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S M Kim
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Denise Garza - 11 h 45 m ago


Horrible products I regret ever buying this brand. I purchased a washer and dryer. The washer is all rusted around the area where you bleach. How can this happen? Washing machines use water did LG not consider this. By this I had already purchased a refrigerator. It has not been two years and I have been without a refrigerator due to incompetent employees from Conn's. Between LG and Conn's I wish I had never purchased from either one. Biggest mistake I made. To all people please stay away from appliances from LG and please stay away from purchasing anything at Conn's. In this age there is no more pride in people building good products or pride in how companies treat customers.

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LT - 12 h ago


The worst customer service. They took my money and schedule a time to get my washer fixed. LG personal said the trch will come to your home at 9am and will call you 30 min prior to arrival. None called or showed up. When I called the company they said oh there is a window of 8am-5pm wait. They could not get anyone on the phone to give a status. They provided a number and said they don't pick up but you can call them yourself. I contacted the number 5 times and left 3 messages. Nobody returned my call or showed up for the appointment. I called the company again the connected me to someone else and I had to go over the whole story again. They said you can wait over the weekend to see if someone is going to contact you or reschedule. I asked to reschedule but not with the same service provider. They said the earliest world be Monday please hold for 2 min. After about 20 min the personal said ok we can set up a repair next Friday. I said I'm not in town next Friday they said either we set up on Friday with the other company or can set up with the company that was scheduled to come today. I said I do not want to ware another day. I had to take off from work last min and need to have the service appoinrnte with a company that keeps their appointment or return phone calls. They said sorry those are the only 2 company we work with. Thank LG for charging me Alimi SR $400, waisted my entire day and did not fix my washing machine. Worst customer service EVER.

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Mark - 12 h 20 m ago

My washer will not drain. When I called customer service they gave me a list of three service centers when I looked up all three service centers they only had one star reviews because they were so terrible I used my own appliance repair people that I have used before and they replaced the drain pump I washed another load and nothing happened again no water is draining when I called customer service again they refused to tell me what could possibly be wrong but they kept telling me they would send me to a technician but they never really did finally After 45 minutes on the phone with her I said someone else must have this problem what is the next step then she said it might be a sensor why that conversation took 45 minutes I have no idea the worst customer service ever!!!

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M.Musorofiti - 13 h 37 m ago


I purchased an LG refrigerator 8 months ago and It died. As if that was not enough LG and their inferior customer service lied on several occasions and went as far as telling my husband a repair company should have been to our hime this morning. The repair company explained to us it takes LG 24 hours to even produce a work order. The company gave me the earliest date of 2 weeks. LG's customer service is terrible, and their products are inferior. My next step is the Attorney Generals office and the BBB along with other websites to spare others this horrific ordeal.

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Kim - 1 d 48 s ago


LG offered a rebate visa gift card with four large kitchen appliances through Big Sandy Superstore. I send in the form as well as the requested information and receive a letter six weeks later stating that one of the serial numbers has already been claimed and they would not be paying the rebate gift card. When I try to call, I get no where. This seems like a shady deal and have spending thousands of hard earned money, this incentive was appealing and why I went with LG. Sadly no one there seems to care nor wants to address this situation. Don't offer and advertise things you will not honor.

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John Kaylor - 1 d ago


LG G3 & LG G4

Bought the LG g3 when it came out 4 or 5 years ago, It stopped working, screen went black, got hot. Stopped at a Verizon, had to buy another , G4 was available, bought it, , now it has stopped, same thing. Called LG, said it was under warranty, so we shipped it back, had to buy a flip phone for something to use, It's been 3 weeks, still haven't received it. They will fix it for a charge, it's their software problem, but the consumer has to pay. It has cost us close to $200 for this mishap, LG will not make it right. Heard they are being sued, SIGN ME UP.

