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1000 Lowes Blvd
Mooresville, NC
(800) 466-3337
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Anonymous - 10 h ago


Trying to locate anyone at the store level, or certainly at the district office level to ask customer support based on a weeks long ongoing issue is apparently impossible with Lowes. And yes when I dial the number it rings to Home Depot, seems like an organization wide disaster waiting to happen

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago

Um......that phone number posted at the top is Home Depot, NOT Lowes.

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Julie Charles - 13 h 42 m ago


You are SO right --- are they telling us to shop Home Deport for quality merchandise and good service. Maybe we should take the hint and all shop HOME DEPOT!

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Anonymous - 10 h 25 m ago

Ah yes, because it's Lowe's fault a third party website that has nothing to do with the company has the wrong phone number up.

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William morrell - 12 h 40 m ago


To the CEO of Lowe's you pay employees at the Lowe's store in st Augustine $10.00 hour while you make millions, the starting rate should be at least $15.00 hour but you don't give two shits because you make millions off of others sweat and blood, what a disgrace the pay rate is

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Clare Lutz - 12 h 47 m ago


To all who are planning to use Lowe's Castle Rock store Colorado#2274.

Never bother to purchase any thing larger than a screw because that is what you will get when your appliances breaks down and you have an extended warranty.

Bought a Whirlpool washer dryer three years ago and the bearings or belt have gone to H.

Called for a repairman which has to be Whirlpool


Got a date set up they called and said they dont service our area.

Asked if we could set up another service provider No the warranty wouldnt be good!

So dont bother giving Lowe's any extra money for extended warranty,

because they wont honor it any time under two weeks.

Second chances dont help either because this is our second time we have had to call headquarters about service.

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Hungry Birds in Pa. - 13 h 20 m ago


Just left the Lebanon Pa Store #0022 and to say the customer service was bad would be an understatement! I was looking for bird seed and passed the same 3 employees several times and not once did any of them ask if I needed help. I found the bird seed and choose two 10 pound bags, I didn't have a shopping cart but thought I could make it to the register okay. It was like running an obstacle course going around the 3 employees from earlier still just talking to each other and not bothering to offer help or move. Then another employee walks in front of me. I finally made it to the register and there I stood, The cashier to the right was finishing up with another customer, when his transaction was complete they just stood and had a conversation several times she made eye contact with me and saw I was waiting and just continued to talk. The girl that finally did wait on me never said a word to me...No hello, didn't tell me the balance of my sale, did not ask if I wanted the bird seed in bags,nothing just handed me the receipt and walked away from the counter. I have worked in retail for 47 years and have never seen such a poorly run store! I will not be returning to Lowe's again...there's a Home Depot in this town that has always given me service above and beyond.

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Michael Gordon - 14 h ago


Utterly and completely disappointed in Lowe's (lack of) customer service. Bought a cooktop, oven and dishwasher, all for delivery, installation and removal of old appliances. So poorly executed from the undertrained staff at the DeFuniak Springs, FL (store #2886). Almost 30 days and still don't even have an install date on the oven. Elevated to corporate three times and told it is a "store issue". The store personnel are friendly but lack training to execute relatively simple tasks such as looking and order up or filling out appropriate paperwork. I understand Lowe's uses a third party for installation on some items but after spending in total over $10K there in the last year I will never shop there again and, to be certain, tell everyone who will listen how my the experience was (still waiting for the call from the Marketing Director at Corporate I was told was coming).

With all the negative feedback here and no responses from Lowe's it seem logical that they just don't care. I see another Sears/K-Mart scenario in the works....the new leadership has experience taking organizations down that path....

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Kiriakos - 14 h 51 m ago


Warning don't buy a lawn moar from Lowe's

One of the worst experiences with customer service I have ever had in my life I bought a lawn moar from these clowns that call them selves a corporation the lawn moar broke I did a claim for it they took it usually it takes 2 weeks to fix it took a month and half to fix my moar because they didn't have parts so much for a hardware store I had to pay mo eh to get my moar fixed, pay for my 3 acres to be cut and when I got my moar back still didn't work had to send it out again to get fixed pay for that again we are looking for about $660 dollars that I spent and what does Lowe's do gives me $50 because that's all they can cover when I called corporate I spoke to a manage named London who didn't help at all and when I asked to speak to her boss she basically said that her boss is above my $50 problems and she has now way to give me his contact information email number nothing this company is a total joke I would t be surprised for they go out of business for the bs they feed people most likely will end up like sears and toys are us never again

