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Anonymous - 20 h 24 m ago


The kohls in Rocky point mgrs stink if you want to see who works there the DM should surprise visit the store the place is so shady the mgrs never leave the office they spend all day playing with there phones thank God I now work for wallmart

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Anonymous - 40 m ago

I also worked at the Rocky Point store and was only getting 4 hour shifts but people with no skills were getting 30 and about the mars you are right you no it's bad when the DM leaves and her admin this company and this store is a joke

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Mara - 1 d 10 h ago


The supervisor of corporate refund is a piece of sheet.

Flagged for review. 
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They have the worst customer service!! The cashiers are not educated or do educate the customer about there 30 day return on electronics. So basically if you electronics on black Friday and you open the gift on Christmas and it does not work you are screwed because they will not let you return it. Manager would not even try to make it better!! I was a very good customer that charged in the thousands and paid off my account basically every time my bill came in. They lost a big big customer. - 5 d 9 h ago


Belia in Lake Jackson Tx store:

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Bill O - 19 d 17 h ago

One of the worst company's to get help with a problem...wasted several hours trying to get help., people are some of the worst I've ever talked to., ready dumb., including Corporate Headquarters., no wonder you have a 1/2 star rating.

The stores are great in regards to shopping, returns and etc., but don't ask for other help., because they much hire the dumbest people that I've talked too.

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Re: Bill O - 8 d 16 h ago

Please proofread when calling others dumb because all your typos and mistakes make you look kind of, well you know.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago


Wow,wish I'd read this before I placed a order it's been almost 2 wks.and the delivery status keeps saying next day. Customer service is no help. Won't be ordering from Kohls anymore

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Anonymous - 11 d 11 h ago


Had terrible customer service from Kohl' today. After over an hour on the phone, the issue is not resolved. I called Kohl's corporate office for some help and could not get a live person (only the automated system that kept passing me on to the next automated wait). When I finally got the operator and asked to speak to a live person in corporate, she sent my call through to their regular 800 customer service (the people who messed up originally) and they had no way of getting me back to corporate. Called the corporate number for a third time, still could not speak to anyone. Left a message for a callback and heard NOTHING. Extremely poor service.

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Cathy - 12 d ago


Today I went to Kohl's Hamilton Marketplace to use my Kohl's cash. While I was shopping I decided to look at the Keurig Coffee Starbucks. To my surprise a lot of the Starbucks breakfast blend and Pike's Roast had either expired dates of 2018 on them or dates that either expired in March or will expire shortly. This stock should be checked. What good if the sales price is 2 / $55.00 when you are buying old (almost expired) or expired product. Shame on Kohl's !

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Diane - 12 d ago


Not a very good policy when you earn kohls cash & try to upgrade on a more expensive item and they take back the cash even though you are spending more. My $20 kohls cash being applied to new item was only &10. Wow do they make out on ALL returns when the kohls cash is involved. I personally will never shop @ a kohls store again. They take your cash very quickly & don't care if you are a satisfied customer. Not a very good business policy as far as I am concerned. They want me to include in this review that I was compensated in points but this is way to difficult to shop for a simple mattress cover for a new bed. Too many other stores to choose from so I don't need the run around.

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Bonnie Gottschalk - 13 d 11 h ago


I ordered a swimsuit set from Kohls and it came with another store's price tag. I would like to know why the product that was supposed to be a Kohls product had another company price tag. The receipt in the package was from Kohls in the amount of $28.50.The price tag had $11.99. Received no satisfaction when calling twice to the 1800 number.which by the way is in Mexico.

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Roger Luckeydoo - 13 d 12 h ago


Where is my on-line order?????

It was suppose to be delivered last week. If I order from Amazon my order is delivered in 2 days not 2 weeks. The delivery date was suppose to be last week not next week. Totally unacceptable customer service.

Your sorry operations and management is driving customers to on-line retailers.

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Listening ears - 13 d 14 h ago


I recently was in the Rolla Missouri Kohl's. I overheard a female by the name of Bethany talking about how their janitor was gay and she thinks he's a sexual predator because of it. Really Kohl's, is that how you train your employees? She should at least refrain from this at her job. I would say someone needs some sensitivity training and she owes the janitor an apology. Smearing names could cost you a lawsuit, if the janitor finds out. If I heard, who knows who else has to.

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Onda - 26 d 16 h ago


Bad everyone.No body helps you.

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Chris - 27 d 16 h ago


Been sitting on hold for 5 hours with corporate. No one else can figure out how to fix the issue so I am told to call corporate. First time I got disconnected, then called back and left # for them to call back. After that I called back again at 12pm EST and it's now 5pm EST. I have not received a call back and still on hold on my other phone. Now that's disgraceful.

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Marilynn - 27 d 17 h ago


I am disgusted by the increase in interest. My bill is $1400.00. It is my ONLY charge card. My interest through 2019 is approx $70.00!!! Jan 1, 2019 through February 8, 2019!!!

