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Maytag Corp

200 Queensway St
Searcy, AR
Jeff Durham
Plant Mgr
(501) 268-5311
(501) 279-7373
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago

I'm looking for a vintage Maytag washer.

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Kathee - 20 d 15 h ago


New Maytag sheet is caught under the agitator...very, very disappointed considering amount I spent on this not like it at all....

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Kris - 64 d 18 h ago


I bought a Maytag less then a yr ago and apparently it needs a control panel!!! First the service guy comes out and takes a of couple pictures and then leaves, does not leave a card or not tell my husband what to expect, Nothing. So I called the Maytag number again and the agent gave me the number of the company that came out, so i called them and they told me the part will be in today but they cannot come out for a week because they are going to a whirlpool convention! Really!!! I called maytag back to see if a could get a few numbers of contracted companies and i would take care of it myself . The agent tells me that they will not cover it if i do that, she also could not help me apparently because the system was down!!! DO NOT BY ANYTHING MAYTAG !! THERE SERVICE IS TERRIBLE AND PRODUCTS JUNK. The only thing the service person told my husband was that was accurate was get the extended warranty this washers have lots of problems. Kristine Wolfley

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Frustrated - 57 d 42 m ago


This is the exact same thing that we are dealing with and we're not getting any urgency to our situation! It's been less then a year and they are very nonchalant to our inconvenience. Usually we purchase LG and the one time we decided to give another brand a try this happens and the service SUCKS! I am so disappointed right now I'm at a loss for words of how frustrated and inconvenienced we are at this moment! Maytag has lost our business for life!

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Wanda - 64 d 15 h ago

Cust dave eaton purchased mvwc565fw on 9/20/17.service on12/6/17.told either control panel or pump.replaced control panel not pump.on 12/22.worked until

2/ cant get anyone to come out. Mckenzie in service said no 1 at corporate could make decision to replace..had to wait until another repair co found..terrible customer am i to have confidence to sell your product...

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kristine wolfley - 64 d 18 h ago


The phone number you posted is not accurate!!!

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pissed off customer looking at law suit options - 70 d ago


ok I bought a Maytag washer last year 6 moths after purchase motherboard wen up took over a month to get it fixed under warranty had to contact the executive team. now less than a year later mother board gone up yet again under warranty its been broke for a month and half called their support center could not get a hold of the service company would not return my calls so Maytag support person assigned it to a new service center assured me they would service me tried calling that service center would not return my calls so called Maytag back spent 1:45 minutes on hold when finally get some one they state that the other service center is not going to service my area and no one informed me so washer still not fixed. Left 5 messages fro exective team member and she has not returned my calls ether this is ridiculous and the number listed above is no longer in service.

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Anonymous - 77 d ago


I bought a front loader washer in 2016. The washer is now displaying a e02 and f05 message which means the latch sensor is not working and they will not grant me a 1 time confession for repair due to the fact that they failed to enter my info upon receiving my registration card. Also they placed the sticker with my model number and serial code half way under the back panel and I cannot fully read. The soap loader is growing black mold and I was told all these issued are their problem. The supervisor I spoke to was rude and extremely condescending. She stated that these issues are mine to pay to repair and her only concern was her side. I am disgusted with the so called customer service offered.

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LIZ - 80 d ago


I bought a maytag washer May 2017, it keeps eating my laundry. Having a hard time getting help. I will never buy another Maytag product again.

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Pat Bzdusek - 84 d 18 h ago

I purchased a Maytag french-door refrigerator in March of 2012. I bought Maytag as I thought it to be the best. Wrong! I paid $1180.00 for it and since 2012 I have had at least 6 service calls. On my other refrigerators I have never had a service call! I have friends who have used ones in their basements that are 40 yrs. old and still workin!. I don't think Maytags are all they are cracked up to be! I will never buy another one! Can't help but think there is some "planned obsolescence" going on with your company as well as most companies. Nothing lasts today and costs twice as much as it used to! It is Model #MFF2558VEW4 Ser. K13501930

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Churchill Laundramat - 88 d 12 h ago


attention maytag: I have a laundramat located in Wrangell Alaska. we have been in business for 20 years with all original machines still in operation. if you would like to do a article on our business please call (hidden) Randy and Carol Churchill

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Pedro - 88 d 3 h ago


Isn't the population of Wrangell Alaska 37 people??

It's no wonder your machines lasted 20 years.

Open one up in L.A. California and see how many months the machines last.

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E.S.Durham - 98 d ago


I bought a Magtag washer and dryer set - first time for Maytag usually buy less expensive since they are suppose to be best and stand behind their products, not true. Have Centennial MCT model MVWC555DWO serial C52143734. Bought July 7, 2015 delivered and installed July, 13, 2015: Ten year warranty is only basket and motor. Was told by magtag I had to pay for the service call. Told them it was the control button to pick the water level wash that it will not even llight up. Thank goodness I bought thru Lowe's the extra three year warranty so it can be fixed. Mine started shaking extremely bad last year. My other washer General Electric last 8 yrs. I wash less now.Never purchase Maytag ever again. Never. Will tell all friends, family not to buy this brand.

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wayne carney - 107 d ago


if you think you will have better problem results by calling whirlpool waste not your time I just did and they know who you are by your phone no. I was on ignore for 25 minuits and finally hung up. so much for customer service. youtube video of junk machine coming soon.

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wayne carney - 107 d ago


I bought a washing machine mod no.mvwc200xw3 5 yrs ago it began shaking its self apart at barely 4 yrs at which time it was discovered that parts to fix it are obsolete it finally shook its self to pieces on 5-jan 18 had to buy an old machine to replace junk machine cust.loyalty program is junk like the machine; you pay full price after you pay shipping they just cut out the retailers profit. soon to have film of old machine on you tube judge for you're customer experience is at '0'

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Anonymous - 130 d 15 h ago

My son bought a Maytag washer has had nothing but problems with it the local dealer in Jacksonville has come out to fix it 5 times and it's not fixed yet. He has a large family of 6 he needs that washing machine and nobody seems to care. I don't know what to tell him to do it but maybe contact you all see if you could do something about this this is not a good thing for y'all's company.. can someone contact him and find out what can be done about this washing machine apparently it's not a very good one or something's wrong with it but no one seems to be able to fix it properly. My phone number is (hidden) I am his mother. I only know about this because I work for the government and I'm trying to help him solve this problem. Can this please be fixed there now going to a laundromat and they have all these children and they both work and it's not easy. Please do something

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Natalie Christe - 166 d 15 h ago


I bought my maytag refrigerator seven years ago, and have had trouble with the ice maker for the last 3 years. I had the ice maker replaced three times. It still doesn't work right. I would not tell anyone to buy one. I would never buy one again,and it's not a cheap product.

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Linda T - 216 d 17 h ago


our freezer started icing up and repairmen were out twice. It only got worse. It won't even open now because of all the ice. We waited months for a new freezer & kept being told it was on back order. Finally we were told they would replace our refrigerator - but they couldn't find one. These fridges are all over the internet. We could get one from our local Home Depot in 10-24 days! I called again today and the rep was unable to give me a delivery date. He said call back tomorrow. We haven't had a freezer for 5 or 6 months! I hate this company. Tomorrow I'm getting the name of the place they ordered it from and I'm calling them.

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Patrick - 1 y 75 d ago


I bought a Maytag stove One year ago Had nothing but trouble with it

It broke down three times each time it's with a couple of weeks to get it repaired I requested a new store for Maytag They said no we just repaired when you got From now on I will recommend to all my friends never to buy Maytag customer service is the worst I've ever experienced

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