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Knight Transportation Inc

5601 W Buckeye Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Kevin Knight
Chairman of the Board
(602) 269-2000
(602) 269-8409
Annual Sales Est
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Lopez - 36 d 42 s ago

Knight Trannyportation.

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Shane Feliciano - 158 d 17 h ago


So my wife and i were walking in front of fuel island at the pilot off exit 619 in northern california and this knight driver looks right at us and starts driving forcing my wife to run forward and my self to jump back.The guy got out of the truck and i said are you really that impatient.

He looks at me and says YES I AM i told him you almost hit my wife and i HE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID ANDDDD YOU GOT OUT OF MY WAY RIGHT!!!!I have been driving for over 15 years and i have never ever ever had to deal with this nor have i ever made a complaint about a driver but this was to much truck number was 122529 pulling trailer 80220

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Anonymous - 36 d 1 m ago

One driver almost killed me Thursday July 12th 2018 coming back from a Drs appointment because I am being prepped for major spinal surgery again. Thank God the driver saw me in time! The driver then had the nerve to blare the horn at me as if I had done something wrong. The front end of my vehicle was running beside the passenger side steps and door! There was no traffic ahead. I have no idea why the driver was changing from the left lane to the right while I was still in the right lane waiting for my exit 2 miles ahead! So glad that you & your wife were not hurt.

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Cassandra Sexton - 36 d ago

On July 12th at approximately 11:45 in the morning I , Cassandra Sexton was almost killed by one of your driver's. The trailer # was 83364. Your driver was in the left lane and I have no reason why this driver felt the need to change lanes because traffic was non-existent. The front end of my Nissan Altima was running right beside the passenger steps and door to your driver's tractor. I was on my way back from a Drs appointment with one of my specialists because I am being prepped for major spinal surgery again due to genetically inherited degenerative arthritises. I am disabled and have been since 2010. Thank the Lord your driver finally saw me in my vehicle or I wouldn't be typing this complaint! Then your driver who was clearly in the wrong had the audacity to lay down on the blaring horn as if I had done something wrong! My attorney told me to file this complaint in hopes of preventing a real trajedy! I have always had great respect for truck drivers and have a few owner/operators in my family but after what happened or the thought of it happening to someone else has diminished my respect. Large truck drivers do not own the highways, interstates etc. All of them have very strict guidelines and laws they are to follow! Almost running a disabled woman in need of multiple surgeries is unacceptable! Any & all accidents caused by driver's of tractor and trailers is unacceptable!

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Upset wife - 59 d 6 h ago

An El Paso Driver-Cyn has been having an inappropriate relationship with my husband.... she and him hooked up while he was working at a drop yard. Unprofessional

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Where has integrity gone. - 96 d 7 h ago


Since when has a company with a zero tolerance to drugs allow the person giving the drug test to use drugs and keep a job. I'm ashamed of the terminal in Olive Branch.

Maybe Knight should check out it's office personnel before it goes to hell in a hand basket. From drugs,alcohol, and sex this place is becoming a mad house.

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Anonymous - 96 d ago

I'm sure these comments are not read but I understand....

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Jerry Pondexter - 134 d 20 h ago

Frustration is mounting with this company. I have been told not to complain unless you have a solution. I have also been made feel like it my fault that the company is not functioning up to pare. EXAMPLE:

I Was dispatched on a run to Kingman Az . The DM know very well that there is only two account knight have there. Lesson learned for me. Neither account had empties means I would not able to pick up next load tell next day. (LATE). Next more I personally called the two companies and found one . Notified dispatch and went to my late stop. Only to arrive to learn that it has been canceled or move to a later date and or time. This info was give to me by the shipper. I get to my truck then I mysteriously have a message advising of this. I spent about another 30-40 waiting to speak to dispatch / DM. So they send me another dispatch for California then to Phoenix. I start the route to receive a phone call from my DM to inform me that one has been canceled as well to drive back to Phoenix for a different preplan. So I change course again. Only to get to this shipper to learn that someone else is working on this load. So over 200 miles empty two days one load 15 hours wasted only to be not lessened . They tried to undermine me as if how I feel is unwarranted. I am very disappointed in the verge of quitting this company. I was expecting better than this with this company. I have been shorted on my pay twice and 100% that I will be again due to the DM not put in the information . I don't know what to do. I have never said a harsh word about the company at a shipper. I work hard for on time deliveries and careful when driving. I have worked for other companies. Yet this is becoming an experience I will never forget. Thank you knight for teaching me what not to do to employees. I have managed people for more than 20 years and served my Country Proudly but this is asinine at best. Someone anyone can contact me directly about my experiences. At 480'4793410

Flagged for review. 
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Cristian - 151 d ago


Pls teach your drivers that when a truck has bis blinker on to turn into a truck stop that does not mean to turn left right in front of them. Truck #332235 did just that to me at the loves truck stop oak creek wi. He could have waited til i made my turn. It was clear after me.

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Jason - 157 d 5 h ago

I feel like this NEW bonus program is taking money out of us. The shareholders does run this company. You guys should be loyal to your employee, at least lower the cost of food machine. I've seen other company has food and soda machine with lower cost because they pay half of it. The Bonus we will be short by a lot. We dont force dispatch but this bonus program does force us to run more and harder. Just a thought.

