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Anonymous - 16 h 39 m ago


Whoever answers the lobby telephone is rude.

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McCormack - 4 d 14 h ago

Yay! Netflix is cutting Chelsea Handler back to once a week for an hour, soon she'll be gone for good.

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Jessica - 10 d ago


Thank you for Dear White People. To those who are here to condemn it: please watch it first before making any judgments.

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Chelsea - 11 d ago

Netflix was my refuge from mainstream media; please cancel plans for the show "Dear White People"...horrible idea.

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VB - 11 d 14 h ago

Disgusting to allow such racism against White people, Then allow Jack Moore the writer to go on Social media saying F---- White people- has he looked in the mirror or at the Corp office staff,CEO,Board of Directors-

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Jill - 11 d 16 h ago


Netflix keep your original content coming, it's fantastic. Jessica Jones and Stranger Things are great, and I'm looking forward to Dear White People and more Frankie and Gracie.

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Anonymous - 11 d 16 h ago



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Casey - 11 d 18 h ago

Yes, God Bless President Trump! Give him a chance people!

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Patrik Roth - 11 d 18 h ago


Due to recent public comments from corporate leadership regarding the President's Keep America Safe Agenda, my friends and I have decided to divest from investment related products and services related to Netflix.effective immediately. God Bless our President and his efforts to provide for our welfare and safety. Boycott NETFLIX!

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Anonymous - 12 d 13 h ago


Will cancel my subscription due to this upcoming"dear white people" how despicable can you get.

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Haven 12 - 19 d 17 h ago

Chelsea you ignorant slut.

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Chuck - 21 d 10 h ago

Cancel The Ranch. Aston K. should keep out of politics and stick to acting. I will no longer watch The Ranch.

Chuck Yost

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Kirkwood - 25 d 16 h ago

Elitist bitch who decided that she would take a stand at the ultra liberal Sundance Film Festival. Wow! Way to really put yourself out there. You and your kind will never understand the REAL America that has been suffering for years with the policies and political correctness gone awry in Washington. You have no respect, class and compassion. Let's see how you would handle not being able to take care of your family, oh that's right you don't have a family just your selfish self.How does it feel to be called out?

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Haven12 - 26 d ago

Chelsea Handler has lost her mind. I have come to the conclusion that her comedic skills have left her and she has decided that she can politically speak for her fellow liberal hags.She should apologize to Mrs. Trump and shut the hell up. Cancel her, no membership from me.

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Ken - 26 d 17 h ago


There was a time when Chelsea Handler was actually edgy and entertaining; however, over the years, she has become nothing more than a hostile whiner that will say or do anything to get attention and extend her pathetic career. Her recent rants concerning our First Lady, which Netflix appears to endorse through their inaction, have crossed all lines. The personal attacks are offensive at every level and lack any entertainment value. Since Netflix supports this, or lacks the courage to address the issue, I now join the growing list of americans who consider the company poison. Nothing associated with Netflix will be allowed in my home or business.

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Diane - 26 d 17 h ago

As a descendant of an immigrant parent, and a woman, I am completely offended by Chelsea Handler's recent bigoted and racist comments toward America's First Lady Melania Trump. I find her comments offensive, degrading, disrespectful, and shameful. And, although she purports to be an advocate of women's rights, her recent comments and continued attacks on the first lady have disparaged a wide range of women. Ms. Handler is nothing more than a CYBER BULLY! Does Netflix really want to support a person or align themselves with individuals who behave in such a manner? #membershipcancellation

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warrenjeanne - 27 d ago


You need to get rid of Chelsea Handler Blasting the first lady Im going to cancle my account Thats un acceaptable

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Tom Smith - 102 d 22 h ago


We woke up this morning to a streaming video of a movie we have no intention of watching. It was a violent fight scene. Luckily our child wasn't up yet so he didn't see something we try to keep from him till he's older. I contacted customer service hoping there was an option to turn off the auto streaming of movies in the background. My choices, put in pins which won't actually stop the video from playing in the back ground but will stop our child from picking up the remote to watch a show without one of the parents there to put the pin in for him. Or create a kids account so that we have to keep switching back and forth to watch movies. Why do you keep changing things? It's not wanted, it's not needed. Do you think you're the only streaming service out there? You're not! I have been a Netflix customer for over a decade and I will cut my ties with you if you do not fix this immediately.

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Anonymous - 34 d 7 h ago

Get a life please. LOL YOURE MAD BECAUSE UR CHILD MIGHT WATCH SOMETHING????? Honestly. This is really you feeling entitled. Instantly stream? Press play duh!!!!! Learn how to be a productive member of society instead of bashing a company for something that functions fine, just you don't have control over your child.

Flagged for review. 
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Bob Hayles - 27 d ago

Mr Smith...using his real name...makes a valid point and is simply asking that Netflix quit changing things around: "Why do you keep changing things? It's not wanted, it's not needed."

You on the other hand are nothing but a coward. Using the fake name Anonymous might as well be changed to the nickname "Internet Troll". If you don't have the guts to use your real name you ought to shut the hell up.

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Ann S. - 27 d ago

Dear Mr. Hastings,

As a longtime Netflix account holder, I am personally incensed by the disgusting display of ignorance and disrespect toward our First Lady. I speak for not just myself, but for my family members, who are Netflix account holders as well.

She is a comedian, and NOTHING more. In the past months, she has used her platform to make known her political bias (such as her crying after the election).

I believe that political humor is entertaining, but this is not meant to be funny. I am seriously considering cancelling my account, and look forward to hearing of a swift resolution to this issue.

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Bob Hayles - 27 d ago


It would seem that your liberal oh-so-politically-correct inclusive piece of garbage Chelsea Handler is not so liberally inclusive after all, eh? Melania's English is easily are the other 4 languages she speaks. How many languages does shit-for-brains Handler speak?

I am a former Netflix customer who was considering coming back so I could fire the cable company, but as long as Handler has a presence on Netflix I think I just stay a FORMER customer.

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Uki - 27 d 7 h ago


Dear Netflix,

about the comment Chelsea Handler made about Melanie Trump's accent.

No need for that and what if she said something like this about Mexican American, Pakistani American or Russian American. Would we have news network howling racism?

I have friends from Nigeria who are US citizens and have PhD in chemistry, they are one of most studios and dedicated citizens I know giving their free time to tutor and help communities they work in. Yes they have accents, but so are people from Boston, New York, etc.

I think people you employ for shows should have basic human decency and class which obviously Ms Handler is lacking.

She spoke about being divisive in the same speech, I suggest you have her look up definition of biased and racist. Bullying someone because of their accent is despicable and hardly American.

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kpc - 33 d ago


why did you get rid of the Munsters!

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neview - 121 d 38 s ago


The default "post play feature" where credits are immediately minimized and the next episode is set to play within seconds is awful! Not only does it promote the minimization of the hard work of the creators, but it facilitates binge-watching. Quit catering to addiction by making this the default setting! The user can change the settings, but that's extra work (that some people lack the community support to do) that can be prevented if Netflix prioritized the well-being of weakened, oppressed people (your primary audience) over convenience. Ew!

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Bye - 34 d 7 h ago

This isn't a real issue get over yourself

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