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Murphy Oil Usa Inc

P.O. BOX 7000
El Dorado, AR
W Hulse
(870) 862-6411
Annual Sales Est
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Danny Dicken - 18 h ago


I bought gas at walmart on estes Longview tx ondec.8 2018.i drove the 4 miles from there to my house a few hours later we where getting ready to go to our company Christmas party. I tried to crank my truck and it would not idle and was running the following Monday I called London's wrecker service they came Tuesday and hauled it to north town automotive. The mechanic said I had water in my gas tank. They got almost 3 gallons of water out of my tank.three day later I got it back. The mechanic said he has never seen that much water in a gas tank. I went to that store today.i told the cashier about the water.she said another guy complained to about water.well the minute I told her it cost me $497.00 her additude changed .she then said ..we had a guy come out and check our tanks just a few days ago.and he said there's no water in our gas.i told her yes mam you did three gallons went in my gas tank.dont know how much the other guy got in his. She threw her hand up in my face like telling me to leave.i tojld her mam I wouldn't come in here and lie about something like that. Anyway she was very rude.i just wanted to make her aware of the water in the tank.

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Mary A Shelton - 10 d 12 h ago


Mary A. Shelton. I have terminal cancer. I went to the Murphy's at Walmart in Chickasha. I drive a 2015 RAV4. My gas was already 1/2 full but the price was $1.87/gallon so I wanted it topped of. My Son pumped the gas and was full at $15.30.

After completing my shopping we went home and I reviewed my charges. They charged me $75 pre auth fee and $59.10. When I called Murphy's at Chickasha before I could explain what happened the girl repeatedly said she couldn't do anything about it. I would have to call their customer service line which she didn't give me the number. She said she would have her Boss call me which she didn't. She was extremely rude.

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Joan Buckner - 14 d ago


I just filled my car at the Murphy Express in Walker and was overcharged. I selected regular at $1.93/gallon. I always watch to see if I am being charged correctly..10 gallons should have been $19.30 and the pump screen said $1.93, but at 10 it was charging $24.39 which is the super supreme! At the end it did not give me my printed receipt. I went in and got my receipt and it said I purchased super supreme. Now I am not stupid...I know how to pump gas, so they are ripping people off. The clerk just told me I chose the high gas and offered me a coke. Don't go there!!!!!! It was pump number 6 and it is rigged!!

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Kim J - 36 d 14 h ago


Was at hartsville sc location. Went In paid 15.00

Pumping gas hose came loose from the top of the tank gas is now in my face all over my clothes and my hair which i had just got done. Went inside and all the cashier can say is i thought the other lady had fixed that. Really? And i went to another tank and she allowed me to get 9.84 of the 15. The rest was on the ground. So unacceptable.

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Anonymous - 65 d 14 h ago

Was checking my checking account when I ask my husband why he bought $75 of gas then $19 of gas on the same day. He says I only bought $19 of gas. Well it shows you bought $75 and I know that we dont have a vehicle that pumps that much gas! Need to report that at our local Murphy USA in Napoleon,Ohio 43545 someone pumped gas for $75! We are reporting this to be careful at your local pump.

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Former Manager - 43 d ago


When using a card, especially at the pump, a hold is placed on it. The amount varies but is typically $75. This hold is by your banking institution, not the company. The reason the hold is placed is because the transaction is not finalized until you've finished fueling and the nozzle has been replaced. Your bank or credit card company does not know how much you are going to spend so it "reserves" an amount that it knows can be debited from your account without worry of insufficient funds. The company reports the actual transaction amount to your bank or credit card company. You will most likely see the actual charged amount on your account while also still seeing the hold amount. The hold amount may take 24 - 48 hours to return to your account. This timeframe is in business hours so if you pump late on a Friday it could be late Tuesday before your funds are released. If the 24 - 48 hour window is unsatisfactory or puts you in a bind, you may call the company's customer care line. They can fax a form to your bank authorizing the bank to release the funds as quickly as they can process the request. (Side note: AWFUL company to work for at the store level. Not only would not recommend but would dissuade anyone from working for Murphy USA)

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Anonymous - 69 d 18 h ago


I have submitted numerous complaints about a Murphy's USA employee at the cleburne tx store named Amanda that talks about meth and I have seen in a dark colored car smoking out of a glass pipe and they have not done nothing to this employee I am guessing they encourage drug use and welcome that kind of workers I no longer go to that store if I can prevent goin and I have told everyone I no and then some

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Anonymous - 76 d 18 h ago


My wife works at the location in Belmont North Carolina. I am appalled by the hostile work environment there. The things that have been said to her even in front of customers has crossed the line of what is tolerable or reasonable. Several people have told me situations they have witnessed which have included personal attacks. I am urging her to quit and I am considering discussing this situation with a relative who is an attorney at possible options. I work for a corporate office so I have never been personally attacked and insulted much less in front of clients.

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Pissed off mom - 87 d 18 h ago


my son worked there for 3 days and now they are saying that they dont owe him for his time. claimed that he was only there for the paperwork and said that the system was down and couldnt clock him and now they are saying that they dont owe him anything.. shame on you

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Get right - 87 d 18 h ago


Murphy's makes no since

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Anonymous - 114 d 20 h ago


I think that should just do away with the drive through window cause some people a little bit to carried away with the stuff they want.

