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Collette Darby - 12 d ago


It took me a week to write this review because I am still calming down from my experience with the Mercedes Benz Southbay service department. I purchased a vehicle from this same dealership. I had been 2 years without a car after a drunk driver totaled my previously owed Mercedes was totaled. I was so tired of rental cars, that when my claim settled all I wanted was my OWN !! car again. I did a test drive with the dealership, I loved the vehicle and the price was within my budget (better than I anticipated), So I get the car and within hours of my purchase, I notice my sound system is sound odd. There is a vibration and humming sound coming from the rear of the vehicle as if the speakers were busted. So we made an appointment with the service department for Wednesday. I have this 5 day window to return the car, and we are now on day 3. I'm told by the service department that it will cost me $1,080 to fix the speakers, Used car dept is not willing to pay the cost and the Service warranty I just purchased does not cover the speakers. So I said fine I"ll pick up my car and get speakers fixed some where else. Remember I have owed the car for less than a week. So I go to pick up the car and I notice the radio and sound system is not working. About 3 to 4 people come over and everyone is pushing this button and that button and the system is not coming on at all. A sale manager comes over and starts to tell me give him a few days and they will find me another car, I tell him I'm confused by this statement as all I wanted to do was pick up my car and get it fixed elsewhere. He tells me leave the car (AGAIN) and they will get the system repaired. I return the car again. SO in 22 days I have driven this car about 7 days total. So again after about 10 days I go back to pick up my car. Gues what I'm told everything has been reparied and my system sounds great. As I prepare to transfer items from my loaner car I notice a huge piece of metal 2 pieces and ask the bay worker What is this from and why was it just left in my trunk. He went inside and spoke to someone. The metal pieces were removed from my trunk and I left. Well ya guessed correctly my speakers are still making the same destortion as before. I'm so tired of it seeming like women get the shaft from car people. My brother showed me that my rear speaker were completely off and just the front speakers were functioning. When you did adjust the balance you could hear the distortion from the speaker. Some said take it back, but why would I take it back when they clearly had no intention on repairing my system. THey called me told me how wonderful my sound system was sounding like brand new. What a lie. I so upset that these service guys think this is okay to do. Pretend to do work that they never ever did. I am a singer and I love music I sing all the time in my car before. I listed to music that I have to learn for various events. Maybe I should of told them that, but my main focus was getting out those rental cars and owning my own car again. I never would have thought that a Mercedes dealership doing it inspection of all of its vehicles would sell a vehicle with a busted sound system. Don;t you guys do those through inspections of all vehicles? It seems you missed my car. The service department at Southbay Mercedes Benz is the worst for committing fraud on female customers. In this day and time you think MEN would get past this type of sterotype behavior but even when buying luxury men's bad behavior comes through.

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Dale - 18 d 10 h ago


I purchased a 2016 E350 from Ontario Mercedes Benz (California) a few weeks ago. I contacted the internet sales person after deciding which one I was interested in. I asked for the out the door price $ 29,964. I received a prequalified certificate from my credit union and was instructed to present the certificate to the salesman and return with a purchase order. My credit union would transfer the money to Mercedes. After arriving and test driving the car another salesman said my certificate was useless because my credit union might burn down or go out of business and I would have to finance through Mercedes. Everyone I can into contact was informed that I was going through my credit union. The finance manager urged me to sign with them if I wanted the car while saying I can always refinance where ever I wanted. This was labor day weekend I guess they were instructed to sign anyone any which way they can in order to get as many people to finance through Mercedes only. I am still currently dealing with them and their less than honest practices. I am in contact with Daimler Benz of Germany and relaying the situation with them.

