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Nissan North America, Inc.

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Andrew Tavi
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Lynne - 2 d 4 h ago

I bought a 2017 Nissan Rogue late February, 2017, a week ago (9/10/18) the air conditioner started turning on by itself, if I had it on low speed it would blast and go on my feet when it was set on my face, almost think it's the vent that's blasting, anyway I've had it at local dealership and they can't duplicate, ughhh, went online to investigate, to my surprise there's been alot of complaints since 2014 with the same problem, I don't have any faith it will ever get fixed....feeling defeated and discouraged!!!!! Lynne from Auburn, MA

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 h ago

I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima I had my transmission replaced 2 times and my car is still under 90'000 miles , and each time my car was in the shop for almost a month. Nissan repaired it under the power train warranty and put me in rental cars that was awesome. But as far buying another I wouldn't do it. Just from reading the reviews the transmission problems are very common. I never had these problems out of my Toyotas and ACURA .

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HAROLD FONSECA - 3 d 2 h ago


Harold fonseca Tobyhanna pa 2 Nissan Altima 2 transmission replaced ask Nissan to repair my 2016 Nissan Altima offered only $1000 toward $4000 cost regret not buying kia optima i first saw before altima

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Pissed NC senior - 5 d 8 h ago


I am a senior an honesty an truth mean something from a Nissan Greenville North Carolina dealership. I bought a 2018 Nissan I am very dissatisfied with the vehicle an with the integrity of ALL individuals I have actually dealt with in the entire process. The owner does not have the guts to even answer the phone after five or more calls. I believe the dealership manager does not tell the facts or truth in efforts to not be responsible for violations of FTC regulations or consumer protection laws. Here's the facts. My daughter was Abt to have open heart surgery.....but I promised. (Darrell salesman) I would come by. So before surgery I had few moments an stopped in. I saw Capital Auto dealership. Raleigh NC offering SAME vehicle Abt 3000 under the Greenville dealership. So the lies began an I was swept through process with lies.....signed about 50 pages of documents....10 minutes.....with Credit Manager knowing no way could I read before signing.....MAKING EVERY DOCUMENT FRAUD by the dealership.......big problem for Nissan. Well.....I went in to see Darrell.....I had not taken possession....had called the owner an credit manager....NO ANSWER or returned call. I told Darrell I was not comfortable in the documents an price or the lies told to me. Yet I was intimidated into taking possession. Then the quality of vehicle comes to surface...RPM meter goes crazy.....high.....little power.....I like the Toyota Camary my last new car in 2013......I would never buy another Nissan car for many reasons. Then Credit Manager said.....GAP insurance but 15 a's right at 960 at 13 percent interest over 6 years..... Big big....big lies...... certainly not 15 a month. So I am making a FTC. An CFPB complaint because the technical is when your credit manager knows..... PARTICIPATES.......DIRECTS the customer to sign 50 pages approximately in 10 minutes without any time to read including a POWER OF ATTORNEY........all contracts can NOT be enforced because the dealership creates the fraud. Listen up people.......this is your OUT of bad deals...look at Deprivation of rights.....Title 18 Section 241. Including conspiracy to deprive rights.....treble damages..... applicable all states cause it's Constitutional an layers under Constitutional rights ....due process. Ok folks full Complaint goes out now. My daughter is recovered an my time can handle the issue. But car dealership of Nissan or any brand has a responsibility to be truthful. As a fact.....the Raleigh Not a Nissan dealership....bought the cars from a New Jersey Nissan dealership unloading inventory.....another region offered them way cheaper. So the Greenville dealership had to lie alot so I did not go there....SHAME......I gave them the VIN number like a fool .... So guys.....put me on record an certainly the entire post content is my of my knowledge an belief including references to statute or federal code. I am not an attorney but I am a profiler of facts that at times that are used in federal FACTS are evidence. Time for car dealers to Stop FRAUDS step up to honesty. I will not keep the 2018 Sentra .....but I am making the payments UNTIL the issues of dealership created frauds on consumer contracts causes the industry to develop better policies.....truthfulness......they intend to enforce...but this dealership was so disrespectful...I want damages too. I have senior rights an protected by Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 an senior rights. I am physically disabled in disclosures. Brenda Harris (hidden) an we will get a class action excuse for lies

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Hugh - 9 d 10 h ago


Never got my first free oil change.. had to pay Jiffy Lube, No reply from Valley Nissan's Stanton VA. General fore warned new buyers....

