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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
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Anonymous - 3 h 39 m ago


I had an LG4 phone for just over a year and it "Bootlooped" according to my Verizon sales rep. She told me these phones started doing this and if she couldn't get it off the LG screen I would have to replace the phone because it couldn't be repaired. In fact, she could not get it off the LG screen so I had to buy another phone. Two weeks later, I went back to the same Verizon store and another sales rep told me that she saw an LG Corp directive that was sent out from the corporate headquarters stating that if any customers had this problem LG would provide assistance for them to replace their phone. I have written two letters to LG and have not received any reply yet. This company's service is terrible and I will never buy another LG product as long as I live.

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Crimson - 15 h 42 m ago


I get a Bluetooth for Christmas have had problem with not hearing the people talk.i have called lg they told me since I do t have a receipt they can not help me.but what is sad it was a Christmas gift.It is sad that lg do t care about the customer they would feather rip them off

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I Purchased a LG Refrigerator 2 years ago, and last week I found water under the Glide N'Serve Drawer, but LG refused to accept responsibility to repair this manufacturing defect. I'm very disappointed in LG and will no longer purchase anymore LG products.

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Matt Bilger - 2 d 20 h ago


Consumer beware do not buy Oled tv same problem as plasm Burn in the screen breaking news logo LG will not stand by product after 6 months Blaming me my fault when they Know it's manufacturing defect not just a defect they know what their selling a suckers warranty. These people, this company needs to go back to business school and learn Some Ethics, mission statement is also bunch of BS, customer service is horrible not a good thing to say about this company. I will never as long as I live by LG product, I will make sure that I tell everyone that I can on social media what a disgraceful, Unethical company they are.

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Gina Jungmann - 3 d ago


I bought a washer and dryer last November and after few months i have notice rusts on my Laundry specially on whites.I was upset,but I have no clue where it was coming from. I also notice that my 6year old grandbaby and my husband had been coughing more often lately.My grandbaby's cough lasted at least 3 weeks at the time.I'm not sure the cause yet why he is coughing more often and lasted that long.Then yesterday as I was about to do laundry,I've notice that there was dirt on the glass door of the washing machine,so I I try to clean it and that's how I discover the rust on the door,so I took a flaslight and found that it was the entire tub that was rusted. I call the Home depot and told me to call Lg instead,but the customer service told me to call today and which I did. When I called,they told me that they have no service people available in my area a to fix my washing machine and that I need to wait 5 to 6 days and someone would contact me.During the entire time of my call I was put on hold numerous time.I then request for a manager but another hold and no manager.I then hang up and after few attempts to speak to a manager I was able to talk to a supervisor name Curtis and was really rude. Claiming that it could be my doing why the rust occur. I was furious and requested to talk to someone above him since he was totally rude dealing with me,but he told me that there was nobody else above him and I need to call again if I wanted to speak to another supervisor. In which I call again,but they would not let me speak to manager or someone who can help my problem about their defective product..Here is the serial number of the stainless machine that rusted # 609VWHJ08057 model number# WM3270CW.

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lynn - 3 d ago


worst customer service i have ever encountered...tortured me with fillipino people who barely speak any kind of english and do not know the products...i spent nearly an hour of my life and STILL have not found anyone to help...i wanted info on my refrig and i guarantee i will NEVER buy an LG product again since this is how they treat their customers

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Bennie Leggett - 3 d ago


LG will not pay me for service i have done for them. I repaired some tvs for them

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Repurchase an LG refrigerator French doors 4 doors and it has been a problem bought it at Best Buy in Chandler with A5 year warranty not to expire until 2020 refrigerator compressor went out going on 3 weeks and Best Buy and LG does not want to honor the warranty nor sent a serviceman to our house talk to Best Buy they said go to hell not a very good way to do business this was with the store director I guess I'm going to have to purchase another refrigerator but it will not be an LG nor a Samsung and while looking at the reviews for those two they do not honor refrigerators stoves dishwashers TVs headphones we have bought all these products for our house I am embarrassed to say that I bought any LG products and recommend to all my friends and everybody that reads this if you buy an LG product it's your fault you have been warned not LG's. Also had to go out and eat and lost all the food that we had in our LG refrigerator. So so sad for the American Consumer after we are helping South Korea where there's conflict with North Korea and I'm and a American Veteran. After checking on Best Buy learn that this has been going on for a number of years with their warranty we as the consumer should have been worn by Best Buy even though we bought the extended warranty that they would not honor it nor LG would honor it they knew this and they took advantage of us and will take advantage of you two. Again you have been warned do not buy LG products South Korea do not honor them for this as an American Veteran I am against South Korea and she'd be destroyed . - 4 d ago

Tommy Buelna from San Tan Valley Arizona

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William Dick - 4 d ago


I went to the local best buy to upgrade my phone.i wanted a g6 the had none and were not expecting any for 2 weeks. Their were none within a 250mile radius of my zipcode.i don't buy electronics on line if my phone dies i will be forced to get a diffrent supplier.

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LG REDLINES - 8 d 19 h ago


LG, Life's Good, NOT AT ALL. TERRIBLE service. Definitely not CUSTOME SERVICE! They refused to service my area. Rep said no LG techs in my area, SUBURBAN OR URBAN. Hard to believe in area with over 100,000,000 residents and serveral major corporate headquarters.


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Anonymous - 8 d ago


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LG not reliable and no service or support! - 5 d ago


Please use every avenue to ensure your voice counts! I as well as a million others have been treated the same or very similar. We must refuse to permit this behavior. They sell products not fit for purpose and they have no business in the US marketplace with this type of non action towards consumers. You must let your voice be heard and notify consumer affairs Washington legislature and retailets. We will boycott retailers who continue to sell their products. Pls let your voice be heard in all avenues available.

