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Siloam Springs, AR
Don Butcher
(479) 524-6491
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Houston - 1 h 18 m ago


The one star is for my shopping experience only! I purchased a Pinnacle Power Recline XRW. After waiting 4 months for the chair to be made, I found that when reclining the back separates for the seat. This leaves an opening that provides no lower back support-the main reason I purchased the chair. And, when I sit in the chair, the opening becomes wider creating an air pocket on my back. I contacted Customer Service to have it checked and repaired. A repairman came, but was unfamiliar with the chair and could not repair it. He took videos to show the problem to customer service representatives. After a week, I did not receive a follow-up call. So, I called today and was told by Valerie that the chair met stats with the chairs in their warehouse and the opening is not a problem. I of course disagree-there is a problem. I have a $1,500.00+ recliner that does not support my lower back and has a draft that creates more discomfort! Do not buy this chair unless directly off showroom floor! My first and last purchase from La-z-Boy!!!

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Anonymous - 8 h ago

Placed an order on Friday, 07/14 at your Pineville, N. C. location and tried to cancel on Sunday, 07/16. No one was abailable that could help. Sent an e-mail that same day to the salesperson. Talked with the store manager, who, by the way never responded to my phone call of Monday, and he told me the order was already placed and nothing could be done. That's a sham. I need for a corporate officer to call me back at (hidden) before I call the Better Business Bureau.

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shirley Sojka - 5 d 5 h ago


This is the worst contact number for lazy boy furniture corporate. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They do not answer the phone. NEVER AGAIN will I buy lazy boy.

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Tony - 7 d 7 h ago

I have called about my order now for over 4 weeks. Everyone blames everyone else. Not one time has someone taken responsibility. It has been 15 weeks since we had ordered our furniture. Have called store, which by the way is independently owned. I've been told this over 20 Times and that means La-Z-Boy cannot help other than call the store, which I have plenty of times. I have left messages at corporate level and emailed almost every email I can find. Still nothing is being done other than excuses. This company sucks!!!!

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Lorraine - 12 d 1 h ago


On April 26, 2018, I purchased a power recliner chair from LA-Z-Boy in Ocoee, Florida, from a model I saw on the showroom floor. The chair

delivered to me on June 2, 2018 was the correct design, WRONG SIZE, WRONG COLOR, WRONG FABRIC from the one I ordered. The management said NO REFUND. I am 90 years old, recovering from back surgery, and told by my doctor that I should get a recliner for my

future health and comfort. So, now I have three pillows which I must keep shifting in order to achieve some measure of acceptable fit. It's a disaster!

This used to be a respected company. Must have been sold!

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Suzanne Pilcher - 14 d 11 h ago


La-z-Boy sucks, even when you buy the extended warranty, i bought my chair and have problems with it, they have sent parts but nothing had fixed the problem, it is a lift chair, however it just takes off on it's own going up and down and the do it rest going down and the chair going back and up, i have been trying to get it fixed for months, i have had knee replacement surgery and that is why i bought it, you will be sitting in it and it just starts moving, i am a widow and retired and have no more money to buy another chair, you need to replace my chair now, case number 382869, Suzanne Pilcher, Canton, Texas, this is ridiculous,i have been up since way early because chair just started going wild, please fix this

