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Leslies Poolmart Inc

3925 E Broadway Rd # 100
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayward
Chairman of the Board
(602) 366-3999
Annual Sales Est
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Leesa Bumgarner - 1 d ago

I bought a weekender pool on july5 . The liner , what was suppose to be liner was delivered on 10, the pool was delivered on the 11. It took from Friday till Wednesday for the liner to arrive on your fast tract. The pool came with no Instructions Plus the hardware had no numbers so you could identify each piece . Which made this the hardest thing I have done since giving birth. But the topper is the rail chaps don't fit I have forward you the picture. Here is the deal whenever we have company over their going to notice how bad that looks and I'm going to tell them it is a Leslie's pool. But now that I have read your reviews apparently you don't care how your customers have been treated.

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Kelly Maness - 1 d ago


Well, headed back to Leslie's on Sahara and Fort Apache to get parts they failed to put back on pump . So irresponsible at this store . From management on down. Never again

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Treated poorly - 46 d 7 h ago


I was let go from my job @ Leslie's pool mart on the day I returned from being injured in the whse. I went thru proper authorization paperwork to return to work and got a call from corporate that I was released to return to work the following Monday morning. That Monday morning I was terminated and to this day I cannot get a response why.

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Anonymous - 42 d ago


Same!!!!!!!!! My boss threatens to fire me even though he has never properly trained me and leaves me by myself most of the time and so I make mistakes and then he yells and blames me for it.

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SteveG - 2 d ago


And you take that ?

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Giggles - 11 d ago


Find an attorney!

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SteveG - 2 d ago


Very bad service from the store in Weslaco TEXAS AGAIN.... I was just trying to support the bricks & Mortar store but forget it this is the second time I will now start online shopping with Doherty's less hassle and cheaper bye Leslies.

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Kelly Maness - 3 d 4 h ago


Am very dissatisfied with the customer service we have received at Leslie's on Sahara in Las Vegas. Ken the manager seems very confused . A customer wanted to pay with credit card over the phone he can't accommodate. They've had the pool pump n motor for two weeks it took us calling them to find out status. Ken went on to say oh our managers out sick with a bad illness. Ok not my problem. Obviously this store needs HELP bad . Never recommending this store and will never be back .

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Neal Thornton - 12 d 19 h ago


We purchased a Polaris robotic pool cleaner from store #1007 in Beaumont, TX. We bought a Polaris because it could be repaired in house without shipping it away. We took our machine in during the first full week of June as we were having trouble keeping the tracks on it. The technician diagnosed the problem as a worn gear box. We authorized him to order the parts. He explained that it could be fixed quickly when the parts came in. I called to check on progress a week later and, after some obvious confusion, were told that the parts had been ordered and it would be repaired as soon as they came in. We left on vacation the next day and were gone 2 weeks. I called when we got home and they took my name (but not my repair order number!) , checked on it, and said it was ready. We drove the 45 miles to Beaumont to pick it up. When we got there, the technician retrieved a suction-side cleaner that was obviously not ours. Turns out, it was owned by a customer with the same last name as ours. I asked if ours was ready. He went to the back to check and came back saying the parts were not in yet. I asked him where the parts were coming from and he reported "California". I told him I could have driven to California and picked them up myself in 3 weeks! I then told him to check the order number before calling me so I didn't waste another 45 mile trip. I haven't been called yet (7/8/19). We are now past 4 weeks without our machine.

My suspicion is that the parts were not ordered and having 2 cleaners in the shop with the same last name caused the confusion. This establishment does repairs regularly and this kind of negligence and confusion should not happen. I intend to file this complaint with the local BBB chapter as well to prevent this from happening again.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