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Keith - 18 h 22 m ago

Why would Lowes pay for advertising...our local channel 12 in Cincinnati's news ppl all but from Amazon and announced that over and over ...seems your advertising dollars are not so important

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Graylynn Thrift - 19 h 13 m ago


This is our ongoing terrible experience with Lowe's. We went to the Manchester, New Jersey store to plan and execute a complete kitchen makeover. We met with the in-store kitchen specialists for the planning. They were helpful and knowledgeable. A contractor was assigned and the work was begun. There were issues from the very beginning. A terrible lack of communication, scheduling issues, delivery issues, and issues with the execution of the plan. 1. A couple of walls were to be partially taken down. On one of the walls, the contractor had to return after the fact and finish removing two sections of the wall that were clearly supposed to be removed. This resulted in issues with the flooring. 2. During the laying of the flooring and installation of the saddles, the hard wood floor that had just been refinished was damaged. 3. When the refrigerator was installed, the line for the water dispenser and ice maker had a hole in it. We still have no water or ice. 4. The floor is bubbling up, creating a trip hazard. During the entire process, we were told to talk to Saddikah who was to be our contact person in customer service. We never talked to her even once up to this day. She never returned any phone calls. We finally started to deal with Charles, the supervisor of customer service in central processing, about two months ago. About three weeks ago, a local Lowe's customer service representative came to the house to inspect the floor. We still have not heard anything regarding satisfaction after making many phone calls to both the local representative and Charles. As of yesterday, July 17, we tried one last time to reach out to Charles. He never bothered to return our call. We are extremely dissatisfied with the experience from beginning to this point, which is not an end. Needless to say, we will NOT be dealing with Lowe's again for ANY reason.

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Amanda Romero - 4 d 15 h ago


You have very bad customer service in Santa Fe New Mexico. I spend 20 minutes being transferred and when I got a manager on the phone Mike he said he could not help me. You need better managers at Your Stores. Especially Santa Fe and Espanola New Mexico

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Especially that Morron Mgr AAron too at Santa Fe location.

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Carolyn A Kirby - 1 d 4 h ago


Went into Lowes to buy a fridge in Indpls IN on Rural street receipt number Trans #36857627 06-01-2018. I found one that I loved but it wasn't in stock and would be on order for 2 weeks. My fridge had already been broke at this point for 4 days so I needed one now in the worst way as I still have 4 kids at home so no way could I go with out a fridge any longer and def not 2 weeks.... RIGHT>>> The fella who helped me out first had amazing customer service and he went out of his way to call local Lowes to see if someone had it in stock. He called several...NO LUCK .( forgive me as I can not remember his name and he was GREAT Carson? maybe but I dont believe it is his name but I want him recognized. This was May 30 or 31 I do know it started with a C ) I cant wait two weeks so I went to other stores (not lowes) to look for this fridge else where ..NO LUCK ( I wanted this particular fridge).I go back to the same Lowes and decided to just go ahead an order it and wait as I LOVED the fridge I pick out and I HADDDD to have that one.When I went back in this time I got a fella name (James?) Jimmy Banks I believe and as I told him this story of no fridge he said give me a minute let me make a few calls . About 20 or so min later he said "I found you one and I can have here by Monday Tuesday at the latest." It was and Hour away so I agree to just go get it so I could have it NOW.. These two guys went WAY out of their way to help a customer .I promise It was GREAT CARE and CUSTOMER service. Fast forward.... This fridge had issues and had to be replaced. the delivery guys had a rough day with all sorts of issues making delivery a late delivery. It was first set for sometime after 12 then called and moved to 7pm They got to my house at 10:30 pm... YES your read this right 10:30 pm. They started at 6am. They were beat down exhausted but never once showed anything but complete kindness.. It was a 90 degree day and these 2 boys were busted out tired and still did this delivery with 100% respect and kindness.. So yes on this entire Refrigerator purchase I will def give recognition where it is do .

1. To the sales men for busting butt to find my family a fridge .. Jimmy Banks and Carson .( again I know Carson isnt right Caidon? UHHHH)

2. To Lowes for replacing my fridge that wasn't working correctly with no issues.. The call lady handling the call and The customer care service Manager who called back

3. To the delivery boys Marcus and Andre (Dre?) for great delivery service. You two boys were great.

This entire issue was handled with great customer satisfaction and every person to even the call center went above and beyond to make Lowes stand out..

