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Maytag Corp

200 Queensway St
Searcy, AR
Jeff Durham
Plant Mgr
(501) 268-5311
(501) 279-7373
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
General profile image

Lotena - 4 d 20 h ago

Does Maytag have good appliances? If something is wrong with a appliance what does Maytag do? So many other places don't care does Maytag care if their customers are satisfied?

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I would have to answer no to that.

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anne BOYLE - 1 d 11 m ago


I ordered a new refrigerator, stove and dishwasher that cost me over $5000.00 on 10/31/2018. My delivery date was set for 11/14/2018. On that morning I received a call that It would come on the 15th. The delivery came. The refrigerator was smashed in the back and the side was scratched so they took it back and ordered a new one. The dishwasher looked fine until it was installed and then we realized the bottom was completely bent. The stove was the only thing that is installed and working. A new dishwasher was also ordered and I was given a delivery date of 11/21/2018. I am having 30 people for dinner on Thanksgiving. Today, 11/19/2018, I received a call that my appliances will come on the 24th. I now have a broken dishwasher sitting in the hole where the old one was. Luckily my old refrigerator still works. I have spoken to Maytag employees in South Dakota and Michigan. No one can do anything.....SORRY. Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I have no idea how you've stayed in business this many years. I contacted Home Depot and spoke to customer service, they also called Maytag and they said it was never scheduled for the 21st. This is the date I was given on 11/16 but they have no record of that.

I would give your service and delivery people a ZERO. I have no recourse at this point but to deal with the way it's been left. I asked about monetary adjustment and was told they would put me in for $50 inconvenience. Are you kidding????? The problem is I never reached anyone who could make any adjustments for my delivery. I thought by ordering these on 10/31 they would have arrived by Thanksgiving.

My Name is Anne Boyle (hidden). I live at 410 Overhill ave. Phila., Pa. 19116.

I am requesting a response from someone.

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Karen Buono - 20 d 18 h ago


January 2016 I bought what I considered was the top of the line Maytag washer and dryer. Last week the washer started banging and moving across the floor

Repair man contacted Maytag and was instructed to replace the suspension rods. 288.00 washer did the same thing. Maytag now wants him to replace the tub. Close to 400.00 Huge plaque on top washer says 10 year warranty. Now I'm told that is only for the motor. Really a washer only lasts 2 years.Totally disgusting

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Robin Luna - 24 d 6 h ago


Unfortunately I bought my wife a Maytag washer and dryer. We see the commercials of the Maytag products and she decides with all the qualities this company says it has.. She decides that the brand she wanted. Yes we bought the warranty and no it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Just after 2 1/2 to 3 years the washer breaks down we call customer service and they tell us to have a service representative look at it for the repair. Turns out the repair and parts is more than we payed for the washer itself. With all the commercials of how it's a quality is top notch.. Not so much.. Not impressed and nothing like the commercials says.. A bit of a let if you ask me...

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Lorraine - 22 d ago

I had same problem with them replacing the panel 3 times. Finally...I wrote the CEO of Maytag and told him about the false commercial showing that the Maytag man has nothing to repair.

The new has a 7 year warranty. I'm glad that they replaced it.

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Dr. A.I.T - 27 d ago


After taking years of extended warranties for my Maytag washer, I called customer service & was on the phone and hold for almost half an hour. I was told someone would get back to me in 48 hours. I do not know what planet the person was on. However as of this writing almost 3 weeks later, nobody has called and the service requested was never performed. How in the world can a company be run that way? I will write to Jeff Durham, Plant mgr with a copy to the BBB in the area. Completely disgusted...Dr. A. I. T.

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Imani Odufuye - 27 d ago


Maytag engineers drop the ball on this one. THE BRAVOS XL Model:MVWB835DW I've used Maytag appliances for many years ie dishwashers, washers, dryers etc... I'm actually replacing a Maytag 2000 series front loader which was ok, unfortunately after 5yrs it fell apart. (naturally after the warranty period)

Nonetheless, this washer is an absolute nightmare, that's funny, as of this writing, the Maytag technician just showed up, unfortunately he felt the wrath of a man that just lost all patience along with his temper.

I walked the technician down stairs to show him this pos (you wouldn't believed I just finished a load right before he arrived) and explain to me who designs a washer that can leave some clothes wringing wet and some partially dry? even after several washes! really?

I wish I had Maytag CEO Ralph Hake in front of me! let him explain this fiasco! In the end he wouldn't be a happy camper.

