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Jason Helvey - 16 h 16 m ago


My 65 inch TV stopped working on 5/15/19. I immediately called LG to inform them of the issue. The representative walked me through some trouble shooting and nothing would turn the tv back on. He asked me when would a good time for the repair people to come and look at the TV and we went Friday 5/18/19 from 5pm-9pm. I work nights and switched my schedule so I could be there when the repair person came to look at the TV. On Friday the repair company called and said it is not their policy to come out and look at the tv first, they were going to order parts and then set up a time for them to come out. I already took off work based on what the LG customer service said and now I have to wait and possibly take another day off depending when the repair would take place. I called LG and told them that the repair company would not come out. LG was no help so we cancelled the first company and LG picked another company and the new company canceled for some reason. Called LG on 5/20/19 and was told I would have to wait another 3-5 business days before someone would contact me and it might take a month to get the TV fixed. The TV I have is 3 months old and I understand that things happen but consumers don't want to spend $800 on a tv that will only work for 3 months and then it takes a month to get it repaired. I have a 10 year old 55 inch Vizio LCD that has never had a problem. I have an Brand new LG side by side Fridge, LG surround sound and my LG G40 cell phone. I have spent a lot of money with LG and don't like the fact when one of your products break this is how its being dealt with. Either get someone to repair my TV this week or send me a replacement for the Broken TV. I feel as a customer when I called your customer service department they tell me they understand but it sound more like a script and the caring part has been thrown out the window. I did talk to a person from the upper supervisor that even told me that she can be just as rude as I was being. When someone is frustrated and cant seem to get anyone to listen then maybe you get frustrated. But to tell me that she can be just as rude as the customer, then that's where customer service ends and the real intent comes out. Is this just a job or does she care to make herself and her brand look good and wow the customer. That didn't happen. This whole experience has not been a pleasant one. Some people don't have the extra money to just go out and buy another TV. It took me 10 years to purchase a new TV and I chose LG. I think I chose poorly.

Jason Helvey


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four weeks waiting on repair - 1 d 7 h ago


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! We are on week four of not having a working refrigerator. WE have had four service calls from a group in Memphis LG (G.S. Lee Inc) sent to repair the refrigerator. It is under warranty. LG told us there was no one else in our area to service the appliance. They have been rude when we finally get them to answer the phone. We called them 17 times today with no answer, LG has given us a different answer every time we call about the matter. It is very unsettling to live without a refrigerator for four weeks. I wish Home Depot would have told us about the poor poor service before we paid high dollar for an LG!! Will NEVER own anything by LG again. Please run don't walk away from any LG refrigerators.

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MDoyle - 1 d 14 h ago

We purchased a French door refrigerator in 06/18. We have had a new ice maker replaced and still after 7 times the same technician comes out to repair and still not working properly. Contacted Spencer's where we bought it and no help. Stay away from Spencer's and LG. Bad.

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J Prince - 2 d ago


I bought a 1100 dollar dishwasher from bestbuy and had it installed. 10 months of use and all of the sudden get a ae code meaning it is leaking. Called lg and they sent a tech out who first said we were not cleaning it right. Did what he said to do and got ae code again. He came out again and said It was leaking on right bottom side of door. He was told by someone at lg to replace door seal he did that still leaking. They told him to replace bottom seal he did that still leaking the told him that a hinge must be bent and I heard him telling them the hinges looked fine b uh t they told him to replace them in case they were sprung. Still leaked. They told him to replace the door and I was there when he was telling them the door wasn't bent and closing good. They said replace it. He did still leaking. The last thing they did was replace the wash arm in case it was blowing out the end against the door. Still leaked. The tech doing this said he could not believe it was still leaking and he could find no reason for it. He gave us a case number and told us to call in and dishwasher would probably be replaced. Someone that has not even seen this dishwasher in technical dept on other end of phone has accused us of damaging the dishwasher maybe letting child climb on it hell monkeys swinging on it. It's only me and the wife and no one else and we dont abuse our home or our appliances now all we are getting is a runaround from the lg representatives and promises someone will call us and no calls. We have even talked to the tech who did the work and he promised us he didn't tell them any thing that would indicate what they are accusing us of. We have even asked to have his supervisor come out with him and go over the dishwasher and inspect it for damage and if there is something show us. Nothing. I am so disgusted. I don't think after this after seeing how sorry the customer service is with lg there will ever be any lg products in my home again. I just bought my second set of washer and dryers, refrigerator, microwave, stove. That will never happen again and I can sure promise a call to the BBB in Alabama. Thank you LG thought you were better than this. Case # TCC(hidden)26

