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Nordstrom, Inc.

1617 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Blake Nordstrom
President and Director
(206) 628-2111
(206) 628-1795
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Devin - 5 h 34 m ago

I've always enjoyed shopping at Nordstrom stores - high quality merchandise, good service & atmosphere. But recently I made a purchase through their website. I received an email from them saying: "Good news, your items are on their way!" It provided a UPS tracking number. I checked UPS tracking 3 days later & saw this message: "...IN TRANSIT TO UPS FACILITY".

I was concerned that the package hadn't reached UPS. I called Nordstrom's and UPS. I got different responses about what was happening, so I still don't know where the package is, but wanted to post here so others will be aware that when Nordstrom's sends you an email saying your package "is on it's way!," it doesn't necessarily mean it's moving toward it's destination.

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Theresa D, Newport Beach CA - 8 h 45 m ago


The latest Nordstrom marketing, promotions, store layouts and merchandise clearly signify that Nordstrom is no longer the brand for millions of shoppers seeking timeless, tasteful, and chic. Its new focus solely on edgy trends is ignoring millions of women, young and old. Kate Middleton is a fashion icon admired by all ages around the world; the recent issue 01 of n. magazine certainly wasn't created with her style in mind. Successful business women demand Carolina Herrera's simple, ladylike, and tailored style. Confident, upwardly mobile women want to enhance their credibility and image both professionally and socially. Even retirees from great careers still have social lives and professional affiliations and intend to look and feel polished and well-dressed.

The recent issue 01 of n. magazine typifies current Nordstrom marketing. Even in today's more relaxed work world, it's hard to believe any female CEO, executive, or aspiring professional would expect to be taken seriously in any of the ten "work" ensembles featured except perhaps item 6. Classiques Entier offers a good professional, high quality business look, but my personal stylist just informed me that Nordstrom is planning to phase out that label in favor of something more casual!

If Nordstrom continues on its path to rebranding as an upscale Forever 21, many of us will definitely be shopping elsewhere.

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Bryan Hackett - 15 h 24 m ago


I am very unhappy with the customer service. I purchased a pair of shoes at your Willow Grove store on 9/17/17. The shoes are very uncomfortable so I wanted to exchange them for another pair of shoes. Unfortunately I was unable to find my receipt. The manager told me they couldn't be returned or exchanged without the receipt. I requested the transaction be located in the computer system or if a surveillance camera could be pulled. I know the approximate time I made the purchase.

I know a number of other retail stores which would accommodate their customers in a similar situation. I find it very disturbing that your return policy is so rigid that it won't accommodate a customer. Clearly at this point, I intend to never shop in your store again. This was only my second time.

If anyone would care to reverse this decision, I can be reached by phone or email. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Bryan Hackett

(215) 669-8996


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Sarah in Houston - 5 d 10 h ago


I live in the suburbs of Houston & it has been pretty rough lately after the hurricane.

My husband left for S. CA for a week & forgot his tie for the final day of the retreat. He called & asked me to overnight it, but w/ the recent storms, I wasn't sure that the postal service was reliable & it would get to him in time.

Immediately I looked up the Nordstrom closet to his hotel (MIssion Viejo) & called the Men's suit dept.

I spoke w/ Neda & explained the situation. She didn't hesitate & offered to help me out. She found a tie w/ in my requested price range, rang it up, & promptly emailed me the receipt.

Then, Brett Stoker, got in touch w/ me & offered to hand deliver the tie to insure that it made it to my husband in plenty of time.

Not only did Brett deliver the tie, but also called & gave me verbal verification about being at the right place & whom he left it with.

Both of these people went above & beyond for something as important yet small (physically & price wise;-) as a tie.

When I explained to my husband what had been done, he told me that he would now be a Nordstrom customer for life! I already am!!!

These 2 Nordstrom employees deserve some kudos & recognition for their excellent customer service & willingness to help a client.

I can't that them enough!!!!!

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anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


I have seen the store I work at in Friendship Heights in Washington, DC go from a great store to an absolutely horrible store. Ever since Frank(Manager) left and went to another store the whole store went downhill. I work here so I know everything that goes down. I think our store is a target for theft. Our LP team sucks the manger in that department doesn't even turn on cameras. The one girl can't even lock ppl up but she's always the only one working, so calling for her is stupid because she can't really do anything but she's always closing so it's like who else do we call on?? .. Now my store manager is the worst. I would love for this store to be investigated. She is VERY VERY rude. She doesn't do anything but order ppl around she doesn't even help when we have long lines. She won't help a customer find what they are looking for. I have been recognized in this store not once but on many occasions as a great employee unfortunately I won't be here much longer, I just can't take the BS no more. oh and everyone is stealing from the store. but you'll never know because the cameras are never on. Oh and everyone is switching tags. I can no longer work for a store like this. I have brought this to a few ppls attentions nothing has been done. I will work my hours get my check and move on as soon as an opportunity comes along.