Before all the nay sayers ask about washer set up and end user input. I'm here to tell you 1) YES I READ THE MANUAL BACKWARDS AND FORWARD. 2) BESTBUY TECHS SET UP THE UNIT THE SECOND TIME! Second machine same result. Never again,

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Barb M. - 31 d ago


Bought Maytag washer 2yrs 3 mos. ago,. Main drum seal broke, spilling water from underneath machine, too costly to repair approx. $250, paid $529, expected more use out of this machine. The Maytag name does not measure up as it did years ago. My prior Whirlpool washer lasted 18 yrs., without a single repair. Bring back the basic washer & use the same manufacturing so your customers will once again seek out Maytag/Whirlpool appliances. Buyer beware!

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Karyn - 40 d 3 h ago


I bought a Maytag Gas Dryer from Lows 8 weeks ago. The dryer stopped working after 37 days. I was told to contact Maytag since the dryer was still under warranty. Maytag refused to replace my 37 day old dryer. I have now contacted Maytag 4 times (after considerable wait times). Three times a "Maytag Certified Technician" was sent to my home to fix the new dryer. The technician ordered parts, ordered the wrong parts, and was unsure how to fix the dryer. The dryer still does not work after three weeks of repair appointments. After another call today to Maytag, they again refused to replace my defective dryer and instead set up a 4th repair appointment (11 days from now). I resented there pushy sales pitch to buy their extended warranty package for my defective dryer. I am not going to give Maytag Corporation any more money. They sold a defective dryer, refused to replace it, sent inept service repair men (who did not/could fix the dryer). The customer service is horrendous and the product is of extremely poor quality.

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Neville H. Gombs - 50 d 3 h ago


My name is Neville Gombs

I reside in Deerfield Bach Fl.

I purchased a Maytag Washer back in 1981 and still using my washer on a weekly basic.

The only problem I have encountered now is the knob for turning on the washer has broken. I now have to turn on the washer, by using a pliers.

I am not complaining, I love my Maytag Washer.Do your Corporate office do anything special for a long devoted customer.

Please contact me Thank you.

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Daniel Kuna Idaho - 67 d ago


So my entire house appliances was maytag just recently I will warn you don't ever buy from this company because the warranty service they have for 10 years is a fraud. They will cover the part at your expense you have to pay a contractor to come out and switch the part out at 120 just for the visit then you pay on top of the labor to the visit. Never again will I support maytag ever again I can tell you when you buy warranty make sure they wont charge you to look at something defected Samsung is the way to go now I love the customer service here.

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Anonymous - 83 d ago

I hate my Maytag washer!

Especially hate when customer service tells me to wash my washer!

Does not clean the clothes and takes forever!

The only thing that it does as advertise - it never breaks down - which by the way I praying for!

Customer service is no help -

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Ann w jackson Des Moines Ia - 99 d 18 h ago

I had a Maytag washer and dryer I purchased in 1970 my gas dryer was repairs twice . Because of the flash flood here in Des Moines 6/30/18 they are telling me I can no longer use and it can not be repairs . I have looked at new sets God I am praying you all are still making the same quality machines.

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Monica - 112 d 5 h ago


We just purchased a new Maytag heating & cooling package unit for the main floor of our home JUL 11, 2018 in addition to a split unit for the upstairs that was installed in JUN 2018. Just under 3 weeks of the install, the larger, main floor unit started breaking down. Loss of refrigerants, frozen coils, leak and a blower that does a 24/7 non-stop cycling that includes a long moan and thumping noises. We have been told by the installer that they need to 'follow protocol' for a few days in order to determine what and where the leak is, what may be the cause, etc. They followed protocol long into the darkness last night. After a few hours of working on it, refilling the refrigerant, putting dye in it to run for "a couple of days" in order to find the origin of the leak, all while the unit runs non stop and fails to cool the house to even 'reasonable' temp and humidity. This is middle of summer in Alabama for heavens sakes! We paid you in full, good hard earned money, and WE HAVE TO WAIT for PROTOCOL? We have to watch our ELEC bill skyrocket while this PIECE OF JUNK RUNS FOR A FEW MORE DAYS, doing nothing but causing us stress and discomfort!?! REALLY MAYTAG? REALLY??? I paid good money for what was supposed to be a brand spanking new working Unit?? I shouldn't have to wait, put out more money (elec), be sweaty, uncomfortable, and losing sleep WHILE you have us WAIT AND SEE why the Unit is Failing????!!!! .

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ralph - 118 d ago

my son, bought what he thought was a good washer an dryer, did not buy extended warrenty thought it would at least last him an wife several yrs 3 yrs old had to fix dryer an now washer gearbox went out, cant even get maytag to see if they would help , had to get new gearbox 200.00 these washers an dryers are made out of cheap plastic ,don't buy them, check out other brands maytay is not the maytag that was yrs ago , lasted forever this co. could be like kohler motor corp. my sons[ o] turn lawnmower motor cracked block 4 yrs old only had 2 yr warrenty but called co. said sent it to lawnmower shop sent in new motor bill was 65.00 for every thing. this co . could do the same to protect there name ralph

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Fred Goble - 123 d ago


Washer a Bravos XL S/N MVW3850YWi began leaking water on floor from inside machine. Service tech. who repaired machine, stated a clamp connecting the hose to the water valve assembly was not installed fully during assembly at the plant, causing the hose to eventually slip off the fitting and flood the floor. The clamp was position correctly and no further leaking was observed.

