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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
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For one of the safest vehicles on the road! You have just officially lost a customer and I will spread all recordings and miss guiding's everywhere and anywhere to everyone who will listen and possibly called the news so that they can also hear your representatives names where they're located and how much time you have cost me. - 13 d ago


I had the most pleasant guidance through a friend, who works in the upper stature of Liberty Mutual when I first signed up. We are now rolling into a few years later. Of which I have now had it up to ^ here with all the lies and wasted (I say days) for the amount of hours spent on the phone with them because they change your policy without notice. I ended up getting a ticket in Oct of 2014. That ticket fell off (or should have Oct of 2017. Well it did but after my new policy was renewed they decided to add it BACK onto, my insurance causing it to double. So here I am paying $223 for full coverage on my RX8 and my Jeep Wrangler 4 door. Well now after no tickets and a clean as a whistle record, my insurance is now $281 with JUST my Jeep. Hmm. So they say I had a ticket in feb this year, nope, the underwriter just added that same ticket back in to my record by accident. So after days and so many calls all recorded the gentleman let's me know it was accidentally put back on in Feb and that I had also received some type of insurance claim from m or another company. Interesting because Iv never received a $5k plus check from anyone. And now he realizes after he makes ME prove I have a clean record (aka going down to the courthouse paying $30 to get a six-year driving record that shows it is clean) And fax it into them. So I do all of these things I am asked prove I am right in every category and that I have been double charged for a good six months if not longer. I record my conversations as they are allowed to record you, that gives you the right to record them. So I finally get everything straight and this young man is supposed to call me back within 45 business days and I of course, never hear back from him. So now I have just spent another three hours on the phone with three different representatives. Because my original representative Ted Martin, is having possibly some issues because he is hardly ever in the office and when he is he never returned a phone call or ask like he gives a darn at all about you now that you are already a client. Well I am very happy and will say to all, always record all phone calls that are recording you and also keep a camera that is a two-way in your car at all times in case you ever get stopped that way you have one facing forward and you can turn the other portion towards the police officer. So I do end up contacting the upper headquarter friend of mine who brought me over here originally for my car insurance, and she blatantly told me I am being scammed by one of her own personal professionals. We also have a recording three months prior of which at the current time my wife was told giving her debit card and charging it as credit would be kept on file, here to find out three months later I get a cancellation notice in the mail nothing before via email or in the mail and that I owe an extra $1400 in order to activate my insurance policy again. All I can say right now, is Mr. Ted Martin, I can understand you being out of the office for months at a time and having maybe some personal problems or issues but taking advantage and or having an educated representatives miss guide and or lie to your clients is bad enough but the fact that you cannot even call, fix this and or act like you care Tells me everyone in the world needs to go everywhere else other than Liberty mutual considering for my jeep Wrangler four-door they want almost $300 A month, I am 37 years old with a clean driving record. I took off my sports car of which was 2/3 of my original $224 policy when I first started and now I am paying more than that or jus A month, I am 37 years old with a clean driving record. I took off my sports car which was 2/3 of my original $224 policy when I first started and now I am paying more than that For one of the safest vehicles on the road! You have just officially lost a customer and I will spread all recordings and miss guiding's everywhere and anywhere to everyone who will listen and possibly called the news so that they can also hear your representatives names where they're located and how much time you have cost me.

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Homeless because of you - 22 d 6 s ago


This company has stolen a lot of money from me and not wanting to give it back to me. All I got was car insurance and then a couple of days later I noticed that all of my money was gone. Because they stole my money. By saying that there was a mishap in the system and stole my money from my account 5 times. This is the worse company in the world. Do not do business with them. They will steal everything from you and not care about it at all. How dare them steal everything from me and now I am about to be homeless, my car is about to be taken from me. They just don't care about anything at all... All I want is my money so I can pay my bills and everything. To be able to know I have a place to stay. Because of them I'm going to be homeless and sleeping out on the streets.

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Christopher Analista - 22 d ago


The person that I have been dealing with no longer wants to answer my calls, text, or even emails. His

name: Christopher Analista.

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pissed off mama - 16 d ago


That happened to me but it was only one extra time that they took the money out of my account however I live week to week and when they took that extra payment out of my account then I current bounced check charges which they expect the bit the check in the ban that happened to me but it was only one extra time that they took the money out of my account however I live week to week and when they took that extra payment out of my account then I current bounced check charges which they expect The bank to cover but it's taking the bank a week to get my bounced check charges back in my account at least I don't know I haven't heard anything it's been four days I'm having to borrow money from friends and family to keep going so when I get the money back I've been have to give it to those friends and family who loaned me money and I still haven't gone back my bounced check charges I'm falling further and further into the hole because they took money out of my account they had no business taking I'm astounded that this is a common practice apparently

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Anonymous - 104 d 1 h ago



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Unble to stop the bleediing with State Farm - 96 d ago


If you think that Liberty Mutual is bad stay away from State Farm. Their agents, especially in Norco, Ca. are over paid (minimum $55.000 annually) and lazy. One individual all does not know who to contact and all he does is mumble like a child. He does not have any answers and does not know who to contact for answers. What a big cry-a-baby!!! This guy gets paid more than a educated teachers.

