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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Anonymous - 17 m 37 s ago


Mskathy Donald in commerce tx is the worst I have ever seen and I went in tonight around 755pm n 8 pm they have this dam in professional Mexican I guess she some kind of my but she is so rude and ignore customers if they not her kind n dose no good to tell the head white lady mgs cause she don't care

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Nora/Las Vegas - 41 m 42 s ago


#2967 KINGMAN, AZ. Ordered black coffee in drive thru. Got back on expressway, tasted like tar, like it had been on the burner for hours. Had to throw away. I ORDER McD coffee all the time. This was horrible.

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Ripped off - 1 h 46 m ago


Terrible customer service 1711 E. Broadway #1035 Tucson AZ 85719! Went through the drive-thru this evening and did not receive my complete order. I discovered this when I returned home to my family and only part of the order was in the bags. I returned to the location and was refused the food I had paid for without an apology, or any acknowledgment of the inconvenience. McDonald's should train managers how to handle mistakes in a professional way.

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Worse Service - 1 h 47 m ago


I want to be contacted about my experience. Mc Donald's in Philadelphia on Chelten Avenue has the rudest employees that I have ever encountered and do nothing about customer complaints.

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jj - 6 h 42 m ago


I can't believe McDonald's is going to stop serving Coke Zero. My daily fix of Zero is over. I will have to go to Wendy's for diet Pepsi since I can't stand Diet Coke. Oh well, maybe their hamburgers will grow on me (my taste buds, I mean)>

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Doug Janicki - 10 h 14 m ago


Mc McDonalds, Elmonte.Ca on Baldwin & Valley blvd.

I order 2 breakfast burritos both had hand soap on them I return them for two more new ones and again both had hand soap on the burritos very disappointing I will never come to this McDonald's in El Monte again I'll go to the one in Temple City

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Anonymous - 12 h 29 m ago

And it wasn't store #02948 it was store # 26926

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Anonymous - 12 h 35 m ago


The McDonald's store number is #02948 so first of all I get there when they open and they make us stand outside for a half an hour because they weren't ready to open then I order my food and I'm wondering what's taking so long so I asked I said is this my number and he said they don't have numbers coming from the Manager and I said really so why is there a number on my receipt and he said he didn't know the computer were messed up well he's full of shit and my food got cold I just then it away and left fuck this McDonald's !!!

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ANONYMOUS - 14 h ago


MCDONALD'S at 2460 Jett ferry Rd Dunwoody Ga,30338 store #6947 This store for over the past month is always out of something or the ice cream machine is broken, now the oven is broken.The employees here have an attitude.I will not go there anymore I will either go to th chick-fla that is in same shopping center or drive out of my way to go else where .I will be sharing this info on my social media so others will know.

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Jeff and Nancy DePrince - 1 d 4 h ago

Mcdonalds on 15th and Lockheed in Midwest City Oklahoma is absolutely filthy

No one knows or cares what they are doing

Very unhappy

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


I live in the Phoenix Arizona area there is a particular McDonald's that has been at that current location for a long time on Kyrene and Chandler Boulevard in Chandler Arizona.

Every Tuesday night I bowl at a bowling alley a couple blocks away from there.

Occasionally I like to treat myself with a chocolate shake for my 40 minute drive home.

I know this may be hard to believe but they have not had a working machine to make a chocolate shake with since September.

I had a short discussion with the person working last week and told them how disappointed I was.

They say that is not their fault it is the person that owns a franchise there who won't spend the money to replace it.

How in the world can that be?

Burger King is 5 minutes out of my way but at least they have a working shake machine.

Just thought you would like to know!!

General profile image - 1 d 10 h ago

I have work for the company for 28 yrs. Over the yrs. I have been under 3 owners being under the new owner I have been drop in pay .can this really be done or should it have stayed the same due to the fact of my years .

