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Nissan North America, Inc.

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Andrew Tavi
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Nollis and Sandra Clarke - 3 d ago


Here we go again- we are glutton for punishment. This is our 3rd Nissan purchase, all of which have been terrible but we are too loyal and keep going back for more. The last and final insult came when we decided to sign a new lease at the end of our last. We took the bait yet again. We were asked to make a $500 deposit towards a new lease which I did, also that they would make the last two payments on our old-THEY DID NOT!. I received a call a week later to inform me that the plates were in but were being held hostage because we owed $500 deposit. I calmly told the woman that told me this to check her records and call me back-she did not. I thought they would recognize their error and call with an apology but this didn't happen instead they allowed our credit to be ruined by their lies and incompetence. I am so disappointed with the last lease that I am compelled to return it and wash my hands of this dealer.

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Anonymous - 10 d 20 h ago

I have a question why is it that your trucks do not come wired to hook up lights for a trailer or even come equipped with a trailer hitch. All other makes of trucks come with that being equipped on them.

Michelle in South Carolina

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Aba - 14 d 20 h ago

I took my 2010 Nissan Maxima to Conyers Nissan in Ga to fix a noise coming from the front end of the car. After diagnostic was told my cotrol arms and bushing needed replacing..Left my car there over night. I am still having the noise issue. If they diagnosed the control arm issue.why wasnt I advised about any orher issue regarding my front end suspension. Was that intentional? So I have to take car back to charge me some more. The noise still exists and I paid $2500.Im truly disappointed and unsatisfied. $2500 is no pocket change. I need my car fixed correctly. Will definitely not reccommend to anyone.

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DENNIS - 16 d 13 h ago


I purchased a 2016 Nissan Altima SL new. I traded in a car that I had equity in. Today I am upside down on my Nissan. I have purchased my last Nissan Product. The dealership lied about several things and now this. Today I traded off my Nissan and had to eat $2000.00. Feeling sick.

Dennis Schultz

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OYVEYIZMEER - 22 d ago


Last April, I purchased a 2016 Nissan Altima from a very crooked dealership! The Altima sucked too (the smallish engine was too small for the body you couldn't make a U-turn, it handled horribly! So I took it in to have it serviced and ended up getting a Nissan PLATINUM Maxima! A great car, and traded the Purchase for a LEASE... I had 13000.00 cash into the Altima and had to give them 2,500 cash to take the car off the lot but the platinum is a great car! They completely tricked me and I ended up being called into the dealership 3 times to resign papers...I was alone and they pulled a fast one... instead of writing off the 13,000.00 they added it on making it look like the car was worth 45,000.00 scandalous ....but still worth the drive...I must have bragged about that car too much, I loved it...Then I got into a wreck...and the car was totaled the battery exploded and I had airbag burns on me(I refused to go to hospital) the lady that hit me only got a flat tire and is suing for physical damages ...I was paying almost 1100.00 with insurance ....the best mind you... to drive the car...

Now I don't have shit...Nissan will not give me any money back, even though they ripped me off in the first place, saying; I made the the deal.... I didn't know what I was making....I just wanted out of the Altima..... none of the sellers are there anymore they flip around from dealership to dealership...I will never ever lease another car! You get nothing in return, if you god forbid get in an accident! They won't help me at all... Nissan corporate is Horrible and they don't care one bit! the dealership won't take my calls and Geiko insurance made a decision without photographs...or any investigation....NEVER LEASE A CAR

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GAR Motorsport Bill Briere - 26 d ago


2013 Sentra with a CVT transmission . Had a dealer transmission (31022M-427ERE) installed with the fluid flush and with all factory CVt fluid (999MP-NS300P) installed on 02/07/2018. Transmission has already gone out. $3697.35 for this factory unit installed and right back to where we were. No Nissan says that trhe warranty is only 12/12. Every other dealer , domestic and Asian and German come with 36/36 or 36/50. Except for Ford which is 24/24. They will not even offer any type of customer assistance. Want to recharge for daignosis . Even though these CVT transmission are the worst out there . Corp will not help. Very disappionted . Will tell everybody we know had horrible Nissan warranty and Nissan of North America are!

