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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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CGaddy - 2 d 7 h ago


The McDonald's in LaGrange, GA located on Commerce is terrible. They are never open the hours that are posted (morning) and when you ask why they wasn't open their reply is staff didn't show up. I'm in management and that is called a no call no show they would be terminated. The service is terrible and they never get the order correct. I was going there every morning for several years and it has gotten so bad I stopped and started going to Krystal's. I thought I would give it try again last week and this morning and still not open in the mornings. The sign reads it opens at 5 am and it was 5;45 am.

Someone really needs to look into this.

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Jack - 14 d 13 h ago


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Jonathan - 4 d 18 h ago

Dear Jack , the machine goes through a cleaning phase , not chosen by the employees but the manufacturers (separate company ) of the machines ... the cleaning sequence is mandatory and does so on it's own ... I definitely understand the frustration , when getting a want for ice cream ... but the machine is on a timer , you can't bypass the sequence ... and if the machine doesn't clean - it will in fact shut down and the ice cream inside will get nasty as it is dairy and has to undergo its nightly sanitization process to kill any bacteria (as it is dairy , which is natural ) . Also every two weeks it has to be deep cleaned( all parts removed , all parts wash , rinsed , sanitized , re-lubed -if needed ) otherwise again , it will shut down , this is to ensure that no matter what the machine is cleaned, and maintenanced properly as by procedure/osha / and heath department requirements ... I hope this helps , I can not speak on the behalf of McDonald's ... but I hope to shed some light on what questions you might've had

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Jeff gay - 8 d 13 h ago

Went through the drive-thru on Bruceville and whitelock Road in Elk Grove California I don't have a car I was on my bicycle I place my order when I got up there they said they couldn't have no order cuz I was on a bicycle which is pretty crazy inside was locked you couldn't go in because the covin is fine so that's why I went through drive-through so I guess they don't want to give you food if you don't have a car pretty crazy huh, just happy Taco Bell was open and they said no problem coming through the drive-thru to get my food on my bike there willing to take my money go figure they're making money and you're not I guess it is what it is good luck with that I don't think I'll ever be back to McDonald's

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Kathy - 4 d 18 h ago

It's not a personal thing Jeff , it's considered a safety hazard to many McDonald's across the us and other drive thru eateries and I know to you and then it was literally no big deal , but because they have procedures to follow on the off chance you get hurt , or corporate happens to be watching the traffic behind you ... it's more like a safety net , that and as a guy that can come up to the window ... it's easy for ( not saying you would , but it has happened ) a robbery to take place because you've just walked up on the cashier ... just like it's an accident liability ( not saying you would cause it ) but on the off chance a truck is speeding thru at the same time you are at the window when they come around the corner , and don't see you - and the cashier happens to take your money the one time ... bam McDonald's ( and the driver , but let's face it the media would be all over the eatery and less the driver) are at fault for breaching a safety violation established by them , that every McDonald's employee has to sign ... I hope this clears things up ... I don't speak for McDonald's as a whole but I can tell you , it's more so the procedures that have to be followed and les so on the employees

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Victoria - 8 d 47 m ago


I work for a franchise McDonald's for almost a year now and has been bullied abused and hostile store managers and went to my higher superiors that has not done anything I'm reaching out to try to find someone to help me when it comes down to this company and how they treat their employees i can be reach at (hidden) anybody can help reaxhing out for Corporation attention and help

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago


McDonald fries was the best, now they don't have any size, they are cook to hard you can't really enjoy the fries any more because they are to small.

