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Mooresville, NC
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Philip johnson - 9 h ago


This morning, 9/22, I went to store #1805 in Buckhannon, WV to purchase a good lawn weed trimmer, gas operated. I found the item and made the purchase. Upon arriving back at home and attempting assembly I found the shaft of the item was damaged in the box. I called the store and told them I would bring the item back and requested they assemble a replacement. Upon return I went to customer service and told the associate about the issue making it clear I was exchanging and telling her specifically I needed an exchange because I had not brought the bank card used with me. She said no problem, returned the item and credited it back to the card. Imagine my frustration when I picked up the assembled item only to find that I needed the card in question for billing because she had done the return incorrectly. After two trips taking a total of 3.5 hours I left without the item. There was no apology, not even an I am sorry. I even offered to call and get the card information but was told it could not be done over the phone. I have spent easily $5000 in this store in the last 12 months. Without some sort of satisfaction regarding this matter, I will no longer be a Lowes customer.

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Steven M Jones - 11 h 39 m ago


Absolutely horrible customer service. While scrolling through ,and seeing that many are having issues, I realize Lowes has very poor ratings for their credit card carrying customers. I hate to spill a long drawn out story , but I suppose it is the only way to explain it. The only thing that has changed on my credit report since the time I applied for this card is a loan for 500 that was negative for 5 years at the time of application. With this on report, I received a credit limit of 800 dollars. Since I have received this card I have paid in full the loan that was in default. So, in theory, one would believe that credit could only go up if not stand still. That being said, Since I have had this account I have never been late on a payment to them or anyone else for that matter, NO late payments whatsoever with ANY of my creditors. I made my payment last month on time, as usual. Approx 2 weeks later I come across a little money, so I pay all my bills for the next month. Only to find out Lowes didn't credit it to the next month payment, all other creditors understood the payments. Anyhow, I called to have this adjusted with customer service, which is what anyone would believe would fix the situation. They were willing to apply the payment to the next bill and waive late fee, and I am greatfull for that . But, before the issue my credit limit was 800. I made a payment in the amount of 200 because I was close to my limit and didn't want it affecting my credit score. It is very difficult maintaining a good score as it is and I take that very seriously. Now after their mess up they lower my limit to 400, let me remind you I did nothing wrong and have made EVERY payment ON TIME since this credit was established. So now my card is 200 OVER not under as it should be. This effects my score horribly. They claim it is due to a change in credit report and NOT the late payment. As I had stated previously, the only change is that i paid in full a default acct. this should have boosted if not anything else, certainly not lowered. At this point I don't want the limit to go back up to have credit to use, I want it restored so as I don't have over limit marks on my record. I will cut the card I have up and pay my balance at this point I would rather deal with Homedepo, which kills me to say because I started going to lowes at first because it seemed they provided better service. I stand accountable for my actions when I have wronged and make them right, apparently Lowes does not have the integrity to do the same for its customers when they have made a mistake

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Keith S - 12 h 23 m ago


We purchase a stove from Lowes with the extended warranty in August 2014. The oven section has quit working.

We called Lowes to report this on September 18, 2017. We were told National Platinum Service would come out on

9/21/17. National Platinum called me later on in the week and told me Lowes was wrong, and they could not be there until 9/27/17. We called Lowes back and they told us A&E would be out to us on 9/22/17. Lowes said they could call Notional Platinum and cancel them. My wife called this morning to confirm the service call today and the lady told her OH NO, Lowes has it scheduled for October 10, 2017. They never bothered to let us (The Customer) know. The lady said she could not do anything for us. My wife asked to speak with a supervisor but was told it would be 30 minutes. My wife held on the line 1 hour and 25 minutes to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor finally got it down to 9/27/17. That is another 5 days before anyone will show up, If They Do. Lowes has got to the point, that they just do not seem to care about the customer. I had the same problem with a refrigerator for 2 years and Lowes finally made it right. I thought I would give Lowes another chance. I guess I should have bought somewhere else. Also been on hold with the 704 number above before I starting typing (Now Over 20 Minutes) and have not spoken with anyone yet. .

