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Sandra biggs - 6 h 31 m ago


I work at 529, i have told my manager that I can (not) work 1:30 to 10:00 they keep trying to work me that shift. I have told them what I can and can not work, they will not work with me,i work at 529 my name is Sandra biggs.

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unhappy ralphs customer - 2 d 6 h ago


On 6/21/2018 I was in the Ralphs Grocery Store located on "G" St in Downtown San Diego it was about & or 8pm. I was standing in the back near the restrooms trying to get some assistances finding some bread. I noticed the doors were open that lead to the back area of the store so I was sure sooner or later an employee would emerge and I could get some assistance.

At the same time there was a father with his two children trying to get the restroom open for his 5 or 6-year-old daughter.

A male employee emerged from the open door and I stopped and asked him if he could look in the back and see if he could find me some sourdough bread because I didn't see any on the shelf. At first he said that "Bakery isn't my department" but then turned to go into the back and look for me. Just as he turned away the man with the daughter who needed to use the rest room got his attention by saying "Hey! Hey! Hey! can you open the restroom real quick? The employee turned around and said to the father "my name isn't Hey Hey Hey, I have a name" and he pointed at his name tag. The father again asked for him to open the restroom for his daughter and when Jose wouldn't the father did get upset. Jose then just walked away from the area, didn't help me and didn't open the restroom for the little girl.

When I got to the self-check out I asked to speak to the manager and explained how employee Jose was very rude to me and the father and that he refused to open the restroom for the little girl. After I paid for my items I went looking for the father to let him know that I had complained to the manager about Jose and as I was looking I met up with the manager and pointed out employee Jose and also pointed out the father. I was shocked to see the security guards escorting him out of the store. I know that the father was justifiable upset and learned that he approached employee Jose and ask for his last name and employee Jose refused to tell him.

I shop at this particular store every day and have always been treated with respect and courtesy but what I witnessed that day was appalling. The fact that this employee Jose refused to let a little girl use the restroom is inexcusable. This was a child for god's sake. Does Ralphs really want to be known as the store that won't let children use the restroom because that was exactly what occurred on that day.

I hadn't intended to write this letter but the more and more I thought about that little girl who just needed to go to the bathroom and the horrible Ralphs employee Jose, who refused open the bathroom for her, it makes me angry that a child could be treated this way so easily.

I do hope that this isn't something that was just swept under the rug because it was a big deal. All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and this is not the way this father and young daughter were treated. It just sickens me!

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Disgruntled shopper - 3 d ago


Kroger store on Navarre in Oregon,Ohio has some serious issues with scheduling employees! Not enough cashiers, baggers, or stock personal. Very sad since they have remodeled this store . Shelves are not stocked and service at the full service checkout is inadequate! Very disappointed with Kroger and will definitely consider doing business elsewhere

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Cherie, FORMER customer - 5 d ago


I went to the Kroger store at 311 East Gwinnett Street in Savannah, GA at around 12:30PM today to get something for lunch in the deli. There was only one (1) lady working there and I only get 30 minutes lunch. She said she was doing a big order so it would be a few minutes. She was slicing lunchmeat and putting so much in individual bags. I said I'm on my lunch and I only get 30 minutes. Another couple came by and talked about the horrible service in this store. Last week I went in there to get a sandwich made for a co-worker and by the time I got back to work my lunch time was 52 minutes, again because of the wait for service--at lunch time. I went to customer service and demanded to speak to the store manager who, of course, was not available. When I spoke with the deli manager and firmly stated the store needed more help she said "We're only allowed to hire so many people". Bull shit! This store desperately needs more help and I'm not talking about smart-mouthed young punks who are NO HELP. I tried to use the self-check out and when I asked for help to show me what to do; they did it but didn't bother showing/explaining anything to me. The women's restroom is a shit house--no toilet paper, dirty toilets, no soap, no towels for when the "hand-blower" isn't working. WHY BOTHER HAVING A STORE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE WORKING THERE. Just because this is the South and things/people move slower is no excuse!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago

The worker have to stop what they are doing and help you.

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Sandra biggs - 3 d 11 h ago

I keep telling them I can "not" work 1:30 to 10:00 on the weekend Friday Saturday

Sunday they keep putting me on that shift I can not work shift like that. I work at 529. If you'll have to call me (hidden).

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MAXI - 4 d ago


Today, I shopped at KROEGER's in DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA, located at 8501 Hospital Drive, telephone number (hidden). I finished shopping at 12:30 pm and as I was leaving a man casually walked into the store and parked his bicycle at the front entrance of the store next to the produce. I was concerned about 2 issues: 1) unwanted germs entering the store; and 2) an accident ( the bicycle falling onto someone or someone running into this bicycle because it shouldn't be inside the store in the "first place". I called the store and spoke with the Manager, Alison. She stated, that she did not see the bicycle in the store. At this point, I called the Corporate Office to file a complaint. My case number: 288-194-34. To resolve the bicycle issue, I am asking the Kroeger Management Team to install a bicycle rack in the parking area located between the Kroeger Store and Sunny's Beauty Store. And, the local store employees to become more vigilant of activities taking place within the store to avoid saying they did not notice unusual movement, action, or occurrences.

