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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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Scott R. Farnsworth - 14 d 7 h ago


scott farnsworth

To (hidden) Nov 4 at 11:46 AM

Ruben, Not certain if you are still employed at LG or not, but I thought I'd take a shot. To refresh your memory, you were here about 2 years ago. By here I mean Chandler, AZ. To get right to the point, our Refrigerator stopped working on Thu. Nov. 2nd. Naturally, we had done our weekly shopping on Tue. and freezer was and is pretty well stocked. You probably don't remember my house and lay-out, but we have a smaller back-up fridge that saved much of it to date.

My problem is this. We purchased the unit 2 years ago and purchased the 4 year warranty (thank God). We have contacted Spencer's in Mesa and spoke with the Rep. who sold the unit to us. You visited with your cohorts from Korea and a new unit was placed in our house, as they couldn't figure out what the problem was.

I will tell you that I am a member of a group called Ocotillo Friends. This is a community group that is 17,000 members strong and recently a stream was started concerning the failure of LG Refrigerators. Service, parts and reliability were all focus points. I can tell you I strongly disagreed at the time but that has now changed. I am so disappointed with this machine and the label. We have Lg Washer, Dryer and recently purchased a Gas Stove. My current concern is after we finally get a service man (Wed.) this week, how long will it be for a part to be shipped?

At this point, I am at a loss for solutions to a frustrating situation. Life is full of so many other challenges on a daily basis, that I don't have much patience for breakdowns related to Kitchen appliances. To refresh, my wife is a flight attendant with Delta and is gone currently and will be for another two weeks. I have two Dog's and am starting a new job next week.

The frustration in my message can easily translate for you. Not sure what you can do for me but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Sincerely Scott R. Farnsworth

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D. Lowe - 15 d 4 h ago


Life is NOT Good LG. $3000 refrigerator. Compressor failure after 14 months. 4th repair company contacted replaced the backordered compressor after 6 weeks. The repair latest 7 days. Going on 4 months now without a frig in the kitchen. Time to ship this appliance to Mr. Lee and buy a Samsung.

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April - 20 d 4 m ago


We have been without a working LG Refrigerator since July 2017 and have called LG repeatedly since then and have been given the run around without a resolution. We paid close to 3,000 a little over a year ago and the compressor has gone bad but the part doesn't seem to be available. This is the worst customer service ever.

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Jerry Penn - 22 d 10 h ago


As of this writing, we have been 51 days without a functioning refrigerator:

We bought an LG Model LMXC23746D in November 2015 and in early September 2017, the door mounted ice maker stopped making ice. We called WARRANTECH (per our LG Premium Care extended warranty brochure) who sent a "repairman" who twice replaced the entire ice maker to no avail. We requested a different technician and again WARRANTECH sent a "repairman" who said the linear compressor and several gaskets had failed. He said he would order a new linear compressor - it never arrived - we called many times and were always told it was "on order".

Although the refrigerator cabinet erratically continued to maintain a somewhat chilled atmosphere, the freezer compartment would not keep food frozen. The temperature inside the refrigerator and the freezer steadily increased over the next few days and we eventually lost all our food and drink.

After many repetitious telephone calls to LG we finally were able to get an LG service technician on site to properly diagnose the problem. It took hours on the telephone and persistence to finally reach a supervisor with some knowledge of the process. The LG technician found the linear compressor to be "working properly", but that four (4) other parts were defective. He ordered a mother board, condenser assembly, linear compressor (?), and two evaporators to be delivered overnight to our house. He returned two days later to put in the repair parts, but discovered he had mistakenly ordered the wrong evaporators and had to re-order them for overnight delivery. He did not replace the linear compressor, the condenser assembly, or the mother board. Those parts are still sitting in our kitchen. He unplugged the unit since the needed parts were not available and continued use of the unit could cause further damage. It did not work anyway and we had already discarded all the spoiled food and drink from the unit so leaving it unplugged presented no further problems.

The new parts came two days later and we called the office to let him know it was available. We were told by his office that he was the only certified LG refrigerator repair technician in the State of Virginia and that our next service call would not be until October 31, 2017 "in accordance with the terms of our Extended Warranty". I have carefully read the fine print of the Extended Warranty and there is no specified terminology regarding limits for service repairs nor intervals for that repair. For someone at LG to make the aforementioned statement is deceitful, misleading, and fraudulent.

We could have called any number of refrigerator repairmen in our local area and paid for the parts and labor to effect repairs, if they were willing to attempt repair on an LG product, but then the money we paid for the Extended Warranty would have been for naught.

LG Premium Care Plans are not sold or serviced by LG Electronics. They are sold and serviced by Service Net Retail Solutions, LLC, PO Box 928, Jeffersonville, IN 47131 and LG Electronics has absolutely no affiliation with that company.

