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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
Twitter IDs
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Karen Jones - 2 d ago

You currently sponsor Commentator Chris Matthews. Yesterday he uttered anti Semite comments about Bernie Sanders, likening his victory to the Nazi conquering France. I find this extremely offensive, and it reflects on your company's values. I ask that you drop your sponsorship of Chris Matthews.

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Karl - 2 d ago

I agree, Karen. I don't like Bernie Sanders, but it has nothing to do with the fact that he's Jewish. Anti-semitism is disgusting!

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Rick French - 14 d 16 h ago

I would like to know if your coverage would include driving a car, pulling up along side another car and actually hand them a business card, then crashing?

Extremely stupid and irresponsible commercial!

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


I have to first say that I can't believe that people have too much free time. I can't believe the comments about stupid commercials. Who cares really. They have a one star and now I understand why. No one with sense is taking the time to discuss what's important which is their service which is worse than awful. Please be careful and stay focus, I pray that no one has to ever make a claim. Their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY VERY MUCH BELOW STANDARDS. I DROPPED THEM SO FAST AFTER I GOT MY CAR FIX IT WAS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

I am so sick and tired of your extremely stupid, dumb, ignorant, and off-puting , gangreous, gaggi g, commercials that Liberty Mutual keeps smearing the airwaves. I WOULD NEVER get your insurance!

I don't even get them, they are so DUMB!

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John Martin - 28 d 50 s ago

Please who is the brainless employees who thinks up some of the dumbest commercials and you air this annoying stuppity, try getting ride of the stuppity and coming up with a better coast to the consumer

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Joseph R Chapman - 51 d 23 h ago

Hi,my name is joseph chapman and I would like to have my policy looked over for the last 10yrs ,just because my credit wasnt the best I've been charge way over $25,000 which is ridiculous, and out right hurtful,even now I pay like $1400 which was better than $3800 a yr,please look into this like serious matter not a joke my my contact info is cell#(hidden) email (hidden) Thank you very much.

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Anonymous - 77 d ago


Mr Long

As we embark upon this holiday Christmas

I need to say you have not addressed this issue at my home with the policy change for older individuals takes advantage of as it happened to me after the fire in December 2017

I am not happy with well checks because of suicidal tendencies occurring because of how my case was handled. My husband if he were here ..god rest his soul

I know none of this would have happened.

You enjoy raising my insurance rate ...twice since moving back into this nightmare of a enjoy that salary...but you don't deserve it..if you allow this kind of misfortune continues.

I cannot enjoy the house....cabinets falling apart etc... not supposed to be...


Lottie Louise

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H.A. Hatton - 1 y ago


I love the new commercials with LiMu and Doug. I tell everyone to watch them and I run into the room when I hear the opening music. They are meticulously filmed catching the nuances of the incredible actor who plays Doug, who really gets his role, as well as the absolutely charming Emu. Every sound and turn of the head is brilliant. It must have required patience and multiple takes to produce such artful work. I am hopeful that this series of advertisements will continue with more to come and be so popular that a full length feature film will be in the works soon. More LiMu and Doug! Who needs a Gecko.

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Shauna - 1 y ago

What an ass you are. Using an animal in this was is abuse!

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The Fun Grandma Boots - 185 d 17 h ago

Lighten up. The commercials are great and I bet LiMu's trailer is bigger and stocked with the bet bird seed money can buy. Doug's not so much.......

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Anonymous - 278 d 17 h ago

You need to get a life if these offensive ads are the highlight of your day!

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KMJ - 266 d 14 h ago


I CANNOT agree more !!!! I have never written to a corporation to thank them for artful advertising !!! The actor is

an incredible display of timing and movement. I love these commercials !!

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Anonymous - 187 d 19 h ago

You are Nuts!

The ads are ridiculous and offensive.

Just to let you know, the ads are CGI generated. There is no way anyone could get a live Emu to behave like this. Like trying to get an alligator to perform tricks! Good luck with that! The company has a crappy ad agency! Just plane Stupid! You have the Statue of Liberty as your logo, why would you stoop to this low life sort of advertising?

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Anonymous - 187 d 16 h ago

Who's just "plane" stupid?

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Yen Lee - 187 d 22 m ago


Why do you "doubt it was Chinese they were speaking."???

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Anonymous - 89 d 15 h ago

Anyone who likes these lousy dumbass commercials

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Bob Kratzer - 165 d ago


yeah right you f'n trump supporter. quite obvious you don't have a life. die you old bitch!

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Ashley - 162 d ago


Clearly you are targeted audience, the dumbing down of America. You know what, this is so sickingly stupid that I actually doubt you are a real person and just a promotion from the company who tanked 10's of thousands of dollars into this loser campaign. Maybe if Liberty Mutual had better customer and claims service they would do better than a one star rating.

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Anonymous - 89 d 15 h ago

This person is an idiot

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Jeff Bailey - 89 d 16 h ago

Get rid of the dumbass idiotic commercials I used to think of you as an elite insurer now you are just a big freaking joke. Your commercials are irritating

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Anonymous - 132 d 14 h ago

I've never used Liberty mutual and the commercials are a very good reason to never use them. If the commercials are a reflection of the company then the stupidity runs deep!

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Liberty Mutual Holding Co. - 161 d ago


A brain-dead Christian couple from North Dakota adopted a critter from the Marshall islands. The little mud, who physically resembled an aardvark, managed to infect 56 of his neighbors with TB - a disease very common in those happy-go-lucky nature types found in the tropics. Diversity is good for the medical business..................................

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The Fun Grandma Boots - 185 d 17 h ago

Love, love, love LiMu and sidekick Doug! Best commercials on tv right now. Give the writers that raise!

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Bob Kratzer - 165 d ago


Bob Kratzer Are you some old gomer that doesn't have a life? Simply a dumb assed commercial. Bet you wear a MAGA hat you old bitch!

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Anonymous - 161 d 16 h ago

I doubt you are a spring chicken Bob.

Us Trump haters should not be stooping to his cult members level. We're better than that.

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