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Kay - 15 d 9 h ago


Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Mr. Sumlin, store manager, on May 21 at the Pensacola, FL store and resent it a week ago and I still have no reply. So the half star rating is more than I would give. I purchased two recliners from your store on January 30, 2015 and about three months ago the corners of both chairs have unexplained wearing/degradation of the fabric. It's important to note the following: The chairs have never been placed next to or against any walls. We are the only two adults who use them. We are below average weight adults. We don't have any children or pets who reside at the house. The chairs are located in a normal, climate-controlled house. In sum, there's no plausible reason/explanation for the fabric breakdown given the setup around the chairs or our use of them. Since noticing the issues, I contacted La-Z-Boy customer service twice during a three-week period for assistance and never received a return phone call. Given the lack of responsiveness and unprofessionalism, I visited the store to meet in-person with a sales representative. I met with a representative named Jessica to show her the pictures (see attached) and she promised to contact me with additional information. Following the discussion, she asked for more pictures of the chairs' corners (which I provided) and yet your company contends there's not a manufacturing defect. This is unacceptable for several reasons. First, the customer service has been appalling - e.g. unreturned calls and the prolonged runaround by your team. Additionally, I'm 65, on a fixed income and don't have extra money to needlessly spend on gas to visit your store to obtain assistance. Further, I don't have extra money to spend to replace poorly made furniture. At this stage, I just want the corners repaired, or you can replace 1 chair and I will pay for the other, which is reasonable given the level of unprofessionalism demonstrated by your staff. It's also reasonable because the chairs are only three years-old and I've owned other La-Z-Boy chairs that have lasted 20+ years without any sign of wear and tear. This further proves we take care of our furniture. In closing,I would appreciate it if your company could fix the chairs for the above reasons. In the event the company doesn't stand by its product and makes up for the poor customer service, I will strongly encourage my family, friends and others to never buy anything from La-Z-Boy. I will also inform others on your social media channels and consumer affairs sites about my experience so they don't make the same mistake of buying from your company. As a loyal customer of 40+ years, I would have expected better service, but I remain hopeful the situation can be resolved. If you have any questions, please contact me at 850-_________. Thanks in advance for your time and review of this matter.

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Mad - 18 d ago

Paid 2200.00 for a recliner in December 2017. Very uncomfortable we have complained starting February 2018 finally got a

Response in May. Ordering a cushion foam there's no lumbar support the technician never sat in the chair. July 1,2018 still waiting. The chairs pushed in a remote corner. What a disappointment. We have bought several chairs from this company. This one will be the last.

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Karen - 19 d 4 h ago

Save yourself the aggrevation by taking note of the half star rating. There are multiple reasons for it including poor quality control and even worse customer "comfort care".

Beware that when you sign the sales order slip, you are signing an agreement to accept only a replacement, No Cash Refund, even if your order comes in like mind did, with multiple design and workmanship flaws which a consumer would not be aware of until you use the electronics on a chair or sofa . I would never purchase from Lazyboy again

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago


I am 75 years old have heart trouble,back and hip disabilities. Lazy boy did offer repairs or even an estimate to repair. The motorized chair is electric and does not operate LEG LIFT.This chair cost me$ 799.00 2008 with a lifetime warranty.This is only on everything but the motor. I called cutomer care and they are coming to look at it one month from now and I am sure it needs parts ordered. One month would be july 27th. This is not a luxury item for me it is a medical emergency. I have been a Lazyboy customer for 30-40 years. I will no longer purchase any lazyboy furniture. CUSTOMER CARE IS USELESS. It is now June 27. call(hidden) I just had the sofa recliner repaired $100.00 plus the leg lift stopped working also in 6/15/17 I have had at least 3 other lounge chairs. sofa with leg lifts and an electric chair which is now.malfunctioning. The electric chair is now non functional and needs to be repaired now. Please contact me now.

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Deborah - 21 d ago


The lack of quality control is horrible. I thought I was paying for quality, but I am not happy with your product. The fabric looks like it has stains & has a flaw. I will not buy another piece of furniture from Lazboy. When I complained, they told me it was the design of the fabric. Why would you choose fabric that looks like it has stains on it? They replaced two of the seat cushions; one looks better. The back cushion I'm suppose to just live with what looks like a stain & a run in the fabric. Find a better designer, require your workers to put it together correctly, & fire your quality control. I don't expect to hear from your company in reply to this complaint because according to your reputation, your customer service is as bad as the products I received.

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anthony morrison - 29 d 4 h ago


Bought 2 recliners, couch, end tables and coffee table on March 23rd. Finally got couch and tables but chairs being told at least another 3-4 weeks. Comp of $400 dollars off of over $5500. Never ever will I buy from here again. Father day spent sitting in fold up chairs due to no having furniture yet. What a shame!!!! Might have quality furniture but do not deliver when suppose to.

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Jesse - 21 d 5 h ago


They don't have quality furniture anymore. Just wait, you'll see.

