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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Jorge Perez - 10 h ago


MetroPCS but T-Mobile is a rip off . I signing up with you guys to months ago and pay two months in advance for my services . I was told that if I ever need it to change my device then I can do it online for free . Today my phone broke and I'm trying to swap my number to another device and I'm being told I have to pay $15 or my services will be suspended. I do not have $15 . I spoke to a few people and no one can help me . MetroPCS did not tell me of the new features policy or anything that was supposedly affective yesterday's date . I either want to be able to transfer one number to another phone at no charge as I was promised two months ago who I would like a refund for the months that I've already paid for and cannot use my services . Please transfer my phone number to my replacement phone IMEI same SIM card # at no charge or please credit me my $90 that I paid for the services so I can switch to another company.

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Barry Garl - 4 d 16 h ago


Just switched to metro left cricket surprised with your auto pay you don't give 5.00 discount like most companies do every month., maybe you should consider changing that help your customers with there bills I'm senior citizen and would like that to help me pay my bill with metro.

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T - 5 d 11 h ago


Been with metropcs 3 years and always have problems paying my bill on there web site. I get to the pay my bill button and it won't work so I call customer service to pay and they charge me $ 3.00 for paying by phone when it's there fault and they won't fix It. I can't pay with the 611 number because I can't get phon service without wifi and the web site makes you turn off your wifi and use data which doesn't work at my house. All customer service does is blow smoke to you know where.

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GALE - 6 d ago


I have been with Metro PCS for 4 months. What a mistake! I paid with checks, I have a tendency to keep extra money on all my utility accounts in case of a late payment, etc. I paid with 4 checks. They lost cashed and lost the checks. I have every proof a person can have of the soon to be "theft" (I think it becomes an actual theft when you call the police) I have called the service so many times I know how to trick it to relay me directly to a live attendant. I go through the same story over and over and over... they found one check. Now they can't enter another missing payment case because I have reached my allowed case limit. My bank has a brilliant idea to get hold of headquarters and get them on a conference call with my bank, they will verify via my bill pay service that the checks were mailed to them (metro PCS), endorsed by them (the thieves), and cashed at my bank. I didn't have the heart to tell that sweet girl who did an entire investigation to find all this out, that there is no way to call anyone but the live agents, it is an hour call to go through everything, and do the same thing over and over and over, just to be told, I can't put in another case for you, you have reached your limit, please call back in an hour. LOL. God help me let this go and move on. NEVER NEVER NEVER USE METRO PCS!

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

I am a army veteran and senior citizens and disabled. My phone is older phone and now i can't use the metro app to pay my bill on line. I called costumer care at metro and they said i need a new phone upgrade and nothing they can do.i can't afford to pay for a new phone. So now i can't pay my bill. And now won't be able to call my doctor when i need to. There is no reason they can't fix this for me. Been with metro pcs for a while now since they switched company have called costumer service 3 times now. I never had to call before. If you don't fix this so i can pay my bill i going to call fox news and tell them how you treat veterans .if i have to spend my food money to upgrade my phone i Will go to another company and take all the people i recommended with me. 'very disappointed in metro right now. There's no reason you can't do this for me. I've spent over1800 dollars over 3 years and you can't do this for me. Pretty sad used to be a good company.

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LESNew York - 14 d 19 h ago


I am disgusted with Metro PCS. I am the legal guardian for my disabled, adult brother who is also a senior. He's has a plan, I've manage, for over the past 2 years. I need the phone bill history but, after trying to get it though My Account, learned from customer service that they only provide it for a 3 month period. Their response was I should go to a Metro PCS store to see if they "might" have billing information which, of course, they do not. Also, they encouraged me to buy insurance from Assurion which I've paid for over two years but they cut it off without notice because we've traded a phone in twice within a 12 month period. Of course, no one told me this part of the agreement. So, basically, they took me for hundreds of dollars on top of the $50 replacement fees while I've paid Metro PCS every single month. Metro PCS is aware this account is for a disabled person but, like the above veteran, it seems to me that Metro PCS just doesn't care.

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LESNewYork - 14 d 19 h ago

BTW, below is the contact information for Metro PCS's corporate headquarters. Their fraud unit, prompt #5 on their main line, is just an outside company hired by Metro PCS and T Mobile to "gather" information that they just send back to the companies. However, in addition to contacting the Better Business Bureau, I made a complaint because I don't want them to claim they didn't know.

T Mobile Communications

2250 Lakeside Blvd.

Richardson, Texas 75082

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mhrh - 7 d 13 h ago

These posts r so undesireable & sad! We are seriously w/metro-t-mobile, whoever they r now???? Thx for the info & your experience is horrific!! Wonder y corporate doesn't answer ANY OF THESE REVIEWS!! Not good when I find how 2 notify corporate on THE CORPORATE/COMPANY website! All reviews r terrible & geared toward customer service, should they really b dealing w/humans? I will NOT READ any more reviews!! My ?'s r answered....come on Metro-T-mobile, gt ur teams/stores/website trained, motivated, professional, & polite! Too late tho, we changing carriers nxt week! Sincerely, the hokey's in indianapolis!

