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Anonymous - 53 d ago

Just LOVE everyone, I'll sort 'em out later. GOD

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Anonymous - 52 d 17 h ago

Tell that to Kaepernick. I wonder if he is applauding the shooting of those 5 policemen in Houston recently. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

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Anonymous - 31 d ago

I don't think he was wanting that to happen to anyone. You really missed the point he was trying to make.

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DA - 26 d 15 h ago

Not really Anonymous. Anyone who wears socks depicting policemen as pigs has no respect for policemen. Kaepernick represents ugly in every sense of the word. I believe you missed the point and the boat.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

So based on his socks he was wanting people to be shot? That's a stretch.

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DA - 26 d ago

Not so much of a stretch. Check out what he did in Miami a few years ago. He and a couple others accused of sexual assault. Perhaps the MeToo movement should start looking into his antics and cut him down to the small size that he is except for that nasty big hair.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

He was definitely there drinking alcohol and smoking weed. He definitely kissed the female in question. Those are the only known facts. I guess in your mind all black men are guilty.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

Oh I see the close connection to kissing a woman and shooting 5 cops, duh. How did I miss that?

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DA - 25 d ago

You obviously missed the point that Kaepernick has no respect for cops or women. And those are not the only known facts about the girl in Miami. Perhaps those are the only facts YOU know. I suggest you do some research before you tote your ignorance.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

Is calling someone ignorant being respectful? Or is being respectful only a requirement for black people? If you have more facts on that Miami incident you need to report it to the police not making useless posts about it.

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Anonymous - 26 d 11 m ago

He should be ashamed because he would like to live in a country where unarmed black people are not murdered by police officers. Therefore it's his fault if police get shot, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Gotta love that racist logic.

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AB - 25 d ago

Unarmed or not, most of those black men shot by police were killed during the commission of crimes they were perpetrating. Perhaps those men should have learned to make an honest living like everyone else instead of stealing and trying to take from others. Police cannot guess if a criminal has a gun or not. Bottom line: If most of those black men had been working an honest job, they would be alive today. So don't fault the cops every time. And white men get shot too. A lawyer here in Georgia who was white was killed by cops in his own home. So stop trying to create a race war. There are more black athletes and music stars making tons more money. I hardly call that oppressed.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

If you think most of the black population are athletes and music stars you need to see more of the world. Police shootings happen way too often regardless of the race of the victims. They should only shoot if someone is in danger. Do some research and try explaining why Philando Castile, Jemal Roberson, Laquan McDonald or Akai Gurley were shot.

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DA - 25 d ago

And explain why Justine Ruszczyk, a white woman, in Minneapolis was shot. Mistakes happen. But the majority of the high profile killings of black men by police involved those black men being in the commission of crimes. Plain and simple. And I agree, those wealthy black athletes and music stars are hardly the majority. There is far too vast a number of black men who have multiple kids and don't stick around. Ask your buddy Kaepernick about that. Stop making excuses. There are way more black on black killings than cops killing black men. And why do you continue to be Anonymous? Afraid someone will know you?

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WH, is that better? - 25 d 21 h ago

So we shouldn't expect our police officers to be more upstanding citizens than the average black men that are killing other black men? I hate to hear of anyone being shot without it being in self defense, regardless of their race.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

By commission of crime you are referring to speeding, broken taillight or living in the projects. You consider those crimes worthy of death? You do know that on average black parents love their children just as much as white parents. Does compassion or kindness even exist anymore?

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

Honest living-

Samuel Dubose was a self proclaimed rapper

Jemel Roberson was a security guard

Philando Castile was a nutrition services supervisor

Sandra Bland was a Summer program associate

Walter Scott was a forklift operator

Laquan McDonald was a youth advocate

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All Hype - 24 d 18 h ago

Hey Anonymous, why don't you and Jussie Smollett get together and cry fake news!

