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1000 Lowe's Blvd.
Mooresville, NC
(704) 758-1000
(336) 658-4766
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Brandon - 5 d 5 h ago


I writing this bc im getting no where with Lowes Cust Care. I visited a Lowes store in Fort Oglethorpe Ga. And was treated as if i was going to steal everything i touched...Yes i have tattoos, and work as a auto tech, but i do make money.and have never stolen from any store, so while this was goin on i still was planning to buy tools i needed and a washing machine i found and wanted, but asking 2 different employees and being told ( i dont work this area) i walked to the sale specialist, and was asked nothing. So i asked if she has a card with Corp email she replied she only has her card. So as i wrote the employees names down and times, i asked her if lowes really doesnt care bout loosing a 1000$ cash sale bc employees would rather profile by looks than offer to help, and she said guess so!!## now idk but i read a cust complaint like this id address it asap. But Lowes emailed me sorry. And thats it. Not good enough. Show me you care!!!! As it says in your statement. So far only seen lies!!!

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#sooverthatrudeplace. - 4 d 17 h ago

Sweetheart i worked for Lowes for OVER 8 YEARS. IM HERE TO TELL YOU THEY DONT CARE!!! I WAS TOLD NOVEMBER OF 2017 THAT " WE ARE TO GET AT LEAST 40 TO 50 RWD forms every week. Now thats RECOVERY WITHOUT DETENTION...WHICH MEANS BASICLLY EVERYONE IS BEING EYEBALLED. THOSE forms ARE THERE so thgey can write down ANYTHING THAT'S NOT CONSIDERED NORMAL. YOUR TATS YEPPP YOU WERE ALREADY LABLED. Trust me honey they COULD careless about your cash sale. If you dont have their credit card your a pee on. They do NOT care about customers nor employees.

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Terry Smith - 4 d 7 h ago


You got that right , I got hurt on the 2/4/2018 came back , and was taken out of the delivery department due to damages that were caused while I was the driver , like really I'm not the only guy making the delivery. I went from making $13.99 to $10.00 dollars an hour since being taking out of delivery. I was told it had nothing to with my injury ya RIGHT !!!!!!

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LOWES SUCKS - 1 d 13 h ago


Yes, I see what you're saying. LOWE'S IS THE WORST..... THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THEIR REVIEWS HERE!!!!

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Billy Homes - 6 h 41 m ago


You just wasted you time writing this as well, they do t care.

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Terry Smith - 3 d 7 h ago


I really wish the corporate office would have the courtesy to maybe respond to my post on here , or at least to ask for my e-mail so that they could respond private about how the store I work for is treating me. I guess that the corporate office doe not read the post that customers , and maybe even employees are posting. I have been looking since Monday for a new job , and I can't find one fast enough in my eyes. I'm building a new home I can't afford to make $10.00 dollars an hour , when I was making a penny short of $14.00 and hour before the management pulled this stunt.

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BLG - 1 d 13 h ago


It's obvious to me that Lowe's doesn't care - about anything other than the executives money. I've been having problems and no one will address all of them. LOWE'S DOESN'T CARE!!!! SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

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outraged employee - 1 d 13 h ago


I too work at a Lowes store and am going to be finding new employment. I had a manager that refused to let me leave early due to really bad snow, but left early themselves. Told me that my anxiety for driving in the snow was and I quote word for word, " Well, that's not Lowes problem, is it." This is appalling to me.

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Billy Holmes store 1536 - 6 h 42 m ago


I worked for Lowes for over 17 years and they me fired for for safety violation. They hired a convicted felon who sexually harassed women and made threats against employees. He jumped out in front of my picket and I was fired for it. They the HR lied under oath in a hearing. Corporate could care less. I have contacted every level of management in HR, OPs and Safety and they all say the same thing, " we don't get involved in store level management decisions " . This includes a Niblock himself, the biggest fraud of all.

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Personal information sold and required for discount - 2 d 16 h ago


I am a veteran, proud of my service to this country. It is my choice on whom to give my personal information to. I will not give away my personal information to be added to a database where it is sold or traded and I am hounded by unwanted solicitors. So, if I can not get a 10% discount on everyday items I will gladly drive further to a Home Depot where I am treated with respect daily.

This is disrespectful to all military veterans. I hope and pray that other veterans follow and shop at other stores.

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Lowes Employee. - 2 d 14 h ago


Home Depot doesn't offer Military Discounts except three times during the year. Lowes doesn't sell your information, they may send you coupons in the mail but that's all that comes from the My Lowes. It keeps people from abusing the right to a 10% discount. Those who have no earned it can't get it. Sorry you seem so upset about this. It's supposed to be a service to help you always get your discount and keep track of your purchases without the hassle of receipts.

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Gunny - 2 d 11 h ago


Was refused a military discount because i didn't have a mylowes card. Left things there and went to the home depot. They gladly gave me a miitary discount, thanked me for mt service and did it with a smile. All I had to show was mt retired military ID card.

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Barry G. - 1 d 13 h ago


Thank you for your service! I'll never return to Lowes - THEY STINK!!!

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LOWES SUCKS - 1 d 13 h ago




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Anonymous - 15 h 38 m ago

Sorry but HOME DEPOT offers Military discount every day

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Billy Holmes - 6 h 47 m ago


You been drinking the look aid

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Billy Holmes - 6 h 48 m ago


I worked at Lowes store 1536 in Broken Arrow. They forced veterans to choose working for Lowes or serving their country.

