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JP Morgan Chase & Co.

270 Park Ave.
New York, NY
James Dimon
Chairman, President and CEO
(212) 270-6000
(212) 270-1648
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Tiffany Dempsey - 1 y 160 d ago


My husband and I have been Chase customers for quite sometime. I have been a Chase fan until last Thursday. I was out right lied to by Chase Employee's as well Managers and to make things worse I cant get anyone to help me solve the problem. No longer a Chase fan!

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FormerWaMuGuy - 4 y 59 d ago


I used to be a customer of Washington Mutual banks, and I was very satisfied with their services, prices, and overall fun attitude towards banking. Then, a few years ago, during the financial crisis, they went bust, and it was announced that WaMu had been bought by JP Morgan Chase. My first thought was that I would be really unhappy to be a customer at a huge, impersonal bank again, and was really worried about what would happen.

I shouldn't have worried at all. Chase banking has been better than I ever expected. I have always had very good experiences with all facets of their banking business. The branches are well set up, with friendly people willing to help. The online banking feature is really easy to use, informative, and fantastic. The smartphone banking app works better than any other I have seen so far. And the customer service at their call center (staffed by real Americans) is one of the best I have ever experienced.

Chase really seems to have made an effort to provide the best possible banking services to the average person, and never make you feel unimportant, even if you only have twenty dollars in your account. I probably never would have banked with them if not for the failure of WaMu, but in the end, I'm actually really happy that happened.

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WillardBell - 4 y 67 d ago

Chase Bank facing litigation after bank error leads to customers arrest of Willard Bell of Las Vegas. @jpmchaseceo

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flachjacket - 4 y 77 d ago

@jpmchaseceo words to live by.

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