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Nissan North America, Inc.

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dorothy - 18 h ago


My worst vehicle ever. 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. And worst company ever. No recall offered on the catastrophic radiator failure which causes transmission failure from fluids mixing. Along w so many other issues w this vehicle and the stesss and worry of being stranded ..I am a widow who was blessed w generosity and was able to purchase this pathfinder which at the time I thought it would be reliable and dependable for my son and I ..boy was I wrong. ..... It is shameful that NISSAN. Does not care about their customers and did and does nothing to make this right. I am very disappointed

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Martha - 3 d 15 h ago


My husband received a phone call 4 days ago to bring his 2011 Versa into the local dealership immediately for the airbag recall (driver and passenger). Since I too have a 2010 Versa that I discovered is on the recall list, we have found that we must have rental cars for several months (we have heard everything from Spring 2018 to one year) while waiting for parts. I have contacted Nissan NA Consumer Affairs to add insurance (what the rental company calls "damage waiver") but Nissan refuses to add any insurance. If any accident occurs while we have the rental vehicles, any accidents (even through no fault of our own) will have to be claimed on our insurance policy and we will be responsible for deductibles, etc. After numerous phone calls I have learned that Nissan refuses to provide any documentation that states their policy. Most shocking, the last person I spoke with identified herself only as "Deandra" and the Supervisor for the "entire SE Region of Nissan". She refused to identify her supervisor because that individual is not "customer facing," which also meant I was not allowed to speak with her supervisor or anyone above her position. She further indicated that all contact with Nissan must be verbal as there is "no correspondence" that addresses my concerns. Who knew one would need a lawyer, the media and Consumer Reports to deal with a recall? Shrapnel from the airbag is deadly but dealing with Nissan is also torment and punishment.

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I wasn't born yesterday - 6 d 9 s ago


NISSAN IS TERRIBLE AND I WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. I realize companies have problems but it is how they handle them that counts. They make it IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone at a decision making level. Completely try to frustrate you so you go away. Well I am NOT going away. Filed complaint with attorney general and Channel 10 news. Spoke to dealer and many calls to Nissan. They know their CVT transmissions have numerous problems so much that they extended the warranty. When our 1st trans went, we found out it would be covered. GREAT! NOT !!! It failed just outside of its lousy 1 year or 12000 mile warranty and they expect me to pay $3500 for another one? REALLY? I guess that should last another year? I spoke to numerous service debts and they said they have not seen many come back this quick like this. Okay so what is wrong then????? Either the trans they put it or the labor and how they put it in. I don't think most people can afford a transmission a year ! Right now the car is not sellable or of course drivable.

Last time I had a problem with a transmission repair it was human error. A part was put back on backward which did not allow the fan to cool the system. They argued with me when I insisted something was wrong until I took it to an independent garage. They found out the mechanic broke this part, glued it on backward so the fan was going backwards ! I am a smart lady and know what is right and when something is just wrong. Nissan is not owning this and they need to

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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago



I have a 2013 Nissan Sentra that has 103,000 miles on it and the transmission has come out, I have always owned Sentra's and I have never had problems with any them until this car. My car is at Simmons Nissan in Mount Airy, NC, as I am sending this email to have a new transmission installed. I will never purchase another Nissan. As soon I get this car repaired I am trading it for a Toyota.



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KenD - 8 d ago


The word disappointed does not fully describe how I feel about Nissan right now. I have a Nissan Versa 2015. The month of September my car began jerking. I took my car to Auto Zone so they could run a test on it. The codes that came up they did not know what it was. So they told me to get an oil change. I did. It worked well for a few hours. When I was pulling into my driveway, the car stop accelerating. I took my car to the auto shop and sure enough, it was my transmission. Now, my issue with this is I just had my transmission replaced last July. Because my car is outside the warranty, Nissan would not cover it. I think this is crazy because I've did everything to take care of my car AND my transmission went out 2 months after the warranty. I've looked online and saw a plethora of people are having the same issue that I am having. This should tell Nissan (which is a Million possibly billion dollar company) that they need to invest more money in to producing better transmissions. I am currently appealing this case to corporate. I am willing to take this as high as I need to go.