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


Please close the Kroger's store in Paris,TN the reason it's not the season workers. It's these young, disrespectful kids think they can say and do when the big Bosses are gone and it's about to close. And they got there favorite manager on. So as I Ieft bible study tonight . Like always we need something so we was out of water and milk. So I proceed to checkout and I glanced at the Kroger's shopping bags that's. 99cents. But I had put my items on the belt to begin to check out I look up and there's a man got in front me and check out. I didn't say a word. But, I looked up and seen the prices of the nestle water was wrong so I told brenda they're 3.49 .So she didn't believe me so she sends a worker named SANTANA to check the price she took so long. Brenda went back there herself and they come back to the front together so she adjust the price. So at the end I ask Santana joking you got lost. She says to me the customer Chris P. "O'WELL IN A SMART WAY AND ROLLING HER EYES. so I say what's your name she wouldn't say rolling her neck, slung her hair over her badge so I couldn't see. So I already remembered prior cause as I walk in she's has on the sandals Jesus wear. I'm saying to myself they're really layed back we would be sent home as former ex worker. We was always in tennis shoes, no never sandals with your toes and heal out basically just a strap between your toes not at The Kroger's I know. So SANTANA continues to keep being smart repeatedly saying I hated I hated I hated. So I ask Brenda you let you workers talk to customers like this she quoted I'm not the one in charge and I replied I do and as begin to walk out I told Santana we're on camera. Then she keep snapping, and I then I told be blessed and also you'll get it. I'm putting this on her it's been to many incidents and no reaction. How I'm treated. So I need some asap to contact me by tomorrow because they may have access to erase the recording. But God knows. JUNE 13,2018 WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 9:34P.M.

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Faye B - 11 d 5 h ago

Kroger is the most honest food chained, I have Experienced, On,June 11,2018,I was doing evening shopping,got Extra cash from my Card,I noticed ,I didn't have the money,I assumed, I dropped it,Today is Wednesday June13,still looking for the money,I said mentally,let me just call Krogers and See,I asked was money left there on Monday,She said Yes,We have It,That's honesty Kroger in Liburn,Ga,

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Wondering - 11 d 5 h ago


PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE STORES IN GARNER NC!!! THEY CAN SURVIVE! That store serves Garner, south and southeast Raleigh. They are always busy. Pharmacy Dept is overwhelmed with business. This is sad sad news!!

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Colleen - 13 d ago


I frequent your Kroger location in Swanton,Ohio. On numerous occasions I was unable to reach products on the top shelf of the dairy department. I have discussed with management on SEVERAL occasions to NO availe. i usually find a stock employee to assist me, but they display attitude . I have tried to be patient, but I needed to express my dissatisfaction with management,because I have had the pleasure of visiting your locations in Holland,Ohio and Waterville, Ohio. Their locations have the nicest, most pleasant staff I have ever experienced. Someone at corporate should be taking a look at your Swanton facility.

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Valerie Gonzalez - 15 d ago


Hi my name is Valerie Gonzalez , Today I had went to Kroger store in Findlay Ohio on Main Street. I have severe diabetes and sometimes I have a problem with my memory because of the diabetes and today was an episode that I had because of that I asked if I could use my credit card instead of using my debit card at one of your machines the lady that I had help me her name was Beverly and she worked there for 10 years so she says I asked her if there's any way that I could use a credit card instead of using my debit card she says no that those machines do not do that which was a self-serving type of machine in the past and never had any problems with that but today it was so severe problem she made a big episode about it because she refused to help me in any way to try to correct the problem and instead she made a scene. So I asked her to avoid everything out and I was going to go to the ATM to get some money out as again I have diabetes and my memory is not so great anymore because of my diabetes and I had a problem with it so I went to my car to go get some money out as I came back she put everything away I was angry because of that she asked me if if they could go ahead and go get the items that I had had and I said no because I didn't want other people touching the items I realize that there's a lot of people that do touch him but it's just the fact is that she hurried up and put those items back without even asking me if I was going to come back or not or try to help me in anyway. And instead she got angry with me as I got angry with her because she kept fighting with me I asked her I said why couldn't I use my credit card instead of my debit card and she says that she doesn't know why and I told her I said is it because you don't know how to do it or I don't know what the problem is she got angry with me because I thought for sure that she didn't know how to use those machines but she told me that she had 10 year. Would like me to get my manager I said yes so she went to go get her manager and she was getting her manager the other woman that was there talking to her told me that I was very rude and that I had no right to be there I told her you're being very rude also by talking to me in that manner she had nothing to do with the situation as the woman Beverly was over there talking to her manager she explained to her what exactly happened the manager started laughing and thought it was funny I waited very quietly and as her manager came and approached me I asked manager why did you think it was funny do you think the situation is funny and she says no she says you need to leave the store now so I left the store. I was so upset about the situation I had it I encounter I have never ever had any situation like that at Kroger's before they've always been very hospitable and well-mannered and very respectful towards the customers I have never ever had somebody tell me that they couldn't help me in any situation I couldn't believe the way I was treated out there my son was telling me that the woman Beverly was making a fist and seem like she was going to hit me my son was afraid that she was going to hit me so he kind of step forward on that one too now I will never ever go to Kroger on Main Street because the way I was treated by those 3 individuals I also noticed there at Kroger's that they never hire any minorities there on Main Street why is that?

