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Nordstrom, Inc.

1617 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Blake Nordstrom
President and Director
(206) 628-2111
(206) 628-1795
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Anonymous - 5 h 13 m ago

Please bring Kleraderm skin care that's in The Michigan Nordstrom to White Plains New York. There entire cosmetic department needs a re-vamping and this product is a wonderful product to bring to New York

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Branan - 27 d ago


I was a customer of Nordstroms for 30 years. I think today was the last day I will be a customer of Nordstroms. It stems from what I as the customer see as lack of customer service and lack of management in Nordstrom stores. In particular the store in the Washington Mall location.

I spent around one hour choosing clothes to try on. During this time I saw many sales people but not one approached me. I finally asked one sales guy a question and he responded that he was busy and another sales person would help me. that person never did bother to assist me. Most of the staff could be heard carrying on personal discussions with each other. Many items on the racks were not priced, and some items on sale racks had not been knocked down so it was very confusing.

I tried on a number of clothes and went to the counter to pay. I was told that the sale items were only for customers with a Nordstrom card. I said no one told me this. The sales person said it was written on the sign. I went over and looked at the sign and in small letters it said "sale until August 6". another item was too long so I asked if it could be tailored (just shorten a tee-shirt) the sales person called the tailor and the tailor said $17, I said I needed the item today as I will be flying out and don't want to have to come back to the mall, then was told $25. Another item was on the sales racks but not priced. It was really very messy.

I asked to speak with the store manager and he paged her. 20 minutes latter she had not arrived. I asked where the GM for the store was and was told shes not always in the store. They paged the mgr for clothing once again and finally she showed up. Speaking with her just left a bad feeling of incompetence. She was not sincere and did not go beyond her initial basic requirement to help the customer. She told me that the items marked down were only for Nordstrom card holders and this sale with be in a week or so. I said it was on the rack and is already has a marked down price on it. she said everywhere roped off is a spacial area. I looked and half of the store was roped off. I spent around $100 as most of the items i just left and did not bother with. I wasted around 45 minutes trying to pay for the items selected. It is too much stress to shop at Nordstroms an i just do not want to spend my money with a company who does not value their customers.

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Anonymous - 24 d 48 s ago

There are yellow signs literally EVERYWHERE you look in all stores right now explaining that it was Early Access to the Anniversary Sale for cardholders, non cardholders can shop starting 7/20. Have you really been a customer for 30 years and never heard of this event? It's the biggest event of the entire year including Holiday. Also, if you were a cardholder, the alteration would have been reimbursed to you, you may have just had to pay a rush fee.

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Rachel - 23 d 9 h ago


I heard of the event. I am a cardholder. I shopped early access on 7/11 online. (mistake #1) My order was cancelled for no reason, and I did not find out until days later. I had to re-order everything on 7/15 via phone call with a supervisor. But, they took the liberty of assigning an old address (that wasn't even my default address). So, I had to call again to fix that. Today is 7/22. My order may or may not come in by 7/27. But, for someone who specifically holds a card so that I can shop early access on 7/11. Waiting 16 days for a shipment is unacceptable. (A few items, since then, have been cancelled and backordered!) Nordstrom really needs to get their act together or stop advertising a promotion they just cannot handle. This is why Amazon is becoming a monopoly. : ( PS I am an influencer/advertiser for Nordstrom. But, I may be warning my 7K followers about my experience out of obligation. It just stinks all around.

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Anonymous - 15 d 18 h ago

Good riddance! Your "7K followers", are probably 90% fake/ghost followers.

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Anonymous - 15 d 7 h ago

Actually Early Access started on the 12th, only level 4 customers could shop on the 11th. If you are not level 4 and you shopped on that day your orders would have been cancelled. People flood the website in the first 2 days trying to place orders either without a Nordstrom card or they buy up all the colors and sizes so other people can't order those items, and return them after they try everything on at home or after the sale.

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Anonymous - 15 d 18 h ago

He or she is probably one of those entitled people who think that Nordstrom will give into all of their requests just because they're upset over some dumb shit. Lol. Get over it. Nordstrom won't miss annoying complaining customers like you.

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anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago


The store that I shop in changed the return policy. If you pay CASH for an item and need to return it the their policy is that you can not get cash returned if you do not have the original receipt. This policy should be thrown away especially that the store puts a return sticker on every item and is a indicator of the original form of purchase. Poor customer service. This policy was never announced to the customer or the general public. I hope they wake up and change this policy. It is an inconvenience.

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 m ago

The policy is posted in store and is also on the original receipt. Not all stores use "return stickers" and in fact they are phasing them out and will require a receipt for return going forward. Too many people taking advantage, you can thank them for the return policies now being enforced.

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Anonymous - 7 h 29 m ago

Return sticker was on item. Don't care and is not my concern that return stickers are being eliminated. Tells the worker at Nordstrom how item was paid for. Don't care what other people do at Nordstrom. Not taking advantage of anyone. Should have accepted return. Nordstrom was completely wrong. Get your Facts correct. No policy is posted anywhere in the store.

