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Murphy Oil Usa Inc

P.O. BOX 7000
El Dorado, AR
W Hulse
(870) 862-6411
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 26 d ago

My name is Hayli Marler. I am a single mother of 4 kids. I started Murphy USA in Nov 2018 at store number 7565 under Veronica Ainsworth as manager. In April 2019 I took medical leave for surgery and return early on June 28th, 2019 due to lose of manager. During our time with no manager, managers from neighboring stores was told to assist by the District Manager due to District Manager having to actually work shifts at other stores in the district. Jennifer Powell Store Manager of Murphy Express in Jackson, MS did not assist, but instead gave me all log in information. I can still to this day tell you her ID and Password at the time. I know of several employees that have knowledge she gave me the information. Well I had no issues from anyone about it and continued to run my store alone until our new manager Ana Ousley started the 1st week of Sept, prior to that I made our schedule 4 weeks in advance due to short staffing and I pulled the majority of the hours. After Ms. Ana started my hours dropped done to 19 or less and she threw away all my personal belonging that are feminine hygiene products, about $30 dollars worth. I asked her about it she denied it but was on camera throwing it away after another employee told her whose they was. So I called in to work ethics about my hours and belongings being threw away. The only reason I called in about my hours was the previous manager Veronica Ainsworth stated that shift leads are guaranteed no less then 30 hours and made me quit my 2nd job and started giving me 35-40. A few weeks after I reported this Ana scheduled me 3 days in a row off, Sept 23-25, and I was scheduled an evening shift on Sept 26th. I took my 2nd day off to get my cortisone injection 5 months post surgery. The doctor wrote me a excuse with a 24 hour restriction of not climbing a ladder, may need velcro compression brace that fits in shoe, and no long shift. I sent Ana a picture just in case I had a bad reaction due to it being my 1st injection. The following day I went in the store to request Ana to fill out a wage form for my sons SSI caseworker and to discuss the fact a employee had calle me earlier in the day to tell me she was gonna try and make me quit. When I asked her to fill out my wage form she filled it out as me working 30-35 hours a week(not true). She stated she took me off the schedule because our new DM required her to and I had the choice of filing for FMLA OR QUIT! I told her in the store I might as well quit because FMLA will be denied, it's not a major medical issue. I then sat in the parking lot filed my FMLA and have text message proof she had knowledge I filed and not quit. I called the issue in to HR and instead of then investigating they are questioning me on schedule edits under Jennifer Powells information because Jennifer Powell is denying it, they are refusing to have a meeting with all employees at once. My return to work day was 10 days ago. I have never violated company policies to my knowledge and the way I was trained. I am now homeless with 4 kids for having no pay for 6 weeks. I have contacted a lawyer and the EEOC. My lawyer will be getting a supeana for phone records to try and restore the message where Ms. Powell did volunteer her information over. I also have another employee that Ms.Ana fired over kidney problems. She fired Kayley Duncan for a no call no show, she had knowledge she was in the hospital 3 days prior. Ms.Duncan only misses 2 scheduled shifts, the day of hospitalization and the 3rd day she was hospitalized. It can be seen on camera the previous night Ms.Duncan was in severe pain, vomiting and remained at work for her entire shift. If I cant get a response from someone in 48 hours I am filing a lawsuit with Ms.Duncan on retaliation, wrongful termination, disability discrimination, loss wages, and the cost of me losing my house. So do we need to sue the company or the manager? My lawyer is getting a court order for all video surveillance from June 28th until Sept 23th to find out when Ms.Powell was helping me with her login information since Ms.Rita Davis in HR refuses to review since I dont know exact date and time!

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Retired Air Force Refueler - 169 d 20 h ago


I am continually told by employees they can smoke just outside there little office and used cellphone. This is ARAB, Alabama I see no smoking signs I believe no smoking within 50 feet of pumps is safe. The personnel do not monitor gas pumps when personnel getting off work pump gas into there car all the while smoking. Just the other day I cuss out a woman smoking while pumping gas and a fuel tanker was off loading behind her standing . Cell phones are not intrinsically safe, gas flash point is to late to take back I wish I had listen to the old man.

I advised updating training by looking at fuel pump fires by static electricity, smoking ignition source and doing speratic spot checks to ensure your new hires understand the importance of life.

