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Nordstrom, Inc.

1617 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Blake Nordstrom
President and Director
(206) 628-2111
(206) 628-1795
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audrey sanfilippo - 4 d ago


I am looking for a pair of shorts that I purchased there in linnen years ago . They were knee length and loose and walking shorts ,wished id never given them up every summer I look for them and try to find some somewhere. They were not slim cut by any means but wide legged and knee length with a 1 inch cuff . I'm sure it was 20 years go . how time files. and I wonder every spring why I gave them up /. do you ever reproduce things from another time . they had the look of Tommy Bahamma, but were point of view. maybe the girls of today wouldn't want them but ill bet online you'd sell them to some old customers. maybe I should have some made . please let me know if you are aware of any being produced . thank you AJS

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Blake Nordstrom - 5 d 15 h ago

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Tina - 6 d 14 h ago


My recent experience with online was horrific. I purchased a pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes for approx 356.00

They arrived in plastic bags in an empty box not even tissue paper. Response from Sara was that shoes on sale may be missing dust bags. Within 2 days the shoes went on sale for 237. I am talking 2 days. She reiterated that there is not price adjustment. This was such an unreasonable response on her part reiterating over and again stating I don't read her messages that she would send me nordstrom dust bags. I have never heard of this type of response in the 20 years I have been shopping with Nordstrom. I am thoroughly dissappointed and did not think this was such a posture she should take. I am sending shoes back and allowing someone else to enjoy the discount. Don't need them that badly.

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Anonymous - 10 d 29 m ago


I didn't think by working here, there be this much racist employees from department managers down to us entry level low paying employees

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago


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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago


I usually shop at the Nordstrom Fashion Valley store in San Diego. Every time I shop there, I have experienced horrible customer service especially in the individualist, designer shoes and Chanel handbags departments. I have been underestimated by its employees. I dread every time I go to this store. I have brought this issue to the store manager many months ago. I have also asked for the corporate contact information without any success. It seems that nobody wants to share it. There are many other options where to shop and Nordstrom in Fashion Valley is no longer my go to store.

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Isetta - 11 d 12 h ago


I wholeheartedly agree that customer service in Nordstroms is declining.

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Jim Angelopoulos - 17 d 8 h ago

As a former customer i became aware that one of the Nordstrom's in San Jose, Ca. Is lowering all their employees pay to minimum wage of $15.25 even though some were making much more than that. What happen to the old nordstrom where employees were valued. Now you pay them peanuts so they can sell on commission which they cant control since Nordstrom has such a high return rate. You are only as good as your people. Be careful. What happened to sears may very well happen to nordstrom.

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Anonymous - 13 d 10 h ago

Actually Jim you have this backwards. Regular salespeople are paid ONLY on commission. Certain positions where there is also time worked off the sales floor have a small base pay of around $10.50 because most time should be spend with customers selling. If anything, that base pay may have been raised to $15.25 but they will not earn that while they are engaged on the sales floor. This is the reason why customers don't understand that when they return things that most places wouldn't take back, you are hurting the paycheck of the person who helped you. That return can come off their paycheck if it is returned within the entire YEAR. That's also one reason why they are starting to enforce the return policy more and contacting customers who may be abusing the system.

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Heterosexual Pride - 15 d 5 h ago

Why must Nordstrom endorse LGBT gay "pride?" You have just offended a large portion of yoir customers with your PC stupidity. Stick to retail.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Why do you care?

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Anonymous - 22 d 14 h ago


Why do you guys try to weave out veteran employees, it's not our fault you guys set parameters that we meet and management seem oblivious and untrained to monitor and adjust labor cost accordingly. Stop trying to weave out employees unprofessionally and train employees better. The way you set step pay raise sucks, your inverted pyramid sucks, the way you train employees suck.

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Anonymous - 17 d 14 h ago

One hundred percent agree. I worked for this company for twenty years and I'm so sad to see how it has changed. Full of hypocrisy, lack of respect. Over worked and under paid. Some good people still exist, but few and far between. Little integrity left here.

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Dr. Isetta G. Melton - 19 d 10 h ago


Good evening,

On May 27, 2019, I entered Nordstrom Rack in Towson, MD. with the intentions of making a purchase in Women's Clothing. I made my selection and immediately obtained a place in the long lines at the front counter. After waiting approximately 22 minutes, I was next in line. I observed the sales associate signal with a wave for what I assumed was the next person to come forth. However, as I approached her register she quickly stated loudly, :I;m taking a call now:. I was immediately frustrated not understanding why she would signal ne to come forth and then decided to take a call at the same time. I went back to the original line where I observed two customers who were originally behind me had been assisted and were on their way out of the store. Finally the sales associate, second from the end signaled for me to come forth. The original sales lady came back to her register when I decided to inform her that I did not appreciate her decision to ignore me. She began disputing everything I stated in a very loud tone and refused to back down on the fact that she called me over. She totally denied her actions. Now, my complaint is not so much that I may have mistakenly interpreted that she called me over to her register, my comolaint is that she became argumentive in a loud tone with at least 20 customers in that line who witnessed the incident, Not once did she back down in her tone or did she acknowledge that she could have made an error. She continued to defend her position. I then asked her name ad she responded :"Grace". The sales associate who assisted me informed me that Grace was the store manager. Well, I have an even more concern with a store manager having and expressing this tone with customers instead of attempting to minimizing the situation, she made it escalate to uncertain terms.

