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Anonymous - 7 h 36 m ago


Macy's is a lying manipulative company employees and managers are rude and the price you see is not the price you will get it from I will never shop at Macy's ever again I see why they closing down it want be long until there brand name is gone horrible service

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Such a shame - 10 h 38 m ago


The absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had. I have been dealing with an order issue for nearly one month. I have returned the item two times and have called a total of eight times to try to resolve. I do not understand how this huge department store cannot get a one-item order correct. Your customer service reps AND supervisors are rude and dismissive! I have had to tell each one that I have spoken to that I am the customer and they will not interrupt me. In fact, I called today and was transferred without warning and then hung up on! Unbelievable that your staff feel it is acceptable to treat a paying customer this way. There should be zero tolerance for this sort of behavior.

I have been a loyal Macy's customer for a long time, but that is changing. It is not worth the disappointment and frustration. This is bad business! You have to treat your customers right or you won't have any customers to worry about down the road. If you truly think you can treat people this way and stay afloat/profitable, you are sadly mistaken. It is a shame that the Macy's name, which used to be trusted and synonymous with quality, is now the target of poor reviews made by frustrated and dissatisfied customers, and this is all your doing. It should not come as a surprise that Amazon is dominating internet sales. They value their customers! I looked through pages of reviews on this site and did not see a single positive review. You should really work on changing these peoples' minds and turn the negative image around.

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Anonymous - 13 h 30 m ago


Horrible customer service

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


On Sunday, December 11th I visited the University Circle (Cleveland Ohio) store. I purchased a number of items, and when I got home I realized that although I paid for everything, I was "short/didn't receive" a pair of slacks and sweater. I called the store, using the number on the receipt but no one answered. Tried the following day (Monday), no luck. I've just reached out to "corporate", and hope they will assist.

My only alternative is to return to the store next weekend- which is not local, and hope someone will assist. Judging from the employees and the fact management neither answers the phone or has set up some voice messaging system, I fear I maybe out $ or merchandise....

Buyer beware, check your bags and receipt before stepping away from a Macy's clerk/register-your chances of speaking to someone later is questionable....

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Consumer Protection Needed for Macy's online costomers - 1 d 11 h ago


One month of 100% unresolved online purchase problems which included Four attempts to purchase 2 undamaged 2 T-Fal Culinaire 5 Qt Covered Cookers for Christmas presents Six damaged T-Fal Culinaire 5 Qt covered Cookers sitting in three separate boxes A fourth set of replacements on its way with zero expectation they will be gift-worthy The threat of losing $40 Macy's Money I garnered from the original purchase total if I have to cry uncle and request a refund on the T-Fal 5 QT Cookers 5 separate fruitless and misleading phone calls with online Customer Service 7 hours of my life talking to inept, ill-trained customer service people who have no stake in customer satisfaction Three-times-promised regular-mail return-mailing UPS labels (I don't have a printer) which have never arrived because you don't actually have the capability of mailing return labels! That took a month to find out during the 5th phone call, duration 1 hour 19 minutes and 22 seconds 1 of 3 promised electronic UPS prepaid return mailing labels for the three boxes that need to be returned; the other two were never emailed 1 promise that I would be called by UPS for pick up! Still waiting I could not possibly be more frustrated, disgusted and done with Macy's. If I had a Macy's credit card, I would be writing to cancel it. I reserve the right to post this on my social media page. I am sending a copy of this letter to the CT Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General Office to add my voice to all the other consumers who cannot get any accountability from Macy's once an online purchase is made. It is reprehensible what a consumer has to go through. We need to be protected from your incompetent online business model. If you want the 3 boxes of damaged goods, please send someone to get them.

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Pauline - 2 d ago


O December 10, 2917,I visited Macy's at the location in Boston , Ma and I found a lovely pan, I took it up to the counter and I asked how much the pan was and I was told $24.99. I took $25.00 out of my purse to pay when this rude lady Marilyn change the price and told me that it was $149.00.

I requested to speak to a manager, then Marilyn told me that none was available. I insisted that she called the manager. She picked up the phone and called the manager, then began to whisper. The manager did not come out to speak to me so I insisted again that she called the manager to come out. When the manager finally got out in nonchalantly said to me she made a mistake and I'm not going to give you the pan for the price that she quoted. They began to laugh after I wanted away. When I go into a store and I'm told that the price is $24.99then I expect to pay $24.99. This is just wrong at all levels it is unfair.

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PATHETIC Customer service - 2 d ago


My fiancee and I purchased a nice Queen Posture Pedic Bed from Macy's 27 days ago. We noticed the bed wasn't sleeping right and discovered the Box Spring was broken in the middle board.

