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Nissan North America, Inc.

1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN
Andrew Tavi
VP Legal and Government Affairs and General Counsel
(615) 725-1000
(615) 725-3343
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Kiflom Sebihatu - 1 d 50 m ago

I've got a call from specialist name Tristen and we had a talk for some time and he was telling me he doesn't allow assistance and I explained to him my situation and four months ago hertz owned the car and showed all maintenance they've done and car fax report clean after I buy the car took it to dealership everything was great the cvt transmission problem came out of nowhere just made only four payment from sixty payment and requested god will consideration Mr Tristen states this is unproductive call for him I was very disappointed hearing this from specialist to a Nissan car owner. Also I told him I loved the car get good gas mileage comfortable spacious room but at the moment financially in trouble . I also mentioned to him friend of mine owns 2018 Honda CR-V and he received a mail from Honda stating if anything goes wrong with the cvt transmission they will gave them life time warranty and asked him the cvt isn't only Nissan problem seems like all cars but he's not good in customer care service he said he's going to email me I don't think he'll but since everything is recorded I would like Nissan management to listen to it and improve how to handle there customers or people who owned there cars. I asked him how I can review him he stated this is the last decision the only contact information I've is consumer affairs

Thank you

Kiflom Sebihatu


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TBone - 1 d 4 h ago


Another Nissan Rogue down due to the Bad CVT Transmissions.

I purchased my 2009 Nissan with the LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY. I took good care of it bringing it in to the Poughkeepsie Nissan dealership where I purchased it from. I got to know many managers and service reps. some in and out fast. Not sure why they didn't stay around. So I always brought it in for service, keeping good records. Even though they are so over priced, I still kept going back. In my first few months I had complaints about bucking when hitting the gas pedal and they told me that was normal, then it was time to get the 30,000 miles Transmission service spelled out in fine print for the LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY. The service manager, by the way is no longer there, told me I didn't have to service the transmission until 45,000 miles. I asked them to put that in writing and they did. Then one day an axle went bad and they told me it wasn't covered under this Powertrain warranty--WHAT!!

I had it fixed elsewhere and paid for that. The second axle went 10,000 miles later, I paid for that . The drive shaft went, guess what, not covered!! I paid for that. I said, what is covered. My answer was you have to read the fine print.

So long story short, I have 209,000 miles on my Nissan Rogue 10 years later. Guess what. My transmission gave out, but when I asked if they would cover it with the LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY they told me I missed some servicing and they will not cover it. DON"T BOTHER WITH NISSAN!!!

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ASHAMED TO BE WHITE!! - 7 d 7 h ago

I was buying a car at Gary Mathews last summer. I had 12,000.00 dollars cash and was ready to buy. My salesman was great he listened to my concerns and honestly busted his ass to help my out in the sweltering heat. Upon us going back into the Used Car building I sat at my salesman's desk while he tried to locate another vehicle for me at the sales tower. Minutes later while he was away apparently his desk partner whom I was talking to was looking for a pen or something in his drawer. Out he pulled a MONKEY WITH A NOOSE on it's neck. I can't tell you how sick this makes me as a white man. I was so pissed I just left. Feeling horrible for the black salesman to have to work in this environment. I asked him for the name of the person in charge and he later got back with me with her name. Sheliah Yarborough is the comptroller and she disgust me as well. I have left her multiple messages over A YEARS TIME and no return. Nissan should take there dealership this has no place in society especially with an Army base full of black soldiers a that purchase their cars. SHAME ON YOU NISSAN NORTH AMERICA!!

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Tom Q - 29 d ago


As an owner of a 2017 with 37500 miles Nissan Marano and a defective engine

Rockland Nissan checked the engine .it showedno DTC faults .

Nissan are refusing to to warrant the engine.

No warnings shown on the dashboard.

We have submitted canceled checks service reports and milage when the vehicle was serviced by my local Garage.

If you don't get your car serviced at a Nissan Dealership good luck with your warranty my fellow Nissan Vehicle owners.

I have spoken on the phone numerous this with complaints and they have with zero knowledge of a car service.

Nissan North America have refused to call me.

I am presently without a vehicle for 10 weeks.

My only option is spend 6000.00 to replace it.

Unhappy Nissan owner.


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John Douglas - 31 d ago


In May 2019 I purchased a 2019 Nissan Rogue from Rocking Nilsson of Springfield (VA). A few days later while reviewing the paper work I discovered the proper discount had not been given. I returned to the dealership and was told I was due $449. I was given an IOU for this amount. I have called several times over the months since then. I have talked to Mike, the store manager and Aaron, the sales manager. Both have said they would see to it that I will receive a check. It has become obvious that I have been getting the run around. I ask that you please insist that this unscrupulous franchise honor their commitments. I have paperwork stating that they will give me the money owed. Thank you very much. John W. Douglas, 6529 Deepford Street, Springfield, VA. 22150, (hidden).

