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Nissan North America, Inc.

1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN
Andrew Tavi
VP Legal and Government Affairs and General Counsel
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Parks - 15 h 28 m ago


I bought a 2019 Nissan Altima. Drove it off the lot with 5 miles on it and now at less than 1000 miles I am having to have the drive train replaced! I've already missed 4 full days of work with the service dept at my dealership trying to figure out the problem. New part has been ordered and thankfully covered under warranty but that still means another day of missed work. Will never buy Nissan again!!

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Email: - 1 d 11 h ago

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David A. Verplank - 1 d 11 h ago


Lots of negative reviews here, all justified i guess, but i have a positive remark. I bought a 2008 Nissan Titan and still own it. I have 480,000 miles on it. Same spark plugs same gas mileage as when I drove it off the lot and have only replaced the starter and alternator. Normal oil changes, tires as needed and brake work.

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travis hoyt - 4 d 8 h ago


Im a disabled Iraqi war veteran, I bought a 2017 nissan titan diesel had a programmer installed and after market air filter. Had a injector go out at 27000 miles took it to dealer the wont fix under warranty I spend $1300 on repairs get the truck back worse then I left it. Take it to another dealership they cant diagnose the problem they say its because of the programmer but cant prove to me how or why it's the programmers fault. They just tell me we dont know what's wrong with it. that the code its showing could be several things but we wont cover it under warranty so here I am paying for a truck that nissan cant and wont fix that I am still paying for. I haven't been able to go to work since the truck broke December 31st because i travel for work and we have a newborn baby and i cant leave them without a vehicle. It's just a shame the way nissan is handling things I hope more people see or catch wind of how nissan treats its customers.

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Janine Geddes - 6 d 11 h ago


I bought a 2009 used Nissan Altima through a dealership about 3 years ago, My 1st issue was a computer module..took car to dealership they admitted it was a recall issue..I had to pay $400? so I could have my car I was given no choice to pay. Now my car as been sitting in my driveway since before christmas 2018, itn wont go in gear no drive no reverse, and not one mechanic within a hundred miles will even touch the CVT. Lovely I cant afford to have it replaced.I live on disability. Now I cant get to doctor appoints or even just go to town. Yet I still have to make my car payments..Shame on Nissan for not handling this matter with all the vehicles with this problem.People pay for your vehicles you should properly take care of us with no limits or mileage for your mistakes.

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Kurt Holland - 7 d 11 h ago


Safety Recall Campaign 2011-2014 Juke...Fuel Pressure Sensor. I own a 2014 Nissan Juke and as of late my Juke developed a severe gas leak and fuel fumes would engulf my car. My eyes would burn, nose would run and severe headaches. I took it to a certified Mechanic and he said, that it was a safety issue and could very easily catch fire. He madecan appointment to have it fuxed the next day, andcwhen I arrived he handed me the paperwork and said, regardless of the fact that the recall had expired Nissan should fux it giving the severity of potential fire. I called Nissan and they gave me a reference code; however, a gentleman by the name of Austin said, they wouldn't pay for the repair regardless of the potential health hazards. I was livid, I said, your kidding me, its only around 400.00 dollars. He said, they carefully reviewed my case and I said, thats impossible giving the fact that it could blow up and cause severe injury or even death and thus, I would be able to seek llegal action for millions and ultimately win the case. Obviously, that didnt concern him, so Ill pay for it and expose them through the media...etc; furthermore, I will never by another Nissan.

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Herb Steinbarge - 8 d 13 h ago


I've been a faithful Datsun/Nissan owner since '73 when I bought a new 240z.Since then I've had 6 different models and pleased with them all.Three months ago I thought I'd try

another auto company and I leased a Buick SUV.Now here's the fun part.I turned in my leased Nissan that had 12,000 miles to the local dealer after it was checked and deemed "no problems or dents" Now I get a letter from

Nissan Motor Acceptance saying I owe $422.65 to "relocate" the car to another dealership. The auto was great the customer service really sucks.I'll pay the $422 because they turned it over to a collection agency but I will NEVER buy or lease another

Nissan....nor will my family...or friends.So much for being a faithful customer.

