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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Angela McFadyen - 1 d 8 h ago


What is going on with McDonalds ??? I'm in Winston-Salem NC, all our McDonalds are changing, looking like some kind of institution. NOT very inviting !!!!! Also upon this remake the quality of food and service has gone to hell in a hand-basket !!! The last four times I've been straws, no napkins, no sauce, waiting on food and it still turned out cold. I ordered two regular cheese burgers, when I got to the window they told me I had to wait , the burgers weren't ready, this was at 11:45 am. I waited 4 minutes, yet when I got the bag, the bag wasn't warm, the burger tasted like it was two days old, and the cheese wasn't even melted. When I called the manager,, she got confrontational with me. Wasn't nice in the least. This was on Reynolda Road here in WS, but I've had the same slack service at several other McDonalds. I've heard from other people and they are saying and getting the same. What ever your doing you totally screwed the business. I WILL NOT VISIT YOUR RESTAURANT ANY MORE> AND I WILL SPREAD THE WORD>> The renovations really SUCK....

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John - 2 d 11 h ago


Dear Ma'am/Sir, Hi, my name is John O'Dell and I reside in Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines. On December, 30th of this year I will be turning sixty years old. I was born in upstate New York, and I can remeber when the McDonalds was built in the neighboring town of Carmel. [Love it] Through the years l have ingested tons of your food. Your breakfast menu still motivates me as to a great way to start the day. In the 90's l was a GM of one of your competitors (not really, they were much smaller [Ralley's Hamburgers] in Jacksonville, Florida). But my experience of running that restaraunt will forever stay with me because it taught me so many lessons. So now when I'm in a restaraunt and l see it managed poorly, l bite my tongue. I would love to step in an correct the errors being made, but again l am only a patron, so l remain quiet. l hope you understand l am writing you this letter via .com because l DON'T wish to air a bad experience publicly, like many do today. l do have a FaceBook account but l don't find that very professional. I live by the words my mother told me "if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all." (publically) My time in the Marine corps only concreted my mothers words by their motto " Don't complain about something unless you have ideas how to fix it." This brings me back to the Philippines. Earlier this year l returned to Paniqui, and found out that a McDonalds had been established in the city [proper]. Imagine my delight. The Philippines has quite a different menu than America, In fact East Asia, including China has some alternatives on their menu that would make most Americans question where they're eating. But as an American you can still find McDonald's staple food on the menu. l am finding it hard to complain to you about the service l have recieved on a number of occasions. The McDonald's here in Paniqui in truly one of the cleanest l have had the privilege to visit. The counter service is impeccable, even considering the language barrier. The employees do their best to accommodate me with English. It is even fun at times. (Thank God my wife is with me to help get over that hurdle) But it is the preparation of my breakfast, that finally today pushed me to write you. I stopped ordering the "Egg McMuffin" because too many times it came to me with the egg still uncooked. Today December, 10th, 2019 l was again at the McDonald's with my family. As we sat down to enjoy our breakfast the first thing l came to notice was that the "hashbrowns' were cold. To my wife this was not an issue, for to a Filipino cold food is as good as hot food. But l had to interject. I had her take the potatoes back and explain they are supose to be warm (hot) to some degree. Again l asked my wife to do this because of the language barrier. After she came back to our table we started to eat our morning breakfast. l ordered the "Big Breakfast" for myself, and on inspection l noticed my eggs were not fully cooked. then l looked over at my son's fried chicken and noticed it was at least two days old. But again, you have to understand this is the Philippines and old cold food is better than no food. l did not make a scene, but l did point it out to my wife. As we ate, one of the counter staff (a young girl) brought our [hot] "hashbrowns'' over to us. I could see the manager in the cooking area, and addressing the staff. What they were talking about one could only imagine. But they were inspecting the fry station area. This is were another grave mistake (l believe) was made. If this would have been in America, and definately at my restaraunt l (as the manager) would have addressed the unconvinced to my customer, and seen that they were properly taken care of. So now the Marine in me steps in. I am sure there is very little to no complaints about this McDonald's here in Paniqui, but understand this is a central Luzon farming community. These are for the most part poor people, so a trip to McDonald's is like visiting America. These people are happy to come in out of the heat of the day and enjoy the air conditioning. I feel the management is what is lacking here. the managers need to be educated in proper customer educate. Then the cooking staff needs education on preparing the McDonald's menu. I know about food costs and waist, after all l experienced this too at my restaraunt. l came up with some great solutions to having more customers visit my store,and at the same time drive my food costs down. l would gladly offer this to you, if you so wanted the advise. (While l was a manager in Orange Park, Florida l was given a community award from the mayor for my contributions.) l just want you to know about your name. Understand when in these other countries, the indigenous people compare their experiences in an American established company, as to what it must be like in America. So if something is run in a Filipino way in the Philippines it is often considered, this must be what it's like in "America." This in no way is to our standards. Just like myself, when l am out and about l know l am a direct representative of America, and the American people. So again, l offer my help if needed to make the visit of the local population to your establishment a wonderful experience. Why am l writing you and not the corporate office in Manilla? It is obvious, I am an American; you are American; we think alike; there are no language barriers to overcome. l will not stop going to McDonald's, l just may stop ordering eggs. lol Sincerly, John O'Dell (hidden)

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A McD Employee - 6 d ago


McDonalds has the most unprofessional staff ever. I am an employee at one of the locations in Baltimore County, and I was cheerlead out of my pay with proof of the hours I worked and all of the managers are telling me different lies so that they don't have to pay up. RIDICULOUS AND DISGUSTING MCDONALDS! DO BETTER!!!

