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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Anonymous - 2 h 23 m ago

Someone needs to look into McDonald's at Franklin village mall Kittanning pa. I've been putting in complaints, which is almost every time I go there, because my order is wrong. I went there today after work at 3:50 am and was told I could order a big Mac, quarter pounder or chicken nuggets and that was all. They had the breakfast menu up but said I couldn't order breakfast. I went to sheetz and ordered my food because they were so rude! I've been calling restaurant complaining, nothing has changed. I'm done eating there until you hire employees who care. I won't waste my money anymore! We were eating there at least 3-4 days per week. I have a family of 5 so that is a good bit of money to lose. My outer family is boycotting there also because they are rude and mess up orders EVERY TIME! I have a large family. You can thank your employees at that restaurant for losing that money because they either don't care or they are incompetent.

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Vickey - 2 h 30 m ago


I was at one of your McDonald's they all ways forget some food on my order. I was in there yesterday morning I had to go back the forgot the hashbrown I left and had to come back HAIR in my food. I got so sick. I told them all they say is I'm sorry. This unacceptable why don't they wear hair nets. Way too many mistakes and now Hair.Thanks Vickey Mabry/ (hidden). (hidden)

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Eli - 4 h 44 m ago


My daughter got poked with a needle today at 10:40 at McDonalds. It is a needle for diabetic people. I told the shift supervisor Guillermo at 470 West Mariposa Road in Nogales, Arizona and said he would tell his supervisor so they can clean.

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Tre - 5 h ago


I'm Reaching out because two days ago I order a burger from McDonald's and inside my burger was a belly ring. I'm applauded that a fricking belly ring was in my food does anyone know who I can reach to talk about this to I still have the item for evidence.

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Goosey - 5 h 18 m ago

yes and employee at your restaurant in Colby, Kansas named Willam "Bill"Mashburn was very rude to me and when I told him he was being rude he called me a stupid faggot, I hope you deal with this person immediately

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Fish not bish - 7 h 41 m ago


I just had the worst experience I've ever had at one of your facilites. The young people working at the mckellips and power rd location in Mesa arizona were so rude , one even called me a btch pink hair ,tattoos, short facial hair and when confronted one other kid said fish not bish, cute huh, I'm not only grossed out by the food but am so disappointed,

I ordered a simple cheese burger

The drive thru girl who gave me it didn't even bother just handed it to me laughed and closed the window, when I opened the bag and took out my burger it was covered in ketchup, meat was smoosh and the bun was burnt and tasted old, so I went back, the curly hairdryer tall stocky kid said I'll go make you one, it was the same and the meat was smoosh and gross the bun was over cooked. twice the same thing covered in ketchup. I threw it out the window of my car.

So grossed out .

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Mcdonaldconcordca - 8 h 16 s ago


Macdonalds clayton rd concord ca filling garlic fries only half way.

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AAL - 9 h 26 m ago


I just went to your North Springfield Virginia McDonalds (5506 Backlick Road Springfield Virginia) and wanted to check the price of my order. The manager, Maria, was extremely disrespectful towards me, and considering she is Hispanic and I am Black, I feel as though her behavior was discrimination. I will never go into that McDonalds again.

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missy - 9 h 27 m ago

dear mr skinner if your employees at the mds in round lake beach il are being mean and rode and telling me there going to call the cop on me for telling them that ther is a hair in my food that to me is mest up i work for mds and and the costomer is oways right so if you have ppl how dont like to do there job and be nice to costomers then you need to talk to them about it i am comeing to you about this because is is not right for them to talk to me like that and the ppls heath are at risk for gitting sick so you as the ceo of mcdonalds you need to do something i will call the public safety about this because if i find one hair in my food how now if they are doing it more then you now and ppl doing stuff like that at fast food is so so wrong ?? this makes me sick to my tummy so please do something about it please and the store i am talking about is 10744

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missy - 9 h 39 m ago

the mds store 10744 no one ever go to this one they are mean and rode

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missy - 9 h 42 m ago

so i what to the mds in roundlake beach to day 774 rollins rd il and i find a blck hair in my food i go to the staff that work there and showed them what was in it and the lady told me she was going to call thee cop one me and like i told her i did not want not no more food or my money back and here name is manana and she send that i was lieing well there is one thing i worked at mds and if i am right the staff that work there are to talk to customer with respect and the one i worked at told me the customer is owes right and for a blck hair to be in my food and i am blonde and for here to be mean and rode to me thats realy not right the ce o need to look in to this and the public safety to get in ther and look at it

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karen hodges - 10 h 22 m ago


Tis the season....I ordered a pumpkin spice latte from your churchville, MD location. The first sip contained a big black bug which I spewed out along with vomit. I took the lid off the cup & there was a 2nd one also. This was a huge black fly I think. I called them & spoke to the manager. She offered me another latte...seriously?

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S.M.G. - 11 h ago

My name is Steve from Phoenix Arizona I recently went to one of your stores here store number 3326 and ordered a number one which is a Big Mac and two number twos which was double cheeseburger meal, when I got home to eat it on each and every one of those Burgers the Buns were very hard that we could not finish our meals so we ended up throwing away the meals I called the store spoke with the manager and as soon as I told her about how hard the Buns were she hung up on me I tried to call back and they wouldn't answer the phone I am very disappointed since every other time I've ever had a problem at any McDonald's the manager would usually ask if I wanted another one or if I wanted to get another lunch later but this one decided to just hang up hopefully you will do something about this. thank you

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Heather - 11 h 17 m ago


The Mc Donald's on North West Avenue in El Dorado Arkansas has the rudest employees...and the so-called managers have the biggest attitudes they have no idea what customer service is at all. Why is it when they make mistake (got my order wrong then handed it to two different people before trying to hand it to me) they act like the customer is wrong for wanting what they've ordered and payed for ?? My advice to your managers and employees alike..if you can't handle dealing with an unhappy customer then you have the wrong job !!!!



