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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
Twitter IDs
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Karen folker - 1 d 8 h ago


I have been a quilter for many years and I crochet. I have spent many hundreds of dollars at Joannes Fabrics over the years. This week I went to your store in Burlington Ia to buy yarn. I purchased 6 skeins. There was a sign in the store that said "up to 6o% off ALL yarn. When I paid for my yarn I was told that the ones that I bought wete not on sale and I was charged full price. I explained to no avail that the sign said ALL yarn but I still had to pay full price. From this day foreward, I will buy all of my supplies elsewhere. Thank you.

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Folsomite - 32 d ago


I visited my local Job Ann's store in Folsom, CA where I tend to frequent often to kill time between classes. I stopped at the Target next door first and purchased a new blazer, dress shirt, watch and a small container of modge podge for a collage I am making. I then continue next door to the Job Ann's store. After about an hour or more of browsing and even talking to a couple employees there I decide to leave without making a purchase where I am met by a staff member who thinks he's just the badest thing on Earth. He asks me to show him my bag as he assumes I stole something. I tell him I am aware of the law that technically I don't have to show him anything but I have nothing to hide so I open my backpack for him. He sees my purchases and proceeds to tell me that he "watched me pick up" the modge podge that I purchased from Target. When I explained to him I had looked at many things in that store but I purchased this before even entering this store he tries to tell me to give him the paste!! I am blown away that someone without confidence and proof of theft would go to that extent to try to prove what was just a judgement and false accusation. Of course I laughed at him and told him not in a million years and proceeded to walk away from the store. That employee needs retraining or a suspension to realize the impact that offending and losing one customer will do to your stores sales. Needless to say I will never go to that location again and I will do my best to make sure his supervisor is aware of this rude and impulsive behavior.

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aqd - 23 d 13 h ago

lawsuit!! He defamed your character by accusing you (even indirectly) for theft

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G - 16 d 13 h ago


Lawsuit. Don't count on it. I was in a Joanne fabrics store and a display hit me on the back of the head. I suffered a bad concussion and will have lasting effects from it. I should have played dead but I made the mistake of driving myself to the Hospitol and trying to work for over a year with various injuries. They will hire expensive lawyers and make you look like a bloodsucking money hungry liar. They turned all the facts around in court yet said how sorry they were. Yet they still have displays ready to fall. I just thank god it hit me in the head and not my grandchildren. I would rather look like a liar in court than have it hurt my babies. I was a really good customer there building a business on their fabrics, but after the way I have been treated would never purchase anything from there again. You know who you are and what you did I to me. You will get your due and I will survive. You should be ashamed

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Pissed off friend - 6 d 6 h ago


That's nothing , a friend of mine worked for a Joann Fabrics and she loved her job so much she would have mopped the floors if she was asked to. She was alerted to a theft going on in the store she worked in, she didn't confront the 5 girls that ripped off the store but she did follow them outside to get description of the car and the numbers off the plates. 3 days later she was fired. Then on top of that she was told that about 3 weeks earlier there was a email sent from corporate to not engage anyone they think is stealing or it could mean immediate dismissal. The store manager never shared that information with any of the team members. So they let her go. Now the store manager is telling everyone. A little late for my friend. That was her dream job. She is devistated.

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Serena - 50 d 8 h ago


Tonight I went into jo Ann fabrics in owensborow ky was treated with "what do you need you only have 5 minutes before we close and that's not much time " and this was not said nicely! Told her I needed ocean theme to finish a quilt and at a near run she said we have this and this and that's all we are about to close !

Tomorrow I will spend my money at a small fabric store and continue my business elsewhere when possible .

I have a small business and I sew EVERY DAY I have spent a fortune at Jo Ann's and the customer service is not very good .

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Kathy R - 20 d ago


Don't come into a store 5 minutes before they close! The rude one is YOU

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H Frost - 9 d 6 h ago

Seriously. And that wasn't rude what you said?

