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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Shilpi - 4 h 52 m ago


I am McDonald's employee.I want to pay stub print in my house,can you give me link please?

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Disgruntled - 5 h 34 m ago


Very disappointed in the Mcdonalds in Dillon SC. They had no clue what my order was when i got to window to pay, so had to replace order got order and it wasnt right. I refused to drive up cause of a timer. The employees were so worried about the timer thay they 4got aboit custer service. My order never did get right aftet waitin for 8 min. I finally gave up. However this is unacceptable and maybe timers should not have such emphasis. Customer service and getting orders correct should be the main goal. I asked for my money back but never got that either. God bless them.

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George - 7 h ago

The managers in Seneca sc McDonald's needs to be replaced all they do is yell at their employees I sit and watch in the morning times while I drink my coffee the employees work so hard and the managers yell at them and never acknowledge and say great job I feel sorry for them honestly

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Wayne McCombs - 8 h ago


I set in line for 12 min with 2 orders a head of me after I. Ordered I shared 14 min then I had to say something then they made shit up,2 days before that a lady landed. Me a spoon when I asked fore salt I told here no salt she. Tried giving me a knife and spoon 37 the state Ave k,c ks

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Tony Barker - 8 h 21 m ago

Went to the McDonald's on Monroe and Detroit and ordered a parfait. Took a bite to realize it was fomented and spoiled

It had stickers on the bottom from Dec. 8th. Then one over that from the 9th. And finally one over it from the 10th... Really redicilous...Im afraid I'm gonna get food poisoning now....

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Anonymous - 10 h 16 m ago


Have just been too calcot branch where I placed my order drove round too pick it up too be given one less burger was told I only order one ? When'a member of staff called the manager who was very rude and said " if you want your burger you can paid 1.49 for it no opoligie to say we didn't put it on or anything was really scocked told him not too bother with a disappointed child in the back who didn't get one so drove off was so rude certainly won't get my money there again !!!

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Anonymous - 10 h 19 m ago

The McDonald's in Greenbrier Arkansas is the absolutely worst McDonald's they don't honor the sales ads at McDonald's puts out they don't know 2 for $5 or any of the other sales

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Anonymous - 14 h ago


I just wanted to let you know not that one person matters but I will never go to McDonald's again ! Your store in troy Michigan on 15 is awful ! I WAITED 15 minutes for a mcdouble and small fry as the 2 cars next to received there order after requesting my $back they brought me out a fish sandwich and apple pie when I went in I asked for manager he took food asked me what I ordered I again said just give me back my $ He did come back in about 5 minutes handed me my money and walked away no I am sorry nothing so since I am not deserving as a customer to be treated better I will not return ever !!!!!!!!!

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Brandon Stinson - 14 h 22 m ago


My sons girlfriend works at Tazewell va mcdonalds and she been there about 8 months and just turn 18. Her parents moved to Ohio and she's has house bills to pay like electricity and water and all and their giving her 1 day a week or no days a week for no reason what so ever and this has been reoccurring for the past month abs a half she had to move in with us temporarily because she can't get her bills paid. I've talked to people there and manager and was told she's a hard worker picks up other slack and there's no sense in this type of behavior from a general manager she's just trying to make her quit and it's uncalled for if someone would take care of this It would be Greatly appreciated

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Just horrible - 16 h 45 m ago

I can't understand the horrific customer service displayed by the McDonald's in Westerville Ohio. I waited in line in the store for exactly 14 minutes while the employees discussed a soccer practice and did not take the orders of anyone in line myself and the gentleman in front of me in line walked out. I keep hearing about 15 dollars and hour for these workers, that is obsurd! I won't return to a McDonald's restaurant even if I'm starving.

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Anonymous - 17 h 20 m ago

Your corporation brags about healthy foods, but there isn't anything healthy about 32 grams of sugar in oatmeal

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Anonymous - 17 h 30 m ago

Your establishment in West Point Mississippi has let me down on multiple occasions. Today I asked for the food that was ordered 4 weeks ago, that I never received. My name was supposed to be written on some dry erase board, but I'm guessing that never happened. So, they said that they couldn't do anything about it. I told them that if they couldn't follow through with something this simple that I would contact corporate and share.

I am not writing this to get anything free and I don't wish to have any reimbursement for anything. I just want you to know that your establishment in this town needs serious restructuring from management on down. Thank you for your time.

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Raymond - 18 h 39 m ago


Your store on Connor street in Noblesville Indiana is a disgrace. Should be shuttered. Everything from hoodlums roaming the parking lot to customers arguing with managers over poor service. Now today grandson wanted to go out for breakfast, and at 7:30 they didn't have any orange juice???? SHUT IT DOWN.

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Dave Rubino - 19 h 26 m ago

1999 Jericho Turnpike, East Northport, NY 11731

Today I witnessed a man who had slipped in your parking lot and hit his head while your employees were spraying the parking lot with water in freezing temperatures they caused the issue if you want more details you can call me at 631 316 9701 Dave Rubino

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Tired of bad service - 20 h 15 m ago


Macdonalds 1630 federal highway ft lauderdale Florida 12-10 5am

Only 1 black employee very rude told me to wait then after a long delay screamed and yelled at me. Needless to say I left as no one deserves this kind of service. No other employees visible.

This is Macdonalds customer service.

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Ejones - 1 d 42 m ago


I'm at the McDonalds in laplace on airline and the lady is not ringing up orders just collecting money I asked for a receipt she said the register not working it's 2:14 am 12-10-2016

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Anonymous - 1 d 38 s ago

I'm pissed off, why do you not want to sell filet-o-fish after 12:00 am on a fucking Friday night in Hazel Park, Michigan? Please explain that to me!

