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Julian A Dickerson - 1 d 23 h ago


Mount Sterling KY Pharmacy at Kroger's say the only way they can verify my identity is by having me tell them my birthdate. A driver's license or a picture Id won't do, neither will social security number, name address etc. I hate this because it forces me to yell out my birthdate at the drive thru window. All the passengers in my car are then aware of my age. I tried asking if I they can use my driver's license but the woman at the drivethru said no, and called the pharmacist. They insisted on ramming it down my throat that my birthdate is the only means they are premitted to use and defended this policy wouldn't let me have my rx until they thoroughly explained that I was wrong to even suggest an alternative method of id.

I am changing over to CVS today..

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Olga - 1 d 14 h ago


This is regarding Kroger Market place store,Dublin location on Sawmill rd. It's a great store,but you need to have a talk about customer service with two nasty employees,one is Carole,and another Farteen(not sure how to spell) l was ignored,then they send me to customer service,while talking (personal)and shopping at clearance stand.Nasty,hateful women,they have no place at Kroger.

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Vicki E Greenidge - 2 d 36 m ago


Hi, I have been shopping at the Carytown location in Richmond, Virginia for over 20 years. At the present time, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the cleanliness and disarray of the store. The floors are unsightly, the throwbacks line the front of the store. There are TOO many individual item displays, not allowing for free flow of customer traffic. When, they recently decided to change the shelves around, they did it during the daytime hours and created a terrible situation. There will be a Publix coming right across the street and it will be new and up to date. This Kroger will be losing a great many customers, maybe even me. The staff is wonderful, the cashiers, stockers and baggers. Included in this is the fact that the shelves are not fully stocked anymore and things that were sold in the store appear to have disappeared. Please help. This store is down the block from me and I have always enjoyed shopping there. Thank you.

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Joyce Miles - 13 d 19 h ago


I visited the pharmacy @ 3165 Dayton/Xenia Rd on 4/3/18 and received very courteous and conscientious service from Melissa. I really appreciated her service

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Utah customer - 17 d 3 h ago


I have been a Smith's customer for years and years, I liked Smith's because you were better than the other stores as far as customer service goes. Sadly I can not shop at a store that discriminates against gun owners. I am verry disappointed at your position, and wish you would've stuck to retail and stayed out of politics. You alienate your customers when you do this. I'm sorry but this ends business for me.. With you

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Elizabeth Deaver - 18 d 13 h ago


I have had "TERRIBLE" service in the last couple of months from Kroger. I had used them for many years through two battles with cancer and several other issues such as Lyme disease, but the service over the last few months has been despicable. I went through the drive in to drop off a prescription & planned to pick up but I am handicapped and didn't want to walk through half of the store to get my RS. I was told it would be an hour due to the fact I was coming through the drive-thru. I asked for a manager and she confirmed and said she would check on it. Last week my doctor called in a RX and it was 3 hours before I was notified it was ready. Today my doctor called in a RX and I called 3 1/2 hours later and was told it would be another half hour as they were behind due to the holiday. The same thing happened last week and that wasn't a holiday. I believe either the staff needs replacing or something to avoid the terrible delay. Obviously people going there are sick and don't feel like waiting hours for their RX's .

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Roger D Glover - 25 d 12 h ago


Kroger, Springfield Tn. 37172

Shelves not stocked every time we go now that they expanded the store.

Totally dissatisfied after being long time customer.

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David - 51 d ago

Kroger has now lost my business forever! They discriminate against good American customers. They are now aligning themselves with the liberal agenda. My family and I will never step foot into their doors again!

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Anonymous - 30 d 19 h ago

Kroker could care less. Go shout at the wind.

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Greg T. - 31 d 21 h ago


Once again, Kroger is disappointing me. First, it was the rearrangement of the stores shelves for purely self-serving reasons (too many customers only shopping on the perimeter of the store?) and now, caving to the liberal agenda on "gun safety".

I was 17 years old when I joined the Army. I carried an ACTUAL assault rifle (not a semi auto rifle that simply looks like an M16). I and my 18 year old Army buddies didn't commit mass homicide. If a 17 year old is mature enough to join the Army, and use an ACTUAL assault rifle to defend YOUR RIGHTS, how do you justify refusing to sell firearms (or even periodicals that MENTION these firearms) to the same age group? It is totally illogical. You're punishing the innocent because of a few crazies!

