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Kroger Co

500 S 99th Ave
Tolleson, AZ
Doug Studley
(623) 936-2290
(623) 936-2255
Annual Sales Est
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Kandy Sue Langford - 3 d 10 h ago


Fry's Food Stores in Tucson AZ has started carrying a new incredibly delicious deli soup...Thai Style Chicken Coconut Curry Soup, I could eat it for dinner for the rest of my life! While the rest of the deli soups are so much better than anything canned...they've out done them selves w/this one. While I can't afford a long distance call to Kroger's corporate offices...I'm more than impressed w/this somewhat exotic deli soup. It's just so good.

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Anita Frasure - 6 d 9 h ago

I tried to enter contest at for my shopping at Chubbuck, Idaho Smiths and got that I could not enter with info I provided off my receipt of February 12. Why?

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Winons MS - 17 d 7 h ago


Please take a Winona, Ms for a new store..we sre on two major highways, I55 and Hwy 82 contact me, Kim C. for more info (hidden).

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Anonymous - 19 d 18 h ago

Plz don't get rid of Cousin Willies microwaveable popcorn. THIS IS THE BEST POPCORN EVER! HOW can I get you to keep it.. if I get a petition with say 5000. Or 10,000. Names will you keep it? Plz tell me, u can't get rid of it we can't get it anywhere else in email is vickiefalco@ ghost Thank u plz get back in tic h uhh j

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Anonymous - 21 d 13 h ago

I have a three acre lot in London /EastBernstadt , KY.which would be idea for you to build anew Superstore. Call meat (hidden)

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Janice Curtsinger - 59 d 17 h ago

I want VERY MUCH to ask why you do not build a store at hwy.61 and 31w in Elizabeth town ky. This area is very deserving of a good quality shopping facilityy

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susie rose - 28 d 11 h ago


then you do not want kroger

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Laurie Barker - 46 d 16 h ago


I visited the store in Anderson Indiana this morning NY cashier was chec 503. I wanted to purchase a large case of Adkins shakes. When the total came up, it took off a dollar ecoupon, I also had a mfg coupon for an additional dollar off, when I asked the cashier to take it off she said they haven't taken mfg coupons for 14 years with ecoupons. However, I have used them in the past. She then call over to managers in another Associates I have this group of people around me telling me that they won't take another dollar off with my manufacturer coupon I can't believe I'm even taking the time to write this but I felt so humiliated by all these people saying oh no we cannot take another dollar off of your order with a manufacturer coupon and then I proceeded to tell them that and they argued with me and the whole experience was just wrong argue with the customer over a dollar coupon when I shop in the store every other day and spend hundreds of dollars a month in that store the cashier then said that I can if I want to shop somewhere else so whatever makes me happy . I then tried to call the customer service number and it tells me that there's so many calls that they can't take my call at this time and it hangs up on me I guess companies don't care anymore what their customers think they project to they act like they advertise like they care what people think but it when it really comes down to humiliating a customer over a dollar and keeping their business or not Payless and Kroger are really missing the Mark here I will never shop at that store again and I live a half a mile away from it

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lily black - 28 d 11 h ago


don't bother calling customer service or the corporate office. they do not do anything useful!!! i have many years of experience with the company and one store in particular and they frustrate me so much. ralph's in CA was much nicer.

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lily black - 28 d 11 h ago


they suck in atlanta

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Shindayton - 28 d 13 h ago

Please package Kroger brand saltines in smaller packs like premium has done. I love the smaller packs but can't hardly find them.

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Rita Jewett - 33 d 13 h ago

I do not agree with the new "click list" policy of offering items with a discount that is not available to those of us who like to shop personally. I have enough problems with baggers in the store improperly packaging my groceries, for example, fresh fruit or meat in same bag as dishwasher soap, fruit cartons thrown haphazardly in a bag so some fly open before I get home, AND YOU want me to trust them to get my order correct and pack it properly in order to get an item that the discount is only "click list " eligible.

I hope more customers will also protest this policy. If it continues with increased frequency, I will be tempted to find another grocery store.

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RubyRed - 41 d 49 s ago


I am writing about the Kroger at Middlebelt and Inkster Road in Farmington Hills, MI.

December 23. 2017 at approximately 11:30 PM! My husband and I received calls regarding a "lost wallet" with our card (address and phone number) displayed in a plastic pocket on outside of the wallet. The wallet belonged to a friend. Needless to say I was suspect with such a late call from "Kroger". Remember this is Christmas weekend and the weather was terrible!

Julie, Manager, was so professional and understanding, she stated wallet was turned into Customer Service and the wallet would be locked up for pick up. Julie also gave me a Leslie, Managers name.

