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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Heidi Sayher - 9 h 31 m ago


I worked for Metro for 2 yrs and i am so disgusted by the Dealers in my Area with no return call from Corp with SEVERAL serious problems that will eventually shut down Metro in the Lake County, Ohio Area

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KingPGSMetro - 19 h ago


MetroPCS Corporate Offices -Expect The Prince Regent in My Offices corporate this week.

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A.p. Ferron - 1 d 6 h ago


I hope in a customer at the store on Southeast McLoughlin in Portland Oregon for about 2 years I am a technical idiot and the folks that work there especially Jake have been so patient and so instructional for me it's been very very nice to know that there's some place that actually has service thank you very much

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4get them - 2 d ago




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A.R. - 2 d 5 h ago

Two incompetent fools and their thief of a manager at the location on SR 72 Huntsville, Al stole $166 from me. I'm changing carriers.

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Janice M. Choates - 4 d 6 h ago


I recently went into your Riverdale Ga store located in the kroger plaza on hwy 85. I was greeted and walked up to the asian young lady. I just recieved a replacement phone today and I wanted to make sure I was using it correctly. I was having a time with it. Connecting blue tooth and my apps transferred from previous phone.. The asian girl did not seem to be interested in what I was saying. She offered very little assistance. I was left feeling as if I was talking to myself. I did ask her three more questions. And all she did was repeat go read the manual. Now I am not all that savvy as the young people a r e. But my god I'm only 60 years of age. If she would have offered some assistance instead of sitting there doing whatwver she was doing. I felt insulted. I thanked her for not helping and her I would never treat someone like that. She then turned to her coworker and giggled. Now they didn't do that when I purchased everything I needed over $400.00 worth. And the coworker the hispanic young lady was the one who filled my order with no suggestions on equipment needed. I've woeked in customer service for years. And I came in for a service which like. I've been with metropcs for years. I dont like being treated like a racial profile of what or how they think a black female is. I hace a good mind to change carriers or not to ever step foot in that hwy 85 Riverdale Ga store again. No one to be treated that way. And I was walk8ng out I turned to the asian lady and told her that there was nothing funny about this. She then made a pitiful try at trying to help. Niether one of them would feel as I do. I'm so disappointed.

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Melanie - 4 d 8 h ago


I just called my local Metro PCS store in Cornelia, Georgia regarding changing from my current carrier to a Metro PCS plan. The person whom I spoke to was not only impolite, but presented an "I don't care attitude". I have been with Metro PCS before and have experienced this same customer service before. Employees should have etiquette training on how to handle customers. I will find a different carrier.

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Jessica Carnahan - 6 d 13 h ago


Buyer beware! Scam!! Terrible! Paid for service 6/21/2019 - prepaid 30 day plan and shit off 7/14/2019. Only got 22 days. Refuse to turn back on or refund! Will be taking my business elsewhere! Spoke to these horrible agents who lied, laughed and hung up on me!

Gavin 501646

Mark 500386

Shirley 501167

Heron 705187

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Kristina Alford - 4 d 10 h ago


At least you able to receive a name and badge number. After the first time I called they refuse to give me any information. They just hang up on me once I give my number.

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Kristina Alford - 4 d 10 h ago


Ur customer service Department is not any help. How do I contact someone who can give me assistance. Regarding my problem. My issue is about a DEFECTIVE device that damaged my car. The incident happened on July 7, 2019. My number is (hidden)

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Keith Spivey - 26 d ago


You guys are scams Metro T-Mobile tried to scam me I don't appreciate that Donald Trump don't appreciate that I want some S3 Nations why you shut my phone off after I had it for 2 weeks after I bought it you kind of people needs to be up out of here you are scams you think the birth time and I caught you this time I got the receipt in all even the Box even the bag this come from headquarters the other ones that done it and you guys tried to fast-talk me five times before you listen to what I had to say then he tried to get me for $3 try to get me $39 you try to get you for $17 then you gave it to me for free back after I wouldn't give you my credit card so I think if you guys should be sued you cost me a $6,000 job and it's hard telling what else and you have aggravated me to death you got away with it the first time this time I caught you and if I done that to one of my customers I would be in prison so one of you head honchos needs to go to prison that's what Donald Trump would kill you I will call back 513 915 366 2 I will settle out of court for $5,000 six months of free phone if you don't shut off in 2 weeks thank you very much have a good day I ain't

