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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
Twitter IDs
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Cecilia Martin - 1 d 23 h ago


I am writing this because I am very upset that I received in the mail on Dec 7th your Black Friday sales paper. Needless to say the sale is over and I missed out on everything.

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Karen - 1 d ago

Thank you for printing Erin's Stocking Story. It really hit home for me because my family has the same tradition with the same exact stocking! I was very excited to find the exact pattern because my mom has been using a different pattern and adjusting it to copy the original one. I will be the one to take over the tradition and having the real pattern now is so helpful. My mom and I were both warmed by Erin's story. We are so happy you shared it!

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Jeanne - 2 d 13 h ago


Good news--NO COMPLAINT--Just a request.

Please bring a Jo-Ann Fabrics to Valdosta, GA. We have so few places to buy fabric and to find the types of items that your store has. I shop at your stores on the way to the beach in Florida each summer. But I sure wish we had our own store here in Valdosta. Both places that we can buy nice fabric are near our mall.

I myself could show you several empty buildings that would be ideal for a Jo-Ann Fabrics. And they are not at the mall!! If your store was located on this side of town, I would be a regular customer.

If you are not the right department to read and act on this, please direct this email to the people who have this as their job. I last wrote to you about 6 years ago. It's time you check us out our growing city for a store.

Thanks for your time. I hope you will direct my message and have the right persons consider Valdosta again. It's a great place! We love to shop.

Jeanne Eanes

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Maureen - 28 d 41 s ago

Well, once again I will be unable to shop in your stores until after the holidays. I wrote last year and complained about the scented pine cones being OVER WHELMING and this year it is even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!! I visited your Livonia Michigan store and the pine cones were located in three different places in the store. The whole store reeks of pine cones. I have allergies and I could hardly stand to be in the store. Why anyone would want those in their homes is beyond me. They are way to strong. The employees said you get used to it....I haven't been to the Novi Michigan store for a couple of weeks so not sure where the cones are located there. Last year they moved them out between the doors which did help a little.

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Joe - 23 d 15 h ago


Wow, what an obnoxious person.. if you don't like it just don't go

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Customer Advocate - 3 d 31 s ago


Wow, what an ignorant person Joe is.

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Bonnie - 3 d ago


This is the worst customer service I have ever seen!!!! Im siitting on my phone right now waiting!! Have been for 2hours. Thats after calling 5 times. (I kept getting disconected) If it wasnt for some info. for wedding fabric I would just hang up. What is going on Jo-Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still waiting!!!!!! 21/2 hrs. now!!!!! Im still waitingggggggg. Never mind will go somewhere else!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


First was on hold with customer service for 18minutes. 18 minutes of my morning wasted wondering if anyone would ever answer the phone. I told the lady my online order was wrong. She then replies with an attitude "what's wrong with it?" No apologies nor any sincere attitude- just her own attitude. My order was shipped, and the same day I received an email saint part of it was cancelled (of course the part I really needed). So when I received the order they compensated by just putting in a bunch of the wrong color- still charging me. I like how there is no email to their corporate office. I wonder why....

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How do they stay in business? - 23 d 4 h ago


I have no idea how Joann's stays in business. I recently ordered fabric online. Not only did it take 2 weeks to get it, but some of the items were cancelled ON THE DAY THE OTHERS WERE SHIPPED. When I called, they assured me that I would get 2 day FedEx shipping since the order was delayed (they were changing warehouses). I called FedEx when I noticed my delivery date was a WEEK after it was mailed. FedEx said the package was mailed SmartPost, the cheapest way to ship. That was my first and LAST order from Joann Fabric.

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Displeased - 31 d ago


I had a poster framed several years ago at Jo-Ann in Montrose, Ohio. It has been hanging in a spare bedroom on an inside wall of my house above the headboard of the bed. One night it crashed to the floor. The poster was mounted on light-weight posterboard. We believed the screws holding the wire hanger came out of the frame. The glass is slightly chipped, the frame came apart, and the paint on the frame was damaged. We took it to the store to see what could be done, and were treated like we did something wrong because it was so long ago that we had it framed there. Really? There's a short life to your frame jobs? They also asked if we had it hanging on one hook which we did. We were told we should have used two hooks. The hook did not fail and the frame job originally came with one hook taped to the wire indicating that's enough to hold a relatively light object. I was charged to fix it, we kept the glass with the visible chip in it to save money and as a reminder to never frame another thing at Jo-Ann's. It is fortunate that there was no guest in the bed when it crashed down.

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Lacey - 31 d 14 h ago


You should really Bring Your store to Bartlesville Oklahoma!!!! Please please please lol

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frances - 33 d 5 h ago


i went to the store and asked if i could order fabric that they didn't carry and if i could use the coupon that i had and they told me yes. so i went and brought gift card and went back and they wouldn't do it. the coupon was only good for instore purchase. now i'm stuck with a gift card because they don't train their people. i would have gotten the material for a good price with the coupon. this was a store in columbus ohio on morse rd. I think they should honor what they said. they wasted my time, and money. it is not my fault they don't train their people. .

