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Mobile Mini Inc

7420 S Kyrene Rd Ste 101
Tempe, AZ
Steven Bunger
Chairman of the Board
(480) 894-6311
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Highly disappointed - 3 d 4 s ago


I recently moved to CA to help out my mother. I contracted with MM to deliver a 40 ft unit and they could not place it efficiently on my property. The main office I dealt with said they would come really close to the original quote with 2 older 20 ft units to place in an "L" shape in the corner of the lot. I had authorized auto withdrawal for the first payment and then I was to be billed. In the end I was never informed I needed a permit for 1 unit and could not have 2 on my property, as a good sales person should advise of this. It has now cost me thousands more then I expected. I had to renovate the barn to put items from 1 unit in there!! Now let's talk billing... they never billed like they stated and just started taking out money out of my account. From over $400 more then originally quoted to monthly payments which were way more then quoted. I called, emailed and stopped payments and now I only receive bills but no one had contacted me from the management level as requested several times. I now have the county breathing down my back due to a nasty neighbor turning me in and horrible fines. STILL NO CALL back!!!

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Barbara Renaldo - 2 y ago


Mobile Mini probably would be fine if they actually screened their employees, the location in Charlotte,N.C hire Crack Heads they're driver Lewis Howze smokes crack and to get the job he used his son's urine ,his Branch manager Ben True had been aware and done nothing to protect the company's image....

Flagged for review. 
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Barbara renaldo - 1 y ago

Barbara renaldo

Jesus lady what's it matter to u what makes you such an ambassador of perfect morals some people have alot of problems in this life it's bad enough that the guy has gone through such a tough time with things the last thing he probably needs is the likes of you smutting his name up on the internet for the whole world to see at least the man was making an effort an working a full time job that alot of people don't give two weenies about you should really get a life an mind your own business...

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Accounts Receivable Rep - 162 d ago


Barbara is right to let people know how this company does business. The corporate office was full of moronic ego maniacs that ran their business in unethical ways. I wasted 4 years (back in early 2000's )of my life working under Ms. Bickerstaff and Keri Stohl and regret it to this day. Hardest I ever worked and never got the respect I deserved.

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Be Like Barb - 45 d 22 h ago


I would suggest that Lewis took Barb's crack when she wasn't looking and she wrote this review in spite of him due to his actions. Gave his name and even mentioned his son and everything. You could have advised the company to do a better job of drug screening their employees instead of putting him on blast like that. However, drug testing employees is not a cheap endeavor. Easier to cut cost and let their employees do whatever they please in their free time as long as it doesn't affect their job performance. Barb must be perfect in every way. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. By the way, I rated Barb's performance, not the company mentioned in this listing. Good day.

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