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Christine B. - 13 d 14 h ago


It never fails, every time I buy clothing no in Kohls, the checkout clerk always forgets to take off the security plastic tag. I even make it a point to ask her did you remove all the tags. I get home and sure enough, there it is, usually on an item of clothes I want to wear within the next day or two. So now I have to be inconvenienced because someday didn't do their job AGAIN !! I wish the stupid thing would beep when I left the store so I wouldn't waste time having to go back ,loading up 3 kids is not easy. Thank you kohls again for making the shopping experience unpleasant !

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Linda - 24 d 13 h ago


No longer getting my business. When I returned a men's belt I paid $28 for and only got $23 back because I earned kohls cash on that purchase of $92 and used the kohls cash already on next purchase of $72. Don't like getting penalized for using the kohls cash I earned and you can take $5 of my money I paid weeks before. Been a loyal customer for years and have spent probably thousands of dollars at your stores. But not anymore.

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Employee - 24 d 20 h ago


Try working for them ! I Started working at the Kohls in Pueblo Colorado a few monthes ago only to find what a terrible place it is to work ! Mostly due to management . Not once has the store opened on time . the Managers are Always late getting to work. I am usually their by a quarter till 6 , they get their at 6 or some times 5 to 10 minutes after ! this is everyday ! Thats the example managers are setting for employees . Most the managers sit in the office all morning drinking their coffee ! .

So if you want to slack off on your phone all day and be late to work , come work at Kohls in Pueblo Colorado ! They dont care about their employees. let alone the customers too.

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Barbara Henry - 25 d 13 h ago

Today I had a call from, Supposedly, KOHL'S a voice saying call kohls and giving an 888 number as soon as I heard the beginning of the number I hung up and blocked the call number. I'm wise enough, I hope, not to listen and call another number back. I feel badly that if it is a scam elderly people will be hooked line and sinker. Just making you aware!

General profile image - 27 d 19 h ago

Had a bad online order experience about a month and a half ago . I placed an online order half my order was never delivered because it wasn't deliverable they said got in contact with Kohl's customer service they tracked my package and then said I would receive it in e few days . I waited 5 days called back and said I just tracked my package I live in South Carolina yet now my package went from here to Virginia to Ohio then I could get any tracking info. So I called again they told me that it would still be delivered by this time 2 to 3 weeks went by no package . Then a week later they text me that they don't think it will not be delivered and that it could take up to 30 days for a refund this is unacceptable I would like someone from corporate to contact me asap because the customer service will not respond to my messages. Thank you PamShick

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Anonymous - 1 y 272 d ago

I've been applying for superviser job and I have been turn down 4 times and I think that is not right at all. I just tried for superviser of the men's dept and he told me I couldn't be the superviser because I couldn't close one night of week . But my health comes first I've been having chemo and radation treatment for almost 6 months now . I think that is discrimination to me .

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Professional - 64 d 18 h ago

It's not. If you are not able to meet the requirements of the position, it is fully valid for them to turn you down. Wishing you health in the future so that you can meet the requirements and progress to better positions.

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Anonymous - 38 d 11 h ago

you're an asshole. "wishing you good health in the future" what? so he can get your shitty supervisor job?"

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MH - 31 d 5 h ago


Kohls Corp in District 15 OH is a joke they care only fir upper management not the employees who work under an enormous amount of pressure to get many jobs accomplished in a short period of time. Employees are pushed to their limits and left hanging. Turnover rate is high. I would not recommend working at Kohls.

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Beth - 34 d 12 h ago


I have been waiting since May 6th for the balance of an order.... I am been checking since May 10th when the last scan for the package was in Knoxville, TN. I have been calling weekly. I think it is uncalled for since this last call I got transfered 6 times to talk with someone in the states. Still no package and they are issuing a crdit to a card I have no balance on.

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Rosie - 34 d 14 h ago


I will not be shopping at Kohls any longer! It is ridiculous that I can not use my gift card with the 30% off coupon! It is still money and you big department stores wonder why you are not making any money any more! You rip off the computer more and more everyday with you ridiculous policies! I will be telling all my family and friends not to shop kohls any longer and to tell all there friends and family! I may only be one person not gracing your store any longer! But it only takes one person to spread the bad news!

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Chris - 35 d 6 h ago


I had a very disturbing experience earlier today at your Henrietta, NY store. Besides rude treatment by one of your sales associates at check out, I feel your Manager, Jessica, was outright discriminatory and biased regarding your coupon and discount policies. I was told I could not split my nearly $200 purchase between myself and my 19 year old son nor use two different forms of payment in order to take advantage of two $10 off $50 coupons we had received in the mail because the coupon states one coupon per customer(?). Shortly thereafter, the same manager let another customer use the 30% off coupon which clearly states "valid only with Kohl's credit card payments", with a different form of payment. What exactly determines which customer your policies apply to and which customers they do not? Is it the color of the customer's skin, how they are dressed, their hairstyle? I really would appreciate the courtesy of an explanation before deciding how to proceed with this very unfortunate incident.

