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Nissan North America, Inc.

1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN
Andrew Tavi
VP Legal and Government Affairs and General Counsel
(615) 725-1000
(615) 725-3343
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Jinny - 4 d ago


I could not get my Altima started on January 27, 2017. After several attempts, I got it to MY repair person. After a weekend, he was able to fix the problem with a new wiring harness. Nissan had warned people that this car needed this special harness or the car might not start. in Niv, 2010. I purchased this car in 2010. It seemed Nissan didn't care if the car started or not. After my repairman fixed the car, it has always started. My family will never purchase a Nissan again. That's a possible loss of 9 clients. Surf City Nissan in Huntington Beach, CA also lied twice about repairs that were needed immediately, one for just under $2,000 and another for over $3400 Nissan will NOT do anything about these repairs.

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hearmenow - 5 d 6 s ago


I have made several attempts to recover my refund of $2,000 from East Charlotte Nissan after I returned the 2010 Nissan Maxima back to their location at 6901 E Independence Blvd Charlotte, NC 28227. The car was purchased on August 28, 2016 and returned on August 29, 2016 after I received a text message from the finance manager stating they made an error on the contract it had to be redone. I went to the went back to East Charlotte Nissan and told him I would not redo the contract, gave them their car back, and requested my $2,000 that was withdrawn from my bank account be returned. The reasons why I refused I to redo the contract with East Charlotte Nissan and expressed to them is as follows: I found out they;

Damaged my credit score

Illegally required me to purchase warranty in order to lower my interest rate from 15.9 to 13.5.

Wrong address. I reside in North Carolina and they put a South Carolina address on the contract.

Wrong car. The car color is Grey, not Super Black as written on the contract. It is also 3.5 SV trim, not 3.5. 5 S as written on the contract.

I was rushed, pressured, and coerced into a contract to which I didn't understand.

I have a witness other than myself who went with me to return the car on August 29,2016. Despite all of this refused to refund my $2,000 back to me.

East Charlotte knew they had incorrect information on the contract, they apparently pushed through a contract that was no good.

Throughout this process I do not like the way I was treated. I just simply expressed to them I want my down payment of $2,000 returned to me when I returned their car. However, they are continuing to refuse to return my refund although they have had the car since I returned it.

In addition to my complaint, there are numerous complaints of customers experiencing this or similar practices at East Charlotte Nissan.

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Lindsay N - 5 d 6 h ago


Terrible customer service. It has taken weeks to get an answer that my extended warranty will not cover my engine repair. With no reason noted. I cannot EVER each any, if you miss their call good luck getting in touch with someone. Good luck getting help with repairs or a rental assistance. TERRIBLE!!!!!!

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John CASTRO - 6 d 13 h ago


Extremely inneficient . All phones are only tape recorders no one answers the phones and they do not return phone calls.

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RL - 11 d 4 h ago


Purchased a nissan Altima 2016 from Nissan of Manhattan on 1/10/17. Paid the car in full. Temporary license plates expired on 2/10/17. Called General Manager Vincent Grace asking when he can submit the paperwork to Dept of Motor Vehicle. He told me there was a lot of other people ahead of us and is working on getting us the paperwork. Kept on making excuses. Trying to reach Mr. Grace for the past 2 months and he has totally ignored us!. Six months has passed and has not submitted the paperwork. All he did was send us a dealer plate. Since we cannot drive this car, we would like to return the car for a full refund and will seek an attorney to sue Nissan! Unscruplous business tactics. Cannot believe we cannot get our license plates, registration and title to the car which we paid for. SHAME ON NISSAN OF MANHATTAN! DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THERE. VERY SHADY DEALERSHIP. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD INVESTIGATE THEM IMMEDIATELY. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!!!

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Vicki williams - 11 d 13 h ago


My daughter bought a 2013 Sentra and the transmission went out on it and a local dealership told her it would be $4,000 to replace it that is a little much if they only will last 4 years I was under the impression Nissans were good cars and last they have a Juke too and it's not what it should be it's sad that people think they are buying a good cars and it don't even last till its paid for she has a car she can't even drive and she was going to give it to her oldest daughter for College not now it can't be trusted to get her around I pray that this gets the attention of someone who cares and will see into this thank you

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Alfredo cancel a portafolio extended insurance - 12 d 7 h ago

How can I cancel a portafolio extended insurance.

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Kimberly - 15 d 7 h ago

2017 Nissan murano auto brake not working!!

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R.Dickenson - 20 d 5 h ago


I have a continuous problem with my 2015 Nissan Altima.I have an ongoing problem with a noise,and thumping in my steering when I turn from side to side.I took it to a local dealership that I bought my car through.The service people were exceptionally kind,and helpful.But they are not the people who work on the cars.It is suppose to be certified mechanics.I had my car in for inspection,and repair for this problem 3 times,but the problem has not been resolved.The mechanic tells me that there is no more that he can do..In other words I was told I have to accept the car the way it is,and just live with it.