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Albert - 1 d 13 h ago


Ok.. had the same thing happen again. I went to McDonalds in Novato CA. 94947 at 8:12 Saturday morning on 9th Dec. I spoke into the box ordered my 2 meals (egg omelets meal) and a very badly speaking English person came back and said no we don't have that meal, I explained yes you do I've ordered it many times here, she argued and said no you're wrong we don't have that meal, I said yes you do, I have a receipt for one for just this instant, instantly the manager came on aske me again what I wanted, and then I paid, then I proceeded to check out realizing that they only give me one meal and then she argued with me about what I ordered and then she try to charge me almost entire meal and I said to meals or five dollars why are you charging me another $3.85 she slammed the window shut and the manager came up. I told him what is should cost handed my receipt from last week, I just paid $4.88 I said is should be about a $1.00 more he looked at the receipt from that store from last week grabbed the money handed the other meal and slammed the window without saying anything. This is a sad time that McDonalds have come to this... When I have gone to Jack-in-the-box this never happens.. I will stop giving my money to McDonalds and the Novato store. Just wanted you to know not they you most likely care. And the store owner never really tried to even do some small token of any kindness to make up for his store bad public view they put on McDonalds. Sad times... some how I lost my train of thought.. I fist asked the woman for 2 meals, egg omelet and m-coffee, one cream and one sugar. When she gave me the bag I looked in side and only saw one meal.. I said to her I asked for two when you took my order she gave me a dirty look and wanted to charge me 3.88 or what ever... that when the young man came up and I showed him my receipts from that day and the weekend before, he then handed me the food grabbed the $1.00 out of my hand and slammed the window... The sad part is I have gotten that meal many times at that store without issue. And when I heard the woman's voice I knew it was not going to be good as she is the one I had this problem before and sent the first email. In fact when I had some of the others that have gotten this right I kept the receipt. And before the store manager (or person taking over for the woman) I said to him.. the problem is someone is not helping her understand that this item is something sold here.. he didn't reply took my money and slammed the window.. Great PR... Great Job McDonalds,.. keep the PR going as you know I will tell my story to everyone I know and LOL at the fact you don't care and know people will just keep giving you there money... Albert (Bert) I so wanted to send this to corporate.. but cant find that email and I letting you know you have one more change to redeem MD if you care.

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Betty Candiano - 1 d 14 h ago


Betty c several months ago in Whitestown indiana I bought mcnuggets as I usually do. On my way home found a large none in one took it back to the place mtg said we get. Complaints like that all the ytime I will tell the company,, a person called said he was refunding me money and free meal. Never got it another person said she would handle this also sending freer coupons never heard from anyone have notified the local newspaper and people where I work. They don't. Get nuggets any more. Bad service for such a big company bad mgr

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Veryvyk - 2 d ago

Guess what? I just spent over $18.00 for a med. meal and one chicken sandwich. McDonald's, you've just lost my business

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Dennis - 2 d ago


My review is a little less dramatic I would say. I went to the Clarksville Indiana Restiraunt there off eastern Blvd and Lewis and Clark around 9:30 pm and they still had the breakfast menu was still up so I asked the person at the drive thru which happen to be the manager on duty if they was only serving breakfast at that time he said no that day shift forgot to change it to the other side. He said d you don't know what's on the menu and I said no cause I am not a frequent customer at McDonald's he acted like he was too good to change it so I left and told him never mind. This is the second time someone at that store has given me attitude in the drive thru. The first time it was a mess up I asked for my two chicken sandwiches to be fully dressed with pickles onions and mayo and ketchup. When they messed my order up and came inside and told them about it some black guy said he took my order and claimed I did not ask for my chicken sandwiches that way. I told him I know what I said and he fixed them after complaining about it. It seems a lot of employees at fast food resturaunts in this area act like they don't care or are too Slow in the drive thru. This needs to change at this location or I will never eat there again. Some attitudes need to change.0

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Meganda Rothstein - 5 d 11 h ago

I don't appreciate your commercial on TAP Tuition Assistance Program, which is constantly running now. You show a racist approach. The manager of that restaurant is white with an African American employee who wants to go to college and has applied for tuition assistance from McDonald's. It sure would be nice if you would grow up and become socially progressive and have the manager be African American and the employee white. It seems that that commercial reflects your business norm - managers are white.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Your racist

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago


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timerunnersc - 4 d 15 h ago


Meganda I know you can't help yourself being African, but your a complete moron. Buy new glasses and then maybe the world and people around you won't look so bad.

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago


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Dana - 4 d 12 h ago


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Amberose - 4 d ago


Actually, at least in WA state, in real life, most of their managers are Mexican. More and more, white people are always accused if racism, yet is it not racist to insist that the manager be African American the the employee be white? Why not a Mexican manager and Japanese employee? White people get the race card thrown at them for every tiny thing and now, white people get discrimination. People really need to wake up and realize that racism goes both ways.

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I hate rude employees especially when they are racist - 3 d 7 h ago

This is very true why do white people get labeled as racist that makes absolutely no sense unfortunately there is racism inside of everyone no matter what color you are and it is horrible to be labeled as such further there are black people that go around and call other black people Niggas but if a white person says that they are racist that absolutely makes no sense to me also I hear a lot of Asian say that to like it's just the thing to do but also add a lot of these restaurants there are Mexicans and black people and white people and all of them are rude so I guess there is one thing in common that they have and that is they have a Sucky job and because of that sucky job they have a sucky attitude at which they are the ones that applied for that job nobody else applied for them so please fix your employees if I am going to spend my money at your restaurant I expect to have good service

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

Ty very much its always the racial card stop it im sorry to say but the racism is continuing because of them they are blaming us its never ending

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B.B. Lord - 3 d 16 h ago


@ meganda rothstein,

You're not a nigger, you are crypto kike.

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