I then immediately call Macy's and spoke to the CAR about my issue. He states he needs to contact Tri-State to see if he could get a date sooner than the date of 12/26/17 he initially told me.

The CSR person David told me he would call me back on Saturday 12/10/17 after he spoke with Tri-State to see if this situation can be rectified earlier as my fiancee and I are both too old to sleep anywhere except a bed.

After waiting all day for a call back, I return a call back to Macy's and speak with another CSR who went above and beyond to rectify our situation. I asked the CSR did David her co-worker make contact with Tri-State as promised. The CSR stated no.

I thanked her and stated I appreciate all she has done to replace my Box Spring.

This is a matter of standing behind the product which the initial CSR person did not do and then BS us to believe he would follow up and make this situation right.



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Irritate Customer - 2 d 8 h ago


Where do I begin? I did the Black Friday shopping thing this year online. My daughter ask me to purchase her a pair of Sperry duck boots size 9.5 cream/off white. The order went through confirmation sent out. Due to arrive in 3-5 days. I waited patiently until Dec. 4 to check on the order as it did not arrive. I received a call from a representative stating there was problem with my order. That my order was delivered to someone by the last name Davis in NJ. I live in NC my last name is Thomas. The representative stated after multiple calls back in forth. That the item was out of stock and that I would have to make another selection which I did only to find out they were also out of that item. 3rd time is a charm I thought at this point becoming annoyed. I made my last selection to which she located. The rep stated she would refund my money for the item I did not receive and send me a 25% off coupon by email. But, I had to be charged for last pair of boots selected. I finally agree to the charge. I waited a few days and called back only to be told I was not being refunded for the first pair of boots that I had to file a dispute which would arrive in the mail. This is total bs I ask to speak to a manager on duty but, was told she was to busy with other customers. Really lets review this again. I place an order for boots which you ship to the wrong address charge me for them give me the run around keep my money tied up and expect me to call you back and request a dispute letter to be sent out for me to wait longer on. I think not... I am a business owner this is poor business period. Just accept the fact you screwed up my order and give me my money back. I will make sure to spread the word about poor customer service and the supervisor whom was to busy to take my call (Sheila)

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Kathleen - 2 d 10 h ago


I have been a long time customer of Macy's and have never had reason to be disappointed. I have enjoyed the sales at Christmas and other times of the year.

This past cyber Monday I ordered two sets of sheets; one red, one gray. In a week or so I received the red set and just assumed that the other set would be coming separately so I did not save my order number. When I checked on my on-line account the order was not listed (probably because I checked out as a guest that day). It has not come to date. I have written emails and I was on the on-line chat with a customer service rep who disconnected without any comment in the middle of the conversation.

I was planning on doing a lot of Christmas shopping this year, but it will not be at Macy's.


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Julie - 5 d 14 h ago


I would like to start out by saying that I have been shopping at Macy's for a long time!! Every year the customer service has gotten worse. This is the second year I have received my order with the completely wrong item!!! It is very irritating and then I had to be on hold for 20 minutes and when I told the representative that this happened again she said that there had been a lot of people getting the wrong items. Then I messaged on messenger. With a question, you can tell it was seen but they never responded back. More poor customer service. I saved a copy that shows it These people are ruining your company's reputation!!!

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James - 6 d ago


Wow, I'll never shop Macy's again after the horrible way I have been treated by their staff. I shopped Black Friday and all their systems were down for hours - I understood that was not the fault of the store and after getting lunch came back and was finally able to complete my furniture purchases. The sales person was nice and I left happy. I was told I would get a call a week prior to delivery and then a call 24 hours prior. No call but one item is on the truck to be delivered today. I called the store multiple times to check on an in store item that was to be delivered and after several attempts got a live person who refused to even check on my purchase as he had not sold it to me. The second person I got was polite, but could not locate any information on my purchase and said he would call me back momentarily after investigating the situation. He did not call back. I waited until an hour before closing and called the executive office which was promptly answered by a very rude person who basically called me a liar when I told him my salesperson had called me back and left a voice mail yesterday. He was quick to point out that my sales person would not have called me as he had the day off, I explained I had the voicemail and was again treated like I was fabricating the whole thing. I told the young man that he was quite rude and I would come into the store tomorrow. All I was looking for was some decent Customer service and someone to advise me on when my delivery date was for an in store item. I am now at the point where I feel like cancelling my purchases and shop elsewhere. Where the heck is the MAGIC OF MACY'S?

