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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
Annual Sales Est
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Tracy - 5 d 3 s ago


Would everybody on here take the time to file a complaint with the Attorney General, Consumer Relations, The FTC, BBB and anywhere else you can complain. It might do no good but if they get enough complaints on this terrible company they will have to do SOMETHING. I can't believe they are getting by with this OVER AND OVER.

I bought a NEW LG STOVE IN November 2017. The control panel went out February 2018. I am still waiting for it to be fixed. A repairman has come twice first time to check it out and to order parts. The second time to bring the parts to fix but wrong parts were sent PLUS he wasn't getting power to the stove so he had to order yet another part. PLUS the paint is chipping off the front door around the handle already a half dollar size place that has chipped. I have called them several times and got one call back telling me that the parts were on back order with no ETA so they were gonna work on getting me a new unit sent out or a refund. Waited yet another week with no reply so I called back and then they tell me that they do have the parts and that they would send a technician out yet AGAIN. But couldn't promise it would be fixed, now they're trying to figure out what to do with the chipping door. I have been waiting TWO MONTHS, no stove, ONLY the run around. I would think in order to do the customer right and make them happy it would be easier to just send out a new unit BUT at this point I just want my money back. I have never been treated so bad as a consumer. As I set here tonight I still have no idea when my stove will be fixed. I have paid in full for it, though in November 2017. There are sooooooo many complaints on this company about all their products AND the customer service. This is not right and something needs to be done.

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Another Lifes Gross sucker - 18 d 11 h ago


I will NEVER spend my hard earned money on ANY Lifes Gross product again. I spent almost $1000 on a 47 inch smart tv.

It didn't even last 2 year's before starting to flicker, and after a little research found out it's a very common problem , guess what lg won't dpi a thing about it.

Spent 2,500 on brand new Life's Gross washer and dryer...didn't last a year before repairs needed. Had to have them repaired 5 more times in4 years before we gave up.

Got a new Life's Gross V20 phone....nothing but problems

This place does almost a BILLION dollars each year.

My advice don't be a sucker and line their pockets of they won't stand behind theirproducts

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disgruntled customer - 21 d 11 h ago


So much for William Cho's "Experience Happiness" campaign. Maybe I misunderstood - happiness for the executive team with their large bonuses or something.

Ditto to the former 207 complaints listed below. I've been told that, even though my machine is under manufacturer's warranty, because the repair people, with whom LG holds a contract for service (meaning they work for LG) damaged my washer, it is no longer their responsibility. Imagine that.

I guess Mr. Cho also rewrote the old adage that "the customer is always right" which usually is translated into happy customers makes for a profitable business in the future, to stick 'em and leave 'em hanging.

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CCM - 25 d 7 h ago


I purchased LG French Door Refrigerator on 5/01/2015. My compressor went out on 3/23/2018 and I called LG customer service and scheduled a repair. They provided me with a contractor, LNS Service, LLC. and I was told by the LG representative that there would be no cost for services and parts. I contacted them on 3/23/2018 and scheduled an appointment for 3/26/2018. The contractor arrived 3/26/2018 and after inspecting the refrigerator, he advised that he did not repair compressors. He advised that I would have to call LG back and get another repairman that repairs compressors. He then advised that I owed $70.00 for a trip fee. I advised him that I was told by LG that there would be no charge. He refused to leave without a $70.00 check for trip fee. After I wrote him a check for $70.00 and he left I called LG to advise of the situation. LG Representative Carol called the contractor who would not answer the phone. I am now out of $70.00 and my refrigerator is not repaired.

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Anonymous - 25 d 7 h ago


I bought a. LG oven that was delivered on the 12th of March. The first time we turned it on, the motor caught fire. Today is the 26th of March and I continue to get a runaround from LG. I have made it all the way to the executive offices and now they say give them until Wednesday. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and have purchased all LG appliances. If anyone can recommend a way to get these people's attention, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous - 29 d 8 h ago

Cannot get my washer serviced and even LG Huntsville AL failed to assist with proper information.

1st Service that was scheduled originally was scheduled with a company that does not exist

2nd service that was scheduled was scheduled with a company that does not service my area

LG fails to keep their warranties

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Nary - 56 d 13 h ago


I'm not the only one. I bought an LG refrigerator 8 months ago and the compressor is already out and I can't get anyone to come look at it. Been told will find authorized repair facilities and will call back 3-5 days for us to keep looking. We have been without a refrigerator since 2/12/18 and still waiting. BAD product and setvice.

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Anne - 50 d 11 h ago


Please look there is a class action lawsuit on refrigerators.

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nary - 44 d 7 h ago


i am in the same boat! my compressor has blown 2 times now. im without a fridge for 4 weeks now. they will not call . they say they are looking for a service person! i cant talk to anyone. they will not give me the presidents name.

