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General profile image - 3 h 24 m ago

Kohls has ruined my 30 year credit score from 820 and today is down at 654. This is due to a computer and employee errors. Kohls asked me to sign up for a credit card.I provided my correct address and phone number. I when back to the store returning items and asking why I did not get a bill. They checked and it reverted to my old address and home phone number in CO, I move to CA 2 years ago. It was corrected. I never got a bill. figured my returns covered the previous purchase. I found out the issue when my credit score dropped . I found an old Kohl credit card, never activated, still had sticker activation number on front. called customer services 1/3/18 paid on line. Spoke to supervisor Evelyn 2045 on how they planned to correct what was on my credit card, it would go in a cue to correct negative late/unpaid balance in two weeks, I get no letter of apology no change in my credit score. I call again 1/4/19 same hassle talk to Alex 8913 they do not have my corrected address or phone number but the one from CO. I correct the information again ask for a supervisor Jasmine 8WID she confirms information showing is correct, that no log was created to correct my credit score but gave case # 6713254 or 698375549. Form letter arrived 1/15/1d 1/4/19 that my zero balance was reported NEW credit score 660..How many times has this happened to others??? I was given a fax number for corporate send letter (no phone#) if no response, I have an Attorney on retainer.

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No Longer A Customer - 3 h 43 m ago


I purchased several gift cards online on November 29 for Christmas presents for family members. One was an electronic e-gift card for my niece,, unfortunately she experienced a mishap with her computer and the e-gift card has been lost.

My niece, sister and I have tried to resolve this matter through customer service, receiving different information depending to whom we spoke, along with a significant delay resolving this matter.

After Corporate Customer Service stated they would resend the e-card, KOHL'S still has not resent the e-card as promised and it's now Jan. 18, 2019.

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Marj - 4 h 20 m ago


Worst customer service ever!!! I placed two orders the beginning of December which both were lost. I received notification from UPS they had been lost. Called Kohl's copious amounts to find out where my orders were and when would I expect my refund. To date I have received 15 generic emails from Kohl;s terrible customer service saying the same garbage. I have provided Kohl's with my documentation from UPS that my orders had been lost, and still no response. I was told that they were behind in processing refunds if my purchase was made by Master Card. What a bunch of garbage that is, I have called the corporate offices to complain and still no response.

I will never shop at Kohls again.

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago

I have been a faithful Kohls' customer for 8-9 years. In the last 3-4 months, I have

received statements from Kohl's that state in the TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION:

"PURCHASE AT NORTH PHOENIX STORE" (I do live in Phx, AZ) with an amount

on the right side. Having a 40+ yr career in Accounting, I know this is illegal! Maybe I purchased diamonds, housewares, or electronics? OR, someone may have stolen my identity and made fraudulent purchases using my account number? I am a Senior Citizen and have never witnessed such a completely illegal statement either personally OR

professionallly. Let's see just how GREAT Kohl's really is. My next step is to file a

complaint with our (Az) Attorney General, after which it goes to my lawyer.

Flagged for review. 
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anonymous2 - 7 h ago

I too have had fraudulent charges on my card.

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Gail wunderle - 4 d ago


I had purchased a gift for my daughter using kohl's cash. I still had it on my phone and found out she was penalized for Kohl's cash. It was put on my card minus the 10. When using it I was told it was already used. You punished my daughter and then me so it was double for Kohl's and 0 for the customer. Not fair because I earned it. Kohls cash is only helping the company. The manager was very rude in front of other customers. Cancel my charge as I am done. Also my fryer was delivered to my front porch without paper to disguise it.

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Michele Moyer - 23 d 9 h ago


Christmas ruined for my granddaughter!!! Ordered her shoes and they stated that a ups label created 12/18 with guaranteed delivery 12/21-24. Called and chatted several times to get an update as my order tracking kept showing that it was still waiting for UPS pickup. Customer service guaranteed in our conversation of 12/24 that I would have the package 12/24!! She even gave me a confirmation # as she was so sure it would arrive! Never received. It has been billed to my charge and the statement has closed with this purchase on it!! I am DONE with Kohls!! They were the only ones that did not fulfill their holiday guarantee and I had a very upset granddaughter as she did not receive her gift!! I will be posting this through facebook and every possible on line option so people can beware!! Disgusted & disappointed!!!

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Gwendolyn KeyGwendo - 20 d ago

Do you know how to contact the CEO Michelle Gass

I'm trying to find out how, i don't believe Anyone from Kohls read these.

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Julia - 7 d 40 s ago


I'm trying to find out the same thing.

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Michelle - 8 d 7 h ago


I ordered a Food Network Dish from and it was something you could only order online. I received the package yesterday and the dish was broke into a 1000 pieces. It had only been packed with one thin sheet of bubble wrap. There was no way this was going to make it with out being broken. So disappointed because it was a wedding gift and no time to get a new one.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


The store on Holland Slyvania in Toledo Ohio is racist toward some of their (black) employees. The managers talk about their employees while customers are walking pass, they have their favorites, it's sad to say they don't know how to treat people I hope they get fired.