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Ean Payne - 1 d 15 h ago


To whom this may concern,

I have recently had the displeasure to experience the customer service side of LG which started with a refrigerator that stopped working. Everything up to this point has fallen on deaf ears. This started on 4-14-17, when I noticed the drinks not being very cold. We went out of town for the weekend and found the refrigerator not cooling properly when returning home Sunday evening. Using the customer service number on the tag I called LG to try and diagnose it through the phone, which is supposed to be a feature of this model. They were unable to help me with my diagnosis and told me to seek a certified LG repair company. Knowing the unit is out of warranty I called around to find someone certified or at least familiar with the product due to the cost of the unit. I had no luck in finding someone. I then called LG back for a recommendation for my area (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham). The lady I spoke with asked if I wanted to buy a warranty and then explained to me, on a recorded conversation, that it would cover any and all repairs for one year. I specifically asked if she was recording and then asked if she was certain it would cover the repairs NO MATTER THE COST. "Yes" was the answer twice. On 4-24-17 I purchased the extended warranty over the phone which was paid in advance of anyone looking at it. We moved forward with the repairs and they contacted a certified LG repair tech in my area, Hopkins Appliance service in Raleigh. After setting up the service she informed me they would call me to set up an appointment. Hopkins called and told me their next appointment available was 5-9-17. I asked if there was anything sooner because I had already thrown away hundreds of dollars in food and was living out of a cooler. She told me I was free to cancel and find someone else. I agreed to wait.. The tech came out and was there only a few minutes and said he had found the problem, he was going to submit the claim and once approved order the part(s). Once approved it was going top take another 3 weeks to receive part and get back on the schedule. Finally the tech arrived to install the part, he said everything was good and working as it should. He told me to give it about 24 hours to let it get to operating tem. 30hrs later there was no change, I called Hopkins back to let them know and they informed me I would have to call LG back and have them set up another work order. After being transferred around and leaving messages that were not returned I started getting concerned. On 6-2-17 I receive an email saying base on the service provider's inspection and recommendation my refrigerator is not repairable due to not being economical and they were cancelling my contract and refunding part of the money back. ??????????? I called immediately and asked who and when did the second diagnosis happen!! I was blown away that the technician told LG that. I called Hopkins and still haven't received an answer because the tech/owner will not talk to me about it. LG informed me the techs second work order said the compressor locked up and it wasn't worth fixing. I asked why, it was about a 3000.00 refrigerator but more importantly the compressor carries a 10 year warranty so why aren't we fixing it. He said he understood my concern and there was nothing else he could do for me. I called back to ask the same question to a different person and she said I would have to find a LG certified tech to come and check it and submit for the compressor. I explained they have already done that and had a written report stating that fact. I'm at my wits end over this and have wasted nearly 3 months trying to resolve this. I wanted to let you know how very disappointed I am with the product and customer service LG provides. To make matters worse every single appliance in my kitchen is all matching LG products, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Even 2 LG TV's which the newest has already stopped working after 3 years. Everyone keeps saying they understand my concern and they're sorry, the fact is unless you unplug your refrigerator for 3 months and live without one you don't understand. I am very upset and don't know where to turn for resolution.

LG model # LFX33975ST



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Tammy Kaufman - 2 d 11 h ago


It is pretty clear that LG doesn't care about consumers. As I read the complaints below...not one is answered and they all have the same theme. I am realizing now that I learned a very costly lesson ($2800 to be exact). And what recourse do I have? None. All we can do is spread the word. Hopefully it will put this company out of business. Mine was a fridge that was one year and two weeks old. Buyers be aware. LG sells crap products and no not stand behind them. Let's put this company out of business. STOP BUYING LG....spread the word.

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Dissatisfied customer - 2 d 12 h ago


