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Disgusted with NISSAN Warranty/Product/Customer Service - 1 d 9 h ago


In 2014, I bought my Aunt's car from her. It was a 2012 Nissan Juke with approx. 5,000 kms. on it. Yes, five thousand. She drove it around the small town she lived in and out for a quick drive once a week to keep everything in good working order.

Since I have owned it, I have had the front and back brakes replaced before 30,000 kms. ($1,000.00), the muffler RUSTED out at 68,000 kms. ($1,000.00) and I just had a timing chain put in this month (November 2017) at a cost of $2,200.00 (incl. HST) at 88,000 kms.. Now, because the old timing chain caused engine problems, I have had to replace the engine (used at $5,500.00).

After a new timing chain was installed, I was driving my car home (30 minutes from my office), and I got into my driveway, just in time. The car started sputtering and then just stalled. I called the dealership right away. They said to call their towing company and get the vehicle towed back to the shop. The next day, I received a call from the service advisor saying I needed to pay another $550.00 to have some residue removed from the engine. This debris or residue was in there from before I had issues with the timing chain. I asked why this was not dealt with when they replaced the timing chain and was told they don't do that. They don't look for debris and clean it out before returning the car to the owner. I was also told that this happens and it's just a part of life. Basically, pay them to clean up the debris and I can be on my way. But beware, it could happen again. I could be driving and my car could just stall? There is no way for them to insure all of the residue will ever be cleaned out. It was described to me as if there were tiny chards of glass in my engine. You never totally get rid of it. In my house, you do. You make sure it's vacuumed, then swept, then vacuumed again if need be. If these 'chards' are in the engine, they would be pretty much contained. Seems like cleaning it a couple of times would fix the problem.

I was starting to get a bit annoyed, ok, a whole lot, when I remembered I had all my paperwork for ALL work done on my car. In 2014, I received a recall notice for a timing chain and had it done immediately. Hmmmm, yet it didn't show up on my 'recall list' that was issued from head office. I called the dealership back and told them my car, indeed did get a recall notice. Why wasn't it listed? 'Oh because that recall was cancelled.' I had the work done, it should have been on the list designated for my VIN, right? Oh, they would have to get back to me on that. I asked how long the warranty would be on that timing chain. 1 year, or 20,000 kms. Really? That just tells me Nissan does not believe in their product. So, I'm out $2,200.00 on a 3 year old timing chain (my car currently has 88,000 kms. on it). 2 timing chains in 5 years), plus the cost to get my engine cleaned out, which may or may not fix the problem. After much discussion, the dealership waived the cost of $550.00. On 17th of November, I dropped off the loaner and drove away. My car stalled and the 'service engine soon' light came on, on the dashboard. I was able to restart the car. Then, as I was at a stop light at a very busy intersection about 10 minutes later, once again, the car stalled. I finally made it to my destination and called head office. No one could help me as it was after hours. All they would do is suggest I have the car towed, at my expense, to the dealership. That was impossible, as well as unfair. The dealership did not fix my car properly, so why should I pay for a tow? I was (at the time) the stage manager for a production at Flato Markham Theatre. If I had to leave, the show would not go on, and many paying patrons would not be happy, nor would my theatre group. Therefore, I had to wait until after the show was over (10:45 pm) and have a very nice couple from my theatre group follow me part way home (40 minutes north), just to make sure I was okay. At Harold Road and Highway 48, south of where I live, the stop light was red. Sure enough, my car stalled. Thankfully, there was very little traffic and I was able to restart the car and finish my trip home. Again, once I was in the driveway, it stalled. I called the dealership on Saturday and they suggested I get it down to them right away, BUT they don't have any loaner vehicles and they won't pay for the tow. I hung up, figuring that I would just have to drive my car back down to the theatre that night, very carefully. I had no choice. I would deal with this on the Monday. Then the service manager called from the dealership. She had found a loaner vehicle for me. I was to drop off my car and pick up the loaner before 6:00 pm. Done. That was Saturday. Monday around 4:45, the dealership called. They didn't have much news other than the same code was showing on the system, identifying the problem of debris in the engine. They hoped to know more tomorrow. On the 22nd, I rec'd a call saying I needed a new engine. $8,000.00 new or $5,500.00 for a used one with 53,000 kms. on it. The timing chain that had been installed 3 years ago from the recall, had ruined my engine by dislodging the debris. So, a final tally, I purchased the vehicle in 2014, and have spent almost $10,000.00 in large repairs for this vehicle.