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Evelyn - 7 d 10 h ago


On July 30, 2016, I purchased an LG microwave, french door refrigerator and electric range. The electric range has completely died twice in two + years; I have already paid out $450 for repairs. I've been told there is a serious short in the stove and will be very expensive to repair which means I'll will have paid more for repairs in two years then the $799 I paid for the range to begin with. LG will not repair it because it is now too far our of warranty. I paid out of pocket for the first four service calls; I think LG has an obligation to repair this stove without charge to me. A class action suit is an excellent idea

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Debra - 7 d 12 h ago


I purchased a washer and dryer in January of 2019. At the end of April, the dryer handle broke off where I called Lowe's since I had a extended warranty there. Lowe's informed me that these products were still under the 1 year manufacturer warranty. After sending out a company called "My Appliance Clinic" @(hidden) on 5/3/19 the tech said it was broke and had to order the part. On 5/14/19, I called Lowe's because I had not received any update on when the part would be received and replaced. Lowe's informed me that LG stated that this item was not covered and transferred me directly to LG to discuss. After speaking with an employee and an uncaring supervisor, I was told that the Appliance Clinic stated that I had intentionally damaged the dryer which is completely false. I then called the Appliance Clinic and questioned them and they stated they did not provide LG this information. LG is refusing to stand behind their product that is only 4 months old. I can provide pictures that we reflect that there is not any physical damage.

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Greg Church - 7 d 12 h ago


Purchase an LG French Door Refrigerator on 04/16/2019 along with -dishwasher/ electric range/washer and dryer and microwave, from Home Depot in Sandy Springs, Ga.. All where delivered on 04/30/2019 and right away the problems started:

1.) Would not make ice and error code CO(Control Board would not communicate with display) was displaying on front of Fridge. - Call made to LG and service technician was dispatched on 05/02/2019.. Said he had to replace the ice maker. Ice maker replaced , Was told .."wait for at least 12 hours for ice to start being made". 24 hours later nothing. Code CO showing on display

2.) Call made to LG, technician dispatched 2 days later. Said Ice maker needed to be replaced and "Control Board" as well and he did not have on his truck.. Was told it would be ordered and delivered to my house in about a 4 days.

3.) Technician returned 4 days later and could not get ice maker out. He literally ripped it out of the compartment. He installed new ice maker and it would not work. He said..."I need to change the Control Board" . Now board and ice maker changed, but still nothing working correctly. Later that day new code CF shows on display.

4) Microwave was damaged and I was told it would be replaced. Instead I receive a call that they will replace the door only, which is on BACK Order for 3 weeks.

I'm now back to Home Depot to either replace the products or provide me a refund!!!

I'm done at this point with both companies!!

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John - 25 d 6 h ago


Seems like I'm not the only one having a poor experience with and getting the run around from LG. This has probably been going on for some time. A class action lawsuit is probably the best course of action. I'll do some digging and contact some attorneys. Stuff like this is their bread and butter.

LG, I highly recommend you look into my case, case #CNN(hidden)18.

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Victoria - 15 d 7 h ago


I'd be very interested in what you find out about filing a class action suit as I've had horrible interaction with LG over a 3 month old Microwave.

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Dino - 13 d 13 h ago

I'd join in on that as well!!

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Trey D. - 7 d 16 h ago


Same... they are unbelievably bad. I have never dealt with such a garbage company. I was thinking of buying an LG TV over Sony... that is never happening now... they made my decision on that so easy. A so far, 2 week battle over a dishwasher that the 3rd repairman has said is unfixable and it's under the 1 year warranty. First call out they charged me for the repair, turned out they had the wrong date in their system of purchase, I already proved that point, they are supposed to drop that fee, haven't heard anything about that, nobody calling me back as promised on Monday, the 13th of May, and now almost 3 weeks later trying to call them back again only to get another person in the Philippines who has no idea what's going on.... then be transferred 19 times, rinse and repeat, over and over and over.

