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lon p - 1 h 23 m ago


ok... I have a c300 and I went to Newport Beach,CA mercedes for a car wash. Now I purchase 3 cars from the fletcher jones in temecula. One thing I know that this was a car that I worked hard to have. I love that you are treated very well when you go into a mercedes dealership. Well I had previous car washes in Newport Beach dealership and had no problem but yesterday Aug 17 was different. While I was waiting in line a worker in the car wash told me I can't get a car wash because I don't have a preferred sticker. I'm like really, your going to deny me a car wash because I don't have a sticker on my windshield? No we can't do it. Well I didn't stop there I wanted to speak with the manager. I spoke to the manager and he said yes you need a sticker, and if you purchase a car from our dealership you can get a free car wash, we will do it this time but you can't come back to get one in the future. Ok this felt like discrimination, not in race but because i didn't have a sticker I not considered as preferred. They could of pulled my vin number up to show I was but it was already assumed that I wasn't. I assumed that when you buy a mercedes you are preferred. Well I wasn't. I pay for a $40,000 mercedes car but I'm low class. This effected me to the core. I take pride of driving a mercedes but at that time I felt less than. I'm writing this because this isn't right. No matter where you purchase your car and your under the fletcher jones family you are preferred. with all the things that we face I never thought I could be treated in this way. And just so everyone knows I wasn't given a sticker when I purchased my car. So if I wasn't given one I'm not in the elite group... there is no rating. it doesn't deserve a 1 star. P.S all they can do is get me a sticker. To late the impression went downhill already..

lon p.

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BJ - 6 h ago


I am very frustrated with Mercedes. I needed a key for my car and have been waiting for 2 weeks and was told it could be another week or so because Mercedes Corp is out of keys. This is absolutely unacceptable. I will definitely will have a second though before buying their cars. The customer service says Mercedes does not know when they can get a key. Very disappointing.

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Sona Grigoryan - 4 d ago


Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Coming from BMW I am so beyond disappointed. It has been 6 months of headaches and no answers! I expected more from a "luxury" brand. I will never recommend Mercedes to anyone I know.

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Muralidhar.P. - 9 d 11 h ago

Respected Sir and Madam,

I here by Mr. Muralidhar.P. escalating here with from India on behalf of me I am projecting to mail my project report for which I need concerned E-mail Id of Mercedes-Benz corporate office person. Kindly do the needful.

My mail id is (hidden), Requesting to for ward to my mail id to so given my mail id.

Thanking you all,


+91 (hidden)

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Evelyn Browning - 19 d 6 h ago

I have an idea for you. So many people are using their cars as a home/office away from home. Why not put touch screen on inside roof. Have window shades. People can watch tv, shop, order food. So many eat lunch in their cars it's a big deal at least in Plano Texas. Make a pull-out tray for eating and a cooling console. You'd sell hundreds if not thousands more in states like Texas. Signed Evelyn Browning Mercedes owner from Dallas

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Hayee - 23 d 7 h ago

I Have A Mercedes 83' 380sl I'm Trying To Find A Idle Control Valve New And Every Where I Check I Getting A Discontinue Item (hidden) And There Is No Replacement Item For This Car Why You Have Thousands Of These Car Being Restored And You Stop Making Replacement Parts I Just Restored Mine Buying Used Electrical Parts At A High Price Is Just Crazy With A 30 Day Warranty Please Come Up With A Replacement Part Number

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Sue - 27 d ago


I have a 2012 MLK350 and bought it from an expensive dealer. I got the vehicle because it had low miles and was factory certified and had a 1 year extended warranty. Several times it was in the shop for running rough. Each time they said it was spark plugs, but would only replace the ones that the computer would say it needed at that point in time. That happened several times and was a big inconvenience for me and they did it piece mail. Then I took my car in again for running rough, but they said it was fine. I brought it in again just as the extended warranty expired and they told me that my radiator had a pin hole and that the radiator fluid had got into the transmission. Then come to find out there have been issues with Mercedes for years with them using bad radiators from Valeo. Guess what kind is still being used in my car, yes the one they knew they had issues with. I want MB to make good on this and either buy my car back or do the repairs under the warranty. This is a recall situation and scam and potential class action suit. Who else has had this issue?

