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Murphy Oil Usa Inc

P.O. BOX 7000
El Dorado, AR
W Hulse
(870) 862-6411
Annual Sales Est
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Jerry puertas - 6 d 9 h ago


I have the Murphy drive rewards and I purchased lays potato chips. On the app it states you get 60 points I only got 2. False information

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Anonymous for now until I call their corporate office - 22 d 51 s ago


Was at Store No 8844 on West 10th St in Greeley, CO today, July 26, 2019 at around 7 PM Mountain Time. Went into store to purchase $35.00 gas with my AX card. There credit machine kept canceling the sale 5 times. Called the issuing AX card office and the store tried the 5th time while AX agent was on the phone. The Mueohy clerks were stunned and did not even know if their station accepted AX cards. They would not call their manager to fund out. Undoubtedly but is their two card readers in this store or this store does not accept AX cards No resolution Norway to solve problem was achieved. So much for good customer service when AX stated it was their store issue and their was no issues with my card to be declined.

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College park - 22 d 9 h ago

Iam a store manager at the location at college park ga was robbed window busted and all info gone out my car iam lefted to 4 cents to my name the company has not done anything to help now I'm scared of being homeless remember I was a store manager now I'm nothing

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Michael Morgan - 26 d 4 h ago


Was at their location in Savoy Illinois today 7-22-19 at 16:48 the person behind the counter hardly acknowledged me because he had his phone in his ear the whole time. Than the fact that someone was able to just walk right into the side door where they stand, because he was so focused on his phone.

Site number is 6724.

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Anonymous - 29 d 9 h ago


Yes around noon today I went there to buy gas and get a drink done the gas at the pump went in to get drink got it stood in line for 20 minutes while o. Lady helped the customers that took 20 minutes on that one person the other lady on the phone standing behide the counter bull shitting on the phone seen that the line was getting longer by the minute never offered to help and 3 customers standing In line left to do it taking so long so that's 3 customers to get gas walked out and said it hell with it both of the lady's should of been working the registers and this was in York sc 29745 I wont be doing business there any more

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Hanif Aziz - 32 d 15 h ago


Today Tuesday the 16th of July 2019 at approximately 6:30a.m. I visited a Murphy's Express fuel station and was Accused of "Loitering" by the "Manager Ms. Cherry" for sitting on a nearby curb waiting for my Boss to pick me up for Work. I even purchased 2 bags of chips from the Damn "woman" NOT 5 MINUTES BEFORE SHE ATTACKED ME BECAUSE OF HOW I LOOK! I'm a 6"5 Middle Eastern Man With DreadLocks so I "Guess" to HER I "Looked" like I was going to "Steal, or Rob, or Break The Law" because I was sitting quietly eating a breakfast sandwich and chips "I PURCHASED FROMMURPHY'S"! I will Never spend my money at a Murphy's Ever Again Because They're Racist.

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Susan Hallmark - 38 d 8 h ago


I am a customer at the Talladega Alabama store. I actually visit your store about everyday. Due to me being in a bad car accident in 2008 I am now disabled and I have alot of pain walking. I was asking the employees if they werent to busy if they minded helping me pump gas or just helping me where I didnt have to walk so far. But then I was told by the store manager that it was against policy to come out of the building to help customers. I didnt make any complaints about this. I just stuck it out and there is one employee that let me know yesterday when I ran into her that the manager was lying to me and there was no such policy. That the manager was telling her employees to make me walk up to the window because I was on drugs and taking to many pills and that I didnt deserve help. This has literally been an embarrassment and a shock. This manager doesnt know me or what Ive been through. The managers name is Jessica Shaw and I have always been respectful to her. But I am very hurt and want something done about this. If I get nothing by making this complaint I will call directly to Murphy Oil USA.