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


I have a 2012 Nissan Rogue. The passenger air bag icon stays on all the time whether the seat belt is fastened or not and whether there is some one sitting in the passenger seat. I have gone to a dealership in Manchester ct and I was told me that I bought it used and not from a Nissan dealership. I was wrong-doing this??then he told me it would cost me $140 to evaluate this situation. This is a safety issue!! This is not covered?? It sure wasn't wear and tear! I love the car. But it maybe my first and last one I'll buy if you can't and behind your product.

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Steven Smith - 14 d 3 h ago


I purchased a car (2015 Toyota Corolla) from a nissan dealership in maryland (Sheehy, WHITEMARSH) which has a problem with the radio which is under an extended warranty which I purchased from the dealership. The touch screen is not working and I have been trying to get the Service manager to arrange a repair or replacement for the radio and I can't seem to get anyone to return my phone calls. Everytime I call no one is available to answer the phone so I am forced to leave voice mail messages which does me no good if they do not return them. I have been a LOYAL customer to this dealership buying 3 cars in the last 10 years and unless this issue gets resolved toot sweet I would have to say that they will have kissed off a return customer for LIFE. If there is ANYTHING that you can do to light a fire underneath these people I would greatly appreciate it. They have known about this issue for 2 weeks now. I don't know about you but this is not what I would consider satisfactory customer service.

Steven A. Smith

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Hack - 15 d 16 m ago


I have a Nissan Pathfinder 2015. The car has been to Nissan dealer three times for transmission drive shaft sill failure, transmission causing car shaking problem and tale gate lock failure. The power steering makes very high pitch noise that my children can hear inside the car but the dealership says it is normal. The car has been design poorly. I have an old Nissan Maxima which has been a nice car for me but it seems the new engineers are incapable of making good cars anymore. Why don't they recall the cars to correct the outstanding issues. This will make the image of Nissan corporation better. I am not going to buy Nissan anymore.

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Nadeen - 15 d 9 h ago


I am a Nissan owner since 2011 and already been through three Nissan Altima, stupid me the second time having a transmission issue on a new car that wasn't even two years old yet I went n changed it for another Nissan n now this 2016 is giving me engine and transmission issues I went to Nissan and waited there since 1145 am to 5 pm incredible they was going to do the recalls it had and fix the issue I had with an oxygen sensor now five days later my car is still there for service because they told me car was ready for pick up and we went to get it and as I was driving it I felt the same issues I had with car so back we went for service ugh I just want something to be done I'm paying a lot a month to be having this issues so early on is a 2016 I got on July why am I having so many issues already, I honestly don't want to continue paying for a car monthly that even turned off while driving in the highway how dangerous is that???? Can someone help

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Terry Robinson - 17 d 23 h ago


Had a NEW transmission put into my 2009 Versa after it failed under warranty. Then the NEW transmission failed after a little over 12 months!! Sheeesh! What is up!?! The dealer claims it was a bad part, so I need to pay an additional $2100... say what!?!

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Loyal Sherry - 19 d 19 h ago


I went in to the dealership in Valdosta Ga for a oil change on 9/1/18. The service attendant and I had a few words pertaining to my service I'd scheduled. He told me he was not going to give my Nissan a oil change and for me to leave. I drove over 60 miles oneway. I consider myself a loyal customer at this facility. I don't like how I was treated at all. Had to go to a super lube for a oil change. Who writes the checks? Employees or the owner

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William Jones - 21 d ago



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Henry Amanno - 21 d ago


Over the years I have leased 6 Nissan vechiles, the current vehicle is a 2018 rogue, promises were made verbally. Repeated attempts to try and resolve this matter were not successful. Manager said he would take care of it, multiple times. Kept giving me future dates. Had to resolve the bill myself, so my credit wouldn't be affected.

