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Pissed off customer - 31 d 8 h ago


Yes I got a phone from Sprint and place I got it from refuse to replace it and I purchased it I hate 3 days and realize that it never made a sound or rain or anything I just been texting and just too busy didn't notice well no one seems to want to help me with this at all I love Sprint I came back to Sprint this phone is only one month old and I've tried to reach out to your place to get it repaired no one wants to repair they want me to send it to them and wants me to pay I'm not sending anything I've already read up on how things get lost I shouldn't have to pay for a phone that I've already paid for it I shouldn't have to pay for it again I've got a really bad taste for Motorola for Sprint and where I purchased the phone the phone is paid off a zero balance and you guys even won't send me a phone that doesn't have a lock on it Sprint pay that phone off because it didn't work and to get me to come back now and already having to argue with them now I'm arguing with you all over your broken device I've asked for a mediation on this dispute and no one still wants to get back to me I will get social media and everyone I can involved in this I want my money back or I want a phone replaced for this one it's a Moto 4 e

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Anonymous - 50 d 9 h ago

This is Douglas Dean Crawford a Motorola specialist by the name of John contacted me at my home and. Every app on my phone and now my phone don't work properly I'm calling her friend and I get an answer from someone in India I don't know nobody in India someone's going to place my phone are I'm calling my lawyer I've already called my lawyer thank you very much Motorola specialist you couldn't fix my

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Paramesh. Sck Film Branding advertisings - 56 d 17 h ago

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Patrice Horton - 110 d 11 h ago


Sadly I was forced to purchase a new phone. The Verizon store I went to was no help looking at phones. I purchased the Moto Z2 Play mostly because of the cost. I picked it up at the Verizon store. I HATE this phone but I'm stick with it for two long years! It's too big for small hands. Loved my Droid mini - hate this one. Unless Motorola has a smaller one in 2 years I'll be looking for a different make

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Jacqueline - 170 d 8 h ago


Jackie, I have been a Motorola user for over 30 years. My first cellphone was a Motorola bag phone. In general I have had good service with my phones. I bought a Motorola moto g4 and it has given me problems I have tried for over a year to get the problems resolved and to no avail. now the phone isn't working at all. I am still making payments on a phone I cant use. I believe that I got a defective phone when I bought it. I am very disappointed. was told that for $125. they would send me a new one. REALLY. I still have 2 moto g phones that are fine so I am sure it was defective from the beginning. Very disappointed.

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. - 178 d 11 h ago


And of course you call the Corporate number and they don't answer. The foreign customer service rep refuse to provide the corporate address. You guys are ripping client's off.

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Kelly B - 178 d 11 h ago


Got the Moto Z-Play from Verizon. Less than a month after I got it the phone kept freezing. The apps would just stop out of nowhere. Verizon sent me a replacement had it less than 2 weeks and the same thing happened. Called the 800 and they want me to put a security hold of $400 so they can send me a replacement. When explained this was my only phone was told to go to Verizon and have them give me a loner!! Are you kidding me?? Verizon offered to pay 1/2 of the amount still owed on the phone and I called Motorola because I felt they should pay the other 1/2 or at least offer some type of credit toward paying off a device I can't even freakin use!!! But of course they claim they can't do that. Instead you want me to trust you with a $400 security deposit so you can send me another piece of junk that doesn't work??


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Denise Goodknight - 199 d ago


We purchased three Moto phones from Verizon a long with the camera speaker, projector, 360 camera and Kate Spade battery. We have had our phones less than a year but about three months after our purchase my husband's phone started freezing up periodically shortly after that shutting it's self off then it just turned to a black screen and shut down for good. He has had 12 replacement phones, I had two and my daughter has had 5. The Moto is a junk phone but after buying all the extras that go with the phone we are kind of stuck in this vicious cycle of replacing the junk phone repeatedly. We are forced to keep replacing our phones with refurbished junk Moto's Verizon just keeps giving us other people problems that continually have the same issues. Moto's made by Motorola suck out loud. Nothing but junk!!!

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Anonymous - 206 d 3 h ago

So got MotoZ2Play was told it was suppose to be shatterproof, my shattered, told go to Verzion to get replaced, an guess bunch of BS, no one help told to call customer service.....

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Anonymous - 253 d 14 h ago

Dear Manager, This is not a review. I am the marketing sales specialist for MainstaySuites

Suites of Dover DE. If possible could you give me the name of your marketing person.

Your company does business in our city, and we are an award winning hotel. Please let me know if this could be arranged.

Thank You, Russ Dion Marketing Specilist

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Anonymous - 259 d ago


Absolutely sucks,.not at all any corporate office!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Motorola Company is a worthless piece of trash and tries to defraud it's customers

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

you are so correct, not only do they try and not allow you your warranty if your second owner , who the hell can understand alifuckenbabdua

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


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