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Haven 12 - 4 h 24 m ago

Yay! Chelsea you didn't walk away to "help" the country, they canceled your show. You are a pathetic excuse for a champion for women's rights. You have paid the price. Good riddance.

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Jim Jimmerson - 2 d ago

Hi, I am enjoying the Netflix originals more than anything, Please consider turning DC comic character ARAK into a Netflix original series, it has a GAME of THRONES/ Conan vibe. A first nations boy is adopted by raiding Vikings, and raised a warrior, he eventually goes off on his own to get home, but take a mythical trip through Europe and Asia to get there, peppered with mythical creatures, Amazons, demons, sorcery, Roman gladiators, First nations spirituality. It is a fish out of water story, where he is the "savage" but he is actually NOT the savage, y'know what I mean?

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Lawanda Johnson - 7 d 31 s ago


Hello Mr. Reed Hastings. My name is Lawanda Johnson. I am a four time published aurthor of my Ghetto Tales Hood Stories. I've written 24 screenplays and short stories since 1999. The stories range from drama, suspense, horrors, musical, and even a childs cartoon. I have recieved alot of positive feedback and would love to move to the next level. Netflix is ideal for the platform im looking for. If you can please contact me @ (hidden). FB Wanda Johnson. Instagram: Braids by Wanda. Email: (hidden) I would really appreciate it. I currently have 4 published hood stories with Xlibris publishing co.Thank you for your time Sir.

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CascioNY - 9 d 18 h ago


I've been having difficulty connecting with Netflix (have no issues with any other providers). Buffers on my iPad so I have to continually turn it off, restart, and resume watching program (can happen about every 15 minutes, but definitely within 45). All I'm getting on my TV for the past 5 hours is the Netflix logo. Went to the chat room to find out what's happening and the blame went from too many devices connected to the internet at once (suggested I move my router to another location) on to using the microwave. Really? And I just read they plan on increasing our rates. I canceled my subscription., I can find plenty of things to watch elsewhere. If they can promise 100% connectivity I might re-subscribe. Or maybe I should just get rid of my microwave!

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fu - 13 d ago


netflex lost a customer today. I started with the original owner when he thought his garage would be big enough

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AJ Bass - 18 d 2 h ago


Stay away from Netflix!!! They just stole money from my bank account! I'm a disabled man living off of minimum income, I get an email for a free month of service, I sign up for it thinking I'm getting a free month, only to discover it was a lie! Wake up this morning prepared to pay my electric bill, that's due to be paid by the 2nd, and I only get my disability benefits on the 5th of every month, and I am now under the amount of money needed to pay my bill thanks to Netflix taking the money from my bank account without authorization! They are a den of Thieves! Just spoke with Ashley through the customer service center, who told me she's the highest up that I could talk to in regards to any problems! She's not the CFO, CEO, or even an assistant to either position! I warned her that I'm going to contact the police department for the theft of my money from my bank account without authorization to remove such, and then contact the media to warn the public about Netflix unlawful practice of advertising free month of service, but charging their customers for that service! There was no box saying that this free month of service is no longer available, it just had me go through the sign-up process through the link given to me for the free month in my email! They tell me they can refund my money but they don't know how long it'll take to get put back into my account! So how the hell am I supposed to pay my bill when now I don't have the right amount of money in my bank account to make that payment? I'm going to incur a late fee, which will affect me not just with the electric company, but also with the credit agency for making a delayed or late payment! You too! Like I'm not struggling enough, now I'm going to have a history of not being able to make my utility payments?! So the next time I move somewhere because I have late payment history I'm going to have to pay a deposit on my utilities?! All of these things need to be considered in here in Netflix just don't give a s***! Do not trust them do not sign up for any free month of s*** with them because they're liars and thieves! I gave them 12 hours, if I do not hear back from somebody on a way to resolve this informally, I'm calling the police department filing a formal complaint and then I'm going to call the newspaper editor and let them know I filed criminal charges against Netflix for unauthorized access and removal of funds without authorization from my bank account! Otherwise, known as robbery! They are a bunch of Thieves stay away from this horrible organization! One everybody you know when all your family your friends, he'll take a step out and even one your enemies, no one deserves to have their money taken from them! If you despise a thief, then never support one!