Nissan head office has refused to acknowledge the vehicle's problems and defective products. Yasmin, who I have been dealing with, just keeps telling me the car is out of warranty so they can't/won't help me. All I was asking is why this case should not be reviewed as a unique case. She was extremely rude when I spoke to her on the 24th of November, to the point where she hung up on me. I can't even file a complaint, as you can't seem to get anyone to call you back.

I have been a Nissan owner before, back to the Datsun days. This is my 3rd vehicle and I can tell you, it will be my last.

I do not trust a company that cannot back up their products. In this day and age, you would think that Nissan would take a bit more care to insure that their customers are less annoyed and inconvenienced. From reading these comments, I see I am not alone. I have now involved local TV stations and the Better Business Bureau in hopes of getting my money back. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

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Disappointed wayne - 3 d ago

I bought a rogue 2017 less than 800 mile on it and it leaks when it rains we took it to the shop they say they can fix it but water leaked inside so what damage is don't to the interior or electrical and they gave us a sentra

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Not Happy - 6 d 34 s ago

I just Keating Nissan where notified that a growling noise I was hearing upon accelerating was a defective weld but Nissan Manager would not cover it. This is to the tune of $1000 to repair. If it is a DEFECTIVE WELD Nissan should be responsible for this repair. Warranty or not Nissan is responsible for a defective car issue. Since it is defective and I would think a possible safety issue I will undoubtedly have to repair and then will trade in immediately. Will never own a Nissan again. Oh and they also wanted me to do an entire plethora of other things to the tune of an additional $2000+ - $3000+ for a vehicle that only has 56K miles on it. Sad the Manager doesnt even stand by the product he is selling.....

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Nissanjunk - 7 d ago

Wow. Is there any way we all can get together and make Nissan compensate.

Same old story here. Bought a new 2013 altima. Transmission failed right under 90,000. We paid all the repair cost ourselves. I wrote nissan corporate, they gave me a case number and asked me to send all receipts documents,that was over a month ago I have called twice no return calls,what's up Nissan. I've always been a Nissan guy not anymore. Come on people let's go in force. Make them accountable for the JUNK they are selling. Timothy Douglas, Spring Grove Illinois,

Email. (hidden).

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Cyndi Lawrence - 10 d 7 h ago

Well I bought a rouge, Nissan. Payment was 257 a mth, with all the safety features it caused my insurance to come down 50. Maybe 2 mths later, received a voucher n the mail for 3000. Larry went to the dealership to find out if it could be applied to our existing loan. They talked him into a different vehicle entirely, I went down, they'd convinced him to purchase a juke. I couldn't convince him to stay with the rouge, I, exhausted, agreed, the payment 377. with insurance and warranty. Being a sports car of course my insurance went back up to the previous amount. I had the three day resention and it passed without notice. Two weeks later the dealership asked us to come n. They told us in order to keep the already agreed coverages, we'd have to pay an additional 205 a mth. How can they change the contract after the fact with no options for me. I've pd the payments for a year plus. I've pleaded with then to put me n a vehicle off the back lot, cheaper payments without effecting my loan and/or credit and they're money and sale would b intact. They refused. I'm at a loss, since this begin we've lived

n dire straights. Larry's behind on the mortgage and just informed me it's n foreclosure, I cannot help him with this hefty car payment but don't know what to do. Think I'm losing my mind. My marriage and my home, because Nissan refuses to give us any help.

