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Rodney 602 - 15 h 14 m ago


Anyone wanting to join the Kroger CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT over Amazon Gift Cards that were sold that were not valid. Please email me so I can add you to the list.

In a Fry's supermarket just before Christmas, I bought $450 worth of Gift Cards for my kids. Four of the five were not valid and had already been used. Another person came in with the same problem at the same time. Therefore it was not my problem but Fry's. The manager said someone would contact us in the next few days. It did not happen and we notified Chase of the dispute. Kroger is now challenging that. I suspect this is a universal problem and not just a few. So if it happened to you let me know.


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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


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Peter Bentz - 2 d 4 h ago



I was very sorry to learn that when the corporate boys of Kroger visited The Metro Market in Shorewood, WI, that they made the decision to disallow the meat deli to continue selling the ends of cold meats, yet allow the continued sale of bruised / ripe and blemished fruit for 29 cents

a pound.

The meat ends previously sold out very fast.

What kind of an arbitrary decision was that ? It was a bad decision.

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James M Rosenberg - 2 d 5 h ago


Kroger, You have Citizens of this Country wasting hours each week, especially like me - a senior citizen on a fixed SS check because my retirement was stolen. And, it is obvious that Kroger does not think of the ramifications of the time loss from living*, or that of its CUSTOMERS - not yelling, for emphasis. But, first, why don't YOU just give us the best price of the day, in the store, on the isle or in the produce department, frozen foods, cheese, or meat department, etc, coupled with the specials that you are advertising here, and taking up people's time every time you send out an email seeking sales, or the Wednesday flier that we comb through to see what's on sale; i.e., where we can save a few buck$. You will save corporate dollar$, and the Citizens of this Country will be talking about Kroger in a positive manner. Let's say YOU have 2,800 stores in the United States, it's likely that you have 10,000,000 customers or more. NOW, let's say each customer spends 1 hour a week looking to save a buck or two with your emails, advertisements, the Wednesday in mail flier, etc, that's 40,000,000 hours per month that you are using of Citizenry time to save a few buck$, when you could put the price, and sales, on the isles, etc. throughout the stores, and allow those 40,000,000 man-hours per month go to good use, such as volunteering for a charity, building a home with Habitat for Humanity, go help your Church, spend a little more time with the children and family, help the elderly, etc. There are a myriad of good and positive places to spend 40,000,000 hours, vs. trying to save a buck or two at Kroger, when Kroger could stop all of this tom-foolery, and just give US, your customer, the best prices, and sales, in the store daily, and not abuse and waste so much of your customer's time. Please listen, time is precious. I'm 71-years old, and have learned the lesson now, because my clock is not as long as the average 25-year old woman or man. Be cognizant of the amount of energy that you are causing Americans to utilize, to save a few buck$... INSTEAD, please take a new attitude and be beneficial to your customers, and take the lead in the Country, by offering your Customer the best deals daily in the stores (including sales), and stop wasting so many hundreds of thousands of man-hours, if not millions of hours, with people trying to save a few buck$ at Kroger Please honor your customers! You will be paid back in like kind and quality, and will garner more customers. I am a loyal customer; ask Art, I am in his store Parker at Custer, Plano, TX, if I am not in the store weekly. BUT, you can look in your computer and tell me how often I am in my Kroger store. I, for one, am getting tired of your tomfoolery, buffoonery, monkey business, shenanigan, and horsing around at my grocery store, Kroger! Get serious please; stop wasting out time to save a few buck$. Just put your best price in the store for us, including the sale items, and you will reap dividends from your existing customers, and the new customers that will come flocking to Kroger! James Rosenberg, Founder & CEO Arts & Education 4 DFW Youths (hidden) -------------------------- Arts & Education 4 DFW Youths is a life-enriching program established to provide under-served youths with the opportunity to experience live-stage Performing Arts, educational programs at a local University, Colleges, and the Museums, coupled with educational packages that focus on S T E M, Skill Sets, and a new Reading Programs, READS. (After-school and summer programs.) Established October 2nd, 2010, we have facilitated 6,000 youngsters' attendance at a variety of performances, events, and educational programs during the last 8 years in DFW, TX. Facebook: Website: Donations are the life-blood of any nonprofit organization. Please Donate: Thank you! for the children, inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation d/b/a Arts & Education 4 DFW Youths. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

