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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
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Alexandre Marra - 16 d 11 h ago


I have a bad esprience with liberty mutual insurance company, I have my car and home insurance with them since 2008 they send me a renew on my home for 2019/20 in the amount of 906.00 , compare with the last year 851.00 .I called then, for a explanio why I have un increase since l never had any claim with them for the past 10 years, the representative, told me let her get a review, that she can help me, she came back which an answer that I have to pay now $2000.00

I am not getting a new insurance since they have

Already my data about the house , size, structure

Square foot, I was frustrated to hear that non sense from such a big company, why she did not review before they send me the renew policy and the bill to pay, if you have to insure your car or home whith liberty mutual insurance Conpany

Think twice, because these representative will rip off you just to have a big commission, please shop around before you call them, to prevent the same surprise, do not trust liberty mutual

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Anonymous - 18 d 4 h ago

My auto insurance increased by $600 without any explanation. Why?

Disgusting treatment.

I am retired and my annual mileage is less than last year.



Insured; Michael Mansel, 14175 Pathway, Truckee, CA 96161

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Loyal Customer for 42 years looking for a new auto insurance provider - 35 d 7 h ago


I have been with Liberty Mutual (Account once Prudential) for over 42 years. Dec 2018 we paid our last premium for the year. Liberty showed the payment received on December 8th and stated it was late and tacked on a 15.00 late fee. We received no notification of fee, no late notice...nothing. On December 18th, Liberty Mutual cancelled our insurance (premium paid in full) with no notice, no phone call...nothing! We received the Cancellation and refund check all in on envelope on (Dec 24th), we had to wait until the 26th to reach Liberty. Liberty Mutual said it was canceled for the 15.00 late fee....NO WAY...would you cancel someone paid in full for 15.00 late fee. I asked if they notified the DMV, they charge a 500.00 penalty for each car...she said "yes", but she would re-instate us with no changes or laps in service if I repaid the refunded amount + the 15.00 fee. She said they would provide a letter that we had no laps in service for DVM. Here is the "Kicker"....we got a letter from Liberty Mutual stating that we earned "good driver" rewards and if we got in an accident our rates would not go up! So we get our 2019 policy and find that Liberty Mutual has raised our rates over 600.00 for the if we had a laps in service....which I have a letter from them stating NO LAPS.....I called and the rep stated that the 600+ increase is a standard increase for the what world do you get a 600+ increase...I told him it was due to being canceled by them in error! He had me on the phone for a long time and kept putting me on hold with the same response....I asked if I could speak with a supervisor....This is funny being that I worked in a call center for over 15 years....he said "we don't have any supervisors here today", I said you joking? Liberty rep said he would have a supervisor call me within 2 hours....I told him I would not hold my breath and gave him my new cell one called.

In the mean time....Liberty Mutual loyal customer of 42 years will begin looking for a new insurance carrier. I've tried contacting their corporate office with no luck.....the machine will tell you "I'm sorry, I don't understand"

Don't understand these money grubbing will let a customer who has been with you for 42 years walk away because you are to lazy to fix your error!

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Tito - 36 d 5 h ago

Will anyone from Liberty Mutual call me and talk about this situation? I guess not, I made a complaint on here 4 to 5 hours ago, no reply, no text, no phone calls, no email. Is this how Liberty Mutual does business. Why would I get home owners insurance and not have sump pump failure on it. Why didnt I get a policy to inform me what is covered and what is not. Why would you give me a claim number to give to roto rooter. Why wasn't I advised when I called that I didnt have sump pump failure coverage. Dont you think if I knew I didnt have coverage. I would have never called roto rooter. Is this just a way of getting out of paying. I pay you, but now you're looking for way out. Again my name is Tito Duran

This is 3rd complaint going to Liberty Mutual Corporate

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Anonymous - 36 d 7 h ago


The worst customer service experience EVER! It to almost 30 days to finalize a claim from an accident due to the incompetence of Liberty Mutual and I had to pay personally for a rental car for 5 weeks!!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 8 h ago


