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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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Ron - 3 d ago


I bought a LG front loader washer in Nov of 2017. I noticed on larger loads on the spin cycle the drum would really make a loud noise. It seemed like the drum was off balance. So I called customer service to make an appointment for a repair man to look at it to see if it needed to be a adjusted and that took one month to get an appointment. They called me with a date and time and it was today 1/16/18 between 8 am and 12 pm. No one showed up. I called customer service and was told they cancelled the appointment because they did not have a repair man to come out. I did not even get a courtesy call. They had to call a third party company to come and look at the washer. I have been waiting at home 10 hours for someone to get here. If I would have known all of these bad reviews I would have NEVER bought the product.

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Antrhony Frasca - 5 d 3 h ago


I would to thank LG for the biggest piece of SHIT Refrigerator that got we have it for a little more then 1 and 1/2 years and one tech from the home protection Ins.we have. after looking said that it should be replaced after talking to LG about said that they would have one of there LG techs look at it after about 3 hours said that it should be replaced also. I was told by LG that they will try to fix it how can you fix something that you don't know wrung with it until you take it apart we know that it will need both evaporators, compressor,condenser,drier and gas valve that is common in that unit it has been over three MO. with a REF. and still don't know when LG. will try to fix it if they have the parts I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND LG. TO MY WORST ENEMY THANK YOU FOR NOTHING Anthony Frasca

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ofer - 8 d 10 h ago

To Whom It May Concern, Mr .cho jun -ho ,Chief executive officer. Mr Darren Gibula ,senior of operations. Mr K.i.Kwon ,president of consumer electronics division. I am writing to further continue and express how disappointed I am from LG. Since I've purchased the LG refrigerator on January 2 ( started using it on March 2017), I had only problems. I've sent several e-mails, explaining step by step everything that happened from the beginning. At the month of November I've noticed that the frozen food in the freezer is not thoroughly frozen. At the same day the refrigerator started leaking. I called immediately LG customer service and the representative gave me a third party company named- Ocean Appliances. Ocean appliance sent a technician to repair my refrigerator. The first time the technician came he checked the refrigerator and said he need to replace the compressor. We asked to overnight the compressor, because the food is getting spoiled, but the request was denied to overnight it! A few days passed and the same technician came with the compressor. He replaced it, but the refrigerator didn't work, so he thought the motherboard is not good, and ordered a new one. Another week past and again the technician came. He replaced now this piece, but still the refrigerator didn't work. And we had to wait again for another appointment, but this time two technicians came. They were on the phone talking and trying to figure out how to repair the refrigerator, but they couldn't fix it. They left and told my wife that a different compressor needs to be ordered, and what they've ordered before for our refrigerator was wrong, because LG's website is not updated and misled them by ordering and installing the wrong compressor. On the fifth week came an LG technician that was sent directly from the company. He spent about two hours of correcting all the "repairs/ mistakes" that the other technicians did before. He also said that whatever was done by Ocean Appliance technicians was totally wrong, without even detecting the right problem! Since this LG technician fixed the problem the refrigerator is working, but again not cooling and working properly. Those five weeks without a refrigerator for a family of four is not easy, and very expensive. On top of not living a normal life, adds up a non professional technicians that spent at least 10 hours out of our time waiting and staying with the techs while they were trying to repair the problem. After calculating my expenses over the 5 weeks of living without a refrigerator a $700 check should be submitted to me for the time period when we were left without a refrigerator and were spending money out of our pocket to eat out, and to buy fresh food for my kids to school every day, because of the malfunction of the refrigerator. At this point, I'm asking from LG to come and repair again the refrigerator or replace it. LG refuses to come. If I won't get any respond in the next ten days I will have no choice but to take a legal actions. Ofer

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Kathryn - 17 d ago


Any class action lawsuits for LG Ovens?

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Carol - 10 d 5 h ago

What was your problem

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Carol - 10 d 5 h ago

Purchased 4 LG stainless steel appliances about 2 1/2 years ago and now the knobs are starting to melt. This could be a fire hazard, and they won't replace them I don't recommend LG appliances.

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J.Nelson - 12 d 6 h ago


We purchased an LG washer and dryer in Oct. The dryer quit working 2 weeks after. One repairman showed up after several calls and states this dryer should have never left the factory. No other repairman will show up to fix this piece of shit. RC Willey won't take it back until 3 repairmen have looked at it. We are in a catch 22. We're is a law suit?