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Tanesha Wynne - 6 d 6 h ago

My Name is tanesha Wynne I work downtown Chicago as a sale associated for women shoes I was treated unfair the manager Lydia Williams Terminated me for no reason .ever day I work I had to deal will her she was so mean so laugh so disrespectful and she always use to over work me and I was a holiday associate .the exerdier Ashely she was always bulling me I haven't not receive my commasion I been there for month now so one need to really look into this not far not the law

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Ken C - 6 d 13 h ago


You are struggling to stay afloat so that might suggest that some of your past "experiments" with sales--- customer service-- billing etc were not such good

moves? Perhaps instead of worrying about the stock holders so much you should now try something revolutionary, concentrate on the C U S T O M E R

and how to make their shopping experience one that they would like to repeat hopefully many times?

Today I was on the phone with "your people" in the Philippines for some 34 minutes before I was transferred to the store in Muncie, Indiana that I purchased the item that has not been delivered yet. I know its a disgusting thought to management that companies pay the few extra dollars it takes to hire AMERICAN but in the long run their productivity should well out way the dollars saved by moving customer service to a region of the world that it is at best H A R D for the average American to understand as reflected by the numerous complaints.

It's just a suggestion because the last two times I have driven the 48 miles (one way) to shop at Muncie Macy's there were 14 cars in the parking lot when I bought these items and the trip prior to that there were 6 cars in the parking lot-- midweek-- early afternoon!!!


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Ronnie Lea - 7 d 4 h ago


About three weeks ago I was hit and disrespected by one of Macy's Loss Prevention team. All I did was walk up to the gentleman and inquire about the job he was doing and how could I be apart of what I thought was the best of the best in that field of work. That's what

Wen the gentleman man started screaming and cussing me out. I then went to apologize for this man's mess up that's wen he struck me in my fore arm. That's not the last of it. Macy's will be hearing from my lawyer. Ronnie Lea.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


On September of 2017,Macy's Bloomingdale Distribution Fulfillment Center open a warehouse in Houston,TX . They began to hire employees doing the month of September. The shifts were 7:30-6am,that's the shift I chose. To make a long story short at the end of of October 2017, Macy's decided to change the shifts to 6:30pm -3am. Most of the employees were City bus riders , the management Clarence,Carl &Tasha were very discrimitive toward the ones who road public transportation. We as employees were shocked but still manage to except the changed schedule. When we got off work on the cold at 3am we sat at the bus terminal for 2 whole hours which is 5am when buses start running. We have work on our feet all night, getting things done at a timely matter; then treated that way. It's not fair that we all got treated like crap. We care more about the customers more then them.

So on December 05,2017 Macy's bosses who I mentioned they held everyone in the front just to lie and say peopLe be late. Now thus after ,since the last 2wks we hustles to get 1000's of orders out to our customers. Then we all get hit with a THEY HAVE TO LET US GO. NOW THIS IS WEEKS BEFORE OUR CHRISTMAS FOR OUR FAMILY AFTER MONTHS OF OUR RECOVERY FROM THE HARVEY STORM. AMERICA PLEASE DON'T SHOP AT MACY'S THEY TRIP THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE SHIT!!!

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Kathryn - 118 d 12 h ago


I am writing after a long morning of trying to place an order. I called the number to order some things and couldn't understand the agent. I, then, asked to be transferred to the United States. She replied, " sure" and promply hung the phone up. I dialed back and once again couldn't understand even the agent's name, so politely asked to be transferred to the United States. This agent said nothing and just hung up. I tried a third time and this time politely asked if the agent could stay on the phone to be sure an agent in America picked up, which she did. I spoke to an agent , who said she was in N.C.. I placed my long order, she took all the pertinant information, my phone, my address, my cc number etc.. Immediately after taking my CC number she hung up. After this, I tried to reach the corportate office in Ohio and stayed on the phone 15 minutes and noone came on. This has been a morning of being on the phone for 5 hours simply trying to place an order at Macy's or to reach their customer service. My patience and loyalty to Macy's is gone forever. I've just now placed my order thru Lord and Taylor with no problems at all. You've lost a good customer. I will follow up with a letter to the CEO, if I can even get his address or will have a run around with this too.

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Yeah - 60 d 9 h ago


First off, you are speaking to the United States, trumpkin, if you can't understand accented English, that's your problem, but you made an ass out of yourself, and don't try to convince anyone that you hadn't set out to be a witch by asking to speak to someone in the United States.

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Cynthia - 45 d 9 h ago

Shame on you. She can say whatever she chooses. That is her 5th amendment right. Sit down and take your foot out of your mouth!

