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1000 Lowe's Blvd.
Mooresville, NC
(704) 758-1000
(336) 658-4766
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ex - 12 h 19 m ago


i"m an ex-employee who was fired for turning in my manager for a safety violation.he still works there but me not being in management i'm let go.Safety is there number one thing they drill into you by watching videos but no one in the upper management cares just the bottom dollar.

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Christie - 13 h 2 m ago


I bought gutters from lowes which were subcontracted out by Quality Exteriors here in Hendersonville, TN which I live in White House, Tn. Well I told the gentleman that came and measured my gutters that I need the contractor to call me because I have a dog and my chain link fence is locked. Well In August they came and installed my gutters climbed my fence, which made me so mad. One thing is that left nails all over my gardens, another thing is in my contract if they were to come across any rotten wood it was to be replaced which none was completed. I have been a customer of lowes for a while now and have bought a lot of things for my house. Which now I do not want to if this is how customers are going to be treated by subcontractors and by lowes. I have called and all I keep getting is that there is a work order in place. I still to this day haven't heard from Quality Exteriors which should be called Worse Exteriors. I paid over $2,000 for my gutters and now I wish I would have NEVER gone with Lowes and Quality Exteriors. I have placed all this on social media to warn all of my friends

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Marie Williams - 16 h 32 m ago


I am extremely upset. I purchased an American Standard toilet at the Lowe's in Springfield TN. #1747 The tank was accidentally broke so I returned to Lowe's to order a new one. I was told by several people that they couldn't. Just to find out this was never requested before. Finally a worker ordered me one. I had to return it because it was the wrong size. I was told by a manager then that this could not be done and that they did not have one in stock for us to look at to make sure we were looking at the correct part number. I looked around to find 4 in stock at the store and on the floor. I asked him to open the box and we found that this was correct. He then told me I had to order it through American Standard that he could not. I went back up front to get my money back. The cashier put it on a Lowe's card instead of my credit card. I asked for my money and was told that they could not take it off the Lowe's card and there was nothing they could do. I asked for a manager. his name was Jeremy. He told me that the cashier should have never put it on a Lowes card but at this point there was nothing that could be done. I do not need the Lowe's card if I cannot order my tank through them. I am extremely upset. This manager needs to be dealt with. If the cashier should have never did this then this was not my fault. This is the store's fault and I need my money. This is very POOR customer service. This is not the way a Customer should be treated.

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P Brenner - 17 h 33 s ago


Lowe's Store #1571 in Middletown DE. Is the worst Store Ever!!!

We purchased a gas stove and a refrigerator with warranties to be delivered to our home. When we asked the appliance associate if we needed to buy anything for the gas stove to be changed LP gas they said no that the stove would come with it. So day of delivery we get the stove without the LP gas fittings and no broiler pan. Plus when they started to bring in the refrigerator it had a huge dent in the side. The driver called me out to the truck and said they were suppose to call you and offer you 10% off if you took the refrigerator as is. I refused the delivery of the refrigerator. I excepted the stove without knowing the Broiler pan was missing because there were boxes in the stove so I figured everything was there. So hours later I receive automated call asking about my delivery. So I say the delivery associates were great but my products weren't. So it say someone will be calling us. No call. So several calls to Lowe's associates/assistant managers stating it will be redelivered the next day. Four days of blowing smoke up our butts. Then my boyfriend goes into the store and talks to someone that says they are the appliance manager. As all the people on the phone calls had. His customer service was the worst. He was rude and said we had to buy the LP gas fitting. My boyfriend so upset by that comment. Then the so called manager named Rich then realized this isn't good. So he finally reached over and opened a drawer and handed him a fitting packet with no upc. So that tells you it should've been in with the stove in the first place. He then told us that the refrigerator would be delivered the next day. Guess what no refrigerator or call from the store. So we called the manager who's name was on our receipt. Her name is Nechol. The female phone operator said she was busy but took our name and number so she could call us back. We waited two hours and called back. We spoke to a male operator who asked us why we were calling and then put us in contact with Nechol. She spoke to my boyfriend very calm and direct. She never apologized for any of the inconvenience her store and it's assoiates put us through. She just listened and said let her look into it and she would get back to us. She called back two hours later and said our refrigerator would be delivered around 4:30-5:00 that day. That time came and went around 8pm we got a call saying there were trying to reach us for hours that they were calling a number we haven't had for 5 yrs. when we purchased the product we gave them the number to call. That was some more smoke. But anyway we finally got our product and because it was delivered so late at night we couldn't see the flaws. When we took off the protective plastic film the top frefrigerator door was discolored and it had a very visible circle in the stainless steel and tiny scratches!! Errr . It's close to Thanksgiving I need the dang frig. Plus we are so tired of dealing with Lowe's I figured I would just write this and Never Ever shop at Lowe's again. HOME DEPOT here we come!!!!!

