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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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Marilyn - 8 h 27 m ago


I have been without a refrigerator for almost 2 months. They keep giving me the run around about setting up a time to have someone to come service it. They say it will take 3-5 days for someone to get a hold of me to set up a time. The first repair person was going to travel 2 hours to get here, and didnt show. Lowes did bring a refrigerator for me to use in my garage but how handy is that. Not very happy when I have only had the thing a year. They are willing to reimburse me for groceries $130.00 they doesnt come close to replacing what I lost, let alone the inconvenience of going to the garage. I wouldnt recommend LG. They should just replace the dumb thing or give me money back.

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elaine kazinec - 9 d 6 h ago


I have just had my second LG phone freeze and die due to a well known problem. Their only solution was to have me send in second crappy phone for repair which would take 2+weeks. They gave me a repaired phone last time and it only lasted six months. My info/ photos cannot be recovered for the second time. Feeling sorry that I purchased a washer/dryer/refrigerator and stove from them.

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Stephen Pariser - 13 d 6 h ago


Approximately 3-weeks ago, I submitted a service request for my warranted LG refrigerator. Not hearing from LG, I left town believing that I may have resolved the problem. According to LG, I was called about this, but I have no recollection of such a call. When I returned from my vacation 2-days ago, my floor was soaked because of a leak with my refrigerator. I subsequently spent at least 4 hours, trying to get service, as the water was damaging my wooden floor. I spoke with several LG representatives who were not able to secure help for me until next week. I was told to disconnect the water from the back of my unit, but it is not possible for me to move it even an inch. I then called corporate office and was referred to their "Executive Team." After several greater than 10 minute waits, I finally connected to someone who told me the exact same thing. I asked for the LGE president's email, but was told that he only wants to review letters sent to him. After this poor service, I will not buy an LG unit again. I will also send a copy of this to Mr. Tae Lee, LGE president, who seems to lack interest in customer issues, such as mine. I hope that he responds. LG, as you can see from the reviews below, has a serious service problem.

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Ellyn Kovalsky - 15 d 16 h ago


I cannot believe the lack of caring and customer service LG provides. My less than 1 year old refrigerator has not been working for almost one month. In addition to having trouble getting a tech out to fix it properly, or get a replacement refrigerator, their customer service team are the most placating people who do absolutely nothing but tell you in their sweetest southern voices that they understand my frustration. REALLY??!! I am so sorry I did not buy an American made product. I will never ever buy an LG product again. I will attempt to call "the office of the president" Let's see how that work out.

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Fuming in Grove City Ohio - 13 d 14 h ago


Wow my experience exactly as of today no resolve no fridge Scary because I have all LG appliances in my home TVs everything !!!

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Aquatemp Global Inc. - 22 d 11 h ago


In spite of my contacting your company again and again, you continue to print my business telephone number (hidden) as the number to call to register for repairs to your washing machine or other appliances. I have had this number for ten years. In the last year you have annoyed and disrupted our work and cost us money. Please change the number to yours, not outs. We are a Virginia company, and my daughter, Victoria Dronsick, a former prosecutor lawyer in Florida, has moved to Virginia and just joined the bar there. As you are damaging our Virginia corporation, she is in a good position to act for the plaintiff. John Lenkey, President, Aquatemp Global Inc.

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LHB Margate, FL - 23 d 10 h ago


I moved to Florida last year July 2016. I was a previous owner of LG products/appliances for over 5 years. The appliances were very reliable, I did not have to need for a single service call. My only issue was the stainless corroded on the bleach receptible. Moving to FL gave me the opportunity to purchase appliances for my new house. I purchased LG refrigerator, stove,

dishwasher and microwave from Lowes in August 2016. Refrigerator was unavailable until September 2016.

