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Carolina - 2 d ago


This concerns an item I purchased on-line 11/17/18. I had trouble putting in the discount promo codes so ask for assistance from customer service rep. He made the adjustment which brought down my balance. However, he failed to cancel the original order #(hidden). Now I have been charged for two air purifiers and was told today 11/18/118 that I must received the duplicate order and go to store to return. This error is clearly Kohl's fault and now as a disabled senior, I am being told that the only option I have to get a refund is to physically take the air purifier to the store. Due to my physical limitations, I will have to pay someone to take the item back to the store. I order on-line for the convenience and my personal safety. I feel that since this error in my order should be fixed by Kohl's and not impose additional responsibility/cost on to me a loyal customer for more than 15years. Please help me fix this problem!

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Lenora Hause - 3 d 20 h ago


This email is in reference to the Kohl's store located in Pickerington Ohio. This store has steady gone from bad to terrible. It is dirty and extremely messy. I would think the management could open their eyes and see how disorderly it is. Maybe you should pay an unannounced visit to this store so you can see for yourself. I used to love Kohl's but now I have to drive way out of my way to enjoying shopping in one.

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Anon - 4 d 22 h ago


I am a new hire for the holidays and the way the manager (who hired me) has treated me is unbelievable. Let's back track to the first interview. She seemed to like me but I was sure to let her know that I was in the process of applying to other seasonal part-time jobs as well and she was okay with that as most employees work more than 1 job. I just had to provide her the hours I would be working my other job so we could schedule appropriately. First day of orientation was a week later. As we are making our schedules, I am only able to give limited hours because my other job was able to interview me and have me working almost immediately. She instantly lets me know that if I am unable to work on Thanksgiving that "this isn't the job for you". I let her know that if the store is open all night through Thanksgiving into Black Friday that I am positive I can find a way to work both jobs. She seems reluctant but we finish orientation. Yesterday, 11/15 was my final day of training. As soon as I get to the computer she asks me if I am ______________ and that I was scheduled to come in for work the day before. This confused me because I thought if I was still in training, there would be no way I could actually work on the floor. She says "oh that don't mean nothing! you were scheduled for fulfillment." Again I am confused because I was hired for and let her know that I wanted to work floor which is men, women and juniors. After I finish my training, I look in the paper schedule in the back to see if I actually did miss a shift and my name is no where to be found. It is not typed and it is not handwritten in on any of the pages. I go to next weeks schedule and see my name only for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and that Saturday. My hours on black Friday overlap my other job, which I let her know multiple times. As I am leaving the store to go home, I have to ask her about this confusion. I let her know I didn't see my name and she replies "yeah I didn't see it either, but it WAS typed on there" and asked another associate if she saw it too. I kept saying "well I don't see it" and she was very nonchalant about my confusion. Then, when I told her that I couldn't work those hours on Black Friday as I already let her know that I have a prior work commitment she said "I don't do scheduling, you have to go to ________" and she then let me know that she wouldn't be in her office today or the next day. Before I was even finished getting my scheduling straightened out, she walked away from me. I am a university graduate and the way she talks and treats employees is ridiculous, like she cannot take any blame and nothing is her fault. This is the store in Hiram, GA 5220 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy.

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Martha Anger - 4 d 9 h ago


Had an interview for a part time position at the Dayville CT store today. This was the most unprofessional, bizarre interview I have ever had. I am retired from the medical field and am looking for a position in retail. Myself and another lady both arrived for an 11 AM appointment. A young woman (who could have been dressed more appropriately) ushered us both into an office and proceeded to hand us an availability sheet to fill out. She then proceeded to ask us a couple questions about customer service. It was a most uncomfortable situation for both of us to have this person ask me then turn to the other lady for an answer. Just bizarre! Never did she ask about experience, work ethic etc. We were told we would be notified by e-mail within 48 hours. We both left and agreed what a bizarre so called interview it was. Within 40 minutes I received an e-mail "we are unable to move forward with your application at this time." Was it my age(68) the fact I am not willing to work overnight shift. Don't know. I have 3 1/2 years experience at Lowe's following my retirement from the medical field but of course I was never asked about this experience only why I liked to shop at Kohls. After this 10 minute experience there is no way I would work at Kohls or shop there.

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Kathy Martin - 4 d 11 h ago


I was in the gilroy Kohls today and needed help.