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Stanley the happy MetroPcs Customer - 6 d 11 h ago


I have read all of your posts people and let me tell y'all something, I've been using MetroPCS since 2009 and I've had nothing but luck with them!! They're friendly and helpful in every way!! When I'm stuck and they can't help me over tell me what's wrong with the phone, I take it to MetroPCS Headquarters in Irving, Texas where I live, and tell them what the problem is, and they are nice enough to help me out without any problems whatsoever!! MetroPCS now Metro by T Mobile is #1 in my book!! That's all I have to say!! You all are lying about about MetroPCS/Metro by T Mobile!!

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margaret - 8 d 10 h ago



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Angelique - 13 d 39 s ago


Horrible customer service. I was told today that they were no longer carrying the ZTE Blade Max due to the manufacturer of the phone stealing customers information. Yet they refused to trade my phone and they let me walk away with my ZTE Blade Max knowing that I was at risk for having my info stolen. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY HAVE NO REGARD FOR YOUR PRIVACY OR INFORMATION.

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Melissa - 10 d 48 s ago


I agree the owner if the metro pcs store in richmond ky sexually harrassdd my wife and when she refused him seceral times he changed our password on our acct and we habe no access to our on stuff i called coustomer service and they say nothing can be done cause he owns the store. Is that really the kinda trash that want representing them.

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Melissa - 10 d ago


The owner of a metro pcs store in richmond ky tryed several times to get my wife ti sleep with him and when she kept refusing he changed the password on our phone service to a high security password while at work and now refuses to give it to urms. We called you all and all you told us was we cant do anything iver the phone you have to go to a metro pcs store which the closet one is owned by the guy who is doing all this or the next town over and we have no way to get that far. How is this acceptable and allowed and nothing is gonna because he owns the store that is illegal for him to do that something shouod be done incant even pay my bill without the password and i wouldnt even if i could unless im the one who has access to it not him. My number is (hidden) i need soneone to call me from your cooperate office and get sonething fmdone about this because im about to press charges in him for sexual harrasment and privacy concerns thanks.

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Toni Garcia - 11 d ago


There is a "manager" by the name of Vanessa Vega, which the location she works at is 5985 N Mesa in el paso Texas. She has personally texted me and also talked about me on social media telling everyone and myself that i have AIDS and she was glad that my mom had passed away, this is unacceptable in every way! She is unprofessional and i will NOT tolerate this kind of bullying! I have the screenshots to prove her actions. I will be cancelling my service with Metro because she should NOT be calling or texting me just to BULLY me! I hope this gets recognized by upper management or anybody that is higher than her and i hope she gets fired!

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Why do new prescribers get a better deal on phones than people that have been with your company for 10 years. Does loyalty to your company mean nothing. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago


exactly had a major problem was in the store for 3 hrs with no results!!!!!!

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Renee - 14 d ago


You get what you pay for with this company! Poor phone service and limited to no wi - fi connection. Not to mention the in - store customer service is unprofessional! Purchased plan on 7/2 and was told by customer service today is my last day, 7/8, to turn it in but i have a week? One hour until closing and during a holiday week, I was not given a full week to return the phone and get a refund. And on top of all of that I am stuck with this terrible service for 6 months! They refuse to unlock the phone to go to their parent company T - MOBILE!! Read the terms BEFORE you think about this company. They are deceptive and won't give you the terms until AFTER the purchase, by then it is too late!

