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KATRINA - 1 d 6 h ago

A car that's a year old and the dealer is telling me the tires need replacing "ALREADY" because the ones I have on there are warped and a whole lot of other garbage. Not only did they tell me not to put CONTINENTAL tires back on there but they stated they don't recommend them. Every car that sits on the lot has CONTINENTAL tires on them. If the tires are that bad why in word would Mercedes put them on their vehicles. The stranger part is when I recently had a flat tire the dealer was going to order me another CONTINENTAL tire but yet now they recommend MICHELINS. I am beyond upset of having to put new tires on this car "ALREADY" warranty no nothing on new tires. Mercedes Benz of Columbus please consider telling people when they purchase a car that CONTINENTAL is not the best tire for these high end cars.....

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PETER ANTIOCO - 4 d 7 h ago


I'm writing to you in the hope that you may be able to resolve my problem with my siris radio and my AM/Fm radio.

It goes like this: I have a 2009 MB E350 with about 43,000 miles. One day my car could not start, the radio was working,GPS was working and Blue tooth was working even my Siris radio and my AM/Fm so every thing was working fine except the car would not start. I called a friend to give me a boost to my vehicle. I got the boost from my friends vehicle that had a 12 volt battery. My car started and I drove away, nor turning on the radio not to draw any additional power from my battery. the following day I started up my car without any difficulty and drove off. I turned on my radio and it did not work, nor did my CD player, GPS,blue tooth, nothing was working. I brought my car to the Mercedes Benz dealer in Brooklyn, to try and repair the radio. They told me that it would cost $3500.00 to repair the unit or $490.00 to by pass the Siris radio and get the AM/FM radio to work and every thing else. I took the alternative to just have the Radio repaired. I stayed at the Brooklyn Dealer for 5 hours waiting for them to repair my Radio. After 5 hours of the mechanics working on my car they could not get the Radio to work. They could not fix the radio and they could not explain the reason why, They did say they called an expert at Mercedes but still could not fix my radio.Alkl the was coming from the radio was static, that was the only sound. I said to myself if Mercedes cant fix my radio who can. I spoke to some friends and was directed to a radio repair shop in Hicksville long island,N.Y. I brought the car to them and they worked on the vehicle's radio. They sent the radio to a specialist and they hooked up the radio, which was removed from the dash board, and hooked up an antenna the radio was working, But when the radio was returned to the original guy and when he hooked up the car antenna and placed it back in the car the radio failed to work. Please tell me what is going on with that radio. I can't believe that getting a boost from another vehicle that it would cause everything to just not work. I spoke to all kinds of mechanic and they can not figure or understand what has happened. May be you can tell me what to do........Because my Brooklyn Mercedes could not......thank you for your help.By the way I have been buying Mercedes since first mercedes was a C250...and many more after that email address is (hidden) Please help me...Thank You

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Maryam - 8 d 7 h ago

Please provide an email address for contact with the corporate office. Thank you.

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Soni Stone - 11 d ago

This is not car related. Best 2017 commercial ever - Santa w/puppy that requires pit stop.

TY I smile every time I see it. Merry Christmas.

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Unhappy Potential Customer - 12 d 1 s ago


I was told by my MB Dealer that the MB production plants in Germany has stopped for the whole month of December, and that I will not be able to get an E400 coupe with premium package 3 until march of next year (2018).

Can somebody in MB Corporate verify this or am I being lied to by this MB Dealer?

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J Ferr - 15 d 4 h ago


What are you doing about the worst airbag recall in history... How do you expect people to drive their cars when it is not save? BMW offers loaner cars. What are you plans?