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

Port your number to boost they will give u a free phone. They are puttin me thru sum bs also but for a differnt reason. But good luck nd thank u for ur service

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mhrh - 7 d 13 h ago

I'm so sry!! Your post has answered every ? I've spent over an hr looking hubby & me been w/Metro or T-Mobile bout same amt of yrs. It's Veterans Day, 2018..thought I wld look 4 Military Discount, Senior Discount 2 compare best discount. We 2 r disabled. No discounts/upgrades 4 current customers jst new/switching deals. Sad & ur story is heartbreaking! No where 2 e-mail a local store or corporate office?? Visiting my local store difficult due 2 disability & difficulty understanding employees via phone & in person, both ways of communication is miserable experience. Time 4 us 2 find new svc...Metro has become a bad habit but we HAVE 2 go 2 a better company. Happy Veterans Day Sir. So strange they dnt answer questions on this page!! Looking for a desirable plan has taken > an hr & a nightmare 2 navigate the website! Sincerely, hokey in Indianapolis, soon 2 b switching service!

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Anonymous and fed up - 8 d ago


I have dealt with my internet being hacked, a fraud ring trying to gain access to my account information. Fake high speed security passwords on my account and signals sent to my phone refreshing my voicemail and I never called it it. Your company does fraud and got workers that network with police and gang members doing fraud, identity theft and hacking. People should be compensated due to these illegal things ongoing. Interupption if internet service violates privacy act and breach of contract as to service provided. Will be seeking a lawyer to sue!

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago


One of your employee was very rude unprofessional and very disrespectful. And should not ever work in any of your store. The level of disrespect was beyond my understanding. The employee name is Angel that's the name he gave me. The store that I'm talking about is Located at ,1191 W State Road 436 Altamonte springs Florida, 32714. I called on the morning of Friday November 7, 2018 and Angel answered the phone while speaking with him I that I was inquiring about a phone that I supposed to receive. He said sir no phone is here. And that the manager supposed to bring the phone to the office around 3pm.. At this time I was alittle irritated, because that all I was hearing almost every time I called to stopped by the store inquiring about the phone. I began to explained myself why I was getting the run-around. He was very short with me and rushing me off the phone. The next thing I heard sir I don't have your phone and hang up in my face.. Shortly thereof I went by the store to speak with a manager. Soon as I walked through the door, Kevin the previous person that was originally helping me with the phone was holding the phone in his hand saying the phone is here. So I was inquiring who is the one who hang the phone upon me. Angel responded I didn't hang up. I said yes you did and you was very rude and very disrespectful that's not the way to treat a customer. I need the corporate office number to report you. He actually laughed in my face and said get your new phone and leave so you can be happy. He was very rude. This employee need to be dealt with, he can't be working in customer service and be so nasty and disrespectful. I am not pleased with the kind of nasty employee working in your store that I'm paying my money. Angel need to be dealt with. Very disrespectful nasty and disgusting.. Note: it's seems Angel did not even take the time out to look for the phone when I called, if when I walked into the store and Kevin had the phone, but disrespectful nasty employee Angel said he didn't have my phone...

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Cynthia Roberts - 8 d 19 h ago


Was at one of your stores in Conyers,Ga, I went to purchase a phone for my daughter. When we got to store the online price and the price in the store was different. We could only get the online price if we were new customers. That was not stated online.

General profile image - 11 d 15 h ago


I'm very disappointed with your company Metropc s policy of refund. I bought a phone in one of your store in pleasant valley Virginia beach Va.23464. I decided to return it instead of giving credit they debit my card twice. So I explain to them what happen and to get my refund cause the charge my debit card twice. But to get my money I have to wait cause they did not have the money to refund me. You' r a big company and yet you don't have fund for refund.They gave us the round around just for a refund. I'm writing this review so people will know what I went through just for refund with your company.

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They always running late opening - 12 d ago


I have been with Metro PCS for about 8 years now. every time that I come to the store that is located on 9530 Homestead Houston Texas I am sitting outside till about 10:30 almost 11 waiting on it to open. Today right now it is 10:15 and I watch the young lady leave and come back but store still not open....

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NotUsingMetroAnyMore - 16 d 8 h ago


My mom has been with this company for OVER 10 freaking years! And to go into the stores to RIDICULOUS prices for the phones is not OKAY! I'm not sure as to why you guys have some of the WORSE service all of sudden, but it is not okay. Y'all BIGGEST mistake was letting T-Mobile take over. Also y'all have some LOYAL customers, but you guys are NOT LOYAL to us at all...we don't recieve any type of special deal, you all always false advertise, and prices that we pay are RIDICULOUS. Why if someone switches to this wack company they recieve a free phone? What about us LOYAL customers what do we get? I promise you T-Mobile is gonna drive this company through the ground and straight to hell believe it or not! There will be no more MetroPCS

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Tom - 32 d 18 h ago


This cell phone company is a joke I have paid for unlimited high speed data an th get a text message stating my data will be slowed down.