General profile image - 14 d 23 h ago


We bought new lg refrigerator and stove we have 2 different companies tell us nothing is wrong then why does all baked goods burn in back and not get done in front who knew that easy clean doesn't mean clean at all could not be more unhappy with new stove !

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Frank - 15 d ago

Horrible Company. The worst customer service EVER. Avoid this horrible company altogether.

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Miranda - 15 d 9 h ago


DO NOT BUY ANY LG PRODUCTS! We bought a washer that after three months flooded our floors. There is no customer service to speak of. The machine is still under warranty but don't be fooled the warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. It cost us thousands of dollars to remove the water from our walls and floors! If I could post -5 stars I would!

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

Oven bought in April catches fire. LG doesn't want to warranty their product. Wonder how things would have ended if the house had burnt to the ground? Extremely interesting how their support team can diagnose the issue without even seeing the oven, but the service Technician that they higher argues with them that they are wrong. They claim that a spot in the bottom of my oven was sucked up into the convection and cause the fire. Asked for a manager and was promised to get a call by the end of business hours. Never happened. Look at the customer reviews on their support team. Wow!!!

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TC - 20 d 13 h ago


If they are not going to stand behind their appliances, when major breakdowns take place that should not happen for 5 to 7 years rather happen in two years just outside their warrantee, then the company should not be permitted to do business here. Why doesn't the President and CEO post their e-mail to hear from us directly. These failures cost as much as a new machine to repair; they sold you a lemon, or a badly designed machine. You spend hours on the phone with nice people willing to help, finally get escalated to a supervisor who can do something; and they are rude, obnoxious, put words in your mouth, do nothing, and deny they have a problem! This is wrong, unethical, and borders on fraudulent based on their advertising. A front loading machine that is in use a little over a year with 2 to 3 loads a week 1 to 2 people, that the bearing is bad by the second year, meaning the bearing started to go bad in its first year, but it took the second to become noticeable! It is in my opinion that the washer is a lemon! And I have done heavy machinery mechanics, I know how long a properly sealed, and properly made bearing for that type of load should last. They are unconscionable, cowards, making billions off of Americans, but will not give any back when their products have a major early malfunction. It is a shame because they make nicely thought out appliances, but do not put the same thought into the materials, or customer service!

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Iceless from day 1 - 21 d 7 h ago


I am writing to address ongoing issue with my lg refridgerator. It was delivered on black friday weekend. It has not produced a single ice cube through my bin and through the door. I have had two brand new ice makers installed with no ice cubes to date! Countless calls to customer service(I can now answer prompts without having them finish sentence).I have now been told that 2 parts are shipped to service center the third part is on backorder! How much more time do I have to wait now to see a single ice cube come through the door into a cup! All the visits from technicians and parts replaced lg is paying more than I payed for the unit! With this kind of results from lg they will not be around for Long.

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Larry Hall - 32 d 21 m ago


LG appliances are shit and there warranty is no good the keep putting me off over and over again and will not fix my stove.havent had a stove to cook my food on for over 2 mouths now

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Adrian W. - 32 d 9 h ago


I sent in an LG product to be repaired under warranty. I sent in in via the company's FedEx shipping label. The company returned my product to me WITHOUT repairing it and WITHOUT an explanation. I will never purchase another LG product ever!!!!!

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Rich - 34 d 10 h ago


Alex, LG service technician from Huntsville AL region was outstanding he was able to get our refrigerator fixed. We had been getting the royal run-around with absolutely no help from LG. A month with no refrigerator and no repair date scheduled. We were told Alex was the only LG tech that serviced several hundred mile service area. One LG tech is pretty sad. LG's scheduling system was pretty much non existent, more than unacceptable! Alex was very professional and got the repair done! Thank God for people who believe in treating consumers right.his everything right. More companies need to hire people like this and get back to basics to create products that are built to last and stand behind them. They don't seem to understand that short-sited greed by producing cheaply made products with outsourced, poor quality customer service is the exact opposite of what we customers want. My poor rating is based on my experience overall experience with LG. I would give Alex a five star rating. We were beyond disappointment with LG and had had previous repairs that should have fixed the problem rather than a quick patch that would not hold up , only to try to get the consumer beyond a warranty period. LG makes s pretty looking product but what good is having a good-looking car that doesn't run? Kudos to Alex he should be the regional supervisor and coordinating service to see consumers aretreated fairly

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JUDY DECRESCENZO - 36 d 7 h ago



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Loretta - 38 d 4 h ago


Dryer DLEX 3370W had an electric fire on Oct 6, 2017 and as of Dec. 12, 2017 the defective return team has not completed repairing or replacing dryer. It has been repaired three times and still emits a fire. I want a replacement or money back for my one year warranty, however the executive named Jessica? said i would have to get an attorney!!!! What kind of unprofessional and rude comment was that to delay the outcome of recalling the dryer and making a customer confident in the brand they bought?

