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Sidney Dieter - 14 h 26 m ago


As a former Kroger Co Employee, I worked at Smith in Gillette, Wyoming as a Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) for 4 or 5 years and it was a lot of fun and hard work. I am really upset with the companies decision to close down the Rood Ave Store in Grand Junction, Colorado which is located 5 blocks from my place of residence. I don't understand how you can say the store is not making profit, with 4 or 5 star hotels in the area and practically a crossed the street. I and a few others that live in this region need the store to remain open some can not make the journey to the North 12th Street store on foot. I know you guys have tried everything, but have you guys changed out one of the City Market Stores for a Smiths, which is all the Rood Ave Store needs is a rebranding make it feel more newer than the new one on 12th Street because everyone likes to check out the newer stores. Many don't realize City Market and Smith is the same company. Please don't make all of the disabled community that live in Downtown Grand Junction loose there beloved Store on Rood. I ask you guys to look into rebranding the store as a Smiths, this will better fit the Grand Junction downtown area and provide separation between the one on 12th Street and the one on Rood Ave. This is really a location you don't want to give up. The location of the store I want saved as rebranding is

City Market

200 Rood Avenue

Grand Junction, Co

I don't understand how the store could be doing badly when it recieves the exact same amount of customers and traffic is the newest one. If you compare the google traffic on Rood Ave with the google traffic on N 12th Street its the same amout of customers all the time. I have never been to the store when I have not seen crowds of people coming and going. Even after they built the one on 12Th Street, please don't make me walk 14 blocks for my food. If you rebrand the store you can keep your employees and if the rebranding don't work you can than close the store, but I don't think you want to loose that location. It worked in Glennwood Springs Colorado, rebranding a 28 year old store is better than closing it down. The stores rating is 5 stars on google.

Thanks for Listening,

I am displaying my name so you can lookup my name in the employee records as proof of a former employee.

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Sandra L Schwarznau - 4 d 8 m ago


I have been shopping at Kroger for many years & spend a significant of money every month at your store. I have always purchased gift cards with my US Bank Kroger credit card & have never had a problem until today. I was told that I would have to pay cash or use a debit card to purchase the gift cards. Has there been a change in the store policy?? I could have paid with my debit card but I chose not to purchase the $500 worth of gift cards. I'm sorry to say that I left your store feeling very disappointed today.

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Teresa wright - 3 d ago


I just had the same problem. I was buying $540 in various gift cards. I even offered to separate the transaction or let me daughter pay for half. They absolutely refused to sell me the cards in and capacity.

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Indiya - 39 d 6 h ago


At the Highway 20 store location in Covington (in which I long stopped going to) the sales associate named Deanna has a very nasty ass attitude and ironically is one to preach about energy and customer service. She always gives rude looks and picks and chooses who she acknowledges and does little petty/ childish things behind people's back. In my experience some small skinny girl in a kroger uniform kept looking at me all crazy , rolling her eyes but I kept ingorning when I got up to the cashier there was no hello , how you're doing just an eye roll and rude looks. It's amusing that one person can change your demeanor and yet if someone does the same to her she runs and cries wolf. Sis don't talk positive when you're actually toxic. She's also treated my friend like shit and my friend didn't do anything to her! I've met plenty of people who have similar stories about this lady whose actual name is Deanna Griffin.

I hesitated to write reviews because I was told that her friends will downplay your experience and defend her.

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Anonymous - 31 d 14 h ago

I've been put on hold three times and the bakery manager actually hung up on me and was nasty to me on the phone can't get anybody to call me back or answer the phone so I'm going to call corporate headquarters and file a complaint every person that has put me on hold this morning from the Georgia store by Centerville has been rude. When you listen to their recording it says friendly service they must be talking about a Walmart somewhere

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I had the same experience

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Rosemary - 9 d 13 h ago


I usually go to Kroger's store on Maple Road and Lahser in Bloomfield Hills, MI. You have a manager in that store that first name is Rick. He is AWESOME person and so very helpful. He is a truly an asset to your corporations.

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Donna - 10 d 4 h ago

Kroger discriminated against the south by charging higher prices!

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Phil Wiley - 11 d ago

The last several Saturday's I have been in the Kroger on Hwy 20, Sugar Hill, Ga., of which I have been a regular customer for the past 4 years, they never have enough registers open. I know they are pushing self checkout but when you have a lot of groceries with coupns you need a human being cashier to timely checkout. Today, December 1, 2018, there were 7 unopened registers while my wife and I waited 10-15 minutes to checkout. When I questioned why no more registers were open I was told 4 employees called in sick. I can understand that but that's when you call in more employees! I don't understand but I believe Kroger doesn't care since obviously they are making a lot of money. I am seriously considering Publix, Walmart and Aldi's. Kroger appears not to care. Soon I may not care to shop at Kroger!