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Anonymous - 20 d 8 h ago


to begin by saying all my cars are mercedes love everything about them .my 2011 c63 had a brake module problem which my mercedes mechanic could not do because it had to be programmed (dealer).took the car to mercedes of palm beach left it there for 4 days for a one day fix got the car late friday evening after calling day after day to see the progress story was they shipped the part and it hasnt arrived 4days shipper from within USA ,ok i went with that story got the car $2255.76 later was told my wheels need balancing my rotors are wearing etc not a problem when i took the car in .on driving the car home the brakes was pulsating steering was uncontrollably,called my service writer and complained kept on getting the same answer they know nothing about that (really frustrating) i took the blow but would not ever take my cars to them ever

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debra - 22 d ago


Let me begin by saying I love the reliability, prestige and beauty of Mercedes Benz. I have owned 6 of them in my lifetime. I have never e perienced a lack of care or. Ustomer service before now. I currently traded in my 2007 which I loved for. 2013 S550 4matic. With less than 50,000 miles. I purchased an extended warranty. Within one month of purchase - my front passenger seat is shaky and wobbly. I was told by service TI KET #5555 I needed a seat box - $6,000.00. Not. Overed. Y warranty. REALLY! A seat should last a lifetime. At least more than 50,000 miles. Do you agree? The ambient lighting on rear passenger door doesn't work. $4800.00. Again not covered. Are these cars being built to fail? I can't imagine that. There were other things I was willing to pay for. It those are two major items! I was told by my service manager he agreed that was an issue. He was going to work with MB corporate. NEVWR HERD ANOTHER WORD. ITS BEEN 2 months. I'm sure your concern for image has not dwindled. Your response and insight into this situation would be most appreciated.

Debra Moore

708 373 3272


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Human resources - 26 d ago

Steve hutto in the vance plant is using drugs process automation

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

This was a mistake. Wrong person

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Kathy - 25 d 18 h ago


On Monday, November 6, 2017, as I was driving home from Palm Springs, something resembling a square puck flew out from under a truck that was changing lanes in front of me and hit my front bumper. It pushed the sensor out of the bumper which caused the sensor to continuously beep. In addition, a small panel popped out from the bumper and the bumper was scratched. I put this panel back into the bumper when I got home.

On Wednesday, I went to Long Beach Mercedes. The service writer called a mechanic to the service lane who said they would have to take the bumper off and put the sensor back into place. I asked if he could disconnect the sensor so that the beeping would stop! He said no and that I would need to come back.

I called the service desk when I got home and the service department said, just bring it in. No appointment necessary. They will just take off the bumper and put the sensor back in place. I took it back the next day in the early afternoon. A nice young lady greeted me in the drive up area. I told her what I was told by the service department and she went and got a mechanic from the garage. The mechanic said that they would have to take off the bumper to determine the extent of the damage but that they would probably be able to put the sensor back in place but it would take some time and I would have to make an appointment!! He then showed me that all I had to do was push a button on my dash that would turn off the very distracting, incessant beeping. Why couldn't the first two service agents tell me this !!??

So I made an appointment for Monday the 13th at 7:15AM. They had me scheduled with Christian. After waiting at least 10 minutes, Christian yelled "Boyer" amongst the 20 or so cars and I waived him to my car. I explained what happened. Within seconds, he said "you need a whole new bumper and it will be a couple of thousand dollars". He was rude and nasty. When I asked if they could take off the bumper and assess the damage as I was told, he said I should take it down the street to the body shop; that he couldn't help me with that! I told him that I had service a few weeks before and they ordered a cup holder and had not called me as promised to let me know it came in. He blurted out "there's nothing wrong with your cup holder". I asked he to go to the computer to verify that it was broken and one was ordered, he went to the computer and scoffed at me, "you were just here last Wednesday" . I said I was there at least two weeks before. He said nothing. Played with the computer, obviously realizing that he was wrong then said the part came in the previous Friday. No apologies. Not a nicety or a smile in his entire demeanor. I asked that he have the cup holder installed and the bumper removed to get me an estimate. Since the damage appeared to be minor, I had not yet turned it in to my insurance. He told me he would have to charge me $300 to take off the bumper. The previous 3 agents I spoke with never indicated there would be a charge for an estimate. I asked for the manager to call me before any charges were incurred. He did (I think his name was Nick. The paperwork is in my glove box at the collision center my insurance company referred me to). He said they would be taking off the bumper and there would be no charge and he would call me with an estimate. He also said he would take pictures for me to show my insurance company. A few hours later, Christian called me and told me my car was ready and that they had to replace the entire bumper. The estimate was over $3,100!! He said the car was ready to be picked up and when I asked him if the pictures were also ready to be picked up he said the car wouldn't be ready until 4. When I picked up the car I saw Nick. When I casually mentioned that it would be nice if the service agents would have turned the beeping off the first time I came in, he said they were not allowed to because it is a safety feature!! This is an option, not on all of your cars yet he said they can't turn it off because of the safety issur!! I recorded the conversation, it is exasperatingridiculous double talk.