I went to store Sunday, early the next morning, December 24th to pick up wallet. I asked to speak to a Manager, Kimberly, who was reluctant to give me the wallet even though I presented my ID, etc. I explained situation and I suggested she call Farmington Hills Police and I would explain to them.Kimberly stated that wouldn't be necessary. I was also told Julie or Leslie were due in at 9:00 am.i did not want to wait. I then suggested that I write a statement that I received wallet and our card was attached to documentation. My friend who is a physician was so grateful for return of wallet and he stated he will follow up at the store. Thank you

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Mike in Louisvill - 42 d 6 h ago


I have gone to the Kroger on Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, Ky. for 25 years. If something was closer, anything, I would switch in a minute. This store is never stocked, day or night. Tonight at 9 pm the lobby was filthy, and 4 shopping carts were left indoor, as I was told to bring one in or I wouldn't have one. The weather here has been cold but not snowy, etc.

There were no large packages of paper towels, barely any plastic garbage bags, and the item I came in for from the vitamin section was depleted as well. I could go on and on. Whatever you are paying someone to manage this place is too much. The recent renovation does not help either as now the isles are bigger but the cross isles aren't.

The kid at the self checkout talked on his cell at the register end and believe me the surface of that self scan could walk if it had legs it was so dirty. Keep treating people with this kind of cavalier and dirty ill kept atmosphere and they will go elsewhere as I plan to do as soon as I retire and have more time to travel to a decent place like Meir's, or the Walmart grocery. Ugh. Oh, yeah and I could not get a phone number to call someone and complain either and yes, I asked.

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She must had been trained by Nordstrom's customer training school ! - 42 d 11 h ago


I would like to say that the manager of our Bellevue Crossroads QFC store # 826 Miss KIRBY

should receive a atta girl for her pleasant helpful manner a great asset for you corporation


Al Bright

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Angie Baker - 42 d 20 h ago


I have used Kroger as my main grocer for more years than I can remember and was so excited when the new store at 20820 I-30, Bryant, AR opened. The associates are wonderful and always helpful. Ok, that being said, this is my issue. Shelves are ALWAYS empty. I constantly have to make second trips or stop in at another store to finish my shopping list. It's not just a certain time, I shop very random days and times and it's always a problem. This past week I shopped Saturday evening around 8pm. The things that I was not able to purchase was Kale, no organic, no fresh, no bagged. Riced cauliflower,fresh or frozen. No on sale bagged avacados. No mini bagged sweet peppers. No chubs of ground round, ground chuck. Only two ground sirloin. Door after door of empty frozen food shelves. I have pictures if needed. And this is a constant thing. I just want to be able to shop once a week. And I'm not asking to keep odd and unusual things in stock. Please address this problem. I love Kroger, the quality is beyond competition and I would love not having to go to more than one store.

Thank you for your time.

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Christy Rupert - 46 d 7 h ago


I recently bought a package of course ground chuck beef from a local kroger. It had so much gristle it was very hard to eat. I have had problems with your meat for a little while now and feel i need to go somewhere else for meat. I'm very sad to have to go somewhere else because kroger has been very nice up to now

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Anonymous - 47 d 16 h ago


Kroger is great place to work.

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Anonymous - 50 d 14 h ago


My girlfriend and I purchased one of the Christmas dinners. We were told all we had to do was heat everything up. And that it feeds 9 people! The nine people it must be would be 4 and 5 year olds. Lol. I would have been pissed off if a homeless family would have gotten this for Christmas. And I would have had to spend more than $25. That was the worst Christmas supper you could imagine!!! First we were lied to about it was already cooked! Then they put a small 28oz green bean casserole from home chef kitchen?? A 28oz box of creamy scalloped potatoes, and last but not least our favor a 22oz box of cinnamon spiced apples!!! They need to serve this at their next Christmas party. It was the worst thing ever whoever picked this out from corporate needs to have their head examined. Come on three boxes of frozen dinners? And a 10 lb spiral ham? The ham was only $0.99 a pound. Let's see $10 for the ham an three Boxes of crap!!! = $19 plus gee let's not forget the generic Kroger Brand dinner rolls! $20 Dollars worth of stuff and I had to cook it!!! Gee no wonder no one wants to order or Kroger Christmas dinner anymore! Or from Jay C. If Kroger does care you can call me at this number 1800 you-ate it-too!! (hidden). Tell your board of directors and your corporate CEO. To stick their Christmas dinners up there yeah yeah. Very unhappy customers. I don't like to be lied to.

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Cindy - 51 d 12 h ago


While shopping at the Puyallup, WA Fred Meyer (downtown), I spoke to a clerk in the Natural Foods section regarding the frozen non-dairy desserts offered. There are more and more selections for the So Delicious brand of non-dairy desserts, and only two choices for Coconut Bliss. Please consider removing some of the So Delicious flavors (they are NOT so delicious; I imagine they just have more money to throw at marketing) and adding more space for the Coconut Bliss brand.

Not all of us are enamored of the "main stream" non-dairy choices.

