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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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CJ - 6 d 40 m ago


BUYER BEWARE! Don't buy LG! No one at the company seems to care that the refrigerator I purchased does not work. For three months I've been trying to return the product for a refund. You have to go through three departments, make your own arrangements with a third party to pick it up, who in turn send two gentlemen, although very nice, do not speak English and don't know how to take the refrigerator doors off to get it out of my house. What a joke! I think the 1/2 star rating for LG should be NO STARS!

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PISS OFF - 5 d 15 h ago

you are right i have the same problem for 4 months also a refrigerator LFX28968ST IT IS A P .O. SH. LG LIFE IS NOT GOOD WITH YOU

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Lorna - 6 d 15 h ago

I am writing to the cooperate office of LG because I am not being treated fairly by Best Buy who sells your product. I am a big fan of LG products. I saved to buy a 43' 4K smart TV. I found it at best buy for 299.99 on black Friday. I bought it online and paid for it. The money was taken out of my account. One week later, on the 1st of December I got an email to let me know that the money was redeposited in my account because they could not collect. Does not make sense. I called customer service and with no apologies, they told me that they were not holding my money. I asked them where was my money that was taken out of my account. He could not give me a satisfactory answer. He said that he would try to put it through again, but he could not see the future,so, the same thing might happen again. They eill keep my money for another week and then they might have to cancel. All this does not make sense. My bank said they tried collect for the same TV twice and then redeposited my money and threatened to cancel my order. I just wanted an LG TV that I saved all year for. I am being treated like criminal. Can you please intervene on my behalf since this is your product. I tried waiting for a supervisor, but they kept me on hold for do long, I had to hang up. Even tried calling the local store. No one represents your product at Best Buy. I even asked for a number for their Corporate Office and I was told that the call center was the headquarters. Help!!!!

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ricesinice - 63 d ago


Ditto with most of the other people here. 1 month old monitor and can't get it repaired! NEVER buy LG!

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N2HYC - 9 d 17 h ago


While my five month old monitor is still a work in progress I echo Rice. No "local" repairs, in fact this place in Michigan replaces with used (and I hope tested) unit. Of course FedEx taking nine days to deliver,, LG it seems gives EVERYONE four days off. How long to ship an exchange? I don't think even God don't know.

I appreciate all the appliance problems, and rest assured this is probably the last LG anything. I buy "Smart people learn from their mistakes, but Smarter people learn from others mistakes".

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Cococonnie - 12 d 6 m ago

2011 lg washer is rusting around bleach dispenser and rust running onto clothes. Lg customer service dept claims this is cosmetic and will not repair machine. Had Maytag appliances for 20 years and never any rust inside machine. Lg will not admit a bad paint job that has caused the problem and poor design. Do not buy LG products.

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Anonymous - 13 d 48 s ago


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FRUSTRATED. LG SUCKS - 23 d 41 s ago


My son and his girlfriend purchased and LG refrigerator in April. Since then it has shut down on them, not cooling. The tech that has come each time has been great, the the issue persists. He has changed the internal board three or four times now and today it stopped cooling and freezing. Today is Tuesday. I call LG, they say rep can be there Friday. I say unacceptable,eventually I get to a "corporate supervisor", who says the same, Friday is earliest. I ask to speak with her supervisor, she said there is no one above her that I can speak with. Eventually i say to schedule the original tech and she says "oh now that appointment is gone. Next open not for two to three weeks.". amazing. I told her i didn't believe her. She didn't care. I ask again for supervisor above her, she will not provide. Gives me an address i can write to the President. Told me Mr. Yu, above on this page it says Tae Lee. Never ever will our family purchase anything from LG. I settled for an authorized dealer to come out but they don't know the whole history and i'm told they have to start all over. The original tech would have to deem it unrepairable in order to receive a refund or replacement. i just called back to speak with someone new to ask when the original tech is available. The friday appointment was gone but they don't know his availability until Saturday/Sunday when the tech submits his schedule. So turns out Liz, the "corporate supervisor" did lie to me about next available appointment would be two to three weeks. Stay away from these people. BUYER BEWARE

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Anonymous - 13 d 1 h ago

Same with mine and same problems. No refrigerator for thanksgivings no baby formula no one at LG cared. Alabama office sucks. Supervisors need training on customer service they forgot because of us they are employed. Looking at attorneys and consumer services now.