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Haven12 - 20 d 4 h ago

Chelsea, Chelsea, your career is going into the toilet and your ex- boyfriend has a younger woman having his baby. Payback is a bitch

Flagged for review. 
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Nomad 7 - 29 d 27 m ago


September 17, 2017 NETFLIX OPEN LETTER Dear Mr. Cheo Hodari Coker - Executive Producer : While I truly enjoy the somewhat new standards you are bringing to new TV series, via the advances in streaming technology!! I do have some Observational Constructive Criticisms!! to encourage a More Abundant Food for Thought!!! as the Major Decision Maker . While SADLY!! most of your Marvel Superhero's, on Netflix are seemingly devoted exclusively to white-looking Main and Secondary characters!! I would like to offer these suggestions for HOPEFULLY?!? the Spin-off of a MORE STANDARD!!! Sixteen (16) Part series of new characters, starting with 'Misty Knight'!!! with a Much more Diverse cast of Characters!! Specifications : Character : Misty Knight Actress : MUST BE PLAYED BY!!! - Mrs. Simone Missick !!!!! Director : Mrs. Shanda Rhymes ( she knows how-to keep a Set Locked-down!! and is Full of SURPRISES!!! ) The Story-board begins with; Ms. Knight being told by 'Iron Fist', that his corporation will pay for her hospital stay, her rehabilitation, and a replacement arm . . . . . . . Her Doctor shows her a basic replacement arm; telling her, that during her rehab, as she gets better operating it! they will move-up to a more human looking arm!! But during her rehab sessions, Ms. Knight, often displays her anger, seemingly self-pity, and Total frustration!!! With the Snail-pace rehab sessions, and difficulty getting the arm to Do what she wants!! . . . . . . . Her police commissioner, states that she has a place in the Department, IF and When she wants to return to her duties, after rehab . . . . . . . and with her being drugged! Moved to a secrete undisclosed location; Her arm replaced with a State-of-the-Art Secrete arm!! and waking-up unsure of where she is?? or what's going-on?? but her Cop instincts!! Tell her Something is NOT!! Right!! and she Needs to Escape . . . . . . . However, her Ex-military trainer, ( 'Female of Color' ) assures her, while she can't tell her where she is! etc.; that when she finishes her rehab! She will be better than before!! . . . . . . . Character : New outfits!! Including a Natural-Looking!! Wavy Bra-strap length hair!! ( the wig in 'Iron Fist', SUCKED and was Wack!! Meaning it LOOKED like a Cheap-wig!!! and Disappointingly!!! NOT Like NATURAL Hair!!! ) and her New arm; has the capacity to deploy a 3 foot, by 5 foot, Protective-Shield!! To offer her protection from a Close-range 50 Caliber bullet!! The new arm can also fire a few Tranquilizer darts!! The arm, has a few Tazer rounds!! and the arm is Strong enough to crush things!! Though Ms. Knight, Can't do stuff beyond a Human's physical capabilities!! Since she is STILL human!! Then . . . . . ( the ball is in YOUR court !!! ) with her returning to the Police department, after being missing for a year!! waking-up in a hotel room!! Not knowing how she got there . . . . . . . ?!? Other Diversified SIXTEEN ( 16 ) Part!!! TV series and/or Movies ; 1. - the Black AMERICAN project : devoted to the development of Black Superhero's Like ; John Steward ' Green