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jim - 19 d 18 h ago

Look under the Lemon Law and they could owe you a car or have to pay you back.

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Adela Ibric - 27 d ago


Currently my vehicle is being withheld after it wouldn't turn on on a road trip 5 hours away from my apartment and the dealership is claiming that there is 2000.00 worth of damages in repairs on the car for the 22 hours of service that they ran on the diagnostics tests to just find the problem. There's still 1 recall to be fixed on the vehicle and the car is not even 8 months old and has an extended roadside warranty coverage. It's been to two dealerships in a month and SHUT down 2 times in a week.

I'd just like my car to be repaired so I can continue enjoying my vehicle. Although I'm not sure why the dealership is making me pay for something that is under my warranty and NOT completing the repairs.

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E. Lopez - 29 d ago


I purchased a 2017 Nissan Frontier on May 27, 2017 at Don Davis Nissan after signing the paperwork with the finance manager,Stepen Nguyen. I walk out side to clean out my trade in and was stop by the sales man eho told me there was a problem and the wrong VIN was put on the paper work. I would have to resign everything, i said ok. But when i went to sign the new paperwork the final price was $700.00 More. I refused to sign and left.

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Camille - 34 d 8 h ago


I purchased a used 2013 Toyota Camry from Bay Ridge Nissan in Brooklyn, NY. Within a year of owning the car, I had to replace the dry rotted tires that supposedly passed the car dealerships inspection. They also sold me the car without a key for the wheel locks. The car's rotors and brake pads have to be replaced as well. I have contacted the dealership numerous times and they will take my contact information and tell me that a manager will call me back, but the manager never does. I would like to be reimbursed for the amount of having to replace all four tires and also either have them pay a car repair place of my choosing to replace the rotors and the brake pads. Or at least replace the brakes and the rotors for me. I have spoken to the Nissan Consumer Affairs department already as well, I have even had the Better Business Bureau try to contact the dealership as well.

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Spry - 35 d 8 h ago


I purchased a 2016 Nissan Sentra a year ago. I have had a horrible noise on the drivers side since I got it. I have had it to service at dealership at least five times. I have recorded it and had them listen as they say they can not duplicate. I contacted Nissan consumer Dept who calls and says the service manager is waiting to hear from me to get my car back in and see what they can do. Well I have left message, sent email and no response. As much as I am paying for this car it should NOT make this horrible annoying loud noise. We just took a trip to see our son and had to endure it the entire 245 mile drive yet they can't duplicate. I will keep on until someone listens and something is done. I am so disappointed in the car, the dealership, the service, consumer department and Nissan.

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Roger Huppe - 35 d 17 h ago


I recently bought 2017 Sentra from Mark Motors,Nissan Dealer, Sanford,Maine. Worst car buying experience ever. After agreeing to a bottom line price with no hidden costs, at the time of purchase he charged us an additional $599. He indicated he was losing too much money on the deal. The mistake I made is that I agreed to the deal with a handshake, no written contract.....shame on me! Very humiliating and frustrating experience, they basically said I was lying. Never again..

Also, prior to the purchase the sales manager handed me a cheat sheet listing all of the positive answers that I HAD TO GIVE on the Nissan Dealer this honesty. I have a copy of this cheat sheet.

I've purchased many vehicles in my life, mostly Hondas, never made to feel so low. The sales manager was especially rude!

This kind of action is what gives car dealers such a bad name.

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Z - 40 d 8 h ago


I bought a 2015 Nissan GT-R. Their super car ...I took it to a Nissan dealership that offered a prenourchse inspection. They took me money and supposedly did it. After giving me the a ok on the car I went to the bank and bought it. Drive the car 2-3 times and a week later my transmission goes out. They wouldn't repair me car and I have been dealing with nna for months and can't get anywhere. Took the car to another dealer and they said they will cover it under warranty then 2 days later change their mind. I got sick of this so I told them I'm going to tow my car which I did. The shop calls me and says the car should have never left the Nissan dealer. It was not put back together and is missing parts. When I called the dealer they acted like it was a normal thing. Me and my sinking have bought 13 Cars from Nissan. If they do this to me what do you think they will do to a first time buyer. As I see here he hasn't responded to anyone either. Just like the people at consumer affairs at Nissan. They never answer. When oh ask for a manger they say "I'm the highest level you can speak to.

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Kenneth Harris - 104 d 11 h ago


Wow I must say Nissan has really gone down. I purchased a 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum which supposedly has "premium" leather. Well the car is less than 2 years old and this "premium" leather is cracking and peeling. Contacted Nissan consumer affairs and was told that they deemed it to be normal wear and tear. And that because the car is just over 36000 miles that you all will not do anything about it. Really Nissan normal? This is supposed to be your flagship not only that it's fully loaded and this is the best you can do. Essentially you all have told me that you don't value me as a customer, screw the fact that I have owned 10 Nissans, and that you don't care if I continue to do business with you. I have been a loyal long time customer with you all and this is rhe way tou choose to thank me for my business, by using subpar components and passing them off as premium. Thanks for nothing and you just lost 4 customers as noone in my household will ever purchase anorher one of your products!!!!!

