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Nissan North America, Inc.

1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN
Andrew Tavi
VP Legal and Government Affairs and General Counsel
(615) 725-1000
(615) 725-3343
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Jtill - 10 d 14 h ago


Horrible customer service, anthony spanato at nissan 46 totowa is rude and argumentaive and charged an unauthorized amount of mony to debit card which i was not made aware of, his whole department, customer service who answers the phone, jessica melissa, james, dave non of these people have been helpful

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Anonymous - 11 d 16 h ago


Brenner Nissan on the Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg STAY AWAY FROM will not help you

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


This is with extreme sorrow am writing about an incident that happened at a dealers car wash which left me with a cracked windshield. I went in to get a car wash and came out to dry my car and saw the crack which is exactly in the shape of the belts that goes over. I went and spoke to a service manager Rich and he said that they are not responsible for this damage which I feel is pretty ridiculous. This dealership has always been extremely shaddy and fraud from the time I bought my car with them. They showed me a different car and then took my car for a wash and brought back a different one without the heated seats and other features which I had realized after signing all the paperwork and taking the car home. I spoke to the guys and they said that it was a mistake and those features doesn't come in this car. I really need to know how can I go about fixing this windshield situation. I had a very bad experience with this dealership and I feel like filing a court case against Nissan for fraud and cheating. I need someone to get back to me ASAP or I will file for the legal proceedings. I am extremely upset with these guys. I had even mentioned this in my survey however it was of no use. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE WE START FILLING COMPLAINTS.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

This is Sansone Auto Mall on US1 NJ.. absolutely wrong people to deal with, scammers and cheaters, NEVER EVER will buy Nissan again..

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David K - 23 d ago


2015 Nissan rouge, rear camara clip broke. dealer offered 1200 to replace or if I choose not to repair (repair, its your vehicle), 138 to not do repair, again, leased vehicle 2 yrs in. camara works fine, just hanging loose.

spoke to consumer affairs at Nissan, no help at all.

now will ask consumer affairs in my state what they think.

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Darlene Johnson - 29 d ago


I will start with this comment and then reach out to Nissan. We are a 4 Nissan owner family. My husband LOVED his Frontier. It is 3 years old and although we have a service plan (on all our vehicles) recently my husband needed to replace a tire and couldn't get a lug nut off. It was stripped and the lug was spinning in the axel. We took it our local Nissan garage where we go for all of our service related work including having the tires rotated. Nissan is the ONLY place to work on our vehicles until my husband tried to change one tire. The service rep said my husband stripped the lug nuts causing the damage (even though he could not even get the lugnut off). We maintain that the damage was done last time Nissan rotated the tires and they were lug nuts were cross threaded. It is apparent to us that this stud was over tightened into the alloy wheel. How could a lugnut be stripped by taking it off.

Nissan will warranty the axel but will not warranty the wheel which now has distorted holes from the lugs spinning around and is dangerous to us. Even though my husband showed him that some of the threads on existing nuts were crooked thus stretched, the service manager said that my husband was the last to touch the tire. So in other words we would have had to pay for all of the repairs ourselves if the axle was not under warranty. My husband knows automotive trade as he rebuilds classic cars and when he told the service manage that he has cars 50 years old with the original tires studs, the service manager was quick to reply yeah those are classics this is a new car, but just 2 minutes before he said what you would expect it is corrosion in a truck is 3 years old.

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Socorro G. Spratt - 42 d 10 h ago

Been w/Nissan in California since 95 till 03. Relocated to ABQ, NM.

Been extremely happy until a recent turn of events that have left me very disappointed w/dealership. Contacted a local manager & GM Gary king @ Corporate.Haven't heard from no one !

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Kenneth Harris - 45 d 33 s ago


Wow I must say Nissan has really gone down. I purchased a 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum which supposedly has "premium" leather. Well the car is less than 2 years old and this "premium" leather is cracking and peeling. Contacted Nissan consumer affairs and was told that they deemed it to be normal wear and tear. And that because the car is just over 36000 miles that you all will not do anything about it. Really Nissan normal? This is supposed to be your flagship not only that it's fully loaded and this is the best you can do. Essentially you all have told me that you don't value me as a customer, screw the fact that I have owned 10 Nissans, and that you don't care if I continue to do business with you. I have been a loyal long time customer with you all and this is rhe way tou choose to thank me for my business, by using subpar components and passing them off as premium. Thanks for nothing and you just lost 4 customers as noone in my household will ever purchase anorher one of your products!!!!!

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edwin feliciano - 53 d 11 h ago


nissan is a major dissapointment. the juke should be named junk. first week out one problem after the other. and the mechanics know less than i do about cars. where do you get these people from. first they tell me that everything was checked. then theres no washer fluid. then the tire pressure was low. then they tell me it had to much. the car was sitting in the show room for a year. anybody with half a brain would know that 3 things need to get done. 1st flush the radiator, 2nd flush the engine and 3rd flush the transmission. then last but not least is bleed the breack system. clearly nissan is going down the toilet and don't need help flushing the handle. edwin feliciano bronx n.y.