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Rea - 13 h 28 m ago


I just found out last night that Lowes has canceled our credit card with their company. Not because we are behind on our payments but because our credit rating has slipped somewhat due to a reduction of income and some missed payments on other bills not related to our Lowe's credit card. My husband and I have spent thousands of dollars at Lowe's over the years, most of it in cash, for home improvement products, chicken coops, appliance purchases and other projects around our property. They just lost a customer. If this is the way that Lowes treats their loyal customers who have had a minor financial setback then I do not wish to continue to spend my hard earner cash with a store who does not value my business. We will make the 20 extra minute drive to Home Depot from now on for all our building, remodeling and home decor needs.

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Anonymous - 14 h ago


I applied for a position with your company had a verbal yes. They did the drug screening and background check. Have not received any communication. Your background company can't speak clear English. Hr will not even give a up or down on the hire. I know there is no reason for a negative on either item. So at this point you have lost me as a customer and a employee. I have never seen such lack a professional integrity.

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Shirley - 14 h 23 m ago

Watch out,I bought refrigerator from these people.Bought extended warranty. It has broke 3 times in less then 2 and a half years.The same thing has been wrong every time.Every time I have had to fight to get my food loss reimbursement.This time they say they are not giving my money back.No wonder they have not one star out of five.

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Denice Brink - 14 h 28 m ago


In early August of 2017 I moved from Los Angeles to St. Paul, Minn. I bought a condo and decided to retire here. I purchased a top of the line stackable washer and dryer from Lowe's. The items were on back order so I did not expect delivery until October. In early September I got a call that my washer & dryer were in and I set up an appointment for delivery. The items were not delivered when the delivery date came. No excuse was given. I set up another delivery date and the items were delivered but I had not purchased a stacking kit so they left the washer and dryer here. I purchased a stacking kit and set up another delivery date. The men never showed up. I spoke with several "managers" regarding this mistake and they assured me that installation would take place the next day. The next day the installers failed to show again. By this time I was pretty angry and called the manager again. Through a series of conversations I accused them of breach of contract and said I would contact my lawyer. Adam, a manager @ the West St. Paul Lowe's called me and said he was going to instruct the installers to NOT come to my home and install the washer and dryer. He continued to call me in a very menacing way despite the fact that I would just hang up on him. This is very unprofessional and even a little pathological for him to repeatedly call me in such a menacing way. I have a washer and dryer but not installed. I thought you might like to know how your store in West St. Paul, Minn is operating. If I have the need for anything else from this point on, I will shop at Home Depot.

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Hyman - 1 d 16 h ago


In August 2016, I purchased a 5 year extended service plan on the Samsung refrigerator I purchased at Lowes. In August of 2017, I contacted Lowes service plan about getting a rebate on a water filter I purchased at Lowes - if you have the plan you are eligible for discounts on refrigerator supplies.

The service plan agent I spoke to said she could not find the purchase of the extended service plan in her system. So, she asked for info from the receipt and said she would need to do a request for receipt thru the Lowes system. I should wait 10 days and I would get an email with all the details.

After 10 days, no email. I called Lowes back and spoke to a different agent. She said there was no record of the request for receipt in the Lowes system. She asked for the receipt info again and said she would process the request for receipt and I would get an email when they found.

Well, it's 9 days and no email. So, if I need service there is no record of the plan in Lowe's system.

Who do I contact to get this fixed ???

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Lacking customer service - 19 h 54 m ago


So true. Lack customer service skills lack. What a shame you are experiencing this. Contact corporate. Type a letter or better yet reach out to NBC who resoves poor customer service issues.

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Dissatisfied!! - 19 h ago


Lowes lacks customer service/ social skills. It appears some employees need a refresher course if they do not want to continue to deter employees and customers from their store where the supposed notto is home is where the heart is. Orland Park location I worked for a couple days, as the original position hired for , h r rep then wants to put me in outside lawn and garden. They apologized bu would not accomodate so I resigned. But at least the h r rep was nice about things regardless of not accomodating me in original position hired for. 6 mos later , I gave New Lenox a try for p time position. Several employees being head cashiers and a manager iover the store, were nothing but rude and unprofessional when speaking to me a new employer who had concerns. They lacked tact and professionalism. Asst store mngr was only pleasant, socially professional individual. It looks like the other employees need social skills refresher course to learn how to communicate effectively and professionally or employees will continue to resign or quit, and can transfer on to Lowes store losing customers. Never would I give Lowes my business as a customer or past employee w the experiences I encountered!!

