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1000 Lowes Blvd
Mooresville, NC
(800) 445-6937
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Anonymous - 3 h ago

I am very dissatisfied with Lowes On Boston Road, Springfield, Massachusetts. I purchased 2 Newport Picket Fences on Saturday and they couldn't hold in my vehicle. I asked for the fences to be held until I could find someone to pick them up. I didn't give a specific day and time but it was entered in their system that I stated someone would pick up the fences on Sunday. I asked someone to pick up the fences for me on Monday and I called Lowes after 7 in the morning to inform them who would be picking up the fences. First person I spoke to over the phone acted as if they didn't understand what I was saying and hung up on me. I kept calling back and the phone kept ringing and ringing then someone answered and their tone sounded as if I was a bother to them. The person that I asked to pick up the items stated that Lowes sold the fences after I paid for them. Right now I am PISSED because what establishment does such crap to a customer. It is going to cost me twice to have it picked up plus it has setback work that needs to be completed on my property. I will post my experience all over Social Media. The customer service and the Management at Lowes SUCKS big time. All employees plus Management needs proper training. What a SHITTY service. You have lost a customer!!!

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Janelle Parker - 8 h ago


Dear Corporate-Office; My name is Janelle Parker from Covington, La. I am in the process of purchasing a new Washing Machine and was in the Covington store on Hwy 190/Collins Blvd. Just to let you know that because of one of your employees, Ben Pampo in the appliance dept. talked to me about your appliances, of which he was very knowledgeable and very much the type of person that I enjoyed listening to. Ben Pampo was very polite, soft spoken,certainly kind and not the type to push sales at you. I totally enjoyed being around him. I told Ben that I was going to make a point to express my gratitude to upper management. I went to Customer Service to speak to the store manager; Brittany. I was told by Evelyn that she was at lunch, buy the way Evelynn was also very kind in her service. I told her that I wanted to put the good word in about Ben Pampo and said that he was a very nice person and directed me to go on the Lowe's web site and here we are.

I must say that I am a frequent shopper over the years the doors were open at that particular store and I am in the garden area a lot. Whenever I am checking out in the garden area the payment machine has a glare on the screen and it very difficult to read. One of your employees got a box, painted it black and put it over the card machine to prevent a glare so the customer could see. This particular employee took the trouble to paint the box black to match the machine and was tasteful. Corporate office came in the store and made them take it down. Shame on you. Now there is a awful glare again. Please stop being so "Corporate" and listen to your employees and customers.

Thank you

Frequent Customer

Janelle Parker

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WilmaS - 15 h 26 m ago


Around April 20th I went to Lowe's on South Highland to order a now screen door. Picked out the door I wanted talked to the sales person they set up a time for someone to come measure etc, they came measured and we waited for a day or so returned to store to check on status of ordering door, took them two hours to find my information in the system it was under my daughters name.1st mistake! They said they correct that information waited about two more weeks and nothing, no door, no phone calls nothing! I then called back to Lowe's and after about the third attempt of trying to speak with someone, found out the door was still under my daughters name and nothing was processed to have the door delivered and put in!! That I paid for, a few days later they came to install door, they door closer was suppose to be a bottom foot release and it is a top release that you have to use an Allen wrench on!!! The door sweep was incorrect leaving about a inch/two inch gap at the bottom of door, a new door sweep has been ordered and might be able to be installed on Monday if they get it in and can figure out who it goes to. With all that being said!!! I spent a lot of money on this door/install and in my opinion it just wasn't worth the trouble that I have been through.

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jim king - 1 d 37 m ago



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J.L. - 1 d 4 h ago


Horrible! Would not advise anyone to do business there. Just saw how a customer service rep mistreated a long time customer! Not good at all. FYI- decency and consideration to others is needed!

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Stopped in Lowe's to purchase verticals. Place an order for a sizing. Was told that by the following week the verticals would be on sale at 40% off. Upon my return to the store and placing the order was told I was given the wrong information. The sale was twenty percent off. Sale person kindly offered me an additional 10% off. Had I not place the order I would have shopped around for a better deal.

I feel the store should have offered me the higher discount. It would have been very goof customer service consideration.

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William B Price - 2 d 13 h ago


Dear Lowes, After several failed attempts for satisfaction from your store 1730 and twitter, this is my last step. We ordered a marble counter top early April PO# 098579135 under the name of Price. Supposedly it was ready April 17th, I still not have received it. Several phone calls and several excuses later, The assistant manager Jim stated it should be here this week,3 weeks later. We were told it is coming Federal Express but because they do not deliver on weekends it would be this week. My wife demanded it be deliver free of charge which Jim gladly agreed to. Not me, I have been waiting for over 3 weeks. You can look at how much I spent on my Lowes card for tub, tub enclose, twin vanity's, twin lights, twin faucets, twin medicine cabinet, mirror linoleum floor. Free delivery will not satisfy me for my inconvenience. This will be the last major purchase from Lowes, if it is not made right.

Sincerely William B. Price


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Marvin - 4 d 4 h ago


Your store here in Siloam springs Arkansas is the worst on the planet they don't have help they can't get an order right then they can't fix it I'm starting to think you guys are getting to be terrible people

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daniel spaeth - 4 d 4 h ago


On 5/17/19 I went to my local Lowe's at 3800 Aramingo ave Phila Pa. to get 2 keys cut, chip keys for a ford. Now I know that you do not sell that key I had to bring my own.

The girl behind the counter told me we do not cut those keys because she cant charge me. I always, ALWAYS go to Lowe's because of the costumer service and cleanliness of the store, even though a Home depot closer to me.

