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Sharon - 2 d 5 h ago

I would like to know why a medical issue that requires a lift chair and it isn't tax exempt? I have a script from my doctor saying it is medically necessary. I had been advised by the Hospice organization that other businesses accept tax exempt information.

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Jeff - 5 d 17 h ago


I hate to see the negative posts about lazyboy products. It is unfair to blame a company for issues not in its control. I sit in a lazy boy recliner everyday. My grandfather sat in it every day. That's right the same chair. He bought it new over fifty years ago and it is still working perfectly. Not only that it looks new to this day. Why? Because it is a product of exceptional quality. My family is large. I have 26 cousins from nine aunts and uncles all of whom have one or more lazyboy products. They are all happy with their purchases. I can't tell you how proud I am to come home and sit in the chair my grandfather held and rocked me in as an infant. It's like part of the family. Over fifty years old and sti'll looks new. Fifty to a hundred or more lazyboy purchases in my family alone with no issues.way to go lazyboy. If you want pictures or to show a fifty two year old lazyboy recliner just email me your welcome to use mine but I want it back lol.

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D West - 2 d 12 h ago


ARE you suggesting that, if someone sits in a chair and the frame breaks, damaging fabric in the process, it is the Customer's fault ?

ARE you suggesting that, but purchasing extended warranty on multiple furniture items only to find out that there was fine print about not covering the most obvious of potential issues - the furniture breaking - it is the Customer's fault ?

Seriously, man, is this what you are suggesting ?

Do you work for La-Z-Boy ?

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DLH - 16 d 4 h ago


I purchased two lazy boy recliners in August 2016 from the Lazy Boy Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today the back broke on one chair and the part went through the fabric. Even though I purchased a lifetime warranty for the fabric , they tell me it is not covered because it was caused by the break of the frame. And also after purchasing a lifetime warranty on both chairs, they tell me that after one year you have to pay for the labor of the repair. Which will cost $125.00 plus tax.

I am very disappointed with the service and quality of these lazy boy recliners. I do not think after just 2 years old this should happen. I thought more of the quality of Lazy Boy. Cheap quality and parts, chairs make horrible sound when rocking, sounds like wood cracking. I am very unsatified with my purchase.

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Walt - 5 d 10 h ago


I've had 4 of the back braces fail.

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Diane Vena - 9 d 13 h ago


On July 14th we purchased a chair for my husband's hip replacement surgery. We were told by the sales girl that she likely could get us the chair before the six weeks of typical delivery. She refused to return any of our calls. A week before surgery we were told by the manager that they could provide my husband with a floor loaner given that he needed this chair after surgery. The night before surgery the manager advised that nothing could be done. Guess was August 31st and we still do not have our chair and my husbands inflammation and swelling continue because we do not have what was guaranteed at least six weeks by the sales person. Shame on you and we will definately be going to the better business bureau because once a sale is made you do not care about your customers. I have asked to cancel my order but i have been advised i will loose my 50% deposit. PLEASE do not trust the sales people or the managers.

Angry and let down.

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C. E. Poole - 11 d ago


Purchased a couch, 2 recliners, a coffee table and 2 side tables at the Huntsville, Al store in Jun/Jul Jul 2018. With the exception of the coffee table, the quality of the articles purchased is good. However, the finish on the coffee table appeared uneven and the clear coat was bubbling/blistering. We called the store and they promptly delivered a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement coffee table was in worst condition than the original. We emailed the store and sent pictures of the damaged areas. As of this posting, we have yet to receive an acceptable resolution. So...we're done...we will never, ever make another purchase from a Lazy Boy store or, for that matter, a Lazy Boy product. Thank you Lazy Boy for your many years of providing high-quality products but your current customer service business model is broken and not worthy of further consideration from us.

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Princess G. - 17 d 8 h ago


I'm sorry to add my story to this list of dissatisfied customers. Customer Service is poor at best. I purchased 2 recliners and a sofa with a fold out bed and chose the iclean upholstery. The sofa and recliners were delivered 6/28/18. I called the store where I ordered them from on 6/29/18 with concerns about the sofa. The back creaks when you sit down or get up. The cushions on the back are sagging and lumpy. A service tech came out, filed a report and the product support department reported back that all I have to do is fluff the cushions. They are attached to the back board and can not be fluffed. The units that we saw in the store and online look completely different than what we received. When the tech came out the first time 7/6/18 he took pictures of the sofa and also the recliners. The recliners' support batting was failing also. There is little cushioning. When you stand up, you can see the impression your body has left on the cushions. I've gone back and forth with Customer Service, the funiture tech and the store in Emeryville, CA. Every day I look at this crappy furniture wonder what has happened to the reputation that LA-Z-Boy. All servies are provided by third parties who do not honor the so call warranties. They have issue a return for the sofa but now want to repair the chairs. I don't have much hope that the repair will be a good one. The fault is with the manufacturing facility. They did a very poor job of assembly and produced furniture that no one would want. Poorly constructed, cheap materials but with the same price tag that good quality furniture manufactures charge. I don't want mismatched funiture! I would like to return not only the sofa, but both recliners. I have no cofidence that the tech of their choosing will be able to fix the numerous problems and continue to get the run around. Maybe time for LA-Z-Boy to rethink what true customer service means.