So, it becomes a matter of who is responsible for effecting repairs for our defective refrigerator? So far an LG technician is sporadically attempting to effect repairs, but we have no confidence that our two-year old LG refrigerator will ever work again. Awaiting a reply from Service Net Retail Solutions, LLC regarding reimbursement of $250.00 (maximum claim amount) for our loss of food and drink.

Will probably have to buy a new refrigerator - initial cost of $2,699.99 plus cost of $232.88 for extended warranty is just lost because of our stupidity for buying LG products in the first place.

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Ricky Smith - 25 d 10 h ago


I have been waiting 16 days with no end in site for LG to fix my refrigerator that I bought at Home Depot in Tupelo in January of this year. In the last 3 weeks I have called repeatedly and spent numerous hours on the phone. I have been on live chat and sent emails. I'm still waiting. All I have gotten so fat is the runaround from one department to another.

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Bob Hankin - 31 d 9 h ago


In May 2013 we purchased a Stainless Steel French Door counter depth refrigerator. From the minute it was in the house the ice maker would clog up. LG's answer. That is NORMAL.

Last Month in early September the compressor died. After loosing about $500.00 in food that spoiled, LG replaced the compressor. Three days ago the new compressor died. That is two in two months and another loss of food. The repair company is now arguing with LG for a replacement. On October 18th, my wife spent about 4 hours waiting for a supervisor to get on the phone. She asked for compensation for the food lost and even went as far to say "Get this piece of shit out of my house." The supervisor Wendy said TOUGH. LG has not responsibility other that replacing parts. That is what I call bullshit. They manufacture this crap and twice in two months we have spent over $1000.00 to replace the contents. What this amounts to is nothing but a rip off. If the track record of the last two continues I will spend about $6000.00 to replace food over the next year. Hard to believe that these companies will turn their back and say f-ck you to the customer. I paid $3200.00 for this appliance in May of 2013. STAY FAR AWAY FROM LG

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Michael - 39 d 9 h ago


Very disappointed in this company the attempt from them to replace my phone on the sale from 1-10 is a 0 it is important that I have my phone line open because I'm on the transplant list and it's because of LG I missed the call to get Life saving surgery they set me back on my health there is zero attempt at resolving my issue thanks LG for helping a dying customer.

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Pissed - 40 d 5 h ago


I'm ashamed to say I bought an LG product. I have a 55" not to smart TV. I have been waiting over a month for it to be repaired. I feel bad for the guy who is trying to fix it due LG's incompetence w/delivering the parts that aren't damaged. I've had 2-55" screens that are delivered bent. I have talked to numerous LG employees that have no clue how to trouble shoot my issue. I'm sorry Sir is all I get. BS. Not one single person at LG is sorry for anything or they would have solved this long ago. I have talked to 2 executives stating this would be taken care promptly. 1 was 2 weeks ago. (Prompt). I talked to one today 10/10/17 who notified me that the tech will be at my house between 1 and 5:00pm. Really. Thank you for the notice. No email, no phone call. It took me talking to an executive to find this out. You SUCK LG. Never again. Thank You now Very PISSED.

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Susan - 66 d 14 h ago


My LG washer/dryer combo was in use for 9 months when the drain pump went out. I contacted LG, and spent a long time on hold. When I finally got to talk to a real person, I was hung up on. Wash,,rinse, and repeated the same scenario. I was then given a number to call-which belonged to a completely unrelated software company. I finally was transferred to a supervisor at LG, who was somewhat helpful by giving me a number to the Huntsville, AL office... It is now September 14th, and the problem still has not been resolved. A complaint has been filed with the AG's office. Tomorrow I plan to fly to Huntsville and file a lawsuit, unless they have the problem resolved, by either getting a real service person out here to fix it, or send me a refund. They did send a service person out (they claim) but the guy never showed up. I was told that her claimed we were to busy that day to have him work on the machine. My husband took the day off work to help him move the thing, and we were both home all day without anyone pulling into the drive. LG asked us to provide the name and number of someone locally to service it, which we did. As of yesterday he hadn't heard from them. LG apparently entered his phone # incorrectly on their paperwork. But of course they never bothered to ask on our many subsequent calls to double check the information we gave them! I have an LG dishwasher in a rental that we've never had a problem with in ten years, so was thinking LG was a reliable brand. Never again!

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Standing up for what's right - 52 d 11 h ago


Hi Susan,

There is a class action investigation under way on LG refrigerators. I would recommend you fill out the form to be included.