Signed Seriously Ticked!

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Rob G. - 1 d 5 h ago


I recently was in one of your stores and was disappointed to see dogs roaming the aisles. Is there a reason why dogs should be allowed in the stores? People with pets can easily shop the stores without their pets in tow. Yet, people allergic to dogs, or more importantly, people afraid or uncomfortable around dogs can't shop the stores. When I mentioned this to the cashier, she said they had a woman very upset the day before because her daughter is extremely afraid of dogs. I also don't want to feel like I need to walk the aisles looking for dog droppings, which the cashier said does happen.

Why you chose this policy change makes no sense. You are not a pet food store.

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Love my fur baby - 18 h 28 m ago

I would never take my dog into Lowe's if she misbehaved or would poop on the floor. She behaves better then the children I have witnessed in the store. Sounds like you are unhappy with life and want to condemn people who love their furry babies. Why don't you look just away and mind your own business.

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RP - 1 d 8 h ago


I purchased windows from Lowe's (store #1066) to be installed at my condo back in February of this year. It's now November and still no installation. The process of working with Lowe's has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a purchase. The delay has been caused by the local store sales team not having the time to help me and lack of coordination with the consumer product office and the installer. They initially told me they installed windows at my condo location all the time, but the windows I purchased turned out to be the wrong type (should have been new construction). I then had to purchase an additional set of windows. Of course, they will not offer to refund my first purchase. I would never recommend Lowe's for any type of home installation.

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C. Johnson - 1 d 13 h ago


Measurements were taken and the design was made in Lowes the end of July 2017. We ordered a kitchen renovation on August 4, 2017, out of the store in Clovis, NM. The project began on October 16th a month after the cabinets arrived. In mid November, we found out that the cabinets were too small for the oven, and several parts were not ordered. It is now the week of Thanksgiving, and still we have no kitchen. The manager tells us that the new cabinets are supposed to arrive the third week of December, which is a time when nobody will be working due to the holidays. He has tried to correct the situation, but there's still no end in sight. We are heading towards five months now and $40K on this project, and it's not close to being complete. So, no Thanksgiving and no Christmas for my family this year.

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Trapped at home. - 1 d 14 h ago

I purchased a ramp for my wheelchair paid for it at the store Renton WA. I still haven't received it, no telling when it will be delivered, corporate said maybe after the 27th of November......

It's a shame that a person pays over $500.00 for a product and receives. Minimal assistance will not purchase ever again from this company.

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JK - 1 d 15 h ago


It seems you have lost the freezer I had on order... Lowe's of North Port needs some quality control very badly...

The first one you sent was dented badly, sent it back..

After a two week wait.. Now you have told me that you were going to deliver another one on Monday 11/20/17...

Called the store to find out the time when the truck was supposed to deliver it. They seem not to know anything about it.. I would like some customer satisfaction....

As a long time loyal customer I'm very dissatisfied with the way you have handled the order.

I'm in the process of remodeling my house and wanted to buy more of your products, but after this fiasco I believe I'll turn my thoughts towards Home Depot....


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Bob Hasselfeld - 1 d 16 h ago


Had scheduled a dishwasher to be installed, 3 weeks in advance, it was confirmed that it was in the store and everything was set for the one day that I could be allowed to be off 4 hours off of work, The morning of the installation I was called to confirm that I was there, which I did, then was called 30 minutes later to say that the product, after 3 weeks was not there. At this point I wanted to talk with someone but the only thing the installer would state is that he had turned in a ticket. 2 hours later they called and stated that the dishwasher was there but by that time I had returned to work, they then stated that I could go back down to the residence (25 miles away) and they would try and install it today. However now I was unable to take off work and they would only talk about the reimbursing me after the installation took place.

Well at the end of the day I just requested a refund and will take my business elsewhere. I will say that the refund process was fairly smooth, probably from a lot of practice.

I had been a fairly regular customer even though Home Depot was across the street. That will now change as a lot of people sell appliances.

I have provided my name in case anyone from Lowe's wants to get additional details, however with a corporate rating of a 1/2 star. I'm have low (or should I say Lowes) expectations.


