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Maytag Corp

200 Queensway St
Searcy, AR
Jeff Durham
Plant Mgr
(501) 268-5311
(501) 279-7373
Annual Sales Est
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Discouraged - 5 d 11 h ago

Maytag washers do not rinse the soap out of clothes! They told me to use a tablespoon of soap, if I use any less I won't need to buy soap anymore. I've used the extra rinse cycle, I've used the deeper water cycle and I have to rinse many items out by hand after using machine. Repair came out and nothing is wrong with machine, it's the way it agitated and rinses, it doesn't do the job. If it can't rinse the soap out it probably isn't rinsing all of the dirt out. I have to run a cycle that takes at least an hour where the old machines could clean clothes in 20 minutes and get the soap out. Just another government idea gone bad!

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Robert E MCEVOY - 9 d 8 h ago


I purchased 4 appliances from Gochenaur Appliances in East Petersburg , Pa on 10/08/2020. First problem was with the microwave not working paid over $150.00 for part and repair in 2017. Second problem thermostat bad on Refrigerator Paid $1899 for this. Service, part, cost $322.00 also unknow cost in spoiled food and inconviences. Third problem control board went bad in Feb 2020, cost, $320.00. Inconvience and spoiled food. After the bad control board went bad I asked the tech for the part and he said only if you pay $60.00 they must send back to Maytag. I paid for all parts from this refrigerator and that is what I am told! The repairs to fridge are $642.00 this is over 1/3 the cost of this appliance . When I contacted customer service I asked to be reimbused due to defective parts and she said no. If I want to take it further basically it is my problem. How can you run a business like this. I know it is out of warranty but this is not only unfair but not good business. Maytag used to be a quality product , with my experience it is not,.On line I've read many negative reviews. i'm only one customer but do you realize word of mouth goes very far, some day you may run out of customers.Unhappy customer! Bob McEvoy Mt Joy , pa

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Date of purchase was 10/08/2015

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Rhonda Whitman - 12 d ago


Maytag dryer replacement parts are the worst to try to find on discontinued models. When and if you do find the part it is nearly as high as buying a new dryer. Products are crap....if the company kept parts on hand or in stock for discontinued models I might reconsider ever buying a Maytag or Whirlpool product again. But as it stands I will not . Appliances are pieces of crap poorly put together. Will be telling everyone I know not to purchase these products and company does not stand behind them. They are cheaply made with healthy sales prices and not worth the money. Very upset with product and company. Need replacement timer for a model MDE6657BYW Maytag dryer. Part is hard to find and cost is going to run around 190.00 dollars. This is beyond ridiculous. Not happy at all and will not pay this for a small part that should normally cost around 50.00 dollars. Can see why Maytag is now Whirlpool. Sell outs because of unreliable goods. This dryer was and will be the last time Maytag gets any of my money for any reason. Live in West Tennessee and at this point the only thing your products are good for is target practice.

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Rhonda - 12 d 3 h ago


I recently purchased a maytag washer and dryer. (less than 30 days ago) I am so disappointed with this washer! MVWB765FW3

When you select the temperature you want to wash in that is also the rinse temperature. So when I do whites in hot my rinse water is hot. Who ever thought this was energy efficient? I have never rinsed my clothes in any temp other than COLD. Then your water going in start stop and repeat this several times while filling up. Do you have any idea what this does for a well pump and pressure tank? This washer is for city people only. Sad part is you don't know all this until you buy it take it home and do your first load. $639.00 on sale then tax is a lot of money for retired people and then it having all these bad design issues. My first maytag washer and my last!

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Pedrooooooo - 16 d 7 h ago


Can even get in touch withmob , no wonder they products are so well regarded in the market ! ( don't need to answer it )

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Marvin - 16 d 9 h ago


Stay away from anything made by Maytag/Whirlpool. I have been trying to get our dryer repaired for 4 months now from a factory assembly issue and everyone I talk with is totally clueless. We purchased a Maytag based on their reputation and reliability - don't fall for the propaganda run as fast as you can!

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Anonymous - 18 d 4 h ago



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Maxine - 38 d 4 h ago


Could someone from your office contact me concerning my washer (hidden)


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anonymous - 39 d 5 h ago


Would never, never buy Maytag Washer or dryer again. Even the deep water cycle is not sufficient to provide enough water. Have had loads come out with completely DRY spots. Clothes are twisted, horrible wrinkles . Must pull them apart. It was top of the line, expensive and a big mistake.. Forget it Maytag Man.