My LG dishwasher stopped working. It is still covered by the 5 and 10 year warranty. The service technician contacted LG and the replacement of several electronic control boards was needed according to LG. LG insists that only the main electronic control board is covered. The warranty states "electronic control board" is covered by the warranty. LG insists that only the "main" electronic control board is covered under the warranty and refuses to provide the other two electronic control boards under the warranty. I spent about a half a day with LG customer service discussing their interpretation versus the written terms of the warranty and was unable to get them to explain why all electronic control boards are not covered as indicated in the warranty and was finally told by the manager of customer service that I had no further recourse and the interpretation of the warranty department was final. Further, I was advised by the manager of customer service that customers were not able to speak with the warranty department to obtain clarification from someone with technical expertise. The cost of the electronic control boards that LG insists are my responsibility to purchase make repair of this fine stainless steel (inside and out) dishwasher cost prohibitive and so it will go to the land fill as I must purchase another dishwasher. Aren't our landfills overburdened as it is? I feel LG owes me these parts as all three electronic control boards to be replaced are within warranty terms. The warranty only states that electronic control boards are covered by the parts warranty. LG does not qualify the terms of the written warranty by stating that only the main electronic control board is a covered part. LG verbally qualifies its warranty to mean that only the main electronic control board is covered. I am dissatisfied by the response and by the additional cost I must bear to replace the dishwasher.

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radiwa - 2 d 16 h ago

Since 30 days ago I was sitting watching TV and I realized my LG watch Urbane W200 strap has a problem with one of the holes that hold the band with the watch.

I was looking at the TV a month ago and I found that one of the holes that support the pin of the band on my watch was having problems. Start watch band search on Amazon, Best Buy and other suppliers. Unfortunately in none I could find it since the band of this watch has included the antenna of the same one. Finally a few days ago a friend told me to call LG and that my watch according to what he remembered should be under warranty. When you call for several days, the warranty may have expired. The viacrucis began at that precise moment. Not only have I paid an amount of money for a defective product and a band of very poor quality if I can I can provide photos so that they can see in what condition my watch is and that it is impossible for a maltarto to have broken the hole.

By this means I am asking you to help solve this problem that is as much mine as yours.

Thank you

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Rebecca C. - 2 d 18 h ago


Just so you are aware. The LG V20 phone/charger will catch on fire. My charger is visibly burned, as is the inside of the charging port. They were both smoking when I removed the charger. Thank goodness I was near my phone when it happened. To be perfectly honest I'm exhausted of calling customer service to be told the claim people will call me back and then not get a return call. This is utterly ridiculous, I'm on day 8 of not having a phone that I'm still paying off. I'm half tempted to just send it to the media and let them hook up a new charger just to see what will happen. If nothing else it will spread awareness to anyone thinking about purchasing this phone in the future.

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Kelly - 3 d 6 h ago


Tell me what is the point of sending a Bluetooth back for repair? I obviously need one to drive, do ny the Time you return this. I will have purchased a new one. This is BS!!!! Not to mention this is the 3rd LG HEADSET TO HAVE THE SAME DAMN PROBLEM!!!!

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Lee - 3 d 16 h ago


i purchased a LG LMXC23746 refrigerator on September 4, 2015 was delivered. On June 5, 2017 may husband came downstairs and discovered water all over the floor and the refrigerator was leaking water from the ice bin. When we opened the refrigerator all the ice from ice-maker and bind had melted and dripped; my food was ruined in the deli drawers and the freezer. I called 1-800-243-000 and explained what was going on; i exclaimed "the refrigerator cost us over $3,000 and its only 1.5 yrs old". Rep said ok "i understand" and proceeded to tell me that its not under warranty b/c its a year and half old. I informed her that i don't care, i paid over $3,000 for this thing and it should not be going out! She informed me that i would have to call one of their authorized dealers to come out; i interrupted and ask why does the customer have to call? She says yes, gave me two numbers and informed me that I would have to pay service charge and the labor if it was a part that had coverage past the one year. I call and next day guy comes out; he's playing more with my dog than trying to solve my problem. When he finished looking at refrigerator (about 10min) he said the both evaporators were gone; step valve had to be replaced; compressor; condenser gone; driver gone; EPA Recovery gone; board (EBR78643405) was gone; MPS misc. I was in shock! I told him, "you are rebuilding the refrigerator" and he said yes he was! Charges: Parts $145.00 which LG would pay; Labor $699-799 which I would have to pay; and on top of that $109.95 service call for coming out to tell me I have to pay $800 to him to fixed it!!!! I paid him the $109.95 service fee; he prepared to leave b/c I refused to pay that much and refrigerator is only 1.5 yrs old. He didn't even give me a receipt; he said he only had the one he was writing on. I told him I need a receipt of this and he ask me if i had a copier; i had t make my own copy. So, I called back and demanded to speak to a manager - I was on hold no less than 25 min. before a manager came to the phone. I explained to him what happen and that i do not feel like i should pay for anything and its only 1.5 yrs old. He said well things brake; and i said not when its only 1yr old and you have paid over $3,000 for it! i explained that my husband is sick - just diagnosed and i need to prepare food everyday - 3x's a day. He said he would send a LG tech out - and he did come. The LG tech was so nice and understanding but he informed me that the part needed was back-ordered for 3-weeks OMG!!! He put a rush on it but i know he can only do so much. I am outraged!!! I have sent huge amounts of money and thrown away loads of food b/c i can't preserve it. I have a cheap GE mini freezer in my garage that i have had a long time and that's the only thing that have supported us through this ordeal. its a lot of work: freezing and defrosting and freezing and defrosting during this hot season. I am so done. I writing corporate now, I am writing corporate at Home Depot and Im filing with my state's BBB. This cannot continue - we have to come together and put a stop to this. I PROMISE YOU LG. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU AGAIN. My husband is a pastor and we will use our influence and tell everyone how we have been treated.