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Sad i purchased LG washer - 46 d 5 h ago


Dear LG,

LG customer service is very poor, one group does not know what the other group is doing, problems are not documented accurately, they make promises and don't produce. They promise phone calls and service calls, are not returned and the worst is do a NO-Show, NO-Call service call; I specifically stayed in town to meet the tech. For 1.5 years I have been living with the problem experiencing is heavy residual lint buildup on my clothes after a wash or even a dry has been completed. Unfortunately it's more obvious on dark clothes than light clothes. I wish there a place to attach pictures to this review.

I'm beginning to think this is becoming a run around. The tech has made multiple service calls. The 1st. call tech was not prepared, because the information he received from dispatch was not correct. 2nd, the logic was replaced, did not resolve the problem. 3rd, the tech was to review with engineers. 4th was a NO SHOW, NO CALL. During this call the tech was to do some actual repairs.

LG claims their washer product is energy efficient. How is a product energy efficient when items have to be washed multiple time. Its bad enough a load of clothes can take up to two hours to complete its cycle. The tech stated the washer looks like new and my process and detergents are correct. Maybe this is why I am seeing large amount of lint build up the dryer lint trap. It's hard to believe no one else is experiencing this lint issue...

On 3/5 I called the LG exec customer support to discuss related issues representative, Jessica tells me the tech stated it was user error. This is the first time I have heard this claim. I have asked the tech on several occasion when he was reviewing the repair, if I was doing something wrong, he stated no, and if was doing something why didn't he share that with me? I don't appreciate being lied to by an individual that can't discuss professionally with a problem a customer. I have been doing laundry for 45+ years and never experienced such an issue.

If LG does not take appropriate corrective without wasting more of my time I will proceed on my end to pursue community and legal actions.

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John - 46 d 13 h ago


Purchased LG Washer in Oct 2016. Seven months later, May 2017, washer started knocking and moving across the floor. Submitted repair through LG under warranty, technician ordered parts, over a month later discovered the problem more extensive (lower counterweight broken off) requiring a drum assembly replacement. Technician recommended that LG replace the washer; LG refused this and also closed the ticket as completed. Next company they sent tried and failed to reattach the counterweight (as the first technician had said), ordered drum assembly, then declined to do the repair because LG would not pay them for the required work. LG again closed the ticket as complete even though the repair was not completed. LG has since sent two other companies out. Both sent technicians who diagnosed the problem and stated they would contact me after ordering parts, etc. I did not hear from either company again and cannot reach via phone or any other means. In between the two most recent attempts, I even wrote to two executives at LG corporate HQ; I sent via FedEx so I know the letters were delivered. No reply from either. I know if I contact LG again, they will do the same thing: refuse to replace the washer and try to find yet another company who will accept work from them, then waste another month or more only for the repair company to disappear or not do the repair. Since LG seems determined to not honor their warranty, or at the very least to do it in a manner that causes the greatest possible inconvenience to their customers, I am now looking at other options (small claims court, etc).

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Harold - 55 d 12 h ago


We bought a washer and dryer in December, the dryer started squeaking. The LG tech came out and while he made the repair, he scratched the brand new dryer and washer. I took pics, sent to their tech support, No call received. Called again on Thursday and still no call back....Never again.. They really need some English speaking people too. Beyond frustrated with this company. STAY AWAY....

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anne - 50 d 11 h ago


Agree they suck. My oven regular part has been ordered from the repair company in December 2017. The appliance company also receives no date that it will be available. The LG company did a claim nearly a month ago that the oven is defective and I call on my day off and they are "working on it" - it continues. CLASS ACTION SUIT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

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Keith Romer - 56 d 6 h ago


I brought a lg washer and Dryer . The washer fell apart within a few months almost needing a total repair . I purchased the extended warranty. within about 9 months estimation the same thing occurred. Three months without a washer. 25 calls without a repair. I have always been nice to the people on the phone . It is not their fault they work for a company that is ass backwards that they don't know up from down.

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jon snow - 57 d 13 h ago


I had the common boot loop issue with my LG mobile phone. I sent it to the repair facility and they say they can't fix the boot loop issue unless I pay for a new screen. Yes, there's a tiny scratch on it. They want like $160.00 for the repair. No matter what I say to the phillipino workers they say it's their policy to fix the screen and even the supervisor says the same thing.

Oh, and it's not under warranty because I got this phone from my insurance claim since my last g4 phone had boot loop issue.

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Gordon - 57 d 14 h ago


I bought a top of the line oled signature TV, i bought this because LG offered a $200 American express gift card and a LG tab 7 note pad. I was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery which is customary, it has now been 6 months with no hope of ever receiving it. I complained to LG multiple times and to the retailer i bought it from Best Buy. I have threatened the bbb and filing a complaint with our Attorney General, none of this has made a difference at all. LG will not honor their own promotions, they are committing false advertisement and lying to the American people. Do not believe what this company tells you buy something else!!!!!!!