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Slocu - 15 d 4 h ago

Location 3254 Elvis Presley office sold me a refreburst phone and I went to exchange the phone during office hours and metro pcs was locked!!!! I think this is very unprofessional and unsatisfying! I have been without a phone for several days now

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Victoria Lillard - 15 d 11 h ago


Hello my name is Victoria Lillard I live in a USA region and i call in to give my eight digit ounce number and security question I gave upon purchase and no matching records on metro pcs system I do believe that incorrect typos can occur but when retailer has photo us information in hand than that's not convenient for customer that can't see what's being entered in system or confirmed which led to not matching so I purchased a phone in my birthdate 0606 / 2019 current address and zip valid on USA valid registered I'd card I do know that I have no way to change this u know that only corporate can so please correct it text (hidden) with what was typed in retailer computer in 0606 / 2019 at a metro pcs retailer which once was boostmibile etc retailers are in a hurry to sell and that's what I notice I can not pay 73.$ AUG 6 when bill due again so if no appropriate action is applied I will have to let phone be disconnected for no phone payment and go to another competitor and make sure we have what retailer has in marching parties I also apologize for the retailers who cause these mistakes I say mistake or scam thankyou for allowing online form feed back because clearly the retailer in walnut hills in cinti Ohio on Lincoln AVE has whatever customer service has in matching systems and not what is on valid us so please open up the oversight and come up with another way that the customer can have also a security question for metro pcs

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Plydfma - 16 d ago


""MUST READ""!!!!!!

Today I walked into the Kingston MA metro pcs store with my fiancee and daughter to switch my service. The representatives name was "Dom". He took 3 of our phones and checked to see if they were compatible by inserting a sim cards into them. He became very meddlesome with my fiancee and I. Wouldn't let us discuss our options. So I told my fiancee "you decide". He looked at me and said "I'm the man, I should decide". My fiancee was so appalled that she felt disrespected. From there we were not pleased and as we were leaving noticed our phones couldn't make calls. I went back and at this time he was talking with a kid. I asked nicely "excuse me , why doesn't our phones make calls. He said "you gotta call sprint". I look at him puzzled and that's when he said "don't cry". I was awe. And couldn't believe it and said "excuse me". He said "what, I said don't cry. I replied "wow you are a prick, I'm with my 7 year old daughter. And he then started throwing f-bombs and his body language was aggressive. I felt humiliated but also needed to stand up for my right as a father and words were then exchanged. This was no longer a business transaction. He made it personal.

I believe this person should not be working with the public. I met the owner of this store a few days prior and he was very pleasant. That's why I went back. If his employee is a threat to a family man, I'm afraid what would happen to someone who isn't. He's aggressive minded. And very belligerent.

Everything in this statement is how this took place and transpired.

Again....this was at Kingston collection in Kingston MA. Employee name Dom

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Joshua Davison - 16 d 19 h ago

I've been a metro customer for 5 yrs. The end of June I started having issues with my service. I have called customer service every other day almost for the past 3 weeks. Everytime I call e get a different excuse as to why I'm having issues with my service but my dad is also a metro customer and we are in the same location. His service is fine. I've heard everything from it's a tower issue, there's a 4g lte issue, it might be your phone, we are updating the tower, your phone is l-700 the tower is l-600 etc. All I know is it is ridiculous . There are multiple tickets on my account from me calling and they have done nothing to fix the problem. Just different excuses. It started as occasionally losing service now I'm losing service plus it tells me I have no data connection but I have unlimited data. RIDICULOUS.... I just bought 2 new phones. Cost me $360. They keep saying there is no problem. But the problem keeps getting worse.

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We'll Get through It. - 16 d 14 h ago


Friend, I have went through 43 cellphones with unlimited service from the different carriers. Now you seek the Attorney General, Consumer Complaint Dept. Stay on top of it and log your information down with the date. Also you won"t be getting a call back from customer service from your carrier, but some one that sits high in the corporate office.

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