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Charly - 2 d 19 h ago


I have been a customer of Macy's for a long time and once upon a time your customer service was great but, somewhere along the line your customer service went out the window. I have had my card replaced three times recently because I was told by your customer service that there was a breach in your system and my card was being used by someone other than me...a store your size and your accounts are frequently being "hacked"...can you say inside job.

I have called your customer service for Macy's online orders and no one seems to ever no what is going on. I can't check if my damaged fine jewelry necklace is replaceable or not. Granted it is 1 1/2 years old but, it is an $800 necklace and the clasp should not detach from the rest of the necklace. And no one can tell me if it is warrantied or not? I receive the wrong item and no one can seem to help me return it so, I have to take it in myself.

Your customer service just isn't what it used to be. I spend way too much money in your store to have to put up with anymore of this nonsense. Someone really should be minding the store.

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samar - 11 d 19 h ago



I am very pleased with the recognition of modest/hijab clothing at your stores. I have a customer of Macy's for as long as I can remember.

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Don and KA - 3 d ago


Macy's should recognize ALL their customers. Bring back Ivanka and Trump's lines, too!

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Never again shopping at Macys - 3 d ago


Your "Back to School" commercial featuring att the "Street Dancing" is HORRIBLE!

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Annette Franceschi - 3 d ago


Macy's in a Cherry Hill Mal, is very ADA uncomplaining. The aisles through the departments are very small and not meeting the ADA measurements

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Ruth F. - 6 d 14 h ago


Well I've heard it all, I went to Macy's today to buy a $50.00 gift card and was told by the sales clerk that they needed an authorization code. She called the corporate office and they ask for my driver's license and my social security number. After showing her both, the corporal office ask to speak to me, they advised me that they would need to send me an authorization code to my cell phone. I told them I did not have my cell phone on me and why is it necessary to send it to my cell phone. They say that's to verify who I am. I ask her why can't she give the code to the sales person who can verify my identity by showing her two forms of IDs and my social security number. The most important IDs necessary to verify your identification. The corporal office declined to approve my purchase unless I give them my cell phone number. When I got home, I called the corporal office and they insist that they have to have my cell phone number in order to use my card again. I have been with Macy;s since they took over Hecht's, I have never experience this type of situation. I keep a $0 balance by paying off my bill each month, so that's not a problem. I just purchase some jewelry minutes prior, without any problems. What in the world. I'm just saying you need a cell phone to validate who you are?

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

I don't work for Macy's but I do work in retail financial services and customer service. The reason companies are using one time passcodes for security and identification purposes is because right now it is the most accurate way to identify that a customer is true party, and that's because they use the cell phone listed in public record, and if they send a text to that phone number and you receive it and verify the code in that text, then that prevents things like account take overs or counterfeit cards and ID's being used for purchases. Now the reason they wanted to send you the one time passcode for a gift card purchase is because gift cards are the #1 method of committing retail fraud right now. So if they have never verified you by a passcode and you purchase a gift card which is something you don't regularly charge on your card, they are merely trying to make sure that someone isn't using your card fraudulently. Its all for your protection and they should have been able to explain that to you over the phone.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


Said it was a, joke was humiliated by store managers

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Jan - 4 d 18 h ago

how do i talk to a person

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Steve - 6 d ago


Been a Macys credit card member for over 20 years both the regular Macys card and 12 years Macys American Express. Macy's closed the nearest store form us and the closest one is about an hour away in Citrus Park and International Mall. My wife uses the Macys Amex card when she is in Tampa visiting our children for the discounts. Even though we do not owe anything on either Macy's cards, Macys has dropped our limits so far down that I spend more in Publix in a week.

I asked the customer service rep and supervisor why do you think America is Great? Silence

Because as I consumer I DON'T need you, you we us and to close our accounts.

After reading some of the emails below I can see why Macy's is closing stores. To bad you seemed to have a nice store. I don't see your company serving.

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Sandra A. Cabrera - 8 d ago

I am having a horrible experience with Macy's. I placed an order since August 5, 18. They declined my order and canceled but charged my card twice. I need the items ordered for a wedding. Now I'm behind because they keep messing up the process of my order.