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Charles - 8 d 9 h ago


I purchased a portable ac unit 3 months it stopped working lg has sent put 5 different repair companies and they have all said the same thing ( it needs to be replaced the parts are not serviceable ) and yet they still say that they need to send out another repair man I'm so over this company my family is suffering in the heat

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

I got a stove in oct. 2018 .it stop working in may 2019 . They sent a tech. Out and he ordered the parts. The parts they ordered is not what is wrong with it. Remember it is may 1st. Now they say it is going to may the 16th before they can come back. The tech. Was over 2 hours late when i said some to him about it he said that he get paid no matter what .

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Ron - 11 d 19 h ago


LG REFRIGERATOR stopped working in just 3 years. Called on a Friday for customer service and was scheduled for the following Thursday. Got a confirmation call stating someone would be by between 3-6. NEVER SHOWED UP!!!! We call and they say we can put you on schedule for next Tuesday. Two weeks without a refrigerator!!! Customer Service is HORRIBLE, UNRELIABLE, DECEITFUL WILL NEVER BUY LG AGAIN!

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Al K - 12 d 8 h ago


After purchasing a LG 4 door Refrigerator, which we are pleased with. So when I needed a DVD player for my Mac I purchased a LG DVD player. Hooked it up and inserted a DVD. When I went to eject the DVD it would not eject. This prompted me to call LG Teck Support on May 3, 2019. After about one hour on the phone with two separate people, it was determined that the unit was defective and a RGM Meno would be issued with in 48 hours (?). On May 9, 2019 after two additional calls and speaking with 6/7 additional Teck individuals, I still did not have an RGM memo. This morning, May 9th, I responded to an email from Sharon yesterday and after going over all the info I had already provided, she, because I had a commitment and had to hang up, she was going to send me an email with all the info needed to return the product. By 3:30pm and not receiving an email from Sharon I called Amazon, were I had purchased it and within 12 minuets I had an RGM. No run around, knowledgable individual and efficient service. I have packaged up the LG DVD player and tomorrow will purchase an Apple DVD player, which in hind sight I should have done and not have waister over three hours on the phone, talking with so manny poorly trained individuals. al K

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Becky - 12 d 13 h ago


I have always believed in LG and typically choose their products over other manufacturers. Unfortunately, that will not be the case any longer. I have one of their top loading washing machines that I have been having issues with off and on. It would sometimes shake a little and give me a balancing error, of which I would have to go in and move the wet clothes around and restart it. Recently, I have picked up other errors such as not finishing the cycle and giving me an IE error code. The other day, I had just started a load and had my iron sitting on top of it. While taking clothes out of the dryer to hang, the washer shook so violently that it knocked that iron off which fell on my foot. Thankfully, I did not incur any major injury other than a bruise on my left foot. My husband looked up the model number online and noticed that there was a recall on it. The next day on my work break, I called the company and was given another number to call, which I did and they scheduled a tech to come out. The tech that came out was here for quite a while and was on a three way call with LG and his boss. He told me that he has to order all kinds of parts and will have to return with another tech because it is going to be at least a 2 hour job that no one is really going to want to do and that he cannot even guarantee that this will fix the issues. He told me he would email me a copy of the invoice, of which I never did receive. I now have to find time for another block of time where the tech will need a few hours to work on this machine. The soonest I can be here is 5/25, which is a few weeks away. In the meantime, I have no properly working washer and I have a family of four. I decided to contact lg again to see if there is anything else that they could do, like provide a replacement of some kind and they refused. They said that the repair team has to deem it as not repairable first. (the repair tech that they sent out had already told me that there is no guarantee that it will be fixed.) So basically, I need to spend more of my time waiting for yet another tech visit for them to attempt to repair the problems. The reps that I spoke to on the phones were not understanding nor did they show the slightest empathy towards my situation. They were very matter of fact on what Lg will not do as well as a bit confrontational. I find this to be very poor customer service, especially for someone that has a lot of LG products in their home. I am very frustrated and beside myself on how this is being handled.

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Anonymous - 13 d 10 h ago


my LG dishwasher is garbage the customer service I received wish useless I would never buy another LG product I am trying to return this one to Home Depot right now customer service sucks your repair service sucks

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Guerrero - 14 d 11 h ago


I just spent over an hour, was transferred three time and had to tell my issue with or Stainless Steel refrigerator three times only to be told at the very end that it is not covered. This being after having contacted LG through the website, sending pictures, description of our issue, serial number, model number, etc., only to be told that out issue is not covered over 1 year. Our refrigerator 1 year and 2 month ago and it works perfect; the only issue we are having is that the stainless steel doors are rusting. Now please explain to me how stainless steel rusts? So there is no grey area, it is what it is. LG makes a product though does not stand behind it. This isn't a compressor or an ice-maker... this is rust on stainless steel, which does not happen over night. My only fault is not noticing 2 months earlier; though even f I had noticed it earlier, with the absurdly uncaring and unprofessional treatment that I received, I doubt LG would have corrected the issue. COMPLETE GARBAGE!!!

