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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Anonymous - 3 d ago


I have a trojan horse virus in front of my ip address and when I called customer service they act likethey care but could never get any end result from stupid ass lispy employee..


Hope yourserversget messed up!

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La Tanya Womack - 3 d 29 m ago


I bought a brand new ZTE blade phone on 12/5/17 and the phone does not hold a charger and takes a total of 10 hours to get a full charger. Took the phone back to the store. The store would not exchange or refund me my money. I've been getting rerun around for 2 days. Worst service ever. I spent 165.00 for nothing.

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Mike - 3 d ago


The hired our business to do artwork for them and then refuse to pay, saying that their promotion changed and they don't need it now. We are just a small business and now they refuse to pay for our services. Absolutely no way to get anyone on the phone in corporate. Guess this is how they take care of their community

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Connie Kitchen - 31 d ago


I think it's time to do a class action. No one has a right to bold face lie.. The clerk's are trained to lie, I have had this phone 2 1/2 weeks, it's messing up so bad it's useless to try to accomplish a task. I took it back to place of purchase, said absolutely they would replace with brand new, when they called me to tell me it was in the said brand new, just went to pick up....yep refurbished. So why the lies, because the service is so bad they make their money off one time customer. Then I see every single review is the same, Metro took the money called it a day, so let's do this!! Let's make them pay, I feel like an old fool for falling for the oldest scam in the books.

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Fred - 31 d ago


Let's do it, I gathered 25 people who is in for the class action suit. And this is just for the Cherryvale Mall location in Rockford IL

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ScammedCustomer - 24 d 8 h ago


Scammed by a local store selling outdated, refurbished headset as new. It wouldn't charge, it wouldn't turn on. We return the item in less than 24 hours, as it was purchased around 4 p.m. In the afternoon. They didn't open until 10 a.m. the following morning. When returning the manager of the store took it behind the counter and acted like we didn't know how to use it and attempted to get it to work and could not get it to power on it was defective but still wanted to make it like it was our fault. He refused to refund your money or replace the headset and told us if we cancel the transaction they would hire attorneys and fight us and court and we were not going to get our money back. He kept the headset and refused to provide documentation that it was returned. His rebuttal to the dispute through the credit card company, was that we returned it after the return. And tried to scam him by returning a different item than the one originally purchased... WTF! If it wasn't the one originally purchased why did he keep the item I returned? I audio recorded the encounter with him even saying he was going to take the rest of them off the shelf, which he never did. What a bunch of crooks.

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Russell clark - 17 d ago

I'm in all the way

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Robert - 16 d ago


Hey Fred in Rockford... Robert from Cleveland, oh..use to live on seminary and ogilby rd about 1970-76 then mom moved here... I'm here waiting for them to remove a network lock on my phone so I can go to consumer cellular and I can't even reach a customer service rep now...they purposely are stopping me from switching to them and I'm not even their customer anymore...

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Carmen Williams - 12 d 7 h ago


I am in, these buttholes charged me a fee without any kind of agreement, i simply called and inquiried about adding a service. We got disconnected, didn't agree to anything. Next morning my services where suspended. A long story short, they made me pay for a service i didn't agree on. Then they tried to change my billing cycle. Wasn't having it, taljed ro serval agents, foreign couldnt understand a word. They eventually turned it back on, but the kicker is, the agent asked for the land line phone to make sure the service was restored, but after i hubg up out of frustration, she kept calling the house phone, laughing in the background, its fucking 430am!!! I ended up taking the phone off the hook, and turnig iff the mobile because she kept calling. I am hot!!!

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Caryk Copsin Tippens - 30 d 19 h ago


I agree been with them for 15 yrs bought a new phone called the Fierce and it is a piece of shit. I have had 9 days and is malfunctioning everyday. The Metro PCS where I purchased would not return my money. I called PCS and talked to a manager he would not help after being a loyal customer.. I went to the store and there were 2 people with such complaints.. I had to turn on my old because the new one is crap. Why a got a new because I needed storage. I feel sorry for the workers because it isn't their business.. This makes me mad we should sue them!

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Robert in ohio - 16 d 21 h ago


I agree how many signatures needed for a class action??? Has everyone called the BBB???

