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JP Morgan Chase & Co.

270 Park Ave.
New York, NY
James Dimon
Chairman, President and CEO
(212) 270-6000
(212) 270-1648
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Patrick - 5 h ago


Chase has multiple issues that needs to be addressed and cleaned up. For starters they are becoming one of the leader in treating customers like numbers. All they care about is there bottom line. My experience when Chase has left me questioning there morals and business ethics. My issue started almost two years ago. Had an issue with a business Ink card that turned into a nightmare. At one point in time they closed the wrong account, applied payments to an account that was closed. Called me once they realized what they have done .Apologied and told me they notated everything that was done so this wouldn't be an issue in the future. Me personally couldn't figure out why you closed my personal Sapphire card. Fast forward about four months and case was once again not doing what they said they would do. Around Nov , Dec 2018 I asked Chase why am I paying a 450.00 annual fee and you keep cutting benefits and rewards perks. As usual one side of Chase always blames the other. This time they put it on marketing and promised there are more exciting offers and benefits coming right around the corner. Now at this point and time I had enough with the empty promises and false statements that they were making. I told them I would not use the card anymore and if things don't happen like they are promising this account will be closed. I even talked to a member from there executive office and informed them of this. Even had them documented down call me when my annual fee is due. Had them write in the notes customer would close account if marketing doesn't provide any other perks or benefits to the Sapphire card. Was informed on a record call the notation has been added. Now here is where for me it gets vindictive on there part. I had a zero balance on that card for over a year. They completely stopped sending me statements in the mail and emailing me any details about that card. At one point I made a mistake and paid them 300.00 on that account not my Chase Starbucks card. I paid that card a couple days later 400.00 because I got an alert your bill is due. Now the Sapphire card had a credit of 300.00 for four months plus. They never sent me a statement or anything. Then the 450.00 annual fee hits in Oct. I get no phone call , no statement no notification at all. The account goes into Dec 2019 and I get a criedit alert. So i look into it and see they have hit my credit for late payments. Of chores i do what anyone would do and call Chase and dispute the issue , inform them about statements and everything that has happened in the past and why am I not getting notifications. They said they would look into it and get the matter fixed. Now I waited two weeks and then I called for updates. Gave me the typical run around answer Chase always gives. So I called the Criedit Bureaus and asked if Chase informed them of my dispute. All three replied with the same answer " No dispute has been filed from JP Morgan ". So I informed each one what was going on and filed a dispute. Chase immediately answered the Credit Bureaus with the report is valid. I took this all the way up to Chases executive office once again. Was told they took this matter 100% seriously and they would look into it. The only thing they looked into was statement being mailed. That was there answer for this hole matter. We show that our system shows statements have been mailed. That's all they took there time on researching. I asked them for proof you mail the statements out and that they go to my address. They replied we don't have that. I asked for proof they didn't have any returned mail. All they said was haven't gotten any return mail back yet. Then I broke this down for them. I receive two sometime three Starbucks statements from them every month for about eight months. I have never missed a payment from them plus my Starbucks card is always paid 5x what the minimum payment is due for. They confirmed that I was correct. Now after all there dropping the ball comments, all the apologies for issues they created in the past, all the documentation that they say there writing down. They come back with the reporting is valid because we didn't get any return statements. Me being me I asked for documentation that they sent me statements and that I received them. I asked them to pull phone calls and due there investigation like there suppose to do instead of rubber stamping it. They replied we only have phone calls up two 60 days. So we can't validate your statement. I make sure they realize that they can't discredit my statement either. At this point I'm so over JP Morgan and there "new direction". They are one of the leaders in the banking industry that treat people and numbers. They don't see facts or admit mistakes. They cover them up and tell you they document things down when in all reality there typing in what the powers to be have directed them to type in. It all about them promising one thing with the right had while the left hand robs your wallet. I have even been told by there higher ups that there computers never make mistakes. If the computer says it's so then its 100% gospel. That right there should tell you how they truly think of you as a customer.

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Loretta - 2 d 36 m ago



Unable to get year end summary

We were told we would be receiving it that was February 6th

Did not receive it

Called 2 weeks later and got the same answer

Called again today February 23 and now told could not be mailed

Does not help us

Have been a customer since 1999

We sign off ANGRILY!!