Upon my arrival home, I called the Towson store to speak to the manager and was directed to Grace. I informed her of who I was and again, she informed me that I made the mistake of thinking that she motioned for me to come forth. However, her tone was not as harsh. As a former salesperson in retail, my training taught me that the customer was always right, except in illegal circumstances. Ms. /grace refused to back down on what I took as her intentions of notifying me of my order in the line.

I continue to be embarrassed and she should be ashamed to identify herself as a supervisor expressing this negative tone and behavior in the presence of myself and other customers. I am a 70 year-old retired administrator of the school system and if nothing else, I deserve the respect of the generation of today. There are other ways that this situation could have been handled without the loud talking and embarrassment that Ms. Grace exhibited today. I anticipate that this concern will be addressed with her so that no one else will have to suffer at the hands of this verbal attack on the customers of Nordstrom Rack.


Dr. Isetta G. Melton

Store:627Reg. 4904 Tran #3354

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Dick Kizinya - 19 d 11 h ago


There is no way to contact someone at corporate, they have that sh*t on lock down

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Cmg - 89 d 7 h ago

I was just hung up on by Steve in Denver he was extremely rude saying he doesn't have Corporate number to report him

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Anonymous - 71 d 10 h ago

At a store in Denver or the credit card office?

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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago

I have also tried to obtain the corporate contact information from different sources several times without any success. I live in San Diego and I have experienced unacceptable customer service every time I visit their stores. Nordstrom is not what it used to be.

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Anonymous - 23 d 19 h ago



Mr.Nordstrom I'm reaching out to you in hopes that my over due nightmare is resolve. Last year was a trying year for me. Besides the fact I'm a fire victim, I lost 2 family members that I was very close to. I took on a job that required me to be out of town during the holidays, so I decided to online ordering for my family. I also contacted UPS with special instructions for delivery. I was able to come home early to not find the things I order, come to find some had been delivered to another address, the rest was porch thief . I contacted Nordstrom explain what happen they me credit. I went back online ordered some pajamas, when I notice it wasn't coming to my address I called customer service explain they told me it was too late to correct, just return to store, which I did.

Mr Norstrom my complaint is that after all that I get a letter saying that Norstrom isn't honering my credit but has charged me for items I didn't receive. At this time I have been paying over 100.00 every month to keep my account right. I have gotten police reports, for what has happen this is truly unfair and Isn't right for me to pay for items they already agreed to credit then have them on my account for me to pay. This is right, I'm asking you to please correct this bad decision, I've been a life time customer , but having me pay for items I didn't received is not GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE , please reply. Thank you-Coree WARREN

Sent from my iPhone

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Anonymous - 23 d 10 h ago

Did you order from If so, call their customer service again and ask for a supervisor (hidden).

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TOM - 31 d 11 h ago


For the past 10 years I have accompanied my wife as she went to be fitted for post mastectomy bras and the salesladies were always professional and very accommodating.

Yesterday we returned for her annual re-supply of Amoena bras and were told we needed an appointment to see a certified fitter. We were told that fitter would be in today at 3 PM and the salesperson took our name and phone number and told us to be here between 3 and 3:30PM. we arrived at 3:40 PM and were told the fitter was "on break" for one hour and could not be disturbed

We then were met by an aggressive young lady whose arms and legs were covered in tattoos and had facial piercings and wore an outfit which did not complement her. She refused to look at my wife's records for the name/size etc of the bras she had in the past.

The store had 2 bras in my wife's size and we were told it was not possible to buy those 2 today (she needed 4) but would have to wait a week or longer for the other 2 bras to be delivered to the store. Then and only then could we fill out the paperwork for Medicare. We had a physician's Rx for the bras but she insisted she could not complete the sale today and ship the other 2 bras despite us explaining we were leaving for the season in 5 days

the attitude of that salesperson as well as her appearance were not what we have come to expect from Nordstrom nor was it anything like our prior experiences.

We later asked an associate in another part of the store for the store manager...apparently there is no such person.....

Management needs to look at that department and how it is managed

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Anonymous - 33 d 16 h ago


Nordstrom Rack Colorado Springs Colorado 7645 North Academy used to love to go shopping there felt safe inside the store now with no visible security whatsoever and that nice gentleman at the front door I don't think I'm going to continue shopping there and either or some of my friends was just wondering why you would eliminate security or the feeling of having security and feeling safe the way today's world is going I think every store needs some type of security that is visible for customers to feel safe

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Anonymous - 33 d 8 h ago

Every Nordstrom store (Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack) has a security team working from before store opening to after store closing. However, not all stores have a uniformed security person standing at the entrance. Stores have plain clothed security officers in the stores at all times as well as people monitoring the store in the back through the cameras all over the store. So even if you may feel safer with a uniformed person at the door, there are other customers who dislike it because they assume they are all being treated like shoplifters. Uniformed security officers are not always good for business for this reason. It could be that they are hiring for a new security person and haven't filled the position yet, or that store is no longer considered "high risk". Rest assured that no matter where you shop, there are people in plain clothes who look like regular shoppers but are actually security.

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Arlene - 36 d 19 h ago

The Boca Raton store in Florida can they do a fashion show for my community



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MMC - 40 d 18 h ago


I am a plus size woman and have until recently bought many of my clothes at a nearby Nordstrom Rack In the past few months I have noticed fewer and fewer clothes offered in my size (20). I have talked to the local manager and she agreed that you are sending fewer items in my size. While in other cities I have also visited Nordstrom Racks and noticed the same problem. So not only are you not getting my business in the plus sizes, but I usually also buy items for my grandchildren and in your gift department. Please bring back my size!!!

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