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Liz - 4 d 4 h ago


I'm very disappointed at Macy's. I went their to return a dress because the zipper broke. The cashier Yolanda at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga in Ca was very unprofessional. I informed Yolanda that I recently purchased the dress and I was keeping it so I took the tags and put it on while trying to zip it up the zipper broke. Yolanda asked me for the tags and that it looks worn. Once again I informed her I was keeping the dress. Then she starts picking off some lint, I told her I just bought the dress and your acting as if I wore the dress to death and now I'm returning it. I told her I have my receipt and I just bought it and I'm taking offense on the way she is acting. The dress is damaged picking a piece of lint is not going to salvage the dress. This was the worst experience ever I felt like I was some dirty ghetto person returning. Macys needs to do some training on customer service.

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YL - 5 d 20 h ago

I mailed out my rebate form on/before 4/19. I called in 5/9, and was told check was already mailed out. I have not received check so far.

Every time I call the rebate center, I got:

1) long waiting time

2) rude/thereten customer service

3) No supervisor available

4) advised to wait additional 6-8 weeks.

It seems the rebate is another trick to your customers, and no thing was done according to the regulation.

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

I am extreamly dissappointed with my experience at this store which was on 06-17-17. I honestly felt disrespected. The reason on why i felt this way was because i entered the shoe departament and it was kind of empty the majority were only the associates, i wasnt greeted in any way and when i walked towards a worker to require help they ignored me and walked away, this is unacceptable. I decided to buy some sandles which ser already out and proceeded to the Check out line there were 3 customers ahead of me but when it was about to be my turn the cashier told me it was Her break time and just left !!!!!!! she was caucassian and old in age, i couldnt get her name because she didnt even had a name tag. I dont know what kind of disrespectful and rude workers you accept into your store. My money is worth the same as everyone and have no right in feeling this way. Please do something so this does not happen to anyone else. Took place in the mall of Annapolis

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Mohanee - 7 d 9 h ago


The worst customer service ever. I cal because of an issue they hang up on me 3 times and did not assist me with my issue. on the third attempt the supervisor hung up one me very rude never again will I use Macy's!

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Michelle - 9 d 1 s ago


I can see why Macy's is going out of business. Went shopping at the Mall of America location to look for wedding attire. The dress area smelled like old urine. The fitting rooms were piled with tried on clothing (and this was a Tuesday morning), so the piles were left from the weekend. Honestly, it was so disturbing, we left and will never return! It is too bad, since this used to be my go-to store.

What I don't understand is why Macy's won't hire staff to keep their image top notch. Wouldn't that drive business and make more money for the company? Maybe Macy's is trying to go bankrupt and this is their paved road. I think the Mall of America should remove Macy's as an anchor store!

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KC - 22 d 7 h ago


I frequent Southlake Mall in Morrow, Ga. It is impossible to shop in this store because it is so hot in this store. I can't stay in this store very long. I am frequent shopper but I am going to have to spend my money somewhere else unless the conditions improve.

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Betty - 24 d 12 h ago


For months I have tried to get credit applied to my account from a Macy's created problem. Each time ( many) I called I was told the issued would be resolved. All they do is talk , no action. I will call the president of Macy's and take out an ad in major newspapers explained how inefficient they really are. No wonder stores are closing.

They are a very poor excuse for a thoughtful retailer.

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Nancy - 27 d 12 h ago


Macys Company is so irresponsible and unprofessional in its credit card services and also tricky to fool people like me to use their macys cards in different places while this company never provides a decent support and customer service to them. When this credit card was suggested to me by one of the agents at one of your stores, they lied to me and fooled me by saying that the card I was going to receive was an Amex credit card which is %100 false because there is no card by this name in the American express official website. It seems to me that Macys has just paid an amount of money to American Express to get the permission to put that logo but your customers should know that this card is no way considered an Amex Card. In fact, I have put my trust in American Express NOT Macys but your people tricked me in the store. Now I can vividly see the difference between the card that I had expected to receive and the actual card that I am holding . I got ripped off by this company but not being able to remove a charge of $2000 that google adwords stole from me while promising that they would reverse the charge within a week in December 2016 but it never happened until this moment. And now after 6 months from the date that opened a dispute on that amount, Macys credit card company sent me a letter that I would be held responsible to pay $2070 including the original amount plus interest on it ! THAT IS RIDICULOUS! STAY AWAY MACYS COMPANY!!!!

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stillshepersisted - 135 d 47 m ago


Love your home products, and have been a customer for many years. Don't worry about the loss in sales from DJT supporters-- he lost by over 3 million. Plenty more people will still happily shop with a company for having ethics.

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Florida Joe - 128 d 11 h ago

Don't worry about lost sales from PRESIDENT Trump supporters???

