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100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA
Reed Hastings
Chairman, President and CEO
(408) 540-3700
(408) 540-3737
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Raquel Payne - 18 h ago


Dear Chairman Reed Hastings,

I am contacting you and your company to inform that I am disappointed that you have not taken the Chelsea Handler shows off your network; "Uganda: Be Kidding Me", "Chelsea Does" and "Chelsea". I am disgusted by her behavior towards Ms. Sarah Huckabee in the past but more so now these past few weeks.

I have been a long standing customer and even though my family and I enjoy your shows and movies I have decided to cancel my membership if you do not take action soon.

I understand that I may not be a big voice however if more people like myself stand up for what is correct you may eventually hear our concerns.

I called your customer service number today in Manila and asked for your number but they could not help me so I looked up your number online. The employee on the other end was pleasant however very ignorant for not knowing your corporate information.

Furthermore, I saw a boycott Netflix post on Facebook today and I plan on sharing it with all my family and friends if you don't do something about Chelsea Handler. She does not deserve to be on your network, I would hope you have integrity.


Raquel Payne

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Dear Chairman Reed Hastings,

I am writing this note to express my disgust with one of your employee/agent, Chelsea Handler. Her recent attack on Sarah Huckaby Sanders was outrageous, extreme and a major bullying act. Her attack was a display of extreme rudness and bad upbringing which adversely reflects on your company. What she has to offer is your product and if you take no action against her you are acquiesencing in her bullying. What Ms. Handler did is not free speech. Her speech is hate speech and extremely divisive. Her outrageous speech must have consequences. She went out of her way to attack a woman doing her job to the best of her ability. She attacked her because Ms. Sanders is a conservative woman working for President Trump.

Your review and appropriate action is expected. I have no power as a person but you should not forget that we the people who use your service are many. We have the power to punish and we can use our power when we see such outrageous conduct go on without a proper response.

I await your review and action.


Alfredo A. ViVenzio J.D.

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Haven 12 - 1 d 20 m ago

Well done! Boycott the corporation who employs such a disgusting person.

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joseph martin - 1 d 8 h ago

chelsea handler is a bully n should be fired.

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Andre Biewend - 1 d 6 h ago

AMEN-- More than a bully. She is disgusting. It's one thing to be a comedian and a critic. Her attacks on Sanders are deplorable. She needs to go the way of Kathy Griffin and why she hasn't yet is a mystery to me. Even my liberal friends have totally tuned her out.

Netflix-- I'll never watch ANYTHING to do with Chelsea Handler. And furthermore, if her antics continue, I'll simply discontinue Netflix.

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SchnauzersMom - 42 d 5 h ago


I find your cancellation of "House of Cards" appalling and ridiculous. Who among us has not been guilty of saying a wrong thing, getting drunk, behaving badly? No one is perfect. Does this mean you will purge all of the movies in which people are mistreated? Maybe you will purge movies by older men? Are you going to drop all Miramax movies? Some of the ones you make are violent, offensive and disgusting!

Whoever handles your public image needs to grow up. I don't find it appalling that an older actor approached a younger actor as I think it happens more often than not! It was not as if it were rape or assault. Consider that the unknown who voiced the complaint wanted media coverage.

I am an ardent supporter of the First Amendment. Once you start censoring movies and the people who make them, then you can count me out. I started with Netflix during its second year of operation, too.This entire situation has escalated out of control. Netflix should be ashamed of itself. .

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rmj0572 - 42 d ago


Excellent comment!

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Outraged Pamela - 38 d 51 m ago

WEll said - Agreed and Canceld - Disgusted and outraged

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anonymous - 15 d 21 s ago


I KNOW! I loved House of Cards!!

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Sane Mom - 11 d ago

Are you serious?!! I can't believe people are agreeing with you, he allegedly tried to force himself on a 14 year old. Even if the 14 year old consented that's still statutory rape. A minor can not give consent! I love House of Cards, but that much where I would look the other way! There is also alleged sexual misconduct on the set. They can always replace his character with another actor that's not a sex offender!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Allegations are not proof. If there is proof that is a different matter. Same with Danny Masterson. This is America. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

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Sane Mom - 1 d 6 h ago

There were already a previous complaint on the set about Kevin Spacey for his behavior on the set of House of Cards, which Netflix resolved. He didn't deny his behavior with the 14 year old. He actually apologized for his possible alleged impropriety, so he kind of admitted guilt, a dumb thing to do. I am pretty sure that they had enough to fire him. I don't know about the other guy.

