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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Mike and marcia - 20 h ago


We are seniors and we eat at McDonald's all the time because of a app we had on our phone.we would stop a lot more as we would get buy one get one free.or sometimes a free we will not be able to stop much it is to bad you take this away from us .every McDonald's we go to their is a lot of seniors.

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Concern parent - 1 d 7 h ago

Me and my son just left the mc donalds in the city of san bernardino after one of the cooks insulted my son and the manager didnt say nothing to the employee till after i got up and told him if he want to have problems to come out side ...the manager said she was going to talk to him but the fact is she should have pulled him aside and made him appoligize which never happened when i told her that she said to dont tell her what to do!..

As a manager she is trained to listen and make things right

I told the guy to come out side since he wanted to be big and bad and make fun of people and then he shouted out his Gangs


I drove to this resturant to eat with my son and not to be threaten or my son made fun of you will be reciving a call from me first thing in the morning and i want a written apoligy from mc donalds the manager and that gang member you have as a cook

My recipt number is 129 store #8212 redlans blvd in san bernardino

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Anthony W - 1 d 10 h ago


Just visited the store at 358 Cass Street in Joliet

Today I went into this store and order meal #3 Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries with no salt. When I was given my food I touched the fries and noticed there was a lot of salt on the fries. I have high blood pressure, so I cannot have salt. The young man behind the counter apologized and said it would be a few minutes for new fries. When I arrived home, I noticed that I was charged for a double quarter pounder meal. I went back to the store approximately around 7:30pm and I also took the extra piece of meat as proof. The manager Tom came over, and did not say hello sir or even apologize.. I explained to him that I did not order the quarter pounder meal. He proceeded to say "Well I'm not refunding your money" and I asked if he could comp my next meal. He said no you can get a dessert. I'm a diabetic, so I can't have dessert. He was very rude. When I asked for his name, he said in a very smart tone I'm Tom. I also filed a complaint on the corporate site. I want to be contacted by the regional manager.

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Arlene - 1 d 14 h ago


What a disappointment! Just went to the Mcdonalds in Middlebury for lunch.

Waited on a long line and when it was finally my turn ordered an ice tea and a lobster roll.

"No more lobster" the server said.

Summer isn't over and the lobster special is still advertised in the store.

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cold on a hot night - 1 d 18 h ago


Told problem with co2, only oj, or coffee, 20 mins. later oj warm and fries cold. not the 1st or 2ed time.

But after I tell ten friends, and they tell ten friends and so on and so on, get it.

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Shea - 1 d 19 h ago


Stop spending your money at McDonald's. This corporation doesn't care.

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Natalie 619 - 2 d 12 h ago


Store# 3252 in Meridian, Ms only offers 3 items for mix and match. Terrible service. Manager on duty states only fries, pancakes and nuggets are the options. Business wise, I understand making those numbers correct but don't cheat the consumers.

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feed up - 2 d 14 h ago


So much poor service. People stop going to McDonald's. Go any place but McDonald's. Seems like McDonald's Corporation does not care, just want money.

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Mark - 2 d 16 h ago



80 deg is way to hot in any restaurant. Why should I sweat while eating. I mentioned it and nothing.

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Khiam Major - 2 d 16 h ago

I have an issue and i just want to make sure its heard idk if it will be on here but please contact me id like to talk to corporate.

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Mr .Bey - 3 d 18 h ago


I'm writing this in regards to a situation that happened to me a few minutes ago a the McDonald in Indianapolis on *^Th street college park address there is a black man there that claims to be an owner of the restaurant I move down here to Indianapolis 86th and visit his store frequently he approached me today after me and my wife order breakfast and coffee after I had got single refill without ever having approached me before he pulled me to the side and said I notice you have been coming in here a lot I never came in his store without ordering food he told me he would refund my money because he did not like me and asked me to never return to his store again I was polite as I could be without making a seen he tried to remove my tray and told me not to come back without explanation I seemly left and told him I would call the corporate office immediately

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Mark - 3 d ago

What does his race have to do with anything? Does it make the matter worse because he's a black man? Listen to how you sound

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GEORGIE - 3 d 8 h ago



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Zack - 3 d 10 h ago


Miami beach lincoln road currantly with over 20 customes in line at about 9:30? Thank to the manager for not answering the phone and maxing your profit by continuing with minimal staff during peak hour again!


