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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH
Travis Smith
President and CEO
(330) 656-2600
(330) 463-6760
Twitter IDs
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LJ - 3 d 13 h ago


I have been a customer of JoAnn's for many years. I am also a former employee. My local store has great employees. They seem happy to be there and do a great job (Utah). However, why do you keep the stores so hot??? The employees look miserable and as a customer I can't stand it. I avoid shopping at JoAnn's when it is hot. I don't understand this policy of not keeping people comfortable in your business.

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago

Regular customer. As I walked in to the Joann fabrics In Mountain view. I do love shopping here. I love these employees, that's why I'm so concerned with how hot it is in here. I don't understand why the problem hasn't been taken care of. I remember last yr. They had pug in AC units in here. I asked the mod why they didn't have them. She said cooperate dosent hink we need them. I felt so sad when I heard that. That's not right for them to be in thus heat! Going to call the health department and tell them what's going on! Cooperate is sitting In their air conditioning. They aren't treating their employees right you can atleast let them have one!! So they can cool off a little! I know your closing soon this store and that's why you don't care!!! I'm going to stop shopping here and tell a lot of others not to as well! The wrong people are in charge it sad!

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Eljay - 3 d 13 h ago


Ok, so I live in another part of the country entirely-the desert southwest, and my local JoAnns is so hot!!!! I have complained, but they said that corporate controls the AC. Why??? I have to avoid shopping there during the summer months and I take my business elsewhere. I am miserable the entire time I'm in that store. Otherwise, JoAnns is great.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

Concerned citizen, I walked into the Joann store in mountain view California and it was so hot I didn't even want to shop. I saw some employees sitting down and they didn't look okay and I asked him what was wrong are you okay and they had told me they're just talk because the air conditioning is broken at the store and it's been that way for about a week or longer. I don't understand how it's okay for employees to work in a building where there is an air conditioning legally it that's not even okay!!! but I understand the corporate office you guys are sitting in your air conditioning buildings while your employees are suffering in the heat that is not okay I don't even again I don't understand it!!! and this is one of my favorite stores to shop at but with it being as hot as it is it makes it unbearable to shop and uncomfortable and I just really feel bad for your employees! I hope something is being done about this because I'm going to call the health department or whoever I have to call and let them know that these employees are working in these conditions. Enjoy your air conditioning! You should be ashamed!

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Mountain View Air Conditioning - 4 d 16 h ago


The Joann in Mountain View CA has a broken air conditioning - it must have been at least 90 degrees in there when I went in! I asked an employee if they were getting it fixed soon and was told that this was the second week without it (and three days into a heat wave of 100+ degrees daily) and that despite the complaints of the employees, managers, and customers, the higher-ups weren't doing much to fix it (I overheard one employee tell another that when they called for help they were simply told to "drink water and turn on some fans"). The heat is unsafe for customers, especially elderly ones, and extremely unsafe for the employees (I could hardly stand to walk around in there, let alone work). If this is how Joann treats their employees, I'm not sure I want to spend my money here anymore; the gross abuse of the employees is horrifying, and the lack of interest in the safety of everyone involved is even more so.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago


Anonymous, I walked in to your mountain view location in CA. It was so hot inside the building it made it unbearable to shop or even breath! I saw a free employed sweating and sitting down not looking ok. They told me the air conditioner was broken and had been for that way for awhile. I do know legally employees should not be working in those conditions!! I don't understand why nothing is being done about It! You guys should be ashamed making them work like that as you guys are in your air conditioned building. I'm going to call the health department and let them know! Your employees are not doing ok!

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Info - 12 d 8 h ago

Wade Miquelon is the current President and CEO of Joann fabrics which is now owned by Leonard Green and Partners L.P.

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Online customer - 28 d 15 h ago


May 6th I placed an online order for 10 items. The estimated delivery time stated was 6-10 business days. I received 2 items two business days later. Then nothing for 7 business days. That is 11 days after I placed the order. I wrote an email to customer service and about an hour later I received a canned confirmation email saying 7 of my items were being shipped. Then I get a separate email from "Samantha" telling me the rest of my order is shipping right away. And she closed with "stay inspired".


