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Eddie Prince - 14 h 27 m ago


I just had a horrible experience at store #0493!! I am paralyzed former Marine in a wheelchair.Time15:41:11. 2 of your workers in the lumber dept. were on a forklift trying to put some 4x4 in a slot so I went down there to wait on them to get done. Area was not blocked off and the forklift driver was totally inexperienced it was obvious. So I waited and waited. Tired of waiting I went in my wheelchair to go get 2 2x6x8 on the second tier. As I'm looking through the pile on the SECOND TIER I find 2. And loaded them on my wheelchair. I turned around and shouted Hey Thanks for all your help!!! And there reply was YOUR WELCOME!! I replied YOUR FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!! And went to checkout and told Cashier my story. He just happen to be store manager Chris very nice gentleman and said he would take care of it as soon as he was done helping me.Watch your security cameras. Very distraught over whole incident. Not used to being treated like shit especially being a disabled veteran!!! Highly Disappointed !!

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Alabama customer - 17 h ago

Never again will I order anything from Lowe's. Ordered four appliances for my kitchen, stove, microwave, dishwasher and frig. Got one email stating that the microwave would be delivered on a Saturday, between 8 am and 8 pm. No microwave after waiting all day. Plus I was wondering why they would deliver one item, and not all four at the same time. So I called the store in Columbus, GA and was put on hold indefinitely. I called customer service. Thank goodness that person was helpful. She scheduled a delivery date for all four items, and told me that they would call me the day before to give me a four hour window for delivery. She stated that they would call me on the day of delivery to give me a two hour window. Apparently, the store in Columbus, GA is not aware of this service. A woman called me the day before to confirm delivery for the next day. I asked about the four hour window, and was berated regarding my order--these are quotes by the woman at Lowe's: "I don't know why we are delivering to you. You are out of our district. I don't know if we have a truck that can go that far. There is no way we can tell you what time we are going to deliver items. They will call you tomorrow to let you know when they are coming." If I had not been waiting a month to receive these items, I would have cancelled the order. But I didn't want to start over again. These items were ordered online. I did not choose the store the items came from so why am I being berated by the delivery woman??? So the next day, I waited a couple of hours for a phone call, then decided to call the store. Once again, rudeness from the woman answering the phone. "They haven't even loaded the truck. They'll call you. They are only dropping the items off; they don't do anything else" Then I explained that I had paid extra to have an appliance removed, and she didn't know anything about that! The delivery guys were skeptical when I explained to them that I had paid extra for appliance removal. After they dropped the items off, I looked at the microwave. The box was delivered having previously been opened. It was missing parts, but that's my fault for not checking before they left. So now I have to try to get the missing parts. I'm going to call GE and not the Lowe's store. After spending that much money, you would think that they could provide good customer service. I called customer service to complain, and the guy I spoke to was nice and did try to help. Even he said that he could not get information from the Columbus, GA store and that he was transferred and put on hold with no help. He was going to send the manager an email. After reading other comments here, I see that I won't receive an apology. But I can say with certainty---never again will I use Lowe's.

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wayne - 1 d ago


have spent alot of money at lowes and menards when building my new house.. had a bad experience with lowes in springfield illinois. bought 200 stones therer on march 20.2019, there was a woman that was taking care of the garden center, she was rude. went to customer service to get a price match, was told to go to garden center that they would do it for me. go back, the lady said, im not doing that, kinda like do it yourself kinda attitude. then i told her i was gonna pic up 110 stone and then pick up the rest at a later day.she was telling me to just take them all or pickthem up all up later, then.telling me what to do. then we wait for half hour to load, and who comes to load?? an older man and a young girl. my husband and i had to get in truck and load 110 -5 lbs. each. and then go home and load them.. i told them numerous times we need help with these, they said nothing. go back 2 days later to pick up 90 more. plus a big firepit. and waited another 30 mn. and then the same young girl and a woman came. again we both had to help load. there were numerous men there to do this heavy job. whats the deal. my husband has a bad wrist and shouldnt have to do this. then i come home to email for the 11 % and who has my reciept. lowes--- i am 50 miles from there,so now i called them they got it.s o wait for email. thats why we go to menards. they only ahve the men to do any heavy loading, and we are not required to load ourselves. thats what the men are theere for. the garden center lady needs an attitude adjustment... wish i would have gotton her name. probably wont do much major buying at lowes.

