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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
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anon. - 11 h ago


I am so tired of getting 50 and 60% off coupons and then practically everything I am interested in is already on sale, mostly for 25%. I'm not sure I'll shop at Joann's anymore. And I hear this complaint from quite a few people.

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anon - 2 d ago

I actually work at the winston salem store part time because it's the only job i could get for a while. i have been cashiering for over three months without much training on the cut counter when i was promised i would. i have no complaints about the crew or work staff as they are super and wonderful people. i am complaining because you guys really need to hire more people to cover crew that is sick.. the other day it was just myself and the manager in training (whom was hired after i started working there) and we were overwhelmed. there is a serious pothole in the parking lot that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it really needs to be fixed. we are often overwhelmed with cutbacks and trying to put back fabric and trying to clean the store and often there are very rude customers. and the minimum wage i get is not worth it for the hours i work or what i put up with. i often call for backup with the line, but i am often ignored because there are not enough crew members to even help with that.

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NOLAgirl - 3 d 18 h ago


I went to the store closest to me (still miles away as you don't have a store in Orleans parish) I wanted an African print fabric. I was told they sold out, that it was gone as soon as it came in and nothing was left. I was instructed to go to a store in Kenner, also miles away in the other direction but to call first because they might sell out also. 1. This was February 10th, you were sold out, but no one indicated that perhaps you were ordering more fabric. If the inventory is depleted and the month isn't over is it not possible to order MORE fabric. As no one said they would order more I guess it fits that no one offered to take my information to tell me if more fabric came in. At store number 1, no one offered to call store #2 to inquire about the fabric ( I was in the area and went to look a few days later... I was told they too were completely out, but nothing else, not if we have any left it would be in this section, we sold out days ago ( at this time it was the 14th- ) but we expect more at this time... NOTHING. I understand that I am not the only person that wanted African print for black history month, and Black Panther related programs, I don't know who the buyer for Joann fabric would be or why they didn't see ground swell interest in Black Panther and black history programs and perhaps stock more fabric. I do think if I and other went to the store and you see out as soon as you get it, this would be stock worth having, but I don't know what previous years looked like. I do think that a great customer service experience would have been to tell me about ordering online and picking it up in the store ( I see this on your website, I could have done this first, but I didn't think to come to the website first, but in the store an associate could have just told me this.) I am just honestly disappointed. I usually shop at Hancock fabric but they closed. My new experience with Joann was sad. I expect better customer service, but perhaps I was pegged as a onetime purchaser that just wanted a bolt of fabric for one event and not a repeat customer, as such my $$ might not be as valuable, but as a person who works with cotillion yearly while I don't usually pick up fabric, I do work with young girls and mothers to suggest getting dresses made for cotillion season. I have heard great things about your stores in this regard. I hope my experience was an exception and not the rule.

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Geoffrey - 7 d 3 h ago


Dear travis Linda the manager of the sarasota store is the worst she alwas complains about her back problems. She refuses to allow me to work more hours because she believes that I do not know where anytHong goes in the store. She also likes embarrassing me in public for odd reaeons. Please do something and get rid of her immediately fell free to call me st (hidden) in the eveins

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Anonymous - 7 d ago



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Marsha in ND - 13 d ago


Dear Travis, The Columbia MD store in Howard County is in serious need of a face lift. Yesterday I got a piece of foam board. Did you know that the full size piece, 22 inches costs the same as the small piece, which is a convenient 11 x 14? Different sku's. Whoever is responsible for inputting inventory prices missed it. I bought the bigger piece. The left overs from Christmas are still out on Clearance. It's February. Christmas items should not be there, period. The store's floors were cleaned the night before. The air smelled so noxious that I couldn't notice the floors. The employees have to breathe that stuff for a couple of days. I see by the reviews that you have problems. BB&B has redone the interior and you need to do the same. It is just a horrible store to shop in. If the corporation thinks they 'can't afford" it, they are on a one way road to demise.

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Johnna and Debbie call 816-647-4378. - 13 d 7 h ago


Dear whom concerned;

JoAnn fabrics store in Independence Missouri, the manager there is very rude, and unprofessional. She and Francine try to run away business. They treat customers horribly bad. I wouldn't be surprised if the store goes out of business because of their bad attitude's. There rated as the worst treatment to customers.

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Karen S in Colorado - 38 d ago


Why do I have to show my Drivers License to Special Order fabric I have to pay for in advance of receiving? I am not comfortable with a fabric store that demands I show my ID to order fabric?

I believe that is a violation to my right of privacy?

I can understand and totally accept showing my identification to purchase items by personal check or when picking up my prepaid purchase(s) but to order? Who is Joann Data Mining for?

Furthermore, The fabric I was purchasing via Joann's Special Order Desk I have ordered numerous times in the past 3 years, not only did the older lady who helped was unfamiliar with how to submit a Special Order she could not find me in your system as a customer who had spent $1000's at Joann! I also instructed her not to call me "Honey" ever again!

