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Rose OConnell - 50 d 18 h ago


Rose OConnell 47 Brennan Road Amston, CT 06231 (hidden) Re: Monserrate Sanchez, Acct. Ending in 1653 47 Brennan Road, Amston, CT 06231 To Whom It May Concern: I have been trying to resolve a problem since the end of February regarding my mother's Kohl's charge. I contacted Kohl's credit to informed them of an error I found regarding payments being processed on my mother's charge acct. after her passing. My mother passed away on October 20, 2018. On October 22, 2018, I contacted Kohl's to informed them of her death. I went online and took off my checking acct # and I thought I canceled all future payments. I was assured her account was closed on October 22, 2018. Apparently, it did not go through, under the circumstances I may have made a mistake thinking I canceled all future payments and did not, which is understandable considering what I was going through at the time. In any event, I noticed four payments of $40 each were withdrawn from my checking account. What triggered me to notice was a statement I received from DCM Services thanking me for the payment. I contacted DCM Services and they suggested I contact Kohl's directly.They assured me there would be no issue in getting reimbursed. I contacted Kohl's credit and spoke to Carmen lD# 4697 who was very polite and immediately expressed condolences for my loss. She said she didn't see a problem in resolving this matter. She transferred me to her supervisor, Tracy ID#2542, who was rude and spoke over me. She said that those payments were legally binding and that I would have to go through my bank and dispute the charges. She again spoke over me when I tried to explain to her that I was sure I canceled the future payments. She stated that If I had I would have gotten a confirmation # which I did not receive. She then went on speaking over me saying that she should not even be speaking to me unless I was the executor of my mother's estate. I tried to explain to her that my mother had no assets and therefore there was no estate. I told her that I had POA over my mother while she was alive which was nullified at the time of her death. My husband who is an attorney told me so and she said that was not true. Not sure how she would know that as she is not an attorney. She said unless we have permission from my mother for me to speak on her behalf she really could not speak to me. At that point, I said unless I resurrect my mom there was no way for me to have permission. She then said I could write a letter and fax it to the Financial Control Dept. along with my bank statements proving that the payments continued to come out of my checking account after my mother's passing. When I asked if I could be transferred to the Financial Control Department she said they do not take phone calls. She never once express condolences and never once showed me any compassion. I faxed a letter both to her and the Financial Control Department. I also contacted my bank about disputing the charges and was informed that I would be charged a $35 fee for each dispute. So I waited to hear back from Kohls before going through my bank. On or about March 10, 2019, I received a letter from Kohl's Customer Service & Operations Center. The letter stated that I was disputing a charge of $4,000 which they could find no record of and I should call my bank and dispute it. I am not sure how they came up with a $4,000 figure when my letter and statements clearly stated four payments of $40 each for a total of $160. I contacted Kohl's again and spoke to Maureen ID #4311. I explained the situation and she was so sympathetic and apologized for the mistake but then suddenly the call was lost. I called back again and Carmen ID#4697 answered and as I was explaining my situation she remembered me from my original call. She again expressed condolences and said that she had spoken to Maureen and she was resubmitting my original request to the Financial Control Department. I expressed my dissatisfaction with Tracy and the way she handled my phone call both times. I told her Tracy had no people skills and that it should be brought to her superior's attention. Today April 4, nearly one month since my original phone call I contacted Kohl's again as I had not received any correspondence regarding this matter. I spoke to a young lady and asked if I could speak to Carmen as she was familiar with my situation. She said she could not put me in touch with her because there are three call centers and it would be hard to find her. So once again I explained the situation and she said she was going to transfer me to her supervisor. When her supervisor got on the phone I immediately recognized her voice as Tracy ID# 2542. She immediately expressed her disdain and again kept talking over me letting me know that my future payments were a valid contract. She had been in touch with the Financial Control Dept. and I was still not going to get a refund. When I interrupted her and asked if I could speak I heard her whisper "Oh my God". When I told her I heard her she immediately said she was thinking out loud and making sure she was documenting my mother's account. I told her her comment was not appreciated and she said she would ask her manager to go over the recorded conversation. I said I hope you do because I heard you very clearly say "Oh my God". I then told her that was a rude thing to say and that I had suffered a loss and maybe I did make a mistake trying to cancel future payments. She then suggested I send a letter to the office the President to escalate this matter but she made it a point to say that nothing would be done in my favor. I told her considering what I was going through at the time she or Kohl's should show some sympathy. She then spoke over once me again stating that my future payments legally binding. At that point in time I told her again she was being rude as she was during our first conversation last month. I had to hang up on her because I was starting to get very upset. I have since contacted my bank and they were kind enough to waive the fees to dispute the charges but they could only reimburse me for January and February. They could not go further than 60 days. They recommended I contact Kohl's once again and dispute the November and December payments. I am requesting a refund in the amount of $80. I hope that you will resolve this matter as soon as possible as I have been trying to do so for about a month. I would very much like to speak to someone over the phone about this matter and the unprofessionalism on the part of Tracy ID# 4542. Sincerely, Rose OConnell