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Anonymous - 9 d 2 h ago

I want in metro

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Anonymous - 23 d 10 h ago

i feel you on that there are lyer

General profile image - 21 d ago


Amen their crooks

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pissed off customer - 17 d ago


im in because they lied for 3months and today ive been on the phone for 2 1/2 hrs still been on hold and all they want to do is talk about or mention a up charge fee...couple days ago i had a phone stolen and i went to suspend my bill until i was able to get a new one and when i finally did the little hoochie mama at the store was all about showing off her ta tas to the guy customers in the store, she said i didnt have to pay my bill till next month she didnt even set up my service right i had to call and get it done right and it still isnt done right the day after that i had to call because my internet or hotspot wasnt working and i had to set that up to work as well...all they do is lie or say "im not able to do that" when you ask them a question or talk about anything on the bill, and they illegally switch and down graded and upgraded my phone with out my permission and still wants money from me and they are trying to charge $108.00 for a $50.00 plan and this is coming from simpsonville ky

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Robert in oho - 16 d ago


You c this is the kind of stuff that pushes certain people pass their patience level and next thing you know their on the news as a irate can't take it anymore shooter or mad bomber putting all of us at risk and our families this company needs to be sued and all their victims generously compensated for ALL their crimes against their all means let's get this class action suit going...they are benefiting now but they won't be laughing to the bank while paying ALL of us our money back.

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MS LA DAY - 17 d 1 s ago

I'm in Ms LA Day (hidden)

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

All those interested in doing a class action should contact a local attorney to coordinate your area.

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Roman Garcia - 3 d 19 h ago


Purchased new phone in SANTA FE NEW MEXICO USA. The phone was defective and returned to the store purchased at and was a new replacement would be in 3 t0 5 days. Five days past, no call went in and was told that phone was at their other store. went there and was told they did not take the phone in but seven days were up and I could not have the replacement phone. I am now stuck with a defective phone, SANTA FE PCS employees have my money, the new phone and I am out in the cold....cold hard cash they stole from me. Today I visited our Public Regulation Commission, Attorney General Consumer Protection but for faster action I am considering a police report for fraud and theft followed by a civil action for money due. The PCS employees needs a job but theft, dishonesty and deception are not part of that job.

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Hattie Williams - 5 d 19 h ago


I purchased an upgrade phone on November 7, 2017 for a Alcatel Fierce A30. The phone is defective and I have been trying to get a replacement within the 30 day warranty and have not had any luck. I am being told that the online store is out of stock and I need to get resolved before the 30 day warranty is up. They have some in my local store in Moss Point, MS but are not allowed to exchange my phone. This is not fair because it is not my fault that I was sole a defective phone and because the online store is out of stock, I can not exchange one in the store. The insurance does not cover defective phones. Metro does nothing to help their customers. I need someone in the Corporate Office to assist me in getting a replacement phone. The Alcatel Warranty office said I would have to mail in my phone to see if it can be repaired but I will not have a phone during this time. Please help.

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brandi - 6 d 12 h ago


i went IN STORE to have my phone number changed i paid then and there $15 dollars to have it changed .

NOW here i am 24 hours later i find my phone service is suspended and the reason is its claiming i owe 13 more dollars !

wtf !

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Chris ergle - 6 d 16 h ago


I got ripped off when i went to the muscle shoals store . I left with no phones and 50 dollars short for activation fees on phones i never got . Im in .

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Lanna Ivey - 9 d 28 m ago


MetroPCS is ripping people off and stealing money from people. This is not right.

I was told to contact the corporate office in Tulsa Oklahoma. But it's funny there's know phone number. Im going back to Straight Talk their service is better. And they don't take people's money. You get what you pay for with Straight Talk. Im also contacting a lawyer over this matter.

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Charlene Widener - 12 d 2 h ago


Wtf I pay insurance for my phone and the front of my screen shattered so I go and make a claim and I have to pay 50 bucks more to get my phone fixed. Then why the hell do I have insurance I pay 102.00 a month. I can't get no one to answer down at the store nor can I get a person on a corporate number....fuck i am pissed they never told me I had to pay EXTRA for my phone. Oooppssd they left that out. Seems like we need to call the better business bureau

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MAD CUSTOMER - 14 d 27 s ago


i went into a branch on 83 wornall to switch my phone to an iphone and the lady charged me 65.00 but couldnt activate the phone and it was unlock with the previous carrier i was in the store for 3 hours i even had the other phone carrier speak w/ her since i couldnt get the phone on i asked for a refund she said they cant issue a refund so i asked for the 65.00 to be applied to the bill she stated to call the customer service department they advise since it was cash and to go back to store i went back to the store she still refuse to isse a refund so i am out of 65.00 due to her not knowing what she was doing i went in on 11/24 and 11/25/2017

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