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago


Went in to the victorville, ca. location yesterday to get my routine oil change. While I was waiting I was approaching by a sales man that asked me if I was interested in trading my car in. I told him that the car was in my son's name and that I would have to ask him. But that probably not because we had only had the car since March. He told me that he could get him in a 2018 fully loaded car for only 100 more a month than what he was paying and no down payment. So I talked to my son and we went back and they couldn't do anything that they had offered earlier in the day. All a bunch off lies Anthony and Javier. Not very good salesmen at all

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Melinda Greene - 31 d ago


I have always been a Subaru person until spring of this year and I had my heart set on the nissian rouge. I looked for 6mounths for this car it only had 85,000 miles on it and yes it was used however I find out it wouldn't have mattered it it was new it was junk from start. First cvt transmission came out still way under 10000 miles . I take it to dealership however Nissan don't want to fix what they should have out the door new they should have pulled all back the from start . The mechanic informs me that he had spoke with Nissan Corp. they wanted to know if I was a good customer or not before they would help at all . "what the crap should it matter I'm a customer and should have been treated the same ". So I end up being told that they replaced the CV axle in my car along with the transmission to find out no they didn't and they all are dogs. While my car was at the dealership over 100 miles difference on mileage dirt in my back and front floor mats. They took my car home with them or loaned it not sure how that many miles was put in it when I was told it wasn't fixed till that day and I picked it up that evening. I WILL NEVER deal with nissian again I can promise that and it is my mission in life to make sure everyone that looks at this so called suv of the year doesn't either . It a shame that we live in a world that a $$ means more than life's I was stuck in the middle of a intersection when the transmission came out and was almost hit twice. Shame on you Nissian. As soon as I can pay off this car I will never look at another nissian again. I'm not the only person is the sad part. honestly I would rather have bought a bicycle that's the quality you are getting with a Nissan even the dealerships are terrible liars and manipulators .I am forced now to drive my 2003 Subaru that has 290,000 original miles on original transmission and motor while I'm sitting here making a payment each month on a piece of junk. While I'm sitting here making a payment each month on a piece of junk as a single mother I can't afford look your way. until you can beat that nissian why waste your time on these commercials stating that your a great company that sells top suvs reallIy! I think you know that as a corporation your dirty and it goes down hill to your dealerships. The next time you decide to talk trash about your customers to your dealerships you might want to check who your mechanics are because they told me the whole conversation and how crappy you are. I guess if your customers don't come in there once every two years buy a new car then apparently they mean nothing to you. I shouldn't have even give you a star at the future you might want to stand by your product and stand by your word or else maybe you will be the one getting the bad end.

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Steve Blagg - 32 d 20 h ago


The link below to a thread I started on the 4th gen Maxima forum says it all- my 99 Maxima just clicked over 400,000 miles! I am thrilled with the overall reliability of the car. But my experience with the local Nissan dealership and Nissan Corporate to get my non-start issue resolved (due to a faulty theft immobilizer unit) did not thrill me near as much.

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Sue Baier - 37 d 19 h ago

I own a 2013 Nissan Altima. I had to have a transmission replaced at 69,773 miles. (I was over the warranty with mileage) My car had to be towed in the other day to dealership where I bought it. I'm told I need another transmission to the price of $3600!!. I put on 100,000 miles on the last transmission. The car is only 5 years old and it needs a second transmission. I do a lot of highway driving but even so this shouldn't be. I will NEVER buy another Nissan again.

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A.G. - 39 d 7 h ago


Pls let me know if there are more sites or international sites (maybe Asia/Japan)

Where i can post my terrible expierence here at nissan of San Antonio USA. Thanks. Il wait for an immediate reply.

Very disappointed costumer due to a very UNACCEPTABLE AND VERY LOUSY COSTUMER SERVICE,


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A. G. - 39 d 8 h ago


Nissan Ingram park 410 San Antonio! Service department.


Very unprofessional!

Rude staff!

The service department manager or BOSS should do something about this or he or she should just get fired with all the lousy unprofessional staff. It looks like their service staff were the workers fired from other better car service company. These unprofessional workers are not supposed to be in this business. Poor performance Nissan!

If i can only choose ZERO STAR!

I would like to challenge Nissan to pls build another store/service area by NW San Antonio.

I HATE going back to this 410 area. Waste of precious time!

To the area manager if ur the man,

Do something im challenging you.

Again your service department is doing a VERY LOUSY UNACCEPTABLE FIRST GRADER JOB!

