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Nordstrom, Inc.

1617 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Blake Nordstrom
President and Director
(206) 628-2111
(206) 628-1795
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Randy - 1 d ago



What is going on at your last chance store in phoenix? Is this place really associated with Nordstrom? Many of the employees are very rude. There is some good stuff there but the prices arent the bargain basement by any means. Not to mention it seems like people are selling items in the parking lot. I saw employees selling items to people out by their cars, so apparently that is where all the really good items go to. This place needs some serious management otherwise it really tarnishes the nordstrom brand.

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago

Just received catalog. As there are no items for any woman over 35 you have lost me as a customer.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago


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Obsolete - 2 d 4 h ago

Dear Nordstrom

I am the fifty something year old customer of three decades who doesn't exist in your catalogue. How should I feel about that? Obsolete?

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Nicci - 3 d 6 h ago


My twins were both bought shoes as a birthday present, they were too small. So I went to exchange them and was told I cannot. They want me to track down our party guest ask for a receipt, or their credit card info. Like what?!?!

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Susan J - 4 d 3 h ago


I am very sad that Nordstrom has given up on me as a customer. I used to buy most of my clothes and shoes from Nordstrom. Your petite departments have gone from great to almost nothing or even nonexistent in some stores. I used to count on you for beautiful shoes in wide widths. Last time I shopped I was told I could find the bra I wanted online. If I have to shop online I have other choices, but I really want to try on clothes before I buy. I would like to shop with you but you obviously don't want my business.

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Concerned Nordstrom Customer - 4 d 8 h ago


I notice you are selling a pink pussy hat by Tasha for $28. When will we see Ivanka Trump's line return??

Flagged for review. 
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PAMELA GLEAVE - 23 d 5 h ago


I have been a Nordstrom shopper for 55 years. I am 72 years old.....I have not found one clothing item in the last four years to purchase from any Nordstrom store. Our age group has been wonder the catalogs and online purchases have increased......we can find age appropriate clothing......thanks for listening......

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Chris - 13 d 6 h ago


Have you also noticed that they have age discriminated the older workers out the door? Nordstrom is quickly going down the tubes. No surprise of their current sales slump.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

I worked there 5 yrs turned 61 bye bye

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Carla - 5 d 19 h ago

There are a couple old overly made up hags still left in Cosmetics. One in Clarins only caters to her friends and gossips and gripes about the rest.......

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Andree - 5 d 19 h ago

rock on... so true. Pamela...

The loud blaring fast music in the walnut creek store proves they are catering to the new selfie youth... The store manager is not concerned with customer service at all. Never smiles or speaks to customers. She has no style, justa black shorn wig and a coat over her shoulders. The clothes are truly pitiful.

totally shocked at all the employed transvestites, Very uncomfortable. Won't be back,

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Norma Wilt - 6 d ago


Recently I called the Nordstrom located at The Domain, here in Austin, to order "leggings" for my Granddaughter for Christmas. I had the pleasure of speaking with "Lauren" assisting me with the special type I was looking for and took the time to check inventory and located the "Leggings" at your Fashion Valley Store in San Diego. She was so pleasant but what impressed me more was today when the "leggings" arrived she took the time to call me to make sure I had received the package and that I was completely satisfied. That type of service and concern for the customer is why Nordstrom is outstanding when it comes to "taking care of the customer'. If more stores took the time to hire this type of person within their stores Nordstrom would have competition but very few stores care about the customer as Nordstrom does.....thank you to Lauren for being an outstanding employee.

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Rchard Holden - 6 d ago


I had stopped in your store here in Indiana and yesterday you were having a sale. That was fine, but your sates staff were dressed so poorly, I was embarrassed. The young gentlemen who was shining my shoes was far better groomed than any of your staff on the floor. His shirt and slacks were fresh and neat compared to the men selling shoes, who looked like they had slept in their clothes for a day or two. I moved here from the Washington DC area and they has casual days, but I feel you have gone way over board here. I heard the store here was a "C", this area has a LOT of money, who ever did your marketing did not do a good job. I am lucky to travel back to the DC area several times a year, so I will do my shopping there. One man I observed selling shoes in the women's department had such a large belly he could hardly bend down to service his customer.

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BJ - 6 d 4 h ago


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Disappointed - 8 d 7 h ago


I live in Bellevue and it is a haste to drive into downtown Seattle so I called the downtown store to see if they had a sweatshirt in stock and they checked for me and did, I was called away for business and didn't get a chance to pick it up. So I called a week later and asked for them to check to see if they still had it in stock and she said her store manager made a rule that they can no longer do product checks. So I have to drive there, pay for parking, not knowing if they have it or not ????! WHAT KIND IF STORE DOES NOT DO PRODUCT CHECKS!? THE WORST! For a store that prides themselves on customer service - their service has gone down hill!

