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PO Box 578
Siloam Springs, AR
Don Butcher
(479) 524-6491
(479) 524-9464
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 6 h 34 m ago

The number listed above is not their corporate office case anyone actually needed it. Their corp is located in MI. You guys should really try google. The number above is just an AR location. 734-2 4 2 - 14 44 is the actual corp number and its answered by a human; it was when i called anyway. i dont know if the president info is correct, but i doubt you will get to him anyway. set your sights lower.

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Linda Foley - 8 d 9 h ago


Lousy product. We bought a big man's recliner in 1979, used it for 20 years, loved it. We need to change colors, so, after 20 years bought another big man's and gave the first to family member.

My 2nd one, after 20 years broke in the mechanics with raising of foot rest.

So, after 40 years, I bought a 3rd one for the next 20 years. I went into town, picked it out and delivered immediately.

When the kids set it in and I had other recliner on it's side and showed them what had broken. They said it had a lifetime warranty! And they had parts in stock! I could not believe this was happening, already new one delivered and did not need a new one! I gave it to my brother.

This 3rd one is extremely foot rest, not enough foam in arms etc., cheap material, also ready wrinkled on the recliner and back of chair. It does not compare to the past 40 years...piece of cheap junk.

If you ever begin manufacturing quality product, please replace this one.

Linda Foley (hidden). (hidden)

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Mike - 8 d 10 h ago


Worst customer service i have ever dealt with. We ordered furniture in March. Promised a 4 week delivery paid over $5500 for everything. We called 8 different times and no one knew anything and they said they would call back and never did. I had to take time from my busy working day to walk into the store and ask. Of course the manager wasn't in as usual. Didn't offer an apology for no call returns and not knowing what was going on. Definitely do not recommend LazyBoy due to their horrible customer service. Particular store is in San Antonio 12635 W Interstate 10

San Antonio, TX 78230

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charles Bender - 13 d 9 h ago


i've had recliners for over 25 years.Ibought a reclining love seat 4 years ago and putting it down almost throws out our backs.they said the only whey to fix it is to disconnect the spring.That is not what I bought.that is a terrible solution.So buyer be ware.

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Disappointed in Naples. - 14 d ago

la-z-boy should be having a going out of business sale pretty soon, I still would not buy their trash, not with the customer service they have.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


We have had a TERRIBLE experience with La-Z-Boy and your products! We bought my mom a lift chair, it didn't work for her, so after paying a $350 re-stocking fee we have another lift chair for her. This chair has been nothing short of awful for a handicapped person and tonight she has fallen out of it (the chair TIPPED OVER while she was in it!) for the THIRD time. Now we have paid an astronomical amount of money for a dangerous chair, can't return it and are stuck with a huge bill! We want to return the chair at no cost, but were told we can't - what a TERRIBLE way to do business. You can be sure we will be reporting La-Z-Boy to the BBB.

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Annamaria Mitchell - 20 d 6 h ago

We purchased two leather sofas, two ottomans, four pillows and two mission style recliners in August of last year and they were to be ready by December when our new has was to be completed. The new furniture was delivered in March. We received the right style furniture but the wrong color wood on the recliners. Not a big issue since they had the right ones made and delivered a few months later. Once I tried out the new chairs the part of the chair that is to keep your feet up was not functioning. We called and the sent out a technician. He stated that he needed to order parts for both chairs to correct the problem. Only parts for one chair arrived and when he repaired it it was worse than before. Called the customer care center and was told that they would reorder the parts again for both chairs and be out on June 29 to repair the chairs. I called the service department on that Tuesday to see if thy could come out sooner but was told no appoints were available and that the tech would be out on Saturday. I explained to the service department that they were to have the chairs repaired prior to my surgery on June 13. I called them on June 29 and was told that I was not on the schedule for that day. I told them since it was their mistake they need to get someone asap. I called on July 1st and they still have no solution. I told them since it was their error they need to be out to repair them in July 2. They told me they couldn't do it. I am so disappointed with this whole process. I finally get a call and was told that they could not come out to service the chairs for one and a half weeks.