This is the message I was sent at 11:14 central time "You've used 35GB of high-speed data this month on your Metro by T-Mobile plan. You may temporarily experience slower speeds at locations and times when competing network demands occur until your next cycle date."

How am I getting high speed data when they are controlling my data. I was with Verizon for 15 years an they never gave me any problems I was just tired of having to lease a phone. I made the biggest mistake ever switching over the this piece of shit company. I do not recommend this phone service to anyone. They lie about what type of service your getting. But they get there money no matter what. I will be going back to Verizon as I didn't have issues. As far as this phone that I purchased for metro pcs I will be buring it because that's what I feel that's what the company should do as there doing it to there customers. Taking people's money is a crime as well but places like this will never get any justice they will just continue to take money from innocent people.

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kayla - 16 d 15 h ago

I'm a metro pcs customer and that is an easy fix. Go to data usage, change the billing cycle date to the day after whatever day it is (31 to 1 for example) and data resets every time :)

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DOES ANYONE CARE? - 18 d ago


I'm a new Metro person. I, finally, switched from an old flip phone to a smart phone by metro psc. I have encountered many problems. One very serious problem was calling 911 and it would not go through. Yes, I had a signal and it failed numerous times! The situation was extremely stressful and thankfully, I ended up okay. The second, I just returned from a two week trip to Florida. I had many days I could not use my cell due to no signal or only one bar that dropped by calls even before dialing. When I arrived home, I called Metro and they basically said I should have called from Florida to inform them. Well, quite frankly when you have no service that's kinda hard to do. Also, being new, I honestly didn't know what I could do until I got home. My Floridian friends said most people in Fla. will not have a Tmobile service due to this kind of problems. They all have Verison. Just saying Metro/Tmobile have lost my faith. Not sure what to do next but I will write a letter to corporate. From the sounds of all these on line problems, it appears NOBODY REALLY CARES.

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Upgrade needed - 20 d 15 h ago


I have been with Metro PCS for about three years now. And the issue that I have is that customers that have shown their loyalty to the company, do not get free phones or phones at the rates that the company gives the new customers, which I can understand because the company is trying to drum up new business but at the same time, doesn't the company want to keep the loyal customers as well?? Phones that are given to new customers for free can cost an existing loyal customer upwards of 200 dollars. I don't get it!!

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Daryl - 18 d 6 h ago

I definitely agree with everything you are saying I've been with T-Mobile for over 11 years and it's nice that the new customers that come in can get a phone for very cheap money and we the existing customers have to pay top dollar to upgrade a phone it's ridiculous and I want you to respond to me.

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Steve Lahue - 19 d ago


My name is Steve I've been in MetroPCS almost 3 years I live in St Louis I need people have done nothing but why to me that constantly move my pay date up without consulting me and then they cut my service 12 hours before my actual due date they are terrible company they do not care about their customers at all

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Mary - 19 d 19 h ago


Such a horrible company with there false advertisement and selling you false service. U should be ushamed and I hope somebody will sue you big money so u will learn lying and stealing is not acceptable

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Soon to be ex customer - 21 d 19 h ago


Ever since my case there have been fraud scammers participating in fraud and illegal hacking. As well as my service not working on LTE mode. I changed my phone number aND these fraudsters out here got the phone turned on in my name. I called customer service and the female lied to me and said it was off meanwhile I can call the phone aND someone answer. Now I called back and the old number is still on in my name abd that is fraud. Now metro can find out who that is but no they won't do that just like they lie about the network connection. A few people with casea are having their phones illegally messed with by hackers n scammers and I'm tired of it.

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Soon to be ex customer!! - 23 d 9 h ago


I have been with metropcs about three years. All was pretty good until August of this year(2018)..I am having to call metropcs customer service constantly, sometimes 2,3,4 times in the same week!! Three weeks ago I called because I had no internet, and went thru the whole settings check thing, reboot, they wrote a ticket on service back..then, the following weekend my complete service went out!! Same garbage of doing all setings check , turn off and on..the rep wrote up a ticket on the problem, said it would be three to five days to check it out and I would get a text of the resolution..I am still waiting for that text!! My service DID come back on about1:00 a.m. or it is Saturday again and at 9:30pm. My internet dropped again!!! Came back on at 11:45! appears it IS an issue with Metropcs and NOT my phone(as they keep suggesting)!!!!! Same time frame every weekend I lose internet means they have too many people on the damn towers during peak usage times!!! I pay 60.00 every month for top service ,and get crap..I am tired of messing around with their customer service reps!! I am looking for another phone company..Eclver since metropcs bought out Sprint (and all their customers) I have had problems!! I want the service I pay for!!!!!

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