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Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc.

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dbagley106 - 5 h 15 m ago


De'Laine Bagley 1644 W 106th, Los Angeles, CA 90047 (hidden) (hidden) 10/13/17 AutoNation DBA: Mercedes Benz of South bay 3311 Pacific Coast Hwy Torrance, CA 90505 (hidden) Dear Sir/Madam Re: (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your salesman Mr. McMillian on 10/07/17 until 10/13/17. On (10/07/17) I purchased a motor vehicle from your dealership (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814). Mr. Hayes McMillian, Jr (Sales/Leasing) leased me the vehicle. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the vehicle because, the car was not big enough to accommodate my family or my job as a children social worker who transport child. Mr. Tom Hulahan Customer Financial Service Manager advised me several times and once in front of Mr. McMillian that I had no problem returning the vehicle within 5 days should I not be satisfied with the previous loaner Vehicle. The reason why it was explained in front of Mr. McMillian because, I informed Mr. Hulahan that I had not test drove the previously loaner car and did not want to sign the documents until I test drove the Vehicle. Mr. Hulalahan paged Mr. McMillian to his office and I was advised again in front of Mr. McMillian. And both assured me that I would not have any problems. Mr. McMillian and I next went outside to unpack my trade in vehicle and transfer to (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) and finally test drive the newly leased vehicle. However, once outside Mr. McMillian advised me that he was going inside the dealership and would return. Mr. McMillian was gone for about 20 minutes or more. Therefore, I had no assistance with unloading my trade in vehicle and transferring to (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814. Please note that I was having problems with my foot, had a trunk full of items in my car and it was very hot outside. After, unloading the vehicle and transfer I return inside the dealership and Mr. McMillian was casually talking and laughing with another dealership worker. Not a salesman or manager. I stated to him that I would have liked and needed his help outside. He responded that he was eating his lunch. I responded I though you ate your lunch while I was in Mr. Hulahan office. I also informed him that it was hot outside and I was in pain because he did not assist me. I informed him that I did not feel valued as a return client who has previously purchased three vehicle from Southbay dealership. He took me on the test drive and showed me the features of the car. After I left the dealership because everything was fine. It was not until Tuesday October 10, 2017 3 days after least agreement. When I had my 2 children in the car that I noticed that the vehicle was too small for my family. Please not I was still within in my contract to return the car. I text message Mr. McMillan, that I liked the car but it's not big enough for kids. They need more leg room at 3:47pm. Mr. McMillan did not respond to the text message. At 9:00pm I texted him again that I'm not happy. They told me I had 5 days to return the car. By Thursday I will return the car. At 9:06 pm I received a incoming call from him. He explained to me that he was just getting off work and would not return until Thursday. But He advised me that he was going to the dealership the next day and would talk to his manager in regards to me returning the car. Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 1:48pm I had not heard anything from him. I text him inquiring if he had talked to his manager about me returning the car. Also advising him that I was at Kaiser on PCH down the street from the dealership and could drop off the vehicle and that tomorrow would be the 5th day. At 1:51pm I received a call back stating that his manager was not in and he would be in Thursday at 9am. I responded that I would be there with the car around 10am to return the vehicle. Mr. McMillan never advised me that I could take the vehicle to the dealership without him being there. I arrived at the dealership around 10am and 10:30am. I advised him again that I wanted to exchange or return the car. He stated to me that I could not return a new leased car. I reminded him that the car was not new and I had a 5 day return contract because the vehicle was a previously loaner car. He asked to see the document. I gave him the document. He advised me that he never had this kind transaction before. He took the document to his manager. He returned he asked me what I wanted to do. I informed him that I wanted to find another vehicle that was larger or even another color. He informed me that if I went larger my payments would increase. I advised him that I could not afford any more money. WE went outside to look at my options. I was given 2 options a blue 2017 C300 and a gray one. I reminded him that I really wanted something larger but if I had to choose I would chose the gray one. He noted my mileage on the (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) he return inside the dealership and returned advising me that I had went over the miles by 16 miles. I advised him that I live 16 miles from the dealership and reminding him that I wanted to return the vehicle on Tuesday and Wednesday but he was off work. While I was deciding another customer came. I was ok with him assisting the other client because, I wanted to carefully choose a car and not feel rushed. We both agreed that I could not afford a E class. Therefore, I choose the gray 2017 C300. He informed me that vehicle was $4,000.00 more than the one I leased. I responded that the Vehicle he leased to me was discounted to fit my budget and the gray one should be the same price without the discount. He responded that the dealership is a one price dealership. I asked to see his manager Sherif Ayad. Mr. Ayad met me in the lobby with Mr. McMillian. I informed Mr. Ayad my situation. He also stated that he could not discount the gray vehicle. I responded that I wanted to return the 2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814. He informed me I could not because I went over my miles by 16. I responded that I wanted to return the car on Tuesday but was advised that sales person would not be in until Thursday October 12, 2017. Furthermore, I was never advised that I could return the car without Mr. McMillian and him being there. Mr. Ayad walked away advising me he could not help me or return the car. I advised him I would take further actions. I next talked to the General Manager Gary Pillikyan. He apologized for the problems I was having and wanted to keep my business but he did not have any car to fit my budget. I asked him to return my contract from Mr. McMillian because, I refused to do business with him again. The next day I noticed that the information for the 2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814 was missing from the folder. Mr. Pillikyan had informed me that he would not be in for the next 3 days. Therefore, I had to return back to the dealership again to pick up the documents that should have been return or at least advised that I did not receive my complete contract. Instead I had to return driving again total 32 miles round trip from my house with a injured foot wearing a boot and the dealership to pick up the document the sales manager Gary. My question is why Mr. McMillian did not have another employee call me and advised me that I did not have my contract. Instead he cared less if I had or needed the very important documents. I am most annoyed that I was not respected or treated as a valued returning customer. On 10/12/2017 and 10/13/2017 I wasted a morning (and half a day's vacation) waiting for Mr. McMillian or the dealership to allow me return or exchange the vehicle if not satisfied as per the contract. With a injured foot in a boot and walking with a cane. My impression of Mercedes Benz of South bay has been tarnished. Even though both GM Mr. Pillikyan and Store manager Gary Smith did attempt assist and apologize. I'm still not satisfied with the fact I had to keep a car I did want to keep and signed a contract with the option to return it with 5 day or 250 miles. I attempted to return it within but had the sales man told me just to return the car weather he was there or not. I trust this is not the way Mercedes Benz of South conduct business with valued customersI have purchased 4 cars from your dealership. I feel Mr. McMillian cared more about finishing his lunch and keeping his commission check then keeping my business. I was appalled at such behavior, and have a good mind to take my business elsewhere as suggested. I hope you would look into the matter, and make sure such an incident is not repeated. Your company has been known to provide good services, and such events tarnish the company name, so please address this issue soon. . Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to settling this matter amicably. My contact number is3 10-919-7599. Thank you for your co-operation. Sincere Regards, DeLaine Bagley Please note I have forward this letter to Autonation Corporation and Mercedes Benz Corporation.