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blrrr - 3 d 17 h ago


I visited a local McDonald's again today and was DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED in the quality and cost of my food. Owner/operators like the one who owns store 32774 is a VERY BAD REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE MCDONALD'S BRAND. We live nearby this store and we have TRIED FOREVER to get a quality product from this particular restaurant. The burgers are not bad, but NOT great, BUT MY EGG MCMUFFIN THIS MORNING WAS JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE. Additionally, I had to wait 11 minutes from placing my order until I received it and then it was only luke warm ---- it would seem if they had to MAKE an egg mcmuffin special, it should AT LEAST HAVE BEEN HOT. They do more damage to an egg mcmuffin that I would think possible. This morning's muffin tasted funny too, but the muffin itself was NOT McDon's quality --- it fell apart in my hand. I have to wonder if this owner/manager (?) buys products from grocery stores vs. from the Corp commissary? There are a couple of other McDon's restaurants in our area that have similar problems, and it makes me wonder IF they are also owned by this person??? We travel a lot --- all across the USA --- and NEVER have any issues with McDon's food, except in our own immediate area. My husband and I have determined that we will NOT visit any McDon's restaurants in this area ever again. I THINK, AS A CORPORATION, YOU CAN, AND SHOULD DO MUCH BETTER, THAN THE EGG MCMUFFIN FROM SOME OF THESE RESTAURANTS.

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Cathy Griffin - 3 d 17 h ago


Came to the Universal City TX store and waited a good 10 to 15 minutes in the drive thru. 4 or 5 cars behind me left due to the wait time I'm sure but I was locked in or would have left myself. 1 car that should have been told to pull up was serviced while others waited. Then I was told the sauce I ordered was in the bag and it wasnt. So tired of this Mcdonalds an their poor staff as well as my orders always being wrong. I worked at Mcdonalds as a child and these actions would never been accepted at my store. Might be my last visit as I'm so tired of poor service.

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Frustrated - 3 d 19 h ago


I came to your restaurant at 15700 Woods Edge Rd, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 at 11:40pm on 8.15.17. (I don't remember the young lady's name but she was plus sized and Caucasian with a ponytail) I ordered from the 2/2.50 menu, two 6-piece chicken nuggets and a medium vanilla milk shake. Simple enough, right! Well, as I am pulling out of your driveway, I put my hand in the bag I realize no warmth. The chicken nuggets were cold and hard. I am thinking should I go back because I am awfully sleepy but hungry. I turn around, come back through the drive though and blow the horn several times. The manager a large Caucasian man, the lady that waited on me and an African American young lady all took turns looking at me??????? At this time it is 11:47pm. The African American lady comes to the window and asks how she can help me. I handed her the whole bag and explained that I want hot nuggets not cold and hard nuggets and requests that I be cooked fresh ones. After all the value of the money I spent is good so I want my food good. She gives a bad with a 20 box in it. I open it and all the nuggets are cold!!! So I am guessing they are thinking if they give me more I would be satisfied, No. I give her the bag back and she catches attitude and yells at the manager "she wants us to drop new ones" and slams the glass shut. Well low and behold I am waiting outside thinking I am going to get fresh nuggets. She gives me a bag that feels hot so I leave. I'm pissed so I don't eat right then. I get to the light and low and behold nuggets with hamburger grease on them! So I am guessing they put the old nuggets on the grill instead of dropping new ones on the grease! They knew I was pissed, that's why all of them kept coming to the window when I returned. Why is it ok for me to give you my money and for you to just give me any type of food that you want me to have. If in preparation to leave for the night the grease was emptied then they should have told me that I would not be able to get nuggets. I would have accepted that much better than trying to treat me like crap and force me to take your left overs.

I get off of work at 11:30pm, I am usually tired and hungry. It is an awful feeling when you come to a restaurant and the food is awful and the customer service is even worse!

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Bob F. - 4 d ago


The McDonalds on Old Town Clearfield, PA. Has a few problems. 1) The manager is nasty to her employees.. 2) There are flies all over the place. I heard from one employee that said that the store room must have hundreds of o flies in it. My family does not eat at that McDonalds anymore. Something should be done.

