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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
(214) 570-5800
(214) 570-5859
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Lashei Wilborn - 8 h 34 m ago


I went into this store on July 10th to UPGRADE my phone which was an LG to a larger screened phone that I can run my business on as I told the so called store manager. She told me that the Alcatel 7 was the best phone they had, it was a NEW brand and they didn't have any LG phones. Which is what I wanted. So taking her advice I bought it. The phone worked great FOR 2 DAYS!! I took the phone back with my receipt and the rude young guy who was there took my receipt and dis-guarded it into the waste bucket and removed the waste bucket behind the door that was behind him. His words to me were "WE DON'T DO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES, YOUR JUST STUCK WITH THAT PHONE UNLESS YOU SPEND MORE MONEY TO UPGRADE AGAIN". I told him I wouldn't dare spend more money when I have already been screwed out of $180. So I left that store feeling robbed & disrespected. So when I returned home I called customer service & explained my situation. I was told to take the phone to a different dealer & have them "crack box" the phone. This happened 4 times over a 2 month period among many calls to customer service. Finally I'm at my witts end because I use my mobile phone to assist me in running my own business. I have lost customers, money and business all together due to this phone not receiving picture messages of items my customers want to order from me, the phone downloads it's own apps it wants like its been remotely handled. My bank put a fraud alert on my acct due to this phone.

Now its September 21 and no one, not the phone store owner, his workers, or metro PCs customer service has fixed my problem.I just want a phone that does what it is advertised to do or my money back. Definitely stay away from the store at 1538B NE 23rd St in OKC!! They are unprofessional, rude and will lie to a customer to get the sales. The store manager threatened to ban me from her store if I don't stop coming to complain about my service I received.

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago


My phone service has now not properly worked for 4 weeks now. This is so unprofessional and such an inconvenience to me especially since I work from home and my phone is solely used for work. Clients cannot reach me I cannot reach them smh a total discuss. And not one person on any department can seem to fix the problem

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CYNDY - 10 d 12 h ago



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Mis - 3 d ago

Usually consumers get help with issues ..

File complaint it's on line . Consumer protection agency..Hope this helps

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Hmmm - 6 d ago

Metro Pcs sucks they want their $$ on time but everyone's service was out about a wk and a half ago, do you think we gpt any reimbursement or even a courteous call from them my phone was down for 4 and a half hrs rite along with a lot of other ppl what do I get ! I pay my bill on time always so what repercussion does metro get because it's obvious the consumer gets nothing for now !

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MetroPCS Communications - 5 d 17 h ago


** A garbage dump exhibits diversity.

Disasters waiting to happen: Low tech people operating high tech equipment.

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Mis - 3 d 7 m ago

Do you know if you will file a complaint with local consumer protection angacy they will help u recover? Oh yes..

Try that!!!

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Jonna Vernell Allen - 5 d 17 h ago


I am a MetroPCS customer but I am VERY FRUSTRATED!!! Last month I had to spend almost $70 to get a new phone because my first one of three years had stopped working. Since purchasing this Motorola phone, I have had more trouble out of this phone than ANY other phone I have ever had! It puts itsrlf on "Do not disturb" by itself! It will jump onto the internet without my doing so. There are people I cannot even contact right here in the Dallas area because thier number is .."Not in my plan" which is ridiculous! I have elderly family members who I cannot even contact!I have to go borrow someone else s phone just to contact some of my relatives because of this phone. 2 Sundays ago I went back to the MetroPCS store on Polk and List where I purchased it. I needed a replacement phone. I was told that I would be contacted when another phone would be shipped so I could come and get it. It has been a week and no contact. I cannot pay another$70 for another new phone when I just recently bought this one! I am low income? I need a replacement phone quickly at no cost to me!

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Mist - 3 d ago

They charged us extra money .

When I called and asked why after paying the extra three years .They said we have insurance on our phone. Great I said ..Both our phones are broke . She transfered us to the insurance ..He tras. Me back then ..They said we didn't .

I said oh well I have him recorded stating we do . So we are quitting ..Go straight talk !!!!

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I have been a loyal customer with MetroPCS for two years and they thanked me each and every time for my loyalty whenever I hang up with an issue and I don't feel very appreciated with this company at all I have been trying to reach out to someone from the corporate office since the 29th of last month I have called numbers after number that they reluctantly have given me that I have found online or even went to a store and gotten on my own I am disabled so doing this footwork as a really uncomfortable for me and a big inconvenience I have been tossed from person to person since the 29th I've talked to over nine people on the ninth and sat in a store waiting for my phone issues to be resolved and I still walked out of there being unappreciated and not having anything resolved at the time I would greatly appreciate if someone would reach out to me and let me know if there is a corporate number a corporate person or president or someone that I could speak with because at this time you guys suck I would love for someone to hear me and hear what I have to say if I'm a valued customer my name is Zaneta Alexander and the phone number where I can be reached at 405-400-3234 have a blessed day - 3 d 5 h ago

I have purchased the phone and

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Misty - 3 d ago

Consumer protection angecy ..Can help you can file on line ..They do get results !!!

