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Lg Electronics Alabama Inc

P.O. BOX 240007
Huntsville, AL
Tae Lee
(256) 772-0623
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VA - 3 d 15 h ago


TERRIBLE COMPANY. My LG G3 got hot and burned my hand. Got so hot that it melted the back cover on the phone. lG's response? "We repair only. We do not exchange or refund." The phone overheated in my vehicle. Had I not thought quick enough and unplugged the charger I could have burned up!! Compassion? Concern? Nope. Unbelievable!

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robert - 5 d 6 h ago


Been without refg for over 3 and half months , three different lg repairmen can not fix it. Still under warranty . Paid $2300.00 for it. Never get same managers , they must have a lot of them. Bought new one. Going to BBB. My advice to you is never buy a LG product. There products are crap.

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Pat - 5 d 28 m ago


I had a similar experience. Their customer service stinks! And they give you the runaround and don't care.

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Dottie Cronk - 31 d 22 h ago


I am extremely unhappy with LG. I bought an lg washing machine 2 months ago and it's already broken. I call the 1800-home Depot number since that is where I bough it, wanting them to get someone out to repair it. It transfers me to LG. It has been a horrible experience and I still don't have anyone coming out to fix it. They tell me the other day they couldn't get a hold of someone while on the phone with me so they will call me back WITH an appointment in 3-5 business days. They call me today to tell me they don't have an appointment for me yet and they would call me in 3-5 days. I don't think they have bothered to even try to make an appointment. I am about ready to take the washer and the dryer I bought back.

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Disappointed Phone Customer - 45 d ago


My LG G3 went into an endless bootloop. I now have to pay LG to fix it. This is wrong. Customer service was nice to me, but I'm still disappointed and will not buy another LG phone.

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Anonymous - 38 d 5 h ago

There is now a class action lawsuit regarding them. My phone had the same issue.I was told by TMobile that LG should pay to have our phones replaced, since this is a well known issue.It is a hardware saudering issue.

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Peggy - 75 d 24 h ago


Do not buy Lg Refrigerator Have had 3 repairmen out still not working Paid 3,000 for this piece of crap....

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Matilda - 75 d 18 h ago


This is the worst company with customer service. They make contacting them by phone, or by web site as difficult as possible. I would give them a minus 1.

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Albert - 112 d ago


I purchased a LG Portable air conditioner and it is now on the recall list. I received a postcard from LG Electronics Alabama, Inc with the telephone number to call to have the portable air conditioner fixed. When I called the number, I was talking to a guy in the Philippines that has such a heavy accent I could not understand him. I had to repeat everything six to seven times. I requested a customer service representative in the United States but was told there were none. As the conversation continued I became frustrated and thoroughly ticked off. When the paper work was finally completed, I was told that he would have to call back after talking with a repair technician. I told the Philippines guy no that I wanted the number of the technician and the technician's location. I have decided after this horrible experience that I would not buy any other LG Electronics products. After reading all the other comments on the page, I decided to go to social media.

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Debbie - 87 d ago


I have a repair man coming Monday.LG recall place seems a little shady.I have been calling LG to make sure the recall was real.I'm really nervous about this person coming out!!!!!!!

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SP - 82 d 5 s ago


I have a LG portable air conditioner. Recall is fire and burn hazards 3 contacts made with company. No repair no replacement. Yet. Customer service is terrible. I will contact Home Depot to suggest they not sell their products.

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Tim - 88 d ago


Absolutely pathetic. I spoke with customer (no service) regarding a hardware failure and the fellow suggested I send it in for repair. He also said the device was still under warranty but it had to be sent in before the end of the month (Jan 31). I mailed FedEx on Jan 19th....overnight. Today, March 2nd, I finally receive it back with a message in the package that it was being returned "unimpaired" because they received the package on Feb. 2nd.... 2 days after the warranty expired.

Nice job LG. Although you received my device well ahead of the 31st cutoff, someone didn't enter as receiving it till Feb. 2nd. Other manufacturers do a much better job.

Very disappointed.