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W Scoty - 33 d 7 h ago

I own a 2014 MB SL 550 with factory MB extended warranty. The drivers side seat AC started making noise an MB said it was not covered . No one from MB can be contacted . DONT Own their cars out of warranty. The Germans have a great so called drive to perfection an could care less about customers. It's all about profit on the dumb Americans

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Guy - 34 d ago


I drive a 2017 leased E300. What was MB thinking when it eliminated the CD player from its vehicles? I would think that the demographic for these vehicles still uses CD's. You may be assured that when my lease is up, I will search for a vehicle with a CD player. In addition it is extremely difficult to make a complaint to MB corporate.

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Al Johnson - 34 d 11 m ago

For Guy:

No standard CD player in the newer E-class models? That sounds like a crazy decision by MB! I own two older MB supercars, which I love, but I could not face the future without my standard-equipment CD changers, even though I have satellite radio! And your point about demographics is spot on. Where I live, lots of older folks, like me, choose MB, and we still like our CD's. I think I'll just stick with my older cars since MB has apparently decided that I am an irrelevant dinosaur!

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Geraldo R Ramos - 39 d 7 h ago


Disappointed customer:

I returned under mileage by 1k a 2015 GLA 250 4MATIC and was charge wear & tear for tires only not body damage. So I have to pay for new tires for the dealer & new buyer. Won't consider purchasing nor leasing your product. Thank you

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SC - 45 d 6 h ago

Having to relive our experience still makes me emotional & sick to my stomach. What should have been a standard pick up & tow turned into a FIVE Hour-long nightmare. Mercedes left us stranded in the middle of nowhere for FIVE hours into the night on I-95 North at 7 months pregnant!

On Saturday, June 23rd at 5:47PM our tire popped on our Mercedes C300 at which time we pulled over and immediately called Mercedes Roadside Assistance for help after we were able to find our location via 911. I made sure to kindly let everyone know that I spoke to at Mercedes, including Moe, Bryan, Grace & Terri, as well as the towing company that I was 7 months pregnant & I needed their help to get off the road as quickly as possible. We were initially quoted 120 minutes from the time we called to the time we would be picked up. Once we realized that we were getting false information, the run around and lack of care and attention we began calling Mercedes. Despite all of our pleas that later turned to aggravation, frustration & disbelief we did not get picked up until 11:09PM. This was a complete failure by roadside assistance, dispatch & the tow truck company that Mercedes chose as a partner.

My last conversation with Mercedes was with Terri roughly around 11PM. I finally broke down hysterically crying telling Terri that if anything happened to me or my baby that it was Mercedes' liability. This drove me to have a panic attack unable to catch my breath for several minutes because I couldn't handle the stress anymore. Both my husband and I begged for Mercedes to do a double dispatch but after the 2 hour mark Mercedes should have initiated as many dispatches as possible since it was blatantly obvious that the tow truck company was incompetent. We were told that we were a priority and that we were the first to be picked up but there is absolutely no way that was true. It was infuriating that Mercedes kept telling us that the tow company was 15 minutes away when we kept letting them know that the tow company has been saying that for 3 hours! This is a direct reflection of Mercedes that you do not choose the right partners to work with, which doubts any trust in your competence who you hire and who you partner with. I am also shocked that with today's technology you do not track the tow trucks to know when they are truly honest and giving you accurate times. It makes everyone there look ignorant and dishonest.

Once the tow truck finally arrived, we had to endure another 45 minutes in his truck without any A/C. I don't think that any of the executives in Mercedes would tolerate this kind of service if they were in this position but because we were not important enough we were not made to be a priority or valued.

We did not get back to the hotel until 12:30. I had not eaten in almost 10 hours and had to use the bathroom outside on the side of the road like an animal.

You agreed to take the responsibility to assist people with broken down vehicles and take their safety, time and trust into your hands when you provide roadside assistance service. This service poses many liabilities and should be taken very seriously and conducted with the upmost care. Instead, you put us at a greater risk, did not treat us as if we were valued and that we deserved better service than what we received.