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Rachel King - 39 d 8 h ago

My name is Racel King I live in Dyersburg TN and the Murphy's here held a job fair approximately 2 weeks ago and I went. I nail my interview and yes they called me and offered me a job. They sent me an email for pre hire. I filled them out. My background is cleared.I still have yet to start my employment there. I continually stay in contact with Cindy the store manager but there always seems to a unaware problem for my employment but when spoke with her on the phone she is training someone else, one of the other women that was at the job fair with me. All I am saying is this most definitely BAD business for Murphys in Dyersburg TN

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Kristina - 47 d 9 h ago

I am a loyal customer of Murphy USA in Kilgore Tx. last week there was an incident with 1 of the cashiers an a customer. I was in line behind this woman, she held up the line for long period of time. The cashier i heard was fired due to her reaction to this woman basically calling her stupid an that she couldnt do simple math. That customer deserved every word thrown at her, and that girl did not deserve to lose her job over that woman. Murphy usa will not only lose my business but many others as well, that girl was the highlight of my day. And unless you give her her job back. Im taking my business else where..

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Paula - 51 d 15 h ago

I have no problem with your gas or your prices. I do however have a problem with your station in Bastrop. I purchased gasoline from there on the 24th and my card was read and copied. My cc company took care of the charges bt when I called the station to make them aware they acted like they couldn't care less. Someone needs to check into this.

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Retired Air Force Refueler - 53 d ago


I am continually told by employees they can smoke just outside there little office and used cellphone. This is ARAB, Alabama I see no smoking signs I believe no smoking within 50 feet of pumps is safe. The personnel do not monitor gas pumps when personnel getting off work pump gas into there car all the while smoking. Just the other day I cuss out a woman smoking while pumping gas and a fuel tanker was off loading behind her standing . Cell phones are not intrinsically safe, gas flash point is to late to take back I wish I had listen to the old man.

I advised updating training by looking at fuel pump fires by static electricity, smoking ignition source and doing speratic spot checks to ensure your new hires understand the importance of life.

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John - 64 d 11 h ago


I am the husband of an employee that manages a store in High Ridge Missouri. I have contacted your human resource department several times in regards to your manager and that store slandering me to the public customers. Besides the slander she has also had an affair not just on me but her previous husband with customers that she has met in her stores. She uses that store to meet single men and then immediately kids on social media with them and the next thing you know she's having another affair. I have more than enough evidence to prove that this is true and she admits to the slander some of it being criminal based in which there is no such truth to at all. Her District I've other managers is pretty much made up of all friends family. They cover for each other only hire each other's friends and family and so it's hard to get anything accomplished as far as making a complaint about anyting. If you read the reviews there's some of those stores have maybe you guys would believe what I'm saying the other customers that are in the store saying the same things. I was told the last time I contacted human resources department and made a complaint about the manager in High Ridge Missouri Jennifer that I needed to get a lawyer. I think that the management you have in those stores represent your company I believe then for management 2B and your stores bringing personal life and personal business and running someone down did those people and customers in the store don't even know should not be tolerated. I mean how does it come up when you're waiting on a customer did your husband is a crazy stalker psycho and burn your house down etc. Why are married employees allowed to take gifts I'm single people, customers they come in the store. That's what I'm dealing with slander, my wife using that store to cheat on me like she did her last husband and see you at Washington State gifts from single man and being told if that's okay to do and your store. I've made at least seven complaints and you're advice to her or her district managers advice to her was to get a restraining order on me to keep me quiet. So there's no doubt in my mind with the next man she marries go through the same thing that we and the last husband went through. It's no wonder do your company has a two-point review and is the lowest of all national gas station chains. Emotional reviews the complaints are about management and now I know why the company does not take complaints seriously and disregards with the public and other people like me bring to the table and give you information about.

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Anonymous - 69 d 6 h ago

The store in Fremont Ne is very dirty and the that is working right now is sitting on a stool doing nothing.

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Warren Frederick - 85 d 3 h ago



BEEN GOING TO THE STORE ON 9530 since 2017 when I lived at Alamo Ranch, San Antonio and worked on Culebra. Never had a problem until today. The day that I came in gym wear and sun glasses. Not the usual professional wear. Guess I looked like the typical black dude that steals gas. So unfortunately I was unable to fill my tank get disrespected in the process. " What do I need, do I need to use my card?" On 5 occasions requesting the self service and have it declined with no reason until I guess he was frustrated enough to say What do I need, do I need to use my card?". It's weird when other people are using it and the black guy is standing there thinking that it didn't work.

