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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Samantha hofer - 1 d ago


I have very disappointed in the McDonald's in coffeyville Kansas. It's so slow all the time. They mess up all the time. I went to McDonald's three times and all 3 times were a joke. Messed up our orders and were rude and very very slow. Some lady worker is very rude. I will never eat at a McDonald's again if that's how it's gonna be.

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Marisa - 1 d 4 h ago


McDonald's store #36779 in Daytona beach (1376 W. International Speedway) provides tremendously poor service. Specifically: 20-minutes cash lines, incompetent staff, they cannot count money right, fulfill the orders incorrectly, the kiosks are uncomfortable and complex for the use by the seniors. This is a disgrace to the MacDonald's brand.

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Mamasita - 1 d 17 h ago


McDonald's in Cheifland, FL .....The manager wants to call the police on me because she said I was being rude to my children and her. She said she was going to bar me from her store. First of all I was not rude to her I was being sarcastic to another person in the car about the order we placed and the trouble it was causing because the coupon ticket was ripped and now the manager rang up our order without giving us the credit for the rewards on our IPhone. She said I can't I already rang up the order, I told her then rering it so I can get my rewards. She refused my order gave me back my money & said I don't want to service you because of the rudeness I spoke of in the beginning. This same manager has done this before to me & refused the rewards credits. And now she's getting personal about calling the police because I was rude. Not rude sarcastic. I guess she can't help to be ignorant. 2nd thing is she takes the drivers tag & threatens the police because of , she says rudeness. Even if I was rude, what law prohibits rudeness. I am the customer not the name of McDonalds trying to sell to my customer base. 2nd of all the driver wasn't a kid. It's seems McDONALD CORP allows this type of behavior, as this manager has been complained about before. HELLO CORP. TRAINING YOUR EMPLOYEES IN CUSTOMER SERVICE MIGHT HELP PREVENT THIS GETTING OUT IN THE SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Gigi - 1 d 19 h ago


McDonalds in Dunnellon FL ordered Burger without cheese,got cheese anyway. Seems they can't hear. Much less put an order together. NO CHEESE

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1st Technology Service - 2 d 13 h ago

We would like to submit our information to give tech support to the McDonald 100 miles of Millry Al.

1st Technology Service

P.O. Box 434

Millry Al 36558


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Tracy - 3 d 23 h ago


You have a McDonald's in Green Bay Wisconsin that has change the whole Displayof your parfait's you need to do something about that They have decided to do there a parfait's in a different way to short the customer to make them more money that's a shame Green Bay Wisconsin has the worst is McDonald's in the world

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TL - 3 d ago


If I could give the Mustang, Ok store less than a rating of 0 stars / Terrible, I would. Twice they got my order wrong today (4/21/19)! My husband went, ordered our breakfast, got home and the store had left my order out completely. He drove back, they got my order wrong. I called the store to explain what happened and to ask if we could wait til next weekend to have the order replaced rather than drive BACK to McDonald's a THIRD time so they could get my order right, The manager I spoke with said no, she had to have the actual incorrect food to replace it. When they leave a part of the order out though, there is no incorrect food to show yet they will still fix that... which means she lied!!!! All the heifer needed was the receipt, which I still had/have. Regardless, before the conversation was over, the manager hung up on me. This is not the first time I have had issues with this particular McDonalds or this manager hanging up on me. I am about to the point that I am going to completely stop eating at all McDonalds and tell my family and friends to do the same....

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 s ago

I'm so disappointed in McDonald's. You encourage distracted driving. One of your US commercials has a male driver drinking a McCaffe coffee while driving. Not good.

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abdou-italy - 4 d ago

my name is Abdou i worked in mcdonald Kuwait for 20 years till i become restaurant manager, now i m in Italy and i want to work there,can you help me please.can you call mcdonalds Italy and talk to them about me.

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Grandma.. - 4 d 24 h ago


Apparently McDonald's staff need to be informed about what goes in a happy meal. Since my granddaughter discovered McDonald's it has become her favorite restaurant. We've not gotten French fries with it several times, apple slices, had to argue with the server because she swore she gave us the chocolate milk we ordered when she hadn't given it to us. How hard is it to get a happy meal right???

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MICHELLE PLUMMER - 4 d 3 h ago


The McDonald's on S high street in columbus Ohio dosent honor their prices that are on the sign that arw on the drive thru price board.

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Karen GRube - 5 d ago


ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!! I need to speak with someone at corporate but I don't know anyone's name. How DARE you not have an operator available to assist! That's ridiculous! FIX THAT.

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Andy Kennell - 7 d ago


I think your French fries are the worst tasting fry in the fast food industry. They don't have any taste to speak of. They used to be good years ago. Sad.