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Karen - 11 d 11 h ago

I am extremely disappointed in the Kroger Stores in the state of Virginia for their decision to force the Salvation Army to move its annual Christmas Bell fund raising from the entrance doors to several feet down the sidewalk. The cold, wet weather along with various other factors would cause a significant loss to donations for people having to walk so far away. This forced Salvation Army to set up at other locations that still appreciate the awesome service they provide to our community. I not only spend a significant amount of money shopping at Kroger for groceries, but also purchase from the pharmacy and get gas there as well. I will now do the majority of my shopping at Wal-Mart where they still support the Salvation Army. The local News Station said they have to consider the complaints that they received regarding solicitation. First of all, the Salvation Army never asks anyone to contribute. They ring there bells and say Merry Christmas to those who contribute. I ask you to consider the percentage of those complaints to the people leaving the Kroger stores to find a location that does accept the wonderful service the Salvation Army provides to our community.

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Linda - 12 d 10 h ago


In Vandalia Ohio Kroger it does not matter what time of day or what day you go they can never keep the store Stocked it's like we've had a blizzard with no snow this has been going on for over a year and keeps getting worse I have stop and talk to management about this issue five times it does not seem to help

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Susan - 13 d 9 h ago


I am done! The Kroger at 71st and Binford in Indianapolis, IN, In August at 5:00pm i go to get a salad from salad bar, it is broke down, i ask the girl as she is carting off the stuff closed already? Yes, we are short staffed so i closed it early so i won't have so much closing stuff to do. I was really angry, so the store is short staffed and i the customer get to pay the consequence of this. At this point i started visiting a different Kroger, the one at Geist, really like it, however is not as big, so I end up visiting both to fullfill my shopping needs. I have been ok with this until the last visit at 71st and Binford on November 20th, the store is very busy due to holiday, and WHAT???? at 7:00pm NO rotisserie chicken, and are not going to make any. This of course ruined my dinner plans for that night and i did not get to use my $1 coupon since it was the last day. It is a constant inconvenience to me to shop here, also not to mention I ALWAYS at least once while i am there have to ask for someone to reach somehting up high because they are really bad about keeping stock pulled forward. The customer service is just lacking, it is more convenience for me to go to Market district a little further away, but at least i will get what i want and shelves always look nice and orderly, not to mention a HUGE selection and they too have fuel perks. Then just to rub a little salt in the wound, when i called the corporate office, because i wanted to speak to a human and not write this, i got hung up on after waiting 5 minutes on hold. Kroger i am done.. FYI, i quit shopping at Marsh a few years ago because of customer service issues, and shortly after that they closed due to bankrupt......just saying....there are other shopping options for those of us with cars.

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Paul - 13 d 10 h ago


My concern is that everytime I go to the Krogers on 19 7th Ave in Huntington WV the shelf's are not stocked or stuff pulled forward. On November 22, 2018 I went there and was looking for gravy and had to get down on my knees to find what I was looking for because nothing had been pulled forward. Everytime I go in there the freezer section is not stocked. They had a grand reopening this summer and it has been this way sense the grand reopening. You can go to any of the other two Krogers in the area and you don't have this problem. Have talked to the manager and all he keeps saying is we are working on this.