Mercedes ruined our night and weekend that we had planned. We were shell-shocked even once we returned home on Sunday evening. I am still dumbfounded how this was allowed to happen. Five hours on the side of the road. I will forever be traumatized by this experience and what you have put us through. We chose Mercedes because we expected a "luxury" type of service since Mercedes calls itself a Luxury Vehicle Company but after our experience, it was anything but Luxury! My brother in law said that Mercedes would pay for the tire, but that does not make up for the time, aggravation, and stress the entire situation put us through. After our experience, we are looking into other alternatives for our next lease because we are so upset and disappointed with Mercedes.

To make matters worse, my experience with customer service after the incident has not been any better and is only making me more and more disappointed and frustrated with Mercedes. I received an initial call to check on my experience from Saturday a few days after and it now has been almost two weeks that I have been waiting on an answer from the manager named Marla (I believe) who was assigned to us by Natalie. I was completely insulted and offended that Mercedes offered a lunch gift card after the trauma that we experienced. This minimizes the severity of the incident and is a slap in the face. After being loyal to the brand for 10 years and paying thousands of dollars I was offered a lunch gift card?? The night of the incident Mercedes roadside agreed to pay for a tire and car service which a lot more than a measly lunch gift card! Marla than offered a $100 gift card and asked for a receipt for the tire. WOW. That sure makes me feel a lot better and like she cared and felt terrible for our experience. I told her that if something had had happened to me or my baby that Mercedes would be paying for a lot more than $100 gift card. I also told her I was trying to be as understanding as possible and resolve this issue directly with customer service but I feel like the only way to be heard is to escalate the issue and let others hear my story. I do not feel valued or appreciated as a Mercedes customer and I am disgusted by the lack of care and understanding by Mercedes.

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Murray Marks 305-484-3687 - 48 d 12 h ago

I was driving my MBZ ML #50 (2013) Without warning, black smoke and flames appeared from the drivers footwell. I am not sure if thats were the fuse box is but it looked to come from there? I got out as quick as I could, doors would not open. I eventually got out, parked and the car then engulfed its self in flames and preceeded to burn to the ground. The fire department said the car was so hot, the glass melted, roof, and everything in the car. The first responders, said they do not know how I am alive? Nor do I. I am certain no-one from MBZ will do anything, but I believe if it was the fuse box then they know they catch fire.


So lets see who contacts me, I imagine know one.

Oh one last thing, the car is a loss obviously

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Anna Cho - 51 d ago


I brought my MercedesGL450 to the Paramus, NJ MB when a malfunction service light came on regarding the suspension on 11/17. I paid ($2300) for a replacement air compressor and when I received my car back "repaired" I immediately noticed a hissing sound coming from the engine. I called and they told me not to worry yet two days later the same light appeared. This is now my EIGHTH time bringing the car back for the same issue!! To note, on 6/12/18 I noticed a sound coming from the car as the car was attempting to adjust and when I called the service department I was told I could not come in until 7/8/18-almost a MONTH later!? The noise grew louder so I called back a few days later concerned as I had to drive out to CT on 6/25 and was then told "You can come in if you break down on the side of the road & towed in by Roadside Assistance". REALLY?? Sure enough the malfunction light came on as I was driving up to Connecticut. I pulled in to the New London MB service dealer. Patrick, the service dealer, had my daughter, myself and our luggage dropped off at Mohegan Sun where we were for a National Dance Competition and were told we would be picked up when the car was ready - standard service for not receiving a loaner car. I received a call on Friday saying that I will need to pay for labor hours on a warranty part which would then be reimbursed by NJ dealership. I have never heard of such a practice? I called Paramus MB and they agreed that I would be reimbursed. Then Patrick tells me that, after having my car for a week, my car was not repaired because the filter that was blowing the fuse is not stock and will take a day to overnight. They have had my car for a week, they knew my time frame and yet somehow they couldn't get the job done and I would still need to pay for labor ($511) on the SAME defect that was diagnosed previously?! The wrong model filter, the valves were put in backwards...there were too many distressing things to take in and dealers throwing dealerships under the bus is not what a costumer wants to be a part of. Then Patrick said that I needed to take a cab to the dealer since they were busy! No one should be going through this run around. I spoke with the appointment desk distraught over being told that a ride was not being honored and Kelly assured me that she would have someone pick me up. When I arrived at the dealership the car was riding very low. The wheels barely had 2 inches from the vehicle body and I was basically being told that I had to drive THREE HOURS with a car that was low with no suspension. It was CRIMINAL. I and my terrified 12 year old daughter drove home in a car that was bouncing down the 95 and over the Tappan Zee Bridge! I want to be contacted regarding this whole fiasco!