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Daniel W - 2 d 6 h ago

to whom it might concern; i am a faithfull lowes customer, i made a purchase of 3 windowing 36x36 and 1 at 24x24 total of 218.00 dollars. the person that pulled the merchandise[on line purchase] gave me 4 windows 36x60 double pane instead of single the small window was correct.everything was done and they were heading to load them for me, i could have left with 500 dollars of windows. i am moderately poor and these purchases are for a single mother with a special needs child, she is extremly poor so i am paying for things as i can. she needs those windows badly because their home is extremily in bad shape, half the inside sheet rock is falling in from leaks,both doors have holes and air blowing thru, they have one good window, so yes i could have taken those windows for this poor woman, you should see this place. but either i am stupid or just a honost person and devoted customer.when i brought this to thier attention two of your female employees went thru a lot of trouble and hardship to correct the mistake and protect your butt,i thought that was amazing because they could have just walked away much like i could have. in the 80,s i helped run a large lumber yard and taught employees how to protect the company and effectivly help the customers,get their money and back to their day.the problems i see at this store are not rocket science just bad procedures,HD is surpasing you little by little. get a grip on these problems while they are simple,here is a hint; its all in the little details[which take little effort] and attitude. even though i really really wish i could have taken those windows it wouldnt have been any skin off your nose and god knows this poor lady needs them and more, i just couldnt do that even under these circumstances. you will still be my store.get some management that can train employees,i went thru countless seminars to learn, its really easy. thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns. still devoted........daniel

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Becky - 2 d 7 h ago


Worst experience I have ever had with the lowes in Kingsport tn store. We bought a fence paid 10,000 already said it would be put up in two to three weeks that was back in July 5 th fence still is not up. We have had to call over and over ever time they schedule a day they re-schedule three times now. Talk to store mgr once he would never call back made I don't know someone else contact us. After this we are done with lowes poor business and no respect for customer

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Judy Tucker - 2 d 7 h ago


Junior at your 750 Newhall Dr, San Jose, CA store helped me order a refrigerator on 9/10/17 (white because you had no white's in stock). He said it would come either 9/14 or 9/19, but he would ask for it on a rush because it was for a Senior without a frig. About 4 years ago I bought a dishwasher for another rental I manage, so that's the address that was on file which I told Junior had nothing to do with this frig. He said to give the correct address to whomever calls to deliver it. Bill called 9/19 about delivering it 9/20. I was extremely clear about giving him the right address and tenant's phone number and told him not to use the address in their records - he was very attentive and said he'd written it all down. That evening someone called the tenant to arrange to deliver the frig this morning between 10-12, so she stayed home waiting. At 12:30 the driver called wondering where she was, since he was at the original address in your file. He said that since he had the wrong address he couldn't deliver it today. I tried to call Bill at 925- 292-3446 but it was his day off, so I talked to Sal who said he had the correct address in his records and the paperwork must not have been updated!!! He tried to reach the driver and left me on hold for 20 min before I hung up and called back later. Sal said he had a long talk with the driver who said it wasn't a problem, because the tenant agreed to have it delivered Friday. The only reason she agreed to that is because they couldn't deliver it today, and she had appointments tomorrow that she'd put off from today because she thought it was going to be delivered!!! Furthermore it is my understanding that items not delivered get returned to the originating store that night and picked up again on the day of delivery, so I believe today makes the second time this frig has been picked up and returned and Friday will make the third pickup, and I am concerned about scratches and dents from all this handling. I even spoke to Jose at the Newhall store yesterday and asked him to verify the delivery address which he said he would. Your records need to allow more than one address to one person, as I told everyone I spoke to that the address in your records had nothing to do with this frig and gave them the right address, and my elderly tenant is still without a frig because of several errors on Lowe's part which are inexcusable and disappointing to say the least.