There was this young lady Cytnthia who was changing a maniquin and I said sorry to bother you but could you help me find an item and she stopped what she was doing and said I was not bothering her at all that she would love to help me which she did I have not had customer service like that in a long time it's enough to make me want to go back to that store

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Joy Smith - 4 d 17 h ago


Store #0204. I was shopping at Beavercreek Ohio location recently and a employee went above and beyond. I was attempting to make a purchase on the Kiosk but was having difficulty. Klaudia rescued me. She assisted me with my purchase, made sure I was able to purchase my merchandise and sent the order to my home. She also explained how to set up a Kohl's app on my phone. She is an excellent employee with patience. Thank you,.

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Anonymous - 5 d 23 h ago

I am very disappointed with your coupons. There are so many items you cannot use the coupons. Everything I need to buy for Christmas presents I cannot use the coupons, so I may as well shop elsewhere (where the best sales are). Elder Beerman did the same thing with their coupons and they closed their store due to lack of business. Kohl's used to be my first go to store. I went to buy a toy and found out you cannot use the coupon on toys. I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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Nelz - 6 d ago


The Kohl's store in Spartanburg, SC on 7600 Warren H Abernathy Hwy is sorely lacking compared to other Kohl's stores. The women's shoe department is a disaster! Never any stock, either. Ridiculous! Is making me think twice about even bothering to shop there.

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Andrew Basiger - 6 d 18 h ago


Hi my name is Andrew Basiger I took back a pair of ear rings I got for my fianc 2-21/2 months ago. The kohl's by me said it was a corporate refund, and I would take about 4 weeks. That was a 2 months ago I have contacted u on many occasions and only one response. They said it was in the mail. I have not received it or any apology how long it is taking. If I don't hear from someone I will get the sense you don't care about my business and never shop there again.

Thank you

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AH - 7 d 19 h ago


I have been a loyal customer for years. I am now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be closing my account. They outsource the call center and when you call you get a person you can't understand. I spent an hour trying to share an issue for the online ordering only to be told to go to my local store to resolve the issue. I do that and the Manager says I have to call the online customer service. So I spend another hour with online customer service who then tells me that the 30% off code does not apply to ANY of the items I am purchasing and tells me to go to the website and review the exclusions. This is NOT acceptable. It should apply to ANY items that sales regardless of 3rd party vendor or NOT! So I contact Corporate Office 262-703-700 and ask to speak to a Manager after 10 mins of this I am told the Manager is in a meeting call back in an hour. Why not take my name and number and have the Manager call me. What lousy customer service. So I am now posting this review and going to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. Then I will close my account and take my business elsewhere. Big companies no longer care about Loyal customers or giving great customer service.

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Anonymous - 10 d 5 h ago

I am very disappointed in this company. Been a customer card holder for years! But treated badly. They had a glitch in their program. Their fault. Instead of apologizing for my inconvenience I get slapped with late fees. Now I'm behind calling company to review the issue is no help. Yes they continue to slap late fees. I ask why should I pay for your shortcomings? They agreed to remove the fees.... but of the balance? Still I ow more than is in my. Usher for the mo. I explain to them I can not afford late fees right now.... no the can not help me. More than my regular payment is still due. Even if it's their fault??? What. So starts a snow ball of late fees to bury me. Not to mention being treated badly because I am now behind and can not catch up. But..... it was their mistake? Still I must be the one to suffer the consequences???? WOW way to treat a long time customer who pays regularly.

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katrin issac - 11 d ago


Abselutly lack of profesionalisim there:(

been their great customer & now accused & been descriminated by LP dep.

im outraged & angry in such a allegations & trying to get the eight advice to protect my civil rights against this company.

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Dawn Bowers - 11 d 18 h ago


I had placed an order with kohl's online and it went through so well I tried to place another order. This new order turned into the order from hell, cancelled then had to call, order reentered, then cancelled again. Could not get one straight answer from anyone in customer service and to get a manager was an act of God. Then finally someone from corporate called and left a message, no last name no extension and a call back number for the "800" service..... yea I will really find him.... worst ever already shredded my Kohl's cc

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Dachanddane - 12 d 8 h ago


So disappointed in Kohls. I needed a replacement card and contacted customer service. The rep told me I would receive a new card in about two weeks. She stated that in the meantime I could show my ID at the store and they could do an account lookup and I would be able to use my card. I went to the store 4 days later. They were unable to do an account look up and had to contact customer service. My account had been closed in error. I was told there was nothing that could be done about this and that I would have to apply for a new account. I was turned down for a new card. Now there will not be any toys for Christmas or anything else. How do you explain to young children that because someone doesn't know how to do their job that they will not receive anything for Christmas.

