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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Nancy Jean Amato - 4 h 33 m ago


I went into the Metro stone on 904 2nd ave NY 10017

To have my phone looked at -I wasn't receiving any emails for 2 days. There were two male sales persons at the counter one was busy and the other assisted me. Never gave their name I introduced myself and continued explaining my problem ; I was abruptly interrupted with "oh your phone is broken so you most likely need a new phone." I stated I just bought this phone in Aug its perfectly fine I need you to look at my emails. The guy smugly stated " so you probably just didn't get any emails I explained I'm a nurse and received= many emails daily form patients. He badged me about a new phone never looking at my phone I then asked him to send me an email but that was an argument he didn't want toand again pushed this phone on me I told him I couldn't afford it but Customer service told me I was eligible for a free upgrade if it was the phone the salesman stated it is the phone "your phone sucks you need a new phone " so I started to believe him and he said the free phones aren't good you need this one . I was on my lunch I rectuntly bought it and left .

When I got home I looked in the box there was no cord to charge with no receipt so I called Customer service and told them. Customer service told me that I can return the phone for a refund on my card that they do not do business like that and apologized porously.

I went back into the store today 11/18 at lunch 2:30pm and the clerk now a female said it couldn't be returned so I asked to speak to the manager she called her on the phone and then told me it was an upgrade and I couldn't return it and pushed a laminated list of rules at me . The clerk wouldn't give me the managers name but then gave me Ritu at (hidden) she said that was the managers store. I explained that I was never advised that I could not return this phone never was asked to read that plaque ,was never even given a receipt !

I found out that all my issue was that my GMAIL account had to many emails I used up all my space -but the clerk never even looked at my phone to see that and made me believe my phone was broken and being a nurse I need a phone. I was never read the policy ( I would have never bought the phone if I knew I could return it) In fact the clerk stated to bring it back I wanted.

I have never been treated like this this before This company cannot keep doing this they frauded me and I should be entitled to a refund! If I conducted business without warning people of all their rights I would be in jail. I want a refund!

My email is (hidden) (hidden).

Thank you

Nancy Amato

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Ms.LM - 5 h ago


I had the worse customer service representative in my life at the Metro-PC store at the Northwest Plaza in Baltimore, Md..he was ignorant and arrogant

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MissyGreen - 2 d 17 h ago


For the last 2 nights all 4 lines just go dead no call no text no data.. First night from 9:30 pm till 12:30 am i talked to at least 15 agents all different run around power off this clear that.. Night 2 phones go off at 11 pm it was 1:15 am before i got Rena #909795. She at least tried to help.. Others telling me phone wont work 3 to 5 business days.. Or 5 day extension which i dont need i pay my bill on time i want my service to work on time.. After i report all these mofo i cant understand and get Rena a promotion. Im definitely switching companies.. Im gonna pay for any of my family and friends to switch as well.. Yall have lost a valued customer goodbye metro hello ATT

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keith - 3 d 10 h ago


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Mohamed Sakoor - 3 d 15 h ago


I was contacted by a cell phone dealer in the name of their metro pcs in copration company. Knowing that your company is genuine, I sent the money to the bank account he claimed. No cell phone available yet. Nothing could be done with it. So I ask them to acknowledge my situation and solve my problem.

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SL - 4 d 8 h ago

Don't believe prime amazon is included with your service. Been chsrged for it for 6mts Everytime i go to a metro store they are on the phone for 45 min and say install it the next day and it will be fine. No luck.. May need to switch service

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Anonymous - 5 d 44 s ago

This company as been taking a extra $50 a month out of my bank account for 10 months to pay another account they say is in my name! I only have account. Over $500! Don't ever give this place your debt card # or bank info for Direct monthly payment.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago

Tired of This company taking money out of my account and I did not authorize. I have been a customer over 18 yrs and I am upset this has happened again. Also, I have text messages teller Me they took it off. When I never signed up or authorized it.

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Jane - 10 d 16 h ago


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Michelle - 11 d 7 h ago


Metro PCS sucks. This $25 charge to switch from one MEtro PCS phone to the other is ridiculous .

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Lady on fire. - 12 d 4 s ago


I dropped my phone and it quit working, so went to store to purchase new phone. Person there looked at my phone and asked if I wanted new phone. I said I had to since my current phone was broken. He show the upgrade to me which I purchased along with a case and lanyard. It was then he told me my phone had not been broken and could not return the new on since it was an upgrade. I left as as very angry customer; the sales clerk smirked as though it was funny. Got home and the new phone is horrible. I have had cell phones for several years and this new one cannot even compare to the 1st one I had purchased years ago. I returned to the store and demanded to return the phone since he had lied about my phone being non repairable. I again was told that upgrades can NEVER be returned.. After being transferred several times, I reached a gentleman who said he could help. (Said there would be no problem since Upgrades can be returned within 7 days.) I had been transferred a few times before I reach this gentleman. He asked me to call him again the following Monday. I have since tried to retrace my steps to reach this man by phone, but have been unsuccessful. Since he had also told me not to add any data etc. to the phone so I could return it. If anyone knows how I can reach someone in upper management I could greatly appreciate it.