THANK YOU LOWES for making sure top notch customer service was offered in every single department I spoke with concerning this refrigerator...

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Mary Nix - 1 d 11 h ago


Lowe's in Mustang, OK., is so very unprofessional and lacking in customer service that I will never shop Lowe's again! I have spent a LOT of money at Lowe's in the past, but no more. Suffice it to say they lie, cheat, and try to "get back" at their customers who dare speak up about their crappy service!

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Sonja Leger - Beaumont - 2 d 11 h ago


"We are there to Serve You" ????? Apparently not anymore, at least not the one in Beaumont Texas!

I went into Lowe's last night, 7/15, and it took me 30 minutes to find someone willing to help me get a 36" storm door to put on my cart. I pushed it to the checkout and was able to muscle it into my truck, every CS employee had disappeared. I am a 58 year old female, 5' tall and I had to get this door loaded by myself! When I got it home for my husband to install, I had a 32" door. That was my bad for not double checking before I left the store.

I went during my lunch hour the next day, 7/16, to return the 32" and get the 36". The lady at the return counter called for help to unload the door for 20 minutes and finally her and I went and and unloaded it so I could get my refund. Now I go after the 36" door and why am I not surprised that there is no one around to help. FINALLY I got someone but he had to go after a lift because the 36" doors are on TOP, which is another 15 min. wait. In the meantime I find a cart and have it ready to roll by the time he gets back. I get the door and pay for it and the counter person said that if I go get my truck they will load it for me. I run across the parking lot by the return door, grab my truck and pull it down my the check out doors in the contractors section, walk in and there is NO ONE there. I end up trying to load the heavier door by myself when an older gentleman (a customer of about 80 years) comes up to me and says here let me help, we can do it.

Funny thing is that when you do search for and find help, they are all together in little groups on the phone or in the parking lot on the phone.

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Annonymous - 1 d 16 h ago

I would blame that on management.

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Tim M - 1 d 17 h ago


Hello, My wife and I recently bought another home, this home was in dire need of some help. We went and got a Lowes Credit card at the Texas City, Texas store.

We went to flooring and purchased 7000.00 dollars worth of flooring, bought a 2800.00 dollar oven, a crap load of paint and various other items.

The delivery of the floor was very prompt and the men who installed the floor were fantastic. The oven has not arrived yet but on the way.

I then bought an out side kitchen with sink and pit. It arrived, however was dented (Not to bad) I called the store and they gave me a discount for the dent over the phone, I checked my account the next day and saw it was credited.

Very pleased with this store and will always shop there.

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Scott Caswell order #353295572 date 7-16-18 - 2 d ago


I just found out why Home Depot is Superior to Lowe's. I live in California and tried to buy $3,500 of items for bathroom rehab. Went to Lowe's Canoga Park to pick items only to find I had to contact store in Henderson, NV (Boulder Hwy store) to order. They then said I should go on line. Lowe's order process is very slow and took forever. Some items were not in store and had to be delivered so we were told to insert Lowe's store address on those items so we could have our contractor pick up from store as no one is at our second home at the time. We did this. We then found out there were further delays in shipping above original quote. Then I got a message some items were being delivered but they did not say which ones or where they were being delivered. The vm said I could go on line and check but the website fails to state what was being delivered and just showed all in process. I then call the number they offered but even the guy on phone could not tell me what as their own site does not give their employees enough to be able to figure out what items they are. I again asked about a delivery fee and the guy failed to even know and finally said he would transfer me to the Lowe's in Henderson NV. The Simeon there said they were delivering items to the address provided which again was their Henderson (Boulder Hwy) store and they had four items for puck up but at their store and not the Boulder store. They also said I was being charge as they were delivering but again could not get it through their heads the address was in fact their store but were still charging. They then said my on line order was split by them for store pick ups and I would have to call the other store to deal with this. The whole process from front to back has been brain. Numbing to see the inefficiency, lack of good website design, performance and product control.

I hope this gets to upper management as I am not one to make issues with anything but this experience has really been a let down and I had to voice my sincere displeasure of the whole process. I hope management can figure this out as this should be dealt with at the highest level before more customers experience this and seek alternative resources as their are many now to choose from. Lowe's online is a dinosaur.

