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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Anonymous - 3 h 57 m ago


It's terrible hdlp

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Nan Quintrell - 7 h 39 m ago


I'm just one person, but I wanted to congratulate you on your newest commercial showing a tow truck driver who has stopped to help a young lady with her car. She asks what she owes him and he says "it's on me". Later that night the tow truck driver stops at McDonalds where he encounters the same girl, and she tells him "it's on me". Great commercial!!!!!! Thank you!!

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Anonymous - 8 h 41 m ago

I have not found in McDonald's in The Last 5 Years it is worth a crap you buy your food you can't even get 5 Seconds down the road your fries are ice-cold your Burgers seem like they been under a heat lamp all day someone needs to shut McDonald's down. And all other fast food restaurants cuz they all suck

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Roberta Basham - 12 h 10 m ago


I read an item in the Chicago Tribune Sunday January 15, I believe it was, telling about the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Big Mac and I kind of expected some kind of promo to be offered tomorrow, Jan. 18th. I called three of the locations in my city of Elgin, Il. and they were surprised to hear about the anniversary and were not doing anything special. One location mentioned they were introducing a bigger Mac and a bigger Jr. Mac. Too bad you all missed that marketing opportunity.

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Anonymous - 13 h 42 m ago


Having been at Piedmont Hospital in Athens, GA with a sick family member all day, she was finally moved to a room @ 2:00 AM. I was starving and exhausted when I took a break around 3:00 AM. Was so happy to see the golden arches across the street from the hospital on Prince Avenue. Waited in the drive through for 15 minutes. Watched about 6 cars ahead of me pull out of line and leave without ordering. I pulled up to the speaker and sat another 10 minutes without being addressed by an employee. There was a car at the pick up window with 2 people in it. They had been there the entire time I was in line and still had not received their food. I pulled up to the 1st window (where you pay) and sat about 5 minutes. A young man peeked around the corner, waved at me and ducked back around the corner without so much as a word. I waited another 5 minutes or so then I also finally left and went back to the hospital to eat from a vending machine as that was all I could get at this time of the morning. Very disappointed.

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Aaron Evans - 16 h 16 m ago

Been a customer since i was five years old i am now fifty five and was very must direspected at one of your mc donalds located on main st/route 20 in Springfield ma.i would like to talk to someone concerning this matter please return my call at 413 355 7902 my name is Myrline Joseph calling on behalf if my husband Aaron Evans.i spend a lot of money at this location weekly and will not spend anymore money until this problem is resolve.

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Anonymous - 16 h 44 m ago

From what I have been reading and my experience at mcds it seems to me that the managers and employees don't take pride in their work like they use to .I know what it takes to work there as I myself at one time worked at mcds. I was a manager and if I treated the people that was under me the way they do now I would have been fired. There is no reason for any employee ,manager or crew to use profanity or put down another employee.they also need to do drug testing as I have seen employees going to their cars on break and smoking pot then going back to work. Most of the managers are rude and think they are better than others even to customers.

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Elizabeth - 16 h 49 m ago


Store number 3659

unsatisfied with our visit. We ordered the mickeyD's for dine in our fries were cold,i took them back and got "new" fries that clearly had been dropped in the fryer a second time to warm them. Our bigmac buns were stail and the chicken nuggets were harder then rocks! The only decent thing outta the whole mealwas the prepackage pure cups and the tea! Oh and the employees were very polite.

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Anonymous - 19 h 39 m ago

So today January 17th 2017 I went to order some Breakfast and one of the Manager was talking to the other Crew and I was getting upset..So I told the lady to take my order and she just stared me like if I was crazy. THE ADDRESS IS 214 PROSPECT AVE HARTFORD,CT 06106

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Ashlee - 1 d 2 h ago

I have to say that theowner of the McDonald's location in Richton Park Illinois should have no business representing your franchise. The slow drive thru and slow inside time to order and get your food is outrageous. Not to mention 85% of the time they mess your food up. Not to mention they have a 24 hour drive thru sign and they close is not only false advertisement but absolutely ridiculous. This is not recent about the service it's been longer than I can remember. They are awful and making people in my area have no faith in McDonald's anymore. I live in Richton Park and I will no longer frequent that McDonald's any longer. Taco bell here I come.

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Anonymous - 1 d 11 h ago


Keep that beautiful black lady in all your commercials. The one advertising for coffee. I had to buy coffee just because of her.

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....S.... - 1 d 5 h ago

Haha yeah right and let me guess your black

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Coolman22 - 1 d 6 h ago


Hello I love McDonalds but the closest one is ten miles away and I was wandering if you could bring one in to Cozad Nebraska

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Julie - 1 d 7 h ago


I live in gas city. In the McDonald here is a joke!

The employee and managers are always on their phones texting when they are supposed to be working phone should be in lockers or lock up while at work! I was there sat

Around 5 pm I ordered 3 chicken which two of them didn't taste right and cold and hard only one was cooked fresh which I had to wait for CUZ nothing was ready coz of phones, I asked since the fries were low if I could get fresh fries and the girl at the counter said it's against company policy to put fries down until gone so cold and old fries is what we got so I asked for my cups while I wait for my order to come out which was a take out order she told me it against company policy to give us our drinks before our meal is out so I had to wait at lease 20 minutes to get a cold meal and couldn't get my drinks while I waited. Which I can see why the drive up is always backed up too for the employee there their texting is more important then working I call that milking the clock and get payed to play on phone I wish they had those jobs when I was working fast food when I was a teen but my boss fired people that wanted to be on the phone they wanted people to work phones are outside of a job not for work ! I hope get fixed or they will be loosing several regular customer!

