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Sad for ya - 15 h 50 m ago

You LAZY LA-Z-Y-BOY should be ashamed and closed down! I have read nothing but terribly bad reviews about your product Thankful that I checked reviews before purchasing I will look elsewhere

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Carolyn - 3 d 12 h ago


I also have been extremely disappointed with the furniture we have purchased from LA-Z-Boy over the last 5 years. They no longer offer quality furniture and the customer leaves a lot to be desired.The fabric on two of our chairs is disintegrating and the fabric is no longer available. We're having to look at reupholstering the chairs which will cost about as much as the original cost. Our leather couches whcih are only 3 years old are fading on the armrest and the stitching is coming apart. This happened a while back. I just hadn't put on a review until now. The protection program is worthless. They find a reason to not offer repairs. You have to work your way up the ladder until you get what you want. I will no longer purchase anything else from LA-Z-Boy.

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Frozen Rocker - 3 d 12 h ago


I purchased a power recliner at the 4th of July sale. It was delivered in mid August. Beautiful until mid September when it totally died. Checked batteries in remote; they're good. Little green light on on power supply. Called service; after being on hold forever finally got rep who told me technicians are busy and I can't get service until OCTOBER 7!!! I haven't even made the first payment on this glorified rocking chair and it crapped out!!! Are Lazy Boy products so defective that the technicians need a 2&1/2 week lag time to make a service call?? I understand that even new items can malfunction, but that and the slow repair response time makes me rethink the high regard I had previously had for the Lazy Boy name.

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Scott - 5 d 15 h ago

I've always wanted a lazy boy leather recliner. August 31, 2020 I Purchased one from a San Antonio store and I picked it up September 3 from their warehouse after they inspected it and treated it with fabric protection. It had plastic wrap around it when they loaded it in my truck. When I got at home and unwrapped it there was a major flaw in the armrest. The padded arm was pushed in towards the seat. Immediately I called the sales person to complain and requested another chair. They requested They requested I emailed pictures and I did so. The store manager called me back and said to keep it over the weekend the defect should "Fluff up". I did so but I knew there was no way it would " Fluff up". I called him back Monday and he suggested I take it to the warehouse and they have a special machine that should fix it. Then

I got an email from La-Z-Boy main office apologizing and said they ordered a new arm and would advise when it arrives. So far I haven't heard anything. Honestly, I can't imagine how the arm can be replaced since it's all sewed together.

Again, this is a NEW recliner. I paid good money for it and I deserve a new chair without flaws!

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Jane Dugan - 8 d 5 h ago


My name is Jane Dugan. My husband and I purchased two identical leather recliners five years ago next month from the store in Wilmington, NC. The top layer of leather has worn off of the I side of one arm of my chair and the headrest. I have had three conversations with Nick, a salesperson at the store. After the first conversation I have tried multiple times to reach the company who comes out and asses the damage. I have stayed on hold for more than 45 minutes every time I called and have not reached ANYONE ! The warranty expires next month. I want this handled NOW. (hidden). Thank you.

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N/A - 143 d 11 h ago



I wrote a review but since then I had a positive experience.

Customer service called me back and resolved my concern.

Keeping it real.

Thank you.

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Watertown - 57 d 15 h ago


I don't believe you. We have been waiting 3 months for someone to address or crookedly sewn recliner.....

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Jim Roushey - 9 d 15 h ago


I don't believe it either. We have been trying to resolve poor quality issues for more than 2 years. They balk, double talk and it makes no difference what extended warranty you bought they will refuse to stand behind their service.

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Debbie - 11 d 4 h ago


I paid $3000 for a Rowan "leather " reclining sofa. Worst piece of crap. It is only 2-1/2 years old and the fake leather has been peeling for months, especially on the side of the cushions to the point that it scratches when laying on it. I just had to put duct tape on it so it would not scratch. Classy right. I had replaced both reclining cushions after 6 months. Ultra shield is a joke. It only replaces for accidents not quality or manufacturing defects. I have had 2 other real leather chairs from another manufacturer for 15 years and neither if them have any if these issues. Oh right They are REAL leather. I saved for a long time to finally get a "good quality" sofa. Now this will soon have to be trashed. I will never purchase Lazy Boy again and will never recommend Lazy Boy. I did not get a real leather sofa. I got screwed big time. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Let the buyer beware - 28 d 7 h ago


I purchased a sofa and recliner July 4, 2020. The seat cushion is compressing in the front. The foot rest is indented and I can feel the wood on my heels. Very uncomfortable!

Today the technician told me the reason for the wear is due to the covid virus. You are at home more and using the furniture

more than normal.

It's only 6 weeks old.

