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Lola - 3 d 18 h ago

So disappointed. Waited 8 weeks for recliners to come I . One was damaged and my husband saw the damage . The store manager didn't even see it. We are having to wait 2-3 weeks for repair. They will not refund us!

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Judith Grubb - 4 d 20 h ago


Paid $800 for a recliner--had to replace the back and now the arms are loose--Your product used to be the BEST and we bragged to everyone to buy a La-Z Boy!! Not anymore--you have cheapened your product so much--we spent Over $2300 on the recliner couch and 2 chairs--will not happen again. We are waiting for them to come and see the arms--still under warranty, but that is not the issue--You used to have the best built furniture but not anymore! Will not be buying your furniture again!!

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N. Bartlett - 4 d 20 h ago


Bought a sofa with two reclining seats. Couldn't operate manual style - much too difficult - so paid extra for the power option. Since I bought it, have had recliners repaired three times. Actually had to install three 2 x 4 pieces between sofa and wall to prevent problem. Now the same issue I have had since the beginning, but now they want me to pay $109 plus parts to have it fixed because it's "out of warranty." This is such BS - hate this sofa and hate the company even more.

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Rich - 6 d 5 h ago


We recently purchased 2 new chairs from the Clearwater Florida location. One was a manual chair the other was a powered chair. This has been the "worst" experience ever. We have had their service technician out several times and the problems still exist after several service calls. I am escalating this up to the Corporate level and will take it to a local consumer advocate on television so that people hear about this. This is a bad situation when a consumer pays top $$$ and cannot get the product that LA -Z-BOY is representing as a "Quality" product

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JRL - 6 d 19 h ago


Tell your drivers not to park their big trucks in residential neighborhoods. The weight limits on the roads do not allow for large trucks.

Courtney Drive in Elkton, Maryland. I can gladly send you a picture of the illegally parked truck.

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Terri - 7 d ago

Terri I have purchased several lazy boy couches and chairs and have been happy with my purchases. I recently went to Springfield IL. to purchase a new chair. I was gonna put it in my own vehicle to take it home. The lady let me know that they would have someone bring it up for me, but they could not help me load it. I was to say the least surprised that they were not going to help me load this heavy swivel chair onto my truck and expected me to lift this by myself. I asked why someone couldn't help me get it on the back of the truck. The lady replied I'm not insured to pick up furniture and move it. If I get hurt the company doesn't cover me. So I asked if she could get someone who can help. After all there are delivery people who do this and they were gonna bring it up to the dock so I could pick it up why can't they help me load it. She said sorry they are over at the ware house as she pointed next door. I told her I was a little confused your gonna call them over to bring the chair which was heavy to the dock but no one can help me put it on the truck. No we can't you'll have to bring some one with you to help you with that but we'll have it waiting at the dock for you. Needless to say that was offensive to me. I can come and spend that kind of my hard earned money in your store and get no help to load my merchandise in my vehicle. I think I can go elsewhere. Where my time and money are appreciated. Where someone will take the time out to help me load the damn chair and not just think it's okay to basically say here let me just take your money and the rest is up to you. I'll pass I really thought lazy boy was better than that.

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Steve - EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED - 7 d 4 h ago

Can't justify even ONE star. TERRIBLE quality and NO customer service. Purchased a leather reclining sofa (just under three years ago) for $2500 and the recliner mechanism has failed TWICE. I purchased the extended warranty (first mistake). The technician came to our home and "repaired" the mechanism but the repair lasted two weeks and failed again. I now can't get them to even call me back to schedule an appointment to come back and do a real "repair". I contacted the warranty/service department and was actually told that the techs don't like to come back on a re-call for the same repair a second time "Because they don't get paid for re-call appointments". Maybe they should fix it right the first time!!!!!! I have called the Laz-Z-Boy gallery I purchased the set from in Lynnwood WA and asked to speak to the Store Manager (oh, I had previously spoken to two of the sales associates who did try to help but did not get anywhere) and the Store Manager would not talk to me - just told the associate to call me back and say there was nothing she could do about it. Her name is Shari by the way - hard to believe she won't talk to the customers who ultimately pay her salary. PATHETIC. DO NOT BUY

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Larry M--Oregon - 8 d ago


Never ever buy La-Z-Boy Gabe Reclinarocker recliner if you expect the arm rest cushioning to last more than one year. My product's foam or whatever is in there, has failed miserably.

At one time La-Z-Boy was high standard---no more.

