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Mitchell Grocery Corp

550 Railroad Ave
Albertville, AL
Jack Mitchell
(256) 878-4211
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

why are so much product out of date at the hanceville store i realy dont like walmrt

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john henry - 1 y ago


the store manager at the guntersville foodland treats his employees like shit abd he is on adderall you need to do something about this man before the competition down there shuts that store down can't even move in that store too much stuff in the way produce case is always empty and it is either very hot or very cold temp is never right i will never go there again I will shop at publix from now on

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sherry martin - 292 d 10 h ago


Guntersville store has a great manager. He knowhere thing are in his store. Very family oriented. If you like public then go. Thanks to all the Guntersville Foodland employees.

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Anonymous - 119 d 6 h ago


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att store planning dept - 121 d 10 h ago


att store planning AMW-75 500 EACH $49.75 EACH UNARCO 90 9,000 EACH $47.50 EACH PRECISION 395 200 EACH $47.50 EACH UNARCO PC-10 300 EACH $45.00 EACH TOTE 1412 400 EACH $45.00 EACH ADD EXTRA FOR HANDLES AND FLAPS We are have rebuilt Gatekeepers and Carttronics. Ted Swanson Vice President (hidden) x 208

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Anonymous - 2 y 193 d ago


#819's store manager is very mean to his workers. Yelling at them and calling them stupid.

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Anonymous - 171 d ago

Yep and is still going on !!

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Anonymous - 2 y 178 d ago

Store #108 there are 4 cashiers on duty only 1 working the rest standing around talking to each other while we have to wait!! Not the first time this has happened. Cashiers need to be by registers so customers know they are open!!

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Anonymous - 171 d ago

This goes on at store 819 - one group does this constantly - if they are favorites nothing is said to them but other cashiers do the same and Sharon Swafford yells at them then sends them home early yet the faves get to work their full shift and sometimes are even allowed to work extra hours

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Sarah Bueller - 1 y 277 d ago


I was in your cullman town square store today and one of your managers, a Sharon Swaaford was cursing at a customer. she seemed to be a young girl no older than 16 and that manager brought her to tears. I don't know if you think this is proper management behavior or not but I will lever shop there again after seeing that woman act in such a manner. You need to get that stores act together

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Anonymous - 171 d ago

She still does and yells at her cashiers - yelling " zip it " and " shut up" at couple of them - this has happened just in the past few weeks

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Disappointed - 202 d 7 h ago


Montevallo Store has a couple bad managers, yelling and threatening employees. Been a customer a while, and never heard such since these 2 have been there. Somebody at Mitchell's better wake up and stand up for their good emplyees.

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Discouraged - 241 d 14 h ago

Also you may want to an employee that was fired when my daughter was fired for taking off when she was told to instead of going by scedule about sexual harassment his first name is Jk she told him she wanted to do sexual things to him in front of witnesses

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Unknown - 241 d 14 h ago

Corporate office really needs to check into office manager at store818 if they screw employees what will she do to customers

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Not available - 269 d 6 h ago


Diana Patterson at the Leeds store treats her employees like total crap. There are a bunch of teenagers and college students that are employed at that store and she continues to treat them like crap. She is very disrespectful to these kids. If I knew a manager treated my daughter like that I would be very upset. Jay Mitchell or wade needs to get ahold of this woman's actions. It's so ugly to see it.

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Desiree Overton - 1 y ago



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Small business owner - 1 y ago


Whoever decided that Foodland grocery stores should start selling hanging baskets, should go work for a week in a greenhouse owned by a small business owner. It is hard work to grow plants that are healthy and make an honest living for a family. Maybe the government should come check your plant material like they do the small independents growers. Why don't you stick to selling food and quit trying to be like Walmart, who has put a lot of people out of business. I am glad I have a choice on where I can buy food items. By the way....can your employees help a customer when they ask what kind of plants you are selling, or what chemical has been sprayed on the plants.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Bathroom in muscle shoals store, the old store, is absolutely pathetic. Water comes up out of drain on floor when you flush. Bathrooms are never clean and stocked. I have Crohns disease and have to use public restrooms frequently. It's bad enough to be sick but then to be humiliated by the state of the restroom is pathetic. Will not shop there again!

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please help - 2 y 182 d ago


Store 819 manager Robert Lindsey is very rude and hate full and discriminates against employees and customers calling them stupid and trash. He also has item's to high for people to reach I heard him cussing and down grade the stockers and cashiers he is very rude and hate full to the customer. He is the reason the store is loosing business not Wal-Mart or publix

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John Davis - 2 y ago


As a long time employee I can attest to Robert being a very sorry excuse of a person. Ever wonder why the turnover rate at store 819 is so high? Him and his buddy Ed need to be removed immediately and replaced with someone who can so the job properly and without the need to constantly put down his employees.

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david letterman - 1 y ago


I doesn't matter they do not care enough to even read this

General profile image - 1 y 63 d ago


Dear Sir/Madam

I represent a Group of produce grower of over 400 individual growers and over 5,000 different fruits and vegetables in the Dominican Republic. We will like to be able to supply your company with the produce that your company consume. We are able to grow large amounts of the produce your company requires, and have it at your location within 24 to 36 hours of picking it. We can provide you with quality and fresh produce to please the most demanding clients.

We will like to earn your business and learn about your company's needs and demand. Please let us know you specific needs and demand and we will supply it.

In the Midwest we can be reach at (hidden) or in the North East at (hidden). or you may email us at (hidden)

We thank for your attention and prompt attention to this matter, wishing to heard from you in the near future.

Looking forward to serve shortly,

Germania Taveras-Hernandez

Distributor Manager in North America

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Samantha Waller - 1 y 283 d ago


At your store in the town square shopping center a manager named Ed has made repeated sexual advances toward me even after I have told him several times I am not interested. He even grabbed my butt on a couple of those occasions. If this is the kind of people you let run your stores you should reevaluate your management policy.I am filing a complain with the BBB to resolve this issue if you don't do something about it.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

boyd west is the biggest joke alive he doesn't know how to treat people needs to be fired

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Donna - 3 y 152 d ago


Is there a corporate email address that I can email something to? I have a problem that I feel the corporate office should know about, and don't think a public form like this is the right place to put it.

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Bobby - 2 y ago


Health Insurance...Why do you lose your Bluecross Health Ins after 12 weeks off if you get injured on the job I can see it that way if you get hurt off the job but when you get hurt on the job at work This is just a punishment for having an accident on the job...There has got to be a law against descrimanation of the employee..I am going to talk to an Attorney and file a law suit against the company an take it to the highest court I can...You really don't care about your employees but this is descrimination of the employee..My wife has worked for Foodland and never hardley missed a day and you all do this to her.I have three stints in my Heart now I can not even go to the Doctor because we don't have the money I hope you sleep good you know God will punish you for being this way when you die because he knows what you all are doing...

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