Just want to get everything fixed, it's caused so much between us, I'm contemplating divorce, all because of a car payment. I'm submitting this situation to the local newspapers as well as Tampa. I posted it on my Facebook as a "rough day without human compassion. Received two posts that were almost identical to what happened to us. As a corporation, one would think you'd want to ensure people's perception of our products but if there is no compassion for the people you are really a entity getting rich thur people's misery.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Cynthia Lawrence


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Very unhappy - 12 d 10 h ago


Purchased a 2015 Nissan Murano from Colonial Nissan, that was my 4th car with them. Long story short, I didn't have a trade in because the 2013 Nissan Murano I had was totaled and paid off so I got the 15 because the 13 saved my life in a rollover accident I was in. They added an additional $12,000 on to the selling price. With the interest, the total price came up to over $71,000. I called and filed a complaint with NMAC consumer affairs and nothing was done about it. I did all the steps that the Attorney General's office tells you to do. I got a lawyer and we are going to file a complaint with the Attorney General for sure. I traded the car in and I am supposed to get money back from the warranties I got on the car but I have yet to receive the check. A customer representative from NMAC said that the price was high but because I signed the paperwork, I'm stuck with it. I'm thinking of leaving Nissan because of the way I have been treated. It should be against the law for dealerships to price gouge customers.

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Armada - 12 d 8 h ago


Why. I wish I would have read this before purchasing my truck. I was rushed to sign and now I can't return it

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Skasinc01 - 16 d 18 h ago

To whom ever it may concern, my names Paul. I'm a 47 year old Miami resident. I've been a Nissan Z fan ever since 2004 and owned 4 z's since then. For the last 2 years I have searched through the web trying to get a peek of the upcoming. I have been holding off purchasing my next new car hoping someday there will be at least a release day of the new Z. Any information you can give me will be helpful.. thank you!!

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I wasn't born yesterday - 63 d 10 h ago


NISSAN IS TERRIBLE AND I WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. I realize companies have problems but it is how they handle them that counts. They make it IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone at a decision making level. Completely try to frustrate you so you go away. Well I am NOT going away. Filed complaint with attorney general and Channel 10 news. Spoke to dealer and many calls to Nissan. They know their CVT transmissions have numerous problems so much that they extended the warranty. When our 1st trans went, we found out it would be covered. GREAT! NOT !!! It failed just outside of its lousy 1 year or 12000 mile warranty and they expect me to pay $3500 for another one? REALLY? I guess that should last another year? I spoke to numerous service debts and they said they have not seen many come back this quick like this. Okay so what is wrong then????? Either the trans they put it or the labor and how they put it in. I don't think most people can afford a transmission a year ! Right now the car is not sellable or of course drivable.

Last time I had a problem with a transmission repair it was human error. A part was put back on backward which did not allow the fan to cool the system. They argued with me when I insisted something was wrong until I took it to an independent garage. They found out the mechanic broke this part, glued it on backward so the fan was going backwards ! I am a smart lady and know what is right and when something is just wrong. Nissan is not owning this and they need to

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Anonymous - 29 d 5 h ago

What were the results with the attorney general and channel 10?

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Five Star Nissan Albany, GA - 28 d 7 h ago

Yes they SUCK!!!!!!!! I have had a New 2015 Nissan Murano with transmission problems as well as a New 2016 Nissan Pathfinder with transmission problems! When will these people wake up and fix the transmission problems they are selling people?!?!?!

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Scared to drive the car - 19 d ago


I have been reading these comments and I'm baffled as to why Nissan doesn't comply to The US standards. Every one of these comments is transmission issues. I'm joining you however my car is just a month over one year of ownership and I have only 1400. Miles on it. I'm certainly not a woman that just lets things go. I was in touch with Nissan America. If that doesn't work then I will start at my attorney general state wise then FTC. Thank you all for your comments. Good luck !!