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D Gaither - 14 d ago


I have had the 2016 Nissan Versa SV since 06/2017. I needed a gas saver. So my Buick Park Ave Ultra was the trade in. Well by 08/2017, i noticed the brake and battery light flash. It stooped for a week or so then began to be noticable. I took it to Classic Nissan of Statesville by the 08/20/ 2017. And was goven a loaner/SUV. I need my vehicle because I am a job coach who transports individuals with intellectual, mental and special needs to find jobs and/or report to work. The issues were the motor mount and then wiring harness after two weeks. I've been in touch with them but have been given the run around! The last report was that "CORPORATE OFFICE IS MAKING A DECISION"! IT IS NOW OCTOBER! IS THIS A JOKE! ANOTHER PAYMENT IN FOR THIS CAR BY 10/06/2017.. I am greatful for the loaner. But what is really happening! Not sure I or my people will be safe if this vehicle is asked to be picked up! Legal advice??

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Wow! I wish I could have read the reviews! Unprofessional... It's sad!

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Barbara L Anderson - 89 d 14 h ago


I bought a 2012 Nissan Maurno, 2 years ago I paid cash for the car. I really like the care EXCEPT the Transmission went out. When buying the Nissan I knew Nothing about the CVT Transmission.

The car started jerking when backing up and lunging forward. Checked the fluid did not register on the stick. My husband decided to replace the Transmission and filter, not a big deal. The problem was after we replaced it. The car would NOT go into gear. We called Nissan here where we live, they said there was not a filter, Also they do not work on the CVT transmission. We had the car towed to a Transmission shop here. They called and said we needed a new Transmission, that those transmission have been known to go out around 30,000 miles.The transmission is on order but i have to wait because where they build transmission are on back order.

I then called Nissan here to see if there may have been a RECALL on that transmission, no there hasn't been a recall. I called the corporate office, the told me they MIGHT be able to help if i would have the car towed to a Nissan dealer so they can diagnose the problem (at my expense)then Maybe the might help. I spent 18,000 on the car a now i have to spend another 4,000 to have the transmission fixed. need less to say I am NOT HAPPY. I have less than 95,000 miles on the car.

I will never buy another Nissan I will Warn anyone who is thinking of buying a new Nissan. I can not express how dissatisfied i am on the car.

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Nissan unknown CVT warranty - 55 d 14 h ago

Nissan has a Exteded warranty 10yr/120000 miles on the CVT transmission. google Nissan CVT warranty extension explains all but have to take it to a Nissan dealer for repair. Should be covered. Towing included. Make sure to spread the word.

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Michelle - 14 d 18 h ago

Thanks for your information . I was debating to go to dealer for diagnose . Now I won't go back to the dealer and have them rip me off.

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Michelle - 14 d 18 h ago


NEVER BUY NISSAN AGAIN!!!!! I bought Nissan Altima in 2011 . Now my transmission broke down and lucky I was getting off from the freeway. It suddenly stop and can't move when I stop at the stop sign. I called the dealer and consumer affairs , they told me is not cover and my warranty expired. I told them there were a lot of recalls in 2011 even my car is not on the recall but there were a history of 2011 transmission problems. They were insist not to cover. Bad Luck and Never buy Nissan again !!!

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JanS - 15 d 24 h ago


Do not allow Nissan Daytona to check to get YOU the best rate for financing. They told me that 4.25% was the best rate. I signed the papers then later visited the credit union to find out why so high of a rate of interest. SHE WAS SPEECHLESS because with my good credit she would have offered 1.97%. She tried to refinance it, but could not because Nissan Daytona went through a 3RD party vendor. I then went to another credit union to refinance the vehicle 2.4%interest. WHAT A DIFFERENCE Nissan Daytona checked my credit score 8 times(hard inquiries ). They were looking for the best banking institute to give them the highest kick-back of money. I only gave them permission to check my credit score ONCE not 8 times. They ruined my excellent credit score because of 8 HARD INQUIRIES of my credit score(it dropped 30 points)

I called Nissan Daytona to talk to sales manager and got NOWHERE.

It is a shame because I really love my vehicle but will think twice about visiting another Nissan dealership.

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Samuel Drains 2674235444 - 20 d 13 h ago