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P Ramirez - 21 d 5 h ago


I bought a very expensive recliner a year and a half ago. It is electric and during the Thomas fire the power went out

FOR 10 hours, I was stranded in my chair as not one person informed me that there is a battery back up which of course takes batteries and not even the location where it is located to put in the batteries. I am an 80 year old female with a pace maker and 2 hip replacements so you can see my predicament. Now the piece f cheap plastic

broke that raises the legs blew up while lowering. Since it isn't that old I called customer service because it is under warranty. Yah right!! They made an appointment for someone to come out, only after charging me an hours labor

of $109. I told the person on the phone what broke, thinking they would bring the part. No he didn't show up the 1st

time had to rechedule and finally came out a week later. When he came out of course he didn't have the part said he would have to order it. It would be about 2 weeks to get it, and that I would have to pay another hours labor as it takes 2 hours to fix it. Why La-Z-Boy would put a cheap piece of plastic in a part of the chair that is used so often is beyond me? I am still waiting to hear from someone to let me know the status of my repair. I will not be purchasing anything from LA-Z-Boy again, your customer service should be called customer distress.

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TRAM NGUYEN - 25 d 8 h ago


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Retired and even more pissed off. - 28 d 5 h ago

Apparently this site is bull crap too. It's not the actual corporate page of LazyBoy. It's a dipshit company with no connection to Lazy Boy. In fact the person they have listed as president, Don Butcher, resigned from this position in 2010. Yeh almost a decade ago. Waste of time. Lazy Boy still sucks. But you won't be able to tell them that from this website.

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Retired and pissed off - 28 d 5 h ago

The most distressing thing I'm finding in this page of complaints, is that Lazy Boy has not responded. I was going to advise corporate that we ordered a couch in April with a 4-6 week delivery promised. Payed $1500 up front. It's been double that time and nothing. Now no one knows why it hasn't been delivered. One guy isn't in today, the other guy is waiting on a call back. The manager is sick. It's like they're reading down a list of reasons not to talk to us. This is total BS. Going down in person and gonna get our money back. Then I'm gonna call the president of this clip joint and see if he'll do any better responding to a phone call. Then I'm gonna hammer them on social media. I'm gonna reference this page and their lack of action on everybody's legitimate complaints. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, any and everyplace I can. This is total bullshit!!!

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Ana and Robert Bailey - 32 d 11 h ago


The old company was thoughtful, etc. and took good care of their customers. My husband and I are victims of the horrendous Campfire of Paradise, CA that ravaged the area in November of this past year. We relocated and ended up in Eugene, Or and purchased 2 expensive recliner rockers from your company. We relied on our past years of experience thinking we would get quality with the cost, but what a shock it has been. We got the chairs, the upholstery isn't top quality, the mechanism hasn't worked from date of delivery and we can't get any free help or even the answer from our attempts to get help from corporate office.....all we got was an "I'm sorry you lost all your belongings" offer to help get free repairs or anything. The people that started this company are probably turning over in their graves if they knew how badly the company has become. It's a shame we can't get our money back, I'd take it in a minute. I will not be able to recommend you to anyone.

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Annette Johnson - 28 d 11 h ago


Mine was Bought at the Lazyboy in Evansville IN store

General profile image - 28 d 11 h ago

We purchased a couch and chair from Lazy Boy on November 22, 2015. About a year after our purchase we noticed wear. After contacting customer service no one would give us direction as to what we could do. Apparently we have a fabric that is NOT very reliable called recycled leather. At time of purchase we were told it wore like leather. Well, buyer beware!

After giving up originally I am back! I loved my furniture and unfortunately believed the folks I purchased from. When I questioned them about the wear they acted as though I had the plague.

I'm pretty sure this complaint will go on deaf ears but , once again I am terrible disappointed in Lazy Boy not the basic product but the manner in which we were treated.

Our couch and chair remain very comfortable but the fabric looks terrible.

I wish your company was interested in keeping customers rather than only money.

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Annette Johnson - 28 d 11 h ago


Dear Don Butcher,

Your furniture is made cheap and awful I am very disappointed. I spent $3980.95 worth of your furniture and the recliner that cost over $1000 is junk. The back wabbles the cushion is compressed and the fabric is torn. I paid for the Ultrashield warranty what a joke. After having this stuff 18 months it is going to cost me $120 an hour to fix it. NEVER will I EVER by a piece of your furniture and i will pass this on to every Lazyboy furniture store I see. I bought this expensive, supposedly great set of furniture to last us a long time. I told the salesperson I wanted the furniture to be sturdy and well made. Now I have to pay to fix this junk. Do NOT every buy Lazyboy.