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Michelle - 137 d 10 h ago


We have bought a Magtag Brovos washer & dryer. This is the worst washing maching big waste of money the clothes don't get clean, every wash cycle is over an hour it takes literally all day to do laundry. If u wash sheets or blankets they get all tangeled & twisted. I miss my old Maytag Machine. Total rip off don't buy this appliance.

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Anonymous - 138 d ago

Very bad experience with this product

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ENGR. KID - 144 d 8 h ago





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Anonymous - 147 d 21 h ago

My name is Albert Malaves, I live in Puerto Rico and in 2015 I bought a Marat Mini split Air Condition . It is still under Wananty I payed $1.500.00 for it . We are still waiting for it to be fixed. The Technician took the computer panel with him 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting. Can anybody please HELP!

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Hiltonhead843 - 148 d 4 h ago

This Magtag Corporation is not the same Magtag as years ago.

The new Magtag is not customer friendly.

General profile image

Wayne Beddow - 148 d 7 h ago

Dear people, we purchased our dryer just under 2 yrs. ago and already have had need for 3 repairs, six wheels support the drum, here's the stupid thing, the wheels have no bearings, you can't have metal on metal all the grease in the world isn't enough, you need to fix this, may I suggest wheels with BEARINGS, it's a no BRAINER. BRAVOS XL mod. # MEDB835DW3

General profile image

Julie Erickson - 154 d ago


After many years using Maytag appliances, 20 years plus on the last dryer and washer, we bought a new set in March 2016. Six months ago the dryer handle came off. We "limped" along "babying it" until today when it would not stay on at all.

Just over two years of use and a dryer handle comes off! So I went online and ordered the part which with delivery will be $40.00. I would think Maytag would be embarrassed by how they have cheapened up the quality of their appliances. We are two adults, no kids in the house, and these appliances are used once a week. To have the dryer handle "fail" like this is ridiculous but more so very disappointing that the brand has failed over the years in quality like this.

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JEC239 - 161 d ago


On 05-11-18, I purchased a Maytag 47-Decibel Built-In Dishwasher and Hard Food Disposer (Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel), Model # MDB8959SFZ, through

I chose this model because it had the highest ranking, 4.5 stars, and had the highest recommended rate, 93%, with the most reviews, 1466. It was delivered in what appeared to be good shape, there was no damage to the box and the delivery people did not drop it. After installation, I discovered the upper left track for the rack was broken and the ball bearings were in the tub bottom. The plastic clips that hold the upper wash arm to the bottom of the upper rack were broken on one side. I called customer service and they had Guinco (appliance repair) come out and replace the parts. During the first run of the dishwasher, it leaked profusely. Pulled the dishwasher out and the motor/pump was not connected to the tub. Called customer service and Guinco came back out and replaced the motor assembly. The same repair person came out both times and concurred that the dishwasher had probably been dropped prior to boxing. Ran another cycle and the dishwasher leaked where the motor assembly attaches to the tub. Called customer service and Guinco came back out and re-aligned the motor housing. Ran a cycle and the dishwasher was making a loud grinding/rattling noise. Called customer service and Guinco came back out and replaced the motor/pump assembly again. I checked the motor he took out and the ball bearings from the damaged track had got into the pump at the hard food disposer screen and caused the screen to come apart. Ran a cycle to make sure everything was good and found water on the floor. Watched the dishwasher run and could see water leaking out from a white plastic part near the front of the machine. Made my fifth call to customer service in less than four weeks and asked to have the dishwasher replaced with an identical model. Lowes said they would and had a manager from the local store called me, took all of my information and said the replacement would be delivered Monday, 06-11. After staying home all day waiting for delivery, by 8:00 PM, no dishwasher had arrived and no call explaining anything. I had to call the store this morning just to find out the dishwasher has not even arrived at the store to be scheduled for delivery. They could not explain why the manager told me it would be in and delivered yesterday. So for app' 4 weeks I have not had a functioning dishwasher and have been using plastic silverware, paper plates and washing pots/pans by hand. I hope the replacement works well and that I just got a bad unit. We'll see. And then, Maytag responds that they won't post my review because I "no longer own the unit." I do own it, its in my house waiting for an identical model to be delivered and even if it wasn't, it doesn't change the facts of what happened. it's obviously an attempt to keep a negative review off of their site.

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