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Ashly - 2 d 7 h ago

Ashley M. Lowe's Customer Care Please see the messages below. I was told that someone from our Arlington Heights Il. would be contacting me sometime today. I have not received a call and am concerned about this matter. John King (hidden)-cell (hidden)-home Good afternoon John, Thank you for your email. I hope that you are doing well today. I certainly do apologize for your experience with one of our stores. We pride ourselves in World Class Customer Service and this is not the type of experience we like to hear from our customers. I have addressed this with Senior Store Management at the Lowe's of Arlington Heights, IL. You can expect a follow up from Store Management within the next 24 hours. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know and I will be happy to help. Thank you, Ashlyn M. Lowe's Customer Care [THREAD ID:1-6N1X74C] -----Original Message----- From: (hidden) Sent: 9/18/2017 06:39:40 PM To: Subject: Other Question/Comment First Name :John Last Name :King Phone # :(hidden) Alternate Phone #: Address1 : Address2 : Address3 : City : State/Province : Zip :60007 Location #: Store City : Store State : Shipping/Delivery : Item Number : Item Desc : Order Number : Model Number : Comments :I need to let you know about the recent thing that happened to us at your store in Arlington Heights, Illinois. On 9/30/17 my husband and I made our decision to use Lowe's for our new floors. We shopped around and found that Lowe's had the product we wanted to purchase. We went to the store on 9.1.17 and purchased our laminate floor along with all of the molding etc. that was going to be needed to have your contractors install the floors. We worked with a man at that store. He arranged to have an estimator come out and measure. When we went to the store to buy the floor etc. the purchase totaled $9,651.13 which we paid on 9/1/17. The materials were delivered except for the plywood sub floors which we thought we going to be delivered when the installers came. Our estimate showed that the plywood installation was included. Today I received a call to tell me that the floor would be installed starting on September 25th but she wanted to know why we did not purchase the sub floor plywood. She told me to call the store and speak to the salesperson. I did and he said that he failed to include that in the cost and that I should come in and pay for the plywood. When I went to the store he told me that they would only charge us half the cost $188.65. I am really concerned as I am 75 years old and my husband is 66. We saved this money so we could improve our home. I am disappointed with Lowe's and am writing this to see if any thing can be done to help us.John King/Doug Lia-(hidden) Confirmation # : Submitter:$USER$

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unhappywlowes - 2 d 10 h ago


I have purchased a number of things from my Lowes in Kissimmee, FL, including a dishwasher and an over-the-range microwave this year. However, their customer service is absolutely deplorable! Their after-the-sale assistance is EVEN WORSE, if this is even possible! I was in the business for years when I lived in the New York area, and worked for P.C. Richard, so I KNOW what good customer service is all about! They are about the best in the business, and the products admittedly now are nowhere near as good nor as reliable as they were years ago.

I purchased a Whirlpool Microwave and installed it over-the-range to replace another Whirlpool I had back in January. However, the sales rep was busy, and I failed to get a sales receipt at the time! I later realized this, but in the confusion of getting the product into my car I forgot to ask, and I quickly forgot. The sales rep had an obligation to insure the receipt was given to me, but failed to do this! Just recently the light in the microwave has been flickering and a 'clicking sound' heard as the switch is likely not working as designed, and the light flickers repeatedly though it is intermittent. I spent a great deal of time trying to find a receipt, as I keep appliance sales receipts in two places, but then realized I never received one! So, I contacted and was put on hold and ultimately made several calls to Lowes Credit, which did look-up the sale and found the date as well as the receipt number. I explained that Whirlpool service requires the receipt to verify the sales date, but the guy at the other end, after more than an hour of being on hold and discussion, said a copy would be 'e-mailed' to me. It never was!

A LOT of time was wasted, and I am spending something close to $90 to now repair the unit which has a misaligned switch, covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but as I do not have a receipt, I cannot claim this and must pay!

I blame myself for not being more forceful in getting the only sales rep in their appliance area to give me my receipt, but also why couldn't their credit or their customer service have sent me a copy? Only a courtesy I exercised myself many times over the years, though in those days we usually had to mail a photocopy to a customer.

I will NEVER buy nor visit a Lowe's store ever again, and I advise others to find an alternate source to purchase their new appliance, a/c or whatever they might need! Their customer service is virtually non-existent!