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Texas Cowgirl - 3 d 17 h ago


I reached out to Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase at three separate times asking for a lower interest rate on our mortgage than the high seven percent we were being held at. Rates at the time were in the low three's and each time one of his employees would say well we can't really do anything to help because you seem to fall between those who are eligible for a refinance and those who can do a loan modification. I scrambled to pay off my house before Chase could extract anymore interest from me. I calculated just for the eight years I had asked about, I had paid at least 76,000.00 in interest and in the years prior, much, much more! Recently I reached out to Dimon again to see if he would consider refunding some of this and so far I have been playing phone tag for weeks with his office in NYC. Banks collect billions annually in overdraft fees alone!!! We are not all billionaires and it does matter how we treat others.They say they have no reason to refund any of the money, they just let me know.

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Shocked In Tucson - 4 d ago

February 21, 2020 Dear XXXXX, Thank you for sending your form letter to acknowledge the positive feedback I gave XXXXX at the XXXXX branch. She certainly deserves it and it is more effort than you get from most managers at your level. It's extremely unfortunate that these words evolved from an unprofessional situation that she tried to unsuccessfully fix that will result in my family and I closing and moving our accounts from Chase. With that said I only wish that you and most of the other employees that both my wife, my family and I have dealt with at Chase over the last several years had those same customer service skills. I'll first address why I've included you. To review: 1. In mid 2010 I was actually solicited by a Chase employee that worked at Wilmot and Broadway to set up an appointment to discuss moving my accounts from First National Bank to Chase. Even though I was happy at National Bank the benefit that Chase offered was more locations, especially when I was out of town. Having nothing to lose I met with Chase. That resulted in me switching a personal savings and checking account and a business savings and checking account to Chase. In addition, my parents opened up a checking account and my mother-in-law opened up a savings and checking account. In return, we received a total of 6 safety deposit boxes (3x5) at no charge, no or very minimal account balance requirements and no fees for anythingthe same deal we had at National Bank. 2. As Chase changed account types and requirements over this ten-year period our deal remained the same. In fact, we were told that this deal was "grandfathered in" and would be honored at any Chase bank in the continental U.S. 3. In November or December I received letters explaining that the Wilmot and Broadway location was closing their safe deposit boxes and our boxes needed to be moved by February 14, 2020. XXXXX called the Speedway and Swan location and Sunrise and Swan location to ensure the boxes were available and to make this transition easier on me and my 91 and 92 year old parents. 4. After about a week XXXXX informed me that the boxes were available at both branches, but the branch managers of both these locations would not honor our deal ever though they were set up 10 years prior and were "grandfathered in". XXXXX said she talked to the Market Directors over both branches and they, too, would not honor the deal. One of these market directors was you. She said her only resort was to escalate this upward to the (I think she called it) "Upper Level Customer Satisfaction Team" and that they would call me in 5 business days. 5. I never received a phone call which is very typical of Chase. After waiting two weeks I called the Chase Executive Office and explained this to them. I talked to XXXXX (hidden) Ext XXXXX) and she started case #XXXXX. After another couple of weeks I called back XXXXXand was told that her department had contacted the Branch Managers and the Market Directors (you were one) and I was again told that no one would honor the deal. XXXXX also said she was shocked that they would not honor a 10 year old deal. 6. For Chase, it's Upper Level Customer Support--its Market Directorsand its Branch Managers not to honor this is unconscionable to me. Oh yes, XXXXX told me that someone at Chase said that Chase had made a lot of these deals over the years and if they honored them for me then they'd have to honor them for everyone. My answer was and will always be: "YOU SHOULD AND FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE!" In the first line of paragraph two of your form letter you state: "At Chase Bank we strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers..." If you really believe this is happening I suggest you first look in the mirror, have a "come to Jesus talk with yourself and then visit or call your branchesor maybe have a secret shopper do sobecause nothing could be further from reality and the truth. Yes, the truth hurts. But sometimes the hard words need to be used, especially in management. 7. Moreover, as I mentioned to XXXXX and XXXXX, I can never again believe anything that's told to me by a Chase employee. Therefore my family and I have found another bank (the first one I inquired at) that will honor this deal. New accounts have been set up, the safe deposit box contents have been transferred and as soon as the direct deposits and auto pays have activated at the new bank we will be cancelling our accounts at Chase. As Treasurer of our HOA, I will also be moving those business savings and business checking accounts. Other board members have had similar problems with Chase and have also left your banks so the "changing banks vote" was unanimous to move. What has happened to Chase? When doing business at the various branches the Chase employees are arrogant, condescending and act like you're bothering them and they're doing you a favor by helping you. Your phone system is an embarrassment. Rarely can you get through and when you don't you can't even leave a message. On the rare occasions you do get through it's like pulling teeth to leave a message for the person you're calling. When I've called the various Chase support lines, often I've been told I'd be called back. Rarely has this happened. I guess I'll now answer my own question: "Customer service at Chase no longer exists. Period!" Let's be honest: Chase will survive a long time without our accounts and we will always be able to find a savings institution to do business with. In the old days research showed that a satisfied customer told 10 people and a dissatisfied customer told 100. In today's electronic world of social media the number of people a dissatisfied customer will tell is in the 1000s. So I think dissatisfied customers can do more harm to Chase than Chase can do to the dissatisfied customers. With all the traditional and new choices for the consumer to choose from, on-line banks for one, I question the business model Chase is currently using. But making those decisions are what they're paying people like you the "big bucks" for. Respectfully submitted, Cc: James Dimon

