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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
Twitter IDs
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Tamarra Kebbeh - 10 d 9 h ago


On 7/31, while proceeding through our alley at reasonable speed, a Liberty Mutual insured driver backed out of her driveway striking our vehicle without warning. That day we contacted Liberty Mutual to initiate the claim. Liberty Mutual accepted responsibility for the accident. Repairs just under $6,000 were ultimately made to our vehicle (2012 Honda Accord). On 8/2, 8/4, 8/7 and 8/23, we sought treatment with a chiropractor for injuries sustained in the accident. The chiropractor advised Liberty Mutual in the paperwork that the thoracic injuries were attributed to the impact of the collision. All necessary medical records and lost wages documentation were provided to Liberty Mutual when medical treatment was completed. On multiple occasions the claims adjuster has requested additional information - in some cases information already provided. This leads us to believe they are stalling to pay for our medical and wage losses. We sent a letter of demand on 9/25/2017, and over 3 months since the incident, they still have not reimbursed us. They haven't even made an offer. The lady handling the claims, Catherine Rensink does not return calls or emails. It will be DAYS, even weeks, before we can make contact with her. Regretfully, we have now elevated this matter to a third party and will continue to do so until this is resolved.

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Roosevelt Collins - 17 d ago


My name is Roosevelt Collins, I have an insurance policy with liberty mutual and I am extremely disappointed in the service I have received in the last week. A payment of 525.00 was withdrawn twice from my account and I have been faced with nothing but lack of concern for the money thats been taken from me. I keep being told that the money can't be refunded to me but its not being credited to my policy either. So, where is it going. I'm being told that if I'm given my money back I'll owe 1000.00 on a policy that I only owe one more month on in the first place. It doesn't make any sense to me. I had never had a problem with the company until now. So I'm really sadden that they won't rectify the issue.

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Tom Sproles - 39 d 12 h ago


On July 4, 2017, one of Liberty Mutual Insurance's customers ran a stop sign right into the path of my daughter who had the complete right of way. The police report agreed that their driver failed to yield. Liberty Mutual somehow determined that their driver was only 80% at fault for the accident, that had my daughter braked sooner and swerved better she could have perhaps lessened the damage. So, they paid only 80% of the claim. This was morally and ethically wrong and yet they can somehow get away with it. I will tell everyone I meet that this company is shady and unethical. $400 is not much money to me but if they do this every day to thousands of drivers it adds up to big bucks. Their $400 savings on me will cost them thousands in bad publicity.

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Benny - 19 d 4 h ago


Wow - Exactly the same song. Some old guy either forgot his meds or just took them and rear-ended my car in a parking lot. Somehow it's 20% my fault because a) I was backing up and b) I didn't take evasive maneuvers. Yeah, they actually said that! The coast was totally clear - no one moving in any direction, so I started to back out and WHAM, it happened in less than a second. He was backed in, facing forward, and gunned his little convertible right into my brand new Mazda 3. It was a bright, clear day, and my car is dark blue. How do you manage to drive straight ahead into a dark blue car directly in front of you? More importantly, how can an insurance company say it's 20% my fault?!? I have talked to their adjusters and their supervisors, and they just won't listen. I tried their "Customer Service" number, and they bounced me to claims! Totally dishonest and incompetent business. I even filed a BBB complaint, which they have continued to ignore. I'm on social security. It will take me a couple months to save the money to pay that 20%. Liberty could take it from petty cash and it wouldn't even be missed. Come on...

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Jenkins - 24 d 6 h ago


Terrible terrible terrible customer care, i`ve been a member with liberty mutual for years and years never once was did I make a late payment or even become a difficult customer to deal with. Last year I had an unavoidable side collision with a lady who had no car insurance and no license at the time of the accident that they deemed to be a rear end collision, okay that`s fine. Then I went to court I was found not at fault and the case was dismissed. This year was the renewal process which meant a higher premium especially since at the time of the accident I was initially ruled at fault. I had tried to contact 4 different people via email and phone with voicemail's left for 2 weeks straight with no contact in return. When I finally did get a call back after contacting corporate it was to inform me that there "expert" "presidential" team had still deemed me at fault although the judge through the case out and deemed me NOT at fault. So apparently the judge has no clue what he is talking about. Its all to keep that high premium rate instead of what`s actually best for the customer or in this case the facts! Now I have an accident under my policy THANKS liberty mutual!