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Email: - 184 d 3 h ago

Greetings! Greetings!! Greetings !!!

Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

She received a 150,000 dollars check from the fedreal government.

Contact me for more explanation.

Flagged for review. 
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me - 44 d ago

Piss off!

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Benjamin - 126 d ago


2015 Nissan Sentra SV very unreliable. My mother brought this car in 2016, thinking that it would be a reliable form of transportation. After owning a very reliable 2004 Toyota (200,000) miles and counting with no issues she was convinced foreign cars were better and more dependable. Now she has no transportation to go back and forth to the doctor, and me being a disabled veteran have no way to get to the V.A. for my appointments. What's worse is Nissan want do anything to help after admitting these CVT transmissions are faulty when they were put in the car. They just take the money and run. Very dissatisfied with Nissan and wouldn't ever purchase another one and would advise anyone in the market for a car to stay away from Nissan. A company is only as good as there product and your product is garbage. So I'll join the social media campaign against any product made by Nissan.

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Rob - 44 d 32 m ago


The truth now! How much maintenance did you really have to do on that Toyota?

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Nancy - 64 d 6 h ago


Nissan absolutely is an awful provider of "safe" vehicles or ANY vehicle for that matter. I bought a 2019 altima on April 28 2019 and today is June 18 2019 and it's in the shop for the 3rd time. Tires wore prematurely at 5353 miles and now at 7500 miles the brakes in the front and back have went bad due to the wear of the tires. WTF! I am now expected to replace a set of tires and pay 500 for them to do the brakes to not void a warranty they don't have on a BRAND NEW CARS BRAKES OR TIRES. Screw nissan and ever buying another vehicle that had anything to do with nissan again. Yes, I am a courier I drive a lot, but I have had used vehicles all my life that have been a way better vehicle than this "new" piece of garbage I bought to not have problems. Oh, and nissan USA won't do anything about the problem, but we have safety features and a slogan of safe mobility attached to the nissan name. Well folks, neither of these are true nissan is garbage and so is the corporate behind the junk they sell to people who try to make a living.

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Rob - 44 d ago


Remove the name Nissan put in whomever you want and the situation will be the same.

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Curtis 650-594-4800 - 49 d ago


July 3, 2019 CC: WSJ, NY Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Car & Driver, Car Talk Jose Luis Valls Nissan Chairman for North America, Inc. P.O. Box 685001 Franklin, TN 37068-5001 Dear Jose, I am writing this on behalf of a friend, and I also mailed you a copy of this letter. Some of your dealers are failing to honor the Nissan 10 year, 120,000-mile warranty for the CVT transmission. Your Nissan Consumer Affairs office (hidden)) told me that nothing can be done about it, and they have refused any action regarding this letter. I copied the media with this letter because your dealers are endangering the public by not repairing faulty CVT transmissions which are leaving people stranded in the middle of busy intersections, and along busy highways. Nissan dealers are failing so often to honor the warranty, that a copy of the Nissan warranty is taped on the wall at independent transmission companies such as Scotts Valley Transmission. The failure of Nissan dealers (twice) to do the right thing put my friend (and me) in danger because your CVT transmission failed which stranded us in a busy intersection on a Sunday, 150 miles from home. When your CVT transmission in our 2010 Nissan Rogue began making noise and slipping at 110,000 miles, your dealer, Stevens Creek Nissan in Santa Clara told us that it was not bad enough to be covered by your Nissan 10 year, 120,000-mile warranty. When your CVT transmission was still making noise and slipping at 115,000 miles, we tried another of your dealers, Santa Cruz Nissan (now out of business), and we were again told it was not bad enough to be covered by your Nissan 10 year, 120,000-mile warranty. Then, on a Sunday at 132,681 miles, your CVT transmission failed, and it left us stranded in a busy intersection. I no longer trust your dealers; therefore, we had the CVT transmission replaced at an independent transmission repair shop (Scotts Valley Transmission). Please write a check (no partial payment) in the amount of $4,746 to cover my transmission repair ($4,329), and rental car costs ($417) because we would not have had these expenses (and danger) if your dealers had done the right thing. Curtis (hidden)

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Marlene - 51 d 5 h ago


I have a issue with a 2016 rogue I brought from Faulkner Nissan in Jenkintown;

I went to get some service for the car , I told the service person about a cracking sound I heard in the driver seat. It was assessed as a Driver frame needing replacement,

I have only had the car since february the seat obviously had a problem before I got it .Now I am told it is $1950. to get a new driver frame seat.

