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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE SERVICE. . Fridge stopped working day before Thanksgiving. STILL TRYING TO GET THE $200 REFUND FOR LOST FOOD offered on 12/10/19. I have called more times than I care to count and have spoken to 14 different reps. I WILL NEVER EVER buy an LG product again. Fridge was less than 2 years old. Compressor, control board and power source all replaced. I believe their strategy is to out-wait their customers and give such poor service they will give up on getting the issue resolved. I can't even rate them a one star.

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Brian - 22 d ago


I have been dealing with a broken side by side refrigerator that is 3 years old. The compressor failed on 12/13/19 the night after stocking it with food for the holidays. We lost everything in the unit and have been dealing with LG Customer Service for reimbursement. They have offered $200 which will not in any way cover the cost of all the food lost. I called again for the 3rd time and spoke to a rep who put me on hold for 38 minutes hoping I would just hang up. They claim they base the reimbursement on the capacity of the unit. Absurd logic. Horrible service. I would go to great lengths to advise anyone considering an LG product to think hard and long about the pending purchase. The history of this failure is not something that is infrequent. In fact, they have known about the poor engineering of the compressor and should compensate people for the cost of lost food not a third-world estimate of what "could" fit in their substandard product. I will take to Social Media and advocate avoiding them.

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Burned LG customer - 30 d 27 s ago


I purchased two LG refrigerators a little over a year apart. The first one failed just past the one year warranty and cost me more the $800 to repair. Shortly after that I received an offer from LG for an extended warranty on the second refrigerator I had. After the repair bill I had on the first one I decided to purchase the extended warranty. True to form the second refrigerator failed to cool and they have tried to fix it for the past 8 months. I've had a technician at the house 13 times trying to make it work with no success. On 11/26/2019 a tech named Danny called a tech at LG named Alex about the problem. Danny said a case # TCC(hidden)9 was fled declaring the refrigerator unrepairable. This was followed with a request for an original purchase sales receipt which neither I nor the Lowes dealer has. They were told this and I have been dealing with a black hole ever since in trying to resolve this claim. The extended warranty contract placed a retail value on this refrigerator of $2599 a the time of purchase.

They took my money and have run away with it and I will never purchase another LG product again and I will tell anyone who will listen about my horrible encounter with LG their lousy products and blatant disregard for customers.

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Patrice Hunt - 36 d ago


I CANNOT SAY ONE GOOD THING ABOUT LG's customer service!!! My 2.5 year old LG side-by-side fridge broke down (apparently the compressor and power board are notorious for breaking down...wish I would have know!!) the weekend of Thanksgiving...November 29th. It has been two weeks and MANY LONG PHONE CALLS, (2 hours on a phone call was the average...making 6 phone calls in 2 weeks) and STILL no headway on even getting the letter of authorization to my repair service, when I was told 3 different times that it would be expedited!! It seems that once LG has your money from the initial purchase they could CARE LESS what happens to you because of their defunct product and even MORE defunct customer service! PLEASE, learn from my terrible experience and DO NOT buy any LG products unless you can throw your money AND YOUR TIME away! I would be embarrassed if I were associated with LG in any way!! I wish I had $2000 to go out and buy a new fridge and be totally done with LG. I don't...and so all I can do is write a review so that MAYBE this won't happen to you!! :( :( :( :( :(

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Elizabeth - 33 d 4 h ago


I am experiencing the same issue!! My fridge stopped working a week before Thanksgiving and it's still not fixed because apparently the new compressor is not compatible with my board. So now I have to wait another 4 days and they asked for more money to come out again!!!! I've spent almost $700 to replace an item covered under warranty. That's ridiculous! I will never buy another LG!!

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S.Marie - 151 d 4 h ago



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Mike a - 144 d 13 h ago


LG has THE worst customer service I have ever experienced. When they shipped a part to us for a malfunctioning, under warranty, mini-split AC it was delivered to us from their US headquarters damaged. They left us a contact number to call in case said part was damaged during shipping. We tried calling that number and received the run around until we finally were connected to a woman named Sharon in Executive Services. She basically wouldn't honor their commitment to replace the damaged part and tried to put the blame on the original place we purchased the AC from whom ordered the part for us. When we asked for her info so we could complain and report her to a higher-up, she wouldn't reveal it to us so we had no way to report her horrible customer assistance. =

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EXPC WINS - 136 d ago


The time has come for you and hundreds of others file a class action suit against LG America . More importantly, those affected by their failure or refusal to honor their warranty should seek legal counsel; file a federal Magnusen-Moss Act claim against LG. Success means that LG will replace the defective refrigerator; pay the Complainant three times the cost of the refrigerator; attorney's fees and defense. They will also have to pay their attorney's fees. This would result in adverse public publicity.

