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BUY LAZYBOY AT YOUR OWN RISK !! - 43 m 20 s ago


Do not buy Lazyboy and expect any level of service. I have spent 9 weeks trying to replace the hand wand on a lift chair and still do not have a satisfactory conclusion I have done all the work- called in ID numbers on chair -long delay-then had to photo the ID tag and send it -3 weeks delay - then had to photo the hand

wand etc

Pensacola Store has been less than truthful thru out the ordeal

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Worst Purchase/Experience Ever !!!! - 1 d ago


'0' Rating. La-Z-Boy is the Rudest most dishonest retailer I have experienced to date!! I bought a recliner in 2015. The fabric was worn and frayed within months of purchase. There are no animals or children in the home and no overweight adults sitting in it. I paid $900 which included fabric protection. However, that does not cover the material falling apart due to such poor quality. I am shocked that the company's upper management apparently could care less about the on-going horrible ratings. And shame on Brook Shields for associating herself with such a classless operation!!

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Buy Something Else - 2 d ago


Mr. Butcher is NOT the President. Kurt Darrow holds that role. (I'd hide my name too) The correct phone number is (hidden). How wonderful to experience the excitement around New Furniture and Lazy Boy to boot You are willing to spend the extra money because of the quality and reputation. Right? Then it arrives... quality and workmanship= ZERO! Even their repair people tell you Lazboy will not stand behind their furniture and if you want quality... You should have bought something else. WOW!!

The thousands I spent replaced 28 yr old lazboy furniture... It's older than the hills but it was quality and 28 yrs later the mechanism's all still worked nothing like the cheap, half-assed crap they delivered. What an enormous disappointment.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

I purchased a sofa,love seat, and 2 recliners from the Ft. Myers Florida location 11-19-17. We were told shipment would be 4-6 weeks. After 6 weeks I started calling asking about the furnished. The person's I talked to were not helpful and told us different things each time we called. Our furnished was delivered 2-9-18 with the exception of the loveseat. It's now 2-20-18 and after paying upfront to get the delivered without the loveseat were getting the same run around about the loveseat. My family has purchased lazy boy produces for over 50 years. I won't buy another lazy boy product or recommend lazy boy a anyone. Overpriced, zero service, bad management.

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Brenda Taulbee - 3 d 3 h ago


I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered a $1700.00 love seat 7 weeks ago. At the time I was told 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. I called at 4 weeks, was told it was too early. I called at 5 1/2 weeks, was RUDELY told, it has only been 5 1/2 weeks, Sunday is officially they 6 week mark, call back Sunday afternoon. Today we are at the 6 1/2 week mark. I tried to call the store and keep getting a recording. "Due to our high sales volume from our GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE" we are too busy to answer the phone, leave your name and number we will call you back" Guess what, they do not call back.

I purchased from La-Z-Boy because my past purchases lasted for ever and the sales and delivery was a positive experience. I looks like this company has turned to garbage and not only is the Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio store going out of business, but I see this whole company going down the drain.

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Linda D. McCue - 3 d 4 h ago

In January 2016 we purchased a La-z-Boy rocker - recliner- swivel chair for our winter home in Summerfield, FL from Whites Furniture. Having purchased La-z-Boy chairs before we felt confident in our purchase. Although the chair was purchased in 2016, it has been used for less than 6 months since we spend only a few months each winter in Florida. The chair was $1200 so it was a significant purchase. When we arrived in FL in late January, we noticed that the chair was making a very loud grinding and cracking noise when it was being used (reclining, rocking and swiveling). We also noticed that there were wood shavings under the chair which suggest that something was not right. We contacted Whites Furniture who told us that a service call would be $230 which would include any covered repairs. Anything not a covered repair would be an additional cost. We feel the service call fee is excess and seems to suggest that we may actually be paying for the "covered" repairs. We offered to bring the chair to their repair shop was told that they would not let us do that. We understand that furniture that is used will show wear and tear over time; however, considering the actual time this chair has been used, 6 months is not a reasonable amount of time to start experiencing problems. The service person that we spoke with at Whiles was not very customer friendly. We have written a review on Whites website and are now reaching out to you in the hopes that something can be done to rectify this situation. It is what organizations do to deal with problems that really determines the quality and value of the customer relationship. We are hoping that you will see merit in our concerns and take some action that will be mutually agreeable. You can reach me at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago


