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Leslies Poolmart Inc

3925 E Broadway Rd # 100
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayward
Chairman of the Board
(602) 366-3999
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Gary A - 1 d 19 h ago


What a bunch of thieves. I bought a pool capacitor and it turns out it was no good. When i tried to return it they say no way you bought that here we don't sell it. There is a.self with about 10 more on it. You have lost a customer who spends 100s of dollar a year for a frigin $40. Stupid is as stupid does. Enjoy my Social Security money A$$ Hats

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AL - 9 d ago


I had an appointment with Leslie's technician to check our pool pump that is not working properly. The two tech came without even checking the pump told me that I needed a new pump. But they referred me to Hayward the manufacturer to buy the pump. I have warranty and showed them, but they said my warranty has been expired. I showed them the purchased date on the receipt but they keep arguing that pump has no warranty according to their computer. I called Leslies's service department and talked to an associate who named herself Victoria. This is what she said" If our technician said talk to Hayward company than talk to them and I give you their contact number" very rude.

The reason I called Leslie to service my pool because I bought it from their store back in 2015 and at that time Leslie's was offering an additional 2 years service warranty on the top of manufacturers warranty. I was wonder if Leslie's doesn't want to service Hayward's products why they make service schedule, knowing what they are going togo and service.

I have spent thousnads of dollars at leslie's stores in last 15 years. For some reason Leslie's customer service is getting worse.

Leslie's needs to educate their employees at the store level and teach them customer service. Pool is a luxury item and not supposed to be for granted.

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Marie - 24 d 3 h ago


I have been doing business with the LP in Rowlett for a year and a half. Just recently, this past week in particular, I brought my Polaris up to the shop to be checked. I waited two days in which. and nobody called me. I went up to the store to check on the status. The man working (older with glasses) said he repaired it. I was charged $100.

I got my Polaris home and it still wasn't working! I called back up to the store and they told

Me to bring it back in. After leaving it with them a third time, they said it was repaired.

I got home and there were two holes in the hoses.

I spoke to the same guy about it and he was argumentative about checking the pressure and said that he couldn't find holes.

He was condescending and made me feel like I couldn't know what I was talking about because I'm a woman!

Afterwards, I went to another pool place in town and they were able to find the holes in the hoses right off the bat!

Needlesstosay, Leslie's Pool has lost my business.

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Glo P. - 25 d ago


My experience with Leslie's service was horrible and I feel that I was taken advantage of. I paid $700 for a new filter, $50 for an installation fee for the new filter and $250 for my pool to be opened. Last Thursday I had an appointment for a tech to come and install the filter and professionally open my pool. The tech was supposed to arrive between 8am and noon and he did not show up until 6pm this was only after my husband and I made about 5 calls to customer service to try to figure out what the delay was. No one apologized for the inconvenience. When the tech finally showed up all the tech did for my pool was hook up the filter, take the tarp off and placed the plastic ladder inside the dirty water, this took a total of 30 minutes from the time he pulled up to the time he drove off. I had prepaid for the service call and tech was trying to charge me again stating that I had not paid. Even after my husband showed him our receipt he still didn't believe us. It's so hard to believe that I paid $300.00 for this type of so called professional service. I literally am furious by the horrible service I received. I've made attempts to speak to customer service and the store where I made my purchase at and both times I was hung up on. I'm out a thousand dollars and still have a dirty untreated, unusable pool. I left a message at the customer service number almost 3 weeks ago asking for a supervisor to call me back and no one has reached out to me. I have submitted 2 online inquiries via their main website and no one has followed up. I would like a refund for the pool opening cost due to poor and lacking service. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

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rsb - 28 d ago


avoid at all costs. Run mutiple companies with multiple different names.

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Tina - 32 d 18 h ago


I bought a pool cover on line and to this day never received it, called cust service and was on hold for over 30 min and was told it had not left the warehouse and he would look into it and get back to me, um yeah right, so I called again a few days later, once again on hold for over 25 min, then I get well it can take up to 10 days to ship, someone cant count, its over 10 days, I said do you see if it was shipped and she said no I sure dont, well then I want a refund and now I have to wait yet again for the warehouse to respond and then get refund. I Have shopped at Leslies Pool stores for over 10 years and this is a shock to me, their on line service sucks and I wont do it ever again and hope I get my refund faster then the cover. I will be looking for a new company to buy my supplies/cover at.

