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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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Disgusted shopper - 1 h 24 m ago


The store in Olympia, Wash is always a mess and the place is just dirty everywhere.

The ladies room was closed for an entire day about a month ago. Now they have moved some aisle displays over and it has left large gaps of unfinished very dirty dirt floor.

Just because there is no other good fabric store near by is NO reason to have a filthy store. The public pays good money for the items they buy. I see other reviews from around the country and apparently no upper management people seem to care in having clean stores all over the country. Plus some employees are very rude and often long lines. Coupons on non sale items are unfair as everything is on some kind of small sale. They sound good, but hard to actually use. Very very poor management. Wonder if anyone ever reads these comments from the higher up office people. Too bad. Clean stores would be so much more enjoyable to shop in.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


This comment is concerning the store in Overland Park, Kansas. The ladies' room is filthy. It smells horrible, and the stalls look as if they are rarely cleaned. I complained to the manager, but the next time I was there, it was

the same. The entrance to the store is also dirty. I feel bad for the employees having to work in such an unsanitary environment.

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 h ago

I currently work at JoAnn in Hurst, TX. Store # 2083. I have worked many retail jobs before this. The bi-weekly paid positions I held, we always had a 2 week schedule posted. Therefore you knew your days off and could plan/schedule things on those days.

I left work yesterday and there still was no schedule posted for the following week. I am off today so I inquired if I am supposed to work Sunday or not. Was informed yes, told the hours as they were actually then working on the schedule.

I find this very negligent on management's part that we are not given a schedule posted within a reasonable amount of time.

Is there anything that corporate office can do to correct this situation...please?

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Robin - 13 d 10 h ago


I just moved to Woodstock Ga. from Fl. I have a business that requires me to frequent your store. Every time I have been in you Kennesaw Ga store on Barrett Parkway it is a mess and looks like a thrift store not to mention the employees are rude.

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MrWen. - 15 d 12 h ago


I have been shopping regularly at Joann's since 2006. recently I was there and noticed a great selection of African fabric, but no Dashiki. We,(people of color), normally create our shirts, dresses, skirts, etc, from this type of fabric. it probably won't be a great selling promo, but would give us a few more great ideas for shopping at Joann's. Just a suggestion.

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Anonymous - 19 d 6 h ago

Stop it with your enormous sales and enormous coupons. We employees need a break. Several customers have been horrible and downright mean when they don't understand that our computers do not always work. we are always understaffed, and always feel overwhelmed when you customers come and complain to us over stupid things. No, we don't make pillows. No we don't offer classes at our location. No I can't go look for your fabric on the phone because I am the only cashier for four hours and can't leave a line of five just to find your stupid item. just stop it.

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Marsalla - 18 d 15 h ago


That's your jew-Ann for you.

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Doozie - 21 d ago


The fabric section of the Silverdale, WA store has been going downhill for the past year, and I am SO SAD. I have regularly shopped there since the day it opened, and I am confident there is ample support to make this store successful, IF the management steps it up. The offerings in printed cottons are at an all-time low, with the amount of shelving set aside for it diminished considerably. The buyer is terrible -- I regularly find yardage I want shown online and 90% of the time it is NOT available in Silverdale. The fabrics have not been kept nicely displayed for months, prompting me to inquire whether the fabric department was going out of business. The drawer units that hold the patterns are broken, the patterns are not re-ordered in a timely way, and drawers are left sitting on counters. An air of dishevelment hangs over the whole sewing section. Please get someone to run this stores who cares and who will make sure that upgrades are achieved.

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Pangaea Tawalfe - 24 d 10 h ago


Please stop customers from putting pets in shopping carts. I saw one poop outside and then was put in a shopping cart. Don't say it's a service animal because they can't work sitting in a shopping cart. Wake up!

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Anonymous - 26 d 6 h ago

Your customers are getting nastier and nastier every time you release a 20% off coupon. Stop giving out so many coupons. Be like Hobby Lobby and only give one coupon. You are driving us cashiers crazy with coupons and so many refuse to play by the rules.

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maria rodriguez - 27 d 12 h ago


The El Paso Texas store has not had new fabric in roughly five years. I stopped going, and decided to try again. Was shocked that there was nothing new.

If it has become a warehouse for dumping old fabric then it should say outlet.

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Anonymous - 66 d 10 h ago


Anonymous, I walked in to your mountain view location in CA. It was so hot inside the building it made it unbearable to shop or even breath! I saw a free employed sweating and sitting down not looking ok. They told me the air conditioner was broken and had been for that way for awhile. I do know legally employees should not be working in those conditions!! I don't understand why nothing is being done about It! You guys should be ashamed making them work like that as you guys are in your air conditioned building. I'm going to call the health department and let them know! Your employees are not doing ok!

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Anonymous - 32 d 8 h ago

it's not broken CORPORTATE just wont let us have air conditioning for customers or employee's. They are all saying it's all about OUR CUSTOMERS in the end it ALL ABOUT WHAT IS COMING OUT OF THE BOTTOM LINE FOR THEIR BOUNS. I know I work for Joann's

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Anonymous - 66 d 10 h ago

Concerned citizen, I walked into the Joann store in mountain view California and it was so hot I didn't even want to shop. I saw some employees sitting down and they didn't look okay and I asked him what was wrong are you okay and they had told me they're just talk because the air conditioning is broken at the store and it's been that way for about a week or longer. I don't understand how it's okay for employees to work in a building where there is an air conditioning legally it that's not even okay!!! but I understand the corporate office you guys are sitting in your air conditioning buildings while your employees are suffering in the heat that is not okay I don't even again I don't understand it!!! and this is one of my favorite stores to shop at but with it being as hot as it is it makes it unbearable to shop and uncomfortable and I just really feel bad for your employees! I hope something is being done about this because I'm going to call the health department or whoever I have to call and let them know that these employees are working in these conditions. Enjoy your air conditioning! You should be ashamed!