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Karen - 3 d 19 h ago

Hi, I just had the same thing, what happened with you?

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Mary. A Super Happy Customer - 7 d ago


Shannon from McDonald's Store #25687 in Riverside CA is one of the best McDonald's worker I've known. She made sure I was getting a great deal as well as getting my order fast and perfect. I'm writing this review because I think she deserves some recognition for such a great customer service. I can honestly say if all McDonald's employees were as nice and kind as her McDonald's would be even greater than it is right now. Customer Service is a big deal. Shannon you sure made my day a great one. God bless you for being such a great person.

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Al C. - 7 d ago


Store #5838 in Garden City, SC has the absolute BEST early morning crew I've known in the 23 years I've lived in this area. Angel, Liz, Beth, Laquota are all capable multi-taskers who get the job done quickly and correctly. And always with a smile in spite of being under pressure during the morning rush hour. Plus there are a few new faces I don't know personally, but I am confident they will be equally effective as they are being trained and coached by the "A" Team!

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Laurie - 7 d ago


Waited in car line for 5 minutesinvAlabasrer, McDonald's off of art 119. Their health rating was 93 when I finally went in to order food. Only Because I am a diabetic and needed something small and quick did I stay there.the cashier had no smile or comment. I looked down into the cooking area and saw buns on the floor,French fries all over the floor. It was a very dirty kitchen. When you entered the restaurant. The trash was piled high with food overflowing.there were it's of papers from straws over the floor. Non of the staff reacted to happy to be there. My husband was a chef so I know what a clean restaurant should look like. I also called the health department in case I got sick from the food.

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Linda f - 8 d 9 h ago

Survey code 07960-13701-20319-19094-3

Last night I went through the drive through for fast food. I was in line for 1/2 hour. By the time I got home the delux 1/4 pounder was not what I expected. Not worth the wait. They were terribly understaffed. At least shut down one drive through so u can keep up with orders. Something must be done to correct. It is not just the Duncansville location but every MD I have visited. Wendy's is faster

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Josh Nitty - 42 d 4 h ago


NASA is torturing me to work in fast food, which I hate. It is too boring. Everyone who tortures me into fast food is NASA. They are telepathic from either Biblical blood (time travelers) or marine blood. Barack is a whale, Sam Adams is a sea turtle, Mitt Romney is a dolphin. NASA is George HW Bush the original (not the former President) and his retarded son George W Bush. They are impersonating the Kennedy's with clones. The NY John is John's clone with some of Jesus' blood. The clones of powerful people are made from the Devil, Lucifer, Satan and Jesus among others. The people torturing us are George HW and George W. Their copy is Burger King. They are the Kings of Florida while the Kennedy's live in the Bahamas. Jeb Bush is in charge of Florida and you should not vote for him. I think they may be running him for President with Mitt Romney, bait and switch. There are clones of Barack Obama all over the world as well as Osama Bin Laden and the UPS guys and Josh Williams. This is George HW Bush's brain child. He is at Camp David and so is George W, I think. We need to bomb them and their clones in McKinney, Texas and NASA Houston.

They are in charge of NASA Europe and that is why the five-dollar bill looks like the unadollar from Europe. His fall guys are the Kennedy's and the Royal family of England. His England employees are in Canada and that is why Montana is in charge of tortures. Victoria is a problem. The torture doctors are in Seattle and the main UPS is in Portland, OR. He wants to move the tortures to Salt Lake City and I was told that Montana is Mitt Romney so maybe he is in charge of the Canadian NASA.

George HW took over the Housing Authority because he thinks I am related to Jesus and Jesus was homeless. I think I am related to Plato or whoever wrote the red letters in the Bible who interpreted Jesus' work. I don't think I am related to Jesus. He is torturing people with the homeless district as well with his magic freaks which are Napoleon the dolphin Mark in Montana, the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City, Cindel in Salem, Robin Zimmer in Wyoming. They are all Robin Zimmer. Robin Zimmer is another magic freak and so is Osama Bin Laden who lives in other countries working for the Bush's. Barb, the witch of Portland, is one of them too, but she has better copy. She is my friend and I almost think they are mad she took my side against them, except she wrote this whole thing from day one because she is smarter than them and that makes some people mad. She is taking them down and we should help her and we'll get out of torture. If we beat them the magic freaks will take over, but I think they will be easier to deal with.