Sorry to all of us costumers if the boss cant handle this.

It could be just some bad apples tho, but a very sad experience still.

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ConJose448 - 40 d 20 h ago


I am writing this to let you know how disappointed I am with your Company. Let me first state that I was a loyal customer and supporter of Nissan. I own a 2006 Nissan Quest with over 400,000 miles. A 2011 Nissan Versa I bought for one daughter and a Nissan Sentra 2010 we purchased for another daughter. I also have a 2014 Nissan Quest I purchased with 3,000 miles on it in 2014. Here is a little background on my 2014 Nissan Quest I feel is necessary in order for you to understand my disappointment. When we purchased our 2014 Quest we were definitely sold on the product and Nissan name and reliability. We purchased the extended warranty for $2100 in order to cover our vehicle for up to 100,000 miles. We do regular oil changes on our van ourself, not at the dealer because of the distance and price, we can do this for much less. We change our oil every 2,000-3,000 miles and have documentation. In August of this year our van was making some noise and also it would jerk and sound like it was running in high gear. We took our van to the dealer in Vandalia which is closest to our home after the dealer in Dayton was booked up til November with transmission issues. I asked about those issues and he said that Nissans are noted for bad transmissions and they could not get us in for a check until November. As we were within about 2000 miles of the 100,000 warranty we took to Vandalia to have it checked out. They did a regular diagnostic on it for $109 and said it was a bad wheel baring and they changed it. We asked about the transmission and they said,"at least it isn't the transmission, it was the wheel baring and we changed that and it was under warranty so no charge to us. Great we thought. Now a month later I am on my way out of state to a work related function and half way there the van is kinda jerking once in awhile. When I left on my trip I was 300 miles over the 100,000 mile mark. But, being assured the transmission was good, I was not worried. I get 10 1/2 hours from home and use the van while there and I am having problems. It was jerking on the way there and after arriving when I would go from stop to go it would jerk into gear. Definitely...something is wrong. At this time I have put 700 miles more onto the van so now I am roughly 1,000 over the 100,000 limit. I gas up and try to exit station up an incline and it's like I am in neutral. I back up and try again...and again it happens. I turn off the car and start again and this time my check engine light comes on. I find out there is a mechanic 1 mile down the road and make it there. I wait 4 hrs. and pay $95 diagnostic fee for them to tell me my transmission is bad. They say it will be $3723.45 to fix it and 2-3 days. I need to get my co-worker home for work the next day. Instead of leaving at 10 AM we are not done at the mechanics til 3PM. I rent a car because as a woman I feel pressured to fix this here but I need to go home and contact Nissan to see what can be done since we are not much over our 100,000 limit and we told them about it before this limit anyways. I pay $324.96 for a rental car to get back to Ohio. After getting home I contact Nissan to see what can be done about my car. I am told I need to take it to a Nissan dealer because they can't take the word of a regular mechanic. I pay $317 for a tow truck to take it to a Nissan Dealer who informs me that they can't do a regular diagnostic on this and need to do a special diagnostic for $149 for transmission diagnostic. (How did Nissan in Vandalia know the transmission was good if they did not do this $149 diagnostic??) Nissan does diagnostic and is the transmission. I call the regional manager back to let him know it is transmission. He says he will investigate to see if Nissan can help me with any cost of this transmission. Another 4 days later and he calls to tell me I am only covered to 60,000 and it is too far over the warranty and the age of the vehicle for us to get any help. Both Nissan dealers told me it was 100,000 I was covered at and when I talked to the manager again he put me on hold and talked to his supervisor who agreed it was 100,000 but now that he knows for sure it is transmission he goes back to his 60,000 limit. And age of vehicle....its just 1 month over 4 years old. Is this how long Nissans are to last? I was told that you trust your mechanics and if they said the transmission was good when we took it in then they stand behind them. Well...what about standing behind your product and doing the right thing? We were told in Vandalia a transmission is $3500-$4000 to fix and not to worry all dealers are the same so we don't have to worry our car is in DE. Well, dealer in Delaware wants $4975 to fix transmission. I guess they are not all the same. Now on top of all my expenses we feel we need to bring van to Ohio to get it fixed so we can supervise what is being done and try to not be taken advantage of and it will be almost $800 to transport it back. I have almost $2000 invested in this car and nothing is done yet. I am so disappointed in Nissan. I feel like we were not treated fairly. We are retired and frankly don't have the $5000 it takes to fix it plus another $5000 we owe on this worthless vehicle. Not be buying another Nissan ever.