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Anonymous - 20 d 51 s ago

Do you have any job openings at the corporate office? Thank you

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steve - 20 d 18 h ago


worst vehicle ever... in 4 times for gps/voice to text on a 90,000. under warranty. they refuse to fix.replace. did many updates, but still not working. they said it works on their apple but it does not work on my android.. funny instructions don't say only works with apple. trying to file lemon law on it, so i mail certified letter and mercedes refuses delivery of it.. so cant even get the ball rolling

HORRIBLE vehicle, and dealers, well they claim their hands are tied... up to local rep. told me i have to call 800 to file a case.. WHAT.. that is the dealers job ... games they are playing. horrible car, horrible service, horrible situation... i would trade car, butin 18 months the car lost over 50% of value.. so i am not ready to walk about from 50,000 in lost equity... and they wont offer me a buy out or upgrade deal AVOID BRAND AT ALL COSTS>

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shanerra - 39 d 17 h ago


WORST Service I have received from a Mercedes Dealer in all my years of owning 3 Mercedes Benz cars.Took my car in for a service B and a recall update on the navigation .I purchased the car from this dealership and wanted to give them the business again. The loaner car had coffee and cigarettes ashes in the car however I didn't complain. I drove an hour and a half to return to pick my car up 2 days later, I arrive to dealer and the car navigation is not working and it was there for an update (re program) on the navigation . They offered to send someone to my home to bring my navigation SD card. I drive another hour back to LA home and once I get home, I get out my car and notice a huge dent in the back side. They thought I wouldn't notice. I was furious at this point. I contacted my service advisor Bill Parks and the service advisor manager Tom Swire notifying them of the dent and immediately returned back to Valencia costing me another hour and missing work. I arrive to dealer. The service advisor manager Tom Swire apologizes, but then states he doesn't need a lecture about Mercedes Benz customer service because I expressed how upset I was having to miss work , drive back for a 3rd time that day, and how they have failed to uphold the Mercedes Benz brand and standards. All he offered was attitude and to put me in a loaner for an additional week while they send my car to the body shop .

The dent had a technicians oil finger prints on it and oil reside above the dent. When I brought the car in it has zero damages also inspected and noted on the service sheet. The dealer washed the car so they were aware of the dent and failed to make sure the car navigation was updated before I drove an hour to pick the car up. I have reached out to Mercedes Benz corporate and the chief operations of MB of Valencia. We spend excessive amounts of money on service and the least they can do is make sure the vehicles are ready when customers drive hours away. I've had service at Mercedes of Encino, Keyes of Van Nuys, Cal star of Glendale Mercedes, and Mercedes of Long Beach on my previous Mercedes cars. This is by far the worst Benz dealership and I regret buying my car from them. I do not recommend service or even purchasing a car from this Dealer.

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Mercedes-Benz corporate: FUCK YOU!!!! Spending $1,000 on fucking bullshit that should d have never fucking happened. Jennifer has a terrible attitude too.

Stupid pricks...

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Mark - 60 d ago

Mercedes does suck. I took my car in 4 times over same issue. They charged me 2200 bucks on parts i did not need then they said it was a clogged filter under warranty. WHAT A SCAM THEY ARE.

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Anonymous - 69 d 20 h ago

Mercedes Benz suck I have a recall on my car and was treated with such disrespect , No help or assistance , The customer service rep was rude and unprofessional

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Will never buy mercedes again - 220 d 17 h ago


Wow.. Seems like mercedes has quite a few people that are dissatisfied with their product...Well, here's one more for them...I don't complain or bad mouth anyone but this is a problem that i will take to the courts.. I purchased a 2010E350 in Dec of 2012. The car is beautiful but the interior sucks..First off, the wood grain on the passenger side dash is fading and the seat is tearing at the seams...I had the passenger side seat replaced in 2017 for the same problem.. Now its doing it again but not only the passenger side, the drivers side as well.... That makes 3 seats for this car in 9 years..A little over 100,000 miles and this is happening.. I have a 2000 toyota and the seats still look brand new. The estimate to replace both seats is around 3000.00 which i refuse to pay. Im not overweight, I don't abuse my car and I rarely have people in the passenger seat. For the seam to give way this many times is ridiculous. I spoke to Mercedes in Georgia and they offered me a 400$ gift cert to use. I told them to keep it and will be going to the court house Monday morning to take a summons out to have this fixed. The car will be sold or traded in and I will be moving on to either Lexus or a BMW. The car has been in the shop way to many times for me to purchase another Mercedes. So you're down one more dissatisfied customer that will never return. Thanks for nothing mercedes!! See you in court..