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Sharon 6066703091 - 21 d 19 h ago

MY NAME IS SHARON ,I STILL OWN MY 200O NISSAN frontier. You should see what she looks like. I have had EVERYTHING almost replaced some a few times.i CANNOT put any more money into her because I AM DISABLED, 54,cannot get a loan ect.Her book value not mine is 1500.sad THESE truck just W ont dieWould you have one that nobody wants? Lol

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R.l. Crawford - 22 d ago

I drove my Nissan frontier pickup to the Chattanooga area Nissan dealer , and after paying over 2,500.00 $ , I had to have it towed back to my home .

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Anonymous - 23 d 6 h ago

REF: Jim Click Nissan Service Manager: Andrew Stewart Auto Mall Tucson, AZ I am reporting a negative experience at this service department on Aug 28, 2018. I was responding at an ECM re-call and had an 11:30 am appointment. Upon check in I was told there was 3 hour wait, there were 10 cars ahead of mine for the same re-call issue. I asked service manger, Andrew Stewart why the service department overbooks appointments so there is a 3 hour wait time for customers, especially when customers are NOT informed when the appointment is made- that the service will take 3 hours. Mr. Stewart indicated that my 11:30 appointment was not for actual servicing, but that was the time when I was scheduled to meet with a service adviser. Is that really the case? Doesn't Nissan value the the time of its customers? Without any prior notification, a 3 hour wait is totally unacceptable. Like airlines squeeze more sets on a plane, this dealer is squeezing as many customers as possible into the schedule. By 11:30 am and with 10 cars ahead of mine, they knew that there was to be a 3 hour wait, but lacked transparency about not informing customers ahead of time of this wait requirement. My wife and I have owned a Nissan vehicle for 17 years; we both drive Nissan vehicles. I have never been treated like this before. Mr. Stewart never offered any apology or acknowledged the unexpected time-bind this 3 hour wait places on vehicle owners. He does not get it. I had other commitments that afternoon, so I took my car back and left. With travel time, I spent over 4 hours for nothing. Is there anything you can do to alleviate this disregard for customer time and effort?

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Anonymous - 27 d 16 h ago

Love the Altima but what is with all this Charcoal interior. Terrible depressing interior

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Kenneth Rhoads - 27 d 19 h ago


I never received a response back from Nissan. Needless to say since we did not get any help from Nissan in fixing the transmission on our 2012 Nissan Altima with barely 120000 miles on it we decided (after buying Nissans for 25 years) to buy a Honda Pilot instead of buying a Nissan Pathfinder like we had planned. Since you gave us no help in fixing or replacing the transmission that should have never went bad to begin with you lost lifelong Nissan customers to a rival. The reputation of standing behind the quality that we thought your company stood for has been tarnished and we will not buy again.

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Kyle Cooper - 33 d ago


This complaint is in regards to the dishonest methods of sales used by Bill Ray Nissan, 2724 North US Highway 17-92, Longwood, FL 32750 . I drove an hour and a half yesterday, August 18, 2018, to this dealership based on an advertised price of $29,881 for the following vehicle:: Year: 2017 Make: Nissan Model: Titan Trim: PRO Exterior Color: Glacier White ePrice: $29,881.00 Stock Number: P2590 Mileage: 26,232 VIN: 1N6AA1E51HN527410.

After consulting with his manager/owner, the salesman and I came to an agreed upon "out-the door" price of $33,700 including all taxes and fees, and that deal was for "cash". That deal was sealed with a handshake and the salesman went to draw up paperwork. He returned to the table telling me that the deal could not be completed for cash and that the deal "required that the vehicle be financed through Nissan". I have never had a dealership turn down cash for a vehicle, and I have never had a dealership tell me that a vehicle must be financed by the brand's own financial institution.

That same vehicle is now advertised today by the same dealership for an Internet price of $34,391, and yes I confirmed that this is the same VIN of the truck that I test drove yesterday.

