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CAJ - 11 h 29 m ago


customer service is non-existent. I have dialed no less than 12 numbers this afternoon - either there was no answer, or after a litany of recorded questions, was put on hold...............forever. There is no department named "Customer Service" in the USA. I spoke with someone in the Philippines twice - I could not understand anything she said - sounded like she was in a bar, the noise was deafening. One hour of trying to get a "human" on the phone who speaks English, I have concluded, is not possible. The in-store customer service reps just take up space - they are either lazy or just plain (for lack of a more descriptive adjective) - "dumb" as they cannot assist with a problem either. It's no wonder Macy's have lost customers and stores are closing - no customer service and inferior, run-of-the-mill, merchandise (my take on it!)

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Kathryn - 13 h ago


I am writing after a long morning of trying to place an order. I called the number to order some things and couldn't understand the agent. I, then, asked to be transferred to the United States. She replied, " sure" and promply hung the phone up. I dialed back and once again couldn't understand even the agent's name, so politely asked to be transferred to the United States. This agent said nothing and just hung up. I tried a third time and this time politely asked if the agent could stay on the phone to be sure an agent in America picked up, which she did. I spoke to an agent , who said she was in N.C.. I placed my long order, she took all the pertinant information, my phone, my address, my cc number etc.. Immediately after taking my CC number she hung up. After this, I tried to reach the corportate office in Ohio and stayed on the phone 15 minutes and noone came on. This has been a morning of being on the phone for 5 hours simply trying to place an order at Macy's or to reach their customer service. My patience and loyalty to Macy's is gone forever. I've just now placed my order thru Lord and Taylor with no problems at all. You've lost a good customer. I will follow up with a letter to the CEO, if I can even get his address or will have a run around with this too.

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arlene shaffer - 12 d 12 h ago


i have been a macy's credit card purchaser since 1994....after this last order on macy' i do not think i will ever order something again. i ordered 2 pair of womans shoes since several of your stores had a small selection....order date...7/28....well today is aug 4 and i am still going back and forth...the first person who took the order made several mistakes although i repeated several times where to ship the items...and after several more calls to get the correct shoes delivered to the correct place it was still wrong.....your customer service department is a disgrace....6 phone calls on one order.....incorrect amount on my bill and it goes on and on....very sad that macy's is no longer appreciating the customers but such horrible representatives at customer service

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Completely mishandled LONG TIME former Macy's customer - 19 d 17 h ago


If you are so incensed about Trump's family selling clothes in Macy's how do you feel about their non USA customer service department? You get to speak to Columbia and the Philipines where they are "so sorry for the inconvenience" and the compound the problem. You may not like the Trumps but this is a democracy. I would like to see this American company employ Americans who understand English and have some awareness of the US, it's geography and customer expectations. Substandard customer service is a big reason for the death of American retailers.

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Hillary - 13 d 7 h ago


you are more lame than Macys... just saying.

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DTK - 14 d 17 h ago


In September of 2016 I placed an online order for a 4 place setting of Denby china (a nearly $400.00 purchase) through your Wedding Registry dept., to be delivered to the brides address of record. After her wedding and upon moving into her new home and during the first time unpacking, it was discovered that, in transit, some breakage had occurred. I, the GIFT-ER NEVER saw the china. Yet, during the course of one year, I have since received four (4) emails telling me that if I didn't return the broken pieces, which the local store DID NOT WANT, and that I WOULD BE CHARGED FOR THEM". Trying to maneuver through your automated "robotic" telephone menu was a lesson in futility. The customer reps, although apologetic, were missing the crux of the matter. I NEVER received the merchandise, the bride, who tried to return to the store (which did not want it) was the recipient.

It has been a YEAR of frustration, trying to get a "human" to understand the situation. Sad commentary for Macy's policies.

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prit - 16 d 45 m ago



This comment is regarding my recent trip to Macys Cerritos july 23

. I am a regular macy's shopper mostly I shop online .

Yesterday after long time I went inside store to shop for mens clothing . Which turn out to be the worst experience I had in Macys for me ever . I picked some shirts, some from clearance section when i went to register to pay . The regular price on the shirt was $59.50 and for sale clearance it was $18.83 . When it was scan on register the price was $21.13 .

I asked the rep ( Loranne) why the price is different as it has to be same $18 .. She mentioned from past 2- 3 weeks there POS is being charging different prices for clearance item and she cant do anything . I told her its not right I am buying the shirt clearly says $18 and u charging more . She mentioned she can't over right the price and if i don't want shirt i can leave it . I even told her if she can take off that $2.30 difference in my other purchase . she mentioned she cant and acted that i am asking something way to big . I asked nicely to please call the manager and they have to honor the price on shirt . She was rude and mentioned again that even manger cant do anything , what the pos is scanning i have to pay that price and or leave shirt and hurry up and other people are waiting behind me . i gave up as i liked the shirt and don't want to make a big deal and sound cheap that iam fighting for $2.30 discount . But its not about $3 it is about the being rip off by a big store to consumer . charging more then advertised and the customer service not helping to fix and saying its been happening from past 2-3 weeks . Not sure hoe many people before me has been ripped off like that . I finally took the shirt paying $21... and now writing the email as I have been relly pissed by all what happen .

