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Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc.

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Brock - 2 d 18 h ago

I thought I would express my concerns as it relates to the continued removal of storage area/compartments on the CL 550 and S-Coupe. I have owned 5 coupes since the mid nineties.. Previously you could find storage under the front seats and door arm rest. The under seat was removed pre 2010 but the arm rest and a double compartments in the center consul remained. Then in 2015 the arm rest was removed and consul reduced to a single compartment. It also feels like the glove compartment is smaller. I hope the designers will think about restoring some of this storage area in future models. I also have a coupe that you cannot open the trunk without a key or opening the door. I feel this is a real oversight particularly if you have paid $120,000 to $144,000 for this vehicle. I hope these are constructive observations.

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Anonymous - 18 d 14 h ago


I was going Mercedes Benz house of imports I was going to get a used Mercedes and then today somebody dealership toll that they were fixing the car it will be finish next week

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RHAMURTA (Tobi) - 33 d 8 h ago


I bought my 2014 certified pre-owned CLA 250 in Nov 2018 from Inskip Mercedes Benz in Warwick Rhode Island from Frank ( lovely hispanic gentleman). I had minor issues which were resolved 90% same day or within a great time frame. Everyone at this location really works hard! Even the General Manager Manny! Manny was easy to contact through telephone and easily resolved my issue with an explanation and email. I had dealt with Eric the sales manager most of the time. Eric is wonderful does not "beat around the bush" and is about " customer satisfaction". When I was miss lead about information on my warranty Eric directed me to Jeff a member of the service team. Jeff was understanding and made it his duty to make sure I understood the next steps. I cannot for get about Nick (with the great man-bun)! Nick was awesome he greeted us in the show room ( it's nice when people recognize you and say hello). He held a brief conversation with us and brought us over some complimentary water's while we waited. Very wise man and down to earth! I would buy another car/ or refer a friend to him or Frank. Anyways a job that should of took a day or two; took a short amount of time and I was out before dinner time.

What I like about this location is that they understand things go wrong and buyers get frustrated. They have compassion and will help you pick the suitable choice for you.

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Dennis Henderson - 42 d 11 h ago


Mercedes Benz, "The Best or Nothing", What a Joke! I Have, NOTHING! I bought my car in January on the 8th. It is Now, May 5th, and just got my car back, 2 days ago! I spoke with Susan, in Complaints, which was WORTHLESS, and asked her to give me her bosses number, (WHICH SHE, WOULD NOT DO!), Then Irene, called me and said she was her boss, admitting I had not been treated right! Then, I was told Irene, HAD NO BOSS, AND SHE WAS THE TOP, OF THE LADDER! Everyone has a Boss, so she, clearly, LIED to me! My Driver Assist failed, as did th antilock braking system! I called Roadside, asked that it be towed to Dealership, which was denied,after 3 attempts. It was tied to their body shop! No dent was in the car and it was $8,200, out of pocket! I also bought a 3 Year extended warranty. Corporate WILL DO NOTHING FOR YOU, ABD CANNOT ANSWER, WHAT THEY, DO! They will not mediate, litigate, or even call on your behalf! I bought my first S-Class, at 19, and have so many Mercedes, I Cannot Count! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE,! You need to change, Your Saying to "NOTHING ". That is what I Have! I Will Never trust this Car! It's Electrical! Now to register, I have to send them $936.00, which I have Already Done! They have NO RECORD, AFTER 7 DAYS! My bank said my Account, WAS NOT CREDITED BACK, THE $936.00!!! So, WHERE IS MY MONEY? Never AGAIN, MERCEDES! You Will NEVER GET ANOTHER PENNY OF MINE, AFTER ALL, I HAVE SPENT, WITH YOU THROUGHOUT, THE YEARS! BELIEVE IT!!!

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JB - 45 d 18 h ago


One logo on the Mercedes Benz of Palm Beach Website is "The Best or Nothing".

Well, I Got Nothing. I left several detailed messages for the Service Dept and received No Response. Then, I left a detailed message for the General Manager, Raj Alexander, and again received No Response >1.5 weeks later.

