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LSmith73 - 13 d ago


I have just finished watching the Netflix Original Series, " Gilmore Girls, A year in the Life" and would love to see this series picked up for an additional season.

I have been a fan from the pilot, watching every episode countless times. I'm sure I'll watch these four until they're not longer available.

It was so wonderful to return to Stars Hollow with all it's quirky residents; to catch up on the past 9 years and to finally see Luke & Lorlei marry. Now I would like to see the next chapter as Lorlei becomes a grandmother!

Thank you Netflix for this revival!

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ivy - 14 d ago

Just finished your 'original' 3 %. Something really is disgusting about how the themes of your 'original series' promote the 1%, elitist, Illuminati, globalist, new world order agenda of a break-away civilization, class division, depopulation as the greatest concept going, and on and on. It's sickening. Netflix is just another mouthpiece for Agenda 21, mass manipulation of the human psyche to conform to the divisive and controlling neocon agenda to control, surveille, force vaccinations, create fear of food shortage, and create mass poverty, endless war, etc.

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Tom Smith - 29 d 11 h ago


We woke up this morning to a streaming video of a movie we have no intention of watching. It was a violent fight scene. Luckily our child wasn't up yet so he didn't see something we try to keep from him till he's older. I contacted customer service hoping there was an option to turn off the auto streaming of movies in the background. My choices, put in pins which won't actually stop the video from playing in the back ground but will stop our child from picking up the remote to watch a show without one of the parents there to put the pin in for him. Or create a kids account so that we have to keep switching back and forth to watch movies. Why do you keep changing things? It's not wanted, it's not needed. Do you think you're the only streaming service out there? You're not! I have been a Netflix customer for over a decade and I will cut my ties with you if you do not fix this immediately.

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Charles Selden - 47 d 6 h ago


For years Netflix has worked perfectly. But now it is getting to look like Netflix getting too big and going adrift: I have been unable to get to my Netflix queue in order to change from Blu-Ray to the "Non Blu-Ray" format while we are in Palo Alto. Your website keeps sticking me in the films and will not switch over. Finally I called customer service where the people are friendly but cannot switch the format, which must be done by me on your elusive website. As a result two DVDs in Blu-Ray are headed here and my request to correct the format was not possible--i.e., customer service is self service.

How about cancelling my account? Will that get your attention?

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neview - 48 d 11 h ago


The default "post play feature" where credits are immediately minimized and the next episode is set to play within seconds is awful! Not only does it promote the minimization of the hard work of the creators, but it facilitates binge-watching. Quit catering to addiction by making this the default setting! The user can change the settings, but that's extra work (that some people lack the community support to do) that can be prevented if Netflix prioritized the well-being of weakened, oppressed people (your primary audience) over convenience. Ew!

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Anonymous - 75 d ago

I continue to pay for a service I'm not receiving I'm not a satisfied as a customer so therefore I will discontinue your services

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Campbell - 98 d 19 h ago


Netflix cancelled my moms favorite show. Everyone loves Raymond.

My mom is 85 and she loves watching Raymond.

I came across Blue bloods, she likes this series so don't take this one off or I'll cancel.

Bring Raymond back!!

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Netflix addict - 110 d 9 h ago


Not so much a review as a request. Even though The Returned started on a different network, I would like to see it continued as I was disappointed to see there was only one season before it was cancelled. Maybe something to look into. Thanks

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Mike - 114 d 8 h ago


Why can't people in "Latin America", which includes Bermuda and many other ENGLISH speaking countries have a choice of English subtitles? I have unsubscribed because of this issue and have found Amazon to be a worthy competitor.

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Carol K - 145 d 10 h ago


Thank you, Netflix ... your suggestions are perfect for me; the variety of offerings are very good and the ease of searching and adding to my "list" is greatly appreciated:) In addition, regarding STRANGER THINGS which was my latest binge... OMG....more, please!!! I'm going to keep my eye on the Duffer Brothers, writers of the series, and hopeful to see more of their sci fi / supernatural / psycho thriller style. Good call on picking that. Thanks, again!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Got Netflix, when does the chill come?

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Jason Schmidt - 4 y 104 d ago


Netflix couldn't be more convenient for someone like me that travels a lot, and doesn't even own a TV. I can stream TV and movies anywhere, anytime I like with my subscription, and that is wonderful. Oh, but Netflix could be so much better.

I don't have the mail service, just the online streaming, and I have some issues. First of all, the selection of TV shows is adequate, but the amount of movies I can watch is simply awful. I know there are complex contracts and agreements between film companies and Netflix, but when the movies are available by mail, why can't I watch them online? It's a pay service so whyare 60-70% of the movies I want to watch not available?

Secondly, the whole recommendation system for streaming TV and films is way off. I am constantly told that I would really like to watch things that I hate, or have already watched. Thank you for telling me that I would like Top Gun, as I just watched it last week. It's a minor issue, but if you have this system set up to tell me what I might like, actually get it right.

Netflix, at least the streaming service, is good, but maybe only half of the way to being a great service. It's great if you don't stay in one place long, but if you do, go for the mail service instead.

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BeyondReality73 - 4 y 112 d ago

@RokuPlayer there seems to be an issue w/streaming @netflix on ALL 3 of my ROKUS. It's awful u can't even get through a 25 min episode!

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OscarECifuentes - 4 y 112 d ago

Yeah, @ZooeyDeschanel on an ep of Frasier is just awesome. Thank you @netflix

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JerichoMayor - 4 y 112 d ago

@FancyLeasha @CBS @Netflix Not the picture I would have chosen, but the message is solid. #JerichOnNetflix #VoteGreen2012

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Roxxoredizorz - 4 y 112 d ago

@tombrazelton @netflix Suuure, because you definitely don't watch it, right?

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tombrazelton - 4 y 112 d ago

New @netflix update for Xbox. The Netflix for Kids option is a godsend! Time to take Spongebob out of my "grown-up" queue.

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jessbrown - 4 y 112 d ago

All of my free time goes to #ArrestedDevelopment on @netflix.

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JonathanNail - 4 y 112 d ago

Just saw @paula_rhodes in Shuffle with TJ Thyne - special screening at @Netflix. Great work! DVD drops today. Watch it!

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Dertod13 - 4 y 112 d ago

@Netflix maybe before you force me to download an update,you could make sure it works

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LasimmLucy - 4 y 112 d ago

RT @SamanthaMalvern: Getting my Cold Feet fix on @netflix !

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