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Reed Hastings
Chairman, President and CEO
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HARRY LEON - 1 d 9 h ago


Hello; It would be very helpful if NETFLIX would specify if a series is complete or not.

I just watched 70 episodes of Jhansi only to discover it was not complete. This is quite unfair.

Subscribers are entitled to know BEFORE they commit dozens of hours to viewing a series.

General profile image - 7 d 2 h ago


Dear Mr Hastings: I'd love to subscribe to Netflix but I find many of the movies appalling; It would be nice if more rated PG and G would be shown. I think more religious topics should be purchased for the viewing of the many who are Christian believers. Titles such as the Passion of Christ, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Saint Therese, Lives of the Saints like St. Joan of Arch, Padre Pio, Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta. If I have to pay money to see trash; but until then I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. My rating is a 1 with the company unless more decent movies can be viewed.

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Anonymous - 6 d 14 h ago

Who is St. Joan of Arch? Is this something to do with yoga?

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Wayne - 10 d ago


Hi Guys

My account has been hacked now twice in less than three weeks and the only solution being offered is to change my email but don't have an endless supply of email addresses to provide based on this experience. Can someone please explain to me what means is in place at that end to stop hacking and what is being done to improve this since its clearly not operating and cant get to corporate to convince me my information wont be comprised I the future.

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Lindsay O - 10 d 5 h ago


I spoke with a rep tonight named Jake who has changed my opinion about this company. He was extremely rude, argumentative, and made the call an interrogation instead. My mother is visiting for mother's day and I set up an acct for her. With her being over 60 and not tech savy, I usually set things up for her. She now has 4 charges on her card for odd amounts from $1 to $18 when this was her first sign up. I was advised because she is under my IP address it made her not eligible for a free trial which was no where on the page. My IP address shouldn't matter, when people can sign up in public libraries. I have been a customer for years and have always liked the service. Apparently building your company up to my mom, to finally have her get it, was wrong. After this? I will be canceling both accts and just get the free streaming my job offers instead.

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Timothy Ball - 11 d 4 h ago


I have been a Netflix subscriber for, approximately, 20 years and, for what it's worth, I have an 8 DVD subscription. If Netflix fails to take a position and take substantial action concerning the barbaric, anti-female abortion law that was just signed into law in Georgia. I will be cancelling my subscription.

General profile image - 11 d 7 h ago

the truth is i purchased a gift card because i thought it would be nice to watch a new show on the netflix site...

but after spending thirty dollars on a stupid card the site has or is having an error

Flagged for review. 
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mokelvey - 13 d ago


I liked LUCIFER a lot for the first three seasons. I was disappointed when it apparently ended. Now NETFLIX picks it up as an original and it is even better than when the network was producing it. MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! Yay, Netflix. A solid fan!

There seems to be a plethora of disgruntled watchers, or maybe, like a lot of people, the complainers just like to complain a lot. I think you are doing a great service with your original programming... in my case, exposing the U.S. to the programming of many other countries, sometimes even overdubbing them in English, when needed. Keep up the good work!

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Taffy Visher - 14 d ago


Call it morbid curiosity but, has anyone noticed there are no replies from anyone including a Netflix employee??? I think that says it all. If you have left a comment, question, criticism, or complaint on this page and heard back from the company would you mind posting the results or resolution. I am just wondering if issues are being addressed or if this is just a vent page that no one in the company actually reads. Thank you.

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Gremlin283 - 14 d 7 h ago


I spoke with Bret/Brent or rather I was transferred to this, "person" Who rudely interrupted me on many occasions when I was trying to ask original question. I asked for a supervisor and according to this, "person" I needed to have a Netflix related reason to speak to a supervisor. So dealing with a rude agent isn't good enough to speak to a supervisor?

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Steven Pajak - 24 d 11 h ago


How dare you, Netflix. First Travelers, now Santa Clarita Diet? You axe these great shows yet spend $100 million to keep Friends? News flash, no one gives a shit about that ancient show that was played out twenty years ago.