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Tiffany Williams - 15 d 5 h ago

How can I get a resolution to my continuous problem with my refrigerator for months. Can I contact the better business bureau to file a complaint??!? I don't know what else to so

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A Thomas - 17 d 4 h ago


Sent a pair of bluetooth headphones in for repair, they sent them back broken and said that's how they received them, that was a lie, the earbud was not detached or broken just no sound. When I asked for corporates number because they damaged them the representative said she had no access to their number there's no corporate number. Really y'all are a major company that makes millions. They are full of sugar honey ice tea.....Horrible customer service.

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KP716 - 17 d 12 h ago


Our LG fridge is awful! EXTREMELY Unhelpful customer service from LG!! We have had LG fridge before and loved it. However, this one quite working after THREE MONTHS!! The freezer doesn't work. The fridge fluctuates between 34 and 48 degrees which is way over the temperature suggested to be safe by FDA. We are lucky we didn't get sick before we realized it was not cooling properly. We have had 4 different technician visits and it is still not fixed. The last technician filed with LG saying it was un-fixable. He said they should call us within the day. They never called so my husband called the next day. LG told my husband they dropped our case and gave no reason to why this happened. My husband got them to look into it again and the "executive team" got involved. He was told they would call back in two hours. They never did. He had to call again where he sat on hold for an hour and was told AGAIN that it needs to go to this elusive "executive team" and they will get back to us in 24-48 hours with their "decision." We still have not heard back from them. We have been living out of coolers, eating out, missing out on work due to all of these service calls (which is costing us money) all because of a 3-month-old refrigerator that isn't working; LG is doing nothing but making us jump through hoops to get it resolved. I'm incredibly disappointed in LG!! #DontbuyLG

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Marie Rabon - 17 d 15 h ago


LG is the worse company to ever deal with. Product breaks in NO time. I FINALLY got a repair service, LG gave me the APN # mailed parts yet NOW refuses to pay for labor. Do yourself a favor...... do not walk away from an LG product you better run!