Larry M. Oregon

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Jean Engstrom - 10 d 4 h ago


We have purchased LA-Z-Boy furniture over the past 55 Years of our marriage with great satisfaction UNTIL NOW. We bought a new three cushion LA-Z-Boy SOFA and told the owner of the store that I needed very FIRM cushions on the sofa. 8 days after the delivery It became apparent that the foam in the cushions was so terribly soft it actually was painful to sit on for more than 20 minutes at a time. The store where we purchased it said they had a 40% return policy if I returned it after 7 days ,it was then only 8 days from our purchase. I then called LA-Z-Boy company myself to complain and they suggested I UPGRADE to their "Memory Foam" for the cost of $300.00 plus shipping which was $55.00. THERE WAS NO RETURN SO I WAS BUYING THEM BLIND ONLY GOING ON THE WORDS OF THE LADY I TALKED TO. I felt I had no choice, so on top of the price of the sofa I now was out another $355. These "UPGRADED" cushions are no better than the ones that came on the sofa giving LITTLE IF ANY support to a 100 lb person seated on them. SO, I contacted The House of Foam which does replacement foam for furniture etc. FOR $65.00 a cushion they replaced the foam with FIRM foam and they are now wonderful.

It has NOW cost me an additional $600.00 on top of the price of my new sofa in order to have quality foam cushions. BEWARE AND NEVER FALL INTO THE TRAP OF BUYING THEIR "UPGRADED" FOAM CUSHIONS. How SAD that LA-Z-Boy which was once a quality company is now nothing more than a second rate discount store.

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Larry Copeland - 11 d ago


I purchased La Z Boy recliners in the past with good experience. Purchased reclining love seat and electric reclining couch for $3,474.13 on sale 1/17/19 along with extended warranty. Loveseat delivered first. Only had it 2 weeks and it looked 5 yrs warn. Back seems all out of line and wrinkled. Fabric started freying or as they called it piling. They agreed to repair. Couch arrived end of February 2019 and now it has same issues. Very disappointed in quality of workmanship. I could have purchased the same thing from Big Lots or other furniture store for a fraction of the cost. Terribly upset that I got took.

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Dolores C - 11 d 5 h ago


I've sent in multiple requests regarding my sofa and nothing has been done! PLEASE RESPOND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS CONCERNS!!!! This is not CUSTOMER SERVICE! I want my problem resolved!

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Jamie - 11 d 11 h ago


READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE PURCHASING LAY Z BOY FURNITURE!!!! I wish I had read these reviews before deciding to purchase a Lay Z Boy sofa. I purchased the Laurel sofa in Lynwood, WA. The woman who helped me was nice, she convinced me to purchase the fabric protectant, and said the sofa would arrive in one week, which it did. Everything seemed to be going great. Then it all immediately went downhill from there. First, they would not accommodate my schedule at all. I had to take the entire day off work because I had no idea what time they would show up. I called several times beforehand to try and confirm this. Each time the person said they have no control over it and couldn't give me an answer, but did say that they are required to call/text at least 30 minutes before they arrive. I was able to put in a request for them to deliver it in the afternoon and let them know that I work 45 minutes away from my house and would really appreciate a 45 mintues heads up so I could leave work. They showed up in the morning and called three minutes before showing up at my door, so I suppose its a good thing I chose to take the day off. They delivered it with wood chips and pine needles ALL OVER IT!! It took me nearly one hour to get all of the wood chips/pine needles off of it. I asked the delivery guys why it came like that and they blamed Lay Z Boy warehouse in Kent, WA and stated that all of their furniture is unkept. It was also delivered with a huge wet spot on the cushion...not sure what that was, but I scrubbed it as much as I could. I did not see a stain once it was dry, but I could feel that that part of the fabric was very rough compared to the rest of the if something had been spilled on it...which was unsettling considering the amount of money spent for a new couch. I did call to let someone know how it was delievered. There was not much they could do. They transfered me to someone named Frank who did not answer. I left a voicemail explaining what happened. Did not receive a call back. I tried to get past all of this because I was able to clean most of the pine needles off, and I simply flipped the couch cushion over to avoid feeling the rough patch on the fabric. The fabric protectant smelled like chemicals for days but eventually aired out for the most part. I liked the couch so much, but I was still bothered by how it was delivered, so I planned on returning the couch, and buying the same exact couch, only upgrading to a fabric I liked that already came Icleaned. I called on the third day and let them know I wanted to return it and upgrade to a better fabric. Again, when picking the couch up to be returned, they were not able to accommodate my work schedule at all. I will say that trying to figure out what day they could pick it up was miserable. Speaking with the manager at the Lynnwood store about this was a terrible experience. She was so rude and condescending the entire time. I managed to keep my cool about it, and just accept that Lay Z Boy obviously has terrible customer service all around, and tried to not take it personally. By that point, I was just looking forward to geting it out of my house, and getting my money back so I could re-order it with upgraded fabric. Fortunately, my boyfriend was able to be here in the morning because I could not take the day off again waiting for them to show. I was once again told they would call thirty minutes before, but they called five mintues before showing up. When I arrived back to my house today after the guys picked it up, I walked in to huge long scratches all over my hallway. I was furious. I did take many pictures. I called Lay Z Boy immediately, and spoke with someone who could not help me in any way other than saying she would transfer me to someone else...I stayed on the phone waiting for ten minutes and no one ever picked up. So I called again twice with no response. I then called the Lynnwood store demanding to speak to a supervisor...someone who could actually help me with this situation. No one could help me. They took my name and number and said someone would get back to me. No one ever did. I called the guy who delievered the couch to me and told him he scratched my walls. He denied doing so, and was yelling at me while interrupting me and hung up on me!! I texted him telling him I was going to complain about how unprofessional he was. He responded by saying exactly "I didn't hung up on you. You were yelling at me for things I didnt do. My name is gedrius silauskas I am operations manager for transmotion. We removed the feet from the sofa and crefully carried it out from your home. Not one was touched. 1(hidden) this is our office phone number you can call them with any complaints." I did not call them because I did not believe they would do anything about it. When speaking with the man at Lay Z Boy in Lynnwood he also informed me that transmotion will not be able to do anything and that I need to go through Lay Z Boy to take care of the issue. He said it is good that I took pictures. He seemed very sympathetic to my situation, but once again, it just felt like all talk and no action because no one has called me back yet. Constantly getting the run around. I am terrified after reading these reviews. All I want now is my money back that I put down on the couch-nearly 300 dollars. I am scared I won't even get my money back. I will not be repurchasing a Laurel sofa because of how terrible the customer service has been. So disrespectufl to their customers. I specifically purchased from Lay Z Boy because of the reviews I read on their website as well as different articles saying that they are known for excellent customer service and quality furniture. I am so dissappointed... Please, Lay Z Boy, do the right thing and address this issue. At the very least, return my money to me. I will continue to call until it is confirmed that I am getting my money back. I really hope I dont have to end up driving over an hour to the Lynnwood store that I ordered from to get this sorted out. I have already spent so much time dealing with all this. People reading this review: save yourself the time, stress, and money! Shop elsewhere.