Are you trying to lose my business? Well, you've succeeded. I do not choose to give you my money nor invest my time in shows only to have you pull them and leave me and many viewers without closure. Shame on you and the short-sighted individual responsible for making these decisions. Perhaps your job should be cancelled.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

It is your opinion that you do not like your FRIENDS but love Travelets and Santa Clarita Diet. Sucks to be the minority vote, but it's not like everyone can be pleased.

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Anonymous - 16 d 2 h ago


Very disappointed with Netflix. Movies are old you do not change them often enough and it is getting boring. In your series you do not finish them for instance Visalia the 4th and you have not shown the last segment 4 and 5of that show last Kingdom. BBC says that you have them but you have not shown them. I feel you are a very greedy company and did not come forth with what you say you will do I too have been duped by you and you have raised the price and not even let me know I do not recommend you to anyone.

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Anonymous - 19 d 14 h ago


Netflix has been charging me twice for 8 months. My bad for not noticing on my credit card. I called and told them and they refused to refund the money because there was a fraudulent account created and they don't know where it came from. I called amex and filed a fraud claim to get my money back because the customer service team from the Philippines refused to help me further. Unfortunately, this is the only option of dealing with netflix. such a shame. I love the shows but hate their service and ethics. I hope someone from Netflix reads this and actually cares.

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Bioclay - 21 d 8 h ago


While looking for an address to mail a little note to your CEO, I came across this page.

So, I'm gonna leave my comments here.

I absolutely adore NETFLIX.

Great original programming, movies to watch, and the biggest reason, as compared to other streaming sites, NO COMMERCIALS.

You have entertained me daily with smiles, chills, and thrills. Your fee is perfectly reasonable and I only hope you stay commercial free.

People who have left so many negative comments probably haven't had a nice day in years. You reap what you sow.....and I sow a BIG THANK YOU!

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Never again - 21 d 13 h ago


So apparently the Monthly fee went up once again without my knowledge I looked at my. And statement and it charged me more then what I was paying cause me to overdraft my account and was charged $36 like wtf I called customer service they said they sent out multiple emails about it which I wasn't aware of nor did I even look at my email. So now I'm stuck with over priced Netflix account and $36 overdraft fee. Thanks Netflix. You suck

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Jenny - 23 d 15 h ago


Netflix, you sent me an email telling me they would "like to offer me another free trail". However, after I signed up, my account was put on hold and when I called customer service, "Fia" told me that because I already used my free trial from before, I am not eligible. I kept on telling her that I received an email saying netflix sent me another free trial offer, she does not seem to care and just said she go ahead and cancel my subscription since it charged me and did not give me "another" free trial. There are two issues here, 1) is this false advertisement? Is this a bait and switch? Because that is some shady business you are doing. 2) Fia did not try to listen or resolved my problem, she just basically said you are not qualified to me. So why did Netflix sent me the email to begin with?

I am disappointed with how you do your business, and how your customer service sucks. My family will not ever be your customer again because we in the past. Goid luck doing your business this way, there are other options out there for streaming, great way to lose customers.

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pigu - 24 d 10 h ago


Tried to report a pretty serious scam/fraud. Had a rep hang up on me.

Called a rep. Finally got a supervisor. He threatened to hang up on me.

They are not going to refund all of the fraudulent charges. They have a horrible attitude. There is no one to complain to--no email, nothing.

Lots of competitors now in their market. I'd short their stock.

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COOOOP - 24 d 11 h ago



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Elizabeth Bishop - 24 d 12 h ago


You should NOT cancel Santa Clarita Diet. From what I've read you're doing it so you don't have to pay royalties to the creators of the show. A good example of greed trumping art. Perhaps you shouldn't be in this business and should go into politics instead.

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Kaptainkush - 24 d 16 h ago


Dear Netflix why in the hell would you take away Santa Clarita diet. Wtf

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Jacqueline Golden - 27 d 44 s ago


I'm a long stands by customer with Netflix from wayback when you first opened & I received and exchanged DVD's back then.

I wish to share a Complaint with the new package programs now under Netflix's current packages. We are a family of four with my son having severe disabilities. He is unable to get outside anywhere so he depends on his Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Acorn and BritBox with the longest being Netflix.