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MAD - 8 d 18 h ago





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Cornerstone Contracting LLC - 10 d ago


I order a diamond ring and when receiving the ring the tags was detached, when I had question a lady name El one of the representatives on the phone could not answer and stood quiet no questions were answered, and when I ask for corporates number she kept saying about a store, instead of giving me the number, not happy with the service too many mistakes, the associates were nice but too many mistakes were done in the store, I had to call my bank because things were process incorrect and I was going to be charged twice over $2,000, my bank had to give me emergency money in advance because my account was charged, so I was able to purchase the ring, not happy with the process of the purchase in the store and now I have to deal with tags not connected to the rings, El wanted to send me return tags and I had mentioned to her was I able to bring it in the store instead she could not give me clear process and was being difficult and making me very upset, I told her that you should be very concern that I'm a customer and instead of making my process smooth she was being difficult, I would never want to purchase in Macy's ever again, the baguettes rings I order which was two with that diamond ring hopefully I can get my money back because of all the incovience this purchase brought me.

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Annano - 10 d 3 h ago

I was at stone briar mall in macy to shop.

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allema - 10 d 17 h ago


Totally Disappointed!!!!!

I ordered an Apple watch on-line the first watch that was sent to me was the wrong watch happen to be a cheaper model than I ordered. I called customer service they ordered the correct watch and I sent back the original watch. When I received the second watch, I had buyers remorse and tried first to return it to the store and wasn't able to I think it had something to do with how the first order was sent wrong and not documented appropriately. I was told I could only return the watch by sending it back via UPS. I did as I was told tracked the package it was received in the warehouse. that was back 7/14/18. Still today I haven't received my $454.74 credit back to my Macy's credit card.

I am a platinum card holder and also an employee - I spent numerous hours on the phone with customer service and and tried to reach the corporate office via phone and email. I have received conflicting information every time I have spoken to someone. No one is accountable for what they say. No one is willing to put in writing and send to us in writing confirming what they say.

Frankly, I not confident that this will be resolved due to the unresponsiveness of this company and their attitude that they are not accountable for their mistakes. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Macys representatives. I am extremely disappointed in the overall way in which this has been handled.

All I want is my refund I have attempted in every way to speak to someone capable and with authority to help and have yet to had anyone in this company direct me to someone who is willing and can help. Actually a couple of times I've been talked out of speaking to a Manager/supervisor and told I was calling the country of Columbia and there wasn't anything they could do more then that was already being done for me - which was nothing...

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Robert Akers - 12 d 17 h ago


I would order on line if it was not so expensive for shipping. Some items I cannot even pick up at a local store. Why is this? Maybe you should do what Amazon does and get a contract with the PO and get a better rate. I wanted to order a night gown that was on sale for $11.98 and shipping was $10.00. Hope I get a reply.

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Sharon baker - 14 d ago

Hello I would like the manager to gave me a call (hidden) about about a situation that happened 3 days ago I would like to discuss this with one of the corporate managers because I don't think it was fair and I need one to call me immediately

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


Sherman Oaks Ca, Macys horrible managment, been working there for a while now several years. The managment is a minus, and the store manager, dosn't even recognize any of the problems that's going on in each department. She is a arogent, BITCH. doesn't care when an employee makes a complaint about there manager to improve the department. All Macys cares about is as long as you open credit's. There are so many people working in a commission department, and still adding more employees, no quality service for there customers, its just quantity of people like a ZOO! Cant even make any commission anymore. Employees pick up shift from all the commision area departments.

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Anonymous - 28 d 14 h ago


I had an interview on 7/19/18. I arrived 15 min early in which I walked into an part of the store where the restrooms are located and across is an empty desk with a sign to grab an associate off the floor for help in the Human Resources dept. It took me 8 min to find an associate that wasn't busy to call someone for my interview. As I go back to wait another 10 minutes walks a lady with some extremely tight black ash wash jeans which I did not think she would be my interviewer with her causal and inappropriate pants. She then proceeded to look at a clipboard with names on it and she looked at me which I'm the only person there she huffed my name and I said yes that's me, she rolled her eyes and seemed agitated. This immediately made me feel uncomfortable and unconfident before she even started. She took this packet of papers and flipped the pages in front of me as if the packet was too long and she wanted to hurry to get back to what she was doing. She quickly asked me 5 questions with little eye contact and then proceeded to wrap up the interview with my surprise and asked if I had questions, I asked her what was her favorite part of her job she told me she was in the industry for 17 years different companies but did not say what her favorite part was. I began to ask my second question and she cut me off barked don't want to know about the job details and I said yes that was next question. She rushed through the answer and ended it with an eye roll and said but we will see, if something is I said oh there is nothing available? She looked at me with disgust in her face and said I'm not the only one interviewing so I don't know! In my mind I thought if you are the hiring cosmetics manager how do you not know? But as I walked out of the office which she was in a hurry she rushed me out! I have never seen so much unprofessionalism in my life! She made me feel so small and I just thought as a Macy's shopper and cardholder for years that I would love to work at this place because everyone has been so nice at the store it took me by surprise with this managers rudeness and dismissiveness. As I walked through the store to leave feeling like I wasted my time and money on a suit, I noticed the lack of diversity in the cosmetics area there was a lot of Hispanics and the lady who interviewed me might be steering because I was well qualified for the position. I have over 15 years of customer service experience as well as a cosmetology license and a B.S. in nutrition and hospitality mgmt. I'm supervisor now for a sign holding company but I have to cummute so the position I applied for would be better on my pocketbook for gas. I'm African American and there is absolutely no women or men of that decent so maybe the job is only for whites and Hispanics. The job description did not say that Spanish speaking was a must so I was confused. I received an email today which is the day right after my interview and it said that I wasn't chosen. I know I'm not to expect to get every job I interview for but this interview was so unprofessional I just don't think I was given a fair chance.