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Veronica Goffredo - 64 d 12 h ago


I also purchased a Maytag Bravos MCT. It's horrible. The water fill doesn't even cover the clothes and when it spins it knots the clothes that I can't even get them out without pulling one at a time and then the wrinkles are so serious no ironing will take them out. Many months ago I talked to costumer service and got absolutely nowhere Damn if Im going to call for service and pay a nasty bill when it's your bad design. Be sure I will not recommend any of your products

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Fly6324g - 66 d 9 h ago


In 2017 I purchased a Maytag front load clothing washer from Home Depot. In less than a year and a half a mold has developed on the door gasket. I have been fighting to get rid of the mold but it doesn't prevail. I have contacted Maytag about this issue and their suggestion/recommendation is that I keep the door open to let the washer dry out after every use. I have young children in the house and keeping the door open on a front load washer Is a disaster waiting to happen.. This is not an acceptable standard operating procedure to leave the door open. I'm sure if my child work to get hurt or worse playing in the washer because the door was open and inviting that Maytag would have to except a level of responsibility for that child getting hurt or worse. I just cannot understand how Maytag can make the recommendation and think that it is acceptable for every day life.

I know people who own front load washers, example a Kenmore, for over several years and this mold is not an issue with their front load washers. So I can only surmise that it is a design flaw within Maytag's front load washers itself. I have contacted Maytag and ask them to stand by their product and replace the door gasket at their cost. Maytag has offered to pay for the part only but I must pay the labor costs to have it installed. As most of us know labor usually is twice as much as the cost of the part so this is not an acceptable offer. Maytag has not offered anything additionally to this. To sum up my review I would not recommend buying a front load washer made by Maytag until they can design it so this mold does not develop and you do not have to worry about the health of your family or the safety of your children using a Maytag front load washer.

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Ann Gardner - 68 d 11 h ago


Maytag outsources it's service repair in New York to it's certified repair company. What a disaster! We have been trying to deal with G&G Appliances for weeks. Between cancelled or no-show appointments, one tech that came six hours after their three-hour window opened, and the worse phone service and response time I have ever seen, we still don't have a repaired appliance . Last Friday - after another screw up with appointments to install the part - that I have already paid for - and more than 40 minutes on hold, I was assured that today would be different. The tech would come and complete the work on my stove. Very early in the day, we received a voicemail that they were cancelling due to weather and to call and schedule a new appointment for this Friday. How exactly do I do that when they don't actually answer the phone? I have called three times. Each time put on hold for 30, then 25 and 30 minutes. As soon as you get to one or two in the queue, they drop you into voicemail. Does anyone at Maytag care that they are forcing people to do business with the company that has had 12 complaints filed against them at the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months?

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Linda J Kinson - 94 d 7 h ago


I have been married 50 years, raised 6 children and have owned many washers through the years. I bought a top loading Maytag because of it's reputation and dependability. It is the worst washer I have ever bought. My clothes come out dirty! There isn't enough water in the washer to cover the laundry say nothing about cleaning the dirt or lint. I was told by the Maytag repair man that because of federal rules Maytag had to cut back on the use of water. Well, this new plan leaves ones clothes dirty, which need to be rewashed several times. The repair man said if I used my dryer that would help. I choose not to use my dryer. There was nothing he could do to fix the problem. Maytag needed to go back to the agitator in the middle and use more water. Now I am stuck with a horrible washing machine that I paid $900.00 for and it doesn't clean adequately! So much for standing behind your product!

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Linda McFaddem - 69 d 8 h ago


I also bought a Maytag washing machine remembering how the Maytag repairman on TV () never had anything to do. Well, it not only does NOT PROVIDE WATER in the tub (I have to add gallons to it!!!), it agitates with dry clothes being thrown all over the tub!!!). Then is rinses with such a little amount of water in the tub that you CANNOT SEE IT AT ALL!!. No adding water to the rinse cycle sine it locks itself!!Such a sad situation and first time EVER (and LAST TIME!!) I've owned a Maytag appliance!! Pitiful. Awful company to continue selling the dysfunctional Maytag Bravos MCTN washing machine!! Linda McFadden, Cypress, Texas

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Unhappy - 92 d 28 s ago

I bought this Maytag Bravos MCT I am checking to see if there was a recall on this washer. If not, there should have been. Since I first purchased this washer, I had to have 3 repairmen here. The first time, they said the problem was with my electric company. So, I called my electric company and they tested everything. Nothing wrong with electric. It was the washer. A week later a second repairman came and had to order a new electrical part and had to return again when it came in. Then last September we had a tree struck by lightning that knocked out a lot of our major electronics, desktop computer, router, modem, printer, well pump, boiler, some electrical outlets got fried, our landline phone wires on the house got fried, landline phones, smart TV, and yes our Maytag washer. The washer was still working but making a horrible clicking sound. Our insurance company was willing to replace it if needed. The arrogant repairman, who seemed like he didn't want to be here, said it was normal clicking sounds. didn't make that sound before. I watch TV right near the laundry room, and I know that it never made that sound. On top of it Mr "Arrogant" was going to charge me for the visit, which thankfully was taken care of by you. My friend just recently bought this washer and hers works perfect! No annoying loud clicking sounds. I told her good luck. So, NO I will never buy another of your products and NO I will never recommend one of your products. I am just waiting for this one to finally die! So I can buy something that is reliable and doesn't make such noise that I need to turn up my TV volume up to watch it. Obviously you don't have too much faith in your products either, otherwise you wouldn't push to get an extended warranty. It's so sad that our country cannot make a decent product. Hopefully you will do better in the future.