Lantern '; Hip-length hair ' Storm '; ' Black Panther '; ' Bishop '; ' Luke Cage '; ' Black Lightning '; ' Static '; ' Nick Fury '; ' Spawn '; ' Cyborg '; ' Vixen '; ' Deathlok '; ' Sam Wilson '; ' War Machine '; ' Miles (Spiderman) Morales '; ' Batwing '; ' Amander Waller '; ' Cloak '; John Henry Irons ' Steel '; ' Firestorm '; ' Catwoman '; ' Black Vulcan '; ' Black Racer '; Bra-length Hair ' Kid Quantum '; ' Blackwing '; ' Isaiah Bradley '; ' John Wraith '; ' Doctor Mist '; ' Bumblebee '; ' Maximum '; ' Coldcast '; ' Monica Rambeau '; and even ' Meteor Man '; or ' Blankman ' . 2. - the Hispanic AMERICAN project : specifically devoted to the development of Hispanic Superhero's NOT trying to pass for white!!! and actually having a Beautiful Natural Carmel-complexion!!! Without having a tan!! Like ; Hector Ayala ' White Tiger '; Anya Corazon ' Arana '; Renee Montoya ' The Question '; Agustin Guerrero ' Gato '; ' Victor Mancha '; Bonita Juarez ' Firebird '; Yolanda Montez ' Wildcat II '; Andrea Rojas ' Acrata '; Humberto Lopez ' Reptil '; America Chavez ' Miss America '; Jamie Reyes ' Blue Beetle '; Hip-Length Hair Lorena Marquez ' Aquagirl '; Roberto da Costa ' Sunspot '; Marisol Rios De La Lus ' La Borinquena '; and at least Julio Esteban "Ric" Richter as ' Rictor ' . 3. - the Asian AMERICAN project : specifically devoted to the development of Asian Superhero's NOT trying to pass for white!!! and actually having a Beautiful Natural Carmel-complexion!!! Without having a tan!! Like ; ' Black Widow '; ' Blink '; ' Batman '; ' Cassandra Cain '; ' Cassie Chan '; ' Grace Choi '; ' Primal Force '; ' Collective Man '; ' Colleen Wing '; ' I Ching '; ' Jade '; ' Jubilee '; ' Lady Shiva '; ' Spidergirl '; ' Shang-Chi '; ' Radioactive Man '; ' Jimmy Woo '; ' Xorn '; and at least ' Doctor Strange ' . Giving you enough UNTAPPED material for TEN Generations!!! of FUN! Never Told!!! Stories, Amazing Riches, and a Legacy Beyond World standards!!! should you have the courage to EXPAND your Mind!!! and the naturally Limited Ten 10% of our collective-minds! and are choosing the more creative, Out-of-the-Box!! utilization of your unique Forward-Thinking mind . Hey, but that's just my Progressive observational perspective of Intelligent REALITY!!! KNOWING!! that in this year 2017 and BEYOND!!! 'PEOPLE oF COLOR' ARE Intelligent! Are Doctors; Are Scientists; Are Politicians; Are Successful Business owners, Artists, Models, Singers, Actors, Musicians, Journalists; Are Inventors; Are Leaders in Our Armed Forces; Have Been, by Popular Demand!!! Twice Voted President!! and Naturally Admired, Progressive Forward-Thinking, 'BIG Apple' City Council members . The Goal is SIXTH Grade simple!!! in the creation of these projects in Diversity!!! Tolerance!!! and Acceptance!!! of other cultures within Our Great Nation!!! while encouraging the Often STIFLED!! and Amazingly Vastly Diversified talent of EQUALLY Qualified!!! 'People of Color' who just need a FAIR Merit-Based Opportunity!! to display their creativity in writing, acting, music other than rap, and/or directing skills!! With NEW NEVER TOLD BEFORE stories of characters Who Look Just Like Us!!! and haven't been White-Washed!!! As in the Myopic-past!!! Even if we must crowd-source the funding of these streaming projects!! Totally catching ALL the studio's, and big time producers SLEEPING!!! In Time . o70

