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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago

McDonald's does not adhere to government guidelines as far reserve member and their weekend drills. My job is constantly threatened whenever I have drill.

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All life's matters - 3 d 17 s ago


I am just writing this to let you know I have tried to get a hold of corporate to let them know I appreciate the fact that you are posting that you support black lives matter but guess what black people are not the only ones that support your restaurant all lives matter it doesn't matter if you're black white green or purple or where you live or what nationality you are you need to stop saying black lives matter all lives matter, please change it to all lives matter

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Chris E - 1 d 5 h ago



I agree wholeheartedly

All life is precious

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Nonnie - 2 d 51 s ago

Just found out McDonald's contributes to Donald Trump. Sorry to say. I will not buy from these corporations and will be putting it out to the public what you are doing.

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Chris E - 1 d 5 h ago


I am glad they contribute to the Trump campaign

The Democrats have high dollar contributors of their own

God Bless America

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Kiell - 7 d 4 h ago


Niles McDonald's has had issues for years and clearly location nor corporate sees the issue. I recently had an issue with this location and was not taken seriously. They blamed it on their computer system and Door Dash for issues when clearly store management operations is the issue. I can clearly see from here that it's just not Niles it's more locations. Food has been cold, orders not complete, rude employees and well guess that what our communities get for chain owned businesses. Get better service and customer service at the privately owned businesses. Guess it's time to start going to them more. We've already lost several chain stores to very poor service looks like McDonald's is next oh wait they dont care as long as others are still going, money over people. Next I should add they dont treat employees good either try and complain they just fire you.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Spring and Christen they were very rude and we waited for a hour four one drink and then they bitch at us for a sandwich

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Olivia - 3 d 44 s ago

McDonald's in Toledo Ohio on Manhattan at very lazy takes 20 min to order

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Tattoowidow - 4 d ago


McDonalds in lapaz Indiana served raw quarter pounders today! I purchased 2 QP meals and both were red inside. They went into the trash. Very disgusting.

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Memphis - 9 d ago


It's getting pretty bad when you pull up to the drive through to place an order at McDonalds, when you here what you want......... Then finally get up to the first window to pay, she gets it incorrect alot of the time, then slams the receipt along with your change back into your hand without ever missing a beat, looks away. No thank you or anythng of gratitude. Then pull up to get what you ordered and they get condiments all wrong, but you don't think to check the bag until you pull off. Then you have some issues trying to pull back up to get it corrected, then decide it's not worth it. These are McDonalds in Rossville, TN, Arlington, TN and alot of them in Memphis, TN. No customer service.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

I read a year or so ago that the blower hand dryers installed in restrooms were NOT good! They just blew germs off of hands and around the restroom. I visited a local Mcdonalds at the end of last year and found out all they had to dry hands were these dangerous dryers (no paper towerls). So I mentioned to the manager that these dryers were not good for the purpose they were being used and suggested they placel papers towels in their restroom as a more healthy alternative. I called today and they have done nothing! Your restroom dryers are spreading the Covid-19 germs around their restroom and your personnel and customers who are not properly washing are spreading Covid by using the only drying apparatus is a source of spreading the virus!!!!

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Lesley - 11 d 7 m ago


I went to the McDonald's in Rialto on baseline and riverside and the employees there do not know how to handle a rush they were very disorganized and the employee taking my order kept messing up by canceling items on accident then adding them back but no big deal. Then I noticed they missed a meal and when my order was given it was still missing but the employee was nicer then the manager I asked if I can simply add it and they said no so I asked for a manager to see why not since it was their mess up but the manager Valerie was so rude and cut me off while I was explaining what happened and just dismissed me she gave the employee the missing burger and didn't return to apologize. I don't know how these people get a manager position when they are worst then their employees. Please speak with Valerie and make sure she is qualified to be a manager with that attitude.