The multiple times I called, I reached a poorly trained, unprofessional receptionist who did not take the time to direct me to the appropriate dept, however, she did give me 'the bum's rush'.

Based on this dealership's lack of interest and response, I should find another manufacturer who respects their customers throughout the life of the products they sell.

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Anonymous - 47 d 17 h ago


I have 2008 C300 4matic. Recently my check engine light came on and I brought to the Dealership in Atlantic City, NJ for diagnosis and air bag recall to be completed. My Service Manager provided me with an estimate of $16,000.00 !!!! YES $16,000.00 on a Car worth about $6500.00 Shame on Mercedes Benz if an 11 year old car would need $16,000.00 worth of repairs. Needless to say I only had a head lamp side lamp and wiper blades replaced along with a Diagnosis fee of $195.00. Regarding the Airbag recall I was told my SRS warning light was on and that would have to be repaired before the recall could been done. I specifically asked what needed to be repaired in the SRS System so I could have the air bag recall done? Response $195.00 diagnosis is needed. WHYYYYYY I just paid $195.00 for a Diagnosis!!! I will not buy another Mercedes because I cannot find a Dealership that is honest and has good service!!!!!!!

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No homelink in a220! - 54 d 18 h ago

A220 sedan disappointment. Can't believe that this car, which is about the highest tech car in the line up, does. NOT include a home link garage door opener. I mever even thought to check as as felt certain that would be standard, not an option! That is TRULY ridiculous

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Dissatisfied in Paramus - 62 d 12 h ago


I have been a Mercedes lease holder for 20 years. I have purchased from the same person over that time and been extremely brand loyal. Recently the dealership i work with was sold and is now Paramus Mercedes. I have been disappointed from that point and I find it hard to even consider staying in a Mercedes. The service department has had a series of missteps, however they have made every attempt to correct the situation.

The sales department on the other hand is not one I have any intention to work with any longer. The rude arrogant salesperson put on my account since my sales person retired is the epitome of unprofessional, I was the recipient of some general emails not actually intended for me. When I replied I asked about my previously sales person, I explained what I was looking for and stressed my brand loyalty position. The reply i was given was "yeah well hes gone and you cannot get what you are looking for in that range". I was more than disgusted in his dismissive manner and I asked a follow up question regarding the buy out of my car. He never replied and I followed up 1 week later. He told me the 1st time he was tending to some personal matters, the 2nd time he told me he was with a customer and passed me to his asst, at which point she provided the wrong information.

If this is Mercedes new platform for customer service it really sucks.I have driven a mercedes as much for the comfort as I have also enjoyed the buying experience and ease that it presented. Im 100% less inclined to move forward with another Mercedes come my lease end. If Im too small of a customer Im sure other brands will appreciate my loyalty.

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Chantha Baker - 67 d 15 h ago


Total disappointment with our Sprinter passenger van purchase. 2016 and still under bumper to bumper warranty but can't find a servicing dealership that would set us up with a loaner car so we can get our family around.

Now I see why there are more Fords, Chevy and Nissans on the road.

You would think we'd get better service with a Mercedes. Guess we should never have assumed that the name would make a difference.

Wishing I would have gone with my gut and never spent my money in this purchase.

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Marc - 68 d 10 h ago

I bought my C 300 not because I'm rich but because I needed to feel safe. Well it was put to the test and I was hit from the rear of a big diesel truck on the freeway. Traffic had came to a stop and so did I. Out of my rear view mirror all I could see is the truck coming fast and at me. With no time to move, I was hit but I'm alive today because of my C300 .. It protected me with God from death.. I owe this company great thanks for making a car that in this tragic accident saved me.