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Paul - 89 d ago


Lg "lotsa garbage". Customer service is the worst. I'm putting in a complaint with the BBB. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that all these bad reviews here and nobody does anything. I have a stove that's been repaired 4 times and it still leaks gas. Turn the temp to low and flame goes out and gas leaks. Bought a microwave same time. The tray doesn't spin or heat. That's been repaired 3 times. The contract. They wanna sell me costs more than. A new one. ?!?! NEVER EVER BUY AN LG PRODUCT. NEVER EVER BUY AN LG PRODUCT. !!!!! I'll say it again NEVER EVER BUY AND LG PRODUCT. !!!!!!!!!

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Evelyn Hinton - 89 d ago


We bought an LG refrigerator in August of 2015 to replace the one we had only had 3 years before the compressor went out on it and LG has a 10 year warranty on their compressor. On January 24, 2017 we got an error message for the defroster. I called customer service she told me a technician would have to come out and asked if I had the extended warranty, I did not. She connected me to Out of Warranty and they sold me a 1 year warranty for $459.00. For some reason they could not schedule my repair and said a technician would contact me, he did not. I called back two days later and they scheduled my repair for Saturday, 1/28/17, I received a confirmation for that date and received another confirmation for Friday, on Friday. I cancelled the appt. and when the technician finally called me, he came out Saturday. After 4 appts. and a 5th with another technician, they figured out what it was, the evaporator had a leak. They both promised that one of them would be out to our house in two days and neither one showed up. A 3rd technician called and he agreed with my husband that we just needed a new refrigerator and the supervisor approved to submit the RA. Two days later LG told my husband it was denied. Finally, Moty came out on Sat, 2/25/17 and he replaced the evaporator, but put in a work order stating he replaced everything we had delivered to our home for the last 2 weeks. So, now the refrigerator works, but we are so disappointed in the way we were treated, we will NEVER buy another LG product ever again. As soon as the warranty is expired, we will sell this one and buy a different brand.

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Jamie Williams - 89 d 12 h ago


you write a review / complaint and it never gets posted

I sent one February 8th or 9th you didn't post my concern / complaint

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Bonnie Michaels - 93 d 18 h ago


The WORST customer service ever. I have a brand new LG Bluetooth headset. This may be the 5th time I wore it, and the left ear does not get any sound. First I called support thinking I may not be doing something right. They said it sounds defective, and transferred me to customer service. After waiting 10 minutes or so, they finally picked up. The conversation went in a circles. They said I would have to send the headset back, and I also needed the receipt. It was a Christmas gift from someone that I have no communication with. I have the box, and everything is still in original packaging. I asked for a supervisor. I ate my entire meal, washed dishes, and cleaned up while continuing to hold. It had to be a minimum of 45 minutes. I got a supervisor on the phone,. They seem to have limited English. I asked for the Contact information to the Corporate office. Absolutely NO Cooperation. So now I have a new headset that doesn't work. I found a number that I think may be the corporate office in Huntsville, AL, but no one answered.

I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Your money goes in the garbage and Service is the worst, since there is non.

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Debra - 108 d 23 h ago


Dishwasher has not cleaned since the day of installation. Seven months of trying to deal with LG to fix, replace or give me my money back for a dishwasher that doesn't clean. FOUR technicians have been out here, I have heard EVERY excuse in the water is not hot enough, change detergents, my water heater is not close enough, (it is right underneath the kitchen sink in the basement) I am not stacking the dishes correctly, using too much detergent, clean dishes before putting them in, DON't clean dishes before putting them in...... Water is over 120 degrees, used 3 different detergents INCLUDING Finish (in a pod) which was recommended by LG. The Maytag I had for 17 years worked great, RARELY did it not clean. All techs have said it is operating "properly" last tech stayed through an entire wash cycle 2 hours and 21 minutes and the dishes did not come out clean. He reported this to LG executive services and all they want to hear is that it is operating properly...they don't seem to care or want to hear that the end result should be that the DISHES GET CLEAN. They feel that as long as the machine is operating properly and NOT getting the dishes clean that is acceptable. I WILL NEVER EVER buy another LG product and I own three others that have given me no problems for almost seven years now. Corporate office says executive services can resolve they don't they just keep the double talk going.... dealing with this company is exhausting. I am now filing a Lemon Law lawsuit with the Attorney Generals office as well as file in small claims court for my money back.