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Kim - 2 d 14 h ago


Store #1559 Salina KS We purchased a range on Sept 4th from employee named Wayne in the Appliance section. We have had nothing but run around and have now canceled the order because of being so upset range was suppose to be delivered on the 17th. Is it really the customer that needs to call the store each day to check up on the purchase they made? we have never had a problem until purchasing an appliance from this store. On the receipt you have the option for a satisfaction survey but if you look close you only have a week, how does this work when you don't even have the item and can give a factual survey on the purchase you have made? The employees when you call tried to tell me on the 17th that they was out delivering so I waited all day by 7:30 pm I called again and talked to another person she tells me the stove is still not even in stock so why would the first person tell me they was out on deliveries? with the technology we have now a days when they tell you they have called we checked all our phones and no such number had even attempted to try to call and inform use about what was going on. Very poor communication disappointed and canceled order with my final call to the manager of the store. Being military that was another fact they didn't even ask at the check out. SLOW down and put the customers first communicate with others if you say you have noted it on your computer then others should know what is going on!

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Andrew G. - 2 d 15 h ago


I wanted to send a note to express my sincere appreciation to one of your staff at the Port Orange store on Dunlawton Avenue, Sean Yurance. Before Irma hit our area, I was preparing our home for devastation and a long electric outage. The week before Irma hit, we purchased a generator from your store. I left it in the box until the Friday before Irma was to hit that Sunday. I started to prep the generator by filling with 2.5 gallons of gas. Immediately I was overcome by gas fumes. I looked under the generator's gas tank and noticed the shutoff valve was broke in half and gas was spewing out. I was exasperated at this point as it was around 6 PM and knowing that many stores were not going to be open that would have a replacement to the valve.

With high hopes, I removed the broken valve and drove to your store to see if there was a chance that your staff could help. Luckily I ran into Sean who went above and beyond to find me a replacement. This was such a relief you wouldn't believe. Our house is on a deadend road that is lined with trees and surely would lose power as it has done so many times in the past. I took the valve home and the generator ran fine. We did lose power at 11 PM the night Irma hit until Wednesday at noon. The generator was a big comfort for my family.

Thanks to Sean and your store, my anxiety level was reduced to a level I could manage. Please express my thanks to him. We are Lowe's customers for life.

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Jim Mitchell - 3 d ago


To the Lowe's Corporate Officers, Senior Management and anyone else who may be able to help.

First off, I would like to congratulate you on the prompt speedy service you provided regarding the repair of my Troy Bilt mower. Sadly, that can't happen.

On July 15, 2017, I purchased, online, a Troy Bilt Horse XP 46i nch riding mower online for $1.399 and the service program, the 4 year EPP OPE for 269.97.

I called in the claim for my mower, what I now know has a blown head gasket.. I called in the claim on the unit on Tuesday August 22, 2017. To date, the unit has not been repaired.. The reason is Lowes has yet to approve the work..

I have kept in contact with my rep from BTTW warranty, Stephanie Griffus. She has been helpful, courteous and ever available. I have kept in contact with Mary Beth from MS Unlimited, who have and hopefully soon will repair the unit.

I tried calling Lowes customer service last week and got lost in the labryth of voice instructions and never got to a human employee.. On Friday 9/15, I posted my experience on your FaceBook page. I was asked to report on your rant/rave page which I did. I was told Lowes would look into this. As of this moment 10:51pm 9/19/2017 I have heard NOTHING from lowes. Last week I had asked the mower to be repaired and returned to me by 5pm Thursday 9/21/2017. MS Limited told me today that if Lowes approves the work order, they can start work tomorrow and IO might actually have my lawn mower repaired and returned to me by Thursday at 5pm. Will you PLEASE approve this work order and repair my mower.