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Bdbutton - 2 d 4 h ago


I went through Lowes to have my bathroom remodeleled. The contractor they used was a joke. The tub was installed incorrectly. The tiles are a mess. The tile guy hadn't done tile work for years. He messed up the insert and the glass tile. They brought out the wrong color grout (white) with white tiles. It was supposed to be beige. The flooring was a mess. He left cuts from the edges to the middle of the floor. The grout work was sloppy. The grey stuff used to secure the tile bled through the grout. The store sent someone to replace the floor. He did a perfect job. They sent him to touch up the grout, not so good. No wax was put on it. I paid over $7,000.00 for this mess. This occured in Union Gap,Wa. I'm so disappointed. The tub needs to be torn out and installed correctly and the tile work needs to be redone. I didn't get what I paid for. Barbara Button Yakima, Wa

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willie moon - 2 d 11 h ago


never had an issue buying products from lowes as i built my home and garage exclusively with lowes hardware ,, my problem is i need a job and they wont hire me .. i have 25 + years experience in receiving and stocking inventory and i`m not qualified enuff for job there .. now i have applied for an assembly job in which they require 3 months experience in related fields .. ie auto mechanic or tire changer .. i have 20 years experience in the space and defense industry building hardware that has flown to the moon and back yet i`m sure i will get the same letter .." thank you for your interest in becoming a lowes employee but at this time we are considering other applicants "

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Carol Parker - 2 d 12 h ago


On Sunday November 19th I called the store in Paterson, NJ. I was transferred to the garden department because I was trying to find out if they had advertised grave blankets in stock.

First the representative did not know what I was talking about. Then she put me on hold and evrr came back to the phone.

I immediately called back, hoping to get someone more knowledgeable, however disappointed once again.

I called back and asked to speak to manager the call went into a dark hole. No one answered.

The last call was to inform them i would be making a formal complaint. Conclusion; they are too busy and under staffed , incompetent, or both.

I'm trying to understand why a person working in the department responsible for selling an item does not know what the item is agyer having it described in the most basic term.

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Mary - 2 d 14 h ago

I went to Lowe's during the frist week of October looking for a 24inch vanity for my bathroom and fell in love with the Scott Living white vanity. But to my dismay, it wasnt in stock. However, the sales person said that one would be availabe on the next shipment in about 2 weeks. Aftre two weeks I called nothing two more weeks nothing. Frustrated, I decided to go back ro the store in Havertown Pa. and there I met my angel. His name was Charles, the sales associate in plumbing! I knew from my intuition that he was special and we began to talk about things other than rhe vanity & it was very relaxing. He told me that he has been an employee at Lowes for over thirty years and he loved his job and all the time searching the other stores to find the vanity. No other sales associate had done that. He went the extra mile and low and behold there was one @ another store 20 miles away. By this time the line for service had grown & customers were getting ansy. Charles was pleasant wirh them all . It was evident that he was a professional as he took care of eveyone & still was able to keep me involved while addressing smaller concerns of other customers. To make a long story shorter,he put in a requisition to have vanity sent to the Havertown store..I was EXCITED & thankes him so much. But wait..when it qas time for shipment, they noticed vanity was damaged Charles called and told me..Iwas devastated & thanked him again. He told me the same vanity would be in by Tuesday ( this was Thursday) .In my mind Im saying right. However I did pau for it and he said that he would tuck it away with for me with my name on it. Sure enough, it came on Tuesday & Charles called me and gave instructions for pick up for my contractor. Thxs to Charles the vanity is home & installed Its beautiful. I wish there were more sales people like Charles that go the extra mile for their customers. I do APPRECIATE him! Hey corporate man/woman, show him you value him& employees like him& make him Employee of the month!! Mary

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very unhappy seriously Lowes! - 3 d 8 h ago


Purchased a refirgerator online when it got here the two delivery guys said the screw that adjusts the door from left opening to right opening was broken but that I should keep the frig so that I have one until they would bring out another one. Well that was two weeks ago and when I talk to their managers and specialist they keep telling me I will receive a call the night before for delivery and the call never comes. So today I called the manager of the store and told him I just want them to come pick up the refrigerator and return it . He said they would pick it up tommorrow so long as they had room on the truck while delivering other refrigerators. Somehow someone messed up and I don't think they should have ever left the broken one with me. So will see I may be calling corprate next. Really poor service and no ones seems to care much about taking care of the problem. Seem like they need an education on customere service and what you can and can't do with a deivery. Explained this to someone at home depot and she said that once they left the frigerator with me thats where it ended. Still bad customere service.

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Romas - 3 d 13 h ago


DO NOT SHOP AT LOWES. Their customer service is horrible. They keep transferring the calls around and no one ever picks up. Still trying to get a refund.

