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Meow Mix Co

1200 Market St NE
Decatur, AL
(256) 552-7411
(256) 552-7435
Annual Sales Est
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sue smith - 109 d 45 m ago


My cat Boo Boo loves Meow Mix. He has eaten since he was a kitten. Boo Boo is now 5 years old and still loves his Meow Mix. The funny thing is he looks exactly like the cat on the bag. I would love for you to see and maybe meet him. He is super outgoing and friendly and would do great in advertisement. Meow Mix is the best cat food ever!!!

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SG - 1 y ago


Never again would I buy this food for my cat after what I found this morning !

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SZA - 1 y ago

What did you find out?

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Angry Amymarie - 1 y ago


I found a whole piece of fish.... skin and all.....

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To angry AM - 218 d 13 h ago

Mm good , you should be happy you got a bonus !!! Kitty ate it right ??


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Karl - 218 d 13 h ago

I'm with you, Bubba! My cat would be delighted to eat nothing BUT whole pieces of skin-on fish from now on! By the way, fish skin is VERY nutritious; for humans AND cats! YUMMY!

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Roberta Yamak ... IBaught MeowMixCat Food In The Plasic Container ...The Foil Was NOT properly sealed ... - 128 d 19 h ago

DON'T Blame U NietherWill I ... Ransit Food Disgusting ...

No Wonder U Get No Response ...

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Cats in Knoxville - 129 d 20 s ago

Since i can't seem to get anyone on the phone where can i purchase meow mix wet food Salmon and Red Snapper.

Hungry cats in Knoxville, TN

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Nikki - 1 y ago

I would like to say thank you for being truthful as I have seen the vitamins and minerals at work in your food. I live at a shelter in a not so great part of town, and I feed every stray cat I come across. One day I saw a cat that you couldn't tell was a cat. He was so meager with no fur, 3 legs and his rib cage showing, I cried. I started feeding him everyday with meow mix as I feed all my cats, and now, you can't tell it's the same cat. He is fluffy and fat and you can now see that he is a tabby. He waits for me to come everyday and I am so proud of him. He talks a lot more now than he did before, and its a pleasure to see him looking so much healthier. Thank you..

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To Nikki - 218 d 13 h ago

Keep up the good work Nikki , awesome success story, glad to hear that there's people like you that care !!


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Anonymous - 218 d 19 h ago

I received your letter about my complaint for the 2 bags of food I purchased and I'm NOT happy!

You have said you "shared" my complaint with your Quality Assurance Team, that's it, really??!

Not only do not take responsibility for your product being put on that shelf for customers to buy in that horrible condition it was in, you show absolutely NO concern for my cat having eaten that green moldy looking substance, you tell me I have to get my reimbursement in 3-4 weeks, are you kidding me???!!!! Did I go to the store in the check out line and say "I'm buying this food now, but I'm not going to pay you for 3-4 weeks to see if the product is ok to eat"??!!

THIS is how you run your company?? This is how you treat customers who trust that when you put that food on shelves for purchase your food will be safe and edible?? You never, ever once said you were concerned for my cats and if they got sick from this disgusting substance that should NOT have been put on shelves you eould cover any vet bills I may incur. THAT'S how you show me how your company cares about me and the my cats who are MUCH more than animals to me, they are my babies and my friends. This is as disgusting as the bags of food I purchased from you!!!

I want my reimbursement sent out immediately and I am going to make sure in your Facebook page how you handled this customer's complaint!!

ThereseMarie Sollberger

4183 W 140th St

Cleveland OH 44135


REF #12885706

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Frieda Sacripanti - 230 d 13 h ago

My cat only likes meow mix my problem ...stores use to carry single cans which gave her a nice variety now can only find it in boxes of 12 or more. Each box only contains 3 flavors. By end she doesn't eat because she is bored with same 3 flavors. Why can't they carry singles the same as fancy feast and Purina and others?

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Melanie Pressley - 260 d ago


I buy 13 pounds of Meow Mix every week & wanted to know if you have a reward points club. Thanks, Melanie

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Jacqueline - 273 d 16 h ago

On how earth do I get a hold of someone higher. I need to speak to them now.

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J. T - 293 d 18 h ago

I bought a new bag of 30 lb. Meow mix original. The size of the food is smaller and the color is darker than all the other 30 lb bags I have bought. What is the difference? I buy approximately 5/ 30 lb bags a month. I feed approximately 15 to 25 cats a day, so I use at least 1 bag a week if not more. I have always bought this size since it came out.

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Melly the crazy catgirl :) - 1 y 215 d ago


My kitties love Meow Mix pate toppers favorites, Which you are discontinuing! Noooooo! Please consider keeping this product!!!! I am hoping you can keep my kitties eating meow mix! I will have to use Fancy Feast as that is the only other food they will eat when I am out of the pate toppers- I have 5 cats and feed 7 at my workplace. I am always broke from buying catfood! But it is definitely worth it! Please reconsider!!!!! :)

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Logan - 1 y 214 d ago


This place suck I feed the to my dog and cat the both ended up with brain cancer and face cancer and stomach cancer from this food they both passed away my dog was fourteen but still passed away with cancer then my cat was 9 years old and got all sorts of cancer from this food if you want your animal to get cancer then stop feeding them this food now and I am being serious

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

WHY would you feed your poor dog cat food?? That is not healthy.. and did a veterinarian say that the cancers were due to their diets?? This sounds extremely fishy...

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Woof - 1 y ago

Yes Melly, you are a bat crazy catgirl!

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OldEnufToKnow - 1 y ago


Bought Meow Mix wet food with chicken and whole shrimp...NOT ONE PIECE of shrimp was in the container. Can't get through to customer service. Not good way to treat cats or customers

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Valjean - 1 y 113 d ago


I was trying to get a free sample of the single serve cups but they sent an empty box except for a small peice of paper explaining the ingredients of what i was supposed to get.

I'll give him a half good rating for the laugh.

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Jonna - 1 y 109 d ago

I got the same thing. My poor cat was sure disappointed! Lol

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