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Corki Weart in Tennessee - 66 d 16 h ago


10 STARS TO THIS OUTSTANDING COMPANY!! I want to give Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. a review that they truly deserve. This company has been here for longer than many of us have even been alive. All of the negative reviews that have been posted are because of a possible single incident that didn't go the writer's way but there are always 2 sides to every story. THE WHINERS AND COMPLAINERS HAVE ALL HAPPILY SHOPPED FOR YEARS WITH JO-ANN STORE WITHOUT COMPLAINING until you chose to have a bad day. You brought your bad day attitude into the store, reacted badly rather than seek a solution and you decided to trash them. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE for letting your bad day roll over to this OUTSTANDING COMPANY AND WHAT THEY'VE REPRESENTED TO ALL OF THE CRAFTERS, SEWISTS, YARNIES, WOODWORKERS, AND ALL THE OTHER CREATIVE ARTISTS WHO LOVE JO-ANN STORES, INC. Instead of taking your anger out online perhaps you should stay calm and ask YOURSELVES is there another way I can approach this situation? Let me rethink my approach, my words, my actions and reactions to better resolve the issue or situation? THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that you ALL have continued to shop with this company (probably with your head down) because THEY DO HAVE QUALITY PRODUCTS AND GREAT SERVICE THAT WE PREFER TO USE FOR OUR PROJECTS. THEY DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO PROPERLY ASSIST EVERY CUSTOMER IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY EVERY TIME IN EVERY CITY AND STATE THAT I PERSONALLY HAVE LIVED OR VISITED. ASK ANY OTHER ARTISTS OR MILITARY FAMILY who travels , works on the road or is transferred often !!

We truly appreciate and say thank you to Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. Again a 10 STAR REVIEW!

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Anonymous - 50 d 8 h ago

I use to love shopping at Jo Ann's but the customer service at there owensborow Ky location has gotten ridiculous ,the past several months , I had one lady cutting material while eating dropping food on the material. Have been told that it's hard on the employees to cut so much material for one person .. waited and waited at the register,

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former employee - 29 d 9 h ago

If you have not worked for this company, you have no idea what you are talking about. Period. Agreed, people take out their probs on retail employees. No they do not have quality products. As a matter of fact, the quality of the merchandise has declined in recent years. They do not deserve a 10 star review, ever. This is a terrible company to work for. They enact policies that create a hostile environment for employees, from coupons to lack of working hours. What you don't know is employee hours come out of the (individual) store budget and this company regularly decreases the number of hours a store has available in it's budget, which means less people on the floor and more upset customers. Anytime there is a change to policy, the employee suffers, because it pisses off the customer. The company does not give to shits about either. As long as the bottom line keeps increasing, this is the way it will stay. I have spoken to friends of my mother's who worked for this company more than 30 years ago and each one said it was the same back then. This company deserves a class-action law suit by it's current and former employees. Oh and one more thing, this company is more concerned with employee theft than customer theft. Employees (females) have to have their purses checked before they leave the store, even if they are just going to lunch. Lunch bags too. Something I find real interesting is that the men that work in the store don't have to turn out their pockets when they leave. Everyone knows that men have deeper pockets and wear bigger coats. Joann's loses 10s of thousands of dollars to customer theft and rarely do they go after offenders. Once again, I agree that people take their crap out on employees. Just because someone has a badge on and stands behind a counter, doesn't mean anyone has the right to be a dick to them. Employees are just following policy. It is out of their control. If anyone has problem with a company, contact the home office. This is the only way to for them to hear you. And believe me, no minimum wage employee wants to hear you.