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Sandi - 35 d ago


I an so unhappy with Joanne Fabrics in Plymouth Ma. EVERY time I go into Joanne's I have a problem with the items on sale ringing up properly. You have to watch each transaction. Most of the time they correct it without a problem. However on some occasions, I have had to lead the cashier to the isle and show them the sign so they can override the system.

How many people are not paying attention and end up paying full price? Yesterday I spent over 10 minutes at the cash register trying to get the sale price on some jewelry items. I also purchase 3 straw wreaths that were supposed to be $2.99 each they rang in as the non sale price of $3.49. I didn't catch this error until I got home. The poor cashier was flustered with the jewelry episode and there was at least 5 people behind me in line. I am out $1.50 and I do not have the time to go back!!!!!! I am seriously thinking of reporting this to the Attorney Generals office, as I believe there is a fine for not having your registered programed properly. I guess I will be heading to Michael's Crafts and AC Moore.

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Nagamom04 - 49 d 19 h ago


I was so irritated today. I stopped at Joanns to get some quick stuff for some Halloween costumes I am making. I went to get what I needed and went to the back to have my fabric cut, and I grabbed a number. I was number 85. When I looked up at the board, they were currently serving number 61. I sat there waiting, with my two young boys, for and hour and ten minutes. That is how long they took to get to number 85 from 61. What should have been a quick trip, turned into a mess. All the people were waiting around for their number to be called. Then after I finally got my fabric cut, I had to go wait in a ten minute line to check out. I think Joanns needs to have more employees working during their major sales. That was ridiculous. Nobody ever apologized for your wait or anything. Redlands, CA needs another store to sell fabric. I will not be going back to Joanns ever again. I would rather drive somewhere else than to deal with that again.

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D.Dunklin - 57 d ago


Matthew 6:33

And he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the kingdom of God your primary concern.

I adore JoAnn Fabrics and was recently blessed to become a JoAnn Sales Associate.Arts and crafts, board games, math, reading, following instructions are all instrumental in stimulating the Nuero Transmitters of the brain and sustain the the youth of brain cells. My first day at Jo Ann on October 10, 2016 I participated in a scavengerhunt to learn where things go, the scavengerhunt was fun and educational, I never knew there were so many different types of batting, foam, and home decor fabrics, as well as Velcro strips, I wanted to go on a shopping excursion throughtout the store. My favorite arts and crafts are glow in the dark paints ALL PAINTS, poster board and glitter glue, prismas markers .Greeting cards are a passion for me and I enjoy making cards for family friends,everyone. I hope to own my own greeting card company one day. On October 11, 2016 was test and training day for my second day at JoAnns , but it seems like a dream. One day I experience as a team are Sales Associate at JoAnns will be treasure keeper for me.

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Lori - 62 d 15 h ago


Terribly disappointed today. Went into my owensboro ky store to purchase yarn needed to take part in the crochet crowed stitch along project, and there was not one color available that was on list, nor three colors I could substitute that went well together! I do believe this is your first time joining with crochet crowd for a project, so hope next time more stores can get THE requested colors in stock, or at least a better matching selection.

Two store employees told me they have received many requests, but didn't recieve ANY of these colors in store. I had 85 dollars to spend there today, and walked out with nothing.

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SandraSueW - 4 y 111 d ago

@biasia @Joann_Stores That looks very cool - going to be on my list too

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AryDEsIGnInc - 4 y 111 d ago

@DesignByIKEA @JoAnn_Stores @MichaelsStores @hobbylobbystore Follow Us on Twitter & LIKE Us on Facebook We Will Return The Favor!!

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SarahABinning - 4 y 111 d ago

My closet of yarn says I don't need more--but how can I resist buying when @JoAnn_Stores's having a web exclusive #yarn #sale???

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HookMeUpBklyn - 4 y 111 d ago

Oh, be still my heart! @JoAnn_Stores is havin' a yarn sale! (As if my stash isn't ALREADY out of control!) #crochetrockstarsgohard

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JoAnn_Stores - 4 y 111 d ago

RT @lapeuboutique: @JoAnn_Stores is fast becoming my fav place with those text coupons, can we say addiction? (in a good way!)

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Fun_Kins - 4 y 111 d ago

Purchase your favorite @Fun_Kins in stores! Check out @officialacmoore, @hobbylobbystore, @JoAnn_Stores, and Menards!

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lapeuboutique - 4 y 111 d ago

@JoAnn_Stores is fast becoming my fav place with those text coupons, can we say addiction? (in a good way!)

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ParentingGeekly - 4 y 112 d ago

I just had such bad service at my local @JoAnn_Stores I'm appalled. I'm a reg. cust. & they managed to humiliate me.

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SmilieMommy - 4 y 112 d ago

@sallykeller814 @JoAnn_Stores well that stinks...

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