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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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Thomas D Ginn - 1 d 12 h ago


I almost had a fire in my kitchen due to an LG appliance yesterday. I have been trying to get someone to help for 24 hours now. This is ridiculous, the girl I was speaking to had a very very strong accent and I spent 2 minutes on the phone yesterday. She said there was no tech support on Sunday. God forbid this happens again on a weekend. TECH SUPPORT should be available 24/7/365. UNBELIEVABLE that our hose almost caught fire and I cannot get a hold of anyone at LG!!!!!

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Thomas D Ginn - 1 d 12 h ago


I meant to say 20 MINUTES with CSR!!!!!!

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Alana - 6 d 11 h ago


I purchased the LG Black Stainless refrigerator model LMXS27626S from Sears in Bedford, IN on 07/08/2017. The refrigerator did not arrive in our home until November of 2017. The problems began in January of 2018. 1-9-2018 The motor started making a loud humming sound and then we noticed the freezer over freezing. Ice had ice on it. Everything in the freezer was completely frozen over. I called LG and they were sending a technician out. The technician came and noticed some of the packaging had been left on from delivery. Removed them and left. 4-19-2018 Same scenario as above, technician was called, they arrived and this time they replaced a piece in the top freezer drawer. 6-26-2018 Same scenario as above, technician was called, they arrived and replaced another part. 10-3-2018 Same scenario as above, technician was called, they arrived and replaces another part. I was told then my 1 year warranty had expired, but since I was having the same issue during the warranty period, they would issue me an extended warranty - Joy 4536968 1-20-2019 Same scenario as above, sent technician, they arrived and siliconed around the freezer door. 04-28-2019 Same scenario has above, technician arrived (5-6) and called into repairs and LG proceeded to tell Kevin's Appliance Repair the refrigerator was working normally and we were not closing the doors properly. Technician told LG the refrigerator was beyond repair. 5-6-2019 Called LG because the technician was not able to perform any repairs on our refrigerator and asked for a solution. Agent Lynn was going to submit a request for a refund or replacement refrigerator. Would take 3-5 business days and someone would be contacting me. 5-15-2019 Called LG because I had not heard from anyone. Spoke with Tori, my request was denied because the refrigerator was working properly, and we were not closing the doors. I asked to speak with someone higher up than her and she gave me a mailing address to the office of the president of LG. As you can see, this has been an ongoing situation with little to no answers or fixes. We paid close to $2,000 for this appliance and has not worked correctly since the day it arrived in our home. I have called multiple time and the technician has been out SIX times and the last time told the repair center the refrigerator was beyond repair, but that "conveniently" did not make it into their notes and I was told that was never said when I was standing right beside the technician as it was being said. The final straw was when they said my husband and I were not shutting the doors all the way. Talk about a slap in the face. We are 33 & 34, the only ones living in our home, no children, plus the refrigerator dings at you when the door has been left open for more than 20 seconds. Needless to say, the door IS getting closed properly. I am not asking for a refund back at this point, I am just wanting a brand new refrigerator that works as it should. I purchased the complete kitchen package and the only thing I am having trouble with is the refrigerator. I have all of this documented and will seek legal action if necessary. The lack of customer service and rudeness of management is appalling. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

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Stephen Freeborn (Room Temp) - 15 d 6 h ago


I had same problem as a lot of people: Expensive fridge, compressor went out after 3 years. Called LG about it. They gave me a partial refund. The first problem I have with this is the fact the my refrigerator is completely unusable - not partially unusable. As the compressor was still under warranty, I feel a repair or complete refund would have been more appropriate.

My second problem is how long the whole process took. It took 33 days.

My third problem is that when I went to Home Depot to look for a replacement, I see that LG is still selling the same compressor that has caused a lot of people a lot of headaches.

This experience has put me off of LG appliances.

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Matt A. - 12 d 10 h ago

Who did you speak with at LG? I keep getting people that say all they can do is repair it and I have the same issue occurring with it not cooling and having to have the compressor replaced.