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Michael Martin - 12 d ago


I'm an employee at McDonald's and I was out on a 3 day suspension so I was told for being sick and when I asked when I could go back to work I was told next week what the hell is going on and now my managers giving me a shirt ass response when I questioned them about it I'm not doing this shit someone from corporate needs to call me (hidden) I'm extremely pissed I got bills to fucking pay

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Melinda - 13 d 24 h ago


Stop at McDonald's today for my grandson I witnessed the customer in front of me opening her sandwich and then she handed the sandwich back through the drive through window once food has been passed through a drive through window it is never supposed to be taken back into the kitchen of that restaurant when I asked to speak to the manager she didn't even care the health department needs to no about this this is not the time to be unsafe the McDonald's I'm referring to is in Buffalo NY located at the University plaza across from the UNIVERSITY OF Buffalo on main Street

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Pussy Bitches - 13 d 14 h ago

I am literally sitting at a McDonald's window and they are taking other orders before even taking mine and I've been sitting here for 10 minutes!!! & when he finally goes to take my order I tell him IM PISSED because I've been waiting here while everyone else is placing orders & he now says he's not taking my order because I said PISSED. Are you kidding me? Grow up! If it were up to me this place would be burned down!!

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PJ - 13 d 16 h ago

I am McDonald's biggest fan. You have been my favorite restaurant my whole life and I am now a multimillionaire business owner. I have HAD IT with your decisions regarding Covid. You are allowed to reopen dine in in many states, weeks ago, and yet you are still closed. From CA to OH to SC, you are allowed to be open and you remain closed. Others are open all around you. At a Love's complex in WV today, your tables were all blocked, yet through the doorway at Chester's Chicken, their tables were open. You are not concerned about your customers or you would GIVE US THE CHOICE WHETHER TO RETURN. You are more concerned about getting sued which is not going to happen. We have eaten inside at Moe's, Fazolis, etc but cant go to our favorite place. You have had since March to figure out how to reopen safely. I am not waiting any longer. My daily lunch will no longer be at McDonald's and I will share my thoughts about your behavior. Paula McDaniel Vice President The Label Team Inc.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


First seeing how your rating is not even one full star i am so sure i am wasting my time. But just for kicks here goes. The McD on Apperson Dr in Salem Va is the worse in the valley. The employees hate being there an you can tell. The management is worthless and rude, with a I could care less attitude. Also, my daughter ordered a Tea and she was given a cup of water and my daughter would not accept it and the girl at the window called her a bitch and told her to take it. And it is odd how this McDonald has heard of a gallon of half cut tea one day and never heard of it the next day. Don't have that problem at any other McDonalds. Either they are lazy or have not been trained properly. I have even left a message for the local owner of the location and never heard back. The other McDonalds in the valley puts the Apperson Dr location to shame. Thank goodness we have Wendys across the road.

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Anonymous - 38 d 19 h ago

Dread whoever I'm a cna and my job as well as others in the healthcare field is just as important as anyone . And for u to Blatantly refused to give me a free meal on May 5 is a threat to all CNA's across the world. . U should be ashamed we work 10 times harder than anyone in the healthcare field for the least amount of pay . And who do u think u are gonna see after they admit u to a facility that's right a cna . I flip ur mother ur father ur grandparents and anyone who gets dropped . And for most they are dumped and we are the only family they see. And dive the Academic I've seen my red towel more than I have even got to see my family and for you to politely just so disrespectful he say I'm not a part of the nursing team well you're awful and I hope that you never have to use a CNA because even though you disrespected us I guarantee you you'll have a great one and you'll fall in love with that person

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Anonymous - 26 d 20 m ago

holy crap...the CNAs too? you people are just full of yourselves. get a clue.

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 h ago

But the deal had ended. They can't give you free food for life.

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Anonymous - 16 d 29 m ago


So sad how a kind man and a homeless man were treated at a myrtle beach Mcdonalds. You guys just lost another customer for life.

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Anonymous - 16 d 4 m ago

I just wanted to give a shout out to the midway McDonald's on the Turner Turnpike in Oklahoma. We just left there. The dining room had limited seating due to the Corona virus but it was nice to be able to dine in. My father is older and it is nice to be able to set at a table as opposed to eating on the car. I saw employees working to keep the dining room clean. And the employees seemed to be following protocol to protect the guest as well as themselves. And everyone was kind and helpful and seemed to glad we were there. The young man taking care of the drinks was very nice.

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Billy S. - 16 d 18 h ago


Can y'all sponsor me

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Zack - 17 d ago

The corporate office needs to view this from Tik-Tok videos! This is a disgrace to all employees who actually care about their jobs!

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Thank full - 17 d 17 h ago

I would like to thank McDonald's for the "thank you meals" they gave to health care workers. In my case it helped a lot, after working long hours having something ready to eat was appreciated. The sentiment was great because it included all health care workers ( which it takes to manage a hospital). Again thank you so much.

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