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Don - 23 d 5 h ago


720 pick up troubles. I am in need of a hazard switch for a 1985, 720, 2.0, 5 speed. I have tried every Nissan parts place I can find online. This truck has 44,000 actual miles on it. If I can't locate this part I will not be able to drive this truck because the lights won't work, therefore it won't pass inspection. What can I do? Is there anyway, anyplace, I can get a part that will work?

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KenD - 65 d 8 h ago


The word disappointed does not fully describe how I feel about Nissan right now. I have a Nissan Versa 2015. The month of September my car began jerking. I took my car to Auto Zone so they could run a test on it. The codes that came up they did not know what it was. So they told me to get an oil change. I did. It worked well for a few hours. When I was pulling into my driveway, the car stop accelerating. I took my car to the auto shop and sure enough, it was my transmission. Now, my issue with this is I just had my transmission replaced last July. Because my car is outside the warranty, Nissan would not cover it. I think this is crazy because I've did everything to take care of my car AND my transmission went out 2 months after the warranty. I've looked online and saw a plethora of people are having the same issue that I am having. This should tell Nissan (which is a Million possibly billion dollar company) that they need to invest more money in to producing better transmissions. I am currently appealing this case to corporate. I am willing to take this as high as I need to go.

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Anonymous - 29 d 5 h ago

Did you get any satisfaction? I have a 2013 Nissan Altima and having the same issues.

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Joan Cromwell - 28 d 4 h ago


I as a women had a aterrible experience buying was taken advantage of by them charging me top dollar & also chargin for 2 Keys a fee of 1500.00which was added to my contract. I have been in to the dealership many times asking about the man that added all of the charges to my purchaase. Also I never got back any of the rebates on the car I traded in . I am very disappointed in the NISSAN DEALERSHIP THAT SOLD ME THIS CAR ORIG. FOR $18,000.00 & WHEN i GOT HOME i GOt TO REALLy diggint in TOTHE CONTRACT WHICH i HAD SIGNED. . i HOPE THAT YOU DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP EVER, i REALLY GOT A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH EVERY TIME i GET IN THIS CAR, BECAUSE OF THIS POLICY WHICh THEy GOT ME TO SIGN . mY CAR ISN'T EVEN 2 YEARS OLD , & I STILL OWE OVER $26,000. DOLLARS SHAME SHAME ON YOIU FOR LETTING THIS DEALERSHIP GET AWAY DOING THIS TO A SENIOR CITIZEN. i WILL BE 8 0 YEARS OLD mARCH 7 2018. i HOPE YOU LOOK INTO THIS DEALERSHIP . PLEASE. SINCERELY YOURS JOAN CROMWELL .

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Donna Owen - 23 d 11 h ago


I am dealing with the same issue. I have a 2010 Nissan Altima. The first transmission went out at 120,000 miles and it was just outside of warranty. The 2nd transmission goes out at 150,000 miles. I am SO OVER Nissans. I will NEVER EVER purchase another one. I had a Nissan Maxima before the Altima and had 300,000 miles when I had got rid of it, never had an issue with it. It was a 1996. It appears that they are not making good cars anymore. I am currently going to appeal my case as well. Good Luck with yours.

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Andiamo - 27 d 10 h ago

I just purchased a 2017.5 Rogue SL Platinum. The Nissan Connect refuses to work with my iPhone 6. I brought the car into the dealership and they said there was nothing they could do to fix it. They said Nissan is working on an update to get it to work. I called Customer Service and was told it was Apple's fault because they are always doing updates to their phones. Many blogs on the internet reveal that this problem has been going on for several years with many very frustrated customers. Why does Nissan advertise their Nissan Connect as being such a wonderful thing when it does not work? After reading the other blogs and the items on this blog, I am happy I leased the car so at least I can get rid of it in 3 years. I hope they fix this stuff so I can reconsider the Nissan when the lease is up. PLEASE FIX NISSAN CONNECT!

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Ken - 28 d ago


I have a 2014 sentra i bought new , i should have stuck with ford , i have issues with the transmission at stops, it has a delay and sometimes its worst than other times ,i almost got in accidents a couple times because of that , and i hav a rattle in the air vents under my dash that they are trying to get around fixing and giving me the run around it's driving me nuts , good luck if you buy a nissan!!!!!!