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Rex Smith 5743472771 - 4 d 19 h ago


Question if the drinks are any size $1 why did I receive an upgrade charge of .19$ with my cheeseburger meal store #2982

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Mc Donald - 5 d 10 h ago


My name is Jeannie and I have a family member use to work for your company for almost 20 years and never call out from work and she was a very hard worker, until one day she got hurt in your restaurant one morning, and it was reported to your company and her health got even worse.

Now my question to y'all is how can y'all sleep at night when one of your best worker gotv hurt in y'all resturant and even have stock in y'all company and you won 't even give that up to her,

What kind of company are y'all running and how can you treat your employees like that ., Her family been helping her out every sense she got hurt on the job, we been taking her back and forward to her doctors appointment and y'all just set back on your ass and don't give a damn about your employees at bring in the money to y'all company, because if it wasn't for them, where would your company be today. What kind of Christian are y'all treat people like this., Would you like to be treated like you treat your employees when they are down and don't have any money to support there family.

When y'all need to do is read your Bible about how would you like to be treated and how should you treat other, because Jehovah doesn't like anyone to treat his people bad or anyone on earth.

Everyone will have to answer to him when the day come .

So, please answers my questions about how can you sleep at night when y'all treat your employees wrongly.

Just give her, her settlement and stock that she work so hard for so she can support her family.


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James Simms - 5 d 11 h ago


I've already called your customer service line on these issues, but I'll be happy to let a higher up know. Last night, I ordered hamburgers & a large fry from you pr 15th St store in Tuscaloosa, AL. Got home burgers were hot but when I got to the fries, they were semi-warm & the container wasn't slap full of fries. I'm on disability & if I'm paying $2.25-$2.50 for a large fry, I expect them to be piping hot & slap full of fries. I had a similar experience w/your store @ 6501 Interstate Lane, same town. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes to get through the drive through. When I visited that store two or so months ago, I ordered the same thing, burgers & fries. When I got to the takeout window, I asked the girl if they were hot. She responded " stick your fingers in & feel for yourself" I did & responded they were lukewarm @ best. I get the opinion the workers act like they're doing you a favor by being there. Nothing more "yuk" than cold or lukewarm fires. However, your store on 12th Street in downtown Tuscaloosa is nothing like that. The drive through moves @ a fast clip & the fries are piping hot & well salted, the way I like them. Have struck up a friendship w/one of the cash register ladies; she asks abt my dogs, I tell her abt them, very friendly & outgoing. Can't think of her name, but she should be in public relations in some capacity. Because of her friendliness, I make it a point to try & give her a little something around Christmastime as I think she may have children @ home. World of difference between the 12th Street & Interstate Lane stores...I try to avoid the Interstate Lane store @ all costs. It's maddening to have to sit in line for as long as I mentioned just for a large, sweet iced tea. BTW, I'd get a sweet iced tea even if it were 20 below zero outside.

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Angela L - 5 d 12 h ago

I ordered my son a Happy Meal with chicken nuggets and as he was eating the chicken nugget he bit into something that resembled a piece of hard plastic or rubber, he could not chew it and had to spit it out. I don't believe this is the restaurant's fault. I believe it's something that should be dealt with from corporate because it was inside the chicken nugget. I'm very disappointed because I thought McDonald's had changed the chicken nuggets to be all white meat and this is obviously not all white meat it's some kind of piece of hard something it's not a bone it's more like a piece of hard plastic. My son eats chicken nuggets a lot and I'm just so thankful he did not get choked on this. I'll be more than happy to send you a picture I'm holding on to it. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this!!!!!

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Previous customer - 5 d 14 h ago


Store # 1520 Naperville Blvd.will never return after a Trump Flag proudly flying from a pick up in the most conspicuous place in lot after the tradegy in Charletteville. It was In that lot before and I just bit my tongue but that day disappointed me concerning the response from manager that they were a frequent customer and could not address the issue. How sad we become to this.

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Denise - 6 d 11 h ago


Senior coffee thank You and dollar menu Thank You

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 s ago

I'm working in Cary north Carolina and went to the McDonald's on walnut st on 8-14-17 and 90% of the employees were speaking Spanish that pretty much done it for me I will never go back to a McDonald's again anywhere

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