My first beef is. There was no apology. I was completely inconvenienced having to contact joann's for them to ship the rest of my order.

Second, my whole order wasn't shipping. I ordered 10 items received 2, and 7 items are on the way. When I wrote back stating this I received a rude reply that they ran out of stock. Again no apologies.

Third beef is. WHY DIDN'T SAMANTHA MENTION THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? If they ran out of stock why didn't someone contact me? Unless they lost my order and just now ran out? No explanations no apologies. Man you guys must not really want to fulfill online orders. Your customer service is horrendous and I will NEVER buy from you people again.

And I'm not the type to cruise for free stuff or refunds of any sort. What I wanted was an APOLOGY. It's sad that we have to go through this when it's obvious you guys don't have properly trained customer service reps and your online fulfillment is mismanaged and pathetic. Do better.

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OLO process - 12 d 8 h ago

Joanns online orders are filled by their stores now and not by a warehouse or third party. The reason your order was shipped at two separate times (could be filled in as many items as you have ordered ex. If you ordered 7 items you could get 7 different packages at 7 different times) is because the order goes to a particular store that shows it has either all or most of the items you have ordered. A Joann employee at the store who receives your order pulls your order from the shelf, packs it and mails it. All orders are shipped Fed Ex, keep in mind fed ex does not ship to P.O. Boxes, if you use a P.O. Box as your address you will either not receive your order or it will take ALOT longer to receive. If you order fabric (as an online order you have to order at least 2 yards) once again the order will go to a Joann store, most likely the one closest to your location that has the most items in stock at that store. Say you order 5 yards of a particular fabric but that store only has 3 yards....then you will receive a 3 yard cut from that store and most likely a 2 yard cut from another store. Say you order 5 yards of a particular fabric but the store the order is assigned to only has 4 yards ......then you will receive 4 yards and the remaining yard of fabric will be cancelled because they don't fill/ship 1 yard pieces of fabric. You should not receive any piece of fabric that is smaller than 2 yards unless you order high density foam. High density foam comes in a 2.5 yard sheet so if you order 3 yards, .5 will be cut off from one sheet and 1 yd will be cut from another piece. Also just a side note if you order something breakable, packing supplies are limited to bubble wrap for these types of items. Also the store that fulfills your order are not allowed to call any online customer regarding your order, so if there is a problem with your order that store has to contact corporate and then supposedly someone at corporate is supposed to contact the customer. This whole online orders going to the stores for fulfillment is new. It's been in place less than a year. I agree it is not a very good system hopefully they will improve it. The reason your order might have taken so long is that it could have been sent to several stores who showed having the item in stock but the stock information was either erroneous, the employee couldn't locate the item (this happens mostly when customers shop and then decide they don't want something and shove it someplace it doesn't belong), the item they had was damaged, they didn't have the whole amount of an item, or they didn't have the correct yardage. Orders are filled in the morning so if the store doesn't have your item, the next store may not see the order until the next day, if that store doesn't have the order either the next store won't see it until the next day. You can see how the time can add up. Also don't fault the store or employees they are just working within the system corporate has put in place...i.e they don't make the rules they just have to follow them. Hope that explains it a little bit......sorry don't kill the messenger.

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Linda - 13 d 16 h ago


I have been a contractor teaching the Cricut at JoAnn's in Northern New Jersey for the past 2 years. First off, I am limited in class size to 4 because it's difficult with the students computer skills to teach more than that. Then you put the classes on sale all the time for 50% off so I make even less! And not you don't want the contractors to get paid for no-shows!!!! How dare you! I prepare for the amount that are supposed to show and now I don't get paid if they don't show and you still keep the money??? Michael's is offering 70% of student payment and doesn't put the classes on sale. Looks like you will be losing a lot of teachers!

