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Mark - 6 h 9 m ago


worst customer service in Michigan....been trying since June to get a replacement part. Same words every time "Tech will call you within 3 days".

we call back...same thing only added "repair tech in the hospital"

we call back...."We will have another tech call you within 3 days."

And on and on

Call Headquarter...leave messages


When we went to Novi to pick out furniture, we placed a deposit on new items.....the sales associate said "you have any problems, let me know with getting a repair tech out.

Well, decided to cancel our furniture because you have 3 days. So glad we did because we have yet to get anywhere.

Absolute Joke!!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago

Purchased L-A-Z Boy Electrical recliner from Lexington, SC store. The fabric is already fraying on bottom of foot rest, left arm rest and seat. We just bought it a couple months ago.

General profile image - 2 d 5 h ago


hi my name is jeff i've bought a sectional couch and a electric reclining. chair no my thought that lazy boy furniture was fine furniture but i found out it is walmart grade and it's crap 4500 for the sectional sat in recliner and in 6 months it was starting to become junk the shit pressboard you guys think is the answer screwspull out holes that hold stuff becomes worn out of shape cause press board is not meant for furniture it's just wood shavings glued together.

when my friends and family as about my furniture i tell them to stay away from lazy boy products and show them the quality of the crap wood you use and how much you screw your customers.

my chair is the same way 11/2 yrs old and it's ready for the curb and when i do i'm gonna put a sign on it and say this is a quality lazy boy product i'll send you the pics when i do

i'm very disappointed in my 5000 dollars worth of out junk you and your employees should be embarrassed with this kinda product and i read the rest of the comments left and it sounds like the same as me disappointment

you probably don't have the balls to reach out

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Linda - 6 d 4 h ago


What a terrible place to buy, never again would I ever buy anything from you Lazy Boys!

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Disapointed - 3 d ago

Hear that. This company is the worst. Liars. Local stores in denver are not trustworthy. Don't go there.

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Chip Holman - 3 d 9 h ago


I have had my new recliner for 2 weeks. The 1st day I had it, the wireless remote stopped working. The tech took it to be repaired. It was delivered yesterday (11/14). The remote worked yesterday.. Today it doesn't work...again. Obviously, La-Z-Boy doesn't know how to fix their own products. I sure wish someone at the corporate level would contact me instead of shielding themselves from doing actual customer service.

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George - 4 d 6 h ago


My mother purchased a a dual recliner sofa and a rocker recliner and I kid you not after 8 months leather stared to.peel very bad did have lazyboy come out but was told we were SOL due to the extra warranty was not purchased who would think the quality of lazyboy has gone down the drain and everyone knows that when you walk into a store like that your gonna spend a large amount of money my mother has had previous lazyboy items without any issues but just wanted an upgrade we all said she should of stayed with the old piece which was about 25 years old

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UPSET CUSTOMER - 25 d 3 m ago



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Frustrated customer - 5 d ago

I would agree

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Very frustrated customer chair is broken not even 6 months and I have to either drive an hour or pay 69.99 to get it fixed. Not to mention time off from work

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Carleene Bustamante - 5 d 10 h ago


Your north ridge land hills store is ft Worth are a bunch of crooks I went there Sunday the 8th of November bought 9400 in furniture they had me pay with no invoice next day emailed it to me trying to charge me 1500 more had a bunch of warranties on the bill that they never ask me about they took those off which still left a balance , I pulled exact furniture up online at Coleman's furniture they refused to price match I canceled the order I feel I treated rather poorly....

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Round Rock Texas - 11 d 4 h ago


Wish I had read the reviews before I spent a LOT of $$$$ on multiple recliners. One was incorrect and is on reorder. They picked it up. Probably won't be ready before Thanksgiving. Need it for my guests. They also ran my down payment for $500 more than my check was written for. "Processed electronically" was their excuse. Have requested a courtesy $$ for their errors, but there will be nothing. All they say is "Lazyboy doesn't do it that way" for all their answers. I had reservations the day I placed the order. Should have listened to my intuition. Should have gone to Haverty,s. I could go on and on!!! Less than 10 days use, the seat padding has settled, the arm rest padding is dented on 2 other ones.