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HA - 30 d 13 h ago


I'm rating the customer service I received after calling in about my Netflix issues. I spoke with heather, whom was very snappy with me over the telephone. Her smart comments tells me she doesn't care about what I was trying to communicate with her. I asked to speak with a manager and waited 5-10 minutes. RJ, agent # given 1026567, answered the line. After speaking with him, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. His smart aleck responses made me realize how little the customer matters. He went on with an analogy about a car breaking down to justify himself in believing it was my fault that Netflix didn't work. If there was respect given, I would have felt better about hanging up and going about my day, but these two individuals had zero cares! I have had great interactions with Netflix service reps in the past. I was shocked on today.

These were just two outstanding people.

Best Regards

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HA - 30 d 13 h ago


Also, After asking about the complaint process, RJ stated that the complaint needs to be post mailed or left with him. I did some research and found Corporate Office Headquarters.

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KL - 30 d 17 h ago


I recently rented a "documentary" called Rocco. I was disappointed and dismayed to see that it was actually pornography. I fast forwarded past the disturbing images hoping to find something redeeming, perhaps a change of heart in the lead character's horrible portrayal of the abuse the women in this film endured at his hands. Seeing this left me with images I want to erase from my mind. It was emotionally upsetting to say the least. I have always gone to Netflix to see great documentaries but I will certainly have second thoughts about you as a company. It is so sad to me that this kind of treatment of women is so readily available to the public. Call it and categorize it for what it is, Pornography and please remove it from the "documentary" genre because it is not the kind of documentary I ever care to view again even for a few moments. The images continue haunt me and have given me anxiety and a feeling that our entire society is really going downhill, much of it at the hands of the "Media'. I hope you take my email seriously and consider it's removal from your list of films. Thank you

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Kathy Cobbs - 34 d 44 s ago


Is Netflix really going to go forward with BIG MOUTH? Children and sex infatuation is called Pedophilia. My rating on Netflix has been great until I hear this is your up and coming new feature.

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marjorie oszakiewski - 35 d 3 h ago


I have had to return non-playing DVD's, and to request new disks of the same. However, I have had a suspicion that the same disks are being returned. Yesterday, my thoughts about this came true. I returned a disk that would not play and requested another of the same. Sure enough the same disk returned and left off right where I had left off ( a new disk would have started at the beginning), and it did the exact same thing as before. And to further prove the point I had library disks which I played before and after and they played fine, so it's not my DVD player.

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DTP - 38 d ago

Netflix steals from your credit card then refuses to give it back #fraud

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Rob - 43 d 34 m ago


I don't know what you guys are doing there at Netflix but you've screwed up my whole account took off every single thing that I and everybody in my house watch just for a small example Supernatural, the ranch and few other shows. If they do not come back on here soon you're going to lose a customer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's vary mad about this. Thanks

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Rob - 51 d 3 h ago

I was looking forward to the arrival of "Disjointed". While watching the first program I could not get past the incessant (stupid) laugh track. Even if it's actually the studio audience laughing, it's too much. I know when something is funny and don't need to be promoted with an audience that even laughs, albeit uncomfortably, when an actor says "fuck". I survived the first program and hoped the next one had toned down the laugh track. Unfortunately, no. So I give up. Too bad because I like Kathy Bates and the other actors.

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Anonymous - 48 d 14 h ago

I too am a huge Kathy Bates fan. Not a fan of this show AT all. Laugh track or not, the show is a big ole losing bomb.