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David Long - 32 d 10 h ago


BAD BAD BAD Company to deal. Dishonesty, false advertisement, withdrawals out of wrong account in automatic with drawls.

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Baton Rouge Office - 48 d 11 h ago


Even giving a 0 is to high, WTH, I got sideswiped, and because they couldn't get the police report I get the boot, didn't call me and ask me to get the report for them! They want you to have insurance but you're A$$ out of luck if someone hit you and they can't get the police report.

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Ms.Delia - 43 d ago

Some states police will not come out for accident Report and no one has died or seriously hurt.go to ur cities or state website.file a report you can print a copy out ,then fax it over a copy and have a incident report number. You will have 2 wait for approval.first by police they will give a report #.

Take a picture of all damages.always keep copies in an envelope in Special place.good luck.

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Victim - 48 d 10 h ago


My House is completely damaged by fire spread from neighbors' house on windy day. Now it's almost 16 months and insurance is forcing us to live in that house by just repairing. Indirectly they send agent to wash cloths so that we can reuse. Now they stopped paying rent and appointed their Attorney to settle the claim by forcing and creating financial pressure.

This is just unethical practice followed by Insurance company and premium of policy almost doubled. Insurance company can pay their agent and lawyer to settle claim but they will never pay to insured the reasonable amount.

Be aware of this company, Liberty Mutual, they are worse than Terrorist because this company is killing me every day.

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Premiums only matter - 88 d 11 h ago


Filed a workcomp claim internally for an auto accident while working and was terminated 3 days later. Liberty's HR stated it was for a bad contractor during a claim. The insured hired the contractor. Sad that a company chooses premium intake over its employees. Good luck

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Christyann duffy - 165 d 3 h ago

Real disappointed in how liberty mutual handles theft claims by passing them off as a fraud claim. Feel free to call me at 412 303 1891 to discuss this matter.

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Grangie13 - 5 y 92 d ago

: @libertymutual donates over $40million per year to various charitable foundations. Proud to be a part of it."

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B Ross - 230 d 7 h ago


@ Grangie13

The only thing those creatures "donate" is the sweat of their balls.

Stop being a FOOL.

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Fixed Income JB - 179 d 7 h ago


Fixed income JB,

Mr. David Long raised my insurance so he CAN give to charity. No SWEAT OFF HIS A$$. Should I give my Acc#number or Policy # ????

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mrherson - 5 y 92 d ago

@libertymutual donates over $40million per year to various charitable foundations. Proud to be a part of it.

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B Ross - 230 d 7 h ago


@ mrherson ,

The only thing those creatures "donate" is the sweat of their balls.

Stop being a FOOL.

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extremely unhappy - 230 d 10 h ago


Can't get through. Just like with their agents.

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Doris Shurelds - 251 d 6 h ago


Wouldn't recommend this company to anyone I know.. They reel you in, and spit you out not affraid to take your money...

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Ron - 257 d 6 h ago

Liberty is blitzing central Florida with its ads. The most offensive and infantile is the one on driving with three wheels which is infantile and after a while sounds like it your policy.

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MylissaANelson - 5 y 91 d ago

@libertymutual You should be ashamed denying Melissa Bartley disability her kids almost died!!! Horrible, will never use your company !!!!

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toppstwisted - 5 y 92 d ago

cracking up at the "I'm Only Human" @libertymutual commercial! I've often wondered how we've made it this far too?

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lisabherring - 5 y 92 d ago

Just talked to the nicest customer service rep @libertymutual! Thanks for making insurance easy & having a super short wait time!

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HeatherHoule - 5 y 92 d ago

@libertymutual sent me a cancelation notice today for no reason and isnt getting back 2 me to fix it hopefully this will get their attention

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HeelFanMemphis - 5 y 92 d ago

@libertymutual Just saved me from overdrawing my account by letting me post-date my pmt. Thank goodness.

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brianwrightAZ - 5 y 92 d ago

Canceled car insurance b/c of 2 rate increases in 1 year. Was auto-debited premium after cancel & only partially refunded @libertymutual WTF

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