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QFC, Seattle's Best Coffee, Quality Food Centers, Inc., Ralph's
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 762-4000
(513) 762-1575
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Anonymous - 7 h 41 m ago

You might want to get the FBI involved into QFC attempt to end the lives of their employees, stocking employees and having crazy people sticking them with hypodermic needles this can only lead to Mass chaos in the Seattle area

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ann crumm - 1 d 5 h ago


the Krogers/bakers on North 30th in Omaha Nebraska has such a fowl order when you go in the store you start looking for soiled diapers. I wont be going there again until the clean up the store. a store smell shouldn't make you want to throw up. I had been very happy with the store until someone decided to move things around. then for some reason make it stink

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Melony - 3 d 10 h ago


The Kroger in Springfield TN , horrible customer service, rude. Friday morning, long check, 2 cashier's. Friday mornings are busy! Maybe more cashier's? I asked her to open more lanes, was treated very rudely.

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BUTCH - 4 d 5 h ago


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Jay - 6 d 6 h ago

Kroger Pharmacy at Harrington Road, GA 30044 keeps losing prescriptions and is a horribly run pharmacy.

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Anonymous - 6 d 23 h ago does the one in Woodstock, Ga on Hwy 92!

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Krogeremployee - 9 d 9 h ago


We need air conditioning in Proctorville Oh store 781 it is miserable my customers complain all day and the workers are sick it's been so hot!

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Kim greenwood Indiana meridian pointe dr - 10 d ago


It is 9 at night on Friday night July 12th went into Kroger in greenwood Indiana on State road 135 at meridian point shopping center there was one checkout person and she was rude as hell and the backup line for the self check was backed up I don't do self check that's why you should have someone at the checkout lanes. Not self service. The witch at the second lane away from the customer service island was rude. Her light was off but she had people in her line. I asked if she could take me and if she was open. She very rudely said no but I guess I can take you. I will not shop at my Kroger any more. I will go to another one defore I go back to the meridian pointe in greenwood Indiana. I hope you get nicer night help.

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RICKEY S SMITH - 10 d 13 h ago

Can you please come to gruetli larrger TN

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Okemia Williams - 12 d 5 h ago


So I'm in Aiken Sc... We have a big problem in the dairy department. Everything I come to this store they have expired things in the dairy department. I WENT IN ONE NIGHT A PULLED OVER 50 YOUGURTS . Today I bought some cheese and got home to starthe on my husbands lunch and the cheese was bad. Yeap... it was expired... Called and talked to the Store Managers and he acted like he didn't care.... I only shop here and now I'm am taking my business else where.

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Phyllis Resnick - 14 d 7 h ago


We are 88 and 78 years old and handicapped. We just went to the Mechanicsville, vs store where we shop regularly. Their electric carts were all run down and one was broken. We had to come home because neither of us can walk more than 20 feet. We complain every week about them needing new batteries. It does no good. We have shopped here ever since the store has been here. We are seriously considering going to PUBLIX. Of course they have new carts. Does no one care if Kroger loses customers?

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Asb - 16 d 4 h ago


This Company doesn't give their employees enough hrs. To make enough money.Theirs times that you'll get zero hrs. So no money comming in they keep hiring but Corporate is stingy on giving their employees what they need. I was told Corporate doesn't care about their employees.

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Glenna Combs; - 16 d 5 h ago


The store on Towne Blvd Middletown was recently remodeled and is very nice, but items are not conveniently arranged; i.e. the commercial breads are no longer opposite the store bakery. This means if one is in a hurry and needs a loaf of bread, they do not check out the store bakery items. (Why would the wine, etc. be facing the bakery?) The produce dept. is really nice, especially with the salads being refrigerated. The cheese dept. is great, etc. I probably will never use the "caf" area but it is great addition to the store.

I am delighted to receive the booklets and coupons by mail, however why send me coupons for items no longer on the shelves? For instance I received a great coupon for Allegra, $5.00 off 30 or pills, but you only had boxes of 24 and 70! Meijer (directly across street) have boxes of 15, 24, 30 and 70. The price of the 70 pills is too much for my budget--thus a useless coupon. My favorite butter is Land O Lakes with Canola Oil , 8 oz. size. The smallest you carry is 15 oz. Not everyone uses butter at the same rate. (Meijer has all sizes. It doesn't seem sensible to make you faithful customers go to another store in order to purchase their favorite items.) Also Meijer carries many, many more soups, jams and jellies than Kroger.

I recently wished to purchase JELLO chocolate pudding that must be cooked; the only kind on your shelf was instant or sugar-free. Guess where I found it? Also there were 5 big empty spots in the bakery aisle, The detergent aisle also had many blank spots. I was told., before the remodeling began that the reason so many products weren't on the shelves was that a new computerized method of ordering was being tried out and it wasn't working, so employees would be going around noting what needed to be ordered. Well, apparently it still isn't working because every time I shop, usually twice a week, I see many empty spaces. When I asked if the butter would be ordered, I was told "if there is no open space for it, it will no longer be available!" Not what I wanted to hear...... I have been a customer for over 40 years and use my Kroger Master Card almost exclusively and really do appreciate the gas points and always buy my gas there.

