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Karen - 2 d 14 h ago

Netflix is irresponsible for sharing "13 Reasons Why" This show puts our young people at risk by providing a model for teens to follow and for glamourizing suicide. The flick flies in the face of all that we know about dialoguing responsibly about suicide with young people. Please remove this offering

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E - 19 h ago

Please cancel "13 Reasons Why". It will cause more harm than good. Please please please take it off before it harms any of our vulnerable, impressionable young people.

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Anonymous - 24 d 5 h ago

Haven 12

Chelsea Handler in a library I am surprised she didn't melt. What a self promoting waste of life. CANCEL her show.

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Jenny Conway - 28 d 18 h ago

please show more british, Irish, dramas...I love them so much

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Lux. - 29 d ago


I am very disappointed with Netflix for 2 reasons. I watched "Love and Punishment" season 1 only to be told that they don't know if they will get season 2. Now I just finished watching "Magnificent Century" season 1 and the same story. Why get these when you're not sure if you're going to get the rest of the series? It is not fair to your viewers. Rest of my experience with Netflix is very good.

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Haven 12 - 38 d 35 s ago

Chelsea can't even spell genes correctly. Nice comment about Eric Trump and his wife's good news on having their first child.I am so grateful that Chelsea has never bred and passed her genes on. What a total pathetic waste. CAN HER SHOW!!!! No subscription from me or my family and friends until garbage like her and Schumer are GONE!!!!!

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anyworld - 35 d 4 h ago

Get a life and comment at site that is appropriate for your dirvel!

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Johnnie - 44 d ago


3 months ago I signed up for the "free" trial. I picked a movie. It never came on and I never was able to get anything. Now you are charging me a monthly fee for NOTHING

I want it stopped and my account credited. When you advertise something - I thought it was supposed to be true

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McCormack - 45 d 33 m ago

Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler are a perfect couple.Netflix should can them both. People are sick of both of them. They both SUCK! Of course Amy is related to Chuckles the Clown senator from New York.

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Haven 12 - 47 d ago

Chelsea Handler must be cancelled. She is an ignorant slut, not funny like Jane Curtin on SNL. What makes her think she can rant like this, because we have lost civility and manners in our society by these loser entertainers.

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Haven 12 - 66 d ago

Glad to see the mentally unstable Chelsea Handler continuing her ignorant rant at the writer's award show for pushing bias crap. She's got to go......................

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Anonymous - 66 d 20 h ago


Whoever answers the lobby telephone is rude.

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McCormack - 70 d 17 h ago

Yay! Netflix is cutting Chelsea Handler back to once a week for an hour, soon she'll be gone for good.

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Jessica - 76 d 4 h ago


Thank you for Dear White People. To those who are here to condemn it: please watch it first before making any judgments.

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Chelsea - 77 d 4 h ago

Netflix was my refuge from mainstream media; please cancel plans for the show "Dear White People"...horrible idea.

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VB - 77 d 18 h ago

Disgusting to allow such racism against White people, Then allow Jack Moore the writer to go on Social media saying F---- White people- has he looked in the mirror or at the Corp office staff,CEO,Board of Directors-

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Jill - 77 d 19 h ago


Netflix keep your original content coming, it's fantastic. Jessica Jones and Stranger Things are great, and I'm looking forward to Dear White People and more Frankie and Gracie.

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Anonymous - 77 d 19 h ago



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Casey - 78 d 44 m ago

Yes, God Bless President Trump! Give him a chance people!

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Patrik Roth - 78 d ago


Due to recent public comments from corporate leadership regarding the President's Keep America Safe Agenda, my friends and I have decided to divest from investment related products and services related to Netflix.effective immediately. God Bless our President and his efforts to provide for our welfare and safety. Boycott NETFLIX!

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Anonymous - 78 d 16 h ago


Will cancel my subscription due to this upcoming"dear white people" how despicable can you get.

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Haven 12 - 86 d ago

Chelsea you ignorant slut.

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Chuck - 87 d 14 h ago

Cancel The Ranch. Aston K. should keep out of politics and stick to acting. I will no longer watch The Ranch.

Chuck Yost

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Kirkwood - 91 d 20 h ago

Elitist bitch who decided that she would take a stand at the ultra liberal Sundance Film Festival. Wow! Way to really put yourself out there. You and your kind will never understand the REAL America that has been suffering for years with the policies and political correctness gone awry in Washington. You have no respect, class and compassion. Let's see how you would handle not being able to take care of your family, oh that's right you don't have a family just your selfish self.How does it feel to be called out?

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Haven12 - 92 d 4 h ago

Chelsea Handler has lost her mind. I have come to the conclusion that her comedic skills have left her and she has decided that she can politically speak for her fellow liberal hags.She should apologize to Mrs. Trump and shut the hell up. Cancel her, no membership from me.

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