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Unhappy Reno Customer - 21 d 6 h ago


Purchased a lot of new furniture from Lazy Boy Reno. Beautiful sectional recliners, sofa sleeper, chairs......a lot of furniture. When the shipment arrived there were 4 items that did not fit in my home, due to recalling what I'd ordered and I sent the items back to the store. I received a call from their in-house designer, who by the way came out to my house. I asked if I could return the items because they just didn't fit the decor in my home after all. I was told that the items were "on sale" and were sold as it. I therefore could not return the items. The round rug, that did not fit anywhere, was a "special order" and therefore could not be returned. Seriously??? After all of the money I spend with the amount of furniture I purchased, they could not receive the 4 pieces I wished to return to them? They weren't even recliners or anything else. I will NEVER purchase furniture from Lazy Boy Reno, or their slimy sales staff. Horrible customer service and don't even try to contact Lazy Boy corporate, seriously difficult website to complain about anything. Awful and shameful. First and LAST purchase with this outfit. Ashley furniture is just as bad and awful. I fared better when I purchased just as much furniture with a local Scandinavian Furniture company, who stood by all of their products!

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Deb S - 22 d 4 h ago


Purchased a sofa and recliner on 4-29-18. Was delivered on 5-9-18 and within 72 hours was not working (the electronics on one side) and a large bolt had fallen out.. Called them and said I did not want a repair I wanted a different couch. Received different couch around May 22nd. By June 15th one side of the couch is drooping and the foot rest is crooked dragging on floor as if parts have fallen out. I called the Vernon Hills store on June 25th and said I do not have faith in this product any longer and I do not want the furniture. I didn't spent $3,800 to have constant repairs done. The manager, Dan, said he would have customer service call me. They did and wanted to schedule a repair. I said I don't want a repair I want to send it back and get a refund. Was told they had to try repair first. Nearly a month for first service date...July 17th. I have to take a full unpaid day off work. Asked to speak to higher up, Anna said "There are no refunds. You signed a paper." So they can just sell me crap and I am stuck with it. I want this furniture taken back and a full refund. My husband wanted a Lazy Boy because his last one lasted 20 years. After this we started looking at reviews. They are a horrible company and do not have any respect for customers, do not stand by their product and the warrenty is not as presented. Would like some help with this terrible company. Thank you for your consideration

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Dolores Zaremba - 24 d 5 h ago


I am 86 yrs. old and have owned lazy boy recliners all my adult life. Looking to replace the one I have now

because it was damaged. I found a wonderful replacement in your Wayne, N>J> location. Vail was the

style name. I am a senior and was so very upset when I learned it would cost me $100 to have it

delivered or travel over 90 miles to pick it up. Those were my choices Do you consider that fair????

So very sorry that your customer consideration is so unfeeling.

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Julie Evonna - 27 d ago


I bought a lazy boy sofa recliner with a handle. It is impossible to use. It was set up improperly. Had two service calls to fix. Still can not work it. I am handicapped and was sold something that i was assured was easy to use. Called the main company numerous times. They can not enforce anything with the locally owned companies. Local company offered me a sales price on a new one. I can walk off the street and get that. Never again will buy a lazy boy. Bad product, bad service, no customer service.

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Karen Shew - 25 d 4 h ago

I have spent over $22,000.00 at your Barboursville, WV store. A swivel rocker recliner has had to be replaced. I've been treated badly by the manger, and I think that is the reason I'm having trouble getting the replacement chair delivered..When the replacement chair was first delivered it came in broken and I refused it. The chair had since been fixed and I keep getting stood up waiting at the house for a truck that doesn't show up as promised or shows up without the chair. Could you get back with me. (hidden)

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George VandenBrink - 28 d 6 h ago


We bought a model440171 reclining sofa on 08 12 '16 along with protecting plan ,about a year needed repair to sagging seat ,this problem persisted ,the Red Deer Store advises that they will supply foam , we have to pat the labor involved , we also had a s,train for that problem we were sent a small bottle that did not do the job either instead of sending someone to do the job

Is l a z b o y that bad that warranties are not honoured and service is so bad that your

name once ,tops , is now mud?

