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Zonnika - 3 d 14 h ago


I pre ordered 2 bottles of perfume March 13,2020 and was scheduled to pick my order up March 20,2020 but due to covid19 all stores were closed I've called da store constantly only for a refund of my 224.64 and was told that I couldn't get a refund because the items were inside the store I've tried to reach corporate can never get through this matter is making things very inconvenient for me I don't even want the items anymore just want my money back will never shop here again

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Sam - 2 d 19 h ago


Unfortunately presales have to be cancelled in store. Yeah it's inconvenient but you have to be patient like everyone else. The stores will be open again soon enough and you can get your money back then but until then quit acting like an entitled brat during this time of crisis for EVERYONE including Macy's and their employees.

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Sweetpea - 1 d 10 h ago

Hold up buddy or missy,

Don't tell people to be patient for their money during a time of crisis. Macy's customer service was horrible before this pandemic and if somebody puts their good money towards something that they want to return you have no right to access how long a person should have to wait for that money back. I don't know what their financial status is but they may really need that money back!!!!!!!! Macy's May never reopen all of their stores if any due to being closed and outsourcing to a bunch of foreign people who are rude when America need jobs desperately and not adapting their customer service like everyone else who wants to stay in business during this time of crisis. Unless you have a crystal ball then you don't know when or even if Macy's will open their doors again. The ripple affects of this world wide crisis haven't even been fully felt yet. Get off your high horse and quit being judgmental. You sound like a Macy's online customer service agent. Shame on you, We are all supposed to be in this together.

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Sweetpea - 1 d 10 h ago

P.S. Sam, their is no need for name calling! How old are you 12? I don't know you but you sound like someone who isn't taking this unbelievably horrible situation seriously and may not even taking proper precautions because you think it's going to be over in 2 weeks or so. quoting your words "soon enough". That is how it spreads so quickly. I certainly hope that you are taking this pandemic as serious as it should be. People who could pass it on to people like me who take every precaution and have underlying health conditions that lower my immune system and am being as proactive as humanly possible so I don't spread it to others and then they spread it. You know how it works. I know people are anxious and scared but lighten up on people. They are entitled to expressing their dissatisfaction. If you don't like what people have to say than you should not be on this website!!!

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Carmel - 2 d 16 h ago

I totally agree. The same here. I did the same order only with Handbags and the funds were withdrawn from my account but no courteous call. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS.

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EC - 15 h 49 m ago


I'm going through the exact same thing right now with Macy's

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Theresa in Houston/The Woodlands - 18 h 19 m ago


On my 3 call. I pushed selection for medical claims and store accident in the attempts to TRY to get a human and all times lines were disconnected. How terribly sad that even if there was an incident, Macy's approach is to hang up on call. I will reaching out to my local tv station and let the consumer advocate deal with them. Maybe with a public and televised reveal of the poor customer service and how the business in run, maybe my issue will be resolved.

In addition, my mom worked with Macy's and the company is poorly run. A fellow co-worker who had worked for the company many years before it was bought out by Macy's recently retired and still has not received her retirement checks. I've encouraged her to contact a lawyer so that she can get the much needed funds. She is a senior and Macy's should be embarrassed on how they seem to treat customers and employees. Many times the senior employees who had been employed the longest were given the worst shifts to work (especially the ridiculous holiday hours) and security officers were not offered to walk them to their cars in the evening. They are the most vulnerable and taken advantage of repeatedly. Maybe they should come together and pursue a class action lawsuit with age discrimination against Macy's. This might help get some resolution to many issues.

ps. my mom kept very detailed notes on who she spoke to, how many times she had to call to reach someone, and other events that took place during her employment just for this very possible thing.

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sklontz - 9 d 12 h ago


Worst store I have dealt with. They sent out an order that I cancelled and have been tying up my money since the 9th of the month. 3 weeks now.

I still don't have my money back. Spoke with a supervisor and than a manager, but no help. I get the same story I got from the others. 3-5 business days.

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Sweetpea - 1 d 10 h ago

If you paid with a debit card or credit card that isn't a Macy's card than maybe you could dispute it with your bank or credit card company and they will refund your account immediately at some banks. Hope this helps. Stay safe and healthy

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Martha James - 1 d 16 h ago


Well as for me I love Macy's stores and always have. I love their clothes and shoes and handbags. They are the first choice i go to to buy clothes. Now i went to Macys a few days before they had to close for the CV scare that came to the public in the US. I bought some clothes and the sales lady told me that she would go ahead and give me the 30% discount that was coming up in a few days if i would wait and pick up the clothes in the store in 4 days. Well on the second day the store closed so i couldn't pick up my clothes as planned. I really want those clothes but like everyone else i hope I can get them when and If the stores re open. I paid with my debit card and it cleared the bank so they have my money but ill be patient and hope for the best.