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Z - 40 d 8 h ago


I bought a 2015 Nissan GT-R. Their super car ...I took it to a Nissan dealership that offered a prenourchse inspection. They took me money and supposedly did it. After giving me the a ok on the car I went to the bank and bought it. Drive the car 2-3 times and a week later my transmission goes out. They wouldn't repair me car and I have been dealing with nna for months and can't get anywhere. As I see here he hasn't responded to anyone either. Good luck.

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2012 Jeep Liberty unhappy - 43 d 7 h ago


I have been trying to cancel a Quality Guard Plus service contract since March 2017. Have been calling (hidden) and always get a recording stating please call back we are experiencing technical difficulties. The dealership won't return my calls and can't talk to anyone.

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Vickie Martin - 51 d 14 h ago


Hello my name is Vickie Martin first time buyer of a 2016 Nissan versa s sedan I'm very because for one I'm been over charged for a low end versa second I wasn't given a choice of a vehicle I was given what the dealership won't me to have when I went in I told the salesman what I wanted what I could pay I'm being charged over $ 22,000 thousand dollars for a low end versa that's doesn't have power windows nor key less entry now I fully understand I signed the agreement but I really feel like by this being my very first time buying a car it should have been explained to me because I didn't understand and I did ask questions but Everytime I ask something I was being short talk so they could make a quick sale and get commission and that's not right at all Nissan of Newnan has treated me really bad with this car I cancelled my service agreement on the 8th of April and her it is going on a month and the bank hasn't received the money back yet I know it doesn't take that long but then why would I need a extended warranty on a brand new car I really need for someone to help me because this is very wrong I mean it in 5 years I would be paying 30,000 dollars for a versa now I have talked to other Nissan dealer in the area and they don't care what happens but anyone that has bought a versa from them is not paying this much and they told me so I feel like I have been mistreated as a customer now this is very very wrong 440.95 a month for a basic car really I'm paying a price of a car that has everything fully loaded but I got a basic car I'm going to get me a lawyer and Sue Nissan of Newnan for price gouging because it is against the law here in the state of Georgia I need for someone to contact me at (706)350-4130 because I surley hope this is not how Nissan does business because if so this looks really bad on y'all end and to the owner of Nissan this here give Nissan a bad name.I have always thought customer supposed to be treated fairly well see I wasn't.

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Kenny - 48 d 10 h ago


Call BBB auto line, they help you

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Kandace Duncan - 55 d 11 h ago


My name is Kandace Duncan, and I need to call and talk to you about a situation that me and my daughter had with the Nissan place in Thomasville, Ga., which has got me really angry and I want the contract with the bank cancelled and the car to be taken back. They lied to us in so many ways it's unreal! My daughter was trying to find a car for say no more than $350 a month, but her credit wasn't good, and so I was gonna co-sign, and they said no you just need to have it in your name, and my daughter said yea but how would that help my credit when I'm paying. They told me that they would get the bank to send me a $1,000.00 check to put in a saving acct and that she could draw out $100. 00 each month to go with her payment, so she would only have to pay $350.00 instead of $450. That she couldn't afford. Well haven't seen that check, said it was gonna be put in writing, that was a lie. Said they were gonna make me appointment to get a few thing fixed and they haven't even done that either. They didn't even give us no options on vehicles, and it was getting close to closing time, so when I felt as if I was forced to sign a contract I wasn't even given a chance to read or go over it, which I don't like to be rushed. That's only half of my aggravation. I want this matter solved asap, to get me out of this contract without my credit being messed up and this car taken back! Please let me know what to do. Thanks, Kandace Duncan

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Vickie Martin - 51 d 14 h ago


Hello I was treated the same way I was forced to sign a contract didn't have time to read it and also I was short talk on everything I was being forced to take a car they wanted me to have a basic paying 440.00 a month

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Anonymous - 52 d 7 h ago

Rita....I have tried and tried to phone but have never had the courtesy of anyone answering my call .a few weeks ago I took my CUBE...2009 in for regular check .The maintenance person told me he had some bad news about my back door lock .My back door will not lock .I am a widow and have always taken good care of my car but lately I noticed that my door was not locking ...all my four other doors are working fine .The back door hardly gets used at all .Bad news will cost 550.00 to fix it .I have never heard of anyone having this kind of problem with their cars .Maybe there were recalls for this and I missed it .Living on social security I can not afford to get this fixed and just hope no one realizes my problem .I cannot believe it would cost that much to fix a lock .What do I do to feel safe .I love my cube and it will probably the last car I own..I am 82 years old .Since you never answer my calls because your service departments are always busy no matter what time of day I call.....Please an answer would be appreciated ....soon .I hope your staff is not to busy to take car of its customers.Thank you .

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Anonymous - 56 d 9 h ago


Roderick harris very

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