Dear Mr. Butcher, I purchased a special order couch on 10-21-2018 delivery was 5 Dec. 2018. The couch is very stiff and uncomfortable nothing like the the one we sat on and loved because of the comfort. We are VERY DISAPPOINTED AND CALLED STORE WHERE IT WAS PURCHASED FROM TO COMPLAIN, SEVERAL TIMES. We finally spoke with manager Sandra on Feb. 8th who was going on vacation and called her on 17 Feb she then said she was waiting for headquarters to reply to our problem. Sandra called Feb. 19th to say they will charge 50% restocking fee and we can pick out something else at store. This is totally unfair, I custom ordered what I thought would be comfortable couch, assuming it would be as comfortable. We can hardly sit on this couch or enjoy it after spending $2024.98. I am willing to take a $500 loss and IF we can find couch in store that is comfortable will buy there or want a refund to go elsewhere.

We are very disappointed in this product and the fact it is so uncomfortable.

Alice Mc

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jack - 4 d 14 h ago


you need to step up your game and produce a better product

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charles - 4 d 14 h ago


you sold me on built in america that's fine give american's jobs fine but don't screw the customer who is a american all so and a veteran of our military

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chuck - 4 d 14 h ago


lazy boy you need to do a better job and stop short changing the customer on using less material for cushining on your recliners

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Barbara J Smith - 5 d 20 h ago


It looks like no one pays attention to any of our feelings how cheap these La-z-boy products are made by Lazy company's They should recall all of these la-z-boy pieces of so called chairs and couches.

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Teresa Whelan - 7 d 18 h ago


Reading these reviews makes me so unhappy that we bought LAZBOY...after much consideration , we decided to buy 2 special order recliners for our motorhome . This is the only furniture we have ordered in 47 years of marriage . We went to our local store in Frisco, Tx to order the chairs. We took the exact measurements of our space with us and were explicit with the salesman about our size constraints . He suggested the chairs we bought for size and comfort . We explained we had 4 inches of clearance on our 36 inch deep slide and he said we would need to pay extra to make the chairs wall huggers and they would only need 3.5 inch clearance . After waiting for weeks for the chairs and paying for delivery ,the exciting day came that our chairs arrived. They weren't even close to fitting in our slide. After a lot of research , we found that this chair needs 7 inch clearance as a wallhugger. We were floored...we called the salesman and went back over our issue and he said he has NEVER said ANY recliner needs less than 6 inch clearance. That is such a lie ...we were so explicit and asked him to double and triple check , which he said he did . To add insult to injury, the recliners don't sit at all like the ones in the store . They are so uncomfortable and kill your neck because of how they sit . The ugly metal in the bottom shows all the way around and they have to be put against a wall in order to hide the mechanism on the back . We do not have a space to fit them in and are now stuck with recliners that are unusable for us . After several calls, we finally talked to the store manager, Gene Autry, and were told he could do NOTHING about special ordered furniture and that we would have to call corporate office. He added IF they would do anything , they would charge US to pick up defective chairs , and would charge US 25% to restock the chairs and would not refund the delivery charge we already paid... we are so frustrated about our experience with this . It was such a big deal for us to treat ourselves with these recliners. We are retired ,with very limited funds , and this was a major purchase for us . LaZBoy should be ashamed to treat people this way .