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Jay Carter - 18 d 7 h ago


This had to be the worst customer service experience in all my life! I purchased a LG air conditioner less than a year ago, it is now releasing warm air. I called in to LG to set an appointment for a technician (A&E Service) to take a look at. After waiting an ENTIRE DAY for a tech, I called back in and the representative told me information that was different (time frame) than the initial representative. After calling A&E to check the status of arrival, the representative could not find an appointment in the system. I then contacted A&E and requested a member of management, which wasn't helpful at all-- I was told A&E didn't have a tech in my area for today and my appointment would have to be scheduled for a different day. After disconnecting the call I was disturbed by the solution provided by the supervisor because it appeared he didn't empathize or care about the situation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO ONE TO PURCHASE LG PRODUCTS!

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Irate - 27 d 12 h ago


Have a LG refrigerator that is 2 1/2 years old. Warranty for parts is ten years. It stopped working 9 days ago. Called LG and they referred me to A&E Factory Service. Called and made an appointment. Looked at Google reviews and 580 reviews and a 1.1 rating. Worst was do not let them in your house. They came out ordered three parts had to set another 4 hour window for an appointment. After 5 1/2 hours yesterday, he said it is working and left. Checked this morning and is still warm and now vibrates loudly. So now another five hours stuck at home tomorrow while they attempt to fix it. This company is who LG uses so when not if yours breaks but when this is who you will be dealing with. This will be a total of 15 hours waiting on them and over one hour on the phone with LG. This is an independent repair company who said almost all their calls are on LG refrigerators. LG has been a total waste of time dealing with. They truly could care less about me not having a refrigerator now for two weeks even if it is fixed tomorrow which they is ZERO chance of that happening. Talking to retailers because I am buying another refrigerator and certainly not LG salespeople confirm this is a common situation. Was referred to LG Executive Services who will not call be back. You have been warned. The repair company did state because of their known issues with repairs that I would get a one time free repair meaning would not have to pay for labor. If that is not a red flag.

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Andrea Martin - 35 d 9 h ago


Case CNN(hidden)46. First let me start by saying the receptionist who takes calls at (hidden) hung up on me when I called to discuss my issue, I tried to call back and she refused to answer the call. Beyond rude. LG lost my monitor that was shipped back for repair, the supervisor refused to help. FedEx will only open a case if LG instructs them. I am out $500 for my monitor and LG wont do a thing to help. I had the worst customer service ever from a supervisor Isabell Breya, she was the rudest agent ever. I will never shop with LG ever again.

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Phil - 43 d 6 h ago


Tae Lee, President,

I have been without a refrigerator since 19 March. Your people can't figure out what part it needs and continues to drop the communication ball. Each time I call to find out what is going on, I get a different answer. My case has been sitting since the 23 of March with nobody doing anything even though I was told my case would be meeting some committee who would decide whether or not to refund me the money I paid for the refrigerator. Additionally, I was told that I would get $175 to compensate me for the food I lost (doesn't come close to paying for the food or medication I lost) and that I could purchase a mini refrigerator to get me by until the refrigerator got fixed. I just talked to Milton Wilson who said he is a manager and that he denied to request for the mini refrigerator.

Your company lacks organization, decency, ethics, morals, common sense, and competence. I've talked to multiple first liners who cannot seem to figure out the status of my issue. I've talked to four supervisors and a manager who cannot or will not follow through and ensure my case is not just handled but handled in a timely ethical manner. You should be ashamed of yourself and your company because it trickles down from the top. I will never purchase another of your products EVER!

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Going Public - 42 d 6 h ago


Amen Phil!

For a company that closed its' 4th quarter with $3.87 BILLION dollars, you would think LG would stand behind it's less that sub-standard products. My friend has been without her refrigerator since March 23, 2019. She is 74 and lost over $500.00 in food and lost her medicine as well that is much more expensive. After LG said they could not get the part (compressor), that she needed to submit the proof of purchase to verify to the defective parts department that the purchase fell within the warranty. Which by the way has been extended from 1 year Labor to 5years. SEE LINK It really doesn't matter if you submit the POP, because LG will not stand behind their work or words to replace or refund the refrigerator. All we can do as consumers is go higher up such as BBB, (3,021 Complaints), Consumer Affairs, (2532 LG Refrigerators Consumer Reviews and Complaints ) and/or seek legal counsel. I am also contacting every TV news station in my area as well as every social media possible to publicize how despicable this company is. And they contract with A&E Factory Service which is has the same ratings as LG. Had I know this in December, I definitely WOULD NOT have purchased an LG Refrigerator. Truly inconceivable.