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November - 62 d 9 h ago


I would like to speak with somebody about the Albuquerque location the service manager and car Porter I'm a tow truck driver I dropped off early in the morning 7 you guys open at 7:30 from what I'm told I went into the dealership the gates and everything we're open so I went to the back like normal to drop off the porter came out screaming at me F this F that told me that I need to get off the property so I did drop the car off in front gave the keys to the customer told the manager would happen he screamed at me you yelled at me F this F that and told me to get off the property because I dropped it off in front never had anybody cuss at me like that ever before I don't think any manager or Porter should be allowed to cuss at customers

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JIm burke - 68 d 3 h ago


I would like to speak with a representative concerning my experience at an illinois dealer. Two Questions: 1. I went to service on June 1, 2018 and JUne 10, 2018 for similar issues. Each time i was charged $178.00 to tell me what is wrong with the car. Seems to be exorbitant!!!!!!!!!!. Told it was because of two different service writers;. Got nowhere. I feel I deserve my money back as nothing was done to the car. Secondly, I received a $130 off coupon which the dealer would not honor claiming two different visits totalling $356 is not sufficient to honor the coupon. I would like corporate to respond to these issues.

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anonymous - 68 d 11 h ago

Anyone purchasing or has purchased a 2018 GLS 550, please check the tires. The 21R Continental Cross Contact tires that came on my 2018 GLS 550 are summer tires even though the window sticker and spec sheet indicate that they are all season tires.

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Jessica - 69 d 10 h ago

Anonymous! I do not understand why you are moving your whole headquarters to Atlanta when service is so needed on the East coast! Plus you have uprooted many families and forced them to make decisions they find very heart wrenching and causes a lot of stress! Do companies ever look at the personal side of their employees who have been working long and hard to improve the product1 I wish you would reconsider and leave a headquarters here! Many lives have been affected and not in a good way! Companies like you just make major decisions and never oonsider who it is affecting! It is your employees that are your greatest assets! It does matter what happens to what you do to the families1

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Akash p kusum - 72 d 8 h ago


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Tim Kinnard - 76 d ago


I bought my 2018 Mercedes c63s to Aristocrat Mercedes in Merriam Ks. for service on 6/1. It was without a doubt the best service experience I've ever had!!! (and I've owned 44 cars since I was 15).My service advisor was Emily Petermann and she was awesome!! As the epitome of professionalism, Emily has no equal. She's also the reason I purchased a Mercedes this time around.Emily and the whole staff at Aristocrat will always have my business!!!

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Anonymous - 79 d ago

This is the WORST experience dealing with MB service ever! The only reason I chose them in the first place is because they were convenient in location. I know better now. I've always driven out East and NEVER had an issue. I've been behind the wheel of a Benz since I was 19, and whenever I needed service, I would haul i to Sovereign or Hempstead. I took my 2015 C300 into Helms Bros Station Rd. Service Center in March because my Sirius Radio & Bluetooth kept malfunctioning. Back and forth several times with temporary fixes, still no satellite radio, still rejecting the Bluetooth with the promise that the part to fix the issue was ordered from Germany that NEVER arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I called to see if the part arrived 5/29/2018, where I was told there was an additional software update that would fix the issue permanently. After sitting on the service waiting area for over (2) hours I was offered a loaner vehicle after I was told the issue would be fixed in (2) hours if I waited. They wound up keeping the car for (3) days, but what do you know the issue was finally fixed. I got my car back with the same coffee I spilled on the outside when I dropped it off. I thought Mercedes washed the car rain, sleet or snow? The service adviser Sean Savage also advised me when I took the car back the second time for the same issue, that because of the inconvenience they would offer me detailing at no cost or discounted A or B service. OF COURSE THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THAT!!!!! I was almost tempted to trade in my car for the 2018, but if I do decide to it wouldn't be with Helms Bros. The service there SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His is the worst experience and I thought Silver Star was the worst. Sorry Silver Star, Helms Bros. has you guys BEAT!!!!!! They don't keep they're word you have to keep going back for the same issue! THUMBS DOWN!!!!!