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Lynn - 39 d 6 h ago

Report to President of co. Ron Hulse ph . (hidden) or write PO Box 7000. To Dorado

Arkansas 71731.. Ask office to talk toclerk and hand cell phone to clerk tell them the home office would like to explain policy to them or their manager.

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Paula - 168 d 9 h ago

I have no problem with your gas or your prices. I do however have a problem with your station in Bastrop. I purchased gasoline from there on the 24th and my card was read and copied. My cc company took care of the charges bt when I called the station to make them aware they acted like they couldn't care less. Someone needs to check into this.

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Lynn - 39 d 6 h ago

Report to home office by mail if possibly. Pulls more authority.

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Susan Hallmark - 155 d 2 m ago


I am a customer at the Talladega Alabama store. I actually visit your store about everyday. Due to me being in a bad car accident in 2008 I am now disabled and I have alot of pain walking. I was asking the employees if they werent to busy if they minded helping me pump gas or just helping me where I didnt have to walk so far. But then I was told by the store manager that it was against policy to come out of the building to help customers. I didnt make any complaints about this. I just stuck it out and there is one employee that let me know yesterday when I ran into her that the manager was lying to me and there was no such policy. That the manager was telling her employees to make me walk up to the window because I was on drugs and taking to many pills and that I didnt deserve help. This has literally been an embarrassment and a shock. This manager doesnt know me or what Ive been through. The managers name is Jessica Shaw and I have always been respectful to her. But I am very hurt and want something done about this. If I get nothing by making this complaint I will call directly to Murphy Oil USA.

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Lynn - 39 d 6 h ago

PLEASE call the co. and report this. There are Federal Handicap laws and they should help you . I have not had a problem with this but have a HC license and tag. Your drivers license should be coded on the back if your doctor has verified your handicapped status.

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Teddy - 42 d 22 h ago


I buy my fuel at Murphy-USA, and am not anle to take advantage of having an account, need help????

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College park - 139 d 31 m ago

Iam a store manager at the location at college park ga was robbed window busted and all info gone out my car iam lefted to 4 cents to my name the company has not done anything to help now I'm scared of being homeless remember I was a store manager now I'm nothing

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Murphy doesnt care for employees plus very races company - 48 d 23 m ago


Wow murphy doesnt care for employee, its all about the customer, they can care less how much hours or years you put in there store.. once a problem arise your nothing to them.. speaking on experience

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J&M - 62 d 19 h ago


Why is it when you buy $16.25 worth of gas and the card was charged $75.00?? This happened to me this evening at the Longmont Colorado store. One of the employees didn't know why and thought that was weird, another one said they do that incase of drive offs, ok but I finished and paid for my gas at the pump and there's no way my jeep liberty holds $75 in gas, so how can I get the money put back on my card?? This was all the money I had and I couldn't go to the grocery store to get food for my family which is what I was planning on doing. I go there a couple times a day and they are all very nice folks and work their tails off because it is so busy...kudos to them!

That store is fairly new but was not thought through on the amount of customers that would pour into the store. Our town is over 100 thousand people and only one store in the town right now. In our opinion a larger store should of been built, this one does not accommodate the amount of customers it gets on a daily bases, and the layout of the store is bad, it has many posts that people hit all the time because they can't see them and with so much commotion going on it's hard to avoid them. Lines are out the door on any given day and hour. There is only one restroom for the public and employees, not really blaming anyone but the city and Murphy's planning committee. I know I don't have to go there of course but they have great prices and is close to my house. I'm not one for writing reviews but I thought I would this time because I'm not the only one that thinks this way, many customers feel the same way. Anyway, back to the real reason for me reaching out, why was i charged $75.00 for gas when i pumped only $16.25? How do i get this issue resolved?

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$75 hold - 48 d 28 m ago


Murphy puts a hold on your card, its better to pay the cashier

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Christina Teadt - 52 d 14 h ago


Muphry 7239 mineral wells has the rudeness crew not just to their customers but also their employees. I worked here I was treated unfair and called a bad Apple I would like to have someone contact me. I have proof and I am be on upset. And I would like something done about the unprofessional and rudeness

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Kara - 59 d ago


Murphy's Gas Station on 99th and Redick Wendy is the boss there it is gross and nasty at that gas station and she has Kara they are current living with each other the boss and the employee Wendy and Kara and I don't like how Kara is rude to customers when I went in there and you have mice eating everything in the store the store is completely going downhill

