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1000 Lowe's Blvd.
Mooresville, NC
(704) 758-1000
(336) 658-4766
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Anonymous - 146 d ago


I purchased a fridge with a protection plan. We just moved into our new house and the fridge has been leaking since we moved in here. My kitchen floor is ruined because the fridge was leaking. I have had over 8 visits from lowes 3 rd party vendor 1 guy who was rude and told me people try to get free food from them. Really my freezer is leaking and I just purchased food and yo want to tell me that! I spoke to someone from lowes customer service who told me my floor would be covered. The next day the store calls me and tell me they don't take care of that! Why would your associate lie to me!! Ugh lowes is the worse store ever. I'm complaining to the BBB

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Penny Annie - 145 d 17 h ago


I purchased a washer and the answering agent hung up on me twice when the thing started leaking after 2 yrs and 1 week. No more Springfield, MO Lowe's.


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I have been stalked by record business people working for SONY records and one girl named Sherry Easton. They return old merchandise and I buy it. They have a bug in my car that they hear me thinking out loud. They know everything I am going to buy because they also watch me online. Now I paid $10.00 more per item than I should have so that this wierd fired FBI guy who really is not a true FBI guy but fantasizes this because of Miley Cyrus and her pretend movie FBI whatever. She and her relatives have done a number on my financial situation and I am a disabled veteran. I have installed a fence that is NOT 48 inches and its the 36 inches and so it was $19.97 per fence panel and I got ripped off. I am sick of the CYRUS FAMILY constantly ripping me off. I cannot afford to support these people. What can I do to get my money back. I have the transaction numbers and I believe that JOHN RAO is a person who presents himself as the STORE MANAGER OF ABINGTON MASSACHUSETTS. He expects me to take apart the fence and to bring it in for a refund. I never asked to return the smaller panels I just dont want to pay $10.00 more. This store is indictable they have employees that have just walked into the store picked up a vest and went to work helpinng themselves to inventory and over charging so that the accountant can get the overcharged balance from EVERYONE and use it. Then they wipe it off. They are very smart ONLINE COMPUTER SCIENTISTS. Peter answered and let JOHN RAO answer and this John is not the same person I spoke with yesterday so I know they are yanking the chain here. PLEASE TELL ME WHO TO CONTACT

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Teresa - 1 y 301 d ago


They need to get on top of the customer service their stores provide. I paid for flooring in January and it has been one excuse from their Aliso Viejo store after another. I still do not have a completed floor and between the store and the flooring company they are pointing fingers at each other. Corporate has called me, but every time something is supposed to happen it does not. For example today they were to remove buckled flooring but only removed a section and said they need to talk to the flooring company. Now for the second time they are going to send someone to take pictures. Lowes is also supposed to send someone however they have not even bothered to schedule anyone. Worst service ever . So I am wondering when their Aliso Viejo will call to schedule someone to take pictures. They have my money close to 4000.00 and all I have is a mess everywhere of the first floor of my house.

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KBH - 2 y 66 d ago

How can I get an email address for a Lowe's corporate employee?

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Bobby Criss - 4 y 102 d ago


These guys are kick'n B on Home Depot. All I can say is that I prefer to shop here now. The selection is comparable, prices are usually lower, and the service is better. Always room for improvement but I am a fan.

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Georgia Customer - 4 y 147 d ago


The only hardware/lumber/electrical/plumbing store we have in my town is Lowe's. Luckily, it has pretty much everything. I haven't ever made a trip to Lowe's only to leave empty-handed, yet. If it was easier to find find things, the experience would be much more pleasant. Yes, the store is divided into a relatively logical layout. Beyond that, the shelves are always such a mess! It is often that I find myself digging through bins on an aisle, just to find a tiny adapter or part that isn't where it is supposed to be.

Customer Service is hit-or-miss. Some employees are very helpful and offer meaningful advice. Others are mindless clock-punchers, who don't know where anything is located. I have found that this is usually related to age. I don't know if the older ones have necessarily been there longer, but they are, generally, better at listening and offering real help. They also know how to find anything!

Also, the workers in the lumber yard tend to only be able to do exactly what they are taught. If you need something to be cut, there are all kinds of ways they were told not to cut the wood. This can be rather annoying. I wish we had another option! Home Depot is 40 minutes away.

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