I I do not know why it is not covered in the warranty. Had i known i may have not purchased this particular vehicle. I dont have that kind of money.

I am satisfied with it other wiise I use it for work. Also I do lyft and my passengers love the ride .i get a lot of compliments.Can you help me?

Thank You

Marlene logan



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George Karacek - 69 d ago

I just received Ann email from Nissan to upgrade my Navigation

Computer programs, when updated, are usually updated at no charge, because you pay for it in the beginning

This is the 4th time this has happened

I will never buy another Nissan product and my lease is about to run out

You people never learn

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Lucy232323 - 98 d ago


Bought a 2016 Nissan SV. Just flipped to 74,000 miles. Transmission died. I'm out $4000.00 on a car that is only 3 years old??? Checking with the class actions now.

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mike819 - 76 d 41 m ago

mine was an Altima did you find anything out yet

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Scammer car dealership in Jacksonville - 90 d 4 h ago


Williamson Nissan of Jacksonville North Carolina is a shyster corporation that somehow put threw a car loan in my name and I don't live any place near Jacksonville. the salesperson the finance manager and the sales manager will not help in providing me a copy of the contract that I supposedly signed. Time to legal up and out this illegal operation

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Bye - 106 d 5 h ago

Peruzzi Nissan trying to charge me over $1,000 saying I had damage to my car when I turned it in. The car was in impeccable condition with not one scratch. They are saying the wrap on the roof is damaged. That was a factory part and we in no way had anything to do with it. It was on there when we got the car. We purchased the full extended warranty as well to cover anything. They are still saying we need to pay. I want to get in touch with legal but I dont know how. We have pictures to prove everything was fine with the car when it was brought back. And Peruzzi didnt even want to take it back. They said they had no room for it. Meanwhile half their lot is empty. They didnt even want to sell my husband a pick up truck. Every month they would call and say they had a special deal. Then we would go up there and they had nothing.

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nelbert rickey - 127 d 5 h ago


bought a nissan frontier from nebo auto in jonesboro arkansas, have had the truck for 10 months now. have only got to drive it 4 months out of the 10.had to change motors and the motor that came out had been changed before i bought it. car fax said it was good. i have put 2 motors in it in the 10 months and right now it is setting in the shop for transmission work. it has been there for three weeks and still can't get the parts to fix it. nissan is not a very bad company with very bad products.if you have lots of money i would suggest investing in a nissan automobile at least you would know where your money went.

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Chris - 129 d 19 h ago


Me and my wife bought a 2014 Nissan Versa from Ken Pollock and Wilkes-Barre had it for a few days and have nothing but problems with it Muffler went motor mount and now there is a squealing noise coming from engine cruise light keeps flashing and dealership does not want to take care of the problems bad and poor service never buy a car from Ken Pollock in Wilkes-Barre cross from Olive Garden poor customer service

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Anonymous - 222 d 5 h ago

have a rouge and i am now on my 3rd transmission nissan wont help and does not care i will never buy there products again i am telling eveyone i know not to buy either a company who does not back there product is not a company i want to deal with!!!!

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nina - 132 d 16 h ago

same thing happening to me

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Robert Dalesandro - 139 d 41 m ago


I truly hate getting an oil change..not only do they pull every trick in the book to charge you for something that is free .....customer service is the worse...route 22 nissan in Hillside N.J got a new manager every month. ..You cant build a relationship which is paramount to customer service....When they hire new people every month....The new employee doesn't know what the old employee robbed you for...So he tries to Rob you his self for the same parts the old guy got you for....They damaged 4 rims in January ..its now April an there still not fixed even after they said it was there im waiting for tires that were ordered in Jan, an its April an know one ordered them. ...Customer Service is Shabby at best...i wouldn't recommend this place to yourself a headache ..Lucky the car is more reliable, then there service.

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Veronica A. - 153 d 3 h ago

I bought a 2017 Nissan Altima at Stadium Nissan of Orange, Since I have had problems with it. Poor customer service as well at the Service Department. First the shift button was stuck, which I had only less than a year went out, took it in and they wanted to charge me over $1,000 to fix not customer satisfaction. Second, my fuel pump was defected took it in and they replaced it. 3rd my Battery blew up sort of saying. Acid all over my car. I ask myself how can that be possible. I have had my car for only 1 year and 10 months. The customer service in that place is horrible. They fdont explain nothing and care less. I purchased two cars from this place 2017 Nissan Sentra and 2017 Nissan Altima. Do they care NO!! I need a resolution and my expenses resolve. VERY UNFAIR!

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Anonymous - 149 d 5 h ago

I wish I had read these reviews before buying my brand new Rogue that is giving me problems before 3000 miles. I will get myself an attorney and will fight till the end. Not fair. You buy a brand new car for a reason.

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