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Sad in New York - 48 d 14 h ago


Dear Netflix! PLEASE BRING BACK THE FULL SEASON LIST OF BONES!!!!!!! FROM SEASON ONE THROUGH TO THE LAST SEASON AND KEEP THEM!!! I have watched from season one episode one all the way through to the end of the latest season. Then went back to day one and started all over again. Then I did it again. I am ready for my third round and you've GIPPED ME!! Please please PLEASE!! I have been a faithful Netflix user for many years now. Paid a lot of money. Bones has gotten me through some very difficult life experiences as my one and only distraction. PLEASE reload and KEEP all the seasons. ALL THE SEASONS and episodes!!! Begging here!!! :( Look. I even gave you a good rating!! That counts too yes? xo

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Monica Z. - 49 d 50 m ago


Please pick up the show Sense8. I love this show and hate to see it end. I would also like to see Penny Dreadful brought back and I would like to see Graceland picked up.

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SL - 49 d 17 h ago


I would like to say that I have never experienced more helpful, patient, genuinely nice people than your employees. Every department, every dealing, every time. I work in a grocery store and pride myself and coworkers with superior customer service. Working with the public where everyone is in a hurry and a bit selfish can be quite the challenge but you have surpassed my customer service expectations. I hope you appreciate your employees and compensate them well. They deserve the best from their employer. I love Netflix and ditched DirecTV to resubscribe with you.

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Alan - 50 d ago


love Dispensary.. a little silly at times with Dank and Dana but I have half written a book called the Medical Marijuana Dispensary and am sending it to this show right away. There are stories about my conversations with the stoners there while waiting to pick up my medicine. I am a writer with ten books on Amazon so I hope this script gets to the show I'm sending it ti Netflix because I couldn't find Chuck Lorre's addy anywhere Alan Hoxie

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Aleksandra - 53 d 17 h ago

I am a victim of a organized cyber slavery by the family of Keneficks. Cathleen Hauser Kenefick(1957)in Florida and Tennessee, her boyfriend and accomplice John W Everette, Patricia Helen Kenefick(49y.o.), Walter J Kenefick; Cathleen's father William J Kenefick (87), his brother Benjamine; as well Irwin Paula Woolf from J0hn Knox Village ETU. 2 years ago they had hooked to my brains with microchip to their computer without my consent by knocking me out of consciousness with anesthetic nitrogen gas and since running the program-game reading my mind and talking to me obtrusively 24/7 and to the public on the internet. Catleen Hauser Kenefick is the owner of the unit above mine in Delray Beach Florida. They abusing me physically, mentally and sexually. They are also a high-tech hackers, mugged me and manipulate all my communication devices, stole my Identity and expose all my data on line and custom made radio station as well.I am an 63 y.o. disabled after car accident, not good with computer, but what I hear from them the program name is something like "The Brain of a Ragdoll". In 2015 they had organized a gang rape of my lifeless body from nitric oxide they sent down through my a/c ducts, made the pictures of this terrible act and spread them with the APPs to the smartphones and posted the animated film with these dirty pictures on the internet under the name "Ragdoll'. Any of the named family members could be the holders of these programs. Please, find it and stop this slavery before they murder me by feeding like toxic parasites on me.They impose themselves as a CIA agents and threatening people around me to cover up their horrible crime and create conspiracy. They threaten to kill my grandson. My community association president together with local police divert investigation by proclaiming me delusional.I cannot take this torture any longer. My name is Aleksandra Kalinich, phone#(hidden), Email: (hidden) .Please contact me A.S.A.P.

Flagged for review. 
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Jimmy - 56 d 11 h ago


Really thinking of canceling my subscription because of the canceling of Last Man Standing. Their job is to sell video not sensor what i watch.

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Anonymous - 66 d ago

as a serious fan of foreign films, music and videos, i would like to know if NF is going to advance viewing by giving access to of English subtitles. I have been watching Winter Sun, Karadayi 2 etc, without the benefit of understanding what is being said, and in viewing other comments I see I am not alone in this inquiry.

thank you.


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Dawn - 66 d 19 h ago

I know the documentary 13 is not a recent film. But I want you to know that it has helped changed hearts and minds of people. I have a friend that was indifferent about race but after seeing 13 her heart has changed for the positive. Please keep up the good work.

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