Are you that much of a moron. Have you read how many Macy's stores are closing? Lost jobs in the thousands?

Drive past a Macy's store Monday with big store closing banner. Even store fixtures for sale. Are you really that stupid?

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Anonymous - 104 d 14 h ago

I don't think ivanka's line is the reason Macy's is having sales issues. All major stores are having problems. And any company has a right to sell what they want.. it is called free American enterprize. And it is still a free country....


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K. Ironman - 30 d ago


Get back to OZ, Toto is looking for you.

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Will not conform to or support this social issue. - 135 d ago

Went into Macy's to buy make-up, was shocked to see black, flamboyant, male, with dark blue shadow, false lashes, thick liner, bright, red lipstick on, transparent shirt showing his nipples, working counter and applying makeup to someone. Since when has Macy's become a stage for freaks? Why is this being shoved in my face? No class, Macy's.

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Skyqueen - 134 d 19 h ago


Was it the flamboyant make up? As most of the make up sales personnel wear a lot of make up. OR was it the fact that the sales person was a black man?? Hmmmmm You consider this person a freak? Hmmmmmm If you don't like it, then don't go to the Macy's make up counter. I bet you are an old white woman from the south. Oh wait, do I sound judgmental and perhaps a tad bit prejudice? Oh my......

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Real queens are real women born women - 134 d 18 h ago

The race card did not take long with you, did it? Is there anything original with the way ya'll think. Lol

You are not only prejudice but also non-astute.

If he were green with purple eye-shadow, I would still be offended.

Flagged for review. 
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Little Quesnie - 104 d 14 h ago


Where does a clueless fascist hillbilly come up with a big compound word like that? Damn!

PS: dont knock it till you try it. Just kill the lights and close your eyes and you won't know the diff!

Flagged for review. 
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K. Ironman - 30 d ago


"Oh wait, do I sound judgmental and perhaps a tad bit prejudice? Oh my......"

No! you sound like a filthy kahzar-kike tranny beast.

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ACDC - 104 d 14 h ago

Showing nipples? Gee, I hope this tranny did not get you too excited. More makeup even than the Donald, eh?

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 104 d 14 h ago

Did you get his or her number? I sense a hookup in progress!

Flagged for review. 
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RUTH - 70 d 13 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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K. Ironman - 30 d ago


They are all transgender beasts.Welcome to the jew world order.

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Anonymous - 37 d 12 h ago


Boycott Macy's for selling Ivanka Trump's Clothing. News reports have come out and confirmed that her clothing line is made in China. What ever happened about the promise to the American people to bring the jobs back to the U.S.? Hypocritical of her since she stands behind everything that her father says and does. My guess would be that she doesn't care about the people of this country any more than he does. The Trump family has no respect for the US Constitution and the people of this nation. "We the People" will speak out by refusing to help them line their pockets!!!

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K. Ironman - 30 d ago


They are all transgender khazar-kikes. Welcome to the jew world order.

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Anonimus employee - 30 d 12 h ago


I work at macy's, dadeland mall, miami fl 33156

It has been my workplace for years and I am writing to open an investigation into the bad work, service and leadership of the shoe department.

In the women's department, every day there is more work to be done and nobody has any responsibility.

In the men's department, we are seeing how it is harassing working and old people in their employment by the leader, who cares very little for the department, has a rough and aggressive way of treating the employees, so that It would cost to be transferred from the women's department for multiple complaints from other expeditors and associates.

Before the indifferent eyes of many, he works his own schedule, he goes every afternoon without completing his hours and it does not matter if he stays alone the apartment or if we have to leave only the customers and look for our own shoes

It shows no interest in resolving issues such as new sales options or avoiding losses by worrying about lost shoes that are increasing every day.

We are losing the opportunity to give work and hours to honest people who want to work and are marginalizing these people.

We want to investigate why everything is happening.

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JJ - 44 d 12 h ago


I visited your store in Roosevelt Field this afternoon, and was quite disappointed with the lack of service. I wanted to buy a gift card, and as I walked around the store, there were numerous unmanned desks, hence the manned ones had lines. When I found clerks with short or no lines, they informed me that they were either closed, or did not have gift cards and directed me to one of the long lines. I refused to do this. Some of the clerks seemed quite happy NOT to serve a customer. I note that many seemed of foreign background, but this is no excuse. Doesn't Macys train its employees? Isn't management watching any of this nonsense? I tried finding someone in management, but was not successful. Before walking out, I tried one more clerk on the main floor (before going to Lord & Taylor) and had success in getting a gift card. However, it should never take this amount of time, and aggravation to make a purchase in a major department store. Macys management needs to solve this problem.

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