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Jim - 35 d 13 h ago

I was at the Battle Creek MICHIGAN location with my Grandson one of your employees followed my grandson around like a commend thief making comments over the radio about him. We had about 180.00 to 200.00 of merchandise we dropped and left I hope everyone in the Battle Creek and surrounding areas does the same. This is what my grandson posted on Facebook. Do not go to Kohls in Battle Creek. The employees are very invasive over your space and were snooping over my shoulder the whole time. I overheard them saying I'm dressed like a thief. I had a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise in my hands and set it down and just walked out of the store. Do not promote the stereotypes shown.

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Anonymous - 42 d 10 h ago


Not just your stores but the lighting is terrible in most stores. I shop in saugus ma. It's so bad I don't stay very long before the lights push me out.

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Mary Martin - 80 d 9 h ago


I found some shorts in the men's dept which had a clearance sticker on them. I didn't watch when the associate rung them up and they didn't ring up the clearance peice so I took them back to get a price adjustment. When at customer service she scanned them and said that they weren't suppose to be on clearance but I can pay the sale price. I told her I would pay the price on the merchandise and nothing more and their were about 6 pair of shorts with the same clearance price. She then removed the clearance sticker and continued to try to make me pay the sale price. Then I was checking out some other merchandise and she was at another register and she finished her customer and as she walks by where I'm checking out yells to the employee, "No price adjustments ". It's not my fault that the shorts were mis priced!!! To top it all off, the smarty pants employee reduced my Kohl's cash by $20.. I have worked in retail before and the proper way to handle this is the customer gets the merchandise for the price that it says and then the employee goes and removes all the other pieces of merchandise to properly tag it correctly. The way I see it is: the regular price of the shorts was $60 x6 pair is about $360 or the sale price of $30x 6 is about $180 . The way I see it is Kohl's owes me!!!! Go me!!! You know, I'm ashamed for your service!!!This is the most disappointed customer service I have ever received from Kohl's. it's a shame a Wal-mart or Target or Macy's or Sears will have better customer service than your employees do!!! Maybe the customer is always doesn't fly in your store!!! The store is Kohl's- Germantown Rd-Cordova, Tn I will be expecting to hear from someone from your corporate office!!!!!

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Cynthia A Schroth - 149 d 7 h ago


I have been dealing with customer service since November. I was supposed to receive a new card with new acct # information due to my other card being fraudulently hacked by someone so that acct was closed. i have not received my new card after several attempts. I cannot register online or order online and when I go into a store I have to have the sales associate look up my account and she will not provide me with my acct #. I have spoke to 10-15 different sales associates since November and they all tell me a card was sent but I have never received a card in the mail. All of my information is correct. I am requesting this matter be resolved immediately. All I want is my new card mailed to me. Thank you!

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Ed - 245 d 12 h ago


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cowboy1 - 1 y 117 d ago


When are people going to get a clue that Kohls is the most over priced store in the nation!!! I have been in the sales area of clothing for more than 15 years. They jack up there retail prices to start with and then mark them down to reg. retail prices. THIS IS NOT A SALE that you are getting you are paying reg. prices. There is no mans shirt made in CHINA that has a retail value of $75.00 dollars and then mark it down to the normal price 0f $25.00 that is what is they are doing. When are you going to say this not how you do business. Also there discounts are only good if you have there 20% interest plus credit card. If Kohls were to close I would say good for the custumers and say GOODBUY FOR ALL THAT SHOP WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one would never ever shop at KOHLS Unless I feel like I want to be ripped off.

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_JaySnayy_ - 5 y ago

.@kohls I haev been violated in ur store. Tammy on register 4 scan my privates area an say, boy do we have a big sale here. Her tits wer out

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JooseyJessy - 5 y ago

@joshbutton @Kohls @MarcAnthony Looking forward to seeing this, loved the last campaign! #swoon

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JDJFN - 5 y ago

@kohls carries a chick-fil-a t shirt by hybrid apparel #lgbt #noh8 #yes4m #boycott

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Garsh_its_Marsh - 5 y ago

I just found out I was upgraded to a @Kohls MVP! My shiny new card is awesome!

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suey002 - 5 y ago

I want to win a $100 @kohls giftcard from @BudgetBabe

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joshbutton - 5 y ago

Day wrapped for @Kohls and Mr. @MarcAnthony ! Now it's time to try some Mexican food in Milwaukee :)

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travellingcari - 5 y ago

@Kohls I don't, but store credit or an exchange works fine as I love the BT line. Just don't help if they don't close :-) Thanks again

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