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dbagley106 - 5 h 21 m ago


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Unhappy - 5 d 10 h ago


I had a horrible experience at the Delray, FL service center. They lied to me about the warranteed wheel speed sensor. They wanted to charge me over $800 for it when it is covered under warranty. Then the service man did not return my calls for a week. I was assigned another service man who seems to be doing the same thing. My vehicle has been in service now for 2 weeks. I will never buy another Mercedes.

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Arlene Beasley - 20 d 17 h ago


I took my Benz in to have my tires checked since the ckeck indicator was on. Had a car was since I was there. Explained the importance of the rear left tire pressure, it was the lowest, When I picked the car up I reinerated my concern for that tire and I was assued all was done. Left and 45 miles later tire was at 23. Went to Sears and a nail was removed from the tire. When I called Benz at Park Place, the manager had no compassion, did not empathise but said I should have spoken to a service person. Five years ago when I made the purchase and was bringing it in monthly to have tires checked, I was told , don't need a service person for this,

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Mercedes Owners - 19 d 17 h ago



A bit difficult to follow and understand your post, your grammar and spelling is atrocious! I have never experienced rudeness by anyone in a Mercedes Dealership, however, sorry if you truly did. I agree with the Service Manager, it's always best to take it to an authorized Dealer whenever possible. Nitrogen is used to fill most Mercedes tires, never air! Unfortunately many Service Department's unfamiliar with Mercedes may not know this. I couldn't follow your post clearly, but I wouldn't blame your Dealer. You could have picked up that nail anywhere between there and Sears.

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Crystal Garcia - 22 d 10 h ago


Bravo on the new 2018 AMG E36 S commercial! Great job advertising you guys made a super bowl worthy commercial I laughed so hard!

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Richard D. Julason, Sr. - 23 d 11 h ago


Dear Dieter Zetsche

It is my understanding that Mercedes Benz (MB) has removed advertising from the Sean Hannity Show predicated on false and divisive allegations. I am presently the owner of two GM vehicles, a 2010 GMC Yukon Denali and a 2015 Cadillac SRX which I will be replacing in June of 2018 and was considering the purchase of BM SUV. I am dismayed of MB's capitulation to the demands of the extremist Liberal Progressive Left. I strongly recommend that you reverse your decision because there far more fair minded Americans who will be more than willing to boycott all MB products without hesitation because of BM's failure to be fair and balance. I await your response and will act accordingly, "we the people shall prevail" over those not willing to standup against the tyranny of the radical left.

