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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Tere - 16 h 32 m ago


On your website it states that employees are entitled to sick time. However Yessenia from McDonald's at 260 Page Ave Staten Island, NY said that any employee who calls out will be removed from the schedule. Can you clarify this manner? Which is correct?

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Jed Taylor - 1 d 22 h ago


Mr.Skinner McDonalds is a leading fast food service provider nationally in the USA....... "You" offer service and products to the........Gay public, straight public, liberal and conservative public members of our society at large In an age and time where public discourse is reaching a new low it appears that the "Adult" in the room will have to be someone other than Media I draw your attention to NBC / CNBC / and the now relatively infamous Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe You probably don't need any description of the controversy this week but the plain fact of the matter is that insulting references to the Trump Admin are relatively deserved and to be considered "Self inflicted" but comments such as Mika's cross lines that are drawn in our society The casual use of a gutter slang term that I have not even heard in decades as a heterosexual male is not just a "poor choice of words" Those types of thoughts and words don't just drop off of your tongue They have to be in your "personal" vocabulary to be available "on air" Their use is a badge of disgrace that stays with you that no half hearted then scrambled on air apps and corporate damage control can erase McDonads Corporate way of product advertisement during and continuing at present.......the behavior In a time of tension and strained, often times offensive public discourse it falls to each of us.....personally - corporately .....both as human members of our society and corporate members of the business enforce standards of what is acceptable The companies I do business with and the products I pay money for make statements about how I value their services and my cash flow The Media all forms........that you support with ad buys......does the same for McDonalds Now that CNBC has announced that Ms. Brzezinski will face "no disciplinary" action........the buck, as it is, is passed to you and Mcdonalds...........and Bayer, AARP, Allstate, ect........the corporate sponsors of this content Media is more that just market share and is by way of free choice exposure on McDonalds' part......your public face As we move into 2019......a time when public discourse is going to plumb new is way past time for the Corporate Business Community to make a statement about what is acceptable and draw a line for ALL participants It is not about political sides or opinion and completely about Societal, Personal, and especially Corporate Ideals Ideals and Standards are supposed to be the same for everyone Say what you want about Trump, about Chuck Shummer........about public figures But say it in a way that is at least respectful of our Corporate Society I hope that it makes an impact on you that I have taken the time to try and speak on this issue to the Corporate leader of Mcdonalds If this is the wrong venue you have my appoligies but this fact......the third time I have tried to express an opinion to a member of the international Corporate Community in this manner The first was Bayer Corporate The second was AARP The next will be ALLSTATE My children,in fact, own stock their grandmother gave them during childhood in your corporation I have made a personal commitment to "do something" about where media - all media......seems to be headed in an age of polarization I intend to use a means that I don't really frequent as a 62 year old dinosaur........Social Media But I am a quick study and I am about to have time to devote to the issue in retirement This issue is coming......will come........has your doorstep Now is the time to take a stand and speak in terms that your vendors will understand Money Talks What will it say about McDonalds What will it say about you With respect Jed Taylor Savannah Ga

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Carie - 1 d 7 h ago


I went to the McDonald's in tampa w.Fletcher went to give my son his big mac IT WAS RAW

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago

Iron Mountain, MI no longer has holiday pies or egg not drinks....I would like to know why...Almost like a ban on the holiday???!

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BD Pittsburgh PA - 1 d 15 h ago


McDonalds in Gibsonia is so very inefficient! The other day I was in line at 7:45 am and offered a burrito. I waited fifteen minutes in drive thru with only two car in front of me. Told the cashier the wait was ridiculous, God bless her she went up front and got my burrito for me. She said there was only 1 girl working drive thru and inside counter. Also during summer months I like to take my grandchildren outside in play area and so many times it has been closed down because of a "bee" problem. Slow and not efficient at this store, very disappointing! I strongly recommend the Allison Park McDonalds, they are super efficient and after paying your order is waiting for you and orders are always correct! Maybe you should have some of those workers go to a Gibsonia and show them how it's done! Also I live by the Shaler McDonalds and their staff is not very polite and they too are very slow! So keep up the good work Allison Park Pa

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John Doe - 2 d 8 h ago


I went to the McDonalds in DOWNTOWN Pittsburgh, PA on Smithfield Street. I was standing there for 10 min. The manager not once said anything about my order. I asked for my refund back... then he place my money on the counter. That's so disrespectful. I will NEVER give another MCDONALDS MY MONEY.