I took my car in today to the collision center recommended by my insurance company. THE BUMPER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPLACED, LONG BEACH MERCEDES DIDN'T REPLACE CRITICAL SCREWS THAT HELD ON THE BUMPER AND THEY SCRATCHED THE BUMPER. The bill is over $2,000, LESS than what Long Beach Mercedes quoted.

Long Beach Mercedes has the worst service I have ever experienced. They have very poor customer service ,overcharge and are generally untruthful and dishonest.


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Anonymous - 26 d 1 s ago

Exactly I'm in the same boat but maybe worsts I have had the most horrible experience at a Mercedes Benz Dealership in Syracuse NY. They had my car since Aug.10th close to 3 months and have the audacity to give me poor customer service and poor relation. The service manager treated me horrible judging me telling me they put a 2017 before my diagnostics after I was 2 months into the wait. They tried to talk me into each direction and I even caught them in lies and contradiction. Much much more they killed my Bosch battery and kept trying to weasel out of that too. Just the worst experience at this location. Anyone going through this I'm sorry and only have love and compassion toward to you for Mercedes wasn't always like this. Albany Keeler has been ok. But they messed up on 10,000 worth of work too trying to leave me to blame, but I had to fight for that too. Now I'm fighting another fight of the Ruining my equipment, my S5004matic.I will say Albany operates more properly even though they slipped. Syracuse has been a nightmare. Ray Catenary has been my favorite so far. Good luck everyone. Together we stand, divided we fall. God bless everyone

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Smithy - 32 d 8 h ago


I am a lover of Mercedes-Benz. I can't drive any other cars than Benz. I always advice my family and friends to buy Mercedes. Recently, I decided to upgrade my ML and went to Pembroke Pines Mercedes-Benz Dealer to do the transaction. I met this young man Joseph who was very pleasant and highly Professional. The deal went through with Joseph. Now, moving to finance meeting with Carlos doing the financing where everything going to be horrible. As a client doing a pretty decent transaction I thought there would be a professional level to welcome your client and classified all documents after signing and be placed in a folder with a warm hand shake as a thank you gesture for doing business with the dealer. This was the worst unprofessional service I have ever seen. I would expect to see low level professional service from a small dealer not at a Prestigious place like Mercedes-Benz. I would Corporate Mercedes to step up and reach out Pembroke Pines Mercedes to train them on how they should treat customers and regardless of their ethnic background. I love Benz too much to see this type of poor service. Thanks!

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


Exactly I'm in the same boat but maybe worsts I have had the most horrible experience at a Mercedes Benz Dealership in Syracuse NY. They had my car since Aug.10th close to 3 months and have the audacity to give me poor customer service and poor relation. The service manager treated me horrible judging me telling me they put a 2017 before my diagnostics after I was 2 months into the wait. They tried to talk me into each direction and I even caught them in lies and contradiction. Much much more they killed my Bosch battery and kept trying to weasel out of that too. Just the worst experience at this location. Anyone going through this I'm sorry and only have love and compassion toward to you for Mercedes wasn't always like this. Albany Keeler has been ok. But they messed up on 10,000 worth of work too trying to leave me to blame, but I had to fight for that too. Now I'm fighting another fight of the