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Rather not say - 112 d 8 h ago


I'm a current employee of Murphy USA I've been with the company since January 18th and have yet to receive one raise and should have received two by now I've asked over and over again and get nothing but we'll figure it out I'm tired and your about to lose a really good employee

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Murphyusa#5672 - 98 d 6 h ago


I worked at Murphy in Texas and I got fired for accepting customers coupon on there phone and now they want me to pay that's not right and the pay is not worth it and the Manager Kim steels trash bags and everything and have her picks so hateful and men start work there it over with I was the only one cleaning and got treat like shit I would never ever work for this place again fired for bullshit customers are always right so I got fired for satisfied my customers and there coupon mobile

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Nobody - 80 d 20 h ago


That's how this business is trust me I'm an employee as well and the managers have their favorites and if your not it then you are getting screwed over and blamed for everything

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Ze-bra - 102 d 9 h ago


VIV---* * * * * Capitalism is arrested anarchy.

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Anonymous - 103 d 22 s ago


Was at Murphy Express at 277 norman drive valdosta ga 31601 about 10:30 on August 30 2019 employees couldn't even give a receipt upon request I have traded at this store since it was built but now I'm upset with them I understand one of them was just hired but Houston that was working with her disappointed me when requested him to assist her may not go back to this location in the future

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Jerry puertas - 123 d 3 h ago


I have the Murphy drive rewards and I purchased lays potato chips. On the app it states you get 60 points I only got 2. False information

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Anonymous for now until I call their corporate office - 138 d 18 h ago


Was at Store No 8844 on West 10th St in Greeley, CO today, July 26, 2019 at around 7 PM Mountain Time. Went into store to purchase $35.00 gas with my AX card. There credit machine kept canceling the sale 5 times. Called the issuing AX card office and the store tried the 5th time while AX agent was on the phone. The Mueohy clerks were stunned and did not even know if their station accepted AX cards. They would not call their manager to fund out. Undoubtedly but is their two card readers in this store or this store does not accept AX cards No resolution Norway to solve problem was achieved. So much for good customer service when AX stated it was their store issue and their was no issues with my card to be declined.

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Michael Morgan - 143 d 23 h ago


Was at their location in Savoy Illinois today 7-22-19 at 16:48 the person behind the counter hardly acknowledged me because he had his phone in his ear the whole time. Than the fact that someone was able to just walk right into the side door where they stand, because he was so focused on his phone.

Site number is 6724.

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Anonymous - 146 d ago


Yes around noon today I went there to buy gas and get a drink done the gas at the pump went in to get drink got it stood in line for 20 minutes while o. Lady helped the customers that took 20 minutes on that one person the other lady on the phone standing behide the counter bull shitting on the phone seen that the line was getting longer by the minute never offered to help and 3 customers standing In line left to do it taking so long so that's 3 customers to get gas walked out and said it hell with it both of the lady's should of been working the registers and this was in York sc 29745 I wont be doing business there any more

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Hanif Aziz - 149 d 9 h ago


Today Tuesday the 16th of July 2019 at approximately 6:30a.m. I visited a Murphy's Express fuel station and was Accused of "Loitering" by the "Manager Ms. Cherry" for sitting on a nearby curb waiting for my Boss to pick me up for Work. I even purchased 2 bags of chips from the Damn "woman" NOT 5 MINUTES BEFORE SHE ATTACKED ME BECAUSE OF HOW I LOOK! I'm a 6"5 Middle Eastern Man With DreadLocks so I "Guess" to HER I "Looked" like I was going to "Steal, or Rob, or Break The Law" because I was sitting quietly eating a breakfast sandwich and chips "I PURCHASED FROMMURPHY'S"! I will Never spend my money at a Murphy's Ever Again Because They're Racist.

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Rachel King - 156 d 3 h ago

My name is Racel King I live in Dyersburg TN and the Murphy's here held a job fair approximately 2 weeks ago and I went. I nail my interview and yes they called me and offered me a job. They sent me an email for pre hire. I filled them out. My background is cleared.I still have yet to start my employment there. I continually stay in contact with Cindy the store manager but there always seems to a unaware problem for my employment but when spoke with her on the phone she is training someone else, one of the other women that was at the job fair with me. All I am saying is this most definitely BAD business for Murphys in Dyersburg TN

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