My name, Tito Duran, Circleville, Oh. Email, (hidden). Have you as my house insurance company. Bought house May 2018. Gieco referenced you. I went with you. 1/12/19, basement floods, I call liberty mutual. They give me a claim #, tell me they work with Stanley Steamer or Serv Pro. I cant teach any one at either place. I call Roto Rooter to help, they say they're on the way. I call liberty and tell them I called roto rooter. They said I can call anyone to do the job and that was fine. Roto rooter comes out. Does an excellent job. 1/14/19, liberty calls says sump pump not covered, they're not going to handle claim. I'm now screwed. #1 I didnt get copy of policy, #2 no one ever contacted me bout policy, #3why would I purchase insurance that didnt cover sump pump, # 4. Why am I paying 1000.00 a year and sump pump failure not covered? I feel like I've been taken. If this is how you work, maybe I did get the wrong insurance company, and I'll make this go viral

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Anonymous - 36 d 11 h ago

I took out home owners insurance with Gieco. They have my auto policy and have done me right. So when I get home owners insurance, they suggested Liberty Mutual. I'm in process of buying my house, Liberty Mutual works with Gieco, it has to be good. So I'm paying about 1000.00 a year for home insurance. I have a flood in basement on 1/12/19. I have a company come out clean it up, after calling Liberty and advising of flood. They suggested Stanley Steemer or Serv pro. They were available, I call Roto Rooter. They come out and do an excellent job. Liberty says you can have anyone of your choice to come out, so I said ok. On 1/14/19 Liberty calls me and says sump pump is not covered on my policy. So now everything is out of my pocket. #1 I didnt receive of my policy, so I dont know what is covered or not. #2 If I would have known sump pump was not covered, I wouldn't have had Liberty as my insurance. #3. Why am I paying 1000.00 a year for? I will be looking for better insurance.

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Bad commercial- suicide - 37 d 3 h ago

My 12 year old granddaughter watched the witnesses protection commercial and said, Grandma no wonder kids commit suicide when they show in a commercial a guy jumping to their death. He jumped off of the bridge, when recognized. REMOVE THIS COMMERCIAL? This one is not funny at all. And if she took it this way so did others!!!!!!

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VJ Hamilton - 87 d 18 h ago


Safeco's Kent Stiles, Nahal Mazandarani, and Vince Paglia, president of Protech Construction defrauded my homeowner's claim. They stole claim monies for the rebuilding of my home, abandoned the project before completion, left me with code violations, tripled property taxes, no back door, and my stove is not connected because there are no shut off valves or connections available. But this is, as the adjusters liked to tell me, a brand new house.

It took 19 days for Safeco to respond to my call when a tree fell on my bedroom in high winds. Then they gave away money to a mortgage company when I didn't and don't have a mortgage.

This fraud has been ongoing since 22 April 2016.

It is now my personal mission to get some laws passed that makes the workings of insurance companies more transparent. Homeowners with claims are at a disadvantage against the adjusters and contractors, whose relationship is confidential. Also, you need to know how the money flows and what contractors must do to get paid. For example, when a contractor submits a Certificate of Occupancy to the insurer, that signals the work is complete and it is payout time. Vince Paglia submitted such a certificate to Kent Stiles when there was no structure or building standing on the site. It is possible Paglia generated the certificate on his own.

This matter is under investigation by the CA Insurance Commission, Contractors State License Board, LA County Fraud, and a police report for theft was filed with the Sheriffs.

Safeco is disreputable and they are brazen in their abuse of the consumer. Join me in putting them out of business. Report them. Make complaints. Let's shut 'em down

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Jason Kidd - 180 d 9 h ago


I have never dealt with such Incompetence. I called with updated information relating to my Checking account. Despite this your Low level Customer Service People messed this up as they attempted to debit a closed account. How is this my problem? Your employees failed to follow instructions, or call me I want an immediate refund of 150.00 Due to an error on your part.

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VJ Hamilton - 87 d 19 h ago


Did you get satisfaction?

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P - 228 d 7 h ago

This is the worst company for communication. My car was totaled by someone insured by liberty mutual and it has been a month, I have sent my title and signed my car over to them and still can not get anyone to answer and email or a phone call on when I will receive my check. Everything time I call I get someone telling me something different and that someone will call me back. I am really over all this and don't understand how an insurance company does not communicate with the person they are working with. This insurance gets a bad review and a thumbs down.

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Anonymous - 228 d 3 h ago

I use to work for Liberty. They are only interested in numbers of customers.

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Anonymos - 172 d 7 h ago


Try Facebook messenger to start. At least someone will call u back. You probably will still find it difficult to get things accomplished.