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Gmoney - 1 d 11 h ago


Only one complaint that goes along with the price increase thats headed my way. Look i have a feeling i speak for every customer, you guys have to get rid of the whole "are you still watching" feature. For one im an adult and if i want to watch every single episode of the punisher thats my business if i pass out ill just go back to where i left off. Second, i have a toddler that watches that sprout shit on the reg. Im talking peppa pig, hey duggee, you name it and at 7 to 10 minutes each the wife cant grab a shower nor i take a shit without "are you still watching" busting in like the friggin koolaid man. Does it make me a horrible parent? Probably by liberal standards but i dont care. Guys ditch the feature there are numerous garbage streaming services that are trash but never ask if im still watching, please fix it.

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bdunti - 8 d 13 h ago


Longmyer needs to continue. There is ample material to continue it. I have countless friends who binge on it regularly and truly love it, unlike any other of your productions. We often have pot luck dinners and binge. It is a much beloved series and not tainted by ridiculous poor taste images. please justify this. (hidden).

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Kat - 2 d 4 s ago

Longmiure series was VERY addicting Glad to here someonelse agree's

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Kathie - 2 d ago


I want to take this time to CONGRAGULATE!!1 Your series on LONGMIURE!!!!!!! --I was totally amazed and sooo wrapped up in the characters and story lines I became litterly addicted and could stop WATCHING. I LOVED the man who played Longmiure(what a Hunk!!} OOOOOYEEE and Vic and Ferg and Punk and Blance--I cried when bad butt blance died! and Rosie...I would like to see a continuation..They did some AWESOME acting { OH and Henry } I prayed for ALL OF YOU!!! I have never ever..been sooo evolved in a story like this ONE!!!! I wish I could Thank them Personlly---NO KIDDING--I coukd still go on about this series,but I'll end for now ..saying THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!! I SURELY WILL MISS LONGMUIRE AND HIS T.V. FAMILY--I will have a time adjusting for a while!!!

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Haven 12 - 2 d 11 s ago


You are the evil one. Sarah Sanders does a great job, one you could never handle. She is an intelligent and well spoken woman. She is a great mom, which you will never be. Your spawn would be evil too just like you.

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km - 2 d 5 h ago

I will be cancelling my Netflix subscription if they have anything more to do with Chelsea handler. she has shown herself to me a morally corrupt individual. what she did to sarah sanders is unforgiveable

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McCormack - 2 d ago


Way to go! Chelsea is a despicable person.

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McCormack - 2 d 5 h ago

Chelsea Handler is a dried up empty shell of a person. Her life is so sad that she has to cater to the lowest level in order to get attention. Any attention is good for her. Her co-workers have said she has to be the center of attention and she has fired people who have been smarter and definitely funnier than her.The truth doesn't have any place in her life. Netflix you are complicit in allowing her to say and do the outrageous things on her crap show.

BOYCOTT NET FLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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No More Netflix - 3 d 14 h ago


Hello, My name is Vincent Smith a long time customer of Netflix. I cancelled my subscription tonight due very poor customer service from customer service rep Paul and his supervisor Faye. They were not helpful and ill inform in how to correct an internet connection issue on my home devices. I was placed on hold several times and repeat the same steps to correct the problem 10 times. They obviously don't care about the Netflix brand or customer service so I cancelled my account. They were reading from a script that did not cover what was going on with my connection issue. Instead of trying to resolve the problem they just keep reading the script and saying there is nothing else we can do so call your internet provider even though I was able to view Netflix on my home laptop.These 2 employees should be reprimanded.

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jan - 3 d 17 h ago


I have now called about my problem and also wrote to Netflix on my facebook. When I called Netflix to get my problem fixed they were of no help. I had purchased a 50 dollar gift card. Figured i could use it as I wanted. Well, later I found out that was not the way they work things. They use it wether or not you will be watching Netflix until all the money is gone. I called again on Nov 3rd and ask the guy what would happen with it if I cancelled netflix. he said it would just hold a balance until I did use it. Well, that sounded fair enough so that is what I did BUT later when my balance was less I had to call again. This time was told no way would they keep my balance and it was going to be used n matter what and he would speak employees so they knew the policy. Not my fault they were trained wrong. This is not right. Thought Netflix was good to the customer but some how they have gone down the tube. Any other site is now treating me better than Netflix. I thought maybe if I contacted Netflix on Facebook they may be of better help but they did not even take the time to contact me at all. So here I am with my account balance going down the tube and wishing I could be thinking more about the holidays than this garbage and problems they cause. How about getting with the customers and helping? It is the holiday season.............

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Sarah - 5 d 4 h ago


Without Danny Masterson, there is no Ranch! Apparently Netflix writes it's own laws! Guilty until proven innocent! Cancelling my Netflix !

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Bill - 5 d 4 h ago

Your dvd service is going downhill. You raise your rates but your customer service and your ability to ship dvd's after I return them is failing. I hope you guys improve your customer service. It is not worth paying for 3 dvd service when you can't get the shipping right.

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Haven12 - 5 d 6 h ago


You need help. I feel sorry for you that your life sucks and you can't get it together. Maybe this is the time you really do move to Spain as you promised.

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