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Will never buy mercedes again - 99 d 16 h ago


Wow.. Seems like mercedes has quite a few people that are dissatisfied with their product...Well, here's one more for them...I don't complain or bad mouth anyone but this is a problem that i will take to the courts.. I purchased a 2010E350 in Dec of 2012. The car is beautiful but the interior sucks..First off, the wood grain on the passenger side dash is fading and the seat is tearing at the seams...I had the passenger side seat replaced in 2017 for the same problem.. Now its doing it again but not only the passenger side, the drivers side as well.... That makes 3 seats for this car in 9 years..A little over 100,000 miles and this is happening.. I have a 2000 toyota and the seats still look brand new. The estimate to replace both seats is around 3000.00 which i refuse to pay. Im not overweight, I don't abuse my car and I rarely have people in the passenger seat. For the seam to give way this many times is ridiculous. I spoke to Mercedes in Georgia and they offered me a 400$ gift cert to use. I told them to keep it and will be going to the court house Monday morning to take a summons out to have this fixed. The car will be sold or traded in and I will be moving on to either Lexus or a BMW. The car has been in the shop way to many times for me to purchase another Mercedes. So you're down one more dissatisfied customer that will never return. Thanks for nothing mercedes!! See you in court..

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NEVER AGAIN!!! - 87 d 6 h ago


Wish I would have read the reviews before I leased my MB I HATE this crappy car

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Anonymous - 73 d 18 h ago

Wow I was thinking of leasing. Tired of something going wrong everytime I take benz in for service , something else goes wrong! A coincidence? Hmm or shitty mercedes benz? Or just uneducated machanics making money with service rep?

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Anonymous - 73 d 18 h ago

I need to know if there is a recal on 2015 c300 benz fo Air bags. I took my car in to be serviced on smelly air filter then 2 days laterAir bag comes on danferous. I feel unsafe ! They called me to say there is a short? Hard to believe? and I'm a women. I feel CEO or corporate should do a courtesy . Air bag? Really?

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Not pleased - 75 d 19 h ago

I have a Mercedes Benz C Class, C300. It LEAKS! It literally drips through the door, down the side of the car. Seems to be creating mold. It rained one day, then was clear and sunny. The next day, got in and found wet spots and mold on rubber mat. I dried it, and it appeared to be moldy - very not cool, with my asthma and health issues. Later, noticed more water on mat, closer to foot petal, a larger spot was wet. I rolled down window about 2:30 p.m., on a beautiful sunny day, and when the window was rolled up, it was all wet. Water sits in the door frame! I told the dealer, very early on, about the filth in the door frame, he told me to keep a cloth in my car and wipe it. Oh, like really, I'm going to keep a filthy cloth in my car, and have to wipe my car when I need to use it. Subsequently, barely use the car, as it's hard to breath, swallow, and the fresh air I had for a month or so, in the beginning of owning the car, is not fresh anymore. I called Mercedes yesterday, and salesman was telling me how costly it would be to get out of this, get into another Mercedes. No thanks! I'm thinking a LEMON!

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Michael Pryor - 83 d 14 h ago


I bought a 2012 c300 4matic sport on 2012 year. I only have 49k miles on it 2019. The vehicle has a squealing sound from the alternator. I look under the hood and saw a sticker on the alternator that said remanufactured. I have never had my alternator replaced since we bought the vehicle in the year 2012. I thought when you buy NEW vehicle it should have new parts.

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Donna - 87 d 6 h ago


I leased a 2019 Gla250 it's been in the shop4 times for the same problem! The radio stops working when I receive a text or incoming call and NEVER comes back on. So when I drive an hour away and the radio stops working its a long drive home! Then another day the check engine light comes on and back to the shop it goes!! HATE this car and I called the corporate office and complained told them to take this car back that I wouldn't pay my lease payment. but then I get screwed. I bought brand new so I wouldn't have issues and I've had more than is acceptable! I will NEVER buy a Mercedes again and I've had several and after I sold the last one several years ago I was changed my mind and thought maybe I would have better luck with brand new since my last car was a convertible and a few years old. Nope screwed again!! So save yourself the aggrevation and time of driving back and forth to the dealership and buy American.

I'm a single lady who wanted a reliable car lesson learned time for a Cadillac.

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Grace - 94 d 10 h ago


Within 17 years, I owned 3 MB, the last one I purchased was 2015 C300, a beautiful car, but at early 2019, front of my sunroof clear coating already peeling a huge part and I was told is not covered by warranty because it is cosmetic. If I knew, never will spent over 3 thousand dollars to buy the warranty. My car park at garage most of time, how can peeled a huge part? Blame to weather? Nah, I blame to the poor work for such expensive car. Will think to buy other brand of car instead MB in the near future.

