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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago


Manager Judy at New Braunfels,TX store is extremely unprofessional. Very poor customer service skills. Horrible experience with my purchase today.

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Terrible company, terrible customer service. - 14 d 32 m ago


Beware of ordering anything online. Your order will be shipped incorrectly and late. You will be inconvenienced by having to return wrong item, wait for factory to acknowledge their mistake and you'll get your order weeks later. Customer service did nothing to correct the problem and forces the customer to waster their time, fixing Joann's mistake. Will NOT be a return customer.

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Unhappy Karen - 16 d 19 h ago


Be careful if you order anything online. They say it will ship in 6-10 days but you might get it on the 10th. day.*there was no option to pick up at the local store. Oh, the tracking will show it's going to be delivered on the 7th. day, then it's changed to the next day and then changed again and again. I live in Indiana, they were shipping from Ohio. (that's like right next door) And don't be fooled by their tracking system. It is not a regular FedEx tracking system which lets you see exactly where your shipment is. My order was placed on April 3rd. Shipped out according to their tracking on April 6th. from Ohio. It is now the 12th. and I still do not have my order. I think I'll file a complaint with the BBB. I called customer service and after waiting till she talked to her supervisor I was told that it would arrive tomorrow. Not sure how she knows for sure since their tracking system can't seem to get the delivery date correct. I guess I should have driven to Hudson Ohio to pick it up at their warehouse! I was going to mail a letter to the CEO but after reading other reviews that said it didn't do any good. I'll just take my online business elsewhere.

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EX EMPLOYEE - 49 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous - 17 d 9 h ago


So the bully attitude is running rampant in this company. Same here, the manager at the most high class neighborhood is a bully and it seems that the most uneducated people make managers at JoAnn's. Its comical, Even their language is substandard.

No people skills, no knowledge of etiquette and they think they can keep good people and loyal employees with this attitude.

I got out of there in less than 30 days. Seriously??? is this company aware of their shortcomings?

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Julie - 18 d 22 h ago


Salem, Oregon Lancaster Mall Store. Terrible customer service! I walked around the store shoppingf for over an hour. Not a single employee acknowledged me, nevermind ask if I needed help. The store had maybe 10 customers at the time, plenty of employees and most of them just wandering around. I've been shopping there for years and the service just keeps going down. Plently of competetors in the area with much better customer service. Yes, retail is hard, I worked at several different retailers and would have been written up for ignoring customers.

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MORE AMERICAN - 66 d 14 s ago


Just wanted to let you know that I think it was a poor business decision to meet with Drump. Not only did over half of the votes not vote for him (he has the imbalance of the electorial college to thank) but a huge percentage of those voters who didn't vote for him were your target consumers, women. I know I will never spend another penny at Jo Ann's in the future. Predictably, Trump will probably cheat (another wife or business) or get "grabby" again. Anyway, the only way HE can "make this country great" is by getting impeached or resigning.

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Not Again - 32 d 10 h ago


You must be a Democrat whore who can't spell properly! Public School education I guess!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 32 d 18 h ago

Shopper in store and online for the last 10 to 20 years. I recently sent an email to customer service in regards to the condition of one of your stores in Northern California. I wanted to make sure that you see these pictures as this is unsatisfactory in my opinion and I'm sure that you will be surprised at the condition of this store.



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Lois Devany - 33 d 15 h ago


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to personally say "Thank you" to one of your store managers - her name is Ann Marie Briand- her store location is Bald Hill Road, in Warwick, Rhode Island.

I run a small design business and have purchased many many items, fabrics etc. from this store and have had various interactions over the last many years with Ann Marie. She has always been extremely helpful and professional.

Several weeks ago I called the store and the happened to answer the phone - I did not give me my name but explained the I was volunteering my services for a non profit organization for an upcoming event-- she listened intently and offered her help --- she went over and above her position to help get the items I needed.

The organization and I are so grateful to her to being such a blessing - and when I went in to the store to purchase my order she was quite surprised it was someone she had knew but again, it showed me that it had nothing to do with helping someone she knew, she was just being Ann Marie - kind and wonderful lady who truly takes her job to heart.

Thank you


Lois Devany

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Not surprised in Maryland - 36 d 16 h ago


Don't think any of these reviews are going anywhere - Travis Smith left this company in 2014. Obviously all your Kudos and Complaints are falling on deaf ears from an unresponsive company. Jill Soltau is the current CEO.

I came to this site to get the Current CEO's name and address to lodge a complaint. No point since this is like the classic cartoon where the suggestion box empties right into the trash can.