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Duane Sandhage - 8 d ago

By far the worst service when it comes to returning something bought a chair there for my dad January 3rd Fort Lee was not able to keep it because of circumstances called and cancelled the chair the next day was told my check was mailed out call three days later was told again just to wait because the check was mailed out called a week later was told again that the check was mailed out spoke to the owner or representative of the Middletown store who was nothing but completely rude to me and hung up the phone got a hold of another girl her name is Karen who said that it was mailed out that I was crazy called me back another hour so I apologize the check was never mailed out let me know again that the check was mailed out got a phone call that they had the wrong quote zip code on the check that it was mailed out and I would get it by the end of the week a week and a half later still don't have a check called Middletown again as usual the man was very rude to me he had Karen call me who said they're looking for it the worst the worst service ever no one seems to give a damn

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Shitty service and store!!!!!! - 8 d 19 h ago


April 2017 I purchased 2 leather lounger chair @ the Loveland,Oh store.

One of tgechairs faded on both arms and the head rest.

I've sent pictures and tags from the chair to Lazy Boy. A guy from something called I believe, comfort care came out to my house. He took pics and told me that the "leatger" would be mailed to my house. And to call when I received it and someone would come out and fix the chair. That was late October, early November 2017.

Still waiting!!!!!!!!!

Patti Brown

4827 Edwardsville Rd

Clarksville, Oh 45113


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Jenci Renee Moore - 10 d 18 h ago


I am writing you concerning my lazy boy recliner about 2 and half years ago. My problem is the arm has broke away from the body. Again! When we brought it home from the store the right side the left side has broken away.

What has happened to the quality to the lazy boy products?

I am sitting in a lazy boy that is over fifty years old and my husband is trying to sit in a 2 and half year old one. I paid almost 500.00 for a piece of junk!

I call the store to see about getting a replacement when we first had a problem. A service man came and repaired the chair.

Now the other side has broken. It will cost us $50./hour or if they come to our home it will be $80.00/hr..

We are on a very limited income and my husband is disabled, my self I have heart condition.

We where hoping it was the last chair we would ever have to buy.

We have bought several chairs new from your company. It makes me question my choice of product.

It would be very grateful for your help.

I have always been told that word of mouth is your best and worst advertisement.

Jenci R Moore

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Teresa Gale - 11 d 20 h ago


I seen to be having a problem with your Roseville, Ca store regarding a total refund. This is pertaining a Harrington large wall clock that doesn't keep time and the hands are just way too flimsy & don't move correctly. The other issue is a queen sleeper that when delivered would not fit thru the bedroom door opening even removing the bedroom door. The sleeper was put back in the delivery truck and when I went to the store on 2.11, talked to the manager there who refused to take the clock back & give me a full refund. This is Bull Shit!. There is nothing in the store that is easily affordable and I want my full refund on both items-no replacements will be accepted. This week of 2.12 is the 3rd week feom purchase and if that's when you start the 30 day clock, I want my total refund of $ 2,499.89 in full this week of 2.12.18. I'm not happy about this and if this is not resolved in the customers favor this week, further action will take place. ( If you returned clothes at a store, do you expect the store to tell you 'we have to contact the mfg-no you don't! , before you get your money back.). When product is returned, so is the money paid. That is how business works-not this bull shit. I need a reply from you Monday 2.12 with your reply on this issue.

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Barb - 13 d 14 h ago


Very disappointed in the quality of my recliner. After 1 1/2 years the recliner mechinism (joint on the inside of the chair) has warn through the decking fabric and created a hole. And also the corner of the fabric on the cushion. I had the a-z-boy repair person come out and tell me the nothing was wrong with the mechanics of the chair. That it was the weight of my husband (he weighs 204 lbs) nothing will be done. Excuse me! What a sorry story. Yes it was a problem with the chair if the mechanics wears through the fabric in that short of time. Bought the chair thinking it was quality furniture. Not so! Had Lane recliners prior for 20+ years and never had a bit of trouble other than after that length of time fabric was looking warn. Never again would i waste my money on la-z-boy.

