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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
(256) 772-8860
(256) 772-0628
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K. Smith - 11 m 33 s ago


I am utterly disgusted at the level of professionalism displayed by LG. I purchased a Bluetooth headset and experienced problems with the product. In my opinion, it was easier giving birth to my child than filing a repair request. I can't comprehend how a multibillion dollar company continues to thrive when they lack empathy and STEAL hard earned dollars from customers. THIS IS THE LAST LG PURCHASE FOR ME!

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Aaron Higginson - 8 d 4 h ago

I was told 2 months ago that my lg tv was going to get repaired through warrenty to wait 2 months to finally be told its a courtesy repair and you can not find a repair man in my area. I owned this tv for 1 year and a month and it broke. This is product is crap. The customer service is worse.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Hello my name is Nausear Brown. I have been dealing with lg since July 2 after complaining about a service that was not resolved by one of there Technicians ;they proved, since June 6 2018. No one in my area wants to deal with Lg. This is what I have been told by every single Technician in my surrounding area. I told my husband that I was going to start a petition online, not to buy LG products.

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Rebecca - 1 d ago

I'm having same problem. Refrigerator not even 2 years old & compressor died. No one will work on it. Service technicians say it's junk and LG doesn't pay them for their work.

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California customer - 1 d 37 s ago


I have had the same experience with my refrigerator as many who have commented. It has been out for the "seal system" since November. The compressor has been changed twice in the 3 1/2 years I've had the fridge and recently they have had a local appliance company try a number of things and the tech at Lake Appliancr says this fridge is non repairable. I feel like I get nowhere with LG. The calls were always toured overseas, I got US Executive Services number and have been working with them the past few months but now they are routing those calls overseas again. They were not going to route my call until I finally demanded a manager and they transferred me to Executive services. I just got off the phone with them and to be honest I think most of them could care less, And now they want the local appliance company to come back out and call them while he's here. It's just such a runaround and I have done nothing but Chase and Chase them. This is the worst refrigerator and the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life and I will never and now they want the local appliance company to come back out and call them while he's here. It's just such a runaround and I have done nothing but Chase and Chase them. This is the worst refrigerator and the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life and I will never buy an LG product again.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I have a LG refrigerator purchased 2 years ago. Model LMXS30776D. See # 602KRHX03969. It has been diagnosed with a bad Seal System. This was diagnosed on 7/7/2018 and called in to you service department. Case #CNN(hidden)18. I was suppose to get a decision back from your company in 3 business days regarding repair or replacement. I am getting absolutely nowhere with your company. I have called several times. This is the worst customer experience I have ever had and we have been without the refrigerator for over 10 days. Somebody needs to take responsibility for this problem and get back to me with a decision. My phone #. (hidden). This needs to be escalated. We next step is Attorney General and an Attorney. This was a top of the line refrigerator. We have all LG products in our home.

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Linda D. Garland - 2 d 8 h ago


We have the same EXACT issue with our LG refrigerator! The seal simply does not work on both the freezer and refrigerator zones of our unit. AWFUL!!!! I plan to raise hell about this poorly manufactured product!

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Sima Feldsher - 5 d 5 h ago


Did Mr. S Kim ever answer the call?

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John long - 5 d 10 h ago


I called the lg repair guy diagnosed The oven needed a wire harness he order the part wrong part it took them 4 week to figure out the part number and get him back to fix what. A terrible. Company was Told I would get a discount on the labor and called after the repair the. Corporate Office said there is no discount what terrible company I will not ever buy. Lg I am telling everybody do not buy lg service is terrible I bought 5 appliances from lg. . My neighbor. Just went out and bought. Ge .lg you need to get your shit. Together For a billion dollar that is unacceptable

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Bill in California - 7 d ago


We purchased French door refrigerator 2 months ago, we have had 5 service calls so far and the refigerator is still not working. All calls for customer service are directed to the Philippines and you are unable to talk to a supervisor. This will be the 6th service call, LG just does not get it, their refrigerators I would not recommend. My next call will be to the tv station in L.A. to see if they can help and if not we will join the numerous class action lawsuits.

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Marie Mota - 7 d 16 h ago


Your portable air conditioners are a total ripe off!! The hose will not connect! Good thing I learned this quickly and will be taking your piece of junk unit right back to Home Depot tomorrow! Why not change your name to LB? For making our lives BAD by selling pieces of junk!

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Anonymous - 8 d 23 h ago


Absolute rope a dope from LG ! 3 1/2 year old $2,600.00 refrigerator won't cool below room temperature. Spent hours on the phone with customer service in Malaysia, they want a credit card number to hold open like a bar tab for repairs, for a part that is under warranty. Yaaaa ! let me just give all my personal information to some one in Malaysia to pay for something under warranty that I haven't even received yet. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with, never again will there be an LG product in my home. Need to have a negative star rating choice, no stars is way to generous.

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Pissed off in MASS. - 8 d ago


Bought an LG refrig from Home Depot 18 months ago first MISTAKE!!! Now this big white boat anchor is sitting in my kitchen takeing up space. After many many calls to so called customer service (JOKE) shop I am getting nothing but a big line of BULLSHIT from these unqualified rent a wreck dopes. It's no wonder that any reputable service ompany wont touch this crap. Not sure how it's even legal to swindle people out of their hard earned money by selling such crap, these people should all be in jail. If this were made in AMERICA I dought I would be writing this review. ANYONE NEED A WHITE BOX!!