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J. Brown - 34 d 7 h ago

Went to the store in Southport Indiana intending to buy a couch an chair. Not one person bothered to ask if I needed help, in fact one sales lady passed by me twice and never even looked my way. I walked around sitting in chairs and on the couches looking at tags for at least 30 minutes and I think I'm being generous. Very disappointed.

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Ann Marie Scatena - 34 d 9 h ago


Treat their employees like shit, at least the Fredericksburg, VA location. I have a very talented friend who worked for them for years, and she was treated not great during the time she worked there, and when she left, on good terms, they treated her so badly that I will NEVER buy ANY La-Z-Boy furniture again.

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Nancy Hartstein - 35 d 13 h ago


Have had nothing but complications and stalling on returning my lol lazy boy. It's total crap. This is not entertaining to Me. Maybe those in the store. Have filed claim with better business bureau and looking into local news trouble shooters. I'm retired, limited income. Major purchase for me. I have lost respect for the name.

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Anonymous - 47 d 16 h ago

It take 2 to 5 hours to get unload with wood at the NEWTON,MS plant and they thank it is funny as hell. And will not do anything about it The unloading guy loves his job he gets 9. 45 minutes breaks in one day.

General profile image

American consumer - 43 d 10 h ago

Question, what kind of wood is it , is it lumber or no.5 scrim that china gets to pick threw before its selected to sell to La-Z-Boy plant?

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anonymous - 46 d 8 h ago


NEVER ever will we deal with this company. AGAIN.

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anonymous - 46 d 8 h ago


NEVER ever will we deal with this company. AGAIN.

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Lyndi C. - 50 d 13 h ago


Well it appears La-z-Boy has become substandard in customer service, and product quality, across the board. Shame, Shame, Shame. I went on my past experience of buying a la-z-boy chair to guide me in the purchase of my next wall hugger recliner. I should have read the reviews. My store in Snellville Georgia was great at the point of sale. Then my chair was out of the box with no tags when I picked up. I should have trusted my gut and refused at that moment. But took the chair home and then had problems same night. Called the store manager three times the day after pick up. Still have yet to receive a call back, 4 weeks later. Went up to the store and was treated condescendingly. But they did order a second chair. Picked that up and was treated really rudely by the warehouse person. Now two weeks in and having problems with the second chair. Called back to the store and was treated ruder than I have ever experienced in my 55 years by a 20-something associate that answered the phone. This is a la-z-y boy experience across the board as I see for reading other reviews. Will certainly use Lane or anyone else other than La-Z-Boy in the future. Take a look at all the high-level management stock sales that occured earlier this year. It appears that upper management also realizes their company has become a runaway train wreck and are trying to get their money out before the stock tanks from their poor business practices. Shame. Shame. Shame. Run away from any business dealings with this company.

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Rod - 82 d 8 h ago


Purchased a James PWR RECL LVST W/CONS W/PWR-HDRST Love Seat W/Console. Also Purchased a James Power Wall Recliner W/HDRST but the agent at the South Elgin, IL store admitted to ordering the wrong one. Assumed the store would have a recliner model on floor but didn't. The store apparently guessed what we wanted and the chair was returned. We purchased the Love Seat and Recliner Chair on 3-5-2019. Still don't have a matching set for the great room to offset our large collection of Red and Blonde Oak furniture. We had to search around and found the same chair we wanted at Wayfair and Walter E. Smithe. How sad. Walter E. Smith had a chair and they are willing to sell it to us but we thought we would give the South Elgin LA-Z-Boy a chance to quote a price and delivery. Called on Tuesday and it's now Wed 5-1-2019 and we still haven't received a call back. It just doesn't seem that this store wants to sell the Recliner to us. Yet when we walk in during the week there are no customers in the store. Don Butcher-As a retired Banker I am appalled at how this store is run and the lack of accuracy transfers into poor salesmanship. In addition we paid full deliver for both items. Since one was delivered and the other returned we assumed we would receive some type of credit. NONE. This is probably the 3rd time we have called over this and never to receive a call back. -Rod I make it easy to communicate with me. Walter E. Smithe wants hump that recliner over here today. It's the principal. Your the manufacturer yet your store doesn't have a chair for us to sit on. Others do. Wayfair is even 100.00 cheaper than you're supposed sale. You're the Mfg. Your price shouldn't be more than a competitive distributor.

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ADL - 72 d 9 h ago

Beware of their delivery! Our furniture was damaged during delivery. That was two months ago. No refund, repair or replacement. Wayfair is much easier to deal with.

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