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Major Legal issues - 57 d ago

I have a 7 month old Refrigerator that went down 4 days ago something in the electronics. LG gave no support other then recommending a company they subcontract out to for warranty work. Reviews of this company is 1 start and the comments were very accurate. The owner of this subcontract company was so rude and acted crazy no customer service especially after her tech blew up my circuit board. The reviews on her were right on so wonder why LG does not vet there contractors. No LG says we will send one of our techs out and wait another 3 days for them to come out now it will be a week with no refrigerator and my wife's medication is stored in a neighbors refrigerator that I have to go get everyday. LG has not customer service or concern. Now once the tech comes out the electronics could have destroyed everything in the refrigerator the compressor, Ice maker etc. They need to get customer care. The Subcontractor and LG repairs do not exist in customer care or satisfaction and from here on out time to get another companies appliances. If my with cannot get to her medication during the night and I have to take her to the hospital they will pay for the medical issues and what they have caused. No recourse except legal to go after both subcontractor and LG. Unless this matter is cleared up in 24 hours it will happen

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GANMA GAYLE - 62 d 9 h ago


Own an LG refrigerator that is only 2 yrs. old. Stopped cooling and have been without a refrigerator for 10 days. I have gotten nothing but a run around from LG Customer Service and had 2 different repairmen at my home already. LG does not seem to be able to stand behind their products very well and has the worst customer service I have ever in my life experienced. I would never recommend an LG product after this.

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Kommander - 63 d 4 h ago


Have had 2 LG dishwashers with good experience. Bought top of line model in Sept 2018 and immediately had performance issues with poor cleaning. In Feb 2018, determined that spray arms were not rotating and called LG service. Three service techs came, each time with wrong part. Two other times that did not show up for appointment. Finally told on Mar 18 that part was not available until late Apr 2018.

Issue was escalated to Executive Service Dept. They determined that LG would replace the unit. Today I was told that it would take 5 more days to get a final determination on whether the unit would be replaced. Two different Executive Service Supervisiors told me that there was no one I could contact to get a faster resolution and that I could not expect anyone to call me until the resolution department made a decision. My only recourse is to send a letter to the President (which I will do), and they gave me incorrect mailing address.

This sounds strangely familiar to several other posts on this site. Apparently, LG has no concern about their extremely bad customer service. Such a shame!

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Dogden - 64 d 10 h ago


Bought several new appliances in last 2 years. Most LG. New range that is just over s year old, but we live in a different state 6 months of year, so not even used 6 months, convection fan stsrted making a whole bunch of clanging before finally quit. Now no circulating fan for regular bake. Takes much,longer yo bake. Between Home Depot and LG can't get this resolved! Won't buy another appliance from Hone depot or LG

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Jeremy - 66 d 12 h ago


Beware. U see how many bad reviews these guys have and they dont respond to any of them. Shows they do not care about there customers. I rather give my money to a homeless man then to spend anymore with these RIP offs. I bought a headset. Did not work. Sent it in waited 2 weeks got it back saying it's not there's lmao. The name brand is all over the side of the dam headset. Sent it back in with recite number and was send back saying didnt show correct part of recite. Man what a dam joke. Yall didnt hesitate to to my money but sure are spinning me around about fixing your worthless product. The saddest part of all this is your in alabama, respect honor and being a man of your word is what makes that state the best state, and yall are totally opposite of what Alabama stands for. Yall need to move here to Detroit so at least people expect to get robbed.

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BUGGED - 69 d 4 m ago


Bought a refrigerator and additional service agreement purchase. With a total of well over $3,000.00 they send someone to replace the compressor without a compressor! Told I have to wait an additional week while they order. I contacted customer service for a fourth time and inquire of compensation for about $600.00 damaged food as well as necessity of eating out for all meals for total of two weeks. I am told they would only reimburse about $250.00. I WOULD HESITATE TO DEAL WITH LG IN FUTURE!

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BUGO - 70 d 12 h ago


I purchased an LG 84 inch TV back in 2015.... Its in fine working order.

Recently, I received an email from LG looking to sell me an extended warranty on it.

When I called in to do so... I was told by the LG representative that you cannot purchase an extended warranty outside the 1 year manufacturers warranty period unless you receive an "Invitation" from LG..... I tried to explain that I received an email with this very invite but she still refused to help me. When asked to speak with a Supervisor, I was told there was nothing a Supervisor could do to help me here in the Extended Warranty Dept.... I was told that I would need to call Corporate and speak with them....

