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Shelby Township MI

Most disgusting Manager...Mario. The most DISRESPECTFUL, WOMANIZER, A Real Pig.

Mario and his Sleazy Employee Christie ...Might as well have sex in the aisle. I heard him be so DISRESPECTFUL to other Female employees but most Importantly in Front Of customers ...Im surprised someone or someone's spouse has not decked him..



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Robin - 1 d 4 s ago


Received many complaints from guess who found the baby registry terrible. The web-site for shipping is confusing and if you purchase something you have to call the customer service department to have it reflected on-line. Sounds ridiculous, but true. I was told by others not to use Kohl's register, but unfortunately I have always been a Kohls shopper and didn't take there feedback like I should have. This experience has turned myself and others into non-Kohl shoppers in the future. Hopefully, you will find this helpful and align some resources in your IT department to evaluate this application so others will not have to encounter the same problems.

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Simin - 2 d 5 h ago

Is this what you're stores do?

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Jo-Fail order and Fraud notification - 6 d ago


Just lost a customer! I ordered 2 items on June 11th. Both items were on sale, I had a 30% coupon, and was able to use the father's day code. I placed the order. 8 days later I still had not received the order. I went online and Kohl's had cancelled my order and never notified me. They said that I should have received an email and letter as they suspected Fraud. I was having the order shipped to my daughter with my same last name and they thought it was fraud. Not only have I not received an email, but I have not received a letter. The lady on the phone said that an email wasn't sent. So, she tried to re-order the items. Well one item was now out of stock. They would not even honor the 30% or the sales price so that I could order a different style one. Of course the sale ended yesterday along with the coupon. Spoke to her supervisor and again, there was nothing he could do. So one item down I said I still wanted the other item. They promised 1 day deliver. They said they would be applying the discounts and sending another infamous email. That email came and they had not applied any discounts and only gave me standard shipping. I had to make another phone call. The next lady was a little more helpful, but did the math differently than the supervisor, but ok, I needed at least the one item. Of course the item was all ready in processing and there was nothing she could do about the shipping. So now I'm in the hole, a Suit, $7.00 and who knows if I'll receive the original one item. Never mind that if my account had Fraud going on, they never contact me again or shut down my account. So they were suspicious enough to cancel the order, but were ok with leaving the account open for anyone to use locally. How does that make sense? Being involved in customer service, when it is your fault, then you need to do whatever to make it right. I wasn't asking for anything but one of the items I ordered and at least a 30% coupon to order another style of suit. This request was not unreasonable.

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edith police - 7 d 6 h ago


I had the worst experience trying to order a gift for my grandson..I just ordered some clothes for me..then ordered for my grandson..this lady closed my account and then went on to tell me they think i might not be who i'm supposed to be...i am so upset if i saw her now i would fight her!!..i just want to be able to get those items for my grandson or know why i can't.....and where is my replacement card!!!

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Tammy - 9 d ago


I am an EXTREMELY upset customer! I returned a vacuum, but I was told it's a corporate refund due to the amount. I did not have the receipt, but I had the box it came in with the Kohl's securtiy tape still on it. I offered to purchase another vacuum that was $200.00 more that same day. But I was told that your policy is that I would have to get a refund though the corporate office and it would be 7 to 10 days for my refund. So I said, "Ok." I don't mind following your company policy of 7 to 10 days. But it's been one month now and still no refund. I have called the store where I returned it, talked to the store manager, Desiree, which she referred me to the number at the bottom of the receipt, informing me that only corporate can help me at this point. I told her I have been calling for 10 days already. She then suggested that I continue calling because they are very busy, and continue until I get someone to answer. She said maybe I should try calling in the early morning and I might get a better result. But still no one answers, and it's the same thing everyday. At this point I just want my money back and I will purchase a vacuum from another company. I am quite shocked at how I was handled by management. I am also a store manager. If one of my associates can not satisfy our customer, and they are following all store policies waiting 7 to 10 days, and calling corporate for ten days I would, at the very least, take down the customer's information and follow through with having corporate call her back. No one even asked for my name or number until I started asking for the district manager's name. Which I had to ask more than 3 times before the name was given to me. This is TERRIBLE customer service.

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Carol Ehrenreich - 9 d 5 h ago


After I settle my online catastrophe, I plan on cancelling my kohl's account all together. It's such a shame that you allow your valued customers to be treated this way.

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Former Store Associate - 9 d 7 h ago


I applied for a job.

The website could use some updates very hard to navigate.

