% of the flowers (at least 10 if each kind) of what I chose was from that basket. Majority (98%)of the items I picked up/purchased was on clearance or on sale. However, when I got to the register, I was informed, they will not honor the posted price. They said that there are new stockers , who placed items in the wrong place. Nonetheless, if I had 1 or 2 items, I would have understood, but because I had at least 10 of every items, that I wanted to purchase, was either 60% off and 70% off with posted signs, I should have been granted the discount. I came to the store with the intention of purchasing all the items for sale, as well as getting an additional 20 percent of with coupons, because none of the items were door buster. The day before, at the same location, I purchased Styrofoam balls, and had the same cashier, who I informed, that I would return the following day to continue shopping. I asked for the manager. I was told that she was busy at the moment. I attempted to contact cooperate, but they were closed. While I was waiting , over 30 minutes, I sent a brief email to corporate, while continually requesting to speak to the manager. However, every time I asked., there was another excuse, one after the other, until they finally told me that the manager said no. There were 2 cashiers that were involved with checking me out because I had a lot of items. One of the cashier is actually the one that rung up my purchase. During this incident, as well as the day before she was very evasive, and sarcastic with anything said. The other cashier was cold, and when she was asked "what should be done?", her response was. "It's not my job, I'm not the MOD. To make matters worse, a customer, (picture attached) was buying items from another stand-alone rack that had the sign, 70% off. They did however honor the discount without hesitation. I use to find Joanne Fabric as the "Go to Store" Notwithstanding, with the experience I had, as well as the contains rudeness of the staff, from that store , as well as the evening staff at 1219 N Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77449, which I chose to ignore in the past, I no longer can keep quiet about it. I am now considering utilizing another craft competitor. However, yesterday I went to yet another location, due to the availability of an item, at 15520 FM 529 Rd, Houston, TX 77095, spending over $200, and was pleasantly surprised. I do believe that I must give credit when credit is due. The total staffs there were actually very pleasant, and accommodating. I would defiantly go back there, especially after my past unpleasant experience, and the experience I had the night before yesterday, at the fry road location, with bad customer service. I have been in the customer service industry all my life, and I always believe in treating other how you like to be treated, and. If you are not a people person, or not enjoying the job, it's recommended to find another one. Over the past 6 months I've spent close to a $2000 if not more, and I usually go to the locations:: store -9960 Old Katy Rd. Houston, TX 77055, and the 1219 N Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77449. The question I now ask. Do I avoid going to Joann, all together, or do I go to the one that is not convenient because its 30 minutes away?? *Other issues: The lady at the fabric area was not friendly at all I asked for the bathroom and they told me that it was at the back of the store, without any direction. The staff not helpful Tahiesha Notice (hidden)

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

you know if you would pay your employees more than minimum wage, you wouldn't have as many people leaving. i mean, hobby lobby pays $14 an hour!!!

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Lort - 1 d 20 h ago


Yes and when you Raise Salaries, guess what happens?? OH, The Prices Go UP.... Why???

Because the Company had to Raise Salaries so people would stay. I am sorry but I have worked retail for a lot of years, and have heard people complain about not getting paid enough and I've also seen a lot of those complainers NOT Do the work they were hired for. So PAY Should go to those Who Actually Do the Work they were hired to do, NOT for those who think they can go to work to socialize and let everyone around them pick up the Slack.

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Bev - 6 d ago


Yesterday in the mail, I was excited to finally receive notice that our new Joann Store was opening in Hamilton, Ohio!The closest one to me has been 25 minutes in either direction. Anyway, received this nice 5 X 8 postcard in the mail with coupons and grand opening information for Fri - Sunday, June 22-24... it encouraged me to be first in line any day to receive gift cards, and other prizes. BUT....but.... on the entire postcard it does NOT say WHAT TIME the store opens! So, how do I know what time to be in line?? What a terrible mistake from your marketing department to put so much money into such a nice postcard ad, and NO TIME posted anywhere on it. Check it out. I'm right. Had to get online to find the phone number of the new store, called them, she said 9:00. Got on line again to find this corporate e-mail to report this. Please advise your marketing department about this. I am hoping this store is better staffed than the other 2 I've had to go to for many years, and spent way too much time waiting in lines.

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago


i was in your store in olean ny on sunday for some yarn I needed to complete a project. I went to the back of the store where the yarn is and I looked for a sale sign. there was none. I thought, good, I can use my coupon. when I went to the register the clerk said it was already on sale I told her there no sale sign there and she said she could not change the price. since I am a senior citizen and do lot of charity work I have to watch my budget and get what I an on sale. I left the store very disgusted. I went back to the store .later in the day for another item I needed I asked what the policy was if there was no sale sign, the manager insisted there was a sign there, I would like them to check their surveyllance cameras .and they will see that there was no sign there and it was put up after I left as I said I am a senior citizen but I am not senile or stupid the manager was very snotty I will not frequent that store anymore I frequented the store several times a month but I am done doing business there. crafty grandma

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S. Barr, Joshua, Texas - 7 d 17 h ago

Mr. Travis Smith, CEO... I am 75 years young and have been sewing since age 7, starting with my Grandmother's treadle Singer, then an electrified Singer from about 1900 and progressed to sewing classes all thru school and then my Singer Golden Touch and Sew. I've been a customer of both JoAnn and Hancock Fabrics as well as other stores.

Recently, in search of fabric form my great granddaughters dresses, I went to JoAnn as HANCOCK FABFRICS....was purchased by JoAnn. JEERS..... SIR, the prices at JoAnn has gotten QUITE PRICEY.....and ALL FROM CHINA! Not a happy customer! Several other people at the counter area and I discussed this "take over" and the increased prices of fabric ....and from China. I will seek alternatives wherever possible.

