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Jacki Crowe - 4 h 36 s ago


Krogers on 10th& Post closes all lanes after 10pm & lines are way pass the store office. This is ridiculous. If this continues your profit will start to drop. Maybe we need the News Media too come in & do a story about how business runs after 10pm.

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Jaquilla Crowe - 4 h 9 m ago


I shop at Kroger's on 10th & Post and after 10 PM your store shuts down all lanes & leaves open one self check lane & customers are back up pass the store office. This is disgusting for a store your size to operate like this. All customers are complaining. Keep this up & your store will start dropping profits by not caring about your customer.

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Daniel McClain - 1 d 1 h ago


Your Finneytown location is absolutely appalling your staff is not in uniform the store is not clean and your management is to busy fratrinizing with subordinate staff the kinds of discussions they are having is not appropriate for the work place nor is the constant smell a marijuana. Most of the time the staff is on their cells phones, and do you not have an employee break area? Before you walk into the store you can see several employees at any given time out front smoking. before any promotions are given that will effect management or staffing in any other stores you should re evaluate any prior descisions. Kroger is a very well know for its high standers this store does not meet those expectations at all.

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Anna Korkiewicz - 2 d 4 h ago


I am shopping at Kroger almost every day. I feel that it would be nice of Kroger Management if you provided stools for workers at registers. I cannot look at them standing all the time. It would help those people rest for a while and would not have any negative effect on their work. They wouldn't be so tired and definiately the work would be much nicer for them. That's what is done in Europe in many places. It would also show everybody that Kroger management cares for their employees. I would highly recommend it. Please, consider my request.

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Nanci - 2 d 13 h ago


I am trying to get our local Fry's store to carry a different flavor of a frozen product they already carry. Can anyone from Corporate reply to this to give me assistance please?

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Marlo Jackson - 3 d 14 h ago


I have shop for Kroger's the years for myself my children and for my family I am now 50 years old and I am disabled I contacted the store after setting up $200 worth of groceries clickit list two later found out from the storage location that Kroger's does not offer EBT SNAP payments this is truly an inconvenience for seniors and disabled people are such as myself or even parents on the Run so in the process of creating this you all target a certain demographics of people too bad my business is going to go to Walmart or Target I checked on their white website and both companies do offer EBT payment well I guess they realize that's a guarantee payment once the order is placed you don't have to ever worry about the credit cards being stopped or reported stolen or even just don't want it so hopefully the people that sits at the head of your boardroom will realize that they are losing a large demographics because of the convenience for the inconvenience I was a retail manager for 30 plus years and I saw things that was a convenient and an inconvenience for my customers and I also contacted the necessary people to let them know how the customer failed to see if we can do something about it well I guess Kroger's losers stocks for a reason hope you do better than their future

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Cynthia - 4 d 14 s ago


i won't to report a white guy with glasses and he is tall and he work at Kroger he was about racist toward black people

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Anonymous - 5 d 10 h ago

Kroger store at south pointing 27713, charged for a frozen cook $4 more. After claim on discount50%. And don't allow return. So bad anf disgraceful. The manager even shouted on a cudtomer' get out store.

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It's Me! - 5 d 13 h ago


I called to find out if a store was going to be built in my area. I was on hold for 20 minutes, only to hear someone on the other end chomping on food and they hung up on me. You people need to act like humans! The current store that is in my city is always filthy, the people are rude and I will just continue to shop at Publix. They are clean and they treat people with respect. Obviously, Kroger only hires rude and obnoxious people who only want to collect a paycheck.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

kroger store at SouthPoint Crossing, durham nc 27713 deceive customers on the price, put $1.00 tag on the cigarette and charge $1.50, deceoive customers. Manager was so rud and shout at me get out!

And charged original price on the last one frozen cheese in the whole store while put 75% discount tag in front of store until last closing sale. And don't allow return, and shout at customers get out.

This service manner and disgrace attitude leading bankrupt.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

kroger store at SouthPoint Crossing, durham nc 27713 deceive customers on the price, charge original price on the last one frozen cheese while put 75% discount tag in front of store until last closing sale.

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James Martin - 6 d 18 h ago


Re: "Click-it" Vs. EBT/SNAP Card

Dear Mr. McMullen:

With the excitement of several associates being able to use the Kroger's new "Click-it" on-line shopping, I wanted to try this myself on August 8th, 2018. Made various selections totaling $151.00 (+/-) and when I came to the section to pay, the online system required only a debit card or credit card. I searched the website for information about the new 'Click-it" system and seen one area that stated: (debit or credit card only).

So I called the Shelbyville, Indiana store and asked why I wasn't able to use my EBT/SNAP Card to make my purchase? She placed me on hold and came back saying that a manager stated it had something to do with Kroger's requiring a down payment or payment guarantee on that online purchase and EBT/SNAP does not allow that.

In the State of Indiana alone, thousands of customers using the EBT/SNAP Card continues to aid in the profit margins of the Kroger Company by shopping at Kroger's. However Kroger's develops this online program to make shopping easier and discriminates against those less economically and financially secured customers who rely on Government Assistance for food by depriving us the same access to the "Click-it" option as those who have cash available funds via a debit card or credit card.