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Brian Lee Nolen - 24 d 12 h ago


Bought a a $2,600 Lazy Boy Motorized chair. Broke in less than 3 years. I bought this product because of the quality and care that Lazy Boy used to practice. I told the Manager in San Antonio. He said that the warranty is not 1 year. So, I have to bring it back to their customer care office which keeps changing address' and the wood, plastic and other things are covered but I have to pay for the labor. WOW, when a good company goes bad it really goes bad. First the plastic shot out of the chair like a shotgun. That was fixed after 1 week because you have to wait 48 hours before customer care answers their phone. 3 days after it came back the collapsed in the chair. WOW, what a SARRY product they sell and what a bunch of sarry people who you have to communicate with. Damn your company and your people to hades. I have bought $10,000 worth of products from them in 3 years. What would you do. No more Lazy Boy's for me and I am going to bad mouth their products to everyone!!! The guy in Arkansas hung up on me too!!!

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Unique Denise* - 21 d 12 h ago

Me also wish i had look at this site i wouldnt be going thru what every 1 is going thru, on the phone with corporate keep pushing 0 an it says the same thing they use to have quality yearss ago so i say ket me

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Lori - 23 d 11 h ago


To whom it may concern:

I bought a 4 piece sectional sofa and paid extra for memory foam to upon. Only two of us live at my address. One section has broken down. They sent a guy out to look. Took him 5 minutes and $65 to tell me what was wrong. They then sent guys out to pick up for repair. It was worse than when it left my house. I made the guys stay there while I tried it when they brought it back. They told me they would tell him when they got back. This happened in May 2018. I never heard back from this repair guy or lazy boy service department. I received a $170 bill today for them tearing up my couch. When I called service department today they said since I had done nothing about it I had to pay. Almost 4 months had gone by. I have posted on Facebook for nobody to purchase anything from your store in Davenport Iowa.

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Worse additude ive ever dealt with 1 person not all - 21 d 12 h ago


Iam going thru it now in Seattle gosh, i wish ive NEVER went there on phone now callin corporate now this has been going on an its SAD CAUSE THEY ARE EXPENSIVE, I THOUGHT THE WUALITY

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Mike B - 23 d 17 h ago


To Whom it May Concern,

I ordered a power recliner from your Rockville Centre Store location in New York. I was told by the salesperson that would take about five(5) weeks for fabrication and delivery. I left a deposit for the power recliner. This took place on 6/30/18. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from delivery service stating that my recliner was going to be delivered the following week but I needed to go to the store and pay the balance in full first, which I did. The recliner was never delivered! Since then, I've been given dates that are NEVER MET. My personnel opinion is that they will just say anything to make a sale. It is now 8/29/18 and I am still without my recliner

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Janice - 24 d 14 h ago


I must say I'm joining the line or disappointed customers. I do think a company is as good as the people who work for and with them. Theses warranty people are not representing Lazyboy in their best interest and once they get their money they do not care. The Name of the product only means income. Lazyboy is regretfully suffering at the hands of poor warranties and sales of same. They are in fact no good .

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K.R. - 26 d 14 h ago


I join the ranks of many unhappy customers that have made a purchase from LA-Z-Boy. I purchased a couch (paid cash) and it is the wrong fabric. I made a call to Customer Service and reported it once I realize it did not match the sample color photo I took with my cell phone. I worked with a Customer Service Representative who then transferred my issue to the Customer Service Manager. He told me this was a store issue. I contacted the store they had the salesman call me. He stated this was the fabric I selected. The correct sample I wanted cost more. The salesman took upon himself to determine how much money I had to spend. It's a sad day when someone makes that determination for the customer. I was upset and called the store to speak with the store manager she was always busy and I never spoke with her. After calling the store several times I finally spoke with the Assistant Store Manager. He was no help he said the District Manager would call me in a week. I'm still waiting for her to call. I'm done-NEVER again.

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Lilli - 28 d 16 h ago


May of 2018 bought two recliners each cost nine hundred and change , one is fine the other the material is pilling called the lazy boy store in Manchester NH on South Willow St three times and every time was promise someone will call well guess what no calls !!!! I am very dissapointed in the service , Oh great service when you want to buy furniture but after the purchase you are forgotten , never again will I step foot in a Lazy Boy Store again !,,,

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Col. John F. Morris - 28 d 11 h ago


I'm a frustrated, disappointed customer. I'm writing to see if someone will respond and help settle my problem. In March of 2015, my husband and I purchased a beautiful red leather recliner couch at the Lazy Boy store in Newport News, Va. it cost $4,000. I was assured it was all leather because I'd made the mistake a few years earlier of buying one that had imatation leather in between the cushions. I didn't want to repeat that mistake and was careful to make sure this new one wouldn't have that same my new one is ruined, the color has peeled off of the imatation fabric and is unsightly, the leather parts are still perfect, but the areas between the cushions are ugly beige. I bought the insurance package but of course this situation isn't covered! I took a picture to show the manager of the store, he was totally disinterested, couldn't even take time to look up to speak with me. His only advice was to call a repairman to have it checked out. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, I feel betrayed, I believed a company with such a good reputation would be more dependable. The Lazy Boy name has been highly respected for as long as I can remember and I certainly believed I'd get better customer service. When I buy a first class product I expect more! I'm hoping to get some reaction to my request, this just isn't right. If I don't get some correction for this sad experience I'll be sure to express my dissatisfaction to friends and family. No one else should put trust in the Lazy Boy Company.

