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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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If you like being mistreated visit here - 1 d 14 h ago


Since the mother and father stopped being a part of the JoAnn brand, the company has gone down hill. They don't seem to pay much in the way of wages, so they have a constant turnover of anyone who will walk in the door. The merchandise is not good quality and I am looking for another source if anyone has one, please reply below.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

They treat their employees like shit. They are not allowed to have a bottle of water

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April MI Turgutalp - 5 d 4 h ago


Went to buy fabric and the girl at the cutting center told me I had to bring the roll to her. It was a huge roll mounted up high with other rolls. I struggled with this top roll and when the wooden circular part slided out of the fabric roll I jerked and threw my back out. I have a rod in my back and why do I have to deal with this long humungous roll up high? How do shorter customers get to it? I dont think customers should HAVE to struggle with this huge rolls! It is not the smaller rolls but the huge ones with wooden rods that fly out of them! What the heck is wrong with this company? If my back doesnt get better I am going to sue them and they will learn not to make customers get huge rolls mounted out of reach for most people!

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Mlaquianda@ - 6 d 15 h ago


Yesterday I went to Joann's fabric in Menomonee Falls WI & received the worst customer service I have ever had. Normally I over look rudeness but this it was really disrespectful service across the board. I made a small purchase I used a gift card and I was paying the rest in cash about seven dollars and some change. I only had $100 bill at the time. I gave the cashier the hundred dollar bill and she proceeds to tell me that I should have told her before I made my purchase that I had $100 bill. She continued on to tell me I need to use a credit card or some other kind of payment it irritated me but I also informed her that the hundred dollar bill is what I was using to pay for my purchase she then tells me that she didn't have money to give me back at the same time opening the register & saying lucky for you I have change cause I would have had to take my change of $80.00 in singles. And if that didn't make things worse she lays my change on the counter. So I went to my truck & called the store & a women tried to redirect my call after I asked for the manager. ( I hate when ppl play games). After being placed on hold I hung up and tried to call corporate office. Was on hold again for well over 20 min. I had drove to my next destination & still on hold so I hung up. I normally don't post but I have been a customer for years with this company & hope that someone within the company hears about this post & make a difference with customer service. Never had problems when I've made purchases of $300.00 or more in cash in the past. Why now????

L.F. Metcalfe

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Brenda - 7 d 6 h ago

BEWARE !!!!!!

As I sit and write this. I have been on hold for over 20 mins with customer service this does not include countless emails regarding an order I had placed and that Joann's cancelled yet still charged my CC. I know its a small amount of $16.40. However it is my hard earned money that I want back because I did not get anything. Yet they charged my account. I have sent endless emails.Always a run around. Then finally said they said they would refund me and yet I am out $.

I am so annoyed and will never do any online shopping with them ever again. !!!

This by the way happened Oct 25th and it is now Dec 5th

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K WAINSCOTT - 13 d 5 h ago


I have been trying to get a refund from money I spent on 11/11/2018, on 11/13/2018 I returned 22.29 in merchandise and for whatever reason they will not refund my money to my debit card. I have spent way more than 4 hours calling being put on hold, calling corporate and complaining only to receive an email telling me to go back to the store and they would refund my money. The store called their treasury dept (bs) and say they refunded my money to my visa debit.............I work for the Credit Union that my debit card is from, I have access to all means of finding this refund!!!!! Some one is lying as there is no record of a refund. I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HOW SAD JO ANN FABRIC IS AND DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM(hidden). I work hard for my money and I feel as if they have stolen from me.

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago



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TS - 7 d 14 h ago

They are doing the same thing to me only they owe me $110.00 that I have been trying to get back for over 10 days now! So pissed! I will NEVER shop here again!!

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Service Dog Handler - 22 d 6 h ago


I was at the Orem Utah location last night with my Medical Alert Service Animal. I was at the cutting counter when a lady and her kids came over to the area. The kids were holding Chihuahuas and they started barking at my service animal, distracting him (which did make him miss an alert) the girl holding the one that was barking was talking to her dog in a baby sing song type of voice and asking the dog "oh did the big dog scare you? look over there! what is that?" as if she was egging on her dog to continue his behavior at my service animal. I told her to stop distracting my service animal and she and her family got angry and left the area. I tried to bring this problem to one of the employees attentions, and the employee was so rude! She said that I needed to get over it and that her manager allows dogs in the store and was just very confrontational. According to the ADA ESA animals and pets do not have public access, and this is why!! I ended up getting really sick because of piss poor employee training, and not dealing with the distracting animals. and when the lady started appearing where ever I was going (even though I tried to go out of my way to avoid her) again the employees said that they couldn't do anything for me. Very rude, very unprofessional, and you are lucky that I don't press charges for you breaking the law by allowing something to distract my service animal. It does not matter the amount of training that has gone into a service animal, you have a yippy yappy barking dog, and that service animal will be distracted and miss alerts and it becomes hell for the person relying on that dog to keep her alive. FIX THIS!!! TRAIN ON THE ADA!!!! and CUSTOMER SERVICE because telling me off for asking you to have the distractions removed and explaining the law to your employees and being treated like 2nd class dirt is not okay!!!! so pissed.