This is Big Kahuna pool service and maintenance company in Bakersfield California I recently reopened my pool maintenance company to service the greater Bakersfield area. I contacted one of the representatives of Leslie's Pool supplies stores and they gave me a discount on product if I would exclusively buy from them which I am very loyal to them at one point. I was on their list as a preferred Service Company just in case a customer asked if he knew anybody that would service swimming pools in the Bakersfield area and it would give them my card I know this here in 2019 the summer months has approached and I was not getting any referrals from the two location that I was using in Bakersfield California one on Harris Road and the other was on Coffee Road in the Albertson Shopping Center I took it upon myself to call as a possible client to buy product from their store and I also asked if they knew anybody that service swimming pools one of the associates told me over the phone as a would-be client for product purchases they did not prefer to give out any information regarding anybody servicing pools again I might note that the agreement was I would purchase product from these locations with the understanding is that if anybody was looking for a pool service I would get the first option to be able to sell my service to that new client both of these locations stop referring me to any new customer base that either was walking in or called over the phone at this time I have stopped doing any purchasing a product at these two locations I'm using another location on Rosedale Highway in Bakersfield California I'm a businessman trying to make a living and I can't pay full-blown price and be able to pass that on to my customer I have to make a profit. Leslie's Pool Supply Company product is too high I can go to Walmart or tools and buy the product that I need at a cheaper price or at the same price with the respect of a person giving me when I come in to buy the product not somebody very rude to me and telling customers that they do not know me or my company when they come in and ask I was in the parking lot at the coffee Road location in the Albertsons shopping center and one of the customers that ask for me that they told her the store that they didn't know anything about me or my company show me in the parking lot with my service man with with Big Kahuna on the doors and surfboards on top come up and ask me are you the Big Kahuna Isis yes and I asked her did you just come from Leslie's Pool Service and she said yes they told me in there that they did know this is big Kahuna pool service and maintenance company in Bakersfield California I recently reopen my pool maintenance company to service the greater Bakersfield area I contacted one of the representatives of Leslie's pool Supply stores and they gave me a discount on product if I would exclusively by from them which I am very loyal to them at one point I was on there list as a preferred service company doesn't case a customer ask if the new anybody that was service swimming pools in the Bakersfield area and they would give them a my card I know this here in 2019 the summer months has approached and I was not getting any referrals from the two location that I was using in Bakersfield California one on Harris Road and the other was on coffee road in the hours and shopping center I took it upon myself to call as a possible client to buy product from there store and I also asked if he knew anybody that service women pools one of the associates told me over the phone as a would be client for product purchases dick he did not her to get out information regarding any by servicing pools again I mind. Again now vision at this point in time I will now go online to buy all my product the customer will just have to wait a little longer but I can make a profit and the customers happy with the pricing I will calling corporate and let them have a piece of my mind before I cut the sheets with them this company is a very chickenshit outfit

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Adam Kaczmarek - 18 d ago

Terrible! Launching a BBB complaint. Had all new equipment installed last year, already had the pump replaced 3 times, now the salt cell is out and a warranties item and they want me to pay to have it fixed. Avoid LESLIES pools, multiple calls, voicemails left no calls returned.

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Ridiculous! - 18 d 29 m ago

I was hired by@Leslies poolmart and worked for one day for 11 hours, however a DM refused to put my paperwork through and pay me for the hours I work! This is unexceptionable coming from a District Managemer!

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alan Bailey - 21 d 19 h ago


Your prices are more than double Amazon prices for the same products. You need to get way more competitive if you want me as a customer again.

Alan G. Bailey

Chatsworth store Customer

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Mike DiBella - 28 d ago


Been going to my local Greenbrook NJ store for 8 years. Staff is very nice but there is always no help in the store. It's Sunday morning 1030am and there is one clerk handling 8 customers at the same time with water testing and people are just walking out. It's been getting worse and worse. When are you going to fix your staffing.

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Sandra Fulton Rossi - 39 d ago


Absolutely terrible. Had an issue a month ago with the service department & recently had a problem with my local store in the Conway area of Orlando.

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Steven Greiss - 42 d ago


Leslie store #113 is a great place to shop. The store manager Jacki is a pleasure! She is trust worthy, kind, and very helpful with all my pool needs. I have a pool store closer to me, but i'd rather drive the extra distance to get the help from Jacki and the other employees at this store!

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CM - 43 d 18 h ago


Really bad experience with Store #49 in Castle Hills Texas

2609 Jackson Keller Rd

San Antonio, TX 78230-5263

Brought my pump in for repair and had a terrible experience. First, the "kid" at the counter has zero personality, wrote me up and gave me a ticket saying it will be a week. The owner was finishing up with a customer so I took a minute to talk with him, he was nice and said he would try to get to it by Thursday (this was Saturday). On Thursday I called to see if it was ready. and got "Mr. Personality." Pump wasn't ready with no explanation, no understanding, apparently couldn't care less. Gave them another day and went to pick it up after work. Still wasn't worked on, but since there was little concern about meeting their promise, I took it home. Got home and discovered that the plastic switch was broken off. Called them back and talked to the owner (Jim). All he said was I didn't break your pump, I didn't touch your pump. Of course it wasn't where I left it last week so that was an obvious lie. I didn't expect much but thought I'd give him a chance to do the right thing. No offer to sell me the part at cost or anything.

