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Leslies Poolmart Inc

3925 E Broadway Rd # 100
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayward
Chairman of the Board
(602) 366-3999
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Charlie. Nas - 68 d 43 s ago


Does The chairman of the board or anybody of importance ever look at this website? I would be so embarrassed if this is my company and I would do something about it. I'm having a ridiculous problem and get no response from anybody at the home office. Obviously I'm not alone!

I have to say the guy at the local store Tom is awesome and doing his best, but his bosses are totally nonresponsive despite my constant calls to them and his constant calls to them

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Mary - 19 d 4 h ago

The best thing to do is give them a call. I used to work for corporate and can verify they do care about their customers. Nobody from there reads this site.

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Disgusted - 12 d 8 h ago


Hi Mary,

I've been contacting Customer Service/District Manager/Area Manager over the last year and have gotten nowhere! Sure wish you still worked there since no one in corporate gives a damn today!!

I rate Leslie's worse than Terrible !!

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Done - 12 d 8 h ago

Oooops, just noticed this is Leslie's Poolmart, not Leslie's Pool Supplies, to which my comments were directed. Please excuse the interruption.

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Anonymous - 11 d 7 h ago

Correction: Leslie's Poolmart is an affiliate of Leslie's Pool Supplies.

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Deb Thomas - 80 d ago


I would like to be contacted to discuss a recent problem I have had w your company, On 8/20/18, I brought my Polaris into the Glastonbury, Ct store. Parker, the store manager indicated that he would find the cause of the problem that day. When I called in, he told me that he did not have a chance to get to it as he was the only person working. He assured me that he would get to it first thing in the morning. I checked in later that day. Again he was the only worker for the day. I checked back on Wednesday. He told me that he did not have the proper cord to attach to my equipment so he could identify the problem. Now he had to contact another store. Today is Friday, the cord hasn't arrived from the Manchester, Ct store. Parker is off today. I am not holding Parker responsible for these delays however I am displeased with Leslie Pools. Only one employee in the store, inadequate equipment to do repairs. I was wondering if Leslie was downsizing in the Northeast since expansion as occurred in the South. Ready to take my business elsewhere

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Deb - 19 d 4 h ago

Since this site is not connected to Leslie's at all, it's best to give them a call.

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Randy VanDyke - 117 d ago


Went to Leslie's in Toledo Ohio on Monroe St, on 7/18/18 at 6:00 pm. Only had one girl working in the store. Totally ridiculous , it took for ever. I drive across town, because you have quality products. If this continues I will take my business somewhere else. Please wise up Leslie's , and hire some help. You are only hurting yourself, trying to cut cost!!!

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Victor - 114 d ago


Horrible company, I have not idea how you do business .Do you have a notion what costumer service is? or any person in your corporate offices have read something about how to treat a costumer?. Your employees at the Pico Rivera Ca store, one in particular is rude and not helpful at all to the opposite he becomes argumentative with the special skill to make the costumer fill ignorant and stupid .

But it is obvious that provably this is your company modus operandy , after seeing all the negative comments posted .

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Deb Thomas - 80 d ago


Does anyone at the company read this stuff. I agree...disgusting

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Jane - 19 d 4 h ago

This site is not affiliated with the company, so no, nobody reads this.

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Randy - 72 d 4 h ago


Today I came into Leslie's in downtown Palm Springs to get my pool water tested and to purchase acid/chlorine and a new brush. When Erik had finished testing the water, he mentioned something about the phosphates. I explained that I would have to be caring for my own pool for the next several months and that I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me about the phosphates. Then he sort of went on a tirade, talking down to me, saying "sir I already told you..." When I tried to point out what the analysis report said vs. what he was saying and that his explanation seemed contradictory, he got even more condescending. Then he promptly excused himself saying he had to use the restroom. The store manager was there during this entire time, but said nothing. So I purchased what I needed, and when he helped me take the acid/chlorine to my car I expressed that I thought Erik had been extremely rude to me. He defended Erik and made it clear he did not want to discuss it, and in the end, I left there not understanding the phosphates analysis. I have previously experienced rudeness from Erik, but not to this degree and I avoid him if possible when I go to that store. I spent over $60 there today. Obviously they could care less about being helpful and keeping their customers. So, goodbye Leslie's, hello Amazon or wherever, to avoid ever going into a Leslie's store again. And looking at the more than 20 reviews on this page, it's clear that this is a problem throughout the company...not one good review!

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Joe - 19 d 4 h ago


I believe you mean "couldn't care less", there is a big difference between could and couldn't

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Ms. Fleming - 43 d 9 h ago


I live in Norwalk, Ct and I go to the Leslies Pool store at 151 Westport Ave, Norwalk.

Your store manager, Jennifer DeMayo is amazing and should be recognized for the good work she does as Manager of your store. This summer I had a problem with algae and I went to the store about 3 times. The young men who checked my water could never get it right. The 3rd time I went to get the water checked Jenn was available and she told me what to do and in 24 hours my water was clear. She has checked my water on opening and closing the pool and always does a great job. I don't know why the other people can't. Any suggestion she has made to me for the water worked 100%. I told her I was going to write to Corporate as I feel something should be done for her great work. I do hope someone in Corporate will read this and let me know they have seen this.

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Lamont - 19 d 4 h ago

This website is not affiliated with Leslie's whatsoever, and do not expect a response from them. The best thing to do is give them a call. I used to work for corporate and can verify they do care about their customers.