As has been pointed out countless times by TRUE experts in the firearms field, none of the "common sense gun safety rules" pushed by the anti gun crowd would have made an iota of difference in ANY mass shooting. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

I may not contribute a great deal to your bottom line, but you WILL lose revenue (mine) because of this action.

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Macho dude - 30 d 19 h ago

Hey you gun nuts: don't forget to kiss your AK rifle.. because happiness is a warm gun!


A gun owner (just not a whack job)

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Alan Williamson - 50 d 18 h ago

Kudos to your national leadership in the wake of the Parkland high school shooting. Ceasing to sell guns to those under 21 is a step towards sensible gun ownership. I'm impressed! Thanks so much!

Flagged for review. 
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NRA member - 31 d ago


HOW will ceasing to sell guns to those under 21 do ANYTHING to prevent the next mass shooting?

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Individual Accountability - 50 d 15 h ago


I nor any of my companies will be needing your companies services. This is due to Kroger's stance against the NRA, NRA Members over the Florida School Shooting. How about dealing with the failures of those responsible, FBI, Broward County Sheriffs Office and the idiot that shot those innocent people. Your knee jerk reaction is completely misguided and will do nothing to prevent the next shooting, highly disappointed in your me too, feel good stance!

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I'm with Moishe - 50 d 18 h ago

----------------A liar always knows where the truth is hidden. A hypocrite soon begins to believe his lies.

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Joe - 51 d 21 h ago


The politically correct should be MADE TO LIVE with the aliens they claim are their equals.

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June Kane - 51 d 17 h ago


I purchased a pumpkin pie at the reduced rate kiosk and when we got home and opened it, the box labeled "Pumpkin Pie" actually contained an apple pie! I immediately called to alert the store. When I brought it in, a young girl at the service desk informed me that they do not refund discounted items. I told her that I was fairly certain that stores stand behind ALL of their products (and certainly need to). I had a feeling that someone had probably instructed her that on discounted items, you DON'T refund the REGULAR price; but of course you would discount the clearly labeled discount price. I finally convinced her to ask a supervisor, who of course told her tobrefubd the discounted price that I paid. (Yes, I brought in and had my receipt.) I'm bringing this up bc uiurbsyotrs May need to teach this detail to your more inexperienced personnel that "the customer is always right." That was at the Metro Market in Shorewood WI. The customer service at the Metro Market on Van Buren is outstanding. All the managers at both stores are outstanding. I have just spoken with a corporate person about the problems I've been havibgvligging in tobthe 50 PT fuel reward website, since the "cant enter site because you need to fix your cookies" has become an issue. I spoke with a very helpful person st Corporste, and I hope things improve on that matter. Thank you.

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MsJongg - 113 d 11 h ago


Bothell, Washington 228th QFC 2017

EVERY day during December the Dungeness crab has been frozen. When the butcher(s) is asked to clean it they say the can't because it's frozen. In previous years the crab has been fresh, not frozen, and they were happy to clean it for you. I know they haven't sold anywhere near as much this year because of that. Now instead of customers hurrying to buy before it runs out, there are literally unsold stacks of crab left every day. Not sure where this policy and/or decision was made but it's beyond ridiculous. We live in Seattle where fresh seafood is always abundant. Fortunately, Whole Foods and Central Market have fresh crab and are still *happy!* to clean them. A bit pricier but worth it for their service and desire to please the CUSTOMER.

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DebElkins - 5 y 243 d ago

Always look for #goetta & #graeters ice cream @KrogerCo but WV must not have a taste for my fav #Cincinnati foods :(

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DebElkins - 5 y 243 d ago

Thank you @KrogerCo for great #CustomerService @ the Suncrest Morgantown WV pharmacy!

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iBelieve15_ - 5 y 243 d ago

RT @KrogerCo: @iBelieve15_ #GoodLookingOut

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jraesalyers - 5 y 243 d ago

Thrilled to announce a new opportunity with @KrogerCo Community Rewards! Register your Kroger Plus Card & designate Clovernook using #83069

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byoboo - 5 y 243 d ago

I like to think I impress the self-checkout attendant at @krogerco by how awesome I am at self-checkout

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jackiedale - 5 y 243 d ago

@KrogerCo 2 get wine & baking pan & Catalina prints out coupon for box of Tampax. Not the case but funny MKTG logic #thatjusthappened

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SVdP_ATL - 5 y 243 d ago

Thank you @KrogerCo for the donation to SVdP which helps fight hunger in our communties.

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