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Rhonda Hall - 11 d 6 h ago


I ordered my new livingroom set on 9/23 and was told it would arrive in 6-8 weeks and ordered because I need it before Thanksgiving. On 10/23 i called to check on it. I was told it was complete and should be at the store in 7-10 days. On 10/31 I called again to check. I was told the same story and when I questioned Penny the sales lady she got ugly and told me it was still within the timeframe. I called today and spoke with the manager Brady and he was rude also and told me the timeframe was 8-10 weeks. That was never what I was told in the beginning. All the manager would say is that on the paper I signed stated 8-10 weeks. I signed in many places on several forms and did not read the small print. He told me that Penny would never tell someone 6-8 weeks but I verified with my daughter that she did say that. The manager was ruder than the salesperson basically calling me a liar. I have bought from this location before but you can bet I will NEVER spend another penny at Lazy Boy.

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Mike - 13 d 8 h ago

I have a Recliner that was to be fixed this Thursday and just now got a call saying that I am going to have to wait until 3 December maybe. My Recliner broke 5 days after I got it ,what was wrong was that someone forgot to put the screws and nails in the right arm.

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Linda - 13 d 8 h ago


I have a lazy boy sofa, loveseat, and four recliners in my home but when it comes time to replace them, they will not be replaced with lazy boy products as long as Kristin Bell is your spokesperson. I am sure she is probably a lovely person but I do not want someone who is trying to sell me something to tell me how I should feel about politics. What were you thinking?

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Penny - 14 d 5 h ago

I bought a Lazyboy rocker recliner from Homegoods that was a very good price. I expected it to be the same high quality as my other rocker recliner that was bought at a Lazyboy store. It was Not! In 3 months the padding for the back support sunk in , and the cousin got soft. If you sell anything with the Lazyboy name brand on it , the quality should Always be of high quality. I'm very disappointed in my purchase, and the lack of Lazyboy standards.

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Nicole - 16 d 11 h ago


I ordered a $5000 worth of furniture from LAZBOY in May 2019 in anticipation for a move. I was even offered an interior designer to come to my home to help set up my pieces. They were to deliver on my moving day. I sold all my old furniture, looking forward to my new custom furniture. On a stressful moving day, LAZBOY delivered my furniture only to uncover it and haphazardly put it together. No designer showed up. The fabric was loose and it looked like tshirt material. I asked the delivery men to put it back on the truck but they did not speak English and simply left. I immediately drove to the store in the midst of my move to tell them I was unhappy and wanted it replaced, it was unacceptable. I asked why the designer didn't come and they told me she didn't know she had to. The store managers were nice, however, and agreed it was shabby work and did put in the request. The reclining chair, I had to wait for maintenance before replacing first for some reason, but it was no way that chair was usable, it would lean so far forward it'd scrap my wood floors. I was told my replacements would be delivered in 6 weeks. This was August 31. Mid October came along and I heard nothing from LAZBOY. They had hurriedly picked up their original delivery in September, leaving me without ANY furniture. They also requested I make payments on time. It is now November 2nd and I STILL HAVE NO FURNITURE. The nice manager at the store attempted to call the warehouse because their system gave no status updates, and he got no response other than it's in ARKANSAS and has been ready since the beginning of October. No delivery date, no idea when it ships closer to their delivery warehouse. My calls always fall on deaf ears to customer care associates who say that's not their purvue and there is no one to escalate me to. The manager says that as well. I am very upset with how I have been treated and jipped by LAZBOY, made to pay for a sofa I don't even have the pleasure to sit on. My children have to sit on the hardwood floor in the living room or on kitchen chairs. You've made my new move unbearable and upsetting. I thought LAZBOY was about quality and endurance. I've gotten nothing but excuses and no sofa. I won't be a repeat customer and I want people to know my awful experience.