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Jes63 - 9 d 39 m ago

Yes the employees are not trained like years ago, plus few narrow shoes that they specialized in at one time.

I find myself shopping at other store much more!!!

Bloomingdales has narrow shoes and better service!

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Mrs. H - 1 d 10 h ago


Very telling; three stars instead of four or five...

Here's why - Rude staff and poorly attended restrooms; Let's start there, shall we? While shopping at the Nordstrom, Somerset Collection in Troy, MI this past Saturday with my husband, we both needed a bathroom break. We found that both the men's and ladies rooms were not even satisfactory. Men do require toilet paper, soap and paper towel. There was none. None on the first floor, none on the second floor. No really, there was NONE. We had to go up to the third floor to find a Men'r room with soap and bath tissue. I asked at the makeup counter and the young lady actually pulled a kleenex from the box and tried to give it to my husband! That part was humorous because she didn't know what else to do I guess. I just couldn't believe I was at Nordstrom in Somerset Mall.

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago

It's no surprise, Nordstrom doesn't do anything for their employees. When co workers are bickering and in an argument, they allow it to escalate in hopes that one of the two (Or how ever many) succumb to the mental abuse. As evidence of what happen with one of their employees yesterday. Too much favoritism, low morale, management with no leadership skills. No back bone amongst some of the management team.

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Anon - 7 d 4 h ago

Why is it that items listed in the Anniversary Sale are "sold out" for a couple of weeks or so before the sale is over, yet immediately the day after the sale, the items are magically back in stock and of course, at full price.

Very disappointing!

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago

Because people buy things in every size and color, take them home to try on and then return them. You can thank the Early Access customers for that!!!!

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Jes63 - 9 d ago

I do not like the way billing lacks description of the purchases.

I do not remember what pair of shoes etc.

you used to write out purchases.

Bad move, Fire the department who changed it to current billing .

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

Nordstrom is saving trees by not including itemized statements in the mail; itemized details of purchases are available on if you remember about 5-6 years ago when we reduced our paper waste by switching to only using recycled materials for shopping bags, limiting tissue paper in shopping bags, etc. we asked our customers how they would like to receive their statements and the overall consensus was that they did not like 20 page statements when all the info is available online.

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago


Love Nordstrom Rack in Orland Park, IL!!!! I made a purchase on 8/3/2018 and on 8/6/2018 I went in my Nordstrom bag to retrieve one of the items I bought, a hair product and it was not in the bag. I called Molly-hope that is her name, the store manager answered. I was upset because I needed it ASAP. Just got out of the shower, washed my hair and I needed my leave in hair product. I provided Molly with the info on the receipt and she stated, "I can bring it to you"! Sure enough 45 minutes later Molly was at my door. God bless Molly and Nordstrom!!!!

Ps. Want Molly didn't know I am a former Nordstrom Pentagon City employee of 6 years about 14 years ago. I started off as a full-time employee then part-time and full time student. Great company for students, flexible schedule, great company for growth. Now I am a licensed social work in IL and will soon will be in private practice! Thanks Nordstrom, you and the wonderful people I worked were a catalyst in my growth.


Life Time Customer

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Unhappy shopper - 14 d 6 h ago


What is going on with your shipping delays? In this day and age, these are unacceptable. Are you aware of the complaints on Twitter and Facebook?

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago

They don't care, have you seen some of the packages being received by customers, plain card boxes, might as well throw in a plain white envelope.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

What would you like your order delivered in? A basket full of puppies with a big red bow??

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


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Angry Customer - 20 d 11 h ago


Norstroms suck!! Their customer service rep and manager, both were rude!! I placed an order and it was cancelled right after. The email stated they didn't have the item. It was still showing pending in my account. They did not cancel the payment, until I called paypal. I called back to ask them to fax some info to the bank and was told they couldn't do it because it was a prepaid card. They would not have known that it was a prepaid card, had I not mentioned it. Money is money, whether prepaid card or not!! I will no longer be a patron of Norstroms. I will continue to shop at Saks. AGAIN NORSTROMS AND THEIR STAFF SUCK!!


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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago

Using a pre-paid card is one thing, getting a return credit placed on one is an entirely different thing. Its not as easy as you assume. Especially using a 3rd party pre paid card. When placing orders, use a credit card, they are the easiest to apply return credits to and the fastest to release the funds. This is true with ANY company you deal with. A little banking knowledge might do you some good.

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You're stupid - 15 d 18 h ago

People like you are the reason why Nordstrom's customer service isn't the same anymore. It's dumb bitches like yourself who don't understand what a pending charge is. Whenever you make a purchase, of course there's going to be an authorization hold. Every company does this. If you end up not purchasing the items, or they get cancelled, the pending charges disappear. Yes it'll reflect your balance total, but it'll get reversed. People really shouldn't be spending money if they don't have at least a good chunk of money in their bank accounts. Start buying shit in stores if you can't afford a pending charge. Idiot.

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