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Anonymous - 36 d 11 h ago


I love Nordstrom but during a recent visit to NYC I went to Gateway Mall in Brooklyn to look into Nordstrom Rack . I noticed some employees who were very helpful and working very hard then I noticed some were neglecting their work . It seemed that a load of work was being dumped on a few while others ignored the issue. I hope you can reward the diligent workers and make it a policy that only those who really share the work will be rewarded . Keep Nordstrom number one in customer service ! I enjoyed my visit and bought some jewelry from a very lovely young lady !

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago

That's just the East coast. The East coast has the worst customer service period.

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Fairplay - 44 d 3 h ago


Hi Nordstrom..... do you think that you could find some white people as models for your advertising just once in awhile... after all when you started in Seattle in the sixties or seventies who made your business prosperous????????? Have you ever thought why your store is not making money I wonder why that is.... after all people of color are only about 13% of the population of the United States of America but you would think that they are 90% the way you use them for your advertisements.. I am not a racist but I wonder if you are do you have something against white people????? You need to think twice who helped made your company prosperous!!!!!

Flagged for review. 
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disgusted - 40 d 15 h ago

fairplay you are racist do you know how long it took for blacks to be even treated as humans you are insulting and degrading to your kindfor such a stupid comment. There are so many areas in this country where blacks are not even recognized or less more seen. Get with the times you so called non-racist.

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Horrified - 40 d 15 h ago

Fairplay do you mean people of color or other because if this is your complaint, there are Mexicans, American Indians, and a whole lot of other people of color including the vast number of biracials who make up America so your 13 percent

African American quote is off, these people have been buying at Nordstroms since its inception nd still do spend billions of dollars everywhere in the USA not just Norstroms pick your fight about purchasing power because you and others who think like you are gonna lose big time in the pocket where it hurts, Choose your battles wisely.!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago

People it's just native Americans. They lived in the Americas before anyone. Indians are from India.

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MADBLACKWOMAN - 40 d 14 h ago


go to hell!!!

Flagged for review. 
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Star - 32 d 19 h ago


Just a little, friendly, education...

there are African-Americans - direct descendants of Africa, who have a unique culture and history in America.

Then, there are people who call themselves "Black", I will let them explain where they come from,

then, some wise-ass, who wants to try and lump us all together came up with "People of color" TO MAKE IT APPEAR THAT ALL PEOPLE WITH COLOR IN THEIR SKIN ARE ONE RACE which is ridiculous.

Someone is trying to make politically incorrect to mention people by their homeland because they are trying to pit us all against the white race.

Wherever you are from, be PROUD TO SAY YOU ARE "Jamaican," or "Dominican", "Indian", American -Indian", Ethiopian, Guatemalian, Brazilian, or wherever you are from - AND DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TAKE AWAY YOUR BEAUTIFUL HERITAGE BY CLASSIFYING YOU AS PEOPLE OF COLOR! IT IS A . INSULT, TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE!!!!

* NOTE: I gave a "0" rating because I read so many awful complaints about cistomer service, and yet, I applied with STELLAR experience, exemplary customer service delivery, and credentials, and my application was rejected. I guess they have no desire to improve their reputation. Certainly, their loss!

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kelli french - 11 d 12 h ago





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Reggie lamar - 12 d 10 h ago

I am concerned with hurricane barreling towards Tampa Florida will the stores be closed or opened

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STEPH - 14 d 5 h ago



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Lisa O - 18 d 12 h ago


Nordstroms customer service sucks the people on the phone can't help with online issues and after waiting 20 mins they say they will transfer you to God knows where I thought Nordstrom was Nordstrom they hang up and you after start the call wait time again. Oh I forgot when you do get someone their English is so broken coupled with I assume are cheap phones constant static only adds to poor customer service!!!

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James H. - 21 d 16 h ago


My recent experience at the Nordstrom Old Orchard was excellent.

The sales people were very helpful.

I placed an order to be delivered to my home.

Somehow it got lost in the hub-bub of the sale weekend.

Not a big deal for $20.00 cocktail glasses.

We all know that poo-poo happens once in a while.

It took a few very humorous e-mails to sort it out but the never wavering Ms. Beth McAuley was the epitome of the Nordstrom Customer Service we have grown to admire.

Thank you Ms. McAuley, to your staff at Old Orchard and to Nordstrom for having such an exemplary employee.

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago


Have been a customer for 34 years. Had a TERRIBLE experience at the MAC counter at stonestown in San Francisco Made an appointment to have my make up done for my sons wedding. When I made the appointment I wanted 10am was told they don't book before 11. Ok so eleven. I show up and 3 women are half way through make up clearly before 11. So 11 11:05 11:10 11:15. I ask what is going on. The response was he's late. No apology no help. Nothing. I walk over to Lancme and the nicest man helped me pick a lipstick and apologized that he had an appointment coming in otherwise he would have been happy to do my makeup. At 11:20 while standing at Lancme my "artist" shows up saying I'm ready again no apology. Sorry dude 20 minutes late I don't have time anymore. I go by MAC and ask for the manager one of the expressionless rude MAC maniquins says I am the manager but I'm with a customer and your artist is here now. I say it is too late and leave. I called the store manager sandy and she called back today to say she had spoken to her rude employees but I thought corporate should be made aware of what happens in your stores. As people stop shopping in retail stores customer service should be A1 as it used to be at Nordstrom. It has certainly declined. Very disappointed.