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skb - 14 d 17 h ago


That's all well and good and might be completely true if the quality of their merchandise and their customer service hadn't declined so very much in recent years. The store in my town is always a mess and the cashiers are snippy and rude and act completely inconvenienced. We recently had a Hobby Lobby built here and the focus of Jo-Anns now seems to be to compete with them. New, similar--but completely inferior--craft and toy merchandise and fabric that has become a joke. Thin, practically see thru flannels and quilting cottons, cheap quality "special occasion" fabric, no woolens and virtually no knit fabrics for adults and the list goes on. Horrible, ugly prints--it makes a person wonder if the company buyers go out of their way to choose the ugliest, cheapest fabrics they can. It appears as though they are now catering to cross-dressing burlesque "artists" and cosplayers and have forgotten about people who want to make nice garments. If they concentrated more on the fabric side of things and less on trying to become a wanna be Hobby Lobby, things could be great. To be fair, they do have nice fabric now and then but it's quite uncommon. The "whiners and complainers" have legitimate arguments. I'm not sure what you consider quality products, but Jo-Anns has very few of those anymore. And there is no need to shout in all's rude and implies we are too stupid to get your "point". We got it. You appreciate Jo-Anns. I suspect you've seldom, if ever, shopped at a good fabric outlet. Go back to doing what you used to do best Jo-Anns...providing nice fabric!!

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H Frost - 9 d 7 h ago

Written by a true loyal Joanns employee.

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H Frost - 9 d 7 h ago


I am getting more disappointed in your store each time I go. The purple go there to get material. Staff can't even cut it even. I'm starting to understand why women prefer quilt stores to get material. They don't cut, they rip. I bought yardage today and there is a 5 in difference from one edge to the other. Ya'all need to decide, either a craft store or fabric store cause you are not doin either one very good. If I want craft I go to hobby lobby. They don't try to be a fabric store. Ya'all aren't trying to be either one. Your coupons are pretty much useless. Everything is on sale because it won't sell otherwise. Time to decide before you go by the way of other stores that just couldn't make it.

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Tammy - 10 d 10 h ago


Albany Ga. Scanners never work, CLEARANCE q mess and not priced if it really is clearance***not zoned! One new lady very loud and just not chose your path do your job & stay out of the back office! My cashier was nice though.

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Anonymous - 11 d 17 h ago

Joanns located at the westgate mall is the worst place to work at and shop at. The manager lacks of manager qualities, she's lazy, doesn't know how to communicate with her employees, doesn't do anything when she's on the clock. She sits around the store all day on her phone and when she eats she leaves her dishes around the store, not for days she leaves them for months. She expects all her co-workers to clean up after her. The backroom to store everything is a mess and she doesn't take her time out the day to organize it. She rushes to leave so she doesn't get confronted by other employees by the lack of hours she gives. She cuts hours from others and gives them to her favorites, which is another manager Kathryn Bullock and Rebecca. Kathyrn, Rebecca, & Erin all lack of good customer services. When you try to talk to her about short hours she will ignore you, she won't answer none of your calls, text messages, you can even confront her upon it and she won't change nothing. Customers will come to the store and by the time they're getting checked out they'll complain about them 3 specifically saying they're really rude and they'll never shop at this Joanns again.

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Mimi - 13 d 7 h ago

Good Evening,

I would like to make a complaint about an assistant manager by the name of Lindsay who works in the Paramus NJ location. I'm not sure what kind of people your company hires or what the requirements are to give a very rude girl the position as assistant manager. She is the rudest, nastiest unpleasant individual I have ever come across she talks down to her employees and even worst treats customers like our money is no good to deserve respect as an individual. She manages horribly and always dirty store, long lines and no help. Someone should really re-evaluate her position because she works with customers and treats and speaks to them like crap. She lacks proper customer service requirements needed for any manager position or working with the public in general and as long as she is assistant manager she will continue to mistreat people and contribute in losing more and more customers. She is very disrespectful and is a horrible image for your company. I truly hope your corporate office gets rid of her or you will continue to lose more and more customers and employees.

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Newquilter - 25 d 4 h ago


OXNARD CA store was a mess. The batting I bought was in a bin that said 14.99. But upon check out the cashier insisted that that price was incorrect and you have to look at the end of the bolt. I told her that the 14.99 sign was misleading and her responds was they had to put a price on the bin but it's actually not the cost of the product in the bin. LOL!!!

Doesn't make sense to me and is a really a bad business practice.

Won't be shopping at Joann's anymore.

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pjw - 23 d 13 h ago

Yes, you're right. The batting was most likely just dumped there in the $14.99 bin. They should have honored the lower price or at least given a discount but once again, its at the retailer's option. Btw, learn how to spell.