I thought I heard everything but this takes the cake.

Waiting for new parts.

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Suzsnne - 13 d 7 h ago


i ordered my recliner chair and sofa Memorial Day weekend and still no product. just get run around when asking for an estimated day. told by sales staff their calls are not being returned by corporate!

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Anonymous - 13 d 12 h ago


My renew leather sectional looks awful (peeling and fading). A service rep has been out a couple times to replace seat covers, now the backs are wearing out. I am now told that the color is no longer available and that I cannot use other colors for cover. I was hoping to get the worst sections reupholstered but no one is available in my area. I paid over $3,000.00 for the sectional and really thought I was getting something that would last. The structure appears to be strong but the covering sucks. I can't get it reupholstered and I can't throw it away, but feel something should be done. I inquired of a new sectional with possible discount and was told it would cost me about $7,000.00. I really thought better of La-Z-Boy but over the years the company has lost its credibility with me.


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Anonymous - 23 d 10 h ago

I bought two lazy boy recliners two years ago and took out a warranty with servco The stitching started to come apart on the right armrest it took an act of Congress to get a tech out he told me that he would have to order new material because it cannot be sewn I agreed I got a letter from servco saying that I tried to sew the armrest I never sewed anything I'm a76 year old retired disabled Marine vet I don't do any sewing I'm very disenchanted and I like to get this chair fixed if anybody has any sense of decency they will get back to me at (hidden) and stick by their warranty.This warranty is a rip off you have to beg them to fix something you paid for.

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Warning about this company - 27 d 11 h ago


I recently purchased a power lift chair at an estate sale. The remote (wand) was damaged and missing some buttons. I contacted their service department (really long hold times) and asked about the other supposed functions that this chair has because the buttons missing on the remote. I gave them all of the tag information ans was told that the new remote would work. The remote was close to $150.00 so I ordered it thinking it would work for this chair. When I received the remote it only had the toggle, no buttons, so I called back to return it. The rep said that their policy was no returns! I said that was never explained to me and if it was I might not have ordered it without more research, she said that is explained to everybody and all calls are recorded and she can "pull the tape and review it" I agreed and asked for her to do so. I got a VM message a few days later with her saying that they were going to refund the full amount, they had reviewed the tape and it WAS NOT mentioned that there were no returns, the message also said to just keep the remote too.

I did not feel that was right, so I called back today and after being on hold for 45 minuets I was able to speak to a rep about this issue, she also said to keep the remote, I asked again, knowing this was recorded that I just keep it? Then she said "Oh wait, there is another note in here. It says that you need to return it to a local store in order to get credit!" This was not even mentioned in the voice mail (thankfully I kept)

I went through to get a manager to verify all of this and he also said I needed to return it for the credit.Had I kept it they wouldn't have credited me and I would be stuck with this part.

My warning is if you deal with them, record everything, document everything because their policies and business practices do not seem to be on the up and up.

All of this being said, I will never purchase a product from them, and my advice to anybody who is thinking of purchasing from them to reconsider it.

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I. M. Mad - 27 d 12 h ago


Bought a loveseat recliner and couch recliner set approximately 3 years ago for about $3000. They have needed serviced 3 times. Very disappointed with the quality. Service appointments are have been 2-4 weeks each for inspections and delivery of parts to your home then schedule an appointment with a service tech.

After the labor warranty expires the service fee is more than $120/hour.

I have had experience with another company whose service techs work out of their cars. Communication is very bad.

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Anonymous - 32 d 17 h ago


I've been previously a customer for uncountable years. But recently I've experienced bad , communication and service . I'm very upset with the person who is in charge. I paid lots of money for my chair. It's been broken almost a year . I can't get a call , written correspondence , email or a service person to come out. I will tell everyone about my situation with lazy boy and it's service. I wish I had my money back. I won't purchase from you again.

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disgruntled customer - 68 d 14 h ago


We purchased two new Maverick sofas. When they were delivered both had rub spots, scratches and other imperfections. We were told by the delivery crew that someone would be out within a week to repair/replace defective parts. After two weeks we called and spoke with Brian in the warehouse about the issue and he stated a tech would be out to check the problem areas and then order the parts and that it would take a month to receive the defective parts. We advised his if we were told that when the sofas were delivered, we would have refused the delivery. Now no one will return calls to advise of the status of the parts/repairs. We called the sales manager Rob in New Port Richey and he directed us to Brian. When we spoke to Brian, he said he would email whomever he needed to and call us back the next day. Still waiting for a return call. This has been ongoing for 7 weeks. di

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Using from Minneapolis - 65 d ago