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Lonnie - 1 d 20 h ago


I ordered a huge kitchen cabinet order with the Lowes in Garden City NY. Kraftmaid was on target with scheduling and delivery, but between items incorrectly ordered and problems with cabinetry defects and missing items, my project is held up. I have been trying to get to a human in Lowes for over an hour, have been switched to incorrect extensions, have been told my salesperson is still not in for 2 days, have had to call back 6 times in the past hour, and no one can find a general manager. This is so unacceptable I cannot even comprehend. Think twice before using Lowes for any custom work

Extra cost due to incompetence, frustration and a lack of caring compounded by incompetence.Unacceptable.

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Dissatisfied Buyer - 2 d ago


After waiting at home for 7 hours, they failed to show up! I made 4 calls requesting an update starting with a call at the end of my delivery window 12-4pm. Call #1 was made around 3:40, I called Lowe's customer service and was told that Lowes outsourced my delivery so they could not tell me anything and that I needed to speak with another company and then I was blindly transferred. The other company told me my order was on the truck, they couldn't reach the driver but would keep trying and call me back with an update. My Call #2 was made at approx. 4:30 (30 min past the 4 hour window) and I was informed that the driver was still not answering the phone but but they assured me it would be delivered soon. Call #3 was made at approx. 5:30 ( 1 hour and 30 min out of my 4 hour window) and I was told that the delivery guy was finishing a job and my house would be next. Call #4 was made at approx 6:30 ( 2 1/2 hours out of my 4 hour window) and I was told that the STORE cancelled my delivery and that I would need to speak with them if I had any questions. I was so upset!! At this point, I've been stuck at home for 7 HOURS waiting on this delivery. I spoke with the night manager named Chris and he did not believe anyone at the store cancelled the delivery but vowed to get to the bottom of it. He was in contact over the next 24 hours but had no meaningful updates other that confirming they did not cancel, while the delivery company says that they did. As the two blame each other, I'm stuck in the middle demanding answers, compensation, and my delivery! I get a random automated call the next evening telling me my order will be delivered the following day between 12:30-4:30. NO ONE reached out confirming the date was good, they just scheduled it. Therefore I had to scramble, rearrange plans and miss ANOTHER day of work. Since the delivery, all communication stopped with Chris although he promised to get to the bottom of what happened and I requested to be compensated. I have had the worst experience ever from your Newark, DE location! Never again will I patronize your company and I will be providing my experience on social media as well as other complaint websites to let people know how awful your customer service is! No one took responsibility for my inconvenience as well as missed time from work. Instead the blindly plopped me on the calendar and marked me off as complete. This entire ordeal was so unorganized and unprofessional that I felt like I was dealing with a smaller inexperienced company! I could not believe I was be treated like this as LOWE'S!! This is completely unacceptable and for a company your size you should be ashamed!

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Mr. Ask for a $100 Gift Card - 2 d ago


Had this happen twice with a Dryer and a Range, seems they just stay out so long each day then they quit you as a customer means nothing to the delivery guys.

Next day after they did get around to delivering them, i went to my local Lowe's store spoke to the manager and demanded a $100 gift card did this both times and received the gift cards.

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Chief Warrant Officer James Neal, USN Retired - 7 d 17 h ago


I was at Lowe's (Antioch, California) the other day and noticed a couple of parking spots with very nice and professional reserved signs for veterans. I retired from the U. S. Navy with 26 years. I felt very proud to park in the reserved Veterans parking spot. Thanks Lowe's - I salute!

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Veteran wants a job at Lowe's no more. - 7 d ago

Just try getting a job at Lowe's if your an 80 year old Veteran.

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Former HR Mgr and Veteran Proud - 2 d 3 h ago

Good Day, and Thank you for your Service. I to am a Veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm, USMC/USAFR. To apply for a job at Lowe's go to Lowe', type in the city name of the store you are wanting to work. I know of several employees of your age and grit working for Lowe's. Be sure to be familiar with basic computer operations, need it in sales transactions and basic operations. Good Luck.

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Tom - 6 d 12 h ago


To the HR department I am a 68 year old retired man , retired from a company in Grand Rapids Michigan and I General managed that company. This company was an Automation Engineering Company that did Material handling Controls Automation ( example moving brown boxes around on conveyors thru-out warehouses and delivery systems , UPS , FedEx , Amazon ) Enough of the technical. As I said above I am retired since April 2018 and I am looking for a unique opportunity. I live in Greenville Michigan 48838 during the winter months ( November to April ) and relocate to the White Cloud, Michigan ( Close to Big Rapids store) 49349 from May to October. You have two stores in these areas and I shop in those store when in area. A perfect opportunity for me would be, 1 - Part time - Flexible hours 2 - Anytime hours 7 days a week 3 - No show fill in , on call 4 - Late night , weekend , holiday 5 - 2 to 4 hours a day I have no physical disabilities , but i am 68 years old and do not have the stamina to go 100 % for very long. I could cross train to do any work needed or desired which would give Lowe's a person with flexibility in any store needed. I have prided myself in providing total customer satisfaction and excellent communication skills. I am computer and telecommunication literate . Again I am looking for part time work , not looking for a big paycheck, would like limited hours and stay busy. I am wanting to enjoy retirement but be a useful human being in the working world. If I could be directed to the right person within Lowe's to discuss this it would be helpful. I can be contacted at (hidden)) and my name is Tom

Thank you for your time.

