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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

1 Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, OH
Stephen Rasmussen
CEO and Director
(614) 249-7111
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Teresa - 3 d 8 h ago


My son had a claim and they paid very good. Thank you Allied/ Nationwide

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Anonymous - 21 d 17 h ago


Your employees are garbage. This is the worst company that I REGRET refinancing with.

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mik - 24 d 17 h ago


I think our company sucks big time u owe me my money back that u styled from me

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BJ - 227 d 17 h ago


Auto policies increased over 17% in past year with no moving violations or accidents. That's well over inflation rate. Executives earning inflated salaries from our high premiums think they are too good to speak to the folks paying their salaries. Customer service is an incompetent unhelpful mess. Nationwide is quickly running out of my money.

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Kevin Bostwick - 217 d 4 h ago


They don't mind it when you pay your bill but don't ever make a claim. Cause they ain't paying. I was rearended by a Semi 18 Wheeler and all the sudden they said I only have liability even though I was paying for full coverage. Reason they gave was because my Acura MDX had a rebuilt title. Didn't say anything like this before the accident.

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Lynda - 31 d 5 h ago


Has any one taken them to court?

I have been trying to get back in my house for over a year and a half ???


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Advocate for all Americans - 202 d 16 h ago

Recent commercials are offensive and racially biased against middle class white Americans. Making middle class white Americans act like buffoons compared to their black middle class neighbors is tasteless, especially in times where individuals are hypersensitive to racial discrimination. How in the the world do you think this is cleaver or funny? How come you do not make the black middle class couple look ridiculous rather than the white couple? I urge individuals not to use a company that is not racially bias.

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Bill - 130 d 11 h ago

I entirely agree with the above comments under the heading Advocate for all Americans. I was searching for a way to get my comments to Nationwide regarding this subject when I ran across these comments. I cannot say it any better do "DITTO AND AMEN!"

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Priscilla - 78 d 12 s ago

You 'urge individuals NOT to use...(I inserted these ellipses not only as a pause, but so as to provoke further thought, not that I'm certain you're capable of that) a company that is NOT racially bias'? I'll ask that you re-read your last sentence...because you're basically asking people to ONLY support racist companies. I'll disregard the fact that you can't properly spell the word 'clever' and aren't exactly up to speed in terms of race relations in 2016...but I must suggest you read this:

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Theresa M. Cassant, B.S. Psy - 83 d 15 h ago

Dale Davis said there were a $40 increase for May. In March the only increase I asked about is for 100 miles towing, $1.60 per month, adds to April thru Nov. 2016 $11.20. what is the increase for?

Write back to (hidden). Thank you Theresa M. Cassant, 1995 Dodge Caravan, 3.0 L engine.

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Anonymous - 107 d 6 h ago

This company works their employees to the ground, work more for less, jm

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Nationwide are CHEATERS - 142 d 18 h ago

Dear Nationwide insurance.

Why do you cheat your clients?

After your client hit my mom injuring her, your adjuster have offered us nothing but insults. We have no vehicle and will now find a way to resolve this issue.

You cheat American citizens and your clients.

Nick Crawford have decided not to re-review the claim and not respond to messages, maybe because we are black. I know if it was a white family, your response will be different. Your racist way of talking with people will eventually catch up with you.

My mother is still going to doctor for injuries caused by your client.

I will now contact CNN, Fox News and MSNBC with this story. Your company needs to be investigated. I am also reaching out to BBB to file a complaint.

The fact that you cheat people who file claims is just wrong. I will do everything in my power to make sure it does not happen.

I have spoken with my pastor and other religious leaders in my community.




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LF - 142 d 3 h ago

Dear Mr. KC, I am going through the same thing. I was just called a spic, and have been insulted also by the claims adjuster. I was told that they would pray for my soul. I believe also that they are also racist. I also had a client of theirs hit my car, turned around told us she was sorry and then the police actually sited her and told her she was at fault. I watched her ball up the citation and cuss the cop out and started speeding off again almost getting into another accident. The broad went home called her insurance company and lied and told them she had witnesses when she did not. Now they are even though the report clearly states that she struck my vehicle and was going over the speed limit, that we were at fault. They have literally scared two of my attorneys off and I am contacting a third right now.



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Linda Everton Austin Texas - 179 d 7 h ago


Nationwide has destroyed everything I worked my whole life for. They shut up my house and everything, my clothes, drapes, furniture, rugs smells like mold. Since I have cancer you have destroyed my life. You have sent people in to damage my house and you waited too long and you tore out outside walls to the garage and wastewater damage in my living room letting rats in as they left the garage doors open. You left over 60 percent of my belongings in the house to be destroyed. You sent people who dropped my Kitchen aide dishwster,floeded my house three more times, left my belongings in the garage with wastewater damage, carried my downstairs belongings upstairs at the order of the adjuster, left my bedroom and all my belongings to be rifled through, stolen, and my clothes to be smelling like mold. My lovely house I worked all my life to have paid off is destroyed and I have yet to have any paperwork, plans agreements anything except adjuster one who sent in people without ever seeing it and ruining a lot, as second adjuster nearly three weeks later who said "Nationwide does not match carpet or kitchen cabinets. We do not match..I live in the Westwood High School District that is listed in the best in the nation. Prices for houses is high. But mine will have no value now and how will I leave it to my granddaughter now> You have ruined me. I have Republican delegate friends who have All State in San Antonio and they have not had this. What is wrong with you? Linda Everton

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seth - 193 d 12 h ago


um I would like anyone who knows how to contact the corporate office to please reply to this I have an on going problem with this ridiculous company so if anyone can help me please reply on here

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Cynthia - 206 d 8 h ago


Hailarious commercial! It's great! I needed a good laugh. I am sincere not sarcastic when I say that. Great commercial: The one where the couple is procrastinating calling the insurance company. LOL

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Seaborn - 210 d 16 h ago



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eve - 1 y ago


worst company to deal with

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nuncha - 1 y ago


amen to that sister they suck it

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Kevin Bostwick - 217 d 4 h ago


I agree definently not on your side!!!

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Kevin Bostwick - 217 d 4 h ago


Yep agreed

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Charisma Cooper - 261 d 5 h ago


Cancel my insurance without me knowing....

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Kevin Bostwick - 217 d 4 h ago


Yep good for that should file class action to wake Mr. Rasmussen CEO UP!!!!

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