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NIM - 65 d 2 s ago


I think we should pursue a Class Action Suit against LG. They do not stand behind their products....even when the product is, basicall, brand new! Horrible, non-existant customer service! Do not buy anything from LG.......You WILL regret it immensely! Listen to all the dissatisfied customers! My LG refrigerator cannot be cleaned under the clear plastic top of the Glide and Serve drawer. The clear plastic top of this drawer melds into the bottom of the refrig floor that the veggie bins sit on and there is a seam between the clear plastic and the white bottom of the refrig floor. ANY liquid or moisture that seeps into that seam becomes moldy in time, and it is the first thing you see when you open the refrig, since it is all along the bottom of the veggie bin floor! It CANNOT be cleaned. You CANNOT take this apart and clean it out! It is not only a cosmetic issue,......It is a HEALTH ISSUE!! LG thwarts you by having a guy that says he is security answer the phone at the Huntsville, Alabama office and he says he can do nothing but put you to Customer Service,.....and they say they cannot do anything! Do NOT buy any LG products if you value your time, your health, and your money!!!

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Shelly - 50 d 24 h ago


Same problem here. My LG oven is going back. Came broken and LG doesn't give a crap. Call center is in the Phillippines and they are HORRIBLE! Returning and buying an oven made here in United States with good customer service

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Sick of LG - 43 d 19 h ago

I have a brand new dishwasher, installed in May of this year. Motor, motherboard and wire harness have all been replaced. It still does not work. I have waited over 2 1/2 months for satisfaction. All's I get is lip service. It's been over a week since I submitted copies of receipts for reimbursement. I was told 2-4 business days for a decision. Guess what...tomorrow is day 8...I'm going to small claims court against them.

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Anonymous - 13 d 1 h ago

I will love to join

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Texas woman - 25 d ago

Have a LG microwave over the stove combination. Door is broken. Cannot find replacement. Ordered replacement Door from Sears parts dept. five days late ordered cancelled, part (door assembly) not available. Any ideas here to get a new doir assembly. Model number lmv1630bb. Very irrational. About 7 years old. Do not use often.

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Momcat - 28 d ago


I'm interested in joining the class action suit. My LG range is just over a year old and I am on my second repair. My Kenmore appliance lasted 20 years with only one repair. I am very disappointed.

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Jim6911 - 29 d 30 m ago


Bought LG4 cell phone 09/2015.....worked perfectly till today...."has software problem, must replace". Really comforting that Lg can't make a product that lasts more than 14 MONTHS.......buyer beware....!

General profile image - 29 d 18 h ago


I bought a brand new dish washer (L G) nearly one and half years ago since 4 months ago it started to operate funny till it stopped working ,I contacted L G which is overseas and after being on the phone for many times ,I reached no where and according to their technician there was short circuit and default with the machine and has to be replaced but since then whatever phone number I was connecting with was another waste of time.

ref #CNN(hidden)77

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Alan - 56 d 16 h ago


I bought a brand new LG appliance package a month ago from Home Depot in Fairfax VA. The dishwasher machine never work properly, it worked 5 minutes washing cycle and it stop. Also partial of the water remain inside the machine, because it did not drain properly. I called LG customer service and put on hold for several times, The entire call lasted 45 minutes and the problem unsolved.

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LG is BAD - 43 d 19 h ago

I've had issue's with mine as well. LG doesn't care but I'll tell you Home Depot doesn't either. Have talked to 4 managers and I get the same lip service from them as I do from LG. Small claims court tomorrow against both companies. Everything is documented...each call, name, duration, service calls and work done.

I've wasted over 50 hours of unpaid time dealing with them. I'm going for the max compensation under the law.

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J.C - 48 d ago


Only a FOUR because of the phone, which is a -2 at best. I own , or have owned TVs, frig, and W/D. All the aforementioned avg 7 on a 5 point scale. Please do yourself a favor, manufacture phones under a different name, or stop altogether.

