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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Robin willis - 34 d ago


My name is Robin Willis my phone number is (hidden) which is off right now bc y'all was supposed to credit my account for lose of survice for four months off and on. I been a cosmer. For nine months and no up grades my service s have been bad .then my my boyfriend vwent down to add line to my line and they charged him 100 and didn't connect phone lines and gave him a crappy phone that's slow and hasn't worked rightsince he got it new. He try taking it back and they so returns after 30 mins his number is (hidden) we,paid 150 month of October for two phone not working right and not full service s..we are very upset ..cause we are not getting what's promised or we paid for....his phone still don't call out and stay connected and he don't have full use of all services we want a new company if y'all can't do use right and fair....loves call us and can't get us cause of y'all service s ..I fill we should get new phones and a mouth or two of free services and fixed all right....we owe 120 for this month . One off and one on .so please contact me as soon as possible..I've called in more then five times

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Sylky - 19 d ago


They will not resolve problems! They have the worst customer service!

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Fuckmetropcs - 1 d 5 m ago

100% truth

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Anonymous - 27 d 19 h ago

Anyone interested in joining a class action suit against METROPCS/T-MOBILE in CA, please contact me at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago


Interested, NC

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Lea - 22 d 4 s ago


Heck yes! Please email me @ (hidden)

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Selene - 9 d 6 h ago

Anonymous....I'm interested VERY INTERESTED email me at (hidden)

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Ava James - 9 d 28 s ago




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Stephen Scott Howard - 8 d 2 h ago


I'll be willing to join it I pay my bill in advance they would not help me with the phone when mine got shattered would not return the money that I'd only paid in for the next couple months said they would it check it and advise it and let me know instead they just charged me the next month and took all my money and now my service sucks like hell my wife's phones. 4G will listen to put away from me and my phone only stays on 2G like 90% of the time right next to hers so yeah fuck Metro

General profile image - 6 d ago

Soo I live in Syracuse New York I don't know if this type of information will help you but one of the problems with Metro PCS is that their prices online and promotions don't match with the stores 1 800 promotion like the iPhone 6s and when you called to the store or go in person they want to charge you 139 when it's totally says free online with the first month my second problem is that they tell me that the iPhone 6 Plus is 149 online when I went to the store the guy told me it was 299 plus tax plus activation fee basically are promoting something which is a lie and they're ripping me off inside the store my phone number is (hidden)

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Fuckmetropcs - 1 d 13 m ago

Interested, OHIO

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Fuckmetropcs - 1 d ago


This company allowed someone else to by pass my security code open a new account in my name then close it out open a new one in their name with 2 of my numbers ( i had a family 4 plan) told me i had to go to tje dealer and fi d out who did it said the were going to investigate and never did would not fix the problem cute my other 2 lines off ( they were not due for another week) even tho the agent in the store told them this and said they can't do and thing about the changes illegally made to my account and said they will not review the tapes or get a supervisor then tried to charge me $25 per line to put the lines back that were illegally changed to a separate account ( my name than anothers)i hate this company. The customer service agents are trash and have shitty attitudes like its their phones and not yours . These people don't care they just want your money ive had my phone cut off 10xs in one month behind their antics i hope they are shut down because the sure don't value their customers one bit! Im definitely switching over to boost.. Bottom line they are trash! P.s y'all told me y'all can't bypass security/passwords i KNOW FOR A FACT YOU CAN IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IVE SEEN IT WITH WITNESSES THAT YOU COMPANY DOES THIS! STRAIGHT TRASH!

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Fuckmetropcs - 1 d ago


This company is horrible i hate i have their services..where do they find their agents at out of 5 stars they will be given a -10 i hate this company

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Je'anne Connett - 1 d 5 h ago

I think your business is for drug dealers three reasons that I think this is because you call you get foreign people who lie to you that's always a good business thing and secondly they don't really help you there have been more times that I have called the 411 or 611 or whatever it is and had girls just run me through the wringer without helping me at all I don't understand why your company has to be so bad people like me that can't pay $1,000 for a phone it's really unfair to people like us now what I need to do is make a copy of this and send it to the better business bureau here in Oregon from what I hear in Oregon you guys are about to hear from the better business bureau in Oregon hopefully you'll be banned

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De - 3 d 10 h ago

Very poor service. Unable to reach anyone DIRECTLY to talk to at 611# or the other Metro#.

Also, severe problem with phone since zJune 2028. Unable to forward majority Pics/ Videos since purchased.

Can someone please, please, cell me today until reached, or as soon as u finish reading important message.

Debbie (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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Unhappy Misha - 4 d 1 h ago

I have had the worst experience of my life with them. My phone has never worked and.a emplyee has called me liar and even worse. They refuse to fix my phone when they willing admitted that there was a factory defect with the phone but will not take care of it. I have called and called and no seems to care or will do anything. Im not the only one they did this too. I wish i never would have switched from Att to this company. And my company was looking to add you to the their team. Not now

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Helen M Green - 5 d 5 h ago

I would love to be able to talk with someone at metropcs other than someone who just reads from a script. We have three phones in our home and alll three of us are having multiple problems. When we call or chat they want to say it is the phone. All three phones have not gone bad within a period of the last 3 weeks.