I grew up watching la-z-boy commercials and being one of 7 children could only see them in other peoples homes through the years. My dad(now deceased) would say that it is a well built solid wood chair built here in the states so parts would be accessible. Now as an adult I persuaded my husband to buy recliners for our 39th wedding anniversary, so we went to your Edina Minnesota facility where we designed our Jace Reclina-Rocker's. Fast forwarding 4 years my husband sat in his chair and it made a terrible sound...turning over the chair we saw the entire bottom had shattered being made out of what looks to be particle board we are so disappointed in the construction of the frame in this chair. We were told by Jeanette our sales representative and doing research that the framework is made out of solid wood construction. The response we received is attached to solid wood! I know these are corporate decisions, but to downsize on the quality of La-Z-Boy that is not acceptable and misleading consumers. I followed directions and put in a claim and still waiting for a response! I think La-Z-Boy covers over any liability by saying you accepted the merchandise, not a professional way to do business on any level. MONEY AND GREED WIN AGAIN OVER QUALITY AND HONESTY! I am so sad about this....

Sitting in a broken chair in Minneapolis


This is the first review I've ever written.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


It's all press board glue and staples. I'm a former employee that built this junk by hand

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Ray C - 126 d 15 h ago


I purchased a Redwood Power Reclina-Rocker Recliner and it was delivered in March 2020. The recliner started to malfunction almost immediately. The recliner has been pushed in a corner and unusable every since.

I call the service department and spoke with the Metro Atlanta service manager about the problems I was having with the recliner. I sent his pictures also but have been giving the runaround every since. The fact that the recliner is unusable doesn't seem to matter with the service manager.

I contacted him today, May 21, 2020, he stated that la-z-boy do not provide repair service in the county I live in on a regular basis and he will schedule service on my recliner when he can but cannot give me a date. This is the fourth time I have been in contact with this Metro Atlanta service manager. It's puzzling to understand why la-z-boy do not provide more frequent service in my county. However, they have a la-z-boy store/showroom, where I purchased this recliner, approximately 20 miles from my home.

It is so sad and unfair that this is the kind of customer service I'm receiving from la-z-boy repair service on my newly purchased recliner, which I paid $2,090. The recliner has been pushed away in a corner every since March 2020 and I have no idea if and when it will be repaired.

I guess it's my mistake for trusting la-z-boy again. I purchased a recliner from la-z-boy in 2013 and I had some problems with it but for the most part it served it purpose until late 2019. This is when I replaced it with the redwood recliner.

Now that I recall, the la-z-boy service repair department was problematic when I requested service on that recliner. I took the recliner all the way to la-z-boy repair department in Buford, GA for service and as soon as I got home, the chair malfunctioned again and a la-z-boy repairman had to come to my home to correct the issues that wasn't done during my visit to their repair department.

FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME. I have learned my lesson the hard way. It was costly though.

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Anonymous - 86 d 17 h ago

We have had the same issue with a recliner we purchased last year, about a month into it, they back bolts broke, it has been serviced about 10 times in the past year. The service tech got tired of coming out so he decided to put that the reason for all the repairs is due to the way my husband sits in the chair. The bolts break!! The bolts are breaking due to faulty parts, cheap bolts being used, Crap equipment... It's horrible. I will NEVER buy anything from them again!! Horrible customer service and furniture.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


It's because they use partical board in the manufacturing process. It's cheap and thin. I worked on the production line. All held together with staples and glue. Very cheaply made

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Extremely disappointed M - 43 d 15 h ago

If you purchased it with your credit card you can always call your credit card company tell them the problem you're having I'm sure they'll be able to help

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Anonymous - 43 d 14 h ago

About a year ago I purchased a beautiful sofa from L-Z-Boy with all the extras you know guarantee protection plan and all.

L-Z-Boy is not cheap even in clearance. 3mos. Later the cushions lost the firmness I call service, they sent a man to check it out, he reorder another set of cushions took the old ones. Not long after that, same problem now is 1year.

I made the mistake of purchasing it on their L-Z-Boy credit card I should have never done that,even to make payments was difficult

This furniture company has lost all credibility will never ever go there again.

In the first place I went there because I remember their commercials of long ago and I wanted to support Made in America product But, I can see this company is not one to support, there was an old saying that went like this, you get what you pay for but, I'm afraid that doesn't apply anymore now even trash is expensive I think next time I'm going to the Amish store

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


I worked in the manufacturing plant in Dayton TN. The materials used are cheap and slung together. Partical board press board. And maybe sometimes 1 to 2 pieces of hard wood. It's all held together with staples and glue. Employees are required to build as gas as humanly possible. So that cuts quality as well. Terrible company in my opinion.

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