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CS - 18 d 3 h ago


My sofa was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, Oct 29 between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. It was not delivered, no one called to say it did not pass inspection. I waited for 3 hours at my 91 year old mother's house for the couch to be delivered. Called at 4 pm on Tuesday, spoke to Steve. He told me the couch did not pass inspection, he said I would get a call on Wednesday. No one called. I called back on Thursday, again no more information. Terry called me back to tell me again that the couch did not pass inspection. In the course of the conversation, Terry said calling me back was a "courtesy". I guess you can take my money and call me back when the couch is not delivered when you feel like it. Terry, the store manager, indicated that I would be getting a repaired couch. So I am paying full price for a repaired couch and no one will tell me why the couch didn't pass inspection. I need to know why the couch didn't pass inspection AND I DO NOT THINK CALLING ME IS A COURTESY!

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C Smith - 19 d 8 h ago


I have owned La-z- Boy recliners for over 40 years. After visiting the store in Jacksonville Fl, I will not go back to their store for purchase. The first time we had a new employee who hovered over every step then couldn't answer any question. Giving the benefit of being new we revisited the store. This time we got a salesman who actually walked as we went to the chair section, then said the rest are scattered around the store, without giving any direction or idea where to look. After the direction he walked away. Very poor customer service training on both ends-new employee over zealous, old employee didn't seem to care if we bought or not.

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Wendy - 19 d 11 h ago


So disappointed in our two recliners! Bought the Lancer x2 and had nothing but trouble getting then fixed the day after delivery! The chairs were

It together wrong and one was learning. Waited 2 weeks to get it fixed. Now the chair that was man manhandled to get the back taken off to put it on correctly squeaks and creaks. Hate these chairs from day ONE! Can't return. 30% restocking fee? What a joke. Now we're stuck! Never buy lazy boy again! Poor service poor quality. We want a refund!

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Kim Hendrickson - 24 d ago


Lazboy quality had gone way down. Cheap quality in construction. Cheap parts break. Bought a sectional 2 years ago and its parts are breaking and the cushions are all broken down. Customer service is a joke. Product support does not know their product parts. Took me over a month and a half to get three simple pieces to replace on my sectional. They kept sending wrong parts. We were working of a parts schematic. Never again will I purchase from Lazboy.

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Anonymous - 49 d 14 h ago

Wow...I've had my dual loveseat recliner for three months and the side I sit on (I'm 150.00 lbs) is shaking like it's going to come apart and the cushions are flat! Third time I've had someone out to fix this thing, as it arrived on the delivery truck damaged and missing parts. Now the guy is coming out to restuff the cushions on both sides and fix the fame again. Didn't know until reading these reviews that they have no return policies on "lemons", which is what I feel I was sold, for $2500.00...this is the third repair in the three was delivered in June. Guess I should feel lucky to have a repairman by some of these reviews. Oh well, guess I won't be buying lazy boy anymore based on quality...shame

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Lazy Boyed out of my money - 30 d 8 h ago


Best keep getting it fixed, at one year from purchase date YOU get to start paying the labor cost for the repair man. Thanks lazy boy.

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I had a very good Experience ! - 43 d 9 h ago


We had bought a new living room set from Lazyboy. We haven't had it a year and I had a problem with damaging the loveseat.

I called customer service to see if I can get it fixed. Found out that with the numbers on the bottom of the couch they can tell everything

about the couch, Color, style, fabric etc etc. Anyway she gave me the 800 number to their tech support. The lady I got there was extremely

nice and helpful. She said it was covered under warranty of all things! She arranged for me to get it fixed and estimated repair time at my

home and they would call and set everything up. Not cost me a thing! Now that is standing by your product! I would like to thank the very nice

and helpful lady, BRITTNEY! Do not know her last name but she was a keeper! Good service rep!

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Lazy Boyed out of my money - 30 d 8 h ago


You said the key words, (less than a year ago) now if you have a problem its 124.00 per hour for them to work on it. Parts are covered though. Lol.... its wood and nails. My couch has a manufacturer's flaw but I get to pay the 124 hr to repair the wood which is not my fault. I remember when customers mattered, and so did quality.

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