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B J Chandler - 3 d 23 h ago


I had never shopped at a Kohls until recently and now I realize my instinct not to shop there was a good one. Their refund policy and customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I really don't think they have a corporate refund desk. I have waited on the phone for 6 hours and was never helped. I called a day or two before and left my number to have a call back. Call back never happened. You ask why I waited on hold for 6 hours before I hung up but it became a challenge to see if the phone would ever be answered. It never was. If they have a refund dept. there must be only one person working there.

I am so disappointed because I actually thought I would like shopping there but not with the customer care follow up. I would definitely never buy a gift there and risk the person having to bring it back for a refund. Kohls you need to get your act together before you lose more customers.

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julia - 8 d 30 s ago


I bought a Dyson vacuum a while ago for a gift to my son. He never used it because his apartment had hardwood floors. When he moved into an apartment to actually use the vacuum, it broke down within a month. Kohl's has alway been a great store to shop, exchange items and for returns and I've always had good experiences shopping on line. My son went to the store to exchange the vacuum but they did not have the same one. Because he did not have the receipt, customer service said that corporate would send a check to him in 7 to 10 business days. It never came. My son tried to call the corporate office number on the return receipt and he had to wait on hold forever. A recording does give you the option to leave your number and someone will call you back. If they do call back, if at all, it is the next day when people usually are at work and with a weird number that most people think is a solicitor calling. My son tried calling several more times and I also tried to call to get more information as to why the refund check had not come. The corporate office is not open on weekends or holidays and closes at 4 making it almost impossible to get a hold of them for people with regular daytime hours. The one time I was able to reach a live person, they said that my son had to be the one to call. After 2 months of this run around of waiting on hold for hours and frustration, my son finally got to speak to a human being. All they needed was a current address because it was different then his drivers license. By the way, my son gave both addresses at the time of the return at the store. After all of this, they said that they would send a store credit, even though the store said it would be a check. Couldn't the store had done this at the time of the return? This issue has still not been resolved because now he has to wait 7 to 10 business days for the store credit. This has been a nightmare to deal with. I usually like to get gifts from Kohl's because they have a great return policy even with the big ticket items. I'm so mad and frustrated with this entire process, that I'm thinking of shredding my Kohl's charge card and never shopping with them again. I know that my son is definitely done with them. I've since bought my son a new vacuum from a different store since it took so long. The corporate customer service number is a joke. I've never dealt with calling a business with such poor service. They need to hire more people to answer the phones if they want to keep customers happy to have them keep coming back to spend their hard earned money, especially since places like Amazon has shut down so many retailers. Think about that Kohl's.

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glenda - 3 d 24 h ago


I too am experiencing this exact same thing. We have been calling for 2 weeks, Left 3 messages to not loose our place in the queue, never received the call back. called the local store got an email address that is invalid. Googled the corp office spoke to a representative. All she did was take my info and said someone would call back. I have been on hold for 3 hours. (Still holding by the way.) We will see.

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Rosa Rosales - 3 d 19 h ago


I return a fine jewelry on 8/23/18 and was given a refund receipt is being almost a month and corporate has not taken the time to return my phone calls or respond my messages. I have never being treated so un profesional in my life!!!

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NoRifRaf - 5 d 8 h ago


I would rather have a Kohls in my neighborhood than a Walmart.

Already had to move a couple years after a Walmart opened near my street.

