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Kroger Co

500 S 99th Ave
Tolleson, AZ
Doug Studley
(623) 936-2290
(623) 936-2255
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Kim - 57 d 16 h ago


The Nashboro Villiage Kroger store located in Nashville, Tennessee is filthy. I have seen flies on the fish and trying to get in the store without being run over (there are not pedestrian markings) is a chore. The employees are so friendly and nice but someone needs to clean the place and remove the out dated food.

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A Very Angry Customer!!!!! - 97 d 10 h ago

I was a Kroger shopper till Sunday. I was not able to get a full receipt and it took over 30 min and the manager still was not able to reprint. In the time I was waiting, a customer came in who is half blind and the cashier ask a young man by his name to help the customer. He refused. So I went and got the items the customer need, help her check out. Kroger was the number one in my book but after this weekend. The treatment I was given and the treatment given to a Blind Customer

Once you did a change around of store ,different managers who are Very Very Rude!!! I have no desire to shop in the Texas City Palmer Hwy Store.

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Dissatisfied customer - 117 d 21 h ago


The new Kroger on Garth road in Baytown needs an entire new managment department. The store manager, Mr. Tensel, is the rudest man I have ever dealt with. Not only will he cuss you, but takes customer service so far as to hang up on you. In person, as a disabled individual he treats you worse than he would a dead riach on the floor. THIS MAN HAS NO BUSINESS WORKING IN A PUBLIC FORUM. He is a thief and a liar, totally disrespectful, and as a man, he needs to be schooled by a REAL man.

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David W. Kent - 156 d 20 h ago


I am trying to speak with a Kroger Supervisor. Concerning the fact that one of your stores gave my wife, and myself. A difficult time trying to pay for our grocery's. My phone number is (hidden), my e-mail is, (hidden). The store in question is the Kroger store at 4407 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Ar. (hidden), Managers name is Anne Chapman, Store Manager. We wanted to pay for our grocery's with a check. The cost was $545.07, we were told that your store couldn't accept that large a check. Then stop raising your prices. We would like to have our names put into your corporate computer system. So that either when we check out from your store. The cash register would authorize our check. Or your store manager could ok our check. If this cannot be accomplished. Then w will not shop at your store anymore. And use Sam's a lot more. Respectfully, David W. Kent

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Lashawn - 171 d 13 h ago


This store(607 on Hammerly & Gessner) is the worst I am a single mom who works fulltime and goes to school fulltime. I stop at this Kroger in after work to grab something to feed my family before heading on to school. They have a security guard there named Chris who follows me all around the store and he also followed me outside the store and stood staring at me he even went so far as to walk up to my Uber ride and look in the car. I went to the store manager Michael Mcclure to let him know that that the guard has over stepped and now has moved over ti harassment. Manger Michael Mcclure said it is store policy to treat all customer who come in with a back pack, to treat them like thieves!!! He went on to say this neighborhood is not a good one and a lot of people and the teens steal. So he thinks its ok to treat hard working customers like suspects. Michael Mcclure did not care and acted like I was crazy to expect to be treat with respect and like a valued repeat customer. I will never return to Kroger again!

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505@2018 - 158 d 8 h ago


I get that feeling in any kroger. Even when I worked there. You can tell them you saw some one put something in there bag oh they will take it out when they get to reg.. I keep eye on them and they walk out. Later on mgr will say did they pay for it ? Well that your job to keep eye on them not mine. They just want to threaten me with inspornastion. So its not just customersthey treat bad its their employes also.

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KS Moore - 180 d 16 h ago


I don't read gun periodicals but our entire family carries guns ...and we carry them in your store. You will never know it. I'll still shop at Kroger's.

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Steve Moore - 190 d 17 h ago

We are long time patrons of Kroger. Not the point here. Just read where you are pulling all gun related periodicals from your shelves. That means you are caving in to the libtard philosophy of no guns no gun crime. And you know this isn't true! I have a better idea. Put out an official statement condemning planned Parenthood for murdering over 800 defenseless babies each day. Now there is a real cause to champion. But that takes real guts. My grandfather used tell me "son it's easy to run with Crowd. It takes character to do the right things but you'll always be rewarded. Guns don't kill people. People kill people! Until I hear you've regained your intelligence my family will shop with your competitors.

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Tommy carter - 192 d 6 h ago


I went to Kroger in Somerset ky and bought two boxes of Deli fried chicken. We were sitting down for dinner and the chicken tasted like it had been cooked in old burned oil. I paid $8.99 each for these and had to throw it out. I thought about taking it back but I live 10 miles out of town. Thank you a former Kroger customer.