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Gene Burchett - 11 d 46 s ago


I am the sad owner two Nissans. I purchased them both new in 2014. A 2014 Sentra for my wife and a 2014 Altima for my self. Both have the infamous CVT transmissions. Both have failed. Nissan sells inferior products, offers little customer service and demonstrates no goodwill. Nissan has lost me and all family members as customers. FOREVER!!!

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jose maldonado - 12 d 13 h ago


i own a nissan pathfinder 2014 two month after i took it out from thr dealer i have to bring it back to get a transmission replacement and now 5 years later with 64000 miles on it the engine dye on me.... the mechanic is charging me 12,000 dollars to replace the engine... new engine..... took it to the dealer where i bought it from to get it check out and they told me they did not find anything and could not help me with engine warranty..

very dissapointed with this purchase i will never buy another car from NISSAN...

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Byron Souza - 21 d 7 h ago


I have purchased several Nissans and one Infinity in the past. A few years back I was buying a cars for my twin daughters who were leaving for college. I thought I would be able to count on Nissan to be a reliable car for my girls. At 60,000 miles the CTV transmission failed, I began searching for information on the Nissan transmission and was very disappointed by the reliability issues that were posted on line and how Nissan was not standing behind the transmission. The dealer installed a brand new factory Nissan transmission and the second transmission only lasted 1 year (18,000 miles). I know have a car that will cost more to repair than it is worth and Nissan and the dealer are refusing to take care of transmission. BEFORE BUYING A NISSAN CAR RESEARCH RELIABILTY OF THE CTV TRANSMISSIONS, as I wish I would have. American car manufacturers almost let the Ford and Vega and other unreliable make destroy the American cars, now Nissan is following suite. PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY WORD ON THIS - GOOGLE NISSAN CTV TRANSMISSION

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago


My Altima has been squeaking since so purchased it. The dealer put blame on the weather. I paid for two repairs and Nissan was not willing to assist although it is not normal to have squeaking brakes every time you back. So, I too am very disappointed in Nissan, including the corporate office who backed up the dealer. Never buy Nissan!!

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Kashala Ngoyi - 25 d 9 h ago


Never buy a Nissan. Especially one with a cvt in the Sentra. You will regret it!!! Especially in the long run, after 75,000 the car was acting like it wanted to jump before accelerating. Then they want to put a seal so you have to go back to one of their dealers... PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND SAVE YOUR SELF THE HEADACHE AND MONEY!!! THEIR TRANSMISSIONS ARE HORRIBLE AND NEED TO BE RECALLED!!!!

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Chris - 28 d 12 h ago


2014 Nissan Pathfinder-46000 miles. drive train still under warranty. Drive train includes transmission. The transmission has a cooler that is made in the radiator. Necessary to cool transmission fluid. TRANSMISSION COOLER went bad. Radiator had to be replaced. 950.00 fix. My 2010 pathfinder had an issue with cooler also, that one allowed radiator fluid to get into cvt transmission. Fixed by plugging off radiator and adding an external transmission cooler. NISSAN NO HELP. says transmission cooler not part of drive train. No more. I will get rid of this as soon as I can and will never own another NISSAN of any kind. I have had several starting back when i bought my first Datsun pickup. Had trouble with the aluminum block in it also. Guess I am a slow learner. Read folks, these transmissions are junk. Have been and continue to be.

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Anonymous - 29 d 25 s ago

Extremely dissatisfied with a car I bought two years ago.cvt transmission going out at 90 k miles. 2015 Nissan Versa note. Replaced an axel and had more axel issues as well.the dealer Stockton Nissan is extremely disorganized ,can't find paperwork,doesn't return phone calls.i called this morning at 9 am they were suppose to call back. After calling them three more times I finally talked to someone in the service department.I will not do buisness there again. And as far as buying a Nissan? Never again!