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Brian - 2 d 12 h ago


I went to McDonald's at 508pm at the store#5571 I had gotten a double quarter pounder meal when I got home and started eating it .IT was raw in the middle someone should lose their job for this and if I get sick over it I will take action

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago


the mcd in ellenton fla has got to be the worse

mcd ever, the manager should be fired ,and someone go and observe the cluster f@#k there

running . there is a burger king across the street

thats where we will be going.

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Pissed off pregnant customer - 3 d 17 h ago

You guys serve breakfast until 1030am. I placed an uber eats delivery at 10am including your bagel of course, the bagels are the ONE things you DONT serve all day. I waited and waited and waited for over an hour....for the manager of the Channahon, IL McDonalds to call me and tell me hes sent away 3 drivers and to cancel my order because it was after 1030 and he couldn't remake my food due to your breakfast time frames. If I place my order before the end of your stupid times, I expect it. Not a phone call that couldve been made LONG ago. I've never been so pissed off with your business. On top of it all, he was the rudest manager I've ever talked to. Nothing but attitude back from him, didnt even give his name. I wont be visiting that McDonalds again. Thanks to your manager, my son and I didn't have breakfast today.

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Martha - 3 d 19 h ago


I enjoy the meals I get at the McDonalds In Ridgecrest, CA.

During the winter months it's not a good idea to wet down the sidewalk going into the restaurant. It can become icy very quickly. Also, floor matts should be in place inside the doors. I slipped one day coming in.

I don't like that I can't email Corporate directly.

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orianthegreat1 - 5 d ago


I don't know the store number but the location is W. 8th St. in Jacksonville, Fl. The only McDonald's on that Street. Anyway, pulled in to the drive-thru at 5 this morning just for someone to tell me "we don't have any breakfast this morning". Wth!!! That's what you guys do, serve breakfast and lunch around the clock right?? The absolute worst! Please invest in people who understand what they signed up for instead of people who lie to customers just because they're too lazy to do a job that pays them. Who likes to work for their money these days??

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Marcelo C. Lancaster SC. - 5 d 18 h ago

well I had a very bad experience with one of your store on Sunday 12/09/2018 @ McDonal"s Restaurant store #4017 316 Lancaster by pass Lancaster SC 29721

after I drove 15 minutes home to found out that my takeout oder was incomplete I return to the store 30 minutes later trying to get the rest of my family breakfast ones I got inside of the sore one of you manager came to the front of the line with some attitude tellingme that she already

give my food right instead of found out what was wrong and fix the problem she star a argument with the costumer and showing a bad actitude and disrespect if Im not wrong no less than two employees touch my breakfast before handle to me and they all make a mistake like this

shame on you store employees who can't read a simple ticket as a two hot cake plater and two bacon and egg biscuit

SHAME on you manager for being so disrespectful on a very early Sunday morning they screw up my family breafast 15 minutes after I came

back home we can't eat breakfast because everything was already cold SMH

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Jimmie - 6 d 16 h ago


Of appear to three times this year I went to McDonald's in St Louis Missouri in North Oaks Shopping Mall on Natural Bridge I ordered a 2 for 5 meals my big mac was salty and my chicken sandwich was under cook kind of raw ,I went back few months later ordered a number 1, I got home an saw it was missing the MIDDLE BUN, the place is inconsistent with the food that they make.

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Porky - 6 d 17 h ago


Fish filet is always dry, old and taste bad.

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Zoe - 7 d 10 h ago


I have had nothing but problems from the McDonald's in Slidell lousianna on gause Blvd and it's everytime I go there I have to wait for over an hour for my food and it's always wrong

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NO ONE - 7 d 17 h ago


You go into this or any McDonald's in toledo tou get the wrong order no receipt and they will NOT MAKE OT RITE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG IS THERE MOTTO.....