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J. Skinner - 32 d 9 h ago


Bought (supposedly high end leather) and tables for our cottage. It was junk and we got no response to our calls. I would never buy from La-Z-Boy again. Bought Sears couch and chair and ottoman for our sun room at same time and it is fabulous. Too bad Sears is no longer in Canada. No comparison to Sears quality.

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Deborah - 35 d 14 h ago



On 6/14/18 We purchased a Natalie LSS sofa w/ attached corner 60w491, LAZB(hidden)0010010. Right arm sitting sofa 60Z491 D145151 FN 021 P1 D148072, we were charged 99.99 for home delivery, total cost for sofa 2129.59 paid in cash which we felt was a fair price. Delivery was scheduled for 6/19/18. On the first day the left side of sofa dehisced (split). I called for repair on 6/22/18 and 6/28/18 at which time I spoke with Christine at the store. The repair man showed up on 7/5/18 sewed arm and then showed me that the arm and frame was actually broken and was not able to be repaired, he stated that the sofa needed to be replaced. I was told that this would be reported to store and furniture would be replaced. There was no other contact until I called again on 8/7/18 and again on 8/17/18.

Currently I am still waiting for replacement of sofa. It has been two months during this time I have called Lazy Boy 6 times and I am still waiting. I find it disturbing that we could pay cash for the sofa, something I will never do again. I also will never purchase anything from Lazy Boy again. It has been another two months and I am still waiting!

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Rose - 46 d 16 h ago


Worse product I've ever purchased. Didn't hold u 6 months. Contacted service and was told etc would have to visit home. He came 8/2/18 Called service 8/6 to find out when arm replacement would come was told it hadn't been ordered yet and would take 18-21 to be sent. When received I should call to make an appointment to fix. Headrest is now failing. This piece is garbage and should be totally replaced before my warranty runs out.

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Anonymous - 36 d 8 h ago


It seems the game is to run the warranty out i was tild 5 years, my couch look oweful sew really bad they have been out still didnt sew it right i call corporate today its August 16 2018 today prayin someine has a heart at this QUOTE GALLERY .GOSH I WISH I STAY AT SEARS THIS WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SOLVE....LAZY BOY U GUYS OWE ME RESPECT AN I NEED MY FURNTURE TO LOOK LIKE WHAT I PAID ITS OWEFUL IAM SO SAD THIS IS HAPPENING TO US ALL...

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Mona - 45 d 12 h ago


I don't think these reviews do any good or anyone at LazyBoy actually cares but here goes. I ordered a recliner on April 19th and when it was time to pick it up they had messed it up in the back where the left leg was. There was a HUGE GAP in the recliner and leg and we did not accept it. I tried to call the salsman who helped me as he was SUPER NICE but was told he no longer worked there. I asked them to remake the chair as I LOVED the material I picked out. It was delivered today August 7th, yes from April to now, August! And it looked WORSE than the first time. I will NEVER do business with LazyBoy ever again. The quality and workmanship is just not there anymore and worse the company DOES NOT CARE! As long as they are still making a company profit, they take the losses with an I don't care attitude. Lesson learned!

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Unique Denise* - 36 d 9 h ago


Its not far to us we need to get together iam in the Seattle area with sofa not sew correctly an i use to sew tell them an they say call corporate will today is august 16 2018 an i been dealin with this seems close to a year been on phone , its really sad we should all get TOGETHER

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Very angry customer!!!! Avoid Lazy Boy like the plague !!! - 43 d 12 h ago


We decided to give lazy boy a try. Big mistake! We bought the Greyson reclining couch in a grey microfiber fabric. We were told it would feel just like the couch in the showroom. Well it's not even close to being like the couch in the show room, in fact sitting on the hard tile floor is more comfortable then this poor excuse of a couch!

It arrived broken on one side of the sides that reclined. Then the fabric was uneven and piled up in one spot on both sides. We have had now 4 supposed service calls where the guy comes out is rude, and argues telling us there is nothing wrong with it and we have to work it in. You don't work in a new couch, and it sure as hell shouldn't come broken and not put together right. This is the worst customer service, and company I have ever dealt with! My next call will be to the better business bureau! We will be returning it and receiving a refund one way or another! NEVER EVER buy anything from LAZY BOY!!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 9 h ago


Lazy boy this is so oweful lookin at my sofa an chair why arent there anyone tryin to help iam sick an this is really not name Denise in Seattle area went to the twilka store sales guy good but the furnture i been burned

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