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Bruce R. - 21 d 20 s ago


Unfortunately, the no replies with adjusters etc., is very typical. Adjusters and appraisers are working on anywhere from 20 to 50 claims, they get inundated with 10-15 new claims EVERY SINGLE DAY. It just isn't possible for them to always return every single phone call. Especially when all these companies refuse to pay any OT anymore. And it's all a numbers game. here's the deal, if you want good insurance, to be treated well, and get replies, you should not go for the cheapest insurance policy you can get. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to auto insurance. And hey, anyone can sue an insurance company, get a lawyer etc. But you really think your one attorney can fight a whole floor of attorneys?? Been there, done that. You're fighting a losing battle. If you want to be treated better, pay for better insurance. You're going to get treated like crap if you go for the $49.95 a month insurance policy, just my humble opinion.

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P - 79 d 22 h ago

This is the worst company for communication. My car was totaled by someone insured by liberty mutual and it has been a month, I have sent my title and signed my car over to them and still can not get anyone to answer and email or a phone call on when I will receive my check. Everything time I call I get someone telling me something different and that someone will call me back. I am really over all this and don't understand how an insurance company does not communicate with the person they are working with. This insurance gets a bad review and a thumbs down.

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Anonymous - 78 d 17 h ago

I use to work for Liberty. They are only interested in numbers of customers.

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Anonymos - 23 d ago


Try Facebook messenger to start. At least someone will call u back. You probably will still find it difficult to get things accomplished.

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Lynn Bright - 81 d 4 h ago


My Granddaughter was recently involved in an accident, not her fault. We are having trouble getting an answer in a timely manner from her representative Megan Domrose. Even when we call customer service they do not follow through with their phone call returns.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


I went through Facebook and someone name Gary got everything moving and I actually was able to talk to a real person not just an answering machine.

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Jeannie Gastelum - 27 d 3 h ago

Your insured backed into my car on private property and denied itsaid neither her or anyone else used her truck. My daughter took pictures and sent them to her adjuster. The adjuster Frank denied our claim. What a shoddy company.

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Jason Kidd - 31 d ago


I have never dealt with such Incompetence. I called with updated information relating to my Checking account. Despite this your Low level Customer Service People messed this up as they attempted to debit a closed account. How is this my problem? Your employees failed to follow instructions, or call me I want an immediate refund of 150.00 Due to an error on your part.

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Rebecca - 141 d 4 h ago


I made a claim after exchanging information with your insured and now I'm getting the run around from your adjusters. I was told my claim would be denied after 30 days by Danielle Vega if your insured doesn't cooperate after they backed into me on private property.

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Anonymous - 36 d 17 h ago


They give you the run around. That's there game deny and delay

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Melissa Whisby - 39 d ago


Sorry but your company and all insurance companies SUCK.We pay out all of this money for insurance every month and when we need it you pull a fast one on us and sorry not covered or cancel for filing a claim. Again your company SUCKS

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Kevin - 44 d ago


Never will do business with them again. Stay out of politics

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JO HAN - 53 d ago



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Marlene Debue - 58 d 4 h ago


I have had Liberty Mutual for forever and am now trying to obtain earthquake insurance for a condo that I own and rent. IT IS TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get the information I need. I am sent all over the place with different people, different names and telephone, with really no concrete information on coverage

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Latanya Payne - 61 d 20 h ago


I bundled my auto insurance with my home owner's insurance. I have yet to receive my refund check for bundling my service. I have been waiting on this refund check since June 13, 2018. I receive different dates as to when the check has been sent out or the check has not be issued or processed at all. This is very disheartening to say the least. Can someone from the corporate office please help me to get my refund check? Thanks.

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Advertising - 63 d 14 h ago

We have found your ad with the husband and wife talking about forgiveness. To be very racist in in context .

You are send the message that black women are very angry .and hold grudges. Which is very Disrespectful

Smooth racism .do you not have any understanding

Of African American stereotypes.

Very disappointed in this ad We will be addressing this on our blog .

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CMASTRO - 69 d 7 h ago


overcharged me for homeowners insurance for the past 14 years -- over DOUBLE what i should have been paying!

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Kristina beckwith - 73 d 4 h ago


I hate this company my car was terribly damaged front fender radiator busted running hot and the claim adjuster admitted that there driver was at fault but will not do a pay out for me saying because of my driver, seriously i will be suing and calling the insurance commission about this here most definitely!!

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Skyley Merrit - 73 d 5 h ago


Your new jingle is horrible, but after reading the reviews below, I hope it turns more people away from your liberal corporation!

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