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Angelina - 3 d 5 h ago


Horrible service from store #1771! We just opened a line of credit at this location and our first purchase was a dryer. We paid additional for delivery/installation/removal of old dryer for the following day(TODAY). We were told they would arrive in the a.m. My husband received a call from the driver around 1:30 pm that they were 10 min away. The guy arrives and doesn't even introduce himself and gives me a blank stare when I open the front door. I greeted him and asked if he was here with the dryer, he stepped in the door and the first thing he said was that the dryer wasn't going to fit through the laundry room door and that we also needed to move some racks out the way. My husband told him he would remove sliding door and racks in 5 min. He said he couldn't wait that long because he needed to be at another location.. (So you are telling me he was going to unload dryer and install it in LESS than 5 min??) He said he couldn't wait and he could leave us the dryer and we could install it ourselves. My husband told him that was not an option because we already paid for the installation and removal of old dryer. The guy then made a smart remark and stated "well if you knew we were coming you would think all this would be cleared out." My husband told him we had cleared out a pathway for him and we didn't mind clearing out more just give us a couple minutes. His nasty attitude made the situation worse so my husband then told him to just cancel the order. His face expression changed as though he was concerned about canceling the order and stated he could possibly return tomorrow if his schedule permits but there was no way he could install today or even come back today. So exactly how much time does Lowe's give each delivery order? Under 5 minutes? As a paying-first time customer I will never purchase anything from here again! I called the store and spoke to a young lady in installations named Jackie who basically called me back after telling me she would talk to her manager and told me the same thing- she would see if they could come back today but if not tomorrow...that's was it. No apology for the rude delivery guy, the bad experience, not getting my dryer..nothing! So I waited an hour and no one called me with any information, so I called back again and Jackie answered, stated that the delivery guy should be calling me and that she gave my information to her manager so she would transfer me over - the call then was disconnected. I called BACK AGAIN and while waiting apparently the manager was calling me back. I switched over and spoke to Eli, he introduced himself as one of the managers and was calling me about an order where an appliance was left at the residence. I told him no, there was no appliance left, it was never removed off the truck. He corrected himself and stated he was trying to contact the delivery guy about his route but it might not happen today because we were looking at him arriving at 7:30 pm the latest. I told him I wouldn't want anyone to be out working that late so if he couldn't get someone out today I would want it done first hing tomorrow morning. He said he would look into it and contact the driver and call me within an hour. That was at 3:30 pm. I never received a call back from anyone. Not Eli, not Jackie, not the delivery guy. As a first time paying customer- I expected more considering this was my first experience with you guys. Not happy with the way we were treated, canceling our credit line and taking our business elsewhere!!

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Joni - 3 d 6 h ago


We purchased engineered hardwood floors at the Lowes in Southaven, MS. This has been the worst experience with remodeling we have ever had. It took 3 days instead of one and was done so poorly they came back out and redid the worst parts but are now giving us the run around on the rest of it. These floors move so much that our furniture wobbles. The popping and creaking that they said would settle down after time has actually gotten worse. I will never use Lowes again

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Used to be a Lowe's shopper - 3 d 12 h ago


Unbelievable! I purchased a refrigerator and was told on the day of delivery that it was dented. I agreed to look at it and determine if I would want to keep it and receive $150 credit. I agreed to accept the delivery under those terms. Unfortunately, my credit has not been processed after 11 days have passed. Lowe's customer care department has been ineffective and I have spent nearly 2 hours on the phone. Corporate wants to push the issue to the store level and the store is not responding. The store customer service person even hung up on the corporate rep. Escalation is an unavailable option with this horrible company. All executives are insulated from customer contact and even service personnel refuse to give out direct phone numbers, forcing customers to go through endless automated voice prompts to get to a human. Unfortunately, even when contact is finally established with corporate service employees, these employees are unable to resolve issues. I was promised a call back this morning but once again Lowe's has failed to uphold their promise. It appears that small claims court may be the only course of action left. Lowe's has STOLEN $150 from me and seems unwilling to return it.

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Barbara Rosser - 3 d 12 h ago


I have just completed a major remodeling project of my home. I used Lowe's In Prattville, Alabama. The project specialist and general contractor handle everything for me. it was a wonderful experience! I cannot thank them enough for making my home a dream come true.

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RICHARD HAMMAKER - 3 d 12 h ago



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Mark and Laura Redwine - 3 d 16 h ago


I would like to write a positive review regarding the Lowe's store 1370 W Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer, SC 29650. We recently purchased kitchen appliances from this store. The associates in department from the very start have been excellent. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. There has been an ongoing issue with getting the products we ordered undamaged. The store manager, the associates in the appliance department, to the delivery guys have done everything but a handstand to make this right for us. I cannot say enough about everyone at this location. I really wish I could remember every single persons name that we have dealt with. Maybe the fact that we as customers realized that this was not their fault and they have all been doing the very best that they could. Regardless, some of the names that I do know is Tyler, Becky, Justin, Ryan, Brandon Ball, Tray. These folks are a true asset to Lowe's. Customer service is almost unheard of these days!!! Thank you to these folks for all your hard work to get us the right, undamaged product.