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Sandy B - 15 d 14 h ago

I have been searching for a particular fabric for swags. There are several stores in the Virginia area. I went in search of the fabric to the Leesburg VA store because the inventory said 10 yards were there. Sadly, there was none BUT the manager on duty that day put forth an extra effort to help me find the fabric. Her name is LB and she is phenomenal!!! Thank you for her. She wasn't able to help me find the fabric but she did everything in her power to do so! She deserves an positive acclamation from you! Thanks!

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Maggie May - 15 d 14 h ago


I called the Joanne Fabrics in Spokane Valley, WA today. The woman on the phone was extremely rude when I asked her if they sold welt cord by the yard. I explained I want to put my own fabric on the cord. She had no idea what I was talking about and asked , "What is welt cord?' I explained its welt sold by the yard on a small bolt. She got very argumentative with me over it. Then I asked if their electric cart was still out of service (need it because I cannot walk far). Her answer was, "I think so." Ok... asked if she could check. Her answer was that the out of service sign (which has been on it for a week) is still on it. I asked if someone reported it to get it fixed. Again, I'm met with rudeness. The store is not Ada accessible as when I use the cart they have jammed so many things for sale in and around the isles you cannot get through. This is the only store that sells fabric and supplies here otherwise I would take my business elsewhere. The giant scissors they have on display over the cutting tables are filthy (yes I took photos and will be forwarding it to their corporate office. Just a very frustrating situation. No customer service skills and this needs to be addressed

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Anonymous - 17 d 29 m ago

To whomever it concerns:

I am sick and tired of my hours getting cut, I can barely pay my bills. I took this job a year ago because I needed the money to pay for an ever increasing health insurance bill and a few other bills. Also took this job because it was the only thing I could find in my area despite the fact that i have two degrees in health and arts. every day i loathe going into my shift, i come into a sauna and the night shift not doing their job, so not only do i have double duty cashiering and cleaning in the morning, i have to clean from the night shift. It is impossible to clean up and recover, stock and answer phones when i am the only cashier for 5 hours. Also, stop it with the coupon games. Today there is not only the scratch off tickets i have to give out, there is a 60%, a 50% and a 40% off, along with the ones off the total. AND not to mention all the items that are on sale, makes it impossible to work with customers, who come in wanting to use their coupons and to find out that the item they want is on sale, makes them scream at me, who has nothing to do with the sale or the signs or the coupon or their app not working. I live 45 minutes away... you cut my hours to the point of its not worth even coming in to work in horrendous conditions. Stop cutting our hours.

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Anonymous - 17 d 12 h ago



Joann store in my area are the greatest and the 60% coupons are always used.

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Dr Fox - 18 d 13 h ago


Michael 's prices are lower on yarn. Why are you competitive? This is not the first time I have sent this information. Do you really care what consumers think????

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Faith mcPhail - 20 d 7 h ago

Wi have been trying to place an order on line for 3 add a quarter,rulers. I don't have an account. And it keeps asking for my order number. But it does not give me a balance or order number. This site is very confusing and hard to use. Neither I myself or my husband could figure out how to place the order.

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John Valentino - 20 d 20 h ago


Jo-Ann Stores, Inc Attn: Travis Smith, President & CEO 5555 Darrow Road Hudson, Ohio 44236 RE: Poor Workmanship/Pembroke Pines, Fl Via: Snail Mail Fax: 330/463 6760 Dear Mr. Smith: Enclosed please find copies of the craftsmanship that I encountered when I had your framing department reframe my Louis Icart, "Orchid" framed. When I arrived to pick it up, I confronted the clerk about the wrinkles that were created when it was reframed. These were NOT there to begin with, however, your clerk insisted that they were. I asked to speak to a "manager" who I believed was named Judy, and she was just as confrontational as the clerk. What customer service! To top things off, the invoice states that the unit price for this service would run $415.00 with a 'discount' of $273.90 leaving a balance due of $141.10. The frame itself looks like something that would easily cost me less than $50.00, and now I deeply regret that I trusted your company to properly handle my investment. Needless to say, I will advise others NOT to use your services in the future! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding this matter!