The entire experience was devoid of any customer service and no concern about meeting their promises. I've been to other Leslie's Pool Mart stores and never experienced anything like this. I will continue to give you my business, but never again at this store.

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Anonymous - 44 d 20 h ago

1408 w new haven ave ste a

melbourne, FL 32904-3904


The Gm Bob of the Melbourne store, has had my Polaris 955 vaccuum sweeper for over three months. I have been in the store 17 times over the 3 month period. It was dropped off to be repaired. If you dropped your car off to be repaired at Boniface Heirs or one of the big corporate stores to get fixed, you'd have an estimate within days of how much its gonna cost to be repaired. Not Bob, I told him it was the gears on the tires, instead he replaced the motor, $900. I told him I don't need a motor, he say then it's free. Then he replaces the cord, (didn't need to be replace) and all the wheels and gears etc. and drops nearly a $700 bill on me. I never got a phone call, never got an estimate, and now he wants me to pay $700 for something I didn't authorize. Instead he reminds me of the free $900 motor he put in that I didn't need. On top of that, when I go to get my water tested, the female working there doesn;t know how to work the computer, hand writes the water analysis, like she's some kind of doctor, that I can't read. I go to Pinch a Penny, give them my water analysis, and get a computer readoutout. And guess what, not even close to what the Ms. Female water analysis hand wrote. Scam afetr Scam afetr Scam. Do Not do business with the Leslie's Pool Supply on 192 in Melbourne , Fl. They are ripping me off, and god know how many other unsuspecting other people that put their trust in to Bob, the store manager

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David Offutt - 59 d ago


I stopped in to the Brockton, MA store #765 on 05/22/2019 and had the worst customer service experience ever! The clerk shared in words as well as her body language she had NO desire to assist me. She actually stated that her day is going to be miserable because it was busy. Are you kidding me, of course it should be busy its pool opening season. I own a small business in the area and would love to be busy all the time. Its unfortunate that the employee working this location has such poor customer service skills. We will be taking our business elsewhere and will share our experience with as many people as possible. this is completely unacceptable.

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Ed - 50 d 18 h ago


Houston stores are not any better. Employees are rude, and miss leading. Something h

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Anonymous - 63 d ago

I recently purchased pool primer and paint from des peres mo store 38 location. I explained i needed primer to convert rubberbase to epoxy. When i opened a box of primer clearly said not for painted surfaces. The next day my wife returned it. Manager was rude and did finnally take it back. The next day i opened a box of paint... acyrilic not epoxy! manager only wld refund 1/2 the $ for opened box thats after i said i was calling bbb. 4 trips,25 dollars less and zero help from leslie's pools the manager chrissy is rude and has no business ddaling with people. We will never purchase from them again. Sad to see business ruined by rude service

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Anonymous - 69 d ago


Leslies Pool Supply Corporate NEVER contacted me in regards to my review....