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Kathleen A Queen - 9 d 8 h ago


Hi Mr. Smith< I had a very unfortunate incident at your store at Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA. Some back ground---I am 73 years old, I sew, and I knit and dabble at a few things. I am retired from Albertsons where I was a customer service manager for 19 years. Anyhow I had done my shopping and paid and remembered that I had a return in my car and asked the young lady if I could run and get it. She said yes with a smile. I came back in and set my return down on the forward register and got into line. When I got to the front of the line I was directed to a young woman. I retrieved my return and explained that I did not have the receipt. I explained that I had paid $9.99 for the Item and that as far as I knew was not on sale. She told me that she was only going to give me the sale price and I read your sign that said sale price within the last 90 days. At that point she became verbally abusive and I asked her to lower her voice as she was embarrassing me. I guess we got into a war of words and with great restraint I remained calm, kept my voice lowered and just asked for my money back - that was all I wanted and I did want to leave. The gentleman on the register to my left was seemly shocked that she was yelling at me and I asked her if she was the manager she said yes and called out her name , which I cannot remember. I just asked her for my money ($3.67) so that I could leave. At that point she looked at me and shoved my return at me and said that she was refusing to serve me and that I was to leave the store. She was yelling at me even as I opened the door and I believe that she told me never to come back. Now I am not one of your customers that is in every day, but I do shop and always forget my coupons. I was under the impression that you always treat your customers with respect even if you want to throttle them. And what is that saying you have in your store about a smile???? So now I am afraid to go back as I don't know how she would react. What a shame to loose a customer. In case you would like to discuss this matter with me my phone is (hidden).

also she has entered all my information into your computer including my I D number Please delete it from your system. Thank you Kathleen A queen, 7441 Auburn Oaks Ct, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

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Carol - 36 d 20 h ago


I have had it with the awful , loud and disgusting music played in your stores. I usually TRY to shop at the store in Gainesville,Ga, however the music is horrible in any Joanne's i have been in. I had to call the store today and the on-hold music wasTERRIBLE....some screaming singer. I I almost hung up!!! This type of music is NOT conducive to a creative atmosphere!!!All I ever do in your stores now is get what I need and get the hell out add fast as i can. Oh,by the way, I spent over an hour and a half and well over $100 in Hobby Lobby about a half mile away!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Skooter - 34 d 9 h ago


I wrestle with PTSD and the intense content of the music, even at low volume is so disturbing, I needed to leave the store without buying anything, even though I had earplugs in. Calling and speaking to the manager, she said the music is corporately chosen and controlled from Hudson, Ohio. Even should the volume be turned down, the intercom system would also be turned down. As Veterans and other folks with PTSD find great solace in crafting, I'm surprised Jo-Ann Fabrics does not make reasonable accommodation for this market or for regional community autonomy to choose its own music style. I imagine they're losing much revenue as this clientele goes elsewhere. In years past, Jo-Ann fabrics had no corporately controlled music and I was able to shop there cheerfully; now sadly, no more, until I hear otherwise.

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

I'm a veteran. Where shall we go?

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Shanabe - 30 d 10 h ago

Roflmao.....ooooooo a whole $100 bucks huh? Nasty ass people like you are what ruin people who work in the retail industry.

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

Pavarotti is not for everyone.

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Uncle Earl - 25 d 8 h ago


Porter Ranch, CA

wasted an hour and then some of my time. TOTALLY understaffed. NO help... Walked around for 20+ min looking for help with fabrics. Non-existent; however, pleanty of people found back by the restrooms apparently taking breaks? Don't deserve my business!

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

What time ?

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Sally Simple - 114 d 35 s ago


Your store on 66th St. No. in St. Petersburg, Florida leaves a lot to be desired in cleanliness. The floors are filthy and it seems that no one cleans anything. I asked if the store had a cleaning crew or company and was told that they did not. How can such a large store not get cleaned regularly? The bathroom was also unacceptable. The store looks rundown and it is sad because this is just about the only store around for sewing needs. Too bad no one cares.

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Joan - 98 d 6 h ago

Well if customers would stop being slobs when using the toilet it would help. We do provide toilet paper and wonder why they use the walls instead or crap all over the toilet seats. We employees have to clean up your hazardous messes. We don't have the luxury of cleaning services so stop being pig.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 87 d 10 h ago

I use to work for joanns and we had to constanly clean the bathrooms because people just get itso dirtyand clog it up and yet they complain because it was dirty if they treated like the take care of their bathroom at home then it wouldn't be dirty allthe time.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 62 d 37 s ago


I works both ways. It's not the responsibility of regular workers to clean the restrooms and yes, working with the public you expect everyone isn't clean. GET A TRUE MAINTENANCE TEAM. THE COMPANY CAN AFFORD IT!!!

They are just cheap!

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Gwen Dean - 59 d 9 h ago

If you are not a professional cleaner: STOP! There are blood-borne-pathogens that you need personal-protective-equipment that are REQUIRED by OSHA (occupational safety and health administration).

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Jaime - 53 d 17 h ago


Why on earth does corporate not provide a cleaning company?

And your reply was rude and crass. If that your attitude I'd hate to run into you as an employee if you are a such.

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Meghan - 24 d 15 h ago


Joanns allows employees to talk like this on their website with no review or filter?

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Hello Internet! How's da Russia boo? - 11 d 5 h ago

Oh sh*t

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