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Susan Peterson - 34 d 16 h ago

Owner of 2013 Nissan Ultima. In 2015 I took the vehicle in for service due to dim headlights. They said they made an adjustment to the headlights. Since then my husband has replaced the bulbs twice with the latest technology and we have also had the lenses cleaned but there was no improvement. I took to the Internet and saw that there were many complaints about the dimming headlights. I have taken a video while hands-free driving in my neighborhood and it shows how bad my headlights are. This is a safety issue and I am amazed that there has not been a recall on the headlights. Yes, I know I can go to the dealer and have a new headlight assembly put in For about $1000. INissan I don't have $1000 to put into this vehicle. INissan you should have put out a recall of these cars due to this tremendous safety hazard. Quite often I have to drive with my brights on which then creates a problem for the oncoming traffic. I have thought about selling this car privately but in good conscience I cannot pass this problem on to someone else. Nissan please help me.

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Anonymous - 39 d 12 h ago

have a rouge and i am now on my 3rd transmission nissan wont help and does not care i will never buy there products again i am telling eveyone i know not to buy either a company who does not back there product is not a company i want to deal with!!!!

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Melinda Greene - 122 d 11 h ago


I have always been a Subaru person until spring of this year and I had my heart set on the nissian rouge. I looked for 6mounths for this car it only had 85,000 miles on it and yes it was used however I find out it wouldn't have mattered it it was new it was junk from start. First cvt transmission came out still way under 10000 miles . I take it to dealership however Nissan don't want to fix what they should have out the door new they should have pulled all back the from start . The mechanic informs me that he had spoke with Nissan Corp. they wanted to know if I was a good customer or not before they would help at all . "what the crap should it matter I'm a customer and should have been treated the same ". So I end up being told that they replaced the CV axle in my car along with the transmission to find out no they didn't and they all are dogs. While my car was at the dealership over 100 miles difference on mileage dirt in my back and front floor mats. They took my car home with them or loaned it not sure how that many miles was put in it when I was told it wasn't fixed till that day and I picked it up that evening. I WILL NEVER deal with nissian again I can promise that and it is my mission in life to make sure everyone that looks at this so called suv of the year doesn't either . It a shame that we live in a world that a $$ means more than life's I was stuck in the middle of a intersection when the transmission came out and was almost hit twice. Shame on you Nissian. As soon as I can pay off this car I will never look at another nissian again. I'm not the only person is the sad part. honestly I would rather have bought a bicycle that's the quality you are getting with a Nissan even the dealerships are terrible liars and manipulators .I am forced now to drive my 2003 Subaru that has 290,000 original miles on original transmission and motor while I'm sitting here making a payment each month on a piece of junk. While I'm sitting here making a payment each month on a piece of junk as a single mother I can't afford look your way. until you can beat that nissian why waste your time on these commercials stating that your a great company that sells top suvs reallIy! I think you know that as a corporation your dirty and it goes down hill to your dealerships. The next time you decide to talk trash about your customers to your dealerships you might want to check who your mechanics are because they told me the whole conversation and how crappy you are. I guess if your customers don't come in there once every two years buy a new car then apparently they mean nothing to you. I shouldn't have even give you a star at the future you might want to stand by your product and stand by your word or else maybe you will be the one getting the bad end.

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Ronne - 43 d 14 h ago


Yes,,,,,,,My wife buy a New Nissan Marano 2014 had about 100,000 now Transmission was no good ,had to replace Transmission pay over 2,000 dollars,for repairs.we make a complaint with Corporate and Corporate pay for the rest of the repairs,we was very up because, we buy the car New .Now been driving the again after Nissan replace the Transmission now its 3 months Transmission not good again ,car would drive go up hills ,but botton on line Nissan's car no good have Transmission problems ok

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Maria - 45 d ago


Arrived at Nissan Antioch for a long overdue oil change. Last time they take vehicles are at 4pm normally since they close at 5pm working in customer service for many years I understand the process. I arrived at 430pm after my work shift on Jan 5th.