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Tired and Disgusted - 12 d ago

A police officer cannot guess if someone is armed or not. Many police die in these situations. But here is a novel idea for you: If people, including both blacks and whites, would stop committing crimes, the rate of being shot by police would go down drastically. And here is another novel idea: Women and their loser, irresponsible mates, both black and white, should stop having children they do not want and they cannot afford to clothe, feed, educate, etc. Maybe then there will be less criminal youth that have no choice but to steal to survive, and then there will be less killings by police. And to boot, we as taxpayers could stop having to support all these losers and welfare mothers. Instead of being politically correct all the time, the country should hold on to real values.

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Anonymous - 12 d 22 h ago

That's all fine until it's your son that has a tail light out.

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AB - 11 d 17 h ago

That's bull Anonymous. But I can tell you this, if my son was pulled over for a broken taillight, he would have the sense to do what the police told him to do and not resist arrest as some of these black men failed to do and then got shot in the process. I take my role as a parent seriously. I would not have had children could I not afford them unlike these women on welfare who keep having children, have children with multiple fathers, do not marry, and the fathers don't stick around. It's disgusting, and I am sick of paying to take care of them. It would be nice if these welfare mothers and loser fathers could at least teach their kids right from wrong.

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Anonymous - 11 d 17 h ago

Ever heard of Philando Castile or Jemel Roberson?

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

So anyone who has a child needs to have a 100% guarantee that they will never lose their job? And if a father passes away with young children he is a loser. Your plan would be great if it didn't involve human beings.

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AB - 10 d 17 h ago

Those are not the situations I am talking about, and you know it. I am talking about the people who live in projects who cannot afford to have children but do anyways. I have a client with 10 children by 10 different fathers. She does not have a job, and the so-called "fathers" provide no support. We have to support them as taxpayers, and I am sick of it! Look at all the women in the projects who keep having babies with multiple men who never even stay around. Your buddy Kaepernick can tell you all about this. He was born to an unwed mother, and the sperm donor did not stick around. One of his parents was white, so you cannot blame race. He is lucky to have been adopted. Otherwise, he would probably be a criminal or dead.

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Anonymous - 10 d 17 h ago

It sounds like you're implying it's his fault he was conceived by his biological parents. I am no fan of welfare but I still hate so many unarmed people being shot regardless of race.

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AB - 10 d ago

I hate to see it too. But the vast majority involve men during the commission of crimes. When there are terrible mistakes, I seriously doubt the offending police officer feels good about it. He carries the burden to the end of his days.

I am not blaming him-I am blaming the parents. At the risk of being politically incorrect, people should not be allowed to have children if they cannot care for them. In every major city you will find slums and ghettos of black people who are caught in systemic socioeconomic downfall. Here in my city, the crime is so bad that people are scared to death in the suburbs as the criminals from the inner city are coming in droves to the suburbs to commit crimes. These people need to stop having children they cannot afford. What happens is that these children have to steal to survive. There are all kinds of peoples who have been persecuted over the centuries, and most of them don't continue to wallow in their pity. Their morals, family quality, desire for education and not having a ton of illegitimate children allow them to transcend. Stop blaming the police and start blaming the origin of the problem.

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Anonymous - 10 d 24 h ago

I own rental property in not so nice neighborhoods and our education system has failed these areas. You see so many children being raised by grandparents and great-grandparents that are too old for that kind of responsibility. Therefore these kids are pretty much living without rules and guardianship. They tend to think their world is stuck within a 5 block radius where all they know is crime and drugs. The saddest part of all is that this routine will continue to repeat itself until outsiders step in with assistance. I do think people should not have kids they can't afford to support but that won't change on it's own either.

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Anonymous - 10 d 51 m ago

It certainly would help. Those people should not have had those children if they could not raise them. The grandparents should NOT be raising them. Their own children burdened them. If those children had not been born, they would not have been born into that world of crime and drugs. Less crime and drugs would mean less police shootings. I represent a teacher who was assaulted by her 8th grade student. He has no respect for her or authority. That kind of moral compass should be taught in the home. It cannot be taught by irresponsible parents with no job and no love for their children. They should be prevented from having children in the first place.

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