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Ruth - 12 d 12 h ago


Boycott Roosevelt Field Long Island, Benefit Cosmetics : Add "Yes they're Real" referring to the ad you see upon getting off the escalator, disgusting, Macy's is a sellout, used to have some class, but going down.. sad!

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Julia Westbury - 4 d 12 h ago


Julia - Mi

Macy's is failing and stores are shutting down right and left. They are losing money due to poor sales and bad merchandise, mostly all low class junk and alot of items you can find a cheap stores. They do not hire good people either so need we ask why they are failing????

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Will not conform to or support this social issue. - 76 d 19 h ago

Went into Macy's to buy make-up, was shocked to see black, flamboyant, male, with dark blue shadow, false lashes, thick liner, bright, red lipstick on, transparent shirt showing his nipples, working counter and applying makeup to someone. Since when has Macy's become a stage for freaks? Why is this being shoved in my face? No class, Macy's.

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Skyqueen - 76 d 18 h ago


Was it the flamboyant make up? As most of the make up sales personnel wear a lot of make up. OR was it the fact that the sales person was a black man?? Hmmmmm You consider this person a freak? Hmmmmmm If you don't like it, then don't go to the Macy's make up counter. I bet you are an old white woman from the south. Oh wait, do I sound judgmental and perhaps a tad bit prejudice? Oh my......

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Real queens are real women born women - 76 d 17 h ago

The race card did not take long with you, did it? Is there anything original with the way ya'll think. Lol

You are not only prejudice but also non-astute.

If he were green with purple eye-shadow, I would still be offended.

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Little Quesnie - 46 d 12 h ago


Where does a clueless fascist hillbilly come up with a big compound word like that? Damn!

PS: dont knock it till you try it. Just kill the lights and close your eyes and you won't know the diff!

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ACDC - 46 d 12 h ago

Showing nipples? Gee, I hope this tranny did not get you too excited. More makeup even than the Donald, eh?

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Anonymous - 46 d 12 h ago

Did you get his or her number? I sense a hookup in progress!

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RUTH - 12 d 12 h ago



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Anonymous - 16 d 13 h ago

The manager at your east view mall store in victor new York is a assist to your company.he is hands on..I normally don't shop Macy's,however, because you have such agreat manager I certainly will shop their again.

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Anonymous - 24 d 13 h ago

You cannot see any items on computer in macys

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DONALD TRUMP LOVER - 76 d 20 h ago


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Florida Joe - 70 d 9 h ago

I'm a Trump Family lover also.

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Carolina Kim - 46 d 13 h ago

So am I Florida Joe! I'd let that pussy grabbin grandpa babysit my daughters anyday :-0.

Trump technically should be in prison in a nice orange jumpsuit.

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Anonymous - 46 d 12 h ago


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Craig T. - 46 d 13 h ago

Aww.. how cute, yet another Trump lover who can't understand why this charmer gets no respect. MAYBE BECAUSE..


I once liked some of his ideas until I could explain this side behavior to my young daughters.

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stillshepersisted - 76 d 19 h ago


Love your home products, and have been a customer for many years. Don't worry about the loss in sales from DJT supporters-- he lost by over 3 million. Plenty more people will still happily shop with a company for having ethics.

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Florida Joe - 70 d 9 h ago

Don't worry about lost sales from PRESIDENT Trump supporters???

Are you that much of a moron. Have you read how many Macy's stores are closing? Lost jobs in the thousands?

Drive past a Macy's store Monday with big store closing banner. Even store fixtures for sale. Are you really that stupid?

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Anonymous - 46 d 13 h ago

I don't think ivanka's line is the reason Macy's is having sales issues. All major stores are having problems. And any company has a right to sell what they want.. it is called free American enterprize. And it is still a free country....


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Robin B - 77 d 10 h ago


Support Ivanka. She is a successful business woman and should not be discriminated against. The left want to claim Trump is anti-woman. Is this not what you all are??? I will cut my credit card up if you drop her line. Your stores are falling fast. Be smart. Carry the merchandise and let the consumers decide if they want to purchase the items.

#BoycottTheBoycott-Trifecta...Call the companies, email the companies, cut up the credit cards.

Let's show these corporations what a bad decision this is.

Flagged for review. 
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Brae - 66 d ago


The tables can and will turn, just as our Election did!

I see a crybaby flagged you. The stupids.

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American - 65 d 18 h ago

Robin B,

I agree with your comment.


"Support Ivanka. She is a successful business woman and should not be discriminated against. The left want to claim Trump is anti-woman. Is this not what you all are??? I will cut my credit card up if you drop her line. Your stores are falling fast. Be smart. Carry the merchandise and let the consumers decide if they want to purchase the items.

#BoycottTheBoycott-Trifecta...Call the companies, email the companies, cut up the credit cards.

Let's show these corporations what a bad decision this is."

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Primer on big biz - 46 d 13 h ago

Get a clue. Corporations could care less what you think. They care about money only and often need to show big losses. In the end, they win because they have the power to game the system. So go ahead and cut your card up. They will just file bankruptcy and re-emerge richer under another name.

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walter pierrot - 47 d 4 h ago


looked up sandals and found what I wanted, also pops up on my computer zip 33912. wenr to your Ft.Myers store was told the store does not carry sandals any more. suggested I drive to

Naples....? or buy on line; if not fitting my shortcoming she said.

pm 3/10/2017

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American - 69 d 18 h ago

What is it with these "grab your wallet" people, the ones throwing a fit, demanding and harassing stores and companies to drop a brand. This is pure full blown temper tantrum behavior that hinges on terrorism geared towards PRIVATE stores and companies.

I for one am sick of it. When I go shopping I want the choice to buy what I want.

Famous Barr to Macy's shopper.

BTW- I would really love to see the Tea Rooms reopened. I miss the French Onion Soup and Chicken Salad Sandwiches.

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Maya - 69 d 15 h ago

I know, right.

Can't understand how two hags pulled this off.

Let them get comfortable though. I feel the tables are preparing to turn as I type this. The element of surprise is great when Karma steps in to fix the wrongs.

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