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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
(256) 772-8860
(256) 772-0628
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Rick welsh - 1 d 16 h ago


look honestly I have an LG Stylo 3 and it is an amazing piece of equipment I was just wondering if I would get some kind of promotional code or something for making a video about it thank you my name is Rick Welsh at (hidden) thank you and have a great day

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Kevin - 8 h ago

Man. You made my day. I just dealt with the rudest supervisor I have ever felt with. I advise all, no LG! Veto LG ! Life is not going when you own LG.

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Keith S - 9 h 50 m ago


My dryer broke 4 weeks ago. A technician was on site 3 weeks and stated there was no parts diagram and could not determine what part to order. I have had several conversations with customer service, and even spoke to JR, the supervisor. On 02/19, JR told me he contacted the parts department and told me the parts diagram is now available for my model. He also told me on 02/19 that the 2 boards would be pre-ordered and a technician would be at my house this week. Since then, no call, and JR will not take my calls. Extremely dissatisfied, and the customer service rep I spoke to today was rude and condescending. The dryer is 8 months old. Dryer still broke.

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Don B. - 1 d 13 h ago


Horrible customer service. Promised a $400 rebate for purchasing 2 $800 phones and now they are telling me they will not provide me this rebate. Wow I will never purachase another phone from this Vendor.


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Burton Weissman - 1 d 16 h ago


Hello S m Kim I want to alert you to a very upsetting event I had with one of your repair companies. I am taking the time because it reflects on your company. I can be contacted at (hidden). My name is Bert Weissman MD

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago


Good Luck.. no call will ever happen.. This company is a scam. we've all wasted our time and money buying this companies products

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Peter - 2 d 10 h ago


I recently purchased a very nice looking French-door stainless steel refrigerator that we love, except the water dispenser and ice maker does not work. I contacted LG and the customer service person walked me through some troubleshooting that did not fix the issue. He proceeded to tell me they would need to send out a service repair person and I would be contacted the following Monday (I called on a Friday). I waited until Tuesday after work and no phone call so I called and was told it would be 5-7 business days. Needless to say, I am not happy at this point, but I decided to give them until Friday. Well, no call so Saturday morning I initiated another phone call and demanded to talk to a supervisor. Well, as I suspected, nothing came of the call other than being told they were still working on finding a service repair person in my area and it would be another 4 business days before I would hear back. This is totally unacceptable. LG is a worldwide company so I expect they would have service repair people available in all states. If I do not hear back by Friday this week, LG will be shipping me a brand new refrigerator at no cost. I paid over $2000 for this unit and expect all aspects of it to be working. LG, I have read a lot of bad reviews regarding customer service, so I hope you can prove them wrong.

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Anne - 2 d 9 h ago


Good luck, too bad they outsource their customer service. I have been waiting two months for a oven part that still is still not in stock. My stove is basically a year old. :-(

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John Mason - 1 d 16 h ago


Same problem here, and when they finally sent some "Joe Dirt" repair guy out he made it worse and the whole fridge stopped cooling. we lost hundreds of dollars in food. Worst of all they burnt my kitchen floor with a blow torch replacing a part that didn't need to be replaced. Now they keep telling us that the executive office will call us back in 24 hrs...3 weeks later and dozen of call back into this company, now they resort to hanging up on us. we are still out 400 in rotten food and a burnt kitchen floor that we have to replace.

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Lori - 2 d 14 h ago


All LG products are total CRAP. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator that was manufactured by LG. The original unit was purchased from Sears in 2011. After numerous service calls and many heated disputes with Sears Customer Service, the unit was replaced in late June of 2013. Last Friday the unit ceased to cool & freeze. I had to wait for a Sears tech (I knew it was the compressor and could only be repaired by Sears since I had already paid a reputable appliance repair company determine the problem) for 4 days, only to be told that the compressor had to be ordered and will arrive between 7 and 10 business days. There has been a major issue with these compressors and the company knows and and continues to manufacture crap. I was advised by the first technician to NEVER buy an LG or Samsung appliance. These guys know what they are talking about since they deal with such issues every day. The first repair guy said he see 3 bad LG compressors A WEEK, and the Sears guy said the same. Both Sears and LG just want you to get fed up and go out and buy another appliance so they won't have to pay for the part and the labor. No worries. I will never buy another appliance from Sears or another LG product. I hope LG goes down the same tube Sears is in. If I could give a minus 10 star rating for LG I would.