The Bible speaks about what is happening now and gives us Biblical clues. I think it was written for me and I tell people you don't understand what it is saying to me and they say it says this and that. I am best friends with the witch of Portland who is historically significant and that is why it is written for me because she is my partner. I don't like to read and I ignore what I find boring and everyone else is led astray. I think they came back in time to stop us from drilling oil out of the ground. They made me homeless to understand this. If the ground is cold, it is freezing. The weather is affected more by the ground than the sky. If the oil is removed from the earth (Jesus' blood on the cross) than the earth's temperature cannot warm up in springtime. The Earth moves closer to the Sun in the future and moon flies away and becomes the moon of Saturn, Triton. The Earth becomes Venus and Mars becomes Mercury. There are more time travelers than the Bible such as The Beatles and famous people

The people from the future could be our children. Some people are related to Jesus, but he is from the future and you'll see who Barb is either way. She could be from the future or she could be the most powerful person ever created. She may be the mother of Jesus and she may be more powerful than Jesus himself. I have worked with her and she is too magic to be in society, and she isn't anymore. She glows and she flies with tracers. She covers up time travel evidence and I think that is out of character for her. I think she is Moses, either way.

George HW shot John F Kennedy who was secretly traded out with a clone. He hates John F Kennedy Jr. because he thinks he has talent. He created all of his clones to take him down so he wouldn't be President. He faked John's death to and gave his white house position to Barack Obama (NASA.) He is torturing us to make John look bad. He is probably written up for shooting John and Robert Kennedy and doesn't want his paper trail catching up to him if John got power. Mitt Romney works for John and Barack, the clones from NASA with magic blood and so does Robin Zimmer and Sam Adams. So John is a creation of George HW's if you want to know what this is all about. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a clone that works for the Bush's as well, I think. George HW gets sued and taken to the Police all of the time is you want to know how to beat him. That is what I am writing this for. Ted Kennedy may have a voice under the Bush's, otherwise they are all NASA.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 30 d 32 m ago

Man you is really HIGH !!!

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Anonymous - 29 d 19 h ago

What are you smoking?

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

andddd can i have some?

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Jim - 20 d 12 h ago



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Jesus - 9 d 17 s ago

Leave me out of this you acid tripin ignorant Bible pushing weirdo

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Old Gus - 9 d ago

Danged NASA and their new fangled rocket ships. That's what's messin' up our dang weather!

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Anonymous - 9 d 22 h ago

McDonalds in Panama City was amazing a few years ago. Now it is horrible. This double lane is and was the worst idea ever. It causes animosity in your customers. Trust me, I know and i am not the only one. I know people who refuse to come here. I guess I will follow the mass. Money is your master. Not the customer.

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Alan - 15 d ago

As a long time McDonald's shareholder I am dismayed

at the consistent awful conditions at your East 69 and

First Avenue location in Manhattan. The grilled chicken

is always overcooked and dry; likewise the burgers. Last

night you had a homeless man in a deep sleep at the next

table around 6 pm; very unappetizing smell to eat my meal

I think management at that busy location needs real shakeup.

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Angela jo Burton - 10 d 8 h ago

Tell customer he should read the bible about the homeless; at least god let the customer open his eyes so he could eat at mcdonalds?

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Char Brandys - 12 d 7 h ago

I am writing to let you know I took a fall at one of your McDonald's in Traverse City Michigan. I was going around the corner to use the restroom and slipped and fell on the floor next to the door that comes out of your kitchen area. The floor was covered in grease which made it slippery. They need to do a better job of keeping those floors mopped up I sprained my ankle bruised my arm and bruised my knee.

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JP12951 - 11 d ago


My husband took a bad fall at one of the Illinois stores last night. The floors were all wet, no one was mopping up the wet and they had no Matt's down. He fell hard, hit his head and his wrist. We still had 6 more hours to drive home. It was aweful and not one employee came to help him or ask if he needed medical attention. He could have had a concussion. Today his arm was so bad from the fall that I took him to the emergency room and sure enough, he broke a bone from the fall. I should have taken a picture of him on the floor but I didn't. I do have a pic of the store once we left and the receipt and of his arm in the cast. To top it off, what I ordered tasted like they double fried it and it was so dry and nasty, I could not eat it. Wasted my money and he got hurt.

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Pablo - 14 d 16 h ago

hello, in the store of Mont Belvieu tx. Discrimination is committed when firing employees for smoking cigarettes outside the store, since the general supervisor of the stores will only smoke and drink coffee. He is also an employee, or because he has a higher position, he does not respect this rule, which he says to respect

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Pablo - 13 d ago

how can I know if what I write is seen by the mcdonalds corporation

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Pablo - 13 d ago

They could answer to know if this came to the corporation.


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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

Not a review but an idea. Starbucks has Skinny Latte. How about McDonald's starting to coin the phrase "Thin" Latte? Sure would make ordering easier.

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Pablo - 14 d 16 h ago

in another new store of the same owner, a store manager, brother of the general supervisor, does the same, smoking and drinking coffee all day long, and it is known that he has been romantically involved with 3 working women in the store

I hope someone takes this and sees what must be done. thanks .

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