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Portland Frame - 2 d 10 h ago


I am a loyal Macy's customer and ALWAYS pay my bill (at the store) on time or before its due. Because it was closed I HAD TO mail my bill "for the first time due to COVID 19." You would think during this global crisis, "you Macy's" would be more compassionate and understanding. Today I received my statement and payment due is almost three times what I pay. I even wrote a note "please don't charge me late fee." I was so upset I called customer service and there was no one to talk with due to the GLOBAL CRISIS. Macy's, you are not helping us, you are losing good customers. I will make my payments as I always have but "via mail now." At this time I am requesting you close my account because you don't care about your customers trying to make payments during this global crisis.

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Michelle Hamilton - 5 d 16 h ago


I buy Clinque products and do so when free Clinque items are offered. Nearly ever time I do not receive the free items, at the very beginning of the sale. I always have to fight to get my money back. They don't even give me the 30 min window to make the cancelation. The phone people always I was after that even though I am not. It just happened again this morning. I am a disabled vet on a fixed income and can't afford to throw away money especially now.

I will never buy from here again. I am deleting the app and canceling my macys credit card. I know they don't care because I spoke to the corporate office last time and they were awful to me. Please boycott Macys. Maybe I will get some satisfaction if they lose a lot money due to the coronavirus. Now its even more difficult to do a return because all the stores are closed They really manage to get you every way.

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jessica - 12 d 12 h ago


how do i get my order when it was suppose to be shipped to store for pick up and all stores are closed?

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Tz Wind - 14 d 11 h ago

How do I return items I purchased on-line and with the help of an associate at the store. Wrong color.

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Shrlock - 14 d 12 h ago

I've sent several emails in the last 24 hours. No reply! People cannot get into 'My Bag'! Someone should be able to fix this issue from the convenience of their home, so that they can stay safe (given the pandemic) and still keep some semblance of sanity while being confined by being able to work and collect a paycheck.

If you have no one in place to fix site issues, shut it down!

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Former Customer! - 14 d 16 h ago


Why has Macy's closed all stores including Bloomingdale's BUT NOT all Corporate offices/departments in Cincinnati?? Not a good move!! Family over $$$$$$!!

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Former Customer - 14 d 16 h ago


Jeffrey Gennette and Board of Directors - why are your Philippines based customer service employees still being forced to work, with a country-wide Shelter in Place until 4/15/20, while US based departments and offices are not? That is irresponsible to your employees and the rest of the world, lacking in civic duty, and smacking of discrimination. There is nothing essential about the services you provide. I will not take my business to Macy's going forward.

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Frances Buie - 15 d 9 h ago


I called Macy's customer service number and was told it would be a 10 minute hold as they had an influx of calls. I was on hold for 1hr 30mins before I was totally irritated and hung up. No one answered ANY of the numbers list on the Macy's website. I have a problem with an order and I need help!

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Anonymous - 15 d 9 h ago

What about the safety of Macys Logistic Warehouse employees?? So many people working with close quarters. No windows for air.

This is a serious illness and people working have ill spouses and or children at home and can bring this virus to them.

Why is their health compromised for greed?

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APPALLED - 15 d 18 h ago

I am appalled that Macys would continue to put their employees at risk during this time when other stores are doing the right thing and closing their stores . Macys does not provide anything necessary for the public to survive .Do the right thing like Nordstrom and other companies . Stop greed to guide your decisions.

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Nephthys Proctor - 16 d ago

I am an employee at Macys Brandon, Fl and my question is "Are you all planning on compensating the workers hours who are being cut or eliminated due to the virus?" We live pay check to pay check while providing excellent customer service at our store to make you all money. How do you all plan to take care of the workers affected by hours shortages or being out right told not to come in. We still have bills that need to be paid without knowing how they will be paid. It's not just me....I'm asking on behalf of all the workers and their families who are trying to survive during these hard times.

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Jeanette Royce - 16 d 10 h ago

Dear Mr Gennette,

When are you going to put your employees and patrons safety above corporate errandings? I am appalled by your lack of professionalism and civic duty not to close all Macys Store Nationally in the mist OF A NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY. I sincerely hope you dig deep into your conscience and take action to close all stores until this crisis is under control.

Jeanette Royce

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Susan K. - 16 d 12 h ago


Macy's needs to be a good corporate citizen and close until this crisis is over. You are putting your employees and the public in danger. Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves. No one needs a new outfit or handbag right now. Your greed is ridiculous. Shame on you.

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Milly - 16 d 16 h ago


When will you be closing ALL of your stores due to the Covid-19? The deadly and highly contagious pandemic? This is a national emergency! PLEASE!

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Disheartened - 17 d 17 h ago



I have reached out to Macy's Customer Service multiple times regarding my downgrade on my card. My account stated towards the end of the year what I needed to spend to maintain that status and I did so. Then the new year comes and they downgraded me saying I was shy on the spending to maintain but my account stated differently. I also noted that it is for the calendar year but I think they stop it a day shy of that. So many of Macy's customers like myself are becoming disheartened with the all the coupon exclusions, etc going on now I see why stores in general are closing/down sizing. I for one will not be using them and take my business elsewhere. If they think the prices are low they need to guess again as the mark up was too high to begin with.

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