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New Food Giant shopper - 6 d 5 m ago


Used to be my favorite grocery store. Lately is been more like a Walmart, only less helpful. They have discontinued a lot of brands I have purchased faithfully for years, now I am forced to go to walmart to purchase. Also I get ready to check out and there will be one, two at the most lanes open. They are trying to get us to use click list, or scan bag, go or the other options of not dealing with a real person. It's a shame, the front end at the store I used to shop, up until a couple of hours ago, is some of the rudest women, or should I say meanest girls, have no business dealing with public. I know corporate wants to be very tech savvy, with all the other opportunities for technical advancement, but I do believe you are putting a knife to your throat for a couple extra dollars. This may work in larger cities, but here in Jackson Tn, there are a lot of people that loved the customer service we have been accustomed to. Been a great run, but it's over for this girl.

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Alan J Singer - 7 d 7 s ago


I have been filling prescriptions at your Thompson Station TN pharmacy for over ten years. Ever since a change in your Pharmacy Manager Patric things have been going down hill. When my Dr sends over electronic to the store when I,m sick I used to get it in half and hour. Now I was told it now takes 2.5 to 3 hours to have a prescription filled.I do not know what the company standards are for timely service but this is way to long and because of this I will be changing pharmacies. Very sad when a employee tells you if you don,t like it leave. Well this customer is taking her advice.

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Linda - 7 d 8 h ago

I used my card at your kroger in groveport ohio and someone got my card number and used it i tried calling store to let them know and the girl was rude and seemed lime she didnt care

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Dan bergaus - 9 d 27 s ago


They closing krogers here in Grand Prairie tx.I guess krogers doesn't care about people,,JUST THERE BOTTOM LINE,Maybe if they didn't pay there ceo 11.5 million a year,this is just plain STUPIDITY ..Guess that what a higher education gets you

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Sonny - 10 d 4 h ago


They are closing our Kroger store in Denison, TX, this April. It has been here in the same location, since 1960. It is a small outdated store that been a big help to the downtown people. Many would walk to the store and now have no low cost store to go to. Many people of our town would not go to the store because of the run-down condition and location. The isles were not wide and hard to get down. The back of the store at times had a bad smell that was very strong. Most middle and upper class people will not come to a store like this, Our town will only have two grocery stores and it is growing very fast. Everything is moving west of town near the highway. If they had any sense, they would build a NEW store in that area where all class of people would shop. Just go south of town to the other Kroger store will do and let another grocery chain build out west of town.

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Sidney Dieter - 70 d 14 h ago


As a former Kroger Co Employee, I worked at Smith in Gillette, Wyoming as a Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) for 4 or 5 years and it was a lot of fun and hard work. I am really upset with the companies decision to close down the Rood Ave Store in Grand Junction, Colorado which is located 5 blocks from my place of residence. I don't understand how you can say the store is not making profit, with 4 or 5 star hotels in the area and practically a crossed the street. I and a few others that live in this region need the store to remain open some can not make the journey to the North 12th Street store on foot. I know you guys have tried everything, but have you guys changed out one of the City Market Stores for a Smiths, which is all the Rood Ave Store needs is a rebranding make it feel more newer than the new one on 12th Street because everyone likes to check out the newer stores. Many don't realize City Market and Smith is the same company. Please don't make all of the disabled community that live in Downtown Grand Junction loose there beloved Store on Rood. I ask you guys to look into rebranding the store as a Smiths, this will better fit the Grand Junction downtown area and provide separation between the one on 12th Street and the one on Rood Ave. This is really a location you don't want to give up. The location of the store I want saved as rebranding is

City Market

200 Rood Avenue

Grand Junction, Co

I don't understand how the store could be doing badly when it recieves the exact same amount of customers and traffic is the newest one. If you compare the google traffic on Rood Ave with the google traffic on N 12th Street its the same amout of customers all the time. I have never been to the store when I have not seen crowds of people coming and going. Even after they built the one on 12Th Street, please don't make me walk 14 blocks for my food. If you rebrand the store you can keep your employees and if the rebranding don't work you can than close the store, but I don't think you want to loose that location. It worked in Glennwood Springs Colorado, rebranding a 28 year old store is better than closing it down. The stores rating is 5 stars on google.

Thanks for Listening,

I am displaying my name so you can lookup my name in the employee records as proof of a former employee.