On July 2017, water was leaking from the right side of the refrigerator, the ice in the ice maker was melting. Immediately called the LG Customer Information for their diagnosis via the Smart Grid. Well the diagnosis was horrible. The service Rep tried to have us believe the freezer door was left open. Advised ensure closed door and wait 4-6 hours for ice maker to start working. Both freezer and fridge compartments kept getting warmer. After 6 hours, everything was worse. Called back Customer Center, located in the Philippines requested a service person be sent out to properly

diagnose the problem. Based on my State I was told that local service ended at 1pm on a Saturday and will be available on Monday. I needed to call the local service center on Monday morning. This customer Service approach was a SHOCK to the system. I was able to get a service rep at my house on Monday. His diagnosis was that The compressor failed, do not know why; however, he called the base to order a new compressor in order to facilitate a Wednesday or Thursday repair. I did not think this was an ideal outcome for a very expensive refrigerator that was still under manufacture warranty!!! On Wednesday the local service person call to let me know that the compressor was on back order and would not arrive until July 7, 2017. I immediately went into ALARM mode. I was scheduled to travel and could not change or cancel my up coming trip. I told the service rep that the proposed resolution was completely unacceptable!!!!! Why should I not get a replacement, for a refrigerator only 8 months in my possession; when there is no compressor available. Things certainly went from BAD to WORSE with this news. LG needed 3 to 5 business days to approve a replacement. I reverted to LOWES for their intervention as I had spent several thousands of $$$$$$. Lowes was ineffective as my purchase was over 90 days!!

On June 26 the local LG S/C called to inform me that a compressor was delivered by LG; a service person would repair the refrigerator on June 27, 2017.

Machines can break!!!!!!

I am totally shocked by the LG's complete lack of customer service.

Yes, Machines can break, so my issue, is the disrespect LG showed to me. I will tell everyone I know to select other vendors.

I WILL NOT purchase any LG product after this experience. Further, I will not accept any LG product, even as a gift.

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Laurie W - 24 d 14 h ago

Dear Unsatisfied LG Customers: Please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, It is very important that we do all we can to be heard by anyone and everyone that can possibly help.

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Laurie W, Sebastopol, CA - 29 d 4 h ago


I bought an LG refrigerator 3 years ago. The entire interior is falling apart: the plastic shelving on the doors is cracked or broken, the large drawer in the main part of the unit is cracked and the entire plastic lining to which the door shelves are attached is pulling away from the door, itself. I bought the refrigerator from Best Buy and they tell me there is nothing they can do because it is past its one-year warranty. I called LG Customer Service and was told the same thing. When I asked whether they would stand behind their product--3 years for a $2500 appliance is rather early for it to be falling apart, I was told that there was nothing they could do. When I pointed out that my research indicated that other customers reported similar issues, I was told that people are not always truthful about these things, that sometimes their kids climb on the shelves and break them, sometimes they overload the shelves and break them, sometimes they slam the door which can break them. I assured him that none of this was the case with my refrigerator and he repeated that there is nothing he could do. I also pointed out that the last refrigerator I had was one I had inherited used from my mother and had it for 20 years without a problem. At this point I can buy new shelves and drawers, but I'm not sure it's worth the investment. And there is apparently nothing I can do about the fact that the plastic door lining is peeling off. It's looking like we threw away the $2500 we had saved up for this refrigerator. What I am wondering now is, in light of all of the complaints, is there a class action that can be brought against the company?

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lee - 30 d 12 h ago


i purchased a LG LMXC23746 refrigerator on September 4, 2015 was delivered. On June 5, 2017 may husband came downstairs and discovered water all over the floor and the refrigerator was leaking water from the ice bin. When we opened the refrigerator all the ice from ice-maker and bind had melted and dripped; my food was ruined in the deli drawers and the freezer. I called 1-800-243-000 and explained what was going on; i exclaimed "the refrigerator cost us over $3,000 and its only 1.5 yrs old". Rep said ok "i understand" and proceeded to tell me that its not under warranty b/c its a year and half old. I informed her that i don't care, i paid over $3,000 for this thing and it should not be going out! She informed me that i would have to call one of their authorized dealers to come out; i interrupted and ask why does the customer have to call? She says yes, gave me two numbers and informed me that I would have to pay service charge and the labor if it was a part that had coverage past the one year. I call and next day guy comes out; he's playing more with my dog than trying to solve my problem. When he finished looking at refrigerator (about 10min) he said the both evaporators were gone; step valve had to be replaced; compressor; condenser gone; driver gone; EPA Recovery gone; board (EBR78643405) was gone; MPS misc. I was in shock! I told him, "you are rebuilding the refrigerator" and he said yes he was! Charges: Parts $145.00 which LG would pay; Labor $699-799 which I would have to pay; and on top of that $109.95 service call for coming out to tell me I have to pay $800 to him to fixed it!!!! I paid him the $109.95 service fee; he prepared to leave b/c I refused to pay that much and refrigerator is only 1.5 yrs old. He didn't even give me a receipt; he said he only had the one he was writing on. I told him I need a receipt of this and he ask me if i had a copier; i had t make my own copy. So, I called back and demanded to speak to a manager - I was on hold no less than 25 min. before a manager came to the phone. I explained to him what happen and that i do not feel like i should pay for anything and its only 1.5 yrs old. He said well things brake; and i said not when its only 1yr old and you have paid over $3,000 for it! i explained that my husband is sick - just diagnosed and i need to prepare food everyday - 3x's a day. He said he would send a LG tech out - and he did come. The LG tech was so nice and understanding but he informed me that the part needed was back-ordered for 3-weeks OMG!!! He put a rush on it but i know he can only do so much. I am outraged!!! I have sent huge amounts of money and thrown away loads of food b/c i can't preserve it. I have a cheap GE mini freezer in my garage that i have had a long time and that's the only thing that have supported us through this ordeal. its a lot of work: freezing and defrosting and freezing and defrosting during this hot season. I am so done. I writing corporate now, I am writing corporate at Home Depot and Im filing with my state's BBB. This cannot continue - we have to come together and put a stop to this. I PROMISE YOU LG. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU AGAIN. My husband is a pastor and we will us