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Lou - 35 d ago

I did not shop at Leslie's Pool Supply, however...... my credit card was stolen and it was used at the Leslie's Pool Supply at Tatum and Dynamite for the amount of $1,411.00.

I called Leslie's and spoke to the manager there and asked if they do not ask for ID verification. She states that if the credit card goes through with their machine, it goes through??? whatever that means... Guess it means that they have no policy to check for ID's when a credit card is used for over a specific amount. I would think over $200 would be reason to check ID.

This was a Costco credit card and even had my picture on it. It would easily have been noticed that whoever was using the credit card was not me.

Note to Leslie's Pool Supply - check ID's please.... I am not out any money but someone is going to be (probably my CC company).... and I hope that whoever bought $1,411 dollars worth of supplies gets Karma on their hiney. :)

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False advertisement? Rebate and Switch? - 35 d 41 m ago


My family just bought a PENTAIR pool cleaner for a listed price of $499 that came with a $100 rebate. Local store provided paperwork which was submitted to PENTAIR. Received Email notification today that the "Minimum purchase price required for this product was not met." I paid for the product at the stores listed retail price, with the advertised rebate sign clearly displayed, used no rewards points, used no coupons to lower the price, and now must deal with Leslie's Pool corporate side to rectify. Store representative was very helpful stapling the courtesy receipt to the rebate paperwork, and so were we. Product works very well, but I still want the $100 rebate promised. I am sure I am not the only person who bought this cleaner, so the rebate of others may be in question also. I do know that a store advertising a product rebate, using the rebate as a selling point for that product, handing over the product rebate paperwork is responsible for ensuring the rebate has no strings attached. If strings are attached, they need to be clearly defined, explained, and visible for the customer to see, read, and understand prior to a sale being completed. Leslie's failed miserable as far as my experience; anyone else in the same predicament?

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Bill Patterson - 36 d 17 h ago


I monthly go to my local store to get my spa water tested. I noticed all the manual labor involved and how much time it takes. I asked if they make a machine that you can simply pour the water in and the machine analysis it. The owner said yes but that corporate will not buy one. Apparently, the price is $1000. I find the time wasted by customers and staff worth much more than $1000. It would pay for it'self in a very short time and is a business expense (taxes). So explain why not go forward and use today's technology to make us all happy using your services.

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Leslie's is 50% higher price than Amazon - 37 d ago


Used to value Leslie's but now they are 40% higher price than Amazon, so bye bye Leslie's

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Using my money somewhere else - 38 d 16 h ago


June 2018 Harlingen, TX. Store used to be a comfortable place to shop, now I go in and it seems like all the employees are always depressed as if they go to a funeral everyday. Obviously someone at the top is not doing their job properly. It's called morale. Keep your employees morale high and your place will be successful.

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Long time customer - 40 d 4 m ago


Worst service ever. Have large pool spent alot of money with Leslies.

Month to receive service appointment. after pool openning.

3 days to order parts.

Ordered heater part in September 2017, never got .

Closed dool

Re ordered part Feb.2018

April 15 pool openning,still no part.for heater

April 20 bad pump 4 years old.

service call confirmed bad pump week later.

3 days to order pump.

Called for 3 days.

Finally went to store to pump

Left Service manager Maltse message.

No return call.

Called 4 days later still have not heard from Maltse.