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Col Sanders - 1 d 49 m ago

the fish are sleeping??

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Richard ruiz - 1 d ago

Hi...i am customer. From mcdonalds i go very day to eat there i just want to know that mcdonalds. From Atlantic. Pomona st east los angeles ca that they r very very rude to customers someone have to do something. About it event the manager dont do anything. To correct. There employees. They have three doors to go out but one of the manager. Close one with the trash. That very very wrong if the mcdonalds. Get a on fire how the customers. Going to run out for there life u guys will get siut for that u guys will lose alot of money so correct. That....

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


Visited McDonalds on Marietta St in Downtown Atlanta, GA. I must say this is the most UNPROFESSIONAL establishment that I have been to in a long time.. let me take the time to explain how. The minute I walked in all I heard was a lot of profanity, I was thinking that I was coming from the customers, but as I walked closer to the counter I realized that it was the employees, along side them was the manager. I really can't seem to see how a manager allowed her employees to use such language while customers were waiting to be served, not only that she cursed quite a few times herself. I waited quite a while to receive my order because the employees were too busy playing around. I have been going to this McDonald's for years and I have always wondered why hasn't it been shit shut down yet? I know you are wondering why do I continue to go there, thatsthat's because it's the only McDonald's that I can go to on my way home for work... so I settle and go to the ghetto, crock of a mess that is considered a business. Please do something about this place and do it soon.

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UnSAT Customer - 1 d 6 h ago


I went to McDonalds In Ahoskie North Carolina about an hour ago and as usual it was a BAD experience. But this was an different type of poor service. First I go in and its completely full of customers, the cashier was both taking orders and fixing food without any gloves etc. Secondly apparently he had an attitude that he had to do both, I was ignored for 10 - 15 mins until he took my order. I patiently waited. Next another customer comes in and waits around just as long as me and she asked a question saying excuse me " is anyone taking orders?" the cashier immediately had an attitude and said yeah its me, I'm running all this by myself etc etc etc. The lady said okay excuse me, he replies okay. This is not professional on any level, I don't know what type of management they area under, but if you are in the STATE OF VIRGINIA AND THE BUSINESS IS IN NORTH CAROLINA, how exactly do you manage a store, especially a fast food chain on a Friday night? I am not one to complain because I understand that sometimes we have days where things just don't fall into place as we liked. But this McDonalds is TERRIBLE. The young people have there friends in the store trying to chat with them and serve customers, there is a time and place for that and its not during working hours.

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paula - 1 d 6 h ago


Went to mcdonalds in gloucester ma on Friday night December 95th. No thank you at the ordering box in drive thru...ok then pull up employee male atcwondow could care less about customer in front of them too busy talking to employee at register. No thank you nothing! Got home wrong order...calledxstore asked to speak to manager. She could care less. Asked for corporate number..she says she don't know it! I said how do I contact owner..she don't know...this is your manager no sorry nothing! Then she had the hall to hang up on me. I work teaching customer service it takes 10 seconds thsts it 10 seconds to please a customer a simple hi and thank you and I probably wouldn't have been writing this email let alone called the mcdonalds... This is a shame!!!!

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Jerry johnson - 1 d 7 h ago


First Name: jerry Last Name: johnson Mailing Address: 3271 Renault rd se City: atlanta State: GA Zip: 30354 DayPhone: (hidden) Your E-mail Address: (hidden) Date: 12/02/2016 03:00 PM Visit Type: In-Store Follow Up: Yes RestAddress: 309 N CENTRAL AVE RestCity: HAPEVILLE RestState: GA RestLandmark: Fulton Comment: I went into the store in order to provide the tickets now get fresh and the fish fillet fresh they made the 10 piece nugget the fish fillet at Birth Sao Mai nuggets became cold water supposed to be went and redid my fish black they didn't do my fish fillet I was in that store 30 minutes to try and get a 10-piece nugget and a fresh fish fillet sandwich it took them 30 minutes I asked for something to drink they would not give me anything to drink they said they would have to charge me for it this is not my first complaint about this store. They were rude disrespectful did not know what they were doing and it was unnecessary for me to wait 30 minutes for my food and they still got it wrong at the end I would like my money back on the card or something for my inconvenience because the manager didn't know what was going on you can reach me at (hidden) or (hidden)

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Heather L - 1 d 7 h ago


Just left the McDonald's in Toledo, Ohio on Byrne ave and they are the rudest group of people ever. I smiled and said thank you and both the cash widow and the food window women just shut the windows in my face and walked away. When I asked for salt she rolled her eyes, walked away to get it and came back like I had just asked for her first born child. Then I get home and the fries are so cold they were like rubber! When I called the manager to voice these complaints he acted as if it was no big deal, never said sorry or anything. I asked if he could credit me the fries and his response was "only if I brought the bad ones back"! Are you kidding me!!! After being treated the way I was, given horrible food and driving all the way home I am supposed to drive all the way back to get them to handle it!?! Unacceptable!

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Pamela D. - 1 d 9 h ago


Me and my nephew came to MacDonald's two weeks ago. We both had hair in both our items. He bit into his sandwich and pulled a long piece of hair out his mouth then I noticed a long piece of hair hanging from my apple turnover manager never said sorry in fact she was very rude to me and my nephew and I called the next morning and the other mngr seemed nice until I sad one curse word (not at her) though. Only thing I said was "why is the mngr rude to me when I had a fucking hair in my food" she said mam stop cursing or I will hang up and I said mam I didn't curse at you I'm showing an expression of hurt feelings she then said watch me hang up and hung up on me. Is this how McDonalds treat their customers with hair in their food.? This is about the McDonalds on Broadway in Nashville TN. My feelings was so hurt I cried. I thought about suing them.

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