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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
Annual Sales Est
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Darlene - 1 d ago


Horrible customer service I won't buy from them again

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Never.again - 1 d 5 h ago


Worst customer service from any company I know!

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A. LeFante. - 15 d ago


Terrible on getting replacement parts for my refrigerator. Still on going. Will never buy another LH product.

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Kim from Missouri - 21 d 45 s ago


Worst customer service EVER. One year old washing machine has been broken for 6 weeks. Five repairman visits, duplicate parts replaced, hours on the phone with customer service and still no resolution. They don't care and don't resolve the issues. They will not deem it defective and replace it because they say it can be fixed. Apparently it can't since a technician has been here 5 times

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Joe Anderson - 21 d ago


This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I purchased a $3000 convection oven from LG and it stopped working after 15 months. I called LG customer service, what a complete sham. LG should not have the word customer service in their lexicon. They are a horribly trained staff, they pass the buck up the chain and then no one calls you back and helps you. The higher you go up the chain, the worse customer service you receive.

Do NOT buy an LG product, you will be sorry.

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Pissed off - 22 d 3 h ago


Put LG out of business!! They suck! There appliances are shit and when they break down you can not get anyone to repair them.

Day 63 without a fridge and repairman just called to cancel again. Freaking hot summer two kids 7 and 5 and can't even keep an ice pop in the fridge.

Can I give a minus 10 as a rating?

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ohio dean - 23 d 6 h ago


i purchased brand new LG washer in april malfunctioned first time we used it it is now sept and have yet to be compinsated for water clean up. Have called over 12 times always promised actnion from claims dept. when they finally called the person on the other line was the rudest SOB i have ever delt with needless to say i went off on him .MY QUESTION TO OWNERS OF LG is do you approve of your custermer service? LG STANDS FOR LARGE POS PRODUCTS AND SERVICE

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Anonymous - 24 d ago


Called several times to get refrigerator repaired. Customer service sucks. Tried to chat on FB, no response.

Says the issue has been escalated, this started 3 weeks ago. Will never buy another LG product if this is how they repsond.

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Anonymous - 25 d 24 h ago


25 calls to LG Customer Service to repair the peeling refrigerator doors. I have been told every story imaginable from they would replace the frig if they could not not get it repaired in 10 days to it is not a factory defect, but a cosmetic problem and they will not replace it even though they cannot get anyone to work with them in Hawaii. . 23 employees and 2 supervisors with each one telling me what will happen next and then denying they said that with the next call. Their attitude is the worse I have ever dealt with. They advise that they will not do what they said they would do.and won't even acknowledge it. UNBELIEVEABLE.

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Mary Roland - 28 d 5 h ago


My ice maker was leaking. Repairman Antonio Molina was so professional.

Well, ice maker kit was delivered to our home same day as our appointment block.

He diagnosed the problem. After installing the new ice maker, we have ice, and no more leaking, yay.

Job well done, thank you, sir.

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Jeff - 30 d 22 m ago


LING: Life Is Not Good - that should really be this company's mantra. I only wish I had read these reviews before buying their product. They have terrible customer service and only provide canned answers. If you ask for a supervisor they provide unreasonable wait times as a way to discourage you from escalating your call. It's unfortunate they think consumers are that foolish. Fool me once, but LG will never fool me again. Not only has their refrigerator been a poorly performing product, but their customer service performs at the same sub-par level. Buyer beware!

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DAN COPPERNOLL - 30 d 2 m ago



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Jose - 30 d ago


This is by FAR the worst company ive dealt with my TV went out in Jun 2018 after buying it about 6 months prior.. it is almost sept 2018 and i still haven't had anyone fix it.. the first place they assigned doesnt even work for them , the second place doesnt even have enough credits to even order parts from them, and the 3rd place doesnt even have enough people for a TWO man job!!! Wth?? Seriously and its been WELL OVER 60 days and they keep saying call back "3-5 business days" between living my life and dealing with LG its almost like they're my second job ... the product is good but the customer service and warranty in which they back their products by IS TERRIBLE , i am so over it my next option is to seek out legal help because theres no way im goin to stand by and just pay so much money and let it go to waste in just a matter of months .. they can't find ANY location to fix it and at this point im worried if they do fix it, it might mess up again and ill have to go through the SAME exact thing with them all over ... i want my money back

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Deanna - 31 d ago


Worst company and customer service. Will never again buy their product solely because of their customer service sucks and nobody can help. Their executive departments sucks even worse. You would think they would care but they dont. Washer is 5 months old and broke and they cant find anyone near me to come out and fix. . No one can help you. Lg sucks!