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Evk110400 - 32 d 14 h ago


It is more common than not for companies like Macy's to transfer calls to outside countries. It is the fault of greedy corporations utilizing foreign persons to conduct business on their behalf while deficient in even basic English. It is our prerogative to not wish to be subjugated to horrendous customer service. Simple solution is shop elsewhere.

Clearly though you are a border fence jumper who believes that a Country has to surrender their chosen language to people who refuse to assimilate. Try that crap in other countries. We both know what you would get.

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juli boshart - 28 d 12 h ago

when my mother's parents came to this country they learned ENGLISH and were so proud that they were Americans !

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I hear ya Kathryn - 14 d 3 h ago

Kathryn: I can't understand the accented English at all and they obviously can't understand me. I have a huge issue with that. I'll never buy a Dell for that reason (worse customer service ever), won't shop in a lot of stores for that reason, always ask to be transferred back to a US representative, you're not the only one. If I'm spending my money I want to understand the person I'm speaking to.

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Everyone spoke "broken" English - 10 d 7 h ago

Knowing English and having an accent to two totally different things. Not one person on this page have ever spoken with a customer service rep who didn't speak English. Stop exaggerating and being racist. NO ONE'S ancestors came to the U.S. speaking without a heavy accent--if they knew English at all! Yes, they may have learned English, but ALL first generation ancestors still had an accent!! Out of frustration, I have asked to be transferred to the US a few times, but I have never been connected with an agent who didn't speak English!!

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Mimi - 24 d 3 h ago

Excuse me but I pushed English...not hispanic. Instead I received people that had a difficult time mastering the English language. I have no problem with "accents" but I chose ENGLISH. And as my right to free speech... some one complaining of a situation they had with a company doesn't need you making political comment. So as you are putting Trump made yourself look more ignorant. This is a forum for people to explain their experiences in hopes that someone can save Macy's, because right now 80% of my clothes come from there. Hopefully corporate reads these.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


In September of 2017,Macy's Bloomingdale Distribution Fulfillment Center open a warehouse in Houston,TX . They began to hire employees doing the month of September. The shifts were 7:30-6am,that's the shift I chose. To make a long story short at the end of of October 2017, Macy's decided to change the shifts to 6:30pm -3am. Most of the employees were City bus riders , the management Clarence,Carl &Tasha were very discrimitive toward the ones who road public transportation. We as employees were shocked but still manage to except the changed schedule. When we got off work on the cold at 3am we sat at the bus terminal for 2 whole hours which is 5am when buses start running. We have work on our feet all night, getting things done at a timely matter; then treated that way. It's not fair that we all got treated like crap. We care more about the customers more then them.

So on December 05,2017 Macy's bosses who I mentioned they held everyone in the front just to lie and say peopLe be late. Now thus after ,since the last 2wks we hustles to get 1000's of orders out to our customers. Then we all get hit with a THEY HAVE TO LET US GO. NOW THIS IS WEEKS BEFORE OUR CHRISTMAS FOR OUR FAMILY AFTER MONTHS OF OUR RECOVERY FROM THE HARVEY STORM. AMERICA PLEASE DON'T SHOP AT MACY'S THEY TRIP THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE SHIT!

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Trumpkin - 13 d 6 h ago


She was NOT speaking to anyone in the US. I can assure you of that. And neither was I for the last 4 days of the runaround I have received on my order. The only people that were in the US were the people in the credit department. The funny thing is every time you ask for a manager the freaks hang up the phone. That's okay. They can sit there making their little bits of money for the time being... soon enough they will be out of business... we Trumpkins will take our money elsewhere. Macy's can go straight down the drain with the rest of them.

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All Customer Service Reps are not the Same - 10 d 7 h ago

Everyone I spoke with today had an accent and I did ask for a supervisor. They never hung up, but apologized for the long wait because a supervisor wasn't available. They said a supervisor would call me. I was skeptical, but a supervisor--with a heavy accent--called me within 10 minutes. Even with her heavy accent, she understood the problem and fixed it within 5 minutes.

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Shame on You - 12 d 14 h ago


Yeah - I think you are the ass in this situation. She was not speaking with someone who spoke English she was talking with someone in the Philippines. She had every right to ask to speak with someone in the US. As someone who has had to call Macys on numerous occasions in the last week attempting to solve an issue I sympathize with what she went thru. Macys customer service SUCKS and they do not do what they say they are doing. Macys is paying these people peanuts and they are getting the same in return. Macys will find themselves closing more stores because they are loosing customers due to their customer service representatives.

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