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Patricia - 40 d 20 h ago

I have a 2013 Altima that is used for work. Transmission failure at 28,000 miles thankfully the dealership fixed it no cost. My recent issue is a AC compressor that has been nonfunctional since this summer, 2018. I have been forced to ride around with no air most of the summer and we have had so really hot ones. None of the Nissan dealerships seem to have the part to repair my vehicle. I am told the part is on back order. I have been waiting for more than a month now for this part. That being said, have not been able to work. I am really disappointed with Nissan. I am so frustrated, this is no doubt my last Nissan vehicle.

General profile image - 42 d ago

is there an issue when flat towing the frontier crew cab s manual trans , death wobble is in jeep and chevy models thank you

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Diane - 47 d ago

Gateway Nissan - Fargo, ND

I bought a 2018 Nissan Rogue approximately 1 month ago. I have approximately 1400 miles on it right now. The Remote will not work on it unless you are within a few feet. If it is in the garage, I can not start it from my house which is about 50 feet away. The dealership is insisting that there isn't anything wrong with it because it starts when they try it. I have to pay an extra $500 to upgrade to a better remote. One would think if you are paying close to $40,000 for a vehicle, the remote should work. This dealership is giving Nissan a bad name. With the experience that I have had with Gateway Nissan, there is no way that I would ever recommend buying a car for them.

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paul marchesseault - 48 d 17 h ago


I moved to New Mexico, need to register the car. Sent title paperwork to Nissan finance It was Rejected. For 6 (six) weeks Nissan never notified me of this. Car is not registered cant drive it even though Im making payment and my Insurance company wants to drop the Insurance because of none registration. Called Nissan finance and they offer no help I just got an OOPS! sorry from them. Nissan can put their Finance outfit WERE THE SUN DONT SHINE!!

Thanks Nissan

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Renee - 49 d ago

I bought my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder used from a certified dealer. I have been pretty happy with it until my roof paint started peeling. I am embarrassed to drive it. I see Nissan has had issues in the past with paint. I am not sure how this can be corrected but I hope something can be done. It just seems like it is too new for this to happen.

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Anonymous - 67 d ago

I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima I had my transmission replaced 2 times and my car is still under 90'000 miles , and each time my car was in the shop for almost a month. Nissan repaired it under the power train warranty and put me in rental cars that was awesome. But as far buying another I wouldn't do it. Just from reading the reviews the transmission problems are very common. I never had these problems out of my Toyotas and ACURA .

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HAROLD FONSECA - 62 d 20 h ago


Harold fonseca Tobyhanna pa 2 Nissan Altima 2 transmission replaced ask Nissan to repair my 2016 Nissan Altima offered only $1000 toward $4000 cost regret not buying kia optima i first saw before altima

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Amy - 52 d 2 h ago


I have a 2015 Nissan Versa. I had the tranny replaced last year and it has to go back in Monday October 1, 2018 to Nissan in State College pa. I'm so pissed. I had no problems with the 2013 Versa I had.

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Not fair, shady business - 57 d ago


I've loved my Nissan and would've recommended my car to anyone; never had any issue. Recently I had a terrible experience at one of their service centers in Bayridge, Brooklyn. M I originally came here last month and was charged over $300 for a brake light repair and inspection - was originally quoted for $75 when I dropped my car off. I was assigned to service advisor John Gaied who told me there was a recall on my car for the airbags and that they would take care of it all. A few days later I pick up my car (they also said it would be one day, and did not even contact me once it was ready). The next week my airbag light goes on, and has never gone on in the near 9 years I've had my car. They do something to "fix" the airbags, and all of a sudden now I have an airbag issue. John's reaction was to act like this was totally normal, that I was the crazy one for being suspicious and wanted to charge $150 just for the diagnosis, and another nearly $500 to repair the airbag spring which was fine before they messed with the airbags. I was advised to the manager Vinny Siddiolo, who was nice enough to take off the $150 diagnosis charge but still wanted to charge me in full for the parts/labor and walked away from me in the middle of a conversation when he thought I was wrong for being upset about having to spend this money to fix a dangerous issue that wasn't a problem before I brought it here. Instead of bringing me into his office like a professional, he had this conversation with me in the service hallway, and reaffirmed my belief that I have not been treated with respect since I stepped foot in this place. asked John for all of my paperwork and I've been waiting for 20 minutes, still with no documentation, as he claims he does not have access to it and is trying to get someone to print it. Meanwhile he has a stack of other people's paperwork on his desk. I find the whole thing very shady and will never return. I also plan to contact corporate. If there was something wrong with my airbag before they did the recall, at the very least they should have caught that at the inspection. I just hope in the interim that nothing goes wrong with my airbag!