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pikespeakregion - 79 d 6 h ago


I took my Mercedes to Phil Long Collison Center in Colorado Springs for body repair after an auto accident. I went there because they are a Certified Mercedes repair shop. After $12,000 in repairs I picked up my car. This was the worst repair job. There were loose parts, scratches, overspray and the undercarriage was never repaired. A new door dings the size of a baseball and the representative was a total A-hole! I ended up taking them to small claims court to recover some of my money and they settled out of court. If you use this place make sure you take your time to look over your car carefully including undercarriage. They use coverup on scratches that you won't notice immediately. You have been warned!

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Pattig>>>Hobe Sound Florida - 83 d ago

Dear M.B.

I have a 2007 SLK 350 with 65,000 original miles. It's in great condition. I love it!

However my SRS light keeps coming on to tell me that my drivers side seatbelt is malfunctioning.

I called M.B. of Palm Beach and was told that b/c my car is "older" that M.B. he blatantly laughed and quoted that M.B. would no longer honor your manufacturer statement which is quoted : "THE MANUFACTURER ALSO HAS A GREAT SEAT BELT LIFETIME WARRANTY AS WELL WHICH MEANS THAT IF YOUR SEAT BELT IS FAULTY FOR ANY REASON FOR AS LONG AS YOU HAVE YOUR VEHICLE, YOU CAN TAKE IT TO ANY AUTHORIZED MERCEDEDES DEALERSHIP AND THEY WILL REPAIR IT AT NO COST" This statement was printed on 05/20/2018 from the internet >> I am truly concerned and would appreciate someone from corporate getting back to me on this. I will post my email and give a call to the phone number listed on the top of this inquiry(hidden) (hidden) .

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Richard Bundy - 83 d 12 h ago


Had my car serviced at Mercedes Benz of Wesley Chapel- 2383 Willow Oak Dr Wesley Chapel Fl. on 5/27/18.Customer # 4823462 / Invoice # 837163. Made apt for 8:00AM on 5/21/18. Was checked in at 7:56AM. I received a call around 2:20PM or so saying my car was ready. Just a standard B2 service no issue were found. I picked the car up around 4:20PM or so. I drove straight home(about a 20 mile drive) I open the hood on the car to make sure that all fluids were ok. First thing that I checked was the oil level. When I pulled the oil dip stick out I notice that it looked to be overfilled. I let the car set for several hrs and rechecked it again an sure enough the oil level is about half inch but the max fill point. Also the oil looks like it is contaminated with old oil. Like they did not completely let the old oil drain out completely. So I checked the antifreeze and the level was ok. Than I checked the Windshield washer fluid and it is empty.( Got charged for Windshield Washer Fluid) With just finding these few things make me wonder If the car was really serviced to Mercedes Benz spec's.

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Anonymous - 88 d 6 h ago


I am unable to open my 2013 door on the driver's side. The latch is broken. I have to roll my window down , reach out and open my door from the outside, roll my window back up then proceed to exit my car. I took my car into to the local dealership and was told that they would have to order a part and it could take up to a year and would cost me $1200.

I have placed several calls to Mercedes headquarters and still have not heard back from them. This is ridiculous and an extreme and unsafe situation for me. At the time of purchasing both of my cars, everyone was leaping at an opportunity to sell them. This is bad. Very disappointed!!!!!

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