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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago

Liberty Mutual is a Terrible Insurance, my vehicle was stolen on 4/21/19 and found on 4/24/19 by police. Today is 5/17/19 and the have still not found made a decision if the car is repairable or totalled, My Claim Adjuster:Yvonne Tufford has Dropped the Ball, I've called several times to speak with her, she ignores my calls, but emails me, 30 seconds after hearing my voicemail. I called to speak with Claim Adjuster Manager: Cara Joachimi today on 5/17/19, and left her a message, never got a call back. After calling aforementioned Claim Manager and leaving a message, I get a Call From Liberty Mutual Investigator: Mr. BRIAN DUNN, It was so Coincidental, is what I told him. He commenced the call, Very Belligerent and starts to Fabricate and Fabricate and Fabricate, then after I informed him that, I have emails from Claim Adjuster: Yvonne Tufford, Stating when the car was found, What date...Etc... Me. Brian Dunn Continues to Lie, after I have informed him, of How it should take Liberty Mutual Insurance 1 Month to make Executive Decision, if the car is Repairable or Total. I hope the Corporate office sees this Message. I will be contacting you very soon....

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Alicia Woodson - 29 d 13 h ago


I guess this is the norm for this company and after being a customer for 9 years I finally see the real Liberty Mutual. Everyone I have spoken to is nasty and liars, no one cares about anyone. I have never had a late payment and or caused any major issues and when someone hits me I now have to fight for my life and fight liberty mutual for help with no resolve this is ridiculous.

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H.A. Hatton - 46 d 11 h ago


I love the new commercials with LiMu and Doug. I tell everyone to watch them and I run into the room when I hear the opening music. They are meticulously filmed catching the nuances of the incredible actor who plays Doug, who really gets his role, as well as the absolutely charming Emu. Every sound and turn of the head is brilliant. It must have required patience and multiple takes to produce such artful work. I am hopeful that this series of advertisements will continue with more to come and be so popular that a full length feature film will be in the works soon. More LiMu and Doug! Who needs a Gecko.

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Shauna - 32 d 12 h ago

What an ass you are. Using an animal in this was is abuse!

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Shauna lutz - 32 d 12 h ago

I would never use your company because of how you abuse animals! Plus the Emu commercials are stupid. Your ad agency is ripping you off or someone in your corporation is colluding with the ad agency

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Anonymous - 53 d 3 h ago

Your company needs a new advertising company! The commercials on TV are AWFUL and irritating!

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Donna Jones - 56 d 7 h ago


Your eumu commercials need to stop ! Its wrong to use animals in that manner! And the newest commercial where the emu BANGS HIS HEAD INTO A WINDOW!!!! I personally could see that the animal was stunned to say the least. I am personally making a report to the nearest animal welfare agency, in hopes of shutting these and any further commercials down. Thank you for your time. Donna Jones

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Rtolliver - 56 d 10 h ago


I've been working with a representative by the name of Patricia Penn (hidden)) and this has been the worse experience every! Someone hit MY PARKED car and Patricia has been treating me like the one that crashed a parked car.

I promptly emailed everything needed over. She also called witnesses, however their insurer is saying he didn't do it LOL. Now my phone calls and emails are being ignored by Liberty Mutual (Patricia Penn) She's a Senior Claims Resolution Rep, not sure how that's possible. Very unprofessional. Good luck if you have to deal with these people, go to Geico!

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LINDA GUTIERREZ - 61 d 10 h ago


Worst Customer Service in the industry Told Supervisors will never call back in 24 to 48 hrs. and they don't call back at all Spoke to 5 different CSR's who all gave incorrect information and all said person before them was mistaken. not only that i keep getting hung up on, the reps do not care and are very rude to the point where changing insurance would be the thing to do. i have recordings and i might get in contact with the media since i was basically called an ugly name.

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James Metzger - 82 d 12 h ago


Worst Customer Service in the industry Told Supervisors will call back in 24 to 48 hrs. and they don't call back at all Spoke to 5 different CSR's who all gave incorrect information and all said person before them was mistaken

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Raschel - 63 d 16 h ago


This company is horrible , the claims dept is unprofessional and rude they will do everything not to pay a claim and i guess the managers in claim own this company because you can not get anyone to return calls DO NOT GET COVERAGE HERE

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Camille S - 64 d 13 h ago


Liberty Mutual is the absolute worse for communications! They have an ecommerce problem where they take payments from a past date checking account. Their letters and online info says they are taking auto payments from a checking account that I instructed them to debit. However they debited a checking account that was used only one time years ago when I paid the premium in full. That cost me $75 in penalties from my bank as their error threw my account into an over draft. I have faxed all of the info as instructed per several wasted conversations. Still unresolved and the follow up phone calls never happen. I have now filed a formal complaint with the "Presidential Service Team" as the Customer Service Dept and the Resolution Dept are totally a waste of time. Let's see how long it takes this time with the formal complaint now filed. I started this process 2/26/19 and 4 phone calls later they still have no clue. I have a paper trail for everything they have done wrong with their debits. Next letter is going to be to the Better Business Bureau.