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Brian - 2 d 11 h ago


Feel free to read this sad story if you like. In my experience, the takeaway is: The flooring department personnel in the Lowes where I shop (shopped) are reactive - not proactive. They are crisis managers. They are also under the misguided belief that by calming an irate customer, the problem is solved and they can forget what just happened. This is the kind of attitude that will eventually destroy the Lowes name.

At the end of May we spoke to an associate in the flooring department about some hardwood flooring - that was after we could finally FIND an associate. We were interested in time frames regarding order / delivery / installation, etc. At the time we were told that the Pergo flooring we wanted was not in the distribution center but was on order and should be there shortly. We nevertheless scheduled someone to come to our house and take measurements. Around the middle of June I returned to the store to place our order and confirm that the measurements had been received. Again, there was no one in the department and, after 3 pages, a young man identifying himself as a 'manager' took my order. I expressed my concern that I had been told previously that the flooring was not in the distribution center. He assured me that is was. We scheduled delivery for June 29th and installation for July 3 since the flooring had to acclimate in my house for a few days. I paid for the order in full.

On June 29th I called the store at around 2 in the afternoon since my flooring hadn't arrived. I was finally put through to the shipping manager who informed me that, yes, I had been scheduled for that morning but that, unfortunately, my flooring hadn't been delivered to the store yet. At that point I got in my car and drove to the store for some answers - not in the best of moods. As usual there was no one to be found working in the department. There was, however, another customer who told me she was trying to get her flooring order (which had been delivered in MAY) completed. Eventually one of the flooring employees showed up. She already knew about my dilemma and assured me that the flooring would be delivered to my house on July 5 and suggested I call the installer to reschedule the installation. According to her, the reason for the mix-up was 'a glitch in the system'.

On July 5 my flooring did indeed arrive. However, it was my understanding that a certain amount of molding was to be included. The driver showed me the delivery ticket - there was no molding on it. I figured the installer would bring it.

On July 10 during the installation, the project manager asked me where the 1/4 round molding was. About the same time I received a call from the flooring department at the store informing me that my molding was sitting at the store along with several tubes of white caulk that were also supposed to be delivered. He blamed it on the shipping department and told me I could come and pick it up anytime. This was the day of the installation. The project manager had already taken care of the problem by the time Lowes called.

The only pleasant experience in this whole mess was the installation which has nothing to do with Lowes. Over the course of the last 10-15 years, I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars at Lowes. Over the last three years I have renovated my kitchen, master bath and now had flooring installed. I used Lowes as the supplier each time. Each time the service has gotten worse and worse, culminating with this recent disaster. Like I told the people in the flooring department, this is absolutely the LAST TIME I will go through this with Lowes. Everybody sells this stuff. If you don't want my money fine. I'll spend it somewhere where people give a damn.

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Carol - 2 d 16 h ago


Help!!!! On 6/30/18 I ordered an LG Washer/Dryer stackable unit and was given a delivery date of 7/8/18 but when it arrived the stackable kit was not on the truck. So I called the store and talked to the sales person whom I purchased it from and he said that he would check with the Store Manager and call me back in 20 minutes (still waiting). After waiting 1 1/2 hours I called back and no one in the appliance department answered the phone so I waited about 15 minutes and called back and still no answer. So I called again and talked to Customer Service Desk and was told there wasn't anything she could do and she had to go because another phone was ringing!!! This is when I asked to talked to the Store Manager (Carrie) and she was a big help, but that's where the help ended. Stacking kit had to be ordered from Bluffton SC and wouldn't be delivered until 7/15/18 so I waited and then on 7/14/18 I received a call from the Bluffton location that they couldn't deliver until 7/18/18 (washer/dryer was already scheduled for 7/16/18 delivery). So I drove 2 hours one way to Beaufort SC and picked stacking kit up so I would have it for 7/16/18 delivery. On 7/15/18 received call to verify delivery on 7/16/18 and another call on 7/16/18 at 8:09 AM giving me my 2 hour window of delivery between 8 and 10, but 9:25 AM received a call that they can find my washer and it would have to be reordered!!! Now they're hoping to delivery on Saturday 7/21/18. In the mean time I'm without a washer/dryer because Haitiat picked up my old washer/dryer on 7/7/18. If I don't have my washer/dryer on 7/21/18 I'm heading to Home Depot.