I would like to say Attempted to deal with Nissan south of Morrow Ga back and 2012 and again last month. Let me start by saying that they are full of it. The first time i went there i was fresh out of bankrupty and needed a fresh start. I was refeered to them by a letter that was sent to me by the store. After visiting the store and sitting there for hours waiting on and approval I was finally given a Nissan Altima that I had for exactly 45 days. When I inquired about my tag I was then informed that my deal diod not go through because of paper work they said i did not submit in which I did. after they asked me to fax the information to their fax number. Eventually they told me I had to give the car up because my deal expired. Last month I attempted to go back to the dealer listening to a friend and I was approved for a 14000 car loan. Once again after providing all of my information i was told that I needed a down payment and that they would give me a month to have the money. I chose a nissan Sentra because that was all i was approved for. After about 3 days went pass I called to inquired about when I could pick the car up. After speaking to the sales person I was told to come pick the car up on my way to pick the csr up i received a call again from the sales person telling me that I should go straight home becauase the bank wanted a bigger down payment but the day before i was told I was approved for the loan. He told me hhe would get this taken care of. That was over a month ago I have not heard back from him sense and still today I am without a car and have to catch a uber everywhere I have to go. I just thought that both experience were horrible and i believe that are doing some type of fraud there. I will never recommend anyone there for anything. And now my friend went there without my knowledge and now is dealing with the same situation this has really affected me personally. I really wish I could get intouch with Cooperate to tell them my expeorence and the hardship this company has caused me with the lies and lack of communication.

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Giuseppe Amorelli - 21 d 16 h ago


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Stephanie W - 22 d 9 h ago


I have a Nissan Versa 2012. I went to Village Nissan, Markham, Ontario for minor service last Friday afternoon, and the service agent told me that my car was on recall list regarding the airbag issue. He told me that my car is not safe driving on road and was offering a rental car for me until at least March 2018 because the airbag is out of stock. I have no choice as it's unsafe to drive. He asked me to sign the agreement not driving my car and also signed here and there without explaining. I signed everything without notice anything wrong because I trust his professional, and I need going to work asap. At night, I found out that there're mileages limited per month in the agreement. I was sure that limited mileages won't work with me.

I went back to the service agent next day and requested a second key and unlimited mileage. He told me talking to the manager which I did. The manager told me that he can't help as it's the rule of a rental car. I told him that that is the only car in my family. It's very inconvenience to arrange the pickup and drop-off without the second car key. And also the limited mileage gave me stress out, frustrated and depressed. I told him that I've rather driving my own car with unlimited mileage and at least I have the second key. He said I can do it but taking my own risk and Nissan won't cover any insurance. Nissan won't pay anything for my extra mileage. I called Nissan Canada trying to get some help, still nothing they can do. There's no customer services, nothing.

I feel so frustrated and depressed and so stressful with the limited mileage because I need going to different places for my part-time jobs. What can I do with limited mileage? Do I need to pay the extra mileage as it's totally not my fault? What can I do without the second key? How can I arrange the pickup and drop-off in my family? Why do I need to suffer all those as it does not my fault? I feel so helpless. I know that the limited mileage won't hurt everyone but did hurt me a lot.

It's the worst customer service experience I have ever had. We are still suffering this situation. NO MORE NISSAN!

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Satisfaction - 55 d 14 h ago


Nissan CVT Extended warranty is available to consumers 10 yr/120,000. If you are having transmission problems take to authorized Nissan dealer. Great program to protect their customers but not really advertised. Found out from coworker. Google Nissan CVT extended warranty and check it out!

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Ty - 24 d 18 h ago


Well I'm currently experiencing the same issue and having transmission problems and have to pay 4000 for it. I think we'll I know this will be the last for me. Trading all 3.

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Brandon A. - 25 d 16 h ago


I experienced total lack of respect displayed from the new General Manager, of Antwerpen Nissan located at 11405 Reisterstown Road, Reisterstown, Maryland 21117. I worked for this business for nearly 3 months and the culture lacks total respect in the workplace. Morale is extremely low and has become even lower since Gonzales began. Vehicle sales are down and Salesmen are disgruntled and rude to each other. Inventory is not moving from this location but vehicles are rather being moved to other stores. Sales are down and and the GM is disrespectful to employees daily. I was hired to fill as Service Lot Attendant. After about two months, Service Manager, Brian Anderson, came to me said he was changing me to a Auto Detailer because of my prior experience and because he had to terminate the Detailing Team due to economic hardship of the store. After assuming this role, my duties were not limited to only auto detailing. I continued working the duties as lot attendant, ran the customer shuttle, ran errands for managers, (e.i. food pick-up and delivery, mail pickup) transporting vehicles to other stores, etc. I have always worked overtime and many days without taking breaks and without lunch. The accumulated hours on my check are never accurate and I constantly pay for uniforms that I never received. Today, I transported 30 autos to other locations because there is no place for them on this lot. This store sells on average 3 to 5 autos per week. Today, I returned back to the store after completing the transport of the 30 vehicles, I was working outside on the lot repositioning vehicles on the lot for better viewing. Mr. Gonzales, the GM, approached me in a very disrespectful manner and loudly ordered me to move a vehicle to another location that was sitting in front of the store. I explained to him that I did not have the keys to that specific car. He yelled again and said, "Boy come here!" I responded and said, Do not talk to me like that. He said, "What?" I repeated myself and said, I am man - not a boy...Show me some respect. He said, "It's time to part ways ---You're FIRED!" This matter is completely unacceptable to me because this company has been around for many years and before being an employee I thought it was a well respected family owned company. However I experience violation of policies, discrimination and the lack of employee respect that is blatantly and commonly displayed by the new General Manager, of Antwerpen Nissan located at 11405 Reisterstown Road, Reisterstown, Maryland 21117. I am a Black American male and will not tolerate being talked to like I am substandard or some sort of animal. Discrimination is the workplace should not be legal. Because of this experience I will never recommend this dealership or any Antwerpen dealerships to anyone I know.