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Jeff - 9 d 14 h ago

I went through the drive-through and order to make flurries with no toppings except hot fudge oh I wanted hot fudge on the top and bottom extra I'll pay for a extra hot fudge she gave me two little small ones and she said she don't do that, and I replied excuse me but I get it all the time when I come here or not tonight you're not getting it I said why she goes because I don't do that I'm like are you serious I'm gonna call the corporation and tell him about you to do it she's a woman of color she's got purple dreadlocks I don't know if it's dreadlocks or not I need curls or whatever with purple in it I don't know her name but she's very rude she shouldn't be working there with that kind of attitude. When a customer Orders from the drive-through shouldn't be arguing with them and tell them that you don't do that and you don't make that like that this is what you get I never been so humiliated before, something needs to be done about this young lady because she's very rude you don't tell customers you don't Make hot fudge like that. I cannot Understand why she can't make it like that I was so in the mood for that hot fudge I had to cancel my hot fudge is because the way she was making a big deal that she cannot make them in a McFlurry cup

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Food poison. - 10 d 4 h ago


Went to southwick mass mcdonalds yesterday August 1 2020. Within 2 hours of eating their. Both my wife and I became ill with suspected food poisoning. Vomiting and diarrhea. We know this to be the cause due to it was the only thing her and I had eaten. It took 2 doses of arsenicum album to just get the vomiting in check. Here we are 15 hours later and still crampy and not quite back to normal yet. No we did not go to er with this pandemic going on and we knew also what needed to be done. This is not right. We travel a lot from NH to mass and back as we own homes in both states. So McDonald's is not a rare food item for us to purchase while on the road. That however may change now.

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Rich - 14 d 24 h ago

I have tried down loading the McDonald app.and found the complexity of validating the app so it could be used to place advanced orders foreboding. I have not been able to use this app.,So my visit to your restaurants during tho Covid 19 virus will be very limited.

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Plummer - 15 d 4 h ago


Im a 69 year old guy that does not usually eat at fast food restaurants. Today I was in a rush so I hit the drive through at McDonalds store number 7793. Sausage McMuffin meal with SMALL coffee ( because I new it wasnt going to be drinkable ). Im writing this morning just to say that this was the best $4.13 I ever spent. The muffin was fresh, the sausage and cheese complimented each other and that coffee was probably about as good as I have had anywhere! The place looked clean and very well maintained. Not sure what you did here or if I just came on the right day but whatever your doing,GREAT JOB BOYS AND GIRLS! Keep it up. Mark

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Millie - 16 d ago

Went to mcdonalds a week or so ago in frankfort in . They forgot my bis in my big breakfast . I called was already home she said the next time just tell us we give you whole new breakfast . I said thank you .

So go today tell them I got the third degree . She said wht was mangers name I said I do t kno do you have receipt i said no she said well how do we kno . Was very cocky

She said we cant do tht I said are you friggin kidding me except I said the other word then she really got mouthie. I risk myself to serve you if u talk to me tht way I'll refuse to serve u . Well then she said well was your drink right I said yes she said well you have to pay for tht then I said fine . Told her she was very rude . She wax the manger. Hope someone see this and addresses the problem. Tht lady was awful

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Customer - 17 d 17 h ago



I am appalled at the way McD is treating their customers, couldn't care less for the quality of the food, and how the prices went up 2x's since the pandemic started.

I am a former employee from over 30 years ago and let me tell you, the Grade I give it is D- to an F!!

I went to take my sick Uncle to eat and he really wanted McD, so the first one i went to had Construction going on, but the traffic jam it cause because they had a giant dumpster in front of the drive thru mind you, was an accident waiting to happen. So I left, went to the other one in my town. Same backed up drive through into the street, so i saw that you could order and take out inside, Cool right, NO! There was chaos and so much goofing off from the employees, that the cashier taking orders could barely hear the customers taking orders. Also what i heard from one of the So called either team lead or manager, was racist and i was flabbergasted. They were all carrying on supposedly getting orders out, and i guess one employee said something to her, and she yell's out,"" I'M NOT AMERICAN"!, so don't tell me that." A few of us waiting in line for our orders just looked at each other, and i say that was racist, I look at the cashier, and poor guy seem to be embarrassed and seemed to be a new employee at that, , and I ask him for the ladies name, for she had her name badge backwards where you couldn't see it.

McDonalds is an American company, Mr Ray Croc is probably rolling in his grave now! They were speaking Spanish, and carrying on even though it was busy as hell, and then yelling that comment for all to hear, was NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! If you Don't want to be American, what is she doing in this country then?