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NEVER AGAIN!!! - 208 d 7 h ago


Wish I would have read the reviews before I leased my MB I HATE this crappy car

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Anonymous - 194 d 19 h ago

Wow I was thinking of leasing. Tired of something going wrong everytime I take benz in for service , something else goes wrong! A coincidence? Hmm or shitty mercedes benz? Or just uneducated machanics making money with service rep?

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LINDA BLOOM - 85 d 15 h ago


Go to BENZEL BUSCH in 'ENGLEWOOD. Serve and people are beyond good.

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Anonymous - 88 d 13 h ago

do anyone knows mr dieter zetsche and mr roland folger email........

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Annelie Brinkman - 106 d 12 h ago


I have been a proud owner of an S-Class Mercedes since 1998. I love Mercedes cars particularly the body style made between 1993 and 1999.

However, my current vehicle's vacuum pump went out in Mid-March of this year. Because of that, I am no longer able to remotely operate the door locks and trunk. This has been most inconvenient as I am having the most difficult time reaching across to the passenger side to unlock the door for a passenger, as well as the rear doors when I have guests riding with me in my car.

My 1999 S-320 is in great condition, and as of now has approximately 134,000 miles on it. I have taken extremely good care of this car, and since I love this body style so much, am not anxious to buy a new one.

When the vacuum pump went out in March, I took it to a shop that deals in refurbishing old cars. The owner told me an after-market vacuum pump would have to be found as Mercedes no longer makes them for this car.

I was very disappointed to hear that a part for a merely 20-year old car is no longer being manufactured. I see much, much older Mercedes on the road, and wonder now, how the owners manage to keep them on the road.

The owner of that shop has tried and tried, all over the USA, but has not yet been successful. I have more than one car, but this MBZ S-320 is my favorite ride. It rides smoothly and quietly, and I hate the idea of having to give it up just because of a broken down vacuum pump.

Is there anything you can do to help? Would there be one available in Germany?

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Anonymous - 113 d 7 h ago

My vehicle was left UNSECURED with windows down hoop ope. In the parking lot. i am highly upset it is raining and the dealership is in a area that my vechile is at risk of a break in. I hold the dealership of fayetteville NC responsible. I am not happu at all my vechle has been there for 3 months n i paid 1300.00 to have it repaird cash. And this is how they treat a paying customer

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Anonymous - 113 d 15 h ago


#Shameonyou #MercedesBenz #Mercedes #USArmy (hidden) Mercedes Customer Care 1(hidden) MBUSA.COM Mercedes Benz of Louisville KY 2520 Terra Crossing Blvd Louisville, KY 40245 This Mercedes Benz Dealership did a US Soldier wrong on so many levels.This Serviceman had his vehicle towed to the location above for repair Monday June 17th.Was informed via email that the vehicle would be repaired Tuesday 18th.Never once offered the Soldier a loaner .1st Mistake. He was inconvenienced by having to shuttle to and from base for an entire week while serving duty in KY.To make matters worse,they NEVER ran the diagnostics on the vehicle til "Thursday",which rang up to the tune of a #Ridiculous cost of $300.Keeping in mind this Soldier is due to leave base Friday June 21st. 4+ calls were made to the #Mercedes Benz Customer Care Center and NOTHING was done.NOTHING!!!.#Mercedes Customer care was absolutely USELESS as NO ONE contacted this Soldier to resolve the issue of inconvenience and overcharging as requested on several occasions. They merely took notes and reassured nothing but false hope. They even agreed to waive the $300 for the inconvenience and never did. They pretended to care and never acted on the concern.The last 2. calls were a specific request to speak DIRECTLY to the GM of Mercedes Benz of Louisville KY.Never got that call.This Soldier was sent another impersonal email with a total of nearly $1300 requesting an online payment with no personal contact from the dealership specifically. What happened to Customer Service.They lied and said the part was going to be overnighted on Thursday for Friday and the repairs will be done only to justify their ridiculous invoice.Miraculously the part appeared and the car was ready Thursday.All the more reason to question their diagnoses and astronomical charges. This man who vowed to protect and serve our country was wronged by #MercedesBenz.He was over charged and inconvenienced and that is completely unacceptable!!!!Share if you agree.Something needs to be done about this. You wouldn't hear our complaint on the phone,maybe you'll hear my complaint now Shame on you #MercedesBenz for treating this Soldier so poorly. #ImWithYouSoldier