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Walter Lemiska - 33 d ago


I am in the middle of trying to get my pool pump / motor repaired. It was originally installed by Leslie's back in February this year. The motor had tripped a breaker, shutting off my freezer, ruining most of the food I had in it. We made the appointment through our local store but they said we gave to go the service department which is a separate entity. We made the appointment, the tech showed up and informed me that the motor was bad. I told him I figured as much. Then he said he had to go back and get the parts as he didn't bring anything with him. K

I said to hi "seriously?", I explained everything to the store manager but he said no one said a word to him.nhe left and came back with a motor. After a short time he told my wife that it was the wrong motor, he had to go find the right one. Several hours went by and I tried to call him; no answer. I tied several more times-no answer. I called the store and the manager said she has been trying to call him as she found the right one. She told me she was going to call the service department and turn it over to them and they would call me. After 45 minutes, I finally called the service department and was told that they couldn't get hold of him. She said she was going to make some calls and call me back. After 30 minutes Sh did, telling me that. The motor has to be ordered. I said that the Kingwood, TX store has the right one and she replied no, the manager was wrong, she doesn't. I asked her when will they have the motif and she said she doesn't know as the store has to order it. I have never had such horrible customer service from any business. Thus is a warranty job, my pool is turning green, I have lost a lot of food and not one person gives a shit. (Pardon my language) I will never recommend Leslie's to anyone and will not be doing any business with them if I can help it. I don't think it matters as it seems that no one from the company pays attention to the comments on this forum.

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Lisa Annette Kennedy - 47 d 7 h ago


Very unprofessional. Pool down a month, because inexperienced installer, been put off, by managers and district managers. John Molloy, his boss Kate. Now telling it will be even longer to get fixed. Installer, burnt up new pump, chopped up PVC piping. I have before and after pictures.

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Yvonne - 57 d 6 h ago


Awful. I left my money clip with my cash on the counter. The manager wouldn't even look at the cameras. I'll never be back. Ever

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Dee Adams - 70 d 5 h ago


I frequently go into the Surprise Arizona, Leslie's Pool store, not much anymore, after this incident. Their coupons are virtually useless, only good on regular priced items, and most of what everyone wants, is on sale, and "not" at good sale prices either. Leslie's is way overpriced. When I asked about using these 5.00 coupons in the store, a rather rude and nasty associate said, its only for stuff not on sale, and their registers won't accept. All fine and good, if that is Leslie's policy, except for the attitude. If you want to work with people have a people friendly attitude, or go work behind the scenes. No need to be rude and condescending.

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Joe - 77 d 24 h ago


I bought a new Polaris 6 months ago. Polaris stopped working and I brought it in for repair to the Mason Road store in Katy, Tx.

I was told the guy that fixes it was out that day but it would be fixed the next day. A week later I had still not heard anything and I called the store. They said they were waiting on a part and it will be in and fixed in just a few days. At two weeks I called and asked why it wasn't fixed. They said they ordered the wrong part and should have the right part in just a few days. We are now more than 3 weeks and they are telling me they have no idea when it will be in. I asked to talk to the Manager, Oscar and they said he is difficult to catch,"try early in the day".

I have been a customer for almost 20 years but will be taking my business elsewhere. Terrible customer service.

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Anonymous - 84 d 49 s ago


I have had two leslie's techs come to my house and both didn't know how to fix my problem. The second one even left without telling me. I was in my house wondering what was taking so long and when I went outside he was gone. Then when I called to let them know, they didn't care. So I scheduled a senior tech to come out, he never called or showed up. I wouldn't recommend this joke of a company to anybody, get your stuff together!!!

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Anonymous - 88 d ago

Went to LESLIE'S POOL, when ask for help to up grade most of my pool equipment, this white guy told me, that I do help your kind and walk away. I was already walking out of store when a Asian women help me, she Express's to me don't pay attention to him he is always in his own world. I was going to purchase a heating system and a new up grade motor and pumm, 4,340.00 and now I will not go back to any LESLIE'S Places 3249 W Shaw Ave Ste. 101 Fresno CA 93711-3235, I am a retired Marine Ranger, also Hispanic ( Trump's World Now )

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BBonnie Costa - 88 d 3 h ago


I bought a Polaris part for $112 and it stopped working. I bought it the 24th of June brought it in to the Commack store where I bought it and the woman behiind the counter said she couldn't replace it because it was 14 days past. I had my receipt and all I asked was to exchange it! Really?!! 112 bucks and a defective part and I have to eat it?! I called my credit card company and they are going to get my money back. So what turned into an exchange, turned into a refund! Thanks!

Bonnie Costa (hidden)

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Chuck - 89 d 7 h ago


I was just in at 7th st and Bell Rd Phoenix. Steve had 3 people there. I was second in line. A man walked in it was now my turn Steve then turned to the man and started helping him. I said I was next. He said he was a contractor andthat was it. Me and the other Woman had to wait. Very bad customer service. I also work in retail. We would never do that. I have been in my house 30 years. I will never shop with your company again.

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Bonnie Costa 515-527-9943 - 90 d 5 h ago


On june 24th I bought a Polaris backup valve for $112.00! It stopped working. I brought it back to the store in Commack New York with the receipt and the women refused to exchange it! I had put the old one back on and it worked. So let's me get this straight since you sold a defective part and it's not with the 14 days I have to eat 112.00 dollars plus tax?!!!!

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