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Lesley S. - 45 d 1 h ago


I visited the store in McKinney Texas off 380 & central expressway on memeoral day. I had CALLED the store approx. 10 am & inquired about the foam for the bottom of above ground pools. They indeed have it & I could buy by the foot & was TOLD by the manager of all people that it was 6 ft WIDE & they cut to length! I asked for 3 6x10 ft piece to be cut & she said "NO I don't want to get it down off the top self" I was like ok I could give u my credit card # to confirm I will be there in 30 min or less, still a NO! (Rudely the entire time). So I drive over to get it the other employee got it & cut it & have to me & I explained to him I called in advance but was told no! So I let it go & left. Then about 2 hrs later my husband tells me the are NOT 6ft wide they are 4!ft wide we will need more. I was extremely upset & I immediately called(u would THINK a Mgr would KNOW the width I mean I asked size & price when I called in am) so I called & was immediately put on hold w out being able to get a word in. So after holding 6 min I decided to leave phone on hold & drive up there(w phone in lap on speaker still on hold) & get there & notice there is 1 person there & yet my call is STILL on hold!!!! I waited to be acknowledged (phone still on hold on speaker) & I said 3xs excuse me ma'am, sir they looked at me &!took my call OFF hold & u could hear the echo & he said thanks for holding. I said oh it's me I drove all the way up here w my call on hold & u JUST answered it he says I have to get people in store 1st I said well why did u ignore me & the guy who walked in with me & look at us & decide to answer phone AFTER 33.22min of being on hold & ignore us He has no response & the lady who the manager is says to me "you can just wait & get over it" needless to say I really about to lose ANY restraint I might even have after this point (oh I took a pic of employees at counter when I opened the door getting there with them standing around) I told them I called this am..... (continued to explain my situation starting w the call at 10 am to current) I told them the foam is NOT 6ft wide it is 4 ft wide & I needed more & felt I should get an apology, discount or an I didn't know SOMETHING! But she DID look up in computer to find price size thickness etc when I called so it SHOULD be in computer!!!!!!!! But got nothing & as I was explaining the manager turned around to me & said (and I quote) " you need to calm down & stop being a bitch" Oh to say the LEAST I was furious & almost really lost my shit! I cannot believe an employee much less a manager would act & talk like this! She SAID to me "4ft is almost 6ft it's NOT that much off" I said are you kidding me 5 1/2 ft is "ALMOST" 6ft! 4 ft to 6ft is a HUGE difference!! It's NOT the same & u LOOKED it up this am BEFORE I even came this am!! The customer who walked in with me said they have been rude to him several times & after seeing this he said he will NEVER come back to them again & they were rude to him & ignored him like me when we walked in!! I will NEVER buy from them again & I hope this gets to appropriate upper mgmt & they fire her ass! Very RUDE UNPROFESSIONAL people they employ there!!

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Anonymous - 47 d 4 h ago

Dear Mr. Hayward,

I purchased a JACUSI HEATER from you company in 2016 and I tried to get the unit servised, but there is no response!


I am located in Palm Desert, CA 922760!

My address is: 248 Corte Sole Palm Desert CA 92260.

My name is Peter Heidrich: Tel: (hidden) - Email: (hidden)


Peter Heidrich

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Anoymous - 51 d ago

I was just recently visiting the chesapeake, va store on battlefield Blvd. I love this store and drive out of my way to go to this particular store bc the manager Andy is always so courteous and helpful. Well today during my visit some of the big wigs of the company were in town I guess doing inspections. I was floored to hear how they talked down to the manager and belittled him in front of loyal customers. I honestly would of walked out if I were him. The guys name was Bryan and he was such a jerk! Andy deserves a reward for not walking out and just taking it bc anyone I know would of quit on the spot the way be was treated. Its a shame to have such a hard worker for your company be treated that way. Corp should be made aware that this Byran guy needs a lesson in how to treat employees especially in front of customers!

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Jerri Wilbanks - 60 d ago


The manager, Kandara, at the new Paris, TX location just lost about 3 or 4 local families who have Pools. I have never heard such cussing, rudeness, belittling and yelling from a Manager at everyone and even us customers. I'll go to Pools & More in town or drive to another town with a local pool store...not Leslie's. When Kandara started yelling at the other employee, Christy, well, that was the last straw for me and my husband. WE DO HAVE A CHOICE

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Jerri Wilbanks - 54 d ago


I found out the name of the gal who is Manager, I say that very lightly, of the Paris, TX store. It is Candra. I wanted to correct my previous statement so you will know not to fool with Candra. The name of the young lady who is the best, probably over qualified for her position, is Kris. Kris is so friendly, but better yet, she knows what she's talking about. She also knows how to treat customers.

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Gail Dority - 88 d 22 h ago


I have tried repeatedly for a week to contact your company. I have tried to talk to AP and left messages and no one returns or even answers the phone, period! This is frustrating and ridiculous. I am calling from the Holiday In Express, Paris, Texas (hidden) and I would appreciate some one calling me back. I am sorry, but I can see why your rating is low.