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I purchased this vehicle by my self & my husband said he would come & sigh the papers - 28 d 4 h ago


Joan Cromwell

4008 Killian Dr.

Orlando fla. 32822

Ph (hidden)

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Nissan Five Star Albany - 28 d 7 h ago


I have 2016 Nissan Pathfinder that has only 40,000 miles on it. The service department has informed me that the Radiatar Fan is literally falling apart!!!! Wow!!!! I buy new cars often and have NEVER had a radiatar fall apart. They informed me it would cost about $1000 to have it fixed and that it is NOT covered under power train warranty. This is my second NEW Nissan that has had problems. I will NEVER purchase another Nissan again in my life. I have spent over $600 dollars on this vehicle not including what I am about to spend to get it fixed. The purpose of buying new cars is so that I don't have to pay out money constantly to fix problems.

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago


Team Nissan Vineland NJ has given me the worst service! I recently purchased my car and I am already having issues such as breaks etc. The customer service is horrible they say one thing and act as if it was never said. I am making payments on a car that is a new 2017 and it is already having issues. I put a Claim and it was denied !! I am a college student paying car that is a safety hazard and constantly having to go to Team Nissan with people who suck at communication and have no idea what they are doing. I am very unhappy and would not recommend anyone to go here !

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Terribly Dissapointed - 29 d 5 h ago


I bought a 2003 Nissan Altima in 2005 never had any problems with my car and gave it to my Son last year when I purchased my 2013 Nissan Altima. One year into it my transmission fails to find out there was a recall on the CVT. I called Nissan Consumer Affairs and they are willing out of good faith cover the transmission but I need to cover the labor at 1400.00 I do not agree that I should pay anything since there was a recall and they said they are covering it out of good will. I bought my car out of good faith trusting in Nissan. The thing is there was no way of any indication that there was something wrong with my car. I was then told I should be going to the website to check to see if there is any recalls out there. What? why would I think there was a recall on my vehicle and why wasn't I notified. 4700.00, plus the cost of towing plus a rental vehicle and you wont cover the entire bill plus my out of pocket cost's as well. I am in the process of continuing to fight them on this, blast social media and everyone else I can. Reading all these post's I realize that Nissan is not a worthy company or do they sell worthy vehicles. I will never buy another Nissan again.

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Disappointing Nissan 2017.5 Rogue SL - 29 d 9 h ago


I am a first time Nissan owner. Looking for a family car we came upon a 2017.5 Rogue SL Platinum that seemed to offer all that we wanted. And it did ... until we drove it at night and discovered that the headlights in regular beam mode cast a dark shadow or tint 3/4's of the way down the windshield. The only way to clearly see the road ahead is to engage the high beams or to lean down and look through the clear bottom 1/4 of the windshield. Our guess was that the LED headlights were aimed too far down and we asked to have them adjusted. The Owner's Manual even mentions that some Rogues have an interior dial so the driver can adjust the aim. Ours did not. The dealer's Master Technician said to me it would take a few tries. A Service Manager later said no they can't be adjusted. With a good deal of pushback from the local Nissan dealer - "everyone complains about the headlights", "all the cars on our lot are like yours" - we decided to do a google search and found a 5 page Nissan Rogue Technical instructional on how to adjust the aim of the headlights. I took the issue to Corporate Nissan Consumer Affairs and they too responded that the headlights can't be adjusted. Then why the manual instructional I asked? Why the distracting shadow on the windshield? Not only did they not address that, not once did anyone say they wanted to get in my car at nighttime and see what I was talking about. I will persist until I get a satisfactory solution. Lesson learned: Test drive a car when it's dark and you can test the headlights. Why would anyone want to put their family in a car when driving at night is impaired by poor visibility.

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UnHappy Nissan Owner - 37 d 4 h ago


Can't even get corporate to answer the phone. Bad Customer Service!

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