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VJ Hamilton - 87 d 19 h ago


I put them on blast on Twitter. Didn't matter to them. They responded, but when it got deep, they became silent.

Safeco adjuster Kent Stiles paid out on a claim based on falsified documents. I caught them dead to rights, reported them to the Insurance Commission, and reported the contractor, Protech Construction/Vince Paglia, to the CSLB. Reported also to LA County Fraud and reported theft to Sheriffs.

The contractor tore down my home and replaced it with junk, and then denied having torn the house down in the first place. Kent Stiles played with the narrative until it stated Protech came to repair damages left by some other contactor!

I have contacted Tyler Asher, CEO of Safeco. No response. Wrote Long tonight, but expect no reply from him. It will likely take media exposure of the seemingly widespread discontent with both Safeco and Liberty Mutual to get responses.

Personally, I am on a mission to shut down as many insurance companies as I can. We need laws written to protect consumers from these hamhanded scammers.

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VJ Hamilton - 87 d 19 h ago


Have you reported them to the Insurance Commission? If not, do so immediately. Also, post complaints everywhere. Pissed Consumer is a good place to start.

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Anonymous - 93 d 8 h ago


Way over-played - boy throws wallet in hzrbor... incredibly stupid commercial

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Not A Happy Camper - 120 d 4 h ago


Why isn't there reviews for Liberty Mutual like other companies? Wow, definitely somethings not right. Do not use Liberty Mutual. I recently removed a car from my policy and the rep didnt mention that a new policy had to be started. Therefore they took out $450.00 out of my check to satisfy the old one. Will keep my current policy to avoid paying more money, but will not continue with them next year. When i called to see what they could offer for the mistake, it was pretty much like, "Sorry". Yeah, you are. So upset that their customer service skills are horrible.

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Brett Sorge - 138 d 6 h ago


I called for an auto policy and was quoted $ 726.- for an annual policy to commence on 10/5/2018. I gave them the go ahead and provided my credit card for payment. Then I re dived the insurance cards by email showing 10/6/2018 commencement. I called back the retention and cancellation dept. and explained I needed 10/5. The representative then rewrote the policy and quoted me. $ 1100. I asked for a supervisor, but said none available 24/48 hours. I cancelled the policy and decided then and their that they were grossly incompetent and cancelled the policy

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Understand - 131 d 11 h ago


Don't blame you. They're taking money out 1st week of the month HOLDING it and saying its paid at the end then after 12 pzyments denied i ever paid.i feel ya

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Anonymous - 253 d 10 h ago



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Unble to stop the bleediing with State Farm - 245 d 8 h ago


If you think that Liberty Mutual is bad stay away from State Farm. Their agents, especially in Norco, Ca. are over paid (minimum $55.000 annually) and lazy. One individual all does not know who to contact and all he does is mumble like a child. He does not have any answers and does not know who to contact for answers. What a big cry-a-baby!!! This guy gets paid more than a educated teachers.

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Anonymous - 140 d 10 h ago

yeah, state farm is pretty bad... I used to tell people state farm, usaa, geico and progressive "duke it out" everyday to see who sucks the most... after being on hold for over 15 minutes for David Long only to finally get a recording stating to leave a message I have to lump liberty mutual into "who sucks the most fight"...

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Bruce R. - 170 d 6 h ago


Unfortunately, the no replies with adjusters etc., is very typical. Adjusters and appraisers are working on anywhere from 20 to 50 claims, they get inundated with 10-15 new claims EVERY SINGLE DAY. It just isn't possible for them to always return every single phone call. Especially when all these companies refuse to pay any OT anymore. And it's all a numbers game. here's the deal, if you want good insurance, to be treated well, and get replies, you should not go for the cheapest insurance policy you can get. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to auto insurance. And hey, anyone can sue an insurance company, get a lawyer etc. But you really think your one attorney can fight a whole floor of attorneys?? Been there, done that. You're fighting a losing battle. If you want to be treated better, pay for better insurance. You're going to get treated like crap if you go for the $49.95 a month insurance policy, just my humble opinion.

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Anonymous - 140 d 10 h ago

I have been on hold for Mr. Long for over 14 minutes now... they should stop throwing their money in the harbor and invest in some customer service representatives.

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