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Bad commercial- suicide - 128 d 4 h ago

My 12 year old granddaughter watched the witnesses protection commercial and said, Grandma no wonder kids commit suicide when they show in a commercial a guy jumping to their death. He jumped off of the bridge, when recognized. REMOVE THIS COMMERCIAL? This one is not funny at all. And if she took it this way so did others!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 69 d 12 h ago

So you have never seen people go swimming? Anytime someone jumps in water they are killing themselves?

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Stanley M. Varon - 74 d 14 h ago


I represent an elderly widow whose claim was rejected improperly. She has been given a runaround. Claim Number is 038060256-01.

I can be reached at (hidden).

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Roger - 69 d 12 h ago

Use more of your advertising budget to fix problems like above

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No name - 74 d 12 h ago

Your recent TV ad with a man jumping off a bridge.....shot? Is extremely offensive and I am surprused you would have an ad like this to get public attention!

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Roger - 69 d 12 h ago

I greed totally!!!

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Anonymous - 69 d 12 h ago

What does that mean?

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Roger - 69 d 12 h ago

All your commercials should be evaluated. Straight up examples of your positive service using real customers would be far more effective. Cancel the fat calf man, EMU ad and any off the wall ads. They don't help. I mute everyone.

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Anthony Russell - 82 d 9 h ago


Your new and latest television spot with the EMU,by far the stupidest commercial on television right now,CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Lisa Rizzo/Houston - 89 d 14 h ago


Poor customer service/care. Lack of professionalism. Communication very bad. I feel they since we had an accident it's even got worse although it never was great! Repeated attempts for local rep to "call" continues to be ignored. Is this their standard business practice? Anyone see commercials about accident forgiveness?

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Alexandre Marra - 107 d 13 h ago


I have a bad esprience with liberty mutual insurance company, I have my car and home insurance with them since 2008 they send me a renew on my home for 2019/20 in the amount of 906.00 , compare with the last year 851.00 .I called then, for a explanio why I have un increase since l never had any claim with them for the past 10 years, the representative, told me let her get a review, that she can help me, she came back which an answer that I have to pay now $2000.00

I am not getting a new insurance since they have

Already my data about the house , size, structure

Square foot, I was frustrated to hear that non sense from such a big company, why she did not review before they send me the renew policy and the bill to pay, if you have to insure your car or home whith liberty mutual insurance Conpany

Think twice, because these representative will rip off you just to have a big commission, please shop around before you call them, to prevent the same surprise, do not trust liberty mutual

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Anonymous - 109 d 6 h ago

My auto insurance increased by $600 without any explanation. Why?

Disgusting treatment.

I am retired and my annual mileage is less than last year.



Insured; Michael Mansel, 14175 Pathway, Truckee, CA 96161

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Loyal Customer for 42 years looking for a new auto insurance provider - 126 d 9 h ago


I have been with Liberty Mutual (Account once Prudential) for over 42 years. Dec 2018 we paid our last premium for the year. Liberty showed the payment received on December 8th and stated it was late and tacked on a 15.00 late fee. We received no notification of fee, no late notice...nothing. On December 18th, Liberty Mutual cancelled our insurance (premium paid in full) with no notice, no phone call...nothing! We received the Cancellation and refund check all in on envelope on (Dec 24th), we had to wait until the 26th to reach Liberty. Liberty Mutual said it was canceled for the 15.00 late fee....NO WAY...would you cancel someone paid in full for 15.00 late fee. I asked if they notified the DMV, they charge a 500.00 penalty for each car...she said "yes", but she would re-instate us with no changes or laps in service if I repaid the refunded amount + the 15.00 fee. She said they would provide a letter that we had no laps in service for DVM. Here is the "Kicker"....we got a letter from Liberty Mutual stating that we earned "good driver" rewards and if we got in an accident our rates would not go up! So we get our 2019 policy and find that Liberty Mutual has raised our rates over 600.00 for the if we had a laps in service....which I have a letter from them stating NO LAPS.....I called and the rep stated that the 600+ increase is a standard increase for the what world do you get a 600+ increase...I told him it was due to being canceled by them in error! He had me on the phone for a long time and kept putting me on hold with the same response....I asked if I could speak with a supervisor....This is funny being that I worked in a call center for over 15 years....he said "we don't have any supervisors here today", I said you joking? Liberty rep said he would have a supervisor call me within 2 hours....I told him I would not hold my breath and gave him my new cell one called.

In the mean time....Liberty Mutual loyal customer of 42 years will begin looking for a new insurance carrier. I've tried contacting their corporate office with no luck.....the machine will tell you "I'm sorry, I don't understand"

Don't understand these money grubbing will let a customer who has been with you for 42 years walk away because you are to lazy to fix your error!

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