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DEshawn P - 118 d ago


LG has had my Bluetooth headset for over three weeks and they keep telling me that they have to wait for a tracking number from FedEx. They told me the whole process will take seven to nine business days and I've been waiting almost a month. Their service is really poor and their employees do not value the fact that we Patron their company. It's almost as tho they have stolen my Bluetooth and won't give it back. I'm calling whomever I have them call in corporate to fix this situation asap.

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Anonymous - 108 d 19 h ago

I am having the same issue

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Alesia Lacey - 108 d 19 h ago


Worst customer service ever. I purchased a Bluetooth headset. First the left ear stopped working then the right ear. I called support they told me that it was covered under warranty and to complete the paperwork online, print the label, mail it in and they would send me another headset. I followed the instructions. I called back on 2/2/17 I was told that my replacement would be here by 2/9/17. I got home to my surprise no headset. I called customer service again. I was told that they didn't have any headsets in stock and don't know when I would get a replacement. I asked them to send me my money back. I was told no. I asked that they send me the latest headset and I was told no. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was put on hold for 20 minutes and the supervisor named Andy finally got on the phone and refused to give me the number to the corporate office and also refused to let me speak with her supervisor. Here is the bottom line I paid for your product that failed. I returned it per your policy now I am out of my money, don't have my merchandise and your support refused to help me. I am irate. You are stealing from your consumers.

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Marion - 112 d 7 s ago


Never in a lifetime have I ever experienced worse customer service than dealing with LG. Have had a repair issue with a refrigerator less than 4 yrs old that cost $2500.00 going on 3 weeks and still not resolved. Also have been quoted a repair price of approximately $900.00. I've called LG 9 times trying to get this issue resolved still to no avail. Was never told by an LG rep that the parts were still under the warranty even though they were able to check the manufacturer date, was referred to 7 so called qualified technicians none of which either service LG appliances anymore (wonder why) or do not service my area. Have heard numerous lies and not one person willing to get the issue resolved. The repair will still cost me about $450.00 because an outside technician told me the parts would b covered under the warranty. Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase an LG appliance again. I could drive back and forth to Alabama sooner than they are sending parts.

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Anonymous - 146 d 16 h ago

I am a customer of a G4 which has bootlooped, this is the second year this happened to me and now I have the misfortune of it bootlooping 2 weeks after my warranty ended. Youre support line will not do anything, no one is replying back on anything, I feel very trapped, I should not have to pay for YOUR own manufacturing defect, please resolve this issue with a refund or replacement or different model, please.

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AMorgan - 130 d ago


Did you have anyluck. I have a G4 that quit working. there is a know issue with these and the circuit boards not being made correctly. They extended warranty to 15 months but did not let there consumers know. My phone quite working the 16th month and they refuse to honor the repair. I am suppose to be $75 to fix a issue that was caused when the phone was made. This is my 3rd LG phone and as a consumer I am done. I am posting in forums for all those LG4 Users whos phones has quite working. Im sure they will not buy a LG either next time.

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Angela L. - 116 d ago


I am having the same issue with my G4. Originally purchased July 2015. Circuit board issue March 2016 which they replaced under warranty. Now in January 2017 I am having the same issue again, though now they are telling me the warranty is void because my phone has a crack in the screen. I told them to prove to me the crack is the reason for the issue. They did not respond. I would like for them to replace with a different model since this is a known issue though they will not. It really sucks because I have a LG watch and tablet that I use with my phone. So sad that they cannot cover their known issues. Will never buy LG again!!!!

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niloo - 114 d 11 h ago


This is their trick! I had the bootloop issue with my G4 and otherwise no physical damage, not even a scratch! Sent it to LG for repair and they sent me a diagnosis report that the screen is damages/smashed. I used a fragile Envelope to ship it, the ones with bubbles. I requested photos and yes, it is like someone hammered the screen 3 times. Now I think they might have hammered it themselves, to void the guarantee. They refuse to file a claim with Fedex and they don't even promise to solve the bootloop issue. They are just going to fix the screen for $150. I am going to buy a Google phone and join project Fi. If I were in New Jersey, I would definitely sue them.

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