It's disgraceful. They should be more appreciative of those who actually care to frequent Kohl's and use their charge card. I was going to add my children. I decided today, I will opt out of emails and all notifications. I will throw my mail from kohl's out immediately and I will continue to pay toward this bill.



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Crys - 29 d ago


I have been dealing with kohl's for a refund of over $100 for almost two weeks now, they constantly tell me they are issuing my refund but yet I still get no refund. I call again, they tell me the same thing yet still no refund. I'm getting extremely frustrated with the customer service kohl's offers yet can't seem to find another way to contact kohl's about my refund except the ridiculous customer service department. The nearest kohl's is 2 hours from me!

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Marjorie OBoyle - 29 d 17 h ago


I have been a long term great customer, but no longer will be. Due to an error, I accidentally posting a payment twice. I thought I had posted a payment in full might I add, but when I looked for the scheduled payment it was not listed so I scheduled it again as to not end up being delinquent on my account. I checked my checking account several days later and found that both payments for over $271 each had been taken from my account. I called on the day the second payment was posted and literrlly spent an hour so on the phone talking to people who giggled as they told me that I would have to wait weeks to get a check in the mail and this was my only option to get my money back. 4-6 weeks I was told that you would keep the money that I did not owe on my bill as I had paid in full as I usually do. I called my bank and they said I could come in and for a $30 fee stop the payment on my second check. As a matter of principal that is what I did. Now I find that I am being charged $25 from kohls for stopping that payment which is ridicules as I do not owe a penny. It. So done. I will not pay that $25 fee and made sure my account is closed. This is a horrible way to do business & might I add when you do have billing questions, you are stuck talking to individuals in another country that barely speak English instead of employing United States cutizens.which also is against my principles. You are a horrible company and I pridict that you will lose one customer at a time and end up out of business in the future. I am sure I will get no reply or resolution as no one there care at all. Horrible company!

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Stay Away - 32 d ago

First order failed to go through; sorriest customer service I have experienced in 57 years Warhol's does not give one single shit about customer care: Their CEO is too busy drinking on the job; too many homosexual-transvestites

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


The manager at the Auburn kohl's Bradford Rosenburger had many relations with younger woman that worked under him! One which actually he is still with Amber Jordan!

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Very Angry - 33 d 18 h ago


This is the worse store I have ever done business with! Their policies are beyond ridiculous! Late charges are added without warrant. When you call to have them taken off they say they will but never do. They keep adding late payments every month. This is a company that is outsourcing to many countries. It is very difficult to talk to anyone in the United States! Kohls charges unwarranted late fees and would rather give jobs to other countries for cheap wages than give our own citizens jobs! I will never spend another penny in this company!!!

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X Customer - 34 d 4 s ago


I want to thank who ever is responsible for mailing me the latest updates for credit card holders! I do not owe you anything as I have paid off all of my credit card debts and have been debt free for 4 years now! You would think that would earn me great credit but does not!! I am not worried about this because Kohl's has never been a high quality retailer on my list. Just wanted to let you know that you are now being penalized by a "customer" who will not shop with you again! You may want to rethink "customer friendly tactics". I will let all of my friends know now how you truly reward "debt free" potential customers!!!!

General profile image Maria Ema Cruz - 35 d ago


I would like for Kohls to open a store here in San Angelo Texas we are a growing town and we really need your store here would you consider it like I said it a growing store please thank you my family and I have to go to San Antonio Texas to buy from your store that we love.

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shondolyn wheeler - 35 d ago


I am a mother of a 20 yr old son. On Jan 28th, 2019, my son and his friends were shopping in the Alton, IL Kohl's Dept store, when suddenly being approached by the Alton Police Dept. It was said that "they looked suspicious". They were searched in the store and after finding nothing they were asked to leave the store as the Alton Policemen stood at the front doors as they left. My son was going to purchase a particular item in the store but after all this, he put the item down and left out of the store. It was a couple in the store that witnessed all that went on as the other customers did. My son stated that the lady of the couple approached him before leaving out of the store and gave him a hug telling him that she was proud of him and that couple bought that item for my son. Yes, we are African American. Not saying that this is and could be race related, but are all customers treated the same and if I go into the Kohl's establishment, would I be looked at as being SUSPICIOUS as well??? I've also been calling the Kohl's Headquarters leaving messages for Dan Rishmon since Jan, 28, and I have gotten no response back.

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Cindy Sykes - 38 d 19 h ago


I ordered online a Valentine's gift from Kohl' on February 6th. I received an email from Kohl's on February 7th saying my complete order has shipped. Today, February 14th, Valentine's Day, I call Kohl's to ask about my shipment and they tell me it never shipped. The only thing they said they could do is resend or refund. So I get stuck with Valentine's gift to give and Kohl's isn't out anything. I asked for them to overnight it. They said no. Very sorry customer service to not take care of a customer. They didn't care one bit.

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