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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
Annual Sales Est
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Mike - 13 d 20 h ago


LG TV, have been calling customer service in Manila, Philippines for 1.5 years. No resolve on a $2000 tv. Now they want me to pay labor and parts on a tv that was in warranty when originally called. Terrible service!

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Mary - Conway, SC - 17 d 19 h ago


My 3-1/2 yr old LG Smart TV ($999.99) suddenly went from great picture to picture filled with ten rows of white lights, making it very hard to view. Contacted LG repair and was told it would cost more to repair than the tv was worth. Contacted LG corporate; was told that there was nothing they could do for me. Will NEVER get another LG product. So disappointed

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Ron & Marilynn - 19 d ago


LG does not care about their customers. We purchased a new microwave oven 6 months ago and we started to have problems. Service personnel have been here twice and it still is not fixed. We have no microwave it is sitting on the dining room floor because they said not to use it as it could be a fire hazard.

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Fawn Schooley - 20 d ago


Since receiving absolutely no help in resolving the problem of a defective 3 year old refrigerator, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in hopes of some satisfaction.

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Products sucks, customer service is worse. They should be run out of business - 20 d 11 m ago


Bill S

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CCL - 21 d 1 h ago


The worst customer service ever! I have called multiple times, each over 30 minute long call speaking to people oversees whom i cannot understand . They have send out a technician to look at my washer that I just bought in July and they haven't been able to fix.

I keep calling the Alabama # listed above and no answer. They have the worst customer service, had i known i would not have purchased anything from them. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! Going to take legal action!

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james - Oregon - 78 d ago


I have tried since February (8 months) to get my refrigerator repaired. It has been a garage ornament since then. Terrible support, worst ever customer support. Sadly LG really doesn't care. Their tactics are unbelievable, long hold times, never a call back, just rejection of claims. No conscience what so ever, no concern for customer opinion or perception. Writing to the president of LG but have low expectations. Bad companies start at the top so I suspect that all of the bad reviews I am seeing here don't phase anyone at LG. Plan to look up the names of the Board members and write to them too.

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Tracy - 74 d 5 h ago


I have been trying since Feb of 2017 and still waiting. I feel your pain!!

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Tee-Georgia - 50 d ago

Please post that information if you are lucky enough to find it.

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Anonymous - 113 d ago


25 calls to LG Customer Service to repair the peeling refrigerator doors. I have been told every story imaginable from they would replace the frig if they could not not get it repaired in 10 days to it is not a factory defect, but a cosmetic problem and they will not replace it even though they cannot get anyone to work with them in Hawaii. . 23 employees and 2 supervisors with each one telling me what will happen next and then denying they said that with the next call. Their attitude is the worse I have ever dealt with. They advise that they will not do what they said they would do.and won't even acknowledge it. UNBELIEVEABLE.

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LG REALLY, REALLY,......I MEAN TRULY,.....AND HONESTLY,...****"SUCK"****!!!!!!!!!


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LaLa - 57 d ago


I have had my doors replaced twice. Last week the tech David Durrett here in Northern California came out to replace the freezer and one refrigerator door. When he replaced the freezer door her chipped the plastic on the freezer prying the old paint skin off. Then he scratched the new skin by the handle in the corner. It looks like the new skin that was replaced on the freezer doesn't fit this model because now all that you can see where the handles are is the white plastic. I called within 15 minutes of David leaving to complain about the chipped plastic. He came back to the house took pictures and sent it on to customer service in Alabama to Jessica the Executive Supervisor. The following day I got an email saying they would be out on 10/18/18 between 8-12. Of course on 10/18/18 around 10:45 I get a call from Jessica the Executive Supervisor saying that they would not be fixing the chip that the tech made and that the case was closed and they would not be coming out anymore. I asked if they had reviewed my two email dated 10/21/18 on the other two issues she said no and that I would get a call from her within 24-48 hours. Of course no call so I called on 10/22/18 and Jessica was not available so I spoke to Bill Executive Service Supervisor and told that I would have to pay for the new freezer door and service call on something that the tech David Durrett messed up. My only recourse is to appeal to the Office of the President(no phone number to speak to anyone in that office). At this point I will be complaining to the Bureau of Consumer Protection, Better Business Bureau and looking to see if there is a Class Action Lawsuit going on.