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Linnea Sandkuhler - 25 d 15 h ago


Sorry this is happening but being a customer I've come to really dislike this company ( Nissan,Inc)--they treat us like crap too.

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Pamela Lowery - 25 d 17 h ago

I just bought a 2013 Nissan Sentra a 6 months ago, and now it needs a new transmission!! They tell us it will be $4000 for a new transmission!! I am literally sick! We bought this car thinking it would be good for my daughter, who is a senior and will be going to college. I have talked to several people from Nissan, and of course they say there is no recall for transmission on my car. Well I certainly have read about many people who are having the same problem as me. They need a damn recall on it!! I can't afford to get it fixed. i have a monthly payment on it for 3 years. I guess it will sit in the driveway, and I don't have a clue what my daughter is supposed to do. There is no way a 2013 should need a new transmission!!!!!They should cover this. I will never buy another Nissan!!!!

General profile image - 25 d 17 h ago


Bought a 2017.5 Murano it's my 2nd murano in 10 years. Has any one else having problems with the reflection of the air vents onto the exterior mirrors making them almost impossible to use. The reflection is so bad that I have to really concentrate when looking into the mirrors to see if there is any traffic or objects behind me. I have taken my vehicle to 2 different dealerships and neither one could suggest a possible fix. I'm afraid this may cause an accident.

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5Cars - 26 d 19 h ago


it's very unfortunate that Nissan won't pay 100% for a design flaw on 2017/2017 Maxima's, 3 cars that I know of out of 3 have had the molding fall off the back of the 2016/2017 Maxima. I called about 7 times requesting 100%, they offered $200.00 can't wait for this to become a class action to get my money back.

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Delthene H. - 27 d 23 h ago


my experience with Nissan was horrible, customer service sucks!! there was a recall on my 2012 Nissan Juke, for the timing chain once i was notify of the recall i took my vehicle into the Pittsburgh Nissan East to have the recall done, at the time of the recall i wasn't having any issues and i shouldn't have even took it to be repaired, because i don't think they did anything to my vehicle, about 2 months ago I hear a clinking sound so i took it back to Pittsburgh East Nissan, they check it out and said they couldn't do anything unless i paid them $500.00. I notify Nissan North America and explain the issue, i was assigned a case number and was told after i take the vehicle in a if it was the timing chain that they would help with the cost since it was a recent recall. I took my vehicle to the another Nissan dealer Bowser they checked it out and in fact it was the timing chain that went bad again, so i call Nissan North America and told them, they said they would have to call the nissan dealer to talk with them and than they would make a discussion on weather they were going to help me with the cost. long short Nissan refused to help me with the cost to repair my vehicle, and i ended paying over $1.000.00 out of my pocket. while my vehicle was being repaired they didn't even offer a loaner car so that i could get back and forth to work. i would never ever buy another Nissan they are very rude and they don't stand by their vehicles at all!!:(

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Mary C - 28 d 13 h ago


I have a 2000 Nissan Altima with 403,500 original miles. It is the original engine, and the trans was just replaced at 375,000 miles. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I bought it new and I have been the only owner. I would have never dreamed it would have run for this long. Previously I had a Sentra and that was a good car also. Love my Nissan.

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Frances - 29 d ago


My 2013 rouge has been a night mare left me and my Down syndrome stranded 1000 miles away from home due to the trans problem they have had in this car for years you would think by now they could have fixed it. Maybe it will take a CEO of the company to be on a packed express way far away from home with cars and trucks honking and whizzing passed you when your car Is slowing down without any warning. For Nissan only paying half of the $3,400 dollars it took to fix not to mention the fact I had to stay in a hotel for five days that makes this car a very expensive purchase. I would never buy a Nissan nor would I recomendit to anyone. I would made a better review if they would have paid the whole bill, in stead of making it seem like my problem.

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