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Anonymous - 13 d 13 h ago


Very disappointed! Ordered a large order of items on Kohl's for Christmas shopping. Found out two days later through email that my order had been cancelled. I called customer service 4 times only to find out that for some reason they are unable to verify my information. I provided them with ALL of the information they would need to verify that I am indeed the purchaser. Unfortunately, they insisted that in order to get my order, I would need to physically go to the store. I explained that I live 3 hours away from a Kohl's and could not visit the store. The customer service representative did not offer any other solution and did not apologize for the inconvenience.

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BLYTHE GONZALEZ - 13 d 18 h ago


bought 4 chairs on line Oct 30th and on Nov 1 black Friday sale the chairs if purchased online again would be 105. 12 cheaper and 75 kohls cash. called CS and said they would honor sale and confirm in a email with in 7 days. spoke to Bernie. confirmed before I hung up honor sale and kohl cash so I do not need to buy again and return 4 chairs. received chairs today and checked email confirm the credit to my credit card and kohls cash . and email said not honoring it. So if Bernie had not lied to me. I would purchased Nov 1st 4 more chairs and returned. I called today CS and said Sorry. not going to credit back . computer won't let me change price. But I can order online myself and changes price. took pictures of sale today and nov1 both are a better deal within 7 days of purchase. 80 plus dollars today with 50 kohls cash

Nov 1 105.12 savings and d 75 kohls cash. I just want what CS said they would honor when I called in. you have a 14 days price adjustment. . and I would of bought online nov1 again and returned if Bernie did not lie to me. order (hidden)3

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Scotty G - 18 d 20 h ago


Very disappointed in Kohl's with respect to their return policy. I purchased a pair of Under Armor shoes(74.99) about a year ago and maybe have worn them (20) times. The issue I have is this particular shoe has (2) cloth loops at the top of the shoe where laces are supposed to go. After about (6) months the laces shredded and broke not allowing for a secure fit. So, I purchased a second pair, this time without the cloth eyelets and everything is fine except when I tried to return the defective pair. I was told that since I didn't have the original box and no receipt, they would not except my request for an exchange. I just wanted something similar to replace the first pair since I paid full price. First, I was told that Kohl's could only go back (12) months to check on your Kohl's account to confirm the purchase. The floor supervisor told me that she could not find my purchase. I explained to her, maybe I paid cash and she immediately told me that there was nothing she could do. I immediately felt like I was the bad guy and got the impression that they didn't believe me. So, after about 40 minutes, she was able to find the shoes in her computer, but told me they had been marked down to $ 7.99 and that was what she could give me in return. NEVER, have I seen these shoe anywhere marked down to this price. All I want from Kohl's is to replace the defective shoes with something that is similar to what I had purchased initially.

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NBC - 14 d 34 s ago


Not for nothing, but you had the shoes for a year and wore them. If they fell apart you should be contacting Under Armour to replace them not Kohl's. If you had a problem with them, you should have taken them back immediately after the problem occurred not wear them for another 6 months and then decide to take them back. The fact that Kohl's allows you to take something back up to a year is a great thing because all other stores have a 30-90 policy. When you buy something at other stores after wearing it for a year do you try to take it back to them. I bet "NOT" so why should Kohl's take back your used sneakers. If they do it for you then they should do it for everyone that buys stuff from there. It's also up to you to save your receipt to prove what you paid for the item and that you purchased it from their store. So many stores sell that same item how do you expect them to know where you purchased it? Wouldn't it be great if we could buy anything we wanted, use it as long as we want and then take it back, like Really and you wonder why prices go up. Hmmmmm!

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Kim - 14 d 8 h ago


I am so discouraged that Kohls is allowing Vera Wang to sell fur products. I will be cancelling my Kohls card and will take my money elsewhere. Vera Wang products should be banned from all Kohls stores.

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melba yeomans - 15 d ago


looks like I will be taking kohls to small claims court this week,because they want give me credit on my charge card for 4 kids chaires I ordered in july, have called 4 times and have been promised they will, but haven't and don't look like they are so next thing is file a claim on them.

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LS - 20 d 15 h ago

I have been unable to place an order on the Kohl's website on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browsers for over one week. When I check on the size or color for an item it doesn't register on the website.