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Lynne - 62 d 22 h ago

I bought a 2017 Nissan Rogue late February, 2017, a week ago (9/10/18) the air conditioner started turning on by itself, if I had it on low speed it would blast and go on my feet when it was set on my face, almost think it's the vent that's blasting, anyway I've had it at local dealership and they can't duplicate, ughhh, went online to investigate, to my surprise there's been alot of complaints since 2014 with the same problem, I don't have any faith it will ever get fixed....feeling defeated and discouraged!!!!! Lynne from Auburn, MA

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Pissed NC senior - 65 d ago


I am a senior an honesty an truth mean something from a Nissan Greenville North Carolina dealership. I bought a 2018 Nissan I am very dissatisfied with the vehicle an with the integrity of ALL individuals I have actually dealt with in the entire process. The owner does not have the guts to even answer the phone after five or more calls. I believe the dealership manager does not tell the facts or truth in efforts to not be responsible for violations of FTC regulations or consumer protection laws. Here's the facts. My daughter was Abt to have open heart surgery.....but I promised. (Darrell salesman) I would come by. So before surgery I had few moments an stopped in. I saw Capital Auto dealership. Raleigh NC offering SAME vehicle Abt 3000 under the Greenville dealership. So the lies began an I was swept through process with lies.....signed about 50 pages of documents....10 minutes.....with Credit Manager knowing no way could I read before signing.....MAKING EVERY DOCUMENT FRAUD by the dealership.......big problem for Nissan. Well.....I went in to see Darrell.....I had not taken possession....had called the owner an credit manager....NO ANSWER or returned call. I told Darrell I was not comfortable in the documents an price or the lies told to me. Yet I was intimidated into taking possession. Then the quality of vehicle comes to surface...RPM meter goes crazy.....high.....little power.....I like the Toyota Camary my last new car in 2013......I would never buy another Nissan car for many reasons. Then Credit Manager said.....GAP insurance but 15 a's right at 960 at 13 percent interest over 6 years..... Big big....big lies...... certainly not 15 a month. So I am making a FTC. An CFPB complaint because the technical is when your credit manager knows..... PARTICIPATES.......DIRECTS the customer to sign 50 pages approximately in 10 minutes without any time to read including a POWER OF ATTORNEY........all contracts can NOT be enforced because the dealership creates the fraud. Listen up people.......this is your OUT of bad deals...look at Deprivation of rights.....Title 18 Section 241. Including conspiracy to deprive rights.....treble damages..... applicable all states cause it's Constitutional an layers under Constitutional rights ....due process. Ok folks full Complaint goes out now. My daughter is recovered an my time can handle the issue. But car dealership of Nissan or any brand has a responsibility to be truthful. As a fact.....the Raleigh Not a Nissan dealership....bought the cars from a New Jersey Nissan dealership unloading inventory.....another region offered them way cheaper. So the Greenville dealership had to lie alot so I did not go there....SHAME......I gave them the VIN number like a fool .... So guys.....put me on record an certainly the entire post content is my of my knowledge an belief including references to statute or federal code. I am not an attorney but I am a profiler of facts that at times that are used in federal FACTS are evidence. Time for car dealers to Stop FRAUDS step up to honesty. I will not keep the 2018 Sentra .....but I am making the payments UNTIL the issues of dealership created frauds on consumer contracts causes the industry to develop better policies.....truthfulness......they intend to enforce...but this dealership was so disrespectful...I want damages too. I have senior rights an protected by Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 an senior rights. I am physically disabled in disclosures. Brenda Harris (hidden) an we will get a class action excuse for lies

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Hugh - 69 d 4 h ago


Never got my first free oil change.. had to pay Jiffy Lube, No reply from Valley Nissan's Stanton VA. General fore warned new buyers....

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