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Leslies Poolmart Inc

3925 E Broadway Rd # 100
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayward
Chairman of the Board
(602) 366-3999
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Lawrence Hayward/ ceo - 18 d 7 h ago



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Pete - 18 d 12 h ago

I just went to Leslie's at 32nd street in phx. Due to a new process I have to fill out a form and put my water in a bucket labeled number one number two number three or number four. According to Brandon it is for times of high volume in the store.essentially putting people in. Queue. Strangely no one was in the store and probably had not been in the store for a half an hour yet I still have to go through this ridiculous process. Can somebody at corporate explain to me why this is needed I've been coming to this Leslie's for the past 12 years and they know my name address and I'm in the rewards program? Now I have to go through this as Sabine process everyone. Time for a new pool store. Stupid.

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Russell Cooper - 38 d 11 h ago


I worked for Leslie's for @ 3 months...I single handily raised it's profits..I increased it's EPC beyond belief...but yet, Tonya Forsyth..the store manager of #582 in Ocala FL continues to give me a bad reference to prospective future employer's. Does she not know this is a violation of Federal Law? I quit without notice..but, that's all I did wrong. One more bad reference from her and my attorney...Mr. Manglardi will deal with you. Thank God I'm a republican, otherwise I would have already filed suit...this is your first and last warning.

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M. A. C - 45 d 6 h ago


Leslies Poolmart Inc are no longer at 3925 E. Broadway Rd #100

New location is Indian School Rd and 20 street Phoenix AZ

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Cindy - 74 d 9 h ago


Just came from your north federal highway store iin Fort Lauderdale, FL. I w3n5 there to purchase depth numbers and 1" chlorine tablets. I went to your store because your website said you had the numbers in stock. Needless to say, this store had no numbers and no 1" chlorine. I will now be ordering this online from the comfort of my home. What a let down.

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Aggravated - 151 d 14 h ago


Not happy with being double charged for the item and I'm able to get a refund. Giving the company till Friday and then call your attorney on Monday

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Alex. - 90 d 6 h ago

Thanks for the alert. Don't waste your time with those idiots. Just call your credit card company. They will immediately reverse the charge & credit you the same day.

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Cliff Spivey - 209 d 9 h ago


LESLIES POOL SUPPLIES.. Your company Just shot themselves in the foor. I was told that they eere unwilling to exchange their product I had purchased for an exchange of another product. This locaton Westheimer and Kirkwood, Houston, Texas. Not very smart, I've spent hundreds of dollars on your products. I'm not going to walk into another LESLIE'S POOL STORE again. Your loss. Add it up loss of possibly more hundreds of dollars.. The competion pool store down the street will get my business from this point on

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Anonymous - 154 d 10 h ago

Leslie's poolmart doesn't want your business, just your money.

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Alex - 90 d 6 h ago

Awesome !!! That will teach Leslie's not to mess around with loyal customers. I will shop at competitors pool supply from now on too.

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Bob C - 96 d 7 h ago


Wow!!! Can't believe this company with ONE Star (Way too kind) is still in business. I purchased 2 filter baskets from them a year ago. One just split and caused me a $75 bill to unclog the leaves it stuck in my filter. They refused to even replace the basket.

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Neal.D - 101 d 8 h ago


when it comes to pool i am a layman. I rely on the experts at my local pool supply store. I ask questions and rely on them for the answers. When i decieded to paint my pool. They gave me all i needed to know. i had painted the pool myself three years ago. All went well. so this year i wanted to paint it again. to Leslies. i go .they asked me all the questions. when they said how many gallons of paint i needed i thought i used one gallon last time . so i got one gallon. When i painted the pool i ran short. back to the store i go.When he asked me what color gallon of paint i needed. was it (example) midnight blue or passion blue. i reached in my pocket for the paper i wrote it down on. and couldnt find it. i said should i go home and get it. He said no its not a problem he will look it up on computer what color i got the day before. he comes out from the back hands me a gallon of paint says your all set.i pay and leave. when i get home i paint the pool. it looks to be lighter then the color that is on there. but i figure the other color probably went on like that it will darken when it dryes. well it didnt darken. turns out it was a different color.When i went back and tild them at the pool store. they said no problem. and tryed to sell me another gallon of paint. o am on a budget and couldnt affored to buy it. so my pool is two different colors. im not one to argue much. but think it is really unfair and poor business to make me pay for a gallon that they gave me. so now i do my pool business on line much cheeper and mistakes made are my falt

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Anonymous - 121 d 16 h ago


I worked for this company for over ten years, and it was the most horrible experience of my life. The management is shaky at best, the DMs clearly haven't a clue what they're doing and the corporate policies are vague and half implemented. Even after eight years separation, I still have legitimate nightmares from my time working with them.

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James DeWayne Gray - 152 d 4 h ago


We were double charged for some supplies over a week ago. I have contacted the local store and headquarter and have been told there is an issue with computers. No explanation why they cannot just credit my account. Just that they are working the issue. I am probably going to have to file a claim in court to get my money back. I will never go back to them for anything again.

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Anonymous - 151 d 14 h ago

Same here pal, can't get any help.

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Anonymous - 153 d 5 h ago

Bob Cook

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Annymous - 153 d 5 h ago

Bob Cook commercial center manager will text you on hos company phone that you are a racist his company number is (hidden)

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Annoymous - 153 d 5 h ago

Bob Cook works at the commercial center as the manager in San Antonio, Tx. He will text you and call you a racist as well ad flip you off. You can look his number vocally (hidden).

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Ridiculous! - 235 d 14 h ago

I was hired by@Leslies poolmart and worked for one day for 11 hours, however a DM refused to put my paperwork through and pay me for the hours I work! This is unexceptionable coming from a District Managemer!

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Anonymous - 215 d 15 h ago

I am replying to your note... if not paid - call the Labor Board and then they will tell you to call Leslie's back and inform them that if they do not have a check in your hands within 2 days... the Labor Board will close them down! That's it in a nutshell. Good Luck.

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Anonymous - 154 d 9 h ago

Hey, welcome to Leslie's, the blind leading the blind.

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Scott Kenner - 195 d 3 s ago


Very bad customer service from manager, Chrissy, St Louis County Mo.

Seen her argue with a customer in front of store full of people.

It was actually embarrassing for other employees.

Customer was upset, she was belittling.

I am surprised senior management allows that.

Many complaints on here, so executives must not care.

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Anonymous - 154 d 10 h ago

At least you did not receive a text from an employee flipping you off an calling you a racist

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Anonymous - 154 d 9 h ago

Executives don't care, don't train.

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Frankies pools - 188 d 14 h ago

Andrew at the Pompano Beach location is the worst person I've ever met his attitude towards customers is appalling at best

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Anonymous - 154 d 10 h ago

Hey, I had an employee of Leslie's poolmart leave me a text, flipping me off and calling me a racist. Great customer service, GO LESLIE'S POOLMART!!!!

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