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Anonymous - 120 d 7 h ago


I drive a 2011 E350 with only 50,000 miles and the radio just stop playing, I keep it serviced at MB dealer, and I think this is a shame, radios don't stop playing in fords. I would never recommend this car 2 anyone 2 buy, total ripoff

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Brock - 123 d 18 h ago

I thought I would express my concerns as it relates to the continued removal of storage area/compartments on the CL 550 and S-Coupe. I have owned 5 coupes since the mid nineties.. Previously you could find storage under the front seats and door arm rest. The under seat was removed pre 2010 but the arm rest and a double compartments in the center consul remained. Then in 2015 the arm rest was removed and consul reduced to a single compartment. It also feels like the glove compartment is smaller. I hope the designers will think about restoring some of this storage area in future models. I also have a coupe that you cannot open the trunk without a key or opening the door. I feel this is a real oversight particularly if you have paid $120,000 to $144,000 for this vehicle. I hope these are constructive observations.

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Anonymous - 139 d 15 h ago


I was going Mercedes Benz house of imports I was going to get a used Mercedes and then today somebody dealership toll that they were fixing the car it will be finish next week

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RHAMURTA (Tobi) - 154 d 9 h ago


I bought my 2014 certified pre-owned CLA 250 in Nov 2018 from Inskip Mercedes Benz in Warwick Rhode Island from Frank ( lovely hispanic gentleman). I had minor issues which were resolved 90% same day or within a great time frame. Everyone at this location really works hard! Even the General Manager Manny! Manny was easy to contact through telephone and easily resolved my issue with an explanation and email. I had dealt with Eric the sales manager most of the time. Eric is wonderful does not "beat around the bush" and is about " customer satisfaction". When I was miss lead about information on my warranty Eric directed me to Jeff a member of the service team. Jeff was understanding and made it his duty to make sure I understood the next steps. I cannot for get about Nick (with the great man-bun)! Nick was awesome he greeted us in the show room ( it's nice when people recognize you and say hello). He held a brief conversation with us and brought us over some complimentary water's while we waited. Very wise man and down to earth! I would buy another car/ or refer a friend to him or Frank. Anyways a job that should of took a day or two; took a short amount of time and I was out before dinner time.

What I like about this location is that they understand things go wrong and buyers get frustrated. They have compassion and will help you pick the suitable choice for you.

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Dennis Henderson - 163 d 11 h ago