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Brian - 10 d 5 h ago

Sidney, it's a shame corporate makes decisions for companies. NONE of them are smart or good at making rational decisions. I mean think about it: Idiots making lasting decisions that impact EVERY aspect of life when they NEVER visit or monitor a specific store in question, they don't interact with employees, customers, not even delivery drivers to see what logistical issue(s) they are experiencing. It's a shame MORONS are the one's picked to run corporate and not people with common sense.

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Brian - 10 d 5 h ago


I can't even think of how I can be nice in explaining this when this happens EVERY single weekend but I am going to try! Your Kroger store located at 4115 Columbia Road in Martinez, Georgia has a MORON for a store manager! A little over 5 weeks ago I asked the manager why the store refuses to update it's stock of Milo's sweet and unsweetened teas. The answer I got was, "We sell a lot of stock and it's hard to keep it up from the demand." Can you believe that answer?! You know something? The average Joe that HAS common sense would immediately think, "We need to stock MORE since we are selling a lot of it so therefore let's order MORE next time." Well, your store manager either has no common sense, is an idiot, or absolutely refuses to do his job! You people even have a computerized system that lets you know how much stock you have, how much you sell, when you sell it, and at what rate you are selling. You cannot sit there and tell me that you haven't noticed the sales of this product in this particular store! I am sick and tired of coming into that Kroger on a Saturday night, Sunday afternoon or even on Monday morning and there is NO Milo's tea out on the shelf! NONE! This is nothing more than sorry *** incompetent foolishness! And what's also asinine is the small area that is reserved for the Milo's tea to sell! A 1 foot by 2 foot area?! Are you serious?! I will send you a picture to show exactly how stupid and ignorant this looks! I have already notified Milo's of how Kroger is doing a disservice to their product by not making it available to the consumer. I'm surprised Walmart hasn't driven your company into the ground! It's nothing but pure ignorance and sorriness!

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MELODY - 13 d 11 m ago


I am writing to let you know how disappointed that I am in the way our Fred Meyer has done nothing but go downhill for the last few years. Everything has changed from food item not being carried anymore to removing the majority of clothing and adding the brand Dip which is awful. The quality sucks!, I have shopped our local store since its opening in the 80's. You need to realize that the west coast people are not the same as the east coast. PLEASE STOP THESE CHANGES AND BRING BACK THINGS THE WAY THEY WERE. I WILL BE LOOKING TO SHOP ELSEWARE!

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Ethan - 13 d 12 h ago


Worst company I have ever worked for. They make things way too hard to accomplish and will screw you every chance they get. I even have to go to the IRS and retort them just to get my W-2.

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Peggy - 28 d 4 h ago


I just finished downloading coupons. Again I had to go back through my downloaded coupons and remove some in order to download more and not go over the 150 coupon limit. I really find it ridiculous to limit customers to a limit when you have so many different products. Frys once was my major grocery store for shopping needs. Lately that has changed due to Safeway having better prices and UNLIMITED coupons to download. I also have noticed that many of the products I once purchased have been eliminated from the shelves. It's not just me who has noticed the changes. Many of my friends have changed to Safeway as well.

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Sue - 28 d 9 h ago


I have been trying to reach any one in the customer services department about a claim for almost a week and have yet to reach a human person. How do I go about contacting a real person.

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PWMc - 32 d 14 h ago


I have been a loyal patron of your stores in Indianapolis for forty-five years and its a shame when you have a manager of your store at 65th and Keystone treat not only the african american patrons, but also your african american employees like crap. Not only do we as people help make businesses prosper; but a good word , good job, welcome or I know I'm new to this store he tends not to listen to his long time employees, his name is Patrick Miller. I am trying not to go to the BBB, AG and EEOC so there it is have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous - 35 d 20 m ago

I'm your ex employee who you let go after work for your company 12 years ......your "manager " make me sign a paperwork saying I resign even know I'm sick and when I went out for surgery I train 2 people to take my place until I coming back but the manager already gat someone she and her co manager want so when I return after surgery everyone telling "watch " your job but I say I'm good I don't need to worry about anything......I was so wrong on that after I came back every Monday I'm in the manager office about stupid things getting written up from September 24 until December 4 they didn't fired the person who was doing wrong only me not fired I was " resign " I have all evidence I wasn't doing any wrong you manger who even k don't have no clue about running your store make me sigh

Oh did I told you I'm type 1 diabetic and when she make me sigh that " resign" paperwork my suger was so low my doctor write a paper work but she went I'm just let you know so everyone can see how your company works........and work discrimination being filed with diabetes of America so YOU GUYS WON'T DO THIS TO ANYONE ELSE !!!!!!

