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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Mario Ferro - 1 h 13 m ago


It is 10:25pm on Friday night and I visited the location on 26601 S Dixie highway in Homestead, Florida. I was already in line to order when the manager told me they were closed. The sign outside on the door clearly states that they close at 11:00pm and I was treated very rudely. I understand everyone wants to go home early from work, but to not take my order as I'm waiting in line 35 minutes before the establishment closes is just straight lazy!!

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Chyrianne Sterling - 1 h 34 m ago


On April 26 2017, I went to your location on Highway 18 Jackson MS. And I went through the drive-thru and I ordered a Big mac meal extra mac sauce and two of your mc doubles. Now while sitting down enjoying or at least attempting to enjoy my meal with my family. Now three bites into my big mac meal I feel something funny as I try to take another bite so I of course stop and look to see what it is. I look and see that there is a label from your topping table or station which every you prefer to call it. Now I am VERY VERY VERY UPSET about this situation!!! I rarely get to eat out as it is Because of a severe food allergy!!!! So I call the store and I proceed to tell them about my findings and The Manger at the time Layla... last name unknown proceeds to snicker and say "well bring it back, No never mind don't bring it back." So I tell her well that's not an option I was already in route back to the store. So as I get there she already has an attitude and is beyond RUDE. Now I have video evidence of everything that I am stating by the way. So she has a worker take my order Which I asked to keep for evidence. And takes it into the back and throws it into the garbage. And comes to the front counter with say whatever she felt you can hear for yourself as soon as you get in touch with me I will email you the video of her acting a complete fool!!. Now on to of all this she gave me a fake coporate number. And i was arrested on false charges cooped up by her to the police officers which I called to help me with my situation. Now My 5 year old son was with me at the time along with my fiance. I am very unhappy with the way I was treated by your corporation. YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT (hidden)

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Pamela Martie - 3 h 34 m ago

On Thrusday 4/27 between 7:15 and 7:30, I went thru the drive thru at your location on Wooster St. Bowling Green Ohio.

After I ordered my food I pulled forward to wait to pay. Two of your workers came out pulling a cart with trash on it. As they went behind my car I felt and heard a bang. They hit my car! Neither worker bothered to stop and look or approach my car. I pulled forward paid for my food and told the girl at the window that I was going to take my food then pull into a parking spot to look at my car. I asked her to inform the Manager. She told me no problem and that they had camera's that they could look at. I pulled up to the next window, got my food and told this girl the same thing. After I parked my car in front of McDonald's, I got out and looked at my car. I thought by now the Manager would atleast have come out to meet me. I saw a small scratch on the end of my bumper and a smear across the back. I went in and asked to see the Manager. The girl turned and told this guy behind the counter that I wanted to see him. Without turning around he said "I Know"! When he came over to me I told him what had happened and that's when I recognized that he was one of the workers who had come out with the cart. I told him I wanted him to look at my car. We went to my car and he said well we did not put the scratch on the end. When I showed him the smear on the bumper he took his had and wiped it off. I said why did you do that? You just rubbed dirt into my paint job. He said not the dirt is on my hand. Then he said what do you want me to do. I said an apology would be nice. He said well there is not damage. Grant it the scratch on the end could have been done by someone else but what has upset me the most about this is the attitude I got from this guy. All he had to do was say he was sorry and that he should have acknowledge it when it happened.

I am not asking for anyone to loose their job. But this Manager needs some serious customer service training. I think he was just hoping I would go away.

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Stallone Brown - 8 h 24 m ago


Hello Mr. Skinner, this Stallone Brown founder and owner of McDonald's and McDonald's play house contacting just notify and for corporate to verify who I am as Owner and founder. I will be in contact with by phone and email at this email address. I would like an email with a reply concerning board members. Please contact me about and marketing advice by phone or email. (hidden), Phone (hidden). Thanks, please contact and have a great day...

Also I need to be notified of any specials and if any specials needed...

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working man - 17 h ago

Homeless sleeping in store. Is any one in charge..James Skinner, ,ceo,,,if you can,t do any thing about this,quit,,I have photo s..north whiteville store, ,Whiteville nc..4-27-17,,,,6:46am,,manger on duty sent man to wake him up,,gave him food to leave,,at least the homeless will know where to get a free meal and sleep

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MIke - 1 d ago


Your pick 2 commercial is without a doubt the most obnoxious and irritating commercial you have ever used.