Any form of discrimination by a Multi-Billion Dollar Company is an insult to the community, to those who are disabled and those who rely on Government Assistance to survive every day. Kroger's has ample funds to develop and design a more feasible website that would allow immediate use of its "Click-it" program allowing us with EBT/SNAP stop have the same access as those who are not on the EBT/SNAP Program.


When developing the "Click-it" system, the IT Department should have automatically implemented measures for use by EBT/SANP users, rather than waiting for a formal complaint by the Department of Justice or the American Civil Liberties Union, costing The Kroger's Company millions in litigation costs to fix this discriminatory act!

I hope by way of this Formal Complaint the Kroger's Company will make an immediate alteration in its on line services and make changes that would allow EBT/SNAP Cards to be used.

I'm going to send a copy of this letter to the Department of Justice and to the American Civil Liberties for their review and consideration to determine if any violations are in existence that would require the Kroger's Company to make change to their website allowing access of EBT/SNAP cards to be used in the "Click-it" on line shopping program. It will be there determination if a Class-Action suit is required for any violations, fines and fees.

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Richard Virgin - 7 d 13 h ago


I am writing to strongly protest the closing of the Fairview Plaza Kroger Store in Decatur, Il. This store not only has well served the general population, it also is the most convenient store for many elderly and poor residents who walk or ride the bus to the store. The reason given for closing the store was that it was not making a profit. As a person who has spent some time managing a grocery store, I find this to be very hard to believe. First of all the store had a strong shopping clientel and was always busy from opening until late in the evening. If the store was failing to show a profit, there were obvious steps which should have been taken prior to the drastic action of closing the store. There was no reason for the store to be open 24 hours. This community has changed over the years and the notion of being open 24 hours to serve the needs of all workers would have been appropriate in 1970, but not today. Money could have been saved by closing the store at 10 PM and this would not have had a dramatic effect on shoppers. It also would have reduced shop lifting opportunities which I gather were a problem during the overnight hours. Why not try this first before closing the store? Jumping from doing nothing to closing the store is reflective of a mentality that is similar to saying we encounter a little skirmish with another country so let's hit them with a nuclear bomb. This action is more reflective of poor onsite and poor corporate management rather than a lack of business. Do the right thing for the community and keep the store open until 10 PM, put the store under sound management and work with the community on whatever other problems you might be having.

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Barb Wetzel - 8 d 10 h ago


Finneytown Kroger is THE WORST. Waited over 30minutes for my clicklist order then it was the wrong order. I had to prove that what they were putting in my car was not on my receipt. Then the items they said they didn't have.....yeah, my husband walked right in and bought them. This store is dirty and shelves are NEVER shelves are stocked. I brought this issue to the attention of the manager. When I commented that I was surprised that their employees didn't know the basic inventory and where it is located I was told "that is too high of an expectation for our employees!". Seriously, that is asking too much of the people who work there to know where stock is located? What an insult to the people who work there. I WILL NOT SHOP IN THIS STORE AGAIN!

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Blanca - 9 d 7 h ago

On August 2 2018

I was shopping at the store on Phelan Blvd, when i was checking out one of the employees stated to look inside my bags I told her i already took care of the problem since the scanner was asking me to take the item out and re-scan so i did but one employee came and started to look inside my bags so i told her, hey its oak i already took care of the problem so i decided to take my groceries to a cashier so that she scan my things. but the employee that was checking my bags said hey your forgetting this so i told her no forget it I do not need the butter. so as i was going to take my groceries to a cashier she decided to throw the butter across and she hit my back and part of my face. so I asked to talk to a manager and I told him what had happened and he said I need to look at the cameras and he would decide then. its been 4 days and when I went back to the store the same employee was working and she just looked at me like saying, hahaha look I'm still here working

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Jacqueline M .Reed - 37 d 9 h ago


I went shopping at the Terry Road store on Greenwood rd. And Terry in Louisville on Sunday July 8th to shop spent $183.00 and had several coupons for Tide, Downy Unstoppables and tide pods .My total bill was $183.00 . I leave the store and return for a couple of items I forgot and the same checker comes up too me and says I got in trouble when you left because I let you use 5 coupons in which I was trained then they said I was only supposed to let you use 2. I apologized but what infuriated me was she said I guess the head checker asked was I black or white and what did I have on like I was a thief and they were going to get on the hot line.On top of everything I retired from Kroger and would never do anything under handed when my retirement comes from them.

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Ervin Myatt - 9 d 12 h ago


It is apparent Kroger's does not care about customer service to their shoppers. The president of this company spend time on National television delivering trends about customer care that is not true. I had a bad customer service experience with Kroger's location at: 4628 Presidential Pkwy, Macon, GA just recently on 8/05/2018. The deli department was not staffed properly and the manager on duty simply did not care about several people waiting in line for service. Also, inventory items in the meat department were depleted! I believe the best policy when customers experience the lack of service is simply start shopping with their competitors. In addition, start submitting thoughts on social media and contact trouble shooters with local television stations. This way, stock holders can be aware of how their money is invested with a corporation of this nature.