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Christopher G. - 30 d 16 h ago


June 17, 2018 To Whom it May Concern: It's an absolute shame that the same day a service tech came to my fathers house his cable tv was still failing. We were told everything was fine and that there were no problems. Through the day and night the screen freezes/pixels, making it impossible to watch any show or event. As my father pays over $200.00 a month, you would think you'd get something for that type of money. The Tv cable picture is still freezing up/ pixels and today my handicapped father informed me they told him they wouldn't come out until July 12, 2018. It's an absolute atrocity to pay that kind of money, be stuck in a house with disabilities while his only enjoyment is to watch his cable Tv. We were not even offered a reimbursement for the week we've been experiencing these problems. And as I said, they informed us they won't come back to repair the cable until July 12, 2018. In my mind this is a crime that a large corporation can get away with this with no recourse. I would personally change the service to another provider, but as I mentioned earlier my father is handicapped and doesn't do well with change. He has been a customer for over 20 years with Time Warner and now Spectrum. It's an absolute shame you would inform a customer you will not send out another service technician for almost a complete month. What kind of respect is this, for a customer? As you claimed the other day, "Our service was fine", when I tried speaking with the technician, I was treated as If i was stupid and wasting his time, is this your usual customer service? As my father and I have gotten absolutely no where with the offices in our area I'm hoping someone from Spectrum with common sense and perhaps a little sympathy might take care of this situation! I'm also writing this in hopes of preventing any new customers from making a mistake and have Spectrum/Time Warner put into their home(s). Please if you see this and you have any power within the Spectrum family, please assist my handicapped father in this situation. I do plan on contacting the local news channels as they like to report on these types of disservices and let the truth be known. SHAME ON YOU SPECTRUM/TIME WARNER Christopher G.

Flagged for review. 
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Kathleen - 32 d ago


I ordered two rocker recliner chairs on March 15, 2018. Today is June 15, and I still do not have my rocker recliner chairs. In May I contacted them about the chairs. They told me due to a fabric problem ithey would not be delivered until June. Didn't they know that in May? Shouldn't they have offered me a different fabric at that time? Shouldn't they have called me perhaps every two weeks to update me on the status? Now they are saying they will be delivered in July! I am very disappointed in the customer service. If I ever receive my chairs, I will write another review about the rest of my dealings with La-Z-Boy .

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Dawn - 32 d 8 h ago


Don't bother reading all these negative reviews. Just don't buy a Lazy Boy product. I bought a recliner in Sept 17 it is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have every bought (was not that way in the store). For an "American made" products Americans would be embarrassed by this product and the company. Don't bother trying to communicate with the company they are not interested. Save your money, time and aggrevation, go to a discount furniture store and get the cheap comfortable chair and expect nothing from quality, or what country it's made in.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


We purchases a $1500.00 recliner for my mom and the motor part was broken recently (the 4th year), the quality of their chair is a joke....The worst part of buying the furniture from LA-Z- Boy is their so called "Customer Care Support". The Customer Care agent "Ash B." and her supervisor "Danielle" are very rude and are so unprofessional. Clearly they are not trained to be Customer Care staffs. When I tried to explain to them our special need and request a reasonable accommodation for us, as to my mom is 85 years old, and has walking disability and recently just has eye surgery and I told them at least 3 three times that one of my family member must be accompanied my mom when the technician came to fix the chair (since the building access is restricted for resident only and my mom must come down to the lobby to bring the technician up). While I was trying to explain the situation and told them my concern for my mom's safety and the reason why we need the technician to call an hour ahead of his arrival, but Ash B. and Danielle non-stop disrupting impolite and rude and uneducated. All they answered was when was I ready to pay for the replace parts and fee over the phone. They completely ignored and refused to listen to my explanation.....This company has no hope and is not the one we all should trust because when they want you to by the furniture, they are nice. But they don't take good care of you after sales. I will never buy a single furniture from LA-Z-Boy, especially when that two customer care monsters "Ash B. and Danielle" are still working there. They don't worth my time and money. There are many furniture stores in this country, we don't have to buy from them. Mr. President Butcher, it is time to take some actions and fix your company. Please look at all those negative comments from BBB and here !!

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Jeanette - 33 d ago

I so agree with you. I having my problems with them. I can't even get my item.

If you need my support or backing let me know.



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Jeanette - 33 d ago


I purchased a love seat in April. At about 10 weeks i still don't have it. Calling the local store is impossible to get a return call. Accorfing to local store, I might fet it sometime in July. WHAT THE#^*&! What is going on. I spent. Over $4000 and have nothing. They are in breach of contract. And they don't care about anything. I know no more today about the loveseat then I did the day I purchased it. Am going to contact consumer I affairs and all the local news stations here in the Bsy Area. Something needs to be done about this shitty company! !!!!!!!!

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