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Sunflower - 192 d 12 h ago

This has been an ongoing problem with Kroger's digital coupons. EVERY TIME I shop there are from one to as many as four digital coupons are not credited to my purchase. What good does it do to download the coupons if they are not taken off of the purchase? The way Kroger's computer is set up on checking out, you don't see it until you check the receipt , usually when you get home. On this last add, three coupons for Hostess Snack Cakes were not taken off. Other times its's been anywhere from $.40 to $2.00 on each visit. Do the programmers have a problem or is there another type of glitch in yall's system? I can't even rate Kroger a one star on this problem.

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Johnson - 198 d 11 h ago


This is an on-going situation at the kroger in Riverdale. I have been waiting in line for 30 minutes to get a money order. I asked if the manager could be called. I noticed a man walk up as an onlooker but said nothing. I asked was he a manager he replied yes. I asked him to do something about this line. He responded please be patient and wait. First I had to ask Eugene if he was the manager and then he did nothing to satisfy the situation. Not even to apologize to the other customers in line for the delay. This is an ongoing situation at this Kroger. Unfortunately, this the only one available in my neighborhood. Why is the service so poor in my community, but when I shop in Fayetteville totally different experience. 7125 hwy 85 Riverdale is the address. I'm tired of having the same situation day in and day out. I prefer to travel further for better service, but I shouldn't have too. disappointed customer.

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Anonymous - 198 d 14 h ago

I just don't understand why none of the stores have sugar free birthday cake for diabetics there's so many diabetics can you please put that on your list thank you

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Anonymous - 199 d 9 h ago

Hello Kroger ceo

I really like your Kroger store on Michigan ave. Jackson Michigan. It is scheduled to close next month. It's a small store but serves east Jackson all the way to Ohio border to chealsea. It's always busy. We love this store. I am pleading with you to please keep this store open. If you don't we will have to shop next door at Meijer. We hate Meijer products and big store. Please keep the east Kroger store open. Many people in Jackson Michigan feel this way.thank you. Kevin Keinath.

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Linda Garrett - 204 d 16 h ago


Thank you for stepping up to the plate, Kroger. I believe in sensible gun control...

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Duke - 204 d 15 h ago


@ Linda Gagrett,

Did you know, that on a same concentration basis, hydrogen selenide is a far more poisonous gas than hydrogen cyanide? Those who are building portable gas chambers will appreciate this information. Yes? The downside is that it really stinks, really.================

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NRAsupporter. - 206 d 6 h ago

I will no longer shop at Kroger stores for rising the age limit to purchase a guns.

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Depdogy - 206 d ago

I am so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Bye bye Fred Meyer. Won't purchase anything there again. Plenty of other stores for medicines and everything else I used to purchase there.

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Anonymous - 205 d 12 h ago


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Msbbr - 205 d 12 h ago


Thank u so much for the stand u r taking regarding fire arms. I would like to see a total ban, but you are a start! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Khan - 206 d ago

Welcome to The Ever Increasing Hate Ministry. Services are held daily except for Black Tuesdays. Introductory courses in Envy are available at our night care centers. We also offer intermediate courses in Jealousy for the graduates of our College of Unbridled Passion (C.U.P. if you get the connection - it's nice to be connected.) For those interested in the Ph.D. (Doctor of Pitiless Hate) degree, we offer advanced studies in Hate and Rage, past, present and in-between. There is a required thesis on how all of this relates to nocturnal emissions. We discriminate solely on the basis of bank accounts and the length of your canines. Hate does not come cheap and it's useless without the proper weapons.++++++

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Wendy - 206 d 8 h ago


Thank your for raising the age for gun sales!

Flagged for review. 
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Sandra for Sensible Gun Sales - 206 d 9 h ago


BRAVO, Kroger! Thank you for being part of the solution to the gun violence problem in the United States. I applaud your sense of corporate duty to having safe schools, streets, movie theaters, etc. I am a mother, a doctor, and an American. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I do not believe that weapons of war have any place in our civilian life.

Thank you for your leadership in helping to keep our children safer!

Flagged for review. 
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ConcernedinAlaska - 206 d 13 h ago


It is unfortunate you have bowed down (I might say... bent over) with regards to the increased age to purchase guns in your Fred Meyer stores, and the further restricted actions you have taken against Alaskan residents. I stopped in at one of your two Fred Meyer stores in Fairbanks yesterday; Safeway and Walmart will be glad to get business I will no longer be giving to you.

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Anonymous - 206 d 13 h ago

Thank you, Kroger Co. for raising the gun purchasing age to 21 in your Fred Meyer stores! I appreciate your integrity and leadership with regard to firearm sales.

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cjob - 206 d 13 h ago


THANK YOU for taking a stand in the contentious gun debate. While I think upping the age for gun purchases is a good 1st step, I ultimately would like ALL assault rifles taken off the market completely. Thank you again!

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