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Julia - 55 d 18 h ago


Please give serious consideration to add Kroger stores in Clayton NC (on Hwy 70). This is a fast growing area. Also, residents located near NC Hwys 210/50 would greatly benefit. This is also a growing area. Garner and Fuquay-Varina stores are too far for the 50+ and persons with handicaps and/or chronic health issues. Thanks.

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Angry customer - 60 d 19 h ago


Am a conser customer I went Kroger on hwy 5 in Woodstock a manager named Susann being mean to customers an employees I think she needs to be looked into to n transfer to another store I went to store to shop n shop she was cussing out the customers n being mean to them for no reason at all I think she needs removed cause The employees are not happy there

General profile image - 67 d 5 h ago


Hello Mr. Doug Studley my name is Minister Jackie Couch of Brinkley Arkansas. I was in Kroger on 12.13.17 in the afternoon and as I was paying for my items, my total was $6.10 so I had two tens and a couple of ones so I gave the cashier a ten and one dollar bill with two nickles(dime), so she did not give me my change ($5.00) so I sum the person she called was the assistance manager he told me he need to count the tray so he did and told me it was under, I told him what I had to do with that I just wanted my money, so he told me he was busy he can't look at the recording now, I told him that I just had an operation on my knee, (I was on crunches) and I had to go home and stay off my knee and keep my leg elevated around four days, he said I told you what I would do so come back tomorrow. so I did and the manager was there so I asked to see him, he came and called the same assistance. He told me he looked at the recording and all he seen was me fumbling with my money in my hand, while he was telling me this they all were laughing. The manager, assistance, and the cashier in which they all was Caucasians(White)and I am a negro. He made jokes did she give you four ones or some change after the fact that I had told him I gave her $10 a $1 bill and .10 cent.He finally gave me my $5 and I am seeking damages of $7,000 for pain and suffering they put me through, You can review the tape or I will hire and attorney. My name is Jackie Couch P.O. box 134, Brinkley, Arkansas,72021. (hidden). I just came out of surgery and they put me through UN-necessary stress, or I will seek pain and suffering. It happen In Brinkley, Arkansas at your Kroger Store. Thank You Jackie Couch

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Cynthia Johns - 84 d ago

I was racial profiles and watched to the point that the cashier left his assigned post to watch me as I.moved around the store I'm.not a thief I work everyday I do intend to file harassment charges against your company because of this matter not only was I watched at check out the cashier came close enough to me to look into my purse I was very upset and I don't want this to happen to anyone else because it is degrading and illegal and violates my civil rights as a consumer call security if you think I'm stealing please contact me at (hidden) my name is Cynthia Johns I'm 56 years old I work at Franklin County Childrens Services for 10years I have a business of my own I understand customer service that was unbelievable thanks have a great day

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Angry customer - 178 d 19 h ago


Filing Formal Complaint regarding a transaction from a express checkout lane at the Krogers located at 2555 Glendale ave. Toledo, Ohio 43614. I chose cashback option at check cart #982(hidden)99503 using Kroger Card# ending in 3429 on 8/23/17 at 4:06pm. for $60.00. Note: upon completion of Transaction I didnt receive cashback of $60.00. Im not sure if it was a machine malfunction/error or it was because of my 4 recent brain surgeries whether I forgot to pick up the money. Either way i contacted Mgr. Kim and informed him on 8/23/17 and he stated Loss Prevention will review the tapes asap and he would get back with me about the details of investigation. Meanwhile I am out of $60.00 and I would like to file a administrative/civil complaint holding you guys liable for my loss of funds. I would like to be contacted immediately due to the lack of concern/importance seen and or observed by your management team. I contacted the Toledo District at (hidden), but to no avail, they didnt even give me a call back? My next step today is to go and file a civil complaint/lawsuit with the Civil Court Downtown in Toledo for ill will/negligence and or theft. I can be contacted at (hidden). Again, Mgr. Kim contacted me on 8/24/17 and advised me that he was working on it and he would call me back later on 8/24/17 to advise me of progress, but to no avail. But in (typical fashion of Kroger's Mgmt/District Mgmt) failed to kepp his promise to contact me regarding my loss. Yet in still Mgr. (Kim) continued to insult/blame me for my loss and continue to shove down my throat that it was not Kroger's fault, but mine. Well I contacted my personal Attorney and they advised me that as long as the in-house cameras and my receipt can show proof that I didnt receive the funds as intended, Kroger's insurance should cover me for my losses. However i am strongly requesting someone from Corporate/District contact me immediately to bring about some form of immediate justice/relief. It is under emergency conditions/Financial Hardship and major loss of this Kroger Family.

Signed angry customer,

Frankie Hamilton

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Anonymous - 172 d 24 h ago


Jones and Cypress N. Houston in houston texas. Zero customer service for those of us affected by flooding. I cannot reach my doctor as they have been flooded. I have no refills on my medication. I was told by this store there is nothing they can do. I have since learned, after spending hours and much needed money at an emergency room to get a new prescription, that other Kroger stores in this area are able to fill emergency refills in this situation.

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