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ALEX - 3 d 19 h ago



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No more L.G. Products - 4 d 8 h ago


It's quite obvious that LG's QUALITY Is not a priority!!!!!!!!! Apparently your product design group is very incompetent, your customer support department doesn't understand how to service customer complaints, your upper Management staff is incapable of putting qualified and responsible people in these areas. One thing you do have are Sales people that can sell. However, this will only last for so long before your inferior products catch up with you.

My problem has to do with your disastrous refrigerators. When I have to spend more than 50% of the cost of the product to fix the refrigerator that was purchased less than (3) years ago with no guarantee that this will correct the problem, it becomes quite obvious that your product is headed for the SCRAP YARD.

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Anonymas - 4 d 14 h ago


I'm so dissatisfied with a so called "stainless steel" stove, which is rusting . I have called numerous times, spoke to the executive service department , they stated the rust was caused because I used a "used cloth" to clean the stove. That is outrageous. I previously owned a stainless steel stove by GE, which was more economical than the LG stove , and it didn't rust. I will never buy an LG product . LG is not taking responsibility for their unsatisfactory products and offer no resolve to their customers.

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worst prodect and customer service ever!!! - 4 d 19 h ago


If I knew then what I know now I would have never ever purchased a refrigerator from this company!!! long story short refrigerator stopped working all together, they keep sending out different repair men because they are not happy with the amount it costs to repair their piece of shit product. This started in May now we are in mid June and still no refrigerator and in the mean time I have to be patient until this multi million dollar company takes their sweet time to fix their garbage product? unacceptable !!!!!! Go fuck yourself LG !!!!

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clover kelly - 5 d 22 h ago


I purchase LG refrigerator and have been out of a frigerator for the pass 6 weeks. LG has given me 3 seperate service center that all refuse to fix my refrigerator. The service center all told me they didn't know how to put in a compresser on my refrigerator. LG also told me they do not honor there costumer lost of food due to there product not working. Which i think is very bad for an establish company as LG to refuse to live up to it's name. I'M still out of a refrigerater and LG can not get me a value servic center to put in a compresor in my refrigerator. Its ashame LG assign me a 4 service center and still can't get my problem solved. I had Samsun before and there service was excellent. Iwould never recommend any one to buy LG THERE SERVICE SUCKS. 6/19/2017

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Nathaniel L. Singleton - 5 d 13 h ago


Dear Headquarters,

This is one of your customers and I would like to contact you about the new update for the lg g stylo 2, I really like what you guys did with the notifications wall and home page and mostly everything! But there is just one simple promblem you see, what the hell did y'all do to the emojis. We had the fun little round face emoji and nos we have the tragedy which is these little fucking gumdrop emojis. I was so very upset and I was looking for our old emojis for about a hour, please I'm begginv you to give us back our old emojis instead of these cheap looking emoticons! P.S: who ever thought to change the emojis for no reason need to get fired.