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California - 5 d 15 h ago


Can i put a -10 this us the worst customer svc ive received ever getting a hm loan i paid my kohls charge off 2 days later i requested a stmt showing paid they said woukd fax 24 to 48 hrs

After 5 days no fax so customer svc said all they could do is put in another request n would receive 24 to 48 hrs...noone would help me and called 3 different customer svc numbers 2 in another country with rude customer svc robots and the one in the usa i was going to cut up my card but now i will never shop there again and will post on every site i can find rep when i asked to be transferred to give a survey on my customer svc hung up on me

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Nancy - 5 d 17 h ago


Customer Service is the worst. Has to be a call center in another country. I was making a purchase at store # 474 in Illinois. My account had a pass code on it due to hacking at Christmas tine 2017, The customer service people could not get the purchase properly authorized. After two customer service reps who did nothing but ask the same questions multiple times before getting the charge completed, They even upset the store manager with the way they handled this transaction,

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Carmela - 6 d 14 h ago


Very unhappy with the website. My daughter in law did a baby registery only a few items kept showing until she had to get it fixed. Everytime somebody tried to order something it was out of stock. Other people couldn't even order anything because the site kept messing up. She ended up getting only one that that was on her registry. She got stuff from other places that she really can't use.The shower didn't turn out as planned thanks to Kohls. I will not be shopping there anymore.

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S - 7 d 19 s ago


I have tried for 2 days to place an order online with no success. I am a kohls charge member. Finally called customer service and was told to find something called registration because your site would not take my id and password. I had set it up 2 days ago. Could not find this "registration." Called customer service again and decided to place the order online. The person I spoke to was an airhead. Had to repeat myself multiple times. This was a gift and I wanted to add a note with the order. She just did not understand what I was asking for. All in all it was a very bad and difficult experience trying to place an online order. Please redo the site and make things easier. I understand I am not the only one complaining. The holidays are coming and unless there is improvement, I will go elsewhere to shop !

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 m ago


Is it a thing for store manager's to just stand at the front of the store and stare at their clipboards?

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R. - 18 d ago


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!! Customer service department MUST be in India, I've been on the phone with "Angel" I'm sure its not her real name. I've been on the line for 60 minutes trying to get help with Kohls cash which is a scam in itself. Angel cannot understand me and also refuses to transfer me to a supervisor, your customer service Facebook is a joke, just repeated paragraphs.

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Customer service is located in central America and they are as rude as rude can be. All they did was yell at me and nothing was ever resolved so I just hung up in him! - 7 d 4 h ago



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Barbara - 8 d 23 h ago


I think that should make it clear that some items can not be shipped. I am chronically ill and placed a order that noticed that only 6 of 8 were being shipped. I called and was told I had to call the store and ask for the manager then explain I wanted my credit back and cancel the 2 items. I asked if they could do it and was told no. I think she was not helpful nor is the corporation making it easy for the customers. Other stores give you a choice one way or the other and don't split the order.

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Angela - 8 d 18 h ago


Went to Kohl's Hamilton Mills yesterday, September 13, 2018 and made a purchase which included a pair of earrings. When I got home the earrings were not in the bag. I wasn't able to go back yesterday because I had to work. I went in this evening and was told that I have to return on Monday when their camera person is at work to review the camera to see if I got the earrings. I left the store and called their cooperate customer service and was told that I have to wait until Monday.

When I got home there was a message on my cell phone stating that my earrings were found and I need to return to the store to get them.

Well, I will be returning to the store to return all the merchandise I bought and forget about Kohl's.

Poor management service both in store and the head office!!!

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Rita Mitchell - 11 d 5 h ago


Went in today to buy a Kerig Coffee Maker. I had been looking at them in several stores for the Select Kerig Makers to I knew what the Coffee Maker was selling for. Every store in Lafayette, IN was selling them for 129.99 except Walmart who was selling them for $99.99. Kohls would not price match even though I had taken a picture on my phone of the price at these stores. Since these stores do not run an ad. Kohls would not price match. Kohls are pricing theirs for $149.99 which was more than anyother store in Lafayette, I think they had raised their price because they had a coupon sale mailer going on. To me this is dishonest and I will not be shopping at Kohls even though my Husband has a Credit Card there.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


Well ive always wanted to work retail but after working for kohls in ranson wv ive totally changed my mind. First off they tell you at orientation to welcome customers with smile and help them out if needed but management needs to practice what they preach and train employers to do so.