Ruining my equipment, my S5004matic.I will say Albany operates more properly even though they slipped. Syracuse has been a nightmare. Ray Catenary has been my favorite so far. Good luck everyone. Together we stand, divided we fall. God bless everyone

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VinnyT - 34 d 10 h ago


I bought a 2006 Mercedes S65 AMG last year with 83000 miles. I found paperwork in the glove compartment showing the previous owners repair receipts. I was floored to see he spent well over $15000 worth of repairs for this car. Several rims replaced(couldn't balance), seat tracks replaced 3 times, the ignition coils replaced, sensors, struts, brake discs and several other items BEFORE it hit 60k miles. PATHETIC! A few had to be done a second time. I myself have already spent $5000 in repairs for this pile of crap. Last night the ABC system failed AGAIN. I refuse to have this repaired and having the bank repo the POS. Yup, my credit will tank, but I am so damn furious that MB would sell such a piece of garbage car. "The Best or Nothing"???? Really? I'll take nothing. This car was $172000 new in '06. You would think there would be quality built in to this car. Um, no. It is junk. Seriously, pure junk. After reading other reviews on this forum, I'm not alone in my frustration. I'm seriously considering a class action lawsuit against MB.

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5-year old , mildew , C240 - 36 d 5 h ago


Looking for someone from MB to give me a call ((hidden)) to make me believe that there is definitely a difference between a MB dealership and other brands. If I knew I was gonna be left totally alone, helpless, and hopeless, I would simply go and buy a Hyundai, or Toyota. there is a reason people are getting attracted to brand Mercedes Benz, and MB corporate should assure that every single MB dealership understands the importance of that. I am the owner of a 2005 C240 SW which I have purchased from an MB Dealership. While I was buying the car I was shown a clean CARFAX and also a supplementary inspection report of an MB engineer showing that there were no major problems other than two rear tires. There was also a heavy smell in the car that I didn't like, but i was told that smell will fade away in time. it is exactly one year now, and I am still dealing with the smell; - I took the car back to the same dealership 4 times, - I was told after 1 year that it was a smell of mildew which I had my son 5-year-old travelling with me back and forth between school and home. - I had to pay AC treatment and diagnosis service charges, and I still have the same problem. NOW, today as of 11/7/2017, someone called me from the same dealership and told me that it must be the smell of the chemicals used to glue the floor carpet, and nothing to worry about mildew. I asked if I can have this written on paper and given to me. I was rejected. I also made a brief search over the internet and didn't see any other complaints about carper glue causing a heavy smell. Below are my questions to MB headquarters; - should I believe your dealership and put my son in that car with confidence? - is there any location that is capable of diagnosing this issue and fix my problem? Thanks

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Betty Peterson - 37 d 6 h ago


I have been the owner of six MB vehicles since 2001. The first was a 2001 or 2002 E320, the second was a desegno launch edition 2003 sl500, the next was a 2005 e55, then a 2006 sl55, a 2008 sl55, a 2009 sl63, and now a 2013 sl63. They are all low mileage vehicles. The 2009 has only 26072 mi, and air conditioned garage kept. The car has been maintained by MB for service. In the past, I had taken it in to both the Ft. Lauderdale and the Sarasota MB locations complaining about an engine noise and a slight burning smell, while it was still under MB warranty. Multiple times I was told that they could not find anything wrong with the engine. At that time it had 20320 mi on it and still under warranty. Again on April of 2017 when it had 23000 miles on it, I requested a check of the engine and was told that it was fine. A few days ago I drove the car to Palm Beach and a check engine light came on. I turned off the car and had it towed to MB of N. Palm Beach. I received the news that my engine was blown. This car has NEVER been raced or driven with the check engine light on. There were approximately 3000 mi driven I am requesting that MB assist me in this matter.