Gail Dority, GM

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Betsy - 54 d ago


The manager Candra at the Paris, TX store location is a huge help at all. She's rude, has horrible people skills and says she owns the store. The one and only employee that is helpful and knows what she's talking about is Chris. If Chris doesn't know the answer she will do her best to find someone that does. She is amazing! The Mgr, Candra is unqualified. She should be cleaning pools instead of being in retail, much less in a manager position. That is more up her alley. If Chris is not there I don't buy anything. I refuse to talk to the manager. I've had enough of her shadiness, rudeness and cursing at everyone and everything. There's another pool store in town.

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ticked off - 54 d ago


Prepaid for a 20% discount on pool opening/closing. Scheduled for 5/22. called on 5/21 to reconfirm with Shawna, Store #846, North Kansas city, she said yes between 12-5. Waited, no one showed up, called store no one knew anything, all new associates. Called the 800#, directed to supervisor who called the store and assured me she would call me first thing this morning. No call so i called at 9;30. She said she didn't have my phone number.WHAT. I gave it to her two associates (alex ,preston) and the 800# supervisor. She stated she had people standing in line. I have requested a full refund. Also called 800# service and the tech said he made an attempt and it was two hours out. 1. I was here. 2. I am 30 minutes out, total lies. They had no ticket number for the prepay, and they could reschedule me May 30th but I would have to contact store for a receipt for $493.00 prepay.WHAT! I know you will probably not read this, but, i love your chemicals but the cross communication between store and 800# is awful. I will open my pool myself this year and close with a former leslie pool tech that left for the same reason I'm complaining

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Congo River Golf Cleaearwater, Florida - 63 d ago

I have tried to reach out on several occasions to get Leslie's Pool Supply to continue to sell and deliver (32) 2 and 1/2 gallon jugs of chlorine to our business each week.This is a commercial account. No one will call me back. The loss of $7000.00 in annual sales of chlorine to us is apparently no big deal. Mr. Hayward, are you okay with that loss of sales? PLEASE reach out to us.

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Greg L - 63 d 6 h ago


Leslie's in Ft. Smith Ar.

I took my Dolphin Pool Vacuume in for repair. Nice Lady named Peggy called and said it was power supply at $253.00 do you want to fix? I agreed.

4 days later Peggy called and asked if I wanted them to order part? Absolutely yes what's the problem? Peggy said I needed to come in and pay.WHAT? Store is hour away and the Manager would not accept payment over the phone. So I have to go back 2 more times wasting my time and money.

Poor customer service! Leslie can't afford out of pocket expense until $1200.00 product is picked up when fixed?

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Unsatisfactory customer sevice - 67 d ago


Went to Leslie's pool in Lancaster ca

To get the ball rolling on my pump motor

Saturday morning Craig told me

The parts I needed were at the Palmdale

Store and he would have them delivered

Here he also told me it should be done

By Sunday afternoon Monday at the latest

Sunday no call so Monday no call I call Monday

Afternoon phone rings for 16 minutes someone

Asked if I could hold on for a minute 14 minutes go by I hear someone pick up phone and hang it up

Drive down to store my pump is seating right where I left it on Saturday so I pick it up and left

Went to another pool store nearby my pump motor and install parts were there in 24 hour and I saved 67.00 now that good customer service I should have listened to people that have told me

Not to use Leslie's no matter I have a new pool store now

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Anonymous - 72 d ago


My daughter went to the Leslie's in Norco Ca. She is young and not one person offered to help carry out the 4 pack of liquid chlorine. They just lost a customer

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Mark Locey - 81 d 13 h ago


I have a Sta-Rite S7M120 System 3 pool filter system. Prior to contacting my local Leslie Pool Supply Store, I researched the average cost of replacement filter cartridges. My system has two filter cartridges (200 and 100 gal filters). I found the online prices to be similar with an approximate average cost of $275 for the set. I called my local Leslie Pool Supply Store to inquire on price and if they had the filters in stock.

I was told they did not have the filters in stock. This is my experience with Leslie Pool Supply Store but in fairness I can understand the difficulties of maintaining parts for every system in existence. THE REAL PROBLEM...I was quoted a price of over $625 for the two filter cartridges. I told the guy that I had found the cartridges online for $275 and he responded with "that's our price,sir."

Calling me sir was polite, but the prices at Leslie Pool Supply are offensive. Unless it's something that I absolutely must have today, I will never buy from Leslie Pool Supply again.

I ultimately bought the filters online from Discount Filters. They gave me a fifteen percent discount from their marked price and I paid $233.75.

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