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Anonymous - 28 d 11 h ago

Can I ask one question as it is called sell more expensive ? and Put the highest prices to make it look .Put theCan I ask one question as it is called sell more expensive ? and Put the highest prices to make it look .Put the highest prices so that it looks like it's in sale, because I do not know, since you believe that people commit fraud or the managers and cashiers tell you, I think people who think this are projected theyselves,

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Anonymous - 28 d 12 h ago

Insinuate that customers commit fraud

That is very bad of you.. and of the managers, and cashiers, do not feel ashamed? Education and respect for others do not dislike anyone,

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Anonymous - 28 d 13 h ago

new privacy poli(cy say THAT IS EFECTIVE UNTIL September 2017,ONLINE ip address, TABLET,COMPUTER, TELEPHONE, Everything you do. THEY WILL KNOW RECORD YOU, PHOTOGRAPHY YOU, IN THE STORES, at's what the new privacy policy say star september 12 2017 During store, Nordstrom, or Nordstrom rack ,visits,sush as; the types of information that we provide?really, a video recording, and collect for security,fraud,loss prevention, Fraud Really? you are a cop or bank, one incident, For an incident,all we all pay, Who is going to want to go to the store? Or buy more online, Common sense everywhere there are incidents. When a person dares to say This person commits fraud is really offensiveThat's what the new privacy policy say THAT IS EFECTIVE UNTIL september 12 2017 Record us when we call and say that it is for our security, or safety really? ip address, Where are we calling from, Have access to our computers, and tablets, phones, HONESTLY THAT'S GOING TO BECOME RACISM BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO COMMIT ABUSES, IT SEEMS THAT YOU DID NOT LOOK AT THE NEWS, to the police AND THEY HAVE CAMERAS, Is discovered when other people. take videos THE POINT IS It's the same thing that happened in other stores,, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER stores companies? is it so closed, People want privacy, In this case PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO BUY. clothes. I better stay at home, NOT NEED CLOTHES, playing games, THINKWISELY It's your store REMEMBER stores, Closed for so much research, People do not like to be investigated OR YOU LIKE TO BE INVESTIGATED? THINK ABOUT IT. Do not do what you do not want to be make you, We all have family.You think your whole family likes other people to watch what you buy. and take pictures of you, or take photos of THEM,(BY An isolated incident?

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

ignorance and stupidity is a bad combination.

In all countries there are bad people, To people who do not like other people, why not return to Europe? go back to Europe AND FEEL BETTER, GO BACK TO YOU COUNTRY.WHERE ,YOUR PARENTS AND

Great-great-. grandparents, came from

Or the country of your parents come from.


When you abuse people. God even gets tired and charges you, What you have not understood everyone hates America. By some people bad people who feel superior, The Native American Indians, and Mexican are not to blame,

Those from other countries have brought hatred to North America

Mexicans learned from others bad habits, BUT

90% Mexicans are good and noble as in all countries.



It's horrible to be mean to neighbors--

I think nobody is happy. tre heureux

General profile image

Anonymous - 30 d 18 m ago

RACISM, AND SUPERIORITY,IS REPULSIVES, IS OF CRIMINAL PEOPLE AND VIOLATORS, because THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WITH NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS MEXICANS, They killed them I explain why Everybody thinks they own this country Because,- They forget those who came from other countries, They murdered, ASSASSINS, Stole-- the lands, ---and houses, --of the Indians, --and Mexicans,-- Have a little of culture. UNITED STATES MEXICAN AMERICAN NORTH AMERICA, and THE INDIANS AND MEXICANS ARE THE TRUE OWNERS ARE NORTH AMERICAN NATIVES / / They did not call us they did not ask us to come--IT WOULD BE GOOD THAT THE TRUE AMERICAN NATIVES CONSTRUCTED A FENCE, ---So that they do not come from other countries,-- THE FUTURE PUNISHES you where it hurts most, Of the future no one escapes no matter how much money you have, HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE. you're going to be old and you're going to die like everyone else. Do you think that you will not rotten, EXCEPT WHEN YOU DIE PEOPLE SAY I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL. If a good people die the people will say , I HOPE TO GO TO HEAVEN , that is the difference .When you are old, And sick, no one will feel COMPASSION FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAD COMPASSION FOR OTHERS, FOR DEATH AND FUTURE WE ARE ALL THE SAME REMEMBER THE FUTURE DO NOT FORGIVE OR DEATH, Wherever you go when you sleep, whatever you do HAVE THE SECURITY THAT IT WILL COME FOR YOU. .

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rich breastfeeding women - 30 d 4 h ago

Nordstroms sucks literally not allowing handicapped woman to use handicapped dressing room because "it's reserved for women with strollers" breastfeeding women with toddlers.

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