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Nestle Purina Petcare Co

4700 E Nestle Purina Ave
Flagstaff, AZ
Patrick Mcginni
(928) 526-3645
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago


tried to use the coupons which came in the bag of food and the store will not take them ???

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Cheryl George - 18 d 9 h ago

I gave my dog a Purina Busy Bone on Friday evening. She has had these before, but it has been a long time. She was very sick on Saturday and Sunday with diarrhea. The only thing that was different in his diet was the busy bone. I am afraid that there is something wrong with these bones.

I have never had a problem with Purina, but I know that there have been cases of dog food that has been tainted.

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Anonymous - 27 d 3 h ago



No one answers questions and stores tell me the same

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

Hi my name is Patty i have 2 lab puppies that are now 8 months old i have been feeding the purina puppy chow complete with real chicken which i have used before for other dogs i had. I have been satisified until now, i always purchase the 18 lb bag or larger when the store has it but this time the last 2 bags i got were all crushed up looked like gravel not chunks like usual the puppies refused to eat it , it cost me 12.49 per bag i needed to replace them the store told me i needed to contact you for compensation perhaps you can send me coupons so i can replace the bags i lost looking forward to your response i would like to contuinue buying your products PLease let me know of your decision reguarding this issue thanks for your time. My email address is (hidden) My home address is Patty Cipullo 228- Evergreen court, Saylorsburg Pa 18353 again ill wait for your response HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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rural civil defense association arkansas - 36 d 8 h ago


Purina dog food saved 10 dogs that survived dog food contamination from another company. we had already lost 13 to death and struggled to save the other 10. because of Purina they are doing well starting to get healthy again. after looking Purina over under a microscope i was very impressed with the contents i could not see one thing wrong. you rock Purina and we stand behind you always. thank you

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William - 38 d 8 h ago


Our Siamese cat "Fripp" was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma/Irritable Bowel Disease in July 2015. Thanks to a wonderful specialist who immediately prescribed a low level chemo therapy med and a steroid Fripp has lived a healthy life.

We feed him dry food and canned food daily and he usually has no problems with appetite. However, there are times when he just doesn't seem to want to eat and will refuse to eat even his favorite canned food. Upon a recommendation from our vet we began using Purina's FortiFlora product which apparently makes the food more appetizing and Fripp will eat. This product has been extremely helpful in assisting in Fripp maintaining a healthy weight and has been a true LIFESAVER. THANK YOU!!!

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Boycott Nestle and Purina products - 137 d ago


My family and I will no longer buy any Nestle or Purina products for our dogs. We cannot do business with a company that tries to suppress free speech which is exactly what Nestle has done by caving in to the far left and pulling ads from the Laura Ingram show. This is an attempt by Nestle to censor free speech by a talk show host. It will cost Nestle lots of customers starting with my family.

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kimmaynard2 - 141 d 4 h ago


Why are you still advertising on @IngrahamAngle show? She likes to pick on kids she doesn't think should advocate for gun reform. You are supporting propagandists who like to bully victims who got shot at.

Also have quit using your dry food since my cats since contains too much grain and one bag moldy.

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Class action Lawsuit MIGHT HELP! - 148 d 7 h ago

There r Pantry Moths in your Healthy Weight Dog Food!!!!!!!


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Anonymous - 212 d 19 h ago


I guess no one reads this, your loader still don't give a damn about what a waste off time it getting the weight right on loads leaving your plant. You guys are the worst company in caring about the loads you ship. If I had a choose I would never pull you load. But that's no up to me. You just suck!!!!!

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Anonymous - 253 d 1 h ago


The time I run back an forth from the scale hurt me time wise.

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Anonymous - 253 d 1 h ago

I don't know how you figure the weight placement when loading trucks, I know your workers don't care if they place the weight correctly i have never put a load out of the flagstaff plant that the weight was correct. I work with a limited amount of time each day. Your workers are hour then go home.

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Kat - 1 y 169 d ago


Please remove sugar from the dog food products. It is not needed and unhealthy for the dogs and cats for that matter. They will eat the food without the sugar. Having sugar in the food and treats can help cause the animals to be diabetic. Since my dog is diabetic she cannot eat the food or treats like she used too cause of the sugar. Its not just your products, while looking on labels at different stores they all say they have sugar in them. Thank-you.

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TMP - 254 d 11 h ago


Your company SUCKS FUCK YOU

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