Talk about not being valued or treated as a special customer and talked down to by your employee who supposedly is their to assist and provide some what decent customer service!

Not only did the price per yard increase from $9.99 to $12.99 per yard in ONE YEAR and I have to pay more, I get bad service! I'm going to make ever effort to source this fabric I use for products I make from other sources.

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FabricQueen - 13 d 16 h ago


I'm so sad that you would be rude enough to not understand a new person learning how to do something in a store but also that you are complaining about a process (showing your license) that you must have done the three previous times you ordered fabric. Can't we find better things to b*tch about

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Someone is going to get seriously injured walking into the Woodland, CA Joann store. The front door has been broken for over 7 months. I've seen elderly people and customers with small children try to open the heavy broken door, walk through and try to avoid the back swing of the door that would seriously injure someone, by falling back on them, slam a hand or arm, or, god forbid, crush a small child. I WANT TO ADD THE STAFF IN WOODLAND IS GREAT. I'VE ALWAYS HAD EXCELLENT SERVICE. This is a CORPORATE ISSUE.

I called Samantha at Joann Corporate Customer Care today and reported this hazard. Let's see if this gets fixed before someone is injured. I'm writing this complaint "for the record" to see Joann Corporate responds to my call.

Based on the comments below, I'm not encouraged that Joann Corporate reads these, let alone responds to these complaints. -

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PISSED OFF CUSTOMER - 18 d 18 h ago



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disappointed - 20 d 16 h ago


I get coupons from JoAnn fabric via email. My email would not open to day for the cashier to see the barcode and she did not want to honor my JoAnn fabric email. This happened in Langhorne, PA. I am a regular customer their. I am so upset. I am having problems with my phone and it would not download the actual coupon with the barcode. Some of the ladies their will honor the email, but others don't. I want to receive paper coupons instead. I think it's stupid that the girl would not give me the 60% because I used it yesterday. The coupon is for 2 days so I take advantage and go 2 days to get the discount. I like the store but I don't need the hassle from the young girls their.

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Pam S - 20 d 17 h ago


Pineville, NC Store. The store is a disaster. Bolts of fabric are all over. The fabric is generally in the wrong area, so price is always a question. Bolts of fabric stacked high behind the cutting table because they dont have time to put them away. The cutting table is terrible. Sunday I walked in and took a number at the cutting table. My number was 86. They were on 67. I waited over 30 min and watched about 10 people walk out of the store without fabric! The checkout is always a long wait. The bathroom is usually a mess. The aisles are shoved together so close 2 shopping carts cant pass each other. I called customer service but hung up after a long wait. What gives JoAnn's??? If someone opens another fabric store you will lose a lot of business.

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Linda - 22 d 4 h ago


The manager at the Taylor mi. Store is so unprofessional she never helps when needed. I hear the workers say all she does is sit in the office. How does a company allow this to happen. I seen her one day she had her dog with her one time and the dog poop on the floor really your there to work not take care of your dog. The store is dirty there's never enough help. I won't shop there anymore I'll go to hobby lobby their help is friendly and there's actually employees on the floor to help.

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Linda - 23 d 12 h ago

Please please adjust the temperature in your Orange , CA store. It was so cold I had to leave and shop at another fabric store. Before leaving I overheard other customers waiting in line saying how cold the store was. I can't imagine how the employees can work all day in such an environment.

How many customers/profit are you losing??

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Michelle Branum - 27 d ago


I believe your ordering and inventory process is unacceptable. If something is not available DO NOT OFFER IT FOR SALE!! I have read several reviews where people were fussing about the same thing and it has happened to me several times but this is the most egregious. As a business woman I would never offer something that was not available for sale. Joanns Being a Supply company for us little guys stands as a place where we go to order things we need in a timely manner. To order something only to have an email sent saying your order was canceled due to unavailability or to have them ship it 10-12 days later if they do have it, is just unacceptable.I love Joanns Products but your ordering and inventory process really needs to be revamped. Because of this I will use Joanns as my last option when ordering. I have to have a place I can count on. Your Longtime customer, Michelle Branum Order Number (hidden)6

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Anonymous - 27 d 13 h ago

I regularly shop the store in Redding ca. Today this store is COLD inside. There is no sane reason for this store to have its thermostat controlled by people in Ohio. Turn the heat on!!

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Anonymous - 27 d 17 h ago


Joann fabric in Farmington nm has become a joke. They have a store manger that cusses worse that a sailor. The store has started looking sloppy and disorganized in the past year. Very under staffed.

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Ky Ladybug - 27 d 20 h ago


Visited the JoAnn Fabric store in Santa Fe NM for the first time on Sunday 1/21/2018 and was never treated so rudely in my life. I was trying to find a coupon on my phone and said she could not help me, I said that is fine can find it on my own, meantime, she went back to talk with the other staff member who was cutting fabric. There were 2 customers that came to check out and I had to go back twice to get her to come up front.