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Cynthia - 140 d 14 h ago


I just experienced the worst customer service I have ever received seat at Murphy USA this African American lady working at 5:45 July 27th at Murphy's Gas Station in Houston Texas off of Silber and I-10 threatened to beat me up simply because I told her to please quit talking about her personal self to each and everybody and move the line the line had about 15 people it's hot and we all wanted to get gas and cigarettes and beer and all she could do was talk about herself everyone was annoyed but everyone was afraid to tell her what I told you please quit talking about yourself and move the line she threatened to beat me up even came out of the store and cursed me out so I called customer service I hope that they are watching the cameras to see how she interacts with people nobody cares about her personal life we are there simply to buy and leave its fast service and that's what it should be her personal life should be kept at home not to say that she's not a nice person but very unprofessional ghetto and rude how dare she threaten me just because I asked her to do her job very mean and disrespectful I will never go there again only go there if you want to spend 30 minutes in line all she talks about her personal life to everyone I wish corporate what just look at the cameras to see how she reacts and how she acts with people maybe they can find an employee that wants to do their job instead of talk all the time

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Anonymous - 160 d 18 h ago

I am tired of the Murphy's Express in Albuquerque New Mexico customer service has an attitude the manager has an attitude I'm about to knock his fucking lights out

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No one - 214 d 12 h ago


Why is the girl from florence ky Murphy's express working there still after being busted for smoking pot and got busted with it I know her husband she has to go to boone co ky COURT 25TH. I THOUGHT IT WAS A DRUG FREE PLACE TO WORK. I GUESS NOT ITS NOT FAIR

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Katrina - 191 d 2 h ago


I went to put in application and was giving the website MurphyUSA, now I have open sites dating sites gift card credit card and just random peoples names with a message specifically for someone that is then titled to (nobody). Also when they have called me for a job its a foreigner very hard to understand and transphers me to colleges for no reason and not 1 college is in my state. They sold my email and are continuing to do so..

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Anonymous - 205 d 18 h ago


I had a horrible experience at Murphys Express on N. Main in Roswell NM. The employee working stole my money her name was Audlie Lucero. I went to put my gas in and she turned the pump off at $2.38 when I went and asked her why I didnt get my gas she told me I didnt give her enough money. She then proceeded to start arguing and yelling at me through the window. Literally screaming at me that I wasnt getting the gas I paid for. Obviously pocketing peoples money I never got my money back or my gas. Im so digusted Ill never go back she told me the manager was on vacation and gave me a false number to the cooperate office as well. I hope she behavior is reprimanded for stealing and such rude behavior. What kind of employees work for this business my goodness. Very unhappy!

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Anonymous - 209 d 13 h ago

Will never go back... worst experience ever

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Florence Summerall - 215 d ago


It says Murphy's gas stations is open until midnight in Mulberry Florida I would like an explanation why the girl that was in there Saturday night was not unlock the doors so I can go in and pay for gas I was on one side of the store trying to get gas it was a gentleman on the other side trying to do something the gas pumps wrong but she would not serve us

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Anonymous - 227 d 11 h ago

Made two attempts to purchase gasoline at your location on Sparkman Drive in Huntsville, Alabama this afternoon. On first effort the line for the pay window did not move for several minutes. I left and decided to buy gas later. Made second effort at about 4:50 pm and on this occasion the location was generally busy with most customers moving forward with their purchases. However, one car was in lane nearest the pay location where what appeared to be 3 individuals in the car conversing and holding up the line for pump number 4. Later a female exits the car with what appeared to be some type of card and went between your vending machines to likely the cashier window. Later she return to the car and pump some amount gas and then gets back the car and continue conversing for several minutes with her passengers. After several more minutes I decided to go elsewhere to purchase gas. I hope you will put in place some type of policy where your staff closely monitors and encourages/demand that customers refrain from blocking others from making timely purchases of gas or other items sold at your stores.

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clean queen - 1 y ago


went 2 th chenal parkway store 4 gas. went in paid for gas and nature called. being in th cleaning buisness for 30yrs i was appauled at the lack of cleanliness. i didnt have 2 think twice whether 2 sit or squat. thankful i wasnt a mother with child that had a dirty diaper. the changing station looked as if it was used as an ashtray. the hand dryer, tp dispenser and handicap grab bar had dirty hand smears of who knows what on them. i actually used tp 2 turn th door knob 2 exit th restrm. wondering if th rest of th store was as unclean as th toilet room, i unfortunately found th fountain drink area wasnt as bad but not any better. stainless steel and entry glass doors smeared w handprints food and possibly yuk from bathroom. my opinion is my own, but every person who comes in is a potential germ or virus carrier just by touching the dirty doors or counter tops. clean is your friend not th enemy!

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Henretta Moses - 1 y 76 d ago


I had the misfortune of buying a carton of Newport Kings from one of your stores. I asked for soft pack, but I was given the box. You would think that this would not be a problem, wrong it is. I paid with my debit card, but one of your employees said I could not return them. I paid over $63.00 for these Newports, I did not give myself the wrong thing, then she brought up the receipt. Pin a tail on me and call me a jackass, but won't the receipt for my purchase (debit card) still be in the register. I will not lie, I don't know if she gave me a receipt or not. But, the nasty way she was talking to me was unacceptable. I am a 60 year old Army Veteran and my name has never been baby.

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