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Beaverton, OR
Mark Parker
President CEO and Director
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robert steward - 1 d 34 m ago


my name is robert steward i work for the state of ky goverment employee.a couple of months ago i bought a pair of vapor max at lexington mall and yesterday got up from my desk to check on afire alarm and was walking funny pulled my left vapor max off i had a flat left side under my heel was flat paid over 200 for them i would like your company to fix the shoes plug them up or whatever you do to repair them or i would like to have another pair ,thanks for your time love the shoes but not with a flat lmk where i stand with this situation not 2 happy at the moment thanks robert j steward

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

We love your products,would love coupons ,merchandise thank you. Crystal Coggins. 143 center school rd.Hattieville ar.72063 (hidden)

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Casey. T - 9 d 15 h ago


This Saturday was the worst experience ive ever had with the snkrs completely crashed for 30 minutes and then would never let me process my payment. I feel I have been cheated out of my chance to buy the travis Scott Jordan retro 1. A matter if fact I've never been able to process a payment on anything exclusive since Ive had the app.then to make matters worse a local shoe boutique that Nike has a contract with.that got the travis scott release. Had a fake raffle that nobody won .the only people that got the shoes or apparel was the employee's and there friends and family .its a poorly ran business with no is crooked and they sell all exclusive goods out the back door.the place reeked of a strong smell of marijuana.very unpleasant experience. I feel I have been cheated out all the way around. I dont expect to get anything free I just wish someone from corporate would reach out and maybe make things right and let me have an opportunity to buy the next exclusive Jordan retro release. That would really happy. Just give me a opportunity to spend my money.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

I love the smell of weed.

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Tracy - 15 d 6 h ago

Hello. So last week my daughter who plays on the varsity softball team at her high school had 1 of her cleats stolen from her bag. We have checked with every team, coach and staff member in the office where the girls keep their things. No one has seen it. I know this is in no way your fault or your responsibility. I am only reaching out to you because they only took one! I was hoping and/or wondering if you would have a matching defective shoe that you would possibly send so she can again have a pair of cleats of her own. We just purchased them prior to the start of the season, so they were brand new.... I was hoping you had an email so I could send you a picture of the one she still has, they were the Nike Women's Lunar Hyperdiamond 2 pro Fastpitch cleats 7.5 in black with rubber not plastic or metal cleats....she is missing the left one. We purchased them at Dick's Sporting Goods store in Onalaska Wisconsin. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping this young athlete out.

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Yegor - 16 d 48 s ago


email Nike /???

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Casey - 22 d 21 h ago


Nike Labron Soldier 12s at the end of October. BASKETBALL Started in December and before tournamets even started the plastic clip that the velcro straps go through broke. He didnt wear them for practices only games. 22 games 156 dollars and they broke. And nike says to return them I have to print off stuff AND pay the shipping??? That seems so unfair!

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Angela Johnson - 26 d 18 h ago


I was forced to purchase my nephew Matthew a new pair of Nike's on March 19; because the Nike's I bought on Jan 14 had already began falling apart, I was concerned he would injure himself, plus he was embarrassed that the sole had come unglued and was flopping around on his Nike Renew Arenas. He is a 17-yr-old student athlete, so I expect normal wear & tear. But the soles of these shoes were pulling away at the toe within 6 weeks of normal wear? We tried gluing them with shoe glue, but that didn't work, so he had to duct tape them.

The new pair I purchased as replacement on March 19 Order #C(hidden)1, already has a hole in the toe area on the top of one of the shoes, and a hole in the rubber on the bottom of the other shoe...the kid has been wearing the new shoes for less than 30 days... what the heck Nike? They broke while he was in gym wasn't like he was climbing Mt. Everest in them.

I do not know wear you are purchasing the inferior materials you are making your product with these days, but the quality and craftsmanship are absolutely terrible. I assume you have discovered a cheaper way to make the shoes while increasing profit, because Nike "used to be a well-made great quality product." I literally had to take the shoes from his feet on Easter Day to return them for a refund per directives from Now I am told it could take between 3-5 weeks to receive a full refund? We are not rich people... I cannot afford to buy this kid a new pair of $100 shoes every 1-2 months. This poor kid is now forced to cram his big size 15 foot into an old pair of size 14 Nike's until I can get the refund money back from you to re-purchase his shoes...from you?? FYI you cannot just pop down to Walmart or Target to buy a cheapo pair of size 15's while we are waiting for you to do your job, and it's too cold for him to wear his Nike sandals.