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Namjack@ - 7 d 18 h ago


Well after reading all the complaints below, and the 1/2 star rating all of your stores get I'll not even bother telling you about your store in Brentwood Pa Brownsville rd 15227. Only to say Wendy's just down the street got our $ 40.00 order along with 4 other customers who also walked out because of very slow service and attitude of workers. Good luck in the future, but I can't see McDonald's still around in the next decade .

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Maureen - 9 d 10 h ago


I have frequently experienced panhandling at the McDonald's at Victory Parkway and McMillan Street outside the restaurant. Today is Dec. 6th and I had an incident there, where one of the male customer's inside told me 'I should go to a white people's McDonald" when I complained to an employee inside that my order was taking such a long time. I had to pull up to the yellow line to wait for my order, and wait and wait. So, I went inside to check on it and complained about the slowness I replied to this customer that this was of no concern of his. He kept saying the same thing and I told him he was harassing me. I left with only one order which was ready (I wanted two). When I left, incredibly, I was asked for money from yet another person. I felt very intimidated by these panhandlers and customers inside. You need to do something about the inefficiency of employees at this location and the people who hang out there. I phoned 911

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Discuss!!!! - 10 d 23 h ago


I'm writing this review on the McDonald's in Cincinnati Ohio, on Delhi Pike, 45238. I don't know why they hired the RACHET, IMMATURE, GHETTO, BAD WEAVE, BAD TEETH, DIRTY black woman that was working on the morning of 12/6/18 at the drive-thru window, she had the worst attitude I have ever seen from any restaurant that I 've ever been to, reading the comments I figure I would not call corporate since apparently they will not do nothing about the situation at hand, So hopefully the cars that was in the line waiting and waiting this morning and just drove off will shed a dark light on this worker and hopefully get her fired, if ANYBODY does not want to be pleasant in the morning, then DO NOT WORK WITH THE PUBLIC!!!!!!

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tom - 16 d 15 h ago


called about a month ago about going to the new florence mo mcdonalds an was told someone would contact me havent heard from no one went to mcdonalds got large coffee when i reached for it the lid was half off the drive threw guy let go off it an i tryed to hold it as i was bringing it into car cup collasped an coffee burnt my grown ,leg, an wrist covering my new car an of corse beibng a large an being burned at the same time made me spill even more manager at store laughed i didnt think it was funny an calling me hun .really im not your hun i figured after serveral texts an calls an still no were thats mcdonalds for ya (hidden)

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Cat - 10 d 11 h ago


The same thing happened to me and my husband at the College Station Texas location.No use in complaining tMc Donald's doesn't care People all over the US.need to boycott them .Hit them where it hurts...The wallet.Let McDonalds know we are sick of the ABUSE given to us by their employees!!!!!

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Letitia Bynum - 11 d 8 h ago


Today I ordered on Uber eats around 7:46pm and haven't got my order for almost an hour so I called the McDonald's on Shrewsbury st in Worcester mass and spoke to margarita and she was very rude and unprofessional then hung up one very rudely so I called back asn asked to speak with another person she told me no and hung up so I called back again and she continued to be rude and hung up one again so I went to the McDonald's and asked for my food that never got picked up which they told me it did and no one ever picked it up and they were talking to each other about me in Spanish at least 4 other employees and when I asked if I can have my food again margarita told me complain to Uber eats.and told me I can leave because she doesn't have time for me and then ignored me when I talked to her.i did they all refused to give me the food that I payed for at least $35 worth of food when I had 3 kids at home calmly waiting for me to return with their dinner they tried to telle they can't make it again because of the contract with Uber eats stating they won't allow them to make it again when in fact I work at a business where we have Uber eats and we most definitely are allowed to make it over again if the driver does not show and they come to get it. Due to this incident I will no longer be ordering from that McDonald's again and thank you for your time.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

Wow that is bad and you should call corporate

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Hood - 10 d 14 h ago

Who do we need to address my pay from crew to supervisor

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Cindy Cross - 11 d 7 h ago

I looked up the JBS. scandal in Brazil where they were adding cardboard to the meat to increase their profits. They were also paying off inspectors so they would allow contaminated meat to go to customer. Where has food safety gone and why does McDonalds still do business with one of the worst companies in the world. If I was in charge, I would protect McDonalds integrity and never do business with JBS again. Bad news can travel too fast.

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