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BRENDA DEJOICE - 4 d 7 h ago


Lowe's Store #1890 McMinnville TN DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE "BIG NAME" Since 2002, I've lived in a house built 1961, with 1990s addition. Rancher, on concrete slab. One full bath, 6x7 in original part, one bath in 1990s addition. Bath in addition is designated for husband's use (heart patient), bath in original 1960s part , mine. No issues with either bathroom for 15yrs, septic is cleaned every4- 5 yrs, drainfield installed 2012, inspected & certified. I needed upgrades to the original 1960s bathroom for post-spine surgery to address mobility, i.e. walk in shower, shower seat, reachable shower fixtures, grab bars, high profile toilet. Chose Lowe's because of "reputation", touted in TV ads, and the urgent need for completion by early March when surgery was scheduled. Signed a contract and PRE-PAID (Lowe's requirement) Jan 6th. Total contract $7,700 of which 75%, or $5,800 was labor. The project mgr said the contractor had a 3 to 4 person crew, and assured project completion in one work week, maybe less. Here's a rundown of what happened from completion date of Feb 7th to Sept 13th. Are you counting ?? that is 7 months (so far). 2/04/17Finish date and demonstration of new amenities by contractor. Shower doesn't drain, toilet doesn't flush. Contractor blew compressed air down shower drain to clear blockage and get it going. I still wonder what the blockage was and where it went???????????? 2/07/17 Contractor brings certificate of completion for us to sign so he can get paid. BTW, his 3 to 4 person crew, was in reality just him and a relative who carried out debris from the demolition and removal of old tub, tile walls, etc 2/10/17 Toilet not working again (have to flush 2 to 4 times) before it carries effluent down the drain. Now, READY??? 2/10/17 through 4/23/17--- There were 47 days (not times) DAYS in which toilet didn't flush and/or shower didn't drain. And a couple where water came out bottom of vanity. I use the toilet about 6 times per 24 hr period, so that's a whole lot of times it wouldn't flush. This was all during recuperation from spine surgery, when my new bathroom was supposed to make life easier for me. I stopped using it at this point, and went the distance with a walker to the other bathroom in the back of house. Thank God, we have two. Dozens of emails and phone calls, lots of promises from PM on behalf of contractor that it would be checked out. Promised phone calls that never came and appts that weren't kept. And one snide comment that still annoys me to this day of "Well, you DO have another bathroom you can use, don't you??"". I sought help from someone of greater authority, and get the store manager's attention, who sends a much better quality, higher velocity toilet over with a plumber. That was April 26th. 4/26/17 to 8/03/17- Everything working as it should, and then. 8/04/17- shower in new bath, toilet and sink all clogged and not draining. I stopped using new bathroom AGAIN. 8/07/2017- PM said contractor would call & come over with a plumber. He never called, never came. 8/18/2017- Contractor sent plumber over to snake outside lines for $220. (we paid) He found blockage inside, too but said he'd collect that portion from the contractor. He cleared blockage outside and installed clean out trap into septic tank. Everything worked well for 10 days. 8/28/2017 Toilet not working, shower not draining again. I stopped using the new bathroom, and once again began using the other one. I reported it to PM at Lowe's, and after several emails received one back from him that said Lowe's wants us to have the septic tank cleaned and inspected and all plumbing lines inspected. We were told we would have to secure companies to provide these services, pay them, and if a problem was found to exist that is a result of the Lowe's installation, that Lowe's would reimburse us the cost of the 3rd party inspections, plus Lowe's would remedy the problem. And Lowe's team of 4 mgrs, plus the contractor and his plumber he sent here, would be present at our house the day of the inspections. Video inspection of the lines between the new bathroom and the septic tank set for Sept 13th, Lowe's notified. And then, when I was trying to find septic company to come in and clean/inspect the tank, THIS HAPPENED. 