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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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David Sather - 1 m ago

I am a 74 year old fellow that has eaten at McDonalds 1000s of times and have been a long term shareholder. My wife and I have eaten at McDonalds from London to Hong Kong. Today we decided we give up. You win. Our French fries no longer taste like potatoes. They do not have a taste at all. The size is getting close to canned shoestring potatoes. You have changed the oil over the tears to make them "healthy". If I want healthy I'll go to a hospital cafeteria. Goodbye old friend, we'll miss you.

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Anonymous - 7 h 11 s ago

I am a regular at this McDonalds 8900 J M Keyes Dr. Charlotte, NC. I work across the street in the University One building, Corporate offices. I was told by your manager 10/20/17 that the sampling of Chicken tenders was not being honored today between 11a-2p. My question was why?? You have it posted inside your restaurant and we have flyers at our office. Our building is always eating here and to be told we can't sample the tenders was a slap in the face. I will not give this McDonalds my business anymore and neither will my co-workers. I can be reached for comment at (hidden) Sincerely, Valerie Davis - Administrator

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Anonymous - 15 h 46 m ago


I went to the McDonald's on Big Bend rd in valley park Missouri around 1:30 am. I pulled into drive through and was greeted with a monotoned "can I help you?" I asked for a ten piece nugget meal large with a coke and sweet and sour sauce. She said "with what?" And I repeated that I wanted sweet and sour sauce. She then snapped at me "no the drink!" And then when I repeated she told me the total and that was that was the end of it. No thank you or anything. I pulled up to the window and payed (and she did not give me a reciept) and she gave me a medium drink which I didn't want to say anything about because she was honestly quite intimidating. Once I was home I pulled out my food and I had a quarter pounder in the bag. I decided to suck it up and deal with it because i work in fast food and I understand people have bad nights and mess ups happen but when I bit into the burger it tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for an hour. It was barely warm and the bread was hard and the cheese was getting crusty. After all around terrible service from the very first word this woman (who never said her name to me and wasn't wearing a name tag) spoke I was absolutely furious.

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Cherylalene - 19 h ago


I wished McDonald's would do something about there milkshakes. They are either too runny or too chocolatety. They are never consistently the same... EVER, The locations I go too are either broke down or they can't get it working. I thing they don't like cleaning it so it's easier just to say that. With technology and being McDonald's you would think they could have a state of the art machine... just saying.

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Jd - 1 d 22 h ago


Florence Ky. Mcdonalds on dream str has a drive through time in excess of 40 minutes on a regular basis. The store always has excuses for being out of menu items. There is very little cleaning that happens. This store was recently rebuilt completely within the last year. It s Worse than the Dixie highway store in Erlanger Ky. To complain about the equipment is very stupid. It's a brand new store. Who ever the operators are need to decide if they truly want to continue. As a stock holder and a friend of many stock holders it is driving the idea selling off stock. Thought I would let you know what you do with we will see

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Anonymous - 1 d 22 h ago


Tried to send in a question no unless I get added to your marketing list, Ii cannot ask a question...horrible customer experience

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Anonymous - 1 d 25 s ago

McDonald advertise chicken strips at

Old Preston in hillview Been there the last three days and they are still out the fourth day I came to get some

Wondering why it's advertised and they are completely out

Jessica Filis (hidden)

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deborah dicken - 1 d ago


I went to valdese mcdonald north carolina on the 19 of october 2017, my sugar was dropping and i went there so i could eat something . I ordered a bagel,bacon,egg,and cheese combo with large coffee with 5 creams. The order i got was a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. I had to eat the biscuit because my sugar was getting real low and i started to shake as i am a diebetic. I parked and went in and the manager was rude and in a smart elic tone like i was lying said she would not refund the meal. She gave me some change and i went home, then i tasted the coffee and it had sugar, i called the manager elizabeth and she said she would refund the $5 and change because it was all messed up and i had been back to that store 3 times. The hateful manager saidwhen i got there she was not refunding the whole meal she cheated me and was rude and ignorant no wonder her shift got the whole order wrong. If this is how we treat our elderly and sick no wonder the world is bad.