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Anonymous - 36 d 20 h ago


Absolutely horrible customer service in your Heath location. When asking a question you should not be pointed to an aisle that Associates you actually help you find what you're looking for

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Joplin MO - 37 d 21 h ago


I am an employee at store # 2273. I just want to express my appreciation for the wonderful family of team members that I work with. I especially want to acknowledge my manager Jennifer Starchman. She is a wonderful team leader and works hand in hand with all of us. She was exceptional during black Friday. She had an organized list detailing breaks etc. Although we were extremely busy, the waiting lines moved quickly, and fabric was being restocked and recovered as others were cutting fabric. She achieved a very efficient method of keeping our customers satisfied and making sure that they had a wonderful customer experience.

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terrible business - 43 d ago


The Manager at the Fairless Hills Pa store is an unapproachable and unprofessional bully. I worked there less then two weeks and

ended up walking out during a shift

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Muscatine, iowa - 43 d 3 h ago


Why is it you only have 2 workers everyday working? You need more when you go in too the store you never can get help without waiting forever. I dont like too have to wait so long for help get more people working

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Anonymous - 53 d 14 h ago


I shop at the Glendale, CA store. I am a regular customer, usually once a week. Since December the selection of knitting needles and crochet hooks is appalling. I asked an associate, she thought they were changing vendors but didn't know when it would be restocked. The following week, I asked the store manager, she indicated that she has no idea when this area will be stocked again.

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LeAnna in Flagstaff Arizona - 56 d 17 h ago


I live just outside Flagstaff Arizona and I just had the most helpful and happy clerk at "My" Jo-Ann's. Her name is Leanna and her number (or store number) is 1831. It was such a pleasure to shop there. Joy Salazar

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kiki - 57 d 15 h ago


Hi, I live in Eagle, Idaho (83616) and we are a very pleasant little town that is growing in leaps and bounds. I would like to have a Jo-Ann's Store closer then what is available now. People come from surrounding towns like Horse-Shoe Bend and McCall (2 hrs from McCall to Eagle and then another 12 miles to Jo-Ann's in Boise). I would appreciate if someone from you corporation would come and check out the possibility of having one of your stores located here on State Street. There is a, what I think, a very nice plot available next to "Home-Depot one the west side and a Pet-Co and also a Win-Co on the east side. Woman that are not interested in shopping at Home-Depot, would spend time at Jo-Ann's. This has been on my mind for a while and I feel a bit silly writing this note. But who knows, it might work or at least has a chance to be considered.

I have had a very pleasant experience each time I frequented you stores.

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every customer counts! - 57 d 15 h ago



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Charlene Powell - 57 d 16 h ago



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American - 71 d 14 h ago


Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with President Trump, MEGA, well done.

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General profile image - 75 d 14 h ago


My daughters and I love Joanns.

We only wish there was a store closers to us. We live in Dallas,NC. In Gaston County.

There are a lot of hobbyist in Gaston and Lincoln County.

Thanks for your products and sales.

Always a customer,

Phyllis Gillelan

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Barbara - 78 d ago

I live in Waynesboro, Va. We need a fabric store. The next Joanns is in Charlottesville, Va. 35 miles away. I have been shopping at Joanns for the past 32 years and never had a problem finding one near by. Sorry I won't drive that far for buttons and zippers. Walmart has a limited selection on fabric and supplies, maybe I need to suggest to them to widen their sewing department. I see too many Walmart customers in the same situation, of not finding what they need, but can't make that far trip to Charlottesville. If I had a store here, I would be in there weekly to spend money. Beats me why you closed down the Staunton store, 12 miles away from Waynesboro and 45 miles from Charlottesville.

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Tatyana Chambers - 84 d ago


Just recently I applied for a part-time job at Joann. I was denied almost immediately. From your response it is obvious to me that you have not taken a trouble to read my resume completely, because if you have, then you would have seen that I have a lot of experience in arts and crafts. In fact, I had my own hand-crafted jewelry-accessory business for six years and was working closely with one of the DC's leading jewelry designers. I am well versed in knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, polymer clay and many other crafts. If all of these qualifications don't match for work at Joann, then I don't know who would match.

This policy of yours and from what I've seen at your stores, it is quite obvious why there is rarely an associate who knows/likes their job and what they are doing, even as simple as to cut a piece of fabric straight or locate a product. From now on I will shop elsewhere.

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Tamara D. Grubich - 86 d ago

Hi, I am a devoted customer and live in the Ludington Mi area... Recently a Staples store has closed down...We desperately need a JoAnns Fabric store and the empty Staples building would be a perfect location...Please consider bringing your business to our town!

Thank you!

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