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Leslies Poolmart Inc

3925 E Broadway Rd # 100
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayward
Chairman of the Board
(602) 366-3999
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Aggravated - 25 d 11 s ago


Not happy with being double charged for the item and I'm able to get a refund. Giving the company till Friday and then call your attorney on Monday

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James DeWayne Gray - 25 d 14 h ago


We were double charged for some supplies over a week ago. I have contacted the local store and headquarter and have been told there is an issue with computers. No explanation why they cannot just credit my account. Just that they are working the issue. I am probably going to have to file a claim in court to get my money back. I will never go back to them for anything again.

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Anonymous - 25 d 32 s ago

Same here pal, can't get any help.

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Anonymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Bob Cook

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Annymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Bob Cook commercial center manager will text you on hos company phone that you are a racist his company number is (hidden)

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Annoymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Bob Cook works at the commercial center as the manager in San Antonio, Tx. He will text you and call you a racist as well ad flip you off. You can look his number vocally (hidden).

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Ridiculous! - 109 d ago

I was hired by@Leslies poolmart and worked for one day for 11 hours, however a DM refused to put my paperwork through and pay me for the hours I work! This is unexceptionable coming from a District Managemer!

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Anonymous - 89 d ago

I am replying to your note... if not paid - call the Labor Board and then they will tell you to call Leslie's back and inform them that if they do not have a check in your hands within 2 days... the Labor Board will close them down! That's it in a nutshell. Good Luck.

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Anonymous - 27 d 19 h ago

Hey, welcome to Leslie's, the blind leading the blind.

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Scott Kenner - 68 d 13 h ago


Very bad customer service from manager, Chrissy, St Louis County Mo.

Seen her argue with a customer in front of store full of people.

It was actually embarrassing for other employees.

Customer was upset, she was belittling.

I am surprised senior management allows that.

Many complaints on here, so executives must not care.

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Anonymous - 27 d 19 h ago

At least you did not receive a text from an employee flipping you off an calling you a racist

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Anonymous - 27 d 19 h ago

Executives don't care, don't train.

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Cliff Spivey - 82 d 18 h ago


LESLIES POOL SUPPLIES.. Your company Just shot themselves in the foor. I was told that they eere unwilling to exchange their product I had purchased for an exchange of another product. This locaton Westheimer and Kirkwood, Houston, Texas. Not very smart, I've spent hundreds of dollars on your products. I'm not going to walk into another LESLIE'S POOL STORE again. Your loss. Add it up loss of possibly more hundreds of dollars.. The competion pool store down the street will get my business from this point on

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Anonymous - 27 d 20 h ago

Leslie's poolmart doesn't want your business, just your money.

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Frankies pools - 62 d ago

Andrew at the Pompano Beach location is the worst person I've ever met his attitude towards customers is appalling at best

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Anonymous - 27 d 20 h ago

Hey, I had an employee of Leslie's poolmart leave me a text, flipping me off and calling me a racist. Great customer service, GO LESLIE'S POOLMART!!!!

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Adam Kaczmarek - 109 d 28 m ago

Terrible! Launching a BBB complaint. Had all new equipment installed last year, already had the pump replaced 3 times, now the salt cell is out and a warranties item and they want me to pay to have it fixed. Avoid LESLIES pools, multiple calls, voicemails left no calls returned.

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Annymous - 28 d 16 h ago

This company wants your money and nothing else.

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Neal Thornton - 103 d 16 h ago


We purchased a Polaris robotic pool cleaner from store #1007 in Beaumont, TX. We bought a Polaris because it could be repaired in house without shipping it away. We took our machine in during the first full week of June as we were having trouble keeping the tracks on it. The technician diagnosed the problem as a worn gear box. We authorized him to order the parts. He explained that it could be fixed quickly when the parts came in. I called to check on progress a week later and, after some obvious confusion, were told that the parts had been ordered and it would be repaired as soon as they came in. We left on vacation the next day and were gone 2 weeks. I called when we got home and they took my name (but not my repair order number!) , checked on it, and said it was ready. We drove the 45 miles to Beaumont to pick it up. When we got there, the technician retrieved a suction-side cleaner that was obviously not ours. Turns out, it was owned by a customer with the same last name as ours. I asked if ours was ready. He went to the back to check and came back saying the parts were not in yet. I asked him where the parts were coming from and he reported "California". I told him I could have driven to California and picked them up myself in 3 weeks! I then told him to check the order number before calling me so I didn't waste another 45 mile trip. I haven't been called yet (7/8/19). We are now past 4 weeks without our machine.