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MLovelady - 18 d ago


We purchased this fridge back in August of 2018. It worked for 5 months. The first issue we had was the door-in-door latch broke, so we could no longer close the door to keep cold air in. Nothing duct tape couldnt fix. It took 2 weeks to get that repaired. Shortly after that, we began to notice that things weren't as cold as they used to be. We called LG to get it checked out which took another week. We are told the compressor and 3 other parts of the sealed system had failed. While we waited for parts to arrive, Ice cream was melting, frozen bread was soft, Drinks were luke-warm, and the fridge began to stink. For 2 weeks, we purchased dry-ice every day to keep our food from spoiling. Finally the parts arrived, and were installed and we're good to go. Except we aren't. The fridge is cooling better now but still 10-15 degrees less than its setpoint. The freezer doesnt work at all, and by extension, neither does the ice maker. So ALL of our frozen food spoils and has to be thrown out. Another call to LG, to wait a week to get a technician out and he says it's low on Freon. He fills it up and says everything will be fine in 24 hours. 24 hours later, nothing is fine. We call LG again, ask for a tech, they say they'll set an appointment. A few days later we get a call from the tech company saying they wont be coming out due to an issue with my wife. I call LG about it and they dont know anything about an appointment. I explained to them about the phone call I had received and they said they would schedule an appointment with the tech again. Ok, whatever you say LG. We set a date, the tech comes out, disassembles the entire unit, tests the freon, takes pictures. He says there's a freon leak that he can't find, and the circulating fan isn't working. He tells me he will call LG's tech line and get back to me tomorrow about what happens next. That was monday. I called LG on Friday to find out what was going on because no one had called me. LG says there was no appointment and the tech didn't leave any notes on the account. So I had to explain to LG that a tech DID come out because LG set up the appointment. That doesnt go anywhere, so the call gets escalated. I explain to the next LG rep that I want to know what the status is. Same as before, only this time they remind me that the service company that DID come out, that they don't have any record of, won't come out due to the previous issue that was cited before. Call escalated again. Finally, I get in touch with a nice lady who seems to be competent enough to read notes and is as mortified of the situation as we are. She submits a case to have the unit replaced/refunded. I send in the necessary paperwork and let out a sigh of relief that this might be over. I get an email a few days later from an LG rep asking for the same info that I had already submitted online, so I send it to her anyway. Since she sent me her contact info in the request, I called her a few hours later to verify she received it. It took her about 10 minutes to figure out who I was and what this was about, mind you, she reached out to me. Once we got over that hump, she begins to tell me that my wife had already sent her the info she requested, and that she explained to my wife that they would be sending a tech out to determine the issue with the unit. I think to myself, oh ok, my wife has already handled this I guess. So I call my wife and she's baffled because she has never spoken to this woman and has no idea what I'm talking about. So I call the agent back to confront her about this and she stumbles about claiming to have spoken to someone about this. I asked her if she was even on the right account. So after we verify that this is the right account, I just move past the issue that she straight up lied about a conversation that never took place, and tried to get back to resolving this issue. She again explains that a tech needs to come out to our house. I explained that we just had a tech out last week, why would you be sending out another tech, and what does that have to do with the case that was submitted? She doesnt know anything about the tech coming out, just like the prior agents. So I go through the history with her. She tells me she will reach out to the tech to find out what's going on and will call me back that day. She never calls. I call her multiple times the next day and finally reach her. She doesn't recall telling me she would call back...ok, so whats the deal? Well apparently the tech never called in to LG's support line to declare any issue with unit. Ok, so why didn't they do that? She doesn't know, just that LG's support center has no record of a call made. Ok, But YOU called them today, so what did the tech say? She hadn't called them. I explained that she told me yesterday that she would call them and call me back, she never called me back and obviously she never called them. So she calls them, and finally gets back to me to explain that the tech has ordered parts and are waiting for them to arrive, then they will schedule another repair visit. I told her, no, and asked about the replace/refund case. She proceeds to explain to me that because the tech failed to do what he was supposed to, that the case was denied and further service would be required. That didnt sit well with me, so I asked to speak with her supervisor. She claims she didnt have one and I would need to call back to the main LG customer care line to speak to one. So I call, a man answers, I ask for his supervisor. The lady that he transfers me to is no help, so I ask for her supervisor. I get transffered to the executive services team and again find someone who is as appalled as me. She pledges to contact the previous lady who told me my claim was denied to see what they can work out and try to push the claim through. She tells me she will call me within 24 hours and asked if that was ok. I told her that if she did call me back, it would be the first time anyone at LG has ever done so when they said they would. To futher keep her promise to me, she sends an email saying that I can respond to it with any questions and that it will be a direct line of communication back to her. Perfect. So the next day I wait. And wait, and wait. Its 4pm, and she told me yesterday she leaves at 5, so I'm getting nervous. I email her, and proceed to call the lady that she said she would be speaking with regarding this matter. Once again, this lady is clueless. No one emailed her, no one called her, theres no notes on the account, she doesnt know who she is and has no way to contact her. I explained the situation again and said that surely theres a way to locate someone within your organization. After more digging, she starts reading notes about the very interaction I had the previous day. Thats her, I explained. Then she finds the email, that she claimed she never recieved. She then explains that the Executive Services rep has no authority to make any calls and that the case cannot proceed. Back to the drawing board. I call back to the main customer service line and ask to speak to executive services, I get a rep, go through the entire story again and she tells me theres nothing she can do. Great, let me talk to your supervisor. She tells me there's no supervisors. I asked, you dont answer to someone? She explained that if i wanted to talk to management that they would have to call me and that it would take 2 days. Ok, then they need to call me, I told her. After that, I checked my email to see if the previous agent had responded. She did! She asked me to email her my phone number! WTF?! How was she going to promise to call me back if she doesn't even have my number? Which by the way is how they reference your account, so she would have to have my number. As a last ditch effort, I took someone's advice and called Hone Depot to see if there was anyone they could help resolve this issue. I went through the automated system, selected the options for my issue, the type of appliance, the brand of appliance and what I was needing assistance with. A few moments later I hear "LG, life's good!", the signature greeting when you call LG customer support. Realizing that I had just been transferred to LG, I hung up. When we began looking for a new refrigerator, we spent weeks looking at all the different options in stores, and checking reviews online at multiple different outlets. This model came with high praise from Home Depot's associates and they had equally impressive reviews online, as they did at all the major stores. We've been without a functioning refrigerator for MONTHS. We can't buy groceries and them last more than a couple of days. We finally broke down and bought a chest freezer from Lowe's to combat all the eating out we were doing. As we've been dealing with this issue, we've heard about many complaints regarding LG refrigerators in general. Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed regarding the very problem we are having now. A quick google search about LG fridge problems and theres more terrible reviews than you could read in month and yet as of this post, on Home Depot's website, this unit still holds a 4.6 star rating. That seems at least dishonest if not outright fraudulent. LG emails us every month to remind us that our 1 year warranty is about to expire, asking us to purchase an extended warranty. They want us to spend a few hundred dollars more, on a $3,000 refrigerator that didn't last 6 months, that they have failed to repair in the last 3 months and the best they can do is to "send out a tech". No thanks. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM LG REFRIGERATORS!!! They are a bunch of lying, incompetent, money hungry idiots that will make a million promises and keep none of them. If I could give this fridge ZERO stars or less, I would.