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Veteran wants a job at Lowe's but know won't get one. - 6 d 50 m ago

Have you applied to them on their web page at carrier's, this is the first step and is what if you get any reply from your posting.

But unless i am wrong your age will keep you from becoming a Lowe's employee, this is the same for Home Depot.

They only hire a few older employee's just to look in compliance with hiring older people, but most are only in their 60s, but good luck but don't hold your breath.

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Rita - 5 d 19 h ago


I wouldn't go to work there. My father-in-law worked there part-time for 5 years until a few weeks ago. He is retired & is a very knowledgeable, dependable & a hard worker. They did him dirty a few weeks ago. The new manager? in Olathe, KS. told him he would have to close the store & try to change his hours. He was dedicated to Lowes, but to bad the store did him dirty. Goes to show a person what kind of managers work there

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Veteran who wanted a job at Lowe's but no longer - 5 d ago

That's how Walmart also get rid of their older workers, make their hours so bad like working them till 11pm and wanting them back at 6am the next day.

These bib box stores are smart they know just laying off an older worker, could cause them problems, so just make them quit by themselves.

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Former HR Manager - 2 d 4 h ago

Tom, go to Lowe' then careers. Type in the city your wanting to work and search jobs. This the Spring time season and always looking for great reliable employees. A Spring hire will start off as a temporary until end of July or the beginning of August, where at that time the possibility of moving into part time or full time or a possibility. I know Lowe's will hire regardless of your age, you need to be a little tech savvy with computers for sales. Good Luck.

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Charles Sands - 2 d 11 h ago


It seems that Lowes does not want to see a complaint. I have tried to complaint in writing without success. I purchased a Pelle patio door Feb. 25 2019 and the wrong door was delivered and it did not have a lock. since that time I have have been trying to get the correct door install without any success. I talked to the store at 83rd street to the Lowes installation dept. in Indianapolis and yet I do not have a door installed nor a call for an install date. At this point I am ready to have you pick up the wrong door and I willl purchase one from Home Depot. My door does not lock and my have is open to theft.

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Kelly - 3 d ago


oh please!! Lowes is one of the few places a person can take their pet to socialize them. It is good for the pets and whether or not it's a service animal or not, it's still good for the person. I raise Maine Coon cats and they are considered the cat/dog. It is great that I can take my very sweet cats into my Lowes store. It makes my cat a more calm & sociable & confident animals, it helps them to get along with strangers and if I had an emergency in my home, I have comfort that a Police Officer or Fireman or Medic could get to me without my dog or my cats attacking them and if I did have a fire, my pets stand a better chance of surviving because they wont be terrified & hiding from the stranger who is trying to help them.....all because I have taken my time to invest in socializing my pets. I love it when people pet my cats while shopping at Lowes. There are so many worse things in todays society to complain about. .all I can say is THANK YOU LOWES.

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RHB - 3 d ago


I love shopping at Lowe's and been a loyal customer for years. I am somewhat disturbed that Lowe's is becoming a literal ZOO! There are dogs everywhere each time we shop, and we are there several times a week. (these are NOT service animals). The other day we were shopping and started to go up one of the isles, and a man had a white-faced MONKEY on his shoulder!!!! The monkey looked and us and changed his position on the man's shoulder as if it were going to leap..we turned around and did not continue on that isle. I can understand having TRUE service animals, but do you not consider the safety and allergies of your customers? I have also been in the store where a lady had two lap dogs in the shopping cart where you would place a child!!!! Also, what's next....SNAKES? There are multitudes of customers that are very being one of them. Please

re-consider your stand on being a "pet-friendly" store and limit it to true service animals ONLY! Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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Avangee - 3 d ago


I bought a LG wall oven on Feb 20 with a promise it was going to be in the store by March 14. I paid cash !

After a lot of phone calls to the store and the customer service center I was told it was on the truck being delivered to my local store yesterday. Surprise it s still in the distribution date is Weds March 27...only problem, which the salesperson knew from the beginning, I will be out of town for 3 weeks start g Weds March 27!