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Deborah - 3 d ago


You have NO IDEA of the FRUSTRATION your company has caused me since NOVEMBER!!!AND I REGISTERED MY LG REFRIGERATOR WITH YOU LAST APRIL!!!!There is NO reason you can not find it! LFXS307968/00 703KRQWoD732 Apparently you sold me a brand new refrigerator...then in A FEW MONTHS! proceeded to have it tell me that I needed 2 new of which you never manufactured. You should be SUED!!!! Since last November (when the refrigerator was only 6 months old) I began the search for the LG Water Filter LT1000P. I ordered it from Factory Outlet Store because they were the ONLY ones I could find that "had" it. I ordered and PAID for it last November and still have not seen it. (I also ordered the Air Filter at the same time because the refrigerator told me I needed that one also.) Factory Outlet Store told me today the Water Filter was not to be found anywhere in the country!!!! I have been dealing with this since NOVEMBER for a refrigerator I bought in APRIL. You GET THIS RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY!!!! I expect an email response TODAY at (hidden).

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George Michnowicz - 3 d 13 h ago


I will never I repeat never buy another LG product again! I purchased 2 LGSJ 8000 televisions 1 60inch 1 65 inch one for my home office one for my show room to display some of the work that I do. Worst picture ever the light bleeding is phenomenally bad along with other issues I'm having with it. Had expertly calibrated for $375 the company that did it as soon as they walked in told me straight up there was basically nothing that they could do for this series of television. Went ahead and had them calibrated professionally anyway thinking that something was better than nothing I was wrong. Where is the television to watch a movie o headed expertly calibrated for $375 the company that did it as soon as they walked in told me straight up there was basically nothing that they could do for this series of television. Went ahead and had them calibrated professionally anyway thinking that something was better than nothing I was wrong. After making several phone calls that were routed to other countries I finally got the number for the US based Corporate office I sent them a video of the problem I was having and also copies of my receipts for how much I paid for these televisions. Got back to me over a week later saying their technical department said The television was working as designed. Working as designed?Then that's the worst design ever.! I have called for and I'm standing by a boycott of everything lg makes.Unless they resolve this issue ASAP. I'm not gonna spend my hard earned money on junk and not be able to return it is even worse.

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Charlotte - 4 d 17 h ago

I am a senior citizen who got really interested in buying Gizmo Pal 2. I'd love to have a wrist phone rather than my flip phone which I can't access easily. A Gizmo wrist phone would be right AT MY WRIST all the times. Alas, Gizmo Pal 2 cannot be programmed to call an emergency. Understandable.Some Kids would be calling 911 as a joke, right? A senior (I hope) wouldn't. So LG, make us seniors an affordable Gizmo Senior with 911 capabilities. Yes, Apple has a lovely wrist phone. But most seniors can't afford one. Not me anyway.

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Life's Garbage- - 5 d 15 h ago


I would like to get in touch with someone that can do something about my problem... I had a LG watch sport that one button was not working and the device would lock up once in a while and I had to Reset it. I took pictures of this before placing it in it original box and shipping it to LG for Warranty repair (A(hidden)) They told me that it is unrepairable and Not Covered under warranty due to water damage. This is unacceptable as I have only used this device as a watch and fitness tracker and it has NEVER been exposed to water in the 9 months I have owned it. But I have had to reset it to factory 7 times since owning it. I had it escalated and still no change, but LG offered to dispose of the device for me.. Note it was working when I sent it in only button and a broken Android which only required resetting. I just paid LG $20 for them to send me my watch back in a plain cardboard box (Not the original I sent it in) with minimal packing. Only to find that my watch is now Completely Dead! I have had it on the charger and it will now do nothing and I find this to be extremely unacceptable, it is one thing to tell me it is not covered under warranty and not fix it but I would expect it to be returned to me in the same condition it was sent to you. I either want my device replaced or I would like a refund for my watch. #LGLife'sGarbage...

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RJ - 9 d 16 h ago


Your customer service is horrible. I purchased an LG washer and it started leaking after a month so Lowes would not replace. I have had 4 technicians come out who could not find the source of the leak, but it leaked all over the floor again last week and this morning. As opposed to replacing, they are sending out another technician, wasting another 4 hours of my time. Is this what you call customer service?

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den - 8 d 10 h ago

This is happening to me with my dishwasher. Same thing can't replace tech must come and fix. It has been a month and it will be at least another week.

