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JP Morgan Chase & Co.

270 Park Ave.
New York, NY
James Dimon
Chairman, President and CEO
(212) 270-6000
(212) 270-1648
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UPSET CUSTOMER - 9 d 25 m ago


absolute worst bank with the worst customer service and very unprofessional customer service. I had fraud on my account and put it into a dispute. I received two letters one saying i would get a temp credit. and a few days later another one telling me that this was RESOLVED and no further action would be taken! THEN I see my apple cash is negative ( mind you the fraud came out of my acct through apple cash and as never in apple cash as i do not use this service) I contacted them and they tell me that they needed an email saying it was resolved. SO i contact Chase only to find out that the investigation is NOT RESOLVED AND is still ONGOING and will be until AUG 2!!! I filed this MAY 1!!! I continued to call to get better help, being stuck on hold over an hour and am severely inconvenienced. emotionally exhausted and LIED too! this is not the first time I had fraud on my acct and I have been let down by Chase after 10 years banking with them. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM.

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Shari Aikens - 15 d 5 h ago


Worst customer service ever! Said they will contact me on complaint 14 to 30 days! Really 30 days! What a run around ! Tired of these places that 90% of there daily business at corporate offices is talking on the phone. They continue to use the coronavirus as an excuse for the delay I've been put on hold for over 30 minutes. Just once I'd like Jamie Dimon to call a customer so he can actually hear what poor service he is representing.Jamie Dimon if you could take two minutes out of your busy day and actually called a customer I would appreciate it. Sincerely SHARI Aikens

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christian - 29 d 23 s ago


my account was frozen because money was sent to me and now I'm associated with fraud. I just got paid today and tried to go to a branch to get out my money and close my account but they say I can't. They say it is a dispute going on for 301 dollars but I have almost 400 in my account so why are they not letting me take out the rest of my funds. CHASE IS A SCAM AND I WILL NEVER BANK WITH THEM AGAIN.

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Mike - 23 d 19 h ago


I'm on the same page, I'm discussed with this shit company. There was a direct transfer out of my checking to a Discovery account. S0o they said they would lock my old account. Then there is a two week wait to visit a branch because the company is too stupid let people work from home to answer calls.The clams department said they locked my old account, but they never did according to Loss Prevention Dept, and now I have a check that's on hold. There is no log of the event according to the Loss Prevention Dept, yet they sent me an email to fill out a forum to continue the investigation. That was faxed one day after the event. Everyone I talk to at three different departments of chase are saying different things. That includes, Clams, Loss prevention and Customer service departments.

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Shanaiah - 16 d 5 h ago


Having the same exact problem over 7k in my account but a lady has falsely open a dispute for 200$ because my business is personal I require and affidavit of completion and copy of clients ID even after sending all this proof in to chase they still have my account restricted my funds on hold My car repoed and now I'm facing eviction they have already taken the 200$ out of my account despite all the proof I have sent in!

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Tamara lewos - 19 d 5 h ago


Hello my name is tamera Lewis, I do my banking with Chase bank and have been for at least 10 years. I'm so angry and disappointed in chase and I am willing to leave chase over this situation. My husband Roger Lewis. He received a check from Arizona Department of economic security for unemployment and drawing off of bank of americ. So we did a quick deposit. When the check was not clearing, I contacted chase and I was informed the check would not clear until May 27th, if it cleared at all. A supervisor told me it might not be a legit check. I'm furious because I know this check is real and I know this way of handling this is not the way to handle this matter. All the supervisor had to do is call bank of America and verify the check was legit. My husband has not worked in a month and this check is to help us. I hope you pay attention us, your client and take action.. Thank you for your time. I hope to here from you very soon. Sincerely Tamera Lewis

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Darrlye - 21 d ago

Never bank with this bank they will close ur account at any time

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Darrlye - 21 d 37 s ago


Chase is holding on to my 2000 dollars closed my account without notification of why and said they sent me a letter in the mail and lie and is no help on phone customer service is crappy.

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Candida - 21 d 7 h ago


My son died on April 1st, 2020 (covid-19) and I need his funds to pay bills etc. Emailed death certificate and I don't get a positive response. I'm dealing with my worst nightmare and Chase is not helping properly with my situation.

A grieving


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Anonymous - 29 d ago


worst bank in the world

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Jacqueline Yannayon - 30 d ago


They closed my account that I use everyday and are refusing to give me my money that was in that account. There was a good at least $790 in that account and they will not release it to me.

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Oznola Budd - 32 d 1 h ago

Chase took 512 dollars out of my account saying I cashed a check for that amount or made a deposit for that amount which neither is true an they cannot present proof to me but will not give me my money back but this is not the first time they have taken money out of my account

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Anonymous - 49 d 5 h ago


I have a small company out of Florida and I have asked around other businesses about the ppp chase issues . No one has received any funding or answers. I have even gone as far as the local chambers of commerce and nothing.... Question is who determines the loan? Is it timed stamped when you apply or is up to the chase rep.and the relationship they have with the business.

My understanding was first come first serve. I was give a 4 hour window prior to chase releasing it and still nothing....

Please contact me as (hidden)

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Zac - 33 d ago


There is currently a lawsuit involving your exact situation I believe. 2 businesses in ca are filing the lawsuit I think. I read something about it online

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Ehab - 36 d ago


I call Chase costumer service To cancel my flight ticket and they didn't do anything I don't recommend chase to any one needs account and service I am not satisfied with chase I am not happy with the service

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John West - 36 d ago

After being a private client for many years, Chase is ending my Checking and Savings. I would like a phone call or e-mail to give explanation of my recent deposits. I believe you would see everything is fine with my accounts, But they are just ending their relationship with me, no explanation.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago


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MK - 36 d ago


Yesterday, I went to the Costa Mesa, CA branch to cash a check and I was told by the teller that they couldn't cash the check due to the Coronavirus... It is my understanding that since the great Depression numerous banking laws and regulations were enacted to protect people from the banks not doing their job or closing.... I will contact our congressman to notify them of what is going on in hopes that Chase will not qualify for Federal Bailout Funds due to their actions... Beware!!!

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F YOU - 37 d ago


YOU PEOPLE ARE SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sargent - 38 d ago

Chase lets you deposit checks by phone that are not signed by two parties on the back, but not if you go in to the branch. I have a $6000 check that was written to me AND my ex husband and he deposited it in to his chase account that I am not on without my signature and Chase is not doing anything about it! They even brought up the check on their screen inside the branch I went to and said I didn't sign it but they are not doing anything about it! Isn't that check fraud??? How can this be allowed???

The check was written AND not OR... how is this allowed????

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Anonymous - 39 d 5 h ago


Can't understand the foreigners. Last foreigner I was transferred to couldn't even help me -Maygli.

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Ed - 39 d 8 h ago



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Patti - 40 d ago


I have been attempting to speak with a live person or even to chat yet no matter what I do I get hung up on. This is insanity. I am elderly and seriously need to speak with a live person.

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This information is being added on here with the unethical principals that Chase Bank has with their employees. The Southern California Region and it's market director leader NICOLA LEE has done a lot of harassment with their employees. One instance is the the audit that happened at the Upland Branch where she started cursing out the employees and made the Branch Manager cry in front of the employees due to the fact they had failed their audit. This action should have been taken privately. People are afraid to contact Human Resources because they see that every time someone does the employee gets terminated. As a company you should respect and value your employees.

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Anonymous - 64 d ago

@MR. James Dimon, Are none of these reviews important to you? Obviously your team has a serious disconnect from the members you swear to take care of. Your Mission Statement at this point is NOT VALID.

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anonymously - 52 d ago

my thoughts exactly

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