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David - 102 d ago


I recently purchased a 2019 AMG E53 and love the vehicle. However, I was surprised to find that a basic feature found on much less expensive vehicles was absent. The parking sensors... not the parking assist, but the sensors displaying how close to obstacles. It was on previous vehicles. My last bring a 2014 550 SL. I'd like to suggest this be a standard feature not lumped into the more elaborate self parking features. It's disappointing to say the least. If it could be added I would pay for it to be installed, but have been told that can't be done. Just feedback for consideration.

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Paula Willhite - 105 d 7 s ago


I purchased the mercedes E350 2010 coupe. I have been a mercedes driver for years I even had a 230SL convertible which was an excellent car and a few others. I am so dissatisfied with my car the exterior is beautiful. The interior is the problem. I went to pull my seat back the plastic (yes I said plastic) lever on the seat lifted and cut my hand open and blood was EVERYWHERE. It was 10 pm I am in the middle of the street bleeding all over my car in my seat on the floor trying to grab my purse out of the back seat. I had to run into a house and thank goodness a lady helped me. I am going in tomorrow I may need stitches and I have messed my hand up badly. I know I can't be the only person this has happened to, because I had it replaced for the same issue before. Not to mention all of my paneling wood like trim has lifted and broken off. I called about my airbags that have been recalled they said they would bet back to me when they have them in. That was 3 weeks ago and no call. I have never had an issue but I will NEVER purchase a Mercedes again. Shame on them for the amount of money you pay to drive one. I will be seeking further action regarding my hand. I wish I could attach the photos so you can see how this crappy manufactured lever they put on can be quite dangerous and can disfigure you as well.

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Jean W - 105 d 10 h ago


My issue with Mercedes North Houston which is under Auto Nation is they cheated me out of my referral fee. I referred a friend there to which friend went there and picked out and paid cash for vehicle the same day. I bought one there the following week. The salesman promised to get a referral fee of 100 to me verbally. Then after I noticed in my sales contract they were charging me a document fee of 150, after inquiring about it they returned the 150 to me. After months of waiting for the referral fee I finally call the salesman back and was told I wouldn't get it because they returned the 150 doc fee. The salesman claimed he didn't know they would do it but I don't believe him. I ctcd BBB and they claimed they would forward my complaint to Mercedes and still after 30 days nothing has happened. This is a billion dollar company and yet they don't want to compensate me a measly referral fee. I will never go back to Mercedes Benz North Houston under Auto Nation. They totally suck!!! I'm still planning to follow up with my complaint on a higher level, it's not over yet Mercedes!

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Anita S - 115 d 18 h ago

This is my second Mercedes. I presently drive a E class.II love driving it. What I am very dissatisfied with is that the auto start works maybe one in 20 attempts. For TWO years I am told it's because of a server issue. I find this to be ridiculous and a unprofessional response to this chronic issue. I expected better from Mercedes Benz.

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Cyn - 110 d 14 h ago


Same problem. They supposed fixed some wiring on the interior and two days after I got the car back , it began again. I have to use the key all the time!!

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V Morris - 111 d 14 h ago


The car (GLC300) is generally Okay... BUT I have an ongoing problem with the satellite radio presets dropping out. This has happened many times. Dealer has had the car in the shop a total of 11 days with no solution. They literally asked if I "drive by big antennas".

Corporate said there is nothing they can do. When I ask them if they think it is ok that I pay for a car that has defective parts in it they reply," I don't have a good answer for that."

The car has less than 20,000 miles and I am headed to the AUDI dealer to trand this thing in... Just a radio you might say, but the response from MB has been very telling...

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Jim H - 111 d 14 h ago

I have 2 Mercedes a SL 500 and it's the best car I ever had and a 350GL which is a piece of junk.

It runs fine but the interior is falling apart. the seat belt broke, paint is coming of the controls, the seat upholstery is fading and pealing, and yesterday while pulling the emergency brake off the handle broke off. Only 40,000 miles!

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