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Nordstrom, Inc.

1617 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Blake Nordstrom
President and Director
(206) 628-2111
(206) 628-1795
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Anonymous - 7 h 9 m ago

Nordstrom rack park meadows is terrible. Do not go there. Customer service is terrible. Won't be shopping with you again.

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Gamble - 1 d 3 h ago


I was very disappointed about how I was treated when I was an employee there and had to get legal matter to step in because of some issue that had took place in my life.The Nordstrom in Beachwood is all about half way training their new employers and then from there you on your own. And if you do ask something pertaining to the job they get a attitude. My first day there my supervisor was rude due to the fact that I was prefered to be called by my middle name but she had this very disrespectful attitude and they expect for a person to find something in that location for online orders but everything be out of place.I rather take my business to Saks Fifth Avenue because not only I worked there,but before then I was a customer and I have relatives that will no longer do business with Nordstroms.

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Jeanette - 3 d 5 h ago

I'm very annoyed about your new billing. Why can't Nordstrom go back to itemizing purchases from the departments they were purchased in?

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Your servant of many years whose being looked over. - 29 d 19 h ago


Inverted pyramid? That's a joke. Hiring from outside the company. Skipping over others who have been there longer. Stick with what's inscribed in your mission statement and company goal Nordstroms.

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago


Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. Servants

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Anonymous - 10 d 9 h ago


Yaaaaaassssss... not to mention Waaaaayyyyy too many inexperienced managers totally not qualified!

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


They hired from outside you now why ? Because they wanna bring strong people like me ... With a amazing retail experience! Because they don't train sales associates ! Because Management are not even train to coach there team ! Because Store Managers are just muppets ! They say yes to any return with out caring if the employee is gonna loose a commission !

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Blakey....i mean flakey - 3 d 18 h ago


Then what's the point of an inverted pyramid, in which they pride themselves in? Double standard, if you ask me.

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Bob L. - 5 d ago


Incredible Honolulu store and museum-quality art collection. I was just there at Nordstrom's beautiful Honolulu store and as you shop through the store, you will notice some of the most beautiful art work and sculptures all around the store (about 30+ pieces of art.) It's great to see a high-end, great quality store which has such a significant commitment to bringing art work to the entire community. The 2nd level, in particular, has many paintings that would ordinarily be available for viewing in museums. Thank you Nordstrom! Well done!

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Unethical as it gets - 6 d 5 h ago


Nordstrom, After checking my Nordstrom account today I was shocked to see a $290 charge on my account! I called immediately and was informed I was charged for a wallet that "they" didn't receive! Keep in mind I was sent the wrong wallet, loose in a box, no bag, no receipt, and taped together. Immediately upon receiving it I called to let them know only after being told now that style wasn't available and they would send me the same one but in a different color. (FYI I received the new one and ended up exchanging it for a more expensive better quality Ferragamo wallet that I paid $70 more for.)

I Printed the return label the customer service agent sent to me and sent it back at the post office that day. I got the receipt and checked to ensure it was picked up; it was. Now a month and a half later I am still paying for your mistake!

I called in this morning and they have the nerve to tell me it wasn't received so I will be charged?

This is extremely unethical. Your system is showing it's not received, however, I have the original screenshot showing it was delivered to you and received. Also, I called a few times in December to ensure it was normal that it was taking this long for the return to get to you. The agents confirmed it was normal and can take 14 days, lastly I spoke to a customer service agent on 12/22 confirming they did in fact receive it on 12/21. (FYI I took the screenshot because of an email I received stating that if they don't receive the item I will be charged. I didn't think that was a problem since I already sent it out, however I had a hunch so took the screenshot as proof and to mitigate any issues.)

So to summarize:

you sent me the wrong item initially, I sent it back asap

You sent out a replacement one in another color, got that item and exchanged it in store for a nicer better quality Ferragamo that was $360, $70 more than the original

1.5 months later I am now disputing a charge for $290 because "you" are now showing you haven't received the item but confirmed and agreed with me today and in December that USPS picked the item up and have record showing they picked it up including my screenshot

I was basically told today that they have to wait until Monday to deal with this and if their research team can't find it I will be charged.

You can't charge me for your errors. I did my due diligence and I will not pay for YOUR mistakes. This is as unethical as it gets.

Seems like someone on your end is enjoying a new wallet that I sent back and I am paying for it. Where is your accountability in this?

I have been a customer over 20 years, this is not the Nordstrom I know. I only shop with you for myself and for my friends and family. I do my part and this is what I have to deal with?

Dotcom has been nothing but a headache. Countless wrong orders, service agents are either fantastic or a nightmare who give terrible service and attitude. Going forward I will not be placing any orders in fear of the wrong items being sent to me and then me potentially losing my hard earned money. I want my $290 back on my account. Please do the right thing.

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Thank you! - 6 d ago

Update: My situation has been taken care of and my amount is being refunded to my account. Thank you Nordstrom, this is the service I am used to.

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This is some old bull - 6 d 1 h ago


Tried to cancel an order after making it because i found a better deal, and was told that my order had already "gone too far" to cancel it because it was in the process of being shipped...on a Saturday after 5pm...right...

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Not happy - 6 d 15 h ago


Terrible experience couldn't get no help and couldn't find what I was looking for want be coming back

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CS - 7 d ago

WORST online customer service! Have paid for 2 day shipping several times and has been a fail every time. CHAT online customer service does not subscribe to the "notorious" level of service they have been selling for years. So many competitors with exceptional service and shopping experiences. Done with Nordstroms and will continue enjoying Zappos, Amazon, Von Maur and many other retailers that appreciate their customers and understand the importance of a sale.