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Deborah Jennings - 5 d 18 h ago

My husband and I here in Jacksonville Florida are absolutely in. At a MetroPCS employee that stands on the side of the road with a sign advertising for the company he has wrought people he has thrown a Sprite can he has flagged his finger at me telling me I am number one and cussing at me and my husband as we drive by we have been in the store we are customer we have told the manager she has done nothing my husband went back to the second day that this man done this and wouldn't talk to the manager I hit all they were going to do is warn him if you are holding his hand for Metro PCS on the side of the rode advertising you do not play have your finger at people cussing them out and throwing cans at them I am not going to put up with my property damaged or if he humiliated by it Metro PCS employee behaving this way and management of the store not doing anything about it security at the mall has been notified and saw him doing this nothing is being done I've been a MetroPCS Customer for the last few years and I believe I have got to change carriers no one will do anything about this this store is located in Jacksonville Florida on 48th and Main Street zip code 32208 let's see if Metro will do something about it

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

My sim don't work but my device work

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Stephen Scott Howard - 8 d 2 h ago


MetroPCS sucks dick they got horrible phone service they steal your money blame it on you then don't want to give you your money back and you have to fight and argue with them for hours on the phone to get anything done they give priority to the cheapest phones out there so that they can get online and the people that pay the most and pay their bill in advance they put on a backless so that when the other people are trying to get it cut your phone all the way down to where it does not work fuck MetroPCS there a bunch of pussy motherfukers they need to be sued and closed down fuck you Metro PCS

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KAWOIN - 8 d 19 h ago


SO recently my iPhone was stolen, i called Metro PCS the day of twice to report it as lost/stolen.. I was advised once to call the insurance company (Assurion) waited and held forever for them to answer the phone then when they finally did i advised i needed to have my phone reported as lost or stolen and were told the carrier had to do it. I called METRO PCS again and finally got a rep and she advised she had placed a note on the account that it was blacklisted. I called tonight to inquire about "LockOut Feature" and was advised that the phone was never marked as lost or stolen. Metro Pcs is a FRAUD they need to be sued and put out of business ! ! ! ! !!

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Ava james - 9 d 26 s ago


My friend gave me a wonderful gift this December, he paid my 60.00 dollar a month cell phone bill...... FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

because he wanted me to have one less thing to worry about.

Unfortunately Metro PC's has taken out 120.00 since 12/22/2018???? they claim that they cannot put the extra 60.00 back as a credit but not to worry "they" know it's there I just can't see it!!!


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Tami B. - 12 d 16 h ago


Terrible customer service and even worse conflict resolution. My mother, who is elderly mistakenly made a large over payment to her account. She has been trying for almost 3 months to get a refund. We have opened 4 cases with customer service and 3 complaints with their ethics and compliance independent contractor Navex Global. Each time they create a case, file a report,and then send it on to some black hole where someone says they have resolved the matter and closes the case. The case should not be considered closed until THE CUSTOMER who is owed money gets their refund. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! No one we can reach will take responsibility for the problem and no one will give us contact information for the people who actually are responsible for resolving the problem. If our situation is SOP for these people someone should file a class action suit.

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Friend - 12 d ago


Yeah I was in MetroPCS on Wise Avenue. And I had $1,450 a little black money case. I was going to get an upgrade. It was Christmas money. And I came into the store with a good friend. And I pulled out my money and I was counting it beside the counter when you walk in. I had to get some more money out to pay monthly bill on my account. So I walked up to the counter. There was a man and woman. I paid my bill. And I left my little round black like purse with my money. Well all sudden. The lady came out from behind the counter to show me some phones. I said well I'll come back I didn't have the one I want it so I go go out the door and my money ain't nowhere. I told the man I was calling the police. That they could see the video he said it only shows were there at in the back where they stand. Well the police got there and he said they couldn't see the video. He says yes he can so he saw it and he says another person came in the store. And picked it up. He said I lost the money in the store the manager says he's not responsible. The police have pictures and video of everything. I think I was set up. But there's nobody you can contact. I have the report the police have the video why haven't they charge nobody. The cop said he couldn't see the guys car tag. But he has plenty of pictures of what the guy look like. Any fool the cops got there the guy that works there got a call running to the back I think out the back door. Came back in. So what do you do about that. I think the police should have did something are you in the store they do exactly how much money I had they watch me count it on video. Now that's what I get I'm trying to do good and buy something from Metro PCS. Having dropped the company. And I see the guy once in awhile. He's never said that you get your money back. So don't feel bad. I already go viral with it. But you got to be careful. Have a nice day.

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JAMES MARA - 13 d 6 h ago


Since tmobile got involved I cannot pay my bill online. Have been a customer for over 8 years, and everytime I put my info your online bill payment, it keeps telling me my cc# is invalid. It used to work just fine. I pay all bills online and never have any issues, except with mpcs

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