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Marjorie Price - 71 d ago


Well it appears that I will add my name to the long list of dissatisfied customers. We currently have purchased, in the last 2 years, LG refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, microwave, washer, and (2) TV's. My husband was convinced that LG was the way to go. After a year the door on my dishwasher started peeling, I contacted LG and the "girl" said that I was out of luck because the warranty had expired. (To be continued). After 2 years the compressor went out on the refrigerator. Before a service call would be made, we had to give them a credit card to charge $125 for the privilege of a service call. When the service technician arrived, he was fortunately, prepared with a new compressor. He stated that this was an ongoing issue with LG refrigerators around the 2 year mark. He was true to his word. As a sister with an LG refrigerator had her compressor go out in two years, and a coworker had her compressor also fail after 2 years. While the technician was completing the repair on the refrigerator, we inquired about the peeling paint on our dishwasher. He told us this was covered by LG as they were having issues with the Black stainless steel paint that was done in Korea. We end up getting a new door installed. But remember in the first part of my review, an LG customer service girl told me I was "Out of Luck." Now returning to the refrigerator. Due to the fact that the service technician noted that the compressor was an ongoing issue, my husband contacted LG in Alabama while the technician was still making the repair. He came to the conclusion with the the man he spoke with that this should be covered under warranty. Let's jump ahead 4 months. I received via USPS mail today a letter from a collection agency saying that we owed LG $250. WE HAD NEVER RECEIVED FROM LG VIA USPS MAIL A BILL STATING THAT WE OWED $250. Wow, now they are trying to ruin our credit for their negligence. As noted, we were under the assumption that this should have all been taken care of under warranty due to the fact that they are aware that their compressors are faulty. I am guessing that the "new" compressor that was installed will probably only last a year or two also. With all this being said, the technician that LG sent was knowledgeable and did an awesome job. Unfortunately, for him, he is having to deal with the dissatisfied customers who pay $3,000 for an appliance and can barely make it 2 years.

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Melika - 72 d 7 h ago

Hello i have a new idea to making vacuum cleaner. please give me an email address to can connect you. its mine: (hidden)

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Kaija - Wisconsin - 74 d 24 h ago


My Dishwasher broke on September 17th, there are no error codes or anything like that. It just turns on and turns off and beeps, no idea why. I called that day and they assured me someone would call me back in 3-5 business days to schedule an appointment for servicing, no one did. I called again on September 22nd and LG escalated the urgency of my case and said again someone will call you in 3-5 business days, again no one did. I called again on September 26th, same story. I called again on October 1st, the lady told me it was escalated again and someone would call me in 1-3 business days. For some reason they can't find anyone in my area to service the Dishwasher...I find it extremely hard to believe there is not a single company that can't service a dishwasher. I just called again today October 5th and spoke to the supervisor (apparently the highest ranked person in the building and for her sake I will not state her name) I was on the phone with her for 45 min and got the same answer I did every other time I called. This time I found out her department is NOT even handling my case anymore!!! It was forwarded on to another department, when I asked for that departments number she said they did not accept calls from customers and there was no way for me to contact them about getting this resolved. So I then asked for her boss, she informed me if I wanted to talk to her superior the only thing I could do is write a LETTER to a PO box addressed to: The President. She wouldn't even give me the name of the President of the company. I then told her since you can't find anyone to service it replace it, its under warranty so this should be an issue. She then tells me it needs to be serviced before it can be replaced....but they can't find anyone to service it. ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD. I will now be sending a letter to the President and we will see what he has to say. This is absurd and I will NEVER buy an LG product again.

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Aquiles Eustaquio - 76 d 20 m ago


this company is the worst . They sent me to collections because they had a problem charging my credit card all they had to do is call me . ... never agaian

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J.T. once loyal customer - 78 d ago


Absolutely horrible customer service. you have lost a long-standing loyal customer. Rerouted 5 times to people in the Philippines who don't know a thing about procedure or product. A simple bridge and reboot on a $895 LG V10 wants to be charged from Long Beach for $395. I could do it myself if I had a PC in the oil fields of North Dakota. I sent my phone in and they are holding it ransom for just under $400. With credit cards, 3000 photos, and 8 years of contacts. Tried to contact corporate directly and a constant busy signal is heard.

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Darlene - 88 d 20 h ago


Horrible customer service I won't buy from them again

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Never.again - 89 d ago


Worst customer service from any company I know!

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A. LeFante. - 103 d ago


Terrible on getting replacement parts for my refrigerator. Still on going. Will never buy another LH product.

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Kim from Missouri - 109 d 22 h ago


Worst customer service EVER. One year old washing machine has been broken for 6 weeks. Five repairman visits, duplicate parts replaced, hours on the phone with customer service and still no resolution. They don't care and don't resolve the issues. They will not deem it defective and replace it because they say it can be fixed. Apparently it can't since a technician has been here 5 times

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Joe Anderson - 109 d ago


This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I purchased a $3000 convection oven from LG and it stopped working after 15 months. I called LG customer service, what a complete sham. LG should not have the word customer service in their lexicon. They are a horribly trained staff, they pass the buck up the chain and then no one calls you back and helps you. The higher you go up the chain, the worse customer service you receive.

Do NOT buy an LG product, you will be sorry.

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Pissed off - 110 d ago


Put LG out of business!! They suck! There appliances are shit and when they break down you can not get anyone to repair them.

Day 63 without a fridge and repairman just called to cancel again. Freaking hot summer two kids 7 and 5 and can't even keep an ice pop in the fridge.

Can I give a minus 10 as a rating?

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ohio dean - 111 d 4 h ago


i purchased brand new LG washer in april malfunctioned first time we used it it is now sept and have yet to be compinsated for water clean up. Have called over 12 times always promised actnion from claims dept. when they finally called the person on the other line was the rudest SOB i have ever delt with needless to say i went off on him .MY QUESTION TO OWNERS OF LG is do you approve of your custermer service? LG STANDS FOR LARGE POS PRODUCTS AND SERVICE

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Anonymous - 112 d ago


Called several times to get refrigerator repaired. Customer service sucks. Tried to chat on FB, no response.

Says the issue has been escalated, this started 3 weeks ago. Will never buy another LG product if this is how they repsond.

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