My suspicion is that the parts were not ordered and having 2 cleaners in the shop with the same last name caused the confusion. This establishment does repairs regularly and this kind of negligence and confusion should not happen. I intend to file this complaint with the local BBB chapter as well to prevent this from happening again.

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Anonymous - 28 d 16 h ago

This company has no formal training, hit and miss.

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Anonymous - 37 d 13 h ago

Iam about done with Leslie's after being a customer for past 4 or 5 years. Had a Hayward pool genie for 3 plus years, Leslie's rebuilt it twice for me, it was part of my pool package, poor little guy just wore out ever part, cost me allot to keep it going, Guy at Leslie's told me to buy the Elite 8 said it was perfect for me, well it's less than a year old, tracks are worn out, two sets of brushes worn out. The other day I was in the store buying my second chlorine gasket, this summer, it sank, bought their better brand with red popup to remind you you need chlorine tablets, it died yesterday, lid wont come off. Anyway I heard that same guy not to buy elite pool cleaner, not good with pebbletech, no kidding, everything wears out. He knew I had a pebble tech pool and talked me into buying mine, its doing. DISRESPECTFULL, ARROGANT KID! IAM VERY UNHAPPY. MITCH BOND TUC AZ.

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Kerrie Abate - 66 d 15 h ago


The worst ... experience ever !

I really think that they do not care about their customers !

I have called customer service several time and supposedly a Rob Plaza was going to call me back .. well its been over three weeks and nothing !

Now, casey renyolds east cost district manager finally calls me back after I flipped on on him !

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Anonymous - 69 d 11 h ago


I was in the Des Peres Mo. store over the weekend and was really appalled by managers attitude to resolve a situation. Customer over period of time has spent major dollars with Leslie's Pool. He seemed to be having a problem getting manager's cooperation is standing behind what she had told them at their last purchase. She completely put a spin on the situation and simply would not try to resolve the matter. Saying I never said that, plus customer would have to have bought a bottle of something to be guaranteed.

Pretty weak customer service shown by store manager in finding resolve.

That alone is poor for a company of this size.

After reading all the bad comments on here, I am not surprise. I know they lost two regulars today. All over a bottle of something probably marked up 300% due to seasonal demand. They let this customer walk away.

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Brian - 86 d 19 h ago

I've spent 4000$ on pump,sand filter, PVC pipes..... Within a year the pipes are all leaking... I get ahold of corporate to schedule a appointment . Only time available was two weeks out. Corporate tells me it's under warranty.. so after waiting and not being able to use my pump for 13 days, the technician tells me it's now not under warranty and I have to pay for parts and service call. Leslie's has now lost a loyal customer and I will be informing others not to use their business. Now I have to spend more on chemicals bc Leslie's told me to now run my leaking pump which turned it green... Frustrated beyond belief

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Leesa Bumgarner - 91 d 19 h ago

I bought a weekender pool on july5 . The liner , what was suppose to be liner was delivered on 10, the pool was delivered on the 11. It took from Friday till Wednesday for the liner to arrive on your fast tract. The pool came with no Instructions Plus the hardware had no numbers so you could identify each piece . Which made this the hardest thing I have done since giving birth. But the topper is the rail chaps don't fit I have forward you the picture. Here is the deal whenever we have company over their going to notice how bad that looks and I'm going to tell them it is a Leslie's pool. But now that I have read your reviews apparently you don't care how your customers have been treated.

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