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Anonymous - 15 h 48 m ago

First, I am sorry about the passing of your mother. That's awful. Now, nothing on this site ever gets addressed, so this is not where you should air this issue. This is more for people to just vent, so if you actually want things to get addressed, you are going to have to call experian's fraud department and report them. Change your account number at the bank or something so they can't take money from you account. They will eventually send it to collections because that is how stores like this work, so you need to report it to experian and put a block on them preemptively, if you will. You can upload copies of all the paperwork so they have it, but clearly calling customer service is not working. Depending on how much she actually owed them, you may just have to pay it. Usually when someone dies, that debt passes down to the next of kin. That is why we have life insurance, so your debt doesn't become your children's.

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Carolyn - 2 d 10 h ago

My granddaughter was interviewed by the lapeer Michigan store, the lady said she did great and really liked her but she found out she would be leaving at the end of August to go back to school and then they didn't want her. The thing is at Xmas you hire people train them and after Xmas they let them go so what's the difference? Your loss cause the kid was willing to work nights, weekends and holidays

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Anonymous - 16 h 20 m ago

They only hire temporary employees when they want them, not when you want them too. You can't really expect a store to totally bend around your schedule all the time. That's like the people that say they look for a job but can only work 3 hours a day 2 days a week, but they search super hard. Summer jobs are hard at some places. You have to put it on the application to save yourself the time. If the company is willing to hire a temporary employee then they will call, if not, they won't waste her time. My sister is going for a study abroad program; she will most likely have to find a new job when she gets home even though she has worked for Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 3 years. They keep cutting her hours and it's a crappy place to work. Now she has this super great opportunity, and she is going to take it, but we aren't expecting them to sit around and wait for her. Not how this country works. It sucks, but our country is out for #1, not out to help one another anymore.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


Was at the Bridgeport, WV store about 11:00 am on a Monday morning. The bathrooms were filthy with commodes not flushing, at least one out of order, trash on the floors and wastebaskets overflowing. The fitting rooms were a mess with clothes strewn all over the place, dust was thick on floors and tops of the room dividers. Other than cashiers, you never see a salesperson to even ask for help. The clothes are always in disarray, on the floor, hangers empty, etc. This store needs some quality management IMMEDIATELY!

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Michelle B - 3 d 17 h ago


Why do you have a 3rd party who knows NOTHING about your company or policy doh g your customer service? I have been given 4 different answers and all I need is a statement to close on my home. This was promised to me today by a supervisor and guess what... nothing!! This is going to delay the closing and cost me more. I am reaching out to attorney to see what can be done depending on how much this cost me!! The "supervisor" did not know the CEOs name- corporate address or corporate phone number.