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I hate chase bank! - 41 d 1 m ago

Chase cx service is fucking horrible. I regret doing anu business with these fucking jewish edomite devils. Fucking synagogue of satan jackasses.

Flagged for review. 
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the splatt - 34 d ago


you're just as disgusting throwing anti-sematic insults around a problem completely unrelated to jewish people. sounds like you have more problems than your banking, magat.

Flagged for review. 
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Bahle Acher - 33 d 18 h ago


You sir, are and idiot.

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago


100% correct !!

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

For sure an anti-Semitic asshole...but all of you are also idiots because you all need to learn how to spell. You cannot insult someone and be taken seriously when you can't spell maggot, or say someone is "and idiot." Makes you all sound just as stupid. That guy should fall off a cliff, agreed, but let's all remember that we don't have to be stupid to tell him so.

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Unhappy and possibly ex customer - 11 d ago


Have had no help from cardmember services after a recent dispute that was closed without any notification to me, the customer. Still have a $1000 charge from a dentist in south Florida for a crown that they neither sized or put in my mouth. Sent documentation showing a different dentist installed the crown on the same #18 molar in my mouth and nothing has been done. Everyone tells me nothing can be done while nothing has been done. This is completely unacceptable especially when you consider that the dispute was mishandled from the beginning. Starting from your out of USA call center who may speak English but do not understand English. Somebody please listen to all the RECORDED phone calls that you remind the customer every 5 min while we wait on hold for 45. Does this RECORDED phone call only benefit Chase? Very confused and irate and if nothing is done I will simply pay off the $1000 charge, pay off both credit cards, close my checking and savings- and find a way to refinance my home so as to terminate business with your bank which I thought was reputable and protected their customers needs. Deeply disappointed and will put this all over social media and continuously call your corporate offices. We are not a rich family but value our money nonetheless. Please help your customer and do what's right instead of protecting a shady dental office I visited while on vacation. Literally have a $1000 dollar charge for nothing that I'm paying interest on for several months. How do end a dispute without notifying anyone and tell me time is the issue when your company told me not to deal with vendor if I'm not comfortable when vendor was trying to refund me. Like What??? Check your logs-sad but true.....very unhappy customer and family. You will lose more business if this is not resolved in a timely manner. I'm asking for help- please advise.

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dabandit - 18 d ago


We have been going in circles with Chase Credit Services for over a month trying to get them to find an amount less than $40 dollars paid to our credit card account in December 2019. In our secure messages, we get the SOSDD from them. It's time to go "upstairs" to get this resolved.

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Chrispychris - 18 d 16 h ago


Paid off a credit debt to chase 2 years ago and found out today they have been hitting me with negative credit hits every month since then is this legal and what are you gonna do to make this right ??

