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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
(256) 772-8860
(256) 772-0628
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ccairns - 52 d ago


PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL IF YOU OWN AN LG REFRIGERATOR THAT COMPLETELY DIED WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR AND UNDER WARRANTY! I am looking into filing a class-action lawsuit against LG but I'd need to know if there are at least 50+ other customers whose $2,300+ LG refrigerator also broke. Did you lose food? Did LG not respond, or keep you waiting 2+ weeks for a repair or replacement? Did they tell you there are NO LG technicians in your area that are certified to work on a sealed system? Did you incur additional costs buying prepared foods from local eateries for your household because you had no access to chilled foods and condiments due to a broken refrigerator? EMail me at (hidden)

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Horrible! - 52 d ago


Hello! We have one 17 months after purchase also contemplating hiring an attorney because LG has NOT been helpful! Your email was hidden - probably by the website.

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Friend - 28 d 18 h ago


Hi Horrible! I'm doing research regarding this as this is a deeper issue than what is being discussed. I just placed several comments here that I hope will help everyone. I have a client that has this very issue; I'm dealing with LG on settlement currently. Please look at my other comments. I you have an email address, please if you feel okay to do so, please leave it here as I'm compiling for my records about this LG issue. Thanks. :)

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FrieFrie - 25 d ago


please email me at (hidden)

thank you

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Anonymous - 16 d ago


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Jack Hammer - 15 d 18 h ago


Yes. Mine has failed 3 times in last six weeks with zero support from LG. Everytime I call I get the same answer, searching for a qualified tech in my area. LG won't stand behind their own product or warranty. They need to be held accountable.

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Anonymous - 12 d 45 s ago

Dean F and Rosalie M Olsen


Flagged for review. 
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Holsonbake - 11 d ago


My email is:


I have contacted a correspondent for good morning America about this issue. I believe it is nationwide. And I believe the problem stems from LG not taking care of business.

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Anonymous - 10 d 37 s ago


I have a 10 month old refrigerator that compressor went out. No help still waiting on over two weeks. They are the worst customer service they need to go out of business! I'm going to be contacting an attorney. I also had a dishwasher that went out after 4 months.

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Anonymous - 3 d 24 h ago

Who did you contact at Good morning America? I have problems with my LG. Refrigerator broke twice once in July and August and been without a fridge in total 6 weeks. It s disgusting. Any help would be appreciative.

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J Bissett - 9 d 2 h ago

I have a fridge with the cooling issue and getting run around from LG. I will join class action. email is jfbissett at hotmail dot com.

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Anonymous - 16 h 25 m ago


Me too! It's been two months for me!! Let's get there bs!!

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Stacy0825 - 5 d 10 m ago


I am not alone evidently, we spent the greater part of 8 hours on the phone with them, go "disconnected" 7 times, finally got someone who promised us a full refund and 20% off of the new one we had to buy so that we could actually have food in the house. Sounds too good to be true, right? I called this morning to be told it was rejected and let me connect you to executive services...surprise again have been disconnected again...I am so over it. email (hidden)

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Anthony E. - 4 d 17 h ago

This is sickening!, a year and a half ago I purchased a $2400 LG refrigerator. It was delivered and installed and the guys left. Fridge never got cold so I called customer service and after 3mos without a refrigerator LG agreed to replace the unit with a new one. Fast forward to 6/2/18 the replacement died and we are going on 4mos with no refrigerator, over 100hours on the phone with LG and til this day no one has been to my house to at least diagnose. I even tried to get a repair company on my own with my money to fix and every repair company refused to work on LG appliances because they all said the same thing "their products are garbage and don't want to get involved "

And to boot I also paid for extended warranty repairs, so the latest news that I just received was LG states that being that they replaced the refrigerator once , they have fulfilled their obligations!?!?!, am I missing something here?? Something needs to be done here and I'm ready to do something, my email is anthonyesola A T gee mail

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Jim @ Huntsville - 4 d 16 m ago


Continuous problem with refrigerator> Technician has been out 5 times in 3 months without solving the problem. Spoke to LG and they will not address the issue as long as senior technician deems it fixable!

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Harvey Jones - 3 d 22 h ago


Hello, my issue is not with a refrigerator, but a washing machine. I paid over $800 for it and it does not work well at all. Had a service tech in and he knew nothing about the machine and he called the LG service line who gave him some stupid responses. They said we cannot use that washer to wash small rugs, sheets, blankets, or any other light items. It takes twice as long to wash anything and used twice or more water than other washers. It is completely useless to me and LG won't do anything about it. It is only 3 months old. I'd be happy to join your lawsuit is all LG products are included. (hidden).

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Harvey Jones - 3 d 22 h ago

I just placed a response about my washing machine and my email was cut off: It is (hidden). Thanks.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Yes, definitely,

(hidden) thanks

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Deanna Cronk - 3 d ago

So my LG refrigerator after 3 1/2 years the coolant broken it they replace the fan they replace the refrigerator cooling system now they want to replace the freezer coolant system and I am four weeks without a refrigerator so I just got off the phone with the repair service supervisor Milton who is useless and thinks it's OK for people to go for weeks without a refrigerator until your fridge Raiders repaired how ironic is that so LG I hope you close your doors you suck! If anyone from LG is reading this look my information up I am giving it just like you and give me no fucking help with my refrigerator issue!

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Darren - 51 d 17 h ago


2 year old, stopped cooling, email me DB90292 AT gmail with the normal ending

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Anonymous - 45 d 17 h ago

Check out LG Refrigerators Life is not good on Facebook

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BIANCA M TIEPPO - 37 d ago


I just posted to my own FB warning people I am trying to join we need a class action

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RAHMAN Kootivace - 29 d 4 h ago


Please include me too I just want to take them to court (hidden)

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Friend - 28 d 15 h ago


I'm taking your info, Darren. Once I've completed & researched further, I'll send you an email. I hear you.

Take care.

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GDC - 15 d 19 m ago


I'm dealing with them now. 5yr old refrigerator, compressor has a 10yr warranty. having all the same issues mentioned above, they were meant to have sent parts out 8/27, then I called back on 9/4 and they were meant to get a track number 24/48hrs later, its 9/7 and I just called them again.

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Lucia - 6 h ago


Please add me to list dealing with same situation (hidden)

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