You are raising your price to $12.95 so that I can now only watch Netflix on 2 tv's in our own home! But if I wish to watch 4 TV which is our situation we must pay even more $15.95. This is only due to the fact we have 4 TVs in our home. Hopefully you realize the position we are in. If you are a family of four you can only watch Netflix on 2 tv's at a higher price and if you wish to watch Netflix on all of our 4 tv's it costs us $15.95. Do you believe this is fare to us as long term members of Netflix. Often we do watch 4 tvs at one time as my son is interested in only sports and action movies, my husband likes documentaries, I often watch a movie and our daughter likes to watch shows she binge watches. This is clearly a major proble for us, nling term customers that just happen to have a family of 4 which is very normal. We are limited in what we can do due to our son's complex medical needs now we are being asked to double our price for Netflix on 4 different tvs in our home. This is unfair and I plan to write to Reed Hastings as well as the President of your board. This is unfair to local customers that have been with you from the beginning. Then on top of this we are being hit for higher cost for Fios, Hulu, CBS, Acorn amd Britbox. So you company has made it impossible to keep on with your service. I'm not canceling yet as I await a response to this email. You have targeted families with this new approach as most families sign up for Netflix and don't all watch one tv often they watch from 3-4 or even more depending if the parents are cooking dinner and have another tv in the kitchen. I feel you have overlooked the Americans Disability Act (ADA) & have targeted families to pay double from $8.77 to $15.95. This is unfair to families and plan to share whst exactly your representatives said to me. I spoke with Ken employee number 1041545. He didn't care what our issue was that is Netflix new policy, said go ahead and write corporate office they will tell you the same thing, what this left me with that Netflix cares less more then even and targeting families to take an unfair package because they have st least 3 different TV's Zi myself have disabilities as does my son, we are on a limited income and when tv is your main connection to outside films and shows it really unfair and we are a targeted audience. We have been singled out because we are a family of 4 but this also includes families of three. Netflix is a large enough company that most people have but not for long if something isn't done about such high fees. I realize we have a bit in the White House who deregulated cable services but this doesn't give Netflix the right to gauge us because we are a family of 4. Likewise I'm sure you receive Netflix either for free of his a company policy to vmungrade to our services to Netflix well what does years and years of Netflix membership mean to you,? Nothing! I do wish to receive a response and will send A written complaint to follow. This is unfair to all families especially those with special needs.

General profile image - 27 d 8 h ago

Dear Netflix, I have an idea for a show that would appeal to the classic car rebuild documentary market. My son recently purchased a 1974 Dodge Challenger from a friend of mine who I grew up with. When we were kids, my buddies and I cruised the streets in Orlando Florida with hot rods, thus one of them being this 1974 challenger. There were four or five of us always cruising the streets and having the time of our lives with our classic cars. I have numerous photos and possibly VHS video of these early teenage activities.

Anyway, the car has been sitting for 20 years and is in need of a complete tear down restoration. The idea I have is to document the restoration project and at the same time share the stories, photos, and video of the early days of this car and the gang who are connected to it. These friends are still very close knitted and all of us have agreed to participate if we can find a network to pick it up? The hope is to possibly share the story with the world, tug on some heartstrings, and help us pay for the restoration of this car. I guarantee you that it would be an emotional experience for the group of guys that I still love and know very well. We are brothers of the early days.

What does Netflix think?

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Anonymous - 29 d 11 h ago

My wife purchased a Netflix card and attempted to receive service and to her surprise, the service was not rendered. Today she attempted to get resolve and after one hour of talking to a supervisor, she didn't. My wife had the receipt in hand and attempted to explain her situation. Netflix was not able to show any record of the transaction for service which was $50.00... Netflix is supposedly a reputable establisment,however this situation has really damaged our confidence....

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Geoff Roy - 32 d 8 h ago


This maybe a minor issue to you, however I would like to think that the quality of organizing your shows, perhaps insignificant to, displays that all you are interested in is getting your product out and who cares what order it's in!!

Example, series 3 for the Roman series was just released. So I go out to see it and I find out that instead of series 1 and 2 showing up before 3 that 3 is the lead series!!

A very minor issue, but none the less people don't expect issue 3 before issue 2 and both between issue 1.

Is it that hard or difficult to post them in order??

No wonder your stock is where it's at!! Your managers and employees are what is driving your stock down, to the point where you'll be out of business very soon!!

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