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Orlanda Augusto - 10 d 6 h ago


I am very disappointed with Nordstrom Rack, this is the 3rd time that I put in an order, that is available, I get notification that they have shipped but the shipping never happens and I never get my order. It specific said that it would shipped in 1 to 3 days, and 12 days later I still don't have the order after receiving an e-mail stating that had been shipped. All the customer service could tell me is that sometimes that happens,well it is not right to keep the customer hanging thinking they getting this item that they already charge you for it and not received or get any notice why they are not receiving it. If I had not called, they would just keep my money and not say anything. This has also happen to a few friends of mine from Nordstrom Rack. I am so upset, and Customer Service could care less.

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Barbara - 10 d 11 h ago


HUGE NORDSTROM'S FAN! BUT am stuck in customer service hell.... I have a very expensive dress ordered on line arrived with no paper work and a SECURITY TAG!!!!!! Can't be worn, trying to send back BUT I have no paper work Many PHONE CALLS AND CHATS no help...

I was told to take back to store??? Live in NYC no store PLUS no paper work.

Can't use "START RETURN" on the online site because according to site dress has not been delivered and because there is another item on the order that is NOW BACK ORDERED... so know no end in sight

wait times on calls endless....

PLEASE HELP! So I can go back to loving Nordstroms

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Countrywide Norstrom shopper - 11 d ago


We recently read that the Nordstrom family is not happy with the path that Nordstrom stores are now taking, and stated that they may take back management. So many customers agree. Nordstrom has a long history of great customer service and great quality merchandise. Sadly, that is giving way to young shoppers' preference for quick and temporary trendy cheap fashion. It seems that 75% of the floorspace is devoted to that now. What a change! Have Board members read about the high cost of cheap fashion? There is an excellent book that deals with the subject. It is especially timely with the current need to curtail greenhouse gas and bring manufacturing back to the United States.

I will rate my experience as barely average after 40 years of shopping Nordstrom. Don't become sub-average.

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

I sent in an online order on 11/1/17. It was due to ship on 11/3/17. The last email I received was on 11/2 stating my order would ship on 11/3/17. As of today 11/8/17, still no package. I called Nordstrom customer service and after some wait time, it was discovered that they entered an incorrect expiration date on my credit, supposedly email me about it but had an incorrect email as well.

Sloppy work. More attention to detail is necessary. Not happy. I will not receive this order until next week and I needed it by Friday.

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Nordstrom lost me - 11 d 9 h ago


This situation happened to me about a week ago I made a purchase on the 28th the package said it was delivered on 11/1 to my leasing office but there was no package in the mailroom ups took responsibility for the lost package and said they sent a check over to Nordstrom well Nordstrom states to me that they will not give me a refund because the package was signed for and that I needed to file a police report with my local police department which I did on 10/28. I will never shop here again and will recommend that all my family friends and their family and friends do not patronize this company.

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Surely 8 - 12 d 9 h ago


Yesterday I went to the brand new store in the UTC mall in San Diego. What a disappointment! Everything is grouped by designers, shoes, clothing, purses, etc. There aren't any stylish fashions that aren't right out of Vogue. San Diego is such a casual city that those styles aren't usually worn here. Also, as previously mentions by others, older women are completely ignored. Also, Petite Focus is nowhere to be found. The meager petite items they had left you with little choice. An era has passed! I no longer have Nordstrom in my life. How sad!

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Anonymous - 18 d 2 h ago

Whats up with Nordstrom Customer Service? I was in the Short Hills(NJ) mall shopping in the Topshop area and a VERY pushy sales associate (i think) by the name of Brianna came up to me and would not let me breathe. She kept showing me items that she think would look nice on me, which is very considerate except for the fact that she was practically SHOVING EVERYTHING DOWN MY THROAT! I know she works on commission but come on, I was downright having the worst time of my life.How can someone not be aware of when enough is enough. She was rude, disrespectful and super invasive.She kept asking personal questions and following me. Can i just shop in peace? is that too much to ask? I told her the first time that i didnt need any help, why did she ignore me and come to annoy me! She kept shoving random things into my dressing room too! I think something needs to be done about this. How can this go on and no one does anything?

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Chris - 13 d 6 h ago


I worked in Nordstrom as a sales person on the floor and also in management. I can tell you that this is her management pushing this method of sales. They will also make a specific item be the push of the week. Reward the sales girl for shoving this in your room and you buying. Nordstrom management is by far the worst I have ever experienced in my sales positions. I hung on until my sanity caved in, only because the kindest folks in the world came through those doors to shop. I made new friends everyday and they were so appreciative of my help and my honesty in what and how I sold to them. Management is clueless and all the stupidity just filters down until the smart ones say screw this shit. Nordstrom will just bring in another round of poor souls to degrade. Take your hard earned money to Dillards. Night and day management style.

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Blake Nodsrrom - 14 d 5 h ago


What a disappointing and frustrating (mildly put) experience I had with your online customer service dept and finance dept. it's a rather complicated and long to write as an email.

I'd prefer to talk with someone in charge of customer service and provide the details of my encounters.

Please contact me at (hidden) at your earliest convenience.

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