I started this deal with the Internet Salesman - Tim Torres. I do not know recall the name of the salesman that took over for Tim, but I do know that the owner's name is Brian Ray. Apparently the truck i intended to buy was used as a demo by Mr. Ray.

I've owned my current 2004 Titan Se since January 2005. I had every intention of buying a newer model Titan, in fact I absolutely love the Pro 4x that I test drove yesterday, but I will not be buying that vehicle from Bill Ray Nissan, I will not be returning to Bill Ray Nissan, and I will not be recommending that anyone I know shop at Bill Ray Nissan.

As for the rating I am offering below, I am offering a "0 Stars - Terrible" based solely toward Bill Ray Nissan. My previous experience with Nissan USA as a whole had been nothing short of phenomenal. Prior to owning my current 04 Titan SE, I owned a 98 Pathfinder. Both vehicles were relatively problem free.

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Joanne - 35 d 25 m ago


I am a very unhappy Nissan owner. I feel that the dealership gave me the run around to get my brand car fixed. I bought my Nissan Versa brand new. And, after 10 days the car had stalled on the freeway in traffic 3 times. Then, for a year when my husband had the car. Half the time it didn't start. Called customer service and all they could tell me was take it too a dealership. And I told them that it was impossible. Then, this year alone I had took the car to your dealership 4 times for the same issue. And, each time I got it back they said it was fine. I highly doubt they fixed the real issue. If I had to take it in 4 times just this year for the same issue. I think Nissan should do something about this matter. I am not very happy. We even tried to trade it in and that was just a joke. I don't think they were trying to make a sale or understand my situation I have had with this car

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Jennifer b - 53 d ago


Bought a 2013 Nissan Rogue last year paint started peeling now it's all over th car never again will I purchase a Nissan

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Amy - 49 d 17 h ago

Nissan repainted my entire 2013 Rogue in April 2017. I had to fight Nissan consumer affairs dept, because they tried to say it was "environmental" and originally would only agree to pay half of the almost $14,000 paint job (I have pearl white the most expensive they said). They have to go all the way down to the metal because it was the water based primer that was defective. The only part they didnt pay for is the front and rear bumper, everything else, including my rental were covered. Good luck!

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Linda - 35 d 4 h ago


Hello Amy, I was wondering if you could tell me how you went about actually getting them to pay for your paint job? I own a 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe that has always been kept in a garage or covered parking away from the elements and now the clear coat is bubbling up and coming off on the roof which means the paint will be next. I told Consumer Affairs that this should not happen on a car that is only 10 years old and kept in a garage. They told me that they would start a case file and that the first thing I would need to do was to take it to a dealership and have then look at the paint job and write up a report of their findings. I did as they asked, and spent 45 minutes at the dealers to get the report which stated that the cr was in great shape and that the roof had problems. I contacted Consumer Affairs again to let them know that i got the report and wanted to know how to proceed and I was then told that there was nothing that they could do for me and if I wanted it repainted it would have to come out of my pocket. They didn't even ask to see a copy of the report I got or even ask what it said. When I asked to speak to the gentleman's supervisor her wouldn't even give me his name. Needless to say, I am furious and don't know what to do now.

Any advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at (hidden)



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Amy Rogue 2013 - 35 d ago

Linda, you need to find a auto body shop (preferably Nissan) and get a quote that states the issue is defective primer and not environmental. Nissan used a water based primer to be earth friendly that was defective. Good luck! Keep fighting

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Mrs C - 35 d 16 h ago

New Nissan Sentra 2015 After two years The CVT Transmission died. The localNissan sealer was very cocky and unhelpful. Even the local dealer said they cross their fingers everyday driving their Nissans(Yeah Right). I'm sur they get the true auto transmissions. The Regional Advisor Accidentallyeft a voicemail on my phone saying "I don't give a sh*t , I don't care if it's school season go get a loan and other things and had the nerve to call and apologize that she was just frustrated. Hu would you be frustrated? It was my car that just broke down. So hear it from me, the corporate office official said I don't give a sh*t about me (A customers situation). I have no choice but to go legal . So don't waste your time calling Corporate they don't give a sh*t consult with an attorney.

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