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Isaac Spang - 15 h ago


I worked for Lowe's for four years, and a US army reserve soldier, I was released for safety accidents that min damage and no one was hurt. Then 6 months I try to get job and pretty much to denied, to my job back. No reason was given from the HR. I never miss a day of work, so for now I a proud home depot customers!!

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Billy Holmes - 6 h 50 m ago


I was a marine veteran, worked for Lowes over 17 years. I got fired cause they hired a convicted felon that jumped out in front of me as I was driving power equipment. And I had witnesses that said he jumped in front of me.

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Red Hoff - 13 h 4 m ago


I am trying to get a complaint on personnel to Corporate Office submitted, not store it happened. Not easy. Haven't found the right avenue yet.

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Billy Holmea - 7 h ago


Corporate doesn't care. It's get your money and if you not happy, too bad. I have dealt with every level of management and they all give me tonrub around

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Billy Holmes - 7 h 58 m ago


Management could care less about veterans. Especially when Keith Kunze and Kellie McLaughlin of store 1536 force veterans to choose between Lowes or serving their country. Guess we know what's important to corporate Lowes

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Deb Raschke - 9 h 40 m ago


We bought a Samsung refrigerator at Lowe's back in September 2016. We had both the manufacturer's warranty and purchased the Lowe's extended warranty. The first repair had to be make to the ice maker, which was covered under the manufacturer's warranty. It was fixed immediately and worked just fine until December 2017. The ice maker inside of the freezer stopped producing ice and the freezer was not working. We called Lowe's and scheduled a technician to come out to fix the ice maker and freezer. They were to come out on December 26, 2016 under the Lowe's Extended Warranty. The technician was a no show, and could I not reach anyone at the company. I cannot find the name of the company in my phone log, but it was a company that originated in Dallas.

I did not pursue making another appointment because the ice maker on the french doors and the water was still working properly, so I didn't give it another thought, until the refrigerator stopped cooling altogether. I called Lowe's Customer Service and scheduled another technician to come out to the house. This would be the second appointment under the Lowe's Extended Warranty. I believe the company was either Tech Pro Plus or Service Link Plus. The company's name is not definitive on the receipt. They came out on February 8, 2018 and replaced four items on the refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator never cooled down and was still broken. We called back to Lowe's Customer Service and scheduled yet another technician to come out and fix our refrigerator. This time D3 Services came out to the house on February 13, 2018. This is now the third technician under the Lowe's Extended Warranty. He came out, looked it over, ordered parts and left. A fourth and fifth technician came out from D3 Services on February 16, 2018 and put in the parts that the technician ordered. My refrigerator and freezer are still not working. The refrigerator is registering at 77 degrees and the freezer is registering 72 degrees. The refrigerator is spotless, yet stinks so badly of mold, that I cannot even stand to open up the refrigerator doors. It's disgusting.

I call back to Lowe's Customer Service this morning. I was transferred to their Corporate Office after dealing with a Customer Service Care person. It was such all disappointment. First of all, I was told by Customer Service Care person that I did not have three technicians come out from the same company, so they could not do a buy out of my refrigerator. She then told me that I did not have three technicians come in the same calendar year. I do not make the appointments and assign the companies that are contracted to service their extended warranties, so then it looks like Lowe's wasn't consistent in their scheduling. I stated that I needed to talk with her boss or some one from the Corporate Office because that's just fighting semantics and that's just a bunch of red-tape nonsense.

After speaking with a lady named Avie (not sure of exact spelling), from Corporate, she told me that I needed three technicians to come out to the house to service the refrigerator in order to qualify for a buy out and the next available appointment would be this Wednesday, Febrary 21, 2018. I told her that there were three technicians who came to the house one of February 8, 13 and 16. She told me that the appointments for the 13th and 16th were on one ticket so they did not count as two different appointments, they only counted as one appointment, and that I would need one more appointment with a technician to come out in order to have a buy out.

I am not taking another day off from work to try to have another technician come out and fix this refrigerator. This has been the most ridiculous experience of my life. I've had four technicians come out to my house. My husband and I have taken days off from work in order to get this refrigerator to work, and it will not. It stinks so badly of mold, that I do not want it anymore, it's not acceptable.

I told the lady at cooperate that Lowe's has lost a customer, and it is sad because I love that store and have given them so much business over the 20 years that I've been a homeowner. I know that there will be more customers there to take my spot, but to know that she was ok to lose a customer over $1500.00 and the cost of the Extended Warranty is just incredible. I asked to speak to her boss, but she told me that she was the end of the line. Well, no truer words have been spoken. I am so disappointed in Lowe's, their extended warranty and all of this

red-tape nonsense.

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Eddie Rusinko - 13 h 29 m ago


doubtful this will ever go anywhere but here goes! I had a Lowes credit card, so even though Lowes is a bit more expensive, I bought everything from there! 5 years ago I spent over $30k just buying appliances and such for my new house ! through the years Lowes has always been my first choice. A few months back my Lowes creditcard was notification at all ! When I called Lowes rep said Synchrony had closed it only to find out last week that it was Lowes that closed it do to some incorrect info on a credit report. Home Depot is on average 15-20% cheaper than lowes so I guess that's where I will be shopping from now on !!

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Anita tallbull - 18 h 13 m ago

I have not received my w2 form and Shawnee Lowe's gave me websites but I am an extra employee and it won't let me in.

Anita tallbull


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