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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
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TC161118-2262 (No Longer a Customer) - 14 h 28 m ago


Cont... final statement.. LG CS as of today (month later) have changed my claim date for when I started this case (have added on another 10 - 14 days to resolve), are still stating to me that it is FedEx's fault for not paying for my lost phone [state that I have to call FedEx to request payment], and cannot provide me with a final date that I will either have a replacement phone or just funding to go and buy a new phone. You need to fix your customer service department holistically... they do not know their jobs and or care for their customers. LG.. should stand for Life is Not Good with LG Customer Service.... you have just lost another customer.

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TC161118-2262 (No Longer a Customer) - 14 h 30 m ago


Cont... They don't even take good notes and maintain them in their system accurately so that the next rep who picks up the phone will be able to track the inconsistencies of their reps fumbling my claim. Why should I have to call LG CS and request them to do their jobs, request them to call FedEx and seek payment for my stolen phone, call LG CS and correct them on the date/time line for when each incident took place for my claim. As a customer they have definitely made me feel like my business and loss of time without a working phone in this matter is of NO importance to them or their company. I would not refer anyone to purchase a LG phone or product due to their customer service.

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TC161118-2262 (No Longer a Customer) - 14 h 31 m ago


Cont...Had to pull teeth just to get LG CS to three-way call FedEx to discuss my case, FedEx called out LG CS in stating that they (FedEx) up to this date of 3 weeks now did not even know that LG CS were seeking payment for this stolen/lost phone. Spoke with one LG CS rep who stated to me that I would be receiving an email that would start the process of refunding the cost of the phone in 24 hrs..... this email never came. Called back to LG CS and they state that this rep did not know what she was talking about and that their reps would have never told me a story/promise at this time in the claim time frame. It has been almost a full month now and I still do not have a phone from LG, it is a shame that I have to make the LG CS reps do their job on both ends.

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TC161118-2262 (No Longer a Customer) - 14 h 33 m ago


Another dissatisfied customer... LG's customer service in their tech department are the reason why I will no longer do business or purchase their products. My phone was stolen by FedEx after being repaired by LG, I started a claim with LG CS 2 days afterwards once FedEx could not provide me with a factual time/date that I would receive my phone. I had to call LG CS several times to get them to do their job by calling FedEx to 1). find my phone 2). communicate with FedEx to resolve/stay on top of this case 3). seek payment for my lost phone. Lousy job by LG CS, then every time that I spoke with a LG CS rep I would receive a new story about my claim or that it would take 10 - 14 days to receive a replacement phone or that they should receive payment by FedEx for the lost phone at some future date/time.

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Dissapointed - 1 d 17 h ago


Yes I would be interested in a class action suit. I bought a new unit that has never worked properly and now I am being told to wait on the parts. It's incredibly poor customer service on LG behalf. The HVAC company is doing their best to make it right but I guess their hands are tied.

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Mookie - 17 h ago


I would be interested in a class action suit. I purchased a washing machine 4 months ago and have had nothing put problems. Had the repair man out 4 times already and a LG technician who was rude and didn't do anything but tell me that the machine was fine. This man needs to lose his job and its still isn't fixed . I even paid for an extra 2 yr warranty which was a waste of my money for sure. My machine is defective and LG will not replace it for me. They are the worst company and I suggest that no one ever purchase any of their products.

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Leah Metcalf - 1 d 13 h ago


Dissatisfied with my phone that I bought new. I've been having trouble with and not getting the service that was promised on the warranty. I am going to speak with my attorney about a class action law suit.

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Let's Start a Class Action Law Suit - 125 d 11 h ago


If anyone here is interested in starting a class action law suit against LG and their awful business practices. Please reply here! If enough people respond, I will set up a way for us to communicate.

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Dick - 124 d 11 h ago


I would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit, as I am fed up with trying to get my LG Mini-split A/C repaired or replaced.

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LGUserMini - 113 d 14 h ago


I'm having this same problem as we speak! What system do you have? They've had 2 weeks and have done nothing.

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Dee - 97 d ago


Same here I been without a phone since August 19th and nothing have been done.

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LL - 76 d 11 h ago


Ha - 2 weeks? My numerous cases have been going on for 4 MONTHS! 4 months to fix a lousy AC that never work right. Don't buy anything from LG!

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Congosammy - 58 d 5 h ago

Ditto here w/. My LGmicrowave!

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Anonymous - 123 d 13 h ago

Yes, let's do it.

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Anonymous - 120 d 5 h ago

I am interested.

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Joan - 119 d 17 h ago


Sounds like a good idea, getting no where for the past 2 years, have had trouble since day one, ready to put my washer out on the street, would not even donate it, would not be nice to give this issue to someone else.

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Chris - 119 d 16 h ago


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Diamond - 117 d 20 h ago

I would like to be in they are scamming people when it comes to warranty!

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LL - 76 d 11 h ago

Exactly - you are under warranty and the still won't fix it. Everyone please contact BBB too.

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Randy - 31 d 14 h ago


BBB is a waste of time.

I purchased a new lg dryer 2 years ago from lowes. I recently tried to purchase a new washer

The new ones do not stack on the old ones. Apparently. Lg thinks that I should buy 2 new appliances. I will not purchase another lg appliance if I have 2 buy both new.

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Oooh Noooo - 23 d ago


If stacking is your first problem, then just get ready.

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Truth B Told - 30 d 16 h ago


You have to contact the Federal Trade Commission to get the company off their bum. Fill out a complaint and LG will have to respond.

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MS. Q - 117 d 8 h ago


I'm with you.

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Susan Feldman - 114 d 8 h ago


I have had to have my fridge/freezer repaired more than once. the last time it took 6 visits to figure out the problem and 3 months to get the parts. It has happened again. Now they tell me the parts are not insured (even though I bought a policy and they said that the new parts were under warranty for 2 years). Aside from that, even if I wanted to pay for it, it couldn't be repaired because they no longer make that Model (it is only 6 years old) no do they have any of the necessary parts to fix it. Try to call them, it goes round and round in a circle. I bought the THING from Spencer's in Scottsdale, AZ and I have no problem being as verbal as I can.

Can I rate them at a -50?

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Anonymous - 78 d 12 h ago

no 0

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Pamela - 23 d 24 h ago

Can I say, Never again. But it sounds like Trouble with all products. For sure it is true in my house! We chose because of the hype. So So Sorry we did that. You

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