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Rocky - 1 d ago


Breakfast burrito with laser ink time date and to use by information on tortilla can someone refer a lawyer

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Ginny - 3 d 5 h ago


I stopped this morning at the Rork Port Missouri location. After about 10 mins of me standing at the counter inside the manager yelled from the window she would be there shortly. Another 5+ mins she took my order for the egg white delight meal. Then I stood there while sandwich after sandwhich was sent out even to customers that came in after me. When I complained, I was told that drive through always came first and that they had to cook the egg white special. When I got the sandwich and left, I and opened the sandwich headed north on 29, I took a bite, the egg whites were barely cooked. I got sick in the car driving 70 miles an hour. When I called back to the restaurant I was told that Aaron was the owner but they couldn't get in touch with him. I asked for a call back and was told no. I called back in the afternoon and got the number to the Nebraska City office and was told to call them. I tried calling several times and just get the auto answer and told to press 5 to talk to Aaron. Which I did and it goes back to the auto answer. I guess they don't want to hear from a Customer. Maybe they would like to hear from an attorney

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

First of all eating while driving 70 miles an hour is just as bad as texting!!!! Over a $2 sandwich you're getting your pantries in s knot. Let it go and find a new McDonalds! Life's short, honey! It's not worth it

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago

yeah man come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


I was at store # 6926 in las vegas Nv two mornings in a row day 2 i spent $29 on breakfast for my family on both days my food was cold day one I let it go Day 2 at the drive-thru I asked him to please make sure my potatoes were fresh that they were called the day before very polite about it young man tells me they would be I get to the window he has to refund money because he took my order and properly so then he has an attitude my drinks are under filled after paying $2 for a tiny orange juice I got home I had no straws all our food was cold this time but the potatoes the potatoes were undercooked because I refuse to drive away from the window because I asked at the beginning to please make sure they were fresh So the manager was not happy with me all t I was very respectful to her I just refused to move as I told her that I asked ahead of time to make sure my food was fresh and hot if he had done this when i asked i would not have had to move yesterday I was here and received cold old undated burritos which I know any other McDonald's I go to they have time codes on them the eggs were crusty and hard obviously they were old today my children's food was cold I had to put it in the microwave just spent $30 on food is pretty ridiculous to have it cold makes me not want to go to McDonald's again really disappointed

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Rev. Eastwood - 2 d 7 m ago


cyleena manager at annadale viginia location had im reporting bad manner i heard foul words used from cyleena manager at an annadale virginia location , in a restaurant from managed persons i don't expect this

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

I live in new port richey Florida. I've been to several stores in my area and every morning there is someone washing the driveway with the hose . We are in a stage 1 drought . We need the water to put out fires that have erupted in our area. . I believe mc Donald's should invest in blowers to clear debri instead of using water during this dry season sincerely Donna tenaglia

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James T. Charlotte, NC - 2 d 4 h ago


Hello everyone, this complaint is regarding the McDonald's restaurant located at 9725 Callabridge Dr. In Charlotte, NC. Store number 27209. Horrible service in all aspects:

-store telephone number is provided on the 'receipt however after 30 minutes and 7 attempts i gave up.

-at this store regardless of your order you are asked to pull out and wait at a designated numbered parking I have experienced service problems at this store in the past I reminded the cashier that I expected the order to come directly to me at space 2. After waiting several minutes for this order which was a # 1 combo and chicken bacon ranch salad.the employee proceeded to take my order to other vehicles to determine who the customer was. The bags were opened at each attempt exposing the food to other customers.

-not sure if there was a manager on duty at 5:51pm EST as it is impossible to reach anyone via phone. The number called was 704 398 2221. If you call this number you will see that no one will ever answer. Why even provide this.number on the receipt at all? I wasted 35 minutes of my day just to attempt to reach management at this store.

-management allows panhandlers with signs to ask customers for money in their own parking lot!

A- I had placed two prior complaints with store management in person and suggested remedies for improvement.

-the lettuce used for the salad was not fresh and did not seem to be the usual lettuce used for salads.

-expressed to call center that I would follow up within 24 hours as they could not give timeframe as to follow up. Additional complaint via Twitter will be placed if this is the case.

Everyone- avoid this restaurant at all costs unless you want to experience horrible service and poor food quality without the ability to even reach store management to discuss.

Since solicitation of customers is allowed on this property maybe all of us should stand in the parking lot with a sign to warn customers of the service they will receive.

Mc Donalds management- I am expecting a timely response. My name's is James T. And can beached at 203 417 6063.

-contacted Mc Donalds headquarters to notify them of the situation and the representative was unable to give any timeframe as to when I would be contacted to confirm my issue was addressed .