Please could you look into this. You have store management saying that this is an outside firm called Brassring filtering job applications.

Called Corporate and still can get no where. Where is the Yes, I can??? Frustrating!!!

I have worked for the company before.

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Mike Coad - 9 d 7 h ago


I write this knowing full well I'm going to not get a response... it's telling that nobody answers your phone at the corporate office only get a message which only routes you back to customer service which is where the problem lies anyway... way to go Kohl's on customer care and responsibility...

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To Whom It Concerns - 9 d 7 h ago


To Whom It Concerns:

I live 3hrs from a Kohls so I do a lot of online shopping. My last experience was not a good one. I got one of my packages delivered, open it up and the jeans that I ordered smelled like gasoline, my husband smelled them and could not believe they even made it in the mail. Well because its such a hastle taking back to store because I live so far away, and I would not send them back in the mail, (they probably would think I am a terroist) with as bad as the smelled. I not only had my husband comment, I wore them out to see if my friends notice, and boy they noticed. I thought if I washed them the smell would get out of the material, but they still stink from gasoline after four washes. I tried to customer service about it and they were not interested in helping me with the problem. I told them if they credited me on my account I would be completely happy. However, they did not do that. So I guess I am stuck with the gasoline jeans, and I need to think after 15 years as your customer if I want to have your Kohls Charge Card. Normally, I think Kohls is great and I recommend my friends to shop there, but I was disappointed this time. I would really check into the packaging of your clothing. It seems like you warehouse needs to take better care of their packaging and what they send out. If you need to talk to me my number (hidden). Oh by the way the name of the jeans is Angels. You can look up my account under Kathleen Nevala. I appreciate if you can take care of this problem, or refund money to my account or send me another pair of jeans. Size 10. Don't send me another pair of jeans that small like gasoline.


Kathy Nevala

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Susan - 10 d ago


The online experience is awful.. I made an error, went back online to modify, had to call Customer Service. The only option was for them to cancel the entire order. I redid the order correctly, and apparently that transaction was stopped-I only know this because I called when no email arrived. Spoke to two Fraud people, their solution-block my card and it can only be re-activated by going to a store with two types of ID. I have never had a card fraud department unable to correct the issue-especially when there is no fraud. Even better, while on the phone with the Fraud person, I get an email saying the order went through. Fraud lady says it did not. What she really said was "I am sorry for your frustration" over and over again. I was more confused not frustrated. Needless to say, I ordered my stuff from another place.

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Shirley B - 10 d 10 h ago


The store in Hiram georgia is so Nasty, clothes are crammed on racks, dressing rooms are full of clothes and hangers all over the floor, bras were all over the floor, it absolutely looked like nobody had worked there in a month! I have got to where I HATE going in there, rude people work there and apparently the manager is not doing a good job of running the place!

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Rafael Sanders - 11 d ago


Hallmark is your client they work for your corporate company contract in PA. Supervisor Rafael Sanders. Installation Leader an employee by Hallmark. Register as a sex offender by Megan's Laws. Tler 3 Registrant is high, live in MaryLand. We have to protect our children safety and the public safety.

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JCC - 12 d 10 m ago


I placed an order, June 1st, online for 5 articles of clothing and immediately received a confirmation email from Kohl's. I waited for 12 days and never received my things. So I called today, June 12, to check on it. The lady told me the Kohl's canceled my order. No one let me know. My card was good. I got an email to confirm my order. She said I would have to call someone else to find out why they canceled my order. I had already waited on hold for way to long. She could not tell me anything as to why I did not have my things. This is absurd! I had shopped wisely and used coupons and bought on sale to save money. And now I find out through no fault of my own that they canceled my order. What a disgusting way to do business. How upsetting!

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Mary - 16 d 5 h ago


I was at the Kohls off Southport Road, in Indianapolis, IN. An employee asked if he could help me (I was in the Linen department) - which he wasn't working in at that time. He checked the inventory, and even called 2 stores trying to locate what I was wanting to buy. He certainly went the extra mile. How do I make sure he gets complemented by corporate?

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former customer - 17 d ago


Worst customer service ever.

General profile image - 19 d ago


I live in South Knoxville, TN near Seymour, TN. We are experiencing a lot of growth and new business. Several people have expressed the desire to have a Kohl's Store in our area. The only shopping store we have is Walmart.