It felt very cheap on my part being told by sales rep its just small difference and i can pay no big deal . I bought on 2nd receipt $100 stuff also I don't mind paying $2.30 more but i did not felt paying as it was wrong and i was wrongly charged and felt ripped off and insulted by employee .

highly dissatisfied attach are the receipts of the transaction

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disappointed guest - 16 d 13 h ago


i plan to close my Macys account, have been a faithful customer for years,but here lately the VIP treatment I used to feel from the store I once loved, has gone down the drain!!! From feeling lack of concern from your staff, poor delivery with orders,3 sometimes 5 deliveries on one order, phone service HORRIBLE, u need to update and allow us to speak with a representative immediately when we call not 10 minutes later after going through your whole directory!!! Sorry but Amazon has become my new go to place to spend my money.

They are always fast,courteous, quick on delivery easy on exchanges and returns with no issues EVER!!!

Like today trying to make an appointment at the beauty counter,Ive been through hell to get a live person then after a 20 minute ordeal to speak with them, they hung up,sure the call dropped but just another example of how MACYS has changed for the worse!!

Cant wait to pay of credit card and cash out to go to AMAZON PRIME...Amazon anything, Im all in

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Anonymous - 18 d 8 h ago

I just paid in time Macy's bill off after many years and was very happy the final bill was $37.39 today I got another bill from Macy'sfor two dollars when I saw it was from Macy's I thought it was a letter of congratulations and to thank me for being a steady customer I think it stinks that I have to carry two dollars give me a break yourstruly Gail Dillon

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Beverly Hanson - 22 d 12 h ago

Get Trumps family clothing out of your store, it is so wrong of Macy's to carry their brand, ot os unamerican!!!

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Ruth olson - 23 d 4 h ago

I will no longer shop at Macy's until all Trump products are out of there!

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

You'll have no type of complaints line or phone number

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CEO - 33 d 10 h ago


I order a Michael Kors hand bag for my grandaughters birthday the package came on time but it was not a handbag it was a winter jacket.she was so hurt by that .IVE BEEN BACK AN D FOURTH WITH CUSTOMER is now july 14th no package Ican see a mistake but not to email me as to what is going on.This is a terrible way to do business Sincerely Valerie Riha

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Betty - 78 d 7 h ago


For months I have tried to get credit applied to my account from a Macy's created problem. Each time ( many) I called I was told the issued would be resolved. All they do is talk , no action. I will call the president of Macy's and take out an ad in major newspapers explained how inefficient they really are. No wonder stores are closing.

They are a very poor excuse for a thoughtful retailer.

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MoHoney - 34 d 8 h ago


I, too, have been experiencing the very same thing! I've been a customer for better than 20 years, between Macy's taking over Famous-Barr (a 100% better store and service, BTW), and have always been in good standing with every bill payment to them. That is until May 2 of '17. Due to the fact that their website does not work, and hasn't for quite some time, I have had to call in payments use their auto bill pay. My keypad doesn't work properly, so must I sit silently through all of their robo-prompts, and wait for a representative to answer and take my payment. Up until May, I've had no problems whatsoever. My customer information has been on file for decades, but suddenly they've changed my checking account number to one that, of course, my bank doesn't receive for payment! I've spoken to no less than 10 representatives to get this straightened out, and they say it's all been taken care of, but it hasn't. Today was the last straw, so I'm sending a registered letter tomorrow to Macy's Corporate Offices, to a name which I don't have just yet, to explain what has been occurring, how long it's been going on, and disputing and freezing my account until they can get their dismal act together on their end. They accuse my bank, and after printing my bank statement, their "courtesy" checks for online bill pay (front and back), having spoken with a true customer service representative, while they checked my online bill pay, one payment went through for April (ON TIME but screwed up my checking account number!), finally May after demanding they remove their self inflicted late fees on me, June, same story, and now again in July. I always pay my online bills a day or two ahead of the due date, so I'm never late, yet they make me late by not correcting their mistake, the one they've assured me at least 10 times that they have!! To say I'm livid, would be putting it lightly. That's why I'm waiting until tomorrow to deal with Corporate, in order to get this mess straightened out while I have a cool head. Furious! The very next step in this saga is litigation, and I'll be more than happy to help them on their way to closing even more stores. With "Customer Service" like theirs, I completely understand why they're going under. Good bye, and good riddance...

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Beyond - 34 d 4 h ago


I am dealing with the exact same issue, except they eventually applied the credit, yet left the balance and failed to tell me about it before charging off my credit card! Any luck with corporate?