I am a recent widow, senior citizen and really feel being used to the max! Shame on Lowes to treat their customers this way!

I was planning on putting the house on the market by April 1 ...I guess that not going to happen...can't take kitchen pictures, can't have it installed until my return...potential loss of buyers ...

What is the most frustrating is that there is no management. Nobody cares...nobody takes responsibility.

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Disgusted - 3 d 3 h ago



About three years ago I had Lowe's (subcontractor) install two of your windows down here in my family room. I opened an account with Lowe's at that time. The two windows cost me just under (by a few cents) $1000.00 I am delighted with the windows and really taken with the Installer. He was quick and made sure things were all ok, cleaned up and left ..within about 90 minutes!!

My three living room windows need replacing badly. I am now in a better position to have them, also, replaced.

I found one of the windows I like and called for an estimate. The window I chose was about $140 per. "PHIL" says it will cost me $1919.00 to have these windows installed.

Doesn't that seem a bit off??? He said 'labor'. I find it offensive.

Personally, I think you need a new subcontractor. NO WAY would I spend that on 'labor'. Champion charged me that kind of money ONCE. that is why I'm not using them anymore.. Perhaps, WINDOWS DOORS AND MORE, would do me better...but if this the cost for LOWE'S WINDOWS installment, aint happenin!!

Thanks, but no thanks,

Judy Overeiner

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Georgette - 5 d 19 h ago


Does ANYONE from Lowes response to the issues that have been written below ? Does ANYONE from Lowes care ?

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Veteran wants a job at Lowe's no more. - 5 d ago

You can write them a letter and you won't get an answer, they could acre less, trust me i have tried contacting them many times with getting nothing.

What i have done twice when i got poor service on a range and on a dryer, i asked for a $100 gift card and they gave them to me.

It was better then nothing i guess.

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Lowe's Down - 5 d 9 h ago


unbelievable disgusting behavior I've experienced at Lowes's. Store Stony brook, NY. Visited date:03/17/2019 Time: 7:00 am. Waited for store to open at 7:00. No one was available to help in any of the aisle. Asked for help multiple times. Waited for a help "35 MINS" Finally, Spoke to a associate Don for a help. Don replied 'We just opened" "What do you want" "the guy in counter top area is NOT here yet" Requested for manager assistance and was declined. Asked a name for the manager and I was told go to service desk and find out. Manager Keyonna was NOT available to talk to her customer. didn't even bothering looking a her customer while the upset customer was standing front of her. Went to HOME DEPOT straight from Lowe's and Spent $635 on cabinet counter tops and peripherals. great service was provided by Home Depot.

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Lowe's Down - 5 d 9 h ago


unbelievable disgusting behavior I've experienced at Lowes's. Store Stony brook, NY. Visited date:03/17/2019 Time: 7:00 am. Waited for store to open at 7:00. No one was available to help in any of the aisle. Asked for help multiple times. Waited for a help "35 MINS" Finally, Spoke to a associate Don for a help. Don replied 'We just opened" "What do you want" "the guy in counter top area is NOT here yet" Requested for manager assistance and was declined. Asked a name for the manager and I was told go to service desk and find out. Manager Keyonna was NOT available to talk to her customer. didn't even bothering looking a her customer while the upset customer was standing front of her. Went to HOME DEPOT straight from Lowe's and Spent $635 on cabinet counter tops and peripherals. great service was provided by Home Depot.

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Margaret Potter - 5 d 16 h ago


I can't tell you how disappointed I am as a long time customer of Lowe's.

Lastest experience was dealing with the warranty department on a generator.I purchased for my family.Their customer service isn't anything close to what it use to be.

My family and my friends have used Lowe's for most all of our needs for many years.I can tell you I no longer wish to do business at lowes.I will detour all I can from coming here.

You don't back a product that's several hundreds of dollars,nor do you do anything to help service it.because extra expenses wasn't paid to cover the WARRANTY it was sold with

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Rita Luetkemeyer - 5 d 19 h ago


Had a bad experience at Lowes on Monday, 3/18/19 at approx. 7:00 pm.

My husband & I went to the store in Olathe, KS. to purchase The Onyx Collection shower installment & shower door. The paperwork as filled out the day before so we was ready to purchase & pay for it. We waited 10 minutes for the guy in the plumbing dept. to get finished with another customer. He seen us standing there waiting for him to help us. He went & hid & we had him paged. He hid really good too. We waited for another 15 minutes & still no help. Lowes lacks customer service to say the least. That's ok. We went to their competitors & order was done within 5 minutes. Your loss Lowes

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