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God Bless our Country - 15 m ago


I will be canceling our Netflix account, I am so sick of the media industry and their bias political agenda. it is a sad day when 80% of TV programming is crap. Can't do much about it but I can stop watching.

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Anonymous - 1 h ago

And susan rice. Are you people that freaking ignorant?? You're losing so much business because you're stupid. Have fun in the unemployment line.

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Glenn - 1 h 45 m ago

Well, if this Obama thing wasn't enough, have you seen seen the show they've been running called 13 reasons ? It's a 13 episode show where a girl writes down in her diary 13 reasons life isn't worth living. It's a dark and twisted emotional roller coaster performance, till at the end she " graphically" kills herself. It's aimed at young teens, and the last I knew, 2 teens and a 26 year old had killed themselves after binge watching it.

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Hussain - 4 h 50 m ago

Here's a great film! Obama using a felony forged birth certificate to humilate Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Yes, felony forgery. They NEVER thoght enough enough Americans would see through the lies and elect Donald Trump, winning an election rigged against him:

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John Snow, former subscriber. - 5 h ago


Do you people have holes in your collective heads? First you hire a serial liar and next these two creeps, the Obamas. I'll never watch anything Netflix has a hand in. Goodbye forever.

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Frank - 5 h 42 m ago

have you been to yet?

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Allrileyedup - 5 h 44 m ago

So now Netflix goes political?

Not a very smart business decision. Seems to me they would have noticed what happened with the NFL when a few players decided that politics belonged on the field. If I want a political opinion there's a dozen places to get it for free.

I've been with Netflix back when it was a DVD service but no longer. I'll take my money where there's no Obama promoting his liberal agenda.

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Malik - 6 h 54 m ago

VERY Interesting interview with Obama's "half-brother" Malik, who actuelly does,not even think Barack is his brother anymore. Seriously. Watch it here, make sure you watch to the end:

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George - 6 h ago

Visit to see info on a five year plus law enforcement investigation squelched by the mainstream media!

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John - 6 h ago

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WY - 6 h 22 m ago


I'm leaving Netflix permanently for letting the Obamas put videos up. He (Barack) thinks he is still president. He's also trying to run a smear campaign from his house and he now needs a way to reach the masses with his usual "tell people how to live"and Netflix (a movie company for entertainment) is welcoming him right in. He feels Trump closing in on him and showing America what he was really doing while he was president. Go away Obama. Has been. Worst president ever. Only cares about harming America. He hates America and who we are. If you don't like it Obama either shut up or go back to Kenya. Oh, that's right, they don't want you either. Only your far-left US wing-nuts like you. OBAMA, you're a giant wart on the face of this fine country's past. OBAMA YOU COULD HAVE REALLY DONE SOMETHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE BUT WHAT DID YOU REALLY DO ? - NOTHING!!

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Donald R Dugan Sr - 6 h 34 m ago


I will be "PERMANENTLY CANCELLING" my netflix subscription, due to your "LIBTURD/REGRESSIVE/DEMONRAT" leaning "BULLSHIT" with the "OBASSHOLES and SUSAN RICE"!!! Until you can look at "AMERICA" as a whole, you can take your "DEMONRAT/REGRESSIVE/LIBTURD IDEOLOGIES and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS"!!!

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Anonymous - 6 h 41 m ago

I will be canceling my account due to the recent press release regarding the Former president and his wife being involved with your company

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Donewithnetfix - 7 h ago


Really? 10s of millions to the Obamas? Haven't they hurt America enough? What's next, are you going to have Winestein and Bill Clinton do a #metoo special? Have Jim Comey do a creepy J.Edgar Hoover impersonation? How pathetic. Not with my fees anymore.

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Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777 - 12 h ago


Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

Netflix headquarters +1 833 272 *3777

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Ezikieal - 8 h ago


Thanks mate . .. . . .

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Tank Girl - 7 h ago


That phone no is no longer good. Try 1(hidden)

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Nathan - 9 h 31 m ago

Cancelling my subscription due to the idiotic decision by Netflix to enter into a contractual arrangement with the Obamas. There is no way in HELL that even ONE PENNY of my money is going to those pieces of trash.

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Nathan - 8 h 24 m ago

After cancelling I got an email "inviting me back" should I change my mind.

Don't hold your breath.

Until such time as you cancel your arrangement with the Obamas I will NOT be returning to Netflix.

Words cannot express the level of disdain I have for the Obamas and their disastrous effect on this nation.

That Netflix would even CONSIDER entering into a contractual arrangement with these anti-American pieces of trash is beyond me.

Nothing like giving them a platform for their anti-American propaganda and trash and feeding their delusions of self-importance.

Who the hell was the "genius" behind THIS idiotic decision?!?


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Jacqualene - 8 h 38 m ago


I am cancelling my subscription at my home and my daughter is cancelling hers at her home. Hiring the Obama's to "produce" documentaries, movies, info etc. is an

awful thought. They will produce and you will dissimilate socialist, liberal, biased items and believe me your corporation is seriously 'OVERPAYING" them. They are both disgraced and

disbarred lawyers and that says it all. I would

not give them $1 for any reason.

Hope you all enjoy having them on staff!!

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Anonymous - 10 h ago

I will cancel my subscription after hearing of Obama employment and incaurage all my familie members and friends to do the same.

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Has a proud black man I can't believe Netflix is doing this - 10 h 29 m ago

The Obamas really if they were white they wouldn't be getting all the privileges that they are getting as just ridiculous Has a proud black man I can't believe Netflix is doing this As much as I like Netflix I have to cancel it

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Srj - 1 d ago


Sell your soul for Obama's. Cancelling service along with everyone I know who is subscribed. A mistake only a mistake if not fixed. Your choice.

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Trump - 19 h 28 m ago


Srj is right. You sell your soul to that crooked fucking nigger Obama. You are probably as crooked as he is. No more Netflix for me. Fuck you netflix

Flagged for review. 
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marty - 16 h 22 m ago

I might agree with your basic idea, but what a foul mouthed idiot you are for your language and idiotic use of words. I hope they delete your post quickly

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Fact Jack - 10 h 29 m ago


I agree. This person represents a negative group of people we hate to admit do live in this country among us. They are ignorant, crass and enjoy smearing the respectability of other Americans who try very hard to live in harmony with others.

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