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Disappointed former employee - 8 d 8 h ago

Seeing how many bad reviews Nordstrom has I wouldn't have even bothered working there...all they care about are the top sellers in the store I got thrown in the water and expected to swim the commission based salary makes it a very competitive environment so people are going to butt heads people say things all the time I ignore it and pay it no mind...starting with employees too the managers talking behind my back and making fun of me and jokes I'm not a funny guy I like jokes but not when they are directed towards me starting from day 1 an employee was talking bad about everyone we had a private conversion on why he talks down on people and myself included but of course by him being a #1 sales person in the store he gets pleased and I get dismissed for it but what else can be said when your just the little fish in a big tank no one really cares they just act like it as long as everyone meets there goals they could careless what happens to you Nordstrom is nothing but a joke with fake service

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


Wow ! Great to find ! This .... I just read your post !

I agree with You ! Wow ... I can only say this is the biggest rental place in AMERICA .. and there top sales people herrasing new sales associates ! With out even having enough sales experience ! Some of them they don't even have experience to be touching expensive product ! Some of does sales associates are in prescription medication and they should not be working at all !

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Unfair termination - 8 d 2 h ago


I agree I too got terminated for trying to against the # 1 sales person in the store if this was the other way around management would be so much different there's no job secruity what so ever people get mad at me for not knowing what to do that then frustrates me cause I have no idea what the heck I'm doing then customer gets upset its just a big mess. Let's not bring up the #1 sales person say so ...they have numbers they use they can contact people higher then the store manager with a press of a button !!! I was rising to the top we butt heads and now I'm without a job because profanity was used. I can not point out how many times I have seen employees cuss each other out behind closed doors my case just so happened to be brought to the manager ...they say it was poor judgement but they are a business based off poor judgement with a ridiculous return policy. Thinking of filing the biggest lawsuit against Nordstrom...nordstrom is becoming the new Apple so many lawsuits will be filed after I'm done with Nordstrom enough is enough of unfairly treated employees this was the last straw

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


This is the biggest shit show ever !

I got recruited after working at one of the most famous high end brands right now ...

I made my biggest mistake ever !

Nordstrom is just the Biggest Rental Place in America !

They treat there employees horrible.

Watch out for all the items that get return and they had me reselling does super expensive items when customers where returning them back after been used !

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TCAM - 11 d 4 h ago


Just got off the phone with store manager and VP of the Nordstrom at Christiana mall, Newark, DE . My husband had purchased a watch from the Michele company as a Christmas gift 4 years ago. I had to have the watch repaired and battery changed. I knew that Nordstrom sold Michele watches so I asked them if they did repairs. They stated "yes" and said that they send it back to the manufacturer for repair. I dropped off my watch and when I went back to pick it up, Nordstrom had lost my watch. Needless to say, I was disappointed that it had occurred. They offered a gift card to Nordstrom for the amount that the watch was worth. Unfortunately, the Michele watches in store are more money then what my husband had spent. The difference is $50 from the watch that I now want and my old watch that they lost. They are not willing to give me a cash and not willing to come off the extra $50 to get me a watch that is comparable. Very disappointed in Nordstrom customer service

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Marty - 10 d 10 h ago


Don't be greedy. $50 was all you had to pay and you got a brand new watch??? Your watch was 4 years old. Give me a break...people just take advantage of Nordstrom. The repair probably would of been more then $50. Get over it!

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago

I agree ! It's just $50 dlls plus the items was already used

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Worst experience - 11 d ago


Worst experience ever had good credit with Nordstrom, I added my wife to the account and nordstrom put a hold on my credit card only because I added my wife to my account the worst experience ever, I had to cancell the account because I was not able to use the nordstrom card. I had a $2000 dollar credit line.

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AAlli - 11 d 11 h ago

The biggest mistake I made was buying a $600 Canada Goose Coat from Nordstrom. When I received it the box was damaged and the knee length coat was stuffed in a small box that was even too small for a pair of shoes! When I opened the box it was smashed up inside with now plastic wrapping, tissue paper or even a packing slip. The coat was even the wrong size!! I'm so disappointed in Nordstrom and their service. I'm so disgusted. I plan to stick with ordering from Neimans.

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Naomi di Gavriel - 12 d 11 h ago


Dear Mr. Nordstrom,,

What an asset to have Certified Fragrance Specialist Debbie { her card reads Deborah M... } at the Nordstrom in Farmington,CT. A brilliant and elegant lady, Debbie made my first visit to (any) Nordstrom FANTASTIC! In the past I bought all my perfume from Bergdorf Goodman or Van Cleef & Arpels in NYC and Hermes in I will go straight to Nordstrom in Farmington, CT!

Thank you for your time. I am a firm believer in praising those that deserve it. I simply must share with management my exquisite experience at your store.

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Edie - 13 d 1 h ago


Just closed my Nordstrom department store credit card. Won't shop in their store after what they did to me today. My credit card was paid to zero, always paid on time. Got $20 reward note that expired on 12/31. I got no warning it was due to expire. So I tried to redeem it today, 6 days late, but no grace given. It was refused. Now, if I had shopped Nordstrom and used my AmEx, I woul$ have gotten redeemable points with NO expiration. Tried to explain this to Nordstrom Customer Service, but they refused to give me the $20. Sooooo...being penny wise and pound foolish, their failure to grant me a little good will cost them my business. They qualify for a Darwin Award.

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