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HB - 1 d ago


This morning, 10/19/2017 at 8:00 AM, I stopped at the McDonalds on Crawfordsville Road in Speedway, IN for a cup of "senior coffee". What a pleasant surprise! I was greeted by a young lady at the counter, Nikia (spelling?) who was very pleasant and efficient. Just wanted her excellent service and demeanor to be recognized.

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Janice Swint - 1 d ago

I am referring to McDonald's in Dublin Ga on 441 i-16 The store manager is Teresa Brown She is rude and very evil my niece works there and she said Teresa only give the same 3 ppl a weekend off she constantly yells at them and she makes them scrub on their hands and knees also my niece stayed they have them scheduled to close the night before and open the next day but complain when they are late and they charge full price for Crew meals and they hardly get breaks my niece also stated that they work 6 days a week 40+ hours and they will not pay them for over time

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Jerry - 1 d 11 h ago


I deal with 3 different restaurants in suburban Philadelphia, Pa. and everyone messes up on every order we get. It seems like you have employees who don't care what their doing. You

advertise that your company is the first best job they can have. Maybe they need more training.

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Dissapointed - 1 d 12 h ago


McDonald's Located at 1741 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS - 39216

Opens at 5a.m. (or suppose to)

Yet I have been there twice at 5:10 a.m. and no one answers at the drive-thru and the doors are locked.

I'm very disappointed.

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Michael Lamore - 2 d 12 m ago

Not sure if it's just in our area. Essex vermont. But everything we have gone in to order the new chicken tenders. We have been told.." Sorry but we are out and can not make any more. Tillooking tomorrow!! My family liked the old ones.. We have been very eager to try new ones but we have been in 4 times and told. Sorry we are out. Please try to fix this!!

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Donna Burton - 2 d ago


I am writing this letter to you because I am a loyal customer. I love McDonald's but I want to tell you that my

local McDonald's has a SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!!!! The lines are backed ALL OF THE TIME. I went through

today and after waiting 3 minutes at the money window I yelled to get attention! I don't yell often. It is bad manners but I felt that I was justified. I hope you take this to heart. I am seriously thinking of using another place to get my food and drink. I never thought that I would think about changing!

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Senior trying to be patient - 2 d ago

Ice cream machine been down for a week. Employees have no idea about repair date, nor do they care. Went from being a fair rating ( 3) to a -0 in 3 months time. Store dirty, huge turnover, long wait lines inside and drive through. Incorrect orders...pancakes with no syrup or butter after driving home. No brainer there!! College town but tuition was lowered to accommodate more kids that refuse to work. Disgusted in Sylva, NC

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Priscilla - 2 d ago


The McDonald's franchise in Stafford Springs Ct., is deplorable! Its a very old building that not only needs refurbishing, but I'm sure there are health violations as well! The bathrooms are filthy! Now the town of Stafford has a large elderly population, and as an advocate and care provider for them, I feel I should speak out! There is a new senior housing development in the same plaza as McDonald's, and many frequently go there for breakfast or lunch. Seniors are very susceptible to illness, and this particular McDonald's is not a healthy environment for them, much less those of us who are healthy!! Now, I am asking that Corporate get in touch with this franchise owner and get him to clean it up as well as bring it up to date. This McDonald's is an eyesore for our beautiful town. Believe me when I say, I do not want to go public with this, but if I have to I will. In today's day and age, no large corp wants bad public relations! The board of health in the State of Ct does not make random, unannounced visits, therefore their visits are useless! Again Sir, this needs to be looked into, as several complaints have been lodged against Walsh Managements and they fall on deaf ears!! WFSB channel 3 news would love a human interest story, but Stafford Springs certainly doesn't want that kind of exposure! Thank you for your time, I await your response in this matter; and I hope it will be a positive one for all concerned.

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Ladybug - 2 d ago


I will not use or allow my family to buy from you as long as you support through sponsorship the behavior of the NFL players as it pertains to the American Flag!