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skb - 14 d 18 h ago

Wow..really...? Learn to spell...!? How very helpful.

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valleygurlie916 - 15 d 8 h ago


I am so disappointment and angry with the service I've received from your company. On Jan 26 I made an online purchase on Jan 26 online for a store pick up. ALL items were shown to be in stock at time of purchase. Called to when I could come pick up my order. I was told it usually takes 2 hours to process but I'd receive an email to let me know. I never received an email not even an order confirmation. I went to the store after two hours to inquire about my order and was told by an employee that there seemed have been a glitch my order never came through and it hadn't been picked yet. Another employee, incredible rude btw, went to pick my order but informed me an item was not in stock. Even though the website still showed multiples of the item currently in stock at the location. I was told at the store I'd be refunded for this item. The next day rather than being refunded the amount for the ONE item,bi was charged a whole separate charge minus the cost of the item. I called your cooperate number to ask when I might expect that charge to be refunded to my account and was told 3-5 business days. On the sixth business day it was still pending on my account. Feb 2nd I called again to ask why the charge was still on my account and was told by Fred, that it required a manager to release the hold. Today Feb 4th, I called and spoke with Shane who told me that in order for the funds to be realeased I would need to provide a fax number from my financial institution. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! I asked Shane why not one person from cooperate mentioned this detail in the week I've been asking about this charge should said someone should have mentioned it. I asked well what if I never got the fax would Joann just keep my money? She did not answer my question. Last time I checked that's THEFT! I AM SO FRUSTRATED BY THE FACT IT TOOK MINUTES TO WITHDRAW THE FUNDS FROM MY ACCOUNT BUT IN ORDER TO HAVE THEM RETURNED I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS? That's terrible service. A terrible encounter made worse by the WORST customer service I've ever experienced in my life! I can't even return the stuff I purchased because 1. I never got a receipt or email confirmation, 2. I don't trust that I'll get my money back!

With Amazon, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick, and other various art and craft stores available there IS NO REASON I ever need to shop with Joann again. I'm filling a complaint with the BBB and reporting this theft to The Federal Trade Commission!

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Karen K - 23 d 24 s ago


You do know it gets cold in Florida. Its 30 degrees and you have your air conditioners on. All the employees have coats and scarves on and I had to leave. Too cold to shop. Never seen anything like it. no other store in Florida is like this.

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Anonymous - 20 d 5 s ago

There is a store in NC like this as well. It was so cold in that store, all of us employees had our heavy coats on. It turned out that corporate "lost the connection" to our store to shut off the air conditioner. funny how in the summer it's blazing hot and stuff will melt, and yet they won't turn it on. Yet the air is running by itself in the winter.

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Tigard OR - 56 d 8 h ago


JoAnn store Tigard, Oregon 97223


Hungry for a candy bar after shopping and waiting forever in a long line to buy fabric?

Look carefully at the prices. Because each candy bar will cost you $3.29 EACH. For one (1) Reese cup candy bar, the cost is $3.29, Store manager confirms, the cost of $3.29 is set by Corporation Managers.

Did you notice the price as you waited in the cashiers line? Are you exhausted from the long waiting line at the cutting table, and the cashier's line. Did Corporation Mangers think you,as a thrifty customer, would not notice this deception, this violation of customer trust, that you would make this purchase. For how much did you say? What other deception happens at Jo Ann's? For me, I will never go back to this store to find out.

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Meaghan G. - AZ - 49 d 13 h ago


Never buy anything edible from a craft store! You are correct that everything is overpriced, which is why most people don't buy it and that means it sits on the shelf for too long. I purchased a chocolate bar once and after taking a couple of bites, a worm fell out of the wrapper!!! D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G ! I went back to the store and showed the cashier and when we checked all of the candy bars were expired. Lesson Learned - Never Again!

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Kathy R - 20 d ago


Actually, the candy is extremely fresh at Joann's and you can use one of your coupons on the food products since they are rarely, if ever, on sale. As with anything, slow sellers may be old, but we sell a lot of candy and soda.

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