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Bill E - 6 d 16 h ago

Mr. Kim, you probably know this but your products and customer service are one of the worst in the appliance industry. I spent a significant amount of money on one of your refrigerators Model LFX 25992 ST. In addition, I've wasted many hours trying to get it repaired under warranty. Not to mention the cost of replacement food.

The latest issue is the compressor,(still under warranty) that needs to be replaced. Your service line put it on me to find an authorized dealer to the repairs. I've reached out to 5, some don't answer their phone at all. Others are closed on weekends.

All your service desk can do is tell me to sign up for an extended warranty.

Your company shows a complete lack of concern for the customer. The end result that you will never see is that I will never buy another LG product.

I called your office and no one answered the phone and there was no voicemail.

If you care to help I can be reached at (hidden); the name is Bill Errico.

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Jeanette - 7 d 19 h ago


I can't believe I am having the same issue as those listed below. I purchased an oven in January. It never cooked right. It is like it doesn't heat up enough. I adjusted the temperature up 25 degrees, but it made no difference. I don't bake a lot, so it was trial and error for the first 5 months. I finally called May 28 to find out about service. They told me I did need service, but they couldn't see a calendar past May 31. I needed a Friday afternoon appointment, so I was told to call back May 31, which I did. The operator wrote down June 2, 9, & 16 and said I would receive an email confirmation for service one of those dates. I hadn't heard anything by June 13, so I called again and was told the operator had closed out the ticket, which was why it wasn't ever processed. He told me he would escalate the request and I would hear a call by Wednesday, which I didn't. I called Wednesday night and was told they had 48 hours, so I would hear Thursday. I didn't. I called Thursday night and asked for a supervisor. They were gone for the day. I left a detailed message saying that I was at one phone number from 7 - 11, specifically stating Pacific Standard Time, and from 12 on at another number. The supervisor called at 6:16 and said service had been set for TUESDAY in the morning (not Fridays in the afternoon!!) Do they not comprehend the request? Do they not stand by their products?? I bought four LG appliances. Three of them work beautifully. I would have been one of their champion customers, highly recommending them. But this issue tells me that there is no support or desire to do more than lip service. I can't believe a company would treat customers this way and stay in business! How disappointing! And their company is called "Life's good"????

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MIA - 8 d ago


I am extremely dissatisfied with your products. I have spent thousands of dollars on new appliances and have had issues in the first 5-6 months. I have called to get a repair appointment and have been stood up twice. When I call back they give me the run around and say they cannot find anything. You can rest assured that I will never purchase one of your products again.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Dear headquarters, I bought a LG dryer from Lowes August 6 2016 which has been broken since last Saturday the 10th of June. I have called over 12 times to get service but have gotten no response. At this time my dryer is broken and I don't have a service call scheduled by LG. This is a deplorable act of inability to back the product. I will never ever buy an LG product or purchase an LG electronic product from any vendor. I am hoping LG will take this matter seriously and service and back the product purchased. My phone number is (hidden). I would like to speak with corporate regarding this matter before it goes to the next level. Respectfully, Jay Nies

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Glenn Brawer( - 8 d 7 h ago


I currently have an lg refigerator that was purchased in 2011. The compressor is not working,which is bad enough,but getting a repair part in NM is impossible. I have now been withoUT a refrigerator for 5 days. This is the worst service I have ever encountered for any product that I have owned and a very expensive one at that.

I will never recommend your products to anyone ever again. The level of service certainly does not fit your motto of "LIFE'S GOOD".

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Tom - 9 d 15 h ago


This is incredible. Bought a LG oven and microwave 4.5 years ago and can't buy 2 needed parts, the one part is the cook top surface on the oven as they are longer available according to source given to me by corporate customer service. Nearly $2,000 worth of appliances and such lousy customer service. If their strategy is to force you into another purchase of new products, it's a bad one because no one on this page will go near another LG product. Back to Consumer Reports for me. Ughhhhh...2 of their 4 over-the-range microwaves are recommended. Go figure????

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