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Burton - 14 d ago


Worst Customer service ever , in todays world no one can find my recliner purchased in the begining of december 2018. Can,t wait to post on social media about the service, may even picket the store. Can,t get out os sale because chair is a special order.Please anyone help

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robert - 18 d ago


DO NOT BUY LAZY BOY...they are more than happy to take your money but GOD forbid you have a warranty issue...1 month, 15 messages left with various people I keep getting shuffled to and not 1 gave a damn or had the courtesy to call back...warranty issue that there is no dispute on...the issue is the sofa is one year old, bought additional warranty, they agree to replace with a new one...the new is the same product no changes, now I'm being told that because the price went up for the exact same product I have to pay the difference of over $250 plus additional costs...I'm going to state this clearly. ..this is outright fraud...and on top of this an insult to a 72 year old senior...what kind of company does this. .obviously a company you shouldn't do business with.

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Jeff - 184 d 7 h ago


I hate to see the negative posts about lazyboy products. It is unfair to blame a company for issues not in its control. I sit in a lazy boy recliner everyday. My grandfather sat in it every day. That's right the same chair. He bought it new over fifty years ago and it is still working perfectly. Not only that it looks new to this day. Why? Because it is a product of exceptional quality. My family is large. I have 26 cousins from nine aunts and uncles all of whom have one or more lazyboy products. They are all happy with their purchases. I can't tell you how proud I am to come home and sit in the chair my grandfather held and rocked me in as an infant. It's like part of the family. Over fifty years old and sti'll looks new. Fifty to a hundred or more lazyboy purchases in my family alone with no issues.way to go lazyboy. If you want pictures or to show a fifty two year old lazyboy recliner just email me your welcome to use mine but I want it back lol.

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D West - 181 d 3 h ago


ARE you suggesting that, if someone sits in a chair and the frame breaks, damaging fabric in the process, it is the Customer's fault ?

ARE you suggesting that, but purchasing extended warranty on multiple furniture items only to find out that there was fine print about not covering the most obvious of potential issues - the furniture breaking - it is the Customer's fault ?

Seriously, man, is this what you are suggesting ?

Do you work for La-Z-Boy ?

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ks - 119 d 4 h ago

D West....right on!