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Anonymous - 32 d 8 h ago

It's not a broken AIR CONDITIONING its not on. I work for Joann's in COLORADO and it has been that way for as long as I can remember.

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Mountain View Air Conditioning - 66 d 10 h ago


The Joann in Mountain View CA has a broken air conditioning - it must have been at least 90 degrees in there when I went in! I asked an employee if they were getting it fixed soon and was told that this was the second week without it (and three days into a heat wave of 100+ degrees daily) and that despite the complaints of the employees, managers, and customers, the higher-ups weren't doing much to fix it (I overheard one employee tell another that when they called for help they were simply told to "drink water and turn on some fans"). The heat is unsafe for customers, especially elderly ones, and extremely unsafe for the employees (I could hardly stand to walk around in there, let alone work). If this is how Joann treats their employees, I'm not sure I want to spend my money here anymore; the gross abuse of the employees is horrifying, and the lack of interest in the safety of everyone involved is even more so.

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Anonymous - 32 d 8 h ago

it's not broken it's not on. I work at a Joanns in COLORADO and it has been that way for as long as I can remember

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I have been shopping Joann's for years now. Each time I go in either early in the morning or later in the evening, this store is always under staffed and messy, I don't care which Joann's I go in they all look bad. When you asked if the air conditioning is on and the employee states it's on, but not to where you can fill good in shopping. This tells me that CORPERATE is not willing to let go of the pocket money it takes NOT ONLY FOR THE CUSTOMERS!!, BUT FOR THE EMPLOYEE'S who have to work in the heat.

I also saw a person steal about $200.00 dollars or more worth of stuff and said something to an employee who was close by, and all they said was WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING. I can understand that part, concerning most is ladies working, but when they said they are allowed to return it all to another store without a RECEIPT and get store credit, I was floored. No wonder the prices of Joann's stuff are to high priced. I have not returned to any of the stores.

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Customer lost!!! - 40 d 5 h ago


Wooster joanns is a joke they do not offer the sale as it says.... that is per corporate ... when I asked them to call corporate they called their district manager not corporate.

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Missy - 46 d 4 h ago


Re: Driftwood Sands scented soy wick ...$19.99. Burned this candle and it burns right down the center... there's probably 2/3's of the candle left but no wick, and I would have to break it down from the sides even if I did have any wick left.... Please advise on this terrible and faulty product. Thanks. I don't see anyone who has received a reply... why is that please.



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Anonymous - 46 d 15 h ago

Hey Joanns, I am a frequent shopper at your Winston Salem NC store. In recent days your staff has been cut in half, and they look so hot, tired and exhausted. I spoke to an employee there and she said you guys were going to start on inventory soon, and that you cut hours again. and cut staff. It is impossible to shop in your store when there are only three employees working when there is a big sale. i stood in line for 30 minutes wanting to get fabric, and then stood in line for 30 more in the check out line. However, your employees are very friendly. I just feel bad for them.

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Faye - 47 d 49 m ago


Dear Jo-Ann's,

I was in your store in centerville Utah. Turn on the air conditioning. It's ridiculously hot in your store. It's over 90 degrees outside and in spite of employees putting fans around Don't want to shop. I used to be a repeat customer however with your high prices and discontinued warm and natural batting will rethink. There are many stores in The area and online service will fill the void. You put signs around with % off but doesn't ring up. I started taking photos to show them the sign. They must think we are lying can't make it right has to call several other people. If you trust them with my cash trust them to make a decision. No worry hobby lobby is only 15 minutes away. Much better yarn selection and better deals on home items. My coupons will go towards replacement blades and thread when I run out. Maybe. Let us know when new management takes over. Seriously pay your employees a descent wage you are obviously saving on air conditioning.

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Marilyn - 49 d 4 h ago

Is it a corporate policy to not provide sufficient air conditioning at your stores? Your West Wichita store is sweltering and your associates are drowning in sweet.

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Anonymous - 50 d 9 h ago


I did not want to post this publicly however, I cannot find a valid email address for corporate....i have spoken to customer service twice to no avail and was informed that they do not have a corporate email or phone #!

I am disabled and live month to month on social security disability, taking an occasional order to crochet something for a little extra.

I don't drive so I usually order and have the yarn shipped but, this person wanted asap & gave me $20 extra so that maybe I could find a ride to the closest joanns which is approximately an hour from my home. I found someone to pick it up for me so I ordered it to be shipped to the store. I was thrilled with 20% coupon the total was only $24.44 my card was denied and I retried well you can imagine my surprise when I saw that joann not only had the actual charge pending but 4 charges for $22 & change!!!! This was yesterday morning at 5 ish am....i now have $1.88 in my account, I cannot pay the person that was to pick up the yarn, I can't make the Afghan and I'm broke! Yesterday, I was told that the customer service rep needed my bank fax # to release the charges! I am beyond upset

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Mickette Terli - 50 d 13 h ago


This comment is about a store in Beaverton, Oregon...

Specifically it's a complaint about that store...

Someone in that store made a stupid decision on removing the small hand baskets. I planned on buying a lot of items for my next project. Since my project required more items then I can carry in my hands. I decided to go somewhere else, where a store was looking out for the customers. And not for making thing more convenient for there store manager.

You might be curious...i spent $28 in that store. I had planned on spending 10 times that. I went to another store (not JOANNS) and bought the balance of items I needed online (again not JOANNS).

And my project is coming along quite nicely. When I start my next project I'll probably try your stores again. But maybe not.

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