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Smarter than you - 43 d ago


Every year I get a call from a sales person from Keys Mercedes Benz in Los Angeles about a deal on a lease renewal. Every year I tell your sales person that they have the wrong number and they need to update their files. Is this how you want your company represented? If they are unable to deal with a wrong number what other more important mistakes are they making? Can you at the headquarters do something about this? I hope so, it would be a shame for your company to have this kind of incompetence shared through social media!

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Mel Nathanson - 49 d 9 h ago


My wife and I have purchased and owned at least 8 Mercedes since 1986. One of the cars that we currently own, a 2013 E350 cabriolet is subject to the Takata airbag recall. We were notified in FEBRUARY 2016!! As I write this it is now October 25, 2017! We also live in south Florida which I have been told by Mercedes is a priority area for air bag replacement. Well, it has only been TWENTY months!! I am quite sure that MB has built many cars in the last TWENTY months, but can't seem to find the where with all to replace our defective airbags. Pathetic.

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dbagley106 - 58 d 51 s ago


De'Laine Bagley 1644 W 106th, Los Angeles, CA 90047 (hidden) (hidden) 10/13/17 AutoNation DBA: Mercedes Benz of South bay 3311 Pacific Coast Hwy Torrance, CA 90505 (hidden) Dear Sir/Madam Re: (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your salesman Mr. McMillian on 10/07/17 until 10/13/17. On (10/07/17) I purchased a motor vehicle from your dealership (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814). Mr. Hayes McMillian, Jr (Sales/Leasing) leased me the vehicle. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the vehicle because, the car was not big enough to accommodate my family or my job as a children social worker who transport child. Mr. Tom Hulahan Customer Financial Service Manager advised me several times and once in front of Mr. McMillian that I had no problem returning the vehicle within 5 days should I not be satisfied with the previous loaner Vehicle. The reason why it was explained in front of Mr. McMillian because, I informed Mr. Hulahan that I had not test drove the previously loaner car and did not want to sign the documents until I test drove the Vehicle. Mr. Hulalahan paged Mr. McMillian to his office and I was advised again in front of Mr. McMillian. And both assured me that I would not have any problems. Mr. McMillian and I next went outside to unpack my trade in vehicle and transfer to (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) and finally test drive the newly leased vehicle. However, once outside Mr. McMillian advised me that he was going inside the dealership and would return. Mr. McMillian was gone for about 20 minutes or more. Therefore, I had no assistance with unloading my trade in vehicle and transferring to (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814. Please note that I was having problems with my foot, had a trunk full of items in my car and it was very hot outside. After, unloading the vehicle and transfer I return inside the dealership and Mr. McMillian was casually talking and laughing with another dealership worker. Not a salesman or manager. I stated to him that I would have liked and needed his help outside. He responded that he was eating his lunch. I responded I though you ate your lunch while I was in Mr. Hulahan office. I also informed him that it was hot outside and I was in pain because he did not assist me. I informed him that I did not feel valued as a return client who has previously purchased three vehicle from Southbay dealership. He took me on the test drive and showed me the features of the car. After I left the dealership because everything was fine. It was not until Tuesday October 10, 2017 3 days after least agreement. When I had my 2 children in the car that I noticed that the vehicle was too small for my family. Please not I was still within in my contract to return the car. I text message Mr. McMillan, that I liked the car but it's not big enough for kids. They need more leg room at 3:47pm. Mr. McMillan did not respond to the text message. At 9:00pm I texted him again that I'm not happy. They told me I had 5 days to return the car. By Thursday I will return the car. At 9:06 pm I received a incoming call from him. He explained to me that he was just getting off work and would not return until Thursday. But He advised me that he was going to the dealership the next day and would talk to his manager in regards to me returning the car. Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 1:48pm I had not heard anything from him. I text him inquiring if he had talked to his manager about me returning the car. Also advising him that I was at Kaiser on PCH down the street from the dealership and could drop off the vehicle and that tomorrow would be the 5th day. At 1:51pm I received a call back stating that his manager was not in and he would be in Thursday at 9am. I responded that I would be there with the car around 10am to return the vehicle. Mr. McMillan never advised me that I could take the vehicle to the dealership without him being there. I arrived at the dealership around 10am and 10:30am. I advised him again that I wanted to exchange or return the car. He stated to me that I could not return a new leased car. I reminded him that the car was not new and I had a 5 day return contract because the vehicle was a previously loaner car. He asked to see the document. I gave him the document. He advised me that he never had this kind transaction before. He took the document to his manager. He returned he asked me what I wanted to do. I informed him that I wanted to find another vehicle that was larger or even another color. He informed me that if I went larger my payments would increase. I advised him that I could not afford any more money. WE went outside to look at my options. I was given 2 options a blue 2017 C300 and a gray one. I reminded him that I really wanted something larger but if I had to choose I would chose the gray one. He noted my mileage on the (2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814) he return inside the dealership and returned advising me that I had went over the miles by 16 miles. I advised him that I live 16 miles from the dealership and reminding him that I wanted to return the vehicle on Tuesday and Wednesday but he was off work. While I was deciding another customer came. I was ok with him assisting the other client because, I wanted to carefully choose a car and not feel rushed. We both agreed that I could not afford a E class. Therefore, I choose the gray 2017 C300. He informed me that vehicle was $4,000.00 more than the one I leased. I responded that the Vehicle he leased to me was discounted to fit my budget and the gray one should be the same price without the discount. He responded that the dealership is a one price dealership. I asked to see his manager Sherif Ayad. Mr. Ayad met me in the lobby with Mr. McMillian. I informed Mr. Ayad my situation. He also stated that he could not discount the gray vehicle. I responded that I wanted to return the 2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814. He informed me I could not because I went over my miles by 16. I responded that I wanted to return the car on Tuesday but was advised that sales person would not be in until Thursday October 12, 2017. Furthermore, I was never advised that I could return the car without Mr. McMillian and him being there. Mr. Ayad walked away advising me he could not help me or return the car. I advised him I would take further actions. I next talked to the General Manager Gary Pillikyan. He apologized for the problems I was having and wanted to keep my business but he did not have any car to fit my budget. I asked him to return my contract from Mr. McMillian because, I refused to do business with him again. The next day I noticed that the information for the 2017, Mercedes- Benz, C300w, 55SWF4JB7HV1814 was missing from the folder. Mr. Pillikyan had informed me that he would not be in for the next 3 days. Therefore, I had to return back to the dealership again to pick up the documents that should have been return or at least advised that I did not receive my complete contract. Instead I had to return driving again total 32 miles round trip from my house with a injured foot wearing a boot and the dealership to pick up the document the sales manager Gary. My question is why Mr. McMillian did not have another employee call me and advised me that I did not have my contract. Instead he cared less if I had or needed the very important documents. I am most annoyed that I was not respected or treated as a valued returning customer. On 10/12/2017 and 10/13/2017 I wasted a morning (and half a day's vacation) waiting for Mr. McMillian or the dealership to allow me return or exchange the vehicle if not satisfied as per the contract. With a injured foot in a boot and walking with a cane. My impression of Mercedes Benz of South bay has been tarnished. Even though both GM Mr. Pillikyan and Store manager Gary Smith did attempt assist and apologize. I'm still not satisfied with the fact I had to keep a car I did want to keep and signed a contract with the option to return it with 5 day or 250 miles. I attempted to return it within but had the sales man told me just to return the car weather he was there or not. I trust this is not the way Mercedes Benz of South conduct business with valued customersI have purchased 4 cars from your dealership. I feel Mr. McMillian cared more about finishing his lunch and keeping his commission check then keeping my business. I was appalled at such behavior, and have a good mind to take my business elsewhere as suggested. I hope you would look into the matter, and make sure such an incident is not repeated. Your company has been known to provide good services, and such events tarnish the company name, so please address this issue soon. . Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to settling this matter amicably. My contact number is3 10-919-7599. Thank you for your co-operation. Sincere Regards, DeLaine Bagley Please note I have forward this letter to Autonation Corporation and Mercedes Benz Corporation.