With all respect


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Dan Lindblade - 48 d ago


I have written to Mr. Lee. LG fridge bought in March 2015 has lost ability to cool. Compressor is out. That was on Oct. 17. Ordered new compressor to be installed today, Oct. 21. Called to get install time and was told the compressor was back ordered until Nov. 7. That is nearly a month without a fridge. Family, dogs, etc. Unacceptable. LG said there was nothing it could do. This coming from the Philippines call center. Escalated to AL home office in the states and Mr. WIllie Sandifer, (hidden), indicated he could only follow protocol. Protocol at LG in these instances calls for all receipts and 3-5 business days before anyone may contact you. I called BS on that. Sent emails to Mr. Tae Lee and others. It is 11:10 am on Friday and no response as of yet. So let's refrigeration since 1017, over $450 worth of food gone, 89-year-old mother arriving with other family tomorrow, so resoluton fromLG other than protocol and a potential for a Nov. 7 shop date for a compressor. How long does it take to build a compressor? Two hours? C'mon. The ownership is from a different culture and is all about profits. They take the buyer beware mentaility and make us deal with the failures of their systems within the law. Blatant abuse of the consumer. DON"T BUY LG.

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Shelly - 50 d 24 h ago


Purchased LG gas oven one month ago. It came with a broken orifice so can't use one of the burners so I call customer service. Rep says they will send one out but this one time is "a courtesy" I said whoa back up...I just got this stove so don't tell me you are doing a favor for me because it came broken. She said they would mail one out & I would receive 7-10 days. Well 3 weeks have passed now and have not received so I call. New rep tells me I need to send the my original sales receipt because it shows the oven is from May 2015 and not under warranty. I went ballistic on the guy. So if I never would have called you again, I would still be waiting at the mailbox for my part to arrive?? Who was going to tell me I needed to mail receipt??? And now the timer on the stove does not work! I paid $1,500 for this piece of junk and you can't get any parts. Called Best Buy and they tried to get in touch with LG Customer Service but to no avail, they can't even get in touch with anyone! And its not even in the U.S.A, the call center is in the Philippines. Told the Best Buy rep to forget the whole thing and scheduled a delivery pick up to take this piece of junk back to where it came from and buying an oven made here in the U.S. of A.

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Karie - 53 d 18 h ago


Our LG Smart TV has broken twice in 3 years. Replaced the panel after a year and a half and it today it went out again. Customer service would not work with us since we didnt buy the extended warranty. The only options they gave us were to contact a local technician to fix it on our dime (an issue we didnt cause) or to write a complaint letter to LG. So we sent the complaint letter and filed a complaint with the BBB. Its unacceptable for LG to take $700 of our money for a TV that worked for a year and a half and has broken down twice (currently without a TV). I will never buy LG again, problems happen with electronics but their response to the issues had me speechless. Wendy at ext. 10254 was the person who said we have no choices other than the above stated. When you make expensive household purchases you need a company and customer service support to stand behind their product and they do not.

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Adrian Dickinson - 57 d 17 h ago


If I buy a LG phone at the AT&T store and it breaks, why do I have to work with LG directly? AT&T should take the phone and send it to LG, that's just service, good service, customer service. SO I say to you LG, you need to make this connection with your vendors and everything should run through them. It would create more jobs, right??? And if people/your LG clients felt like they were taken care of then maybe you wouldn't have so many bad reviews below. LG admitted that my phone was flawed. Why didn't LG or AT&T bother to make me aware of the 'bootloop' breakdown and fix it before I potentially lose every precious irreplaceable picture I have stored in my phone? Maybe you can also have a US based customer service presence so that client calls won't drop in the middle of the call and YOUR CLIENTS do not have to let your CSR's know to speak slower and clearer?

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LC - 58 d 18 h ago


I bought my LG oven 3 years ago. I don't really cook much and decided to finally use the self-clean oven function. Half way through the cycle I smell something melting. I touched the knobs to turn on the stove and burnt my finger and thumb because it was cherry hot and the metal was melting. I googled customer service and called. She had me on hold for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, my oven was still on and my knobs were still melting. When she came back on the phone I asked if there is a way to turn it off as I don't want my house to burn down. I called customer service and they told me I could have a service man come but I would have to pay for it. The customer service lady agreed that she thought that was wrong and escalated me to her supervisor. The supervisor was extremely nasty and said they won't do anything. I need to pay to have the problem fixed. I asked if I could speak to someone else, she said no. I asked if I could write a letter and was told to write it to the Office of the President. I will be sending photos of my fingers and the melted knobs certified mail tomorrow. I can't believe that their customer service is so poor for a situation like this.

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