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Anonymous - 12 h 22 m ago

My name is jacqueline fryer ive been a consumer of mcdonalds since childhood im now 42 years old, ive never had bad service until the past three months store 278 In dolton i let it go two other times but. The manger only thought i was complaining to get a free pop.i only wanted what ive always gotten great service. The first time they gave me a big mac with no chesse or sauce. The second time he didnt give me my drink that i paid for. Third issue the cashier said they don't take more than one order in drive thru soso i said would you like me to come in two place second order he replied he don't care what i do but you can't have a second order here. So i go in the store to speak with a manager Mike he acted as if i was the problem not the employee who was ride. Very disrespectful im a manager also and this was the time to train employee because another young lady said we can only take to orders and i only had 2 orders. Please feel free to cintact me at (hidden)... Feeling bad that my neighborhood mcdonalds is declining due to horriable management.

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Anonymous - 16 h 10 m ago


McDonalds Cafe in Winchendon Ma owes all of its closers Retroactive pay for closing. The say they pay more for closers/ closing shift and haven't been paying anyone for doing it. No one wants to close anymore cause they aren't getting what they were told. For the last month they keep saying next weeks pay but the owner WON'T Athorize the payments. What can be done about this? Afraid if quit will never see what I am owed.

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Mcdonalds has sold out to the all mighty dollar. - 16 h 15 m ago


McDonald's has sold out on Customer service. They sell off McDonald's to anyone, then let them set their own prices, and have poor customer service. No wonder the company has falling stocks.

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Dylan Michael Easter - 18 h ago


Its been almost two months since i quit Mcdonalds on 601 in Mount Airy, NC and i have still not received my final paycheck! This is ridiculous. I have court tomorrow and without my paycheck I CANNOT pay off my ticket. So whatever has to be done for me to get my paycheck before tomorrow morning it better be done. And i don't receive it then I might just have to take it to court or whatever. But this is absolutely ridiculous and pathetic that you cannot pay me what I worked for. And until I get it you can also expect me to never step foot in your pathetic restaurant again!

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Anonymous - 18 h 22 m ago

There's a McDonald's in Caledonia, Mi that is needed an update on appearance in and out

It is very dirty in the inside. I just moved to area and won't eat there until it is cean and remodeled. Someone needs to come from the corporate offices to check into this establishment. I'm surprised that this hasn't been taken care of.

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Tim Evans - 19 h 47 s ago


Dear Mr Skinner, I am a very loyal customer to your chain of restaurants. I have been given a satisfaction survey card which I would gladly fill

out, Unfortunately the the print is so small that

I needed a magnifying glass to read it,really!

Once in the survey is not very user friendly. This

is not going to give you any good feedback

pro or con. I think the restaurant is #115 that is the

number on the card given to me by a Sheri. By the

way the staff does a very nice job.

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alfred - 1 d 14 h ago


Hello mc d name Alfred from san antonio tx the other night I stop for some chicken nugnuts a 20 PC's an I don't always get sauce with but I was wondering if y'all consider make some spice chicken nugguts so I don't have to drown my nugguts thank y'all have great mc day

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Seanmar - 19 h ago

I prefer McDonalds without spice.

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George - 19 h 43 m ago


I'm writing to hopefully get a problem resolved at one of my local McDonald's store#27391 located at 9860 North Sepulveda Blvd. North Hills, CA. 91343. I live fairly close to this McDonalds and find it so convenient to go there. I have found this McDonalds to have had some problems in the past and reported it accordingly. I have spoken to the managers on quite a few occasions for various problems. I truly am disappointed that in all this time...talking years... they have not been able to get one thing to remain consistent. I'm talking about the sweetness of the Coffee. I have ordered the delicious Coffee many , many times. The problem that I have found is that even though I have asked for it the same way, I usually get it the way I asked for it about 2 out of 3 times or even about 2 of 4 times. I find this unacceptable for such a large food chain giant that endeavors to maintain rigorous standards and training. I do not want to be contacted by any manager or anyone else for that matter. I respectfully request that this matter be looked further into and resolved.

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Govind Ramadas - 1 d 21 h ago

I m writing from KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Right now, i am totally disgusted with your food chain!

I placed an order for dinner this evening. I was first given the delivery time between 9.15-9.30pm. When i checked my inline message again at 9.28pm, it was stated that they had pushed my delivery between 11.45pm-12am!!!! To mke matters worse the toll free phone line closed at 9pm and there was no way for me to followup on my order. The app is ridiculous and incomplete! Its a shame that a renowned brand such as yours is managed so badly. I am totally disgusted!!!

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THE DUCK MAN - 1 d ago


Been an customer of McDonald's for over 55 years. Not any more. Was at new MacDonald's in Sun Prairie Wi last night. Ordered my food at the drive threw. Drove around to pick up. Was greeted by a nice kid right away. Then I sat and sat . The cars piled up behind me. As I waited I watched what was going on. Women at the counter talking to some dude another person behind counter just standing there looking in a daze. And what really shock me there was a little girl about 7-8 years old behind the counter looking like she was the only one working. Wow. So Here I sit for a least 10-15 min watching all this going on. Finley some very weird looking dude not the nice high school kid the greeted me. But some very strange person.. Got the food anyway went home and had the worst McDonald's food ever. It was bad all bad . Don't know what happened over the years but come on man. It's just sad. No MORE FOR ME.

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