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storm - 2 d 5 h ago


One of the best things McDonald's has done in a long, long time was to offer the three different sizes of the Big Mac. My 94 year old mother never liked McDonald's until she I gave her a Mac Jr. and she loved it. I also liked it as it as not as filling as the Big Mac. I read in todays business section that McDonald's had a 4% increase in sales and most of it was due to the three Big Macs. What idiot in your company decided to stop offering the Mac Jr.

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Jeannine - 2 d 8 h ago


Wow, you are going UP on your Ice cream cone will less ice cream than before

$1.38 IS WAY TOO MUCH. from $1.27 11 cents increased in a week.

So guess I will have to eliminate my favorite Ice Cream from now on, can purchase a real Ice cream Jeannine

in the store for less. So summer is around the corner and Ice Cream goes up, what a shame and yes I will

miss you but time will go on.

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Towanda - 2 d 9 h ago


I recently stopped at the McDonald`s located at HWY 51 and 302. I was in drive through. The associate asked me to hold then took the order of the car that pulled up next to me ( I was already there). I pulled over and went inside to speak with the Manager, she gave some excuse for what MAY have happened, instead of asking how she could help. She did not offer to take my order, just tried to explain ( a very poor attempt at that). I said to her ...."so I still have no food" she just looked . I stated I would give corporate a call , she said okay. I walked out , called corporate in Memphis and was told I would be contacted. That was Monday today is Wednesday. I typically stop at McDonald`s 3 times a week and buy breakfast for my staff.

I will not do that again, Burger King got my business twice on Monday.



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NEVER GOING BACK - 2 d 10 h ago


Store #22845 is a perfect example of why fast food workers do not deserve $15/hr. Waited 20 minutes for a sandwich and medium fry. The concept is fast food and the staff at this restaurant are incapable of delivering that.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


Phone number stated for the CEO actually only takes you to a switchboard. I'm not surprised after having worked for this corporation it is typical of the shenanigans and run around that they've gotten away with for far too long.

I was angered after leaving my place of employment but has since decided to let it go now I'm re-invigorated after being contacted by many of my fellow sufferers and after being scammed out of quite a bit of money I feel reinvigorated to make a stand because they cannot keep getting away with this crap !

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Judy b. - 3 d 35 m ago


I stopped by mcdonalds in warrior al. Tonight. Employees laying on counter where food is picked up by customers. They were waiting on checks. Had to wait to place orders so employees could order food. Waited 15 minutes before we were helped. Probably that long for our food. Employees were very rude. Restaurant needed cleaned. Very poor service.

General profile image - 3 d ago

My question is when I order a big Mac and ask them to hold the shred but add Mac sauce I'm being charged for the extra sauce but not being compensated for the no shred...I totally understand being charged if I just requested extra Mac sauce but I'm replacing my shred for extra Mac sauce so I shouldn't be charged for it...

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Buzzy - 3 d 8 h ago

Love McDonalds,like the egg Mc Muffin

Hate the Canadian bacon have you ever thought about removing the edge my wife saves hers for our dog :( I have a hard time bitting through it without it pulling out of the sandwich

Cumberland farms has an egg Mc muffin with Canadian beacon thats far better just saying :)

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 h ago


Was decrimated at your Aurora ne. Location on hirring.they told me to call hr department (hidden) that phone noumber only handles working employees tried (hidden) an the person would not take call on hiring issue. If it says McDonalds on the building it means to me the hole corperation .

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florence - 3 d 15 h ago


After seeing the face book post of an employee treating the homeless may terribly I will never visit McDonalds again. If I knew the man that was mistreated I would pay his legal fees to sue the company. I hope the employee is fired or better yet forced to do community service helping the homeless.

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Patricia - 4 d 4 h ago


SHAME ON YOU MCDONALD'S IN WARWOOD, WV AND THE ENTIRE CREW WHO WAS WORKING TODAY AT 3:45 THIS AFTERNOON! My son in law and daughter went inside to grab something to eat before he had to work and an elderly gentlemen had fallen in the dining room, his elderly wife had asked for help and not one crew member or the manager came to help them. My son in law being in his twenty's immediately helped this man who was crawling on the floor to try to reach the table. The managers name is Jim, there was another lady in manager uniform whose name is either Patty or Lisa! What a disgrace you all have showed no respect or concern for another human being and your store just lost several customers because everyone who was with with me will no longer eat at your store! I'm not sure who I should be more ashamed of, all of you or your parents for not raising you to have more respect! This makes me sick to see others being treating in such a way! The franchise should be proud of themselves for hiring this type of employees!!!! You all make me sick!

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