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Sue - 8 d 16 h ago


Bought an Appliance package with French door refrigerator, gas range, dishwasher and microwave all in the new black stainless steel. Less than 1 year and the finish is flaking off. We take very good care of our appliances so I know we are not at fault. Have talked to 28 different people between LG and Home Depot. Started in Nov. 2017 and we still do not have a solution to this. They tried to replace the doors but LG had sent the wrong doors. It is February 14, 2018 and we are now using a cooler with ice. Nothing has been done with the other appliances. Calls are not returned.

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George Michnowicz - 9 d 11 h ago


I've been buying LG products for as long as I can remember. In my opinion they were always a good reliable company. Open till now! I purchased 2 SJ 8000 super high definition television's. Worst picture I have ever seen LG yeah I guess life is good when you're selling a crappy product and getting away with it. I called the main US office which I had to look up because all my other calls are routed to India. Sent them a video of my television with the light bleed and all the other issues I'm having and Replied your technician went over the video I sent in their product is working as designed? Well I have to say you have a huge flaw in your design. I will never buy another LG product ever. I can't even get rid of these two pieces of crap I have now. I call for a nationwide boycott of LG

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JOSE RAMOS - 9 d 16 h ago


We purchased an LG washer and dryer on September 2010. On February 8, 2018 our washer started smoking and caught on fire filling my house with smoke I had to call the fire department to put out the fire. Now we don't feel safe with your dryer since your washer bunt. My wife does not want another LG product in our house. I called your service department the same day and they said it was past the warranty and if I wanted a technician out I would have to pay for the visit, I told her don't need a technician the washer is burnt beyond repair. I know parts wear out but not to catch on fire and threaten the safety of my family and home.

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Mary Willis - 10 d 21 h ago


We bought a refrigerator from Home Depot in 2016 it stopped working over a week ago! We bought an extended 5 year warranty so we thought great we can get it fixed! No my husband has been on the phone with LG and Home Depot only to be told the part has to be ordered don't know how long it will take! Mean while All of our food went bad (over 1000.00 dollars worth )!!just to find out they only remburse 300.00 dollars worth of food!! We purchased all LG products for are home with extended warranties! Please if I can help one person from the pain and money expenses that we are going through DON'T BUY LG PRODUCTS! Mary Willis Middletown Delaware

General profile image

Anonymous - 10 d 22 h ago



Hows this for service, our LG refrigerator die days after the warranty ended... Here's the kicker, we called LG to get it fixed and they outsourced it ok fine. But 4 WORK ORDERS LATER AND 1.5 MONTH'S the piece that is needed fix the refrigerator has been ordered and is here at my home and after 4 different work ORDERS no one has fixed our refrigerator. Its been almost 2 MONTH'S why ??? The first was from harris tv and appliance he ordered the part and the day he was supposed to fix it he conveniently broke his leg and a month later lg is still giving us the run around. 4 WORK ORDERS LATER IM CALLING DISCRIMINATION NOW...

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LG SUCKS - 10 d 13 h ago

I purchased a LG Dryer in January 2016. Last week it caught on fire and burned the sheets inside the dryer.

Thank goodness the fire was contained to the dryer and put itself out, or my establishment would have burned down. I have called LG customer service twice and all I get is the run around. A dryer that is two years old shouldn't catch on fire! I have a 10 year old Kenmore that has never done this! My model is DLE3170W. Anybody else have issues with this model? I just got transfered to another customer service agent because the one I was talking to said he didn't know how to help me. REALLY?

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Bryan Meldahl - 10 d 17 h ago


Purchased a pair of HBS-1100 bluetooth headphones and after 1.5 yrs the left side stopped working, LG customer service basically is telling me I'm screwed and to buy another.

I would expect headphones to last longer then 1.5 yrs especially when you spend that much money on what is suppose to be a superior product

Here is the response I received from their Facebook page

Hi there! Now, we understand where you're coming from here and we respect whatever decision you will have on the matter that we got on hand. In the event that you'll need our assistance or if you want to speak with LG, please don't hesitate to message us here anytime. Thank you.

Not exactly what i expect from a company with annual sales of $224 million

General profile image - 11 d 12 m ago


Unreliable and terrible service

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Burned & Learned - 12 d 12 h ago


Never again will I purchase an LG product. Bought a 47" TV 3 years ago and it just stopped a couple months after the service contract I purchased expired. The cost for repair....$300-$500!!!! Bought a new larger TV for $600 and obviously a different brand!

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