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ELena - 44 d 6 h ago

I frequently moved to downtown Houston. Leaving in cypress for about 4 years. I had been going to Kroger's just about every other day after work to the store on Barker cypress and Tuckerton store number 115 . I had a return that i Purchased about a month ago . receipt clearly shows Debit. Neftali the service cashier stated that she couldn't give me cash back. It had to go on credit card. David Manager on duty was to busy on the phone didn't even get off the phone to speak to me and hear me out. He literally told the cashier and i that it had to go back on credit card. I have been in retail before if the card has cleared and it was used as Debit then money should be returned if requested by customer. He didn't even want to override and simply said it was fine to call corporate instead of helping a customer needs. I told them i would use that money for a western union for a family member back home. When cash goes back to credit card usually takes about 72 hours. This manager shouldn't even be working as a manager or simply needs to be trained properly according to Customer service. He was rude and didnt even hesitate to say the corporate number was on bottom of receipt. Store Number

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RS - 35 d 9 h ago


i agree David is rude. I had a bad experience with him on yesterday. I just called the corporate number and complained on him. he needs to find another store to work in.

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sandy lupfer - 40 d 14 h ago


I will not be shopping at Krogers any longer, they have been eliminating groceries I buy over the last several years since their renovation, I liked freshlike vegetable because they are among a very few that are still processed in the USA, they carry all seafood from countries that do not practice clean food handling, I like Schnucks, they have fresh meats that are tender and sea food that is harvested from the USA waters or Canada. They have programmed the shoppers as to what to buy, I like a certain brand for a reason

My family has shipped Krogers for over 60 years but not anymore, Aldi's isn't bad either

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sandy lupfer - 40 d 14 h ago


I will not be shopping at Krogers any longer, they have been eliminating groceries I buy over the last several years since their renovation, I liked freshlike vegetable because they are among a very few that are still processed in the USA, they carry all seafood from countries that do not practice clean food handling, I like Schnucks, they have fresh meats that are tender and sea food that is harvested from the USA waters or Canada. They have programmed the shoppers as to what to buy, I like a certain brand for a reason

My family has shipped Krogers for over 60 years but not anymore, Aldi's isn't bad either

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Pat Brannon - 44 d 10 h ago


I have been a faithful Kroger shopper for many years,but sad to say I don't think they really care anymore...I shop at the Kroger in Lake Jackson Clute Texas store..

The past four Saturdays before Christmas between 10:00 and 12:00 only two registers are open...Both registers had long lines and no one was called up front to help..I have been in the store many times when managers and assit managers are just standing around talking.....This is unacceptable.. I remember a time when managers would pitch in and help check,this doesn't happen anymore......I do not use or want to use "self checkout" I am 78 years old......That's like me going to a fast food restaurant and them telling me to go cook my own hamburger !!!!!! You need to focus more on your in store customers instead of the customers they shop online...... Also your courtesy booth people are extremely rude they need to look up the word Courtesy.......I hope some action can and will be taken with this problem because as of now Customer Satisfaction isn't very high on your list...

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Anonymous - 46 d 10 h ago

I was wondering if any krogers have a secret shopper with great deal of food Safety. If you would call me or text me thank you Debbie ford

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JOHN S - 54 d ago

I live in South Knoxville area of Knoxville, and we have a bank SunTrust that's a big service to its customers located inside your store of 4409 Chapman Highway.I do know this to be true, but, the bank that was handling the decision to close its door from your 4409 Chapman Highway store leaving in February. Now the Reserve bank that made the decision to move didn't say why that made the decision to close. I think that KROGERS Corporate or whosoever handles leases decided not to renew SUNTRUST's lease for this year. If this is true you not renewing, you must understand that SUNTRUST gives your store at 4409 Chapman lots of business, not just on the 1st and the 3rd of each month of those on Social Security but regularly this bank has long lines. if its true, don't you want these bank customers to partake in your store as its very handy? If this is true about the lease, please reconsider. I hope you see this, some posts seem to be up a long time and hope they've been answered.

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