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Sally - 8 d 6 h ago


Wow. I am sorry that people & parents have become so self absorbed & I think it ludacris that they would allow any animal NOT service certified in their store! I dont want pet hair all over my fabric because some idiot is petting their shedding dig or putting them on the counter or displays when they want hands free as I have seen common. People who NEED service dogs have trained working dogs. They are not being nor are they for showing off in public or being petted ect. They are busy WORKING and doing what they ate trained to you. Unfortunately, since people began needing them for psychological reasons such as PTSD, doctors are giving permits to people who just want to take thit untrained dog everywhere without a problem. They should be required to have actual service training & the owners as well. If a person truly needs one, they will see that as a PLUS not a hasstle. I hope we see more schools having people & their service dogs in for demobtrative talks because their parents by & large dont care to take any time or energy raising them right. I may sound like a cranky old lady but am actually in my 40's with my last sin just leaving & I am appalled at the laziness of parents. As for the staff & policies, u would think cooperate should regulate rules such as that rather than individual owners/managers. Unfortunately, it seems that is only one complaint in a laundry list if more common complaints that are expressed by numerous people about the same issues & they seem more willing to loose business than address them. Sadly it us my only in person option withing an hours drive to actually see & feel textiles before deciding. So It looks lik i will have to forgo the tactile/visual shopping & rely on online or long distance shopping when I can plan ahead. We are all somewhat stuck as far as shopping & sewing a project in one day

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KC - 61 d ago


I dont understand corporate Joann fabrics??







You want my personal information so I can use a coupon in your store??

Isnt it bad enough that our cell phones ring all day with scam calls? And YOU WANT TO ADD TO IT!!!

Shame on you!

This will keep me OUT OF YOUR STORE!

I was totally taken by surprise at the checkout counter!!


Not any more.

Shame shame shame!!!!

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Anonymous - 27 d 7 h ago

Blame web sites like Retail me not that posted fake and expired coupons. That's why they moved everything to a app where you have to log in. And remember, that was a corporate decision, not the stores, so try to remember that before you get mad at the cashiers in the store.

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Nan - 13 d 9 h ago


I still get mailed coupons at home and at work. My flip phone does not take apps. So I'm still using the old method, which is working fine.

General profile image - 8 d 6 h ago


Guess what KC, the app is completely wonky anyway. It often times doesnt work at all, other times it wont complete the order because it wont advance to payment portion of check out. It wint save your personal address email ect even though you go through all of the prompts required to save & it claims it has & I ONLY keep it hogging my phone storage space for the stupid app. Also, you MAY place an order estimated to arrive in 3 business days only to get an email 10 days later telling you it is out if stock. Why does their computer software that processes your order interface with their warehouse stock program & take it off the availability list? You got me. I have drafted & sent 3 complaints to their customer service & in the last 2, I specifically ask for cust. serve to send a response because the 1st tume us let me know it was received & I would be contacted within 48 hours & no contact was forthcoming after any of them. So if any of the people commenting believe they might effect a change, you shouldnt hold your breath. Service at ny location & the cutters so careless that I loose an average of 4-6" off every yard because both ends are almost diagonally cut.

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Sherri L. Hughes - 8 d 7 h ago


I purchase a considerable amount of fleece each month for tie blankets, which I donate to local charities and care facilities. It doesn't matter what day or time of day you always have a wait line at the cut counter, never enough room or cutters. Since the main focus is fabric, why not make it easier on everyone with a larger cut counter and more cutters. I'll give you on my many experiences. I had waited 35 minutes for a cutter and when I reached the counter she said to me "I can't cut fleece it hurts my wrist", why in the world was she at the cut counter! The Friday after Thanksgiving my sister was 100 numbers out, this is just too much. I have heard so many complaints just waiting in line for a cutter, we all agree not enough cutters and very poor customer service and the registers. I recently had a young man at the register ask me if I wanted a sack when I had purchased three glass candles. I'm not sure how he thought I was going to get them to my car when I had also purchased fleece. I understand the Boise, Idaho store is under new management, they know nothing about fabric. The fleece is no longer in one place, but now spread out all over the store, at least 8 different places, how can this be efficient. The aisles are now smaller only big enough for one cart, also not efficient. I could go on.

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 h ago

Why do you continue to cut hours for your stores. It is obvious you need help during the holidays, I spent an hour in line at your Winston Salem NC store on Thursday November 29th, to see only one cashier. Because they were so understaffed. She looked so tired, and she said she had been up there from 9:00-330 with no food break or bathroom break. which is totally inhumane. I came back today, and it was still understaffed and slow. The same cashier was up front, still exhausted and was told corporate still cut hours during holiday time, that they gave the hours for part time to the full time staff. why do you continue to do this when you need staff .

