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Kroger Co

500 S 99th Ave
Tolleson, AZ
Doug Studley
(623) 936-2290
(623) 936-2255
Annual Sales Est
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Angry customer - 88 d 19 h ago


Filing Formal Complaint regarding a transaction from a express checkout lane at the Krogers located at 2555 Glendale ave. Toledo, Ohio 43614. I chose cashback option at check cart #982-503-149 999999503 using Kroger Card# ending in 3429 on 8/23/17 at 4:06pm. for $60.00. Note: upon completion of Transaction I didnt receive cashback of $60.00. Im not sure if it was a machine malfunction/error or it was because of my 4 recent brain surgeries whether I forgot to pick up the money. Either way i contacted Mgr. Kim and informed him on 8/23/17 and he stated Loss Prevention will review the tapes asap and he would get back with me about the details of investigation. Meanwhile I am out of $60.00 and I would like to file a administrative/civil complaint holding you guys liable for my loss of funds. I would like to be contacted immediately due to the lack of concern/importance seen and or observed by your management team. I contacted the Toledo District at (hidden), but to no avail, they didnt even give me a call back? My next step today is to go and file a civil complaint/lawsuit with the Civil Court Downtown in Toledo for ill will/negligence and or theft. I can be contacted at 419 205 5416. Again, Mgr. Kim contacted me on 8/24/17 and advised me that he was working on it and he would call me back later on 8/24/17 to advise me of progress, but to no avail. But in (typical fashion of Kroger's Mgmt/District Mgmt) failed to kepp his promise to contact me regarding my loss. Yet in still Mgr. (Kim) continued to insult/blame me for my loss and continue to shove down my throat that it was not Kroger's fault, but mine. Well I contacted my personal Attorney and they advised me that as long as the in-house cameras and my receipt can show proof that I didnt receive the funds as intended, Kroger's insurance should cover me for my losses. However i am strongly requesting someone from Corporate/District contact me immediately to bring about some form of immediate justice/relief. It is under emergency conditions/Financial Hardship and major loss of this Kroger Family.

Signed angry customer,

Frankie Hamilton

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Anonymous - 82 d ago


Jones and Cypress N. Houston in houston texas. Zero customer service for those of us affected by flooding. I cannot reach my doctor as they have been flooded. I have no refills on my medication. I was told by this store there is nothing they can do. I have since learned, after spending hours and much needed money at an emergency room to get a new prescription, that other Kroger stores in this area are able to fill emergency refills in this situation.

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Ethel Clifton - 95 d 7 h ago


These digital coupons are a are very unfair.. It is false advertisement, because not all people have the resources to get these coupons. This must be against the law. I am contacting the Indiana Attorney General in hopes that they will do something. I have shopped Kroger many years but I must shop somewhere else.. You must realize that this is unfair to so many people who cannot download these coupons.

Ethel Clifton

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Penny Wilson - 119 d 19 h ago


I love my Kroger at 2525 Rome Hilliard Road in Hilliard, OH. I just wanted to let you know! :)

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Deborah Brothers 5673120985 - 119 d 19 h ago

My son started working at krogers here in Toledo Ohio..he went to orientation and worked almost two weeks..last Wednesday he was fired...and he still don't know why...he was told he could dispute it..jarrod had a proble. With the law for trespassing and I've was arrested for domestic violence..he was arrested by his mom?not for assaulting her?but she had to get him some help because he was drugged by some of his so called friends who though it was funny..he was there for thirty days and he did get having a domestic violence a reason for Kroger to fire him..he was a great worker ..and really loved the me it seems some kind of unfair..a twentytwo yr old college educated afro american..he were tolls he could get his job back once he disputed can he dispute something he knows not what to dispute.can they dismiss you for domestic violence or trespassing... or unclean drug tests

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Kbear - 131 d 7 h ago


Ok I have called your offices and customer service and just keep getting the run around. I have been followed by numerous employees from your Alaska Abbott store to my home, my job and other stores. I have been harassed constantly AMD I dont know what it is that they are hoping to accomplish by this but I'm done! I have posted pics of all of these employees and their vehicles which are even now driving by my place of work as I type this! If something isn't done to stop this harassment then I and "MY FAMILY" will return the favor and exploit every single person who has been following me and their families as well as KROGER as they seem to allow this kind of degrading and unprofessional behavior!!

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Anonymous - 306 d 13 h ago

hi i am in need of some help with a benefit for a young lady named Paxton Webb she was robbed on December 24 and shoot in the back by one of the men. we live in new caney texas your store in porter texas they said they had to get corporate approval before they could help. so please help the benefit is this Saturday 01/ 21 /2017 thank you.

Donna Jones. my email is (hidden)

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Anonymous - 234 d ago

Its been a scam going on at your store for the last seventeen years i will work day an night to stop it starting today i cannot understand why uall let it go on for so long its a church sitting up seven days a week in front of your stores in Memphis clamming to have a homeless shelter but they have no such thing its time to stop this frugal act at your stores i will notify the news the mayor and steve Cohen's office this week please take a serious look at this its time to stop this emiditly

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Lyle Spielman - 267 d 14 h ago


I have just noticed today, while shopping at your 1520 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, Texas store, that the 10% senior savings is no longer in effect.

One of the reasons I decided to begin shopping at Kroger, more than 10 years ago, was the savings that discount afforded.

I think you have done your customers a disservice by not informing us of the elimination of the helpful feature prior to its discontinuance.

I would appreciate an explanation as to the reasoning behind your decision to eliminate the 10% discount.

Thank you in advance of your reply.

General profile image - 298 d 19 h ago


In store special Tyson chicken wings b1g1 free 2.5lb bag. Good Thur 2-7+2017. I noticed this special in November & shelf was empty. Had been empty until last night & the axle sign was removed. This is not acceptable for your valued customers. I want this special as you have had advertised. Food is very costly & I've waited on product too long for your store to take advantage of your customer's. I want my deals

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Anonymous - 299 d 11 h ago

I need district mgr

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


I work from four nephews the best company in the world

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Joyce DeCarufel - 2 y ago


February 17, 2015

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska and have been purchasing a food item at your store for years called "Kavli" it's is a Norwegian thin bread normally found in the cracker aisle close to the Pilot Bread . I was told when they remodeled the store they discontinued this item. I am a bit upset about it because our family has always eaten this product. We are native Alaskan and Norwegian. Your store is the only place here that did sell it. We would like to see you continue to carry Kavli. Does the store value the customers opinion?opinion. Do you have a solution for our family and others?

Joyce DeCarufel

Fairbanks, Alaska


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