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JIm - 38 d 5 h ago


LG 50" TV, UH55 Has screen that blanks out. Bought in January of 2016. In Aug of 2017 it started blanking out video, sound says on. It will blank out for 15 seconds or so and then comes back, AUDIO stays on the whole time. This happens with menu screen brought up, etc.. it is definitely the Television. There have been three different local technicians come out to repair this TV. with a total of 9 visits between them. It's STILLnot fixed. I have been told by a customer service rep in the Philippines (I presume) That a refund was in work, then upon no further communication I called back. Only to be told they never got my proof of purchase, I never got the email with instructions to do that. I sent it to them, waited another week. Still no communication. NOW I talk to a "Sr customer service" LOL Person who says, no refund will be issued, they need to send a service person out. I JUST WANT MY DAMNED MONEY BACK,, and if I could I'd send the other LG TV and our effing washer and dryer back to them,, just for spite.

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Peter Riede - 41 d 5 h ago


Bought a Washer 3 months ago and failed I can not get it fix after 4 weeks down. LG will not help all they do is put me off and no solution to a defective product. They are so dumb that the parts and the labor that they will spend will be more than the cost of the washer and future loss of sales. I have already diverted one sale at home Depot will continue to tell customers at Home Depot and Lowes how I was treated and how I was without a washer for over 5 weeks and counting.

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Kip - 52 d 6 h ago


Bought my gas stove in late August. I didn't even cook Thanksgiving dinner in it last week but I decided to clean it today! Nothing happened! It only got warm enough to proof bread dough! Easy Clean? Not even clean at all! Customer Service suggested using a lemon then running the Easy Clean? The lemon didn't work of course. Now they suggest vinegar and baking soda!? What is this 1955? What's the point? It' s going to need old fashioned oven cleaner with lye.

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Marilyn - 183 d ago


I have been without a refrigerator for almost 2 months. They keep giving me the run around about setting up a time to have someone to come service it. They say it will take 3-5 days for someone to get a hold of me to set up a time. The first repair person was going to travel 2 hours to get here, and didnt show. Lowes did bring a refrigerator for me to use in my garage but how handy is that. Not very happy when I have only had the thing a year. They are willing to reimburse me for groceries $130.00 they doesnt come close to replacing what I lost, let alone the inconvenience of going to the garage. I wouldnt recommend LG. They should just replace the dumb thing or give me money back.

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Pamela - 113 d 10 h ago


Marilyn, join the class action investigation with thousands of other people. Here's the link

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Naomi - 52 d 6 h ago


The LG "help" is in the Philippines

Good luck with their help

28 mins logged on hold this am

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Susan - 127 d 14 h ago


My LG washer/dryer combo was in use for 9 months when the drain pump went out. I contacted LG, and spent a long time on hold. When I finally got to talk to a real person, I was hung up on. Wash,,rinse, and repeated the same scenario. I was then given a number to call-which belonged to a completely unrelated software company. I finally was transferred to a supervisor at LG, who was somewhat helpful by giving me a number to the Huntsville, AL office... It is now September 14th, and the problem still has not been resolved. A complaint has been filed with the AG's office. Tomorrow I plan to fly to Huntsville and file a lawsuit, unless they have the problem resolved, by either getting a real service person out here to fix it, or send me a refund. They did send a service person out (they claim) but the guy never showed up. I was told that her claimed we were to busy that day to have him work on the machine. My husband took the day off work to help him move the thing, and we were both home all day without anyone pulling into the drive. LG asked us to provide the name and number of someone locally to service it, which we did. As of yesterday he hadn't heard from them. LG apparently entered his phone # incorrectly on their paperwork. But of course they never bothered to ask on our many subsequent calls to double check the information we gave them! I have an LG dishwasher in a rental that we've never had a problem with in ten years, so was thinking LG was a reliable brand. Never again!

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Standing up for what's right - 113 d 10 h ago


Hi Susan,

There is a class action investigation under way on LG refrigerators. I would recommend you fill out the form to be included.

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Anonymous - 52 d 6 h ago

What is the full website for this lawsuit


So sick of no response

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