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Marie - 32 d ago


Worst company I have ever dealt with. Will never again buy their product solely because of their customer service. Their executive departments sucks. No one can help you.

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Darrel Dodson - 32 d 17 h ago


I purchased an LG phone LGL64VL had it about two years now and its one of the worst phones I've had. I like your TV's but not your phones next I will go back to Samsung phone.

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Regina Yarbrough - 39 d 22 s ago


Worst customer service I've been calling since the 1st of August my refrigerator is still not repaired no one has returned my call or came out to repair my refrigerator I've call customer service and corporate office still no service to get my fridge repaired will never reccomend lg products to anyone worst sevice ever

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RMM - 37 d ago

Where did you find the corporate office number? I tried keeps ringing and ringing.

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Cynthia - 37 d 16 m ago


Absolutely terrible experience with LG Service Center. I live in Tennessee only two small companies service the LG Refrigerator in the entire State of Tennessee. We have a 2 Year Old LG Refrigerator. The Compressor went out took two weeks for it to even be evaluated then another two weeks for the parts to arrive and another week then for the serviceman to come out and replace the compressor. The refrigerator worked for one day and then it did not work again so now have to wait another week to have another evaluation of what is wrong and determine if it can be fixed. Calls to the Customer Service was just lip service, calls to supervisors the same thing just lip service. No one cares. I will never ever buy another LG Product. It is clear the Company has no morals or common decency to rectify peoples problems but they don't have any problem taking my Money!!!!!!!! Never again. Its now in excess of 4 weeks with no refrigerator. The gentleman who came out to fix it the first time was very reputable. LG is not. I will tell anyone I see not to buy an LG appliance of any kind. LG you give your home Country of Korea a very bad name. It is obvious you take no pride in your products. I have two Korean children I did not bring them up to have the work ethic you do. Shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RRM - 37 d 25 s ago

At least they got your part --- we've been waiting 3 weeks for the part. The service center has been calling and calling to no avail. My fridge is one year old -- the whole freezer broke.

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Melinda Hemmelgarn - 39 d ago

OMG - all I want to do is to speak to someone who can explain the "anti-bacterial" technology associated with the LG microwave ovens. These days, most of us know better than to use anti-bacterial products. So what's up with this coating? Is it made from poorly regulated nanoparticle technology? Why does LG not train their customer service reps to answer questions about technology? Based on responses below and my experience with under-informed customer reps we are choosing a different brand.

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KRYS - 40 d 17 h ago



Over 4 WEEKS just trying to get authorization for WARRANTY PARTS .

If someone wants to buy a LG product, first read the REVIEWS

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Anonymous - 42 d 48 s ago

Unbelievable, most terrible company we have ever dealt with. We bought all new LG appliances in July. 3 weeks later our fridge broke. It took 2 weeks for LG to come to our home to even look at the fridge. Still waiting 30 days later for parts! We WILL NEVER buy another LG appliance again. We haggled on the phone with corporate and the repairmen consistently ay the 30 day mark with little success. Avoid LG at all cost... The repair company told us that don't recommend LG appliances, that they don't hold up, they told us that the first time they came into our home.. We should have done our homework, lesson learned..

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ANN - 49 d 24 h ago



LG Customer Service Repr. are HORRIBLE ! They don`t want to solve any problem related to their LOW QUALITY PRODUCT.

. I have never had such awful customer service in my LIFETIME

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Andrew Boone - 63 d 3 h ago


Will never buy LG product ever again. Worst customer service and will not stand up for their products. Fridge has been out for 2 months and they are still just sending parts and wanting to change repair companies.

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anonymous - 49 d ago


Of couse agree with you

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