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Lois McNutt - 25 d 21 h ago

Although I have seen your commercial with the "f implication" deleted, I am STILL seeing the commercial of which I formerly complained. What the f--- is wrong with you Mercedes-f-ing-Benz, can't you take a hint?

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Lois McNutt - 27 d 10 h ago

What happened? To me, Mercedes has always been synonymous with class and good taste. Saw a commercial last night, actually 3x in 2 hours, in which I saw/heard your civility and good taste go up in smoke. I am very disappointed that you would allow your standards to slip so low that you think you need to use the implied f-bomb in your commercials. Get a grip, Mercedes! I'm no prude, but that commercial is inappropriate!

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Linda Huff. - 44 d ago

Just saw one of your commercials that had an implied filthy cuss word beeped out. I find this in very poor taste & terrible judgment on your part. Will be writing to tv channel about same subject! Is this the best your advertising department cancome up with?

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paul - 77 d 8 h ago


i called mb dealer at naperville and westmont il for repair service advisor they dont have time to talk without appointments callcenter forward phone to service but comeback to operator 3 times they lost the repair business and its worst consmer service never ever buy mercedes from these guys very cunning and worst services went for oil change service for reg maintainance car come back in 20 min and 340 dollar paid at westmont worst services also they cheat on warranty when i bought mercedes

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TAMMY - 77 d 14 h ago


I got ,my service at Encino Mercedes they have the WORST SERVICE EVER NEVER HO YJERE

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Anonymous - 87 d 6 h ago






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Anonymous - 109 d 8 h ago


i hope some one will take this notice and give me a answer.i reacived a letter about recall in march.i have tryied to find out this problem no body no anything. i got this letter in march. letter said when parts aririved they would let me no that was in march.but i cant find out anything. if if take this long get part i could made them myself.


tommy whitlow.

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Ignazio Serenita - 125 d 12 h ago


hello I have a problem with one of your Mercedes-Benz dealers. I leased a GLK back on Dec 2014 the GLK had 7,500 miles. I purchase the three services so I would not have to pay for it as its due. after 2 1/2 months the GLK was due for the 10,000 miles service I did not think anything about it. next service was the 20,000 miles and again got the service and again at the 30,000 miles I just took the GLK for service and its the 40,000 mile. Now I am told that the first service was my first prep[aid service and for the 40,000 miles service I am again told 1) the service expired 2) there would be a charge for the 40,000 miles. were does a dealer charge you for miles used before I picked up the car. 3) if they wont give me my d service as it expired. I am very upset with the dealer and how they conduct their business . 4) I feel they owe me for the last service return my money which I paid for Ignazio Serenita (hidden)

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Nina - 164 d 4 h ago


My mercedes c300 2015 has issues luckly i leased it but i wont ever buy or lease a mercedes ever the gss engine sounds like a diesel and the 4 cylinder has not enough power for the size of the vehicle

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devinblundy - 5 y 57 d ago

Anyone want to buy an 06 CLS500 w/ 86k miles or a 73 Corvette w/ 61k miles n new paint job? @MBUSA @chevrolet

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FilmCar - 5 y 57 d ago

RT @MBUSA: @theblueprintmag One of our favorite videos.

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LukePhilly_503 - 5 y 57 d ago

Welcome to @MBUSA of Portland: Land of the underpaid

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villadh - 5 y 57 d ago

RT @DavidPessah: Are there any social networks around #Cars? #Trucks? cc @porsche @audi @MBUSA @ford @landrover @VW @toyota @honda?

Personalized image

DavidPessah - 5 y 57 d ago

Are there any social networks around #Cars? #Trucks? cc @porsche @audi @MBUSA @ford @landrover @VW @toyota @honda?

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ZipcarDC - 5 y 57 d ago

Oh you fancy, huh? @Borderstan get ready to #getoutandzip in @MBUSA style! A new Mercedes-Benz is rolling out to 14th & Corcoran's lot!

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uygarr - 5 y 57 d ago

@mercedesbenz @robhalloway @mbusa why new ML and GL do not offer rear diff lock? #offroad #mercedes #suv

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BWRPR - 5 y 58 d ago

Mercedes-Benz Presents The Carousel of Hope Ball on October 20 in LA at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, honoring actor Geroge Clooney - @MBUSA

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MisterOkamoto - 5 y 58 d ago

Thanks to God and the great Safety of the @MBUSA 2012 ML 350 I still have one of my closest friends!

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