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Anonymous in West Virginia - 13 d 15 h ago


Purchased a loveseat at the Barboursville WV store, went to pick it up and the fabric on one side of the loveseat footrest was so loose it was wrinkled , the other side looked fine. The store manager David Little tried to tell me this was Lazboys new standard using extra fabric to give the foot rest room to expand , at which time I asked why the other fabric side was perfectly tight and smooth. I was told once I got the loveseat home Lazboy would send a technician out to take care of the loose fabric. I then advised why would I take a $1100.00 piece of defective furniture which is suppose to be new only to have a technician come to my home to fix something, DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE???

The manager then became very rude, arrogant and belittling when talking to me telling me he already explained and I was just not listening to him and I didn't understand what he was saying. I then said I understood completely and he was insulting me with his rude behavior and terrible customer service then advised I wanted a refund which I did get, including the $30.00 fee they charged to bring the loveseat to the store location, which I now feel was a rip off.........The manager continued to talk down to me at which time I told him I no longer had anything to say to him .

I would never deal with the LAZBOY store in Barboursville WV again !!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 20 h ago

mMy brother in law has one like this , i have this one at home , yeah right salespeople full of it.

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Carol - 17 d 5 h ago


Carol, it is impossible to reach customer service . By phone they never answer either the 800 number or the Greenbrier store in Chesapeake virginia. Web site where you fill out a form for customer service repair well you can forget that they don't want to hear from you. What kind of product is ditched by the company that makes it. There is a statement there that says run don't walk to the door and save your money.

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Anonymous - 16 d 16 h ago

Call Don Butcher at the number above. I can't imagine that the President of the company would be happy with all our negative experiences.

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C.P - 16 d 17 h ago



Lazyboy needs to stand behind their product. 30 years ago they were great. Furniture lasted for decades.

Now my mom ordered new recliners and were delivered with fabric that looked completely worn and used. Store

Manager states not her problem up to lazyboy customer service. That was one month ago. Still no word. They are taking advantage of elderly women. Shame on them.

I will not be letting this go anytime soon.

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Miriam - 16 d 16 h ago

They're terrible to the elderly. I hope they can sleep well at night

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Miriam - 16 d 18 h ago


I'd like to share my good and bad experience at LazyBoy Farmingdale.

Went with my dad on Thursday to pick out a lift chair for him. Sales guy was George T. Laid back, not in your face, there if you had a question and very sensitive and respectful of the 'why's' for needing the chair. If I said something quietly to him, he responded the same way. ($1500 for chair)

Chair was delivered yesterday -- not as comfortable as my dad thought/hoped. Checked website regarding exchanging to the higher priced chair ($2200 chair). He said he had to check with the manager and would call me back.

He calls me back - says, no returns but offered to let me speak with the manager, Robert. He tells me that, 'as the blue receipt states, there are no returns.' I told him I found information on the website that says you can exchange within 3 days. He says that might be corporate, but they're a franchise. I asked about NYS law and 3 days and he said it doesn't apply, "sorry." I said, "I'm not sure you're sorry" and he took offense at my questioning his sincerity. Said, he doesn't make the rules, it's the company and he's sure I have rules at work that I have to follow, told me to have a nice day....then hung up on me. Not very professional! Good job George...... BOO - Robert the store manager in Farmingdale NY Lazy Boy!

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Nancy - 35 d ago


Ordered a leather recliner sofa. It arrived with gaps between sections, uneven headrests. Hole near hand lever. Tried to work with customer service. They were rude and said the quality met their satisfaction and didn't need to meet ours. So now we're stuck with furniture that looks like junk!


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Anonymous - 24 d 3 h ago

Agree...our sofa is completely falling apart after one a year.

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AS - 22 d 16 h ago


Our furniture cost alot of money and it SUCKS!!!!! Wish i would have read reviews prior

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