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Noonecansee - 7 d 3 h ago


I was across the street from McDonald's on buffalo and Charleston in Las Vegas I witnessed an altercation between manager and customer and the McDonald's manager had her boyfriend inside McDonald's after hours with a gun he showed it off when he Came outside to defend her she yelled at him this is why I always have u here early because stuff always happens how appropriate is that

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David DeCamp - 7 d 5 h ago


Hi, I was a customer who went into the McDonalds on Colorado Blvd in Denver CO. I noticed there was an employee (young white male) that was working with a lot of Mexicans that were making fun of him. They were calling him all kinds of names in Spanish and were yelling at him when I was ordering food. This should be addressed, as a customer I did not want to experience this turmoil and felt sorry for the kid!

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago

Being a customer at McDonald's was your 1st mistake.

I hate bullies and I hope that guy gets out of that environment and the bullies get fired.

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Zach - 7 d 16 h ago


I work at a McDonald's in Florida and I can't find any emails to contact somebody personally to address some issues with the management at my establishment. I've tried my District and General Managers but they're not doing their job, and basically pushing me away whenever I try to address the issues that I have seen and faced myself. Please give me some type of contact information so we can possibly resolve these issues. Thanks.

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago


I need to report a McDonald's on Harlem and and Cermak ave in Berwyn I'm 60402

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SHERYL - 7 d 20 h ago



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SHERYL - 7 d 20 h ago



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To Sheryl - 7 d 18 h ago

Well since you screamed it, we will fire him for you, ok ma'am?

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Bsrb - 9 d 19 h ago


Hello my name is Barbara and I went to McDonald's today. Drive-thru was packed so I went in it took so long for me to get my food that the car I was behind had already been thru and I was still waiting on my food. When I got my food I ordered an apple pie it was 546 and the apple pie was dated fir today but the time stamped on it was 257 it was awful hard and dry why was it even served very upsetting. I have pictures of this if you don't believe me

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RB - 11 d 25 m ago


Re: Corporate owned Store #14441, 860 East I-20, Arlington, TX

The staff in this location needs to be re-trained or replaced. Managers are not doing their jobs to assure customer satisfaction and egress. 7 out of 10 times they get my order wrong. I order no sauce on a sandwich, I get no sauce or onion. I order a diet Coke and get a non-diet, Dr Pepper. They leave out fries, hash browns, straws or, condiments. Bagels & Buns are stale, The new brown paper wrap on burritos sticks so badly to the tortilla, it can't be unwrapped without destroying the burrito. 1 out of 5 times their credit card machine is down which you don't discover until you finally reach the order point. The drive-thru line backs up onto the street (a major Highway off-ramp and intersection) and the exiting traffic has to merge into incoming traffic, bringing everything to a standstill. Their 53' Supply truck typically arrives during their morning rush, enters against the traffic pattern, forces drive-thru traffic to go wide and blocks 1/2 of their parking customers from entering or exiting. They often have cars to park at 3 locations to hold for orders. but this further congests traffic as these people try to get out and, the parking is too tight for large vehicles. I don't ever park here, because if I do, I can't get out

Re: Store #35344, 860 East I-20, Arlington, TX (not sure whether this location is corporate or franchise location)

I have the same food error and quality complaints on this location. Traffic congestion is not quite as bad but, the drive-thru line is still extremely slow. I can at least park here. I've not seen a supply truck unload here. Corporate management needs to re-train managers here. In fact, corporate managers need to drop in anonymously on all their stores because none of them operate like they use to.

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Mike - 14 d 16 h ago


In the 60's, I worked for McDonalds. I ran the potato peeler. Did the entire operation of 3 rinses, cut the spuds, blanched them and fried them. That's when the fries tasted like a potato. You could take them home and heat them up again tasting almost as good as just made. What you have now is just garbage and not fit to eat without a pound of salt on them.

The meat patties now served are just dried out shoe leather. You used to cook them In their own juice WITH onions on them. I assume you are using clam shell grills that over cook the meat and squeeze the juices out.

Also the buns taste as if toasted and not caramelized on the grill to bring out the flavor of using a quality bun.

Do you have anyone still working there that would recall the bin controller yelling out, "go 72 and cheese 24". That's when you had quality.

That's when I had the honor to meet Ray Crock when he did a drop in visit just as 4 busses pulled in. I will always remember him taking his coat off, put on a apron and helped at the dress table.

The quality, price and service used to sell the food. Now you need a clown .

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Anonymous - 15 d 4 h ago

Never go to the Randolph Vermont one!!! I order food 2 times because they screwed it up and made me pay $46 dollars both times... complete bull no customer sevice there or good service I should say! Been waiting on a call back for 3 weeks now!!

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