Thanks Julie.Fenton

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Yesenia Acosta - 1 d 9 h ago

Hi My Name is Yesenia Acosta and i am a McDonald's employee at store 3240 in Port Chester NY and This is my adress so i can receive my W2 Form 20 Sands St Apt. 1B Port Chester NY 10573 if you have any questions please call me at (hidden).

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Vera ortiz - 1 d 11 h ago

Y'all need to come and check the MC Donald's in pleasanton Texas they don't have it manage like it supposed to do they hire my daughter and when I was talking her to work they fired her on her first day realy I was a MC Donald's one day when 4 employee were outside playing with a dog then they go back inside and the manager was right there..

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Raenee Thompson - 1 d 12 h ago

My name is Raenee Thompson I am the Girl Scout leader in siletz Oregon. I would like to do a girl scout cookie fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house. I am wondering if I could get some of the "blazer meal" boxes to sell as a cookie bundle.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago

I was at the McDonald's location in Ennis Texas my food was thrown together and my fries were halfway empty and I got the wrong drink I am a hard-working person and only have a 20 minute lunch break set in drive-thru for over 25 minutes don't have time to go back to fix the order so I went ahead and try calling my location no answer and no response this is very disrespectful and a big inconvenience for myself would like someone to contact me and discuss this..

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Mrs Lewis - 1 d 14 h ago


Dear Mr Skinner.

I hope this email finds you well. I was at one of your restaurants today with my son for some ice cream, unfortunately my son had some paper in his ice cream. My son could have choked! I'm very disappointed that this has happened! Employees really need to pay close attention to their job especially where customer saftey is concerned! If you need pictures I will be happy to provide them.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Mrs Lewis.

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Patti - 1 d 14 h ago


Just got home from McDonalds in Byron Il. I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru and got home and the food was cold! I am done with that McDonalds. There was no apology for the wait!

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Anonymous - 1 d 15 h ago


I went into the store to purchase food and coffee. Prior to ordering we went into the restrooms to find that they were in horrible condition to say the least. First off: NO TOILET PAPER!!! How can a woman or little girl expect to use your restrooms without these BASIC supplies? In California as you are aware this is against the health department codes. I have taken numerous pictures of the condition of these restrooms Second: As I inquired about the condition and need for toilet paper, the girl at the counter indicated "were short staff" Do you want to order? I said let begin with getting the restroom up to speed for your customers. Then she went over and spoke with Omar? After 20 minutes nothing happen so I went up to the counter again and found out that this establishment was OUT of toilet paper. You would think someone would be pro active, get in there car and go buy some at CVS right down the street until they were able to get there load in. JUST UNACCEPTABLE ! I took my family and left and went down the street to FIVE GUYS. Missed business and the condition of the restaurant needs to be turned into the health department. WHERE CAN I SEND PHOTOS TO?

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Mike coker - 1 d 17 h ago


McDonald's in Memphis TN state line rd. And get well rd. The most rudest management .Jan 15 Sunday morning took 20 minutes I will never go back to McDonald your people suck

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Fed up with months of the same machine be in broke - 1 d 20 h ago


Tired of your milkshake machines all seem to be broken at every mcdonalds I go to. If you are not selling or don't want to sell them then take them off the menu. I have had to walk out with out my order many a time and go to steak and shake or white castle to get a milk shake with my meal. I refuse to sit down and eat a meal I dont want when it's not complete.

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Ellie Green, Fort Bragg,CA - 2 d 46 s ago


I stopped at the take-out window at my local McDonald's today. I have been here nearly every day for the past two years, to pick up a large vanilla iced coffee. I am disabled, so have to order from the take-out window. I live in Fort Bragg, CA, & there is only one McDonalds in my town. When I pulled in, I realized I was at the end of a very long line. After a few minutes, I turned off my engine. I sat there in that VERY SPOT for 15 minutes! Finally we moved forward. It still took another three minutes before I got to the order spot. The car ahead of me was asked to wait "a moment" - I was close enough I could hear that, as my windows were wide open. He waited at least five full minutes. When I finally got there, the staff woman asked ME to wait "a moment' & I called out, "NO, I will NOT wait a moment. I've already been in this line over TWENTY MINUTES just to get to the order post! I'll have a large vanilla iced coffee," & I drove on. I should have guessed that when I got to the second window (only one window was working) she claimed not to have gotten my order, & told me I'd have to pull forward & park & go inside to place my order. I'm 82 years old & am disabled, I CAN'T GO INSIDE! This woman has seen me nearly every day for two years & she KNOWS I'm disabled, I have a disabled plate on my car! I told her I will NEVER visit this McDonald's again, ever, I won't. And I've put a review on the local page giving it a #ONE, & explaining they are NOT WORKING - waiting TWENTY MINUTES TO PLACE AN ORDER IS NOT FAST FOOD. And that particular staff woman has always been unpleasant - she's short, overweight, has a bad complexion & no sense of humor. There are at least six other employees there who are quite nice & always very friendly with me, but this fiftyish woman needs to be fired! After being there every day for over two years, I will NOT go back there.

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Disappointed customer Pendleton KY pilot. - 2 d ago

Why is the Pendleton, KY store closed, when it's a 24 hr store. Fryers are being cleaned, my family just wanted milkshakes and frappe, but we're refused, didn't know the fryers shut the drink machines down, sad display!!

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