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Mistreated Customer - 2 d 16 h ago


I purchased a refrigerator on 6/21/18 with the delivery date of 7/13. I received a call right before delivery saying it had been damaged on the truck & I couldn't get another one until 7/18 and that was a possible. I asked for something temporary due to me having a young son and they said it's nothing they can do. I visited the Lowes at the WhiteOak location where I made my purchase. I spend over 2 hours in their store and they finally the store Manager David suggested for me to travel to the Lowe's in ShortPump where Mike is the store Manager and he allowed me to purchase from there. He said that I was scheduled for an emergency delivery on Sunday 7/15 to receive my refrigerator. I waited all day Sunday. No phone calls regarding the delivery was ever made to me. I called the first time and they said it was delayed and would be here between 5 & 7. Now it was originally supposed to be here 3 & 5 on Sunday through the Emergency Service. I called right before 7 and was told the driver canceled the delivery. I was told that I couldn't receive my refrigerator until Tuesday 7/16. I explained to them that this was unacceptable. I have a young son in my home that I have to feed. I had guest all weekend and we had to purchase food and trash leftovers because it's no where or way to store them. I originally ask for a temporary fridge one similar to what was used in a door room and was told no. I am beyond upset. So much money has been spend unnecessarily and I have been also inconvience with my time. I had to take off from work today and now I don't have a refrigerator once again. They said it would be here today between 8 & 10 and it's not. I have wasted so much of my money & time. This is completely unfair. The customer service has been poor. I have never had anything happen like this and not one person had shown any empathy, compassion or a single care in the world. It seems as if since its not personally affecting them they don't care. I can't believe I made such a large purchase with a company that is not concern about my matter at all.

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Sarah - 2 d 16 h ago


Lowe's is officially loosing their mind!!!! I tried to call the phone number above (hidden) as I would rather speak to a person about an issue than type it out to no response. Go ahead and call that number!!! It is to Home Depot!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

I am writing in regard to the Milan, Tn. Lowe's store. We have done business with Lowe's for many years and have always had excellent service. We have owned a duplex and used Lowe's to furnish appliances there and in our home. We have always had excellent service. We have had refrigerator problems in the past and had good service. Recently our refrigerator went out and we called Lowes. We have a service contract. After four days my husband went to Lowe's and requested a loner refrigerator. It was brought the next day but we were instructed to wash the inside with bleach. Then we were told the repair person would be out in seven days. They came out today and parts were needed and had to be ordered and it would be another fifteen days before he would be back to repair. This is not acceptable. Milan has lost the repair service they were using in Humboldt, Tn. and Jackson, Tn. We know this because we asked your store. This is something that can be remedied if anyone is reading this request. It is very difficult having two large refrigerators in our kitchen. Your corporate offices are not communicating with your stores and not giving the support you once have. We will be looking elsewhere when we get ready to buy anything else from Lowe's. Feel free to check our background with our store. E. D. Stewart

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Guy Pagliolo - 3 d 13 h ago


Yesterday, Saturday, my son in-law an myself went into Lowes store located in Hinesville Ga., it was about 8 in the morning.

The wood I wanted, the rack did not have enough to satisfy my qty, I asked the cashier to get someone to bring down a fresh pallet, she informed me I would have to wait on the 2 helpers that were helping another customer, which I over heard and would take about 30 minutes until they were finish. So we waited for about an hour or so, I asked he cashier why was the fresh pallet was not brought down from above, she said that she told them and ask the 2 guys how come, but i did not hear their reply, but instead were bringing a pallet of cement to a customer, I tried to talk with a manager who was pointed out by other employees as the manager today, he looked at me and walked away and started to laugh with the other 2 guys and walked right by me. I went to another supply house about an hour away not lowes and spent almost $600.00 that lowes lost out on, I then returned to lowes later on that day, while waiting in line to check out, an employee was on his cell phone by the register and a customer asked him question, he looked upset that he was being interrupted while being on his cell phone, started walking with the costumer and then told them that was not my department and pointed out the employee they needed to talk with, I then heard the customer say that why do the employees not want to help, the employee went back to standing at the register on his cell phone. As you can see that I have beed a loyal customer of Lowes for quite some time, from the east coast to the west coast to the Midwest area, this store is by far the worst store I have ever been in the customer service is non existence, I go to the lowes in pooler, and the employees bend over backward trying to help you, also you should have a record about other letters I have sent about this store, does not seem like anything is being done. So I will ask does Lowes sitll want me for a customer?, if not just say so and I will send in my cards and go with Home Depot. My email is (hidden)

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