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streeves - 173 d ago


How long have you worked for Lazy boy! This might be an impressive post if they only sold a couple chairs over the years or if this was the 1970's. Bottom line they do not value their customers or their concerns. If so, it would not be so difficult to speak to someone or such a monumental task to get an issue resolved. Unfortunately legal action is the only recourse for holding them accountable and sadly most folks aren't in a financial position to go that route and they know it! Get out of your antique Lazy Boy and come into the 21st century!

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Anonymous - 119 d 4 h ago

Streeves: yes, exactly. Read my comment above. No longer the 70's which was around the time we first started buy from them and no problem, it was "thee" chair to buy if you could afford it. Now, I would never buy their product again. I am considering legal recourse. Soooo many people are unhappy with their product, a legal route is probably the only option, to hit their money pocket.

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HB - 50 d ago


I agree we bought a sofa and loveseat and the loveseat handle broke with a few hours of it being delivered. We called to call complain and were told no returns. How can you not stand by your product. We definitely have buyers remorse.

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Legg - 104 d 13 h ago


I feel the same I have an issue with 2 chairs I spent a lot for and they seem to break every year same part but there is not recal on them or not bad parts seems funny same things keep breaking poor design and build of parts being they are plastic pieces for the leg lifts. And it cost me over $110 ever time because of course that life time warranty is really limited and service calls are not I clouded and some parts are only for a year as well, but that was never told to us upon purchase we were just told it is in the fine print of the contract. I just trusted the wrong people to be kind and honest . They are just out for a buck like everyone else. Worse company ever as far as I am concern I live on fixed income and to have to fix my chair over and over is debilitating .

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Caveat Emptor - 48 d 5 h ago


LAZBOY are NOT about SERVING their AMERICAN PUBLIC with integrity of product. They are independently owned stores "doing business as" LAZBOY. It's all a front. The stores just want your money, albeit 25% or 30% down payment or full amount for an EXTREMELY SHODDY-MADE CHAIR! NO REFUNDS! NO SERIVCE! BAD QUALITY! READ THE BACK OF THE CONTACT BEFORE PAYING OR SIGNING! THEY ARE A FRONT AND A SCHEME. BUYER BEWARE! Manufacturing Plants in: Neosho, Missouri Siloam Springs, Arkansas Dayton, Tennessee Newton, Mississippi Redlands, California

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La z boy sucks - 37 d 5 h ago


I feel your pain, I'm on a warpath with this company!!!

General profile image

A & L - 32 d 21 h ago


That's because their product is made off shore not in NA anymore. And, for the record, they are NOT about SERVING their CANADIAN CUSTOMERS with integrity of product either.

The manufacturing plants you speak of in the US are likely just storage warehouses. We have waited for months for the new wrap ago appear from off shore to redo our cushions on our love seat and sofa purchased just over a year ago. This is bs and we are not happy either.

General profile image

Debbie - 161 d ago


Hi, Jeff,

I've noticed that quality had steadily declined over the years. I'm not surprised a chair that was purchased 50 years ago is still functioning well, and is of exceptional quality. I'm just starting out in my complaint process with La-Z-Boy. As far as the rest of your family, I would say they've been lucky, based on what I'm reading here and what has happened to my 14-month-old love seat. The General Manager just told me he doesn't believe what I told me. Wish me luck.

General profile image

Anonymous - 119 d 4 h ago

Debbie, how did you make out with your situation? please read my note above.

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Gina - 95 d 5 h ago


My husband works at the Dayton TN plant specifically chairs! did you know that it takes less than $50 to make a chair? That's because they indeed cut corners and use cardboard material (yes I did day cardboard) They mistreat all their employees. They are treated as animals not humans. How can you expect someone to work hard to improve a company when they are treated so poorly.

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C - 37 d 13 m ago


I also have worked at the Dayton TN plant specifically in chairs and can also say the employees building the furniture are treated like shit. The employees basically have to cut corners to be able to build the furnture super fast (a lot of people are on drugs too) to make their money. My cell would build anywhere between 70-90 chairs per day depending on the styles. I was harassed just for going to use the bathroom and also told by management that I needed to come in to work early even though it's illegal to work off the clock. I hope this company runs itself in the ground and all the hard working people there can find good decent jobs that you don't need a drug to be able to do. Oh and it's not "made in America" it's "assembled" in America. Fabric comes from Mexico or China. Some metal parts coming across on ships rust while in transit so they spray them. It's all cheap compressed would and if it breaks while being built the employees just rig it together to get it out the door cause you'll lose money if you actually stop and build it the right way and then management will be on your ass wanting to know why your rate dropped. Cardboard is used on every style too.

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Anonymous - 37 d 5 h ago

They make garbage now, it's not the same furniture of yesteryear!!!

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