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Ralph - 42 d 16 h ago


In November 2016 we purchased a LG70UH6350 TV with a Samsung sound bar. When a problem was encountered using the HDMI cable to the sound bar, Samsung & LG telephone service advisors concluded there was an in compatibility issue.

In response I purchased an LG SHC4 sound bar in the belief the compatibility issue would not exist. Now after almost 2 months of repeated calls to LG, the issue has yet to be resolved. During this 2 month period there have been in excess of 10 conversations with LG customer service and executive service representatives with 3 separate RNN service numbers assigned to the problem, 3 service calls by an LG technician to my home, 2 shipments of the sound bar to LG for repair. Still no sound can be produced from the sound bar using the HDMI cables. During the last service call to my home, an extended call between the service tech and an LG engineer concluded there was a "software issue," since a replacement main mother board in the TV had not resolved the problem. This resulted in the 2nd shipment of the sound bar to LG where a PCB replacement was performed. The sound bar still did not produce sound using the HDMI cable following this "repair".

Prior to receiving the sound bar back from LG for the 2nd "repair", LG contacted us to schedule a 4th service technician call to perform a "repair" to the TV. Since the sound bar had not been returned and we were out of town this visit was delayed. Upon our return, I called "executive services" to report the failure of the sound bar "repair" to resolve the problem and schedule the service call for the TV. This is when I encountered a very confrontational LG representative who demanded the sound bar be returned again and stated it was not my place to "demand" the service call to my home. I tried to explain I had been in contact with the service technician who stated this was necessary but she denied this was an authorized LG tech and there was no record to this effect. Given the history of the past weeks I strongly objected and the LG rep stated the service call would be made "to make me happy". Obviously I was very irritated and unhappy at the conclusion of this call.

In summary it seems that the LG organization is sorely lacking in numerous areas regarding the manufacture and support of their electronic goods as described below:

1. LG equipment is manufactured and placed into the market without appropriate compatibility testing. This failure in Quality Control reflects poorly on a company's reputation.

2. It would appear there is poor communication or reporting techniques between the various LG telephone service representatives, although they all seem to consult a computerized database. Furthermore there does not seem to be any communication between these representatives and their field service or in house engineering staff.

3. There would seem to be very poor general training of the general and executive telephone service staff which leaves the customer with the impression there is no firm commitment to resolve a problem but rather a response focused on delay and frustration tactics designed to discourage the customer from pursuing a resolution.

4. LG appears to have little interest in establishing or maintaining customer loyalty by seeking quick and effective resolution to problems. There seems to be no consideration of the impact dissatisfied customers could have on future sales by voicing their poor experiences both verbally to friends and electronically via the internet. Given the variety of LG products on the market this is highly surprising. This can quickly change a sales motto of "life is good" to "LOUSY GOODS".

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robert - 57 d 17 h ago


Been without refg for over 3 and half months , three different lg repairmen can not fix it. Still under warranty . Paid $2300.00 for it. Never get same managers , they must have a lot of them. Bought new one. Going to BBB. My advice to you is never buy a LG product. There products are crap.