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

Why oh Why do you continue to not turn on the air conditioning in your Winston Salem NC store? I have been back several times , once the heat was on! and your employees are miserable because the air is not on. it is in the 90's with high humidity, and the air is not running, or it's not running well. I have heard from employees that the customer service score is down, and there have been many complaints. I spoke to one of the workers and she said they even cut their hours! no wonder you have had many complaints!!! TURN ON THE AIR and hire or have more people on the floor.

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Pamella Rodriguez - 28 d 12 h ago


No help after asking for manager

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Denise bryant - 22 d 16 h ago

Anna the manager in store 2167 was not engaging & totally unprofessional - thanks for sharing story as well

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Denise bryant - 22 d 16 h ago


No crutches, here but good customer service is just good customer service; & yes we all need retooling but never an excuse to be blatantly unapproachable. I was seeking assistance to see if they had someone to physically measure with consent. There was a young lady, with her head, engaged in the computer; but casing the joint, as if she didn't not want to assist. I approached her, & I said Gm are you, available? She stated no I'm busy in the computer, trying to do something but what do you, need? Tonation & energy is everything. So after that encounter it discouraged me & I said never mind & went & stood in the line to patiently wait on. Even if she was busy, which never tell the customer that. Hold on I'm busy but I will get someone to help you. Waited patiently to speak with Angela, & I asked her, my initial inquiry & she stated no we don't do that & I was attempting to explain & her commentary rudely was we have books over there & it would help you. Over there where? Then Anna, the manager comes after 5 to 7 minutes ask next line? I said I'll wait for her, because she was already helping my daughter. It was just a horrible experience & for that fact alone I would never recommend this store. You built your brand off integrity & there are core values that you, live your creed by & all is it takes are a bad apple here & there to ruin it. Yes, I'm going to social media to reference this. This is not good at all. Walt Disney world & chick fil a have the GRANDEST MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE IN THE Universe. So great you, want to telll stories about it & return to give them more money, & refer the awesome experience you, had. First & last time st Joann fabrics

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Anonymous - 29 d 15 h ago

After selecting the lace I wanted to purchase I wwnt to the cutting counter for assistance. There was one employee working with a customer, and one more customer ahead of me. When another employee returned to the cutting counter she started calling for numbers on the intercom that had been removed from the numbee tape. There were 9 numbers ahead of me. There was no response until #42 was called. I had already been waiting for ten minutes and this woman came hurrying to the counter to be served. My number was 45 and I left! It is frustrating to "follow" what I thought was store policy by waiting in line only to be cut in line by s woman who had gotten a number and gone shopping. Who thought this one up!!!

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Someone in Idaho - 31 d 12 h ago

I have been a customer in your stores for many years. Yesterday I was my last day of being one of your customers. When I went to pat for my items and showed my military ID I was told I needed your App to receive this discount. I feel like but you doing this you have discriminated against those that do not have a smart phone and those older patrons that do not want all those Apps on their phones. So because of your new policy I will not be returning to any of your stores.

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unknown - 34 d 14 h ago


I went into the Jo-Ann fabric store in Pittsfield, ma...looking for plastic canvas books....all I could find at the plastic canvas's no books to make I strolled thru the store it was a disaster...things in the way of getting down isles...or even look at things....when I got to the last isle I did find the plastic canvas's but you could not move down the isle the people that work there were not putting things away three clerks were cutting fabric for one customer....and one at the cashier.....then they didn't know where to look for the plastic canvas books....I was not pleased at all with the looks of the store inside nor how the store in general looked

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 h ago


I'm traveling with my husband and happened to come across the grand opening in Goshen, Indiana. What a beautiful store and the employees just about bubbled over with helpfulness and happiness. They were even cheerful when a new way was introduced at the cutting table and the customers were confused. Yea for no more numbers. I don't think the store or employees will ever get unexcited about working there. I can't say enough about it, wish I lived closer.

I live in Summerville, SC and love the team that works there. They are cheerful, helpful and love to interact. Thank you for this.

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