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June - 15 d 8 h ago


What is Joann policy for seniors?

On line I saw senior days for 20% off were occasionally announced; and that every Wednesday seniors got 15% off. I always thought there was a weekly day.

Which is correct only occasionally at 20%or 20% occasionally but 15% every Wednesday?

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago

Occasionally not a certain day every week

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Diana Owens - 9 d 5 h ago

Today 12/3/18 i received the circular that was to be delivered between Nov 17-20.. I have not received any in a timely manner since signing up. As i can get No help from my Dixon IL post office, I thought perhaps you could. Diana

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Janice Trahan - 11 d 6 h ago


I went to my local post office to complain about their delivering the magazine circular that was printed

to be delivered before Nov. 20. I didn't get the magazine until Nov. 26 - after the black Friday sale weekend. The magazine was loaded with coupons good for that day and weekend. Needless to say they were expired before they were delivered. The supervisor at the post office said he did not get the magazines for delivery on time in his facility. I then went to Joann's store and talked to the supervisor there and she said that she didn't get her magazine until after the sale also. I stated to her that someone should let corporate know that their thousands of dollars in advertising is for nothing. The sale is on certain days and I'm sure they would like to sell their merchandise. However, I shop at Joann's and I would have loved to shop their during the black Friday weekend sale, but I shopped elsewhere. Either this was deliberate by Joann's or the post office supervisor is lying. In any case we all lost money on that deal.

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Quiltin Barb - 13 d 11 h ago


LIARS! DISHONEST Company! I rec'd a $5 coupon off on any item $5 or more--I had TODAY, 29NOV18, the manager, Rose, would NOT honor the coupon--she said her cash register wouldn't take it...I had 2 items that totaled $7.98, and she would NOT take the coupon...she offered to take 50% off of each item--said she COULD do that--nope, it would'c cost me more money! I am so, so frustrated over being lied to, deceived, and having wasted my time & gas to drive into Wooster--

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Xia - 20 d 9 h ago


I received an email from Joann at 5:31 am today. The message said that if I do not pick up the order today,it will

be cancelled. I went onto your website, the business hours posted on line was wrong. It displayed 11/22/2018 as Tuesday, closed. But today 11/22/2018 is Thursday.

The public was confused. I called Joann in Mesa this morning. After the holiday message being said, it rang a few times, and another message came up saying that my phone call was blocked. Please call 1 (hidden) for further info. I will call your office too next few days.

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Anthony Simonetti - 21 d 12 h ago

To the CEO: I live in a very nice area of Connecticut where I feel a Joanne's Fabric store would be very much appreciated. The location is 705 Bridgeport Ave., Shelton. CT 06484. The location is a large open store which was a Sears retail store until about 5 months ago. It has ample parking is on a main road. Bridgeport Ave. is a main thorough fare and is expanding very nicely as our business, commerce and shopping area. (about 4 miles long) Shelton has over 40,000 residnents and each day over 25,000 more pepole come to work in Shelton. We are centrally located near Monroe, Trumbull, Bridgeport and Stratford, CT. (220,000 residents) Shelton is one of 6 towns connected by RT 8 (Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Oxford, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls) that have another 80,000 residents who would be potential customers. In total about over 365,000 nearby. Your MIlford store is nice but difficult to get to for the above mentioned communities. Shelton is centrally located and all the towns listed above have easy access to RT 8 N/S bound. The store is located less than 2/10 of a Mile from Exit 12 (N/S) of Rt 8. I am a State of CT Lic. Salesperson with Carey and Guerra Real Estate Associates in Shelton CT. Shelton has not raised its taxes in over 10 years and has the LOWEST taxes in the area. Please feel free to contact me at (hidden) if you have any questions. Anthony F. Simoentti

General profile image - 22 d 5 h ago

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Anonymous - 23 d 7 s ago

I just watched a really nice cashier get berated by a nasty customer at your winston salem store. She was trying to price adjust a lady's items (as the sign as usual was not correct) and the ones behind her got upset and demanded she call back up. She said "oh, i will, i see the line is backing up, give me a second as i ring these ladies up properly and i will call". and she did call for back up twice and no one came. Then when her backup arrived, the nice cashier was told off by a man claiming she was very rude in her statement and the cashier tried to say she was not being rude and stating a fact. then the customer said she was being argumentative and demanded to speak to the manager. the customer behind him agreed that this cashier was rude, and skipped her to go to the next cashier. Now, i have been checked out by this nice cashier tons of times, and she keeps me coming back. She is not a rude person, and has never been rude. In fact, I appreciate her humor and her smile, which no none seems to do at that store. Give that girl a raise. She's hilarious. and never once was rude to this man... I even saw the other cashier stare at this man as he yelled at the poor girl. Heres a tip, be nicer to your cashiers and other people who work retail, as it's harder for them too, not only to keep the store clean and to be efficient and stock, and to deal with rude customers who can't read their coupons or the store signs....because there's just too much hate in the world.

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