VERY disappointed in this particular Leslie's Pool location. We are new to this area. We were recommended to this location by the owner of the pool company that built our pool with our previous owners of our house. My wife had purchased a mold/scaling product recommended by Marsha (employee). The product was very expensive and did NOT do one thing. Therefore, my wife took back the receipt and was denied any kind of refund, partial refund, replacement, etc. We realize that products work differently within every pool. With that being said, we called the owner of the pool company back and he was adamant about us returning to that exact location and to speak to Cassie (store manager) because she would help us get our pool to where it needed to be. My wife gave this location another try and went back in there and purchased two small bags of shock and got our water tested. My wife didn't realize that we already had some at home. So, she went to return them and was told by Cassie that they weren't able to take them back because it's their policy. My wife understood about their "policy" until my wife asked "why they couldn't take them back" and Cassie replied "because we've had one of our Leslie's locations catch on fire due to someone bringing back some shock. My wife left there thinking that was weird. Once again, we contacted the owner of the pool company that built our pool. He still was adamant about us still going to this location and dealing with Cassie directly (which was questioning-why just her). My wife gave that location another chase to get the pool water tested. Cassie told my wife that our cyanuric acid was "out the roof" and that we had no choice but to drain our pool. While my wife was in there the owner of the pool company that built our pool happened to be there also, but was in the very back of the store in the employee area where they fix pool equipment. My wife asked if she could speak to him since she'd never met him face to face but talk to him over the phone several times. My wife took Cassie's advice and rented a "trash can" pump from a home improvement store near by. We drained our pool that day and filled it up. We waited a couple of days (as we were told to do) to let the water settle prior to testing the water to start all over again with chemicals. We left several messages for the owner of the pool company to get back to us about starting over again. He failed to text back or return our phone calls. My wife took the water into that location to get it tested. My wife stood in front of the desk patiently waiting for Cassie to get off the phone. Then another employee behind the front desk said to me "I'll be with you in a minute" and helped out a pool guy (that worked pool company that built our pool) that was in line BEHIND my wife in line. My wife asked the employee when he returned back to the desk "why she was skipped" and the employee said because the owner of that pool company spends thousands of dollars there. Really? Then the employee tells my wife (after finally helping her) that our cyanuric acid was at 90% and that the ONLY option was to drain the pool again. While my wife waited on the water to be tested, Cassie was still on the phone just looking at my wife strangely. My wife overhears Cassie's conversation. Oh well what do you was the pool owner of the company that built our pool. Cassie said "so do you just want me to charge the products to your account?" and then she said "it's not anyone's business about our personal life outside of here" as she was looking at my wife. My wife put it all together and figured out what was going on after hearing Cassie's conversation. My wife left there so upset about this whole process and that we were told we were going to have to drain our pool after we had just drained and refilled a couple of days prior to that. My wife came home got another sample and took it to the Leslie's location off of Nasa Parkway and was greeted very nicely by Tyler (employee) and the manager of the store there. My wife didn't tell them about what ha just happened at another Leslie's location until she was leaving that location. She just wanted to get our pool water retested to see if the cyanuric acid was really 90%. Tyler tested the water and said it was perfect. My wife had him test the cyanuric acid three times and Tyler confirmed all three times that it was at 30%. 90% to 30% is quite a big difference. We will definitely be going back to the NASA location from now on due to their customer service and knowledge. I would NOT recommend the Gulf Freeway location unless you are spending thousands of dollars there and have a "personal relationship" with the manager.

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Laurie Conard - 69 d 14 h ago

I recently went to the store on 32nd street and Shea,I was immediately offered assistance by a young man named Brandon.he was so friendly and patient and super helpful.I hope he gets recognition he certainly deserves it...I will definitely go back to that location...Thank you for your time...Laurie Conard...oh and I'm not sure if its needed but I am located in Phoenix Arizona.

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tom harmon - 73 d 22 h ago


I have had nothing but a run around by ur Oro Valley, AZ. store. After purchasing a diffuser for my pool motor, I waited a week and the part was not the right part. It didnt fit my motor and its the result of the employees u have there who didnt know the difference between P271P and a 271P1. The pool technician I had to hire I had to hire come to my house and he detected the wrong difffuser ur people sold me. I finally got the employee at the store to provide expedited service due to the 3 weeks I have been waiting for the correct diffuser.

I want u to get the part I ordered within 2 days.

Give me a reponse to this matter since my pool has been out of service weeks due to tthe incompetence of ur employees.

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Cortez - 79 d ago

Leslie's has grown to fast over the past two to three years to properly handle and manage it's staff and staffing needs. The slow retail stores have one or two employees. The busy stores retail centers have 3 for 4 employees. This creates long waits for water tests, lack of training for new employees, and poor customer service.

Cleaner repairs take forever. Typically 3 to 4 days before you ever get a call if your lucky enough to get one. My experience is if you drop off your cleaner you better call them a few days later or you may never hear back from them.

Upper management is spread to thin to save money to properly monitor each store. This creates issues with training, communication to store management, as well as productivity and relationship building for new business.

I recommend Leslie's for the product quality they provide, however, they could be a leader in the market if they would make changes to in management, hire more employees so that they can service residential\commercial adequately, and stop opening new stores next to one another in markets throughout the USA.

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