Jane Ault

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


Kohls in Rocky point, NY 11778 store

is DISGUSTING to there Employees The 03 Jeannette Valentin is a perfect example of Horrible bosses.... Never any issues till she got there... Flexible hours my butt you tell employees the job is "flexible" why do part timers need to be available 24/7??? HR needs to take a real hard look into this store because she is getting rid of Alot of good hard working people.. and replacing them with kids... That she sits around with and takes selfies all night with.... and they wonder why morale is down

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Harrassment by Kohl's - 23 d 4 h ago


I'm tired of being pressured to take out a Kohl's credit card every time I check out. I told the checker "no" FOUR TIMES, and she still wouldn't stop. The poor people in the checkout next to me had a management team hounding them to get a credit card to the point of harrassment. I will NEVER go into a Kohl's store again unless they stop this policy of hounding people as they check out.

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Why Store Employees Want to Quit - 24 d ago

Feel employees don't matter, only customers do. Bribed with candy to show recognition in place of saying: "Thank you. I appreciate you." Some appreciate it, others feel juvenilized. Cannot make it into a bathroom stall without a customers demanding a question answered before you can use the toilet. Are overworked, understaffed, yelled at for things others did, made to work on hour past close because of skeleton crews and call offs. No one feels they can be honest and are looking to quit when something better comes. Doesn't matter how many years in company or how skilled. Time is not valued and back to back shifts too close to eat and sleep can occur. Problem throughout corporation and not specific to one store from what people within company share.

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Disappointed in Kohl's - 26 d 20 h ago


Dear Corporate,

I am beyond disappointed in the call center and the "top supervisor" of the call center, as she called herself. Customer service has been limited to what they are allowed to do and what information they will or won't provide on a recorded line. There is no one else to talk to about the concern I have, and apparently there is no other supervisor to speak to, nor any other number to call. $60 Kohl's cash suddenly cleared itself while attempting to make an order. They cannot "over-ride" it. They will only provide a refund 7-10 days after I agree to make a full price purchase. They will not provide any other option. Your system issues become my bank charge to incur for 7-10 days. Perfect corporate world; every penny counts as money you earn.

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Tom McLoughlin - 27 d 8 h ago


I can rate my current experience with Kohl's in the terrible category. The customer service is so bad that it is difficult to put words to it that would not be deleted for decency. I am certain that the bulk if not all of the customer service is located offshore and though they speak English, they do not understand it. I would just say, if you have even a scintilla of doubt about keeping an item after purchase, buy it somewhere else. You will not be happy with the return process if you need to and could spent the ten hours plus i have spent with my situation.. BUYER BEWARE.....

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Vivian Scales - 28 d ago


As a new customer, this email is to commend your company for wisdom, compassion, understanding, knowledge, faith and forethought to add third restroom for dignity and safety for female customers, and not to give in to ungodly people/organizations who think that all and anyone should share the same restroom. Again, I thank you.

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April - 32 d 14 h ago


I visit kohls on 3 seperate occasions. I spent 200.00 twice and those experineces was great! However my 3rd experience was terrible for the Atlantic jax,fla store. I returned a pair of shoes and then begin to shop. I spent maybe 90 mins in store browsing all departments and trying on clothes. Well wen i left and got in my car. I noticed the ladies who were up front rushed out door if i was stealing. They never approached but i felt like i was being watched. I felt very offended because why will i return something giving my name if i planned to shoplift.I felt very degraded if i have just spent 200 on 2 diffrnt shopping sprees that mth...i deciided that night i will no longer shop there and forfeit my bonus i gained from prior purchases...the original cashier made me want visit frequently is qhy i continied to shop there but my mind is completely changed after i felt like i was being watched.....just because o had on sweats and big purse doesnot mean I will lose my $20 hr job to steal out a integrity..reputation means alot more too me....

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April - 32 d 14 h ago


I visit kohls on 3 seperate occasions. I spent 200.00 twice and those experineces was great! However my 3rd experience was terrible for the Atlantic jax,fla store. I returned a pair of shoes and then begin to shop. I spent maybe 90 mins in store browsing all departments and trying on clothes. Well wen i left and got in my car. I noticed the ladies who were up front rushed out door if i was stealing. They never approached but i felt like i was being watched. I felt very offended because why will i return something giving my name if i planned to shoplift.I felt very degraded if i have just spent 200 on 2 diffrnt shopping sprees that mth...i deciided that night i will no longer shop there and forfeit my bonus i gained from prior purchases...the original cashier made me want visit frequently is qhy i continied to shop there but my mind is completely changed after i felt like i was being watched.....just because o had on sweats and big purse doesnot mean I will lose my $20 hr job to steal out a integrity..reputation means alot more too me....

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