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Lease operator Eric - 177 d 19 h ago


Mr. Knight, My name is Eric and I am a lease driver at Knight Transportation. I have had several chances to visit Knight tetminals throughout the country and where the service at them have been okay, I thought I needed to bring to your attention the type of service I received at one particular service center. It was in Sparks,Nv. (Reno). The staff there were so helpful and nice, tending to my needs there as if it was the only thing they were there for. It was off of the chart. The center itself, not being large gave me a great experience. The mechanics knowledge of there job was awesome. They went above the call and pointed out things that needed to be addressed and acted very professionally. I really did appreciate that since lease operators struggle to keep their

equipment in DOT compliance. One mechanic even went as far as loaning me a few of his personal tools so I could fix something on my truck. His name is David. I appreciated that eminsley.Thumbs up to the guys in Sparks for doing such a fabulous job. I really felt at home.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Knight Transp. needs to hire more qualified drivers.

the company I work for gets deliveries from knight and the experience is always frustrating , none of the drivers we get can back up a truck it takes them multiply tries and it looks as though they have never done it before. We had one recently that literally took he/she an hr to finally get backed in . It cost's us time and money waiting for them to figure it out. And they end up asking us what do they need to do, (we are not the truck drivers you are suppose to be the professional ). I feel like all they know how to do is driver forward and nothing else, I am not saying that their are no good drivers at this company I just have yet to see one and wish that we would get one that knows how to do more then drive in a straight line . I think the hiring process needs to be a little more thorough.

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Grace - 1 y ago

Yes you are right.! My trainer showed me how to backup like a professional HAHAHAHA I ask the other driver to help her because over a one hour she was not able to back up with 100F outside! Great trainer Becky

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Bob - 1 y ago


I worked for Knight for over 9 years and you have to understand, Knight hires drivers straight out of driving school and then let them train a new driver after 6 months of driving themselves. And now they've become partners with Swift, who have some of the worst drivers when it comes to backing, GOD HELP US!!!!!

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Me - 192 d 8 h ago

That is swift you dumb add not knight

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Be patient - 186 d ago

It is a training company. It takes drivers a lot of practice to learn to back up. Also does your dock allow enough room to get in your dock with a 53 foot trailer. Some do not have enough room to pull forward and then back up.

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Anonymous - 188 d 4 h ago


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Anonymous - 194 d 7 h ago

I was on the road for four weeks. I left my car parked at Knight employee parking lot which is gated and "secured." I want to thank the employee that hit my car so hard that they knocked my car out of the space it was in; left my bumper broken in two parts, but didn't report the incident they caused. I reported to the police which in turn made this action a "hit & run" investigation. Parked on a lot where you worked which is considered secure only to be rammed by one of Knights "professional" drivers. That's GREAT! The best part? Nobody knows a thing.

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Redracer3368 - 202 d 13 h ago


On Jan 18, 2018 I was almost involved in an accident with a Knight Transportation truck exiting the rest area on I-40 East, mile marker 235, at 1245 pm in Arkansas. I don't know what the driver was thinking but it wasn't about the fact he didn't have any room to merge on to the highway with the amount of traffic that was already on it. I had already slowed down and hollered on the CB and tooted the air horn to no avail. His actions forced me to almost run a car off into the median, not to mention the traffic behind me that had to swerve to keep from hitting my trailers. I had a hard time catching up with him because my truck only runs 64 mph. When I did get even with his cab around the 244 he wouldn't even look at me. I have already sent in one complaint to Knight Transportation but evidently they don't care how their drivers drive on the roads we all have to drive on.

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Terry - 217 d ago

Well, I fell for it too. I was let go at 6 am on my day off. Fired on my day off and they called me instead of face to face. Chicken shit way after 3.5 yrs of hard working service time away from family with no life.

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Kelsey - 1 y ago


Worst company EVER!! They pay is terrible! They never pay on time. You're a number and they have no respect or care about their drivers! So glad my husband is done working for this crappy company.

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Anynomous - 218 d 4 h ago


I whole heartedly agree!! This company and Swift are two of the very worst!!! I HATE doing business with them!!!

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Ricky. - 218 d 5 h ago


I am presently employed with Knight Transportation.

The carrier that just swallowed Swift.

Does Knight Transportation have any plans to offer

company drivers more money and better health care?

Many carriers and business across the country are offering employees

more money and better benefits due to the economy coming up.

Knight is paying very low to industry standards and the company health care

are very costly and poor.

I am currently seeking a carrier that appreciates me and communicates this


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Mike's old friends. - 1 y ago

You hired a driver that has an extensive felony background? Thats the best you can get ? He's a 29 yr meth addict and alcoholic. You might want to do better background checks. He's also been seen by several people with at least 2 riders in the cab . Seriously that's your ok policies.?

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Big Wheels - 1 y ago


Not to be rude but im a driver an have a felony just because you have a driver who's a felon doesn't mean that he is a bad driver or a bad person some people get caught doing things wrong when they're young if you are bad driver your bad driver and believe me you would rather have that person working and doing right with a felony and trying to rob your house or store and kill somebody it's people like you that don't believe that when you do your time you can come out and succeed

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Grace - 291 d 5 h ago

Yes! That's a true. The recruiting department in Arizona is checking good people very well and ignore the bad ones!!!! This is not good for a future for this company!!!

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