I will be sharing the names of all sponsors with friends and family alike. Thank you

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Debbie - 2 d ago


I have been going to the McDonald's 5 minutes from my home in the Silverton section of Toms River for 18 years. Loved this location until recently. The entire staff has changed and I cannot believe how quickly the location has gone downhill. I just spent 8 minutes in the drive thru without even moving, nevermind placing an order. I decided to go inside instead. The girl put 2 orders of my fries in a bag then continued to arrange them in the bag with her bare hands. I was the only customer inside and she still forgot to give me my cup for a drink. When I got home my kids were disgusted. The fries were hard and tasteless. The young girl working the drive thru was so flustered that I felt bad for her. I blame the managers for not having efficient workers. I will go out of my way to another location from now on.

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SHARON NEWTON - 2 d 5 h ago


The McDonald's in Clarksville, Virginina just needs to close down. I went through the drive thru yesterday 10/18/17 @ 4:00. As soon as the girl taking the order repeated what I said three times wrong, I paid for my 10 piece chicken strip meal at 4:06pm. There were only 3 cars in the drive thru and all of us had to pull down to wait for our food and there wash only 2 customers inside at the dining area. Already frustrated because I always have to pull down and wait for food. When 4:26 rolled around, I was livid. I went in the McDonald's and still had to wait. After waiting another minuted, I got my "four" piece meal with an order of cold nasty fries. Mind you I had repeated this order to the drive thru person 3 times. As I walked away, the girl at the register said "smile" trying to funny. I almost lost my everlasting mind in there, but you know what I actually left because that is the type of employees at this McDonald's. Rude, slow, no work ethic...just a bunch of people doing the least bit to get a check...even the managers. Our little town despises your little restaurant here. Do us all of favor and just completely shut your doors. I could go on and on of all the other complaints I have, but it's just too exhausting.

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Mistreated employee - 2 d 17 h ago

I work for a mcdonalds in owensboro,Kentucky aND I feel like I am being discriminated against by being held back from being verified to be a manager. Been M I T since February am servsafe certified and have been to all management classes required thru mcdonalds yet still not verified.... been lied to about 3 different dates that I was suppose to be verified but nothing came of them. There has been a few people to come into management after me and they have been verified already in only months yet nothing for me. I was told once that I didn't get verified cause an employee stole my car and wrecked it so for some reason I was being punished for what was done to me also I was moved to 3rd shift for months cause this happened to me by a employee who works days. She has not been made to do anything due to situation yet I was moved shifts and haven't been verified I been told do to this...... I want answers why I am being discriminated against for what she choose to do??????????

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No name - 3 d ago

I just wanted to know if you could do something about the Shelton washington on Olympic highway McDonald's always running out of the new buttermilk chicken strips it's getting sad when it's happening so often! Thankyou

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Anonymous - 3 d 3 m ago

McDonald's used to be an OK Fast Food Restaurant. However, in the last several years the franchises in my area are run by Hispanics, and don't get me wrong, they have every right working, but when you walk into an establishment, which is here in the United States of America, and all you hear is Spanish being spoken, I feel like I'm out of the country. I think it is EXTREMELY RUDE to the customers. I feel like I'm being talked about in Spanish.

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Sharyn Mayernik - 3 d 4 h ago


Hello to whom it may concern. I just had your new chicken tenders and they are truly deliciouse!! Perfectly cooked and a nice size portion. Im a very satisfied customer! Thank you,

Sharyn Mayernik

8067 Candlewoode Dr. Largo Fl. 33773

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Anonymous - 3 d 5 h ago


How come everytime I go to ur restaurant, I always have to go back to get it corrected? I asked the manager if they inspect orders before going out and he said, "No"..... This is the one in Sand Springs, Ok on Hwy 97. This will more than likely be the last time I go there. I will tell my friends and family also.

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Herb todd - 3 d 9 h ago


Why is McDonalds still sponsoring the NFL after the players are still disrespecting our great flag? Maybe a boycott is in order.

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