9/08/2017- Total shut down of bathroom facilities. The new one was already out of order, and when I took a shower in the other one, it backed up, toilet & sink backed up. Husband wet vacuumed 17 gallons out of lines and got it working for the weekend. Called a septic co. for emergency service on Monday the 10th, and got an appt for Sept 13th, same day as video inspection company. Perfect. Lowe's would be here for both tank and lines inspection. Well, the septic company's findings were that the clean out trap line that the contractor's plumber installed was set too close to concrete baffle and there was not enough of an opening/space for effluent, paper and waste to fall on through to tank. My husband took photos. As toilet flushed the effluent would just accumulate as there was nowhere for it to go. And, in flush tests, the pipe "shuddered" which we were told indicates there was an attitude change, or swag that was interfering with flow. 3 of the 4 Lowe's mgrs. that were on the list to be there, were in attendance, but very conveniently the contractor and his plumber did not show up, even though Lowe's had notified them in advance, and Lowe's had insisted they be here to get to the root cause of the 8 month long issue. The septic company remedied what the contractor's plumber had messed up in the clean out trap line, and as an added assurance of better flow to offset any kind of interference from the swag, created a steeper angle of flow through the tank to keep things moving. More $$$. As of today, (9/18) it's still working OK, but who knows for how long??????? Lowe's is claiming the skewed pipe is not something that occurred during installation or demolition of the old bath. They want us to think that it is pure COINCIDENCE that a bath with no issues for the last 15 yrs, just happened to fail for the first time on the day of remodel completion, and for 47 subsequent days through April 23rd. Nor do they know how debris got into the drain line, maybe another coincidence. There was quite a bit of banging around on old tile walls, and when cutting the old tub in half to remove it and the drain from the concrete slab. The thing is, we're stuck with it, as everything is concealed, and if any further issues, we'd have to have the new bath totally torn up. Believe me, at my age, that really concerns me. That $7,700 remodel project is now up to $9,500, with the entire cost borne by us. It has been an ordeal that no one, especially seniors, should have to deal with. It has broken my spirit, and the stress has added to our health issues. We know we are "small apples" to Lowe's in comparison to other customers, and believe me, Lowe's has made us feel very small indeed. But to us, at our age, on fixed income, this was a life changing event from which we won't recover financially. There were no apologies, only excuses, and blatant disrespect for us, and lack of appreciation for our business. So here is my word of caution to anyone, especially seniors, considering entering into an installation/remodel contract with Lowe's. **Do NOT assume that just because of the "big name" that Lowe's has properly screened their contractors, and found them to be licensed, certified and registered in the state government databases. ** Meet with the contractor and ask for evidence of insurance, contractors licensing and a certificate of good standing in the state's database. If it's an individual d/b/a a company, check to see if the company name is registered. These are things that Lowe's should be taking care of, but remember, if an issue occurs, you may just find Lowe's running as fast as they can for a hiding place, rather than supporting you. So qualify the contractor yourself. **Insist on transparency into the installation fees, and drill all the way down to itemization of labor costs until you are satisfied. It's your $$$$, and if Lowe's starts making excuses as to why the detail isn't available, or why you shouldn't need to see it, then run away as fast as you can. Everyone is in business to make a profit, but there's a whole lot of hands in the pie in an installation contract. So ask questions, lots of questions. We trusted Lowe's and got burned. We trusted them to scrutinize and qualify their contractor. We trusted that according to the fine print of the contract and what Lowe's requires, that their contractor was licensed by the TN Board for Licensing Contractors. Perhaps he was, but we couldn't find him in the database. The hardest and most painful lesson learned was that, as a customer, we mean nothing to them. We are not valued, and not respected. It sounds real good on the front end, there are sales incentives to be met, and in the midst of winter contractors are hungry. Beware of the sales pitch you receive, and have every detail put in writing. Lowe's broke my spirit as I suffered through months of inconvenience at a time when I needed the convenience and ambulatory assistance the most. Not to mention the stress of the financial burden now upon us as we grow older. There were no apologies, just lame excuses and dodging accountability. By the way, there were other problems with the installation, 6 to be precise, including one which necessitated my phone call to one of the installed product manufacturers who sent a rep out here to inspect an issue. He ordered remedial action through Lowe's. Brenda DeJoice Woodbury TN

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