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Ashley Griffith - 19 d ago

Tonight I went into a Nashville ,TN Kroger in the neighborhood I live in. Now I dont frequent this Kroger as much even though I stay right down the street. Let me first say I am an African American woman who lives in the Green Hills area of Nashville which is considered a more rich suberb part of Nashville. The reason I dont frequent my neighborhood Kroger is because everytime I come in this store in particular with my boyfriend who by the way is also black. The recording comes on alerting that local law enforcement wants you to be vigilant of ypur surroundings and keep your wallet and everything close to you. Okay now I totally understand that you have to be careful thats not the part that upsets me its when I hear security check section yellow or any color which I know is more than likely a certain part of the store multiple times while shopping. Now you can say oh its automated or its on a timer right. Tonight though really took the cake. I went into my neighborhood Kroger on 21st Hillsboro Pike to withdraw money off my card as I have done so in the past. Now tonight in particular when I walked up there was a manager watching the register while cashier ran to assist in self check out. I was greeted with what can I do for you? In which I replied I would like to withdraw $1,300.00 off of my card in which had a total of $1,600.00 in which I received via my employer. The manager said do you have a kroger card? I again replied yes and was getting ready to enter mu number but he stopped me for no apparent reason and started fiddling with the keyboard as if he was doing something. Now at this time the cashier returned and was asking how can I help you? In which the manager not me replied she wants to take $1,300.00 off her card do yoy have enough. Now it seemed kind of strange and he was looking at her in a way to basically say agree with me. The cashier then says oh I'm not sure I might not have enough. Huh? So now were guessing the amount of money in drawers now. Then the manager says let me check pops open drawer and then says let me check the safe. Now its just me and the cashier and my boyfriend off to the side.Then the cashier follows manager into the office then comes back out moments later In which I tell the cashier if thats ro much I can withdraw a lower amount. The cashier says no he will be right out he is counting the money. The manager steps out and says to withdraw that amount of money due to a new policy I need I.D. Now I have never been asked for my I.D before to use my debit card which I being the one to create my pin would be the only person to have it. I then say I dont3 habe my I.D. but this is my debit card not a credit card and I have my pin. The manager then says due to a new policy if you request a certain amount which he never disclosed we now ask for I.D. Which I again say well I dont have my I.D as this is my debit card I have my pin well then if thats the case can I withdraw $900.00. The manager then proceeds to say if I try and change the amount to go around the security feature he wont do any transaction for me. So now I am being stereotyped because Im black and refused service. So I walk away and grab one of the other things I originally came instore for. Now this time I approached the counter again this time with my phone recording so that I can have all the bs I am abour to be told recorded. I ask the manager who is now standing in the corner texting wuth cashier present again why can't I withdraw funds from MY debit card again without I.D. To which the cashier says some people came instore a few weeks ago with cards that were not theirs trying to use them. How did I know something like that would be said. So I said with debit cards? In which I got a response from manager saying again its a new policy that tthey just started. I ask how much can I withdraw without my I.D he then says $100.00 from the register in self check out not here. Now when. I left out I called Kroger on 8th ave in Nashville and asked about withdrawing funds and imagine my surprise when asked about a doing a withdrawl for $1,300.00 what would I need? I was told nothing. So where is the policy thats company enforced. Now again I have this stuff recorded its not made up and I will be sending this to the news. So again you all are probably thinking Why do I feel like I was sterotyped? Ask yourself that question.

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Jo Ann Welch - 19 d 9 h ago


In Ridgeland, MS, the 7 Clickit parking spaces are at the front of the parking lot nearest the store. This is a popular location and parking is at a premium most of the time. However, the 7 Clickit spaces are never full, and today they were totally vacant. We had to park well beyond the store and the spaces and walk in the cold weather to do our inside shopping. IMHO, it would better serve the public if the Kroger employee delivering Clickit orders would have to walk further out to deliver groceries and you use the Clickit spaces for patrons who go inside to shop.

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Chris - 19 d 14 h ago


Went to kroger today at nashboro village in Nashville is black Friday and they only had 2 cashiers .store is severely understaffed. Wish corporate would step in and do something especially with it being black Friday. Cashier said they didn't have anyone else to work .lines were getting long as well.

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Regina64 - 21 d ago


Just love your Carrollton , Ga. store ! But , the meat department is totally gross!

I love to late night shop there , the employees are awesome! I work the late shift at my job , and it's great to have a grocery store open 24hrs.

But , I was told last night that this store is going to start closing at 1am. Til 5 am. !! I am just devastated!!!!

I would much rather shop at Kroger than Wal-mart any day !!! Now, I'll be forced to shop at Wal-mart.

I don't understand a company this big closing for 4 hours!

Losing loyal customers that really depend on you being open .

Totally disappointed with Kroger , as I know a lot of people will be .

I sure hope you reconsider.

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Lando Steele - 24 d 4 h ago


I went to the Kroger's on Wayne avenue in Dayton, Ohio. This place is called The Ghetto Kroger's for good reason. What a dump. This place should be condemned. I was afraid to touch anything. This place is so dirty.

Downtown residents need a nicer, larger shopping center. With all the neighborhood improvements like South Side, Twin Towers, Oregon District, River scape, Fifth Third Field. It's time Kroger's either up grades or leaves the area. I speak for a lot of customers now is the time to step up. Step up or close down.