Mercedes Benz, "The Best or Nothing", What a Joke! I Have, NOTHING! I bought my car in January on the 8th. It is Now, May 5th, and just got my car back, 2 days ago! I spoke with Susan, in Complaints, which was WORTHLESS, and asked her to give me her bosses number, (WHICH SHE, WOULD NOT DO!), Then Irene, called me and said she was her boss, admitting I had not been treated right! Then, I was told Irene, HAD NO BOSS, AND SHE WAS THE TOP, OF THE LADDER! Everyone has a Boss, so she, clearly, LIED to me! My Driver Assist failed, as did th antilock braking system! I called Roadside, asked that it be towed to Dealership, which was denied,after 3 attempts. It was tied to their body shop! No dent was in the car and it was $8,200, out of pocket! I also bought a 3 Year extended warranty. Corporate WILL DO NOTHING FOR YOU, ABD CANNOT ANSWER, WHAT THEY, DO! They will not mediate, litigate, or even call on your behalf! I bought my first S-Class, at 19, and have so many Mercedes, I Cannot Count! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE,! You need to change, Your Saying to "NOTHING ". That is what I Have! I Will Never trust this Car! It's Electrical! Now to register, I have to send them $936.00, which I have Already Done! They have NO RECORD, AFTER 7 DAYS! My bank said my Account, WAS NOT CREDITED BACK, THE $936.00!!! So, WHERE IS MY MONEY? Never AGAIN, MERCEDES! You Will NEVER GET ANOTHER PENNY OF MINE, AFTER ALL, I HAVE SPENT, WITH YOU THROUGHOUT, THE YEARS! BELIEVE IT!!!

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JB - 166 d 19 h ago


One logo on the Mercedes Benz of Palm Beach Website is "The Best or Nothing".

Well, I Got Nothing. I left several detailed messages for the Service Dept and received No Response. Then, I left a detailed message for the General Manager, Raj Alexander, and again received No Response >1.5 weeks later.

The multiple times I called, I reached a poorly trained, unprofessional receptionist who did not take the time to direct me to the appropriate dept, however, she did give me 'the bum's rush'.

Based on this dealership's lack of interest and response, I should find another manufacturer who respects their customers throughout the life of the products they sell.

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Anonymous - 168 d 18 h ago


I have 2008 C300 4matic. Recently my check engine light came on and I brought to the Dealership in Atlantic City, NJ for diagnosis and air bag recall to be completed. My Service Manager provided me with an estimate of $16,000.00 !!!! YES $16,000.00 on a Car worth about $6500.00 Shame on Mercedes Benz if an 11 year old car would need $16,000.00 worth of repairs. Needless to say I only had a head lamp side lamp and wiper blades replaced along with a Diagnosis fee of $195.00. Regarding the Airbag recall I was told my SRS warning light was on and that would have to be repaired before the recall could been done. I specifically asked what needed to be repaired in the SRS System so I could have the air bag recall done? Response $195.00 diagnosis is needed. WHYYYYYY I just paid $195.00 for a Diagnosis!!! I will not buy another Mercedes because I cannot find a Dealership that is honest and has good service!!!!!!!

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No homelink in a220! - 175 d 19 h ago

A220 sedan disappointment. Can't believe that this car, which is about the highest tech car in the line up, does. NOT include a home link garage door opener. I mever even thought to check as as felt certain that would be standard, not an option! That is TRULY ridiculous

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Dissatisfied in Paramus - 183 d 13 h ago


I have been a Mercedes lease holder for 20 years. I have purchased from the same person over that time and been extremely brand loyal. Recently the dealership i work with was sold and is now Paramus Mercedes. I have been disappointed from that point and I find it hard to even consider staying in a Mercedes. The service department has had a series of missteps, however they have made every attempt to correct the situation.

The sales department on the other hand is not one I have any intention to work with any longer. The rude arrogant salesperson put on my account since my sales person retired is the epitome of unprofessional, I was the recipient of some general emails not actually intended for me. When I replied I asked about my previously sales person, I explained what I was looking for and stressed my brand loyalty position. The reply i was given was "yeah well hes gone and you cannot get what you are looking for in that range". I was more than disgusted in his dismissive manner and I asked a follow up question regarding the buy out of my car. He never replied and I followed up 1 week later. He told me the 1st time he was tending to some personal matters, the 2nd time he told me he was with a customer and passed me to his asst, at which point she provided the wrong information.

If this is Mercedes new platform for customer service it really sucks.I have driven a mercedes as much for the comfort as I have also enjoyed the buying experience and ease that it presented. Im 100% less inclined to move forward with another Mercedes come my lease end. If Im too small of a customer Im sure other brands will appreciate my loyalty.

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