I work customer svc and I call BS on this! I work for major manufacturing company and our customer service is employees by our company and in the US and we are actually expected to help customer. This is ridiculous! I would like a call from someone in corporate office ASAP

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

Does the store manager in hingham ma ever do any real work?!! Every time I walk in there he's just standing around in the front while all his employees are running around killing themselves. If you dare ask him a question he will usually give you an annoyed look and either point you in the direction where you need to go without assisting you or call one of his overworked employees to assist you instead. Very rude

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Still Holding.... - 12 d 19 h ago


The Corporate Refund process is complete crap. I have been on hold for multiple hours multiple days. No one ever picks up the phone. The automated prompts states to leave a call back # - I have left my # on 3 different days and never received a call. This is more than ridiculous. Currently I'm still on hold, have been since 7:15 AM (it's 9:27 AM), not sure how you can have a "high volume" call time when you have only been open for 15 minutes but I'm more than sick of this. It shouldn't take 4, 6, or more than 10 hours on hold to get a "corporate refund" processed. If someone would like to directly contact me to handle this you can call me at 1(hidden). This place has the WORST customer service I have ever received!! Still holding....

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Mrs. Boyd - 29 d 9 h ago


I ordered an item that never arrived. claimed they issued another item, free of charge, but then the wrong item arrives. Not only was it the wrong item, but it's SKU number matched the SKU number of the correct item. Someone is putting the wrong labels on the wrong items! Nice to know I won't be the only unhappy customer. AGAIN. Now I am being told I need to return the item, pay to return the item, call to check to see when the return is processed, and then request the correct item. Why would I do all that when I can just go to AMAZON.COM and get the correct item the first time. Why wait for the third time and be out of time, patience, and shipping fees? I have NEVER had a decent experience with I waited a couple of years in between mishaps to see if service would change, it has not. After I pay the balance on my credit card for this item I never ordered, I am cutting up and cancelling my charge card. May seem like a big gesture over one item, but again, I NEVER HAD ONE GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH KOHLS.COM. Neither will you so BEWARE!

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PS Copp - 29 d 14 h ago


I have been trying without success to change the password for my shopping account. When I click on "forgot password", I get a message that I will receive an email with a link to reset my password. Twice I've done that, but I never received an email with the link. Finally I did a live chat with a person who sent me the link but when I clicked on the link, added my new password, I got a message that said the link had expired! This was in about 1 minute! So next I called customer service, the person I spoke to (after much conversation) sent me another link. I again added a new password and received the same message "the link has expired". She was somewhat puzzled so she tried again. Same result. She didn't understand why it wouldn't work. She then said try it again later as they were supposedly updating their system. I waited a few hours with the same result. This is absolutely ridiculous! She offered to place my order over the phone and I said no - I won't be making any purchase with this company. I used to love Kohls. Apparently I'm only going to be able to shop at the store - the nearest one is 20 miles from my house. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!! All I want to do is change my password!!!!!!!! Shopping in the store is just fine - clerks are helpful and nice. Returns are easy. Online is a different story and their customer service tries to be helpful but can't get the job done.

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Truth - 29 d 17 h ago


They say that they recycle but they throw how much kohl's cash, scratch offs, and coupons in the trash? They give you all the exclusions that percent off won't work on to customers. But employees get 15% off everything and 35% off two times a year on Nike, under armor, Adidas, electronics and so on.

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Pissed consumer - 32 d 17 h ago


Customer service is horrible here!! I received a call about a late fee I do not have yet again and customer service rep argues with me and places me on hold over an hour after I ask to speak to a supervisor which never came to the phone.

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Pat Hargis - 51 d 14 h ago


I have had enough every time I go to the stores (depending on location) the rules are different.Kohls cash has extra 10 days pass time on it MAYBE depending which store you are in same with coupons.I have shopped Las Vegas and all stores in Louisiana always different rules.I have to drive 50 miles to get to a store only to be told my coupons or Kohl's cash and rewards are expired.WELL no more you can keep your stuff you just loss a good customer hello JC Penny you just got a good customer.

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Round Lake, IL Store - 54 d ago


Your Kohl's store in Round Lake is an unorganized mess and I did'nt just catch them on a bad day. Merchandise is just thrown everywhere. I went there yesterday with a 30% off coupon and could'nt spend a dime. It also doesn't help that the majority of your clothing has gone over to cheap inferior fabrics from China. I used to love going to your stores, not anymore.