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dbagley106 - 58 d ago


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Unhappy - 63 d 6 h ago


I had a horrible experience at the Delray, FL service center. They lied to me about the warranteed wheel speed sensor. They wanted to charge me over $800 for it when it is covered under warranty. Then the service man did not return my calls for a week. I was assigned another service man who seems to be doing the same thing. My vehicle has been in service now for 2 weeks. I will never buy another Mercedes.

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Arlene Beasley - 78 d 13 h ago


I took my Benz in to have my tires checked since the ckeck indicator was on. Had a car was since I was there. Explained the importance of the rear left tire pressure, it was the lowest, When I picked the car up I reinerated my concern for that tire and I was assued all was done. Left and 45 miles later tire was at 23. Went to Sears and a nail was removed from the tire. When I called Benz at Park Place, the manager had no compassion, did not empathise but said I should have spoken to a service person. Five years ago when I made the purchase and was bringing it in monthly to have tires checked, I was told , don't need a service person for this,

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Mercedes Owners - 77 d 14 h ago



A bit difficult to follow and understand your post, your grammar and spelling is atrocious! I have never experienced rudeness by anyone in a Mercedes Dealership, however, sorry if you truly did. I agree with the Service Manager, it's always best to take it to an authorized Dealer whenever possible. Nitrogen is used to fill most Mercedes tires, never air! Unfortunately many Service Department's unfamiliar with Mercedes may not know this. I couldn't follow your post clearly, but I wouldn't blame your Dealer. You could have picked up that nail anywhere between there and Sears.

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Crystal Garcia - 80 d 6 h ago


Bravo on the new 2018 AMG E36 S commercial! Great job advertising you guys made a super bowl worthy commercial I laughed so hard!

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Amanda R Gonzales Hello my name is Amanda Gonzales I am a new employee, Im ha ... 

Old Navy
Susan K Golinske I recently bought my husband two sweaters, bought myself so ... 

Sonic Corp.
Hippie Bennett Well I was going to write a review about how bad the servic ... 

Geico Corporation
Kate Disgusting company! I was a customer for 12 years and I mad ... 

LA Fitness
Anonymous This is the exact same problem I had this week. Last week f ... 

GameStop Corp.
Melissa OMG!!! Just terrible, I made an order on Cyber Monday For 4 ... 

Whole Foods Market, Inc.
Anonymous i worked at the baton rouge location. i was scheduled again ... 

eBay, Inc.
Foday Global Furniture End Table with Cappuccino Cushions in Maho ... 

Albertson's LLC
Deidra Cooper Hello I live in San diego Ca and on Dec 13 I was in the dow ... 

Dollar General
Michelle I just witnessed a store manager by the name of Crystal at  ... 

Google Inc.
Anonymous You guys suck ass and I can't get anybody to help me to try ... 

Capital One Auto Finance Inc
Renda woods I was really excited to learn that capital one would financ ... 

Panera Bread
Laurie Ever consider opening a store in Sebastian, Fl? We have not ... 

Bank of America Corporation
Old man Sirs, at this time I would like to say I have had the pleas ... 

Lynn I bought a new refrigerator for my daughter for her new hou ... 

Honda Motor Company
Dale I have a 2014 civic and some time it bounces like a ball be ... 

JD Cheddars Brunswick, GA

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co
S. Rossie Their soda is full of rat piss. Beware.

Taco Bell Corp.
Anonymous Contacting corporate about a manager in Nelsonville Ohio. F ... 

Ross Stores
Anonymous I spoke with Cheyenne M in Corporate after receiving unplea ... 

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