The lady behind me stated the only reason she was there was for a certain pattern that she had not been able to find at other stores, not JoAnn. She also said the staff there is very very rude. She stated there was a very nice Michael's down the street and the staff is very nice and helpful, so that's where I went and spent over $40.00. That was my first and last visit to that JoAnn store. I came from another state and did all my craft buying form JoAnn, but not here. Managers need to step up and take care of their business, or very soon there will be no JoAnn business to take care of.

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

What's going on in your Fresno, Ca store? Looks like a flea market in there lately. The store is filthy and disorganized. More items on the floor than on the shelves.

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

I visited the Fresno, Ca store this afternoon. I have never seen such a mess! From the first step inside the store, I just stopped. The mess was so apparent and overwhelming and continued throughout the entire store.

I used to enjoy shopping there and have no idea what happened? So disappointed, zero stars from me :(

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ina puustinen-westerholm - 28 d 15 h ago


I have waited..for a little over one week..since my 'concern'. How do smith? God only knows..and..apparently..does not give a FIG..that the person..who is ..owner..cannot be contacted. the springfield, Oregon area..where a jo anns store..did a fantastic job..,when..truely..'swimming uphill'..i have had ..use words..which a reasonably polite..and still..'to the point;' person..would use. The reason..i am guessing..for the money made..and staff that 'the corp. they' each store..on..say..2 people. A full store..of mohawk road..north of springfield, Oregon..runs on..most of the time..2 people. Has the flu..perhaps..played a the reduced staff? Perhaps. I have actually seen 3 people..on staff, and..working the crowd of buyers. I watched..specifically..a woman named ..Mary..working the gamut..of standing around persons..who..took a number..then..waited. And waited. AND waited. No wonder the corp. income..pleases a person..such as the owner. The back aches, the those who are..working in the store..are..NEVER him..them. I am now 80..and I had back 32. I recovered. The woman..who held the store together.., cutting fabrics..during the sale, and dealing many women..some men..was..phenominal. WHERE..were the kinds of the owner? Dealing with trip for his family, doloing out..rewards to..perhaps..district managers. I..for now..sick and tired of..seeing 'users'..ignore the plight..of their very..hard working employees. I suggest we all start a small..but vocal go to thrift clothing items..still having..stellar fabric..and repurpose..those yards and MILES..of stromger..older fabrics? Good people..lets..think..FORWARD! And as to Mary..bless her heart..for dealing with a truly..ugly, impossible job..somewhat over a week ago.

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Maggie - 33 d 13 h ago

NEVER again, will I order ANYTHING from this "store". Two orders were placed online....paid in full, and NOT received. I refuse to rate my experience as it is less than "poor" in all aspects and this "business" should be closed.

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very disappointed - 34 d 9 h ago


I have always loved going to JoAnn's but I have not been to the store in Pineville NC for a couple of months so I decided going there today-- holy cow what happened to that beautiful store down the picture frame isle were broken picture frames all over the floor with glass everywhere, the store is dirty very dirty merchandise just thrown on the floors went to the cutting table and the employee there cutting fabric was talking how bad the mgr is. All the employees that were there are gone. The mgr there now I was told doesn't care about anything. If that store stays the same way it'll go out of business because it is not managed well at all. I for one will not go back

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Carol - 35 d 16 h ago


Went to Darien, IL store and purchased approximately 9 yards of material. Two pieces of the material were considered remnant as one piece was end of bolt (.833 yds) and the 2nd piece was a pre-cut 1.33 yards of material (got 50% off the .33 piece of fabric). Fabric was on sale for 25% off, or $8.99/yard. My goal was to get over a $75.00 purchase so I could use a coupon that read: 'Spend $75.00 (regular and/or sales priced) and receive a $15.00 discount'. My total fabric bill, before taxes, came to $78.23. I exceeded the requirement, so I thought for my $75.00 coupon purchase.

When I got to check-out the $75.00 coupon did not work. The manager was called to help figure out the problem and her comment and final say was that "remnants are considered coupons" so I would be double-dipping if JoAnn would give me the $15.00 discount. NOTE: My total remnant discount was $5.25 on all the material purchased.

Additionally, I had received a $10.00 "Thank You" credit notice from JoAnn's because I had spent well over $100.00

during the month of December, which is generally a spending norm for me on a monthly basis. Coupon noted that I could use the coupon if I spent $10.00+ on anything in the store. It was my understanding that this was not a coupon but in essence a cash rebate. That was also rejected on this purchase as again it would be considered 'double dipping'.. What in the h..l is going on with JoAnn's? It use to be a fun and reasonably priced store (with help of their coupons) to shop in.

Sarcastic management, rules that don't allow you to use their advertised coupons, and the quality downgrade in many of their materials are forcing me, as I'm sure others, to go on-line and purchase from distributors and factory stores.

On-line shopping at least removes the frustration and constant changes that are not known to the public until you are at the checkout station; the embarassment you receive from management's unprofessional way of talking to you

in front of a long line of waiting customers; and, eliminates frustration that is just not worth the few extra dollars you might save when shopping at these stores.

Take a 2nd look at what you are doing JoAnn's or eventually you will also be a "store of the past" .


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