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Pat - 57 d 13 h ago


I had a similar experience. Their customer service stinks! And they give you the runaround and don't care.

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Not Cool - 44 d 16 h ago


I'm in the process of suing them in small claims court. We have the same story, three technician visits - no fix. In addition, three service appointments where techs never showed and never called. This seems intentional and I believe it's LG's business model to not service warranty obligations or service contracts. Now instead of just giving proper service, I'm asking for full compensation for a replacement and time lost from work.

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Anonymous - 45 d 5 h ago


I recently purchased an LG G6 and my friend has a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and the LG is right there with the galaxy as far as features and the LG seems like its far more substantial. I also have LG appliances they are very superior in every aspect. Get The G6 you will be very happy you did and you can tell how over rated and overpriced the galaxy is.

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Ella - 45 d 15 h ago


Have bought LG range from THD, recently noticed a drip between 2 glass panels on the door, that I can't clean without calling a service company to take the door apart. I consider this a flawed design, which is according to customer service is a cosmetic issue and not covered by warranty. Tish in customer service refused to make any adjustments in their policy. I consider this a very poor policy from a customer relationship stand point, which will now keep me away from buying another LG product. What would have cost them perhaps $100, is now going cost them thousands, since not only I will not buy another LG product, this may impact others' decisions. By the way, THD send me to LG, and refused to be of any help as well. Taking my business somewhere else !

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VA - 56 d ago


TERRIBLE COMPANY. My LG G3 got hot and burned my hand. Got so hot that it melted the back cover on the phone. lG's response? "We repair only. We do not exchange or refund." The phone overheated in my vehicle. Had I not thought quick enough and unplugged the charger I could have burned up!! Compassion? Concern? Nope. Unbelievable!

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Dottie Cronk - 83 d 9 h ago


I am extremely unhappy with LG. I bought an lg washing machine 2 months ago and it's already broken. I call the 1800-home Depot number since that is where I bough it, wanting them to get someone out to repair it. It transfers me to LG. It has been a horrible experience and I still don't have anyone coming out to fix it. They tell me the other day they couldn't get a hold of someone while on the phone with me so they will call me back WITH an appointment in 3-5 business days. They call me today to tell me they don't have an appointment for me yet and they would call me in 3-5 days. I don't think they have bothered to even try to make an appointment. I am about ready to take the washer and the dryer I bought back.

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Disappointed Phone Customer - 97 d 12 h ago


My LG G3 went into an endless bootloop. I now have to pay LG to fix it. This is wrong. Customer service was nice to me, but I'm still disappointed and will not buy another LG phone.

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Anonymous - 90 d 16 h ago

There is now a class action lawsuit regarding them. My phone had the same issue.I was told by TMobile that LG should pay to have our phones replaced, since this is a well known issue.It is a hardware saudering issue.

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Peggy - 127 d 11 h ago


Do not buy Lg Refrigerator Have had 3 repairmen out still not working Paid 3,000 for this piece of crap....

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Matilda - 128 d 5 h ago


This is the worst company with customer service. They make contacting them by phone, or by web site as difficult as possible. I would give them a minus 1.

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Albert - 164 d 11 h ago


I purchased a LG Portable air conditioner and it is now on the recall list. I received a postcard from LG Electronics Alabama, Inc with the telephone number to call to have the portable air conditioner fixed. When I called the number, I was talking to a guy in the Philippines that has such a heavy accent I could not understand him. I had to repeat everything six to seven times. I requested a customer service representative in the United States but was told there were none. As the conversation continued I became frustrated and thoroughly ticked off. When the paper work was finally completed, I was told that he would have to call back after talking with a repair technician. I told the Philippines guy no that I wanted the number of the technician and the technician's location. I have decided after this horrible experience that I would not buy any other LG Electronics products. After reading all the other comments on the page, I decided to go to social media.

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Debbie - 139 d 14 h ago


I have a repair man coming Monday.LG recall place seems a little shady.I have been calling LG to make sure the recall was real.I'm really nervous about this person coming out!!!!!!!

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SP - 134 d 12 h ago


I have a LG portable air conditioner. Recall is fire and burn hazards 3 contacts made with company. No repair no replacement. Yet. Customer service is terrible. I will contact Home Depot to suggest they not sell their products.

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