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Jj Tyler - 10 d 9 h ago


We live in lithonia GEORGIA and love shopping at KROGERS. HOWEVER, we visited one on Covington Highway over the weekend with big dissappointment. In the deli waiting for service only to find out that one employee was in charge of sandwiches, deli, and cooked chicken. . Any were Patiently waiting until the young employee decidecto take frustration out on one lady who wanted samdwiches. She then told the customer the sandwich line is closed at 4:00 pm. Customer ask for the Mgr she never called. CUstomer went to find mgr. When he came he made it worse by walking past us and talking to the sassy young employee. After 10 mins, they visibly embraced. He then came out and talked to the customer - that was enough for me. As I was checking out, I asked the cashier if it was like this every wknd. She said No but nobody likes that manager. Hope somebody cks it out. 4/04/2018 @ 4pm.

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David &Traci Lannum - 11 d 10 h ago


I made as much hay as I could; it wasnt a mistake tho, there is NO signage that denotes this particular. It is a corporate issue, not nec w the store itself but the checkers didnt know either AND my husband said the STORE MGR bagged our groceries and WATCHED us as the checker "Joe" discussed the fuel reward amount being wrong on my receipt and my heading to cust serv only to find out the details.

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No so happy - 13 d 8 h ago


I had a check returned and I sent a money order to Kroger's for payment of this check. When checking my credit score this check came up on my credit score. Now I have been on hold with customer service for hours trying to get someone on the phone to explain why this has not been fix in their system. No one will talk to me and they just keep transferring me to different people. I have the receipt for the money order . Tracking number and I am still on hold. I made a mistake that I tried to resolve . Now no one at this company will help me find out what happened to this check.

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Disregarded Kroger Customer of Cambridge Square Store in GA - 14 d 6 h ago


The Kroger Pharmacy at Cambridge Square in Brookhaven, GA is HORRIBLE!!!

Roger, one of the pharmacists is so rude and is the exact opposite of what someone you would expect to have serve your healthcare needs!

Consumers have so many choices-and guess whatit's not at all convenient to get prescriptions filled at the grocery store! So you should treasure every single customer who uses the pharmacy. The hours are limited and most stores don't have a drive up so you have to get out and go inRoger needs to be told that the company can be sued when you discriminate against customers because of inherent bias.

Roger at the Cambridge Square location in Brookhaven, GA is helping customers like me chose to go to Walgreens, CVS, Publix and the myriad of other places I can go to have my Rx filled.

Roger absolutely needs to gohe's ruining the experience for loyal Kroger customers.

Wake up Kroger Exec Management Team!! I've read many reviews in the last few days and the theme is the sameyou need to get your act together or you'll become obsolete. Amazon and other options will take over and the days of people dragging into your stores to be mistreated by awful employees like Roger will soon be gone! You're becoming a dinosaur...



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M3 - 15 d 12 h ago


Kroger has a pretty new , larger

updated store in BRENTWOOD, TN.

In my opinion this store is VERY

POORLY managed.

I have tried to point out some deficits to the mgr to no avail.

Suggest thorough audit of this store .

My opinion shared by others in this

upscale area.

Shame on Kroger upper mgt.

Asleep at the switch?

Too much golf to manage?

Indifferent CEO ?

Should we shop at Publix ?

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Upset - 18 d ago


So disappointed in the way Kroger treats their employees! Actually, disappointed is an understatement. There is an employee in your N. Myrtle Beach store who works tirelessly each and every day; goes beyond fantastic customer service; goes in when someone calls out - or stays late when someone leaves early. His name is Dave Onderdonk. Each and every time we shop he's more than helpful. He'll stop what he's doing just to help others. He ALWAYS is positive which is difficult to understand by the way he's treated. Kroger does NOT appreciate the employees that put money in corporate's pockets. So, we go there to see Dave and that's about it. Kroger is no longer our #1 store as it's been for so many years. Why doesn't some Corporate individuals try doing what their employees do each and every day, and then on top of that deal with rude, mean customers. You have assets that you aren't even aware of.

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Dissapointed - 18 d 17 m ago


I have been a loyal customer with Kroger's for years. 7 months ago I stopped receiving surveys on my receipts. I've called customer service and they were rude and no help. I've emailed several times and no response. This very sad because I'm losing points for not being able to do survey. I shop at least once a week and sometimes twice. Each survey is 50 points. I know you can only do 1 survey in 7 days and the surveys are random but 7 months is not acceptable.

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Niki - 19 d 17 h ago

I have been a loyal Kroger shopper in Midlothian Virginia for over 5 years. I have to express my disappointment in my shopping experience for the last months.

The produce has fruit flys and seems to be old by time it hits the store.

The store is never fully stocked no matter what day or time I come in.

Management seems to have internal problems.

What has happened? I can not continue to shop there with an absence in stock and produce that is less than suitable

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