It is time for someone to teach LG and expensive lesson.

Editor at Expose Public Corruptor, Inc.

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How do I contact I have problem with LG phone overheating. Thanks.

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Sharon - 128 d 4 h ago


Yes I agree someone has to do something about the terrible customer service and the lack of taking care of problems. It should not take 2 months to get a refrigerator fixed or even a repair person to come to the house in less than 2 weeks.

How do I get more information

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Anonymous - 89 d 6 h ago


go ahead

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 89 d 6 h ago



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LG Boycott in Ky - 85 d 4 h ago

Do you have to get your own attorney or is it done as a group? How does it work exactly?

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marwan hachem - 82 d 4 h ago


everyone has problem with his equipment take them to small claim court and this way you force them to talk to you and settle other wise it will cost them way more than replacing your defect product

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Patrice Hunt - 36 d ago


Sign me up!!

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working mom - 38 d 5 h ago


lg sucks- blows chunks...

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whatever - 39 d ago


I purchased a washer/dryer set DLG7301WE WT7300CW the dryer claims to have a feature called "LoDecibel Quiet Operation". Once delivered and installed first noticed the dryer would make a ba-bump sound as the drum would make it's full 360 rotation and then another ba-bump sound and repeat. My laundry room is centered on the first floor of my home so the noise carries through every room that bordors my laundry room. Clearly this noise is not what anyone would expect from a brand new appliance. I called the place of purchase and they agreed to send me a 2nd dryer as replacement. Needless to say the second dryer had the same ba-bump noise. I was floored. I called the place of purchase again but this time told them I would let a LG Tech inspect the dryer. The day before the Tech was scheduled to come to my home the gas valve failed and I had no heat. I was on a call with LG for 2 hours to figure out the diagnostic code thrown was "gas" and clearly the dryer was not igniting because not gas was making it through the valve. ALL WEEK :( I was forced to air dry 2x 100minutes to get my clothes air dried. Again I was speechless. Once the tech came to my home he was not in any lg uniform, only a coat and backpack full of tools. At the end of his troubleshooting said the noise is normal and not something that can be fixed. For the gas valve I would have to wait till next week (7 days) for the next service call to replace. When he was done and on his way out, I asked him for a business card and work order summary he said call the customer service number for help and left.

I have been back and forth with LG Customer Service trying to move the service call date up a few days and that someone would call me within 24 hours to confirm. No one called. Typical right. I also asked LG Customer Service if there are any recalls on this dryer and there answer was "no". I called several times asking to speak with corporate to address my concerns but was told they have to follow process and once service to my dryer is completed someone will be in contact with my in 3-5 business days. Again Speechless. I have alot of patience and plan to finally speak with that corporate level.

I also want to point out that I went back to my appliance dealer and asked If we could turn on the dryers to hear them. Of course the answer was no so I spun every LG drum by hand that they had on display and you could feel the rub on them all except for a earlier display model that they were selling which was the Model # DLG7061VE.

I think LG needs to test that there products meet specifications better to improve there brand.

General profile image - 52 d 13 h ago

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CB - 77 d ago

Want to join class action law suit

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Disappointed - 53 d 4 h ago


Yes, please let me know how!

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Very disappointed in Charlotte - 53 d 4 h ago


I bought an LG 4 door refrigerator in 2015. They have been serving it since 2016. They have replaced 4 different parts. The compressor was replaced 3 times. The black thing beside the compressor, a board in the refrigerator and the evaporator assembly. The refrigerator doesn't cool and when it did, it didn't keep my food fresh, so I have thrown out food 4 different times. I learned from listening last week is that they did not clean out a line. The tech on the telephone said it would be harmful for us. Well this has been 3 years. No wonder nothing stayed fresh and we had sickness. They are still trying to fix it. They schedule an appointment, the tech changes it and they act like they have no knowledge of the previous appointment, even though you have the text to prove it. It's sad. HHgregg went out of business, the warranty company used the money to get it fixed, so you get what's left, that will not pay for food cost or another refrigerator. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy a LG refrigerator.

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Sweep Dopp - 73 d 12 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Lowe's has received several credit from LG electronics Alabama dated Oct 2019, Please confirm whether these credit memo is available to Lowe's or it is an internal adjustment.

Please contact us...

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LG Sucks - 71 d 4 h ago


Fridge want out have had it less than two years can not seem to get problem fixed will never buy another LG prod

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LG Sucks - 71 d 8 h ago

Fridge want out have had it less than two years can not seem to get problem fixed will never buy another LG product ever!

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