A notification that this was received and read would be appreciated.

Thanks for your attention.


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Aka real life - 110 d ago

So we got to bring our own bags to buy food so ya'll niggers can save money because ya'll niggers want to get rid of plastic bags just bring back paper bags you dumb fucks like all ebt people like niggers you cater to got bags lol your stupid

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 109 d 6 h ago

Did you proofread dumbass?

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Hate stupid people - 75 d 11 h ago

you're *

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we get it, you're racist - 69 d 14 h ago


stop saying stuff behind a screen that you'd never say to their face, it's called be a HYPOCRITE and a terrible person

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Anonymous - 47 d 8 h ago

You my friend maybe upset but ur going to get no where but maybe in trouble hurt shot killed, and then what. If u want ppl to hear ur complaint then speak proper English and use respectful language.

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Bitchhhh - 46 d 8 h ago


Shut your white ass up. You'll get your broke ass whooped

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Anonymous - 41 d ago



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Anonymous - 40 d 15 h ago

What's a "s" life?

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anonymous - 34 d 20 m ago


wow how rude..if ya dont like what they are doing with plastci bags then dont shop there

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Anonymous - 24 d 15 h ago

You should just like red neck, cousin fucking, mud bathe and hillbilly. Please shut up, how is something good for everyone a bigger than. Go chew some tobacco and spit it in your cup while molesting your sister!!

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Mr. Chicago black - 21 d 15 h ago

Dear mr. Aka real life, we see that you have a Concerned Regarding Plastic bags. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience in which this as cost you. We was also wondering is there a possibility for us to solve the issue and concerning in which you have in a more relax matter. #koegelcustomersmatter

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Diane - 26 d 13 h ago


While picking up a prescription I put some soda into my cart. The sale price was 4 small 8 pack bottles for $12.. Of course only 2 8 pack bottles remained on the shelf. I asked a girl working there if she could check in the back to see if they had any more. Her name was Lee and she was VERY HELPFUL and did allot to try and help me. Upon her return Lee said there was no more in the back, but that she would go to customer service to try and get a sticker with the sale price. When Lee returned from customer service she said they would not sale it to me for the sale price and she was very sorry. Lee went out of her way to help me, however when I asked to see the manager Lenard a heavy set black woman appeared. She said she was the manager. She told me that they could not sale it to me for the sale price unless I bought 4 8 PACKS, TWO FLAVORS that I did not WANT to go with the two I did want, then bring the two I did not want back the next time I shopped to stand in line at customer service to get a REFUND!!!!!! How STUPID IS THAT! Also I was in a handicapped cart because I need surgery on my foot again. The last time I dealt with this same female manager after waiting in line was months ago. After waiting to check out for 17 minutes the cashier when to find this manager. The cashier returned after another long wait. This same B/F manager asked me if I had someone check in the back for my soda that was on sale. I had not that time, because in the past each time I've had someone check they always say there's none in the back. I also was still waiting to check out. I had two orders to be checked out, mine and a shut in's who can't shop for himself. The cashier ACTUALLY ASKED ME TO STEP ASIDE so she could ring others up while someone went to check for the sale soda in the back. I told her no, I had waited a long time to check out and she could ring both my orders up and just set the soda aside. I would pay for it separately if I bought it after all. After ringing up both my orders someone returned from the back and said there were no more sodas in back that I wanted. Then and only then did this same B/F Manager sale me the soda for the sale price. My whole check out experience took approximately 30 minutes. Needless to say I started shopping elsewhere again after being a loyal Kroger customer for 12 years or more. This same B/F manager has refused to open up checker lanes when shopping carts are backed up. I can go to Walmart if I want to stand in line for up to 17-30 minutes! I have better things to do with my time. Apparently you don't need my business. A new Food Lion is opening up near me and I will start shopping there. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago because of long check out lines. Customers with full carts cannot go to 15 items or less or self check out. If you were a manager worth your salt you would open up a new check out line when you see customers stacked up. Lenard is a good manager. He told me himself that he would speak to the other managers about the sale price issue. Common sense says it'a better to sale 2 than NONE at the sale price if you have no more in stock. I truly believe this B/F manager is prejudice against me, maybe all white people. You know discrimination can go two ways. I will return to Kroger as little as possible. Also your gas prices are higher than the station 1 block away, unless you have the 20-30 cent discount with your points. Just another reason to stop shopping at Kroger.

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Anonymous - 24 d 15 h ago


You sound really desperate for attention....the sale was on 4 packs not why would they sale you just 2 at the sale price. Seems like you went there each time asking the same crazy questions to get the crazy answers. Being honest, do you really think they care about one person not shopping with them!!!! Did you ever think there weren't enough cashier to open another lane, geesh!!

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