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MoHoney - 34 d 4 h ago

I'll update tomorrow after I've had a chance to regain my sanity, thoughts, and especially my temper. I don't expect much from them, other than the same old rehashed lie, but I'm waiting to contact them until tomorrow when I'm not so flaming angry. That's probably best...

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Nancy Ticktin - 36 d 11 h ago


I have written a number of times about your abominable computer services which problems I will not waste my time reiterating now. (You should know them better than I.) A final straw (admittedly not as serious as your on-line data deficiencies but irritating none the less) ) is an email I just received which first confirms that payment has been made to my credit card account and then instructs me as to how to make a payment. Doesn't anyone read this stuff???

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Ak - 36 d 14 h ago


Cool Spring Franklin TN horrible store terrible customer service. Their attire fits the housewife that never came out of the woods. I certainly would not ask their opinion on dress!!! The new return policy At Macys is if your wear it OR if tags are removed they will not take it back. So if you wear a $ 300.00 dress and the zipper splits it is the customers loss. Their new CEO Jeff Garnett announced a Macys Loss of 1% so he has decided to cut there loss at the expense of us. Has he ever heard of manufacturer defects. Macys has gone from a lapse return policy to no return. Please pass this on!!!! Macys I hope your doors close and as for Franklin TN they will certainly gain immediate emloyement at any Dollie tree or maybe not. Don't waist your time at Macys other stores are far beyond their class.

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NJ - 36 d 14 h ago



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Abused - 36 d 14 h ago



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Terry - 41 d ago


I would like to thank Macys for its generousity in what they give back to NYC. My family and I enjoy the 4th of July fireworks and the Thanksgiving Parade each year. I grew up in Brooklyn but moved out of State many years ago. However, I still have and great love for the City. Because of my admiration for your contribution to the Great City of New York, I order everything that I can from you store on-line.

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gracie - 42 d ago

I am having a problem with the delivery and ultimately the return of the product. During the Labor Day weekend I purchased online adjustable bed frame on sale that i paid with the tax $861.38. Part of this order was paid with gift 3 gift cards 1) $13.68 2) $45.19 3)$182.57. The frame should have to my house in 3 days.

I also purchased a mattress for that bed but I had to call customer service, because I was not able to order online. The total cost of that was $342.39.

The mattress came in 3 days as promised, but the frame did not.

2 weeks after I ordered the frame I called customer service asking what was the problem. Agent told me that he was going to return the order and he was going to reprocess it. I waited another two weeks. Nothing happened, so I decided to cancel the order and requested a refund. The refund was going to be on my credit card , but it was not.

I called again and I also ask that the mattress be returned, since I have no use for it without the frame. I was connected to another person, who was going to take care of return.

I was told that email with return label was going to be send to me. I also found out that all the traces of all the transactions online pertaining to my purchase and returns of the frame were gone. So there was no trace of me paying for that frame, only a charge on my card for $619.94. What happened to $241.44 in gift cards?

Nothing like this happened.

I called again on July 3 and I asek for a supervisor. Her name was Laura. She told me that UPS will have the return label and UPS will notify me about pick up.

Nothing like this happened again. Later that day I found the note from UPS that I was not home when they came to pick it up . And that is not true either.

Today I check my Macy's credit card. I got the refund but only for Macy's charge $619.94. Where is the rest of the money I paid for frame that I have never received?

That comes July 5. On that day I took outside 80 pound mattress, so when UPS comes it will be ready for pick up. (Ups noted online that this will be a day). I need to tell you, that I am not a spring chicken any more and this is much, much more that I can really handle.

When I came from work, the mattress was in the same spot where I left it, but in the slot for mail was the label for that mattress( I suppose).

So .I have no bed, I had to pay the balance on my credit card, so I would not be charged fees. Still have unpicked by UPS mattress and charge on my credit card for it. How long is this going to continue?

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Fm - 48 d 15 h ago


I recently called customer service with regard to a problem I was having with a mattress. When I purchased the mattress I took out the extra protection in 2005. I was experiencing severe depressions in the mattress and had it inspected. After the inspection it was determined that the mattress sank over 2 inches. They replaced it with a comparable mattress and five years later I'm back in the same boat. The representative at the time of inspection said that once the new mattress is delivered I would have 10 years from the date of delivery. However, they claim that the second mattress is only covered for a total of 10 years not 10 years from the date of delivery. . I ASKED TO SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR 6 TIMES. When Tamia got on the phone she said that the representative gave me the wrong information and the second mattress is only under warranty for a total of 10 years.

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Lu - 50 d 11 h ago


I just got off the phone with the worst Macy's rep that I have ever spoken to, he seamed to know better than me what my needs are, would not let me speak, put me on hold in the middle of a sentence and when he came back on the phone I asked him why, he responded that someone else was calling him. He tried telling me what he wanted to do without allowing me to explain what I needed to explain.. How rude!!!!!!!

" Rate your experience with this company" My rating is not for the company but for the customer assistant that took my call.

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