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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
David Long
President CEO and Director
(617) 357-9500
(617) 350-7648
Twitter IDs
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Brendon vaughn - 20 d 49 s ago

Hands down by far the worst insurance company I've ever had can arm and a leg for full coverage my mother has had this company for 25 years we get a conjoined policy my truck gets vandalized and they tell me they denied my claim because I answered one of the questions wrong I recommend this company to no one thanks a lot liberty mutual

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Roscoe - 34 d 16 h ago

You guys have the worst tv ads of any of your competitors by far! Get a new ad agency. They are terrible.

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H.A. Hatton - 1 y 96 d ago


I love the new commercials with LiMu and Doug. I tell everyone to watch them and I run into the room when I hear the opening music. They are meticulously filmed catching the nuances of the incredible actor who plays Doug, who really gets his role, as well as the absolutely charming Emu. Every sound and turn of the head is brilliant. It must have required patience and multiple takes to produce such artful work. I am hopeful that this series of advertisements will continue with more to come and be so popular that a full length feature film will be in the works soon. More LiMu and Doug! Who needs a Gecko.

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Shauna - 1 y 82 d ago

What an ass you are. Using an animal in this was is abuse!

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The Fun Grandma Boots - 1 y ago

Lighten up. The commercials are great and I bet LiMu's trailer is bigger and stocked with the bet bird seed money can buy. Doug's not so much.......

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

You need to get a life if these offensive ads are the highlight of your day!

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Anonymous - 52 d ago

when you see these stupid ads everyday, all day then it isn't a single highlight.

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KMJ - 1 y ago


I CANNOT agree more !!!! I have never written to a corporation to thank them for artful advertising !!! The actor is

an incredible display of timing and movement. I love these commercials !!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

You are Nuts!

The ads are ridiculous and offensive.

Just to let you know, the ads are CGI generated. There is no way anyone could get a live Emu to behave like this. Like trying to get an alligator to perform tricks! Good luck with that! The company has a crappy ad agency! Just plane Stupid! You have the Statue of Liberty as your logo, why would you stoop to this low life sort of advertising?

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Who's just "plane" stupid?

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Yen Lee - 1 y ago


Why do you "doubt it was Chinese they were speaking."???

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Anonymous - 224 d 17 h ago

Anyone who likes these lousy dumbass commercials

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Bob Kratzer - 300 d ago


yeah right you f'n trump supporter. quite obvious you don't have a life. die you old bitch!

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Ashley - 297 d ago


Clearly you are targeted audience, the dumbing down of America. You know what, this is so sickingly stupid that I actually doubt you are a real person and just a promotion from the company who tanked 10's of thousands of dollars into this loser campaign. Maybe if Liberty Mutual had better customer and claims service they would do better than a one star rating.

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Anonymous - 224 d 17 h ago

This person is an idiot

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Anonymous - 35 d 18 h ago

You're at your fucking mind. The worst commercials I had ever seen in my life it's ridiculous I wouldn't use Liberty Mutual if they think that's a good commercial

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Ron - 125 d ago


Liberty Mutual needs to invest in a new ad agency and update your seriously old commercials. They scream Yesterdays products.

The Emu commercials were cute the first hundred times (first week or two) but no more.

I could go on as most of Liberty's commercials have been shown for months if not years. Old cars, old offices says it all.

Progressive, State Farm, Geico and even Allstate all have much more variety, entertaining and informative commercials considering the number of times we have to view them in a given day.

Hope you can step up your game and join the others with better content and variety and PLEASE retire the Emu.

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Anonymous - 52 d ago

so sick of these stupid commericials.

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frank - 52 d 2 s ago

I am so sick of these stupid, fucking commercials. fuck liberty mutual.

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Joann - 55 d ago

Please tell us the need for some of the most annoying and stupid commercials that could be found on TV, a dum looking bird and actor, and this stupidity will sell insurance, if your management doesn't think this brainless then it's time to find new management. Thank you

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George Smith - 85 d ago


Liberty mutual has a long way to go to be recognized as a company that people will do business with. They put on a false front with their advertising techniques. "Only pay for what you need" . Some examples of their lack of customer care.

They recently stated they were going to give us a 15% refund on our premiums. However other companies are handing out 25% rebates.

They also recently denied a claim that in the eyes of other experts should have accepted. I hope others will not experience the trouble i have had wth liberty mutual.

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jUDY - 93 d 5 h ago


In a statement released Monday, Allstate announced it would return $600 million in premiums to customers. The company said most policyholders will get back 15% of their premium in April and May.

The credit will arrive either to their bank, credit card or Allstate account.

"This is fair because less driving means fewer accidents," said Tom Wilson, Allstate chairman, president and CEO, in a statement.

Is Liberty Mutual giving back 15% for the AUTO policy holders?

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Anonymous - 97 d 23 h ago


Worst and most corrupt insurance company period.

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Erick - 127 d 16 h ago

All of your commercials are really freaking stupid either make better ones or don't make them at all especially that Limu emu and Doug that is the most dumbest one and the ones across from the libearth statue lose all of them

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Karen Jones - 137 d 19 m ago

You currently sponsor Commentator Chris Matthews. Yesterday he uttered anti Semite comments about Bernie Sanders, likening his victory to the Nazi conquering France. I find this extremely offensive, and it reflects on your company's values. I ask that you drop your sponsorship of Chris Matthews.

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Karl - 137 d 11 m ago

I agree, Karen. I don't like Bernie Sanders, but it has nothing to do with the fact that he's Jewish. Anti-semitism is disgusting!

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