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Susan - 12 d 20 h ago


After standing in line for approximately 1 hour to make a return at the kohl's in Cumming,Ga I stopped to look at some clothing and overheard Alice the manager say to another associate "paying customers come first regardless how long the line is for returns and if customers don't like it they can shop somewhere else". Only one associate was at return desk. Only 3 for checkout. That line was very long also. During this xmas season checkout lines have been very long. I can understand why they lack associates. I can only imagine how rudely they are treated after her remark for all shopping customers to hear. This is very disappointing. I have shopped at this store since it opened and never had a issue. I would hope this remark is addressed by your corporate office. After reading other reviews it seems kohl's needs major corporate intervention. Shopped this day Jan 5, 2019 sent this mail this day also.

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Gloria T - 19 d 3 h ago


I placed an order online for Christmas! I received an email that my 4 items were delivered. I checked my front door, mailbox etc and no package. I have called and emailed Kohl's Customer Service several time with no help at all. They suggested I file a claim with my local post office, which I did and suggested I check my mail and with family! They are customer service and they should be contacting my local post office and investigating and crediting my account back!! I will no longer shop at Kohl's and close my account! Bad customer service!!

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Sharon Kelly - 19 d 4 h ago


In mid December 2018 I purchased a paper rocket launcher for my 15 yr old grandson at Kohl's in Burlington.,Vt. I live in Plattsburgh,NY. My grandson lives in Alabama. I mailed the launcher to him. New batteries were installed and this launcher does nothing.

I called the Burlington Kohl's and was told by two associates my grandson would have to find a Kohl's in Alabama. Really? OR the other option would be for me to retrieve the item and return it to Burlington. I did open a new charge acct. at Kohl's that day. The manager told me she had no way of checking what I purchased that day. Poor customer service!!

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diana - 19 d 18 h ago


I purchased a week ago over $369.00 on; boldly it said $10 kohls cash for every $50 spent and it even encouraged me to spend more showing me how close I was to another $10. when I checked out it said I would receive $70 in Kohls cash in my e-mail within 24 hours; not only did I not receive it; but when I chatted with the company they told me they could do nothing, So pretty much this was a bait and switch trying to get me to purchase more items; instead when the items finally arrive (I have been waiting over 10 days now) Kohls delivery is the absolute worst; I will return everything, cancel my card; and never step foot in Kohls again.

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I am very disappointed with Kohl's customer service people. In the past 6 months I have had to contact customer service about 3 times and every time I cannot get my problem resolved. When asked to speak to a representative in the United States I was transferred to another representative from the Philippines, or I was disconnected. Today, I was inquiring about my Kohl's cash that I did not receive through e-mail or through my Kohl's app. and I contacted customer service whom I spoke with "Jason". He was not courteous at all nor did he offer an explanation. When asked to speak to a representative in the United States, he sent me to a Spanish speaking representative. Explained to this representative my issue and she transferred me to her supervisor who would be able to get me a representative from the US. When he came on he stated that he could not get me through to the US and that he would take my number and have someone from the US call me back. I have not received a call back.


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Dast - 21 d ago


I have the same issue. Rude people who speak broken English and are no help.

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Gwendolyn Key - 20 d 9 m ago

Kohls owes me $86.40 i shaving a hard time getting my money it's been ten days since I returned an item, didn't give me my money, said now it will be 2 to 4 weeks, and I question that. If I don't get my money. I will report them to better business, and to our local radio station. 12 on our side.

General profile image

Gwendolyn Key - 20 d ago


I purchased an expensive item, took it back without opening, needed the money more. That was 10 days ago, didn't give me my money, haven't received it yet, called yesterday was told I would receive a check 2 to 4 weeks from now. It may take 6 weeks, this is crazy, i want my money now, it don't look good for Kohls, I'm tired of waiting,

General profile image

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Very upset customer - 20 d 4 h ago


I have had my Kohl's Cash used by an unknown person. It was used twice while it was at my house and I was not at at. I only found out by a email from the Greenwood store thanking me for using my $15.01 in Kohl's cash. I called the number but could barely understand the person on the line but since my cash was at home and I did not have the number they could not help me. Called today and again can barely understand the person and was told several times it must be someone from my family which is not true and I take it personally when I know it was somewhere in your security system! I did talk to the store manager and she was nice and explained they can get it by your phone number. I have no clue who or how someone did this but if you can't track or explain I feel your entire system has a security problem and felt I had no choice but to cancel my charge account also. I was a Kohl's shopper but have now warned all my Facebook friends .

General profile image

Knock my socks off - 23 d ago


This place is high as ever..who pays $20-30.00 for a pair of socks. I mean will these socks help me fly to the moon.

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Ride discrimination , what are my rights for just shopping , looking for deals ? - 26 d 18 h ago


Cvent63@yahoo. From Valparaiso , Indiana .

General profile image

Valaparaisl ! Indiana - 26 d 18 h ago


In Valparaiso RUDE RACIST DISCRIMINATING EMPlOYEES , ASSISTANTS and FAT MANAGER want power trip experience , brownie points for catching criminals for resume.

General profile image

Valparaiso , Indiana - 26 d 18 h ago


Valparaiso Kohls regular customer - Mexican discriminated for walking around looking for Xmas deals , Kohls employees scared of me ? Why don't they talk to me , make friends , not hate ! security and my city police told me to sign sheet of paper that I'm a criminal ?

Nice customer relations ? Stupid ! I know to let local news people : paper, Internet , tv, radio , blogs . Social media , ACLU we got a great case !

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