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Debbie - 44 d 8 h ago


Susan, did you ever get your issue resolved? I also am having problems with my LG washer. I live in Penna. and have a secondary home in Sarasota,FL. I purchased my machine from Sears in Sarasota FL and it was delivered 7/31/2017. I used the machine a maximum of 10 times before we returned to PA. We arrived in FL again on 9/20/2017. I went to use my new machine on 9/26/2017 and it didn't work. I called LG right away and they had a tech. out 9/28/17. The tech, knowing ahead of time what the problem probably was, ordered 2 parts. Well, the motherboard checked out ok, but the touch panel was bad. He had ordered it but it didn't come with the motherboard because it was on backorder. Estimated date of arrival is 10/15/17. He stressed that it was only an estimate. LG would not replace my machine until they can verify that it was indeed the touch panel was the bad part. (Excuse me, but isn't that what they have techs for,?). Anyhow they suggested that I go back to the place where we bought it. Well, after countless phone calls to Sears I found out that the Sarasota Sears store closed down and that it was in liquidation at the time we purchased it. We were never told about this and nowhere on the receipt was it disclosed. After more phone calls they insisted that they send a Sears tech. out so they could determine what the problem was #@/*#%! Guess what, they found out that the LG techs. we're right (Dah!) Called LG this morning and spoke to one of the supervisors....and then another one. He said that he sent a request to the Corp. Office and that I will be contacted in the next 3-5 business days. After reading all the comments on this site I guess that I better not hold my breath! Anyhow, when the supposedly 2nd supervisor told me I would have to wait, I reminded him that I was leaving FL in 2 business days counting Columbus Day. At that point he hung up on me. This whole ordeal has made my blood pressure rise, feeling like I would like a 2x4 to hit them both in the head and try to knock some common sense in them!

Just for the record, between Sears and LG, they hold the McGinnis World Record of "hang ups".

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Patrice Holyoak - 46 d ago


I have had my LG refrigerator for less than 3 years. It stopped working and after waiting a couple of weeks for a repairman to come and fix it, he said the compressor needs to be replaced. I paid $2500 for this appliance that I would expect to last for 20 or more years. This is a major repair. I contacted customer service multiple times. I was put on hold for at least 10-15 minutes each time. Ultimately, nothing was done to help me, the service is the worst I have ever experienced. Every time I talked with someone I was told they would be getting back to me in the next 3 days. They NEVER called me. I had to call each time. And they want me to write a handwritten, stamped letter to the president of the company with my complaint. Really? No email address? That tells me that LG doesn't care. I will never buy anything LG again, TV, phone. appliances, whatever. All because they don't back up their product and the customer service is the worst. I have provided my information for the lawsuit. I hope something can be done about this dishonest company!

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Donna - 51 d 5 h ago


Horrible customer service. They do not communicate at all with the customer. I took off time 2 days to wait for tech to repair TV less than a year old. Picture went completely black, had sound, but black screen. Took them 3 days to schedule a tech. Tech ordered wrong part, replaced a good part with a refurbished / used part. 10 minutes after he left, TV is out again. Same issue. I asked for my original part to be put back in, since it was not bad. LG refused. Tech said he had to order another part, would be here 2 days later, and he would come back and put that part in. I get a call today while I am waiting that it now will be sometime next week...if they needed to reschedule, they could have had the courtesy to call me sooner instead of right before he was supposed to be here. Now another day I have to take off to wait for tech. Talked to corporate office twice, they could not care less how upset I am. They need to be accountable for these miscommunication's . They need to take accountability for these products that break after less than a year. This is an $1800.00 TV!!!!! Should last longer than a year!!! Be accountable when your techs do not order the correct parts. Why should I now have to have used / refurbished parts replacing parts that were not even bad? What happens when these used parts go out? Are they covered? What about lost wages for missed appointments that nobody bothered to call and tell me were being rescheduled until the time the tech was already supposed to be here? I will never, ever purchase another LG product again. Buyers BEWARE!!!!!

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Marilyn - 122 d 3 h ago


I have been without a refrigerator for almost 2 months. They keep giving me the run around about setting up a time to have someone to come service it. They say it will take 3-5 days for someone to get a hold of me to set up a time. The first repair person was going to travel 2 hours to get here, and didnt show. Lowes did bring a refrigerator for me to use in my garage but how handy is that. Not very happy when I have only had the thing a year. They are willing to reimburse me for groceries $130.00 they doesnt come close to replacing what I lost, let alone the inconvenience of going to the garage. I wouldnt recommend LG. They should just replace the dumb thing or give me money back.