The Service from your McD's in the pass years have been a disgrace to this company. These young kids might want to get a paycheck, but they sure as hell don't earn the paycheck. The way the food is thrown in the bag and put together, lacks care for the paying customers food purchase, the attitude of some of these employees, is another problem, their disrespectful and argumentive when they answer you, They have to be right no matter what. :[

Its sad that this company who helped put a lot of older folks through college, cant seem to get their act together and give simple quick service. I will never again go to your stores. and seeing all the other comments i see posted, I'm not the only one.

From a very dissapointed Customer

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Disgusted at mcdonalds again - 19 d 18 h ago


I just went to mcdonalds in clinton mass and during this crisis I received a half eaten cheeseburger wtf this apparently the staff wasn't wearing a mask or there resistance to eat while on the job seriously going to corporate and fox 25 news really the manager was very lacadazical about the situation is this acceptable???? Ty grossed out in clinton ma

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Tim - 20 d 10 h ago


Workers were not wearing a mask. Refused service because I complained. Ignored myself and another customer. Only would accept cash. Warners rest area New York thurway. Horrible service and a nasty attitude.

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Awful - 21 d ago

Monee not miner I apologuze

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Awful - 21 d 3 h ago

I went to McDonalds in miner up on Sunday July 19 at 930 a.m. Tried to go to drive thru could not get waited on. Proceeded inside and backed up. Three people total were woeking. Woman crewmember was trying to fill orders, run cash register and handle drive thru. This is not the McDonald's quality that I have been accustomed to. Unacceptable quality. Seven people were waiting on food. Waited half hour for my order. Only reason I got it then was I asked for manager and my money back. Another gentlemen was there before me still waiting for his food. The worker at gas station attached to McDonald's said this is everyday occurance. It's a mystery how this McDonald's remains opened. Worst McDonald's I have ever experienced. I emailed them and no response. I hope corporate checks this out because I would not want my company logo associated with this store. I hope for the sake of that town this issue is resolvwd. Thank you

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Ginny - 21 d 20 h ago


I have never submitted a bad review on anyone before, but I'll never go to another McDonald's again. I tried to file a complaint for 4330 franklin Waco Texas but website would not accept either. geez! Service was very slow, food was ready for garbage it was so old and dried out. Left such a bad taste in my mouth I don't want to think about it.

A formally devoted fan for over 50 years.

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Favid - 22 d 8 h ago


I stopped at the McDonalds in Newport news Va. by the Costco on Jefferson Ave. I ordered a sausage egg and cheese Mcriddle she ask me if I needed a jelly or catsup I said I would like to get a syrup please and she said I'm going to have to charge you extra .22 cents. C'mon really for syrup a condiment. I paid for the meal why do i need to pay extra for syrup. That is the last time that McDonalds will get my business.

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Anonymous - 22 d 19 h ago

I keep getting the wrong coffee when I order a caramel mocha. Today I got a medium caramel flavored milk. Last time I got a macchiato. Before that it was another macchiato. My cup is solid white with a little caramel syrup at the bottom of the cup. I think I'm about done with Mcds and their coffee menu.

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Suzanne - 23 d 35 m ago

I was at the Mc Donald's on S Hiawassee in Orlando Fl. Most of the people behind the counter had their masks below their nose or under their chin. That included the manager. I was already upset that my order was wrong and had to go back. I had them remake my whole order since it was getting cold. The person who got my order had her make down. I made them remake it again. I should have gotten a refund. There is sign on the door that says masks are reqiired

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pl - 26 d 19 h ago

just one question. Why is McDonalds giving all that money to the radical group BLM. As a stock holder, I object. Do some research about this group.

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Anonymous - 23 d 24 m ago

sounds about racist.

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Debbie - 24 d 19 h ago


Went to drive through.

South haven Michigan. Order was all messed up.

Cant go in covid and all the inside is closed.

We called. Told them we were missing items.

"Do you have your receipt? Yes we just pulled over we are sitting out here. Ok. Waiting 20 minutes.

I then called back in rang and rang. The phone I guess hung up. Ir the picked it up and hung up.

I am very disappointed in this as we are there at least once a week. We have teenagers that love the food. However I will not be back.

Not completing our order. Hanging up our call. I find this very bad customer service..

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