Mathew is a very good kid. Straight A's, student athlete, Homecoming King this year. He has had to overcome a lot of strife in his young life. He never complains or asks for anything, he's just grateful for what he has. His father killed himself when he was only 8-years-old; leaving his mother to raise 4 children on a teachers salary. Which is why I buy all of the kids shoes... to take that burden off of my sister. I have to buy Nike for Matt because it is difficult to find size 15 shoes in other brands. He plays three sports and is very active, so it is important that he have a good quality shoe to prevent knee and ankle injuries. Which is why I am so angry and disappointed at your company right now. He should not have to go to school embarrassed with holes in his Nikes and/or duct tape holding the shoes together. You guys need to remember that not ALL of your customers are pro-athletes and/or have rich parents. You need to re-evaluate YOUR CHRONIC QUALITY ISSUES BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR LARGEST CUSTOMER-BASE...normal working class people! I have spent upwards of $600 on shoes for this kid in the last 12 months, out of necessity due to the crap product you are putting out as of late. On average these shoes last about 2 months before they start breaking down and falling apart.

Get with the program Nike Executives! The example below is only what I have purchased from, this doesn't take into account the 3 pair of Nike's purchased at brick & mortar stores in the past year. If I could find another brand of athletic shoes with a good selection of men's size 15's, I would switch brands today. I had to watch him run in a track meet yesterday in pouring down shoes that were a size to small because you people are too petty and distrusting to just send us a replacement pair. I have never returned a pair of his shoes that have broken down prematurely, but I will be from now on. Shame on you, and I am a plus member? Great customer service you have there Nike.

03/19/19 Nike Free RN 2018 Shield Water-Repellent Men's Running Shoe-Size 15 $110.00

01/14/19 Nike Renew Arena Men's Running Shoes-Size 15 $80.25

09/04/18. Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Men's Gym/Training/Workout Shoe-Size 15 $100.

07/31/18 Jordan Grind Men's Running Shoes-Size 15 $115

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago

Who forced you?

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Lisa Atchley - 23 d 17 h ago


I just wanted to inform you that the changes you made to your flip flops is HORRIBLE. They tend to break if you even slightly twist your foot. I have broken at least 3 new pairs. The style you had 2 to 3 years ago lasted forever, unless you got them wet then the padding broke down. But this new style again if your foot slides one little bit, the part between the toes breaks. Very DISAPPOINTED! Especially for the cost!

General profile image - 29 d 17 h ago

Thanks for the men's pants classic fit. These are the best pants I've ever owned. I purchased 7 pairs and 3 of the shorts. My only comment is make the pockets a little deeper so coins etc don't fall out when sitting . Great material

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Patrice Johnson - 37 d 17 h ago


Hi, I purchased my 7 year old a pair of Jordan's from one of your stores. He really wanted the shoes so I brought them, however he didn't wear them as much out of fear they would get dirty. Today I noticed the whole bottom is a loose from the shoe. And I'm confused a because of the price, b because of the amount of time he had the shoe. He didn't even have the shoe for 60 days! I want to know is this a normal thing or if it's possible I brought a defected pair of sneakers?

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Anonymous - 40 d 14 h ago

Does Nike plan on making the Air Force 1 Puerto Rico edition again? Every year thousands of people are looking to see if Nike has come out with them again but to no avail.

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seadawg - 43 d 14 h ago


First Colin Kapernick and now Michael Vick...

Good bye forever....NIKE...

Wake up and smell the roses..Mr Parker..!

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Anonymous - 43 d 14 h ago

First it was Michael Vick then Colin Kaepernick.

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@ seadawg - 42 d 15 h ago

The 2 are not even comparable.

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Zina - 43 d 8 h ago

I cant believe your rehiring that horrible excuse of a human being Michael Vick .My daughter will wear nothing but Jordan's but there is no way I'm buying her another pair if you want such an awful person as this to represent your product .I guess she needs to find a new brand that has some loyalty to other living things

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Anonymous - 43 d 8 h ago

Michael Vick has not worked for Nike since 2011. They have not rehired him. Although when they hired him in 2011 that was post dog killings and abuse.

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To Zina - 42 d 15 h ago

You don't have to believe it because they aren't rehiring him. I hope you teach your daughter not to believe every rumor on the internet.

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Anonymous - 45 d 10 h ago

I thought it was so awesome that you had Colin Kaepernick on your commercial. He did a great thing by his peaceful protests but you need to leave Michael Vick alone. He's an evil person.

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Anonymous - 45 d 8 h ago

Colin Kaepernick is an imbecile too, genius.

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Anonymous - 45 d 8 h ago

Not at all, dumbass.

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D - 42 d 15 h ago

You're right. Kaepernick is not an imbecile. He's a dumbass AND a jackass!

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Anonymous - 42 d 15 h ago

And he still has more money than you ever will.

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Anonymous - 45 d 10 h ago

I will not endorse a company that hires a convicted felon who abused animals. I sincerely hope your stock goes down because I'll do everything I can to let people know what kind of company you really are. Your disgusting.

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D - 42 d 15 h ago

I can only hope that people will really do something about this by boycotting Nike and not letting this fall by the wayside. Too many times peoples' memories are short-lived. The CEO should be terminated as he must have some form of dementia.

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