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Angel Givens - 26 d 5 h ago


I did work for King Soopers in Colorado Springs #134. They fired me for not listening to the whole truth to what had happened. They took my hours and vacation pay from me also nothing being done by noone for not getting my vacation pay. I can't believe this Company is so rudely mean towards Employees. How they make up stories and not showing the real truth on cameras it needs to be investigated. I believe in GOD not to lie. I have told the truth what happen that day. I was shot down like a criminal. Me being a Christian I know what is right and wrong. Still the Company did not believe me or forgive of that incident. When I worked the late nightshift me and other workers were complaining of needing a Security Guard it is getting real bad there Customers would bring guns in the parking lot and getting yelled at while the Courtesy clerks are pulling carts, and wants to run over them with their car. It's just not safe there. Managers saying we were just crying for nothing. Someone will get hurt there. Courtesy clerks are scared and they quit. I really loved my job.Angel

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Annie - 35 d 10 h ago


Now they want you to buy 10 of different products to get a discount. I am so done with Kroger. Was a loyal customer for years but now will go to either Walmart or Aldis.

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Disgusted - 29 d 9 h ago

I agree with you, Annie.

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Disgusted - 29 d 9 h ago


CLICKLIST - BEWARE!!! IF they substitute an item with a 5 for $5/10 for $5 discounts their MEGA SALE, it will forfeit the savings on your bill. IF you buy something with a coupon, they may not substitute with a different flavor but a different brand, you will not get the savings of the coupon. You MUST call in the same day if there is an error, so that they can view the order which is impossible if you pick your items up late in the evening. Now I have to take your receipt in physically. I started writing notes in comment section of each item for the count of the mega sale items, coupons, un-click substitution if I am purchasing only because of a coupon, and even commented to fill with another mega sale item I am already purchasing if out of stock or a different flavor of the same product --- don't bother, it doesn't make a difference. I place $200-$300 orders usually 2 times a month, stock up on sale items and finish my shopping for the household in that order. They use to put their money where their mouth is - if they screwed up in the beginning, I kept the item and they refund the full amount and then some. If they missed items, you could go back and pick it up without being charge for them. OH and the biggest thing- if they were out of the item you order, they substituted with a name brand for the price that you would buy the chosen item for. Lately I have been getting Kroger or Private Select that I rarely ever buy.. I quit shopping at Kroger because of the coupon & Mega sale count hassle. It looks like the hassle continues with the CLICKLIST and then some. Now I hear things like we have high turn over of order pickers and I am expected to go through a long receipt in the car - in the dark to assure that I am getting all my discounts. You get the idea... I have a $10 credit on my account, so I have to order one more time. I would suggest the Meijer free delivery at this point, they charge a little extra change for each item picked, but I am beginning to realize that in my case, I will actually save money from the extra money that Kroger gains on each order from me and the $5 click list charge may be a near wash at this point and I don't have to leave the house. Good luck!

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meg A - 37 d 5 h ago


What a joke you guys are. 3 hours on the phone for two days. Still no refund of the money you stole from my credit card. You pass the buck. Say you cannot do anything. Yet your employee sold me a gift card, charged me $100 for it then took the money off the card but left it on my credit card . When my daughter tried to used it she was told there was no money on it. WE called the Gift card company and they tracked it back to the cashier. How was it left. I have to call the financial department again tomorrow and do this all over again. Why? No manager at the store that stole the money. 800 south 900 east salt lake city. Don't show here. these people are so dishonest.

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Ken Battis - 39 d 8 h ago


Kroger Steubenville has terrible service, and could not even get me a manager to speak to, in over 30 minutes of waiting. I still need an answer on how my deliver order was so messed up, why we had to have someone wait for more than 2 hours to receive the delivery, only to have to call to find out it had been abandoned without delivery and no updates via the automated system.

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Stacey from Oak Ridge,TN - 41 d 11 h ago


I've shopped at Kroger's for a very long time as well a the pharmacy department. All my family members do as well. I'm complaining today reguarding the pharmacy department. The store I shop at is in Oak Ridge Tn. It's a very busy pharmacy & grocery store. They recently made changes to the hours of the pharmacy & us loyal customers kept getting our medications filled there. Today when I went to pick up medication refills the drive threw was open but NO one to work it. After sitting patiently for 15 minutes with cars lined up behind me I drove around & went into the store. One pharmacist & one employee Christine working by themselves. They were both working to the best of there ability to take care of a very busy pharmacy with high volume. No lunch break or bathroom breaks allowed for employees with no relief or help. This is against the law by the way. They aren't allowed to close the drive threw window either even though there was no one to work it. Very disappointing in a company like this. We the customers have been loyal through the rearranging of the store this summer, when we liked the way it was & new where everything was. We adjusted to the new hours of the pharmacy & linger wait times in line & for our medications. But working fabulous employees like this is unacceptable. I think it's time to take my busy someplace else. Thank you, stacey

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