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 h ago


I was in the teller line in Elkhart Indiana on cassopolis st when a gentleman approached the line with a toolbox stated he was there for work and he was greeted by the branch manger who did not exactly welcome him. She was very rude and short with the young man who stated he drove multiple hrs to complete the work. After very rudely telling the gentleman he was not welcome and could not accommodate him despite his saying he got the ok to come do the work. I only overheard all this but seeing how the lady had treated the young man I do not understand how or why she was so rude let alone in a industry where customer service and care should be everything.The gentleman was obviously overwhelmed with how the manger was being with him and If she is willing to get that rude with someone who is doing work for the company she works makes me wonder how well she would treat a regular customer. I will be doing my business at the other chase locations.

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 h ago


I was in the teller line when a gentleman approached the line with a toolbox stated he was there for work and he was greeted by the branch manger who did not exactly welcome him. She was very rude and short with the young man who stated he drove multiple hrs to complete the work. After very rudely telling the gentleman he was not welcome and could not accommodate him despite his saying he got the ok to come do the work. I only overheard all this but seeing how the lady had treated the young man I do not understand how or why she was so rude let alone in a industry where customer service and care should be everything.The gentleman was obviously overwhelmed with how the manger was being with him and If she is willing to get that rude with someone who is doing work for the company she works makes me wonder how well she would treat a regular customer. I will be doing my business at the other chase locations.

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Anonymous - 26 d 42 s ago

This bank truly the freaking worst.

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D. White - 26 d 21 m ago



Customer service is a joke. The actual walk-in bank is a joke. The fraudulent department is an even bigger joke. You call to get items stopped or cancelled they can never do it. Or it's not their responsibility you always have to take it up with the merchant even when it's pending so at that point it's a "my bank" issue not the merchant. You dispute transactions jump through loops and hoops,have all the paperwork to show that your case is solid. They never ask you to send it anything and then side with the merchant. I'm closing my account today. This bank is a joke after 6 years I just can't take it anymore. Clearly they aren't for the aide of their own clients

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Karen - 33 d 37 s ago

Chase bank on 4525 Chef Menteur Highway is so unprofessional. The drive up is a joke. The woman with the short blonde hair hung up the screen on me as I was talking to her. I was the first customer in line . She had me waiting about 10 minutes or more. They refused to call the manager when I called .

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Anonymous - 43 d ago


Stupid people run this bank

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Karen M - 46 d 49 m ago

Karen M. Chase does NOT put their honest clients first. After months of disputing a charge, I'm still being held responsible for a charge & the merchant has the product back in their hands & Chase has my money.

How professional is that????? I've held up my end and filled the paperwork out. Jumped through numerous hoops, hours & hours wasted trying to get my money back.

I've provided proof and they tell me I missed the deadline by less then 1 week, IT WAS THE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS!

Too bad Chase is unfeeling and can't understand that there are some of ya who work 12-14 hour days and can't respond to a letter in THIER time frame.

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This is E A again - 119 d 11 h ago

I seriously need a reason for why they closed my account... I've been with them for a very very long time ... I mean this is just wrong.....

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fuckchase - 116 d ago


Happened to me too fuck chase.

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Anonymous - 49 d ago

Chase sucks

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Anonymous - 56 d 9 h ago

same thing today happened. will ask a lawyer about it

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SSS - 56 d 21 h ago


I have 3 corp.. accts. and spend over 200k a year on my credit card. After all these years I put in a lousy claim for $84.00 and they deny it. I am going to switch to AMEX and pull all my banking from Chase. I guess it's called Chase since you need to "CHASE" them to get anything done

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Joanne M. Woloshin - 56 d 1 h ago


Just called the customer service number and asked for a manager, because of a rude rep yesterday who hung up on me after saying I confused her. He transferred me to an even ruder rep Taisha. Asked if she was a manager, she spoke with no attitude of being at work. Like I just woke her up. She said she is not mgr. She asked for card number, I asked for mgr, she kept doing the same thing, "card number" over and over. I told her either I speak with a mgr or call corp .

She said " do that " WOW here's great customer service for you


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