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Nadine Waters - 102 d 13 h ago


Here I am 63 years old so I saved up the money to buy this Maytag top of the line this would be my last washer and dryer because of my age and look what I got a poop.I will never recommend a Maytag they are the worst washer and dryer on the market I hate mine and I know I will not get the money that I spent on it back WAKE UP MAYTAG U GOT TO BIG TO CARE. LETS SEE IF YOU.READ YOUR REVIEWS.

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Villages Florida - 105 d 6 h ago

New Maytag washer & dryer purchased Sept 2019. I hate the grinding sound it makes when it washes, I hate that the lid locks and I can't thrown something in at the last minute. I tried to disable the lock by taking it out, but then the machine wouldn't work so I had to put it back in. I hate that it never fills with enough water. I can't even see the water and the clothes on top are dry. Then when it agitates without much water, I'm sure it is hard on the clothing rubbing together. Dryer is just a dryer. Nothing special. I often have to add extra time. No, I would not buy a Maytag again. My neighbor has a Maytag and feels exactly like I do.

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Anonymous - 105 d 10 h ago


Dear Maytag Corp. All my life all I ever heard was how good Maytag was supposed to be. I finally bought one and I bought it on 3/1/2019. Not even 3 years old and the motor is gone.. Now I have to have a tachnician come out for a few and diagnose it for a few and then pay the labor on the job. The Roper machine I had lasted 10 years. I don't think I'll buy another Maytag

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Russ in Florida - 111 d 14 h ago


Maytag Bravas washer purchased 2.5 years ago, needs a 5th main computer board now due to F6 E2 error code. First failure of unit was when it was 4 months old, now every 6 to 8 months since. Had extended warranty through Asurian, but they didnt offer to extend the warranty. Unit clearly falls under Florida Lemon Law as well as the Federal, Magnussin-Moss Warranty Act.

Contacted Maytag customer service, clearly the rep was clueless and tried to fix responsibility on Best Buy and Asurian. Had to explain to the lady named Alice, that it was a lemon law issue, and her response was essentially, Bite Me and go find a lawyer.

Thus begins the recreational crusade to get my money back, as well as cost Whirlpool as many customers a one person can.

Should be no mystery why foreign companies far surpassed Anerican ones, American business ethics and customer service has become a vast cesspool of take the money and run mentality.

Customers be forewarned, Whirlpool and subsidiary company sell absolute junk. Give the big middle finger to their customers

Buying a Samsung or LG now

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I have had my My Maytag Neptune washer for about five years this morning here exploded for no reason the door blew off and almost broke my leg be careful if it makes it unusual noise don't go around it just unplug it - 116 d 9 h ago

I have had my Maytag Neptune washer for a few years he blew up this morning blue door off of it almost broke my leg

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M,I,H, - 120 d 14 h ago


Maytag washer,manufactured 15 months ago needs $400 repair,and of course the part is'nt under warranty.Unless miraculously they reimburse me,I will never deal with them again!

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A. Rogers - 133 d 5 h ago


I have only had my Maytag front load washing machine for 7 years and just recently the Motor Control Board went out on it. I was told that these were the best on the market and that they had a life time warranty.The part to fix it is over $300. This is ridiculous! I would not recommend this brand to anyone!!!


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Janice Mills - 136 d 6 h ago


I have had my Maytag Washer and Dryer for almost 30nyears. Absolutely the best Appliances in the world. I have never had a repair on either one. Can't believe how long they have lasted. So glad I purchased them. Well done Maytag Corp!!!!

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blueturk - 136 d 16 h ago


Maytag get no stars from me. This is a company living off of a past reputation which they no longer deserve. In the last four years I purchase a wash machine and dryer and an over the counter microwave oven. The washer dry are top of the line with all types of options that do not work. The steam and wrinkle free options do not work and to wash anything other than the gentle cycle it takes over an hour. The fabric softener does not work properly and end up staining clothes, sorry I bought these high priced items, and I would never buy anything except a top load washer again.

I also as mentioned purchased a microwave because of the 10 year warranty on the magnetron. The magnetron is always the part that fails and is most of the cost of the machine. My microwave just failed, again, the magnetron in 27 months of use. Not even three years on a ten year warranty. I was informed when calling the company in Denton Harbor, Michigan and talking with Sarah that only the magnetron itself is covered and that I could not take the microwave to the Maytag store I bought the washer and dryer from. I would have to use a different repair person who would charge me $98 dollars to fix the product with a warranty. I have learned from this experience never to buy a Maytag product again. My advice is to go cheap; the product will last as long as the over priced Maytag made in China. I would never refer Maytag again to anyone and I am very sorry to have bought into their "quality" of product, in reality their products are cheap and will break in five years or less.

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