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Terry L Miller - 54 d ago


I was assualted by my supervisor. Mgr did the right thing when I told him, he was fired immediately. Mrg told me the next step was mine, like did I want to make a police report, but I now know I was in shock. Mgr offered no other advice like if you file a police report I could sue, or offer me some paid time off to reconnect. So I just blocked it out. Just a week ago the incident finally came through, after my family had been telling me I was on a downward slide. I called corporate offices left a message on the executive offices voice mail. It was passed down to Human Resources I told my story and just as she was asking what I wanted, because I said on the voicemail if they want to play games I was going to call all the media I could and expose them, my phone died. I thought I would get a call right back but didn't. So I called human resources back spoke with Rachel she could not find my file probably because it was so new. If I don't get another call Monday or Tuesday it's going to the next step. I have suffered a long time and all my symptoms point to PTSD along with other health issues

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Anonymous - 59 d 15 h ago


The kohls in Rocky point mgrs stink if you want to see who works there the DM should surprise visit the store the place is so shady the mgrs never leave the office they spend all day playing with there phones thank God I now work for wallmart

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Anonymous - 58 d 19 h ago

I also worked at the Rocky Point store and was only getting 4 hour shifts but people with no skills were getting 30 and about the mars you are right you no it's bad when the DM leaves and her admin this company and this store is a joke

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Mara - 60 d 5 h ago


The supervisor of corporate refund is a piece of sheet.

Flagged for review. 
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They have the worst customer service!! The cashiers are not educated or do educate the customer about there 30 day return on electronics. So basically if you electronics on black Friday and you open the gift on Christmas and it does not work you are screwed because they will not let you return it. Manager would not even try to make it better!! I was a very good customer that charged in the thousands and paid off my account basically every time my bill came in. They lost a big big customer. - 64 d 3 h ago


Belia in Lake Jackson Tx store:

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Bill O - 78 d 12 h ago

One of the worst company's to get help with a problem...wasted several hours trying to get help., people are some of the worst I've ever talked to., ready dumb., including Corporate Headquarters., no wonder you have a 1/2 star rating.

The stores are great in regards to shopping, returns and etc., but don't ask for other help., because they much hire the dumbest people that I've talked too.

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Re: Bill O - 67 d 10 h ago

Please proofread when calling others dumb because all your typos and mistakes make you look kind of, well you know.

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Anonymous - 64 d 7 h ago


Wow,wish I'd read this before I placed a order it's been almost 2 wks.and the delivery status keeps saying next day. Customer service is no help. Won't be ordering from Kohls anymore

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Anonymous - 70 d 6 h ago


Had terrible customer service from Kohl' today. After over an hour on the phone, the issue is not resolved. I called Kohl's corporate office for some help and could not get a live person (only the automated system that kept passing me on to the next automated wait). When I finally got the operator and asked to speak to a live person in corporate, she sent my call through to their regular 800 customer service (the people who messed up originally) and they had no way of getting me back to corporate. Called the corporate number for a third time, still could not speak to anyone. Left a message for a callback and heard NOTHING. Extremely poor service.

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Cathy - 70 d 17 h ago


Today I went to Kohl's Hamilton Marketplace to use my Kohl's cash. While I was shopping I decided to look at the Keurig Coffee Starbucks. To my surprise a lot of the Starbucks breakfast blend and Pike's Roast had either expired dates of 2018 on them or dates that either expired in March or will expire shortly. This stock should be checked. What good if the sales price is 2 / $55.00 when you are buying old (almost expired) or expired product. Shame on Kohl's !

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Diane - 70 d 18 h ago


Not a very good policy when you earn kohls cash & try to upgrade on a more expensive item and they take back the cash even though you are spending more. My $20 kohls cash being applied to new item was only &10. Wow do they make out on ALL returns when the kohls cash is involved. I personally will never shop @ a kohls store again. They take your cash very quickly & don't care if you are a satisfied customer. Not a very good business policy as far as I am concerned. They want me to include in this review that I was compensated in points but this is way to difficult to shop for a simple mattress cover for a new bed. Too many other stores to choose from so I don't need the run around.

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