After leaving Lowe's a little mad, now I had to find a shop that can cut my keys. I went home and looked on line and the closest place to me was Home depot and Lowe's' so I called Home depot and tolled them what I needed they said that it was no problem that they would just charge me for cutting a regular ford keys $8.00. I ALWAYS said when the Lowe's opened by me I would never go to Home depot again I was wrong.THANK YOU for changing my mind about Home depot.The lack of help and general not caring about your costumer showed me how much you care. This seems a lot for a set of keys but it was more the attitude of it is just a set of keys.

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago

phone number is for medical alert center

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Joe of Lewes DE - 4 d 14 h ago


I bought a Driveway Post light fixture. I already had the pole and all, just replaced the light on top. I had an electrician put in a new electric eye as well. The eye went in without a problem and the light looked like it was going well till he was done. When he went to install the lid, it would not fit on the fixture. We ended up putting some electric tape on it to keep the cover on and not blow off.

I didn't want him to take it all apart to return to the store. He told me to go buy another one, use the lid from the second one and just return it. When I went to the store I opened the box and could not get this one to snap on either. I asked for a salesman to assist me, maybe I was doing something wrong. He looked at it and could not get it on as well. I asked him where do we go from here.... The rest of the light is already installed? His reply.... The light is a piece of crap, you should not have bought this model! Now I have a light I paid for, an electrician I paid for and a lid that does not fit the fixture.... and he just tells me it is a piece of crap... you should not have bought it!

WOW Great service and I get more upset every time I pull in the drive now! What can I do?????

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Skip - 5 d 9 h ago


I have had the worst time I have ever had at any store I went in to Lowes at Brunswick Ga.31525 and bought a riding mower pad for it and the they tell me that they do not have one put together. I ask for the floor model and they said they could not sale it. I told them I would buy the next model up I am at the cash out line they said they could cancel this order and put the money back on my card then buy the other mower I ran my card and it was declined because the money did not go back on my card like they said. I wen home mad and the next day I went on line and ordered a riding mower it said there was one ready for pickup Guess what That was not true now I am out 2300 dollars and still have no mower. I could not get any help from the store Manager I could not get anyone to help me get anything done at there so called corporate office. VERY VERY POOR SERVICE

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Consumer - 12 d 9 h ago


Please remove biblical quotes from your email signature. It is unprofessional.

Flagged for review. 
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God - 6 d 10 h ago

I love them!!

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Pussycat - 6 d 10 h ago

What type of God fearing fool flagged that? How did that offend someone? Damn even God is probably thinking "I wish this shitty money hungry business would leave my name out they mouth" because God uses slang like that.

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True Blood American - 5 d 13 h ago


Company & country was founded on belief of God! Whoever that God may be to you!! They don't tell you how to worship! But you sure love the peace, benefits the job, the safety, and all the money that America provides and the comfort they provide for you in the USA that was founded on the belief that God! many God-fearing people shed blood at the very beginning and continually for this country the individuals that live here now the companies that do business and all the money that is generated in the country!

If you're not happy with that there are atheist countries that you can relocate to as soon as possible ASAP!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

I think you skipped your meds.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

True Blood American, so which Native American tribe are you a member of?

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Jim - 6 d ago


When to Lowe's in Lexington SC for laminate flooring for entire 1400 sq ft house. Everything was good until the installer came back with estimate and layout. It was not the price it was the installer was going to place dividers between every room no one follow. Even the closets. Said manufacture requires some 20 breaks. We had several other estimates and this is the only one like that. Went to several model homes no divides like this. People said this how rookies install flooring not professionals.

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Karl J. - 6 d 9 h ago


We ordered a kitchen sink. Lowes site said it was delivered so we called the lowes store, they told us it would arrive today via Fed Ex. The faucet arrived but no sink. We called again and were told "Oh, the sink is on back order." Nice of Lowes to tell us that on the day the sink was to be delivered. I have no kitchen!! New cabinets were to be put in tomorrow but now we are in limbo unless I run out and buy a stainless steel sink (I hate stainless steel), or a white sink which I also do not like. There are no words to express my level of anger towards Lowes. I have been without a kitchen since April 1 because of a burst pipe and was finally going to have a kitchen tomorrow and all Lowes can say is "We're sorry." We're sorry does not fix the problem!! See where YOUR site says delivered? Delivered May. 7, 2019 Order #: 375727288 Total: $398.54 Order Details Kennedy Brushed Nickel 1-Handle Deck Mount Pull-Down Commercial 2 Spray Options Kitchen Faucet Item(s): 1 Diamond 33-in x 22-in Biscuit (Off-white) Double-Basin Drop-in or Undermount 1-Hole Residential Kitchen Sink Item(s): 1

General profile image - 12 d 14 h ago


My name is Michael Becker I have a small construction company in Lebanon Tennessee. Lowe's customer service has been horrible in a situation where we had materials to return on a job. We spend a $100000 a year at that corporation and do not get any respect or service. We are not purchasing any more materials from this company. Our little measly $100000 a year evidently doesn't mean anything to them.

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Lowes Manager - 6 d 10 h ago

Keep your money two bit customer!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago

Michael Becker has a small.....

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AliceP - 6 d 11 h ago


I placed a order on the phone today through Kevin at Lowes. I would give Kevin a A+ rating. He was so helpful, polite, had the patience of a saint and was wonderful to deal with. I was planning to give this man a glowing review but somehow was disconnected while trying to give the review. IF all Lowes people were like Kevin, everyone would be shopping there!

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 h ago


Someone need to look into the whiteville store in North Carolina something is going on there with customers accounts being used to purchase things by a employee

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