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Natalie - 15 d ago


I worked at a Florida store for almost 5 years as a beauty advisor (make up artist). I have a disability that was not as noticeable 5 years ago. I now lean forward because of back problems. I have been harassed, verbally abused by my gay counter manager several times. A new 23 year old white cosmetic manager wanted me out. I have tailored hours to accommodate my standing. I live in chronic pain and is medicated so I can stand. I have had medical restrictions which made management want me out. I only worked part time. There is a whole lot more over the 5 years. A young Cuban manager asked me if the hiring manager knew I had a disability amongst other discriminatory statements. I entered Macy's to work yesterday evening. I got off the escalator and was taken into the back room and told they are building a case to have me terminated. Five years of hell. I have left messages with lawyers to see if there is any recourse. I honestly can't tell you the reason they have for terminating me. I was always on time and sales numbers were high. Most of all my customers loved me. I am a fashion conscious, classy, highly educated 63 year old white women who is collecting disability . I went from wealthy to poverty stricken in 2009. Lost 2 mansions. I will tell you this, I am white. Color doesn't matter there. My piers were all minorities. What I will tell you is, they don't do background checks and hire at times low lives. The managers in Macy's would probably never get the position they have outside of Macy's. They hire foreigners who are desperate and women who are divorced and have never worked before. Because they pay very little and their expectations of you for that $10 is grande.

So, she did you a great favor. I took the job because I lost both of my homes, stocks and in 2.5 years all of my savings during the housing collapse. I was emotional and desperate. I have been ridiculed, abused and I've been so depressed there that my 30 year old son has been afraid for my health. I have to get past it. Five years of HELL! I promise you, you can do better. You are worth more than Macy's Inc. Good luck to you. Chin up and go in sweet and humble to a company where there's growth and one where you will be appreciated. BTW, my son worked in that store as well for 9 months. He was accused of stealing money from a register back new years eve 2013. They suspended him, interrogated him and the day after new years day, hired him back like nothing happened. He was fresh out of college and innocent to giant companies that chew you up and spit you out. I have run other companies including my own. I was a high end fashion designer. Moved from NY to Ga to open a boutique. Bought 2 homes from builders at prime price. Who knew they would be worth half in just 2 years. I got stuck in Ga for 7.5 yrs. Lost both breast to cancer. You never know what tomorrow brings. Find a small company who knows and remembers your name. A company with growth possiblites. One where you won't be abused. I wish you happiness and peace.


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Wil - 15 d 2 s ago


I just want to say that I filed a disability's claim and was denied because I was not covered under the disability insurance during the year 2007

And was unable to even get the minimal amount of protection.

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Cindy - 17 d ago

I called in to pay my bill and got into a 15 min argument with the supervisor no less that ended up closing my account because she was being disrespectful and I cussed her out. This is how Macy's do business smfh.

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Not Satisfied - 17 d 5 h ago


I am NOT satisfied with the service I have received. First, mi initial order was never received. Second, the new shipment was incomplete. And I finally got reimbursed for the incorrect amount since my card was recharged. Completely unsatisfied!

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terry peck - 19 d ago

Horrible customer service when using delivery and phone services !!!!

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steven - 19 d 18 h ago


I purchased some furniture in December 2017 for delivery around July 2018

I have been harassed with over 50 phone calls

Now 2 days prior to delivery the calls started again and we have spent hours on the phone and cannot get these MORONS to tell us if they are delivering our furniture

I will never ever purchase anything from Macy's again

MORONS is the only word that I can describe the people we talk to

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