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Take this S%$t back - 84 d 12 h ago


Nissan North America 2016 Pathfinder Gas Mileage Avg 13 MPG!!! No where close to window sticker!!!! FRAUD!!! I based my buying decision on what you report and advertise 19city 26 hwy 21 combined???? this is false advertising. Maybe, NISSAN you should be watching Volkswagen Emission lawsuit see how that turned out!!

Piece of crap I will never own again!!! I will make sure everyone knows it!

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Going Public 2001 Nissan Frontier Supercharger - 197 d 18 h ago


Suited and won, got an extended warranty, but they never fixed the part that is defective so everyone is still getting it, refuse to extend again but continues to sell part: Supercharger in Nissan 2001 Frontier, ask nicely to extend and consumer affairs rejected and acknowledge that one law suite does not make for a recall, but the next one just might. I am writing corporate as a write this to get their next legal response before making this public media frenzy a national agrument, about why are they allow to continue to sell defect parts and not repair the problem by doing the right thing the first time and stop wasting our money and time with their unethical practices. This is not acceptible under the law of moral and ethical behavior in Corporate America or in Our Nation.

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Beef Tip - 124 d 20 h ago


What kind of retard puts a super charger on a 2001 frontier anyways? Obviously YOU! REEEE-TARD! Go back to Mexico you dumb fuckstick & fuck yourself with that super charger all the way home!

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Pissed Customer - 126 d 17 h ago


Nissan needs to take responsibility& issue a recall for the Steering Lock unit on all 07 to 09 Nissan models. They initially issued a recall indefinitely then retracted for 6 yrs with unlimited miles. It's a cheap part that they were aware of and I as a Nissan owner was NEVER notified. The car put me down 4 days before Christmas. Had towing expenses with having to have the dealership fix the car, leaving the customer holding the bag. Not to mention, I was entertaining the thought of purchasing a Maxima but forget it. Nissans aare off my list.

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CAROLYN - 3 y 223 d ago




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Anonymous - 171 d 15 h ago


I guess I am not the only one who is totally dissatisfied with the company

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ripped off - 219 d 7 h ago


I purchased my fully loaded 2015 Altima at the end of 2014. I got all the bells and whistles cause this would be my final auto purchase. I even went so far as to get the extended warranty and gap insurance to protect my investment. June 2016 i began to hear a noise coming from my car when i made left turns. When i expressed my concerns to the service department they sent a mechanic out with me on the road and the noise did not present it self, so no visual check of my car was done. Again in august 2016 i return to the dealership/service department with my car now making more noise more frequently. I am told on this visit it sounds like the struts but they arent sure bring it back when it gets worse. Still no one has physically checked my car and at this time im wondering how safe is my vehicle. So i go in today September 21, 2016 and now the nouse is ridiculous loud and constant mechanic tells me after 2 hours of them checking the car they dont know what it is but its not a safety hazard and even though they have a 10 bay garage i need an appointment on a day its not raining. This has been the worst experience ever. Ive filled a claim with BBB, cause all i want is my car fixed. But if they cant help im filing a law suit.

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P,J, - 1 y ago


I purchased a Nissan Altima for my granddaughter and unfortunately she had an accident and none of the air bags engaged. she hit the windshield and spidered it. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and fortunately she is okay now. I really wasn't too sure when I arrived at the hospital. I will never ever buy another Nissan nor will I recommend to my friends to buy one. You can not even get the address for this car company. What a same.

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Lynn - 2 y 247 d ago

I bought an Altima in Dec. I regret every minute of it now. I have had the car at dealer time and time again for the air bag sensor. Safety is a concern that get's thrown out the window!!!! I hve to miss work to take car in....under warranty and had to grip to get a rental car several times. I am again having to go in AGAIN day after tomorrow. I will never buy another Nissan again.

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no more - 3 y 180 d ago


The bumper on a 2013 maxima has been painted 5 times total. The dealer agreed to pay for it then backed out when I went to pick the car up. Now trying to get the dealer to pay for it, with no reply. Been going on since I bought the car in May. Laws are so lax in Texas and the dealerships know it. No one will do anything about it including Nissan of North America. Not excluding Department of Motor Vehicle. Selling me a car that they knew had prior damage, but sold as new. I will never buy another Nissan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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amlek - 4 y ago

I just bought a nissan versa 2012. Great car. I can't believe you are charging $39 for each seat belt extension. have got to be kidding. I bought a used focus from a private sale and got 2 seat belt extensions from the dealership. My husband got 3 for his car free. My mother got 3 at the gm dealership. You really are charging? Petty real petty.

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Mikeito_p - 4 y 251 d ago

Wishing @NissanNews gets back to me soon.

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RoadSister00 - 4 y 251 d ago

@NissanNews My dads former boss, NHRA's Tim Wilkerson - I'd convince him to ditch his Mustang! ;)

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E_Erb59 - 4 y 251 d ago

@NissanNews My mother would have enjoyed a ride in my Nissan.

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nb_photos - 4 y 251 d ago

@NissanNews mohamed Ali #thegreatest in the greatest

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TRYIN_2_WIN - 4 y 251 d ago

RT @NissanNews: If you could choose any person - living or past - to take a drive with in your Nissan, who would it be?

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