Well I was made aware, that " I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU HERE"although I had been there on so many occasions prior. I worked just down the street, and lived two miles away. Anyways, Murphy needs to work on their customer service. This was so ridiculous. I will prove that what happened today was straight up discrimination. Let's see how that plays out.

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Stuart Clark - 87 d 15 h ago


Hi my name is Stuart Clark and I'm considering filing a lawsuit against your company because of one of your employees overcharging me on purchases everyday that I go to the Cabot store. I've noticed and have written down purchases that I make because I stop there every morning and sometimes in the evening. It doesn't sound like much but when she overcharged me 1 to 3 dollars everyday it adds up quite a bit! Like a simple purchase yesterday evening 2 packs of peanuts she rang up $1.66 I said add a mega ticket on there and then the total amount was $5.66. She over charged me a dollar and does it everytime! The lottery ticket was only $3.00 not $4.00. My name is Stuart Clark and I can be reached by phone at (hidden) or I can just get my lawyer to contact you. Your choice.

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carl blanknship - 97 d 7 h ago


your store on rt.3 at the Germaina Collage adress 34490 . needs attention . this is the second time we have sat in rain waiting in line to get gas while the employee and his girlfriend ? have they're cars parked under the canopy infront of the pumps , while sitting behind one car Blue for 5 to 10 mins waiting for the owner to come out of store , when another customer alerted me that the car belonged to a girl inside who didn't want to get wet . so when i went in to see what was going on there was a guy behind counter and a girl and no one else . not good when people are in a hurry they turn around and drive out to next place down street . which is what i did as well as two other cars I seen leave . damd Me generation

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Tom Hayse - 105 d 14 h ago


The manager who she said was Heidi said I did not have to be rude. I was not she was just running around stocking I bought cigarettes and wanted a lottery ticket in stead of her stopping and showing new employee what to do I got all the wrong lottery tickets. I said just pay for my cigs and you keep lottery tickets . I said somebody needs to show you how to run a lottery machine . I will purchase them from some other place . She said she was manager and I did not have to be rude ,I was not because I said I would buy my lottery tickets somewhere else she got mad and then said the employee was new I said someone needs to show her how to run lottery machine she told new employee if she needed help she would help her. Where was she at when the employee needed her. I will not buy anything else from them !!!

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D'Lil - 117 d ago


Store #7022 is the campground for numerous panhandlers. The station is only about 2 blocks from the police station and yet nothing seems to be done to discourage loitering.

I'll take my business to BP which the vagrants seem to avoid.

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Montavion ross - 118 d 9 h ago

I went to buy a full tank of gas yesterday and my car started running horribly and it went so fast

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Chance Johnson - 132 d 20 h ago


Y'all fucking idiots need to start fucking fire people specially down here I'm very pissed.. 2 black bitches don't like their job get the fuck out the way let someone else do it yea me and my sister pissed to here's why I said I want a can of longhorn long cut wintergreen the nigga bitch give me fine cut and I'm in oakdale louisiana 71463

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@ Chance - 132 d 12 h ago

Your ignorance is difficult to understand. I am sorry that you and your sister were just wanting to share some long cut wintergreen on your date but were stuck with fine cut.

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Anonymous - 133 d ago

I do not like it when district managers yell at store managers in front of customers. This happens all the time in the Fremont Ne. store. It is really unprofessional.

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S. Brocato - 244 d 19 m ago


An employee at the Alexandria, Louisiana store told me she wasn't going to argue with me when I asked her why she couldn't use an expired driver's license to purchase cigarettes. I had my current license but was curious aa to why an expired one couldn't be used. She began yelling at me and threatened to whip my butt if she was off the clock. This just happened at 9:30pm on 12-16-18. I really will not be shopping at this store as long as she continues to work there or if you continue yo hire people that are hostile.

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Anonymous - 242 d 13 h ago

They got a rude and drug head working at Brunswick murphy's USA gas station assistant manager how do they still have a job when they are rude to customers and on drugs her name is marialinda gale Flanagan

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Anonymous - 136 d ago

It is illegal to accept that is expired. It could be stolen and doctored with a new picture. It's the law

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