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William - 58 d 8 h ago


I googled this site looking for any contact with a corporate office. From reading all these comments, I'm not the only one. I bought an LG refrigerator 8 months ago and the compressor is already out and I can't get anyone to come look at it. Been through the "executive esculations" department only to be told we can't find any LG authorized repair facilities in your area and it will take 3-5 days for us to keep looking. Not counting the week I've been without a refrigerator or the inconvience my family and I have endured. This company couldn't give a care in the world for the customer.

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Karla Wallace - 59 d 12 h ago


I have been on hold for over two hours total and still can not get any assistance with my issue. "Escalations" is not is a Supervisor. I was transferred to the same Supervisor three times. You can't get anyone to help you. It is so frustrating. I will not buy another LG product as long as I live.

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Ann Hall - 63 d 7 h ago


LG is Horriblevwith phone service! I will never ever get an LG product again. I've had my phone on for service 3 times and they keep sending it back still broken. Impossible to talk to some on in the US.

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Anonymous - 65 d 3 h ago


From this discussion thread, everyone can see customer support sucks, and you have to on the call for an hour to schedule an appointment.

Here is my story:

Three months ago I called LG for servicing my refrigerator; they told me it is out of warranty and they can fix it for the flat fee of $400. I have said ok.

(1) Technician came in said that Compressor is bad then he ordered the part, and came back and replaced compressor

Fridge worked for around five weeks then it stopped cooing, I have to throw all the food in the cooler and freezer

(2) Called again for service. The same technician Don came and said there was a leak and he said that he fixed it.

It worked for six weeks then again stopped cooling. Again I have to throw all the food.

(3) Called again for service it was during December. The technician who serviced my fridge was not available they did not schedule. I have to keep calling them. Finally, they sent the technician.

He came in and spent 15 minutes then said he fixed it.

It worked for six weeks and again failed the third time.

l called LG, they said you are out of luck you warranty expired since the first service was done 90 days ago.

LG - It is not "Life is good" they made my life suck! And LG customer service sucks!

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LG SUCKS - 66 d 9 h ago


I AGREE WITH HIGHLAND LADY: NEVER BUY A LG PRODUCT. The customer service sucks. They wait you out then if you have to speak to a manager, you wait another 20 minutes or so. If you have to schedule a repair, another 30 minutes or so. Then if there is an issue and they are supposed to call you back, forget it. They don't and then don't answer the phone when you call. I am thinking strongly about printing Tee shirts urging people not to buy LG and passing them out at stores.

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Highlands Lady - 73 d 13 h ago


NEVER BUY AN LG PRODUCT. If you have a problem you may never get it repaired. Initial repair request for LG Washer under warranty was over 40 days ago. The washer was spinning out of control, smoking! Each time I called LG, they gave me a new service number which they say we can schedule repair in two weeks, and you speak to the very polite person in the Phillipeans who constantly say they are sorry. Please note it is their way of extending anyone ever arriving to look at the product for two more weeks. Extremely frustrating and irritating. Do they all wear dirty clothes to work? Finally repairman shows up, orders parts, and schedules repair in two weeks as they have an inadequate number of repairmen (two) for their products. Parts were to arrive last week, did not. Repair scheduled tomorrow between 8:00am and 12:00am, parts not here. Received notice from UPS that parts were sent with 3 day delivery. That means they will not arrive until the day after the service man does. Another call to LG and the person in the Philipeans is so sorry, so sorry about everything and now I wait 3 more weeks to get it repaired. Ask to speak with a supervisor or manager and they will not transfer you to one. No doubt there is no such thing with LG! They are all parrots reading a scripted response to angry customers. This is beyond acceptable for any company. It will be 60 PLUS DAYS to get it fixed. Terrible service, product, inefficient staff who could care less about the customer! DO NOT PURCHASE any LG PRODUCT! Why did I pay over $1200.00 for a front load washer that is useless? Over rated product and attractive piece of junk in a laundry room.

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Anthony Frasca - 77 d 14 h ago


This is Tony again Had tack from LG for 3 hr.said that the REF. should be replaced after they spent so far over$1800 to try to fix it have been without REF. for 3 mo. still not working Then don"t give a SHIT They don"t care This is the 2nd.tack said that said the sane thing that it should be REPLACED LG PACE OF SHIT.

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TONY - 77 d 15 h ago


I just found out just what LG stands for it is LOUSY GARBAGE Don"t ever buy anything from LG they don"t stand behind anything

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Pete - 81 d 10 h ago


DO NOT BUY AN LG REFRIGERATOR!! The worst fridge I have ever owned. I have had this $1800.00 refrigerator less than a year and already broken. Lost all my food and it took multiple calls and more than a month to fix.

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