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Lisa Britt - 18 d 9 h ago


On February 2 2019 we sent our LG Microwave in for repair with a LG Certified Technician. It is now May 3 2019 and we still do NOT have an answer on when our LG Microwave will be fixed, returned, repaired or replaced. This Microwave was 11 months old and quit working we paid $800. for this unit new! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG APPLIANCE OR PRODUCT I WILL TELL EVERYONE OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS TO NEVER PURCHASE THESE PRODUCTS!!! I can not stress how unhappy we are with their service! This company does not return phones call, voicemails or emails!

General profile image

Brian - 19 d 11 h ago


I am now over 1 month without my refrigerator working. 2 of the 3 listed service repair companies don't service my zip code. I purchased the unit 5+ years ago and the compressors & evaporators are shot due to a design defect. It seems the gas corrodes those & other parts, i.e. the refrigerant cooling lines. Now we are learning that the rest of the lines in the walls of the unit could be corroded as well. So the cost of repair service, that we have to expend for the repair may, in effect, all go down the drain. So a $3300 refrigerator, lasting only 5.25 years + the cost of the labor, for a possible fix of LG's design defect, is in effect $725/year in ownership cost, excluding operation expense. Way to go LG. You are redefining the definition of a durable good!!. Today we learned it could be another 1 - 2 weeks for this repair to occur, because we are waiting on a "Letter of Authorization". With the 1,000's of defective units out there, its time for a law firm specializing in class action lawsuits to step forward.

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Juliet Ramdeen This morning I went to the bank while waiting on line to ma ... 

Bill S. Petsmart (chewy) just partnered with Bullmastiff Rescuers I ... 

Anonymous So since you suggested they open a corporate office in your ... 

Forever 21
Anonymous I order from forever 21 on may 9th it said it would be 5-7  ... 

Jason Cook One more thing , since when is canned chili dog sauce worth ... 

P F Changs China Bistro Inc
Katie Today a group of 16 ladies had lunch at P.F.Changs in Parkm ... 

The Wendy's Company
Sonja B Just ate the new barbecue sauce and was so disgusted. I wil ... 

Lennox Industries
Pat Nelson An employee of Lennox who retired and has since passed away ... 

MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
Suzanne French Not happy with metro/t Mobil...

Bob's Discount Furniture
Pedro Hi my review There's a new store at Calumet city in ill I c ... 

Old Navy
Jill I agree it's soooo bad you cannot physically shop in that l ... 

Anonymous Walgreen 1200 clinton ave in Irvington nj im going back to  ... 

Former Customer A Human Being will never answer their phone.

Rent a Center
Rebecca The rent a center here in rogersville Joe gibbons and Jorda ... 

TGI Friday's
robin booker Friday sucks.... My and Family had a HOrrible experience on ... 

Belk Incorporated
To Ms. Educated Did you proofread?

Office Depot
Layla I worked for OfficeDepot for over a year as a Print Supervi ... 

Chinaboy Did you buy my Chinese products while you were at Walmart?  ... 

Buffalo Wild Wings
not acceptable MIllie at chapel ridge fort wayneindiana is the most attitu ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Joaquin I bought a total wireless card from Walmart in Indio Califo ...