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Heather Graham Ratliff - 7 d 3 h ago


We have lived 134 days WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR that is still under warranty from LG. Local service technician says he is NOT GETTING PAID by LG and so he won't come back to complete the job and LG won't replace fridge until he completes the job. LG has been AWFUL, TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE.

This stared in June on 2017 and it is now October of 2017, we have lived 4.5 MONTHS WITH A COLEMAN COOLER IN OUR KITCHEN. I've spent hundreds of dollars on ice, alone. We are filling small claims today.

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No service no sales to consumers In the USA - 5 d ago


Please go to social media and shout loud and clear your complaints you and a million others are sick about how they have been treated. LG and Samsung should not be permitted to sale merchandise that is not fit for it's purpose nor have ample service to repair such appliances. No one else wants to work on them because they are not sufficiently reimbursed and don't want to be associated with the company. Pls make your voice heard all over every avenue to include state representatives consumer affairs social media local networks etc. they can't settle with all of us and stay in business. Make your voice count.

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J chance - 7 d 49 m ago


I have a 3 year old LG refrigerator and the ice maker went out.I call LG to get part # and they direct me to Their parts distribution encompass.They tell me that part is no longer available.I have a 3 year old refrigerator that I can't get a ice maker for.


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Awful LG take you business elsewhere NOT IN USA - 5 d ago


Pls post all over social media we have all felt your pain and do wish to prevent other consumers from this heart ache. Take action against them and we want to go foreatd with ensuring retailers refuse to carry these products. No service no parts and warranties cost consumer thousands to have cooling systems replaced. Pls make your voice heard!

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G - 7 d ago


Poorest customer service I've come across in at least 15 years

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So very very disappointed in LG - 5 d 30 m ago


Post on all social media channels there are a million disappointed and frustrated customers who have purchased their products. You need to be sure other vondumwts here you. Sign all petitions to have retailers quit selling these products. Freedom of speech permits you to use your voice to make them change their practices

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Bob - 6 d 18 h ago


Purchased a brand new $4500 65" OLED TV from LG. The whole TV died within 14 months. LG not only has ignored my warranty repair request, they continue to hide behind a helpdesk of people who can't do anything. DO NOT BUY ANY LG PRODUCTS if you want quality products with reliable warranty service.

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Impose $200 dumping fee for all the disposable junk they sell - 5 d 33 m ago


Pls post lid and clear to social media and we must demand retailers quit selling their products. It does no good to complain on this site use social media and twitter Facebook etc. millions so frustrated with LG and Samsung too. Post all your complaints on social media and refuse to accept this companies product without proper support

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HORRIBLE - 6 d ago


HORRIBLE! The LG Stylo 2 Plus, is experiencing dropped calls and they know this. They just came out with a 3, so guess what 2 is acting up. They told me to send my phone, and they will fix it. Bit who knows if they can. The kicker is I will not have a phone while they have mines. Are you freaking kidding me. HORRIBLE I will be going to social media as well.

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Terrible terrible company terrible support or compassion for consumers! - 5 d ago


Pls do go to social media this company has no ethics and does not assist in repair won't even schedule repairs no service available. Pls shout gar and wide because there are a million disappointed consumers that stand with you. You have mine and many others support!

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Connie - 6 d ago

We have an LG dryer that failed at 6 months. 9/22/17. It still is not repaired. The rubber belt and felt gasket broke. After they were replaced it malfunctioned within 5 minutes. The repairman discovered that the drum on this new dryer is "warped". LG is non-responsive about the new drum that was ordered and Lowe's will not stand behind the product they sold.

Disgusted! When LG is contacted the " customer service" people are elusive, obfuscatory and rude

Never again!

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Horrible horrible Lg service and ZERO service or techs available - 5 d ago


We all need to do what ever necessary to force LG to help these consumers or lose their right to sell these products in the U.S. This behavior should be criminal. Pls join us and lets get this manufacturer required to comply with proving a quality product that will hold up and can be serviced. If LG won't listen to us I believe the retailers will listen and quit carrying these products. The box stores have all but told me to completely stay away from their products because they don't provide service or warranty. We need to come together and take action to ensure they don't do business here with those ethics.

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Ken evans - 5 d ago


Have lg refs.that cost 2700. Ex. Warranty just expired. The freon is low and it will not cool.This is the third service call on product. Lg is terrible and i will never buy anotherlproduct made by them.

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LG the worst appliance company - 5 d ago


DONT EVER BUY LG. Poorest service item warranted. Can't get service. Told to call back every few days to see if there is service. Told to pay $1,700 labor to install a warranted part I should say parts. I am telling consumers to stay away period! I have a Cadillac I was sold that won't run and can't be fixed no techs and other authorized Svs wants $1,700 labor to fix warranted part that lg only warrants for another 90 days. I have over $4,500 into this piece of crap and they believe I should pay to repair for another $1,700. All of you the issues began at 3 years this is the third coolant problem and or compressor sealed system issue. All those interested we will be protesting and demanding a remedy for fixing these products or a settlement for all the misleading and false advertisement provided to consumers. It's not okay to keep doing this year after year to consumers who work too hard for their $ to be taken advantage of. Over and over told corporate won't help. This tired consumer will be the fight they don't wish to endure and I won't stop till every retail store refuses to carry their products. Full page ads in all newspapers warning consumers about their awful treatment and I will protest in Washington and legislature to see that this company will not sale merchandise in this manner. This is not a threat. Just as Samsung is going down so will LG. So shameful the way my family and others have been treated. Wonder how much $ we can raise for billboards.

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