Jason Osterhoudt and the service team worked together to make it happen for me with my work schedule being able to making service hours are very rare lately. I have never been one to write a review good or bad but this exceptional accommodations truly shows there are companies that are represented by great staff. May seem small to others but to todays working single parents it is an extremely large service. All my thanks to Antioch Nissan Service team you all are truly special people.

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Buy American Made Cars - 47 d 11 h ago


I have a 2013 Altima with 40k miles

Check engine is on i took my car for service i was told i need a cooler System sensor reset with $357 i mind you i have 5 years or 100,000 warranty can you believe i had to pay to have the sensor reset i ask them to just replace the sensor i was told they cant and my warranty does not cover the reset but covers a total sensor replacement !!!! Those are word games i Purchased a few Nissan in the last few years never again will i buy or refer a friend to nissan ..... DONT BUY NISSAN

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Anonymous - 67 d 6 h ago


I am so annoyed with this company, I will never buy another Nissan again. I drove my car to Nissan Philadelphia Auto Mall, had diagnostic ran (137.00). Then they told me I had a fuel pump failure due to bad gas (diesel) and recommended a fuel pump replacement, Ok sounds reasonable. What doesn't, is the ECM replacement. How did we get from the rear of the car to under the hood, then wire harness replacemnet (2,000.00+), second electrical diagnostic (437.00). Now a fried fuse box (1,353.00+). How do you fry a fuse box that only gets 12 volts? First, no one knows what the problem is, including diagnostic machine. Second, they expect me to pay for something they broke. You best believe this is going to the BBB, and a lawyer might need to get involved. Nissan is by far the worst car company I have ever dealt with. During all of this foolishness, the service tech never called me. I had to call them for updates to my car. Customer service is horrible!!!!! Like I said before, I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER NISSAN IN MY LIFE!!!

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Shame On You Nissan - 47 d 11 h ago


Maybe We All Should Just Buy American Make Cars Since Nissan ( Japan Base Corporation ) Doesnt Appreciate Our American Revenue ... It Even Appears The American Employees Are Brainwashed By Nissan's B.S

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You know me - 64 d 37 m ago


Do NOT buy trust or expect respectful service from the manager the owner and half of the sales reps! They have a scam in place whereby one thinks the get good service but actually the dealership gets will make a $4000 commission off a Sentra!!!! How is that possible ? Oh right computer what is normal pocket the left over. Bad place!!!

Also to be treated as a "cash cow" and told by owner (after 8yrs of my trust and loyalty) get her money and get her out of here! Where's my $4000 Busam???

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Tom - 70 d 27 m ago

Nobody at Nissan cares. Been driving Nissan's for years. Have a convertible 370z, rogue, and my new Sentra.. Been having radio issues since day one. Decided to finally bring it in. To my surprise, they will not replace the radio with a new radio. A refurbished unit would be issued... Really?! It's a brand new car! The is Nissan's policy, not the dealers. Terrible. Apparently they've gotten too big for their britches. I'm very sorry that we have the other vehicles at this point. If this is how they support their customers, they've got one less to worry about... Not to mention the others I will make aware of this... Very sad.

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Disappointed - 71 d 11 h ago


We decided to go with a Nissan Rogue on our last car, it seemed like a good value for the dollar yet the dealerships enthusiasm (or lack thereof) and Customer Service tended to be sub par be it Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton Connecticut. There is a definite disconnect between their employees' internal communications as the "right hand does not appear to be talking to the left hand". We were asked to drop our car off for service by one of their employees on a Sunday, upon arrival we came to realize that their service area is not even open on a Sunday, then the service department representative has the nerve to call us on the following Monday and ask why the car is there? You cant make this stuff up.

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