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vyvyan chaffin - 3 d 14 h ago


Lowe's Corporate Office and Lowe's STORE #1149 does not stand by their Mission Statement which is:

Lowe's provides the products to help our customers build, improve and enjoy their homes. Our goal is to out service the competition and be our customer's 1st choice STORE for these products. With 2000 sales of $18.8 billion, Lowe's Companies, Inc. Is the world's second largest home improvement retailer.

Well that wasn't the case for me. I'm unable to build, improve or enjoy my home or product on this day or any of the upcoming holidays due to the fact that the above STORE #1149 has twice sent me a damaged Samsung Range that I purchased full cash. I've been inconvenienced since purchasing this product on Veterans Day in which I was celebrating with my brother whom served in the Army in the Vietnam War. I am disheartened, sad and without any joy at this time. I was expecting to be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. Instead, I still have my original broken stove. This has been a very, very, bad experience. I have spoken with the corporate office Andrea and Melanie. This is very poor customer service for me the consumer. This was my very first time purchasing a major appliance for my home. Unsatisfied customer.

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Ramirez pat - 5 d 17 h ago

Lowe's in Sioux City Iowa suck I spent $10,000 for cupboards that was 5 months ago they still are not in they are not what I wanted I don't know what to do but get a lawyer and pursue from there nobody will listen to me I have tried and tried but Lowe's don't care about people I guess

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Anonymous - 3 d 17 h ago

Lowe's suck!

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Un Happy Customer - 4 d 12 h ago


How do you get to send a letter to the Corp. Office of Lowes, I know the Management would not like how a customer was treated and the delay in service but a lot of other unsatisfied work from one of their stores. And of course not to mention over 8,000.00 purchase, very unsatisfied customer, and will never use them again. My intentions were to probably purchase the rest of what we need for the house, but I will not dare step my foot into that store again.

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Pissed off in St. Augustine - 3 d 17 h ago


They don't give a shit about customer complaints......Have you read these revuews. Not very many good ones!! I personally know an employee,can't they don't give a shit about anything but their bonus!! That's the store management that doesn't care.

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R. Bannon - 3 d 17 h ago


I went to my local Lowes this morning (Rt 73, Maple Shade,NJ) to purchase a few items for a home improvement project. The store was nearly empty (7:30 Saturday morning) as I searched for my needs. Every employee that I passed appeared disinterested in their jobs as if just going through the motions. NOT ONE employee engaged me by saying, "good morning, can I help you or do you need any help". Instead of shopping for a lot of items, I picked up just what I needed for today and headed to checkout. The only cashier advised me that she was closed after she finished ringing up her customer. I went to self checkout to process my purchase. Myself and two other customers were having difficulties but there was no one to help. I went down to the contractor checkout where there were two humans behind the registers. The first cashier had allowed a contractor to start his purchase but then he decided he needed more drywall and she was tied up as he loaded his cart with more. The other cashier had a closed sign and she didn't bother to look up while she picked at her fingernails! There were three people in line behind the self absorbed contractor. I threw my purchase on the nearby drywall and stormed out. MANAGEMENT AT THAT STORE SHOULD BE FIRED. HE OR SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS, STORE PERFORMANCE OR LOWES BRAND!!!!!

And by the way, I traveled to a nearby Home Depot. I saved $3 on one of my purchases as opposed to buying it at Lowes. THE EXACT SAME ITEM!

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Mrs Curtis - 3 d 20 h ago


Welp, here is my story. Went to Lowes on Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, FL to purchase a front door for my mother's birthday. Found a door I knew she would love (cathedral glass door), and paid $341 for it! Pick-up was scheduled for the coming WED (2-days later), upon arrival, I was informed that my door was already picked-up. Long story short, Lowes allowed someone to walk out with my paid door, without verifying any of my information. After talking with Jeff (store manager), I was told "he was not letting another door leave the store until they figure out what happen. I returned 2 day later(which allowed them to view the camera footage), to be informed they observed a gentleman walk out with my door. And apparently, he has been walking out with a lot of merchandise without paying. They offered me 10% off a dented door, and a scratched up door-which I declined. Nevertheless, my mother's birthday present was ruined. So (Sean, Manager) ordered me a new door, I've been waiting 4weeks now. What a joke!

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago


Placed a online order for a range and a ventahood delivery was suppose to be free. BS , delivered my ventahood next day, week later no range, called my Range was cancelled. My card was charged for delivery for a ventahood I don't need cause you can't even get the range . Bad business. My business is now going else ware.

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