To add insult upon injury......When I asked her why I received this Invite in the first place, she told me that when consumers call in, the agent asks for the date of Purchase, and after getting all my personal info down, this is when the agent then knows to reject the request due to age.... I explained that this is a form of "Phishing" which is not appreciated and in my opinion unethical. If the purpose of this email campaign is to piss existing customers off.... LG has certainly accomplished their goal !!! Unless LG is willing to sell me something that they already invited me to do.... I will not be buying another LG product!!!

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Anonymous - 73 d 14 h ago


We bought a fridge in 2017, it isn't even 2 years old . The compressor went! Took me 5 days to get service, just for them to tell me they had to order the part. I had to throw away a ton of food. I am not very happy with LG. I will never buy another product from LG again.

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Anonymous - 74 d 5 h ago


I have microwave that I brought September 5th 2018 registered and everything. By October 29th 2018 it stopped working. I can't believe how they are treating me. These service people they send are not much better. I am on with support now and I am getting nowhere as usual. I want my money back! I registered this product online so i wouldn't need the receipt for anything now they are acting like they don't have my information. I am so disappointed in LG. I call every week. There follow up is horrible!!!!

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Anonymous - 74 d 11 h ago




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Vicki - 152 d 14 h ago


I see a lot of bad reviews, however you need to hear the good as well, LG was amazing for me. They cane out in 2 days to fix my freezer which was all frosted over. Apparently I had a bad fan, causing frost and no ice. While the guys where out they saw I had other lg products and asked if I had any questions on them, and explained a few things to help me better use my appliances. LG thank you for going above and beyond. Joseph and his tag along where wonderful and friendly, truly cared, what an asset to your company.

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Bill - 81 d 8 h ago


Vicky, just wait and you will see the true colors of LG, or you are fake customer so LG can have 1 good review.

For the rest of us LG is the worse company ever with junk products, lying customer service, and will not stand behind their products or warranty.

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Plum - 91 d 14 h ago


I deeply regret buying your stove...It's a piece of CRAP!

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Gerald Korea - 95 d 8 h ago


Just to add another frustrating LG story. I bought and LG refrigerator in 2016 from HHGREGG. Last November it started to not cool. I contacted LG and was surprised that they quickly set up a repair appointment and offered to cover the full cost. I knew something was funny, as soon as I was contacted by the repair tech I was notified by this person that I would have to pay him $100 before he would show up. I relented because I needed a refrigerator. Once he showed up he confirmed it was the infamous compressor issue and it was replaced. It proceeded to work for no more than 2 weeks and stopped cooling again. After two more tech visits LG and the tech finally said the refrigerator was un-repairable and started a replacement issue. No remember I purchased this from HHGREGG who is now out of business and consequently I do not have the actual receipt. I have the HHGREGG credit card statement from the purchase that matches the date and place on the online registration. I uploaded everything and I had to call 4 more times to only get an answer from "Corporate Customer Service" of sorry if you don;t have the original receipt then we will not replace the refrigerator. Now remember they did warranty work on this same refrigerator but refuse to replace to refund the same refrigerator because I do not have the original receipt. So now here I sit 3 months with no refrigerator and now I am facing the fact that after spending close to $3K less than 3 years ago I know have to spend money again to purchase a new one -- I have opened a case with Better Business and will be opening one with Consumer Protection but know all will fall on deaf ears. Once again the little guys loses

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Screwed - 99 d ago


Don't buy lg junk use the warranty for ass paper they make repair appointment s but they never send any repairman. Just lie after lie by a whirlpool or may tag they stand behind there products. You will never talk to anyone from the states here. only overseas call center only half know English. I had enough of there shot told them to fuck off and stick there cap. Word to the wise tell all your friends never buy there junk lg was a junk !!!!!!!!!!!

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Sucker - 98 d 6 h ago


I can confirm this horrible run around. Had a cooktop with a slight crack out of the box. 2 years in the entire thing spidered. They said they would take care of. 4 months later, still no response. Out of the blue a girl name Tori call and said she works for the president of LG. She says they are not willing to do anything to make their defective product right. I will only buy American from now on. At least American companies stand behind their products. LG is a horrible company and the people they have working for them are ignorant.

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