Also there was a time i needed help doing something and a department manager was in same area i was when i asked for her help her reply to me was IM NOT DOING THAT JOB TODAY IM DOING THIS . and wouldnt help.This women was very rude at all times she shouldnt have that position.The store is not organized and not at all cleaned and picked up. For the time employess and management stand around talking with each other they could be making store look nice. For a big name company as Kohls is youd think thed take pride in there store. There was many times customers made comments about the mess and the rudeness .

Corporate needs to go in and clean house if people dont want to do there jobs that they are getting paid for. To me thats a waste of payroll.Put people in there that are there to earn there money not just show up and take a paycheck home. I would never recommend anyone to try and get a job there maybe the other kohls stores are something to look into if your looking for job...just saying

So corporate youve got alot of unsatisfied customers and maybe people would stay employed there if youd go in there and do something about it.

One more thing its a shame when an employee is told to do something because procedures have been changed but when employer ask management how to do it there answer is I DONT KNOW THEY SHOULD TRAIN US FIRST. LOL. Wow

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KohsShopper - 13 d 5 h ago

Look Ranson West Virginia is small potatoes in the big picture that's probably why Kohls doesn't invest a whole lot of their assets in that area.

Where I live Kohls is considered uppity class and is Organized and spotless!!!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

Sounds similar to the kohls in hingham ma

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KohlsShopper - 17 d 9 h ago


Why is everybody complaining?

We should be happy that we have a nice clean department store to go to.

Try living in a community that is surrounded by Walmart and at best one Target.

Let's 1st give Kohls some time to reconsider the contract with Nike before condemning them

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


You havent been into the ranson wv store .by no means are they clean and organized

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KohlsShopper - 13 d 5 h ago

Never even heard of ranson West Virginia what is that way out the boneys.

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

Nice clean store with polite people.

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Mark Gibson - 15 d ago


Please remove Nike products from your stores as a result of their support for the denigration of our veterans and of our flag. The so called sacrifice by a privileged pro athlete compared to the sacrifice of our veterans is obscene. The glorification of it by Nike is indefensible as would be your continued support by selling their products. Please consider this and take a stand. If not, then many would consider that as Kohl's kneeling too.

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edward m. rayder - 16 d 29 s ago

just returned from your grand junction store at 9; 30 am. only a young man named West at register. no sales people on floor. four customers in mens dept all looking for help. . West called for floor personel.. no one arrived..I left NEVER to return.

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J Bell - 16 d 19 h ago


Two years ago I closed out my Kohl's account , wasn't shopping much at this retailer . Meanwhile a few months down the road I applied for a credit card at two different retailers an was denied ! Now i, I HAVE GREAT INCOME AN CREDIT SCORES I could figure this out. Did some back tracking which took me back to Kohl's. When I closed out my account over the phone , the person handling this ( PUT ME DOWN AS DECEASED ) Now let me tell you what a mess that created for me . I contacted Kohl's customer service an was ( assured ) it was corrected , DIDNT MEAN IT WAS CORRECTED WITH THE CREDIT CO. LIKE EQUIFAX ! I I had no clue there was still an issue till my husband an I are in the process of buying a vacation home an BANKS brought it to our attention , I DONT HAVE A CREDIT SCORE FROM EQUIFAX , reason being KOHLS STILL HAS BE DECEASED . Kohl's never reported it to EQUIFAX THE ERROR KOHLS HAD DONE ON TNEIR END, EVEN THO I WAS ISSUED ANOTHER CARD CREDIT FROM KOHLS , the issue STILL REMAINS WITH EQUIFAX I HAVE CALLED AN CALLED KOHLS NUMBER AN I GET A DIFFERENT PERSON THAT BARLEY SPEAKS ENGLISH AN COULD GIVE TWO HOOTS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE IN CORRECTING THIS ISUUE WITH EQUIFAX . I'm contacting Coperate in am , if this doesn't get resolved ASAP IM GETTING AN ATTORNEY AN PRECEDING TO SEEK DAMAGES

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