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Anonymous - 15 d 41 s ago

Having issues with my phone since August 29 I have not received a phone call from anyone from corporate as of yet you guys Our trash the way you guys handle things and I cannot stand for customer service representative to call me by my first name and chop it up it's much easier to say Mr or Mrs Miss Brown Miss Alexander that's the proper way to address someone I would appreciate a call back to resolve this issue just trying to seek out help has been an issue and I do not want to speak to another customer service representative I want to speak to someone from corporate immediately thank you Mrs. Zaneta Alexander

General profile image - 25 d 11 h ago

Yesterday I went to metro pcs store in st Louis and they were rude to me the one worker pulled a gun on me and even followed me out of the store threatened to pop a cap in my ass I'm a desert storm veteran my phone is broke but instead of helping me I got a gun pulled on me I called the police filed a report someone from corporate needs to contact me ASAP I'm traumatized by this might go to hospital

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Anonymous - 15 d 19 h ago


You should get a attorney and Sue them for everything that you can get

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Shany - 17 d 23 h ago


I went to a metro pcs store on north grand in spfld. There was a young man and a young woman waiting on customers. The woman was so rude. She should not work with the public with her little attitude problem. She did not speak me me nice at all. It was her fault. She was a nasty lil b****! I wonder if metro pcs who knows who works for them or just doesnt care. I guess turn over high so why care. I would avoid the north grand store in spfld il. Also dont fall for the upgrades. I was charged alot of $ for a free upgrade. Thats a joke. The phone the girl said was a good one is actually a piece of crap. The extra $ for insurance on phone is a joke too. Good luck trying 2 get what u pay for on the insurance.

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naushad - 23 d 6 h ago


i have upgraded my phone in august and paid for upgrade also. after 2 months device started giving problem with restart and battery getting drain fast. we called service center they guide us to go to nearest store. we visited the store and discuss the problem but they told us that you phone have scratches on back so we cannot help you out and you have to buy new phone. now this is completely unacceptable answer from them .problem is software and battery issue .our device has 1 year warranty on it so we talk to samsung people they told us to go to nearest service center .we went to them and they said we dont have spares to repair it..even samsung gave the same answer . we called again metro pcs service center we got same answer again. Now customer is paying for upgrade and they dont even change the phone that is in warranty. is anyone hwo can help me out. this people dont even publish there email site where we can lodge our complaints. So before buying products from metro pcs please confirm that they will change your phone immediately. or dont buy at all from them. its better you buy from open market.

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F#&# - 18 d 9 h ago


There customers service rep did something to my phone and it stopped working they refuse to do anything or try to talk to my local store, there trying to get me to by a new phone and it was there doing

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Dion - 17 d 8 h ago


since metropcs went 'T Mobile' everything is going wrong. I use to pay my bill via electronic payment which I can no longer do. Tmobile wants me to sign up for a payment account, which I never had to do before. I refuse to set up another account with another password, which I must remember. MetroPCS is no longer the company it use to be. I use to rate this company as 4, now its down to 2 and dropping.

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Dissatisfied Customer, Thanks to Metro PCS - 19 d 9 h ago


I am writing to inform Metro PCS that i informed them i wanted to set up my automatic payment no earlier than the 1st of each month. I an a California State Retiree whose pension goes into my account anytime during last 3 days of each month, but they insisted on trying to take the money at a too early date and did not get the payment. I do not plan on goibg to make the payment in person, there is no reason why they cannot take the monthly due on the 1st of month, i am not going to worry about payment If Metro PCS wants their $50 they will take it once my pension is in my account. Otherwise there's other wireless companies for me to change to.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago


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Dk88 - 21 d ago


I have been with metro pcs for a total of 3 and a half years this has been the best phone service i have ever had the customer service representatives i have talked with in the past including the one i talked to tonight have been so helpful i will continue using your services deep into the future in fact i will be adding a second line to my account in the next couple of weeks thank you for the great service and keep up the good work

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Humberto Rangel - 21 d 7 h ago


Metro has the worst service ever, I haven't been able to receive calls for over a week, called technical support 3 times and were not able to help me I asked for some one from corporate here in the States and have yet to speak to any one to assist me day 4, I'm paying for something that I'm Not being provided,shitty customer service, shitty ass service, I filed a complaint wit the BBB over a year ago and I'm about to file again with zero results.

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Edward Green - 22 d 22 m ago


Edward Green my wife and me went to the metro pcs store located st 1510 D Washtenaw street in Ypsilanti Michigan October 26 2019 and bought 2 new phones spending $410.00. We went home and put the phones away. The next morning we realized the owner had mixed up the phones by putting my information in her phone and her information in mine. We also discovered one of the stylus pen was missing. When we took it back to get everything corrected he refused to give us the missing pen. He lied and said he saw the pen in the phone when we bought it. We never touched the pens when we got home. At the very least he is a liar and at the most he is a thief. His name is mo i don't know his last name., but we would like to get a stylus pen for an LG Stylus5 thank you

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Dr. Jerome Perlmutter - 22 d 8 h ago

Metro pcs stored my personal data om my phone (hidden). It is on the owners data base he owns the store on 3574 sw highway in Stuart fl. He refuses to erase my passwords photos and other personal info. I asked him too several times. Please help me. I am 78 years old.' This is not legal but he does not care ..I can be reached a (hidden) That s where I work. I am not allowed to use my cell phone there.

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Dina - 24 d 11 h ago


You took two payments from me and now shut off my phone. This is theft!

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