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Misty stebner - 3 d ago


Worst service ever!! Been paying ten extra ..On a two lines 90.00 .

When I asked why we pay ten more per month on 80.00 two line ad.

The service rep . Said oh u have devise insurance. Have claim then I said both phones broken .

Second rep said no you don't have insurance ( I have I all recorded) no that's not what it's for .

Fine ..You owe us back teN each month three years almost . Then .

I will be filing a complaint with consumer protection agency ..

The data is not high speed . .Straight talk we are coming back !!!

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Jonna Vernell Allen - 5 d 17 h ago


I meant to say that I purchased this phone on Kiest and Polk in the Dallas Texas area a month ago and this phone is terrible I! How can I have unlimited calling when I can't even contact some of my relatives who live right here in the Dallas area? I need a replacement phone at NO COST to me!

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 13 d 15 h ago



032 ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue. -


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Anonymous - 14 d 23 h ago


The girl is very rude and mean no manners I was trying to get service but change my mind get simple Mobil

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Anonymous - 15 d 4 h ago


All metro phones in the Philadelphia area , we can only txt. No incoming or outgoing calls on 9/6/18. No warnings.

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nikki - 15 d 7 h ago

I just brought my phone maybe an hour ago the rep gave me the wrong phone i called back to exchange the phone and they said they wont return the phone, even though they gave me the wrong phone. i went to the store in 7730 wise ave. Dundalk Maryland. I'm really upset this is ridiculous and poor customer service.

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Tiphanie Gadson - 18 d 5 h ago


Terrible customer service in Charlotte NC South Tryon Street store went due to numerous service and technical problem very rude ignorant employee who offered zero assist to resolve issues called police due to my insistence on service I pay for saying I was rude and had a bad attitude terrible untrained ghetto service

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Shastina - 18 d 6 h ago


I had my phone stolen while I was out of state so I had to go to a Metro store told him I needed a replacement because my phone has been stolen they told me that I did not have insurance which I know I did but in dire need I had to purchase a phone anyway when I got back home I went to the Ventura dealers that I usually go through and he showed me on the computer that I did have insurance I had been forced to buy a new phone spend $100 and now he tells me I need to go back to where I bought the phone which is out of state and demand my money back for the phone that they sold me and get up replacement for the phone that was stolen now granted this is two and a half hours away from me it's not fair that I have to drive that far isn't it all MetroPCS is affiliated with one another

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Linda Hoffman NOT Marcie Holmes - 32 d 3 h ago


I have experienced several difficulties with my NEW cell phone which was purchased on July 29, 2019 with the most serious problem being my caller ID. I have visited five different service locations in Pinellas County, Florida and have received no assistance. After several calls to the corporate office in Texas I have been assured that my caller ID situation will be resolved within 24 hours. On previous calls to corporate I was directed to call Neustar to solve my problem. In communication with that company the advised the contract with Metro PCS was discontinued on August 1, 2019. This was another misguided inquiry for me to make. I was also advised to call other landline companies to resolve the problem and they advised they have nothing to do with the caller ID Metro PCS system. Additionally, my husband passed away in May of 2016 and it has taken me three years to successfully change the account into my name. I would also like to say that my experience with the reps at the five locations I visited were rude and at one point I was told they were doing me a favor by helping me.

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago

Horrendous people. Their employees are now harassing my business pretending to be customers. Saying I'm racist, hate women, etc. Kids running a store. Know any lawyers?

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Mad Max - 37 d 2 h ago


Have had metropos for several years. Was good at first. (Before tmobil merger?) Has progressively gotten worse. Have spent time in urban areas (decent in Wash. D.C., Baltimore), rural (non existant at Va. farm), Florida gulf coast and everywhere in between. Have had 4 different phones. I've learned: they have a "booster" of some kind inside their stores. $o it works good there. At night (Florida) aprox 10pm till 8am decent 4G signal function. HOWEVER, at SHOWS a good signal but it's NOT THERE. EVERY EFFING DAY. I believe they either OVER $ell OR do not continue to pay (tmobile or whoever) for the signal at that time. It's like an airline overbooking flights and then when the planes full, tough $hit, you don't fly and NO REFUND. If i paid only for when it worked it would be $20 / month NOT $50. Their logo SHOULD be -

METRO..almost good as

P..airs of

C..ans with


On Ebay it's about $10 for custom T shirts.


Actually paying the equivalent of $100/month. They are devious in their business practices and absolutely inept at producing the product they sell. Poor, poor pitiful us.

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago

I complained to corporate. Now the 20 year old store employees get on my company website & pretend to be customers posting 1 star reviews. Saying I'm a racist, hate women, etc. This is nuts!! I need a lawyer who wants to help me before they wreck my business. P.S. Last time I was in there to complain....I had 155 phone calls on metro phone log but I only received 112 that day.

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Cortez - 19 d 16 h ago


CC What a wonderful, loving, sharing we're-in-this-together place this is. We share our money and their diverse diseases. God must have loved mud for He created so much of it.

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carl Pekala - 20 d 3 h ago


please help me..I out out with my phone 2 days even I paid full.

Just do your job and give me back my pone!


carl pekala

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