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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Sherry Miller - 12 h 12 m ago


I stop at the McDonald's in New Philadelphia, OH Everyday on my way home from work to get a coffee, it is never made right. Do you not have a standard that all McDonald's follow's for their McCafe drinks??? If I didn't order the same thing day in and day out it would not be so bad, but it's getting pathetic! A Carmel Macchiato, with extra Carmel syrup. Tonight I got a Vanilla with Carmel syrup, last night it was cool not hot, it's not that hard. Or the machine is down... Do you clean it at 7:30,8:30, or 9:30??? Why not 10:30 or 11:30 before closing? Who is the Manager??? Because it's ridiculously stressful, and I complain constantly! Thank You, Sherry Miller

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James - 2 d ago


Mcdonalds in Albuquerque NM on coors sucks. I stopped at location after a 8 hour drive from Oklahoma to my hotel halfway point to Vegas. I arrived at 12:15am through drive up window. I received my food at 12:43am with only 4 cars in front of me. At the window I was told cash only and then was told no reciepts because its cash only. They said they reboot registers every night at that time so cash only can be accepted and no receipts given. I said well you need help cause 30 minutes is along time. He said want get your ass in here to help than shut up and move on asshole. I called his GM this morning to complain about that and to say i paid 9.06 for double quarter pounder and large fries to get back to my hotel just half block away to find out i had a quarter pounder with cheese, nothing else on it mot even the other beef but just a single, the bottom of bun was hard, fries greesy and cold like been sitring for hour. Well GM she said take it up with corporate you got a problem and hung up.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago

McDonald's in Cordova TN. 38018 ice cream machine is NEVER working. How is it that they're advertising a new shake but we can't try it bc of the machine is down they say. They're just lazy. Machine been down for months literally!

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


McDonald's West End Nashville Tennessee

Very dirty, rude employees. One worker didn't wash their hands after doing the trash. From front to back disgusting filthy. Never have enough employees on their overnight shift. I work for Uber Eats and Postmates and they are always disgusting

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Rk - 4 d ago


McDonald's in Dover pa. Employees working long hours without breaks. Employees coming to work high.Not doing there job. High school kids are busy gossiping. Or flirting. Manager is in high school no knowledge of what she doing. Payroll was a mess. Didn't get full pay today an has to wait two more weeks for there pay wrong. This has to be reported to the labor dept. also employees not in proper uniform. Bad service at this location. In break room employee is getting high. Someone pull a knife on another employee.hes still working there

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

McDonalds rest. Is being used as a social call by the locall police dept .Under false pretenses to cover up actuall prosecution. To innocent persons. They aledge Have coffee with a cop post notices at all lincoln pk. McDonalds time and date address wich mcDonals is having this have coffee with a cop. This happened to me from a ticket recieved in the mail by a sick alcholic neighbor whom did home care had relatives to the police dept as I obtained the police report it stated catawaballas mcDonalds was at the time so confusing .I had to hire an attorney to prove these. Silly false allegations from sick alcholick next door neighbors controll freaks. Had in report every thing from stalking to snow blowe noise to I therw snow on their side walk when it was the snow plow from the street then it went to draggiing their child into crt.using her as a pawn to gain sympathy from the Judge they was also related to this dragged on dor 2 years in court I couldnt even leave my drive way with out thes sick neighbors out side taking my photo as tho it was against law to go and come from my home .I had never spoken to this child of theirs as they then aledged she was afraid of me. I was a wreck from the false alegations couldnt even mow grass untill they was gone .The bottom line was they were trying to run me out of my home and was being investigated by child ser. For leaving their baby in the home alone every time the boyfriend the father of the child went to the liguor store at babys nap time.Hiding their own alcholic habits aledging to the crts they were married. Every time they got high and drunk. They fight and want to fight. With me.70 yrs old 106 lbs.I had to get civil rights And elder abuse involved and an attorney all because this McDonalds at 2106 Dix a.Ave Lincoln Pk Michigan is allowing this have coffee with a cop. Bringing in revenue to the crts employees whom are related to indivualls are in the wrong line of work. Home Care as well as prosecutor crt stegronoffer

Has connections to realators This procedure shold be Investigated by state police these public officials should be prosecuted 2 5 2020

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38 veteran English - 19 d 6 h ago

You should remain anonymous. Check your grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, and spelling. Most of all, check your reasoning behind each point you attempted to make.

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38 veteran English is a fuckwad - 9 d 16 h ago


38 veteran English (?) is an actual walking, talking asshole. Amazingly, he is also a massive dick. This makes him a moronic oxymoron. Cheers!

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u need I more than I need u - 6 d 19 h ago

hahaha, your reply to 38 veteran English is so great! ^-^!

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

I can't understand anything you are trying to say here. I agree, you should learn to learn English and try again.

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

Trying really hard to follow this. Let me see if I can put this Picasso together. Somehow McDonald's is being used as a sting location for police and alcoholic child/elder abusers?

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David - 14 d 7 h ago


I sick and tired of McDonald's saying there open 24 hours cause there not u have 2 stores midtown Manhattan that claim to be 24 hours when I arrive at one store there closed with workers still in there laughing I show up to the Second McDonald's and they have an engraved sign in the front that says24 hits that's bull there closed as well what is this?

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Not alone - 6 d 19 h ago

David, you are not alone, I went there tried all door only one still opened so I walked in but the manager told me their lobby closed, he didn't have time to lock all the doors yet , he couldn't serve me nor took order to sell anything...... because they don't have enough people to work. ( well, McDonald's managers don't treat their employees nice is nothing new, now they pay for that ......).

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

I am sick and tired of people that can't speak English. Learn the difference between there and their and then how to use commas, and go ahead and try again so your post makes sense. I mean, really.

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Anonymous - 22 d 11 h ago

If Ray Krock was still alive , he would shit if he saw how fucking bad his company has become !!!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 15 h ago

Look up the F word's meaning--means to copulate. Use that instead, then hear how stupid you sound. Just shows a lack of intelligence. Too bad

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Anomymous2CanFuckHimself - 9 d 16 h ago


No, the first anonymous got it right: The second anonymous is a fucking retard, and also a nasty, condescending prick. Really, go fuck yourself, you sad little loser. Cheers!

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GoScrewYourself - 5 d 20 h ago


Thank You I enjoyed that !

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

I also enjoyed that. This is where I come when I am having a rough day.

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Lillie - 10 d ago

I went to McDonalds Restaurant 10364#, 3101 Roswell Road, The manager and the cashier was rude and disrespectful. I don't and never want to go there again. Could someone please contact me.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Lille, they are always gunna be rude and disrespectful. It's McDonalds, not Olive Garden.

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YourAreStupid - 5 d 20 h ago


Olive Garden sucks, Mike and rat droppings in kitchen

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Karl - 5 d 16 h ago

Could we perhaps exterminate the rats and get some adult diapers for Mike? Just trying to help.

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McDonald'sfood is fromPigs - 5 d 20 h ago


I will contact you, McDonald's employees are all stupid dum rude totally disrespectful to the max, that's how the are training

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Anonymous - 4 d 20 h ago

Not everybody u customers are all stupid n dumb, u think u are better and u disrespect empoyees because u think they are not educated and shame u are all wrong. So please start respect empoyees not all only in Macdonald but all franchise then u will get a better treatment from employees

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

You spelled almost everything wrong here...was anyone supposed to take you at all seriously? Because I certainly don't respect people that speak like you.

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Yarp - 4 d 19 h ago

Just so much here. I just know I'm never going to "Macdonald." Definitely sounds like a shifty shady place to get a burger.

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