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Susan Tuttle - 19 d 24 h ago

I shop at the Kroger's on Rt 28 in Milford, Ohio.I am in there at leat twice a week. I have emailed corporate 3 times over the same subject. It is always corrected.......temporarily.

Anyone that is around food must wear their hair in a hairnet and you do a great job with that. WHY do your male employees work and serve food with a FULL beard and no hairnet? Today the man in the deli had a hairnet on his head and a hairnet hanging on his chest with his FULL beard completely exposed. He was cutting deli meat for customers. Does anyone realize that beard hair falls out as much as the hair on your head. Deli meat is not cheap and I refuse to have someone's beard hair in my food! Am I the only one who is disgusted with this? I now will start to shop at Meijers across the street. This is unexeceptatble.

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Omaha - 19 d 6 h ago


Baker's grocery store, Saddle Creek location, Omaha NE Being a bigot anywhere should cost a person their job. Any company should have the fortitude to uphold the rights of the people by terminating the employment of anyone displaying their racism while working with the public. If Baker's does not stand up against bigotry, it will see a tremendous loss of business and continued horrible reputation - or it could do the right thing, out of true integrity or selfish greed and a PR stunt, I dont care. Fire the manager, Alicia Drake, who openly flaunts her small minded racial hatred today. Read the facebook community regarding this location and follow up the police reports. You have a responsibility to defend the public, not the hateful belief of one employee making your entire company look bad. Abe Baker wasnt a saint, but he would have personally handled the situation and fired any and every employee who was the slightest bit unprofessional or rude because it was part of the job to CARE about the customer and provide SUPERIOR service. I challenge you to do those things now.

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Connie - 20 d ago

I love my Kroger Store and the people who work there. I cannot say enough good things about them. I do however have a complaint I would like to address with someone at corporate but I have not had any luck with getting to talk to someone of authority. It is wrong that the only groups Kroger's will allow to silicate in their stores is the Boy/Girl Scouts and Salvation Army. Our schools and other groups, the ones who are only there one day are no longer welcome yet they will allow the groups who harass you both coming and going to be there for weeks on end.

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Eileen - 30 d 6 h ago


Why would you need my driver's license for me to pay a utility bill. The Kroger employee said she had no idea why the computer just wanted it. I asked her if it was DTE or Kroger who wanted this info and she said Kroger. Again I would like to know why she input my Driver's License into your computer! Also please work on your produce department at this store. The tomatoes were not fresh so now I have to go to Meijer's.

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Anonymous - 27 d 4 h ago

Maybe because you have paid with checks in the store and they bounced. If they bounce they are flagged in the system.

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and - 20 d 3 h ago

Nope not true has nothings to do with paying bills . Really

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

I need to talk to someone at a store expreince

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Joanne Davis - 23 d 4 h ago


I was hurt in krogers in decatur il,and I have a claim going on as I speak, and ismas,William the claim associate,has been so rude to me blocking my calls hang up on me and I think something should be done about how she treat people I been trying to reach the president Joe griesgaber,or vice president Steve McKinney. To solve this problem.

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Kim - 24 d ago

I live in Dothan, Alabama and we are hoping that Kroger will be coming to our area soon. So many neighbors here have been talking about how nice it would be for you to come since most of the Winn Dixie stores closed and we are left with Publix and Walmart. Please consider.

Thank you

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Peggy - 23 d 9 h ago

We need a kroger also in peebles Ohio

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Peggy - 23 d 9 h ago


Ya'll need to put a krogerin pebbles Ohio. The only thing close is a spend alot and Walmart kroger would be great for everyone. I've been an employee for kroger a long time but when we're on family vacation we always go to Walmart so please kroger we need a kroger there.

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Love Joy - 24 d 21 h ago

The Managers at Kroger's on Country Club Rd in Lake Charles,La. suck they are rude I saw an ad on my phone for Kroger's an he said that's Texas we don't take ads on the phone an not Texas ad!!They refused to let me use a Voucher for a Turkey they dont have any Customer Service at all!'!!They Suck Big Time

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Cynzia - 24 d 7 h ago


I didn't mean applauding my phone typed it in wrong and it doesn't let you edit. I meant to say appalling. Since l typed the first comment l went back to the same Kroger to see if the manager had been a real manager a take those lewd beer cans off the shelf and of course he didn't. But l will tell you the blonde is holding her breast and it suggest in my eyes, that if you drink this beer, you'll get laid by a big breasted blonde and to me that is offensive!!!

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