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Brian Vornhagen - 8 d 1 h ago


LG has refused to have somebody from their upper management call me for the last 11 days. I have a defective refrigerator and I want it replaced and I also want to be reimbursed $100 for my service repairman diagnosing your problem. I did what I was told and now you are refusing to reimburse me. This is unacceptable. Your products and customer service are horrible. I have been and will continue to bash your company on social media until someone from your upper management calls. I have already made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and LG hasn't responded to that complaint either!

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Virgil Walker Upset!!!!! - 8 d 3 h ago


Purchased this TV on May 15, 2015 and extended warranty with Walmart that went out on May 15, 2018. Walmart said that the Manufacturer should stand behind the product because they could not because the warranty had expired over a month ago. After contacting you all, the decision was made to not extend any goodwill toward a repair or replacement. My case # is CNN(hidden)67. I must tell you I am very disappointed that I can purchase a television that inherently has a 3 year shelf life. Your product is not worthy of loyalty, and your standing behind the products do not correlate with what the consumer spends to obtain a decent product. In my case, I spent $348 for the TV and $38 for a 3 year service plan that became a wash!

I would like a prorated refund back because a product of this magnitude must be more reliable and/or a repair at your cost, and/or a comparable replacement. I went onto The Better Business Bureau website and observed that other similar complaints are there. Please call me at (hidden) to allow a concession for repair or replacement. Very upset!!! Not fair!!!

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N. Kelly - 8 d 4 h ago


I've had the same frustrating experience with LG customer service as the rest of the folks whose messages I see below. My french door LG refrigerator (5 years old with an alleged 10-year compressor warranty) has stopped cooling. None of LG's "authorized repair" centers in the area will even come to my town to take a look--I live in a very populated area not far from Washington DC, so I'm not in the middle of nowhere. A dozen calls to customer service have proved fruitless. I will not be buying LG again. Ever.

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Brian - 10 d 48 s ago


The washer will not start with no error code indication. It had been going on for several weeks, unplugging the washer helped at first, but then nothing seemed to work. We initially reported the problem on 4/17. The tech came out on 5/5 to service the washer but needed door latch switch, new control panel and other parts. Parts finally arrived on 6/27, the tech came out on 7/5 to service the washer but could not fix.

We have been given three different case numbers and still the washer does not work. The tech stated he could not repair the unit.

Case # CNN(hidden)30, RNN(hidden)84, and CNN(hidden)34.

We initially purchased the unit from Home Depot, they will not help either.

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Brian - 9 d ago


Update...received an email from LG service center. Instead of continuing with their preferred contractor, they switched to another company. Now we have to start the process all over again...more tech visits, waiting for more parts to arrive and more trips to the laundromat...we will start writing the BBB, State Attorney General, and everyone else who could possibly help.

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SriK - 9 d 29 s ago


I recently started getting boot loop issue with my LG Nexus 5 phone. I found from local phone technician it cannot be fixed and LG already has a boot loop issue case for various models. I contacted and filed a issue ticket with LG and I was told initially by a technician that this issue will be fixed by LG free of cost. Today when I provided my Phone IMEI number, they changed their stands mentioning this issue will be fixed for free and they charge for it. Another technician specialist mentioned my phone is obsolete and they do not support anymore.

I at least have 4 LG devices including my TV, now I am very frustrated by the support and fixing the issue.

I am expecting LG Management to address this issue and better serve the customer for their faulty product (smartphone motherboard). I am planning to take my issue to next level if the management is not willing to fix the issue free of cost.

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Kurt Massey - 10 d 4 h ago

Friday June 29th , 2018

Agent customer service alias - Zack

Around the hour of 10:30 - 11 am

Called me a liar multiple times

Accused me of lying about a very simple situation

Refused to give me quality customer service and handle situation in a professional manner

Made me wait on hold for over 1 hour to speak to a manager (see attachment)

Speaking over me in a condescending tone

And told me LG doesn't care how many devices I have or what I buy and reiterated that I was a liar over 10 times. I want to know why is the behavior being alowed at LG! The customer service quality is so horrible in 2018

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


It's sad to hear the same complaint about a broken lg fridge and the nightmare of getting it fixed! Hours and hours on the phone, over a week without a fridge, and customer service that is horrible! I bought all lg appliances for my kitchen trusting I was getting a good dependable product. When I finally got someone who agreed to submit $100 for good reimbursement I laughed. It doesn't even come close to what was lost in my freezer. What I nightmare!! Not only am I not wanting to buy lg again, but I'm ready to replace every lg item I have.

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Lawsuit Time - 14 d 18 h ago

Same problem here. Already gone to BBB. Sounds to me like its time to talk to my lawyer... Anyone else that wants to help make a case against this company can contact me. (hidden).

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Tiffany Colquitt - 14 d 18 h ago


My 3yr old was severely burnded by my lg phone while charging. Lg isnt concerned and im told to wait 24 to 48 business DAYS! Yes i said days not hours. Horrible customer service. And im looking into a lawyer as well. Please contact me (hidden)

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

Hi I'm having problems with an LG portable ac that I bought May 4th of 2018 but it's refurbished. On the owners manual it has refurbished for warranty service, but I'm not getting any help. I haven't had them for not even two months and one broke down the other is making noise please help.

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Unhappy LG Customer - 12 d ago


LG French Door Refrig. Model LFXC24726 bought Feb week we are getting our FOURTH compressor for this unit. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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