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Pamela - 52 d 10 h ago


Marilyn, join the class action investigation with thousands of other people. Here's the link

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Helene - 118 d 8 h ago


I purchased an LG Refrigerator on 3/21/15. On 7/13/17 just slightly two years old the Frig. stop working. We called your customer service department and they gave us the name of a repair place in our area. They came out and replace the condenser fan telling us that we were lucky that it wasn't the compressor. We paid $243.50 for this service. However that did not fix the problem. We waited till the next day and called the repair place which they came out but this time it was the compressor. And the cost for the Service would be $500.00. So, here I was without a frig that was only two years old, I paid $2600. for it and now I had to invest a total for $743.00 to get it working. I immediately starting doing research on this frig. and first, I have to tell you that on this day my local news had a segment on regarding her LG frig. and that she was now Five Weeks waiting for the part and looking for someone to do the work. I called other repair places and to my shock, they don't work on LG or should I say they don't want to work on your product! The other thing I came across is that you can not replace the condenser in this frig. IT WILL NOT WORK. once the condenser goes the whole system is shot! The freon in the coils have been contaminated and so there is no long term fix. I also came across a site that had 1800 complaints regarding their frig. all the same issue! One person did pay for the repairs and six months later it broke down again. Sadly and not without a great expense I had to get a new Frig. I could not risk the expense or the time waiting for the part. I am requesting a full reimbursement for the initial repair of $243.50 and $300.00 for the spoiled food. As well I will seek some reimbursement for the Refrigerator. I feel some type of pro rate of say $1000.00. Total reimbursement is $1543.00. I look forward to hearing back from you Corporate office with a reply to my request. Thank you.

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Pamela - 52 d 10 h ago

Helene, have you heard back from them?

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Cold care - 89 d 6 h ago


Mr. Lee: I am copying you on an entry that I made onto what I assume to be LGE's customer feedback web site. Here is the review that I submitted. Approximately 3-weeks ago, I submitted a service request for my warranted LG refrigerator. Not hearing from LG, I left town believing that I may have resolved the problem. According to LG, I was called about this, but I have no recollection of such a call. When I returned from my vacation 2-days ago, my floor was soaked because of a leak with my refrigerator. I subsequently spent at least 4 hours, trying to get service, as the water was damaging my wooden floor. I spoke with several LG representatives who were not able to secure help for me until next week. I was told to disconnect the water from the back of my unit, but it is not possible for me to move it even an inch. I then called corporate office and was referred to their "Executive Team." After several greater than 10 minute waits, I finally connected to someone who told me the exact same thing. I asked for the LGE president's email, but was told that he only wants to review letters sent to him. After this poor service, I will not buy an LG unit again. I will also send a copy of this to Mr. Tae Lee, LGE president, who seems to lack interest in customer issues, such as mine. I hope that he responds. LG, as you can see from the reviews below, has a serious service problem.believe is your corporate customer feedback web site. I should add, that the last team member from your executive group,ultimately hung up the phone on me. I was clear to not make my comments an attack but rather a request for urgent service and pointed out that the service response process needs to be reviewed and streamlined. If you review mine, as well as the other reviews submitted, I believe that you will see that LGE has significant customer service issues. My refrigerator leaks and is damaging my hard wood floors. I cannot turn off the water, because, it does not appear to be readily moved. Sincerely, Stephen F. Pariser, M.D.

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Consumer Protection - 52 d 10 h ago


Stephen, Your unfortunate experience is echoed by numerous people. My refrigerator went out after 88 days and the response from LG was absolutely shocking. I learned there is a class action investigation under way on LG's refrigerators. I provided my information and recommend you do the same. Here's the link -

This is a matter of consumer fraud that needs to be addressed immediately.

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Andy - 81 d 10 h ago

Worst service ever from lg, executives are very unprofessional. One said my warranty will fix my TV the other said it will not. Not even a year old and my 55" 4k smart TV went out, why even buy there products, for here on now since I sell there products I'm going to inform customers before hand. I'm very upset about this, I would never treat or speak to a person the way they did. Why buy a product if they don't honor a warranty, (hidden)"

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Nat - 72 d 6 h ago


Bought an LG refrigerator in June 2017, started making noises 2 weeks after installation, technicians didn't show, finally SHOWED A MONTH LATER diagnosed as a BROKEN COMPRESSOR, mind you a brand new fridge with a broken fridge, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! VERY SWEETLY SAID THEY WOULD NOT REPLACE THE REFRIGERATOR.


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Consumer Rights - 52 d 10 h ago


Nat - It is apparent LG is fully aware of their defective product and have interest in doing the right thing to protect their brand by taking care of the consumers who keep them in business. I would recommend you fill out the information to be included in the class action investigation. here's the link

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Pamela - 52 d 11 h ago


There is a class action investigation under way on LG refrigerators. I would recommend anyone experiencing a problem fill out the form to be included. A consumer should not have to deal with defective products and no resolution from the manufacturer. My refrigerator went bad after 88 days!

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lauraumbriano - 69 d 8 h ago


My LG washing machine not two years old and have sludge coming into the drum. I have been dealing with LG for two months and still can't use my machine.

They need to step up their game or they will be out of business.

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pat maiellano - 87 d 6 h ago


need someone from legal to call me important 856 308 8627

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