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Yvette Thomas - 21 d ago

Good Morning:

ID# 3254440...on Saturday November 27 my shift was from 12-6pm. On that day around 12pm I was working in the children's department and a customer or should I say a Loss Prevention employee gave me a small grey bag and told me it was found in the parking lot and there money in it. I took the bag said thank you and stuck it in the side of my pants and told him I will take it to customer but will hold on to it a little just in case a customer asked around...I guess I held on to the bag too long cause next thing I know at around 3:15 loss prevention called me in. Never been in this office didn't know where it was located. He gave me a long speech about shrinkage within the computer policy and thing I know I was terminated! Here I am a Procurement Officer for the State of New York 18 years and still am any they terminated me! I was in shock and disbelief..I stood up smilee shook their hands and told them it's been a pleasure working at Kohls and thanked them. I cant believe they set me up like that! Am taking this further because it hurted my pride and integrity..if I have the wrong division please advise. I will be waiting for a response.

Thank you!

Yvette M. Thomas

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LP - 21 d 17 h ago


Speaking from first hand experience the higher ups really need to take the security of the stores much more serious. For example, Kohl's has WAY to many fitting rooms. Why Kohl's doesn't have a set up like other stores where the fitting rooms are at customer service and there is someone to count items in is beyond me. The store losses so much money due to this issue. Also, there should NEVER be one Loss Prevention Officer working at a time. Especially on weekends that is just ridiculous. There needs to be at least 3 LPO's per store. Store hours are another huge problem. Some stores that are attached to malls end up staying open later than the mall itself and all that does is make the store an even bigger target for tweaker thieves. The stores that are attached to malls NEED to close WITH the mall. Also, you guys and gals really need to stop worrying so much about law suits from these repeat criminals. They aren't going to do squat, they never do, they're all talk. It's getting to the point where all these tweakers tell their friends that we can't touch them so use that to their advantage. They will come in and constantly steal and walk right pass you with a stupid smile on their face because they know. Take the security of your merchandise a lot more serious and then you will see just how much more the company can make. Post signs at the doors that let people know there is 24/7 surveillance and signs that say no backpacks allowed would be nice as well. The reality of it is this, being customer friendly and all about the customer is just going to increase your losses. All stores should be set up around the security of the store and the security of it's merchandise. Kohl's is going to start losing its LPO's and LPS by rapid numbers if you don't allow us to do our job. How can we do the job you want us to do when you don't provide us with the proper tools. The CCTV system is out of date and several stores have had broken PTZ cameras for months now because once again, the security portion of the company is not taken seriously. One day when Kohl's losses exceed the profit that's being made then maybe you will all start to crack down on the security aspect and make it a priority because at this point we all know that the Loss Prevention department is at the very bottom of the list. Being Loss Prevention at Kohl's could honestly be one of the best jobs out there but only if the people in control help us to do the job to the best of our abilities. I strongly believe that the day Loss Prevention is made a major priority the less theft we will have because word will get out that Kohl's has their stuff on lock down. Just something to really really think about and take into consideration.

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Angry Joe - 26 d 1 h ago


Charged me twice on my credit card because they messed up my online order. called the customer service number and got "Leo", in Columbia. Yes, Columbia the COUNTRY in SOUTH AMERICA! he kept saying my money would be refunded in no more than seven days. i told him to just do a reversal. he kept putting me on hold to speak to the specialist! LOL what a joke. nothing they could do. i asked for his ID number. He can't give it out. I ask for his supervisor. he puts "Damien" on the line, who then tells me they don't have ID numbers! I hang up and call corporate. (hidden) spoke to the operator and left a message with

Pamela Sviatoslavsky

Director of Customer Service and Active Customer Engagement

North 56 West 17000 Ridgewood Dr

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


we'll see if anything comes of this. i doubt it. If you have customer service concerns, please contact this lady. maybe if enough of us leave her messages, they'll make a change in their customer service, and bring those jobs back to the US of A!

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super sad - 27 d 11 h ago


I resigned from Kohl's on Saturday after only working there for a month(15 days). I did OMNI and found it to be the most frustrating job. The items cannot be located because the store is a disaster with Christmas stock coming in, you are looking for items that have no locations, and there is only one of something left in the store. You are timed and technology only works 80% of the time. I was called in on my day off and reprimanded by the building manager for canceling a BOPUS order after two associates spent 50 minutes searching for the one sweater in the store. He continued to complain that I keep track of how many items I cancel. I never canceled items without manager permission. He then proceeded to reprimand me for not picking 17 items per hour (the required guideline...maybe for a twenty year veteran). I agree there are managers who need to learn how to treat and speak to employees. Reprimanding associates over the walkies and in front of other associates is unprofessional. Super sad because the associates were fantastic to work with!

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